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Twins Enslaved


Twins Enslavement - Amber's tale by JR Parz

Hi. My name is Amber Parker. My sister Audra told me to write our
story and submit it to your site. I wouldn't have volunteered to do this,
but because it pleases my sister, be prepared for the story of your life!
She also told me if I do a great job, she'll reward me. I can practically
taste my reward!

We were only sixteen when our lives turned upside down. Yesterday was
our eighteenth birthday! These last two years have been unbelievable!
Audra told me she's been reading stories from various mind control sites
for over a year, but wanted to wait 'til we turned eighteen before
submitting our story. Audra also told me to tell you our story is true.
You're probably not going to believe it, though, because if we weren't
living it, I wouldn't believe it.

Anyway, my sister and I are identical twins. With the exception of our
tits, we look pretty much the same now as we did when we were sixteen. I
guess if I had to pick the major difference between now and then, it would
be in the clothes we wore. The only time Audra and I wore the same clothes
growing up, was when we were switching classes at school on April fools
day. I also wore my hair a little differently. Ever since our lives with
Derek, we now dress alike. In fact, these days it's very hard to tell the
difference between us.

We both have long blond hair that comes down to our ass. Big blue eyes
that sparkle a lot, and a body we've been told that belongs in the
centerfold of every erotic magazine on this planet. Well, that's what
we're told anyway. I didn't want to sound vain, but Audra told me that it
was important you knew what we look like. The one attribute we didn't
possess before we met Derek was our 38DD tits! Derek gave us our breast enlargements on our seventeenth birthday. I'll tell you at the end of this
story what he gave us yesterday. I'll tell you one thing. Our huge
knockers took some time getting used to, believe me! We were only a 32B
before the transformation. Derek has a thing for big tits, so, we didn't
really have a choice in the matter. Fortunately, he added special back
muscles so we wouldn't be sore.

We've been approached many times by different modeling agencies and even
a few Hollywood scouts, but Audra tells them no. Part of me wishes that
she would agree to give it a try, but she says that we are not allowed.
Audra told me that we're under strict rules not to bring too much attention
to ourselves. This is why I can't disclose where we live.

Okay, you've been patient. On with our story.....

We were coming out of the mall after buying a birthday present for our
Mom. This is when we ran into him. Well, it was more like him running
into us. Audra and I always draw attention, especially when we're
together. We were both dressed in tight designer jeans and a blouse. I had
my white one on while Audra wore her red one. We wore our hair a little
differently that day, but any idiot could tell we were twins.......

Excuse me for a second......

I'm back! I Just asked Audra if it would be alright to tell you how I
lost my virginity! Audra laughed. She said; 'Great idea!' You have no
idea the pleasure I feel when I make my sister happy!

Hope you don't mind me side tracking from the story again, but I really
think you'll enjoy it. You see, as I'm sure most identical twins do, Audra
and I often switched places and pretended to be the other to trick friends
and teachers. We even tricked our mom for a whole week! The fact is,
we're physical identical in every way. Anyway, would you believe that I
actually lost my virginity to a boy who thought he was screwing Audra!
That's right! It's true!

Audra had just returned from a date she had with the new boy she met
from her math class. Audra told me not to disclose his full name, but I
can tell you his first name. Mark. We were both sitting on the bed and
for the first time in my life, I actually saw Audra blush when she
described how Mark seduced her. I was wide eyed and speechless. My sister was no longer a virgin. I couldn't believe it as she described everything
they did together. She got real descriptive and told me how it hurt a
little when he broke through her hymen. Then she said the pain quickly
turned to pleasure. She looked up at me with the biggest smile and said
that she experienced the most incredible orgasm or her life! Of course,
that was before Derek changed our lives. I remember getting really horny
while listening to her. I wished it was me that was telling her instead of
the other way around. What surprised me more than anything was how Audra
let him do her on their first date. I remember hearing of the new cute guy
in school, but to that point, I never met him. Then Audra said something
that brought me out of this daze I was in. She told me she had another
date with him the next night and suggested that I pretend I was her.

At first I shook my head 'no way'. I couldn't believe what Audra was
suggesting! When I looked closely in Audra's eyes, I realized how
unselfish she was being. She wanted me to feel the same pleasure she felt.
Audra looked so sincere. I mumbled; "okay" and Audra set it up.

Normally, it was pretty easy to pretend I was Audra. Like I said, we'd
been taking turns switching all our life. When I got in the car, Mark
leaned over for a kiss. Audra told me that they kissed for a long time
before he did her, and after. When we kissed, his tongue snuck inside my
mouth. First of all, I've never been kissed like this. Second, by the
time we were done, I was breathing real hard. He took me back to his
house. His parents weren't home and before I knew it, I was sitting down on
his bed. Again he started french kissing me. Wow, the intensity and
tingling swept through me. I think I even moaned.

I found myself feeling strangely passive and really turned on when he
slowly unbuttoned my blouse. He slipped my arms out of the sleeves, and
then let it hang at my waist. He reached behind my back with his arms, and
unsnapped my bra. He did this easily. He came around with his hands and
caressed my breasts. I knew they were small, but they had a nice shape to
them. I was happy with them. It was the first time that I ever let any
boy see them. A couple of boys copped a feel, but they never saw them
bare. He kept on telling me how beautiful I was, and how he loved every
inch of my body. I knew he thought he was talking to Audra, but I felt
flattered at his compliment. Anyway, I helped him strip me out of my jeans
and blue panties. He leaned me back on his bed. I'll admit I felt
nervous, but I also felt.....aroused.

I didn't realize how wet I was until he took my own hand and led it down
to my pussy. I was so wet! He left my hand there and whispered for me to
keep it there. Then I watched him strip. He was average height but had
one of those gymnastic builds that you see on male gymnasts. Before he
slipped out of his boxers, I saw his erection making a tent around the
crotch area. Then he was naked. I couldn't help but stare at him. My
eyes were glued to his dick. This was going to fit down there? The
thought then made me realize what I was doing down there. The whole time I
watched him strip, and gazed as his dick, my fingers had been playing with
myself. Here I was, masturbating in front of someone who thought I was
Audra. He climbed on the bed, quickly moving between my legs and without
the slightest hesitation, plunged into me! I saw a little confusion in his
eyes and then he jammed his dick in harder, which made me yelp! His dick
broke through my hymen, and I felt pain. But like Audra, the pain didn't
last. God! He kept on fucking me and I remember moaning. The pleasure
was so intense, I screamed for him to keep fucking me. I wrapped my arms
around his body and pulled him in harder with every thrust. Then I came!
God! I really came!

Mark moved his body up, straddling my chest while pinning my arms to my
sides. His dick was sticking there, right in front of my mouth. My eyes
lit up. I never ever sucked a guy's dick before and part of me really
didn't want to, but when I saw my blood on his dick, I quickly wrapped my
mouth around it. I used my tongue to lick him, and he came. I tried to
move away from him, but his weight on my chest made this impossible. I
swallowed his come, with a lot dribbling down the sides of my mouth. He
reached behind his back with his right hand and shoved three fingers deep
inside my pussy. I came again! I laid there in a daze. Mark used a warm
wash cloth as he cleaned the sweat and come off my body. He used his
tongue to clean my mouth. I remember how passive I felt. I didn't say a
word as then kissed every part of my body.

Mark dropped me off, but not before giving me another passionate kiss.
When I ran up to my room, I noticed for the first time my soreness. Audra
was there waiting for me. She looked into my eyes and then gave me the
widest grin. We hugged each other and both cried. The cries were not out
of sadness. We talked all night, reliving our experience. I could see
that Audra was very happy for me, and it showed me more than anything how
much she loved me. I told her how Mark persuaded me to masturbate while
watching him undress. Audra laughed. He did the same thing last night.
We had our own separate rooms ever since we turned thirteen, but that
night. We slept in my room. We fell asleep in each others arms.

I know I bled a little and I thought some of it got on his sheets. I
told Audra this the next morning. She admitted that she did too. I could
only imagine Mark's confusion if he saw blood two nights in a row. Audra
told me that she could always tell him that she was starting her period.

Two nights later we saw Mark at the Dream Machine. That's an arcade in
the mall. Mark wore one of those, 'I know' smirks on his face. I thought,
'how could he not know?' Audra went over to talk to him alone. When she
came back to me, she said that they weren't going to see each other
anymore. I wondered if me losing my virginity to him had anything to do
with it.

Mark asked me out for a date less than a week later. I refused. As I
was about to walk away from him, he told me he knew it was me the second
night. I gave him a 'What are you talking about?' look and he replied; "I
knew Audra had a twin the first day I started school. You had me fooled
during your little switch until I entered you. When I cleaned you up
later, there was a lot more blood." I stood there with this stupid
expression on my face. It took a few seconds, but I replied that out of
respect to Audra, I couldn't go out with him. He nodded. I walked away.

Then here we are, three months later being eyed up and down by a
complete stranger. I'll never forget my initial reaction; 'Who the hell
did this fool think he was?' Audra and I expect to be stared at, but this
guy looked at us like he was inspecting a mare at a horse show. He smiled
as his eyes roamed our entire body, lingering on our tits. Then I tried to
move, but it was as if my muscles wouldn't work. I wanted to say
something, like, 'what the hell do you think you're doing', but the words
wouldn't come. I looked at Audra, who was in my line of vision, expecting
her to say something. She just stood there staring at the guy. He made a
motion, twirling his hand around. I almost died when we both slowly did a
360 for his inspection. He told us to stop in mid twirl with our back to
him. I knew he was checking out our assess! When he told us to complete
the turn and face him, I felt so embarrassed that I wanted to cry.

"You girls are gorgeous! Identical fucking twins!" he exclaimed

I wanted to say something, anything, but my mouth still refused to
speak. I looked at Audra. She still gazed at this man with this weird
expression on her face. I didn't know until a little later that Derek was
making her feel really horny for him. I remember how I felt when he made
me feel that way. I must have looked at him with that same stupid
expression. When he asked our age, we both replied in unison; "sixteen".
The shock of hearing my voice took me by surprise. I certainly had no
intention of answering him, and wanted to say a whole lot more than our
age, but nothing came out. This was about the time I began to get scared.
I mean, here we were, acting like puppets for this guy.

Derek. I mean, well, he wasn't Derek yet because he hadn't told us his
name. Anyway, he had us follow him out to the parking lot. Our legs just
started walking right behind him. It was the strangest feeling. Then I
spotted the limo! As we walked towards it, a young lady came out of the
drivers side. She quickly opened the back door. I could see she was very
pretty. She looked like a younger version of Pamela Lee Anderson.
Including her breasts! She wore a black chauffeur's suit but instead of
black slacks, she wore a real short mini skirt. She looked hot in that
outfit and I wondered if I could look as hot if I wore those clothes.

Audra went in first and I followed. Derek was last, seating himself
opposite us with his back to the driver. Moments later, I heard a soft
female voice ask him for a destination. My eyes looked into the driver's
mirror and I saw the girl checking us out. Derek answered; "Home, Jamie"
and then bursted out laughing. I'm not sure now if he made me laugh or if
it was natural, but I did find it funny. I joined him in laughing out
loud. Audra just sat there staring. When I stopped laughing, my fear
returned. I thought about our Mom. I still had her birthday gift in my
purse. I looked down to see my white purse still in my hand. Funny, I
hadn't even noticed I was still carrying it. Audra's red purse was in the
trunk of our Mom's car. I wondered if she wished it was her turn to carry
the purse. We always took turns bringing in our purse when we went to
malls. Neither one of us liked to carry anything. I wondered if mom would
get her gift? His voice stopped these thoughts just before my eyes got

"Amber. You worry to much. Nothing bad is going to happen to either
one of you. You will both be home in a few hours. From this second on,
you will not worry. Now, let me introduce myself. My name is Derek. That
is what I expect you to call me. I'm what you would call a warlock.

Well, let me tell you. When he said there was nothing to worry about,
and that Audra and I were going to be fine. Every scared feeling I had
just disappeared. It was a strange feeling because I knew that I should
still have felt at least a little fear. Audra told me later that she was
never scared. Just horny. The few times I did glance at her, she was
clenching her thighs together. She told me that she squeezed three orgasms
during the ride to his mansion!

Derek said he usually didn't pick up his girls in a highly public place
like the mall, but for us he made the exception. He said that he wasn't
looking for anyone, but when he spotted our identical beauty. He just had
to have us. I remember feeling special and flattered when he told us this.
He told us he never tired of the seduction. I remember wondering, 'what
seduction'. He said he liked seeing the look of confusion turn to lust.
Our eyes told the story. I turned to Audra. Her eyes had a glassy look
while she continued to stare at Derek.

He next told us about some of his power. Mind you, I wouldn't have
believed him, but we were in experiencing it first hand! He said with a
mere flex of his mind, he could elicit any feeling he chose in a girl. He
could make them afraid or happy. Anything. What he liked most was to
aflame them with sexual desire. He said it didn't matter if they were a
full fledged lesbian or a happily married woman. If he wanted them, they
were his. He then laughed and said this was only a fraction of his power.

He told us how he's been around for over a century and that he has
probably fucked a million girls! His favorite past time was altering them
in some way. He told us how his driver has been with him for five years.
Her name was Cheryl and she was a freshman in college when he spotted her.
Her combination of innocence and cheerleader looks tempted him, but it was
her southern drawl that proved to hard to resist. He said that he could
probe minds and obtain a person's complete memories. He also said that he
could alter beliefs, wants and desires. He looked at me with a grin when
he told us that his mental powers weren't the only means of attracting
pretty girls. He said that if he so chose, he could alter his appearance
to make himself a girl's dream lover. Then quite suddenly, right before
our eyes, he transformed himself into Mark! He laughed hard and said that
he's seduced many girls this way. Moments later he transformed himself

When the limo stopped, we all just sat there. Cheryl opened the door a
few seconds later. While we all piled out of the limo, I noticed the way
Cheryl stared at Derek. Now I understood. It was the same look Audra was
giving him. Lust. Derek got in between us and held our hands. The second
my hand made contact with his, it hit! Wow did it hit! Never in my life
did I ever dream that sexual desire could do this to me. My breathing
quickened. My tits pitched forward tight against my bra. I could tell my
nipples were erect. They hurt!

As like Audra. As like Cheryl, or any girl that Derek places this spell
on, my eyes were glued to his face and body. He looked incredible! I
walked with him, through the front door, and up the stairs. I didn't even
notice the staff of girls that we walked by to get to his room. As soon as
we entered his bedroom, he told us to sit on his bed. My clothes felt
constraining and I wanted to strip them off of me. Derek gave us
permission to get naked. We didn't hesitate. I knew he was compelling
this, but the desire I felt for him to fuck me, overrode every other
thought! He told us that our feet were not allowed to touch the floor. He
then left the room. I turned to Audra, who for the first time turned to
me. With the exception of the lust we felt, it appeared that we were
released from the hold he had on us.

"What has he done to us!" exclaimed Audra, panting with desire. While
she exclaimed this, she finished sliding off her panties.

I was already naked and softly replied; "he's turned us into sex

Derek came back into the room. We now sat naked. He looked at us with
that smirk of his, enjoying the sight of our nude bodies. He could smell
our desire and loved what it was doing to us. He turned to Audra; "Go
ahead and ask your question."

"Why are you doing this to us?" Asked Audra.

"I told you before. You're both incredibly beautiful and I always take
what I want."

"Wha....what....are you going to do to us?"

Derek smiled this time, glancing back and forth at our faces; "First,
let me make an adjustment to the way you feel for one another. This, of
course, will alter your sexual preferences..............for life."

"What! How can you do this!?!" Audra exclaimed. No sooner had Audra
said those words when I felt a very intense desire for my sister. The
feeling flooded me with such intensity, I gasped. I could tell that she
was feeling the way I was feeling, because she started to stare at me like
I've never seen her stare at me before. One second we're sisters, and in
the very next instant, we were feeling so horny for one another we wanted
to jump on each other! Audra mumbled; "You're turning us into lesbians!"

I loved my sister, but I never thought about her in this way before. I
wondered if it would be so bad? Amazing how your mind works when you don't
feel fear. Derek interrupted my serenity.

"After I enjoy watching you two make love. Which is my favorite
fantasy. I'm going to join in on your twin charms."

I couldn't help myself. I reached over first and used my palm to caress
Audra's nipples. Her eyes looked glazed with lust, and her moan confirmed

"After we fuck, I'll explain your new lives to you. In the mean time,
please enjoy."

Audra and I were stretched out on the bed, just caressing one another.
It was like looking in a mirror as someone was feeling me up. Audra was
beat red with embarrassment but I knew she feeling the same sexual desire I

"Tell me Amber. Isn't your sister a sight of pure loveliness?"

I gazed lovingly into Audra's eyes. I brought my mouth up to her face
so I could kiss her. She was so beautiful. We were both identically
beautiful; "Yes. She is." I whispered. I felt nothing but deep love for
my twin sister, and I wanted to display my affection for her. Then I felt
slightly different, and a strange passiveness invaded me.

Almost as if by magic, suddenly, Audra came alive. She pushed me back
on the bed and straddled me, pinning my arms above my head with her hands.
I felt a delicious helplessness in her actions, and moaned. She then
whispered in my ear, "Amber. You will please me if you don't move your
arms. Okay honey." Audra then released her hold and moved down my body,
kissing my shapely tits on the way down. She took her weight off me for a
second, and turned completely around, and then sat on my stomach. Her
shapely ass stared me in the face. I felt a burning desire to kiss it.

Audra then spread my legs apart, exposing my hot pussy to her. God, I
was horny! Not only was I turned on by Audra, but I was really turned on
by this new submissive feeling that flooded me. I knew I was wet, in fact,
I was soaked! I couldn't wait for Audra to place her mouth on me! Audra
spread my legs out completely while I squirmed for her to hurry. She then
turned her head to me and whispered; "Amber. You will please me if you
don't move your legs. Okay honey."

Audra then backed her ass up where her sex was now positioned directly
above my face. I could smell her and the aroma was so wonderfully
beautiful, I wanted to dive right in. But because my arms weren't allowed
to move, I couldn't reach her. The disappointment flooded me. There I
laid, my arms above my head as if they were pinned to the bed. My legs
spread eagled as if my limbs were tied to the bed posts. And Audra's
lovely glistened pussy inches from my face! I wondered why I stayed in
this position and that was when my mind started answering. I did it to
please Audra. More than anything, I was to please Audra. I immediately
knew that Derek was making me feel this, but surprisingly, it didn't bother
me. It was only right that I please my twin sister. Audra was everything
to me. I was to please her every day for the rest of my life. My arousal
leaked out of my pussy and down to the crack of my ass. I didn't feel
embarrassed. This is the way Audra wanted me, and it was only right that I
do what pleased her. I wished it pleased her to lower herself, because the
smell of her own arousal had me in a powerful grip of lust.

Derek stepped in front of the bed. He was naked now. The sight of him
aroused me, especially his huge erection. I could hear Audra whisper;
"Amber. You will please me if you beg for Derek's touch. Your desire is
for him to fuck you. While he's inside you, you will crave me. You want
to eat me. You want these things more than anything because it will please
me. Okay honey."

The second the words were whispered in my ear, my sexual desire to have
Derek fuck me tore into me with such need, I practically cried. Of course
I started pleading and begging for Derek to fuck me, but he just stood
there looking at me! My cries were muffled when Audra lowered her pussy on
my mouth. I tongued her and swallowed her come with such hunger and
passion that I came and came and came. Audra had told me before that I
couldn't move my hands and that I had to keep my legs spread, so, I must
have presented quite a picture for Derek. I could feel my own come leaking
into the crack of my ass. My voice was still muffled with Audra's pussy on
my mouth. I just remember saying; "Oh God....please.....please Derek!
Fuck me...........fuck me!.... ........I need you to fuck me!"

When Derek finally climbed on the bed I remember feeling a sigh of
relief. Then, without a moment's hesitation, he rammed his dick straight
into my wet cunt! Derek rammed in and out of me for several minutes and I
continued to come. The intensity of this was sending me whirling! I cried
out my passion while pleasuring Audra! With every orgasm I had, I could
hear Audra crying out one of her own. A final climax sent me into orbit.
At least I think it did.

I must have passed out, because I suddenly found myself waking up in
Audra's arms. To wake up in Audra's arms made me feel such love and
happiness. I almost started crying as the overwhelming love I had for my
sister washed over me. The thought that my sniffles might wake her up was
the only thing that stopped me.

Well, that was pretty much our initial meeting with Derek. As you may
have figured out, he is able to tap into our minds and simply alter our
beliefs any way he sees fit. Not only beliefs, but desires. I remember
him saying that he was only going to make a slight adjustment and not
tamper with our memories.

I've always loved my twin sister, but now the love goes beyond
obsession. I can't think about anybody but her. If it weren't for the fear
of displeasing her, I'd be an emotional wreck without her touch. I
constantly crave the sight of her and feel intense pleasure in hearing her
voice. I crave her instructions as to what pleases her. I'm constantly
horny for her and I feel so thankful that Audra allows me to make love to
her every morning, afternoon and night. Audra told me that Derek made her
the boss in our relationship. Audra once said that there are key words in
the way she talks to me that renders me helpless. I haven't figured out
what they are, and she won't tell me. She says I'm not allowed to know.

Attending high school wasn't easy. I remember constantly turning down
boy after boy, and Audra had to do the same. As it was, the boys did
nothing for our altered libido, but it did spark some rumors. Audra and I
were inseparable. We kept our sexual relationship secret though from the
kids in school, but not from our Mom. Derek told us he did something to
her that would allow us to make love in front of her. The first time she
came into our room when we were '69'ing each other, we stopped for a second
to see her reaction. She said; 'hi girls'. Then she proceeded to put some
clothes away in one of our drawers, and walked out. Did she think we were

Our 17th birthday fell on the last day of school. Derek paid us a
visit. His visits were few and far apart, and still are for that matter.
He says he's busy showing many other girls a better, and more meaningful
life. When he says things like this, I feel so happy that we were amongst
his select few. He had us both strip for him and stand at attention.
Audra and I giggled when our mom came in and out of the room without

Derek placed his hands on Audra's tits and just gazed at them. I
watched in amazement as Audra's tits grew right before my very eyes! I
couldn't believe it! Instant breasts enlargements! I guess if he can do
everything else, this shouldn't have surprise me. He made them huge and
beautiful. Then he came over to me, and repeated what he had done to
Audra. I felt the growth happen on my chest, as my breasts grew. They
stopped growing at the same size that Audra's did. He smiled, took us to
bed and fucked us. He fucked us so hard and non stop for an hour! We both
laid there. I was on bottom and Audra laid on her back on top of me. Our
spread out legs displayed two wet pussies. Derek would ram into Audra's,
pull out and ram back into me. We couldn't move. We only moaned,
screamed, cried and then passed out.

When we woke up, Audra and I measured our new tits. 38DDs! We stayed
in bed and played with each other's huge titties for a long time! They
were wonderful!

Audra wanted me to end our story with our 18th birthday gift from Derek.
He gave us our gift yesterday. He showed up, unannounced, just like he did
last year. He again had us strip, which we did with pleasure. Then he
looked at me and said; "From this point forward, when Audra becomes
aroused, you will feel her need. When she orgasms, you will orgasm. You
may both seek other lovers. Amber, you will still be subservient to Audra
and all her wishes. Your relationship hasn't changed and never will.
Amber, when you want someone, you may only act on it when Audra allows it."
Derek then turned to Audra; "You simply have to say the key words and
whomever you say these words too, will feel compelled to obey. Happy

Well, while writing this story, I felt three orgasms flood my body!
Audra must have come three times. Thanks to Derek's latest gift, I'm
constantly horny. Audra is in bed right now with a beautiful red head she
had picked up at a graduation party we crashed last night. We found out
that Sheri was voted the school's most beautiful girl. We could see why.
When her boyfriend left to get her another drink, Audra and I walked up to
her. Yes, she was beautiful. Not quite as beautiful as us, but definitely
someone we wanted to take pleasure in. Audra simply said; "Sheri. It
would please me if you remain quiet, not draw attention to yourself, and
follow me to my house. While you do this, I want you to desire me. In
fact, I want you to desire me ten times more than you ever did for your
boyfriend. Okay Honey."

Well, Sheri is sleeping at the moment. And Audra just got done reading
this. She said to wrap it up and that I did a great job! I'm getting
horny because I know what this means!

One final thing before I say goodbye. Girls,.....if you ever meet
Derek. Well, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! Audra's just yelled
out to me. Sheri is awake.........Got to go!

The End.....


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