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Undercover Humil. 1


Undercover Humiliation (1/10)
{F solo,Humil,MC,no sex yet -just set up}

Two female reporters go undercover to understand young secretaries lurid behavior toward older female
excutives they work for.

Name's Jennifer Corbitt. When I started at twenty six
at the local newspapers, everything looked bright. I
was the new cub, the smart, sassy, street savvy
reporter in sneakers and a T-shirt. Just a kid.

We young turks cub made ceaseless jokes about all the
'older timer' , reporters behind their backs. 'Hey,
any woman over 35 still working at a paper *this*
small, gets what she deserved', we'd laugh. My mouth
water for a shot at the big leagues. One by one, my
peers took flight. Before I knew it, twenty years flew

but I never took flight.

As I undress for bed, I realize how cheep I look in
faded jeans and a tired T-shirt at my age. Just never
caught a big break, that's what I told myself. It
certainly couldn't be my refusal to play company
bullshit games and dress up in perky little *business
suits*, like all the other young ass kissers around
here. The same ones *I* train, so they can go off and
chase all those big stories that were supposed to be
mine. It just be some sort of 'character flaw' that's
keeping out of the big leagues, but...what?

I blocking out how hard it's gotten recovering from
2:AM deadlines, or needing caffeine just jolt myself
to work every morn, let alone the humiliation of
secretly dying streak of 'gray' out of once auburn
curls. I'm only 37 for god's sake! Okay, almost 39.

But then came Katie.

Fresh out of college, the twenty one year old cub
reporter had perky subtly bottle blonde hair,
sparkling brown eyes, full pout collagen lips,
artificial beaming smile, and the friggin' bod of a
high school cheerleader to boot. Yup, this was the
'new' girl! Cute little 'Katie Burns' was mercilessly
cheerily fixated on doing whatever it took to rise the

I tried not to think about her, I really did. I tried
to ignored her, just like my humiliating streaks of
gray, or my extra ten pounds I'm battling, or the
nasty little varicose veins I'd spotted for the first
time last night.

I took her to lunch, to size her up. A pleasant little
sidewalk bistro. She insisted I have a Ice tea, and
when I returned from the bathroom, I tried to make
small talk as I sipped away and she ate her salad,
though Katie seemed distracted and barely listened to

I made my pitch that, since she was the new girl in
town, I'd happily offer her my personal confidential
advice in office politics, to help her steer clear of
trouble spots and teach her the ropes of reporting.

I became miffed as the prissy little thing picked at
her garden salad, her casual dismissal of me releasing
something deep inside. I didn't like being ignored,
yet this girl's callous attitude was doing something
to me. Katie paused took a little vile of water from
her purse and placed it on the table.

"What's this?" I asked, eyeing the small vile of clear

Katie didn't answer. I started wordlessly across at
her, heart pounding for some reason. The fact she
ignored me again and only started at the vile of water
made it worse.

She finally looked up, forcing a strained smile as she
fondled the vile of water and chirped.

"Jennifer, do you know I've read everything you've
written?" My pursed lips broadened in approval.

"Really?" I couldn't help but relaxing. Maybe I'd
misjudged her.

"... used to *respect* you too. Geeess.... Advice? Even
followed your stuff in when I was in high school." She
pressed me with relentless enjoyment, watching my face
fall as I toyed with my straw with my tongue.

"High school..." I echoed, a soft gasp of humiliation
escaping my wet puckered lips as I pulled away from my
Tea and lowered my eyes.

"Katie....what the point of all this? what do you want?"
I asked

"Look, 'Jenny', I don't mean to be rude, but I'm
afraid 'advice' from an someone as clue less as you is
a joke. Despite your denial, you KNOW what I wanted
the minute our eyes locked, even though it scared the
shit outta you."

Wow. She didn't fool around, did she? I felt myself by
breath quicken, my cheeks becoming warm and my body
responding to this pretty girl's voice dripping with
sarcasm. Why was her belligerence wrapping around me
like a warm blanket?

I forced a polite laugh to cover my arousal and
embarrassment and tried to sound together.

"Okay, Katrina. Let's get down to it then. ..."
I blinked in confusion. "...why are you h-here?"

" I'm here for your job stupid." She winked.

I bit into my straw as I inwardly exploded with rage.
Little bitchy comments were one thing, but my job? MY
JOB? I was mortified she'd dare to...well....say it *out
loud* like that. I also was breathless over the
'stupid' bit, and was confused how much MORE turned on
I'd become at the little twit actually suggesting
she'd fucking well replacing me, to my FACE no less!

"Jenny, Close your mouth. It's over. Face it -- you're
almost old enough to be my fucking mom, and you
haven't had a scoop in years. You'll just sit here in
this shitty little rag as I quickly got bored ands
ditch your job for my rightful spot at the major

As Katie toyed up the little vile of water again on
the table, something approaching an orgasm bolted
through me. I should be throttling her, not squeezing
my thighs together, right? As I finished my tea, I
became furious at my vulnerability to her.

"The cute part is, I DO believe you're a
little....smitten with my watching someone younger like
myself who's got the talent, chops and burning
ambition you've pissed away long ago.." Katie smiled
winningly at me.

I responded to the challenge in her voice, the lively
contempt in her eyes incensing me, mingling with my
anger as I staved off actually coming right in front
of her....was too much....

" I right? Are you getting a certain....*kick* from
being below me? Your face keeps lighting up the more I
speak. I mean, why else would you just stand by and
watch a pretty younger girl walk all over you and take
your job, right?" The insolent girl smirked at me.

I fought to keep from touching myself. The very Idea
of demeaning myself before this cruel little bitch who
despised me and was just after my job sparked another
wave of self disgust which quickly warmed me inside,
melted my weakening resolve.

"Jennifer....are you okay sweetie?" She smirked.

I stilled myself, taking a deep breath, realized I'd
finished my now empty glass of tea. What's the matter
with me, I started to sweat. What in god's name is
making me almost have an orgasm from the cruel words
of this younger woman who was being so merciless to

"Maybe this will make you feel better, here..." The
younger reporter's eyes gleamed as she threw her
packet of salad dressing over to me, and I caught
automatically with a startled excitement.

"Jen, will you squeeze some dressing out and rub it
all over your nipples for me? Just reach under your
blouse real quick. Hurry up!" Kate managed without
breaking up,

As for some god awful reason, I quickly sat up and
squirted a hand full of the cold Dressing into my
palm, and inhaled deeply as my fingers pressed the
creamy Ranch Dressing over my now tender receptive and
hardening nipples, as Kate watched me with a cruel
smirk, and my cheeks inflamed at my display.

"Jennifer, your turned on right now, aren't you?
Answer me..." She insisted.

I didn't want to answer as I sat there, shamefully
blood rushing to my scarlet face, burning my ears.
rubbing my own nipples. Thoroughly humiliated and
angry as hell. But the bulk of my rage was squarely on
my own shoulders, for not telling the little bitch to
fuck off. I hated how each new indignity was more
exciting and intoxicating than the last.

Admitting it to her....would just....

...but then realizing how humiliated I'd feel if I
confess my arousal, made my lips water as I took a
breath, and Kate smiled, as I kept rubbing my nipples.
But before I could mutter the words,

Kate raised her hand up -.

"Okay - ENOUGH - DON'T ANSWER It's a trick
question!!!" The young reporter barked as she opened a
small vile of fluid on the table.

"Jennifer, I'm sorry to have to put you THROUGH this,
I really am, but you'd never believe it if you hadn't
experience it yourself. The chemical in this little
vile is what's causing your reaction." Katie said
suddenly drawing closer to me in a hushed tone.

"Huh?" I said, still feeling tingles of excitement and
disappointment I hadn't gotten to utter my admission
to the stunningly beautiful girl before me.

"Come on jen, shake it off, and stop rubbing your
nipples!" Kate scolded, swatting my hands away from
under my blouse, which the Dressing had unfortunately
now soaked through and totally ruined. My arousal was
fading a bit with Kate's everyday tone, and I suddenly
felt like a damned fool, with creamy nipples.

"...It's part of a story I'm working on. The stuff in
these little vials, it...well....changes people. Mostly
women. The Key word is...HUMILIATION. It somehow links
humiliation to sexual arousal. I placed some in your
tea when we got here. A single drop."

"Jesus....Y-you...druged me?" I stammered, arousal faded
and anger replacing it.

"I know, you have every right to be pissed, and if you
*never* want to talk to me again, fine. But, I HAD to
show you, first hand. This is the mother load
jennifer. Were talking pulitzer here. This is major
shit, and all it needs is two hungry reporters who'll
plaster it across the front page...." Katie said,
letting her words sink into me.

I said nothing for a minute, blinking. Over the years,
I had mastered such tight control on my life, this
little stunt Kate just pulled to me scarred the hell
outta me. I couldn't control what happens with this
*humiliation* stuff, and, having always been in
control, I not sure I like it.

I staring at the glass of empty tea before me, awash
in a tumble of emotions, from betrayal, stupidity,
lingering arousal, and something else...

Something I hadn't felt in years.

A second chance.

This girl had everything I lacked, and maybe I could,
unless....was it a set up? She'd already tricked me

"What do you need me for Katie? You're the one who's
got all the talent, chops, looks, right?" I spat

"Don't be that way. I had to say that stuff, to push
you on. I never said looks. You're still hung up on my
looks, huh? Is that the drug talking...or...?" Katie
laughed playfully, but I sulked, still feeling taken

"Very funny. You know, I do have experience. I'm not a

"I know jen. I wasn't lying when I said you were the
reason I became a reporter. I won't lie though, you've
gotten soft. My words wouldn't have aroused you so...if
there hadn't of been some truth in them. That's how it

"Katie, have you ever...?" I asked, eyeing the little
vile of stuff.

"Try it myself? No, but suspect it would work
differently on me that you." She smiled warmly at me,
for the first time. I wanted to trust her, I really

"How did you discover all this? where did you get this
weird little vile of stuff? Who else have you tried
this stunt on?" I started, exploding with questions
now my buzz was fading and my pride coming back. Maybe
I could put this all behind us. It was just the drug,
right? Katie had to demonstrate it, that's all.
Understandable. impulsive, dangerous, but she's just a
cub reporter. She just needs guidance, if she'll
accept it.

"I know, but I'll explain everything when we get back
to the office. Jennifer, I need your help. I'm not
sure, but if this stuff starts spreading..."Katie's
voice trailed off dramatically as we look around at
all the attractive women eating lunch around us, our
minds mushrooming with the perverse implications.

"Yeah. I see...." I said as we exchanged a serious look.

"I haven't tried it on anybody yet, but I was it's
effects on a stranger, and that's when I found the
vile and file explaining it near a burning trash
dumpster behind a chemical plant. I tried reading the
file but it crumbled into ashes. The file said
something about he drug usually only becoming more
pronounced if a younger woman starts verbally
humiliating a older woman. I have No Idea why, I have
almost zero leads, but I think....

together, we can unravel it. Are you in?" I asked.

"Still gunning for my job?" I frowned.

"Totally!" She winked warmly as she held the vile to
my face. "But without this garbage, I suspect you'll
get back on your game enough that I'll never have a

"Okay Katie, I'm in." I said, shaking her hand. " more spiking my drinks, okay? After this
stunt, you'll have to earn back my trust okay? And I'm
the boss. Your good, but you need me, by your own just...."

" Relax teacher, your aggressive little student won't
stir up your humiliation fantasies anymore, okay?"
Katie smirked.

"I don't HAVE humiliation fantasies, remember? It's
the drug dummy!" I grimaced, stinging at the thought
she believed any of that display was somehow connected
to the real me. Katie shot me a wincing appeasing
little shrug, and I felt myself relax around her
deeply for the first time since we meet.

"Okay, okay, whatever you!" She teased, as we
picked up our purses and she picked up the check. "You
are a spunky thing, aren't you?" I winked back at her.
"Your not going to fight me for the check?" She
playfully asked.

"You drug me, try stealing my job, then sexually
humiliating me to my very core? You pay bitch." I
giggled as we broke into gales together. I decided not
to pick at how much of my response to Katie was the
drug and how much was me.

I'd never been sexually aroused by humiliation before,
but I couldn't shake the fantastically intense
orgasmic high I'd felt. It was better than any orgasm
I'd ever had in my whole life, and I worried my
feelings for her cruel treatment of me....may be
something I'd never completely shake off.

Though I'd never risk it again now that we were
friends, just remembering the bitchy ice in her voice
was giving me little rides of pleasure inside. Was she
really just 'showing' me? Part of me couldn't believe
she wasn't also into it. But that was the past. Katie
needed me, and I wasn't about to give her an inch now.
As we walked out of the Bristol, I grim though
occurred as I asked;

"Katie, are there any more vials of this stuff out

"Lots, a whole box full, but it was empty when I found
it in the dumpster. God knows what happened to the
other ones. If any women around town happen across
that stuff...."

"Yeah, I know..." I shuddered inside, half in fear, half
in sweet anticipation over the very Idea.


This work is copyright (c) 2000 by cowgirl. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post
this story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of
the contents is permitted.
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