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USEFUL movie one night The movie was


Useful (MF,Mf,1st,Oral,Mast,Cons)

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
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A story by

I've always hated the word 'USEFUL'. This stems from when I was
growing up in a family dominated by females. I had two sisters, one a
year older and one two years younger. My Dad died when I was ten in a
mine shaft cave in. My most vivid memories from then on revolved
round making myself 'useful' to mom and my sisters. I was constantly
abjured to "Oh, make yourself useful Dave and take the garbage out",
or "Get out the mower and make yourself useful in the yard". In the
end I got so conditioned that it was the only way mom or my sisters
could get me to do anything at all for them. By the time I left home
and went to college I was almost at the status of a drone in a colony
of bees and had a bad first year applying myself to do what I wanted
to do. It did make me popular for a short while with some of the more
dominant women, but even they got bored with not having to impose
their will, just speak softly and it would be done for them. The only
thing I did have success with was sex. My eldest sister had
discovered sex at the age of fourteen, and had ensured that I learned
to make myself useful 'useful' almost at once. To do this I had to
become more than proficient at all forms of sexual technique
imaginable. As she learned something I learned too, so that she could
practice at home. My younger sister was soon brought into the
classroom after she had a bad date and my older sibling told her I
could do better than any of the guys she was likely to meet. I hit
the wicked world of work with a masters in business admin and
computer science, slipping into a well paid and not too arduous job
on the west coast where the sun shone and the surf pounded. Seeing as
I was fair skinned and hated the water, especially sea water I wasn’t
too impressed by the surroundings. Until, that is, I met Jenny.

By now I was in my early thirties, I kept myself pretty fit in the
gym, mainly because my job was so sedentary, and I needed a release
for all the pent up nervous energy that accumulated in my body when I
got a high at work. Jenny was a co-worker, and we also met
occasionally in the gym so I knew what she looked like almost at the
skin level. Pretty good to be honest. At the Christmas party where I
suppose you could say things actually started, I was sitting with a
cup of punch in one hand and a piece of some sort of exotic food in
the other when Jenny bumped into me spilling the punch down my coat
and pants front. As she apologised she began wiping the spilled drink
up by dabbing at it with a small handkerchief. It was quite funny
when she was doing it at chest level, but when she bent down and
started dabbing at my flies I took her hand, gently pulled her
upright and said "It's OK, not a problem, I'll get them to the
cleaners after the holiday." As she stood in front of me she blushed,
then giggled, "Oh, but you must let me do something, it looks like
you wet yourself, or something" she said in a soft musical voice. She
then burst out laughing when I leaned forward and whispered in her
ear "Better than people thinking you were giving me head in the
middle of the party." Having broken the ice we spent the rest of the
party together and I drove her home afterwards, saying goodnight with
a friendly handshake, and a final wave as she walked up the path to
her house. A week later I met her as we walked into the firms
canteen, sat with her to eat and before I knew it was asking her if I
could take her to a movie one night. The movie was immaterial, what
did matter was that I spent most of it with my arm round her shoulder
and my hand resting gently on her breast.

Saying goodnight was much nicer this second time. Jenny leaned
forward and touched her lips to mine. I slipped a hand behind her
head and pulled her a little closer, and suddenly we were deep into a
hot sweet and very passionate kiss. As we were standing on her porch
at the time our first kiss didn’t last very long, but certainly made
me think I was on to a winner, as far as some good clean fun was
concerned. And so it turned out. Another couple of dates and Jenny
asked to see my apartment. As this was just as we were walking out of
the movie house I could either say NO, and take her home, keeping my
pride intact, or I could be straight with her and tell her it was a
pigsty right from the start. My loins made my mind up, "Well, OK
Jenny, but I have to tell you I didn’t get a chance to clean up
before I came out, the place will be in one hell of a mess" I said as
I opened the car door for her. Always the gentleman, that’s me, and
it gave me a wonderful view up her skirt when she got in and out.
Anyway, we got to my place and I opened the door, allowed her in
first then closed the door behind me. After hanging up her coat in
the hall closet along with mine, I slipped past her into the living
room, cleared all my books and papers off the sofa and offered her a
seat. As I sat beside her she lay her head on my shoulder, slipped an
arm round me and said softly, "It's not that bad Dave, my daughters
room gets much worse than this, I assure you." WOW, that surprised
me, the sudden introduction of a daughter, still perhaps that the
reason she wanted to come to my place, so it didn’t upset her child.
I could live with that, especially if we managed to progress tonight.

Oh boy, did we! I no sooner sat beside Jenny than she was laying her
head on my lap, looking up into my eyes almost pleading with me to do
SOMETHING. I bent down and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She
pressed upwards into my kiss, and I slid my hand that had been
resting on her abdomen, up her body to stroke across her breasts as I
moved it to gently touch her cheek. Some part of this action made her
gasp with pleasure, so I reversed the movement, and found it was the
touching the breast part that she enjoyed. That’s when I began to
open up the front of her dress, and gently push the shoulder straps
down her arms as far as they would go, leaving her naked breasts open
to attack. I did that too, first of all I stroked them with my
fingertips, pinched and rolled the nipples turn and turn about,
making her squirm and wriggle each time I changed breast as she
looked for my fingers to continue with their actions. All the time I
was kissing her sometimes softly, sometimes hard. All the time she
was responding to my kisses, her hands holding my head close to hers
so I couldn’t get away from her and spoil her fun. Taking her wrists
in my hands I pulled firmly on them and lifted my head for a moment.
I took a deep breath and lowered it again, this time to latch on to
her right breast, sucking hard on her nipple and making her scream in
ecstasy. Once more Jenny moved her hands to the back of my head, this
time holding my lips in close contact with her nipples, using the
grip she had to move my head from one breast to the other. Meanwhile
I put my right hand to good use, in lifting the hem of her dress up
to waist level, then moving my hand back down so I could place it
very gently on her panty covered pussy. Except, she had no panties
on. I placed my hand on her naked pussy, pressed firmly with my
middle finger and suddenly found I had a screaming trembling woman on
my hands. "I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG…" she cried out as she began to
hump her hips up against my hand, and press my head to hard to her
breast I was afraid I was going to damage one of those wonderful firm
smooth titties.

Jenny was so overcome with ecstasy that she released her grip on my
head, and I was able to move it up and kiss her tenderly on the lips
as she lay gasping on my lap. I kissed her, then looked in her eyes
as I whispered "Are you OK Jenny darling?" "Yes.. Ohh.. I'm... Ohh..
Fine.. Ohhhh.. thank .. Ohhhh.. you.. Ohhhh.. Agghhh… YES, YES, YES,
YES…" and again she bucked against my hand as another orgasm rippled
through her body from head to toe. This was because all the time she
was laying there, and I was whispering to her, I was moving the
middle finger of my right hand, between her pussy lips, then on her
suddenly swollen clitoris, as it poked out from it's protective hood.
I didn’t stop there either. As she lay gasping from her second climax
I moistened up two fingers with the juices that were oozing from her
cunt, and slowly but firmly pressed then between her lips and inside
her tight, almost virginal vaginal passage. This brought her to
climax again, almost as soon as she felt my thumb press on her clit,
and my little finger scrape across her tight puckered anal rosehole.
This triple assault on her senses was too much and as soon as she
started to scream out again she fell silent, into a dead faint,
leaving me to remove my fingers and lick them clean, getting my first
taste of her wonderful orgasmic juices. Lifting her head gently I
slid sideways from under her, went into the kitchen and made a pot of
fresh tea, bringing it into the living room on a tray, and pouring
myself a cup while I waited for Jenny to wake up. Having something
else in mind, I sat on the floor close to Jenny's knees as I drank my
tea. As I saw her eyelids flutter, I placed my cup on the tray,
gently opened her knees, and lowered my head between them, pressing
my lips in tight contact with her pussy.

Holding her down with an arm across her lower abdomen I began to
seriously eat Jenny out. I sucked on her swollen clit, flicked it
with the tip of my tongue, and pressed it deep in between her lower
lips, all the time moving my middle finger in and out of her anus,
where I'd pressed it, after lubing it up with her cum. Once more it
only took a couple of minutes to bring her to another screaming
orgasm, this time she stayed awake as she screamed "No more Dave,
I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG….., please no more darling I can't take any
more, please stop…." I did. I sat back on my heels, closed her thighs
and covered them with her dress and assisted her to sit up and accept
a cup of tea. Jenny drank the tea slowly, trying to recover enough to
speak as she did. When at last she had enough energy to say something
she grinned and said "What were you trying to do David darling, kill
me with kindness?" she took a deep breath, then let out a huge sigh,
"I never came that much in my life, in fact I didn’t think it
possible for anyone to have so many orgasms so close together, and
still live" she paused for a moment, then continued, "Why did you do
that darling, just make me cum, I mean. You could have taken me while
I was passed out quite easily, why didn’t you?" I took her hands in
mine, turned them over so I could kiss the palms, looked up into her
eyes and said "Because I wanted to be looking into your eyes as I
fill you with my cum, darling, that’s why." Jenny stood up, pulled me
to my feet, kissed me warmly and said softly, "In that case darling,
stop wasting time, take me to your bed and do it, quickly."

Two minutes later Jenny was stripping me as I stood in front of her,
then removed her only garment, her dress, and pulled me down on top
of her as she flopped spread-eagled on to the centre of my single
bed. As our bodies made contact for the first time Jenny lifted her
knees, lay them apart and slipped her hand between our bodies as she
sought the head of my cock to guide it into her pussy. "Stop Jenny
darling, I've got no protection on, I don’t want you to get..", "Shut
up and fuck me" she said, "I'm OK, so don’t worry, just get on with
looking into my eyes please darling, hurry, please hurry." As I felt
the tip of my cock press between her lower lips I heard her give a
long loud sigh of pleasure, "Oh, god David, that feels sooo good, do
me hard please darling, do me now" and she gave an upward thrust of
her hips and impaled herself on my slowly entering penis. "Ohhhh…"
she cried as she felt my cockhead bang into the mouth of her cervix,
"Fuck me Dave, please fuck me hard…" Despite her pleas I started
slowly to move in and out of her tight warm and very moist sheath of
a vaginal passage, pausing at the top and bottom of my stroke, making
her gasp in frustration each time I did. I kept this teasing up as
long as I could, suddenly increasing my speed, and depth of thrust,
so I didn’t hurt either of us by entering her too deeply. Suddenly I
felt my climax approaching, and gasped out softly "Jenny darling, I'm
almost there, I'm going to cum darling, I'm cumming, I'MMMM
CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG… NOOOWWW… " and I started to shoot a massive stream
of hot sticky creamy semen deep into her body, thrusting deep as each
pulse of cum shot up the length of my cock and burst out into her hot
tight pussy. Soon, I lay there, resting my weight on knees and elbows
so as not to crush Jenny, until I had the strength to roll to one
side of her.

As I lay beside Jenny she rolled on her side, put her arms round me
and gave me a sweet loving kiss, saying "Thank you so much David,
that was the best sex I've had in three years. No one has ever made
me cum so much in one night, and I hate to think how much you just
pumped into me. It's a good job I'm on the pill, or I'd be looking
forward to triplets." We both laughed weakly at this, and I lay back
as I pulled the covers over us for warmth and said "So am I glad
darling, I'd hate to put you in that condition just now." Jenny sat
up, "What do you mean, just now. It sounds as if you'd like to get me
pregnant at some time in the future." I chuckled, "I'm sorry darling,
I didn’t mean to give that impression. I'm sure you wouldn’t want
another child now you've got yourself a decent job with prospects,
would you?" Jenny shook her head, suddenly feeling slightly
disappointed. She rather fancied having a baby by this wonderful love
laying beside her. Ah well, be grateful for small mercies, it had
been a great evening, all she had to do was get home, and get to bed
to dream of what might have been. Once I'd recovered I got out of
bed, scooped Jenny up into his arms and carried her to the bathroom
where I deposited her into the shower, stepped in beside her and
turned on the water. "Oh, heavens above!" gasped Jenny as she stood
with her legs apart, I saw the amount of cum that was running down
the inside of her thighs. "Oh, whoops, I guess I came a lot, didn’t
I" I said with a shy grin. "God, I'll say you did darling, I've never
seen so much, what did you do, save it up for six months?" Jenny
replied with a grin. "Oh, longer than that darling, more like
twelve." Jenny looked up at me, then fell against my chest, feeling
the water running in rivulets between her breasts as they lay pressed
close to my chest. "Oh, David, I'm sorry darling, I didn’t mean to
upset you like that. I honestly didn’t know you hadn't had sex for so
long. What happened, I thought you were so popular with the ladies."

I shook his head "Not now Jenny darling, I'm seen as too much of a
nerd. I guess most women don’t like a guy that knows too much about a
subject, especially computers. It's even worse when you work with
these women, I guess it's a competition thing, isn't it?" Jenny
looked up into my face, smiled and said softly, "Not me darling, I
see a kind gentle man, that’s very good at his job, and even better
at making a girl enjoy sex. That’s something most of those silly
bitches are definitely missing out on." She paused for a moment, then
chuckled as she said "It's also something I'm certainly NOT going to
tell them about. I'd hate to think I had more competition than nature
intends." I kissed the top of Jenny's head and said "You have no
competition Jenny darling, certainly not from any of the females at
work. None of them come anywhere near you as far as I'm concerned."
After standing there for some minutes under the water I gave Jenny a
loving pat on the bottom and said "Come on darling, I have to get you
home, or your babysitter will be on double time." Jenny stood on her
own feet, smiled at me and said "I don’t have… Er, I don’t have a
problem with that darling, my babysitter comes very cheap, and is
very reliable. Even staying overnight sometimes when I have to go out
of town on business." Great, I thought, I could be in here. "In that
case darling, how would you feel about staying overnight one weekend.
Sort of Friday, or Saturday night, we could go out during the day,
have a picnic or something?" "That sounds wonderful darling" said
Jenny as she began to soap my back, still standing in front of me,
"I'll make sure it's OK with my babysitter in the morning. What
weekend did you have in mind?" I smiled, "How about next weekend, my
love, or is that too soon?" she smiled back and shook her head, "Not
for me my love, I'm sure it will be OK."

It was, and we had a wonderful weekend which stretched from Saturday
morning, through to Sunday afternoon. That’s when Jenny had to go
home, so she could get things ready for her daughter to go to school
on Monday morning. It was a wrench running her home, but I got a
glimpse of her babysitter, a stunningly beautiful girl of about
fifteen, that was standing at the door as I dropped Jenny off.
Suddenly I was working like an automaton, I concentrated hard all the
time I was in the building, but as soon as I left the confines of my
office I went into 'think of Jenny' mode. After a break of one
weekend Jenny began staying over every other Saturday night, and
sometimes on Friday, when she could get her sister to have her
daughter for a couple of nights. It was inevitable I suppose, that
sooner or later I should get the idea Jenny wouldn’t be too averse to
a proposal of marriage. I kept trying to put it to her, but always
held back for some silly, imagined flaw in my argument. In the end I
did ask her. I really picked my moment, just after I'd brought her to
a crashing climax, and pumped her full of cum when my own followed on
immediately after hers. "I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.. NOOOWWW.. marry me
Jenny darling, please say you will.." and I lay gasping for breath,
my head hanging over hers as I looked into her eyes for some sign
she'd heard what I said." As I looked into her eyes I saw them
filling with tears, and, after rolling off her to lay at her side I
kissed them away and whispered "What's the matter Jenny darling, did
I hurt you" she shook her head, "No darling, I just thought you asked
me to marry you as you were cumming in me, that’s all" my smile gave
me away I think, as I said "Well, will you?" Jenny sat up, looked
down at me and said "Were you serious, or was it just something that
came out as you came?" I struggled up and knelt before her, took her
hand and said "Jenny darling, will you marry me. There is that more
like what you expected?"

When I finally managed to sit up again after being battered to the
mattress when she threw herself at me, I said again, "Well, will you,
or do I have to wait for a week or two. I warn you darling, I might
just change my mind in that time." Naked, sweaty, and with our
combined cum oozing from between her pussy lips Jenny knelt in front
of me, kissed me sweetly and said "Oh David darling, of course I'll
marry you, just so long as you accept I have a ready made family
already at home." "Jenny darling, I'd really love to have your baby
daughter as part of my new family, I just hope she can accept me as
a substitute for her own father." Jenny lay beside me, pressed her
naked breasts to my chest and whispered "David darling, she already
knows about you, and just can't wait to call you Daddy, she keeps on
asking when you're going to pop the question. When I get home, she'll
be so happy to know you've done it at last." Over the next three
weeks, I visited Jenny's home a number of times, always missing out
on meeting Jenny's daughter Lisa, who always seemed to be staying
with friends. It wasn’t until the wedding that I actually met Lisa,
she was acting as Jenny's bridesmaid. I was so stunned that I almost
forgot all my responses, managing to get through them with a little
prompting from the minister. Once all the paperwork was done and we
were at the wedding breakfast Jenny called Lisa over and, with a big
grin said "David darling. I'd like you to meet my baby daughter Lisa"
before I could say anything Lisa stepped up close, threw her arms
round my neck and kissed me almost as passionately as her mother did.
"Hello Daddy, I sorry about all this, but mom and I thought it would
be funny if you didn’t see me until it was too late for you to back
out. I nearly gave the game away that night you came home and I
waited with the door open, didn’t I?" I hugged her and replied "Not
really Lisa darling, I thought you were the babysitter. If I'd known
you were the daughter, I might have proposed sooner."

This got me a punch on the arm from Jenny, and a shy smile and blush
from Lisa, I then went with Jenny to do the rounds of our friends and
other guests before we went off on our honeymoon. We were only away a
few days and came back almost as tired as if we had spent all the
time in bed. Actually we did, almost. Only getting up for one meal a
day, just to show our faces to the management. As Jenny had a large
house, I gave up my apartment and moved in. That’s when my problems
really began. Jenny and I both returned to work after the honeymoon
and soon settled down into a family routine. The only real problem we
had at the beginning was the bathroom. Only having one it meant we
all had to learn what to do about having members of the opposite sex
in the house. This really only affected Lisa and I, and was brought
to a head the morning I was standing having a long overdue pee as I
tried to soften my morning hardon. I had staggered from our bed into
the bathroom and as was my habit just shut the door behind me.
Unfortunately (?) Lisa was about to do the same, and walked in on me
as I was giving myself a final shake of my semi hard cock. "OH, god
Daddy, I'm so sorry" she gasped as she stood a foot from my side
looking down at my semi erection. Stood there for a good two minutes,
I may add, before she looked up at me, blushed as she grinned then
stepped backwards out of the room, not taking her eyes off my cock a
single second earlier than necessary. Wanting a few minutes alone to
think I decided to have a shower, putting off for as long as I could
the moment I had to tell Jenny what I'd just subjected her daughter
to. In the end I returned to the bedroom, sat beside Jenny as she lay
in bed and said "Jenny darling, I think I may had just upset Lisa
when I was in the bathroom." I then explained what had happened,
making sure she knew it was my fault, and that I'd not let it happen
again. Jenny smiled up at me, then said "OH, I see, I think I better
go and have a word with her and see what she thinks about it. Why
don’t you go and make a start on breakfast darling, I'll join you in
a while."

Ten minutes later Lisa joined me, and came and sat on my lap, put her
arms round me and once more kissed me passionately. She then lay her
head on my shoulder and said softly "Daddy, I'm sorry I embarrassed
you in the bathroom this morning, I should have gone out immediately,
instead of standing there admiring your penis. I won't do it again
like that darling, I promise." "No darling" I replied "It was my
fault, I should have locked the door behind me. I suppose I'm just
not used to having a beautiful young girl in the house, and having to
take care what I do and when." Lisa giggled, "Well, for that matter
Daddy, I'm not used to having a man about the house, I guess we both
have to get used to seeing each other at least half dressed, don’t
we?" I sat her upright, looked at her, and saw she was smiling, then
said "Oh, I don’t think we have to go that far Lisa my love, I don’t
think it would be a very good idea for your mother to get the idea I
wanted to see you walking round half naked, do you?" again she
giggled, then said "Well, we'll have to see about that won't we
Daddy, I mean I can't always be looking round to see if it's OK for
me to walk out of my bedroom in my bra and panties, can I now?" just
then Jenny came in and we stopped talking, Lisa getting off my lap,
kissing me tenderly on the cheek and sitting down to her breakfast.
As we drove to work that morning Jenny said "All sorted out between
you and Lisa darling?" "I think so" I replied, "I told her I wasn’t
too happy about her walking about the house in her underwear, after
all Jenny darling, she isn't a little girl, is she?" Jenny chuckled,
"No darling, she isn't, she's a very mature sixteen year old young
lady. And one that is very happy to have a new Daddy that can help
her get through the hardest part of her life. Will you help her do it
please darling?"

"Of course I will darling" I said, opening my mouth and putting both
feet into it. During the next week or so Lisa and I avoided each
other in the mornings, and I was only once subjected to a flash of
naked female flesh when I stepped out of our bedroom to go to the
bathroom just as Lisa did the opposite, just wearing her panties. As
she got to her bedroom door she turned to me, smiled and said "Sorry
Daddy, I didn’t mean to do that." As she stood there facing me while
she said it I wondered, but accepted what she said with a smile and
gave her a wink at the same time. Friday night, about six weeks into
our marriage and Jenny and I were sitting watching tv at about ten at
night, when Lisa came home from her date, somewhat earlier than we
expected, and looking decidedly upset about something. "G'night Mom,
G'night Daddy" she said, and went straight to her room, "Oh dear"
said Jenny softly, "I wonder what happened tonight?" murmured Jenny,
she then turned to me and said "Will you go and see darling, or shall
I?" I grimaced, "Well, I will if you want, but I've an idea it might
be a girl thing. If it's something I can help with Jenny darling, you
know I will, but I think it needs a mothers touch to start with."
Without another word Jenny got up and went to Lisa's room to see what
was wrong. Half an hour later she came back down and stood in front
of me, held out her hand and said "Come on David darling, I'm afraid
this really does need you" as I stood up she put her hands on my
shoulders, leaned forward to kiss me sweetly and said, in a serious
voice "David, I want you to promise me that you will do anything you
have to, in order to get Lisa over this problem. If you like, I'll
come and sit with you, but Lisa has asked if you can help her in
private. I guess she's slightly embarrassed about it, all right?" I
nodded, "Of course I will darling, you know there's nothing I
wouldn’t do to help her."

As we walked hand in hand into Lisa's bedroom Jenny said, "There you
are Lisa darling, I told you Daddy would help, now do you want me to
stay, or go?" "Go please Mom" Lisa said softly, and Jenny blew her a
kiss and left the bedroom, closing the door behind her. I went and
sat on the bed beside Lisa, slipped my arm round her shoulders and
said softly "Right, now then what's this problem mom couldn’t help
you with?" Lisa looked up, then shuffled round until she was sitting
on the bed, leaning back against the headboard, and patting the space
beside her. I smiled, and joined her, replacing my arm as she
snuggled up close and lay her head on my chest. "Daddy, I'm not ugly
am I?" she asked. "Why of course not darling, I've told you, you're a
very beautiful young lady that will grow into a heartbreaker in a
couple of years time." She giggled as she said 'thank you Daddy'. She
then said "And I'm not slow, or stupid either am I?" I shook my head
and said "Of course not darling, you're very bright, if not extremely
clever. Why darling, what is all this leading up to?" Lisa sat up,
looked me in the eye and, with a pretty pink blush said "Then why
can't I get the hang of giving a boy a hand job or a blow job?" That
stopped me! I froze for a moment, unable to think let alone speak.
Then I rolled off the bed and said in a broken voice "I'll be back in
a moment Lisa darling, just wait there, won't you?" I staggered out
of Lisa's room and went in search of Jenny, finding her in the living
room, reading a magazine as calmly as you like. "OK Jenny, what's the
game here, it seems Lisa is bothered about being unable to give head
to, or jack off, her boyfriend. It's almost as if you told her I'd
show her how to do it?" Jenny looked up at me and said, with simple
logic and a loving smile "Well, I can't show her darling, and you did
promise to do anything you could to help her out, didn’t you?"

I sat in a chair opposite her, silent for a moment, then said "I
suppose when the time comes you'll want me to show her how to make
love." Jenny smiled, then nodded "Why not darling, at least you'll be
gentle with her, not like some guy in the back seat of a car parked
in the woods somewhere. Don’t you fancy doing that for her darling?"
"No I don’t. She's only a child for gods sake Jenny. And besides it
would almost be incestuous. Just what made you think I'd even
consider doing anything of a sexual nature to your daughter, that
wasn’t what I married you for you know." Jenny slowly placed her
magazine on the sofa beside her, stood up and crossed the couple of
steps between us, to straddle my thighs and put her arms round my
neck. As she looked me in the eyes she smiled at me, then said "David
darling, first of all, Lisa isn't a child. She's a sixteen year old
virgin that is in need of some gentle loving male guidance. Secondly,
as she is NOT your daughter it wouldn’t be incestuous. Thirdly, I
know you didn’t marry to get to my daughter, you thought she was a
lot younger than Lisa, didn’t you?" I nodded, "The fourth point my
darling David, is that part of the reason I accepted your proposal
was because I thought you'd be the perfect man to help me raise my
daughter. Someone gentle, loving and very kind and thoughtful. Now,
what other objections do you have to teaching a willing girl how to
enjoy having sex?" "I don’t know Jenny darling" I said, then seeing I
was not quite as firm as a moment ago she stood up, told me to stay
where I was and ran to the bottom of the stairs, calling for Lisa to
come down. When she was standing before me standing next to her
daughter Jenny said, "Right, let's get this sorted out right now.
Lisa, Daddy is frightened that he will be doing something wrong if
he helps you with this problem. Will you tell him if you want his
practical help."

Lisa looked at me, smiled and came and straddled my thighs, just like
Jenny had. She then said softly "Please Daddy, I've tried some things
with boys on dates. This is what happened the other night.." and she
lifted her sweater up to her armpit, exposed her bra covered breast
and showed me a bruise close to the upsweep of her breast. "That’s
not all Daddy, this happened tonight" and she leaned back slightly,
lifted her skirt up to her waist, displaying her panties and pointed
to a line of scratches at the top of her inner thigh. "That’s what
boys do when they start fumbling inside a girls clothes Daddy, I'm
fed up with them doing it, and them not being willing to show me
properly how to make sure they don’t demand that I let them fuck me.
I'm still a virgin Daddy, and I don’t want to get raped, just because
I don’t know what to do." That’s when she used her heavy artillery,
and allowed a tear to begin forming in the corner of her eye. I
surrendered, leaned forward to kiss away her tears and said "OK
darling, but I think your mother might be able to help, if you'd let
her." Lisa turned to Jenny, "Would you help me please Mom, Daddy
thinks it might be better if you do." Jenny giggled, "Better for who
darling?" "Why all of us course Mom, you don’t think Daddy would be
greedy and want more than us, do you?" Lisa slipped off my lap, I
stood up and Jenny said "David darling, why don’t you go and get into
bed, there's more room in ours. I'll be up in a moment" I kissed them
both tenderly and made my way to bed, stripping off completely and
sliding under the comforter and laying in the middle of the bed. A
couple of minutes later and Jenny and Lisa came into the bedroom,
hand in hand, and with Lisa looking very expectant. As they stood
there beside the bed Jenny said "Lisa my love, before you can do
anything with your man, he has to have an erection, and the best way
to give him one, without touching him, is to start getting naked, let
me show you." The next thing in knew and Jenny was stripped down to
her panties, her wonderful firm rounded breasts uncovered and just
waiting to be kissed.

Giving me a sweet smile Jenny leaned forward and pulled the comforter
down to my knees, displaying my semi hard penis. She then turned to
Lisa and said "Right darling, now it's your turn." Even before I
could begin to fantasise about what I was about to see Lisa had her
sweater and skirt off, and was reaching behind her to undo her bra.
As this came undone and dropped to the floor in front of her Lisa
knelt on the bed and began to crawl on hands and knees up beside my
legs until she was looking down at me suddenly hard throbbing penis.
"Oh jeez Mom, I never seen anything do that before, is it always so
quick?" Jenny knelt beside Lisa and said "Well darling, I guess it
was because it was you. Any man would get an erection that quick
faced with a beautiful teenage girl taking her clothes off in front
of him." With that Jenny lay down with her head next to my waist,
told Lisa to do the same and began to give her a lesson in male
anatomy. As this included a good deal of touching and holding, I
gently reminded Jenny what was likely to happen if she wasn’t
careful. Looking me in the eye she smiled, nodded her head and said
softly "Yes darling, I know." Then went back to showing Lisa how to
use her hands effectively. Jenny was such a good teacher, and Lisa
such a quick study, that in a matter for a few minutes I was gasping
out again to Jenny that I was close to a climax. Jenny just nodded
again and carried on, now at the stage where she was allowing Lisa to
do it all on her own. "Slowly Lisa darling, just keep a steady pace
so you don’t get tired, and try doing this as well" she then placed
Lisa's free hand, cupped under my balls and gave it a gentle caress
with her fingertips. "Jenny darling" I gasped "I'mmmm cuummiinngg..
NOWWWW..! and with a loud cry I gave a thrust of my hips against
Lisa's hand strokes and began to shoot a fountain of cum in the air.
I heard Lisa cry out in surprise as she got splashed in the face,
and on her breasts before she could think about letting go. Jenny
stopped her releasing my spasming cock, saying "Faster darling, you
have to finish him off properly by not stopping before he does." Lisa
started again and gasped as she forced another pulse of semen from
the end of my penis.

I lay there gasping for breath, my eyes closed, until I felt
something warm and wet moving over the head of my cock. I looked down
and saw Jenny showing Lisa how to clean up after her. Lisa frowned,
then after Jenny had whispered something in her ear, lowered her head
and put out her tongue, and began to wipe it across my abdomen,
taking up all the cum she could find. Jenny then brought her
attention to my still throbbing erection and whispered for her to
'come and try this darling'. Lisa swung round, and did as she was
told, by lowering her open mouth on to the head of my cock and taking
it inside past her lips, to rest on her soft moist tongue. Lisa
gasped and jerked her head back as my cock gave an involuntary
twitch, then grinned as she saw me smiling at her. "Beast Daddy" she
said softly "That scared me for a minute. I didn’t expect it to move
on it's own. Did I do alright Daddy?" With a deep sigh I said "Lisa
darling, you did wonderfully well. No man could ask for more from a
girl, especially one as beautiful as you." She blushed prettily, then
Jenny asked her "Well darling, did Daddy's semen taste good, or bad?"
Lisa grinned "You were right Mom, it did taste pretty good. I could
get to like it, quite easily. Now what's the next thing I have to
learn?" Jenny smiled, "Nothing tonight darling, Daddy can only cum
once, then he has to rest for a few hours before he can have another
orgasm. How about if you sleep with us tonight, then you can start
again first thing in the morning?" "OH, thanks Mom, that sounds
great. Is it OK with you too Daddy?" I nodded, "Yes darling, just so
long as you do sleep, and don’t keep me awake. But first I have to go
and get cleaned up, I'm all sticky despite your efforts at licking me
clean." Jenny told me to lay still and went to fetch a wet cloth and
towel, then allowed Lisa to explore my sex even more as she washed
and dried my abdomen and still semi rigid penis. We got into bed, me
between Jenny and Lisa, they lay with their breasts pressing against
my chest and sides, and Lisa wrapped her uppermost leg across my
thigh, and her hand she rested on my cock. And that’s how I woke up,
except that I had a huge erection that Lisa was gently stroking with
her soft warm hand.

It was a simple twitch of my cock that told Lisa I was awake, and I
heard her say softly "Daddy's awake Mom" then she wriggle up the bed
until she could kiss me and say "Good morning Daddy, did you sleep
well?" I kissed her lovingly and replied "Yes thank you my love, and
I woke up feeling even better." This made her giggle, then Jenny came
and kissed me from the other side, then threw the comforter down the
bed so we all lay naked side by side. After a few minutes cuddling
Jenny and Lisa got up on their knees beside my hips and Jenny began
to show Lisa her technique for giving a very enjoyable blow job. Lisa
sat back on her heels, watching very carefully what her mother was
showing her, then, when Jenny lifted her head from my erection, Lisa
bent down and replaced it with her own. What Lisa lacked in
expertise, she made up for with effort, and it didn’t take long for
me to be crying out "I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg…" and start shooting a
stream of cum at the back of her throat. I shot so much it made her
start coughing, and forced her to move her head back, so she could
breath properly. This made her face and chest a perfect target for my
pulsating cock, the head flying in all directions as it spewed out
more cum, until finally collapsing against my balls and lay there
dribbling a final few crops on to the bed. When Lisa had regained her
breath and her composure, she looked at me, and was almost in tears
as she came and lay her head on my chest and say tearfully "I'm so
sorry Daddy. I so wanted to make that a good one for you. I guess I'm
just no good at it, am I?" I lifted her head and lowered mine so I
could kiss her tenderly, "Don’t be so silly my love, I bet it took
your mother ages to get it right. It is very difficult you know, and
I'm not at all disappointed, just so glad you're all right." Lisa
turned over and lay on my chest, her nose a couple of inches away
from mine. She smiled prettily, leaned forward to kiss me and said
"Can I come and sleep with you again sometime Daddy, so I can get a
lot more practice, until I'm good at it?" Jenny leaned over her and
said "Lisa darling, I think that’s a very good idea. I also think
practising at least twice a week would also be about right. Any more
and Daddy won't be able to recover, and any less and you'll forget
what you learned the last time. Now then Lisa my darling, didn’t you
say something about getting rid of your virginity this morning?"

Lisa scrambled up on to her knees again, looked at her mother and
gasped "Can I do it this morning, NOW! Please Mom?" Jenny nodded,
then looked at me, as if to say 'there, I told you so!'. I sighed
resignedly and said "Well, OK, but there is just one thing I should
point out, and that is my current condition." Jenny looked down and
giggled as Lisa lofted my soft warm and very limp, penis in the palm
of her hand, then she said "OH, Mom, what can we do about this?"
Jenny thought for a moment or two then I saw a smile creeping across
her face as she took Lisa down to the foot of the bed and began to
whisper some instructions to her. This made Lisa giggle as she
nodded, she then returned to the bed and lay beside me as Jenny went
to her closet and came back with a fine silk scarf in her hands.
"Daddy" Lisa said gently "I'm going to cover your eyes with this, so
you can't see what I'm doing, only feel it. mom said she thinks it
will make you get hard quicker. Do you mind if I try please darling?"
I told her it was OK and she immediately blindfolded me and then
pulled me a little further down the bed. As I lay there unable to see
I could feel someone, I assumed Lisa, climbing on the bed above my
head. I then felt Lisa kiss me from above, a very strange sensation,
but suddenly enjoyable when I felt her kissing down my chest, and
also felt her hard nippled breasts scraping across my face. I moved
me head from side to side in an effort to catch one of her breasts in
my mouth, only succeeding in getting one between my lips for a
moment. I then felt Lisa move down my abdomen, this time pressing her
nipples into my chest and rubbing them firmly as she moved a little
further down. This has to be felt to be appreciated, and as soon as I
realised she was beginning to kiss the head of my suddenly swelling
penis I knew her hot wet and swollen pussy had to be close to my
face. Leaning my head back I pushed my tongue out as far as it would
go, then moved my head backwards a little more, suddenly feeling my
nose rub against something soft and very moist.

When I got my tongue in touch with it I discovered it was indeed
Lisa's pussy, and it was almost gushing, her juices flowing so freely
down my tongue, I was almost drinking them. Suddenly Lisa rolled
sideways and twisted round so she was now straddling my hips. I felt
Jenny kneel beside her and gently grasp my hard throbbing cock in her
hand, as she guided it to the tight opening of her daughters vaginal
passage. "Wait Mom, Daddy can't see" gasped Lisa as she knelt there
working her hips back and forth so her pussy lips rubbed across the
tip of my pulsating penis. Jenny leaned forward, pulled the blindfold
from my eyes and allowed me to look up into Lisa's, as she smiled and
dropped slow on to me, pushing Jenny's hand down my shaft as she took
me deeper and deeper into her virgin body. She paused for a moment as
we felt my cockhead touch her hymen, she then held out her hands to
me, I took then in mine and smiled as she closed her eyes and pressed
her body down, firmly and deliberately, forcing me through her
maidenhead, destroying it forever. "Oh, jeez, that smarts" gasped
Lisa as she sat with her firm round bottom on my hips, and her hands
holding mine as tight as she could while she slowly recovered her
breath and composure. I pulled her hands to my lips and kissed then
tenderly, "Are you OK Lisa darling?" I asked softly. She opened her
eyes, smiled at me and said "Oh, yes Daddy, I'm just fine. It's just
a little strange to feel you filling me up inside. I never realised
before there was such a big space that needed filling." That's when
she began to slowly move about, first back and forth an inch or two,
feeling her swollen clit rubbing against the base of my cock, and on
my coarse pubic hair. After a few seconds of that she began to lift
herself up on her thighs, then slowly dropping down to sit on me
again. When she realised she liked this better she did it more and
more, and faster and faster, travelling further and further up the
length of my shaft, until she actually lifted right off it and gave a
loud cry of disappointment as she suddenly felt empty once more.

Jenny helped her fill up again, and Lisa soon got back into the
rhythm, closing her eyes and throwing her head back as she got closer
and closer to her climax, her head flopping about from side to side
and back and forth until suddenly she stopped, slammed herself down
hard on my cock and screamed "Agghhh… I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG… I'MMMM
CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.. NOOOOWWWW…" and began to jerk about all over the
place as if she was having a fit, before falling in a heap on to my
chest, in a dead faint. Jenny helped me to gently roll Lisa off my
chest and on to the bed beside me, where she lay, twitching
occasionally in my arms as I tenderly caressed her body as it lay
close to mine. Jenny meanwhile went to the kitchen and returned a few
minutes later with a tray of cups and a glass. I lay Lisa down and
sat up, while Jenny pulled the comforter back over the three of us,
then handed me a cup of coffee, took one herself and sat beside me as
we sipped them slowly, waiting for Lisa to recover. As Jenny and I
lay back down again, wrapped in each other arms Jenny said softly
"Well darling, was I right about her being ready for this, as well as
wanting it?" I kissed her, mainly to remove her self satisfied grin,
then said "I guess you were darling, I just didn’t feel right about
it. Still you're right about it not doing her any harm, look at the
way she's sleeping now." Just then I felt a stirring beside me and
looked down, into Lisa eyes as she looked around to see where she
was. "What happened Daddy?" she asked softly. Jenny peered over my
body, smiled at Lisa and said "You fainted Lisa darling. It's nothing
to be ashamed of, I did the same the first time Daddy made love to
me. How do you feel right now baby?" Lisa grimaced, "A little sore
Mom, but otherwise I feel all sort of relaxed, and tingly, as well as
a bit sticky and smelly. I really need a shower." Jenny chuckled, "So
do we all darling, why don’t you sit up, drink the juice I brought
you, then we can all get into the shower together before we go and
get some breakfast. How does that sound?" It sounded great to all of
us, and we were soon washing each other before getting dried off and

When we were finally sitting at the breakfast table Jenny was still
full of thanks for her mother allowing me to make her a woman. It was
a little later when Jenny and I were sat on the sofa in the living
room when Lisa came and sat on my lap and said "Mom, I've got quite a
number of special friends, that have the same problem I had with
boys. Don’t you think if they had someone like Daddy to help them out
the same way he did me, that they'd find it jolly useful…."

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