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Unholy Desire Part One


Disclaimer: The Usual one... Under 18 not permitted - thank you.

Note: This is a three-part story that I'm dedicating to my proof reader
'jdw'... Simply because I had promised him that I would complete this
story ages ago. To further enhance his enjoyment of this particular story,
he won't have to proof read it!

Special Thanks to Boris Ludmenkov for helping me proof read this!

(Thursday, 11:59 p.m., inside Jason's Majors bedroom)

It was nearing midnight and Jason couldn't believe he was actually going
to try this: but with the remote chance that this stuff might actually
work, he couldn't resist trying. With nervousness, he looked down at the
picture he held in his hand...and smiled. Tracy Stearns was the most
beautiful girl in Cheshire High School, epitomizing the 'California Dream
Girl'. Her shoulder length blonde hair...her heart shaped face...sparkling
blue eyes...and she possessed a body that could grace the centerfold of

It wasn't hard selecting Tracy for his first spell: he'd been
fantasizing about her ever since his first 'wet' dream. Not only was she
gorgeous, but she was also popular and co-captain of the Cheerleading
squad. There was one thing though that he would have preferred changed and
that was the size of her tits: he preferred bigger. Not that they didn't
look nice with their perkiness and firm shape, but he wanted big full tits that bounced and jiggled with every step.

Jason still couldn't believe how all this started. 'The Blair Witch
Project', undoubtedly the most overrated, hyped-up piece of shit movie he'd
ever seen had sparked his interest in witchcraft. As he was performing a
search on the Net for witchcraft-related sites, he eventually linked onto a
site called 'Pagan Rites'. It was there where he found a link to love

Initially he had laughed at it, calling it all nonsense but when he
discovered how simple it would be to cast a spell, he thought he'd be
stupid not to try it. First, he placed a bowl in the center of his
bedroom. Then he used white chalk to draw a pentagram around the bowl.
Then he outlined the bowl with red candles, which identified the spell as a
'Love' incantation. Jason lit each candle and placed Tracy's picture inside the bowl. He then used a needle to prick his fingertip. He then
placed his finger over the bowl and squeezed out a few drops of his blood
and watched as it splatter on top of Tracy's picture. The fact that the
spell didn't call for the eye of newt, bat wings or some of that other crap
associated with witchcraft made this spell doable.

According to the instructions, love spells had to be cast between the
hours of midnight and 1:00 a.m., the so-called witching hour. Jason
glanced at his watch and saw that it was now a couple minutes past
midnight... and with that, he chanted the incantation. "Misa, Vesul,
Remor, Talto."

A large flash exploded above Jason's head knocking him back on his ass.
He quickly looked up and saw a black fog-like entity hover just above him
and then settle down and engulf him entirely. Then in a whirling motion
the entity left his body and took the shape of a twister and spiraled down
into the bowl. Jason waited a few moments before getting up and then
slowly made his way over to the bowl. The contents were missing...the
spell had been cast.

(Friday, 12:00 a.m., inside Tracy Stearns bedroom)

Tracy knew that she should be in bed: she'd be dragging at school
tomorrow, but she had to finish writing in her diary. She had a fight with
her boyfriend Tommy Pinter earlier and thought "What a creep!" What had she
seen in him? Of course she already knew the answer to this question.
Tommy was the quarterback of the football team... and quarterbacks always
dated cheerleaders.

Tommy tried fucking her tonight and Tracy had no intention of allowing
that to happen. She had to actually push him away before he got the hint
and when he finally did, he started calling her names. Frigid and Ice
Queen were a couple of the names and all she did in response was glare at
him. It wasn't that she had anything against spreading her legs... it was
just that she didn't want to spread them for Tommy.

As usual the thought of sex surfaced a memory of Heath Rivers. She had
met Heath at the cape last summer and he'd been the first and only boy she'd ever slept with. Heath was a student at BC and literally swept her
off her feet. Less than an hour from the time she met him, he had seduced
her, taken her virginity... and said goodbye and the mere memory of him
still did a number on her. Too bad that Tommy didn't make her feel this

As Tommy walked over to her mirror, she couldn't help but reflect.
Never before had she met someone that could exude so much confidence and
make her feel so passive in his presence. It was like he possessed some
sort of power over her and she knew it wasn't love they felt that night: it
was pure lust. She knew damn well that she'd never see him again but at
the time it didn't matter.

As Tracy stared at her reflection she could tell from her heavy
breathing and pitching of her breast that she was going to need to relieve
herself again...something she never did before meeting Heath. It was like
his fucking had awakened a dormant side of her and now she couldn't stop
playing with herself. Tracy quickly stripped off her teddy and panties and
reached down to touch herself...she was wet, real wet. An image of Heath
materialized inside her mind and she she walked over to her
bed. Just as she lay down to begin masturbating, the image of Heath
disappeared only to be replaced by another image. 'Huh?' Tracy was
stunned. Who was this boy? Why did he look so familiar? Why all of a
sudden had Heath's image disappeared? Suddenly, in the blink of an eye,
the boy's clothes disappeared and Tracy gasped in shock. Her eyes were
drawn down to his erect cock and the sight of it hit her deep inside her
groin. Tracy felt a compulsion to get down on her knees and suck him...and
while her mind played out her fantasies, her fingers thrust in and out of
her wet pussy until she cried out in an incredible orgasm.

Friday, 1:13 p.m., at Cheshire High School)

When Jason walked into History class and saw Tracy talking with Maria in
the back of the room, he realized two things. First, if the spell was
working she had now been laboring under the affects for nearly thirteen
hours and second: Tracy was staring straight at him. What if it was only a
coincidence that she was staring at him? Jason didn't want to make his
interest in her too obvious, so he occasionally stole glances at her...
and every time he did, she was still staring at him. "It's working!" he
thought with a mixture of fear and excitement... not to mention what it
was doing to his throbbing dick. Jason wanted to say something to her...
anything... but he was still too afraid. He decided to let her come to

When Jason got home from school he quickly hopped on the Internet.
Pagan Rites had many chapters but the one that interested him now was the
chapter on Physical Alterations. Imagine... the ability to alter looks.
It wasn't that Jason thought he was bad looking because he wasn't but he
did blend in with the rest of the average dudes and who would be content
with this when they had the power to make themselves look like god's gift
to women? Of course, if he did this then nobody would recognize him and
Jason didn't want that to happen. Jason thought for a second and decided
that he would just make his body look like he worked out everyday. First
though, he wanted to make sure these spells worked, and as much as he told
himself that Tracy wouldn't have been staring at him today if she wasn't
under a spell, he still wanted to be sure. The love spell he used would be
full strength at midnight tonight so time would tell.

(Friday, 7:46 p.m., inside Tracy's bedroom)

Tracy hadn't realized what boy she was obsessing about until she saw
Jason Majors walk into her History class... and when she did, she couldn't
stop staring at him. She wanted to go to him...*be* with him... touch him
and the feelings scared and confused her along with getting her horny. She
knew that something strange was happening to her... and for the life of
her couldn't understand why. Why couldn't she go a few seconds without
thinking of this boy? Every time she tried focusing on something else,
quite suddenly a vivid image of him, naked and hard, would pop up inside
her head... and every time it did, she'd get even more aroused.

Why was she so obsessed with him? Why now did she get 'wet' from the
mere image of him? Why were all her thoughts regarding him sexual? Tracy
picked up her cell phone but stopped when she heard a knock on her door.
"Tracy... it's Maria... Let me in."

Tracy unlocked her door and opened it. "What are you doing here... I
told you I didn't want to go out tonight."

"Tracy, its Friday night before a three-day weekend... We should be
going out. I don't believe you... It's Tommy, isn't it? He told me you
two had a fight... Why didn't you tell me? You're my best friend you
should have told me."

"It's not Tommy... I don't even care about him..."

"Then what is it?"

"I... I don't know how to say this... it doesn't make sense to me.
I... I've been thinking a lot about Jason."

"Jason? Who the hell is Jason?"

"You know... the boy from our History class."

"Jason Majors! You're kidding!"

"I... I knew you'd react this way... but I think I've got it real bad
for him."

"Tracy... he's a nobody... girls like us don't give guys like that the
time of day, remember?"

"I... I... I know what you mean... but... but I can't help how I
feel. I'm always thinking of him and today in school I couldn't stop
looking at him."

"So that's who you were looking at... I thought you were just in a daze
about Tommy. Tracy, what's going on with you?"

"I need to talk to him... I need to see him. I was just about to call

"And what are you going to say to him?"

"I don't know... maybe invite him over."

"Tracy, this isn't you... Think about it! You're possessed!"

Tracy knew her friend was right. She didn't pursue boys... especially
boys that looked like Jason. boys pursued her... not the other way
around. Then why was she obsessing about Jason? Why now when she didn't
give him a second glance before? It was like he'd suddenly become Heath
Rivers. No, that wasn't right. "I can't help it Maria... I can't help
it. God, he gets me so excited... I... I want to be with him."

"Are you saying you want to go to bed with him?

"Yeah." Tracy whispered... blushing at her confession.

"Tracy... I never really believed in this stuff before... but I think
he's put you under a spell!"

"A spell?"

"Yes... a spell!"

"There's no such thing."

"Tracy... you have all the symptoms."

"Yeah... I guess I do."

"Tracy... I'm gonna get a hold of my cousin Jessica... she'll know
what to do."

"Jess... how would she know?"

"Tracy... I never told you this... but Jessica is Wiccan. She's been
practicing since April."

"A witch?"

"Yeah... in a way."

"Maria... you're crazy."

"Tracy... I'm not the one that has fallen in love with Jason Majors."

"Good point." Tracy whispered.

"Promise me you'll stay put until I get back to you... can you do

"I guess."

"Promise me you won't call him either. I have to talk to Jessica and
then I'll get her to come back with me."

"Okay." Tracy whispered.

After Maria left, Tracy went ahead and took a cold shower... but still
failed to alleviate the burning need she felt between her legs. She tried
going to sleep early but instead she tossed and turned, feeling her 'need'
like never before. Tracy was again forced to masturbate and ended up
getting herself 'off' three times before she passed out in exhaustion.

(Saturday, 10:45 a.m., inside Tracy's bedroom)

When Tracy woke up Saturday morning her desire for Jason licked at her
like a fever. She moaned as she quickly drew herself up to her knees,
spread her legs and shoved FOUR fingers deep inside her already wet pussy.
Frantically, she stroked herself... trying to quench the fire and hunger
that gnawed at her, and realized with fear that she could masturbate forever and STILL not sate herself.

Tracy brought herself off two more times and then another two times in
the shower. Afterwards she spent a lot of time getting ready. Despite her
popularity and gorgeous looks, suddenly she felt nervous at the thought
that Jason may not find her attractive. Just then her phone rang.

"Hi Tracy... How are you feeling?"

"I'm going to go see him now."

"No Tracy... Please... Jessica's out of town right now but I was able
to call her and I explained everything. She's convinced that you are under
a black magic spell and she's coming back tonight."

"I... can't... wait... that... long. I... I need to be with him

Tracy didn't give Maria a chance to say anything more and hung up. Then
she called information. "Could you give me the number for Jason Majors."

(Saturday, 11:28 a.m., inside Jason's house)

"Hi," stated a timid sweet voice on the phone. Jason felt his heart
beat a mile a minute... not to mention what Tracy's voice was doing to his

"Hi... who's this?" Jason replied still not wanting to jump the gun.

"Oh... this is Tracy... ah... I'm in your History class."

"Tracy Stearns! Wow... hi... what... what are you calling me for...
I mean... what can I do for you?" Jason responded.

"Why... ah... I... I was wondering if we could... ah... get
together and talk."

"Oh... is there something wrong?" Jason asked, loving this.

"No. Nothing wrong... it's just... well... I think it's important we
talk in person."

"Sure Tracy... Where?"

"Well... I'm not sure... could I come over there to your house?"

"Sure Tracy... Do you know where I live?"

"Ah... No."

"23 Shady Brook Circle... I'll see you in an hour." Jason replied...
then added. "Okay?"

"Okay... I'll see you then." Tracy said and hung up the phone.

Jason screamed out a loud 'yeah'! And then rushed to take a shower.
Tracy would never have called him if she weren't under the spell... After
showering, Jason dressed and went down stairs to wait for
her...fortunately, his mom was away for the weekend and he had the place to

As he waited, nervous thoughts began swirling around in his head. Jason
had never kissed a girl before...never mind *be* with one. "If only Kat
was around" he whispered to himself. Katrina Saturn had been his neighbor
for four years and always had a knack for calming him down. Part of him
had fantasized that Kat would be his first sexual experience but that
fantasy shattered the day she told him that she was a closet lesbian.

Jason remembered the night like it was yesterday. It was the only time
in his life that he'd seen Kat come unglued. She had just come back from
telling her best friend Jessica Thorn that she was sexually attracted to
her and been rejected. He spent the whole night consoling her while she
cried about how she made a fool of herself. Kat made him promise that he'd
never say anything to anybody and to Jessica's credit, she must not have
said anything either because nobody in school ever found out.

Katrina had always been good to Jason and tried helping him with his
shyness around girls. It seemed like every time he was around a nice
looking girl, he'd get tongue-tied... and it was the same with Kat the
very first time he met her. Katrina was blonde, just like Tracy, but she
wore her hair short. Jason was shocked to find out Katrina was a lesbian,
because she was nothing like the stereotype dyke. There wasn't a trace of
male in her and she oozed sex appeal and unlike Tracy, Kat possessed a nice
full pair of tits and an ample well-rounded bottom. When Katrina graduated
last year it was the saddest day of his life: she moved up north a week

A light tap on the door jarred Jason to the present and he sprung off
the couch to open the door. There she stood...her blonde hair in a wild
tease' and a huge smile on her face. She was dressed in a tight blue
halter-top and even tighter jeans. "Hi Jason!"

"Please... please come in." Jason stammered, making way for her to

"Tracy walked inside his house.

"You said you have something important... I hope everything's all

"Yes... ah... I... I was wondering if... I was wondering how you
felt about me?" Tracy blushed.

Jason's heart was beating a mile a minute. "What do you mean?"

"Do you think... do you think I'm pretty?" Tracy asked in a whisper,
with her eyes looking down as if she were embarrassed to ask.

"God yes... You're gorgeous. You're so beautiful." Jason responded.

Tracy looked up beaming and enthusiastically asked. "Could I be your


"Jason... this is going to sound crazy... but I've been thinking about
you non stop lately... I think I'm in love with you."

"This is incredible Tracy... I mean who wouldn't want you as their
girlfriend? Yes! God yes... I'd love to have you as my girlfriend."

Tracy ran into his arms for a hug and then brought her hungry lips up
for a kiss. Jason wasn't quite sure how to kiss his new girlfriend, but
she didn't seem to mind. Jason boldly brought his hands down and cupped
Tracy's ass cheeks eliciting a groan from the girl and she surprised him by
reaching her right hand down to cup the bulge in his crotch area.
"Jason... I want you." Tracy whispered and Jason broke the kiss off and
replied. "Follow me."

Tracy giggled and gave him her hand as he led her upstairs to his
bedroom... When she was inside his room he closed the door behind them.
Tracy smiled shyly and without being asked she stripped off her halter-top
springing free her perky tits. He could tell from her blush that she
wasn't usually this forward. Tracy then peeled down her tight jeans and
just like the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra, she wasn't wearing
panties either. Now Tracy stood completely naked before Jason looking
incredibly beautiful.

(Saturday, 12:50 p.m., inside Jason's bedroom)

Tracy couldn't remember ever feeling this horny before and it no longer
concerned her that this didn't make sense. She just wished that Jason
would hurry up and fuck her! She stood there, knowing she looked
spectacular, while Jason gazed at her with a funny look on his face. Did
he like what he saw? Tracy wanted to go to him but something held her
back. It was as if she knew somehow that he preferred her to be sweet and
subservient instead of aggressive. Tracy didn't want to do anything to
turn him off.

"You look incredible Tracy... So fucking incredible! Go lay down on
the bed."

Tracy beamed with joy and climbed on top of his bed. She stretched back
and ever so provocatively, spread her legs. "Take me Jason... Please take

Tracy watched Jason strip out of his clothes and felt wet heat at the
sight of his erect cock. She couldn't get over how hungry she felt for it
and she could feel her juices leak out from her pouting wet lips. Never
before had she felt this way.

Jason climbed on the bed to join her and she squealed out with delight.
Tracy opened her legs wide and then used her fingers to spread her lips
apart and when Jason entered her she screamed out in ecstasy! They both
humped against each other... grinding and bucking as hard as their bodies
would allow and Tracy 'came' once, moments later again and twenty minutes
later a third time! She didn't need to kiss... She didn't need to be
caressed... She only wanted to be penetrated... taken... fucked. Tracy
screamed at the top of her lungs with every one of his strokes and she knew
with all her heart that she would do anything and *be* anything for Jason
and now knew what it felt to be in love. Tracy continued to cry out,
having multiple orgasms and when Jason finally did cum inside her hungry
pussy, she felt his seed shoot down her a thought came to her... something
she'd never ever thought of before... but she believed it with all her
heart. More than anything else in the world, she wanted to have Jason's

(Saturday evening, 3:58 p.m., inside Jason's bedroom.)

Looking at Tracy sleeping there, legs in a 'V', looking incredibly sexy
with his and her cum caked all along her pussy, he thought: "Now this is a
Kodak moment." and with that he retrieved his Polaroid and snapped a
picture, then snapped another and yet another. He didn't need these
pictures for any spell... Nope... He had plenty right from his yearbook.
He wanted these pictures for his own personal enjoyment.

Then he looked down at her with a critical eye and decided that he would
alter her looks: give her bigger tits. "How would she explain them?" he
wondered: but decided that wouldn't be his problem it would be hers.

Jason retrieved a pair of scissors and cut a lock of Tracy's hair and
then placed it inside the bowl. He did the same with a stick of clay,
something he had purchased last night. This time the spell called for blue
candles. Every one of the spells required a picture and he used the one he
previously had cut out of his yearbook. When he recited the incantation, a
flash of black smoke appeared and swirled around the clay... and within
seconds the clay transformed into an exact replica of Tracy, standing
twelve inches high.

Tracy already possessed a very beautiful face, sea blue eyes, lovely
blonde hair, and a dynamite figure... well, almost dynamite. Jason wanted
Tracy's tits to be bigger and more beautiful. According to the spell's
instructions, all he had to do was *think* what he wanted while touching
the specific portion of the statue's anatomy. As the statue took new
shape, Tracy herself would take shape.

Jason touched the statue's tits and focused his thoughts on their
growth. Quite instantly the statue's tits began to grow, getting larger and
fuller and lifted themselves higher and more upright on the chest. Jason
turned to look at Tracy and gasped. Tracy now possessed a pair of large
full upturned tits that looked absolutely incredible on her. "Now those
are fucking tits!" Jason exclaimed.

Jason looked back and forth between the statue and Tracy and thought,
'why not simply enhance the rest of her near perfect body and turn her into
the most beautiful female figure he could imagine. Jason started to caress
the nude statue, moving his fingertips along the statue's contours, and now
focused his thoughts on the statue's ass. Just as before, the statue's
shapely rounded bottom transformed into a more of a teardrop shape while
firming up. He knew that Tracy loved to show off her ass because she was
always wearing tight jeans, now this was an ass worth flaunting! Jason
continued to caress every portion of the statue and only when he finished
did he look back down at Tracy. "Oh my fucking God!"

Tracy's shoulder length blonde hair had grown all the way down to the
crack of her 'tear-shaped' ass and he couldn't detect one once of body fat
on her lithe body. Jason had never seen a more beautiful female creature
in all his life. "One down... One to go." Jason thought to himself. He
then got out a picture of himself and once again prepared the Physical
Alteration spell.

(Saturday, 8:10 p.m. inside Jason's bedroom)

Tracy woke up with the biggest grin on her face. Jason had been
incredible! He was everything she had imagined and she giggled at the
thought that she wanted him again. Correction: she *needed* him again! As
Tracy shifted on Jason's bed to see if he was inside the room, she stopped
suddenly. Her long blonde hair was longer...and then she felt the weight
difference on her chest. "Oh my god! My tits!"

Tracy sprung off the bed and rushed over to the mirror. "Oh my god."
she whispered. Tits, incredibly large and firm, sat high on her
chest...upturned and nipples hard as spikes. "God, they're HUGE!" Tracy
exclaimed. She cupped them feeling their fuller and heavier weight and
wondered why they didn't seem to put any more strain on her. Tracy glanced
down at her hair, no longer teased but hanging loose and sexy like, all the
way down to her buttocks. How did this happen? "Jason" she screamed out.
Tracy went back to gaze at the rest of her body and noticed the slightly
different curves of her ass. She turned a little and then ran her palms
over her cheeks: they felt firmer, rounder and the shape of them looked
different. More defined, tighter and so much sexier! "Jason!" she
screamed out again. Tracy continued to take inventory and it seemed like
every area of her body looked more beautiful. Was this possible? Would
Jason like the new 'her?' Would he like her new tits and ass?

Just then Jason entered the room and when Tracy spun around to look at
him, he had the biggest grin she'd ever seen on his face. "Come here
Tracy... Before we fucked... Now we make love."

Tracy saw that Jason himself looked different: his body had a 'six
pack', and he seemed slightly taller and more muscular. When she looked
down at his cock, it instantly came to attention and she gasped: he was
bigger! Much bigger! Tracy ran over to Jason and hugged him and her newly
enlarged tits pressed hard against his new chest. Jason reached down and
grabbed a hold of her new butt and squeezed tight and Tracy squealed.
Tracy never ever felt happier than she felt now and realized that she loved
Jason more than the very air she breathed.

(Saturday evening, 9:20 p.m., inside Jason's bedroom.)

"She's my best friend." Stated Tracy, who idly caressed her big boobs with one hand while twirling her much longer hair with the other.

"Does she know about us?" Jason asked, enjoying the scene playing out
before him.

"Yeah... I told her last night."

"How did she react."

"She thinks you put some sort of spell on me."

"What do you think?"

"I don't care if it's a spell... I love you... and that is all that
matters to me."

Jason smiled at Tracy. She was totally his and there wasn't a thing
that anyone could do about it. While he talked to her, he watched her hand
reach down to play with her pussy...the other hand continued caressing her
boobs. He loved her lack of inhibitions and the fact that she had no
modesty around him. He loved her docile and subservient new personality
and there wasn't anything that she wouldn't do for him. Having her in this
state was such an aphrodisiac. If he wanted a 'blow job', she'd stop what
she was doing and eagerly give him one. She'd do it in the privacy of his
bedroom, her bedroom or even in a public restaurant. She loved him
unconditionally. "Tell me Tracy... Did you ever think of Maria in a
sexual way?"

"Jason! Never... I'm not a dyke... and besides, now that I'm your
girlfriend, I couldn't imagine being with anybody but you."

Jason smiled thinking that he could easily remedy that and the thought
of turning a perfectly normal heterosexual girl into a lesbian made her
think of Katrina. What if he turned Katrina from a lesbian to a perfectly
normal heterosexual girl? If he did, then he could have her as a
girlfriend too. "Could you do me a favor Tracy?"

"Sure Jason... I'd do anything for you... You know that."

"That's true Tracy... I do. Ah... could you bring me something that
belongs to Maria... You know... like a shirt or dress... something like

"I... I have some jewellery of hers... would that do?"

"Yes... that would work fine. I also need a lock of her hair... can
you manage to get this stuff for me without Maria knowing about it?"

"Sure Jason... but why?"

"Oh, don't worry that pretty head of yours... just trust me. Soon
Maria will become part of our special little circle... Would you like

Tracy beamed with obvious joy. "That would be great... She's still my
best friend."

"Yes Tracy... I won't change that... Now, let's fuck again before I
send you home."

Tracy beamed, squealed and then spread her legs...all in that order.

(Sunday morning, 11:15 a.m., inside Tracy's room)

"Don't you see Tracy? Look at you! You don't just grow big boobs overnight and grow hair down to your ass! You look incredible! Everything
about you looks... more beautiful... more enhanced! Don't you see you
are under his spell!" Maria pleaded in shock.

"I don't care... I love Jason and I love these." Tracy said, while
cupping her much bigger tits. Tracy wished that Maria would just accept
all this and be happy for her.

"This is Jason Majors we're talking about!"

"Jason Majors makes me cum harder, more times and longer than anybody I
ever imagined... Why can't you just be happy for me?"

"Tracy... You wouldn't be having sex with him if you weren't under his

"Well I'm glad I am... because we fucked all day and night yesterday!
And if he were here this very moment I'd be fucking him again... right in
front of you!" Tracy responded with a certain hunger in her eyes.

"What about Heath? Didn't you think of Heath like this at one time?"

"Heath! Heath is a child... a toddler compared to Jason."

"Think about it Tracy... this isn't natural... this isn't right."

"Please be happy for me."

"I talked to Jessica last night... and I want you to come with me now
and talk to her yourself."

"I'm not talking to your cousin right now... I'm going over to Jason's
this afternoon. And by the way, there isn't anything unnatural about
these." Tracy again offered her boobs while giving them a squeeze. "These
are all me... feel them."

"I'm not feeling your tits!"

"Maria... I love Jason and that is the only thing that matters to me.

"Tracy... This isn't you... You wouldn't feel this way normally. He's
done something to you."

"Don't you understand? Even if he did cast a spell on me... I'm
happier than I've ever been in my life. Jason is everything to me now...
And soon you'll understand how really special he is."

"What do you mean Tracy? What do you mean by that?"

"You'll see."

The End of Unholy Desire, Part One.


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