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UPDATES men nasai classes just getting

This textfile contains adult material. if you're under legal age where you
live, or you are offended by materials that alludes to sex and sexual
practices, you should stop reading before the dotted line below

Welcome to Calylia's story FTP Archive

i must apologize for the brevity of this document; i am ashamed to admit
that i have been spending much more time working on the webpage than the
text files. for more information and clutter, please take a look at the
website, http://www.asstr.org/~calylia

Updates will look like this: [FTP] : ftp update [WEB] : webpage update
[NEW] : general news items, like, i'm about to die so don't expect and
updates, or my cat just die, please mourn, or something like that. but
don't worry, i don't have a cat. but i want one though. but don't send
one, because other people in this house don't approve.

News and Updates: [04/30/02] [NEW] can you believe it took me this long
to figure out that my index page doesn't show up in netscape? it's fixed
now ... sorry for the bother. i finished the first part of a special last
night in a flash of inspiration, but i'm debating whether to post it or
not. i'll see. anyways, it's exam time, so i'll try again in May.

[01/16/02] [NEW] patience, patience. i am trying a new way of writing;
snippets. sometimes i donít have inspiration or motivation to work on a
particular act, then i will try and work on another segment.

[12/25/01] [NEW] i end up getting a Casio BE300 rather than a palm
pilot. personally, i think it's better; the handwriting recognition is much
better than the graffitti system used by the palms. no ''alpha" symbol for
the letter "K'', and capitalization is only an upward stroke away.

either way, i will try to have updates done as soon as possible. thank
you all for your patience.

[11/13/01] [NEW] boy, you'd think i should change it to "almost monthly"
updates instead of "supposedly weekly" updates. maybe i will change it to
that; this lack of updates is starting to embarass me, and i'm sure that
there is at least one reader that will be angry with me for lack of update.
gomen nasai! classes is just getting in the way of my writing ..

on the other hand, i've planned out characters for another story. this
one will have more "magical" elements to it, but will be based in modern
times. i know that sounds weird, and all the movies i've seen with things
like that, well, didn't really work out. but i'll try my best and
hopefully have SOMETHING to show for it.

i'm also planning on getting a fancy-shamcy palm pilot(tm) so i can
write while i'm on the bus. hopefully that will work out too; i spend an
average of 3 hours on the bus every weekday, which could used to write

[10/06/01] [NEW] a victory! i have finally figured out how to FTP
through the proxy server! if you have no idea what i'm talking about, i'll
put it in mundane terms; i can now update my page easily! but whether i
can post anything new; that remains to be seen.

[WEB] updated the about me page
(http://www.asstr.org/~calylia/aboutus.html), index and main page.

[10/02/01] [NEW] no, i'm not dead, even though you might wish i was for
not updating. i've just moved, and i spent a nice day or two battling the
proxy server to let me continue my school work ... and writing, of course.
to sum it up in the words of my friend, "irl sucks". there's been so much
school worki haven't even been in a naughty enough mood to think about
writing. but don't worry, i have most of the chapters planned out; it's
all a matter of writing it down coherently.

so please, bear with me as i slowly suffocate under the sadistic rule of
my various professors, and wither under the weight of my assignments.
thank you for your patience.

[09/07/01] [NEW] again, where's the update, you ask? well, i have
interesting stories to tell you. first, i fell off the stairs and busted
my head open, so i had to get stitches ... and then i had my wisdom teeth
out ... my face was swollen up for a good week. now, i'll be moving soon.
hopefully everything will be settled for the week of the 18th. i apologize
for all of you who were waiting for the updates.

[08/13/01] [NEW] where's the update, you ask? i have an exam on 08/14,
so i'm afraid there will be no update until at least 08/15. my exam is at
night. wish me luck, everybody!

[08/06/01] [FTP] As promised, the weekly monday updates will begin ...
today! being the first monday of August. Uploaded Act One of Rough Music
Chronicles (it's under rmc/PartOne/). from the outline i have here, there
are eight parts planned, each with at least four acts and four interludes.
i think it's just the way i write ... the structure will look like this:
[Part One]: Act One - Interlude One - Act Two - Interlude Two ... and so

[WEB] Updated the entrance page. i don't really like it, so i'll
probably be changing it again later. basically, it's just your regular
"18+ or leave" entrance page.

[08/02/01] [WEB] updated the original Lemonade Paradise preface [WEB]
updated the Rough Music Chronicles preface and background [FTP]
spellchecked the Lemonade Paradise stories, due to reader demand. sorry
about that! i wrote my story on pico on my laptop. it's a text editor,
and i didn't spellcheck it. a lot of words that i have troubled with are
misspelt (how do you spell misspelt?), and all my 'i's are lower case (as
they are now, because i'm writing on notepad). apologies! they should be
all fixed now, except for the british spelling of things like colour,
centre, ice-cream and so on. ;) those i'm leaving in, if that's okay.
[FTP] also fixed the coding for Lemonade Paradise, NGE:WTL and welcome.txt
(in the ftp). MANY APOLOGIES to those who got them before and had the
WRONG coding (all those m's and fs there should be Ms and Fs). you can
flame me for not reading the coding FAQ first before posting it. i'm
terribly sorry.

[07/30/01] [WBE] laid down the foundation for the pages. hopefully i
won't have to change this very often. [FTP] uploaded the original Lemonade
Paradise stories. [FTP] uploaded the NGE: Will to Live lemonfic

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