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UNSATIS2 sucked her breath


Sexually Explicit Material-Not Intended for Minors

Title: Unsatisfied

Part 2

by the Drifter
The next morning was Saturday and they slept in. Jim was
awakened when Carol kissed him lightly as her hand wrapped around
his half hard cock. His eyes opened as she slowly stroked his
cock up
and down, letting the loose skin slide with her small cool hand.

"Good morning baby." he said

"Hi my sweet stud. Want to play some more games with me
this morning?"

He rolled over facing her and cupped one of her large firm
breasts. As he toyed with her hard nipples she sighed enjoying
it. After a minute she said, "Honey... the way I came on your
lovely cock last night... if you would prefer, I can do with out
Dan's big cock. I want you to know I love you for being so eager
to please me. But truly you are all I need."

"I understand my love. But what about Terri? You know she
won't take no for an answer."

"That's OK. If you want to keep fucking Terri I am OK with
that. Especially if I can watch. "

"So you and Dan are just going to watch while Terri and I
fuck. His cock , his ten inch cock is going to get hard and you
are not going to be interested?"

Her breath was heavier and she squeezed Jim's cock hard in
her fist as she stroked it faster. Jim pushed her on her back
and moved between her legs as she spread them in welcome. As his
cock disappeared into her tight cunt she moaned and Jim drove all
the way into her cervix and she screamed and came. Jim continued
stroking, fucking his bride and she got verbal, only this time
she said, "Jim, you really wouldn't mind if Dan fucked me.
Drove his ten inch cock up my pussy?" and she wrapped her legs
around Jim and came again on his cock..

Jim smiled and stroked slowly saying, "I can hardly wait
until I can watch Dan fuck you with that monster cock of his.
While I fuck his wife."

Carol groaned and stiffened as she came a third time. Then
Jim stroked faster, deeper, harder and soon he flooded her cunt with his cum and she came one more time.

Still holding each other, his cock still buried in her warm
wet cunt, Carol sighed, "Oh I love you. I seem to be cured my
husband,. I think I came three times just now. Can I still have
my big cock toy?"

"Remember sweetheart, it is a debt of honor."

* * *

They showered and spent the day getting everything ready for
their special guests that night. While they were waiting Carol
said, "Honey did Terri say who they were swinging with? Do we
know them? Wouldn't that be funny if we did?"

"Terri just said she had fucked most of my friends. So I
imagine we do know them. Why, you interested in maybe us
swinging too?"

Carol laughed deep in her throat and sighed, "Damn Jim,
this is too hot."

Just then the door bell sounded. Carol moved eagerly to
answer the door. Terri moved in and gave Carol a big hug and a
warm kiss. Then she turned her over to Dan. She stepped over to
Jim and melted in his arms like an old lover and said softly,
"Watch this honey. The first time watching your wife with the
next guy who is going fuck her" and she turned facing Dan and
Carol backing up into Jim's arms. Jim watched as he slid his
arms around Terri as he pressed in behind her.

Dan smiled at Carol and pulled her into his arms. He kissed
her and soon it was obvious they were kissing as lovers. Dan's
hands dropped to her trim ass and pulled her hard into his cock.
Jim and Terri heard Carol let out a little gasp. Then Dan broke
the kiss and said something to Carol the others couldn't hear.
They did hear Carol say, "Oh yes Dan yes."

Then he caught her hand and pulled it between them onto his
cock and said something else to Carol. Again she said, "Oh yes
Dan. Honey I already said yes."

Jim had his hands inside Terri's loose blouse on her firm
bare tits. Carol and Dan broke the clinch and walked over to join
them. Terri smiled and said, "Carol honey, what did my husband
ask you, we couldn't hear him?"

Carol looked at Jim and smiled shyly as she leaned into Dan.
"Dan asked me if I was really going to let him fuck me tonight."
She looked at her husband and continued, "I said yes Jim, I hope
you are still OK with that."

Jim smiled and said, "Very OK sweetheart." and he watched
as Carol slid her hand on top of Dan's huge hard cock through his

Terri spoke up saying, "What was the second question Carol?"

Carol blushed but didn't turn loose of Dan's cock, "Dan
asked me if he could fuck me anytime he wanted too and I told him
he could. Is that OK Jim? I promise I will make it up to you."

Jim dropped his hand under Terri's brief little skirt onto
her bare pussy and stroked it as Carol watched. Then he said,
"That is great my love. I want you to enjoy it. I know Terri
will help keep me busy."

Then Dan leaned over and whispered in Carol's ear. Carol
looked at Dan and then at Jim. Jim smiled and said "OK give,
what was this silent message?"

"Dan said he has two friends that are as big as he is.
Would I fuck all of them? That Terri has fucked them several
times and that they are good friends of yours honey."

Jim laughed and said, "Do you want to fuck them Carol?"

"Oh Jim, right now I am so hot I would fuck anything or

Jim laughed and said, "Lets go to the bedroom and get on
with what we all want. We can talk about the others later.
In the bedroom Terri said, "Brother dear, get behind me and
fuck me doggie so you can watch your wife take Dan's big cock for
the first time. I know you are going to love this." Shortly Jim
was slowly stroking his cock into his little sister from behind
as he watched his hot wife stroking Dan's monster cock with
unbridled lust in her eyes. Then Carol sucked Dan's cock head
into her mouth. After enjoying that for awhile, Carol told Dan
to lay back as she straddled him and slowly, inch by inch
mounted his monster cock. It seem to take a while to get Dan all
the way in but soon all four of them were stroking, burying every
inch of available cock into their happy homes.

Much much later, dressed in thin robes, they all sat down to
a delicious dinner. As they ate Terri spoke up looking at Carol,
"Jim tells me you two are eager to know who we swing with, who
the other two donkey cocks are beside my husband, and which of
your friends are involved.. This may blow your minds but hang
on. One of the other donkey cocks is your Church Choir Leader,
Bill Bradley. He and his horny little wife Tina are among our
regulars. And he is at least as big as Dan. Tim and Cindy
Johnson across the street. He is the other donkey cock. Then
our young Mayor and his wife, Wayne and Dee. He is hung like
Jim. More to my liking. Jim, also your boss Pete and his sexy
wife Wanda. There are more that you don't know. Oh and Carol,
all the ladies, including me, are very bisexual. I hope you can
deal with that?"

There was a long silence as Terri and Carol smiled at each
other. Each buried in their thoughts. Soon Jim changed the
subject after saying. "Man that puts a new light on our little

Later they returned to the bedroom where they paired off as
before. Then after Dan had filled Carol's cunt with cum again,
Terri said softly, "Would you mind if I ate your wife's pussy big brother?"

Carol was laying on her back with her eyes closed. Jim
motioned for Terri to go ahead and she dropped her mouth to
Carol's open cunt. Carol sighed deeply with pleasure then looked
down to see Terri eating her pussy. Without hesitation she put
her hand on the back of Terri's head and pulled her in tighter
saying, "Oh yessss Terri darling."

When their guests eventually left late the next morning Jim
kissed his wife and she looked at him with loving eyes and said
"Thank you. I love you and want you to know I appreciate you
being so open and accepting of my desire for big cocks."

Jim lead her into the guest bedroom, the master bedroom was
too much a mess to sleep in. As they cuddled in bed Jim said, "I
wonder how far this is going to go?"

Carol sighed as she relaxed for sleep and said, "I will
leave that up to you baby. What ever you decide I will go along

"You want those other two monster cocks don't you?"

She smiled and repeated, "Whatever you decide. I trust you
completely darling and will follow where ever you lead."

* * *

At work that week Jim's head was in a whirl. Like a kid in
a candy store. He thought of how available Wanda, Tina, Cindy
and Dee could be to him, but like Terri, the price of admission
was the men got to fuck Carol. He recalled watching Carol with
Dan and his hard cock jumped in his pants. It had surprised him
how much he had enjoyed watching his brother-in -law fucking his
wife. And how much he had enjoyed fucking his own sister to
complete the foursome.

He was getting nothing done at work and then Pete, his boss
dropped by and noticed Jim seemed distant. Like a good boss he
stopped in and closed the door behind him, "Jim, are you OK?
You seem pretty spaced out. Do you need some time off? You have
been working damn hard. Don't think I haven't noticed. If you
need some time off let me know. Is there anything you would like
to talk about?"

Jim was thinking then of the lovely, athletic, and sensuous
Wanda, his boss' wife. He looked at his boss and wondered where
the conversation might go. Knowing they were swingers he
wondered how fast it might move as he said, "I guess I sort of
have a problem boss. It's pretty personal but I guess I can talk
to you about it. It's that my wife, Carol, seems to never get
enough sex. I know most guys bitch cause they never get enough
pussy. But my Carol wants it every night 2 or 3 times. And I
think she might even still want more. But I shouldn't bother you
with this. Excuse me for bringing it up. I will work it out

Jim wondered how his boss would react to his phoney problem,
though it was sort of true, it sure wasn't a problem. Jim
wondered how far he would take this with his boss. Would he
actually start swinging? Let his boss fuck his wife? Him fuck

Then Pete spoke up and said, "Relax buddy, forget the boss
stuff. I can see you have a problem. Maybe I can help you. I
remember your wife. As I call she is gorgeous and has a great
body. I can see why you might worry if you thought she might
slip around and have an affair or something. There was a time I
worried about that. My wife Wanda is a pretty damn horny lady
too. She loves sex about as much as any female I have ever
known. But we worked it out very nicely."

The carrot was there. Jim was sure Pete was eager to tell
him how swinging saved his marriage. But Jim said, "Pete, I
think I have said too much. I appreciate your help but I don't
want to trouble you."

It was mid afternoon and Pete looked at his watch then said,
"Come on buddy, we are going to stop for a beer. I will meet you
at Danny's Bar down the street. You need to take a break from
all of this."

Jim agreed and soon the two of them walked into Danny's.
Their beer delivered, the two of them sipped on them until Pete
said, "Jim I remember when Wanda was about to fuck me to death.
I love my wife and knew she loved me. But frankly she had
evolved from being a reluctant virgin when we married to being
always ready to fuck. I was afraid that anyone who showed any
interest might get lucky with her. I worried about delivery
people, mailmen, paper boys, hell anything with a hard dick."

"Damn Pete, I'm not there yet but Carol seems to have an
ever increasing appetite. What did you do?"

It just hung there as Pete order two more beers and then
paid for them. Then he smiled at Jim and said, "I got help."

"You mean therapy?"

"Hell no, I was afraid they might turn her off. I loved her
horny all the time. I thought it over and decided if you can't
whip 'em join 'em. I asked Wanda if she wanted to try swinging.
I had heard of some people, like us, successful, young and hot
who enjoyed sharing spouses with each other. Well at first she
was hesitant tho I could tell she wanted to. She wanted
assurances that I would still love her, and not run off with some

"Wow, you and Wanda swing. man I bet she makes some guys smile."

"She does Jim, and the other wives keep a perpetual smile
on my face too. It is like the new cocks have calmed Wanda down
and now she is real fussy about which new couples we get together
with. Oh she might fuck the delivery man but it would be cause
she wanted him, not just any cock. Now she is picky but she has
always thought you were hot Jim."

Jim shook his head and his boss said, "I hope I haven't
shocked you buddy."

"Oh no" Jim answered. I admit I have thought about
something like this but didn't know how to go about it or how to
bring it up to Carol."

"Jim it works lots of ways. With some new friends I have
sorta led the other wives into it while Wanda worked on the
husband. We could try that if you want to try swinging with us.
We would love to have you and Carol join us or maybe even our
entire group. Or you could just go visit Wanda. I know she
would love to take you to her bed, and I will try to seduce
Carol, or you could just ask Carol if she wants to do this."

Again Jim groaned and said "Wow."

"Well think about it buddy. I love to watch Wanda with
another guy. Have you ever thought of that? Hot as hell. And
you would not believe the women I share now. Some of them would
blow your mind, not to mention your cock."

They both laughed and Jim said, "I love the idea. Carol and
I are real solid. I wouldn't mind watching her with another man.
Specially if I were fucking his wife."

Then Pete said, "Would you mind if I tried to fuck your
Carol. I love seduction tho I am surprised how most wives are
eager to fuck around. It is hard to pass up good sex."

"Hell no Pete, go for it. I wish you luck."

"Would you like to spend a couple of hours with Wanda while
I go visit Carol?"

"Hell yes!"

"OK here is what we will do. I will call Wanda and tell
her you are coming over. She will be ready for bed waiting for
you I'm sure. You call Carol and tell her you have to work late
but to expect me to come by with some papers you need. OK?"

They headed for the phone booths. Jim dialed his home and
said, "Hi honey, I think we are about to fuck my boss and his
wife... and he told her all that had happened."

Carol laughed sexily, "So you want me to fuck your boss
when he gets here."

"Yeah, hell you know you want to."

"You are right I do. I have thought of nothing else all day
but fucking all of the men Terri told us about last night, I
know Tim is home alone today. I saw him go in and Cindy leave.
It has been all I could do to not go over there and see if his
cock is as big as Terri said. When will Pete be here?"

"In about 20 minutes I would guess."

"He will get a wonderful welcome my husband. Are you going
over to see Wanda?"

"Yeah, I will be home about 10 p.m. That should give us
all the time to try it all I think."

"Jim... I love you,,, I love what we are doing."

"I do too kitten, hang on tight."

and he hung up.

* * *
She smiled to herself as she hung up the phone and she felt
the delightful tingle in her loins. She stripped and showered.
She slipped on a thin silk blouse with no bra. It hugged her
full breasts closely outlining the nipples. A short skirt, no
panties. Heels, thigh high hose that needed nothing to hold
them up. And she said out loud to the room, "You are going to
fuck your husbands boss." then after a pause, "And then who?"

As she finished her make up she thought about what might lay
ahead of she and Jim. She knew they would soon be swinging with
the group. She remembered how Paul had loved to share her with
other couples in college. But she had never told Jim about that.

Carol stood in the kitchen, wondering if Jim was with Wanda
yet. If she could have seen inside of Wanda's bedroom she would
have seen her husband thrusting his cock into his boss; wife from
behind as she was on all fours on her bed, moaning with pleasure.
The doorbell rang and she smiled as she wondered how soon
she would be on her back. But she remembered she had to play the
faithful wife being seduced.

She opened the door and stood patiently as Pete ran his eyes
appreciatively over her body. Then she said, "Hi Pete, Jim
called and said you were coming by, come on it."

"Hi Carol, just for a minute. I brought this by for Jim."

Carol took the manilla envelope and dropped it on the table
saying simply, "Drink? Help yourself, I already have my wine."

Pete walked over and fixed his at the small bar. When he
looked up Carol said, "I was about to start dinner, come into
the kitchen and talk to me while I work."

Pete followed her and she knew his eyes were on her trim ass
in the tight skirt. It was obvious, just as she had planned,
that she wore no panties under it. In the kitchen she turned,
feeling her heavy breasts sway. They chatted about nothing for a
few moments then she watched out of the corner of her eye as Pete
stood up and walked up behind her.

"God you are gorgeous Carol I have never seen you looking
so sexy. I like you without panties or a bra on."

Carol smiled and said, "Behave Pete... but thank you for the
complement. I never wear underthings unless I have to. I hate
them. Makes me feel smothered."

Pete stepped closer placing his hands on her waist from
behind as he said, "What do you do with yourself during the days
when Jim is at work? Do you have a string of lovers lined up to
do your bidding?"

"PETE! Shame on you, I admit that's a nice thought but so
far from the boring life a housewife has."

She felt him against her round little ass as his hands slid
around her waist just under her full breasts. Her nipples were
hard and stood out clearly. Something Pete had not missed. He
thought, hell she is already getting aroused. As hot as Jim
said she was this may be easier than I even hoped. Carol pulled
her shoulders back and sighed, "Pete, you are sweet and handsome
and all that but I need you to go back and sit and enjoy your
drink. You don't know what you are doing to me."

Pete smiled thinking , She is mine, and he slid his hands
up and cupped her full breasts, so soft without a bra. As he
squeezed them and toyed with her hard nipples he pressed his hard
cock into her ass. Carol groaned and said softly, "No Pete....
don't get me started. You have no idea how hot you are making
me. We need to stop this before it goes too far. I don't think
Jim would be able to handle this."

He had unbuttoned her blouse as she talked with no objection
from her. Now his hands held her bare beauties. He said, "God
you are something Carol, so beautiful, so sexy, so desirable,
and so fuckable."

Carol sucked in her breath as he pinched her nipples hard.
She leaned her head back on his shoulder in submission saying,
"Pete... how did you know I was so ready? That you could just
walk in her and take me?"

He turned her head and kissed her deeply as he dropped one
hand beneath her skirt onto her sweet pussy. Running his finger
between her outer labia he found her wetness and he slipped one
finger into her hot cunt. She moaned into the deep kiss and
spread her legs for him. Soon he broke the kiss and said, "I can
sense a kindred spirit. You are so hot to fuck, just like me."

"Oh damn Pete, yes... I can't ever seem to get enough."

Pete scooped her up and headed toward the stairs and her
bed. As he carried her he said, "I have the solution for that
problem sweetheart. My friends and I can solve that nicely."

She shivered in his arms and soon was on her back, nude,
with his cock buried deep in her cunt, just as she had expected,
wanted so bad, and now had. She wrapped her legs around his ass
and met his thrusts as she wondered who would be next...

* * *


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