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Archived Sex Stories

Undercover Humil. 2


Undercover Humiliation (2/10)
(F/F, MC, Humil, solo mast, anal,)
Two female Reporters go undercover to expose a plan
force older business woman into become sexually
compliant when humiliated by young female co-workers.


"Now, where did you get this again?" I asked as we
sat in katie's car.

"Don't know. Found it in the same dumpster, where I
found the other bottles, remember? Behind some
advertising agency called Noricom. I'm betting it all
ties back to them somehow." Katie peered ai it as we
studied at tape in her hand. "So, that's where you got
this? Noricom?" I asked.

"Yup, and I already listened to some of it. Jennifer,
It's intense. I hope....well...listening to the rest of know....doesn't mess you up further, I mean
after the 'dose' I gave you yesterday." Katie warned
sheepishly as she pushed the tape her car's deck and
paused, looked at me dramatically.

"Puullllease! Listen kid, I was doing this when you
were young enough to be my..." I paused.

"...daughter?" She her eyes danced.

I poked out my tongue in mock anger. "...younger
sister." I shot back drying to disguise being a little
miffed at her.

"You *sure* your ready?" She asked almost sounding
like she hoped I wasn't!

"Katie, I'm a professional reporter with twenty years
experience, not some horny little freak, okay? What
you slipped me yesterday's... all...gone. Trust me. I'll
be fine." I impatiently snapped, a little embarrassed
by her kid

"Sorry jen. Just checking..." She shrugged, as I took a
deep breath and katie pushed 'play'.

The voice of a phone rang, then a young woman's voice



"Yes, may I speak to Doris Please? "

"This is Doris."

"Doris, I'm calling from M.C.I. and I need to speak to
you about your phone bill. "

"uh..... is there a problem?"

"No, I'm just here to let you know you qualify for a
fantastic new savings plan -"

"....uhh.....I'm not really interested.... "

"Why not Doris? Wouldn't you like to save money?"

"I'm sorry, but you guys have already called me today.
Don't you check with each other? I'm afraid I have to

"Doris - WAIT -- your making a MAJOR mistake..."


"Hanging up. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes
trying to explain to your hubby why you missed out on
these great savings, what with your*situation*.... "

"Why with our N.C.I. Plan, you could *already* be
saving 38 cents more per --"

"Situation? What do you mean?"

"Well, I heard your baby bawling somewhere back there,
but I don't hear his voice, so your so namby pamby he
probably ditched you, which explains how you white
trash like yourself spawns a grubby little kid in the
first place, what with your passive personality and
lack of will power, a simple and sure plan like this
would really help you, Doris, believe -"

"Hey, how DARE you!!! You don't know the first thing
about me! And....and my boyfriend d-did NOT ditch me. He
just, that's all. He's coming back.
Hey, I don't have to explain ANY of this too you! The
nerve of - Okay, I'm REALLY hanging up now..."

"No you're not, Doris."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, If you were gonna to hang up, you'd have done
it by now. Your just embarrassed by how I nailed your
whole life, right? Admit it..."

"Your being quite rude. What's your name? Where do you
work, huh? I'm tempted report all this to your boss.
What do you think of those apples, huh?"

"Wow. Pretty scary Doris. Are you a lesbo Doris?"

"huh? NO, of course not. Why in the world...?"

"Well, your luck with men stinks, and your flirting
with me big time, aren't you? I Have other customers,
and you can't stop begging for my name and are curious
where I work...Pretty sad stuff, huh?"

"Okay, your now NUTS!!! Give me your boss, immediately
young lady! "

"Hush. I don't *blame* you for being a defensive
repressed sexually frustrated closet dyke, and It's
not your fault your not pretty or smart enough to make
a good wife. Doris? Still there?"

"Please hang up..."

"Don't lie to yourself Doris. You are loving this,
aren't you? You relish my pushing you around, don't
you? Isn't your strange little quirk of draw cuter
girls like myself into endless personal conversations
the REAL reason you should listen to me and save what
money you have left...Doris? Your breathing's getting
heavier, isn't it?..."

"Yes, sorry. I mean...No, it's...darn it, your twisting
things around. Why am I even talking to you? I'm not
some sick lesbian or that other stuff... I don't even
know your name, and I'mNOT interested in your mother fucking plan - - OKAY???."

"Oooohhh...such language! (chuckle) That tongue of yours
has a mind of it's own, doesn't it?"

"Go to hell!"

"Doris honey? Your DON'T want to save money? Even 38


"Why not? It adds up you know. "

"ARRRRHGHH!!!.....'cause I'm too...'stupid', okay? Will
THAT make you go away?"

"You're the one who's too weak to hanging up Doris. If
your too weak to save 38 pennies, I guess it's up to
step in, isn't it?"

"I don't follow..."

"Big surprise THERE, huh? (laughter) Okay, let's
simplify this for my stupid lezbo friend - - quick, go
grab a pencil."

"Huh? a Pencil? But I TOLD you - - "

"Doris, Stop trying to think. Were doing something
ELSE, now do as I say. Fetch me a scoot.
I'll wait."

"Uh....jus' a second.......(muffled noise) .......Okay, got
it. But I really don't see... "

"Good Girl! Now hurry up and jot this down: 4928
Cedear Lane, Beverly Hills, CA, 90212..... Got it?"

"Yeah, but..what's this?"

"It's MY home address, silly. You may as send me a
check for 38 cents each month, since you're so too
fucking stupid to hold onto it - - "

" (Sob)...please.....for god's sake.....Why are you DOING
this to me? ....please.....stop talking to me like this...."
"Hey, don't come crying to me because you get your
kicks from being a friggin' doormat. It's people like
you who need people like me to ball you out. If you'd
wise up and keep your hairy knees together, maybe you
wouldn't stay knocked up and keep pumping out more
'little Doris''!"

"Okay, that's IT-- your clearly a SICK-O!!! I DEMAND
to speak with your manager. You're in big trouble
lady! Gimmie
your name. I already have your gosh darned address..."

"Pipe down, cunt. I'm not finished. The really
interesting part is, we don't even know each other,
your such a stupid shit you get all worked up and
horny, simply BECAUSE I call w you a stupid shit. Is
that sick or what?"

"Did you just say what I thought you said?"

"'Stupid shit', 'worked up' or 'horny'? Which one gets
you off more? I bet your... touching yourself right now,
aren't you Doris?"

"I hate you. I hope you ROT IN HELL and die, you
stupid FUCKING bitch!!!"

"You're avoiding the question. It gets you HOT and
BOTHERED when I call you humiliating names, doesn't it
you stupid horny dyke?"

"Fuck you."

"Doris, if you keep using profanity, I'll have to hang
up. "

"Wait -- "

"Got YA --" (hysterical giggles) "Suuuuucker!!!"

Then the tape broke off in mid sentence and went dead.

Katie looked at my raspy breath, flickering eyelashes
and the beads of sweat across my quivering upper lip.
She calmly pulled up in front of a house and shut off
the engine.

"You okay jen?"

"Jesus...this stuff''s...."

"Yeah. I know. Are you...I mean, did it...."

"The stuff you slipped me has WORN OFF Katie, trust

"Sorry, I wasn't just look..."

"I know. Okay....I'll confess this much...listening to
this weird 'phone lady' bark orders to this poor Doris
woman, It did shake me up a little...."

"I noticed. You paid wrapped attention to every word
during our drive over. The report I found mentioned
something about women who drink the liquid responding
either aggressively like this sales woman did, or
passively and excitedly, like Doris. I also found a
blood tests with the tape that shows both of these
woman ingested the fluid. Not sure how the sales lady
found this woman Doris. Maybe pure luck.

"Maybe This sales lady was looking for her, or just
fucking with her for her own jollies..." I said
dumbfounded at the

"Well...Doris sure was pissed, wasn't she?" Katie said,
eyeing me.

"She didn't hang up though, did she?" I asked thinking
deeply. I hated how excited it all made me, and hoped
kate hadn't noticed.

"Katie, we can't stop here. I gotta know what happens!
I mean...uh...for the story's sake. Is that's all that's
on the tape?"

"Yeah, unfortunately..."

"So, what are we doing here?"

"This is her house. The woman on the tape, the house
wife. The tape's date shows it's was made a while ago.
Nobody's seen this poor house wife 'Doris' or her kids
since this tape was made."

"This is pretty creepy stuff Kate, are you sure we
shouldn't involve the authorities ?" I asked, kicking
myself that every sentence kept coming out as a
question. I meant to TELL kate my worries, but I just
kept slipping into this warm regressively relaxed
state when we worked together, which kate was
impatient with too.

"No, I'm not 'sure', but jen, if we go to the cops
now, we risk being shut out of the biggest story in
years! Think about it jen, there are, what, still
twenty little bottles of that stuff still floating
around town? This is only the tip of the Ice Berg. Are
you coming? "

"To do what?"

"Since this wimpy little house wife's obviously
missing, I say we break in. Look for signs of what
happened. We'll call the police if things get hairy,

I wanted to say no, that it was a dangerous Idea and
my rookie reporter's bravado could get us both in deep
trouble, or killed. That's what I wanted to say, but
somehow I became flustered when I said,

"Okeey Dokeey! ...right behind you..." My face burned as
we got out of her car. I tried not to panic, horrified
how randy the tape had made me, sure Katie could smell
me stewing in my own juices. God she must think me a

Finally, fed up with my own passivity, In a burst of
angry, I clumsily rushed past her racing up to the
door so I'd be first. Kate glared at me.

"Jesus jen, - okay. *You* can 'knock' first, okay?"
She sighed. I shrugged a weak shrug, realizing I'd
stupidly only made myself looked ever *more* childish.
I raised my hand, but before I could knock,

it opened.
We were surprised to see an average looking young woman her mid twenties in jeans, T shirt answered the
door, much younger than Doris had sounded. "Excuse me
miss? Is your name...Doris?" I asked with a serious
expression as Katie stood dutifully behind me.

"No. I'm Tyler McCoy. Doris's....'friend'. How do you
two know her?" She sneered.

Kate and I both froze.

We exchanging stunned looks. It was HER, the woman
humiliating this Doris woman on the tape we'd just
listened too in the car! It was spooky to be face to
face with the woman who'd uttered those nasty rude
things. I wondered if we were crazy, but her voice was

"Well, this is Doris' house isn't it?" Katie asked.

"What's it too you?" She demanded.

I struggled to speak, but was petrified. For some
reason, I felt just like Doris must have, and my heart
lurched madly at the thought of possibly embarrassing
myself if she was half as mean to me. The younger
woman eyed me as she asked katie: "What's her

Kate didn't answer fast enough, she the woman quickly
returned to me, sensing my weakness. Part of it was
her commanding presence and her firm little body for
such a young little thing!

"...what's a matter?... lose your voice pumpkin?" The
'phone lady' scoffed at me sarcastically, eyeing Katie
and I dubiously. Our credibility sinking fast as.

The phone lady, (as I now started to think of her)
then got a superior snotty look, goaded on by my fear.
Though horrified, the tape and Doris kept flashing by,
and I felt giddy inside for some reason. "Well, go
on..." The phone lady asked, but I just stood there
dumbly, forgetting what was expected of me. What was
the question again?

Katie shrugged apologetically at the woman, and I
winced in embarrassment at how I was humiliating
myself before a total stranger. If I didn't speak
quick, I knew I'd telegraph my vulnerability!

I finally managed: "Miss Muuu...I mean, Miss...Mcccc...? Oh
I mean....Oh gosh, I goofed." I broke into
stupid giggles, flustered as my breast rose and fell
with fearful anticipating of how she'd NOW be forced
to chastise me.

"Your not terribly bright, are you? You could start by
remembering my name, okay miss...miss....?" The phone lady
smirked at me.

"...uhh...." I said, knowing full well what my name was,
but unable to get the words out fast enough. Kate
looked to the ground, embarrassed for me.

"Aawwww.....the poor thing can't even guess her own name
now?" Her voice dripped with mockery now as she winked
at Katie, her eyes coming back to me and wonderfully
pinning me to the porch, stripping me of my pride

I wanted to die inside, and my privates were on fire!
I was dangerously close to becoming another 'Doris'.
Why was I sinking into this erotic fog, just like I
did with Katie yesterday!

"Cat got her tongue?" The phone lady winked at Katie,
who frowned at me. " What are you two anyways...?
Sisters? Girlfriends. What?

" together." Katie sniped.

"Oh? Really....why, I'll bet you do..." The phone lady
smirked back as I fell another rung. She had no Idea I
was gay, and nether did Katie or anyone at work, but
that wasn't the point. I forgot how lesbian obsessed
the 'phone lady' was, but I was too paralyzed by fear
and desire to rebuff her.

"Well, sister, if your stupid little girl friend here
won't chirp up, I guess were done!" The phone lady
chuckled as she stared at me distractedly for a
moment, looking carefully at my face and hair.

"Hold still, little miss deaf mute..." She whispered, as
this younger girl casually brushed aside a lock of
hair which was tickling my face. It was simple little
touch, but I felt thunderous excitement bursting under
my breasts! I became feverish and love struck over how
close this sick disturbed girl had some to *actually*
touching me. I felt both invaded and flattered, all at

The whole thing only lasted a second, and Kate got a
worried look at my blissfully stupid expression and
took a protective step between us, pointed her tape
recorder in the woman's face like a weapon. "Miss
McCoy, were
doing a story about Noricom and wondered if you could
answer a few ques -- "

"You're the PRESS? There's a load of stuff I could say
about Noricom, but not to a couple of half assed
reporters!" She spat violently.

"Wait, so tell us about it. Just two minutes, can I
can tape what you just said...? Miss.... " Katie tried,
but Miss
McCoy Ignored...

...her and bored her gaze into me!

"Okay, cutie, let's try again. Just take a little
breath and tell me your name, okay? Come on 'Little
Reporter'....You can do it..."

"I'm name's....Jennifer..." I said softly.

Kate stepped guardedly between the woman and me,
shoving her tape back at the woman's face. " Ma'am, if
we could
just --"

"Your annoying me dip shit." she barked at Kate who
flinched as she turned back to me: "What's her name?"
She demanded, pointing to Kate.

"Katie.." I said blushing, as I added a sexy little
curl to my mouth as I said it, and Kate glared over at
me. I know, I just couldn't help humiliate myself
further, somehow. The fact it pissed kate off excited
me also.

"Well....your girlfriends Katie's a pushy little thing,
ain't she?" The woman's eyes sparkled at my obvious
squirming arousal.

"Uh huh..." I cooed.

"JEN!" Katie scolded as she butted in, turning back to
the phone lady.

Miss McCoy...if we could just..." Katie tried, but only
sounding like a whinny little girl as the woman
ignored Katie, snatched her purse and keys, starting
out her door and towards her car as we trailed behind
her like a couple of little girls selling cookies.

"But Miss McCoy...where's Doris? Have you seen her?"
Kate begged,

"No comment. Look, I still work there..."

"May I ask in what position?" Kate quickly shot. Miss
McCoy shot back.

"As a receptionist, okay?"

"A....secretary? I thought you were a tele marketer..?"
Kate queried.

"Why the heck would you think that? Jesus you two
little fucks better not be tapping my fucking phone
line at work! WERE you??? Huh?"

"We found a tape by accident." I heard myself admit.

"Jen!" Kate gave me a very betrayed look, and blushed
at the admission as Miss McCoy smiled smugly at us. .

" So what! So I make tapes, play games. It's my right,
and you two fucking nobodies better SWEAR you'll not
breath a word to either my boss or another living soul
- GOT IT???" She barked at us, and of course we both
found ourselves nodding compliantly to keep prank
calls a secret. I knew in my head this haunty little
secretary must really must be full of herself to
expect us to buckle to her demands since being a
fucking peon, she had no leverage.

But, at that moment, our bodies were rooted to the
spot and totally intimidated, just as the woman on the
tape had been. I winced at the obvious age connection
between myself and this 'Doris' woman's obedience, but
Kate's being intimidated confused me, though she hid
it better. I guess even Katie's no match for the
bitchy bottle blonde secretary.

Tyler McCoy's flashed us a triumphant sharp smirk as
she got in her car and started to back out, then stuck
her head out the car's window

"Now If you two little lezbos are stupid enough to be
HERE here I get back, I'll call the fucking cops, got
it?" Miss McCoy smiled as Kate raced to the street and
watched her drive past us. I cringed as she waved to
me as she speed away:

" ...Bye Bye Little Miss Reporter Girl!" Her laughter
mocked. Kate swatted my hand as she caught me waving
bye bye stupidly, and snapped,

"Jen....what's your damage?"

"Sorry. ...she just...."

"Jesus Jennifer, you'd better let me handle any
younger women like her until your back to your old self, okay? You were really scaring me there, about to
jump happily into the spider's web for christ's sake!"

" Kate, lookie! She forgot the..." I said, as we both
looked back at Doris' front door swinging wide open.
Minutes later we combed through the house in silence
as we both searched for, well, we didn't know what!
Some sign of Doris....or some weird 'drug- water'
noricom conspiracy, I suppose. As kate searched and I
pretended to, in a state of sexual frustration, I
whispered across in the darkened house to her.

"Katie, can you believe that shit about us not
'telling' her boss she makes juvenile pranks phones
calls, and expecting us too...I mean, were reporters for
god's sake! Did she think she seriously scarred us?
Did she? Talk about ballsy, huh?" I said my voice
full of lust just remembering, as Kate added:

"Well, if 'Little Miss Secretary' thinks we'll put up
with that shit from someone at *her* level...I Mean, I
know your vulnerable, but I only 'agreed' to get her
silly threat to get her to shut the fuck up!"

I ached to subtly humiliate myself just one inch
further with one last comment, when Kate beat me to
"Yeah, me too. when she said that. Made us
promise not to tell, did it...I mean...did it make you
feel all....." I blushed and admitted as Kate's
impatient voice jumped in giving me a perverse jolt of

"No Jen, it didn't. I'm not like you - you're still
doped up, and that's why you'd off better off to do as
I say, 'til it wears off. Keep searching."

"Sorry. Uh.....Katie? So....what do you think happened to
that Doris woman after that phone call?"

"I don't know Jennifer."

"Katie, do you think this Doris woman is....okay?"

"Depends what you call, 'okay'. I'm bet she's alive.
God knows how far this Tyler McCoy Bitch drove the
poor thing though. I hope she's not a basket case when
we get to her, that's all." Kate said as I started
twirling a lock of my hair, feeling guilty about how
aroused I'd gotten by the phone lady's voice.

"Katie, I wanna tell you something..."

"...uh huh?" Katie said as she searched, and I toyed
with my hair passively.

"...when we were in the car back there, listening to the
Phone lady's tape..."

"Her name's 'Tyler', not the 'phone lady' jen."

"I...well, I was a little bit...I was getting
kinda....well..." I stammered.

"I know jen. It's okay." Kate paused, trying to hide
her irritation. I could sense she didn't want to hear
about my sick arousal, yet I longed to tease myself
with the possibility of degrading myself further in
her eyes, even if I'd chicken'd out and save face at
the last minute!

"I'm sorry katie. I don't know what's the matter with
me! Ever since yesterday, I'm just..."

"Don't worry jen. Just try and focus, okay? I need
your help. I can't do this all alone...rememeber you
have to stay strong so you can kick my greedy little
butt out of stealing your office chair, right?" Katie
grinned at me as I wearily smiled back.

I stopped cold, eyeing the kitchen floor.

"Kate, take a look at this.." I whispered as we both
looked down.

There were crude ugly comments scrawled all across the
kitchen floor. Ugly words that made us both wince.

The name 'Doris' name was written with the rest of the
profanity, and dozens of felt markers were scattered
across the floor as well. It looked like graffiti, and
my heart was pounding in fear.

I picked up one of the markers and carefully brought
it to my nose, sniffing. The smell was familiar
somehow, but I couldn't place it.

"Katie...what's this smell like to you?" I frowned,
waving a marker under her nose.

"Eeeww....something foul. Put that down jen, okay?"
Jesus, this place is a mess, huh? Whatever happened
here, it looks that McCoy broad really flipped out
with this Doris woman, huh?"

"Either that, or the phone lady just likes writing her
name down a lot..." I stupidly giggled. Kate frowned at
me and I weakly tried to get my wits back

"On her own kitchen floor? Come on, this looks kinkier
than that, don't you think...jen?" Kate looked up at me
in surprise.

"Jen? JENNIFER??? " Katie scolded as she slapped my
hand away from my own crotch, which I suddenly became
away I was shamelessly fondling myself through my

"Sorry kate.." I mumbled, hiding my hand behind my
back. I blushed as my eyes met Kate's and she signed
in exasperation,

"Jesus jen, this really is...I mean, can we go five
minutes without you..." Katie sighed as I hung my head
in shame.

I carefully waited until she looked away, as I quickly
snuck the marker I was holding to my nose, inhaled the
fume. It wasn't from the marker it's self, it was some
other smell, and it was pungent and repulses me, but I
still kept sniffing it. I rode a wave of embarrassment
and humiliation, still hazy from the 'phone ladys' (as
I kept foolishly calling her) verbal assault on me.

I looked down and spotted a cassette tape lying next
to my shoe. "Lookie katie!" I excitedly pointed down,
proud I'd finally did some good reporting, for a
change. Katie picked it up and the tape had the same
hand writing as the one in our car.

We exchanged a grin.

"Jen, maybe this will explain this mess, huh? Maybe
it's part 2 of the whole 'Doris/Tyler' saga. We'd
better listen. You sure you're up to this?"

"...yeah." I shrugged, as katie's scolding eyes shot
down to my hands, which were no longer playing with
myself, but secretly were clutching a marker which I
hid behind my back, blushing.

She shook her head as if I was a troublesome child,
barely hiding a delicious little twinge of
condecendsion. I couldn't tell if she was truly
disgusted, or just perverse and tweaking me a little.
Either way I knew I'd need to regain her respect after
we got out of this house, which was turning me on too
much to think clearly.

"Okay, ready?" She asked

I nodded.

Kate turned and popped the mysterious tape into to the
tape player she'd brought along, as I secretly stuffed
a big handful of markers into my purse.

Soon the two voices came on, just where the last tape
left off...

"Fuck you."

"Doris, if you keep using profanity, I'll have to hang
up. "

"Wait -- "

"Got YA -- (hysterical giggles) Suuuuucker..."

"...ooohhhhh....somebodies breath's all raspy and somebody
keeps licking her lips between her sexy little
protests, doesn't she? Does my poor little Dorey get
all excited when the 'mean little phone lady' poops
all over her, huh?"

"I ...uh...."

"Admit it, doormatt."

" Okay, look Let's not fight. I don't want to fight,
okay? Maybe we can be friends? Please.....miss.....What's
your name? I STILL don't even know..."

"Doris, If I tell you my name, will you be a good
little dyke and admit your finger fucking with your
ugly little cunt? Huh?"


"Sorry cunt! You don't GET to know my name, because
UN-like you, I'm important. Now, your right hands
holding the phone. So, what's tell the nice phone lady
WHAT your other hand doing?"

" ........ Please don't do this....please......"

"Answer me Doris. "

" uh...... I think you can guess."

"It turns you on, doesn't it, Doris? It makes witto
Dorey's puss puss all nice and moist, doesn't it
shit-fer-brains? DOESN'T IT?"

"..............please..........leave me.......alone...... "

"Leave *yourself* alone, you sick little slut. You
think I don't KNOW what you're doing...right now? Your
so damned stupid, you think it's not OBVIOUS? Jesus,
your really are one pathetic little ass wipe, aren't
you? Say it..."

".....go away...."

"This is clasic, your begging ME to 'go away', but YOU
won't hang up or stop frigging yourself. What a freak!
I've got to try something. Doris-kins, is there a desk
near you?"

"Yes but - - "

"Good pussy. Let's see how stupid you actually are.
What objects are on your desk. Describe them to me."


"THAT'S not to much to ask, IS it Dory-poo?"

"No no....I'm sorry. There's the phone. A rolodex.
There's a stapler, writing paper, envelopes. A plastic
jar full of pens and pencils."

"Doris, is there anything thicker than the pens?"

"Uh...yeah. There's this fat pink marker. Maybe an inch

"Okay 'Betty-Poop', grab the magic marker in your left


"Doris? Are you doing as I said?"

"...uh huh...yes ma'am...."
"Okay, now think for a moment. I know it's hard for a
little drippy cunt like you, but try. Do you realize
what a stupid little pussy licker you're proving
yourself by sitting there at attention for me on the
phone like a good little pussy, holding your special
little marker? Do you?"


" Answer me shit-head... Heavy breathing isn't an

"Uh huh....Yeah....."

"Doesn't me talking to you like this make you feel
like a stupid horny little twat? Well, doesn't it

" I'm still here..."

"Doris, PAY ATTENTION: if having another woman call
you names and treat you like a
'stupid-little-shit-for-brains-door-matt', if all that
makes your blood rush, heart pound and pussy spasm,
then prove you're a worthless little bitch by shoving
that pretty pink marker up your stuck-up little ASS."


"Doris? Are you still there?"

"Uh huh...."

"Did you shove it up your ass?"

"....Yeah, now I have...."

"Jesus, I can't believe it! You REALLY did it, didn't

"'t I supposed to?"

"God your one twisted cunt. Yeah, Yeah, keep ot up
there. Your one sick broad....Okay, shit-head, how deep
is it in you now?"


"Concentrait cunt! How deep is your butt is your
friendly little marker buried? Is it's all way up into
your private poopy place? I hope straining your brain
for an answer doesn't give my sick little lezzie brain
damage. Oh, yeah. Make sure the writing point is
sticking out...okay? Is it? "

"Yes, the writing tips buried in me about two inches
now..... Jesus...this is embarrassing......and it
hurts...and...owww...the tip's sticking out. God, I'm
really tight up there. I think this might be damaging
me, Ma'am ...Ouch!....Please don't make me...I mean...isn't
there any way....?"

"Stop sniveling Doris, and make your brownie firmly
squeeze hold of it. I want at least most of it stuck
in that tight little brownie of yours, understood



"Doris? How we coming?"

"I...I'm not mean...
uh, I think most of it's inside me, so far... ma'am."

"Now I'd like you to squat down and use your butt to
*write* something on the floor. Can you do that for me
dumbshit? Be a good little wifey, take a squat for the
nice phone lady and try to scrawl something on the
floor. Are you ready?"

"Yes ma'am. Though it's IS...kind of hard to write in
this position...and it's a permanent marker."

" ...and how is that my problem? "

"Uh...sorry ma'am. What am I supposed to write? "

"Write ' STUPID DORIS THE cunt SUCKER ' Be quick about
it,'re starting to bore me."

".....Uuuuuuggggh...owwwwee...okay...I think
I..............almost.................oh gooood...
...there. Okay, Ma'am"

"Good girl. What a insipidly excitable wet-pussied
pushover you are! Now, I'll be quite unhappy unless
the WHOLE pen disappears into your twat! And while you
are doing it, turn around and read the message back to
me, so I know you haven't totally fucked it up."

"Oh...okay...aaaah...ummm...'s-stupid....doris...the cunt sucker loves her phone lady.....?

"Wow. I'm quite touched you'd add that last part on
your own, though it's quite naughty of you to not
follow orders, wasn't ass-girl? Oh well, it It's
close enough. And what does this prove darling?"

"That I'm a s-stupid cunt....who's wants...oh god....

"...Who wants SHIT Doris, not mistreatment. You,
apparently THRIVE on shit. Or you wouldn't be making a
fool of yourself by getting OFF on ..well...
basicly...SHIT-FUCKING yourself with a magic marker for
a total stinger. The fact you're also tickling your
stiff little clity like the stupid passive little
mousy housewife you are, only proves your one sad sick
little dyke, isn't that right Doris?

"....uuuu.... uuughhhh....."

"I'll take that as a 'yes'. Now, while I've got your
attention, I've gotta confess something..."

"...I'm lying. I don't work for the phone company. Just
fucking with you because you - I found you used to
work in steno at Noricom. Noricom ladies are natural
dip-shits, or at least the older ones are - But no
hard feelings, right Doris?


(assorted grunts)

"....didn't think so. Oh, and stop by my place at 2:AM
on Saturday. There are a few....'other things' I'd like
to try, in person. If you get off on THIS, who knows
what you'll let me do next. Now you can hang up Doris.
Goodbye Doris, and one last thing..."

"Yes ma'am?"

"Leave it shoved up there when you go to bed just for
laughs, so you can break into tears to the site of
your pink-marker makes when you accidentally write all
over your messy bed sheets, okay? A stupid pussy licking shit like you will probably jerk off to over
it, won't she?"

" ..............................yeah...(sob)....."

"Hang up now Doris."



The tape shut off, and we both stood there in silence.
"Jesus. This is twisted. There's no sign of Doris
around here, so god knows what happened to her. These
is ten times more bizarre that I ever imagined." Kate

"Yeah..." I managed. I was so close to spontaneous
orgasm after listening to poor little 'shit for
brains' Doris, and gazing at her 'message' she'd
obviously written across the phone lady's floor, I
couldn't wait to rush home and finger myself silly!

It was only pride before kate that stopped me. I'd
sunk to low in front of her today anyways!

Kate sighed as she pulled the tape out of her machine.

"Jen, I'd better come back here later and question
this McCoy woman by myself. I don't trust you anywhere
near this weirdo, not until you've completely shaken
the drugs effects." Kate said as I barely heard her,
started down into my purse.

"Jennifer, did you hear me?" I blinked, head popping
back up, trying to seem together.

"Katie, you right. There's nothing more to do here.
Let's go back to work and brain storm, then tomorrow
you can handle the Phone McCoy, and
I'll try and track down Doris. I think I can handle
HER at least! I'm sorry I got weak on you today, but
this place is bad news. I won't forget what a pal your
being Katie. I owe you."

"Okay, how about your job?" She joked, but she
softened when I blanched at her words.

"Kidding! You know I'm kidding, right?" She smiled

"My job, don't flatter yourself little girl!" I tried
teasing back.

"There's the old Jennifer Corbitt, smart and sassy
woman who inspired me to become a reporter in the
first place!" Katie winked playfully, and I felt back
on track. Did she still respect me, or was it pity? It
worry about which later.

"Glad to have you back, partner!" She patted by back
as we walked to the door and I tried to hide how
hinged on the edge of orgasm I really was inside.

"Uh, katie, could we stop by a rest room on the way to
the office? I have really bad, okay?" I
blushed at my lie.

"Sure thing...'boss'! This story's gonna be HUGE! Were
gonna bust this thing WIDE open, you'll see!" Katie
slapped me a high five as we walked out the door.

I paused in the darkened doorway, one step behind
katie, catching site of all the markers in my purse,
shuddering as I saw some tried residue on them.
Something flakey. Brown. Uggghhh... I blushed, now
RECOGNIZED the putrid smell I couldn't place before.

"Ooooh god...." I shuddered to myself, waves of
repulsion rolled over over me as I dove into my purse,
snatched the handful of dirty smelly little markers
and violently tossed them back into the floor where
they belonged, sighing in relief.

I glanced down, alarmed to see one last marker still
peeking at me from the bottom of my purse.

"Jennifer, you coming?" Katie called from her car, as
an perverse image of stupid little Doris reared into
my head, as I forced the dirty marker to my nose,
impulsively, stupidly,

inhaling deeply.

I enjoyed a rush of shame and excitement peeping at my
younger reporter and colleague who respectfully waited
for me in her car...

...while I shamelessly stuffed the butt of the Doris'
marker into my mouth, the foul smell hitting me as I
*sucked* on it furiously, rubbed myself hard and fast
between my legs! A second later I popped it back into
my purse as if nothing happened, rejoining katie with
a sunny little goody two shoes smile and as we drove
off together...

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