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UMSTEAD camera was quickly covered inside

Umstead Encounter



(mg, teen boy/young girl, first time, mutual masturbation, oral, no

Copyright 2001, PlanetDweller. ALL Rights Reserved


The air smelled heavy of ozone as the storm front bullied its way over
the forest canopy. A single raindrop hit my cheek, then another. As a
crack of lightning split the sound barrier and a rolling of thunder
bellowed forth from it, an almost mouse-squeaky cry came from a distant
echo far but near "help!...anyone, Help!....HELP!".

Raindrops began pissing on my face with increasing coverage. I picked
up my pace of walking to near-running a little, though being hopelessly
lost my internal compass normally reliable and the woods of Umstead State
Park being mapped in my mind from walking them since childhood suddenly
useless there was no telling where or what or whom I was running to, only
that a now-more-clear voice of a small child was calling out to anyone

Treetops melded into a greying to blackening sky as my ears radared to
the voice so pitifully crying out. Grabbing my backpacker's poncho out of
my daypack, my borrowed 35mm camera was quickly covered inside a couple of
extra garbage bags brought along just for this purpose as my body was
equally quickly covered by the dank green darkness of my poncho.

"Of all days..." I couldn't help but think to myself "...I had to pick
this one to try to get photos for my Photography Merit Badge, supposedly a
crip merit badge if there ever was one, just so I could get my Life Scout
ranking before my fourteenth birthday and almost insure my Eagle Scout
designation in a couple of years...and with a borrowed expensive 35mm
camera that would take me months to pay for if it got damaged by the
rain..." my thoughts pinging inside my brain as my legs pinged up and down
a couple of ridgelines following the now slightly fading cry for help.

First the bike was noticed near the bottom of a steep ravine just down
the hill from where I stood. A modified child-size BMX bike was wrapped so
completely around the trunk of an not-too-old six-inch-diameter or so water
oak tree that it would have taken two or three grown men let alone me one
teenage boy to pry it loose from its embrace of the living wood.
Half-running half-stumbling down the embankment another faint cry was

"Hello...Hell-lll-ooo!!!...is anyone there?!?....help!"

"Helooooo!..." I yelled back "....I'm here, I'm coming!"

"Hurry please, help me!"

Twenty or thirty feet below the wrecked bike hugging the tree at the
very bottom of the ravine was a little girl of about eight or nine
clutching her ankle in obvious pain. The rain slowed for a moment as the
skies got darker and what was left of the afternoon sun dropped even
further behind the horizon below the clouds making the still booming
thunder even more ominous.

"Hi..." I chirped as I approached her "...I'm Billy..."

"Hi Billy..."I'm Julie....can you help me?...I'm lost, and I think my
ankle's broke..."

"Let me take a look...I do have my First Aid merit badge..." pointing to
it on my Scout jacket.

She seemed grateful as I quickly looked in her eyes to see if she might
be shocky, then scanned her over to see if she might be injured otherwise.
Except for a deep scratch on her right forearm the only injury apparent was
her left ankle which sported a deep black angry looking bruise.

Touching it just a little she screamed "...OWWW!!!...Billy, that hurts!"

"Sorry Julie, but I gotta see if it's broke or not..." Gently pulling on
her foot, she screamed a blooyhellmurder scream that hurts my ears just
inches away and overwhelmed the sound a nearby lightning crack and
thunderboomer as the rain picked up once more. "Yep, I think it's broke,
Julie...I gotta get you out of this rain, here, take my poncho".

Sacrificing my body to possible hypothermia as the wind now gustled down
the sides of the ravine and the rain felt increasing colder I helped her to
her feet, she standing stork-like on one leg as my pack was dropped and my
poncho enshrouded her.

"Thanks...you're nice..." she coughed through her pain.

"We need to find shelter...and build a fire...can you walk any at all?"

"I think so, if you help me..."

"...I noticed an outcropping up near the top of the hill where a big
boulder was sticking out of the side of the ravine...we could use it as a
windbreak and build a fire there...can you make it?"

"Can you carry me on your back?"

"I can try."

Knelling down she limped atop my back wrapping her legs around my waist
and hugging my neck as I arose too quickly almost falling backwards before
regaining my balance. Cutting a nearby small tree down with my short
machete to use as a walking stick I slowly inched my way back up the slope
towards the giant old quartz boulder noticed on the way down. Once there
we both noticed that boulder had hidden a slight secret, a shallow
mini-cave just four or five feet deep and three or four feet high into the
hillside one side of the boulder forming the right side of the "cave".
Critters of some sort, probably a small bear or similar, had obviously used
it recently judging by the smell of fresh shit of some sort inside but the
main thing was that they won't in there right then so we could use it.
Bending down a little in front of it I motioned for her to go on inside.

"You're not going to leave me, are you!" she exclaimed.

"No, Julie, don't worry, I just need to try find us some stuff for a
fire before the rain wets everything, I'll be right here, just get your
hinny inside the hollow for now, I'll stay in eyesight of you, promise."

Borrowing my poncho back but giving her my emergency Scout "Rescue
Blanket", a large piece of fabricized tinfoil yes but in an emergency like
this a near-sure-cure to prevent deadly hypothermia, she wrapped it around
herself as a shudder of shivers wracked her body for a moment. I peered in
her eyes once more which seemed to irritate her more than comfort her.

"I'm okay, Billy, okay?...please just build us a fire, please!"

Within moments an ugly but effective fire was warming us both inside our
little earthern hutch as the rain really started pelting heavy just
outside, drops splattering off the ground with enough speed to splash back
in on us sometimes.

"What happened to you, Julie?...what are you, what were you doing out
here?...how did't happen?"

"I was riding my new BMX bike with my parents on the bike trail when our
dog Fluffy started chasing sometime and my parents speed ahead of me to try
to keep from losing him and then I came to a fork in the trail and took the
wrong one and then I though I heard them on a trail below me so I tried to
shortcut through the woods and wrecked my bike and wrecked my new bike
and..." her thoughts drifting away as her gaze shifted away from me and
down and sideways towards the fire in front of us at the entrance to our
protective cuddy.

"I'm sure you're parents are worried sick, Julie...they've probably made
it to a ranger's station by now and they've got rescue crews looking like
crazy for you..."

"...I hope, Billy, I hope..."

"...I'm sure they do...they'll find us soon...Umstead Park's not that
big and we're not that far off from a couple of trails...we just need to
stay put and they'll find us...promise..."



I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me, the rescue blanket
crinkling up chirpingly between us. Her breathing became deeper and more
regular. Our breaths soon matched in each other in harmony as the flames
from the fire eased downward towards the forming bed of coals between us.
In the distant a hoot owl whooped his welcome to the fallen dusk which now
engulfed the arbor bastion around us, the rainclouds above us being pushed
to the east by the chilled late spring wind now billowing even unto our
protective enclave.

"The searchers will have an easier time finding us if I get a signal
fire going...the rain's stopped just enough...I'll be right back."

Damp logs fueled by fresh redhot coals coughed up a dense smoke mushroom
cloud to the heavens which I knew could probably be seen by low-flying
airplanes or helicopters even during the night. Easing back to the back of
the cave and close to my newfound friend the fire in front of our minicave
gave focal perspective to the smokepot fire a few feet further away out
atop the damp forest floor. The frame was set and not to be missed.
Digging out the 35mm from inside the protective garbage bag coverings no
longer needed, a few frames of the fire-on-fire we taken along with another
couple of Julie, which both amused her and gently pissed her off.

"Billy, stop that!..." she bounced only half-jokingly.

"Okay...how's the ankle?..."

"...it hurts worse, it's beginning to ache, bad..."

"...want me to rub it?..."

"...NO!...but will you get close to me under the blanket?...I'm getting


The space blanket warmed us a little as we huddled together underneath
it but the reality was even with all our bodyheat being trapped by it that
our damp clothes were just soaking our mutual heat and putting us at risk
of going hyopthermic.

"Julie, our clothes are just too wet, we'll never get warm like this,
we're going to have to take our clothes off and let them dry by the fire
and then we'll put them back on and be okay...until they dry, we need to
hug each other close under the blanket to stay warm..."

"You mean nekkid?...together?..." she replied with a less than naively
innocent look in her eyes.

"...yes, naked, together, next to each other, under the blanket...either
that or we might get too cold and be in danger..."

She gazed at me for just a second suspiciously but shivering shed her
clothes as quickly as I was also doing, propping them up on sticks as best
we could near the fire. Under the silver and orange covering of the
aluminum fabric space blanket we gently embraced, my arms pulling her close
to me, her legs intertwining with mine.

"Thank you, Billy, you're nice..."

"You're nice too, Julie, you're nice too...now sleep..."

"...my ankle's hurtin' too bad to sleep..."

"...I know..then just rest, just rest..."

Our cocoon of NASA technology saving our warmth as the cold wind from
behind the cold front that had pushed the storm on through whistled
whirlingly around us inside our earthen uterine hollow our breathing once
again matched each other's as we held each other closer. Then, God help me
it couldn't be help, my Beavis raised itself against her body.

"What's that?..." she whispered feeling my engorging manhood pressing
against her leg.

"That?...oh...that's my...that's my cock, Julie..."

"...why is getting bigger?...."

I didn't know what to say. In all my years of jacking off to Playboys
and Penthouses and Hustlers I never had the thought of having sex, actual
real live sex with anyone other than a real live centerfold adult woman
ever crossed my mind. Even the cuntboppers my age who let me fool around
with them some but never get passed third base didn't interest near as much
as a grown woman with nice large titties. Yet the reality of the moment
couldn't be denied. Julie, perfect little eight or nine year old titless
flat as a pancake hairless cunny Julie was naked beside me under our
blanket and my horns were a'risin'.

"...it's getting bigger because I'm excited...because you're naked and
I'm naked and we're huggin' together and it wants to fuck your pussy..."

"...my, my pussy?..."

"...that..." I prompted as my right hand found and caressed her tiny
slit. Her expression went blank for a moment as my finger diddled her

"...you want to put your..."

"...my cock, Julie..."

"...your cock inside me...there?!?...it's too big!..."

"...I know...and you're too young, too..."

"...no I'm not!..."

"...yes, you are...that, and even if you weren't, your cunny's still too
small for my cock to fit inside it..."

"...can I see your cock better, Billy?..."


Easing out from underneath the blanket I knelt before her and stroked
myself hard. Julie's eyes never broke gaze for a second.

"Suck it Julie..."

"Suck it?...no way!...why would you want me to do that?..."

"...because it feels good...tell you what...let me suck you, your cunny,
and then if you like it you can suck me..."

"...well...okay.." her expression changing as her eyes widened.

Making as much of a bed as I could from my daypack and the space blanket
I gently pushed her back towards the slopping rear of the small cave and
spread her legs wide before muffdiving headon between her parting legs.
Licking and licking for ten then fifteen then twenty minutes and more she
seemed to enjoy it, bucking a little but not a whole lot only once in a
while forcing her tasteless except a slight salty I assumed minuscule urine flavored cunt into my face.

"Are you enjoying this, Julie?.." I finally asked.

"Yeah, Billy, it's okay, but you say you wanna me to suck your



Switching places she propped herself atop my outstretched legs and began
her oralling of me. The glowing light from our fire arm's reach away
outlined and highlighted the perfectly smooth skin of her perfectly perfect
young face as she strained a little to open up wide enough to take my shaft
all the way as my hands lovingly held her cheeks between them and urged her
to let me cock go as deep inside her mouth as she could take. Then without
warning, not more than five minutes after she began, I came...and
came...and came, Julie gagging for a moment before easing up almost hitting
her head on the shallow roof on our cavehome.

"What was that?

"That was my come...my semen...what makes a baby when it's squirted
inside a woman..."

"...oh....THAT..." her voice trailing off with apparent knowingly
non-innocence as she tried to resume her sucking off of my now deflating
cock "...why did't go down, Billy?.."

"...because once a man comes, his cock goes down..."


"...no, not forever, silly..." I replied as I playfully tapped her on
the shoulder as she still straddled my outstretched legs "...only for a
while, until he can recover enough to get it back up, usually an hour or so
maybe less, then it can get back up and he can come again..."


Reaching for her to pull her closer to me to kiss her I moved her wrong
and was rewarded with a screaming shout "...hey, Billy, that hurt!...be
careful!..." as she rolled to the ground grasping her ankle and mumbling at
me not to do it again. Getting her to come back under the blanket with me
I just held her close and told her I was sorry for accidentally hurting her
ankle, told her over and over again.

"It's okay..."

"No, it's not okay...I a-m sorry, Julie, I'm sorry..." the bright of the
fire now had faded to the glow of dying coals. "...I need to go get some
more firewood, the fire's dying..." as a large animal cracked some branches
underpaw not too far from us outside our cave.

"Don't leave me, Billy, don't leave me..." she implored.

"Okay, I won't, I won't, promise..."

Under the blanket my finger again found her tiny clit and slit. It
wasn't going to be denied this time. Forcing it in to the second knuckle
she gasped a little while looking directly into my eyes and rising to meet
my finger, her hand now grasping my rising cock. Poking her loosening
cunttunnel for all it was worth tearing her hymen in the process her
smallish little girl hands grabbed my cock and squeezed and pumped it for
all she could muster our rhythm of poke and stroke in perfect timing. She
leaned even closer to me as her mouth met mine in a kiss as our bodies
melded together the flux of my come squirting between her yin and my yang
as our youthful exuberance smithed a new flesh alloy of discovered passions
and desire. Pulling my hand away for a moment no virginal blood was
scented or seen through the twilight of the cave, only the scent of young womanhood found, so my hand burrowed its way back under our lifegiving
covering and rested once again atop the happiest place it had ever found.
Light naps came to both of us before a gagging whiff of dank smoke hit our
nostrils at the same time, what was left of the coals now dying to grey

"Gotta do the fire, Julie. ."

"Billy, don't worry about it..."

"Let me check our clothes...the fire's out now anyway...maybe they're
dry by now..."

She tried to playfully pull me back to her as I scooted the few feet to
the front of the cave to check on our homemade sticks and wicks
clothesdryer. Yep, they were dry, dammitall. Stoking the ashes and
blowing them hearth'd enough flickering light from what unburned wood was
left inside the logring fireplace to where we could see to put on our
clothes correctly, scooting back under the blanket afterwards to cuddle
once more before drifting off the sleep.

Not sure when we feel asleep I was damn sure when we next awoke. 4AM in
the frigging morning! The sounds of large humans cracking damp twigs
undeneath feet and yells of "Julie!...Julie!!!...Julie!!!" from assorted
different voices of men and woman told me that her parents had indeed found
the ranger's station and that a search party had been organized and yes we
both had been found safe and alive, her broken ankle aside. I scrambled
out of our earthen hollow shelter and called back to them "...we're
here!....we're HERE!!!..", what looked like a small platoon of rescuers
with flashlights atop hats and in hands all running towards us.

"Mom!...Mom, Dad, Mom!!!.." Julie cried as she tried to limp towards her
onrushing parents, she leaning against me for support as she
one-legged-hopped as best we could towards them.

"At least..." I silently thought to myself "...we had gotten dressed
before they found us...that would have been some mess otherwise..."

I didn't know what to do next. I hadn't even asked Julie's last name or
where she lived. I definitely wanted to see her again. But what could I

"Thank you..." an older man said speaking to me "...thank you for saving
my little girl..." he being obviously Julie's dad, what I had done to
protect us from the now-passed storm being evident..."....if there's
anything I can ever do..."

"Well..." I said, thinking as quickly as I could "... if you wouldn't
mind, would you please tell my Scoutmaster about how I found your little
girl, errrrr, Julie, and saved her from the storm and cold after she broke
her ankle?..."

"....certainly...sure, uuuhhhh...."

"...Billy, Billy Davidson..."

"...sure, Billy, I'd be happy to...here, write down your name and
address and phone number and I'll call you later this week...here's my
business card if you need to contact me..."

"...thank you..."

"...you just call later and tell me what you want to tell your
Scoutmaster and I'll be happy to make sure you get the recognition you
deserve...you're a brave young man, Billy..."

"...thank you again, mister,...."

"Jim Holder...and her mom there is Rebeccca...Rebecca and Jim
Holder...we live off of Maynard Road near East Cary Middle Elementary where
Julie goes to school at..."

"...can I come over and see Julie sometime after she gets back home from
the hospital and see how she's doing?..."

"...certainly, Billy, you'll always be welcome in our home as an honored
guest!..." he finished replying, my prayers now answered.

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