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Unexpected Consequences


Unexpected Consequences {Redman}

When I saw it on Bobby's computer, I was stunned. Home
for lunch today, I went to put away his clothes. I'm
not a snoopy mother. Really, I'm not! A boy needs
privacy. I've taught him to respect mine; I give him
his as well. But he had obviously rushed off this
morning, forgetting what was there.

There, on the screen, what I saw was deeply troubling!
I know such things exist. I just never thought I'd see
them in my own home. Certainly not in Bobby's room!

Bobby is a quiet, serious boy. He's only fourteen
and the story of incest and violence that I saw on his
monitor was painful for even me to read. I know I
can't protect him from all life's terrors, but I can
and I will protect him from this.

I understand computers. I use them every day at work.
So, after calling in and saying I had a family
emergency, I set out to find where my son was getting
such stories and to know the extent of this behavior.

I looked first on his hard drive. I found them easily,
dozens of stories, most with obscene titles. Many of
them contained the word "Mother." These distressed me

But then I reasoned, all boys fantasize about their
mothers. Even the ancient Greeks wrote about it. So I
applied the first rule of parenthood: Don't panic! I
read them. They were shocking true, but that soon wore
off. A few of them were just crude and stupid. But
most he had saved, the better-written ones, would have
been arousing in any other context. I saw at least my
son had better taste than the first few examples made
me fear.

I searched more thoroughly. I made notes on his
favorite newsgroups and websites. That's when I saw

I had pulled up a bookmarked website titled
"Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository." I clicked through
the page with the attractive blonde and there it was,
in the list of "New Files." {ASSM} Photographs and
Memories by Desdmona (MF rom) - whatever all that

That was the title of Robert's favorite song. Just
seeing those three words in print made me realize
again how lonely I'd been since he died. God, I missed
him so much! The pain was suddenly so raw, I almost
didn't click it. But once I did, I couldn't stop
reading. All of the memories that story evoked. Robert
and I... our first time... Such a sweet experience
then. Such a bittersweet memory now!

I didn't confront Bobby when he came home. I couldn't
so soon after reading that story.

Tonight as I lay in my bed, I struggled over what to
say to him when I did, how I could use this to help
him grow to be the man his father was. Then I closed
my eyes and thought about that story. Suddenly, Robert
was holding me and we made love for the first time...


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