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UPSTAIRS stretch out wouldnt it Your breasts


If you're under 18, don't read this. Skip or erase the file. If you're
over 18, you can now to officially decide for yourself.

The following work of total fiction contains scenes of graphic sex, some
of which may be NC, but not violent or S/M-ish. This story includes themes
of impregnation/insemination.

Content is my own, copyright 1998-2001, (as are the typos, spelling, and
grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living or dead or
stories already written is purely coincidence.

This story was written over two years ago, but not posted until now.
I'm less than thrilled with the way this one turned out, but am unliely to
tweak it any more, so here it is. My lack of personal experience in F/F
will probably be painfully apparent to those who have it. Fantasy is
fantasy. Let's also not pretend that I know how to write a good
one-sideded dialog.

The reader is free and welcome to copy and circulate this story within
legal forums, as long as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to
it or the content are made.

Hope you like it.




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\ \ Upstairs - F/F Toys NC

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(O) o

/ > | ~~ /

Accomplices at a fraternity party have helped sedate Cathy's prudish
roommate, taking her to a dorm room upstairs from the main party, where
Cathy has planned a long, slow debauch.

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Upstairs By Monocle

Upstairs from the party...

"Oh, hi Cindy. I'm glad you're awake. Wouldn't want you to miss the
fun. Yes, that's right, you can't move. Freddy helped me tie you nice and
tight to the bed frame. What was that? I'm afraid I can't hear you too
well with that gag in your mouth. It's shaped like a cock, you know.
Well, maybe you wouldn't know - you prude. But that's what this is all
about, isn't it? As your roommate, it's my job to take that all out of
you. How am I going to do that? - you might ask if you could. I'm going
to put all of _this_ into you."

"Now don't look at me like that. I know you've done it. Well, at least
once, with that George fellow. He's nice and all, but rather small, don't
you think? I mean I could barely feel him inside me last ni- Oh, you
didn't know that, did you. So sorry."

"Anyway, this is a much more... manly size. Nine inches should fill
you up nicely. And look - it's got these cute little bumps just for the
best places, and the big bonus, three speeds of 'soothing vibration'."

"Now first, let's get these covers off of you. There. That's nice.
You'll notice Freddy and I took the liberty of undressing you while you
were 'out'. I will have to ask him just what was in the 'party-special'
drink. Has anyone ever told you that you have a perfect body? Did George?
Or did you and George play in the dark? Well. Maybe we'll have to invite
George in later, so he can see what he missed..."

"But let's not get ahead of ourselves. I've always admired your
breasts, so round and full. Now I get a taste of them for myself!"

"Mmmm, so soft. And look at how that nipple stands up so quickly, and
so hard! Oh, that's good. Now does the other one do the same thing?
Mmmmmmm, yes it does."

"You don't mind if I undress too, do you? It's so warm in here. That's
better. Now let's get you ready for your little friend here. Ooo. You
have such a pretty pussy. I knew you were a natural blonde, but really.
You're so fair and sparse. It almost looks shaved down there. Hee hee!
That wispy fuzztickles my cheek. Fred did a really first class job of
spreading you open for me. I know just how to thank him later... Just a
kiss, now, and a lllllllick. Oh, you are sweet. Sweet as honey,
girlfriend. Let's get you nice and wet now..."

"Mmmm, there. I can taste you now. You're starting to wet yourself up
now huh? Thatís much better. A woman's own natural juice is much better
for fucking than saliva alone. I'm glad your body is getting into it, even
if your head isn't there yet. You taste really good. You don't mind if I
stay here just a little longer?..."

"Now, lets get the show on the road. Oh, I see your eyes were closed -
I'm sorry to interrupt our little mouth-to-pussy resuscitation. Don't
worry, I've got something goo-ood for you now. Let me just prepare your

"See, if you can take a guy all the way down your throat like that,
he'll never leave you. Maybe you'll learn that, soon. Now... don't
squirm so much! wiggling your hips like that won't get you any where, but
it sure looks nice. You can't move enough to stop me. There, feel the
head at your pussy lips? Give it a nice kiss hello. Feel it push in...
Boy, you _are_ tight. It takes a bit of work to get this boy in me, but
with you it's a real struggle. Hmph. There. The head's in. Don't look
so shocked. You'll live. You'll like this, and soon. Oh, yes you will."

"Next, a little puuuuush. Ahhh I can almost hear that. Does it hurt a
little? Don't worry. it won't last. You must really hate this huh?
Well, that's only two inches. Howabout I pull it out? Yes? OK. Then in
a little mooooore. That's three. And agaaaaaaaain, four. Isn't it
getting easier? No? Howabout this - lets pull it all the way out, gently
grab the end like so, and SHOVE - IT - IN!"

"Hah, I definitely heard that. Calm down. Shhh. Well, it's in. All
the way. Feel it? hah - silly question. I'll wait for you to stop
thrashing like that. Looks like your new lover will stay in with no help
from me, too. Your little cunny has such a nice tight grip on it. That
_may_ have hurt a little, so I'm going to be gentle now. Here, I'll turn
it on to 'low' setting. Ahh. Caught your attention, eh? Now, lets return
to those lovely breasts..."

"Breathing a little deeper, Cindy? here. This'll get you going even
better. Let's get your friend up to 'medium,' and I see your clit has
decided to make an appearance. Time to greet it properly with some kisses
and more..."

"You like that, don't you? Ohhh, yes you do. You're shaking your head
but I can see it in your eyes. You don't want it, but you can feel it,
can't you? Deep inside... it feels good now, doesn't it? You can't help
it, can you? Can you feel your belly churn as I rub it? Oh yes. Breathe
Cindy, feel. Let me lick those pussy lips of yours some more."

"Howabout a little in and out, Cindy? Oouuuuut - iinnnnnnn... ooouuut
- iiinnnnnn. And some more clit kissing - mmmmm... Oooout - iiinnnn. I
can feel you shaking, honey. It's coming, isn't it. You can feel it
rubbing your pussy walls, deeeep inside. You're going to cum real soon
now, aren't you? cum for Cathy? Yes you will. I can tell. I can see it
coming. Ohhh yes. Oooooout - iiiiinnnn..."

"You're almost there. I can almost see you're heart beat faster. I'm
not moving your hips, girl. They're moving on their own aren't they? You
can't control them anymore. Ooouuut - iiinnnn. You're trying to fuck
yourself onto this beautiful cock, aren't you?... You can't fight it.
Your body can't get enough of it. Your pussy loves being stuffed full of
cock. You little slut. Oooouut - iiinn. You're tensing. I can see your
belly tightening. You're getting ready to cum. Shaking your head isn't
going stop it. I'm going to take a cum from you. Oh yes. Higher and
higher. Full and empty. In and out. Almost there... Now let's try

"Oh! yes! Nothing can stop it now! I can see it in your eyes. Your
body wants this - needs it - Yessss, Cummm, Ooouuuuut ... IN! - IN! -
IN! - IN! cum for me! Cum! YES! That's right! Ah! Squeeze the cock!
Feel it fuck you! Aahh! More! IN! - IN! Again! Yesss! Feel it buzz
in you, all the way in. Feel my fingers. cum for Cathy! Cum! CUUUMMM!"

"Ahhhhhhh, yesss. That was good, wasn't it? I can still see you
shaking from it. Well, your body liked it... I'd even say your body loved
it. I love it when other girls cum. I like a good fuck too, of course,
but watching another girl... and _making_ another girl come. That just
pushes me over every time. I don't even have to touch myself, though I
often do. I guess I'm just perverted that way."

"I can see your new lover is still working in there. Those hips of
yours still haven't stopped shaking, have they? Are you back on the way up
to another cum? So soon? That look on your face tells me 'yes.' What a
trollop you are, after all! Good. Don't be scared, It's not going to

"That's right, there's more. You didn't think it would be one quick
fuck, then goodbye, did you? No, there's more, but I need to leave for a
short while first. Just let me give you some more tokens of affection to
help keep you occupied... Oh, you are getting hot again, aren't you?"

"These little clips are for your nipples, which I see are still nice and
hard. One... and two. Oooo. You're almost there again, eh? Do those
feel good? No? You're not sure? Well, here's the last one. Yes, this is
for down there...gently now...there. How does that feel? Well, you'll be
flying again in no time."

"I'm off, as soon as I get dressed - do you mind if I borrow your
outfit? - I'll lock the door so you won't be disturbed. I'll be back soon.
Don't go anywhere, but _do_ cum..."


"I'm back! Didja miss me? Oh, you are sight. Lllmmmm that sweat
tastes good off your body. But look at those sheets. Looks like your
little cunny's been leaking like a faucet while I was gone. How many times
did little Cindy cum while I was down at the party? Two times? Three?
More? Well, I was only gone for half an hour, you little minx. Whatever
you tell other people, looks like we know now what your body really wants.
You really did need a good fucking, didn't you?"

"I did bring back a present for you, though. It's in this cup, but not
for drinking, at least not that way. The boys downstairs provided it for
me, on special request. We'll give it to you... this way. Yes, another
dildo, to replace the first one. It's only a smidge bigger, but it has
this neat feature - see how the balls squeeze? They're hollow. If you
squeeze them like so, and put the head in the cup, it slluuurrrrps up all 4
ounces. It holds the stuff there 'til it gets squeezed out. See how heavy
and full it feels on your tummy?"

"Now I'm going to clean it off before we play with it - wouldn't want
any boy-juice to get into you too early, would we? There. Now, we'll take
your friend out... Oh, poor baby, you were just about to cum again,
werenít you? I can see how you tried to move your hips to keep it in you.
Your pussy is cock-hungry now, isnít it? It needs to be filled and fucked
again, doesnít it? I can see your eyes pleading. You want me to stop?
But your lower body is still squirming, so you must want more cock. Don't
worry. Here it is... nice...and...slow... All...the...way...in. Ooo!
Did we just bump into the end of your pussy? That's great! You took just
about the whole thing, and the head is nestled nice and snug right at the
entrance to your womb. You look scared, dear. What ever for? What's a
little boy-cum between girlfriends? You are on the pill, right? No? Oh,
my! You made little George wear a condom? You poor dear. Our little game
just became Ďhigh stakes,í didnít it?"

"Well, then let's at least give you a sporting chance...maybe. I happen
to have in my backpack a blood-pressure cuff I borrowed from the campus
infirmary. Letís get that out here. I'm going to wrap the base of the
cock, full balls and all, in the cuff like this...gently...carefully.. no
squeezing, just like that. The pump bulb... well, lets see. We'll keep
the pump safe...here. Oooo - this one's larger than the normal ones. Must
work faster. Mmmmm, that feels good. Like one of those chinese egg
toys... Ahh, sorry about that. I couldn't help but give one squeeze - it's
a cunt reflex. Don't worry, your new friend didnít cum pre-maturely - I
think I took up some of the slack though. I better be careful not to
squeeze more than once more, or the fun might be over too quickly."

"Now the name of the new game is 'Don't Cum.' You simply have to avoid
an orgasm. Because if you cum, then I cum. And if I cum, my cunt will
squeeze the pump bulb. And if the bulb gets squeezed, the cuff fills with
air and squeezes the balls of your cum-cock. And if they get squeezed, the
cock cums...right into you."

"Good thing the bulb has a nice long hose. That gives me room to move.
I'll take those clips off your nipples now... That gasp tells me that must
hurt a bit. I'll just kiss them and make them all better, OK?... "

"Better? Now for the clit clip. Yes.. the blood rushing back in can
really sting. Let me help there too..."

"All done. How do you feel now? Tense? You like the big fellow up in
you yes? Here, lets bring back the first one for a visit. I can just use
the vibrating tip to rub your nipples like so... or down around your
pussy-lips, like so... or right onto your bud... like...so."

"Oh, can you feel something? You know, if I hold the dildo like so, the
tip can buzz your clit while the body touches the cum-cock. Feel that?
Does the buzz carry well through your juice-filled lover? Is it coming?
But you don't want it to, do you. You can't come now, can you - not with a
cock-full of fratboy sperm just waiting to squirt into you..."

"Stop rolling those hips, Cindy - your body's going to get itself off
and then where will you be? When was your last period, Cindy? A week ago?
Two? This might just be the absolute best time for you... or the worst,
depending on how you look at it. Stay with me Cindy, fight it now. You
have to ignore that cocks filling you up and tingling your pussy. Don't
fall for it when I pinch and lick your nipples and pussy lips..."

"Be careful, Cindy. I can see you're breathing faster. It really turns
me on. Its coming isn't it? Deep down, right where the cock pushes up to
your womb, you can feel it, can't you. You know what might well happen,
but your body can't help it, can it? The buzz on your clit is too good,
isn't it? Your pussy's soo stretched and filled, isn't it? Ohhhhh,

"Maybe this is the right time after all. Maybe your body knows that
this is the best time to be filled by cum. Maybe there's an egg just
waiting inside you for all that boy-juice. Maybe that's why you came on
your first lover so many times - trying to get it to shoot inside you.
Well, that one couldn't, but this one can, and will, if you want it to. If
you don't want it to, don't cum, Cindy."

"Your belly is so nice and tight. Hmm, feels nice. It would be a shame
for it to stretch out, wouldn't it? Your breasts would grow bigger, too.
And they might even taste better. Do you want that? Do you want to cum? I
think you're going to cum. I think there's nothing you can do about it. I
think you're fighting it, but its getting closer. Your body loves this too
much. It wants to cum again. I'll bet it wants to be filled with all this

"Thrashing your head again? That must mean its almost here. Maybe a
little more pressure on the clit... a few more sucks on your breasts..."

"Oh, yes, its coming. I can see it. Your body wants it. Look at me
Cindy, LOOK AT ME! I want to see your eyes as you cum. Come on...come on.
Just a little bit more. I can see you shaking, your body tensing. You
want it. You want to be filled. You need it. Cum, for me. cum for me.
Cum for me...yes, yes....YES!! YEEEESSSS! Ooooh cum... I'm cumming...
Auhhh...Uh! Uh! Feel it! Feel the cock UH! cum inside you! Ah! cum inside you! Ahuh! I'M CUMMING INSIDE YOU! OOOHH! Feel the juice!
Deep...Deep into you! Ooooohh! aaah! Ohyesss..milk my cock... yess...


"Don't cry, Cindy. It's all over. All done. All gone. See, here's
the cum-cock. Nothing comes out when I squeeze the balls. The cum all
went inside you, where you wanted it, right? No? Oh, well. Now that
you're not full of prick, maybe the semen will all leak out of your
pussy... "

"Hmm... Not much is coming out, actually. Can you push it out?
Squeeze with your pussy muscles. Hmm. Just a little trickle along with
all of _your_ cum drooling out. Maybe you're too stretched out right now.
Or maybe your womb was just very thirsty, gobbling up so much without
spilling. It must really want to make a baby."

"Now before I untie you, I've got a few things to do. I need to clean
our little toys off, and spruce up a bit myself. I'll just cover you up
under this blanket while I'm in the bathroom. The extra time will keep
gravity moving things in the right direction for the time being."


"So, Cindy, what do you think? Did we make a baby today? Tell me true.
You do? You think so? It was the right time? Oooo! Would that make _me_
the 'father'? Heehee, I'd be tickled pink."

"More tears? Really, Cindy, that's not very motherly of you."

"But I shouldn't tease you so. You're not knocked up. Really. The
stuff in the cup was just a mixture of some water and lotions I cooked up a
while ago to match the feel of a good cum. It's another thing I love to
feel myself, so I had to make a substitute for when there wasn't a boy handy."

"You look so relieved. Don't be, yet. There's still more to the night.
You and I are going to re-join the party downstairs, and you are going to
provide the entertainment."

"Its OK, I don't think you'll have to worry about getting banged by all
the guys. Your pussy will be well occupied by your cum-cock. Your ass
will be safe from them too. You hadn't even thought of that? Well, it's a
good thing I'm here to think for you. Yes, your ass will be taken care of
by your first lover of the evening. Yes, it will fit - all of it. You'll
have to walk carefully, but it should feel...interesting. This special
pair of panties should keep everything in place."

"They're leather, so they'll hold each dildo where it belongs, and yes,
there's a hole right at the crotch. Normally, that would allow someone to
fuck you without taking your clothes off. I showed Prof. Jones all about
that in exchange for a little 'help' in chemistry. That's why my lab bench
is way back at the corner, and why he always starts his rounds there..."

"Anyway, that's what the hole is usually for, but tonight, it will keep
the cum-cock all the way in you, while letting the balls hang out. They'll
be full again, too. But this time, it'll be with the real thing. I really
did do some 'collecting' when I went down to the party before. It took
some doing, but I made alot of friends this evening, and got myself twenty
boys worth of semen. They'll all be in one set of balls, pointed right
into your ready womb. Each one just dying to make a baby in you."

"But your fate will be even more under your own control this time. My
pussy won't be your judge - since you'd lose the next time you came - and
with dildos up your cunny and ass - you will cum again, Cindy-dear. But
rather the boys and girls downstairs will be your jury."

"While your pussy and ass will be 'busy', thre rest of you wwill be
available. Your job as 'entertainer' will be to satisfy anyone who asks -
boy or girl - with your mouth and hands, and without talking. The first
word out of your mouth that isn't for the express purpose of your Ďworkí
will result in me grabbing this bulb and pumping you full on the spot! Got

"I know you have little experience, and you're going to have to learn
fast, since no one is going to teach you before we go downstairs."

"While you're working, your 'partner' will hold the pump bulb. They
won't _see_ anything, 'cause you'll be fully dressed. Anyway, if they're
not satisfied with the attention they get from you, they get to squeeze the
bulb once - all they'll know is that it's 'punishment' for poor
performance, though some may guess as to the details. I'll give the cuff a
little more slack this time, so only the third or fourth squeeze will fill
it enough to make the cock squirt."

"Last I saw, the party was pretty full, so you may have a lot of work to
do. Remember that if you get "three strikes," maybe four, you're still
going to have to finish entertaining those who want it. And you never
know, maybe the first couple squirts won't be enough to knock you up, if
you can get it out and clean off in time. But you know, deep down, that it
will happen if it _all_ gets squeezed into you, don't you?."

"So that's the plan. We'll start this in stages. First, we fill the
cum-cock and clean it off... Then we sliiiiide it in to you. Did you miss
it? Ohhh, you did, my wicked Cindy. I can see how your hips turned just a
little to let it get as deep into you as it could. Theyíre still moving
now, just a little bit. They want they cum-cock to fuck your pussy. If I
didnít know better, Iíd say you were a real cock-slut. Well, youíll just
have to wait a while and be happy that itís nestled safely all the way in
you. It's really loaded this time, Cindy. All I have to do is squeeze
right here... No. I'll give you the chance."

"Next, the other one goes up your tail. I've got it nice and lubed up,
but you've got to relax, so it can go in easy. Now weíll put some jelly
around and up your rear, otherwise it'll hurt... Thereís one finger...
and two... Come on, now Cindy, you know it's going in. You don't want me
to squeeze to you? I didn't think so. Now relax... That's a girl. Those
two fingers are all the way in now. Feel me twist them around? We need to
loosen you up just a bit more for the buzz-cock. That doesnít hurt so
much, does it? How does it feel?"

"Now for the cock. Thereís the head, Iím pushing it in geennntly now.
Ah! Your ass just closed around it. Itís not coming out any time soon.
Now for the shaft. Just let it in sloooowly. Feels like you have to go?
That's right. Allllll the way in. Feel it push up your bum? Verry good!.
Now just a few slow fucks up the ass... Just to get you accustomed to
it... There. Thereís only about an inch sticking out of you, so you better
not sit too flat on anything, or it might just disappear up you for good!
I'll turn it on medium now, and we can keep it there until the party is

"Youíre sweating again, Cindy. Can you feel the cocks in you? Do they
feel good? Now I'm going to untie your legs. Don't do anything stupid, or
the game is over with one squeeze... Now we'll slip on those panties.
Lift your butt up please... there. Get those balls on through the hole carrefullly... There. Nice and snug. Very kinky looking, with those
balls hanging out where your pussy should be. You're going to have to walk
carefully with those between your legs, else you might knock yourself up by
accident, heehee."

"Now the cuff. Just so that you don't get any ideas, even if you can
get away somehow and run for it, you're not going to be able to get far
fast being stuffed so full. If I get to you first, I'll fill you so full
you'll have cum leaking out of your ears. If I can't get to you first,
chances are one of the boys will, and they'll probably strip you and fuck
you themselves, then pass you around. Your only ticket out and safe is
with me, and then only if you're hands and mouth are up to the job."

"OK, now I'm going to untie your top. Get up slowly, careful of those
cocks. Steady on your feet, now, just hold on to your friend Cathy. Mmmm
I can see your hips rocking, Cindy. Are you feeling the buzz up your ass
and in your cunny? Are you going to cum again? Your eyes look so far
away... Did you hear anything I was saying just now? Whatís that? Where
is your hand going? Are you trying to frig yourself? Iím sorry darling,
the panties need to be tight enough to hold the cocks in you, so you canít
get your fingers in there. You really need to get off again, donít you?
Give it time. The buzz in your ass will get you there soon. Ok. now put
on your dress. No, no bra, your guests may want a feel. Now, last thing,
lets get that gag out."

"There. Remember, not one word. I hope you took the time to practice
sucking on that cock-gag. I'm sure some of the boys will want to go even
deeper down your throat. Some will want you to swallow their cum, they'll
probably be disappointed if you spill or choke."

"My, you look lovely. Just like at the start of the evening. I thought
your skirt was waay too long earlier - hiding the sex kitten you could be,
that we know you are, now. If you stay close in front of me, no one will
see that the pump tube goes under the hem of your skirt."

"Now, let's go... It's time to party!"


---------- Upstairs by Monocle -----------

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