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Two Mornings


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The following are works of total fiction and most contain scenes of
graphic sex of various kinds.

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spelling & grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living
or dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is
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forums, as long as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or
the content are made.

Hope you like them.





|//\\| Two Mornings

|\\//| by Monocle _|____|_

(O) o Waking up with her is always exciting.

/ > | ~~ |


Two Mornings - by Monocle


She was at the sink doing her morning ablutions in her short summer
robe, having just showered. Her dark still-damp curls, held back from her
face by a beret, tumbled down her back almost to her slender waist. She
leaned slightly over the sink, looking into the mirror as she prepared to
brush her teeth, her legs about shoulder width apart.

I ducked quietly into the bathroom and sat myself downbetween her feet
with my back low against the sink cabinet. I leaned back pushed my
shoulders back and out between her legs, bowing them out as I raised my
head between them and under the hem of her robe. I paused for a moment,
gazing at her perfect pussy. Her secret lips were full, and her triangle
of dark curly hair framed them exquisitely. Her slightly annoyed grumble
of protest at my rude jostling turned into a squeak of surpize and alarm as
I raised my head and kissed her there, then started running my tongue up
and down her outer lips.

Instinctively she jerked backward, but I brought my hands up to her ass,
kneading her cheeks as I pushed her back onto my tongue, which now began to
gently, shallowly divide her pussy lips and tickle her insides. I heard
her grumble some more, then sigh - whether from annoyance, resignation, or
pleasure I neither knew nor cared - and began brushing her teeth.

I concentrated first on licking her outer and inner lips, then delved my
tongue as deeply into her snatch as I could. After a minute or two, I felt
her knees bow out more, opening to me and allowing easier access to her
moistening sex. She was still brushing her teeth, but more erratically
now. Her sweet juices now added to the wetness of my saliva. I began to
hear small noises escape her, even buried as I was in her thighs and pussy,
which now slowly began to grind onto me and my delving, flicking tongue.

I licked higher up and found her clit, just now peaking out of its hood.
I darted my tongue across it and felt her jump in reaction, then press more
into me with a moan. Her hips now pressed my head back into the cabinet. I
slid one of my hands from holding her ass around and under her from behind
to slip up into her pussy with one, then two fingers, and then out to
massage the skin of her inner thighs with her own lubrication. She moaned
louder and fuller now, all pretense of finishing her morning ritual put
off. I felt her hands find my head under her robe, then draw the robe up so
that she could entwine her fingers in my hair and push me harder against
her, steering my mouth to just the right spots.

Her pussy juices began running down her thighs and my chin as I consumed
her. I switched hands, bringing my left hand around to her pussy and
sliding two fingers slowly in, while the right hand, fingers well coated
with our mingled lubricants, moved back to her ass, slipping between her
cheecks to tease her rear entrance. Slowly, as my tongue danced faster and
faster across her clit, I pushed one, then two fingers into her tight,
reseistant nether passage. Her hips ground against me as she cried out.

I felt her entire body clench up around me. Her thighs clamped my head,
her hands pulled my hair, her ass and pussy squeezed my fingers
rhythmically. Lightly, very lightly, I bit her clit, then sucked at it
hard. She screamed and climaxed, flooding my face with her cum.


She did her morning stretches in the nude. As always I had to watch as
she stretched her legs and arms. She went into splits, reaching for one
foot, then the other, the black fur patch between her legs flush with the
soft white carpet. She got on her knees and stretched forward, round rear
in the air, then pivoted and stretched her arms up the wall, arching her

She froze at the touch of my fingers on her side. I knelt behind her,
and caressed her with one hand, then the other, running them up her sides
to her breasts, then down to her hips, then around again. Hands still
stretched above her head, palms against the wall, she moved with my hands.
I reached around and cupped and squeezed her right asscheeck as my left
hand continued stroking her side from breast to hip. Then I traded hands.

Her slow steady breathing came louder and harder. I cupped a hand under
her sex and she lurched slightly at the contact. My middle finger played
with her slit, which was just becoming slick with her juices. Her knees,
already slightly spread from the stretches, pushed out a little farther and
her back arched a little more as she raised her ass to make my job easier.

I pushed up slightly with the hand on her snatch, raising her higher.
With my other hand, I grabbed my aching prick and guided it to her. She
moaned at the first hard contact. Once the head of my tool was nestled in
her outer lips, I moved my hands to take hold of her flared hips. We both
groaned in pleasure as I slid into her from the rear, until my pubic bone
mashed against the her perfect ass.

I stayed buried for almost a minute, reveling in the tightness of her
pussy, how it clenched at my cock so naturally. She stayed frozen in
position, breathing steadily. When I pulled almost all the way out and
slid fully back, hands firm on her hips, she made the low, sexy, moaning
sigh of hers that never fails to spike my lust for her. I pulled out and
pushed into her again, and again, beginning a slow fucking rhythm. Her
body responded, pushing back onto me each time I drove forward.

My hands released her hips, one sliding up her side to her breast, which
I started caressing and kneading, sometimes lightly pinching or pulling her
hard nipple. The other hand slid around her front and found her clit, just
above where my cock slowly pistoned in and out of her.

She leaned back into my embrace, head against my shoulder, arms still
pushing against the wall for support. She made constant quiet noises,
lower as I pulled out, higher as I pushed in. Her hips bucked back against
my cock and forward onto the finger frigging her. My thrusts were still
slow, but became harder, stronger, each one lifting her body slightly as I
rammed up into her, her moans and sighs turning into short yelps and cries,
getting louder with each fuck into her velvety pussy. My own voice gave a
low growling counterpoint to hers.

I felt her begin to tense, and increased the speed of my cock and
fingers. She tightened her whole body, then with one agonizingly
pleasurable squeeze of her inner muscles, climaxed around me, calling out.
Her body stiffened and quaked in my grasp, her cunt contracting around my
driving cock. Her spasms set me off and I drove in as deep as I could and
came, my seed coursing almost painfully up through my prick and into her,
spurt after spurt. Her inner muscles milked me, coaxing every drop of
semen out of me.

Finally we subsided. I would stay hard if I stayed inside her, so
reluctantly I pulled out, both of us shivering with the last departing
friction. Our combined fluids ran down her legs to the carpet. She stood
up, made a last stretch towards the ceiling, and headed towards the shower,
not looking back at me. I followed to the bathroom to grab a towel to
clean up and caught her eye just before the shower door closed. She blew
me a kiss.


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