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Uncle Victor 2 (MF incest Pedo)


Uncle Victor's Stay-over 2 (M,f, incest, pedo) 2.) Cathy's Room

This is a fantasy. Things I've never done in ways I would never do
them. You are on your honor to recognize that what follows could be
physically or psychologically damaging to a child. Do not do these things.

Cathy tugged her pajama top down over her head. These were her favorite
pajamas, the one's with pink, blue and yellow kittens. She owned many
pairs of pajamas, but never wore the others unless her favorites were in
the wash, and then she made sure her mother washed them the next day so she
wouldn't have to sleep two days without her favorite pajamas. She had
gotten them for her fifth birthday, two months prior.

mommy was away, though. She had a job to do for work in another city,
so Uncle Victor was watching Cathy and her older sister.

Cathy and Karen had both always liked Uncle Victor, but Karen seemed
strange towards him lately. It was after that time over a week ago that
they had stayed the night at Uncle Victor and Aunt Sheryl's house, even
though Aunt Sheryl was out with Cathy's mom. When Cathy had talked about
Uncle Victor the next day, about the joke he told about the two piggies,
Karen didn't want to even talk about him, and she was real quiet when Uncle
Victor had come over to watch them yesterday while mommy was gone.

But today she'd been different. She still seemed a little quiet, but it
was like as if she'd had a fight with Uncle Victor the day before and now
they were friends again. But they hadn't fought about anything! She was
walking funny too, all day, like she was barefoot on a hot driveway kind

Uncle Victor had been real nice to Cathy, though. They all went to see
the movie at the theater that Cathy wanted to see, and then after dinner
they had banana splits for dessert, just like Cathy had said they should!
And when Cathy had said then to Karen that nyah nyah, she was Uncle
Victor's favorite, Uncle Victor didn't say something like "You are both my
favorites", which meant she was his favorite.

Karen didn't seem to mind, even though once they had even argued over
who was his favorite. Well, Cathy knew for sure that today it was she.

Uncle Victor had even let her stay up late, to Karen's bedtime. And now
he was going to read her a story, which was really fun because he liked to
make up songs for the storybook characters to sing. Karen had even said
she wanted to be in here for the story but Uncle Victor said, "No no, this
is Cathy's special day."

That had made Cathy smile. Even though she wanted Uncle Victor to like
Karen as much as her most of the time, she was glad today that she was the
special one.

Cathy picked out her favorite new book, the one about the lion that ate
carrots and got made fun of, and crawled into bed. "I want my storrrry!"
she called out, sing songy.

Uncle Victor said "Commmming!" from down the hall. He must have been
tucking Karen in (no special story for her, ha ha!). Cathy heard him close
Karen's door then he came into her room, rubbing his hands together like he
was excited. "Ready for a story?"

Cathy held up her book "Uh huh! This one!"

Cathy scooted over as Uncle Victor sat down on the bed beside her.
"What's it about?" he asked.

"A lion who eats carrots because he wants to be like a bunny!" Cathy
replied cheerfully.

Uncle Victor took the book in his hands and flipped through it. "You
know," he said, "I've got an even better idea. Let's make up a story together."

Cathy's face brightened, even though she had really wanted to hear the
lion story. Uncle Victor could think up really funny things.

"About an airplane! That talks!" she said

Victor laid the book aside. "Okay, let's start with an airplane." He
said, putting his arm around the girl's shoulder. "Where does it live?"

Cathy thought a moment. "On a farm!" she said, and laughed "That's
funny. Okay, it lives on a farm. And I say it's a naked farm."

"What's a naked farm?" Cathy asked

Victor said, "Well, the farmer and his wife and all the children are
naked! It's called 'McNoodle's Naked Farm'!"

"That's silly! Oh my gosh!" the girl said grinning.

Victor leaned down to whisper in the girl's ear. "You know, we could
even make the story more fun if we played it out."

"How do we do that?" Cathy whispered back. She liked secrets, and when
you whispered something, that meant it was secret, and therefor must be
very fun.

"Well.." Victor said, getting off the bed.

He walked over to Cathy's toy chest and rummaged through it until he
found what he wanted. He produced a small toy airplane. "Ah ha! I
thought you'd have a plane. This can be the talking airplane, and we can
be the farmers!"

Cathy bounced up and down on her rump. "Okay, and we'll say 'please fly
and get us some clothes from China!'"

Victor walked around the room, making airplane noises, then stopped.
"Wait a second! What do we need the plane to get us clothes for? We have
clothes on!"

Cathy said, "We're pretending."

"Why do we have to pretend? Let's be like the farmers! Go on and take
your clothes off."

Cathy blushed, shrugging her shoulders. "Nooooo." she said teasingly.

Victor sat beside her. "I think you wannnt to." He said smiling. Cathy
shook her head, also smiling.

Victor stood up. "Tell you what! I'm going to take mine off, then you
take yours off." He began to undo the buttons on his shirt.

Cathy stared amazed, not sure what to make of this. She'd never seen a
man naked, or even a boy. This seemed awfully funny for a bedtime story.

The girl remained silent as the man took off article after article of
clothing. Finally he was down to his underwear. "Dum dum dum dum!" he
said, like at a circus, and pulled his shorts down.

Cathy was goggle eyed. She had no prior concept of the strange body
parts the man had, so different from anything in her experience. It also
looked as if he had hair starting to grow around.whatever it was.

Uncle Victor had two things down there to look at. One looked like a
bag kind of, with something in it. But in front of it was something that
Cathy could only compare to an elephant trunk, but lots smaller. She said,
"How come you look so different?"

"Different how?" Victor asked. Uncle Victor was standing at the foot of
the girl's bed. She kicked off her covers and knee-walked to that end and
said, pointing "That's not what I got!"

"Well of course you do!" Victor said incredulous. "No!" said the girl,
bounding off her bed. She stood in front of Uncle Victor and
unceremoniously dropped her pajama bottoms, revealing a puffy, hairless

"See?" she said, pointing between her legs.

"Ohhhh, that's what you are talking about." Victor walked to the girl and lifted her up, sitting her back upon her bed. He deftly tugged Cathy's
lower bedclothes from around her ankles and discarded them. "I thought you
meant my belly button!"

Cathy thought this was the most curious event she could ever remember,
and she did not at all mind the nakedness she now had in common with her
uncle. "What is it?" she said

"It's a penis, and these." he pointed to his scrotum "Are my balls."

"How come you have that?" she asked, kneeling and arching forward to get
a better look.

"Because I'm a man. Did your mother ever tell you the difference
between boys and girls?"

"Nuh uh."

"Well, this is it. I have a penis, and you have a.." Victor trailed

"A vagina!" the girl erupted, happily. Cathy knew all her body parts,
and had found the word vagina very funny when her mom had taught it to her
while giving her a bath. She had made sure to mention it during all her
following baths that week, standing up in the tub and asking mommy to "Wash
the suds from my vangina!" Finally, the child's mother (after correcting
her pronunciation) told the girl to stop paying attention to that feature
of her anatomy, and now Cathy had not said the word out loud in weeks. She
was happy to finally be able to identify that part of herself again. It
made her feel naughty.

"You sure do. Here, let me show you something else." Said Victor.

Victor pulled the girl's shirt up over her head. Now every delicate
inch of her skin was revealed. Victor admired the suppleness of her lean
body. The baby fat was disappearing rapidly on the child, though not so
much as to not lend her an appealing softness.

Victor pointed to the girl's smooth chest. "See? We both have nipples,
but you'll have boobies someday."

Cathy said, "Mom has big boobies", and leaned forward and poked a finger
into Victor's left nipple, drilling into it slightly.

Victor straddled the bed, facing the girl. "What about my penis? Do
you want to touch that too?"

Cathy shrank back a bit, mocking embarrassment. If talking about what
was between her own legs were wrong, then touching between someone else's
legs must be even wronger. But that thought made Cathy want to do it more,
not less. And Uncle Victor was asking her, and mommy wasn't here.

She reached out her hand and stroked the man's organ.

"It's big!" she said, flicking her finger against his glans. Victor was
flattered, given that the child had no frame of reference.

"It feels so good when you touch it. Did you know that?"

The girl giggled then began carelessly groping Uncle Victor's cock with
both hands. Victor mock-tackled the laughing girl, wrapping her up in his
arms, pretending to be a monster, which delighted the child into squeals.
Then, setting the girl back down upon the bed, he directed her attention
back to his penis, which had become suddenly and unambiguously erect.

"Look what you did!" Victor joked "You made it big!"

"Oh my gosh!" Cathy said, enchanted. A staff had replaced the man's
pliant gland. Cathy puzzled over the phenomenon, seized the erection with
one hand, bent it this way and that. Victor's face transformed from
pleasure to distress to pleasure again.

This was fun. Cathy wished she had something like a penis that could
change from one thing to another. "Will I ever grow one?" the girl asked.

"No, and I'm glad because I like you with a vagina." The man responded.

He had said the word again, the naughty word, and Cathy repeated it
softly as she continued her ministrations to her Uncle's genitals.

Finally, she was satisfied with her experiments. Uncle Victor's penis
was fun, but now she knew all about it, and they still had an adventure to
continue. Cathy said, "Let's fly the airplane to get us new clothes!"

Uncle Victor didn't sound like he was still interested in the story,
though. "Let's not do the airplane anymore. Why don't you lie on your
belly and I'll give you a massage? That will be fun."

Cathy frowned. She wanted Uncle Victor to do her ideas again. "No,"
she said, dismissing his offer. "The airplane can go to China and buy
China clothes for the farmers, but he gets lost on the way back."

Cathy found that her imagination was taking off like the magic airplane
of her story. Soon, she had detailed quite an adventure for her and her
Uncle to conduct. But when Cathy concluded, Victor actually seemed bored,
which wasn't nice. He rose off the bed and said "That all sounds like a
lot of fun, but it would take all night. I've already got some ideas, so
you sit back on the bed." He picked Cathy up and set her with her back
against the headboard, her hands folded in her lap. ".And let me get us
started on the ideas I have."

The girl pouted. This wasn't as fun as Uncle Victor's usual bedtime
story, even if she did get to play naked and talk about her body parts.
"Okay." she conceded "We'll do yours and then mine, okay?"

Uncle Victor seemed different. He didn't seem unhappy, but just not
regular happy. He seemed taller, especially with the hard thing between
his legs seeming so long to her now. He wasn't standing over her, but she
felt nervous, almost like he was. She was in his shadow, and it seemed a
little colder in the room.

"Okay, my thing first. But I bet you'll forget all about your thing.
My ideas are real fun."

For some reason, Cathy didn't think he was talking about anything she
would think was fun. She couldn't tell why.

Victor looked around the floor of the girl's room. It was littered with
toys, picture books, puzzle pieces. He spied a purple stuffed animal, a
plush dinosaur toy, and picked it up. "Okay, here's what we'll do."

Uncle Victor sat on the bed, handing the toy to his niece. "What's this
guy called?"


"You know in the cartoons when someone's bum lights on fire? They run
around and around and finally they stick it in a bucket of water, you know?
And steam shoots out?"

Cathy said "Yes."

"Well, let's pretend Littlefoot's tail is on fire." Victor said, taking
the stuffed toy back. He moved it around in frantic circles on the girl's
lap, mocking cries of distress from the toy.

"Now, he has to find the water to put his tail out!" said the man, and
he used his hands to spread the girls small legs. "And your vagina will be
the bucket of water. You make him run around, and then slide his tail into
your vagina and make him say 'Ahhh!'"

"I wanna do the airplane story better." Cathy said, closing her legs.
Victor reopened them, firmly.

"This is better." He said, his voice more serious than before. "We'll
play this."

He handed the doll back to the girl. "Go on." Cathy took the toy
warily. She marched it around her lap, disinterested.

"Cathy, you have to really play!" Victor said. "Come on. Poor
Littlefoot's tail is on fire! Make him say it."

Cathy swallowed. "Help! Help! My tail's on fire! Help I'm burning!"
She made the toy jump from one thigh to the other.

"Okay! Now put it out!" Victor said.

Cathy took the toy and poked between her legs with it, the tail bending
up as it touched her body. "Sssss." Cathy said, miming the sound of steam.

"No no. It has to go inside you, honey. That's where the water is."
Cathy wriggled the doll, pushing a portion of the tail between the lips of
her vulva, made the sound of steam again.

"Here." said Victor, and took the toy. With his left hand he spread
open the child's female cavity, revealing moist, bubblegum pink. He took
the dinosaur and slid the tail inside of her, about two inches of stubby,
polyester dinosaur tail.

"There." He said. "Sssssss!"

Uncle Victor removed his hands, leaving the toy inside the child. "Now
you do it. Just like that."

Cathy saw little purpose to this game, and less fun. And Uncle Victor
didn't sound like he even thought it was fun. Still, she pulled the doll
out of her, repeated it's calls of alarm, and then this time did just as
Uncle Victor had, spreading her vagina open with her fingers and putting
Littlefoot's tail inside. It felt dry and tickly.

"Good girl. Now keep your hand on your vagina to keep it open, and move
Littlefoot in and out. Remember to say 'ahhh,' because it feels good for

Cathy did so, working the doll's tail in and out. "Ahhh" she said each
time she reintroduced the purple tail into her flesh. "Ahhh." She didn't
feel relieved like you are supposed to if you are saying 'ahhh' for real.
She felt strange.

Uncle Victor seemed to be moving his body in time with the girl's
rhythm. "Ahhh. Ahhh. Ahhh." she said, one after another, her face turned
to her lap.

"I bet Littlefoot wishes he could come." Uncle Victor said.

"Come where?" Cathy asked, looking up. She saw that her uncle's hand
was on his penis, wrapped around it, but it was big and his fingertips
didn't touch his thumb. He was moving it up and down, doing something kind
of like Cathy was doing.

"Come inside you." He said, his voice strangely distant.

"He's inside me already." Cathy replied.

Victor smiled, He put his whole body on the bed, kneeling between the
child's legs, looming over her, his fist pumping his penis firmly. "Keep
humping Littlefoot." He said when she slowed to a stop.

Cathy resumed, She didn't know what he meant by "humping", but it
apparently was what she was doing. She didn't understand why he was
grabbing his penis that way, but suddenly did not like it's proximity to
her. She averted her eyes, focused on her own task. The tail went in, the
tail slid out. "Ahhh."

Uncle Victor was groaning. He worked his way forward a little, and
Cathy could hear the dry sounds of his hand sliding rapidly up and down his
cock. He tipped it forward, and now the tip was alongside the little
girl's cheek. It felt very warm, almost hot. He was rubbing it in circles
on her face, his groans mounting.

Cathy kept staring down at the toy moving in and out of her. Then
without warning, the tip of Victor's penis tracked across her face to her
mouth, and penetrated her pursed lips with a single, deliberate jab.

She scarcely had time to react as Victor made a loud, strained moan, and
suddenly her entire mouth seemed to be flooded with wet warmth.

As she pulled her face away, not understanding at all what had happened,
she saw that she was staring directly into the eye of Uncle Victor's
engorged organ. White, thick liquid was erupting, striking Cathy on the
face. She felt more hit her shoulder, and then Victor seized the back of
her head, brought it forward as he reared up and spat more of it into her
hair, the spasming penis plowing into her blond bangs. What fluid that was
not captured there ran down her forehead, down her cheek, to meet up with
the runnels that were escaping Cathy's lips.

Victor let go of the child with a pronounced sigh of satisfaction. The
girl coughed the snotty substance from her throat, tasted something like
fish and pennies, spat what remained onto Littlefoot, who had a small blob
of it already upon his eye.

Victor sat down on the bed, spent. Cathy was breathing hard, looking at
him, wanting him to tell her how she should react. She was utterly

"What does it taste like?" Victor asked casually.

"Yucky." Cathy said quietly.

Victor rubbed his hands through the childs hair, massaging his cum into
it. Cathy wiped the spillage from around her mouth. Victor was surprised
at all the different areas he had reached with his emission. A fat rivulet
ran down the girl's shoulder. Spots dotted the back of her right hand, and
a thin white line travelled vertically from her belly button to the opening
she had been plumbing with the stuffed toy.

"Now, " he said "One more thing."

Victor tugged the girl's legs, pulling her flat onto the bed, then
turning her sideways so that her feet dangled off the side. Victor kneeled
at the side of the bed, opened the girl up. "Don't worry about what just
happened. It's nothing. Close your eyes and relax."

Cathy could manage closing her eyes, but she wanted no more surprises.
Uncle Victor, however, seemed insistent on manipulating her between her
legs even further. This must be why mommy had told her not to talk about
her vagina. It must be a silent invitation for others to think about it
too, and to take control of it.

Cathy felt her legs spread wide by Victor. She winced, not knowing what
could be in store now.

Then she felt Victor's lips press against the tender skin between her
legs. Puckering, sucking. A kiss, a forceful kiss. He repeated this
again, his hands pressing into her thighs, opening her further and further.

Now she felt the strong, wet muscle of his tongue force its way between
his lips and hers, diving inward. As it did so, Victor's mouth seemed to
practically swallow up the girl's soft pussy. His mouth was all around it
now, the yielding outer lips bathed in the man's saliva, massaged by his
own firm lips. His entire mouth gobbled at her groin, her genitals hidden inside of Uncle Victor's hungry maw.

His tongue worked urgently. Cathy felt her tiny portal, which so
recently had been mined by the ineffectual stuffed dinosaur, being
plundered by the wet, probing muscle. Then it would stop as Victor
suddenly sucked hard, gathering as much of her flesh as far into his mouth
as he could take it, after which the tongue would once again dart back into
her, a burrowing eel, filling her passage.

Victor tasted and tasted, manipulating Cathy's vulva and it's wet
interior in every way he could, before revealing his mouth's true mission.

Victor pursed his lips upon a tiny knob of flesh he had thus far
ignored. Cathy had felt that part of her, which she could not identify,
swelling and stiffening as Uncle Victor's appetites stimulated every other
portion of her baby snatch. Now Victor had found it at last, and had
trapped the tiny, electric button between his lips.

He sucked hard upon it, so hard that her body rose so as not to have it
torn from her. A thrill, warm then hot and irresistible, surged upward
through the girl's body. Cathy gasped as the jolt struck her.

Victor put his hands beneath the girl's rump, buried his face back
between her legs, but made the tiny, rock hard knob his only cause, He
licked it, his tongue hard and intense, each lap bringing a sharp
inhalation from the girl. He sucked it, her body pressing itself into his
mouth with each wet pull from his lips. He pinched it briefly and gingerly
between his teeth, the child biting down on her lower lip in anticipation
both fearful and joyous.

The child produced wetness of her own, in an abundance that surprised
the man, but which he consumed as rapidly as her slickened cunt could
generate it. Cathy whimpered, thrashed her head. Tears came from her
eyes, tears that were of joy, and at the same time, of fearful bewilderment
at this assault on her senses. Uncle Victor's frightening actions of mere
moments before were drowned out in the waves of satisfaction that passed
through her, one folding outwards to reveal another, a rose blooming and

Cathy loved Uncle Victor and hated him, hated him more then loved him
with new intensity as the sensations cascaded over her. Her toes curled
and uncurled painfully, her calf muscles strained as her body grew taught
to accommodate the pleasure.

Then, as Uncle Victor's tongue fluttered upon that magic spot, tapping a
staccato, Cathy's back arched, her mouth stretching wide. The pleasure of
her orgasm broke upon her like a bursting bubble, drowning the child in a
final shower of wondrous, intoxicating warmth. Cathy pitched her voice
high, let out a sharp note. She wanted Karen, wished she was here at this
unexpected event, holding her hand, the energy of this moment passing from
the small child to her older sister for her to share in as well.

Her muscles relaxed. Her body, still contorted, finally yielded to
exhaustion. She dropped her weight back onto the bed as Uncle Victor
maneuvered her legs onto the mattress. Sweat mingled with the semen still
clinging to her. Her rapid panting slowed as she twisted her legs slowly,
opening and closing the entrance between them, enjoying what residual
pleasure was still to be had.

Uncle Victor sat on the floor, looked at the girl, enjoyed the residual
taste of her that was left within his mouth.

When Cathy finally opened her eyes and faced those of her Uncle, he
stood, gathered her up and carried her to the tub. He stood her up in it
and ran the water, soaking a washcloth and cleaning his seed from the girls body, pouring water over her head and washing the sticky residue from the
glued-together strands of her hair. She did not speak, nor did he.

Victor changed her sheets, setting the stained ones aside with the toy
dinosaur to be washed. She stood naked in the doorway of her bedroom as he
did this, tired, blinking away sleep.

Finally, he redressed the girl, though stayed nude himself, tossing his
own clothes in with the pile of semen-stained items. He tucked her beneath
the covers, then kissed her mouth, pressing his lips gently against hers,
his tongue making a cursory appearance.

"Karen will tell you why not to say anything. It's okay. She knows."
Uncle Victor said, then left the room, closing the door.

Cathy rolled over, put her thumb into her mouth. Karen knew, so it was
okay. She believed him, and would do what Karen said tomorrow.

Would Karen ask about the details of what had happened for story time?
What would Cathy say? Would she tell her about the beginning or the end?

Cathy didn't know yet what part she would find more important to tell.
Something nice and something not nice had been done to her, she knew. Both
things that had happened had been scary. Maybe that's all she would say.
That it had been scary.

Cathy slowly began to suck her thumb. As she did, she imagined soft,
wonderful shocks traveling up her arm, and down to between her legs.


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