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UNCLE movies felt when some handsome film


Firstly the important stuff
This novel covers a wide range of explicit sexual practices, so if
you are offended in any way by stories with strong sexual content
that you may consider abhorrent were it practiced in real life,
please cease reading now and delete the file.
If you are aged under 18, you have no right to read any further
and MUST delete NOW!
This story is Copyright by the author who retains all rights
whatsoever over publication in any form. It must not be published
on any pay-site or used in any publication for profit without the
author's written approval. The file may be reposted to Newsgroups
but must not be changed in any way, must be posted in its
entirety and must contain this note "FROM THE AUTHOR" in full.
All names are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any
person, either living or dead.
Most stories by the author are book-length size and the first
chapter or two are usually taken up "setting the scene" so to
speak. If they are not read or given just cursory glance, the
atmosphere that is intended may well be lost on the reader.
Anticipation of what is to come can give as much joy as "getting
All my stories are archived at
where you will find zipped files in MS Word9 and Text formats.
I seek, would indeed appreciate, comments and constructive
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UNCLE © January 2002

Sexual Fantasy Fiction
By Writer's Cramp
(Fm, Mf, MFg, rom, humil, coerced, forced, nc, teen, spk, menst, sm, ws, inc,

The Players:
Sir Theodore Asquith, Guardian of Emily.
Emily Kemp, aged 13,
Judith Reymond, Schoolteacher
Valma Reymond, her mother.
Ralph, her new husband, Judith's stepfather.
Veronica, one of Valma's friends
Freddie, Veronica's son, aged 13.
Cindy Smart, Emily's school friend.

Her only living relatives, her uncle and aunt take in Emily Kemp, orphaned as a
child. When aunt dies, her uncle becomes her parenting guardian and as she
develops into puberty begins to take a greater interest far beyond that which an
uncle should.
Uncle discovers one of Emily's teachers may have designs on the young girl too
and seeks her out. After hearing (a long detailed account) of the teacher's
childhood abuse and deprivations, he seeks her help to fulfill his desire of guiding
Emily to womanhood by his hand.

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Chapter One
Emily Kemp couldn't recall when she arrived at Asquith Hall, family
home of the Asquiths for several centuries. Uncle Theodore had explained it all to
her several times but she was so young when she first arrived that it was just a
faded memory.
He explained that her father and Sir Theodore were cousins and when her
parents were killed in a car accident when she was just six years old, Sir
Theodore and his wife took her in as her only surviving relatives. She grew to
love them both for they treated her as part of their family and she soon began
calling them Uncle and Aunt even though that wasn't their family rank at all. But
it gave Emmy, as he called her, a sense of closeness and belonging and of course
it was much easier than Sir Theodore or Lady Asquith.
On her tenth birthday, they became her legal guardians and she grew up
under their complete protection. Unbeknown to Emmy, her own parents were not
exactly the perfect role models but she never remembered the harsh times of that
life and the wealth of her new family meant little to a ten year old girl. She
wanted for nothing and returned their kindness with real warmth and love. As far
as she was concerned, these were her parents and that was the only life she knew.
She imagined her Aunt and Uncle were probably thirty years old when
they took their legal guardianship of her but in truth, Theodore was nearing forty,
his wife a year younger, but it meant nothing to the girl.
Her first taste of the harshness of life was to come just a few months later.
One evening after she had retired to bed, she was awoken by a terrible
commotion and lights seemed to be flashing through her window from
somewhere she couldn't quite make out. But when she looked out she saw the red
and blue lights of an ambulance and in fright, she ran to her Uncle's bedroom to
alert them.
"Come, my dear, it will be alright," her Uncle said quietly, leading her
away. "Aunt Sophie has taken ill. They'll look after her and she'll be home again
as good as new in no time."
"What's wrong with her, Uncle?"
"She's had a stroke, child. But it may not be as serious as it sounds."
Emmy had no idea what a stroke was and accepted his words without any
concern. But two days later, her Uncle called her in and with tears in his eyes,
told her of his wife's death. She cried too and they clung to each other for a long
"I loved her, Uncle," she said with all the simplicity of a child and yet he
found the words the most comforting of anyone's. "What will happen, Uncle?"
"About you, my dear? Noth…"
"No, about Aunt. What happens when someone dies?" She hadn't thought
of any concerns for herself, but more to help her grieving uncle organise the
things he needed to. "Can I do anything to help, Uncle?" He saw the compassion
in her young face and pulled her to him, huge sobs shaking them both as his grief
came out into the open.
This was the worst time the youngster could ever remember even worse
than when her parents died but she had been so small then. Now she understood
the huge void in her Uncle's life and she wasn't sure what to do to help him. How
could a ten-year old know what a grown man needs at a time like this? What
could she do at all?
"Don't cry, my poor little baby. We will always love her even now she has
died and you still have me, Emily. I promise I will not stop loving you. Do you
think we can stay friends? I really want that, Emmy."
It was the security blanket the young girl desperately needed, and almost
immediately a sense of relief flowed through her small mind. Her uncle was still
her protector and she loved him all the more for that.
"Oh, yes, I know we can, Uncle Theo," she said with her voice breaking
with emotion. "Oh, yes, I love you already just like I did, Aunt Sophie. Will you
always look after me, Uncle?"
"Always, I promise," he said kissing her forehead and hugging her tightly.
"Always, I promise."
And so, Theodore, now some thirty-five years her senior, became mother
and father, confidante and protector, which placed such burdens on him that he,
wasn't sure how he could manage. True, he did love her as his own daughter, the
only one he had for Sophie had not born him any children in their twenty years of
However, for Theo, this became the most wonderful time of his whole life
as he took the youngster under his care and his love for her grew daily as he saw
her thrive in confidence and she returned that love to him. The way his feelings
would change in the next few years couldn't be contemplated in a thousand years
right at this moment. They were happy times and so innocent.

Chapter Two
It was not long before the time arrived when he knew he had to talk to her
of the changes that were about to overtake her young body. For weeks he had read
various books trying to work out the best way, not only to tell her in detail, but
more to the point, just how to begin in the first place.
Should he drive her somewhere peaceful and while she was a captive
audience, say the things he needed to? Or ask some woman to do it for him? No,
that wasn't his way. It was his responsibility and he would do it himself… if he
just knew how.
Maybe he would come into her room after she went to bed and while she
was, again, captive, tell her the story. Or do it over dinner? Or sit together and
raise the subject over a few days, with little hints getting stronger all the time
until she would just have to ask him what he meant then he would tell all? Then
finally, the decision was made.
As Emmy rose from the dinner table to clear up, he gently said, "Emily,
can we have a little talk? There's something I need to tell you."
He could see her little body freeze in that instant and her eyes shot straight
to his face almost in fear, he thought.
"What about, Uncle. Have I been naughty?"
"Not at all, you are never naughty in my eyes, my dear. Come. Leave the
dishes for cook tomorrow. There's something, well, personal we need to talk
"Are you going to sent me away, Uncle Theo?" She asked so simply.
"No, silly girl, you should know I'd never do that. Oh, my dear, dear
Emily, do you think of that often? Do you think I could ever do that to you?
Never. I promise I never would."
"Then what do you want to talk about, Uncle Theo?" Her face was the
picture of innocence; a face that could do no wrong whatsoever and he held her
against him as they walked into the study.
"Emmy, I don't want to embarrass you but soon you will see many
changes in your body and I want to tell you about them so you will not become
anxious when you see these things happening."
"Oh," she sighed and lay back against the sofa. "You mean about sex,
"Yes… Well you should know what to expect, now you're approaching
your teenage years. You're almost thirteen and I can see from the swell of your
chest that your, uhm, well, your breasts are already changing shape." He now felt
more embarrassed than he could have imagined and felt his face glowing red.
Emmy saw this too and couldn't help herself from giggling, putting her hand over
her mouth but unable to disguise her mirth.
"They've been getting bigger for the last year, Uncle. It happens to all the
girls," she said with a bemused smile.
"Yes, but…"
"I'll show you if you like," she said in all innocence and began to
unbutton her school uniform.
"No… No, there's no need for that, Emmy. I just thought…" If he could
have run out of the room he would have done so right then, but the weight of
responsibility was too heavy to let him out that easily. "Are you having periods,
too?" He finally managed to get out.
"Periods. You mean at School, of course…"
"I mean menstrual periods."
"I don't know what they are, Uncle. We just have ordinary…"
"Very soon, I'm sure you will start to become a fully grown woman and
that will mean your menses will start. Every month then, you will have bleeding
from your… uhm, between your legs and you have to wear pads to stop it
escaping. Have you not been told about that, Emmy?"
"Oh, you mean the curse," she said with a smile of satisfaction. "Well
that's what some of the girls at school call it. It hasn't happened to me yet. I
wondered why when even stupid Evelyn Turner started getting hers a few months
ago. I was real jealous when she told us. She says she gets cramps every time and
her mother gives her some sort of medicine for it. Will I have to take medicine
when I start, Uncle?"
"Do you know why it happens, Emmy?"
"Because God said girls were bad and had to suffer," she said innocently.
"It's because she has matured into a woman and could have babies if she
had sex with a man, or a boy," he added quickly, knowing he had to give all the
information he could about the need to refuse the boys advances.
"Sex?" Emmy laughed. "I wouldn't have sex with a boy ever," she stated
adamantly. "Yuck, One of the girls told me what that meant and it was disgusting.
They want to…" Then she too, blushed when she realised what she was about to
"I know what they want to do, Emmy and that's something I must tell you
about as well. But right now you should know what these monthly bleedings are
for. He went on to describe the functions of her ovaries and all that would take
place in her body after that. He found it long and laborious for the words never
came easy and he found himself blushing more and more.
"When will it start, Uncle?"
"It's different for every girl but once it does start it happens about every
four weeks until a woman reaches her forties. It only stops each time you become
"But I told you I won't let any boy do sex things to me so I'll never have a
baby. Does it still happen even then?"
"Of, course. It's the same for every girl and one day you'll wake up and
find a red stain on your nightdress. Then you'll know your periods are here to
stay. I've bought you these to use once it all starts."
He handed her a packet of sanitary pads and then had to explain how they
worked and even how to put them on. "You can go and try one on after our talk as
a practice for when the time comes."
She inspected the pads with intrigued attention, and never showed any
sign of embarrassment in front of her uncle.
"You mentioned boys before, Emmy. You haven't let any of them touch
you, have you?"
"What do you mean, Uncle Theo?"
"I mean, well, under your skirt or your little breasts. You haven't let any
of them do that, have you?"
"You mean, feel me up. Of course not," she said indignantly. "Some of
the girls have boyfriends but what they let them do sounds so gross. Oh, I'll never
let them do anything to me, Uncle."
"So you are really a true virgin still?"
"Oh, of course I am. Anyway, it hurts, so why would I let them do that to
"Because there are boys who know just how to sweet-talk a girl into
letting them do whatever they want and sometimes you just can't refuse.
Sometimes you couldn't stop them even if you wanted to because peer-pressure
becomes more embarrassing than actually saying no. And sometimes they are just
too strong and could easily rape someone as small as you. You have to be so
careful, Emmy. The older you get, the more the desire to have sex yourself and
sometimes the desire overwhelms any resolve of chastity."
"I'd never let them, Uncle," she stated adamantly. "Anyway, is it true they
stick their dirty pencils into a girl's pussy? Down here?" she added, pressing her
hand against her groin.
"That's the way adults enjoy sex, or at least one of the ways. In time,
when you marry, you will offer your body to your husband and allow him to do
anything he wants and you'll feel proud of being able to offer him your virginity.
But if you give in and let them to have sex with you know, your husband will
definitely know you weren't pure on your wedding night."
"Anyway, boys do things to themselves, I know because one of the girls
watches her brother do it lots of times. He uses his hand and…"
"Some do, Emmy. It's their way of gaining sexual relief before they have
a wife to make love to. Most men do it when they're single. Some girls too," he
"Girls? But they don't have a pencil to do it with."
"It's called a penis, little one. Say it; a penis. There's nothing wrong in
calling it by its proper name rather than a pencil or worse."
"A Penis? Is that what they call it? I really thought it's name was, pencil,"
She asked with a laugh. "Anyway, it sounds gross."
"You won't say that when you are married because it can give you the
most wonderful sensations when you make love with some you really love."
"So how do girls…?"
"I want you to do two things when you go up to bed tonight. One is to put
one of these pads on, just so you'll know what to do when the time comes. And
the other is to take a hand mirror and look down between your legs, at your
vagina and learn what it looks like. See this diagram, well, that will help you
learn the names of your sexual parts, which you should know about anyway. But
it is your clitoris, look, spelt like this," he said and pointed out the word on the
diagram. "That's where girls rub themselves when they feel an urge for sexual
stimulation. Aunt Sophie told me she did it quite often before we were married."
"You mean she…?"
"Yes," he said lightly. "Just like anyone else. Does that make you feel
uncomfortable? I hope it doesn't, Emmy, because you should enjoy your sexual
feelings, not try to hide them."
"You mean I should touch myself? Like boys do?" Her eyes looked at him,
aghast at the thought.
"I know it's hard to understand but when you start to get strange feelings
deep inside you, you will know what I'm saying is true. Never be ashamed of sex,
Emmy, Just be careful and above all else, don't ever trust boys when they try to
sweet talk you into doing something you will definitely regret afterwards. Now I
think I've given you too much to think about already so we'll finish now, if you
like. Will you do the two things I've asked?"
"Yes, sure Uncle," she agreed without too much doubt.
"And tell me when your periods start?"
"Yes, of course I will," she said without hesitation.
"Good girl. We'll talk some more tomorrow if you want to."

Emmy wasn't embarrassed at the discussion she had with her Uncle that
evening but when she read the pamphlet that came with the sanitary pads, she
realised just how personal indeed, were the things she had heard him speak about.
As she laid on her back, her legs spread and took notice of her vulva in the mirror
for the first time, she found herself gasping at the strange sensations that began to
grow within her mind. Yes, here was that thing called a clitoris that her Uncle
spoke about, where girls touched themselves.
"Oh," she said as her finger stroked over the sensitive nub. "Oh, it does
feel… strange. And nice, she thought. Should I keep on doing it though? Isn't it
wrong to do this? Oh, I've got to stop, she told herself, moaning at the needs she
had never noticed before. It took her a long time to drift off to sleep that night.

"Good, morning, my dear. Sleep well?"
"Uhm, not really. I couldn't get to sleep for a long time," she said feeling
herself blush as she thought of what she had done.
"Sometimes that's what happens. Never mind, it's not a big problem, If
you ever want to talk about it again, I'd be happy to do so."
"Thanks, Uncle. I… I might," she said, hesitantly.

Chapter Three
In time her periods came and her breasts grew until she became quite
proud of their size. From time to time she noticed her Uncle looking at her in a
way he had never done before, his gaze settled on her legs or her titties or even
sometimes when she was bending over she caught him looking down her blouse
or up her skirt. It never worried her for by now, nearing the age of fourteen, she
had come to trust him implicitly. He was happy when for no apparent reason, she
began to call him Papa instead of Uncle and he thanked her for the honor.
"I think of you as my own dear daughter so it's quite appropriate and very
So, these days she rarely referred to him other than Papa and enjoyed the
thought of having her own father for the first time in her life.
They often sat together after dinner, her school work completed and his
own office work put aside to listen to fine music or watch one of their favourite
television shows. She would cuddle up, curling herself against him and just enjoy
his company.
His words of so many years ago often filtered back into her thoughts and
she rarely craved for the company of her school friends and almost never for the
company of boys. Her uncle often asked her of she was still a virgin and she felt
proud to be able to say she was. It seemed to her that by being able to say she was
still a virgin, she was keeping faith with what her Papa expected.
He often hugged her to him, smoothing his hand over her back or her
bottom and this intimacy was all she ever sought.
Emmy noticed too, that he would look into her room as he passed,
sometimes stopping for just a second to watch then move on and this began to
grow to the stage where he would walk into her room without knocking, just to
say a word or two then leave. She was often dressing, perhaps in her underwear or
changing into her pajamas as he interrupted her privacy but she never considered
it an invasion of privacy, rather, that if her Papa needed to say something there
was nothing wrong in him doing so. He never apologized and it seemed quite a
natural thing that he should come in without any warning.
Then one evening as she was taking a shower he opened the door and
simply stood watching her. Emmy gasped in surprise and found herself covering
her breasts and groin with the washer and her arms. "Papa, I am taking a shower,"
she said as their eyes met.
"Yes, I see you are," he said still staring, his eyes almost glazed. Just as
suddenly, he turned and walked out leaving the door open. Emmy finished
quickly and stepped out to dry herself. Instinctively her hand went to close the
door but for some unknown reason she withdrew and left the door wide open.
Was it some special test she wasn't even aware of? Was she testing her uncle to
return and look at her nudity a second time? Why hadn't she simply screamed and
told him to leave? As she dried herself, much slower than normal, all these things
spun around in her mind and before she realised it she was walking quite naked
back to her room.
Papa wasn't anywhere in sight but the very act of flaunting herself, risking
her nudity a second time sent shivers of the unknown right through her body. In
her room, she sat on the bed for many minutes, staring at the floor, making no
attempt to change into her nightwear. Papa often walked in on her and she
wondered if she intentionally wanted him to do so again while she was in this
Finally she slipped her nightdress on and remained seated in the edge of
the bed. What should she do now? She always sat with him after her shower,
when she felt all warm and cozy, while they enjoyed their special times together.
How could she do that tonight? How could she not do that tonight? Was he
waiting for her or did he shut himself in his room as well, not wanting her to see
him again tonight?
She tentatively walked close to the doorway of his study where they
usually spent their evenings. The light was on and the door slightly ajar. Papa was
sitting on the couch in silence, no music or television on, just sitting. Emmy
pushed the door open enough to squeeze through causing the slightest sound,
which made him sit up and look around.
"Come in, Emily."
"Don't say anything," he cut her off. "Just come and sit down. I have
something to say to you."
No apology, no explanation, not even embarrassment apparently, for he
held out his hand as she came near and continued to hold it for what seemed
minutes as he looked down on her. Finally he let her hand go and backed back
into his armchair and continued to look at her. She was about to ask him what he
wanted to say but he put his finger to his lips, silencing her. She had never seen
him this way before, as if he was trying to read her mind, almost looking straight
through her and with a look on his face that somehow wasn't her Papa at all.
"You have grown up, Emily," he said as though he had only now, realised
that fact. She had no answer to give and sat still, her eyes toward the floor.
"Yes, Pa…"
"Let me speak, child. It's very important to me and I hope to you as well.
Some of it may shock you but I need to say it. You have grown into a beautiful
young woman, Emily. A true woman for you have grown breasts and have a
period that would let you bear babies if you made love to a man. Yes, a beautiful
young woman."
He stopped then, looking intently across at her for some time. Emmy felt
quite uneasy, the remarks about her breasts and period more intimate than any
talk between them up to now. She remained silent, her face blushing hotly.
"Stand closer, Emily," he directed, holding out his hand for hers. She was
between his knees now and she realised that he didn't seem to be wearing
anything under his smoking jacket for she could see well up his thighs was all
skin. He had worn his smoking jacket often during their evenings together but
always with pajamas on as well. Her eyes jerked up into his face, which never
changed from the understanding smile he gave her. He wasn't about to offer any
Instead, his hands slipped behind her knees and slowly worked their way
up under her nightdress.
"This is what boys want to do to girls, Emily, to get their hands under their
skirts. Has any boy tried to do this to you, baby?"
"No, Papa, never, I wouldn't let them even if someone did try."
"Oh, it makes girls feel very nice, you know. Do you like me running my
hands under your nightie just like boys do? Are you positive you haven't let a boy
do this?"
"I promise you, Papa, never," she said with a sob, disturbed that he didn't
believe her. His hands were on her bottom now and indeed it did feel rather nice,
but she was sure it was because it was her Papa that was doing it, not some snotty
nosed boy. He began to squeeze her cheeks, softly, not hard but enough to make
her pulse jump from the sheer pleasure of it.
"What about your girlfriends, then? Do you girls get together and
experiment sometimes? Do you let your friends feel you up, Emily?" He was
looking directly into her eyes, his hands moving all over her bottom, tracing the
crease through her panties, tickling her bottom and caressing it so wonderfully.
Yet he still couldn't accept that she hadn't played sex games with her friends.
"No, Papa, I promise I haven't. I don't know if any of my friends have
done anything like that but I promise I haven't, ever."
"What about your teachers, then? I'll bet some of the men teachers would
like to taste the delights of young girls like you. Have they done things that you
were ashamed to stop them from doing? Patted your bottom, or pinched it as a
joke, or your breasts, eh? I can't believe someone hasn't tried to do sex things
with you, Emily. If there's anything at all, I want you to tell me. You mustn't
bottle it up inside. Well?"
"No, none of them have even tried to do anything as far as I know, Papa.
We have so many lectures at school now about sex abuse and stuff that they never
do anything like that."
"And the lady teachers? Hasn't one of them singled you out as her special
friend? Kept you in after school and touched you or said things?"
"No, I promise… Well, I suppose Miss Reymond might have. It didn't
seem wrong at the time. But she wouldn't have done it for sex things, I know she
"Tell me about it, child," he said increasing the pressure on her bottom
cheeks, squeezing much more tightly now.
"Well, she does seem to make me one of her pet students, there are two or
three of us and the strange thing is that we are the ones who get kept in after
school, just one of us at a time, never two or three together. I remember a few
weeks ago, Cindy Smart had to stay back and I waited for her because we had
some homework to talk about. She was with Miss Reymond for quite a while
and when she came out her face was bright red and she looked as if she had been
crying. When I asked her what was wrong she wouldn't tell me anything, just
didn't want to talk about it. But I don't know if Miss Reymond did anything to
her, Papa."
"And what about you, Emily? What does she do when you get kept in?"
"Oh, she's always very friendly and usually just wants to talk about things.
Girl things, you know. I never thought there was anything wrong with it. In fact I
like it because she lets me ask any questions I want and she tells me things, you
know the way adults understand more stuff."
"What did you talk about last time?"
"Oh, I remember that because it was only last night. She's never kept me
in as long as she did Cindy that time. It was strange because that was the night
you and I decided to do things. These things."
"Why was it so strange then?"
"Well, we were talking about, oh, I don't know, sexual molestation by
boys, at least that's how it ended up. She asked me if I was still a virgin and was
srprised when I said I was. She then went on to great lengths to tell me how she
lost hers. It was a boy in school who she never liked but she teased him so much
that he threatened to tell her parents lies about her if she didn't let him. I thought
it was cool because I'd never talked to anyone who's done it before."
"Yes you have. I've done it before, Emily. I could have told you exactly
what happens when a girl loses her virginity. Anyway, why didn't you tell me
about it? That was a secret you kept from me."
"But I never thought it was such a secret, Papa. I wasn't trying to hide
anything from you. Truly. Otherwise I wouldn't have told you now, would I?"
"And does she touch your secret places, Emily?"
"I never thought it was something naughty, Papa. I guess she touched my
breasts a couple of times but just to brush some fluff off or just being friendly,
like a mother would, I guess. She's never put her hands where yours are now,
Papa. Just strokes my dress sometimes as she talks."
"At least I'm pleased you've been honest with me, Emily. It is
encouraging. We'll talk more about her later. Right now, the time has arrived,
child, to begin teaching you the ways of adults and I am proud to be your teacher.
Very proud indeed, Emily."
He stopped again as he looked deeply into her eyes. They seemed like
magnets to the young girl and she was entranced. The situation was like none she
had ever experienced with her Papa before.
"Are you obedient, child?"
"Yes, Papa." Of course she was.
And compliant?"
Compliant? You mean do as I'm told, Papa? Of course."
I will require you to be quite obedient and compliant. You will obey me
and comply with my wishes? Always?"
Yes, Papa, of course I will. I always obey you, Papa." She couldn't
understand why he was being so persistent about something he most surely knew.
There are many things I will require of you in your learning, Emily.
Many things you most likely would never consider but they are necessary and I
will insist. Do you understand?"
I'm not sure what you mean, Papa but if you want to teach me things, I
will do as you say," she promised, not really knowing what she was to be taught
in any case.
I am pleased. It is a good beginning. Are you a virgin, Emily?"
Yes, Papa, of course I am. I told you that already."
I only know that six months ago you told me you were. You have not let
anyone touch you since?"
You mean to have sex? Of course not," she said with a timid laugh. "I
don't even have a boyfriend, you know that."
When does your period start next?"
e had never asked her such a personal thing before and it made her
blush, even when it was he who asked. "Oh…," she gasped. "My period…? Oh, I
can't think… It's on my computer… Do you really want to know?"
I asked so I want to know?" He neither looked embarrassed nor
disappointed that she hadn't answered.
ndeed that was what being compliant meant. If he wants something she
will comply, that's what she promised, she told herself. "Well it finished last
Monday week so I guess I've got about a week, maybe 9 days before it starts
again. I'll go and look it up exactly if you wish, Papa," she said starting to rise.
You will tell me the exact date later. Do you masturbate, Emily?"
Masturbate…?" She repeated in a shocked voice. "I…" The question
completely threw her mind into a spin. Yes she did but it was so private he
shouldn't ask. Not even Papa. "Papa, I…"
Don't spoil the first night, Emily." It was a rebuke without any malice.
Oh…," she almost moaned. "It's so private, Papa but, well, yes,
How often, exactly?"
How…? Oh. Maybe once or twice a week." Her face was so hot she
knew he could see her blushing but he gave no indication of her discomfort.
Where do you masturbate, Emily?"
he poor girl was stricken. It wasn't right to have to talk about something
like this. But then, well she did agree and it was her Papa. "In bed, Papa."
Now think carefully, Emily. I want you to think back to the last time you
masturbated in your bed. When was that?"
Oh… Oh, I… It was last night, Papa."
I want you to describe everything you did in detail, Emily."
You mean when I…? Oh…" It was becoming too much and she felt her
chest tighten and it became difficult to breathe.
Take your time, child. It's important that I know everything about you. It
will help me decide what you need to learn the most. Now take several deep
breaths and then tell me, from the time you decided to begin the act of
masturbation. What prompted you to begin, what did you do first, how were you
clothed, how did you proceed, what did you think about, how did you feel, what
was the final result? All those things, I need to know everything, Emily."
He was leaning towards her on the edge of his large armchair, his chin
resting on his hands, elbows on the arms of the chair and he wanted her answer.
Oh, it's so…," she began and then knew she would tell him everything.
"It was after my shower, Papa. When I got back to my room."
"After dinner? You masturbated after dinner before you came and spent
the evening with me? Is that when you did it?"
"Oh, please forgive me, Papa. I didn't mean…"
"No, it's alright. I'm not angry about it, Emily. I just wanted to be certain.
She remained silent for a moment, trying to get her mind working so she
could describe her act in the right sequence. " When I got back, I saw my
reflection and… Well, it just happened. I don't know exactly what made me
decide to do it then, Papa. It was just something that I decided to do. I can't
remember anything that made me feel I wanted to do it."
"Go on."
"I slipped my robe off and laid down on my bed and began to touch myself."
"How, child?"
How? Well I just began to rub my finger along my… along my puss…
along my vagina. That's what feels so nice, just stroking my vagina."
That's all? Did you put your finger inside?"
Inside my pussy… Oh, my vagina? No… No, I've never done that."
Go on, what did you do next?"
"Well, I just kept on doing that, Papa. It's sort of soothing and makes me
tingle inside, like a million little bubbles fizzing around my insides."
"Your clitoris? Did you rub that?"
"My clit…? Noooo," she said slowly, her mind racing. "I…When I do
that, it makes me feel really strange, Papa. I don't touch that thing."
"Never mind, go on."
"That's all. I got dressed and came into your study."
"That's all? What did it feel like? Did it sent you into a frenzy?"
"A frenzy? No, of course not. Why would it do that, Papa? All I did was
stroke my pussy which made me feel nice."
"I see. What were you thinking about when you were masturbating?"
"Thinking about?? Oh…," she gasped, hoping he wouldn't ask that even
though he suggested it earlier. "Oh, I can't tell you, Papa."
"I insist, Emily. Please do as I ask."
Her blushes aroused Theo as much as if he were having sex with her right
at this very moment.
"I can't… Oh, it's so embarrassing, Papa. Please, if I tell you, you won't
tell anyone, will you?"
"You have to trust me, Emily, and obey. That's you're agreement."
"Mr. Dickson. I thought about Mr. Dickson at school."
"One of your teachers? The young one?"
"Yes." She admitted in a whisper.
"What were you thinking about him?"
Emmy bowed her head in shame and in a soft voice, told her Papa, "I was
pretending he was the one stroking my puss… my vagina."
"You had sexual thoughts about him then?"
"No… Yes… Oh, I don't know. I just imagined it was him and not my
own finger. You won't tell him, Papa. Please promise you won't tell him. I
couldn't bear for him to find out."
"Do you always think about him when you masturbate?"
"Yes," she admitted.
"Are you in love with him?"
"No," she almost shouted. "It's just… Just a dream, I suppose. Oh, I feel
terrible, Papa. Please don't make me answer anything more about it."
"You have been very good, Emily, very good indeed. I understand how
difficult it must have been to discuss something so intimate with me but it was
important for me to know just how far you have progressed with your knowledge
of sexual matters. Masturbation is one of the first sexual acts most young people
experience and as you still retain your virginity I take it that is as far as you have
progressed. Am I correct?"
"Yes, Papa, I haven't done anything else, truly."
"I believe you, Emily. Now I want to explain something to you and then
you'll be put through a test to show just how obedient and compliant a girl you
really are. All men have certain needs, Emily, needs that are fulfilled by a wife or
a girlfriend on a very regular basis. They are not just needs of companionship but
intimate needs for which one's partner provides relief with various parts of their
body. Do you understand what I mean, Emily?"
"You mean sex, Papa?" Her mind was now reeling with thoughts of her
own Papa demanding sex from her.
"Yes, Emily, sex. Can you imagine what it is like not to have a partner to
give the relief a man's body desperately desires?"
"Oh, you mean since Aunt Sophie died. No, Papa, I can't."
"Men's desires are so much more intense than women's, Emily, and if
sexual relief is not available when his desires are aroused, which is very often I
should tell you, he could even become a rapist…"
"You wouldn't rape me, would you, Papa?" She shrieked in fright.
"I'm not going to rape you, Emily. Forgive me if I frightened you. That's
not my purpose in talking to you tonight. As I was saying, they could become
rapists or brutal or perhaps like me, someone who learns to live with the situation
yet desperately yearns for someone who could replace their lost partner."
"Papa, do you really have… you know, sex feelings too?"
He laughed at her innocence. "More that you could ever imagine, little
one," he told her simply.
"Are you going to have sex with me, Papa?"
"That won't be one of the demands I'll require you to obey, Emmy," he
smiled back at her. It was the first time he called her by that name all evening.
"Then how do you… Oh, do you have a girlfriend, Papa?"
"No, none at all. You are my girlfriend, baby."
"But I haven't helped you… the way you spoke about," she blurted out,
blushing at her effrontery.
"No and I haven't asked you to, have I? But because we are going to be
discussing matters of a very personal nature and so that you will comprehend
everything, I'll require you to perform certain sexual acts either on your own with
me looking on or you and I together. I have thought about this for a long while,
Emmy, and have decided it is the only way to teach you properly about the way
adults enjoy their sexuality."
He stopped and looked straight at her, waiting for a reaction. She sat
perfectly still, not daring to look at him for the shock that was swirling through
her mind was overpowering. She couldn't say anything. Her voice just wouldn't
come out. Her throat became constricted and she could feel her whole body
beginning to shiver. She thought she would faint and grasped the arms of her
chair as tightly as she could to hold herself steady.
"Have I shocked you, Emmy?"
"Uh… Mmmm… I… I…"
"I have, haven't I? No, there's no need to speak just yet. Try to relax your
body, a little at a time. Breathe as deeply as you can, yes, like that. Good. Now
keep doing that while I talk a little further. There is nothing to be afraid of,
Emmy, nothing to be ashamed of. You are the one I love most dearly in the entire
world and there isn't anything that shouldn't be said or done in each other's
presence. Besides, remember your promise of obedience and compliance? It will
give you more understanding than any other girl in your school. You will reach
adulthood with a clear understanding of what that will mean. And you must not
think of the things we do as sexual acts. They are a way to teach you what you
must know. Do you understand what I am saying, Emmy? Whatever we do
together is not sex but simply the best way of teaching you about sexual matters.

Chapter Four
Emmy was still in a state of shock although her Papa's words helped
somewhat. It wouldn't be like having sex, just his way of teaching her about it.
She looked into his eyes for the first time since she realised what he intended and
found his gentle smile and his absolute loving face. Oh, how she loved her Papa.
But there were still doubts. She nodded her understanding but had to ask one
more question.
"Papa, does that mean you will take my virginity away?"
"So that's what's worrying you? I promise you, Emily Kent, the one you
love will be the one who has that privilege," he replied with a knowing smile.
"Oh," she smiled back at him. The weight had been lifted.
"Feeling better?"
"Yes," she smiled at him.
"Good, now for your first test. Come here just in front of me and turn
around so you're facing away from me. Now, I want you to slip your panties off
altogether and lift your nightie up to the middle of your back and hold it there."
She jerked her head around to look at him then slowly turned back. He
heard a sniff and saw her hands at work. He breathed a silent sigh of relief. She
was hooked. In moments the twin globes faced him, firm and glistening white.
"Good girl, Emmy, now stay perfectly still. Good girl, that's lovely. Now
that wasn't too difficult, was it? No, remain still; don't turn around. Well? Wasn't
"No, Papa."
In a quiet voice he said, "I'm going to touch your bottom, Emmy. I don't
want you to move." His hands were trembling as they cupped the coolness of her
two cheeks and his erection was at the full. Oh, so smooth, firm, tender, he told
himself as he brushed lightly over the whole expanse. The urge to intrude into the
crease was so strong he thought he surely would do it but willpower eventually
won out. To move too quickly, especially on the first night could easily destroy
the ground he had already won and possible stop his chances with this young
beauty forever.
"Does it feel nice, Emmy?"
"It makes… It makes me tingle, Papa."
"No one's ever touched you like this, have they?"
"Never, Papa."
"As you get older, your lover will do such wonderful things to your body
you'll wonder how you ever lived without him. This is just the beginning. Now let
your nightie fall back in place and turn to face me."
He heard the sigh of disappointment as she did so. He didn't doubt then,
that she would have allowed him further intrusion, which gave him confidence for
subsequent lessons.
"Kneel between my legs, Emmy. Yes, right in, push yourself right in hard
against me. I will tell you some of the rules you have to obey from now on. But
first I want to thank you for being such a good girl with your first lesson. I know it
isn't easy for a young girl to cope with such private matters but I'm sure you will
find the future both interesting and stimulating."
"Yes, I understand, Papa. Thank you for wanting to teach me," she replied
in all innocence.
She was pressing so hard against him, her breasts just above his cock,
which was rampant and she had to realise what the lump was but she showed no
sign of noticing. He took her face between his hands and kissed her directly on
the lips, a fatherly kiss at first but one that progressed further until his tongue was
stroking her lips that were forced apart by his stronger mouth.
"Lovers will kiss you passionately, Emmy. Enjoy it for they are saying 'I
love you' in the most wonderful way." He kissed her eyes and nose and turned her
face so he could press his tongue into her ear. Oh, the sweetest taste, bitter yet
sweet as the dear girl gasped from the thrills racing to her brain. He sucked her
ear lobe and kissed her neck below the ear. She moaned with pleasure.
Still holding his face close to hers, he spoke quietly yet which firmness.
"These are your first rules, Emily. Listen carefully. They are rules I expect
to be obeyed without exception. Firstly, you will speak to no one about your
lessons, never. Understood?"
"Yes, Papa."
"Rule two. When you go upstairs tonight, you will collect every pair of
pantyhose you own, place them in a bag and put it in the rubbish bin. From
tomorrow, you are forbidden to wear them, ever. They are a hindrance to
accessing those parts of you that a lover so desires."
"But, Papa, they are part of out school uniform. I have to wear them to
"Is there not a choice?"
"No… Well, we are allowed to wear long socks but none of the girls do
that. I'd be laughed at."
"Hmm. In that case I will allow you that privilege but all your non-school
hose goes out tonight. I might even use those long socks as a punishment if you
fail to obey me at any time. The first thing you do when you arrive home from
school each day is to remove the hose. Agreed?"
"Yes, Papa."
"Third rule; you must never masturbate without my direct permission in
future. If the need is so strong, you must ask first but I may not always give my
approval. Sometimes it makes the act so much better when it is withdrawn for a
"Yes, Papa," she agreed, blushing furiously once again.
"You will ask permission to visit the toilet on every occasion you need
"But at school, Papa?"
"Be patient, my little worry wart. The exceptions are when you are at
school, and during the night after lights out. In the mornings you will not visit the
toilet until you have asked my permission during breakfast."
"But, Papa, I always have to go first thing."
"When you ask permission you will tell me why you need to go and how
urgent it is. If you soil yourself or if you go without permission, you will be
disobedient and that's punishable. Understand all that, Emily?"
Her eyes were wide open in shock but she knew she had to agree.
Punishment? What did that mean? She dare not ask.
"Fourth Rule. You will ask permission every time you have to replace
your sanitary pads…"
"Papa, I couldn't," she cried out in amazement.
Without acknowledging her interruption he continued, "Which includes
the first time for each period. In addition all changes will be made in my presence
and you will present the used pad for my inspection. Exceptions are only during
the time you are at school and then you will bring the used pads home for my
inspection. They will be laid out on the table each day as soon as you arrive home
and you will conduct me to them as soon as I am available."
"Oh, it sounds so terrible, Papa. Surely husbands don't make their wives
do that."
"Any disobedience is punishable, Emmy."
"Yes, Papa," she capitulated.
He took one of her hands that were lying over his knees and pressed it to
his lips then, still without looking towards her, asked, "I will buy clothes, special
clothes for you, which you are to wear for me when I tell you, Emmy."
Her eyes open widely, not knowing what he meant. "Clothes? But you do
buy all my clothes, Papa."
"These will be different. Special. Clothes that you wouldn't wear
outside… That you wouldn't want others to see you wearing."
"You mean some nightdresses, Papa?"
"Maybe, but other things too? Clothes, just for me to see you in, Emmy.
Clothes that you wouldn't want others to see you wearing, but that you would be
proud to wear for your Papa. To make your Papa proud to see his little girl
dressed just for him? Clothes that may make your Papa sexually aroused. You
will not object, no matter what they are, Emily."
"Yes, I understand, Papa."
"You please me very much, my dear. When I saw you tonight, in the
shower, I suddenly realised how beautiful, how vibrant you have become. Did you
"No, Papa," she whispered, feeling the flush spreading across her face.
"Then tomorrow evening you will find some clothes on your bed. Don't
look at them until after your shower, then dress in nothing but what you find and
spend the evening with me as we always do. We won't speak of it again but you
will know it has to be our secret, Emily. Between just you and me, you
"Yes, I understand, Papa. But why is it a secret if I wear new clothes for
you?" Deep down, she knew this was not the normal thing she was asked to do
but it was for her Papa so she couldn't say no. Not to her beloved Papa.
"You will know, my child. Just please your Papa tomorrow. There will be
other new clothes on other nights. We will enjoy each other's company and there
will be more lessons."
He smiled down at her, realizing her understanding of what he intended
was not what she was going to expect. But she would become used to it. And to
the other things that he had thought about.
He held her in his arm for a time without saying anything more. Then she
felt him lifting her nightdress.
"Don't move, dear. Papa just wants to stroke you." Then his hand slipped
underneath against the small of her back, gently stroking her bare skin. It felt so
nice she gasped with pleasure as he continued, moving upwards slowly, lifting the
back of her garment higher. She made no objection, enjoying the feel of his hard
hand against her tender flesh.
"I do love you so, Emily. You know that, don't you?"
"Yes, Papa. Of course I do," she agreed looking up into his eyes. He
kissed her on the forehead and continued to stroke her back. As he kissed her
goodnight, he whispered, "I thought you looked beautiful in your shower, Emily."
Then he rose and quickly left the room before she could think of anything to say.

Chapter Five
When she arrived home from school, the parcel was waiting for her. Not
large but as she went to look, his words came back. 'Wait until after your shower
then wear just these.' Oh, how it intrigued her. She knew they were expensive for
they were in a bag from the most exclusive store in town. Her heart gave a little
flutter and she couldn't wait until after dinner to find out what he had bought.
She literally skipped into the kitchen before dinner but her Papa showed
no sign that anything was different from any other night. They talked of her
school day and his workday but when she went to clear away the dishes he said he
would take care of it this evening and she should go and take her shower. She was
sure the look on his face was different but she couldn't tell why.
She began to leave but stopped and turned back to him. "Papa, I need to
go to the toilet?"
"Oh, yes?"
"Well, may I?"
"You haven't explained your need, child," he told her quietly.
"Oh, I need to… To pee, Papa and it's very urgent," she said with a blush.
"Very well, you may do so."

So with the excitement of what lay on her bed, she peed then flew into
the shower and for the second time in her life, walked naked from the bathroom
to her room. Papa was nowhere to be seen.
The parcel seemed much smaller than before and when she pulled the
contents out, she realised that there was very little inside at all. As she unwrapped
the tissue paper, she gasped in shock for her clothes for the evening were no more
than a set of baby doll pajamas that were almost transparent. Emily couldn't
believe it at first. Papa had bought something that he would see right through. He
would see her titties and even the small patch of hair on her pussy. That's what he
meant by having to keep it a secret and about the special clothes he would buy for
her. Of course she wouldn't be seen in these by anyone, how could she? No-one
but Papa and Papa had already seen her naked anyway so it wouldn't be as bad as
if he had never seen her like that.
She held the flimsy garment against her chest and could see through both
thicknesses so what he would see when she wore it would be absolutely
everything. And it was so short as well. Was it really alright to wear this in front
of him? Did he really know she would be practically naked in front of him? Then
she understood; he knew exactly how it would look when she put it on. He
wanted to see her like this, displaying herself just for him. She might as well not
have worn anything, for this never helped her modesty in any way.
Oh, how could she come to him like this? What would he say? He'll say
she was beautiful and run his hand under the top like last night, that's what will
happen, she told herself. Her dear Papa had at last taken notice of how her body
had grown and wanted her to show him just how beautiful she was. That made
her feel happy and proud. Yes, Papa really likes the way I look.
It showed far more than she could have imagined. When she slipped the
panties up her legs she was sure her pussy lips were totally visible and when the
top went on, not only were her breasts totally exposed but the top was so loose it
fell to just level with her nipples. Any little sway and he would see her bare flesh,
and if she bent over even the slightest bit, he would be able to see right down her
front. Her breasts would be quite naked for him.
The thought made her remember what some of the girls joked about at
school, about boys trying to look up their skirt or down their blouse at the illicit
parts. At least two of her girlfriends had let boys touch their breasts and the very
thought sent shivers right up her back. Was Papa doing this just like the boys at
school? Did he really want to spy on her nakedness? But it wouldn't be spying if
she in fact wore this nightie because she would be actually letting him look. It
wouldn't be anything like boys trying to sneak a look. Did Papa want to touch her
breasts like the girl's let their boyfriends? Oh, no, surely not?
She slipped the top over her head and blushed when she saw herself so
clearly exposed in the mirror. If Papa didn't realise how transparent this would
be, he would be just as shocked as she was right now. Did he know what it would
be like when she wore it? But she knew the answer. Of course he did and that's
exactly what he wants to see. Everything a girl holds secret. That's what he
expects to see when she walks into the room. The realisation made it all the more
embarrassing and yet so exciting.
Papa knew exactly how her body would be shown off and knew just what
she was thinking right at this minute. He was waiting for her and knew that she
knew he had planned it exactly this way. Was it a test? Did he really want her to
refuse to wear it and in fact be very angry if she did wear it into the room? Oh,
what must she do?
But he had already seen her quite naked and wasn't the least upset then. In
fact he was downright nosy, staring at her nakedness as though he had never seen
a naked woman before. So he was most likely anxious to see her this way. No, he
wouldn't be upset. He wants to see her like this.
So, with butterflies in her tummy, the thirteen-year-old child walked
quietly down the hallway and stopped beside the half open doorway, the shaft of
light enough for her to see her nakedness all over again.
Gingerly she put her face around, holding the door against her chest.
"Papa, I…"
"Ah, at last. I thought you were never going to come. Come in, my dear.
Come in and let me see."
"But, Papa. I'm…"
"There's no need to be embarrassed, Emmy. Come in and show yourself
to Papa. Let me see your new clothes." He was standing now, holding out his
hand, gesturing her to enter.
And she did. It wasn't easy and she covered herself from his gaze just as
she did in the shower but when she saw the acceptance in his eyes, the smile of
joy when he first saw her, the need to hide herself seemed altogether silly.
"Oh, I wondered…" He said stopping in mid-sentence as he gazed at the
young beauty before him. Theo had imagined how she would look in these
skimpy things but the vision, the reality of seeing her dressed in one of his
fantasies was ten times as moving as he had expected.
"I knew you were a beautiful girl, my dear, but your beauty takes my
breath away. Come and kiss Papa."
She smiled shyly and held her pursed lips upwards but that wasn't what he
wanted. He pulled her close and put an arm around her shoulder and neck,
cradling her head in his elbow. He gave his charge her first adult kiss; a sexual
kiss such as he had never given his wife in all those years.
Emily felt his tongue wet her lips then force it's way into her mouth,
fighting her own tongue that gave little resistance. He was breathing hard,
mashing his lips against hers, thrusting his tongue in and out so the intensity of his
attack made her gasp for breath. Strange feelings ran through her whole body,
urgent feelings that made her cling to this man who until now treated her just as a
daughter, feelings that told her there was more and yet she knew not what. His
grip of her was strong and she had no way of forcing herself away yet the need for
air as he continued to kiss her mouth became desperate. She had to break away
and tried to twist her face away.
Finally he realised and lifted his face away.
Emily felt weak. Her knees wobbled and she was grateful that he
continued to hold her for it was several seconds of deep breathing before she
began to regain her strength. She took a small step backwards and both looked at
each other, she questioningly, he sheepishly.
"Emmy…" He began then stopped. "Emmy, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
frighten you. It's just that…"
"Papa…?" She too was embarrassed and couldn't find the words she
"Let's sit down, baby girl," he finally said, glad to rest his still aroused
body. He rarely achieved an erection these days, only on the nights alone in his
bed when he gave himself the sexual relief he needed. But today the stiffness
wouldn't go away and he was sure she would notice it if he didn't sit and try to
cover it up in his lap.
"Emily, I'm sorry if I frightened you. I haven't kissed you like that ever.
Did it shock you?"
"I… I…" Her mind full of strange thoughts following his kiss and she still
couldn't find the words to say anything sensible. She sighed then looked into his
eyes. "I wasn't frightened, Papa. And I think I liked your kiss. It seemed… Well,
it seemed like a lovers kiss. Is that the way lovers kiss?"
He smiled at her innocence. "I guess they do, sometimes at least. When
they are aroused and passionate, perhaps."
"Were you that way? Aroused? You mean…?"
"Don't let it frighten you, Emily. I told you last night, a man alone, I mean
without having a woman to share intimacies with, sometimes needs someone. You know,
someone to be close to, to find release from the tensions that build up. Do you
understand, my dear?"
"Yes… I think so." By now she had quite forgotten that she was sitting
right beside her Papa almost naked.
He looked lovingly at her. "Remember when we talked about boys and
how they would try to touch you through your blouse or under your skirt?"
"They do it because they have urges quite different to girls or women.
Men have sexual needs more often than girls and far more intense. From an early
age they giggle at dirty jokes behind the shelter sheds at school, look at girlie
magazines and think about sex all the time. Once a man gets married those urges
usually settle down for he has a wife to make love to whenever he wishes and in
their early days young couples might have sex several times a day."
"Oh," she gasped, realising the conversation was far more intimate than
she had expected. "But, Papa, Aunt Sophie has been dead for many years. You
have no one now, no one all that time." She looked up into her Papa's face and
then exclaimed, "What did you do, without your wife? I mean, you know… About
needing to do things?" Then she blushed, realising what she had asked.
"Now you're beginning to understand, my wonderful girl. I have needs
just as any other man but as I said, I have learned to suppress them. You told me
you touch yourself, it's just like that."
"When you are alone, perhaps in bed. When you think of things that
arouse you, sexually. And so you touch yourself sometimes? Between your legs?"
"Oh, Papa," she said feeling most embarrassed that he should bring this
subject up again.
"It's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's very natural. I promise; every
boy, most girls and many men do it regularly and I'd be surprised if most women
didn't do it as well, just as you do. I know you find it enjoyable."
Her blush grew brighter and she could feel the heat in her cheeks. "I…
Oh, it's so embarrassing, you knowing I do that, Papa. Please forgive me."
"Forgive you for masturbating? Why would I want to do that? It's a
perfectly natural activity. It's the way I have coped without my wife." He looked
down at his ward, a smile of understanding on his face.
"You…? You do it too. But you don't have a puss…" She could have
bitten her tongue of right then but instead covered her face in shame.
"I may not have a pussy, that's the truth but I do have a penis," he sighed
with exaggeration, "I just have to do with what I have. There is so much I still
have to teach you, my darling. Don't despair, you will learn, I promise."
Her hands still covered her face as he pulled her against him and gave her
a cuddle. "Look at me. Emmy."
As she looked up, he gave her a peck on the lips. "Got you. Just wanted
you to know I still love you despite the fact that you masturbate." His smile took
away all her doubts if inferiority and she smiled back at him. "But of course you
won't ever do it now, will you? Not unless I give permission."
"Yes, Papa. I mean, no, Papa."
"I still have so much to teach you and one of those things is how to
masturbate properly so you can give yourself a proper orgasm. You can show me
what you do when you touch yourself some day soon and I will teach you better
ways to make you feel nice. You also have to learn what an orgasm is and I can't
wait to see you have your first one."
"You mean, you want me to let you watch? Oh, I…"
"Why on earth not, baby? We are family together. Look at you, you're
showing me your beautiful body and that doesn't embarrass you now, does it?"
"Yes, but… Oh, I don't know," she said with a whine. "It just seems so,
… Well, so personal. Papa do I really have to ask permission to go to the toilet
and to let you see my…," she blushed at the thought. "My pads when I change
them. I really don't need to, do I?"
"Those things were in the rules you received, weren't they?"
"Yes, Papa. But masturbating in front of…?"
"It seems as though you still want to have secrets that you don't want to
share with me, Emily. The first time, I think."
"Did you tell your mother when you did it?"
"No but we were never as close as I thought you and I were."
"Oh, I didn't meant that, Papa. You know I love you, I want to be close to
you, honestly I do. But letting you watch while I…," she blurted out then stopped
abruptly. After thinking for a time, she looked up at her beloved Papa and asked,
"Do you really want to watch me when I… When I do it, Papa?"
"My darling girl, I want to watch everything you do, just as, one day, I
want you to see everything I do. If we had absolutely no secrets, nothing is
shameful and we could become much closer than most married couples. Believe
me, Emmy, every married couple keep secrets from each other."
"Yes, but… Everything? We'd be naked together? And other personal
"What sort of personal things do you mean, Emmy?"
"Well, like going to the toilet and, uhm, when I have my time. You know
my periods."
"I would like nothing more than to share those moments with you, my
darling girl. Would you really mind about sharing every day things like that,
especially if we both agree to share every experience with each other? It's only
between us, no-one else."
"But seeing me do, uhm, you know, things in the toilet. It's so disgusting.
Would I have to watch you that way too?"
"I'm sure we'll both soon get very tired of watching each other piss and
shit in the toilet. Well, maybe not that last bit, I don't think that's necessary," he
added as an afterthought. "But it just means that nothing would be kept from each
other. Can you understand what that means, Emily, absolutely no secrets at all? I
would promise to show and tell you anything you asked just as you would for me.
We could trust each other as no other couple in history."
"Yes, Papa," she agreed in a voice that said, 'I give up'.
"Anyway, we won't be doing those things straight away. There's plenty of
other things to learn first. But you can understand how wonderful it would be for
us to be so close, don't you, baby?"
"Yes, I think so, Papa. It's a bit like tonight. I wore what you asked me to
even when I was shocked at first at what you could see."
"Exactly and are you shocked now?"
"No, I guess I'm not, but…"
"Then do we have a deal? To be absolutely open and honest with each
"Yes, I guess we do," she sighed after just a moment's hesitation.
"Oh, you make me so proud of you, my darling." He couldn't stop himself
from taking the girl in his arms as a lover would and kiss her deeply again,
resisting the urge to poke his tongue down her throat once again.
Emily gasped at the emotions that kiss brought out in her and took several
moments to recover. She smiled at her Papa and said innocently, "I like the way
you kiss me, Papa."
"It has to be a secret between just us though, Emmy. You know that, don't
you? If someone knew what we planned to do together, the authorities would take
you away from me forever and I'd be flung into jail."
"I wouldn't tell anyone, I promise, Papa. I don't want to be taken away
from you."
"Then let me really get a good look at my beautiful girl."
He stood her between his knees and had her turn around. "Slowly, darling,
let Papa look at every little bit of you. Oh, you are so very beautiful." As she
faced him again his hands held her hips, beneath her nightie and he leaned
forward and kissed her navel, wetting it with his tongue. "You are still a virgin,
"Of course, I am, Papa, I keep telling you that," she said with a little
accusing laugh.
"Never let any boys touch you up, here, or here?" He lightly touched her
groin and the top of one breast.
"None has ever tried, lucky for them," she said gallantly. "But I would
never let them anyway."
"And me, my dear?"
"You? What?"
"You would stop me also?"
"From touching me? You wouldn't want to do that, Papa."
"One day soon, I will undress you, my baby. Take all your clothes off and
touch you in those secret girl's places. I will teach you how wonderful it feels to
have someone you love touch you intimately."
"Oh," she whispered to herself.
"And when you choose to, you can do the same to me. And touch me
where you wish," he added, watching for her reaction.
"We are told at school that letting our parents touch us in those places is
wrong, Papa. It's called incest. Is it really wrong, Papa?"
"It's very wrong if the child is too young to understand or doesn't want to
participate. But look at you, my dear. You are a grown woman with full breasts
and periods that mean you can become pregnant just like an adult. If you want to
do something just as much as your partner, how can that be wrong? Sure the
authorities might say an adult must not touch a thirteen-year-old girl and that's
why neither of us can breathe a word of our relationship to anyone. But I'm sure
you know in your mind that there's nothing wrong with the way we feel towards
each other. Isn't that so?"
"I love you, Papa. I think it's exciting, don't you?"
"Indeed, I do," he replied, proud of the way he so easily brought the
youngster under his control. "You know there will be times when your Papa
desires to do things that might hurt you."
"Hurt me? Why, Papa?"
"Because it is enjoyable doing things, spanking your bare bottom for
instance, even if you haven't been naughty, just spanking it and making you cry.
If I did that you would know you are giving me great pleasure and after the
spanking is over I would do things that make you feel so good you'll want another
spanking right away. I will require you to obey me in that way sometimes, baby?
You will comply, of course?"
"If it makes you happy, Papa. Anyway I have already agreed even though
it sounds very scary."
"Oh, you are so wonderful. Now let's make a few more rules. We can do
nothing out of doors that would make anyone suspect we are more than just father
and daughter. Agreed?"
"You promise to obey me in every way?"
"Yes, of course, Papa."
"You must begin to take the contraceptive pill, Emily. To stop any
possibility of becoming pregnant."
"Pregnant? You mean we will do sex things too? I'd have to have sex to
get pregnant. Oh, I didn't realise…," she ended with a doubtful look.
"In time we may decide to do that, my dear. Nothing should be taboo in
the kind of relationship we have talked about but sex can manifest itself many
ways. We do not necessarily have to have intercourse to enjoy sexual pleasures
together. We will take it step by step but in case we do begin to have intercourse
together you should be taking the Pill right from the start. I will make an
appointment with the doctor tomorrow. All he has to know is that your periods
are erratic and you need the pill to correct the problem. It is a common complaint
in young girls."
"You're sure he won't guess what we're doing. I'm frightened I might let
something slip, Papa."
"It's a good test. I'm sure you won't. He'll want to examine you but as
you're still a virgin he'll have no cause to think there's anything wrong with our
relationship. He's also a good friend so I'm sure he'll be happy for me to stay in
the examination room with you. After all, you are my only daughter."
"Oh, yes, your innocent young daughter," she said with bright eyes.
"When is your period due, pet? Did you check it up?"
"My per…? Oh, yes, I guess it's alright to tell. Uhm, it's due a week from
Thursday. I looked it up on my computer this morning."
"For the moment there's just two things I want you to remember. When
you next have a desperate urge to touch yourself down here," he said actually
cupping her vulva in his hand, "I want you to come to me immediately. Whether
I'm in bed or down here or even at work. But I guess you will have those kind of
feelings at night when you are in bed. Then I want you to come to me
immediately and ask permission. I will decide if it is the correct time to watch
your technique before I begin to teach you better ways to masturbate."
"Oh," she gasped almost silently. "Yes, alright."
"And as soon as you find your period has started, what do you have to
"Bring my pad to you and ask permission to use it."
"Good girl, I look forward to that moment. Perhaps I could photograph
you changing it."
"It's all yucky and smelly."
"And I want you to show it to me, O.K.?"
"So what do we do now, as our first parting gesture?"
"You could kiss me again, Papa."
"Oh, we'll do that all the time. Do you know what I'd like to do?"
"Do you want to have sex, Papa?" She asked seriously.
"Oh, indeed, I do, but we won't rush those things, besides you haven't
begun taking the Pill yet.. It may be many months before we decide to do that, if
we ever do it," he said in a conciliatory voice. "Now, before we say good night, I
have some more rules that you will obey."
"More…? Oh."
"Firstly, I forbid you to have a boyfriend in any form until I decide your
sexual education is complete. You are not to even make friends with any boys.
Just girls. Understood?"
"But I don't have any, anyway, Papa."
"And you must keep it that way. If a boy tries to make friends you must
stop him trying to be friendly immediately, even if it means being rude to him. I
will punish you very severely if I ever find out you have begun a friendship with
any boy. At least I can trust girls much more than those snotty-nosed young males
at your school."
"I promise, Papa, but that rule is going to be easily kept. I don't like being
around them anyway."
"Good," he responded with a satisfied smile. "Then I think we should do
something very naughty before we go to bed."
He stretched himself down into the sofa, his bottom right on the edge of
the seat and his legs fully stretched onto the floor and parted. "Would you do me
the honour of laying on top of me, Emmy, as a lover would when she makes love?
Let me feel your softness pressing down on me. You might even feel something
you've never felt before, too."
"Alright," she said looking down at her father. "What do I do?"
"Just lay right along me, with your pussy against my groin. If we were
naked we could have real sex together."
"It sounds very naughty, Papa."
"Indeed it is, don't you think?"
"Yes, very but I like it," she said with a giggle as she kneeled between his
legs and lifted herself up along his chest.
"Push your pussy against Papa's cock, honey. Rub yourself against me.
Can you feel it?"
"There's something hard. Is that what cricketers wear?"
"Ha," he gasped, almost choking as her innocence hit him. "That my
darling girl is Papa's cock. It makes babies and makes girls very excited. Usually
it's just a floppy old thing but when you do things like this, well, it gets all excited
and ready to fuck you."
"Fu…? You mean that's what goes inside? It feels so big, like a crowbar."
Her eyes were wide open with apprehension.
"Don't worry, it won't happen tonight, baby." His arms were around her
now, pulling her tightly against him and one hand began stroking her bottom
cheeks through the thin fabric.
"Is this nice?" He asked.
"Yes," she whispered as she lay still, allowing his hands to wander. "It
makes me tingle, Papa."
"You are making Papa's cock tingle. In fact if you don't get up right now,
your Papa will disgrace himself." He pushed her upwards and she stood up,
looking down at him questioningly.
"Your pants are wet, Papa. Have you wet yourself?"
"It's been a long time since I wet my pants baby. No, this is sex juice, your
body made that happen to my body, you know. Some day, I'll show you exactly
how it happens," he said a little sheepishly, pulling his jacket away from his
tender erection to stop the impending climax.
After a few moments to regain his composure, he sat her down beside
"It's going to be an exciting time, Emmy. I know I'm going to enjoy every
minute of our new relationship and I hope you will too. Let me kiss you goodnight
and you can go off to bed."
He kissed her passionately for several minutes, breaking just for a quick
breath before rejoining again. His hand pulled her shoulder against him then
slowly moved down until he reached under her top and slowly ran up her back,
caressing her smooth flesh, tracing the many hillocks of her backbone. He was
euphoric to find she never pulled away for a moment almost as though he was
given unconditional access. He caressed her side as he withdrew his hand and felt
her whole body quiver for that split second.
Theo knew tomorrow would bring new excitements and he was already
planning how to have her masturbate him to climax in the shortest time span.
Fellatio was on the agenda after that. But deep down he knew she had to be
chaperoned along the pathway very carefully. Despite her assurances that their
secret would not be spoken of outside their home it only needed one action that
she objected to and he could find the authorities on his doorstep wanting
He knew too, that the first thing he would do when he reached his
bedroom was to bring himself to a climax as quickly as possible. The need was
desperate. And he did.

Chapter Six
When Emily returned to her room, she sat on her bed in a swoon, her brain
not working at all and those tingling sensations still running up and down her
spine at her every movement. Her eyes saw nothing, glazed and useless as she just
sat. Then a huge sigh shuddered through her body bringing her back to reality.
Oh, goodness, she had just let Papa put his hands under her nightie and
never even tried to stop him. And she had ground her pussy right against his man
thing, so hard it scared her to think of him raping her with it. How could
something so hard ever fit inside her tender little pussy? How could she ever let
him do it anyway? But he did say he would do it, sometime. Then all his words
began to flood through her thoughts. No secrets, permission to pee and change her
pads, undressing her, spanking, hurting, even sex. They were some of the things
he said they would do together. And yet he is so lonely. He needs company,
intimate company, he had said. None since Aunt Sophie died? That was years
ago. He touches himself too. How does he do it? At least I have a pussy to run my
finger over but all he has is a hard stick thing.
As she removed the transparent baby doll pajamas the thought of playing
with herself became stronger, a desperate urge to rub her pussy as she had done so
many times before. But this time she was under a promise to go straight to her
father and ask his permission and then he would want her to do it in front of him.
Oh, it was all to much, she whimpered to herself. Why did I promise him that?
she thought. Oh, I can't just walk in and say, Papa I want to touch myself. It
would be just too awful.
So desperate as she was, the young girl removed her nightwear and
slipped between her covers, quite naked, shivering from the first touch of cold
sheets as she closed her eyes. Thoughts of the evening flooded through her mind
again and unconsciously her hand slipped to her breast and she gently stroked a
nipple. The next thing she realised was being woken up by bright sun shining
through her window.

Emily did what she thought were all the right things as she readied herself
for school. She left her bedroom door wide open, walked to the bathroom in the
nude and took her shower with that door open but her Papa wasn't anywhere to be
seen. A little put out by his lack of enthusiasm, especially after the way he'd
talked last night, she dressed into her school uniform and went into breakfast.
"Good morning, my little darling. Sleep well?" Her Papa asked with a
warm smile as he looked up from his paper. He gave no indication that last night
had ever happened, never showed any wish to kiss her as he did then and certainly
no desire to touch her, to feel under her clothes. He had returned to her regular
Papa, loving and caring, nothing naughty at all.
"Yes, thank you, Papa. I fell asleep almost straight away."
"That's good. I wondered if you would. A good night's sleep helps you get
through the day, doesn't it?"
"Yes, I suppose," she replied almost mechanically.
"So, what are you doing at school today?"
"School? Oh, I don't know. Nothing special, just the usual classes."
"No tests or exams?"
"No… At least I don't think so." It was strange because he never asked
things like that before, she thought to herself. "Why, Papa?"
"Oh, nothing. I just don't want anything to disturb those days, ones where
you are tested because it could spoil your marks and I wouldn't want that."
"No, I'm sure I won't have any of those today, just assignments to hand in
which I did last night before dinner," she added trying to allude to their encounter
after dinner.
"That's good," he said casually as he continued to read the newspaper.
"Yes, Emmy?"
"I was wondering about… Oh, it doesn't matter," she quickly said,
desperately wanting to know what he was thinking but not wishing to bring up the
subject of last night herself. Surely it wasn't all a vivid dream? No, I couldn't
have been. He did put his hand under my nightie, she told herself. Then she
realised she hadn't relieved herself.
"Papa, may I go to the toilet, please. I need to pee, really bad."
"No finish your breakfast first." He never even looked up as he spoke.
"But…?" He never responded and all she could do was eat faster. Finally
she asked again.
"You're sure you can't hold on until you get to school?"
"I'd pee my pants if I did, Papa."
"You may go but tomorrow I'd like to see you wait until you got to school.
A good stretch of the bladder is very beneficial, you know." His eyes watched for
her reaction.
"I'll try, Papa, but I really have to go now," she said hurrying along the
She returned and he asked, "Well?"
"What, Papa."
"What did you do?"
"I peed."
As she rose to leave for school, he said, "I'll be driving you to school this
morning, Emmy."
"Oh, that's good," she responded with a smile. It meant she didn't have to
share the bus with a load of uncouth boys. "Do you have business in town?"
"You could call it that. What did you say the name of the teacher who
touches you was?"
Emily looked up in surprise. "You mean Miss Reymond? Well she didn't
really touch me, Papa. Not in a naughty way."
"I understand what you say, baby. But I would like to make sure she isn't
doing the wrong thing. When we get to school, point her out to me, please."
"You're not going to say anything to her, Papa?" Emmy was shocked that
he would even think of doing so.
"I just want to see what she looks like. That's all."
"Oh, then you aren't going to talk to her about… About what I said?"
"Not now, anyway. We'll see."
"Oh, please say you won't, Papa," she pleaded.
"It won't be any affair of yours if I do, Emily, so stop worrying. Now are
you ready to leave?"
Emmy hardly said a word while they were driving and she breathed a sigh
of relief when he made no move to get out of the car once they'd parked near the
entrance. They waited for maybe five minutes and she jumped when Miss
Reymond came into view.
"There she is, Papa. That's her. In the red sweater."
"Hmm, seems a nice woman," he said and nothing else. She leaned over
to kiss him goodbye and he casually looked across and said, "Oh, Emmy, I'll be
giving you a spanking tonight."
"A spanking? Tonight? What have I done wrong, Papa?" She asked,
aghast at the thought. True he had promised he would do this just for his own
pleasure but surely not right away and for no reason at all.
"Nothing as far as I know. I'm just going to spank you because it pleases
me to."
"But Papa…"
"You can't object, Emmy, that's one of our rules. As soon as you come
home I want you to finish your assignments as quickly as you can, then shower
and come to dinner dressed in one of your fresh school uniforms, regulation
underwear and all. As soon as dinner is over, you will go and stand in the corner
opposite the dinner table," he said. "You are to stand perfectly still with your
hands on your head until I tell you to move. You are not to look around and
definitely not to speak even one word. Understand?"
"Yes, Papa," she replied almost silently.
"Good girl, off to school now. Have a nice day," he said, pecking her on
the cheek just as he always did. He simply smiled as she looked back at him,
hoping to see he was just teasing.

Emily couldn't focus on her schoolwork that day. Her mind was centered
on nothing but what was going to happen to her when she arrived home. One
teacher made an example of her in front of the whole class for daydreaming,
which made her classmates laugh and giggle at her, but Emily hardly noticed the
humiliation. She was to suffer much worse after diner tonight and she couldn't
tell anyone about it. Not even her closest friends, although none were so close
that they shared secrets, especially like the ones she shared with her Papa.
She hurried home straight after school, not because she was looking
forward to what was to come, far from it, but her Papa did say to complete her
assignments as quickly as she could so she wanted to give herself as much time as
possible. She also wanted to make sure he was satisfied she hadn't dawdled home
from school today. That might have brought on more punishment than he had
already planned.
Her Papa was in his study with the door closed so she went straight to her
room and began studying. It was so difficult not to stop and think about later but
soon the work overcame that and she finished in faster time than usual. She was
quite surprised when she realised she still had forty-five minutes to dinner and
took considerable time in getting ready just as her Papa wanted. She even re-
ironed her tunic and school bra and pants. She smiled when she held her pants up.
They were nothing like the panties she wore for him last night. He wouldn't be
able to see through these and their thickness should take some of the hurt away,
she told herself.
She took particular care with her ablutions, washing and re-washing all
her girl parts, not that Papa was going to see them tonight but at least she knew
that she was presenting herself spotlessly clean and fresh. She decided to wear
just the faintest perfume, a little dab between her breasts and on her sparse pussy
She had washed and dried her hair and put it up in two ponytails with
white ribbons, the only colour allowed to be worn by the girls in her school. It
was the first time she had done her hair like this and was sure her Papa would like
it. She wore knee high white stockings the kind she hated to wear to school but
they were better than pantyhose that Papa hated and she polished her black shoes
until they shone like never before. When she had done up the last button on the
frock she looked at herself in the mirror and felt very proud of her efforts. Even if
Papa was going to spank her, she should at least make every effort to please him.
Emily had never been punished in her life before, not even a grounding or
a lecture for wrongdoing so she had no real idea of what to expect. On the other
hand, Theo knew exactly what he planned to do and his cock had been hard all
day in anticipation. It took great willpower to overcome the urge to stroke
himself. He had fantasized about this moment the whole of his life and couldn't
believe his chance had finally arrived.

Chapter Seven
Her Papa never referred to what was to come during dinner. He asked
about her day and whether she felt tired, to which she replied she wasn't and they
talked of things in general. No hint of a spanking. He had prepared one of her
favourite meals and she was sure it was his way of saying sorry for what was to
come but she never asked. It didn't seem the thing to do. Dinner seemed to go so
slow, she thought. Not that she was anxious for the spanking to begin but
everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. She had difficulty listening to
her father when he spoke, almost as though she were hypnotized and it was all a
But after deserts were finished, Papa rose to begin cleaning up and Emily
knew her time had begun. Without a word or even a glance in his direction, she
walked to the corner, placed her feet just slightly apart and put her hands on her
head. At first she felt silly standing there like that but countered the feeling by
telling herself that this was what Papa wanted and so she was happy to do as she
was told.
She heard him finish the dishes some time ago and then he had walked to
his study. Since then all was silent. How long had it been? Was she meant to
follow him? No he said she wasn't to move until he said she could. Oh, how long
had it been, standing here? Her arms were getting dreadfully tired, aching and
weighing a ton and she didn't know how long she could last this way. Her legs
were aching too and she remembered she was told to stand completely still. But
he never said she couldn't stretch them and this was a way to ease the strain. So
every few moments she bent her knees and then when she straightened up, she
stretched them as far as she could. Oh, it was such a relief.
This was done in complete silence for she listened before each manoeuver
to be sure he wasn't coming. She began to do the same with her arms. Not lifting
them off her head but swinging her elbows up and down like a bird in flight. It
didn't take the entire ache away but it did help.
By now it seemed as though he had completely forgotten her standing here
like this. How long had it been? Hours at least, she thought and tears formed in
the corners of her eyes. What if he doesn't come at all? What if he forgot what he
said this morning? No, she was sure he hadn't otherwise he would have asked her
what she was doing. Oh, how sore and aching her poor body was. Should she call
out? No, not that. What if…? Then she heard footsteps and she braced herself for
the inevitable.
"Remain still and silent, Emily," he told her firmly. "Now listen. I want
you to walk into my study just as you are, and stand in the middle of the room. Do
it now."
She turned to take her first step but her legs were so painful she almost
fell over. He caught her arm just in time and then patted her bottom, motioning
her to start moving. The first few steps were agony but that soon eased. The study
was dimmer than usual and she needed some time to adjust but little else had
"I'm not apologising to you, Emily, but I realise I had left you standing for
too long. I'll remember that, next time. You can lower your arms to your sides.
Rub them if you wish."
Oh, the bliss, the relief at being able to move again. She wriggled them for
a few seconds and returned to stand with her arms at her sides waiting.
He was sitting in a leather chair immediately in front of her. "Do you see
what is on my desk, Emily?" It was strange he was calling her by her full name
again. Was this his way of being forceful?
She looked around and gasped with shock. The room may have been dim
but a desk lamp clearly lit up what he was talking about. There was a strap, a
leather strap, half curled in a circle, the rest unfolded. It was shiny and looked
very strong. Beside it was some sort of wooden bat, perhaps three inches wide, a
quarter of an inch thick and a foot long. A handle was shaped at one end and
several holes about an inch in diameter ran down the centre. It too was well-oiled
and shiny and very smooth. Next she saw what frightened her the most. A riding
crop. A real crop that riders hit horses with to make them go faster. Black and
long with a loop of leather right on the end, exactly like the kind jockeys use in
horse races.
"Papa, you aren't… You won't use… Oh, they'll kill me, Papa," she cried
out in fright. "You wouldn't use these to spank me, would you? I didn't know you
would have anything like this."
"But it is my decision, child. You will abide by what I choose, isn't that
"Yes, Papa," she agreed after a moment's hesitation.
"If it will ease your mind, I do not intend to use any of these implements
tonight, Emily. But you will feel them all, in time, and submit yourself dutifully. I
know you will," he said with satisfaction. "Tonight I will indulge my fantasies of
reddening those two beautiful orbs with my hand. It will hurt nevertheless, maybe
not as much as the humiliation I hope you experience, but it will be something
you will remember. It will be your very first spanking, Emily. Oh, how I've
looked forward to this night."
"Papa, please don't hurt me," she whimpered, knowing full well she had
no say in what was to come. This was her Papa's will and she would obey him.
"Oh, I indeed hope I do, my dear. I want to see tears falling down your
face and I want to hear you begging me to be merciful. I want to hear you scream
with the pain you will feel. I want to hear you plead for mercy. That is what I
dream of, Emily, that will give me the greatest pleasure, great satisfaction, so
much so that afterwards I may not even need you to relieve my sexual needs."
"Your sexual…? Oh, Am I to be raped as well, Papa?" Tears were already
forming at the thought of this dreadful news.
"Anything between you and me, my dear, will definitely not be rape for
you have already agreed that my wishes will be obeyed, in everything.
"But I am still a virgin, Papa. Surely you…? Oh," she whimpered at the
very clear picture he had placed in her mind.
"I suspect that half the girls in your class have already lost their virginity
by now. It isn't that special. What is special is who you decide to offer it to and
how that person takes it from you. That is what will remain in your memory for
the rest of your life. That is what I wish you to remember as highlights of your
young life, not bad memories but times of great delight. It will not be rape, Emily
but a giving of two people who adore each other. I have already promised you it
will be your lover who you give your maidenhead to, remember? Have I confused
you more than ever?"
"Yes, I don't understand, Papa. You are going to spank me so hard I will
cry out in pain yet you want me to give you sex. Oh, I just don't understand at
all." Tears were now streaming down her face and she sniffed from time to time
to stop her nose from running.
"All will become clear in time, my poor darling. I think it's about time we
began, don't you?"
She looked down at him with fear and trepidation. The time she dreaded
was here.
"Right now, I want you to remove your panties, Emily. Just slip them off
and hand them to me."
"My panties? You mean… Now? In front of you?" Her eyes were wide
with surprise.
"And I want you to look into my eyes all the time you are doing it."
She blushed deeply now, not from having to do what she was asked but
the way she had to do it. Her eyes never left her Papa's face as she lifted her skirt
and caught her thumbs in the top of her pants. Then she pushed then down until
she could step out of them.
Theo was ecstatic. This was one of the moments he dreamed of, having a
young girl bare herself like this without any threat of force yet so embarrassed to
do it. As she handed the warm garment to him he felt his cock rise upwards and
knew she would see the bulge but it mattered not. He had his little sex slave and
she was obeying his wishes.
He pressed the cotton pants to his face and breathed her scents in, the
sweetness of her perfume and the muskyness of her secretions. Oh the joy he felt.
More joy than any masturbation, far more than anything he had done with his
wife. This sweet girl had given herself up completely to his will.
"You know what this means, Emily, don't you?"
"Uhm, I… I've got no pants on now, Papa?" She asked, not understanding
his meaning and then the reality dawned. "Oh, you're going to spank my bare
bottom. Oh, no,' she cried out in anguish, never thinking it would be like this.
"Is that what you think? I would spank your bare bottom? No, I am not
that cruel, my dear, at least not tonight. But there is a spanking suit I wish you to
wear. Go to my bedroom and slip on the clothes I have left on my bed for you.
Make sure you look closely at yourself in the mirror that the garments are on quite
straight, then lay on the middle of the bed on your tummy and close your eyes.
Until I tell you, you must not open your eyes even for a moment. Make your
"My promise?"
"That you will obey."
"Oh, I see. Yes, I promise I will do everything you say, Papa."
"Then go, you bare-bottomed naughty girl." He was smiling when she
glanced up into his face as she turned to go.

She had rarely been into his bedroom since Aunt Sophia died and it
seemed strange as she walked all alone into the silent room. She glanced around
then walked to his bed. For a moment she was sure he had forgotten to leave her
punishment suit, as he called it, for all she saw were a heap of ribbons on one
corner of the bed. She lifted the pillow to find nothing and then looked again at
the ribbons. It made her gasp with shock for these ribbons were indeed what he
wanted her to 'wear'. She held them up and stared in disbelief. Papa wasn't going
to spank her bare bottom after all for she would be wearing panties. Oh, but what
They were smooth like silk but almost no more than ribbons. The panties
consisted of a triangular patch not much bigger than a golf ball that would
actually cover her pussy lips and that's all, with a thin strap that went around her
waist and another between her legs with this patch attached in the appropriate
place and attached to the string around her waist. Emmy sat on the bed and held it
up. Yes it was a pair of panties but the most obscene thing she'd ever seen in her
life and she was about to wear it in front of her Papa.
And there was more ribbons. It took her a while to work out what the
remainder was for but after turning the strange article around several times she
decided it most definitely was a bra, nothing more than shoestring straps, like the
panties, with two triangular patches just like the panties to cover her bosoms.
Each patch would cover her nipples but certainly not more of her breasts. There
would be no uplift with this bra. She now understood what Papa had meant when
he said she was to look at herself closely in the mirror for the adjustments to get
these garments covering the right places was going to be quite difficult.
She removed all her clothes and folded them neatly on a chair, her bra
hidden under the school dress as a point of modesty, and then tried to fit the bra
first. It seemed as though nothing was going to fit for the strings just slipped
everywhere so that when she had one nipple covered, the other was quite naked
still, the other patch several inches away from the nipple it should have covered.
It was like a jigsaw puzzle, moving strings and patches until finally she had
everything in place. Oh, she gasped silently, for the so-called garment was
obscene, the whole of her breasts uncovered except for the small triangles over
each nipple. When she walked the patches jiggled and she was sure her nipples
would pop out of the flimsy covering. She tied the strings tighter but all that did
was squash her breasts and leave indentations under the patches. There was
nothing more to do but accept her near nudity and fastened the panties together.
At least they covered her slit perfectly but that was all it did cover. Even the thin
string that ran up her bottom crease was almost invisible. She looked at herself in
the mirror and blushed at the thought her Papa would see her like this. At least the
garments as such were still in place and the appropriate bits covered. But it was
definitely something she could not be seen in by anyone else. Just like her shortie
pajamas last night. Oh dear, this spanking is going to be dreadful, she decided as
she lay on the bed on her tummy. She closed her eyes and tried to relax but that
wasn't easy to put into practice.
She couldn't tell how long she waited but found herself drifting off to
sleep several times. It became so relaxing; the bed was soft and the nervous
energy she had used up throughout the day thinking about this very moment all
helped to make her so drowsy. She was woken up feeling hands stroking softly
over her bottom which almost made her sit up but at the very last split second she
remembered and kept her eyes closed.
"Oh, yes, it's so beautiful," he kept whispering as he stroked her all over,
his hands sliding over every inch of her back, bottom and legs. "Oh, my little
Emily, you are so beautiful and you're all mine, my lovely, lovely one, my own
princess. I know you're embarrassed, my pet, even your back is blushing but that
is what makes you so endearing to me. I love touching you like this knowing it
makes you embarrassed, for that makes me so happy. Oh, never stop being
embarrassed, Emmy. Blush at everything I make you do, I want you to do that.
Feel embarrassed and yet remain obedient."
She felt him kneel up on the bed and then he was at her side, laying along
her body, kissing her shoulder, whispering endearments in her ear, stroking her
skin and making her tingle all over. She shivered involuntarily and sighed. How
wonderful Papa made her feel, she sighed, keeping her eyes closed. Then
something triggered her thought process, something not quite right. What was it?
She calmed herself and thought again. He… He's naked, she told herself with
shock and then fear.
An arm brushed over her shoulder and he shifted his body closer against
her. He held her tighter and she felt him begin to move. He was rubbing himself
against her. Oh, goodness Papa was rubbing himself, his cock, against her thigh
and he was whispering dirty things in her ear.
"Feel my cock, little one. Your body is making my cock happy. Papa is
fucking your leg, little girl. Lay still and feel Papa fucking your leg. He will put it
in other places on other days. Are you obedient, Emily? Are you compliant? Nod
your head if you are."
She nodded slightly, pressing her face into the pillow. She didn't want to
even be tempted to look at what he was doing. He wasn't fucking her, she told
herself. He would have to push his thing inside her pussy to do that. He's just
sliding it against her leg. That's not fucking. It's not.
He shuddered. She felt him shudder and groan loudly, thrusting his loins
faster against her, then the pumping. She could actually feel his cock erupting.
She knew what men did, her sex classes taught her that. She knew about men's
climaxes and was sure her Papa had just one against her leg. Did he leave white
stuff? His sperm? How could she know? She pressed her face deeper into the
pillow, laying so she faced away from her Papa so she could breathe but she
didn't want to open her eyes. That would be terrible.
His body went limp and he became silent. He wasn't holding her against
him now even though his arm was still across her back, but he was just lying
there, breathing steadily. The great gushes of breath she heard just before he
shuddered had ceased and he was breathing calmly. He finally moved away from
her and then she could feel the coolness on her thigh. He had wet her. What
should she do? No, she must remain still. He will tell her what he wants. Oh, he
wet my leg with his...
"Stay just as you are, Emmy," he whispered as he finally moved off the
bed. She heard him pad across the room and go into his bathroom only to return a
short while later. He washed her, where he had wet her, with a warm washer then
a towel. She felt the softness and then he left again. She could hear the sound of
clothes rustling, a breeze of air across her nakedness and then his voice, forceful
and dominant.
"Over my knee, Emily. All girls deserve a sound spanking from time to
time just to remind them of what happens when they are naughty. Over my knee
and place your hands on the floor. You must not try to cover your bottom ever.
You may cry out as loudly as you want but don't you dare try and move away or
cover yourself. Understand?"
She lifted her face, her eyes still closed. What did he want of her? To see
where she was to go or to feel her way?
"You may open your eyes, child. Come."
He was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, wearing his smoking
jacket again, most of his thigh was bare but at least the jacket covered his
"Yes, Papa, but please don't hurt me too much," she whimpered knowing
it wouldn't do any good. She lowered her almost naked body over his knees,
feeling one of her nipples pop out of the little cover. She couldn't feel his penis
and expected it had deflated from his climax. Then in silence she felt the
punishment begin.
The first spank hurt so much she couldn't utter a sound, it was choked off
in her throat. She heard the crack of his hand against her tender flesh and her
body jerked but her voice was cut off completely. The second followed
immediately on the other side of her bottom and pushed all the breath from her
lungs. The gasp of drawing air back in caused her to snort then let out a curdling
scream of pain just as the third stroke landed. Oh, it hurt so much her mind
couldn't cope. She had never been spanked in her life before and the realisation
of what it would be like finally dawned. She pleaded for mercy just as he had
wanted but she wasn't aware of that. All she wanted was for the torture to cease.
Her legs kicked up and down, giving Theo a birds-eye view of his ultimate
goal when her panties slipped baring her whole nest of secrets, the sparsely-haired
vulva that glistened in the low light, candy pink and pulsating with each smack he
landed. He had to hold her on his knees with one arm while the other landed
spank after spank on her reddening butt, as fast as he physically could. Oh, how
her screams aroused his desires, and she was actually pleading for mercy,
between the high-pitched screams of pain he was proud to be imposing. His cock
grew rock hard and at the moment, weathered the grinding of her hips against it.
"Papa, please no more. It hurts too much. You're killing me, Papa," she
was screaming, desperate for the pain to stop. "Please, Papa, I'll be a good girl.
I'll do everything you tell me. I'll be very good, I promise… Arrghh," she
screamed as the next blow landed right on the crease between her two crimson
globes. Her Papa never replied once, just maintained the barrage of spanks over
her tortured rear. She wasn't aware of the tears that fell from her face, for the only
part of her body that she took any notice of was that small patch of flesh that her
own dear Papa was pounding unmercifully.
Then she heard the words she had pleaded so much for, "Enough," and the
hand stopped. Was he finished? For a moment he didn't move and her battered
body sagged over each side of his knees. Her continuous sobbing was the only
sound in the room as she abandoned herself to the self-pity that was so natural for
someone who had experienced such a beating for the first time in her life.
Surely her Papa didn't love her. How could he do so and yet beat her so
harshly? How could he take pleasure from doing that, to her especially?
Then she felt his hands roaming over the beaten bottom, pressing firmly,
forcing the hurt to the surface making her buck again from the great pain. "No,
Papa, it hurts too much," she gasped out between great sobs of anguish.
"Pleeeease, no more."
He finally relented and she felt the burn ease immediately and then
coldness descended over her bottom. Papa was smoothing something over the
tortured surface that felt the most wonderful sensation of her life. It was cold and
soothing, a repair to all the hurt.
"Can you stand, Emmy?"
Oh, he called her, Emmy. The punishment's over. He does love me. It
brought joy to her as she gingerly tested her legs on the floor. With his help she
stood up and he stood and held her in his arms.
"You have made my cock very hard again, Emmy, can you feel it?" He
was thrusting his groin against her hip and she could indeed feel it.
He held her arm to steady her as he sat and gazed at her, taking in the
perfection of this fourteen year old body in it's almost nudity. The nipple was still
uncovered and Emmy tried to self-consciously reposition the little patch but
couldn't. She was still crying silently, from the pain she had endured, the
humiliation of being spanked by the one person she loved most dearly and from
the knowledge he was looking on her nudity in more than a parental way.
"What, Papa," she asked softly, hunching her shoulders together and
sniffing to stop her nose running.
"Do you have something to say, young lady?"
"Say…? What, Papa?" she sniffled.
"When a naughty girl is punished I expect her to thank me for pointing out
the error of her ways."
"You mean I have to say thank you?" she asked, her eyes wide in
"Not unless you want another dose right away."
"Oh," she sighed in resignation and fell to her knees. "Thank you for
spanking me, Papa. I'm sorry this naughty girl has made you unhappy." She didn't
know why she said that. It just wasn't right that she should be apologising for
something she hadn't done. He had punished her for no offense at all, just for his
own pleasure. And here she was thanking him. She hoped it made him feel more
disposed to her and remained standing still, her eyes downcast, a slight contrite
pout on her lips.
He pulled her to him and put his arms around her, kissing her cheek. "You
look beautiful when you look like this, little one. I'm very proud of you. I can see
spankings do make you a good girl again." He held her for some time, kissing her
face and neck. It was nice and she simply allowed him to continue.
"I have some more rules, Emmy."
"Yes, Papa?"
"Number one, you will not wear any night clothes when you go to bed
from now on. Unless I tell you differently."
"Yes, Papa. I understand," she agreed without any shock. She had
wondered during the last few days, if he would ever make her walk around the
house with nothing on and after finding herself dressed like she was now, in the
skimpiest of bra and panties, well, ribbons really, this rule didn't surprise her at
"Secondly, you will leave your bedroom door wide open at all times. And
also the bathroom door whenever you are using it. You are to have no privacy
whatsoever and will never try to cover yourself up in any way when you are
unclothed and I wish to look in on you."
"Oh, Papa," she gasped. "Oh…"
"I suggest you make a list of the rules on your computer, Emmy, and study
them regularly. Wouldn't want to have to punish you because you'd forgotten one
of them, would I?"
"No, Papa. Yes, I'll do that."
"Good girl. Then you can take yourself off to bed. I think you'll sleep well
"Thank you, Papa," she responded, hugging her arms around his neck and
kissing him goodnight. Her near nudity felt so embarrassing and yet in a funny
way, exciting too. She walked quickly from his bedroom to her own and,
removing the few strings she wore, crawled under her blankets.
Oh, she gasped. I haven't asked for permission to go to the bathroom. It
will take me ages to put these things back on. What do I do? She asked herself.
She certainly needed to pee, had done for the last hour or so and it was getting
desperate. Oh, dear," she whispered to herself and slipped out of bed and walked
to his bedroom door which was now close. She knocked gently.
"Papa, may I go to the toilet, please. I have to pee desperately."
"Come in, Emmy?"
"No, it's alright, I just need to go. May I, please."
The door flew open and he stood looking at her, still wearing his smoking
jacket. "What a pleasant surprise, young lady. You look lovely," he mused. She
felt distinctly uncomfortable but only willpower stopped her from crossing her
arms in front of her and hiding her pussy with her hands.
"So you need to do wee wees, is that right?" When she nodded he added,
"I should come and watch to see you're telling the truth but I think I'll trust you
this time. Yes, off you go and wee into the toilet for Papa."
She sighed with relief as she discharged her full bladder.

Chapter Eight
After Emmy had left for school the next morning Theo made a telephone
call to the school.
"May I speak to Miss Reymond please."
After a long wait a voice answered. "Ah Miss Reymond, this is Sir
Theodore Asquith, Emily Kemp's guardian. Yes, fine thanks. Miss Reymond, I'm
ringing about Emily. There are some matters I would like to discuss with you…
Yes, I understand you are not her class teacher but from what Emmy tells me, you
are the one teacher who has the ability to teach her properly."
He listened to her reply and then went on. "I have a proposition to put to
you, Miss Reymond, that I'm sure would be to our mutual benefit. May I meet
you to discuss the matter? Perhaps over lunch today?" A pause for her reply and
then, "I understand that, Miss Reymond, but it would be much better to meet
away from the school. I do not want Emmy to see me talking to you until we, you
and I that is, decide to proceed with what I have in mind."
He listened to her for several seconds then interrupted her. "I understand
your reluctance, Miss Reymond. Meeting a man you've never met before is not a
wise choice sometimes, especially for a young woman like yourself, but I suspect
you have heard of me and have seen my photo in the papers from time to time.
What I propose is to meet in Reggione's Restaurant at 12.30 today; it's Italian. I'll
arrive early and you can see for yourself before you proceed any further." A
pause. "Yes, I will take a table facing the door, I promise. Good, then until 12.30,
good day, Miss Reymond."
He breathed a sigh of relief as he rang off, relief and satisfaction because
he could almost read the enthusiasm in her voice. Yes, she has her sights on my
little Emmy, no doubt about it, he told himself. Right now, she's expecting me to
offer her a private tutor role to get Emmy through her subjects and that would
give her every opportunity to get her clutches on the girl's pussy. Yes, she's
already playing with at least two of them and my hunch is about to be proven. He
smiled when he thought of the shock his proposal would produce, or maybe the
pleasure. Either way, he was sure of her collaboration.

"Sir Theodore?"
"Indeed I am, Miss Reymond. Do sit down please. I have taken the liberty
of ordering already. I hope you don't mind but it does save time. What will you
She smiled slightly at his thoroughly British manner and chose a mineral
"It was good of you to come."
"That's alright, Sir Theodore. Your phone call intrigued me so much I
couldn't refuse your invitation for all the world."
"Good. Good," he repeated with a smile, looking into her deep brown
eyes. She was a fine specimen of womanhood. About twenty-five, he suspected
and quite a figure. If only… "Then we must get down to the business at hand. As
you know, Emily is my ward; has been since she was about five years old when
her parents died. My wife and I cared for her as our own daughter but since
Sophia died three years ago, I have found it most difficult to guide a young girl
reaching puberty. You understand, I'm sure."
"Are you asking me to become her nanny, Sir Theodore?" She asked with
a raised eyebrow.
"In a way but not as I suspect you are anticipating. Please, Miss Reymond,
hear me out, then you can ask any questions you wish and perhaps make a
decision. Emily and I have grown quite close, to the extent where I have taught
her the principles of obedience and compliance. Because of her closeness to me,
she will do whatever I demand of her, which should satisfy me no end. But I feel
there is still something lacking. She lacks a quality that I am unable to instill into
her psyche, a quality that, I believe only someone with certain talents can teach
her, drill into her make-up, that will transform her into the perfect, shall we say
companion. I believe it would have to be a teacher of special and particular
qualities, a strength to overcome any objections she may have to accept these
requirements and yet one who could take personal delight in seeing a youngster
transformed the way I am seeking."
"I don't think I…"
"Please don't interrupt, Miss Reymond. Be patient. As I have said, she has
already accepted the concept of absolute obedience and complicity with every
demand I make of her, including those of a personal nature."
"A personal nat…" She was again cut off when he held his hand up for
silence and continued.
"But the part that I most desire to see is to see her carry out certain tasks
with a high degree of genuine embarrassment and humiliation. She is so accepting
of my demands that they are carried out with a smile, in happiness. I want to see
her obey with a sense of shame and helplessness, a master and humiliated servant
role as it were. I know I am taking considerable risk in putting this proposition to
you, Miss Reymond, and I suspect, you must be thinking the same in deciding
whether to accept but I pride myself on knowing a person's strengths and I
believe you have all the qualifications. I am asking you to assist me to provide
domination and sexual humiliation over my daughter, Miss Reymond, the
outcome of which will mean great personal satisfaction both for you and myself
in ways I'm sure, we will explore with much interest."
He sat and watched her face closely looking for any sign of shock or
disgust and added quickly, "Before you speak let me say this. I would expect the
sessions be carried out in my house and in my presence for as long as we decide
her lessons are necessary. Afterwards, I imagine you may wish to have her visit
you on her own for certain on-going training as you see fit. Or you may decide to
continue her training under my roof. Matters like that, I'm sure, can be worked
out as we proceed." He stopped for several seconds waiting for some reaction but
when she didn't make any move to leave he added, "Well, what do you think?"
He had expected some kind of reaction, either shock horror and disgust, or
anticipation and even excitement but her face remain unmoved.
She looked back into his eyes for a long time, several minutes possibly,
looking for the same reactions from him. Her heart was beating so fast she
thought she would faint for her excitement was extreme but she daren't let him
know that, not just yet. There was so much she had to consider.
"Sir Theodore, almost any school teacher who received a proposition such
as this would report it immediately to the authorities and yet you brazenly put it to
me without any great subtlety whatsoever. I can understand the difficulties you
face in bringing up a school child as young as Emily but what you ask is far
removed from a young girl's standard learning. I have much to consider before I
decide how I should act next."
"I hardly expected anything less, Miss Reymond. You will telephone me?
Hmmm?" He handed her his business card which she took as she stood up.
"Good day, Sir Theodore," she said curtly.
He sat for many minutes trying to decide whether he had just given
himself a giant headache or not. At least she didn't spit on him or call him the
names she could have. In the end he decided that having not threatened to report
his proposition immediately, she wouldn't report it ever. He smiled at last
realising neither had touched a mouthful of the food lay out before them.

Judith Reymond went straight home after school that afternoon, her heart
still beating faster than usual from the proposition Emily's Guardian had put to
her. She had much to think about.
She poured herself a double scotch, something she rarely did for it always
blunted her mind but she desperately needed to calm herself before she began sift
through all of the pitfalls this delicious proposal offered to her.
It was illegal, no doubt about that and she first had to consider why
someone would choose her to be part of a plan that on the surface sounded a
million times better than winning the State lottery. Why would someone, a
wealthy upstanding figure in the community propose she take part in something
so indecent and especially with his own ward? She was almost like a daughter to
him in fact she thought Emily was until he corrected the assumption today. She
was sure the school thought of them as father and daughter.
Was there an ulterior motive or was he serious? He certainly looked as
though he meant it. A trap? Why should she be set up in any way? No one has
ever shown any animosity towards me. Had the girl any grudge against her? She
was one of the three, that's for sure, but the only one of those three whom she
hadn't taken to the final step of outright abuse. She smiled as she thought of the
other two girls. But Emily? She was sure that Emily enjoyed their intimate
discussions. The girl was the shyest of the three and because she hadn't had the
benefit of having a mother figure to discuss personal things with, she almost saw
me as a pseudo-mother. I'm sure she did.
Had one of the two girls told her parents about my special classes? They
are both still very reluctant and they always leave in humiliation, usually in tears.
She smiled again as she thought of her little sessions. Wonderful what you can
make thirteen year-olds do when you have the right evidence. She thought of each
girl, every little nuance of their last few sessions and she was sure neither had
spoken to their parents. They couldn't face their parents with the photos I have of
them. She was confident of having Emily twisted around her little finger in just a
few weeks more but Emily had no idea what the other two were expected to do
for me. She had watched them leave together several times and Emily always
looked as though she couldn't understand why her friends were so upset each
time they left.
There was no one else who had any argument with her at all, she was a
forceful teacher but none of the parent teacher interviews ever showed concern.
Most of the parents encouraged her to maintain the strictness over their sons and
daughters. She was just fortunate to discover the two girls in such a
compromising position that Saturday afternoon while she was strolling through
the woods. And very lucky she had her camera with her. They had no idea they
had been discovered until she produced the best of her photos several weeks later
after she had given each one a false sense of security by having the same private
discussions with each of them, just as she was having with Emily now.
Their reactions almost gave her an orgasm on the spot as they pleaded first
innocence and then promises never to do it again and finally promises of doing
anything as long as she wouldn't tell their parents. And they have been learning
what 'anything' means over these last few months. Thoughts of her special
lessons with the two since then nearly made her hand drop to her crotch until the
purpose of this evening surfaced strongly again.
She decided that it was a million-to-one chance either of the girls had told
their parents, especially now after all the better photos of their latest sessions
were building up into a wonderful portfolio of evidence against each one. Emily
had no reason to complain in any way about her conduct with the youngster. It
had been almost like mother and daughter and Sir Theodore had thanked her
profusely for her help in guiding the youngster with her talks. Emily must have
told Sir Theodore about their talks but simply as innocent conversations. Puberty
must be a scary thing to a young girl who had no mother to guide her and just an
older male guardian.
Did she fully understand Sir Theodore's intentions? Did he really mean
what she thought he meant? Was their generation gap the cause of a major
misunderstanding? He must be nearing 50 and she just 27, certainly a generation
apart. Were punishments of 35 years ago the same as she intended in this day and
age. Did he use the word 'humiliation' in the same context as she does with the
two girls?
Then there are the coincidences. Here she was having two thirteen-year-
olds under her complete power, humiliating them to the extreme in so many ways
and then the guardian of a third girl who she had been guiding towards the same
goal, just happens to pop up and ask for her assistance to dominate and encourage
sexual humiliation of this same girl for both his and my personal satisfaction.
That's what he said, my own and his personal satisfaction. Did he mean his
personal sexual satisfaction? Maybe it was just a need to have the girl brought
down to a slave-like level and he thought I would get satisfaction in achieving
that goal. She was known throughout the school as a demanding and authoritarian
teacher but one who achieved results for the kids she taught.
She smiled at that, the two girls returning to her thoughts. Oh, yes, she did
achieve results with those two, both during her special classes and afterwards
when there was just she alone with one of them. Oh, the humiliation on their
faces, the tears that ran down their puffy little cheeks when they were made to
carry out her bidding. She still couldn't tell whether she was more aroused when
they performed before their own peers, especially the boys, or whether it was
doing the things she demanded of them afterwards. But they were the most
stimulating things in her life right now. And now she was offered the chance of
adding another to her fold almost on a platter. Oh, damn, how could I be certain
this man was not playing her for a fool and she would be trapped into having her
activities disclosed to the world? It would be to the world and she shivered
involuntarily as she imagined the frenzy the world press would stir up if those
activities ever became public knowledge.
She had to talk to him again, she knew that, but what could she gain from
that meeting that would prove he did mean what he asked of her? Certainly a
more detailed explanation of exactly what he expected her to do. She would ask
him outright if his intentions were explicitly sexual towards the girl. In her mind
she could easily accept that a middle-aged man had sexual fantasies about a
young girl like Emily. If he did, how far had he proceeded towards actually doing
things to her already? Maybe he just spied on her through a hole in the wall and
got so randy he wants me to make her accept sexual contact. Is it just a guise to
get into bed with me and not the girl at all? It could be and she immediately
thought back to the last time she had been used by a man. It was a long time ago
and after that experience she had vowed no man would ever touch her body again.
Damn him if that's what he wants.
Being a man he probably just expects me to jump into his bed when he
clicks his fingers. He's old enough to be my father. Huh, my father? Heaven
forbid, I hope that bastard's already rotting in hell. Her thoughts drifted back…
back… to her childhood..

When Judith finally shook herself out of her reverie she looked at her
watch and gasped. 1.30 am. She had been sitting here since she returned from
work, nearly nine hours ago. She had consumed less than half of the scotch she
had poured and hadn't even thought of eating. Oh, those last hours recalling her
early years; the thoughts reverberated through her mind and made her physically
shudder. And yet she was no less guilty now, than her parents were then, she
realised. But surely the way she was treated as a youngster was the reason she was
on the path she was on now. Could she blame her mother? Damn right she could.
The evening had taken it's toll and she made her way to the bedroom. In
the morning she would telephone Sir Theodore and seek another meeting.

Chapter Nine
She didn't ring the next day or the one after that. On her way to school she
decided to let the old man stew for a while. It would put him on edge and that
might help in her next discussion.

Theo saw her walking towards him, at least fifteen minutes later than she
had suggested. His heart fluttered for he wasn't sure what her reaction was going
to be. He had been upset when she hadn't rung for two days after their first
meeting and it made him think she had in fact gone to the authorities. Had his
guess about treating Emily's two friends in some illegal way been wrong? Maybe.
He had asked Emily if anything untoward had happened at school over the
following two days but she said there hadn't been. "No police or anything like
"Police? Gosh no, Papa why do you ask that?"
"Oh, nothing. It must have been at another school. I thought I heard a
newscast about a break-in and I thought it was your school."
"I don't think so," she had answered. "I think the whole school would
have known if it was."
And then her phone call at last. Another meeting. In the park? Why?
Because she wanted privacy.
That put him on edge again. Had she gone to the police and she was
setting a trap for him. Was she wearing a microphone and had police somewhere
nearby with listening devices? How could he tell?
The local electronics shop sold him a small hand-held device that with the
click of a button would tell if there were any transmitters within ten feet of him. It
was usually used to check rooms before business meetings and the like. It was
cradled in his hand in his coat pocket. He had resolved a course of action and all
that was required was the lady herself.
"I wondered if you would still be waiting, Sir Theodore," she said with a
questioning smile.
"Are you playing games with me, Miss Reymond?"
"No, but I would be interested in discussing your proposition further."
"My Proposition? What do you mean?"
"What…?" she almost gasped, looking at him in surprise. At lease she's
showing some emotion this time, Theo thought to himself. "But you asked
"What are you talking about, Miss Reymond. I thought you asked me here
to discuss Emily's progress. Isn't that correct?" He lifted his hand from his pocket
and pressed the button. Nothing. No signal at all. If she had a microphone she
would be broadcasting right from the outset. He looked up at her face and smiled.
"Forgive me, Miss Reymond," he said almost happily. " But you see, I
wasn't sure what your reaction had been to my little proposal of a few days ago.
Especially when I didn't hear from you for several days. If you had gone to the
police, you may well have been broadcasting today's conversation to a bunch of
hidden officers and I just had to make sure. But I have this little gadget that tells
me otherwise. I thank you for that."
"Oh, I see," she said with a rueful smile. "My little gizmo tells me the
same thing about you," she said holding up an identical device in her hand. His
respect for the woman grew immensely and he returned her knowing smile.
"Touche, Miss Reymond. I'm impressed."
"Of course there's another possibility," she told him.
"Yes, I may be using a miniature tape recorder which wouldn't register on
these things. Now, I'm not offering myself to you, Sir Theodore but you may frisk
me if you wish and then I'll have the chance to do the same to you."
"Hmm, yes, well I must admit I didn't think of that but I will bow to you
and not insist on a closer inspection."
"Very gallant, Sir Theodore. And here was I thinking you might have done
all this just to get your hands on my body."
"Such an injustice, Miss Reymond," he countered, enjoying the by-play.
"Anyway, you asked me here to talk. I am at your service, madam."
She sat beside him on the park bench. "I didn't know how to respond to
your offer, your proposal, Sir Theodore. It was something I just never imagined
ever hearing so as I'm sure you realise, there are many doubts and questions. Like
why me? Why should you think I would be amenable to agreeing in any way to
what you asked me to do? I just don't understand that."
He looked straight at her for some seconds and fired his one and only
piece of ammunition. "I know about the other two girls, Miss Reymond."
The look on her face was an absolute giveaway.
"The…? The two girls? What do you mean?"
"I know you are doing things with the two young girls, Miss Reymond and
I'm suspecting it is something along the lines I have suggested be done to Emily.
Is my assumption correct?" He knew it was from the shock on her face.
"You… You know? How?" She asked in a whisper, doubt and almost
terror showing itself.
"Emily told me. At least she told me of her friends leaving your detention
class in most upset states but always refusing to discuss it with her. She still
doesn't know why they were always so upset but I do, Miss Reymond. girls don't
mind talking about a punishment, even a caning. In fact they're usually proud if it,
but when they simply refuse to say anything, even to their best friend, there's
something far more sinister, I suspect. So after much deliberation I decided to bite
the bullet, so to speak. I figure the worst I could face was verbal abuse from you
and if it should go beyond yourself, I'm sure my good standing could easily have
outranked any accusations you might make."
"You're a devious man, Sir Theodore."
"But a correct one, am I not?"
"I won't answer that. Not yet at least. But will you answer more of my
"I may. Ask away."
"Do you have a sexual association with Emily already, Sir Theodore?"
"She is still intact, a virgin, if that is what you are asking. As for sexual,
well there have been one or two occasions, mostly spankings and the like where I
have tried to find her tolerance for obedience. But I haven't actually forced her
into a sexual encounter as yet. I believe she hasn't even achieved an orgasm so far
in her life."
"Oh, my G… A virgin? A true virgin in every way," she repeated as
though in thought.
"Yes, that's correct." He was genuinely pleased with her reactions.
"And just to make sure I understand you completely, you want me to force
your daughter, uhm, your ward, Emily, into acts of a sexual nature with you, Sir
Theodore? I need you to be very specific, to know what I would be getting into if
I decided to accept."
"Also with you, Miss Reymond. I want to see her forced to allow you
access in any way you wish and in turn to do whatever you ask of her. All in a
way that teaches her to feel humiliated yet acquiescent."
He saw her gasp as her whole body become rigid so that only her bottom
and shoulder blades were touching the seat, her head lifted upwards, eyes closed
and little hissing noises shooting her teeth. Then she relaxed and her head fell
forwards with fast heavy breathing.
"Did I make you climax?" He asked incredulously.
She didn't answer, trying desperately to gain her decorum again.
"N… No, but I had to force myself not to," she finally admitted.
"So you do enjoy the humiliation of young girls?"
"Yes, damn you," she hissed again, not daring to look at him.
"Incredible," he said shaking his head. "No, not you, me. My assumptions
were right. I amaze myself."
"And me too, Sir Theodore," she sighed.
"Do you think we can dispense with formalities. You can call me simply
Theodore or Theo if you wish."
"I'm Judith, please call me that. I hate the abbreviation. Too much like the
sea-side kids shows."
"Well then, Judith, what do you say to my little proposal?"
"I have one more question," she said looking at him. "Is it your plan to
have sex with me as well as your daughter, Theo?"
His mouth opened as if to speak but all he did was draw in a heavy breath.
"I mean, if we are going to play naughty sex games with little Emily, there
will be times I'm sure where either you or I would be, well, unclothed as it were.
Quite often together, that way if I'm not mistaken. It's just that I haven't let a man
touch me for nearly ten years. I'm not sure I could…"
Theo felt his cock harden at the thought of touching her delicious body
and contemplated actions that would include intercourse as part of their games.
"Is that why it's only girls…? That brings you to the brink of orgasm, just
thinking about them?"
"Can you tell me why?"
"I've never told anyone… I don't think I could right now. But you want to,
don't you? Fuck me, I mean?"
"It's always been primarily to change Emily's ways, so that she begins to
act more like the many fantasies I have about young girls. You understand, I'm
sure. But I did wonder if we would enjoy times of shall we say, intimacy, as we
progressed with her subjugation. Please don't take offense but are you a
"A lesbian? No, I don't think so. I've never yearned to have sex with
another woman although the few times I have, it was enjoyable."
"But you do yearn for young girls?"
She studied his face for several moments and then simply nodded her
"Then we have something very much in common; a desperate urge to
satisfy our sexual needs with young girls, to dominate them and use their youth to
provide our sexual needs. Strange how two people who hardly know each other
can acknowledge that, don't you think?"
"I've never told a soul, just the girls and one or two close acquaintances
who have been privileged to be my guests with the girls at times."
"I see," he said, his eyes looking upwards as if in thought. "You don't
think those acquaintances would jeopardize what we are considering. I mean I
hadn't thought of bringing others into the circle."
"No, that wouldn't be necessary, although you might find the time will
come when you've done everything you can possibly think of to your charge.
Then you need something else to keep the stimulation going. That's what it was
like with me. I forced two youngsters to do the most obscene things for and to me
until there wasn't another thing I could do to humiliate them further. The first
time they were made to perform in the presence of firstly their own classmates,
boys of course, then an adult male, I had an orgasm just thinking about it. But
with Emily, that could be a long way down the track, Theo."
"You sound as if you've already decided to join forces, Judith. Am I
assuming too much?"
"How could I say no to such a proposal, Theo. Yes, I want to, desperately,
but I think there is something that should be cleared up before we go any further.
We may become partners but we know nothing about each other and I doubt
whether I'm ready to allow even you, my partner in crime, to have sex with me. I
think you should at least know why I feel as I do."
"I am good listener, Judith. It may even help just talking about whatever
caused you to feel this way. Do you feel up to telling me right now?"
"It's quite a long story, Theo. Maybe we should go to your house where
we can relax a little better than out here on a park bench. No funny business
though, Understand?"
"I promise I'll be the perfect gentleman, Judith."

Chapter Ten
Some 30 minutes later, Judith lay back in one of two comfortable
armchairs and Theo sat opposite allowing her to begin where she wished.
"I never thought I would tell this story to anyone. No one, absolutely no
one knows what I'm about to tell you and you will understand the risk I'm taking
in speaking to you now but it will let you understand my feelings, and that's why
I'm doing this. It's all so clear in my mind yet it began the day after I had my
eleventh birthday…"

The day after her eleventh birthday was not unlike any other until that
evening when she heard her mother call out, "Pixie, come on in here."
Her mother used that name only rarely, usually when she was about to get
a spanking for something she'd done.
Frightened but knowing she must go to her mother, she hurried in to the
sitting room. "What have I done, Mum?" She asked in a doubtful voice.
"You haven't done anything, Pixie, but your father and I think the time
has come when you should be taught things about growing up. You're getting to
be a big girl now, Pixie. Now I want you to go and take a long hot shower then
change into your nightie and come back as quickly as you can. Don't get your hair
wet, will you?"
"No Mum," she said turning to go.
"Oh, Pixie, you don't have your period, do you?"
"My…," she gasped, looking shocked at her father. "N… No, Mum," she
mumbled, feeling a blush spread over her face.
It was a relief to get out of the room. She had never once had something
so intimate discussed in front of her own father.

Visions of being told about sex in front of her father ran through her mind
as she showered but she dismissed them. Her mother would never do that to her.
She guessed that her father would go off to bed and leave the two females alone
and that eased her mind considerably. She put on a fresh nightdress and combed
her hair in front of the mirror. It was her favourite nightie, soft cotton with little
flowers all over. The night was warm so she didn't need anything else on anyway.

But her expectations were dashed when she found her father still seated in
his favourite chair, but it had been moved so it was directly in front of the sofa
where her mother sat.
"Come and sit here, Pixie, dear," her mother said patting the seat beside
her. She found herself facing her father just, their knees just inches apart.
"You look very pretty, Judy," her father said, smiling at her.
"Thank you, Daddy."
"Our little girl is growing up, isn't she?" Her mother beamed at her
"Oh, indeed, she is."
"Now firstly, dear, you know that anything that is said and done inside the
household is private between us, don't you?"
"What do you mean, Mum?"
"I mean that all the things we are going to teach you are just between us
and must be kept in the family. You must never tell anyone about what you will
learn, you know that, don't you?"
"You mean my friends? Why?"
"Because when sexual matters are discussed they are simply no one else's
business. Now I want you to promise us both that you will never tell anyone, no
matter who it is and you can't even hint to your friends about the things we teach
"Sex things? You mean…?"
"It is time you were taught what it means to be a woman in the big world
that's out there. You're eleven now and already have your periods so you're old
enough to get yourself pregnant if you're not careful."
"Pregnant? Mum, I've never…"
"I know you haven't, baby, but if you know what to expect from those
snotty nosed little boys you go to school with, you'll know how to make sure you
won't get pregnant. Isn't that so? Yes, of course it is and that's why we are going
to teach you absolutely everything about sex, baby. You'll probably know more
that even most of your teachers by the time we're finished."
"You mean Daddy will be staying here all the time, while you tell me?"
"Of course he will. How will you learn about men if he doesn't? So you
will give us your promise not to discuss it with anyone?"
"Yes, I suppose so, Mum."
"That's not good enough, my girl. I want you to say it plainly. That you
will not tell anyone ever, about the lessons we give you."
"Oh, Yes, I promise I won't tell anyone at all, Mum. Really, I won't."
"That's good, baby," she said smiling to encourage her blushing daughter.
She then spoke to her father. "I hear young Katherine Simpson has been taken
away from her parents."
"You mean Bill and Kate's kid? Why?"
"It was in the paper. Bill's been charged for touching his daughter and
looks as though he'll go to jail for a good few years. I don't know what Kate's
going to do. She'll never find a job at her age and once it's reported in the papers,
she'll be a social outcast. Her daughter's now in some state ward home. Heaven
knows what those bastards are doing to her now she's out of circulation. I've
heard they sell some of the girls to brothels across the border. Poor little kid."
"Why was she taken away, Mum," Judith asked, uncertain if she really
wanted to know.
"I'm told all she did was tell her teacher that her father was showing her
about sex things and all hell broke loose. No one listened to her and all they
wanted was to get the father behind bars. He never stood a chance and it simply
broke the family all apart."
"Maybe you shouldn't have told Judy about it, she looks scared."
"I didn't mean to frighten you, Pixie," her mother said sympathetically. "It
was just that when I explained why our lessons must be kept private, I
remembered about it. But you wouldn't want to see us split apart like that would
"Of course not, Mum. It sounds terrible. I wonder what the girl is doing
"No one's heard from her for several months. They won't even tell the
mother where she is, much less let her see her daughter."
"Gosh," Judith gasped.
"I don't think Judy would ever tell anyone," her father stated, looking
straight at his daughter with knowing eyes.
"Well, Daddy, what do you think of your little girl?" Judith's mother
asked as she held her tightly around the shoulder.
"Oh, I think she's very pretty."
"She's ever growing boobies, see," she said, pressing the nightdress firmly
against the young girl's chest to display the small bulges.
"Mum…," Judith gasped, trying to wriggle our of her grasp.
"Oh, hush, child. Your Daddy's got every right to see how his only
daughter has grown up. You feel, Daddy. See how her little boobies are growing."
He leaned over and reached his hand out.
"Don't," Judith squealed.
"Now don't be silly, Pixie. You don't want to get a spanking already do
you? You just sit still and let your Daddy feel how your boobies have grown."
She endured the intrusion in silence, feeling his hand stroke over the twin
mounds, gently squeezing her, molding a hand over each breast and looking
directly into her eyes as he did so. It was so embarrassing she had to close her
eyes and let out a loud sigh as he continued to feel her.
"Now you thank your Daddy for being so gentle with you, baby."
She glanced at her mother but there was no getting out of it. "Th…Thank
you, Daddy."
"Perhaps you'll feel better when you take your nightdress off later, Pixie,"
her mother said. "I guess the first time you feel your Daddy's hands on your little
breasts it is rather strange but when you feel how wonderful a man can make a
girl's breasts feel, you'll understand, won't she, Daddy?"
They both responded together.
"Take my nightie off? You mean…?"
"Yes, it's just the thought of doing something different that makes her
embarrassed but she'll learn there's nothing wrong with a daughter showing her
body to her parents."
"Of course not," her mother agreed. "Now what were you saying, Pixie?"
"You said I would be taking my nightie off…"
"By the end of your first lesson, I know you will want to thank your
parents by showing them you hold no secrets from them. Isn't that so? After all if
it wasn't for us, you wouldn't exist."
"Yes, but…Oh, I don't want to, Mum. Please…." The thought of
disrobing in their presence was beyond her imagination, and especially in front of
her own father. At least her mother had seen her naked many times, but Daddy…?
"We'll take it along slowly, baby, then it won't be such a shock. Just stop
fretting; it won't be a bad experience, I promise. Besides, if you can do something
like that, it won't be nearly as bad for your Daddy when I make him show you
what a man looks like."
"You mean he'll take his clothes off too? Oh, Mum, he can't."
"How are you going to learn if you don't get shown anything? Now you're
just being silly. I want you to tell yourself that anything that happens within our
family is quite O.K. Go on, tell yourself just that, Judy."
She blushed deeply at the humiliation she felt and simply bowed her head
and closed her eyes.
"Now, does that make you feel better?"
"I… I think so."
"Good, then let's move on. Lift your nightie and show Daddy how lovely
your legs have filled out, baby. Yes, all the way up, come on."
"Mummy, I don't want to. Please don't make me," she pleaded with tears
beginning to roll down her cheeks.
"Oh, don't be so difficult, Judy. If you aren't going to cooperate I'll put
you over my knee and then you'll still have to do it. Now what is it going to be?"
"But Daddy might see further up…" The youngster wailed.
"He's your father for goodness sakes. Now lift your nightie up or I'll give
your bottom a good tanning."
She knew it was hopeless and with dread in her heart, she slowly pulled
the cotton nightie up her legs then further upwards until the whole of her thighs
were bared to her parent's sight. She dared not look up, for to see her father
looking at places she had never uncovered like this before would be too much to
bear. At least her secret place was still covered by the scrunched up nightie and
she pressed it firmly against her lap.
"Open your legs, Pixie. Let your Daddy see just how lovely they look."
"Nooo…," she begged with anguish to no avail and she spread herself
wider so her knees were six inches apart but still pressed the nightie to herself.
"Well, Daddy? What do you think?"
"Oh, yes, mother, she's a real beauty alright. We'll have to watch the boys
from now on. She's real cock-hardening stuff is our Judy."
"Hear that, baby. That's a real compliment."
Judith didn't like his description one little bit. How could looking at her
legs make boys things get hard? She asked herself.
"Stand up in front of your father, little Pixie. It's time he felt your lovely
bottom. He hasn't had the pleasure of making it all red and tingly as I have so it's
his turn to feel how smooth you are. Come on, be quick about it."
Judith looked at her mother in horror. How could she be made to do such
things, for her own Daddy to be allowed to touch her like this? It just wasn't right,
but how could someone so young make them stop these terrible intrusions? Judith
knew very well she would have to obey no matter how much she hated it. She
stood and took the small step to move directly in front of her father.
"Now what's all the fuss about, Judy?" He asked as he reached out to pull
her closer and held one hand around her bottom.
"Nothing, Daddy," she replied in a voice that was almost a squeak. Then
with two hands he pulled her between his legs and she had difficulty in standing
upright, her toes pushed against the sofa and his pulling, put her off balance.
His hands did similar things to what he did to her little breastlets, stroking
and molding, squeezing and feeling. Fingertips ran up and down her crease and
she endured it all, tears still running down her face, red from the blushes of
"Feel her skin too, daddy," she heard her mother tell him, a strange
inflection in her voice.
Judith looked around at her mother, not sure she had heard correctly, but
when she felt his hands reach under her nightie and up the back of her legs, she
knew it was true. He was pushing his hands under her nightdress and upwards, up
her legs and thighs until he was now stroking her naked bottom.
"You feel very nice, Judy," he said, his lips close to her ear as he spoke.
His fingers intruded into her crease, pulling her cheeks apart and stroking her
most intimate places. She knew he was going to touch the very hole that she was
trying to clench so tightly. How could someone touch such a place, where she
poohed into the toilet? Yet his finger was insistent and she was sure the pressure
he was applying might even force it's way inside.
"No," she cried out in anguish. "You mustn't, Daddy. Not there."
"Hush, child. It is exactly what your boyfriends will try to do. It's best
that you know how it feels before you say no."
"But it's dirty. You can't want to touch me there. It isn't right," she cried
out and twisted away, breaking his grip on her bottom.
"Right, young lady, that's it. Here, over you go," her mother said harshly,
as she felt herself pulled away from her father's groping hands..
"No, Mummy, I'm sorry. I won't…" Then the first spank landed squarely
over her nightie-clad bottom and she screeched aloud from the shock.
"You will do as we say because it's for your own good," she was told as
spank after spank landed hard against her bouncing bottom. Judith shrieked then
howled then began to cry pleadingly as the burning grew unbearable.
"Mummy, it hurts so much. Please, I'll be a good girl," she whimpered
through her sobbing, frightened to push herself away from the punishment yet
desperate for it to stop.
As last it was over and she found her mother lecturing her but she couldn't
concentrate on that. Her mind was only concerned with the hurt deep inside her
bottom cheeks just then.
"Alright then, so you're going to behave yourself from now on?" She
heard her mother ask.
"Ye…Yes, Mummy, I promise," she gasped, still trying to rub the hurt
"I hope so because it will be the strap next time on your bare behind, I
promise you. Now you go back to your father. Lift the back of your nightie up
yourself and ask you daddy to feel how soft your bottom is. Go on, right away."
So her objections had made it all the worse. Now she had to offer herself
to him and even ask him to touch her private places. It was a nightmare with no
alternative. The way they were teaching her about sex, if that what this was all
about was worse than anything she could have imagined. So she stepped between
his legs and lifted her nightie as she was told, her face wet with tears and now red
from the humiliation of it all.
"You may touch me again, Daddy," she said in a whisper, bowing her face
so she didn't have to look at him.
It was awful. Her bottom was so sore and as his hands glided over the
tender skin she couldn't help but give little gasps as she stood on tip-toe, trying to
ease his touch as much as possible. She felt herself pulled even tighter against
him as he put the side of his face against her tummy and hummed gently to
himself, his hands continuing to stroke her bottom.
"Has she grown any fluff yet, Daddy?"
Judith couldn't believe what she heard he mother ask. Of course she had
hair on her pussy and she knew her mother had seen it, so the question was just
another lead in to allow her father even more intrusion.
He moved his face away and she felt his hand move to her pussy. He was
actually running his fingertips over her pussy hairs.
"Oh, yes, Mother, not much but I can feel it. Very soft. Oh, very nice,
She tried to pull away from the humiliation but his other hand, still around
her bottom, held her firmly and she couldn't move.
"I thought she would have. After all she does have her periods now." Oh,
isn't anything sacred? Judith thought then she heard her mother continue.
"I think it's time to show Daddy everything, Pixie. Just slip your nightie
over your head, baby."
"Mummy, please, do I have to?" the youngster pleaded. She knew it
wouldn't do any good but she just couldn't stop herself asking.
"I won't ask you again, Pixie. The strap is waiting and it will be in the
nude anyway so what do you want? Wouldn't you prefer a little dent to your pride
that will soon go away or twenty strokes of the strap and then a little dent to your
pride? Hmm?"
Silent tears flowed as she lifted the last vestige of modesty and felt the
cool air on her skin. Her head was bowed, tears were running down her cheeks
and falling onto the floor and on her father's trousers and she sobbed in silence,
unable to regain her composure. Here she was standing between her father's
knees, totally naked while he laid back against the sofa and looked at her in
"Oh, my God, you're beautiful, Judy."
That did nothing for the young girl, her body shaking with uncontrollable
Her mother came and sat beside her father and she took her hand. "It's
alright to cry, Pixie. I understand how you feel. The first time is always the worst
but there's nothing to be ashamed about. We're your parents, baby. Come on, dry
your eyes and try to calm down. Here," she said handing some tissues to her.
Judith wiped her eyes several times and blew her nose into the wetness
and finally calmed herself down. She felt terrible, seeing her father still looking
on her nakedness, unable to object or stop him while her mother sat and smiled
with satisfaction.
"See, it gets easier, doesn't it? It's not so bad letting your Daddy look at
you as you thought, is it? Feeling better now?"
"Ye… Yes, Mummy, I think so," she whispered, still sniffing and wiping
her eyes almost constantly.
"Didn't I tell you so? Now, Pixie, I want you to sit on your Daddy's knee
and give him a big kiss."
"Now? You mean now?"
"Right now. Tell him you love him and you don't mind him looking at
you. Go on."
At least she could at last sit down for her legs, the whole of her body
actually, was aching. So she did as she was told and immediately felt a hard lump
right where she was about to sit. She jumped up and looked down, feeling her
face flushing as she realised what had caused it.
"Men do that all the time, baby. Especially when they think sexy things.
You'll get used to it," her mother said matter-of-factly. "Tuck yourself away,
Daddy," she added and Judith blushed all the more as she watched her father
adjusting himself. Then he held his arms out for Judith to sit down.
She tentatively sat and found the lump had vanished. "Bit of a shock, was
it, baby?"
"I… I didn't know what it was," she admitted.
"Don't worry, baby," her mother said comfortingly, "when your lessons
are finished you will know everything there is to know about your daddy. It's
understandable that young girls don't know about men and sex, that's why we
knew it was time you were taught. Now give daddy a lovely warm kiss and tell
him you like him looking at your body."
She looked at her mother, her eyes begging to be let off but it wasn't to be.
So she turned to her father and reached her face towards his. He didn't move and
she had to shuffle herself up until she could reach then kissed him with closed
"Thank you for looking at me, Daddy"
"You can do better than that, baby. Now put your arms around his neck
and kiss him like you meant it. Open your lips when you kiss. It means you want
to be as close to him as possible," her mother instructed.
It was embarrassing having to do everything while her father just laid back
and waited. He hadn't said a word of encouragement nor helped her in any way.
How was she to know what she should be doing?
So, hesitantly, she reached up and encircled his neck and pulled his face
down to hers. She had never heard of opening her lips when she kissed but
remembered some of the love scenes at the movies where she'd seen women
doing that and it had made her pussy quite wet. Would it make me wet down
there now? She wondered.
This time she found her father had opened his mouth too and the circle of
her lips pressed against his. His hand came up and held the back of her head
stopping her from pulling away after the momentary kiss she expected it to be.
Instead his lips began to take over and she felt them almost chewing her own,
saliva mingling and escaping from the edges. He kept the kiss going for what
seemed minutes to the youngster and she began to panic, wanting to breathe for
his actions had pushed all the air from her lungs. She breathed heavily through
her nose and heard moaning sounds within the room then realised they were
coming from her.
At last he allowed her to break away and she fell against him, gasping not
only from lack of breath but from something else. She didn't know what but her
father's kiss had made her feel suddenly weak. She thought she was going to
She glanced over at her mother who sat there, smiling a knowing smile.
"Now that was how kissing someone you love feels, baby. Your daddy has always
been a great kisser. He still takes my breath away when we kiss."
"She says that all the time, Judy. She loses her breath when we do other
things too, don't you, babe?"
"Now don't you be so rude, you naughty man. She'll learn all about those
things in good time. Take no notice of him, Pixie; it's just men's crudeness
coming out in him. Now, baby, you just relax and feel how nice it is to be
caressed by a man. The time will come when boyfriends want to do these things
to you all the time and you need to know just how wonderful it makes a girl feel."
How could she relax? For her own Daddy had begun to run his hands all
over her front, over her breasts again, her tummy and thighs and every so often his
fingers would tickle the hairs over her most secret place. No one had ever touched
her there, well, no one had ever tried to, but she would have definitely stopped
them if they had. Now her own Daddy was doing it and her mother was allowing
him to, in fact encouraging him to feel her all over.
"Do you touch yourself down here, Judy?" He asked softly as he twirled
his fingers through her pussy hairs.
She had been lulled almost to sleep by the softness of his fingers trailing
over her skin and his question was only half understood.
"You mean like when I have a shower, Daddy?" She wasn't sure what he
was getting at.
"When you are alone in your bed. Do you stroke your pussy? Make
yourself feel nice?"
Of course she had heard her girlfriends talking about it at school but she
had never done it herself, more because she wasn't really sure what they had been
talking about. None had ever gone into detail.
Even so, it made her blush when she replied, "No, Daddy."
"We will teach you what to do to make yourself feel really nice. Another
day, though," he added. "Just lay still and enjoy what I am doing to you. Does it
feel nice?"
"Yes," she whispered, feeling very self-conscious about her complete
nudity, sitting on her father's knees. The lump was now pressing onto her hip as
she cuddled close to him and she knew this time that he was that way because he
was touching her like this.
He kept on pleasing her sensitive flesh for a long time in silence and she
had almost drifted off to sleep again when her mother broke the reverie.
"I think it's time for our little girl to go to bed. Give your Daddy and
Mummy a goodnight kiss and then hop into bed, baby. You won't need a nightie
tonight. I want you to sleep just as you are. Understood?"
"Yes, Mum," she replied feeling sheepish once again.
"Good night dear," she said giving Judith a wet kiss similar to what her
father had but for nowhere near as long. Then her father gave her another sloppy
wet kiss and she found herself moaning aloud again. It was so strange and she had
feelings she had never known before, deep down in her tummy.
"Good night, Daddy. Good night, Mum," she said when all the kissing was
finally over.
"We'll have another lesson soon, baby. There's lots more to go, you
know," her mother said as she began to leave.
"Yes, Mum."
Sleeping naked under cool sheets felt very strange at first but as she
warmed up it made her begin to somehow, feel naughty and yet wonderful.

Nothing was said the next morning when she came in for breakfast. It was
almost as though what she experienced last night hadn't happened at all. Her
father hurried off to work giving her a quick peck on the cheek on his way past
and that was all. She was expecting her mother to ask her what she had thought of
the experience but nothing at all.
Should she raise the subject? But that would only show that she liked what
had happened. Well, in a way she did but it didn't seem right to let them know
that. It was all so personal and she was pleased that she wasn't made to share her
thoughts about the night. The morning just progressed as any other morning and
she finished breakfast then left for school, giving her mum a peck on the cheek as
she always did.
But it was different when she arrived home from school.

Chapter Eleven
"Pixie," she heard her mother call and went to she what she wanted.
"Yes, Mum?"
"Make sure you finish all your homework before supper, baby. We'll have
another lesson this evening."
Judith blanched and couldn't say a thing for several moments.
"Another…? You mean like…?"
"Of course I do, baby. Last night was just the beginning. Now listen
carefully, this is what I want you to do and I don't want to have to tell you again,
understand?" Before Judith had a chance to respond she went on. "As soon as
you've finished your homework, take a shower and dry yourself off. Then wait in
your room until I call you for supper. I want you to sit at the table completely
undressed, just as you were last night. You are not to make any comment about
the fact you are naked but go about eating with your daddy and I as if nothing was
out of the ordinary. If your daddy wants to touch you, no matter where, you will
not object or even try to stop him from doing so. Now don't say another word. Off
and finish your school assignments." With that, she turned and left the young girl
on her own.
Judith couldn't believe her ears. It seemed far worse that what had
happened last night for she was going to parade in front of them as though it was
her own idea. Did her father know what was going to happen? Probably, she told
herself although Mum seemed to be the one that was running these lessons. Now
she was expected to show her nudity even at the dinner table. It was just awful
and a little squeak flowed from her throat as she managed to stifle a sob.
It was most difficult trying to concentrate on her assignments after that but
some were important and she forced herself to do it. Then with a sigh, she
undressed and went to the bathroom.

Judith thought her mother had forgotten all about her, the wait was so long
but finally she head the now familiar, "Pixie, supper's on the table."
She peered out into the hall and when she was sure her father on his way
to the table wouldn't catch her in the raw, she gingerly made her way to the
dining room. Her father had his back to the door but she caught her mother's eye
as soon as she came into the room. Nothing was said and she silently walked to
just behind her father then quickly slipped into her seat, right next to him. He
didn't even look up, just kept on eating as if he wasn't aware of her presence at
"Isn't it customary to kiss your father when he comes home. Pixie?" Her
mother prompted.
She couldn't reach him without standing up so she did. "Good evening,
Daddy," she breathed softly then quickly sat down again.
"Hello, baby. Have a good day at school?"
"Oh, I suppose so," she replied, blushing furiously.
"You look lovely this evening, Judy. Smell nice too," he said with a smile.
"Thank you, Daddy," she blushed. He hadn't given any sign or surprise
about her nudity, which seemed strange. It was a normal evening meal except this
time she was naked and they weren't showing any awareness of it. At least that's
how it seemed.
"The same rules exist for tonight as for last night, Pixie. Your next
disobedience will earn you 20 strokes of the strap on your naked bottom. I don't
want to even see you hesitate to do what you are told tonight, understand?"
"Y… Yes, Mum," she conceded. "What are you going to do?"
"You'll soon see, don't be so eager." Then to her husband, she said,
"What would you like to see our little girl do for you tonight, Daddy?"
"Well, she has to be taught how to display herself properly. Perhaps we
could start with that. Then a few poses that any husband would desire and some
lovemaking positions. I'm sure she doesn't know how a young lady should
present herself to her husband when they make love."
"Oh, that's very good. Yes we can start with those. I think the bedroom
would be the best place for that. You go and shower then I'll follow."
When he left, Judith looked at her mother. "Is Daddy going to be naked
too, Mum?"
"Would you like him to be?"
"Nooo," she wailed.
"It will happen someday, baby. Can't teach you about sex without
knowing what a man looks like under his clothes. Or you'll never learn how men
and women make love."
"I… You… You mean he's going to have sex with me?" She gasped, her
face turning white almost instantly.
"I said you have to see him naked so you can learn how men and women
have sex. I didn't say he was going to have sex with you, did I?"
"No but… Well, I thought…"
"So you wouldn't let him do that to you, then?"
"I… He… He's my father, Mum. Isn't that illegal? It's called incet, isn't
"It's called incest and yes it is illegal under the laws of the land. But only
when someone reports it to the authorities."
"Is that what happened to Kathy Simpson, Mum? Incest?"
"I guess so. See what happens when someone else sticks their nose in
family business."
"But my teacher said we don't have to let out father do sex things with us.
In SexEd. class, that's what she said."
"She has to say that, baby. That's what the government tells schools to say
but would you ever tell anyone if your daddy did things to you?"
"Will he, Mum?"
"Would you tell if he did?"
"I… No. No I couldn't. They would take me away from you just like
Kathy Simpson."
"He won't be having sex with you tonight, Pixie, if that's what's troubling
"Oh." The dread was instantly lifted.
"But we still want you to do what you're told, remember that."
"Yes, I promise I will, Mum."
"Good. Well, it's my turn to shower. Do you need to take a pee?"
"I think so."
"Then come and do it while I'm getting undressed. Then you can go and
wait in your room. I'll come and get you when we're ready."

"Come on, Pixie, Time for show and tell," her mother said from the door.
She had changed into a white silk nightdress that Judith was sure she could see
"What do I have to tell, Mum?"
"Silly girl, you're going to show more than tell tonight. You will be very
embarrassed but it is necessary."
"Embarrassed? Why?"
"Just be patient, you'll soon see."
That old feeling of dread returned almost as quickly as it left her last time.
"I feel sick, Mum, really I do."
"It's called butterflies. Come on, Daddy's waiting."
Indeed he was, leaning on his elbow, and smiling as she approached him.
"Lay down beside me, baby. Remember our kiss last night?"
"I liked it so much I'm going to kiss you like that again. Then I want you
to kiss me back the same way. O.K.?"
"I suppose so," she replied dubiously, wondering how she could ever kiss
like her daddy did.
He snuggled her body closer to his and put an arm around her shoulder,
holding her firmly against him then leaned down and placed his lips over hers.
Almost immediately Judith found herself breathing quickly as though she
couldn't take any air into her lungs and she began panting. Was this the way girls
in the movies felt when some handsome film star kissed them? She wondered, for
she felt quite strange just as she did last night. Almost ready to faint, she felt an
unusual wetness between her legs and wondered if her father could see it at all.
He maintained the contact, his lips always moving over hers, his own
breath coming faster now. Soon, she felt his tongue licking her lips then pushing
inside. It felt ghastly, horrible yet the more she fought to get away the harder he
held her tight and continued the probing. At first she thought she was going to be
sick but slowly she got her mind under control and then realised it wasn't so bad
after all. In fact it was arousing her more than she had ever known. More and
more, her breath being forced in and out through her nose so fast that soon
secretions were running down her face onto the bed.
It mattered little for saliva was spread all over her face as well and as she
became more aroused she realised it was because her father had released her
shoulder and his hand was cupping her breasts and roaming all over her stomach
and even down to her pussy mound. He was making her feel so wonderfully good.
That her mother saw all was of little consequence to Judith right at this point of
time for she couldn't have cared less, just as long as he kept doing things like this
to her.
Finally, he stopped and she lay beside him as limp as a dishcloth trying to
catch her breath, hating the fact that the feelings of arousal were slowly
dissipating. She opened her eyes to see him looking down at her limp body and
smiling into her eyes.
"I think I could have made love to you then, young lady, and you wouldn't
have objected in the least," he said with a laughing lilt.
"Oh," was all she could respond.
"At least you aroused your father just as much, Pixie," her mother said,
looking down at her as well. You should see the tent in his pajamas right now.
No, don't get up, just rest for a bit." She was told.
What did she mean by a tent in his pajamas? Was there such a breeze that
was inflating…? No, of course it wasn't that. Then she recalled his hardness last
"Oh," she gasped, and shut her eyes in shame.
"Now it's your turn," her father said, casually.
"You really want me to…? You want me to do it to you, Daddy? I'm not
sure I can."
"You've got to practice on someone and I'm available."
"Yes, but it's… Well it's naughty," she stammered with embarrassment.
"When it's naughty it feels the best, baby. Or you could start on your
mother and do me when you've decided you are good at it."
"Kiss Mum? Like That? She wouldn't let me," the youngster said,
surprised at the suggestion.
"I would and in time I will insist you do, but tonight it's Daddy's turn.
Come on, get started."
Judith didn't know what to say or do. The thought of kissing her mother,
with her tongue pushed up inside her mouth was too much to even think about.
And yet she had been given every indication that was what's still to come.
Eventually, she forced herself to focus on carrying out her father's wishes.
She lay against his chest, one arm over him, the other balancing herself as
she half leaned over him and laid her lips against his. She was actually kissing her
father as a lover would. 'Daughter kisses father while mother looks on', she
imagined the headline would say when they got caught.
Despite the strange feeling deep inside, despite the humiliation she was
feeling, despite the fact she had never before kissed anyone on the lips, she
wanted to do it. As she closed her eyes to concentrate she felt his breathing
become faster which gave her the courage to go further. She wasn't sure how to
make her lips do the things his did but they seemed to take over on their own and
she was kissing him with a passion. He tickled the tip of her tongue with his,
almost as a signal to return the caress and so she did. Judith was sure that was the
start of her arousal this time for things were happening between her legs that she
couldn't understand. Bubbles seemed to be fizzing right inside her vagina then
bursting against her closed pussy lips, tickling bubbles that sent her mind reeling
as she kissed.
She felt someone take the hand that was laying over his chest and began to
stroke it over his chest and tummy, then push it beneath his pajama coat so she
was stroking his bare skin. Just as he had done to her, that's what he said. In that
split second she remembered where his hand had finally reached. Her pussy.
Would she…? No, not that.
It was nice doing things that obviously made her daddy feel nice because
he was moaning, grunting almost, very softly and his breath was shooting through
his nose very fast. Yes, she was sure she was arousing her daddy and that was
naughty yet it felt so nice so grown up and satisfying. She was doing it right and
she felt proud despite that little seed deep inside her brain telling her she didn't
want to let him see her naked like this.
The hand that guided hers under her Daddy's pajama coat pulled her hand
lower and she would have broken the kiss and protested but her father anticipated
the move and held her face hard against his. Meanwhile she felt her hand moved
further down, over his pajama pants and along each thigh then directly over his
For the first time in her life she felt the hardness of a man's penis, and her
father's at that. Now she knew what the tent in his trousers was like last night for
his thing was poking almost straight up under his soft pajamas. And the hand that
was moving hers, took it right along the length of his thing, up until she reached
the very top where it seemed to bulge out.
She tried to pull away but her mother whispered, "You must caress it,
baby, just as he did to you. Hold it in your hand and stroke it up and down.
Gently, dear."
This was too much. She tried to pull away again but her mother was
holding her hand firmly and clenching it around his thing. At the same time, her
father held her face between both of his hands and took over the kissing so that
she was quite trapped.
A fierce message in her ear from her mother, said, "You will do what
you're told, Pixie or the consequences will be very bad for you."
So she held his penis and slowly pumped her hand up and down his
pajama-clad member, feeling absolutely degraded at having to do such a thing.
The first contact had thrilled but the forceful intentions of her mother changed her
feelings and now she hated it.
But her feelings mattered not for the adults required her to do things she
didn't want to do, so do them she did. Her father broke from the kiss that had
lasted many minutes but still held her face firmly in his hands while he gasped for
breath, groaning like someone who was dying. It frightened her and she tried to
ask him what the matter was but he didn't seem to hear. Meanwhile her mother
prompted her to keep moving her hand along his thing for she had stopped when
she heard the frightening tones coming from her father.
"More," he called out and her mother took control of Judith's hand,
tightening her hold and pumping much faster. Her father's body became tense
then began to violently shudder until right into her face, he screamed, "Fuck,"
very loudly, almost violently.
Her hand was being pumped furiously, her mother hissing from the
exertion but Judith was never allowed to slow her movements. Then she felt a
pulse beneath her hand and his pajamas where the end of his thing was pushing
up, became very wet.
"Hold it, baby. Don't let it go. Just squeeze the head gently. You've given
your Daddy a climax. You've helped him to have sex." She was told in a whisper.
"I'm going to let your hand go but you must keep hold of his cock until I say you
can let go. Don't make me angry. The wet is nothing, it's not pee."
Well that was some relief because she really thought he had peed in his
pajamas and she was being made to hold the wetness away from him. So what
was it? She wondered.
The shuddering finally eased and she felt his thing getting soft then limp
but she still held on to it as best she could. He released her face and pressed it
against his, cheek to cheek for a long while, then he finally stirred.
"You can let him go now, Pixie," she was told.
The fabric was sticky as she lifted her hand away and she was shocked to
see such a large patch of wetness covering almost the whole front of his pajamas.
It definitely looked like pee, she thought.
"See, you gave your Daddy a climax. It made him feel very nice, in fact
the best feeling a man can have. See all his cum? He just shot a load of sperm and
it was your hand that did it." Her mother told her with satisfaction. "You've done
very well."
"I… I don't understand," Judith finally said, her eyes still entranced at the
"When a man makes love to a woman, when he has sex with her, he
deposits a load of sperm inside her pussy. It makes him feel like a million dollars
and sometimes makes her feel very nice too. Go to the bathroom and bring a
warm washer and a towel. We have to clean him up."
Still bemused by the turn of events she hurried to her task.
"I won't have a baby, will I, Mum?"
"Oh, you're a worry-wart. Of course you won't. Not unless you let some
of his goo get into your pussy, at least." She began to peel the opening of his
pajamas away from his loins and Judith saw the white globs of sperm her father
had deposited. "You wipe while I get these wet things off him," she was told.
She wiped, fascinated at the gradual exposure of her father's thing right
before her eyes. And then it lay bare, soft and crinkled lying on the bed of hairs
that grew so profusely between his legs. Around it were patches of white sperm,
large globs and shiny wet patches where it had soaked into his hairs.
"Where did it come from?" She asked innocently.
"His balls made it and when you made him aroused he shot it out of his
cock. But it was a lot bigger then than it is now, as you well know. Poor dears,
they all get so worn out they just roll over and go to sleep after a good fuck."
"Mum," Judith shrieked.
"What you said. You said… Well, you know."
"Fuck? Sure, why not. It's a good descriptive word. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Surely you've heard that word before."
"Yes, but not from you."
"Well you'll hear plenty of that when Daddy fucks me, baby. It's his pet
word. Look, we had planned a lot more to teach you tonight but Daddy's asleep
and I think it would be best if you went to bed. But we've got a surprise for you
tomorrow night. Good night, baby, and thanks for being such a good little girl and
doing all you were told."
"What is it, Mum? The surprise?"
"It wouldn't be a surprise then."
"He's not going to…? You know, do it to me?"
"He won't fuck you ever, baby, not your pussy at least. Your virginity is
just as precious to him as it is to you, so stop your worrying and go to bed."
Judith became decidedly happier at that news and rushed to her bed before
anyone changed their minds.

Chapter Twelve
"Come to the table just like last night, Pixie," her mother said as she got
home from school. Judith really expected that news and simply agreed. She was
going to be felt up and touched again, no doubt.

When her mother came for her, she too was quite nude. Judith was
surprised to see how trim her figure was for she couldn't recall ever seeing her
completely nude before. It was something she hadn't thought about and seeing
two firm breasts hardly move when she walked and the soft sheen of her body,
made her appreciate her mother more than she could have imagined.
"Tonight you're going to learn how to make a man feel very nice without
him fucking you," she declared with a wicked smile. "It's one way you can keep
your man happy while you've got your period."
"Oh, I never thought about that," Judith admitted.
"Daddy will be nude too so you'll get to see everything, baby. Make him
proud and tell him how sexy he looks. It will boost his ego no end."
"Won't he mind, speaking like that, I mean?"
"He'll think he's very macho at remarks like that. Wait until his cock is
hard though. No man is very macho when it's all shriveled up."
They walked into the room and her father was lying on his back slowly
stroking a fairly good erection. He smiled at his young daughter. "Do you think
it's time to feel this inside your virgin pussy, Judy?"
"Wha…? Nooo," she shrieked, clutching her mother's hand. "Mum, I
"He's just kidding, Pixie. I promised you he wouldn't poke that thing in
your pussy just yet and I meant it…"
"You mean I don't get to taste a virgin hole?" He moaned, dropping his
bottom lip in disappointment.
"You know very well it's out of bounds so don't try that little game on me,
buster. Tonight, big mama is going to make you happy and our little girl is going
to watch. I hope she watches carefully for the next time we're all on this bed it
will be her turn to pleasure both her Daddy and her Mummy."
"Me? I have to do things to both of you? N… No, I don't want to," she
pleaded with her eyes, more out of hope than desperation.
"Come, Daddy, let me take over what you seem to like so much," Judy's
mother said, brushing his hand away from his cock. She kissed the head lightly
and Judith saw her tongue flick out to wipe away the little bead of fluid that had
formed there. She took a tube of lubrication from the bedside table and rubbed
some on her hand then closed it around the ever-hardening cock.
"Relax, baby. Let mama make you happy. Is it nice?"
"Hmm," he sighed, closing his eyes.
Judith looked on in fascination. She realised that rubbing his thing made
him shoot inside his pajamas last night but seeing it all out in the open was much
more exciting. Her mother was encouraging him to enjoy it all the time, cajoling
and even saying dirty things.
"Does it feel as nice as when you fuck my pussy, baby? Or when you rape
my sweet bottom hole? Which is best, baby? Tell me."
He didn't answer but Judith saw him arch his head backwards, clenching
his teeth together and hiss as thought he was trying to stop something happening.
"Wait. Stop. Now," he gasped soon afterwards and immediately her
mother lifted her hand away.
"Nearly got away, did it?"
"Phew, that was close," he whispered as he tried to relax. But it didn't last
for long for his wife kneeled between his legs, wiped the length of his cock with a
tissue then leaned down and slid her lips over the hard pole. His moans
commenced immediately as she moved up and down over his erection, Judith was
amazed that the whole length seemed to vanish inside her mother's mouth with
each down-thrust.
Her mother glanced at her several times but with her mouth stuffed with
cock she couldn't say anything. Judith thought she could detect a smile in her
eyes though.
He cried out for her to stop again but this time she maintained her
movements, sucking the hardness in and out time and time again. Then with a
mighty lurch that shocked the young girl, his body arched, his legs stiffened and
he roared loudly, "Oh, Fuuuck," and he began to shudder almost out of control.
Judith became frightened in those seconds but realised it hadn't worried
her mother so began to relax. Slowly, her mother eased down on her movements
and finally laid her face against his thigh, his cock still held in her mouth as she
looked directly at her daughter.
For several minutes, she laid still, looking at Judith all the time. Judith
wasn't sure what to do and knelt beside them both, not moving, hoping her
mother would signal something to her. Then she noticed the cock was growing
smaller quite fast until it's limpness was apparent. It was the signal that obviously
prompted her mother to release her hold of it and let it slide from her lips.
Judith watched as her mother crawled to her side, took the youngster's
face in her hands and rising up above her daughter, planted a kiss right on her
lips. Judith felt her mother's tongue forcing it's way between her lips and she
opened her mouth as she did when her father kissed her last night. But instead a
tongue being thrust inside, she felt liquid flooding her mouth. Her mother held her
face firmly in her hands and stopped Judith from pulling away until a few seconds
later when Judith seemed to relax a little, she lifted her face away, smiled and
said, "Congratulations, Pixie, you've just tasted your first mouthful of sperm.
Now swallow." She held her daughter's mouth closed and pinched her nose.
Judith had no choice.
When it was over, the look of shock made her mother laugh with glee.
"Yuk, what have you done," Judith cried out. "You've made me have a
baby," she cried incredulously. But it was too late for the seed had been
swallowed and Judith was crying out in panic.
"Baby. Baby," her mother finally took control, hugging her tightly. "You
can't have a baby by swallowing sperm. It has to go into your pussy and then only
at certain times of the month can you get pregnant. So, what did you think of the
"I… I don't remember," Judith admitted. "It just slipped down my throat."
"Never mind, Pixie, he's got plenty more. We'll give him a little rest then
you can try for yourself."
"Me? But you said it wouldn't be until tomorrow."
"Well I've changed my mind. Now you watch daddy making me happy
then I want you to suck him off just like I did."
"No. Please, Mummy, don't make me do that. It's disgusting."
"No it's not. Every woman sucks her man off, probably more times than
she gets fucked. Anyway, you can relax for the moment and watch how Daddy
pleases me. And how," she added with a wink.
Judith saw her parents change places with Daddy kneeling between his
wife's knees. He leaned along her body kissing then sucking each breast between
his teeth, licking and tickling so that soon her mother was moaning softly with
pleasure. Judith felt so happy to see her enjoying his touch that she thought she
was going to start crying, and tears of joy welled up, almost blinding her until she
blinked quickly several times.
Then his lips began to descend, past her belly button, over the heavy mat
of hair until he was nuzzling her pussy itself. She could clearly see his tongue
stroking along the line of her sex and the sight almost took her breath away. It
was so exciting. Never in her life had she expected to see anything like this. Her
mother was writhing from side to side, crying out little meows of obvious
pleasure at what was being done to her but Judith couldn't imagine how licking
such a filthy place could make her happy.
"Ye… Yes, yes, that's good. More. Oh, Baby that's good," her mother
moaned softly, her head rocking from side to side as he continued to lick her sex.
The scene was such that Judith felt strange urgings deep within herself, feelings
she liked yet which shocked her, for she knew instinctively it was sexual feelings.
Even though she wasn't being touched herself, she knew that what was happening
inside her own young body was the result of naughty thoughts she had while
watching her parents do things she had never dreamed of before.
She saw her mother arch her body just as her father did and her legs began
to vibrate then she gasped loudly, crying out in loud moans how good she felt.
Judith saw the beads of perspiration breaking out all over her mother's body and
moved to wipe her mother's brow with part of the sheet as the older woman
slowly relaxed from her climax.
The room was became quite silent, Daddy half lying over Mummy's
breasts; Mummy still breathing deeply yet seeming to be in a state of calmness.
"That's how Daddy makes me feel, Pixie," her mother suddenly spoke,
her eyes still closed. "It's the most wonderful feeling and you must let Daddy
please you whenever he wishes to. You understand?"
The young girl felt her freedom being taken away. She couldn't object to
whatever they wanted to do. Now she had to let her father lick her pussy
whenever he wanted to. To object would mean another beating. To agree meant
she had to endure filthy acts like this. Why would he want to lick something so
smelly and nasty?
"Daddy…?" She began, not knowing what she really wanted to say. "You
wouldn't want to do that, would you?" She finally blurted self-consciously.
"I intend to do just that right now, young lady. Now you just lay back and
open your legs. You're about to feel just how wonderful being a woman can be."
"Oh no, you mustn't," she begged but slid down onto the bed when she
saw the fierceness in his eyes. "Oh, It's terrible. You shouldn't," she wailed.
He didn't even stop to listen but pushed her legs wide apart so he could
see all of her privates. He knelt there just looking, glancing up at her eyes from
time to time, breathing deeply, strangely, Judith thought. She was quite convinced
he was about to take her virginity despite the assurances her mother had given just
Judith saw his penis poking straight towards her, long and thick and so red
that it frightened her. She tried to wriggle her bottom further up the bed, away
from this fearful thing that men had between their legs but her efforts were in
"This is supposed to give you pleasant feelings, Judy. Don't panic, it
won't hurt at all, quite the opposite in fact. Just relax, baby, and let Daddy show
you what it means to be pleasured by a man."
"No, Daddy, don't. Mummy promised you wouldn't."
"Promised?" He asked, looking at his wife. "What did she promise?"
"That you wouldn't do it to me. You know…" She almost shrieked,
unable to say the words she meant.
"I promised our little Pixie you wouldn't deflower her, baby. She's just
confused," her mother chimed, with a smile. "He's not going to do that, you funny
girl," she said to her daughter, this time. "It's just his tongue, not that great big
pole of his."
"Oh," she murmured. Even his tongue was bad enough. And she
whimpered, close to tears.
Daddy leaned down and began to do the same things to her as he did to
her mother. She was surprised how strange it felt to have her own father licking
her nipples, first one then the other, but when he took one between his lips and
squeezed as his tongue licked across the tip, she lost her breath and had to gasp
feverishly almost in panic. Oh, it felt so strange, making her body deep inside feel
like the fizzy soda pop feeling from last night.
She tried to sit up but the effort was too great and her head lolled back
onto the pillow. She cried out from the very pleasure he gave her. It was
incredible. The same happened when he took the other nipple between his lips.
Then her whole skin began to tingle as he slid his tongue down her
tummy, leaving little cold trails of saliva. Before she knew it, he had reached her
pussy, exactly as he had done to her mother and his tongue lapped up and down
the slit, sending signals the youngster never knew existed.
"Oh, Daddy… Daddy, something's happening. It feels strange… Stop,
please stop, I think I'm going to burst. Ohhhh…," she moaned, feeling her body
begin to shiver even though she felt quite warm, hot even.
He never listened, maintaining a constant rhythm up and down her vulva,
irritating the sensitive membranes with his tongue, holding her hips to steady the
gyrations her body was doing. His two thumbs pulled the lips of her vagina apart
and his tongue had a clear pathway to her clitoris, her warm, wet swollen nub that
he annoyed incessantly.
The shooting fireworks bursting throughout her body were driving her
wild.. Never could she have dreamed feelings like this. It was one thing to stroke
her pussy with her finger when she was drifting off to sleep but this was
something entirely different. Her mother was trying to calm her for she was
whispering shushing sounds in her ear but it was of little help. Judith's body felt
as though it had a mind of it's own over which she had no control whatsoever.
She knew she was shuddering against her father's face, pushing hard
against him as he continued licking. The moment he clamped his lips around her
little clit, she too found herself arching her whole body up as though it were a
bridge over a little stream. She never realised she was screaming out loud for her
brain had blocked out everything other than the incredible feelings that were
shooting into every corner of her being.
When the orgasm broke, Judith almost fainted. Her body was doing things
she didn't understand and throughout the seconds that the climax gripped her, she
panicked but was unable to stop any of the shuddering that was passing through
her. She cried out for help yet her voice was actually screaming words of
unbelievable pleasure. Eventually it passed and it was as though she had lost
something very special although she wasn't quite sure what. All she could do was
lay on the bed, not caring that her father could see everything between her legs as
he knelt back on his heels for she had no energy even to keep her knees closed.
She slumped back and laid still.
Something awoke a memory and she smiled when she realised she had
been doing almost the identical things she had just seen her mother do. They had
their own individual orgasms yet it was as though the experience was shared.

Chapter Thirteen
She never knew how she got back into her own bed but there she was
when she woke the next morning. The memory of last night was clearly imbedded
in her mind and she marveled at the pleasure she received from her Daddy. She
knew was it wrong yet she wouldn't even try to stop him if he ever wanted to do it
Nothing was said as usual and they had returned to being a normal family
at breakfast.
"When's your period due, Pixie?" Her mother asked when her father had
left for work.
The youngster blushed, still uneasy talking about it with her mother for it
had been with her just a few months.
"Why, Mum?"
"Because I need to know."
It didn't help. "Uhm, I think it's on Friday."
"Of this week?"
"Yes, in two days."
"I see. Then we'll make tonight your last lesson until it's over. It would be
a bit messy if you began bleeding in the middle if having sex with your Daddy."
"Having sex with…? Oh, Mum, you promised he wouldn't do that," she
"He's not going to fuck you, Pixie. Everything else is permitted, O.K? It's
all sex even if he doesn't dip his cock into your little honey pot. Understand?"
"Oh, it's terrible," the young girl bemoaned. "You know it's wrong that
Daddy does sex things to me. I'd get into trouble if anyone found out."
"He'd get into a lot more than you would, young lady so just make sure no
one ever does. Anyway, what about last night, I never heard you begging him to
stop licking your little cunt now, did I?"
"No, but…"
"But you liked it. A lot."
"Yes, but…"
"We're getting a lot of buts this morning. Is your pussy sore from last
"N… No, it's not."
"Let me see. I don't want you chaffing down there."
Judith blanched at the request. "I can't, Mum. Really I can't. It's alright,
nothing's wrong."
"We made a bargain that you would obey me, Pixie. Maybe I should keep
you home from school and paddle that little bottom of yours all day to teach you a
lesson. Now lift your skirt and drop the panties."
Judith never hesitated but did exactly as she was told, the humiliation of
doing so clearly seen on her face.
"You don't like this, do you, Pixie?"
"No, it's awful," the youngster agreed, holding back the tears she could
easily have shed.
"It won't always be like that, baby," her mother said with compassion.
"You will come to like it, believe me. Sex is a beautiful thing and should be
shared with others." She sat on a chair close to her daughter but didn't bother to
look at the nudity on display. Judith saw she was contemplating and watched as
she went to the telephone and dialed a number.
"Yes, good morning. This is Mrs. Reymond, Judith's mother. She won't
be coming to school this morning. She's not at all well and I think it best for her
to remain at home today. No, it's a tummy bug of some sort. She should be over it
by tomorrow. Yes, I will. Goodbye."
"Your teacher says for you to get well, Pixie. I'll try and help you do that."
"You told her I'm sick but you know I'm not. Why did you do that, Mum?
I have to go to school today. Please let me. I don't want to get spanked all day."
"You may well get spanked today but that's not the main reason you're
staying home. After what you experienced last night, I think it's high time to
teach you more about your sexual nature, young lady. Now, no objections, off and
have a very hot bath, put on a clean nightdress and come into our bedroom. I want
to see your skin all pink and lovely. Now go and do it."

She entered her mother's room in trepidation. It became worse when she
saw her mother under the covers in a nightgown herself.
"Come on, Pixie, in you hop."
"Get in bed, with you, Mum?"
"Yep, we're going to have some girl love and you won't get pregnant, I
promise," she said with a big smile, folding the bedclothes back for her daughter
to get in.
"What are you going to do?" She asked timidly.
"Haven't you ever played with some of your school friends? Naughty
show and tell games? Hmm? I'm sure you've stroked some of your friends little
titties, haven't you? Wondering what it was like?"
"No, never," she retorted indignantly and when she saw her mother smirk
in disbelief she added vehemently, "I've never done that, Mum."
"Then you'll have some nice surprises, Pixie. Women know how to please
each other far more than men do. So today you're going to enjoy some incestuous
lesbian love with your mama. Yes, baby, you're going to learn another side of
having sex, how to make love to another woman."
"No," the youngster cried. "You can't make me. It's not fair. It's filthy,
that. They call them lezzos at school. Yuk." And she began to cry her eyes out,
not daring to come any closer.
"You know how it is, Pixie. I'm getting sick and tired of threatening you.
Now you come into bed with me right now and I want to see a smile on your
And so she slid under the covers and held herself rigid, afraid of what was
to come.
"It's not dirty, Pixie, really it's not. You know how your Daddy made you
feel last night. You'd like to have him do that to you again, wouldn't you?"
"Yes," she said in barely a whisper.
"This will make you even happier. Now just relax. Come on, take a deep
breath and smile for your mama. That looks so much better baby. Now come
closer, let's cuddle for a while. Yes, like that. Ahhh, that's nice," she sighed
softly. She held her daughter softly nuzzling her face against her neck, allowing
her breath to warm the tender flesh.
Very slowly, she began to stroke the young girl, first her arm then her side,
down to her hip and back again, crossing lightly over her stomach where she was
sure her daughter shivered at the touch. She gently cupped a breast, so small yet a
definite mound, not yet daring to press the softness, just gliding by. Back and
forth her hand travelled until on one pass, the hand stayed over the hillock for
several moments. Longer the next and longer still until she felt the nipple rise like
a hard raisin. No objection came and mother cupped then gently squeezed to the
accompaniment of a soft moan.
"Is it nice, baby?"
"Want more?"
"Roll onto your back and close your eyes."
Everything she did now was carried out as slowly as possible, hesitating at
every turn so the youngster wouldn't become frightened or refuse to go further.
She tickled both nipples until they were hard and stood up under the light nightie.
Slowly her hand lifted the garment and pushed upwards, sliding over the soft
warm skin, along thighs that were shivering with emotion, as though she were
longing for everything that was being done to her.
"Just enjoy it, baby," her mother whispered against her ear. "I love the feel
of your body. It's so perfect."
"Hmmm," was all the response she heard.
The nightie was now well up her torso and her mother pulled it further
until both nipples were exposed. She placed her lips over the hardness and flicked
it with her tongue, making Judith writhe with pleasure.
What her mother was doing was so different to the way her father did it.
This was soft and tender and awoke feelings far more intensely than her Daddy
had done. Her hands were softer yet found places that made Judith's heart shiver
with delight and her tongue felt so different. What did her mother say? Women
know how to please other women far better than men ever could. Was that true?
She thought it must be for this was even better than last night and she never
thought anything else would be as good.
She moved to the girl's vulva and concentrated solely on her clitoris,
pushing the hood back and pinching the hard little nub between her two thumbs.
Then she clamped her mouth over that one small area and performed cunnilingus,
as the girl had never experienced before. One, two then three orgasms were
achieved one after the other until Judith cried out for peace. The experience was
beyond her ability to cope with the pain of pleasure.
"Mummy, no more. I can't stand it," she cried but her mother continued
until one more orgasm churned through the youngster. She was covered in sweat
and gasping for breath as her mother let her calm down over the next half an hour,
stroking her breasts lightly from time to time, causing a myriad of after shocks
that made the girl's body jerk each time they hit.
"I love you, little Pixie, more than you could imagine. This has been an
ordeal I know but if I hadn't been firm, how would you ever know about things
like this? Well?"
"I guess I wouldn't, Mum. It's just that it doesn't seem right."
"So you don't want to do things with Daddy and me any more?"
"No," she replied quickly. "Oh, I do. It's just that… Oh, I don't know.
What should I do?"
"You should do what your parents tell you to do, doesn't that make more
sense. Is there anything that we've made you do that wasn't nice?"
"No, I don't think so. Maybe when you make me and I don't want to so
you threaten to beat me. Would you really do that, Mum?"
"Of course. Haven't I already spanked you because you weren't obeying? I
can tell you Daddy is just itching to humiliate you by making you strip off in front
of him them lay over his knee while he spanks you until you cry out in pain. It
makes men feel very powerful doing that and you'll probably have to suck him
off afterwards. But it keeps him happy, you see. Keep a man happy sexually and
he'll always be happy, just remember that, Pixie. They live for sex, to dominate
their women and to make them do dreadful things just to please them. Learn to
accept that and you can twist them all around your little finger. Now it's time you
made me feel nice too."

Chapter Fourteen
Judith learnt all those truths very quickly but her Daddy was always in
control of her. She wondered when the time would come when she could dictate
the terms, for he had her doing more and more humiliations as the weeks went by.
Not even her menses gave her relief from his demands.
The evening her next period came after the initial few lessons, she found
herself showered and dressed in a clean school uniform, standing in front of her
"So, how's my little girl today?"
"I'm alright, Daddy."
"I think you've been a naughty little girl today. Am I right?"
"No, Daddy, I haven't done anything naughty, I promise I haven't."
"I know you have, Judy and telling lies makes it all the worse. I think you
deserve a good spanking to teach you not to be naughty. And there's only one way
to do that. Take your clothes off, Judy."
She looked at her mother and saw the slightest nod. So Mum was right,
she thought. This is really going to hurt but I'd better agree or he might take a belt
to me.
"Please, Daddy, don't make me do that. It's embarrassing," she pleaded
hoping he would appreciate her reluctance.
"One day, Miss Judy Reymond, you will make me so mad with your
pitiful little objections that I will throw you down and take that precious hymen
away from you. Don't underestimate me, young lady. What I say goes."
Her fingers went to the top button of her blouse and she began undressing.
Despite the fact that her father had already seen her quite naked and had even
sucked her pussy and given her orgasms, being made to divest her clothes in front
of him like this was the most humiliating thing she could ever recall doing. Even
when she had already been forewarned, the feeling of degradation was strong in
her mind. She was being made to do private things for his gratification and it felt
simply awful. She refused to cry but the little sniffs she gave from time to time
made his cock rise to attention from the sheer pleasure of knowing she hated what
he made her do.
As she was about to drop her blouse on the floor, her father said, "No,
give it here," as he held his hand out. Then he opened his zipper, released his
erection, laid the blouse carefully over it and began to slowly masturbate himself
in front of her.
Judith couldn't look her father in the eyes but what he was doing was
directly in her line of site and she gasped at his actions. Then began to unzip her
That replaced her blouse on his lap and he clasped it around his cock and
gently stroked himself. Judith saw a wet spot appear on her skirt just as it did her
She reached behind her and unclipped the white cotton school bra,
covering her breasts with her other arm as she handed the bra to her father. He
slapped her other hand away and placed one bra cup over his cock and continued
his pleasuring.
The next was the worst for no one had ever seen her wearing a sanitary
pad. She looked towards her Daddy but knew she had no option and slid the
panties down her legs, making sure the pad remained stuck between her legs.
"I have my period, Daddy," she said self-consciously.
"Oh, that's interesting. Just stand still a moment," he directed, removing
the bra, which had a distinct round patch of wetness, right in the very point of the
cup. He took her panties, pressed then to his face and drew a loud breath, closing
his eyes as if in rapture, as he did so. "Well periods still leave you smelling very
sweet, Judy," he told her with a smile. Then he clasped the white cotton panties
around his shaft and stroked on., looking his daughter up and down as he did so.
"When did you change it last, baby?"
"What…? Oh, this?" She asked, looking down at the pad between her legs
and blushing furiously. Why does she have to keep doing that, she asked herself.
"Uhm, after my shower just now."
"Where's the old one?"
"Uhm, I flushed it."
"Pity, I'd prefer a well soaked one but never mind. Come on, off with it."
"You mean…? But Daddy, It's my… My period. You know…? You
"I do and I can," he replied firmly.
Not knowing what to do at first, she glanced at her mother who again,
gave her assent with the smallest of nods. Giving in as usual the young girl prised
the sticky bits away from her skin and held the pad, folded in two to cover the
stains she saw.
"Give it here, Judy. I want to see your bleeding."
"Oh," she gasped almost silently and handed the used pad to him.
What he did next made Judith's mind spin in turmoil. He held the pad so
they could all see the small blood-stain about the size of a silver dollar then lifted
it to his nose and sniffed a deep breath of her odours. She could see from the look
on his face that he held her pad in deep fascination looking at the spot closely and
touching it with his finger. Then, with his eyes looking directly into hers, he
opened his mouth and licked across the redness.
Even her mother gasped at that. Judith cried out almost in disgust for she
couldn't dream of anyone doing such a thing. But worse was to come. Still
watching her he pressed the stained area against his open mouth and she was sure
he was licking it furiously.
"Ugh," Judith couldn't stop herself from exclaiming, which made him
smile across to her. When he released the thing from between his lips she
wondered if a stain had been left because parts of his lip looked very red indeed.
Finally, down to his penis went the used pad, wrapped tightly around them
clamped with a large fist as he began his masturbation once more.
His eyes closed as if in total bliss but soon after, as though he'd changed
his mind he stopped and sat up.
"Mother, bring me a towel and one of those large plastic rubbish bags."
They watched as he laid the plastic bag over his chair and then the towel
over that. He resumed his seat and held his hand out to Judith.
"What you are going to do, young lady, is sit on your Daddy's cock until
supper time. I want to feel your bleeding, baby, lots of it, I hope."
Judith was visibly shocked, holding back from taking his hand. She just
didn't understand why he wanted to do such things, such filthy unpleasant things
for it was nothing like the sexual things she dreamed about when she was alone.
But as usual she capitulated and started to sit in his lap.
"Turn around and face me," he said holding his up-thrust penis down as
she lifted one leg over his thighs. "Now we can both see when the little red river
begins to flow. Play with yourself, Judy. Let Daddy watch you cum."
She looked down and saw her pussy lips pressed against the base of his
penis, which was flattened beneath her bottom. Any bleeding that did take place
would run into a reservoir formed where their genitals pressed together. Now she
had to touch her pussy, something she had never done in front of him. He had
touched her there, her mother had but she had never been made to so far. But now
she was about to.
His hands were around the base of her bottom, holding her as if she were
trying to get away, which was definitely her preference but she knew very well
she had little hope of that.
"Couldn't you do it, Daddy?"
"I want to see you give yourself a climax, not me."
"But it's embarrassing."
"So? Be embarrassed then."
And she was, even worse when she saw him smiling straight into her eyes
at her humiliation.
She used just one finger, stroking her clit lightly so it wouldn't make her
cum, ever. Or so she thought, but soon he brought one hand around to her breast
and began to flick each nipple with his fingertips. He whispered terrible things to
her while he did so and her face was blushing bright red.
"I can just see you laid out on a bed with some young buck drooling over
your body. He wants to fuck you and you want him to. Can you imagine that,
Judy? Having a fuck with a pretty young boy. Letting him get his hands under
your blouse and squeezing these titties. Then he'd want to undress you until you
were stark naked. Imagine it, Judy, laying there all starkers with a young cock
dribbling onto your skin. Don't you just want to suck it in and get rid of his
"No…," she objected hesitantly.
"Yes you do. Tell the truth."
"If I did I'd lose my virginity," she said with little conviction.
"That's not the point," he said then quickly added, "just keep rubbing that
clit young lady. I know what you're trying to do, or not do, I should say."
She speeded up her movements because it began to feel nice, very nice
indeed and despite her humiliation, she wanted to do exactly what he was making
her to do.
"Huh, it's getting close, isn't it?"
"Yesss," she hissed between clenched teeth. Then she came, forgetting the
fact that his hard cock was being washed with a film of her menstrual blood. It
was just that her climax sent every other thought from her mind and she wanted
the feeling to stay with her forever.
"Arrhhh,' she moaned, falling against her father's chest as she delighted in
her pleasures.
"Not bad for an amateur," he congratulated her as she began to awaken
from an almost hypnotic slumber.
"You come very well. We'll have a contest with your mother one day to
see who the champion of the household is as far as orgasms are concerned. The
winner can go on to challenge the whole street then the town. You never know,
one day you might become the champion masturbator of the world."
"You wouldn't, Daddy," she cried out before she realized he was teasing
her. "You wouldn't make me do it in front of our neighbors, would you? I
couldn't ever go to school again if you did."
"You could if you sucked-off all the men in the street. Then they couldn't
point a finger at you at all."
"But their children would." Judith still hadn't realised he was joking.
"I won't if you suck your old dad off, right now, honey," he told her
seriously, sliding her bottom off his knees.
"Oh, alright," she capitulated, still not remembering she was in the midst
of her period. It was only after she knelt between his legs and took hold of his
erection that she saw the stains she had left. sucking her father off was becoming
a commonplace event to Judith now but when she saw the blood she gasped and
looked up at him in shock.
"Daddy, I can't," she blanched, pleading with her eyes.
"I want you to suck me off, baby. I need it right now all the way until you
make me come inside your mouth."
"But your… Your thing's all covered in… in my blood from… You
"So I need you to wash me. You wouldn't begrudge me that would you?
After all you put it there, I didn't."
"But it was you who made me sit on you," she pleaded.
"Just make me happy, baby, then you won't get a hiding."
It was a terrible task but not as bad as she expected once her lips were
over the red-stained pole. There was little taste at all, just the knowledge of what
she was cleaning off his cock but soon, as his groans of pleasure began to rise
loudly, all she thought of was the spurts she was about to receive. And very soon,
she did, licking the underside of his cock all the while he ejaculated. Lick then
swallow, lick and swallow. She had learned that very quickly for it seemed as
though he was discharging gallons of sperm inside her mouth and it all had to be
swallowed. The first time she allowed the slimy substance to dribble down her
chin, she was spanked soundly with dire warnings of what would happen if she
ever let another drop escape.
Once she had learned the art of fellatio, she was certain her father would
make her pregnant and it took her mother and several trips to the local library to
convince her she wouldn't conceive through oral sex. The other myth, about how
much sperm was shot down her throat, was finally answered one time when she
was instructed not to swallow but to retain all of his discharge in her mouth and
subsequently transferred to a wine glass. Not the gallons she suspected, rather,
little more than a teaspoon full.
She was to perform that task, expelling the discharge into a glass, many
times over several months and was to learn why on her twelfth birthday.
She was treated to a special meal of all her favourite foods and despite
sitting at the table quite nude while her parents were fully dressed, she relished
the attention given to her. She blushed when her Daddy began to discuss her
developing attributes but she knew he did it only to embarrass her and just smiled
shyly while she ate and listened silently.
It was the desert that surprised her. When her mother placed the bowl in
front of her she saw lots of little ice blocks all covered in lovely thick cream.
"Something special for a special girl," her mother beamed. "Eat it all up. I
don't want to see any left."
There wasn't much taste except for the cream, which had sugar sprinkled
over it. But when she sucked one block clean and looked at it she gasped with
shock. "It's… It's…," she stammered, looking up at both parents.
"What?" Her father asked with a knowing smile.
"The ice blocks… They're… It's made of your sp…"
"My precious discharge, baby, especially for you on this special day."
"Does it taste nice?" Her mother asked.
"I… I'm… I'm not sure. It's just cold, I think."
"Not much different to swallowing it fresh then, eh?" Her father asked.
"At least it's sweet."
At the end of the meal, Judith was made to put on a show for her parents,
masturbating twice to orgasm then providing orgasms for each of her parents with
her tongue. That night she slept in their bed the whole night and was woken
several times to provide favors to one or the other of her parents.

Chapter Fifteen
Life at home continued that way for three more years but changed
dramatically one day when her mother called at the school and took her home.
"What is it, Mummy?" She asked, thinking she was in for a beating for
something she had done wrong.
"It's your Daddy, baby. He's in hospital, very ill."
"What's the matter with him?"
"He had a heart attack at work and he's very sick."
"Will he die?"
"The doctors don't know. We'll go to the hospital now to be near him.
Maybe they'll know more then."
But Judith never saw her father alive again for he had died before they
After several weeks, life returned to normal once more but her mother
never made sexual demands of her again. Their relationship was one of
friendship and sharing together and Judith soon forgot the things she had been
made to do with them both before her Daddy passed away. She wondered why her
mother never wanted her to touch her sexually now but she decided it was
something best not asked.
Judith had grown up into a beautiful young woman at eighteen, had left
high school and began a teaching course at college and was slowly beginning to
accept boys as part of her social life. The memories of her sexual encounters with
her parents were still there but when any of her dates tried to move on her
sexually she shunned the attempt and if they continued, she broke the relationship
immediately. Her reputation among the boys she knew grew to be that of a
Puritan and the most eligible and sought after boys rarely made a play for her. It
didn't concern her at all that she dated rather less than most of her friends, even
though she was one of the more attractive girls in her class.
She wondered why she didn't just give in to the boys who tried, at times,
realising she knew all there was to know about pleasing them sexually, but it was
as if she had had her fill of all that with her father and that part of her life was
over. There were only rare occasions when something would trigger the urge for
sexual fulfillment and she overcame the need at night in bed. She was amazed
how she could achieve orgasm almost in silence and then immediately fall asleep,
just like her father did after his orgasms. Like father, like daughter, she guessed.
Once fulfilled, it would be several weeks before she needed to masturbate again.

Her world was a happy one, a few good friends, all girls of her class, and a
good friend at home in her mother. But all that dissolved just as quickly as her life
did when her Daddy died, in one evening. The evening her mother brought home
a man for the first time since her Daddy had died almost four years previously.
"This is Ralph, Pixie," her mother informed her. It was the first time she
had been called that in four years and the name shocked her.
"Pixie? Now that's a good descriptive name," the boyfriend said, looking
Judith up and down, his eyes eating into her and finally stopping to stare at her
breasts. "You never told me she was as sexy as this, Valma."
"Oh, she's a sexy one alright," her mother said smugly.
"Mum," Judith cried out in objection.
"Oh, shut up, Pixie. Ralph is just teasing, aren't you, baby?"
Ralph wasn't teasing at all. In fact he was drooling, almost slobbering as
he continued to stare at the young beauty in front of him. Judith saw the tent in
his trousers and knew she had to get away from his presence.
"I've got assignments to do," she stammered and began to leave.
"Say goodnight to Ralph, Pixie. Don't be rude to our guest now."
"She can be as rude as she likes," Ralph declared suggestively, sending
her mother into shrieks of laughter.
"Goodbye," said Judith as she rushed out of the room, the sound of her
mother's raucous voice still ringing in her ears.

Judith hoped this would be a quick encounter then her mother would wake
up to her senses and dump the leering creep for all time. But it wasn't to be.
"Give your Momma a kiss, Pixie," she said one evening after Ralph had
brought her home. "I'm going to marry Ralph."
"Wha…? Marry? You can't, Mum. Not him."
"Why not? He makes me feel young again and he fucks better than even
your father."
"Mum, that's disgusting. You haven't let him, have you?"
"You better believe it. He's all hands and cock. Fucked me in the movies
the other night. Made me sit on his knee and he spiked me. I had goo running
down my legs all night."
"Oh, my God, he's the most disgusting man I've ever met. Can't you see
that? He literally undresses me with his eyes every time he sees me. You can't
marry him, Mum. It's not fair."
"Now you listen to me, young lady. He's my fiancé and I'm not going to
lose him just because you don't like him. He's a good man deep down. So what if
he undresses you with his eyes? All men fantasize about young girls you know
that. How many boys looked at your tits today at school, eh? A dozen or more, I'll
bet. Now don't you think you can stop us from getting married because you can't.
Anyway, you'll be getting a new Daddy, you should be happy, not badmouthing
him like this."
"I think he's a sleaze-bag, that's what I think," Judith said hurrying out of
the room.
Judith was sure the conversation with her mother had been passed on to
Ralph, for after that encounter, Ralph seemed to be on his best behavior. Gone
were the suggestive comments and his eyes rarely roamed her body as they had
earlier. Over the next few weeks Judith began to relax and the doubts she had
were dimming. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as she imagined, she kept telling

Several weeks of courtship passed then Ralph and her mother were
married at the Registry Office, Judith being the only guest. They left immediately
on their honeymoon, leaving Judith to run the household. That was one of the best
times she could remember, alone in the house, doing whatever she felt like, when
she felt like it.
Once, she spent the whole afternoon walking around the house in the
nude, making herself feel very sexy until she couldn't help but bring herself to an
orgasm and bellowed aloud from the pleasures she gave herself. Then after a long
hot bath, she dressed in her flimsiest nightdress and went to bed much earlier than
usual. It felt so good laying in the warmth of her bed that she masturbated slowly
and luxuriously, sighing to the thrills of her second climax in the one day. How
long had it been since she had done that? Not since before Daddy died, she told
herself and drifted off to sleep.
She never heard them arrive home but awoke abruptly when her door was
flung open and her mother and Ralph barged in and threw a parcel on her bed.
"Wake up, Pixie, we're home."
"Wha…? Oh," she gasped as she slowly sat up, clutching the covers
against her chest.
"We bought you something, a little present," Ralph stated, pointing at the
"Open it, Pixie."
There was something about the way they were acting that should have
made Judith suspicious but in her dulled state she never picked the vibes they
were sending. She pulled the ribbons off and opened the box, gasping when she
saw the so-called present.
"You like it, Pixie?" Ralph asked with a direct smile.
She looked up into his face, aghast at what she had been given. On top of
the box was a personal vibrator, at least eight inches long, pink and lurid and
underneath was a bright red open lace body suit and it was almost completely see-
"You… I… It's terrible," she screamed and threw it down to the foot of
the bed in disgust.
"Pixie," her mother screamed. "Ralph chose those presents for you
himself and I won't have you acting like this. Now you apologize. Right now."
"But Mum, they're terrible. I can't wear that. And that other thing… I
can't believe you let him…"
"You apologize immediately, my girl or it will be all the worse for you.
I'll have him tan your hide, I will."
Judith saw Ralph beam with anticipation and found herself wanting to be
sick all over her bed.
"Mum, you can't make me. I'm an adult now. I won't."
"I don't care how old you are young lady. You're my daughter and you've
been rude beyond belief to your new father and you're going to tell him you're
sorry. I won't warn you again."
What could she do? Storm out and leave home? Where would she live?
She had little money and certainly no one who was in a position to give her
With tears welling up inside, she mumbled, "I'm sorry, Ralph."
"Daddy. He's your Daddy and I want you to respect him by calling him
Daddy from now on. Say it. Pixie," her mother demanded threateningly.
"I can't… Oh, it's terrible. I'm sorry, Daddy," she whimpered, her hands
pressed to her face in humiliation.
"That's better. Now just to show your Daddy you mean it I want you to
put your present on and show him how lovely you look in it."
"Wha…? No, not that. I can't. He'll see…"
"He's your father now, Pixie, so it doesn't matter what he sees. Do it."
She saw Ralph staring at her with the strangest of leers. She knew he was
definitely aroused by the look on his face and suspected the two of them had
worked out this little scenario while they were away.
"No… It's…," she whimpered then gave in. "Oh, alright, but not while
you watch me. Go out and leave me alone," she said in a pleading voice.
"Well just make sure you don't take all night, young lady. We'll be in the
living room."
Judith hated her mother right then. She had been let down and abused in
front of a man she absolutely despised. Stepfather he may be but they had no right
to make her display herself so lewdly for his benefit. She was humiliated beyond
anything she had faced up to this time, far worse than the times she was made to
do things with her natural father for those had actually become pleasurable as
time went by. But having to show her nakedness so openly to this man was more
than any young woman should have to endure. Yet she was being made to do just
She lifted the body suit up to the light and it was as though nothing was
there at all. It felt even worse when she slipped it up her legs and saw her pubic
hairs poking through the transparent fabric. Everything was on display, openly,
for him to see.
She slipped her hand inside the waistband to smooth the hairs down,
desperately trying to hide her pussy lips from sight and hoped it was enough. But
when she stood in front of the mirror she knew he would see her sex slit without
any difficulty. And her breasts were just the same with her nipples showing
clearly, almost obscenely poking through the lace. She either had to refuse right
now and accept a beating at his hands, which was quite unthinkable, or walk out
and display her nakedness.
What kind of choice was that?
Eventually she found the courage to show herself but wrapped a dressing
gown around the lurid garment, holding it closed in both hands.
"Come on," her mother called as she hesitated in the doorway.
Judith never forgot the feeling of revulsion as she stood in front of those
two that night. She was silently weeping and they saw the tears running down her
cheeks, a forlorn look on her downcast face but there was no let up.
"Take that damned thing off and let your Daddy see how pretty you look
in the present he chose for you, Pixie."
"Oh," she whimpered, more to herself than for their benefit, and discarded
the only covering she had.
"Oh, shit," Ralph whistled to himself. Then he just stared, finally unable
to stop himself from rubbing his hand over his crotch.
Judith was openly weeping now, one hand trying to brush the tears away
from her downcast face, the other trying but failing to cover her modesty.
"I had no idea," he whispered. "Shit Valma, you never told me she was
this luscious. Look at those tits. I thought you said they were nothing special.
They're bloody mouthwatering."
"Easy, baby. Don't cream in your pants. I want all that. Just look and
imagine it's her when you make me happy. O.K?"
"Mum," Judith gasped in shock at her mother's crudity.
"Hush up, Pixie. They need to have fantasies sometimes. It's natural."
"Where's the other thing I gave you, Pixie?" Ralph asked leeringly.
"You know what."
"It's… It's still in the box," she said blushing furiously.
"Do you know what it is?"
She remained silent, shifting from one foot to the other in obvious
Yes," she replied in a whisper.
What is it?"
A… A vibrator."
And what's it used for?"
For… It's personal."
What's that mean?"
he knew he was playing with her, forcing her into humiliation after
humiliation but she had no idea what to do to stop him.
It's instead of a man…"
Perhaps we should have her show us, Valma. I have no idea what she
No… I can't tell you," she cried out in despair."
Then go and get it, Pixie," her mother said.
No, I'll tell… It's for a girl to use for sex instead of having a man."
You know so much, I guess you already have one then."
No, I don't."
Use your finger, do you?" He asked with a smirk to which she refused to
Have so many young studs you don't need a vibrator then?"
No, I've never…"
Never what?"
Tell me, young lady. Don't you start to get stroppy with me. I won't stand
for it. What have you never done."
I…," she stammered, blushing so furiously her head began to ache. "I've
never done it with any boy."
What?" He asked with a disbelieving laugh. "You're not going to tell me
you've never been fucked before? I don't believe it."
I haven't," she half screamed back at him, hating him for making her
divulge such intimate secrets.
You're how old? Eighteen? And you mean to tell me you're still a
he was sobbing heavily at his questioning, hating, hating, hating him
with every fibre in her being refusing to reply directly. Instead she simply nodded
her head.
Holy shit, eighteen and untouched. So you just tease them, give them a
feel and then cry rape. Is that what you do? Eh, my sweet little innocent Pixie?"
No," she objected strongly.
Ha, ha. You can't fool me. No one could last this long without losing her
cherry. You're lying."
She was a virgin up to the time her father died," her mother piped up, not
in her defense but to humiliate her even more.
Maybe one day I'll check for myself. Heaven help you if you've lied to
me, my girl. But not tonight, I'm tired," he said. Then looking across at his wife
he added, "Right, now here's what you're going to do tomorrow. Your mother's
taking you shopping and you'll try on everything she wants you to without making
a big song and dance about it. And second, I want all the hair from your neck
down removed. If I find even one hair below your neckline tomorrow night
there'll be hell to pay. I'll shave every hair on your head off as well as everyone I
find on your body, do you hear?"
You… You can't, it isn't right. Mum tell him he can't."
He's your father now. Pixie. You've just got to accept that. You did
everything your father told you and I expect the same for your new father. Now
kiss him goodnight and go back to bed."
Nooo," she moaned.
Yes," her mother demanded.
ith the fear of dread on her heart she leaned down and kissed him on the
You'll have to learn to do better than that, honey pie," he said giving her
a little slap on the bottom. " Now wear these things to bed tonight, nothing else,
he nodded almost imperceptibly and ran from the room, his laughter
ringing in her ears.
udith flung herself onto the top of her bed and cried herself to sleep,
dreading what life had in store for her. She slept fitfully waking early and hating
what might become of her. She could never have anticipated the horrors that were
to become part of her daily life over the next few months.

Chapter Sixteen
Come on, sleepy head. We've got a lot to do today if we're going to keep
your Daddy happy," her mother said as she barged into Judith's room. "Get out of
that slutty thing and put a dress on. Nothing else just some sneakers."
"Noth…? What about my underclothes?"
"You won't need any. Not today. Now move it and make sure you don't
tear that thing. God, seeing you wearing it last night made him so sexy he fucked
me unconscious almost, it was so good. I want him to see you in it often from
now on. Give him a peek at your treasures and get him randy for me."
"I don't want to listen," Judith screamed, cupping her hands over her ears.
"Don't be such a spoil-sport, Pixie. There's nothing wrong with fucking.
It's fantastic. Remember what it was like when you laid beside me when your
first Daddy fucked me. I think you wanted him to do it to you to, didn't you?"
"Nooo," she groaned in utter frustration.
"Yes you did, I know you did. Admit it, you wanted your own Daddy to
fuck you and come inside your pussy. Admit it."
"Well Ralph isn't my Daddy," she retorted with a sulky voice.
"Admit you wanted to get fucked by your Daddy."
"I don't remember," she sulked.
You know you did and so do I so let's stop the fooling around. Now get
up, shower and get dressed like I told you. I want you in the car in fifteen
minutes." With that her mother swept out of the room.
udith groaned and swung her legs over the side of the bed.

Where are we going?" Judith asked as they rode towards town.
Your Daddy wants you to wear nice things that please him so that's
where we're going. And we'll complete the second task at the same time."
What second task?"
Think about it," her mother said with a wry smile.
udith looked at her mother for several seconds. "I don't understand. What
do you mean, Mum?"
I don't think your new Daddy likes pubic hair."
But he was joking, wasn't he?"
I don't think he does much of that, Pixie."
You mean…? Mum, how can I get rid of that?" She asked with a
doubtful look. "Anyway, what's it to him. It's not as if he'll ever get to see it."
Let's just wait and see, eh, Pixie?"
But to get rid of it all means I'll have to shave myself? I don't want to do
it, Mum. It's stupid."
He wants you without hair so that's what he'll get."
No, I won't let you. No, no, no," she said her voice rising to the point
where she was losing control of herself.
er mother pulled the car over to the side of the road and sat around to
look at her daughter. "Now listen to me, Pixie. This thing you've got about Ralph
has got to stop. I married him and that makes him your new Daddy and I expect
you to respect him as you did your own Daddy. I won't have you making trouble
with my marriage, because that's what you're doing, young lady, understand that.
And Ralph's getting pretty sick of your foolishness. Whatever he wants of us, he
will get and I mean it, Pixie. Don't you dare rock the boat any more. You'll obey
him just as you did your own Daddy. I want to hear you agree to that right now or
the consequences will be far worse that you could ever imagine. Now tell me you
will become more cooperative in future. Yes?"
"But I'm eighteen years old, Mum. I'm grown up, not a little girl and he
has no right to make me stand in front of him naked. It was humiliating and I
hated it."
"You might think you're grown up but you're still my daughter and his
stepdaughter so while you live under our roof, you'll be expected to obey his and
my wishes. He claims the right to look at his daughter and I demand that you obey
him in any way he wants. We're a family, Pixie and that means you too are
subject to family rules."
She stared grimly at her daughter, daring the girl to fight back any further.
When no further fight from Judith seemed about to happen, her mother fired what
was to be the final crushing blow. "Of course if you don't wish to bow to the
family rules, you are always free to move out and make your own way in life. But
don't ever expect any sympathy from either of us when you find that life in the
big city is nothing like you imagine it will be. Well, what's it to be? I want your
answer right now. Do I turn the car around and take you home so you can pack
your bags or do we go on and complete his wishes?"
Judith slumped down into the seat, her face white with shock at the
ultimatum. She knew she could never survive on her own and simply bowed her
head then nodded.
"And we won't ever have a change of heart?"
"No," the young woman whispered.
"Good then be quiet until we get where we're going."
Judith remained quiet for a long while after that, her chin slumped against
her chest, silent tears falling down her face. Without looking up she asked,
"Mum, is he going to have sex with me?"
"I can't say. It's not of my choosing but you know I wouldn't stop him,
don't you?"
And so her fate was sealed.
She looked out the window not seeing anything, her mind a blur, a
numbness filtering throughout her body. Nothing mattered anymore. She had no
fight left.
Judith didn't recognize the building they had stopped in front. There was
no signs or even a name or street number, just black glass windows and door.
"We're here, let's get going."
"What is it?"
"You'll soon see."
Immediately inside they were met by a middle aged woman who said,
"Please follow me." No introductions were made and the whole place was silent.
Not even their footsteps were heard due to the thick carpet beneath them.
They entered another room, devoid of any furniture and the woman said,
"Undress here. Mistress will be along in a moment." Without any further
explanation she left them alone.
Judith looked at her mother who simply said, "Well what are you waiting
"You mean I have to take my dress off?" She asked feeling stupid.
"And I guess your shoes too."
"But she said someone else is coming in."
"Well what did you expect? That we'd just stand here all day then go
home. Do what you're told and hurry up."
Judith removed the only covering she wore and bent to remove her shoes.
She felt quite ridiculous standing utterly naked in the empty room and covered
her breasts and pussy as best she could with her arms and hands. She didn't hear
the woman enter.
"Has she been striped before?"
"Wha…?" Judith gasped, twisting around to see who had spoken.
"No, we haven't taken a whip to her yet."
"Rather older than most we get in here but never mind, she will be
taught," the woman said, walking around Judith to see her from every aspect.
"Don't dare cover yourself from me again, young lady."
The woman was dressed most provocatively but her manner left no doubt
in Judith's mind that to disobey would mean some form of punishment.
"Lay on the floor on your stomach, arms spread above your head and legs
as wide apart as you can."
"Why do you want…?" Judith began but was stopped in mid sentence by a
sharp crack and burning sensation over her bottom. She had not seen the riding
crop the woman held.
"You are here because your father wants you dressed in the fashion he
desires and that means absolute obedience to me while I carry out those wishes. I
do not want to hear another sound from you for the rest of the day. Now do as I
told you."
The girl obeyed as if she were eight instead of eighteen, stretching herself
along the carpet as far as she could, not wanting another taste of the crop. It had
hurt dreadfully.
"It looks like a full wax," the woman said. "It will be uncomfortable but
there is so much fluff we'll have to do every inch of her body. Even here," Judith
heard her say then felt the crop slide between her legs and tickle her pussy which
must have been exposed to the woman's eyes. "Did she shower this morning?"
"Of course," her mother stated.
"Good. Come with me."
Both women had left the room by the time Judith rose and she scampered
after them. "Keep up or I'll stripe you again," was all she got for her efforts.
The second room they entered was just as bare as the first with the
exception of a narrow table in the centre of the room and a smaller table nearby,
which was covered by a cloth.
"Get on the table on your stomach first and spread your legs wide apart.
This will hurt but not badly and I don't expect to hear a sound from you until I say
so, Understood?"
"Y…" Judith was going to answer but the crop landed again over her
bottom and she actually squealed from the shock.
"I told you not to make a sound. Remember that."
"You can sit in the waiting room if you wish, Madam. Unfortunately there
are no chairs to sit in here." Judith sensed her mother leaving and dreaded being
alone with this woman.
"Have you ever waxed your legs before?"
Judith shook her head.
"I'll be spreading hot wax over various parts of your body and then place a
strip of cloth over that. Within a few seconds the wax hardens and I quickly tear
the strip off leaving your skin as smooth as a babies bottom. You'll love the feel
of your body when it's totally free of hair. It will feel as smooth as silk," she said
and then added, "Of course it looks like that already." Then Judith felt a hand
stroking her bottom. The woman was touching her bottom, her naked bottom and
she just had to let it happen.
"Do you have a boyfriend?" The woman asked as she began preparing the
Judith shook her head.
"How old are you, seventeen?"
She shook her head.
"Sixteen then?"
Another shake.
A nod.
"A beautiful eighteen year old and no boyfriend. I wonder why? Maybe
you like girls instead? Is that what it is, you prefer the love of girls?"
Judith knew about lesbianism but never imagined herself ever wanting
that. She shook her head frantically.
"You shouldn't be so shocked. girls know far better how to please another
girl than any man does. Would you like me to show you? I'll be touching all your
secret places anyway."
Judith felt absolutely trapped, laying before a demanding, threatening
woman unable to speak even one word without being punished and now wanting
to say no but frightened that if she did the woman would hurt her all the more.
"Maybe you can think about it while I do your back then when I turn you
over all you have to do is open your legs wide apart and I'll know what you want
me to do. If you don't want to experience how wonderful another woman's hands
cab be, simply keep your legs closed until I tell you. Understood?"
Judith nodded and blushed furiously.
Then she felt the heat of the first application on the back of one of her legs
and flinched but breathed a sigh of relief when she realised it wasn't that hot at
all. She began to relax as she felt the woman smoothing the wax along the other
leg and decided in fact that she was going to enjoy just laying there while
someone worked on her limbs. It was so soothing she was nearly asleep when the
shock of the first strip being ripped from her leg woke her with a ferocity she had
never expected. The woman had pulled the whole strip off in one sudden
movement and Judith couldn't stop herself from crying out loudly from the
unexpected prickling feeling.
No sooner had she cried out that another fierce stripe was laid across her
behind and she had to bite her lip to stop making any further noise. From then on,
strips were applied and removed in quick time, working along each leg, over her
tender bottom cheeks and all the way up her back until she was sure patches of
skin had been removed as well as any hairs.
"Ha, ha, I love to see the reaction of first timers when the wax is removed.
Quite a shock to the system, isn't it?"
Judith simply nodded. But she found the hurt soon disappeared to leave a
tingling sensation all over the area that had been treated.
"Remember what I told you before? I want you to roll over onto your back
How could she let this woman touch her sexually? It felt too humiliating
to contemplate and while she was tempted, just to find out what sex with another
woman would feel like, at the last moment she chickened out and kept her legs
closed. Tightly.
"Hmm, not quite game yet, are we? Well I'll give you another chance then
the offer is closed for this visit. When I've finished I'll tell you to sit up. If you
decide you'd like to experience girl sex, just continue to lay still with your legs
wide apart. Now to work; I'll do your torso and arms then the legs and finally the
bulls eye," she said with a little giggle.
Removal of the strips from across her nipples hurt badly but Judith kept
her silence. Under her arms was tender too but it was soon over, leaving her
whole body tingling where each of a thousand hairs had been extracted.
"Now my little scaredy-cat, time for pussy's hairdo."
The woman pushed Judith's legs apart and stood between them, looking
down on the teenager, more precisely, down on her wide spread pussy lips. "My,
my, how delectable," the woman whispered almost to herself. She reached over
and produced an electric hair clipper.
"So who's the big villain, your boyfriend? No, you don't have one of
those. Let's see, was that your mother who came with you. Is it she who wants to
see you hairless?"
Judith shook her head, blushing all over again.
"Hmm, surely it's not your Daddy. Is he doing naughty things to his little
Again she shook her head desperately wanting to tell her that her father
had died years ago.
"I don't suppose your Mummy's involved in some religious sect and the
priest wants you all naked down here? No? I guess I'm running out of options.
Maybe it's your brother? No? Your sister?" No I couldn't imagine that. No school
teacher blackmailing you or something?"
Judith kept shaking her head, becoming more frustrated at not being able
to speak with each question.
"Ah ha, I know your Mummy's new boy friend, that's it, right?"
She was almost right and Judith didn't know how to tell her so she simply
shrugged her shoulders and waved her hand trying to tell the woman she was
close to the truth.
"Not a boyfriend but… Hmm, has your mother got a girlfriend then?"
"No, it's my new stepfather," Judith blurted out unable to contain herself
any longer. She was rewarded by a vicious cut of the whip across the centre of
both breasts and when she screamed out from the pain another fell right alongside
the last one. She jerked upwards and massaged the burning nipples as tears fell
from her eyes.
"You were warned, weren't you? So, it's the stepfather. I suspect you've
made him a little bit randy then. Am I right?"
Judith didn't know how she could know these things and wondered if her
mother had given their secret away.
"Giving you a little bit of slap and tickle, is he? Feeling you up? What a
naughty man but I hope you are not refusing him. It's a father's privilege, you
Judith couldn't believe any woman would think of agreeing to such things.
"It's my job to make you as presentable as possible so when I hear a client
telling me she objects to allowing their man the pleasures they deserve, I become
very angry. If you return here again and I hear you have been reluctant with your
sexual favors, I will beat you until you bleed and plead for mercy. Do you
understand what I have said, young woman?"
Judith was trembling with fear as she nodded her head vigorously.
"Actually you will do me a favor by disobeying for I so much love to
make young girls whimper as I lay on the cane. It gives me an orgasm just
anticipating the event." All this was said so matter-of-factly, Judith wondered if
she was dreaming it all, but the vibrations of the clipper moving over her pubic
mound soon dispelled that. She looked down to see the woman carefully
removing the bulk of the hair between her legs and when the job was done she
lifted the matt away in still one piece.
"It's incredible what arouses men. My instructions are to have your hair
mounted and framed so it can be hung on your wall. Now how will you explain
that to your visitors, eh?" She asked smiling at the thought.
Judith just gave up and laid still as the woman began to remove the last of
her pubic hair, ripping patches away with sharp sudden jerks that made the young
girl groan. Soon she was as naked as a newborn baby and was told to feel her
pussy. It was true, her flesh, now devoid of any hair whatsoever, felt as smooth as
silk, almost sensuous.
Then the woman stood back and looked down at her for what seemed like
several minutes.
"You're not going to open your legs, are you? You're going to miss out on
some wonderful feelings," she warned, in a non-threatening voice.
Judith had forgotten her offer but was pleased she hadn't been tempted.
"Alright, young woman, I'm not here to force you into sex. I detest lesbian
rapes even though I can understand males needing to rape women. Maybe when
we meet again then," she said and left the room, leaving Judith naked, still lying
on the table.
"Come with me, please," a voice called from the doorway. Judith felt very
self-conscious as she followed the woman, still quite naked and with all her
bodily hair removed for the first time in her life. She found her mother waiting in
a room full of clothes racks and what looked like lingerie of every sort
The two older women conversed almost non-stop, taking various articles
of lingerie and holding it against Judith who was still forbidden to speak herself.
She had seen the cane as soon as she entered and had no intention of getting
another stripe.
Some articles were discarded but most went onto a trolley, bras, panties,
French knickers, camisoles, night dresses of all sorts, little baby doll pajamas,
even some cotton nightdresses that Judith thought more suited to a twelve or
thirteen year old. Many of the garments were totally see-through and she saw
several sets of panties seemed to have holes where they shouldn't be but she
dared not ask about them.
Then to another room where mirrors covered every wall and each garment
was tried on for fit. Just a few were discarded this time for the woman seemed to
have an excellent eye for sizes and most fitted perfectly. She then discovered that
indeed there were holes in many of her panties, right along the line of her pussy
lips. She had never seen anything like that in the shops or supermarkets and
blushed when she bent down to pick something up and saw just how exposed her
vagina was.
Her mother seemed pleased with articles that were meant for much
younger girls, for there were little flowers and bows and ribbons on many that she
chose. But when she began trying on the nightdresses, Judith almost protested
aloud for she realised her stepfather would be able to see every secret she
possessed whenever he saw her in them. There were as sheer as the sheerest
stockings and showed off her body completely, just like the body suit last night..
When she shook her head at her mother and pointed out how exposed the
nighties left her, her mother just laughed and said to the woman beside her, "My
husband is going to go absolutely bonkers when he sees her in these."
And so the dice was cast. As soon as she got home she was told to take a
long very hot bath but found her mother following her into the bathroom. She had
not watched her take a bath since she was a little girl.
"I'm not here to watch you, Pixie, I'm going to bathe you myself, just to
make sure you look your best for your Daddy tonight."
"But, Mum, You're not going to let him see me wearing those clothes are
you? They so thin it's no different to being naked in front of him."
"Oh, you'll be that after a while anyway, Pixie," she replied.

Chapter Seventeen
She had been standing beside the sofa for more than half an hour when her
father came home. "It's just so you won't crease the nightie, Pixie. You want to
look your best, don't you?"
How could she acknowledge that? Judith thought. No, I don't want to look
like this for him, but she knew very well she had little choice in the matter. She
heard her mother speaking to him and then they both came into the room.
He sat in his chair and motioned for her to stand in front of him and turn
"Oh, bloody shit, that's fantastic," he breathed after studying her for
several minutes. "They said that place could do wonders but this is…," he began
but couldn't finish.
"She looks good enough to fuck right here, doesn't she, baby," Judith
heard her mother say.
"And she's bloody going to let me before long," he replied not caring that
she heard every word.
"Nooo, Daddy. You can't," she wailed in absolute defeat. She was
standing with her hands clasped together as though shielding her hairless vagina
from his sight but in fact she didn't realise she was doing that.
"Don't you bloody well cover yourself from me ever, you little cow," he
growled cruelly. "You belong to me now and I'll do whatever I want and you'd
better accept that right here and now. Well, do you?" His eyes were like steel as
he stared at her, daring her to object.
"Yes," she whispered.
"Yes what?"
"Yes, Daddy, I have to do what you tell me."
"Ah, ha," he said with satisfaction. "So you've finally realised life will be
much sweeter by being obedient, is that it?"
"Yes, Daddy," she responded, knowing she had finally given in. She heard
her mother breathe a sigh, almost of relief.
"Come closer and stand still," he said and then reached out and stroked
her sex mound with the back of a curled finger. "Your mother will show you how
to keep your cunt hairless. I never want to see another hair growing on it, or
anywhere near your slit, understood.?"
"Yes, Daddy."
"From now on, you're thirteen years old again. You'll wear clothes that fit
that age, you'll wear ponytails and white socks and cotton dresses, and you'll
speak like a little girl again. If I ever see or hear you looking like you're older
than that, I'll cut off your tits so you'll be flat chested forever. You'd better
remember that, you snooty little cow."
His manner frightened her dreadfully for his voice was so angry and she
took his threats seriously. She felt so stupid talking like a little girl again and it
sounded more like she was seven or eight when she answered, "Yes, Daddy." At
least he seemed pleased with her reply.
Without any preliminaries, he slid his hands under the transparent nightie
and cupped her bottom cheeks, pressing his fingers into the crease until there
were pressing against her bottom hole.
"Stop wriggling," he complained. She couldn't stop the shivering but at
least she made herself stand still while he enjoyed feeling her up. It was the most
dreadful feeling having to simply stand there and let him do what he wanted
while her mother watched. Her mother seemed to be enjoying her discomfort, or
perhaps it was her husband's pleasure. Judith wasn't really sure but the fact was
her mother had completely abandoned her to this cruel man and she had no one to
defend her virtue at all.
He had pulled her so close she was wedged hard against his open crotch,
and his face was nuzzling into her stomach. "Oh, you little bitch, you want to
please Daddy, don't you. Tell me you do," he mumbled s though he was talking to
himself. His hands were squeezing her bottom cheeks so hard she cried out in
pain but it didn't stop him. "Tell Daddy how much you want him to touch you,
come on, you little slut, tell him."
"Daddy, I… Daddy, please stop, your hurting me. Oh, it's terrible," she
pleaded to little avail for he ground her pelvis hard against his crotch caring
nothing about her pain or the humiliation she was suffering.
"I told you to tell me, you little cow, now do it."
"Daddy, I want to feel you touching me," she gasped in desperation, trying
to push her self away from his groin, when she felt his erection harden as she was
pressed against him. "Please don't do it so hard, Daddy, it hurts," she pleaded in
her little girl's voice.
"Ha, ha, ha, you don't know the meaning of hurt yet, my little sugar plum
fairy. Wait until you feel my cock split your tight little arsehole in two, then
you'll know what hurt means," he told her with a cruel look in his eye. "I like
hurting young virgins even more than I like buggering their mothers, isn't that so,
"You can bugger me any time you like baby, if it makes you happy and
that little thing will let you too, won't you, Pixie?" Her mother sneered, her face
almost touching her daughter's.
"Please, Mum, not that. I couldn't," Judith cried and it was genuine for the
tears flowed continuously down her cheeks.
"I don't care what you couldn't do," her mother lashed back. "You don't
have to do anything just bend over and let Daddy poke you real good. That's what
he likes and you have to please him, just like I do."
There was utter devastation in her eyes as she realised how depraved the
two of them had become. There was little doubt in her mind that her mother was
caught up in this man's cruelty just as much as she, herself, was. Neither had any
way out.
"You haven't let some young buck take your arsehole, have you?" Her
stepfather asked harshly. "You haven't had a cock up your arse yet?"
"No, Daddy, never," the girl retorted, shocked at the insinuation.
"And you've still got your cherry?" As he asked as she felt his hand slide
down her stomach and trail lightly along the line of her slit.
"Yes, of course I have," she replied vehemently.
"That's lucky for you. That cherry is mine and when I consider the time is
right you will give it to me and no one else. You got that?"
"Daddy, I… I don't think it's right to do that," she mumbled in her little
girl's voice.
"I don't give a shit what you think, it's what I say that counts and don't
you ever forget it. Have you got a boyfriend?"
"No, Daddy."
"A girlfriend, one you play doctors with?"
"Nooo," the stricken girl groaned.
"That's good too. If I ever catch you alone with a boy, even just walking
home from school, I'll thrash you, girl. No one messes with my cunts. And if I
ever hear you've told anyone about your home life I'll kill you and your mother
too, believe me, I'll do it without a second thought. Tell her, Valma."
"It's true, Pixie. The police took him to court for murdering his first wife
but they couldn't prove it and he got off."
"Murder? You mean you killed…? Did you?"
"Of course I fucking well killed her. She let some bastard priest mess
around with her and I caught them at it. He'd gotten her clothes off and she was
kneeling in front of him ready to suck his cock when I walked in. I cut his balls
off and stuffed them up her cunt then I cut her throat. He couldn't tell anyone
because he'd be kicked out of his cushy little job and they couldn't find anyone to
match the blood to so they gave up and discharged me. I could dispose of you two
without any bother, believe me so all I want is obedience from you and to be
pleasured just the way I want it whenever I want it. That becomes your sole
purpose for living, little girl. Please me or I'll hurt you and I guess that would
give me pleasure anyway."
Judith couldn't remember fainting, the first recollection being when she
woke in her own bed sometime later. Her mother was sitting beside the bed and
had begun to remove the transparent nightdress.
"How are you feeling, baby," she said kindly. It was the first time she had
spoken to Judith like that since she became engaged to Ralph and it gave the
young girl a feeling of contentment.
"Mum, you won't let him do things to me, will you," she pleaded, clinging
to her as though her life depended on it.
"Listen to me, baby. Neither you or I has any say in the matter. He can be
very caring at times but like all men, when he needs sex he gets as mean as hell
until he shoots his load then it's easier. I sucked him off after you fainted because
I didn't want him to fuck you while you were unconscious and he's calmed down
again. Remember what your own Daddy was like, all the things he made you do
to please him? Well, Ralph's just like that only he gets a little bit more carried
away and loves to sodomize his women. You wouldn't believe what he told me he
made his first wife do sometimes. He was so proud of it and laughed as he told
me, in fact went into hysterics when he described how she pleaded not to do it to
her again so he did it straight away just to teach her a lesson. It nearly made me
faint listening to him, I tell you but he's never tried anything like that with me so
maybe he's calmed down these days."
"What did he do?" She asked, her eyes wide with fright.
"I can't tell you, baby, it's too terrible, you just couldn't imagine having to
do anything like it, I promise. But what you need to understand, baby is that it's
so important to agree with anything he wants to do otherwise the bad side of him
surfaces and he could do anything to you or to me if he doesn't get his own way."
"But, Mum, he said he was going to…," she moaned and began to cry.
Then kept on speaking between her sobs, "He said he would do it in my bottom,
isn't that what he said?"
"Even your Daddy did that to me quite often. men seem to love
performing sodomy, they all do it."
"But it's so filthy. You mean they really do stick their thing right inside?"
"All the way and then they fuck it like they do in our vaginas, until they
shoot off. They all say the arse is so tight and gives them more pleasure."
"But don't they get… You know, sh…, uhm, pooh on their thing?"
"That's the worst because most times they make you suck them clean."
Judith clamped her hand over her mouth and ran to the bathroom. When
she came back her mother cradled her in her arms and rocked back and forth.
"Don't cry, baby. It's not so bad, living with men, really it isn't.
Remember the climaxes your Daddy gave you, now they were nice, weren't they?"
"Yes," she whimpered.
"Ralph gives me plenty of those. He seems to like proving himself that way
so he doesn't stop fucking until I have at least one orgasm and sometimes more.
That's one of the great things about Ralph, he's a great lover when he wants to
"I always thought my husband would break my hymen, Mum."
"Very few girls ever last that long baby. I lost mine when I was ten, to my
"Uncle Brian? You mean you let him…?"
"No, he just took it one night when we were alone. I guess it was rape but
I didn't think of it like that then. I thought it was just something boys did."
"Does he remember? I mean he still comes around sometimes, doesn't he
feel guilty or something?"
"I don't think he even remembers it really. Certainly never mentions it."
"Did you tell Ralph?"
"Yeah, but I said I was just eight and my priest did it when I was learning
catechism. He hates priests so it was easy for him to believe and it doesn't put
Brian at risk."
"Gosh, Ralph might freak if he ever found out."
"Let's hope he never does."
"Does it hurt, Mum? I mean getting fu… His thing up your bottom?"
"Like fire sometimes. If you can get some lubrication on his cock
beforehand it usually just slips in but when it's dry he just keeps pushing and it
feels worse than sandpaper being poked up inside. Best thing to do is to relax
your bottom and let him have his way. I really don't think he'll do it to you for
some time, he still has to get up the courage to make you do sex things with your
hands and mouth so it'll probably be a while yet. Don't fret about it, baby. If it
happens just accept it. You won't die from sodomy nor will you die when he
takes your virginity."
"I wish he wouldn't touch me, it makes my skin crawl."
"That was how you felt when your real Daddy started feeling you up,
remember? But you soon got to love it as I remember. True?"
"Yes, I suppose. But that was Daddy, Ralph isn't."
"You have to think of him as your father though, baby. He wants it and it's
the only way to keep the peace."
"I know that but it still feels awful, the way he runs his hands over my
bottom and pussy."
"Ah, that's men for you. They're uncaring devils but we've still got to
please them."
"I liked talking to you tonight, Mum. You're like the old Mum I knew
when Daddy was alive. Thanks for that," she said and put her arms around her
mother's neck and kissed her lovingly.
"Forgive me when I'm nasty to you, baby. But he wants me to act that
way, his way of making you feel insecure so you'll comply easier."
"Is that why…? I didn't realise. At least I know you're not being nasty
because you hate me."
"I never hated you baby, please believe that. Well you seem to have
recovered so I'd better go and keep your new Daddy company. We'll talk again
when we can," she said, giving her daughter a light peck on the cheek as she left.

She lay on her bed, her arm over her eyes and thought about all that had
happened over the past few days and tears welled up then overflowed. She had
become this beastly man's sex slave, there was no doubt about that. An adult and
yet she had to let him do things none of her friends had ever suffered. Certainly,
much of what she had been subjected to so far was no more than what her own
Daddy had done to her but it was far worse with Ralph. Now she was under threat
of physical harm and even death if she didn't comply. Did he really kill his first
wife like he said? He seemed pretty convincing when he told her about it and she
was sure it was true so what he threatened now was almost sure to be true as well.
He could dispose of her and no one would ever know unless she complied and
continued to comply.

Chapter Eighteen
"Pixie, come in here please," she heard her mother call after a time. It
could mean only one thing.
They were both on the bed naked and he was fucking her mother almost
violently when she walked in the door.
"Oh, I'm sorry…" she mumbled and quickly turned to leave.
"Come in here you little bitch. Come and see what a real man does to his
He looked so cruelly pleased as she walked closed. "Ever watched anyone
get fucked before?"
"N… No," she mumbled, more embarrassed worse than she could ever
"What's wrong, you poor little bitch? It's just fucking, what's wrong with
"I… I don't know," she replied reverting to her little girl voice.
"Well you'd better get used to it because you're going to see plenty more.
See how she's whimpering with pleasure. Go on, look at your mother and see just
how much she likes a real fuck. Her last old man couldn't even raise a moan from
her when he shoved his dick inside but she knows it's different now, don't you
my sweet cunt?"
"Sure do, baby. Fuck me good, oh, you're the best."
"See how she likes it, little bitch?"
"Yes, Daddy," she agreed.
"That's what you've got to look forward to, understand? You'll spread
your legs and Daddy will fuck you until you scream out from the pleasure. You
just watch your mother and see if I'm not right."
She stood and watched. Sweat was pouring off his body from the exertion
of his lovemaking and he began to thrust deep and fast making her mother moan
loudly, each downward stroke bringing a higher pitch to her moans. She could
clearly see his cock sinking between her pussy lips because he was holding his
whole body above hers, just his hips moving as he thrust himself in and out. A
band of frothy whiteness had formed around the base of his cock at the depth he
thrust into her and juices were running down the crease of her buttocks and over
her bottom hole.
Judith watched her mother closely, not sure whether she was enjoying the
sex or whether she was in fact being hurt because her face was screwed up almost
as if she were enduring severe pain, yet the moans sounded very much like
pleasure and she was holding his shoulders trying to pull him down against her.
"Love me, baby. Oh, I love the way you fuck, it's wonderful," she gasped
between the fast deep breaths she was gasping for and the continual moaning
sounds that flowed about the room. Yes, Judith thought, she is enjoying it, no
doubt about that.
Just as her mother's voice became an ongoing high pitched squeal and her
body began to shudder as though it was out of control, her new father growled a
long deep moan flung his head towards the ceiling with his teeth clenched then
slowly relaxed and slumped down on top of his wife. Their bodies were shiny
with perspiration and she watched as her mother clung lovingly to his sweaty
"Thank you, Ralph baby. It was so good," she said with a warm smile and
a little peck to his lips.
"You might be my second missus but you're the best fuck, little cunt," he
said almost in reverence. Then he slid off and laid on his back, a string of semen
still attached to his penis.
"Clean your mother up, bitch," he said almost casually.
Judith gasped then turned to go.
"Where do you think you're going?"
"To get a washer."
"You've got a washer, your mouth. Now use it."
"You mean…? Oh, I can't," the young girl objected, almost crying.
"Unless you want the living shit belted out of you, you'd better do as your
told. Now," he demanded in a loud voice.
Semen was flowing slowly out of her mother's vagina as Judith kneeled
on the bed and she thought she was going to be sick as she leaned down and
sucked the slippery goo away. Her mother trembled when Judith licked across her
clitoris several times and then she moved down as far as she could reach into the
crease of her bottom.
"Lift your legs up so the girl can get it all, cunt," Ralph said matter-of-
The wet trail was opened and Judith licked right down the crease, over her
tight bottom hole to where several drops had fallen onto the bed. Then she moved
up again, sucking up the small stream that was still flowing. She pushed her
tongue as far into her mother's pussy as she could and sucked all the fluid she
could reach, so intent on pleasing that she made a farting-like noise against her
mother's pussy that made her new Daddy laugh softly. As she sat back on her
heels, the job completed, she heard, "Now me."
It took several moments for the realisation to sink in.
"You? What, Daddy?"
"You fucking well know what. I want you to clean me up the same way,
you stupid little bitch."
"I… I can't…," she cried in anguish. "Please don't make me do that,
"Fucking do it right now. And if you're good, I'll let you make me come
in your mouth. Now get on with it."
If she did a good job he would squirt his stuff inside her mouth and if she
doesn't, she'll probably get a hiding. What terrible choices.
His cock was quite limp now but still shiny with her mother's wet sex
juices. The tip of his cock had weeped the last of his ejaculation into his pubic
hair and she could clearly see it tangling the hairs together.
She gingerly took the limp dick between her fingers and lowered her
mouth onto the wetness. Surprisingly, it brought back memories of her real father
and the many times she had done this to him. The taste was exactly as she
remembered which made her task easier than she had expected. Her mind went
back to those earlier days and for a time it was as though her real Daddy was
lying beneath her while she pleasured him the way he liked so much. His cock
soon hardened and grew so that it became difficult for her mouth to fit around it,
yet fit it did and she knew her new Daddy was enjoying the feeling once again.
"Oh, shit, you little bitch, you've done this before haven't you. No, don't
stop, keep going," his gruff voice broke her reverie and she returned to the present
and sucked Ralph's large cock as she had done for her own Daddy all those years
She was going to get showered with his semen but that was better than a
hiding for she knew that would be far worse. As she worked her mouth back and
forth, she felt her mother move and began to undress her. She was being stripped
by her own mother in front of this uncouth new step-father, all for his pleasure
she had no doubt. Her skirt and panties were off, her blouse undone and she had
to lift each arm in turn for it to be removed. When her bra was also taken away
she was naked in front of him and as usual, within arms reach. Her breasts were
mauled almost immediately as he urged her on.
"This might be a good time to take her rear maidenhead, baby," she heard
her mother half whisper. "Up, Pixie. Stand at the edge of the bed and lean over it.
Daddy's going to pleasure you."
"No… No, he can't," she cried out, never once thinking her mother would
be the one to encourage him to carry out this outrage. It was less than an hour ago
that she had told her he wouldn't do this for a long time yet. And now she was
encouraging him to do it right away.
"Let him have his pleasure, Pixie. Once it happens it won't hurt you again.
Get it over and done with."
Ralph needed no more encouragement and was standing behind her
instantly, his erection wetting her bottom and crease. "Use some of this, baby.
You'll get inside much easier then."
Judith looked around in horror but was relieved to see her mother
smearing a huge glob of KY jelly over the head of his cock and then some was
squeezed right inside her bottom hole. At least it would make it easier. What was
it that she had said? Try to open my bottom to help him in. Oh, it's so
embarrassing, she told herself and felt the blush rising once again. She opened her
legs wider and strained to push her sphincter open or at least looser. She hoped
this wouldn't bring on a motion, which would be the ultimate degradation.
His hands clasped her hips tightly and she felt his cock pressing against
her anus.
"Now, you little bitch, it's time to feel a real cock inside you. Try to push
me away and I'll thump you, understand?"
She could only nod her head, tears flowing freely in silence, hating the
thought of what he was going to do yet helpless to stop him.
"Ugh," she grunted at his first thrust and then realised he was already
inside for it felt as though a whole plank had been pushed in. It was just the very
tip of his penis that had intruded but she was sure it had gone all the way in. Until
the next thrust which took her breath away completely and she screamed out in
pain. A million hot coals were burning their way inside. Another thrust and she
felt his body pressed hard against hers.
"You've got a cock up your bum, bitch," he hissed in her ear. "Like it?"
"Nooo, it hurts. Please take it out, Daddy."
"Not bloody likely," he replied with a laugh. "You're mine now and
you're going to get to love this kind of fucking. It's my favourite because your
bum's so tight. Now just hold still while I enjoy myself," he added and then began
to piston himself in and out. The burning dissolved to an ache then to no more
than a strange feeling of needing to visit the toilet. His hand slid down to her
pussy and a finger insinuated itself against her clit which he began to massage in
quick round strokes, all the while continuing to fuck her behind with abandon. He
began to slap the side of her bottom with the other hand, soft at first but getting
harder all the time, in direct rhythm with the out-thrusts of his cock.
As he pushed in he stroked her clitoris and as he pulled away he spanked
her tender bottom. It was so unusual yet soon enough she felt the stirrings of a
climax building deep inside her pussy.
Then he gasped aloud just as he did when he discharged inside her mother
and she felt trembling of his body and the rhythmic pulsing of his cock as he
discharged into her bottom. His hands had stopped pleasing her as he took his
own pleasure and she fought not to collapse from the sheer emotion of it all.
Eventually his body calmed down and he once more began to masturbate her until
she cried out in pleasure as her orgasm exploded. She felt her face pressing
against his as though they were lovers in every way for the draining of her orgasm
left her with an entirely different feeling towards her stepfather.
"You liked it, didn't you, bitch," he asked with a softness in his voice.
"Ye… Yes," she whispered back.
"So we can do it again with out all the drama next time?"
"Tell me you enjoyed it."
"I liked the way you made me come," she returned, not wishing to show
too much enthusiasm.
"I know you randy young girls. You love sex, don't you, little bitch?" He
had a knowing smile, almost a smirk as he looked intensely into her eyes.
"I don't know," she said shyly.
"Can you feel my spunk in your arse, little bitch?"
"Uhm, I… I don't think so, Daddy," she admitted in her little girls voice
"I'm going to pull out now. Ly down on the bed and lift your legs high and
wide. I want to see what your fucked arse-hole looks like."
She had little choice but to obey and felt the humiliation as hot flushes
rushed across her face once more. He could see everything she held as private
right before his eyes. Her pussy was widely spread and she felt the coolness of the
wet flesh as she opened herself to him. Her bottom felt so strange, stretched and
almost as if the hole had been made permanently open by his assault. She felt his
finger stroke her anus and he lifted it to his nose. "
"Hmm, not much shit there, I must have washed it all away for you. Here,
lick this up." He pressed his wet finger against her lips and she had to open her
mouth. He was wrong because she could definitely taste the bitterness of her own
"Well?" He asked.
"What, Daddy?"
"Like it?"
"Because I could taste my… you know."
"Your what?"
"My… My pooh," she replied, blushing deeply.
"How do you know it wasn't just my spunk?"
"Because it was bitter like pooh," she explained.
"Maybe my spunk is bitter."
"No… That's just salty."
"You know more than your letting on I think, young lady. Care to tell me
how you know that."
She looked at her mother for assistance but received nothing helpful.
"I… I used to taste Daddy's sperm." When she admitted that, she burst
into tears and ran from the room, the sound of both her stepfather and her
mother's laughter in her ears. She had no intention of ever telling him such
intimacies but found she couldn't help herself. She was sure he would come into
her room and want more details and she would have told him everything he
wanted to know for she was frightened of his reactions if she tried to disobey him.
But he never came and she found herself showering and slipping into bed.
Thankfully sleep came quickly and she slept right through until morning.

Chapter Nineteen
Her stepfather paid her body much attention after that day and she found
herself sleeping between her parents often, usually after having sex with him and
sometimes, her mother as well. She was taught all the niceties of lesbian sex, her
mother being the main tutor but often Ralph had them do things together that
even her mother objected to. Nevertheless, Ralph almost always got his way and
Judith found herself becoming the toilet for both of them when Ralph was in one
of his aroused moods.
"I need to pee, little bitch," he would say and rollover onto his side. It was
then her job to lay down beside him, and take his cock between her lips while he
emptied his bladder down her throat. If even one drop was spilt she was subjected
to a heavy spanking that left her so sore she often had to stay home from college
the next day because she simply couldn't sit down.
Spanking her was one of his great delights, something that she dreaded but
had no choice but to allow him his pleasure. From mid-way through her
eighteenth year she learned all there was to know about spanking. Ralph took
great delight in collecting instruments of flagellation from tiny thin canes that
almost broke her skin every time it landed, through birch wands that cut with a
fierce burning to jockeys whips and even one very long whippy trotters whip.
Ralph practiced for weeks to perfect his use of this particular instrument so much
that he could land the tip of the whip on any chosen inch of her body holding it at
full arms length. He was very proud to be able to hit each nipple in turn then each
side of her labia and her clit in quick succession. Once he landed ten straight
strokes on a square inch of her bottom in less than a minute and the result was a
bruise that spread to over six inches across and lasted more than two weeks. He
whipped her always in the cruelest way and she knew he had ejaculated in his
pants several times from the screams of agony she emitted throughout the ordeal.
But simple hand spanking was his greatest love during this time. She had
been taught the art of striptease by a woman Ralph employed for six months,
making her learn every facet of the art from the movement of her hands and
fingers, the look in her eye and the movements of her hips and breasts until she
could arouse even the most impotent of men. Not that she was placed in that
position, at least not at that time.
So with the skills of a professional she was made to arouse both Ralph and
her mother on many occasions and once nude, was put over Ralph's knee. The
preliminaries usually consisted of a long period of being felt up, to torturous
pinching of nipples and vaginal regions, to almost suffocation as her airways were
blocked off until he was finally ready to spank.
Laying over his knee with her legs wide apart, always a prerequisite, she
lay still until he chose to begin. She often waited ten or fifteen minutes, never
knowing when he would start, and felt his hardness becoming wetter by the
minute as precum leaked onto her tummy. Then he would beat her bottom
mercilessly for as long as his hand could stand the onslaught. She learned very
soon that to please him most she had to shriek aloud as every swat landed but it
was impossible not to cry out for his spankings were cruel in the extreme.
Occasionally she had been laid face up while he spanked her breasts just
as hard, so that by the morning they were swollen and bruised. There was no way
she could wear a bra after a breast spanking for several days and while being
excused from college for no more than two days by Ralph for that may cause
questions to be asked, she had to attend after that quite braless, covering the
bouncing mounds by always holding a book or clothes against her chest, a painful
thing as her bruised breasts were pressed against the book.
One of the things that did surprise her was that she had remained a virgin
right up to the age of almost nineteen. Ralph hadn't mentioned this for over a year
and Judith certainly never brought the subject up even with her mother. The
longer it went the more confident she became that she would be left intact.
The other thing that Ralph never interfered with was her periods. He made
her keep a detailed diary of the periods even down to the recording of how many
changes of sanitary pads she made during each day of the cycle and even the
extent of staining on each pad she removed. Judith had to tell her Daddy the
moment each period started for Ralph issued her sanitary pads to her. She was
never allowed to have even one spare in her room. It was her responsibility then
to produce the diary after the last pad was needed each month. Ralph would study
the charts she drew up very closely, asking questions every time about some
aspect and complaining if she used too many pads on any of the days. But during
her menses he made no sexual demands on her at all. So periods to Judith were
times of peace and she looked forward to the flow of blood each month unlike all
her college friends.
Ralph supervised her taking of the contraceptive pill every night
immediately after supper, putting the small tablet on her tongue and ensuring it
was swallowed. He was making very sure his young ward could not let herself get
pregnant for the blame would rest squarely on him, being the only male in the
household. Although he had never penetrated her vaginally, his other sexual
demands saw much semen spilled over all parts of her body from time to time and
there were many chances some could impregnate her by accident. Judith was
happy to take the pill for that very reason.
For almost three years, Judith suffered the sexual demands of her
stepfather and her mother. She hated the feeling of helplessness, of being quite
unable to refuse any of the numerous acts of degradation he forced on her but she
feared worst of all the cruelty of his whippings and beatings. She had never heard
the term 'sex slave' but that was just how she felt. Almost daily she was subjected
some form of sexual abuse mostly from Ralph but frequently from her own
mother as well. The more Ralph used her, the less he made sexual demands on his
wife and instead of demanding her wifely needs from him, her mother simply
used her daughter to produce the orgasms she needed.
Judith learned every aspect of sex with another female and despite her
knowing this incestuous relationship was quite wrong, at least it was far more
pleasant than the sex Ralph demanded.
Ralph did have his good moments though and when he was in the right
mood he would pleasure the young girl with two or three orgasms in a row. But
afterwards, in his aroused state, his cruelty surfaced again until he climaxed
Judith slowly relinquished all the friendships she had at school mainly
because Ralph demanded her utter obedience and he denied her any friendship
with others. But always in the back of Judith's mind was the concern that if she
made any close friendships, even if she could have kept them secret from Ralph,
she was frightened that she might let slip something that would give her terrible
secret away. She couldn't imagine the humiliation she would face if anyone
learned both her stepfather and her own mother were sexually using her.
On the eve of her Twenty-first birthday, Ralph shattered her long kept
hope that he wasn't going to take her virginity.
"You won't be going to school tomorrow, cunt," he said gruffly after
"Why, Daddy?" She asked in her little girl's voice. She talked almost
exclusively that way now. Her hair was still done in plaits or ponytails despite the
rest of colleagues wearing their hair in modern fashions. She too still wore clothes
more suited to a twelve year old and all that kept Ralph happy. At least at school
there were uniforms all had to wear so Judith wasn't subjected to teasing for the
juvenile dresses she wore when at home.
"Because tomorrow you turn Twenty-one and we are going to celebrate it
with you. You'd like that, wouldn't you, little tits?" His names for her were
always degrading but after three years of the same it didn't hurt her feelings very
much at all.
She looked at her mother to trying to learn something of what his real
intentions were, but as usual she never helped at all.
"Uhm, I suppose so," she said non-committally.
"Tomorrow you become legally available for fucking so it's time. You
"Understand what?" She asked with dread for she knew deep down what
he was getting at.
"What the fuck do you think I mean? Tomorrow I'm going to fuck that
precious cherry of yours, little bitch. We're going to have lots of fun, aren't we,
"Sure, honey," her mother replied with less than the same enthusiasm he
was showing.
"Your not going to do it to me really, are you, Daddy?" Her face was
white with fear.
"I'm not going to do it, sweet buns, you're going to do it for me. Then no
one can say I raped you, can they?"
"But… Oh, you can't do it, Daddy. It isn't right you know that. Please
don't make me do anything like that. I want to keep it for my husband," she
pleaded, backing away from his outstretched hand.
"You'll bloody well die quicker if you don't do what I want. And besides,
I'm your husband now, there's never going to be anyone else but me fucking you,
cunt. Do you think I'd let a cherry like you get away without giving me my dues?
Not bloody likely. Now listen here. Early to bed tonight but you can sleep in until
lunchtime tomorrow. Then I want you up and showered by one o'clock. Your
mother will show you what to wear and from then on you'll do exactly what
you're told. I won't have any messing around, because I've been waiting for this
day for three years. Never had a virgin before and I suppose I won't ever again so
you're going to make it very special for me. Mess it up and I'll slit your throat."
Judith had slumped down on the floor, her face covered in her hands,
weeping pitifully at the thought of what she was about to endure. What right had
he to make her do this, she told herself in self-pity. He's a brute and I hate him.
But she dared not say it out loud.
Her mother pulled her up and literally pushed her towards her bedroom.
"He does mean it, Pixie. He's been planning this for over a year now and I
know exactly what he's going to do tomorrow. He's been coaching me all this
time so everything will be done exactly as he wants."
"What's he going to do to me, Mum?"
"I'm sorry, Pixie, I can't tell you now, but it won't be as bad as he makes
out. He's the one who will take your hymen, he won't be making you do it on top
of him. He's been dreaming about how it will feel laying between your legs as he
fucks you so much that he might even shoot off before he gets to touch you. But
that's his problem, not yours."
"He'll hurt me, won't he? When he sticks his thing inside?"
"You might be surprised how little it could hurt, baby," she said
encouragingly. "When my brother took mine away, I hardly felt any pain at all. It
was when I saw the blood running down my legs that I panicked. Your hymen
might split as easily as mine, you know."
"But what if it doesn't?"
"Whatever happens, I know it will all be over very fast once he begins to
fuck you. And the pain does stop very quickly afterwards. I'll make sure you've
got plenty of lubrication between your pussy lips so he'll slide in easily."
"Oh, It's awful the way he just does things to me. It's not right, is it?"
"But neither you or I can stop him, can we?" She asked with a consoling
"No, that's why it's so terrible. He just does what he likes. And once he's
done it, there's no reason to stop then, is there. He'll keep on fu… doing it to me
every day, I just know he will."
"Look, Pixie, what you have to do has to happen some time in your life.
You can't stay a virgin forever, now can you? Don't fret about it, Baby, because
that will make you all the more scared. Would you be as scared if it was your
boyfriend who was going to do it?"
"But I don't have a boy friend."
"I mean if you did. He'd be all over you trying every time he took you out
and one day you'd be in the right mood and let him have his way. At least Ralph
knows what having sex is all about and I promise you, he'll be doing everything
right tomorrow. He said he wanted your first time to be something you'll have
good memories about. Now he can't be all that bad if he wants that for you."
"Did he really say that?" She asked with surprise. "You mean he wants to
make me feel good, not rape me the way he's been talking about?"
"He thinks that if he threatens you with all the things he's said, when the
time comes and he is gentle, you'll begin to like having sex with him. In fact
when he is gentle he's a very good lover, baby. I promise you that."
"But he's still making me let him do it, isn't he? Isn't that rape?"
"If he's gentle and you find you like having sex with him, how can that be
rape, Pixie?"
"Oh, I don't know, Mum. It's just that…" she said in a squeaky voice and
began crying again.
"You're all worked up, baby. I know how you feel for he makes me do
things I'm not very happy about too. You've seen some of the things he's made
me do in front of you but not everything. I've learned that even if I don't like it all
that much, at least if it makes him happy then it turns out alright in the end. It's
no different for you too, Pixie. You do like having orgasms don't you?"
"Yes, but…," she began then stopped suddenly. "Yes they are nice, I
know that and he helps me have them sometimes. But he's my Daddy," she
pleaded once again, desperate for her mother to understand why she hated being
made to do sex things with Ralph.
"You know very well he's not your daddy. He just a man who likes you so
much he wants to love you and wants you to love him back. When two people
love each other they have sex to show they care for each other. You can say
whatever you like but that's really the whole truth, Pixie. Ralph thinks you look
beautiful, he loves you and he desperately wants you to return that love."
"Then why does he treat me so harshly?" Judith almost snapped the
question at her mother, not convinced that was the way Ralph saw it at all.
"That's just the way men are, baby. Life isn't like the movies, and there's
no Doris Days and Cary Grants in the real world, believe me. They want power
over others especially their women. Now you just have to change the way you're
thinking about Ralph. If you're always objecting and fighting him, of course he's
going to treat you harshly. But imagine how he might be if, when he makes you
happy, you return that love by being nice to him and show love in return without
him forcing you. Be nice to him tomorrow, do what he wants and he'll return all
your kindness ten times over."
Her mother sat back looking at Judith and desperately hoping for a
positive response to what she had been saying. The fact was that Ralph had been
coaching her for several months on how to convince Judith to be more compliant
to his wishes. She had used everything Ralph had suggested by now and didn't
want to him to see she had failed.
"Do you really think so, Mum? You mean if I let him do the things he
wants tomorrow and smile and thank him, he will like me better and not hurt me
so much?"
"That's exactly the way it would be, baby. Be lovey-dovey to him, smile
into his eyes and let him know you love the things he does to make you feel nice.
He really does like you and if you show him you like him too, he'll become very
loving and his caresses will be as smooth as silk. It's the way you've been acting
towards him that makes him angry and that's why he hurts you so much, to get
back at you. The more you make him mad, the worse he wants to hurt you. But if
you're nice, very nice to him, then he'll return all of that to you, I promise."
"Well, maybe you're right. It's just that I still find it hard to accept that he
has the right to…"
"It's because you still thinking as a child, baby, but you're grown up now.
Why don't you do what Ralph wants tomorrow and see if I'm not right. I know I
"Oh… Oh, I…," She began then, as if she had finally come to a
momentous decision, said, "I think you are right, Mum. I am grown up now and I
will give my virginity away sometime, won't I? Just like you did and it didn't
make any difference to you, did it?"
"Not a scrap, baby. It made no difference to me at all."
"Then I guess I will do what he wants. I just hope he'll be gentle."
"If you're sweet to him, baby, you'll soon find much more love in return.
Now why don't you take that shower and hop into bed. Want something to help
you sleep?"
"You mean a pill? Hmm, I suppose it would help, just tonight," she said
lightly, and smiled at her mother. "You know what, Mum?"
"What, baby?"
"Those things we do together sometimes, when we have sex. I love the
way you make me climax. I never thought I'd ever tell you, but after the way we
talked tonight, well, I wanted you to know."
"I thought you hated me for making you do it with me, baby."
"I did sometimes but I still enjoyed the way you gave me orgasms. And I
won't mind doing anything you want me do to from now on. Even…," she added,
blushing furiously. "Even in front of Daddy."
"Come here baby," her mother said, holding out her arms. As they
embraced, she added, "Thank you, Judith. I love you so much. Now, you will
promise to be the best little girl for Daddy tomorrow? Whatever he wants?"
"Yes, I promise," the innocent teenager agreed.
"You make me so happy, baby. We will make love again, very soon, but
not until tomorrow is over. O.K.?"
"Sure, Mum," she said and they kissed each other on the lips, a long warm
happy kiss of lovers.
When Valma left the room and closed the door, she punched the air and
whispered a satisfied, "Yes," as she headed for Ralph to tell him the good news.

Chapter Twenty
Judith woke feeling quite drowsy even though she slept soundly the whole
night. She was content to just lay in bed, waiting for the effects of the pill her
mother had given her last night, to wear off.
Sometime later, she jumped when she heard the door slam shut and her
mother came bouncing into the room. "Come on, sleepy head, you've slept all
morning. I came in with breakfast but you were fast asleep so I didn't disturb you.
The pill worked, I suppose?"
"Yes," she agreed still feeling the effects even now. "Gosh is it Midday
"It's after twelve so you haven't got any time to spare. We've lots to do."
"Don't you remember? Happy birthday, baby, today you become a woman."
"Oh," the young girl gasped. "Oh, I forgot." And then it all flooded back
into her mind.
"Is Daddy…? Is he home?"
"You'd better believe it, baby, and chaffing at the bit too. Come on, into
the bathroom, there's no time to waste."
Still feeling dopey, Judith was quite content to lay still while her mother
washed every inch of her body and double washed her hair. She sighed when
fingers slipped into her sex slit and her bottom hole to soap her clean down there.
"Enough time to enjoy that later, my dear," her mother said with a wry
smile. "Daddy's quite worked up already so you will have all the attention you
need today without enjoying my fingers."
"But it feels nice," the girl pouted.
"So will a cock in there."
"I know it will hurt but I don't care," Judith said in a relaxed voice.
She got no reply. Then she was out of the bath and being dried off with a
soft towel.
"I wish you'd bath me every day like this."
"You've turned into a little sexpot, haven't you?"
"I do feel sexy, Mum."
"Good. Stay that way."
"When will he do it?"
"When he's ready but there's a lot to do first. And a lot I have to tell you.
Are you awake yet?"
"I think so," Judith said with a little giggle.
"Good then get the hair drier working."
"Oh, alright."

She found herself stretched out on the bed, her mother looking down on
her nudity.
"Your breasts have certainly grown in the last few years. No longer a flat
chested girl with a pair of puffy knobs on your chest. I can understand why Daddy
likes to look at you so much. A regular little cock teaser, no doubt about it," she
mother mused with a kindly smile. "You're so very lucky to have such beautiful
breasts. Mine never stood out separately like yours. And it's just not fair the way
you have no sagging at all. Sit up a minute."
As she did, Her mother cupped both breasts in her hands and molded their
shapes. "Look at that, such perfect cones, quite separate from each other and no
sign of even the slightest sag. You'll make your gown look so great on you."
"Which gown?" Judith asked in surprise. She had no gown she could say
looked good on her.
"The one you'll be wearing when you present yourself to your Daddy.
You'll see it in a minute. Now lay back and open your legs. I have things to do."
"What are you going to do?" Judith asked skeptically.
"Don't get too excited, little one. It's only some gel to help him slip in
easier. But he musn't see it, so I'll put just a dab on the outside and a little more
right inside. Hold your pussy lips apart to help me."
When the cold gel touched her warm labia she flinched and said, "Ouch."
"Oh, do be quiet you little baby. If you think that hurts, you've got a big
shock in store when you feel his hard penis trying to find it's way in. Now be still
and try not to enjoy this too much. It's for your benefit, not your pleasure."
"How will you do my hair, Mum. In plaits or a pony-tail?"
"You're a grown up woman now, or at least you will be by the end of the
day. Daddy wants your hair falling over your shoulders. Happy about that?"
"Oh, yes. I felt so foolish dressed like a twelve year old."
"You'll probably have to be like that sometimes but tonight you're a fully
grown young woman. You're so pretty, baby, he'll choke when he sees you."
"Will I be naked like this?"
"Oh, no, just wait. Your dress he chose is so beautiful."
"He bought me a new dress? But I thought I'd have to be naked for him to
do it."
"Oh, you will be but anticipation is what it's all about. And I'm sure he'll
take great delight in undressing you. It will be just as precious as your wedding
night. Your husband this time though will be none other than your own Daddy.
O.K., that's done, now let me look at your hair. Up you get."
"It feels funny down there," she said as she stood up."
"Between my legs. My pussy."
"What's so strange about it?"
"It's like I've peed myself, it feels so wet."
"That's the KY Jelly. Your pussy has warmed it up and it will look to your
Daddy as though you're very aroused. Let him think that, anyway."
She worked for nearly half an hour, brushing and combing her daughter's
hair, setting it smoothly across her neck and shoulders. By the time she had
finished, Judith looked more beautiful than her mother had ever seen her before.
"We'll have to hurry. He wants you in the room by three o'clock and
we've only got a few minutes to go. Here's your gown, raise your arms and slip it
Judith finally saw what her deflowering gown looked like. It was white,
not transparent but translucent, so that when she saw herself in the mirror as her
mother pulled the garment down her body, she could make out the darkness of her
nipples and the outline of her pubic mound but with little detail. The fabric was
soft and light yet clung to her like a body stocking, fitting over her breasts as
thought it had been specially molded for her, the twin mounds standing apart and
tipped by the darkness of her nipples. The stretch fabric held the garment firmly
around every curve, all the way to the floor and yet she could walk freely. Her
mother rearranged her hair so that some fell over the front of her shoulders but
not enough to cover her breasts, which were her most prominent features.
"Oh, baby, you are very beautiful. Your Daddy was right you are a beauty
indeed. Now listen carefully. When you enter the room, you are to walk without
moving your arms. Just let them fall to your sides. You are to walk towards him,
looking into his eyes the whole time and while you remain quite serious, I'm sure
a small smile would be appropriate. Stand before him, bow your head slightly so
your eyes are downcast and bow your knee until one touches the floor and the
other still raised, just as you would expect a princess to do when she is presented
to her prince."
"Is that what he wants me to do?"
"Yes and you musn't miss doing any of the things I've told you. While you
are still on one knee, you must then say to him, "I have come, Daddy."
"I have come, Daddy?"
"Exactly. He will then ask who your master is and you must respond with,
"You are my master."
"I must say, 'You are my master'? Is that all?"
"He will ask if you are here to obey him in every way and of course you
will say you are. I'm not sure what he will do next but you just need to follow his
instructions. Enjoy yourself, baby. It will be a memorable day I know it will.
Now, I think it's time to celebrate she said, smiling at her daughter. Today you
are a woman and can taste your first champagne," she said, lifting the bottle aloft.
"Pink for the blood that you will shed today, pink for a beautiful girl," she added
as she poured two glasses.
"Won't I…? Won't I get drunk, Mum?"
"Not with just one glass, and it might help you to relax a little. Here's to a
most beautiful girl," she said and clinked their glasses together in salute.
"Ha, ha, the bubbles tickle my nose," the young woman said gaily. Then in
a more serious voice as they sipped their wine, "Will you be there too, Mum?"
"Yes, I will but probably in the background. It's you he wants today."
"Oh, yes I suppose it is," she answered, then added, "Mum, does it make
you unhappy that he wants to have sex with me? After all, you are his wife."
"Don't concern yourself about things like that, baby. I take my enjoyment
in knowing he's happy, just as much as I do when he favours me with his needs.
Now it's time to go, baby. Give me a big smile. Ah, that's good."

As her mother opened the livingroom door, she was shocked at what she
saw. The two rooms that made up their living area had been changed around
completely with much of the furniture removed. Judith saw her father standing at
the far end surrounded in a haze of what looked like smoke. He wore some kind
of robe over his shoulders and he stood with his legs apart and his hands on his
hips. He was brightly lit by some unseen light while the rest of the room was quite
Her mother gave her a little push.
Judith had lost all the confidence she had built up over the past few hours.
She never expected anything like this. The room seemed to swirl around her as
she walked towards the figure of her Daddy, her eyes unseeing, her prompt to
smile at him lost in the haze of her mind. For a moment she stood directly before
him, her eyes unfocused but looking directly into his face. Then as if she were
struck, she lowered her face and bowed her knee until her whole body became a
circle, balancing on the toes of one foot and her knee.
"I am here, Daddy," she whispered softly, just enough to be heard.
"Who is your master, child?"
"You are my master."
"Does that mean you have changed your ways? Are you prepared to obey
me now, in every thing I ask?"
"Yes, Daddy."
"Call me Master, child. I am now beyond being just your Daddy."
"Yes Master."
"Well? Will you obey me, child?"
"Yes, I will, my Master."
"In every way, no matter what it might be, whatever I wish you to do, you
will obey? Without hesitation, without objection, without question?"
"I promise, I will, my Master, sir."
"Then you may rise and show yourself to me."
Judith didn't quite know what to do as she stood up. What did he mean,
show herself? Did he want her to remove the gown she wore and be naked for
He remained still, taller than her, looking down at her as she hesitated, not
daring to look up into his eyes.
"Wha… What shall I do, Dadd… my Master?"
"Turn around, very slowly. I want to look at you, at your body, to imagine
what you will look like when I tell you to remove the garment. I want to imagine
those breasts, which have grown so much since I first saw them, and that pussy so
slick and hairless, unlike the thick curls you had then. I can just make out the
outline of your womanhood. Turn slowly, child, and let your master see you."
"Yes, sir," she agreed softly, feeling her skin burn with the blush that was
spreading across her face and chest. He had seen her naked so many times and yet
she felt more vulnerable and shy than she ever had before. She was on display and
knew he could see her secrets through the gown. He didn't try to touch her, just
stared as she slowly turned. When she stood facing him again, he waited for what
seemed many minutes before he spoke.
"What do you offer your master?"
"I… Uhm, I offer my virginity, Master."
"And what other?"
"Other…? I don't understand."
"You have other entrances to offer?"
"No… I'm not sure… I mean, I'm not sure what you mean, Master," she
explained still in a soft voice but not the girlish tones she had become accustomed
to answering him in.
"You have a mouth that you've given me from time to time for pleasure.
And breasts I have used. Have you allowed any other to use those openings,
"Oh, no, Master. Never."
"And you are still quite intact? Your hymen?"
"Oh, yes, sir," she answered almost proudly.
"Is there not another I can be thinking of?"
"Oh… You mean my… You mean my bottom, Master? Oh, no one has
touched it except you. And Mum, of course."
"You haven't explored it yourself?"
"No, Master."
"I will use your anus regularly, child, to be penetrated to the hilt and leave
my discharge. You will of course not object. Is that correct?"
"Y… Yes, Master. But you already use me there," She reminded him in an
innocent voice.
"Indeed I have and you have never objected, except for the first time but
you have learned, haven't you child?"?"
"Yes, Master," she agreed, yet dreading the act that was to come.
His hand reached out and deliberately cupped one of her breasts, then
squeezed it, not to hurt but to feel the firmness. She stood still letting him have
his way. He pulled her body against his pressing his groin against her stomach.
"Have you wondered what it will feel like having a man thrusting inside
"Yes, Master, but I can't begin to imagine what it will really be like. Some
of the girls at college… Well, they say they like it when their boyfriends do it to
"I trust you have never allowed any boyfriend to do that to you though."
"Oh, never, Master. My Daddy said I wasn't to have boyfriends and I
haven't. Except for him, that is." She looked sheepishly up into his eyes, hoping
he would appreciate her little joke."
"So I ask you again, do you consent to anything and everything I demand
of you with no exceptions?"
"I promise I will, Master." Her eyes remained on his and she saw
satisfaction, a small glimmer of a smile appearing.
"If it pleases me I will give you to others to enjoy for a time."
"You mean, Mummy?"
"I mean other men or other women."
"Oh…" Judith couldn't believe her ears. He had berated her time an time
again about not even talking to boys at school and having no close girlfriends and
here he was telling her he would give her to others to have sex with. She must
have misunderstood him.
"Others? I will have to let others use my body, Master?"
"If I decide so, you would obey, child, would you not?"
"Oh… I didn't think…"Oh…," she stammered not knowing what to say
until her mother's words returned to her. Tell him you love him and will do
whatever he wishes. She knew then what to say.
"If my master pleases, I will obey him in every way," she whispered and
bowed her head.
"You make me proud to be your master," he said with evident satisfaction.
"Remove your garment child."
Judith felt like a naughty girl and blushed deeply, making her stepfather
harden all the more. He had seen her so often quite nude but this time she knew
his looking would have far greater meaning. This time when he saw her
nakedness, he would then proceed to take the final barrier of girlhood and make
her into a woman. She wasn't sure she wanted him to. Why should she let this
man whom she detested even though she had promised to obey? Why should she
allow him the pleasure of knowing for the rest of his life that he had finally taken
a virgin and destroyed a hymen? Why? Because if she didn't, she would find
herself blue and black from the beating he promised her. She could even end up
dead from the ferocity of the beating. He wanted her maidenhead and he intended
to take it. Why, oh why didn't she poke her finger up inside and break it herself?
At least she wouldn't have to live with the memory of his self-satisfaction.
All these thoughts ran through her mind in the split second it took to look
up into his eyes and then allow her mother to peel the gown up her body and lift it
over her head. She stood still, her eyes downcast; her skin cool once the garment
had been removed. She felt her lips trembling and thought she might burst out in
tears but the moment his fingers touched her now sizeable nipples, she took a
deep breath and refused to give him the pleasure of knowing how nervous she
really was.
His cock was poking through the open folds of the robe and actually
dripped lubrication onto the carpet, so aroused was he. Judith didn't feel aroused
at all, in fact she hoped he would do it fast to get it over with. But the Master had
no intention of shortening his anticipation.
He held one nipple, now erect and hard, in the fingers of both hands and
manipulated it as though it were a spinning top, desperately trying to make her
sigh with aroused passions but he remained disappointed. Judith felt only pain
and he became disheartened as the hardness of her nipple suddenly became soft.
Even his lips were unable to bring back the rubbery texture but he kept on
sucking and caressing both breasts for a long time, Judith knew not how much
time elapsed but she was beginning to feel tired standing so still before him and
as he was half leaning over to reach her breasts he too must have been feeling
weak as well.
Eventually he stood up straight, lifted her up with his hands under her
armpits and sat her on the low bed that had been arranged in the middle of the
room. This was the only area where the light was bright because two spotlights
were focused directly over it.
He pushed her shoulders backwards and she found herself lying on her
back, her legs being spread far apart and her feet pressed against her bottom,
opening her pussy widely.
Was this it? Is this where he ravaged her virginity, plowing deep inside
and tearing the precious membrane into two? Was this where she would cry out in
pain as he did so? Oh, no, not yet. Instead his finger traced circles along her inner
thighs, up and over her pussy and softly over the pubic mound in such a fashion
that she couldn't help but gasp from the feelings he was sending to her brain. He
may not have been able to pleasure her tight little nips but he knew how to please
her between her legs. The circles became ever smaller as he spiraled inwards,
closer and closer to her pussy, his face so close to her sex she could feel his warm
breath on her dampness.
"Oooh," she finally moaned, quite unable to stop her self. She had tried to
refuse his manipulations but now she couldn't do anything but accept his teasing
"She responding, baby," her mother whispered and gave him
encouragement to continue. Soon the fingers touched her secrets.
She felt a finger run around the edge of her pussy then down across her
clitoris which made her back arch upwards for that split second. Then the finger
slid down her lubricated slit and burrowed inside. He fucked the entrance with his
fingertip making very sure her hymen wasn't in any danger.
"Oh, you sweet little fuck machine, I can smell your muskyness. Oh shit,
it's so sweet," he moaned as though talking to himself. Judith wanted more, she
wanted his finger back over her clitoris and she found herself actually pleading
for it.
"Master, please make me come. Please rub my clitty. Pleeease."
"Ah, at last my young beauty is feeling a little randy. You've got to ask me
nicer than that, sweet tits before your Master does what you want."
"Please, dear Master, make love to my clitty. I love you, Master. I love
you and want you to do whatever you want with me but please make me come,
just one time. Just now. Please, dear Master."
Immediately she felt the warmth of his mouth closing over her pussy and
his tongue began to lick the silky surfaces, sending blinding shivers right up her
spine and across the surface of her head. Nothing he or her mother had done to
her so far had ever felt like this.
"Oh," she moaned, delirious with the feelings that began to burst within
her being. Her step-father knew she was about to come and in quick time he knelt
up, leaving her senses suspended just below an orgasm but still feeling the
thrilling sensations that were bursting inside, he pressed his cock against her
maiden vagina and pushed until he could feel the membrane he so wished to
"It is time, baby," he whispered in her ear and pressed harder.
"Argh," she screamed as the pressure began to bite. "Oh, please stop,
Daddy. It hurts so much," she screamed, unable to move her body for he held her
firmly down on the bed with his arms. "No, please stop," she cried and then gave
an ear-piercing scream and fainted.
At that precise moment, Ralph destroyed her virginity, feeling the barrier
part across the tip of his cock as he thrust all the way inside. The youngster
remained limp in a dead faint.
"Oh shit, Val, I've killed her. She's dead," he screamed and immediately
pulled out and saw a stream of blood flow from her open pussy. "Oh, shit, what
are we going to do? Quick, do something." He was jumping from foot to foot, his
cock limp and swaying from side to side as he moved, spattering droplets of
crimson coloured lubricant around the room.
Valma collapsed in a fit of laughter, and took a long time to regain her
composure for every time she looked up at him she saw the look of dread all over
his face. Ralph wasn't aware of her mirth still sure he had killed the girl somehow
and was literally dancing up and down on the spot. Then he heard laughter
coming from somewhere. Laughter. Someone was watching them and they were
laughing. "Outside; they can see inside," he called out and made for the door then
realised he was stark naked. He reached for the robe he had discarded then saw
his wife still in fits of laughter.
"What the fuck's the matter with you, you stupid bitch?" he shouted,
straightening up and looking at her in dismay. "What's so funny about…?" Then
he stopped stock still.
Judith had regained consciousness just seconds later and was trying to sit
up only to discover her feet were wedged under her bottom and she couldn't
move them. She too looked up at the commotion her mind still dazed until the
burning soreness brought her back to reality.
"Have you done it," Daddy? Oh, I mean, Master."
"What?" He asked dully, still not sure what was happening.
"Ralph, baby, she just fainted. You didn't hurt her. All you did was lose
your erection," she told him, her mind still in an uproar thinking of his antics.
Then she said to her daughter, "Lay back, baby. As soon as I get Daddy hard
again, he'll finish what he set out to do."
"But it hurts, Mummy," she complained.
"Let Daddy fuck you, baby. He wants to and you promised, didn't you?"
"Yes," she agreed doubtfully and looking at Ralph standing there in the
nude, his cock soft and very small.
Her mother crawled towards her husband and began stroking his penis.
When it began to grow, she sucked it between her lips and holding his hips for
balance began to suck him back to hardness. She had done this so often she had
become an expert at what Ralph enjoyed and her tongue tickled him in just the
right places so that he was erect within thirty seconds. She tasted the metallic
taste of her daughter's spilled blood.
"Now you can finish, baby. Better do it quickly because she might cut up
rough this time. I think you've frightened the shit out of her."
Judith resisted but was no match for his strength and soon he had her legs
parted and his cock pressing against her sex once again.
"Oh, you're hurting me, Daddy," she cried out as his cock 'drove past her
torn membrane for the second time. "Ouch, oh, that's killing me," she screamed.
Valma laid down beside her daughter and began calming her with soft
whispers of encouragement while Ralph began to thrust in and out in quick hard
strokes. He began to groan and in quick succession his body raised and he roared
aloud as the first spurts of semen splashed deep inside the terrified girl. There was
little feeling for the youngster who continued screaming loudly for his efforts
made her vagina feel as though a thousand red-hot pokers were pushing into her
softness all at once.
He kept thrusting until the last drop had been discharged. Then he
slumped down and laid full weight on his new conquest. The poor girl gasped for
breath, trying to push him off, to get his cock out of her body and his weight off
so she could breathe again. Eventually Valma helped and between them, Ralph
was pushed onto his side and Judith sat up.
That was when she saw the blood soaked sheet beneath her and she
screamed again, this time in genuine fright. "Mummy, look what he did. I'm
dying," she cried, daring not to move.
"Oh, shush. It's just virgin's blood. Mine was much worse that that," her
mother admonished her, lying because she knew her loss was insignificant
compared to the large crimson blob that spread under her daughter's bottom.
"You'll wear a Kotex for a day and it will all be forgotten."
"I won't forget," the youngster stated fervently, hating her stepfather as
she had never done before. But she knew she had to hold that hatred inside and
not let them know her true feelings.

Chapter Twenty One
Her parents made no sexual overtures to her for a week after her
deflowerment and the pain they had put her through soon faded into
insignificance. Judith returned to college and was actually enjoying herself once
more, completing assignments and telling herself the molestation was finally
over. On the Friday after her ordeal, she arrived home from school and was met at
the door by her mother who actually kissed her on the cheek.
"Have a nice day at school, dear?"
"Yes, thanks, Mum. It was O.K."
"I'm glad. Pop up and get your homework out of the way, baby," she said
casually, patting Judith on the bottom. It was just one more reason for the young
girl to feel happy, knowing she was loved and cherished.
Then at the dinner table as her mother was clearing up the dishes she
spoke to Judith. "Off and have a nice hot shower, baby. Wear your see-through
nightie and come into our bedroom. We have a surprise for you."
"Wha…? What did you say, Mum?" Judith had heard quite clearly but the
shock of the announcement took a long time to sink in to her mind.
"You heard, baby. Don't keep Daddy waiting."

They were both in bed when she crept into their room. She expected them
to be naked and they were both siting up against the bed-head, their chests naked,
her mothers large breasts tilted upward as they always did.
"Ah, our little love child. Did you miss my cock baby?" Ralph sneered.
"Come and let Daddy feel his little bitch up."
"Ralph, baby, be nice to our daughter. After all she is going to make you
feel nice, aren't you, Pixie?"
Judith couldn't bring herself to answer.
"Well? Aren't you going to make Daddy feel nice? You will let him fuck
you, won't you, little Pixie?"
"You know I shouldn't be made to do things like this," Judith protested. "I
hate it," she added petulantly.
"You will be punished, Pixie, you know that. Bring the strap, baby and
take your medicine."
"No. Mummy, you can't do that. It's not right. I'm twenty-one now."
"You live under our roof so you are still our daughter. And I'm not going
to do a thing. Your Daddy is, after all it was he you were rude to. Now bring it
here," she demanded so forcefully that Judith knew she had no choice. When did
she ever have a choice anyway?
As she turned back to face her persecutors she saw the lust on her step-
father's face and too, a demented look that said he was going to enjoy this task
more than even the taking of her virginity.
"Please don't hurt me, Master," she whimpered as she handed him the
thick leather strap that would soon be laid over her poor bottom.
"Lay over my legs, you little whore and lift that nightie up. Legs wide
She found herself sprawled over the centre of the bed her naked bottom
propped up slightly where her crotch was pushed up by his knees. She cried
quietly from the humiliation of having to give in like she always did and from the
torment of what was about to happen.
"I'll tell you this just once, little fuck," her father said without emotion.
"This is going to be a silent beating. If I hear so much as a gasp from you, I will
personally tie you to the bed and beat you until you are unconscious. Hear that
"I can't… I couldn't, Master. I just know I will scream out," she pleaded
"Then you can expect the beating of your life. Believe me, I will do it."
She knew he would and gritted her teeth, clutched the bedclothes with
each hand and closed her eyes tightly. If I think of something else maybe the pain
won't be so bad, she told herself as she waited for her beating to begin. She felt
his legs move beneath her and the swish of air the moment before it landed right
across the centre of her bottom cheeks.
Oh, how it hurt. As though a red hot rod had been laid across her flesh and
allowed to burn into her. How she didn't scream out from the pain she never
knew but she clenched her teeth and lips together so hard waiting for the next. It
came immediately after the first, scorching an already burning bottom, a wide
sharp line of pink immediately emerging and then raising the skin as though it
were blistered. Ralph's eyes were glassy as he laid the third stroke down on her
bottom as hard as he could and the thrill of seeing her whole body jerk upwards as
the crack of leather on soft flesh echoed around the room like thunder. It was all
too much for him and he threw the strap down, pulled his legs from under the
stricken girl and shouted almost maniacally, "Suck my cock, you slut. You nearly
made me come so you can finish it off."
Judith felt herself being pulled around by both her parents until she was
presented with the slimy head of his cock before her eyes.
"Suck your daddy, Pixie," her mother encouraged her. "Make your master
happy, baby."
No sooner had she opened her lips to allow the wet missile inside than she
felt the first ejaculation and the splash of semen against the back of her throat.
"Swallow, baby. swallow your master's seed. Can you taste how nice it
All the while her mother was whispering to her daughter, Ralph was
thrusting deeper and deeper, groaning loudly from the pleasures he was receiving
from each new spurt."
"Lick the head, Pixie. That's what they like."
Judith licked and swallowed, licked and swallowed until she thought he
was never going to stop. Finally, she felt his body slacken and he flopped back
onto the pillows, and with a heavy gasp of breath she felt his spurtings cease. She
didn't dare pull her lips away. What should she do? Run out of the room and
leave them alone? Kiss Ralph and thank him for allowing her to do what she did?
No, she just couldn't do that but in the split second of thought running through
her mind she wasn't sure that's what her mother would make her do anyway.
Instead, she laid her head down on his thigh and waited for his cock to
shrink until it slipped out of her mouth by itself, leaving a trail of semen across
her chin. The reality of what had happened then returned to her and she cautiously
slipped her hand over her still burning bottom. She could feel the ridges of raised
flesh where each stroke had landed. "Oh, it's blistered," she said quietly.
"It will go away, baby. girls have to learn to live with spanked bottoms.
It's a man's privilege to spank his women whenever he chooses. You just have to
accept it," came her mother's cruel reply. It was said gently but the reality hurt
the young woman deeply.
"They all do it, Mum?" She asked incredulously.
"Even your real father spanked me, baby. He liked to do it before he
fucked me. It gave him a real good hard-on."
"Oh," was all she could say. Judith looked up into her mother's face and
asked, "Can I go to my room now?"
"Just wait a while, baby. He might want to fuck you properly when he
wakes up."
He did showing no regard for her burning bottom and rammed himself
hard into her for an endless barrage of fucking until at last he ejaculated and
immediately fell asleep beside her. She was his sex slave every night for the next
two weeks before his virility finally gave up.

She had been left alone for several nights and relished the privacy of her
room once again. One evening just as she was falling asleep she found her mother
shaking her awake. "Wake up, Pixie. I have something to do?"
"What… What is it, Mummy?"
"Roll over and kneel up on the bed."
Judith felt her mother feeling between her legs and then a cold instrument
was placed against her bottom hole. "Just hold still for a moment, baby. I have to
push this inside."
"What are you doing?" The stricken girl cried out in alarm.
"If you don't stay still I'll have to get Ralph in to help me, now be still."
Judith felt the cold thing being pressed against her and begin to slip inside.
It was the most awful thing her mother had ever done, she told herself and began
to cry aloud.
"Oh, do be quiet. It's to help you, not hurt."
"Help? How? What is it?"
"It's to help your bottom to open easier when your daddy, your Master
fucks you there, so your hole won't be torn. It's called a but-plug."
"Oh, why does he want to keep doing that?? I mean put his thing in my
bottom? Surely men want a girl's pussy, not the other hole, it's so filthy."
"He fucks me there more than my pussy baby because it's so much tighter
than a cunt, see and his spunk doesn't get all over the bed afterwards. It can stay
inside until I go to the toilet the next morning."
"Oh, yuk, that sounds so awful. Even when I know he likes it better than
elsewhere? But it hurts so much and it could cause us injury much more than if he
used the proper place, surely."
"Not as long as he takes it slowly. But sometimes he goes at it like a bull
at a gate and it hurts then. Make sure he has plenty of KY on his cock. Insist on it,
"But sometimes he won't let me."
"That's when it really hurts because his cock won't be slippery enough to
slide in easily. Your bum isn't as moist as your cunt." She pushed the instrument
in further and then patted her daughter's bottom.
"There. Leave it there for the next couple of days then I'll put a larger one
in. That should make you more flexible the next time he wants it that way. After
that he'll only use one when he wants to punish you. Make you wear it for a week
or more. He just likes to know that you know he knows. Understand?"
"I hate him, Mum. He's so gross and what he does to me isn't right, you
know that."
"Sure I know it but who's going to tell. You know why, don't you?"
"Yes," the girl whispered. She always knew she had no choice but to
allow anything he desired.
"Pixie, I've got some friends over tomorrow for bridge and I'd like to
show you off to them. You've grown into such a beautiful girl and I know they'd
all like to meet you. Could you hurry home from school and help serve afternoon
tea for me."
"Will Daddy, I mean my Master be there?"
"No, he won't be home until late. You don't have to wear this thing to
school tomorrow but make sure you put it back before he gets home after dinner.
I'm sure he'll want to see how it looks on you."
"Oh, alright. Are they staying for dinner then? Your friends."
"No, just for afternoon tea. You'll like them, baby. They're nice people."
Judith had met very few of her mother's friends, Ralph being the reason
there were so very few of them. A tea party sounded nice and she was thrilled to
be able to help in such a simple way.
"It will be nice, Mum. Oh, this thing does feel big" she said.
"Ha, ha. You'll get used to it. Just leave it in overnight and take it out in
the morning before you go to school."

She heard the chatter of females as she opened the door and the
excitement grew in her mind. She quickly threw her schoolbooks into her room
and tentatively put her face around the door.
"Ah, there you are, baby. Come in and meet my friends," her mother said,
walking over and putting an arm around her shoulders. "Ladies this is my
daughter, Judy. She's grown up since you last saw her."
"Oh, how pretty you are, my dear."
"You really have grown up. A young lady now."
"I'll bet the boys are beating a path to your doorstep," one said slyly.
"Hello, Judy, I'm Veronica."
Judith was overwhelmed with their words and found herself blushing
"I think we've played enough today, girls. What do you think, time for
They all agreed and Val moved them into the lounge room. Judith served
her mother's friends with tea and cakes her mother had prepared. They all sat
around, chatting happily, little jokes and lots of laughter filling the room.
She answered questions about her age, her college and her friends. That
was the hardest because all she could do was tell little white lies. She had no
friends except her parents and even they couldn't be classed as friends, more like
her masters.
"Are you still a virgin?" Veronica asked.
"A virg… Oh, I…" she mumbled, blushing furiously and unable to
"She's been a naughty girl a few times, haven't you, baby?" Her mother
broke in and Judith couldn't believe she would divulge such intimate details. "But
she's such a good girl, really. She does everything she's told without a word of
Judith could feel the mood of the room change and realised every woman
was watching her intently, watching her every move, her every blush. She should
have known her mother wouldn't just have a card afternoon for her friends. She
had never done that before.
"Oh, I'd like to see what she really looks like, Val," Veronica said with
purpose to her voice. The others all chimed in with similar requests.
"It looks as though you'll have to take your clothes off, Pixie, and let the
girls see just how beautiful you really are."
"Mum, no," Judith screamed and began to run from the room.
"I'll tell Ralph, Pixie." It was enough to make the young girl stop in her
tracks. She looked back and saw the five women had formed a semicircle leaving
an opening for her to return to the fold as it were.
"Just take them off slowly, baby, and turn around slowly too so everyone
can see you. Start now. I don't want to get cross with you again."
The women watched her with anticipation all over their faces. She was
cornered in one of her mother's dirty little games and she had nowhere to go. Her
mother's words kept repeating inside her brain: she's such a good girl she does
everything she's told without a word of objection, and she knew that was exactly
With eyes downcast she began to unbutton her blouse, turning all the
while to showing each woman of her progress. As soon as the last button was
undone several hands helped her remove the garment and they gasped aloud as
they saw her bra covered firm breasts.
"Oh, you are a beauty."
"Very beautiful, my dear."
"I could eat you all up you look so scrumptious."
"I love your breasts, Judy," Veronica said simply.
She fumbled with the zipper in her skirt but hands were quick to assist and
she was soon stepping out of the garment. Someone unclipped her bra before she
had the chance to do it herself and another slipped her panties down her legs.
Someone kneeled and helped her remove her shoes and socks. Her necklace, and
wristwatch were taken away, even the cygnet ring she wore was removed until
she stood before them stark naked. As she continued to turn hands came out and
stroked her breasts as she passed each woman.
"She is so beautiful, Val, she makes me wet, you know where. Do you
think she could kneel on the arms of the big chair?" Judith knew it was
Veronica's voice.
"Of course she can, she wants to please, you know. Up you go, Pixie."
She knew what she would be exposing to them, the whole of her pussy
and bottom and her breasts would hang downwards as well. She was going to
show every intimate secret. Hands were everywhere, helping her balance herself,
placing her knees near the ends of each arm of the chair so she had to stretch full
out for her hands to hold the back of the chair.
"Enjoy yourselves, girls," her mother said as she began to clear up the
dishes. The girls did exactly that, feeling every crevice, invading every opening,
stroking every square inch of girl flesh, kissing and licking the whole surface of
her body including inside every opening. For more than an hour she was subjected
to lesbian love, as she had never known before. It was humiliating and she cried
throughout but that only made the ladies try harder to please the young woman,
whispering kindness while raping her with finger and tongue.

Chapter Twenty Two
Later that evening, after her violation by the women, after the tears had
dried and she had gained some semblance of normality, Judith laid on her bed
thinking about what they had done to her. She hated her mother for tricking her
into the situation but at least the women never made her do things to them. All
that had happened after the shock of having to undress in front of four strangers
was to allow them to touch her. She was caressed and stroked all over, invaded in
every opening with fingers and tongues, licked and sucked all over and they gave
her at least five orgasms in the hour or so they had used her. But not once was she
made to return any caress or touch. She was pleasured and they became aroused
by being given the opportunity of manipulating a grown girl that way but she was
never made to reciprocate. And every orgasm she had achieved was deep and
satisfying even though she made great objection each time she felt one coming
on. It was embarrassing being made to orgasm in front of strangers but the
feelings had been most enjoyable. She had rarely been given more than one
climax when she had sex with her parents and quite often she had been sent away
unfulfilled once Ralph had ejaculated.
She smiled to herself as she remembered all the climaxes of the afternoon,
rolling onto her back as her fingers slipped between the folds of her pussy. She
was halfway towards another when she felt her hand grasped and removed from
her vagina.
"Let me do that for you, baby. You deserve it," her mother said softly as
she calmed her daughter. Judith jumped at the intrusion but was gently pushed
back on the bed and her mother pressed her lips to the young girl's wet sex slit.
It didn't take long for her mother to bring her to another climax, this one
as strong as any the women had given her during the day. Val allowed her
daughter a few minutes to recover as she cuddled her in her arms and then said,
"It's time to move, baby. We have to go out. Take a quick shower, put on your
lacy bra and panties and a clean school uniform. I want you back here in fifteen
minutes. Go on, now."
"Where are we going?" The surprised girl asked.
"I'll tell you on the way. Hurry now." She pushed her daughter to her feet
and patted her bottom to hurry her along.

"I promised you would help with a task that someone is struggling with,"
her mother told her.
"Who? What tas…?"
"Hush and listen. I promised Veronica to bring you to her place because
she has a problem that only someone like you could help her with. I know you
will do everything you can to help her."
"Veronica? Oh, my god, Mummy. She wants to have sex with me, doesn't
she? She was the one who got me into what happened this afternoon, I just know
"Sure she did and it excited me watching you get felt up but don't you
dare say you didn't enjoy it. I know you did. Moaning and gasping as though you
hated every minute of it but I know differently. You did like what they did to you,
didn't you?"
Judith held her silence for a moment and then in a small voice admitted it
was true. She felt like a little girl being caught out doing something naughty.
"Then you will enjoy this as well. But Veronica doesn't want you to give
her sex. Just wait and see."
"Tell me, Mummy. What is she going to do?"
"It will spoil the surprise."
"Stop whining."
"I hate you."
"I'm going to strap your bottom when we get home"
"I don't care, I hate you."
"But you like me giving you sex."
"I still hate you."
"That changes it to the cane."
"I hate you."
"Ten strokes."
"I… I'm sorry."

"Hello again so soon, Judy. I'm pleased you agreed to come," Veronica
said with a welcoming smile. "Come on in, dear. And thank you, Val. I was sure
Judy would agree to help me out."
"What do you want me…" Judith asked, unable to keep quiet any longer.
"Oh, it's a very delicate matter. Come in and I'll explain. What would you
like to drink, dear?"
"Oh. Oh, a coke I guess. If you have one."
"I think we can make it a little stronger that that. Would you like
"Champagne? Oh, yes please," she said with a smile towards her mother.
She had not tasted Champagne since the night of her deflowering.
"Then champagne it is," Veronica said and left the room.
"Should I have said that, Mummy. Is she trying to get me drunk?"
"Just something to help you relax, baby, that's all. I'm sure she wants you
to be wide awake."
"Here we are," Veronica said, handing the youngster a glass of foaming
wine. "To all of us and especially you, my dear Judy," she toasted, and all three
women clinked their glasses in salute. There was an atmosphere of friendship
despite all that had happened earlier in the day.
"You will help me out, won't you Judy? I know of no-one else who could
do what I need."
"What do you want?"
"Please say you will for I know you can do it and do it well."
"But what is it?"
"Pixie, don't harp so much. Just tell Veronica you'd love to help her."
"Oh, alright, I will," Judith agreed under duress.
"Oh, thank you, dear. I was hoping you would. Freddie, come here
"What is it, Mother?" A young boy poked his head around the door and
blushed when he saw Judith. Judith felt decidedly unhappy at seeing him. He was
a brat from the seventh grade and was often rude and even threatening towards
her and many of the other girls her age.
"Come in, Freddie. Do you know, Judy? She goes to the same school as
you but she's in the twelth grade. Have you noticed her at school?"
"Oh, yes, a few times." Freddie too looked decidedly unhappy and was
expecting to be hauled over the coals for one of his latest barrages of foul
language towards Judy and her friends.
"I thought you might. She has agreed to help us."
"Help? How could she help us?" He asked with almost a sneer on his face.
"Do you remember what you asked me a few days ago?"
"Ask you? When?"
"The other night when I tucked you in?"
Freddie blushed fearfully and Judy wondered if he wasn't going to have a
heart attack, his face became so red.
"Uhm, you mean…?"
"You do remember, don't you?"
"I thought you would. Well, Judy has agreed to help us out with that very
"She has?" He asked incredulously. "You mean… I mean she… She is
going to show me?"
"She agreed, didn't you, Judy?"
"I… I suppose I did," Judith stammered knowing she had been drawn into
something she was going to regret.
"Good girl. Well, what Freddie asked his mummy, that's me of course,
was what girls looked like. Isn't that so, Freddie?"
"Yes," he said in a whisper, his head looking down at the floor and the
blush becoming even deeper red.
"Of course it wan and Judy has agreed to take her clothes off so you can
see what girls really look like. Would you care to begin now, Judy dear?"
"You mean in front of… of him?" She screamed out in alarm.
"That's right. Just do it slowly like this afternoon. I know Freddie will
appreciate your gesture."
"But… But he's a boy."
"That's why he's so curious. He doesn't have a sister to look at and after
what you did today, I was sure you wouldn't mind showing Freddie as well."
"But he'll tell everyone. He's always mean to me and my friends and I
know he'll tell every boy in the school what he saw."
"You won't tell anyone, do you hear me, Freddie?"
"Yes, Mummy?"
Judith almost sniggered when she heard what he called his mother. It
seemed right that girls should call their parents by Mummy and Daddy but it just
sounded absurd when boys did too.
"You know what happens if I ever hear that you even hinted to one of your
nasty little friends. If Judy comes to me and complains, you will receive you
know what, young man. Now promise me it will always remain a secret within
this room."
"I promise, Mummy."
"And what will happen if you tell someone?"
"You'll sent the photos to my teachers and to the rest of my class."
"Would you ever want me to do that, Freddie?"
"No," the boy pleaded with anguish in his voice. Val looked at Veronica,
intrigued about something that upset the boy so much. She made a note to have
her friend divulge the secret sometime soon.
"Then there's no reason not to start, is there, Judy?"
"You want me to undress in front of him? Mummy, please let me go
"Judy," her mother warned with a hard look.
She began to unbutton her school frock. Ten buttons down the front and
the garment fell around her feet as she stood in front of this brat with bulging
eyes, his mouth half open in wonderment. She looked at Veronica hoping that this
was all she had to do but knew it wasn't.
She slowly bent her arms around her back and unclipped the bra, holding
it against her chest with the other hand. "Mum, please…," she pleaded with her
"Take it off, Pixie."
The young girl, more embarrassed that the boy by now, let the lacy bra fall
to the floor. She covered herself for a moment but decided to do what was
expected and let her arms fall to her sides. The boy simply gaped in awe at breasts
that looked so arousing. Judith could see his cock erect beneath his trousers and a
small wet spot that was developing. She knew all about men's wet spots.
Without further prompting, she looked the boy squarely in the eyes and
lowered her panties then stepped out of them and stood still, letting him see her
"Come and sit beside, Mummy, Freddie darling," Veronica said patting
the settee beside her. "Do you like looking at girls with no clothes on, baby?"
"Yes," he stammered.
"Come and stand closer, Judy. You're the first girl he's seen without
clothes on. I think you've aroused his naughty little peepee."
She now stood almost touching the boy's knees.
"Open your legs, Judy. Wider, please. There, baby, can you see her sex?
It's where boys fuck girls. Do you like it?"
"What? Fucking girls? I haven't Mummy, I promise."
"I mean do you like looking at Judy's cunt?"
"Oh, ye…," he began and went into a heavy bout of coughing, having
sucked saliva into his windpipe.
"Ha, ha, obviously you do," his mother laughed happily, hitting him hard
on the back to help his discomfort. "Did you expect her cunt to look like that,
"No… I mean, I never knew what it looked like."
"You can touch her if you like." Judith's mother said to the boy.
"No," Judith gasped and stepped away only to receive a firm slap on the
backside. "Yes," her mother said firmly. Judith stepped back in front of the boy
and closed her eyes. She couldn't bear to look at him while he felt her up.
She felt his fingers tickle her nipples then squeeze each breast.
"Girls love that, Freddie but you must be gentle. Why don't you kiss them
and tell her how lovely they are." This was Veronica's voice.
Judith felt his warm breath on her cool breasts and then the touch of his
lips. It was a child's kiss right down to the loud smack of his lips but it evidently
moved Freddie to greater heights for she felt his hands hold her hips and pull her
closer towards him. His legs opened and she was soon trapped between his thighs,
her pussy just a little above his crotch for she could feel the tops of her thighs
pressing against his boyish erection. He was definitely hard.
His hands slowly moved upwards as if waiting to be told to stop but when
no one objected he became more courageous and was soon molding both breasts
in his hands. Judith felt a shiver run right up her spine, not in disgust but of
arousal, knowing what her body was doing to this young boy. And the feelings his
hands sent through her body were just wonderful. She knew she had grown into a
slut for that's what boys called girls like her but deep down she didn't care. The
feelings of arousal were so strong that she wanted more. She wanted little Freddie
to fuck her and make her come. She wanted to cry out, 'Oh, please, Freddie, put
your fingers up my cunt and make me come. Do anything just make me come and
come.' How she wished she could spurt out white sperm like men do. It would
show her lovers just how much she liked what they do to her.
"Mummy, she's peeing," Freddie said, his voice jolting her from the
private thoughts she was having.
Peeing? I am not, she told herself and then realised she was leaking from
her pussy, not pee but lubrication. She was ready to be fucked by anyone who
wanted to and she desperately ached for Freddie to do it to her in front of both
their mothers.
"Please make me come," she pleaded, not caring what Freddie thought.
"Would you like Freddie to fuck you, Judy?" Veronica asked.
"Yes, anything. I just want to come."
"How many times have you come today, Judy?"
"I don't know. I just need to do it again. Please let me." She knew she was
drawing a completely sluttish picture to all in the room but she couldn't help
"Is she on the Pill," Veronica asked, obviously her mother.
"Yes, ever since she was thirteen."
"Very wise. Will we let Freddie have his first fuck?"
"I don't mind," Judith's mother said. "It might be fun to watch."
"Get undressed, Freddie. It's your lucky day."
"What? In front of them?"
"Do you want to have your first fuck?"
"Then get undressed and quickly. She won't hang around all day. Judy, lay
back on the carpet and spread yourself for the boy. He's just learning so you'll
have to show him what to do." Veronica was relishing the role of director.
"Please make him go slow, Veronica. I really want him to give me a
"There she is, Freddie. Get your cock inside her cunt and poke her good."
"What do I do?" The boy asked dumbly.
Veronica leaned down and took her son's cock in her hand. "Push it in
here, baby. Slowly, you don't want to hurt her. Slowly, that's right, now push in
deeper. Yes, good boy. Now push yourself in and out. Yes like that. Slowly now,
not too fast; you have to make her feel nice too. Is it nice baby?"
Freddie couldn't answer. All he wanted was to fuck the living shit out of
this girl and he found the faster he thrust inside the nicer he felt. Inevitably, his
climax rose like a volcano and with a mighty groan he discharged his first
ejaculation into the desperate girl's vagina.
"No. Not yet. Don't stop yet, Freddie. Fuck me some more. Oh, please
don't stop," she wailed as the exhausted boy slumped full weight on top of her.
Freddie was ready to go to sleep right there and then.
"Freddie, get off the poor girl," Veronica told her son but he never moved.
Then the boy lifted his head and whispered, "Mummy, I've done peepee in her
"You haven't, you funny boy, it's sperm. You've had your first fuck. Was
it nice?"
"Uhm, yes, I guess so."
"Well it wasn't much good for me," Judith growled and pushed him off of
her. A stream of sperm drained down her leg as she walked to her purse, took a
handkerchief out and clamped it between her legs. "Where's the bathroom?"
Veronica came with her and produced a washer and towel to clean herself
up with. "You've got to forgive him, Judy. He's never done it before. All his body
told him, was to fuck until he came. Come back and let him watch you have a
climax. It will wake him up to what is needed."
"Will you give me an orgasm, then?"
"Yes, which ever way you want one."
"With your tongue like you did this afternoon."
"Ah, you liked that did you?"
"Then that's the one you'll have tonight as well, even if it is all sloppy
with my son's cum.."
As Veronica kneeled between the young girl's legs Judy said, "I want you
to be naked too."
"Not in front of my son."
"Yes, you owe me."
"Oh, shit. Freddie, go to your room."
"Oh, why, Mummy?"
"No, he stays to watch, that was what you said."
"Shit," she said loudly and began to undress. "I've got my period so
there's no way I'm removing the panties."
Judith didn't object. She spread her legs wide and held her pussy lips open
for Freddie's mother to suck her to heaven. She swore to herself that she could
see angels playing their harps.

Chapter Twenty Three
"Go to your bedroom and prepare, Pixie. You have some stripes due to
you," her mother said as she closed the door.
Judith gasped as the realisation set in but knew better than to object. She
ran to her room and quickly undressed. She had learned from the many beatings
she had endured at the hands of her mother and Ralph, how to present herself and
as Valma came into the room, she found her daughter standing at the foot of the
bed, her legs so wide apart that her feet were pressing against each of the bed
legs. As always, she was leaning over the bed, her weight pressing down on her
arms that were outstretched and almost in the centre of the bed.
She waited for the feeling up process that both Ralph and her mother
made her endure before each beating started. Her mother's fingers delved into her
vagina and rectum, poking deeply and twirling around inside. "Do you like this,
"Yes," was her usual response for to object now would mean a harsher
beating. She had to enjoy everything her parents did to her. Take it all and let
them know she loved every moment of it.
"Tell me how much you like having fingers in your cunt and arsehole."
"I love to feel it, Mum. It makes me feel sexy."
"Are you a slut, Pixie?"
"Yes, I'm a slut, Mum. I'll do anything you tell me."
"Then I'll give you three choices. Ten cuts with the cane on you bum and
legs as hard as I can give them or twenty with the horse crop on your tits as hard
as I can give them. Or you can suck Mum's cunt until you give her five orgasms
like you had this afternoon. We'll forget about the last one you just got."
"Oh," the girl gasped. She knew immediately which one she would choose
but had to play out the game. "Will you hit my little nips when you crop my tits,
"Every time, Pixie, and hard too."
"Then I'll choose to suck your cunt, Mum."
"I'll take a shower and be back. You better be very good to me tonight,
baby or you'll get the cane and the crop," she said hurrying to the bathroom.
"I will." She carried out the act of lesbian incest for more than five hours
before she brought the woman to her targeted orgasms.. Both she and her mother
were quite exhausted after Valma came the fifth time and they fell asleep in each
other's arms. Not even Ralph coming in after three o'clock in the morning woke
them up and he just shrugged and slid in beside them. He was also too sleepy to
do anything about two naked women in his bed.

"We're going to have a little fun tonight, Judy," Ralph told her at dinner
some weeks later.
"What, Daddy?"
"It's my cards night and the boys are coming here tonight."
"Oh, that's nice," Judith answered, knowing something more was going to
happen than just a card game. "I have lots of homework so I'll be out of your
"Not tonight, baby. Tonight I need you down with us because I've
arranged to give the boys a special treat. I need you to help."
"What? What do you want me to do, Daddy?" Here it was, she thought.
"I told the boys you would entertain us while we played," he said with a
"Entertain? What do you mean?"
"You know what I mean. The way you entertain me sometimes," he said
with a wink and a smirk.
"You mean fucking? You want me to fuck your friends?" She shrieked so
loudly her mother rushed into the room.
"What is it, Pixie?"
"It's Daddy. He wants me to…"
"Not fucking you stupid little bitch. Just a bit of fun. Show a tit here and
there, a little striptease just to please them. It's alright, Val. She's getting upset
over nothing."
"You want me to get naked for them, don't you?"
"Well, you could do that," he replied, the grin still showing. He really
didn't care what she thought.
"And they'd touch me too, I suppose?" Her voice began to tremble and
she fought to remain calm.
"Look, baby. This is how it's going to be. I want you to wear a real short
skirt and a top so tight your tits stick out everywhere. Just to give them a little
thrill, you know? You'll be the drinks waitress and if they want to get a little feel
in here and there, what does that matter, eh? They're my friends after all. I
promised them you'd put on a show, you know like the broads do at the lap
dancing places. You'll dance on the table and show a bit of pussy; give them a
look and a feel. It'll make them drink up all the more and get drunk enough that
I'll be able to take them for a roll. Should be easy. Oh, there will be a bit of
fucking because I promised the biggest looser gets to take you up to your room for
an hour. But what's an hour, Judy? Shit, you sucked your mother for five hours
the other week."
"You can't make me," she said defiantly, fire in her eyes but that didn't
seem to worry Ralph one little bit.
"I know you won't let me down, you little shit licker."
"I want to go to my room," she said turning her back on her father.
"Oh, and there might be a little bit of cock sucking but that's nothing.
Besides you'll be under the table then so no-one would see you anyway," he said
with a laugh as she left the room.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Judith's mind returned to reality and noticed Theo sitting opposite her, his
eyes still looking intently at her as she continued.
"Well, that was the final straw. I went up to my room, bundled all the
clothes and stuff I could, the little bit of money I had saved and climbed out the
window and ran to the bus station. I haven't seen Ralph or my mother to this
She finally relaxed and laid herself against the back of the armchair. She
felt exhausted yet exhilarated at having finally told someone the story of her
schooldays and the tortures she went through. "I haven't let a man touch me
Theo looked understandingly into the young woman's eyes and held out
his hand, which she took. "My dear, I have no idea how you put up with so much
in your young life and I understand now, your reticence to let anyone touch you,
let alone an old man like me. I thank you sincerely for telling me your story. It
must have hurt dreadfully, having to recall so much abuse."
"I know it was important for you to know why I am so reticent in regard to
giving myself to any man. But you are no Ralph, Theo. Nor are you anything like
my mother even though you intend to use your daughter's body for your own
pleasure. She cared nothing for me and thought nothing of using trickery and
deception to hurt me for her own evil pleasures. Still I'm no angel either, Theo.
Some day I'll tell you about the filthy things I've made my two little slaves do and
you might hate me more than I hate my own mother. But that was how I got my
relief. I didn't need a man when I had two little sweethearts to pleasure me in any
way I liked. That is why I can train your dear Emily to do whatever you wish and
in so doing she will learn the ways I like to be pleasured as well. Does that make
my position any clearer?"
"I always knew you had deeper motives for using innocent youngsters to
have your way with. You have helped me to understand your wish to be involved
and I believe we will become a great team. You never know, maybe one day we
will give untold pleasures to each other. Oh, my, look at the time. It's after two
o'clock in the morning. Stay here tonight, my dear. I promise you won't find a
randy old man trying to slip into your bed. Not that I wouldn't mind doing so, of
course," he said with a little laugh.
"I will stay the night. Thank you. But it wouldn't be good for Emily to
find me here. I have in mind quite a shock for this young lady at our first
"You are an evil woman," he said, kissing her on the forehead. "Come, I'll
show you to your room. It's at the other end of the house and you can leave
without Emmy seeing you at all."
"Good night, Sir Theo," she said with a little giggle. "Maybe we will fuck
sometime, with little Emily's help." She closed the door before he could respond.

Chapter Twenty Four
"We have a guest for dinner tonight, Emmy. Please come home from
school and finish your homework quickly. I'll leave your clothes on your bed as
usual. Make your self pretty, O.K.?'
"Who's coming, Papa?"
"It's a surprise. Just be ready. I'll call you around seven o'clock so please
remain in your room until then."
"Can't you tell me who it is, Papa? I'd love to know," she asked excitedly.
"Then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it? You know the rules. A hot
shower and then change into the clothes I leave out for you. I want you on your
very best behavior tonight. You know what obedience is, of course."
"Of course I do, Papa. You know I do whatever you tell me to."
"Good, then you'll obey me tonight as well. Just be ready at seven
Emily saw the excitement in her Papa's eyes and wondered if he was
going to introduce a girl friend he'd met or something. Oh, well, she'd just have
to wait until tonight but the thought made her feel excited as well.

Emily completed her homework quickly and immediately rushed to the
shower. It was when she returned and opened the parcel on her bed that her
excitement quickly became disappointment. Who could be visiting that her Papa
would want her to wear her school uniform? Why would he want her dressed like
this? And he had forgotten to leave any panties out. Surely he must have made a
mistake. She had to speak with him yet he had been very specific. Don't come
down until he called her. She had to be ready when he called so she could catch
him before he vanished back to his guest.
Some minutes after seven she heard the call and immediately opened her
door and called to her Papa. But he either never heard her or decided her response
was just acknowledging his call. That's what she thought but Theo smiled to
himself as he heard the plaintive call. He knew very well she would be in a bind
not knowing who was visiting and being told to wear her school clothes. He
closed the dining-room door and returned to his guest.
"She is in such a quandary, Judith. She's never sat at dinner with a guest
in her school clothes and with no panties at that."
"You're a very cruel man, Theo, but I like the game very much." She rose
and kissed him directly on the lips. "It makes me so hot. One day very soon, I will
feel your hardness inside me. Just be patient."
"Then I have things to look forward to, haven't I? Who will be the first? A
young virgin or a self-imposed celibatarian?"
"Ah, the mind of men. No wonder I was used and abused so much in my
early years. men are such pigs," she smiled back at him.
"Aren't we all though? And thinking what Emmy is going to go through
has given me the biggest erection in years."
"Just keep it that way, my good man. I think I look forward to one of those
myself after all these years."
There was a timid knock on the door.
"Papa," they heard her small voice call. "Papa, can I see you out here
"Come on in, Emily, don't keep our guest waiting," he said as he opened
the door widely. Emily could see a woman's head over the top of the armchair she
was sitting in but didn't recognise her teacher.
"But Papa, this is what you left for me to wear. I can't…"
"Come in, Emily," he repeated more firmly.
"She'll see me in my school clothes, Papa," the self-conscious schoolgirl
whimpered as she was pushed into the room.
"Come and say hello to your guest."
The moment Emily saw around the edge of the chair she gasped, "Miss
Reymond," and felt her face turn bright scarlet, ashamed at being seen in such
"Hello, Emily. My, what a surprise to see you dressed like this. If I didn't
know better, I would think you didn't appreciate my presence here."
"Oh," the youngster gasped and dropped her hands to her sides, her face
flaming red with embarrassment.
"I can see I have much to teach you about fashion and manners, for that
"Miss Reymond, it was Papa who…"
"Be quiet, girl and stop sniffling. That isn't the way to welcome someone
to your home. At least your father gave me a little kiss at the front door to
welcome me."
"Yes, Ma'am," she agreed softly and began to peck her visitor on the
"Is that any way to greet someone who might just become your new
The shock on Emily's face was so evident her Papa wriggled in his chair
then said, "Miss Reymond and I have been talking for some time, Emily. It has
concerned me that for too long you have only me to discuss the things young girls
need to know and I find myself at a loss to help you in so many ways. It was my
suggestion that Miss Reymond, Judith, might come to live with us and be that
person, the same as having a mother after all these years."
With both adults watching, she felt very self-conscious. She wanted no
one but Papa but how could she say this in front of Miss Reymond. Miss
Reymond who seemed to do unknown things to two of her friends, things that
made them cry yet still refuse to talk about it.
"If I'm to become your mummy, Emily, it has to be on exactly the same
terms as you have with your own Papa. You understand what that means, don't
"Uhm," she blushed deeply, looking to her Papa for support.
"Of course she does," her Papa spoke for her. "Emily will have no trouble
giving you absolute obedience just as she does with me. You will obey your new
mummy absolutely, won't you, child?"
"You mean in everything, Papa? Even the… the private things?" The poor
girl couldn't believe that was what her father meant. Those were strictly between
her Papa and herself.
"Obedience means exactly that, Emily. Obey in every way. Just tell your
Mummy that you will be as good to her as you are to me. I want you to say that,
Emily," he added with a hint of forcefulness.
She remained silent for many moments, her face looking downwards, her
mind in turmoil as she digested the meaning of what he said.
"Yes, I will be a good girl for you Miss… Uhm, Mummy."
Judith breathed a sigh of happiness. She had a third child under her power
and it was so easy, even if it did mean she would have to give the old man his
dues when he needed them.
"I'm delighted to hear that, Emily. Come and stand beside me."
When the girl moved to her side Judith reached beneath her skirt and
whispered, "Spread your legs, young lady. I'm going to check your purity. You
are still pure, I home?"
Emily couldn't believe her ears yet her mind spoke silently as her legs
seemed to part of their own accord. "Yes, I am, Mother," she confirmed in a soft
voice, wondering what unknowns she was being thrust into.
Hands rose up her thighs and a finger immediately intruded, pressing
deeper until she could feel the pressure as it met with her hymen.
"Hmm, a true virgin. I never thought I'd see that in a girl your age. I can
tell you your two little friends gave theirs away quite a while ago. Congratulations
but this can't go on forever, you know that, don't you, child?"
"Yes, Ma'am."
"Now open your blouse and let me see your bosoms."
Emily looked across at her Papa stunned at the way her teacher was
ordering her about so intimately yet Papa wasn't objecting at all. He gave her an
almost imperceptible nod so she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra below
her breasts. Her face was burning with humiliation as she stood beside this
domineering woman who was now cupping her mounds and squeezing them
"Oh, my, what a pretty little thing you have here. Well, we have much to
talk about but Theo, I think we should eat first. Call the maid. No, child, don't
cover your nakedness. It's only a maid and she's a woman anyway. Just sit still
and be served."
Emily knew very well the girl was eyeing her exposure at every
opportunity but said nothing and soon she had returned to the kitchen, no doubt to
tell the cook what she'd seen.

They were sitting in her Papa's cozy study after dinner, a small intimate
room with his desk and large chair, a wall of books, a divan with a leather
ottoman he used as a coffee table. Her new Mummy had taken control of the
conversation and her Papa just sat back and watched as she asked many
embarrassing personal questions of Emily.
"Well, child, I'm very pleased you have grown to obey your Papa the way
you have. You have at least provided him with some of the needs every man has,
but there is one very definite need, something he has desired for many years but
has remained unfulfilled. I do believe the time has come to show you absolute
love and trust by providing this special gift."
"Gift? Oh, If I can, I will," the naïve girl answered quickly, showing her
new mother how compliant she could be.
"I knew you would jump at the chance, child. Please remove all your
Well she had been naked in front of her Papa of course but no one else
even though Miss Reymond, oops, Mummy, had felt her pussy and squeezed her
breasts. It just seemed terribly naughty to be totally nude while the others were
still fully dressed. She stood still for a few moments hoping the woman would
reconsider and direct her some other way.
"Everything, Emily."
When she stood stark naked before them her mummy asked, "Do you
know what a man's penis looks like, child?"
"A pen…? Y… Yes, I guess so," she admitted shyly.
"You guess so? Don't you know?"
"Yes, I do," she said more clearly.
"I take it your Papa's penis is the only one you've seen, is that correct?"
"Uhm, yes," she admitted, feeling the blush returning.
"Tonight, my dear, you are going to begin your lessons on how to please a
man and make him very happy."
"Tonight? You mean he's going to…?"
"Going to do what?" Her Mummy asked her with a wry smile.
"You know, have sex with me."
"Maybe not tonight but you are definitely going to pleasure him. You are
going to use your hands and mouth to pleasure your own dear Papa and I will be
here to show you exactly how."
"My mouth?" The young girl cried in fright. "How do I…?"
"I told you I'd teach you. Stop being a child and grow up, Emily. You
know you want to do this, don't you? You have allowed him to use your body but
it was only to masturbate against you, wasn't it? You really do want to know how
to do things that will give him pleasure, don't you? Tell the truth now."
"Y… Yes, I do want to make him happy," she admitted in a quiet voice,
glancing quickly towards her Papa then downwards in embarrassment.
"Then tonight you shall. But first, I'd like to taste your young delights.
Come and sit beside me, darling."
Emily soon found herself laying face up on the ottoman with her new
Mummy lapping at her breasts while her hand was stroking the young girl's vulva.
"Look at your dear Papa as I'm doing this, child. Let him see you are
enjoying what your new mummy is doing."
The girl shyly looked across and noticed that not only was her Papa
watching every moment of her molestation but he was stroking his trousers right
where his thing was. She could even see it was hard and pressing upwards just the
way it did when he pressed himself against her.
"Would you like your Papa to do this to you, Emily?"
It came as a shock to hear the words but deep down she knew she wanted
him to do it. She wanted him to enjoy himself stroking her body while she was
quite naked. She wanted it and suddenly realized she had wanted it to happen for
many months, it was just her stubbornness that had stopped her until now.
"Yes," she whispered and held her hand out towards him.
He was kneeling beside her in an instant and began to share her body with
her new Mummy, Miss Reymond.
"Open your legs wider, baby," Mummy told her. "Show your Papa all your
secrets. He wants to see everything, your beautiful little titties, your sweet little
pussy and this darling of rosebud," she said, slowly pushing a finger inside the
youngster where no finger had intruded before.
"Nggg," the youngster moaned at the intrusion. She didn't want that, not
inside her bottom hole but what could she do? Both adults were almost ferocious
in their discoveries of the girl's secret places, her Papa sucking and licking the
twin peaks of her boobies, his tongue pushing right inside her pussy when he got
the chance for that was the favorite place of her new Mummy too.
"I think you'd better dispose of all those clothes, Theo. Your daughter
awaits her initiation into womanhood."
"You mean…? Yes, you do, don't you? It's time, Emily. It's time to give
me your most precious possession. Papa is going to fuck you, baby," he whispered
in her ear.
She knew what he meant and tried to sit up but Mummy was holding a
hand against her chest, forbidding her to rise.
"Relax yourself, Emily," Mummy instructed. "You know you want him to,
don't you? Yes, I knew you did. You can't love someone so long without wanting
to give your very being to him. Enjoy the experience Emily for it will make you
free to offer yourself whenever he has such a need from now on. Once he breaks
through your barrier you become a woman and can do womanly things whenever
you wish. Don't fret, baby girl. The pain lasts only a second or two then he will
give you immense pleasure whenever you wish it. The other things I promised to
show you can be learned another day."
Emily looked down towards her feet and saw her Papa standing, watching.
Her very own, very naked Papa with his thing pointing directly at her was edging
closer. Her mummy pushed her legs wider apart and gestured for him to begin. He
knelt upon the altar and moved his body up so his face was directly over hers.
"I've waited so long, my darling," he whispered then lowered his body
and she felt the first contact. A hand was between her legs and she realized her
Mummy was guiding him in to the target. Directly into her well spread pussy that
for some reason seemed so wet and slushy now.
Then he pushed gently and she knew he was inside. How far she knew not
but her pussy seemed to be so stretched she was sure something more than just his
thing was being forced inside her. He rested for a short while and now her new
Mummy was cradling her face with her hands and lips, whispering things she
couldn't comprehend. All she knew was that down there she was being invaded.
Her dear Papa was pressing deeper for she could feel herself being forced open as
though her pussy was a balloon being inflated.
He didn't hurry at all and Judith marveled at his willpower in not surging
through the young girl's barrier. It was at that moment that she knew she too
would soon be offering her body to a man again, the first time in more than ten
years. This was a man she could give herself to and not be abused, a man who
relished the sanctity of womanhood, a man who savored the act of sex for it's
beauty and dignity, directly opposite to all those who abused her childhood body
with filth and debasement.
Emily felt the pressure grow inside her as her Papa rested, his cock
pressing against the membrane. The pain rose from ache to deep burning then a
flash of light seemed to pass through her brain as incredible fire stung her so hotly
she screamed loud and thrashed her tiny body.
"No, no, it hurts," she cried then felt her Papa push all the way deep
"He has done it, baby," her Mummy whispered. "You are a real woman
now. Your Papa had taken your virginity, the pain will soon go."
He held himself above the small body, staying perfectly still as he looked
down into her eyes. "I tried not to hurt you, darling, I'm sorry. Was it so terrible?"
By now there was little pain, just an incredible fullness that enveloped her
being. Then he moved and she felt the pain return, a stinging but nothing like the
moment her membrane ruptured. He moved his cock slowly, in and out, trying not
to irritate the tear but desperately needing his own release. The intensity of the
moment caused him to feel weak, a need to let his body crash down on the girl
beneath him and he yearned for fulfillment but his stroking never changed. He
could easily have thrust forcefully, which would have given him the release his
brain craved but he steeled himself to hold steady.
Judith realized what was happening and without a word moved so she
could reach around his thigh to lightly cup his ball sac. A few strokes of her
fingers was all it took to bring his climax crashing through.
"Arrrg," he groaned as his body shuddered great tremors, matching the
surges of sperm shooting deep inside Emily's body. She had felt those tremors
before when he masturbated himself against her, so she was quite aware what was
happening inside her vagina. When it was over he slumped sideways to avoid
crushing her with his weight.
"I'm sorry, baby. I never made you cum," he gasped once he found his
voice again. At that very moment the youngster's body twitched and shivered as
her own orgasm broke to the surface and Theo saw Judith had masturbated the
girl to her just reward. At that very moment, Emily knew the real joy of sex for
the first time.

They remained still and quiet for a long period, each taking in all that
happened in their private thoughts. Then Judith stood and removed her clothes,
allowing Theo and Emily to watch as she did so.
"I think I'm out of uniform," she said almost shyly. "The only one dressed
in a room of nudists so I'd better join the crowd," she smiled at them as her
nakedness was exposed. Theo's heart almost burst with joy as he realized she was
giving herself to him of her own choice. It came much earlier than either she or
he had expected.
Judith's first task was to clean the mess up from between Emily's legs.
She had already placed the necessary things beside the ottoman and placed a
sanitary pad over Emily's weeping vagina, holding it in place with a pair of soft
panties. Then she moved to Theo and lovingly held his soft cock as she washed it
of pink stained semen.
"If I'm invited," she told him, "I will move in with the two of you as soon
as you wish." Then she smiled in a way she had not done for many years, happily.
"You are invited as of now, Miss Judith Reymond. Maybe someday soon,
we can do something about ridding you of that name. I'm sure it would help
expunge the memories of the past."
If she took that as a preliminary proposal of marriage she gave no
indication. She smiled but never replied. Time would sort those things out.
"Theo, would you mind if Emily shared my bed tonight. She is in no fit
state to offer you any further service for a few days."
"Oh," he said with disappointment. "I thought…"
"I knew once you tasted her delights, you would want more so I have
taken the liberty of providing two very compliant young ladies to keep you
company for the next few nights. I know they will make you happy," she added
with a wry grin, "and they are very discrete."
"Two…? You mean…?"
"Their mothers think they are staying with me, which they are, I guess.
That is, as long as I'm staying here anyway."
"Then in a few days I'm sure you can begin teaching Emily about your
special needs," she continued, with a knowing smile. "I'd like to learn about those
needs too, if you want me to, of course."
Before he could answer, the doorbell rang. Judith looked at her watch and
with an exaggerated look on her face, asked, "Now I wonder who that could be at
this hour?"


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