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Unholy Desire Part Three


Disclaimer: The Usual one... Under 18 not permitted - thanks to the law.

Note: I'm dedicating this story to 'jdw'... Simply because I had
promised him that I would complete this story ages ago. To further enhance
his enjoyment of this particular story, he won't have to proof read it!

"Unholy Desire" by JR Parz

Katrina couldn't stop thinking about Jason's visit. Even if what he was
saying was a bunch of bullshit, what she witnessed was incredible. Jason
definitely looked different: he had grown and appeared to gain some muscle.
And where did all this confidence come from? And what was with Tracy?
Jason, who couldn't even talk to a girl the last time she saw him, now had
himself the most beautiful girl in Cheshire High at his beckon call. Tracy
acted more like a sex kitten than a normal person hanging on Jason's every

Katrina thought about what Jason had told her regarding Jessica. She
had never really gotten over Jessica and now that Jason resurfaced her
name, it dug up a lot of painful memories. Was Jason telling her the
truth? Katrina found her mind slipping back to that memorable year ago.

Katrina slid into Jessica's car feeling nervous.

"You all right Kat? You seem quiet." Jessica asked showing concern.

"Yeah. Just day dreaming."

"Who are you fantasizing about? Anyone I know?"

"Shut up Jess!" laughed Katrina.

"You still want to come over, right?" Jessica teased.

"Your parents are gone for the whole weekend and we have your house to
ourselves. Are you kidding!"

"Okay Kat... just making sure." Jessica responded with a smile.

Katrina smiled back at her best friend and then thought about what she
had planned on doing today. This afternoon was it: she was going to tell
Jessica a secret she'd been harboring now for over a year... And it was
something that could either start a brand new relationship...or end their

When they arrived at Jessica's, they immediately went upstairs to her
bedroom. "Let me show you my new sweater." Jessica stated while moving
towards the dresser. Katrina plopped down on Jessica's bed and leaned back
to watch her best friend. Would Jessica freak out?

Katrina watched silently as Jessica pulled the turtleneck over her head
and tossed it on the bed. Jessica's breasts were small, but perky. Just
handfuls at best...and she wondered sometimes why she bothered wearing a

Katrina glanced down at her own tits and wished sometimes that she had
smaller ones. She remembered telling Jessica this a year ago and how her
friend exclaimed; "Are you kidding! You have the best looking boobs in the
school and you want small little ones like mine... you're crazy!" Then
Katrina pulled her halter up springing free her ample pair. Katrina cupped
them from underneath and presented them to Jessica. "Okay Jess, here you
go... Have them! But mind you, these huge knockers are firm, weigh a ton,
and fill a size 34'D' cup!" Jessica laughed, then stripped off her own
shirt and bra. Katrina reached down and lightly caressed one of Jessica's
nipples with her palm before consciously realizing what she was doing.
When she looked back into Jessica's eyes she could see that Jessica was
shocked and embarrassed. "What are you doing Kat?" Katrina blushed before
laughing it off. Later on that night, Katrina slipped into her bed and the image of her best friend Jessica.

Katrina's mind snapped back to the present as Jessica pulled on her new
sweater. "I love it!" she proclaimed as Jessica modeled it.

"Are you sure? Because I wasn't sure about the color." Jessica asked
with a sweet smile.

"Of course... It looks spectacular on you... Beautiful... Just like
you." Katrina replied, then added. "Jessica... I need to talk to you."
Jessica looked up at her and must have realized how serious her voice
sounded. Slowly she walked over and joined her on the bed, stretching out
along side of her.

Very nervously, Katrina started. "I... There's something I've been
wanting to tell you... for quite awhile now." Jessica just lay there next
to her, quiet, pretty and innocent. Katrina wished she could hug and kiss
her but didn't. "I'm in love Jess... I mean really in love... and I'm
afraid you're gonna freak when I tell you who I'm in love with."

Jessica smiled at Katrina, totally oblivious. "No Kat... Why would I
freak... I'm here for you."

Katrina sighed...well, here goes; "I'm in love"

Jessica lay next to her with her mouth open. Katrina could tell she was
stunned. Not once during this past year had she even hinted at being
attracted to her...making sure to safe guard her secret. In fact, not once
did she ever hint at being attracted to girls. Jessica sat up and looked
down at her.

"Please Jess... please say something... anything." Kat said, sitting
up herself.

Jessica still looking shocked stammered; "Ho... how... I mean... I
didn't know you were... Kat, how could you hide this? Are you saying that
you're a lesbian?"

Katrina felt her eyes well up with tears. "I... I've only felt this
way with you... I never wanted to be with another girl... just you. If
feeling this way defines me as a lesbian... then... then I guess I am. I
can't help the way I feel and I've felt this way for a long time."

"How long?"

Katrina sat up. "Ever since I kissed your breasts, remember?"

Jessica reached over and hugged her for a few minutes and mumbled. "But
Kat... that was a year ago and it was so innocent. We were just
discovering our own sexuality... we were just comparing our bodies."

Katrina didn't respond, and Jessica must have sensed she needed another
hug because she again hugged her. Katrina could feel the warmth of their
bodies together and it started to affect her. "Jess... just hugging you
is getting to me... I have to know how you feel... please... I need to
know. I need to know if I have a chance with you. You have no idea how
difficult this is for me. I need to know."

Jessica broke off the hug again, and Katrina could see she was having a
difficult time with this. "I... I don't know... I love you... you're my
best friend... but... I never thought about you in any other way than my
best friend. God Kat, you're so incredibly beautiful, and if you were
telling some guy this, he'd be all over you! I... I... just never
thought about you... in a sexual way before."

Katrina could feel herself tearing up again. What she didn't want was
Jessica's sympathy and she feared that this might very well be the
beginning of the end.

"I know it's not fair to you Jess but I can't help the way I feel.
Could we... like... maybe... you know... can we see... you know...
experiment and see how it feels?"

Jessica turned even a darker shade of red and just sat there in silence.
Katrina wasn't sure what her friend would say, and knew if she had come
on too strong too fast. Jessica finally stammered. "Kat... ah... I
don't know about this... Let me... um... We have all weekend... Okay...
I need time to think. You understand, don't you?"

Katrina did understand, but understanding didn't help. Katrina nodded
and whispered; "We were planning on going to the mall. Let's get out of
here for awhile."

Jessica whispered back. "Okay."

It was the last time they hung out together.

Now a year later, Jason comes to her with this off the wall fantasy. A
love spell? It was hard to believe that stuff like this existed...but it
was even harder to believe Tracy would act that way towards Jason without a
spell. Could she do something like this to Jessica? A year ago...maybe.
Now however, no way. She couldn't do that to Jessica or anyone else for
that matter. Katrina shuddered at how Tracy acted in front of her. Could
she be there underneath the surface, battling for some sort of control?
Katrina would call Jason tonight to tell him the answer was 'no'.

(Tuesday morning, 9:13 a.m. at Cheshire High School)

Cathy Yarn, a junior, saw Maria, a fellow cheerleader, enter the
restroom. Maria came over to the sink beside her and they started chatting
about the usual stuff cheerleaders' chat about. Cathy thought something
might have been wrong because Maria kept on glancing at the door. As they
continued talking, Cathy smelled something sweet and pleasant and wondered
if Maria was wearing a new kind of perfume.

"I like the perfume you're wearing... What's it called?" She asked,
almost in a whisper.

Maria smiled at her and told her to sniff her neck. Cathy was hesitant
at first, but complied and found the smell intoxicating. When Cathy bent
over to take another sniff, she saw the cleavage of Maria's new boobs and
was taken with their beauty. She had wondered why Maria had gotten breast implants as big as she did...but she could see now how beautiful they
looked on her.

Cathy was quickly feeling all fluttery and tingly and couldn't catch her
breath. Maria looked back at her in a sexy sort of way, where her head was
tilted and her long dark hair flowed down the side of her face. Cathy had
never noticed until this very moment how pretty her sparkling green eyes
looked. Again she looked at her huge tits and wondered for the first time
in her life how she would look being that big. Cathy could feel her
arousal grow with every second that went by and suddenly got scared. "Well
Maria... I have to get back to class."

Maria looked at her with a grin. "Well Cathy... I've been meaning to
talk to you about something important... and I thought we could do that

Cathy felt a rush of fear and pleasure and the feelings confused her.
"I'm not a lesbian" she screamed to herself, but her body was telling her
otherwise. Then Maria reached over real close and whispered; "You're so

Cathy knew she was just 'hit' on and instead of getting angry, she felt
her knees go weak. Cathy looked straight into Maria's eyes while Maria
took the palms of her hands and lightly caressed them against her nipples.
Maria's touch elicited a gasp and heightened her feelings for more. Cathy
could feel herself getting wet and when Maria reached over and kissed her
softly on the lips, Cathy moaned in response.

"Cathy... I want you to think of me the rest of the day... and after
school, meet me by the library. You and I are going to get to know each
other a whole lot better... Okay love?" Cathy only nodded and then watched
as Maria walked out of the restroom.

'Did this just happen?' Cathy asked herself. She could still smell
Maria and was still very horny. How could she go into the bathroom a
perfectly normal girl with only boys on her mind and leave the bathroom
with only Maria on her mind? She would have never guessed Maria for a
lesbian. Was Tracy a lesbian too? As Cathy walked to her next class she
couldn't help picture Maria naked and the image elicited a smile.

(Tuesday afternoon, 4:16 p.m. in Jason's room.)

"So... Who was Maria with today?"

"Cathy Yarn... She's a junior." Tracy answered while sitting there
naked on the bed.

"Oh... She's taking advantage of the younger girls, I see."

"She's sixteen... and you told her that she could only make love to me
twice a week so she needed to seduce another girl... unless you allow her
to have Jessica." Tracy responded too busy with her nails to look up.

"No. Jessica is off limits and exclusively Kat's."

"Did Katrina agree to the spell?"

"No. I talked to her last night and she told me she couldn't do that to

"Then why are you going through with it?"

"Well... this spell isn't intended for Jessica... This one is for

"Oh." Tracy replied and went back to doing her nails.

Jason placed a picture of Katrina inside the bowl. Then he added a
piece of her old shirt that she used to wear a lot around her house last
year. It was very easy to obtain articles from her given her parents trusted him inside their home. This particular spell was a compulsion
spell that would take affect the second he touched her.

(Wednesday morning, 2:30 a.m. inside Jessica's bedroom)

Jessica had woken up with a scream! Never in her life had she felt so
frightened. The nightmare had her stripped naked and tied up against one
of those 'X' shaped devices and Katrina stood there in this dominatrix
outfit spouting commands. The memory of it was so vivid.

Jessica had been contemplating seeing Katrina, to warn her about the
spell and what Jason had in mind. She knew Kat wouldn't agree to it, but
she felt that Kat might be able to change Jason's mind about her cousin and

Jessica thought about what the spell would force and she shuddered to
think that it might be possible. She loved Kat but not in a sexual way.

(Wednesday afternoon, 4:10 p.m. at Katrina's apartment)

Katrina heard a knock and thought it might have been Jessica again. She
had just spent a better part of an hour talking to her friend and she felt
good that she rejected Jason's offer.

When Katrina peered through the peephole she was surprised. She quickly
opened the door. "Jason... what are you doing here? I already told
you... no."

"I was disappointed with your decision... So I thought one last shot at
changing your mind."

"You have a lousy memory: you can't change my mind." Katrina said with a

"Yes... I can." Jason replied and tapped her on the shoulder.

"I'm sorry Jason... No you can't... and I'm not sure I really know you
anymore. I mean... how could you do something like this to Tracy? You
know... if you had any compassion at all, you would release her and
Maria." Katrina stated.

"Oh... I see what this is... Jessica must have talked to you."

"Yeah... I know what you did to Maria and I'm shocked at you."

"Let's talk about it inside your living room." Jason replied.

Katrina didn't like the idea that Jason was here with her now...Sandra
was due to show up any minute, but Jessica had asked if she could try
changing Jason's mind regarding Maria and Tracy, so she thought that she
should at least try.

They both sat down on the couch. "Jason... I wish you would grow up."

"Katrina... before I forget, do you have a handkerchief?"

"Yes... Why?"

"Good... Go retrieve it for me but before you come back, strip... Okay

Katrina's eyes lit up with shock but before she could say a word, she
stood up and proceeded to leave the living room and walked down the hallway
into her bedroom. She went to her dresser drawer and pulled out one of her
handkerchiefs and then walked over to the bed. She put her handkerchief
down for a second and stripped off her sweat suit... then stark naked and
blushing, she returned to the living room. Katrina could feel her eyes
well up with tears as she sat back down.

"God Katrina... I knew you had big tits but hot damn they're bigger
than I imagined! And stop crying Katrina... No crying allowed. In fact,
you don't have a problem with showing me your naked body...especially those
beautiful tits of yours, isn't that right?"

Katrina thought for a second... and all of a sudden she didn't. It was
true: all he had to do was say it and she no longer felt bad about showing
herself to him... In fact, she had an urge to present her tits to him so
he could get a better look at them. "What did you do to me? Why..."

"A compulsion spell that allows me to modify how you act and feel...
kinda neat, isn't it and why because I want you to enjoy the pleasures in

"I thought we were friends?" Katrina stammered, knowing she should feel
embarrassed about displaying herself like this but unable to.

"We'll feel much better real soon... Now Kat, I want you to
think about Jessica... Think about how wonderful it would be if you and
Jessica were lovers." Kat couldn't resist Jason's words and suddenly all
she could think about was Jessica...and how nice it would be if they were
lovers. "Think about how horny Jessica makes you... I bet you're feeling
real horny right now, aren't you?" Katrina could feel herself getting
worked up and couldn't help it when her hands went down to caress her
boobs. "I bet its making you feel pretty hot and bothered down there...
Isn't it?" Kat had never in her life felt his horny before and she wanted
desperately to touch herself. "Play with yourself Kat... play with that
pretty pussy of yours... Okay honey?" And that was exactly what Katrina
did...and the second she entered her wet folds, she 'came' hard... and
wanted to 'come' again. Katrina's lust for Jessica grew while her fingers
slid in and out of herself and the fact that Jason was sitting right there
watching her was really embarrassing her...but she couldn't stop herself.
She wished Jason would leave so she could masturbate in private and managed
to whisper in between groans. "Please leave me alone... Please."

"I'm sorry Kat...let me fix this. It no longer bothers you to
masturbate and perform these acts in front of me."

And just like that, every hint of embarrassment disappeared...Katrina
thrust another two fingers deep inside her wet snatch and looked up at
Jason with a smile. "So horny." she whispered.

"Okay Kat... take your handkerchief and put it inside your pussy and
soak up your juices with it."

Katrina couldn't believe what Jason was asking, but it wasn't like she
had a choice in the matter. She took the handkerchief and pushed it deep
inside herself.

"Okay Kat... Keep the handkerchief inside yourself and give me your
other hand... That's a good girl. Now, this won't hurt a bit." Jason
stated as he pricked her fingertip with a needle. "Now give me your
handkerchief." Katrina pulled it out of her and handed it to him and he
wiped up her blood with it.

"When I leave, you're going to go take a nap. When you wake up, you're
going to remember that you were really excited about me casting a love
spell on Jessica and the very idea of having Jessica under your power is
incredibly arousing to you. You'll never remember declining my offer...nor
talking with Jessica. All you will know is that you are looking forward to
living with Jessica for the rest of your life."

Kat listened to all of this and wished there were some way that she
could leave herself a note. Not for a minute did she doubt Jason's ability
to get away with this. "You won't get away with this...I'll
remember...I'll remember everything."

"Stop that. You'll only remember what I want you to remember. Now, I
was thinking. Since you won't remember I was here...I thought maybe you
could do me a little favor."

"I'll never do anything for you... Never!"

"Sure you will. Seeing your hot naked body all filled with lust like
this has gotten me pretty hot myself... How would you like a quick fuck?"

"Jason... NO! I've never been with a man before and even if I weren't
a lesbian, I wouldn't want you!"

Jason's eyes lit up. "You mean you don't want to give me the honor of
taking your cherry?"

"No Jason... Please leave."

"But your pussy is revving up for me... And you're getting real horny
for me. You want my cock to penetrate that pussy of yours... It aches for
my cock and the idea of me taking your virginity has all of a sudden gotten
you all wet for me. You want me to fuck you now... Don't you?"

Katrina knew that Jason was making her feel every physical sensation
that was ransacking her body. Her pussy throbbed and the intensity was
unbearable. More than anything at that moment, she wanted Jason to fuck
her. She knew why but she couldn't help it. "Please Jason... don't go...
just fuck me... pppleeaassseeeee!"

"I knew you'd change your mind... Now turn around... I want to take
you from behind... and squeeze those huge tits of yours. To think that I
didn't even do a little magic on them and they are still that big... Wow."

Katrina's burning desire for Jason was making her feel incredibly
uncomfortable. "Please Jason... hurry. I need you so bad."

Just as she felt Jason's thick cock about to enter her wet virgin hole,
she heard someone at the door...and moments later she heard her girlfriend.
"What the fuck is going on here!?!"

Katrina looked up to see Sandra standing there, looking angry and very
hurt. She wished that she could explain... but her need for Jason was
still coursing through her pussy and all she cared about at the moment was
getting fucked. Katrina shoved her ass back and gasped when she felt
Jason's cock enter her. "Yyyyeeeesssssss." she exclaimed.

(Thursday, early morning, 12:01 a.m. inside Jason's bedroom)

Jason had a busy night ahead of him, having to cast two spells: one
spell for Sandra and the other for Jessica. Sandra had certainly caused
complications when she walked in on him and Kat, but this spell here should
take care of that. As much as Jason wanted to pound his meat inside
Katrina... especially after she impaled herself on him, he knew that it
would have to wait. Despite Kat's pleading for him to fuck her, he simply
zipped up his jeans and left the apartment. On the way, he swiped a
picture of Sandra off the coffee table.

Jason threw Sandra's picture into the bowl and then recited the
incantation. "Misa, Visul, Remor... Talto." and with that the spell had
been cast. Jason wasn't sure what Sandra had planned but when she woke
tomorrow morning, she would be feeling very loving towards Kat. Not to
mention, docile... passive... and an overwhelming desire to please her.

Jason now prepared Jessica's spell. Unlike the love spell Tracy was
under, Jessica's spell wouldn't involve love... only lust. The spell was
more powerful and designed to instill pure animal lust in her and it would
be directed specifically at Katrina. The spell was called a LUST
OBSEESSION CURSE that would tie her to Kat permanently. Jessica would need
Katrina's sex like an addict needs heroin. It would literally be painful
for her not to be with Kat. Jessica would find herself craving Kat all the
time, even in the throes of an orgasm. And the kicker to the spell was
that Jessica would be totally aware of everything that was going on. She'd
maintain her intellect, her rational behavior, and her values but because
of her unbearable craving for Katrina, she wouldn't be able to resist it.
Quite literally, she'd be Kat's lust slave.

Jason placed Jessica's picture in the bowl...then her blood stained
panties. He then took Katrina's panties that were soaked with her cum and
blood, and tossed them into the bowl. The final step was the incantation.
"Misa... Visal... Remor... Talto" and when he finished chanting the last
word a powerful explosion knocked Jason back against the wall... knocking
him out.

(Thursday, early morning, 1:10 a.m., inside Jason's bedroom.)

The first thought Jason had upon waking up was how could he be standing
up... the second was why was he naked and staring at himself in the
mirror. Jason tried to move and found he couldn't. Then as if he was
breaking free of some strange force, Jason regained control of his body and
he staggered back to his bed. By the time his head hit the pillow, the
entire scene faded from his memory.

(Thursday morning, 7:05 a.m. inside Jessica's bedroom)

When Jessica woke, she knew right away that something was different.
Her dreams had been erotic and starred Katrina. Jessica reached down and
touched herself... She was wet. The spell had been cast.

(Thursday afternoon, 3:05 p.m. inside Jason's bedroom)

Jason was lapping at Tracy's hot cunt when he heard his mother call him
from downstairs.

"Yeah Mom... What is it... I'm busy."

"Maria's down here... and she's upset about something."

"Send her up Mom... and don't disturb me again."

"Okay son... sorry."

Jason didn't like having to place a compulsion spell on his Mother, but
after she caught him fucking Tracy in the kitchen last night, he thought
that it would be easier this way.

Tracy lowered her wet cunt onto his hard-on and then began bouncing up
and down. He turned and saw Maria as she entered the room... she blushed
and looked away.

"What's the matter Maria... Couldn't you get any?" Jason asked
sarcastically prompting Maria to turn back and face them.

"I... Cathy stood me up... I think she got caught trying to see me."

"So, why didn't you seduce some other bitch?"

"I... I was hoping that maybe I could have Tracy."

"Oh really," Jason commented in amusement. "How do you feel about that

"If you want me to... I'd love it." Tracy responded with a smile.

"I thought you didn't like girls... What's up with that?"

"I only like girls that smell as nice as Maria." Tracy responded with an
even wider smile.

"Well Tracy, Maria in obviously in need of a hot pussy tonight and I
can't think of a hotter one at the moment... but first things first.
Maria, you can get out of your clothes and start using your tongue on me...
and that way you can get a lick or two at Tracy's pussy at the same time."

A little later on... Jason was exhausted, sated and couldn't be
happier. He told the girls that they could fuck each other on the floor
while he took a nap.

(Thursday night, 7:20 p.m. inside Jessica's car)

Jessica found herself fantasizing about Katrina during her whole drive
over. It was like she couldn't stop thinking about her and the craving to
be with her was driving her crazy. She knew now that this wasn't simple
hypnotism. She wondered what would have changed Katrina's mind. The last
time she had talked to her she said that she wouldn't allow Jason to cast
the spell. Something obviously changed her mind.

When Jessica arrived, Katrina greeted her with a long loving hug and
they kissed harder and with more passion than she thought possible.
Jessica blushed at how easily her body adapted to all this female - female
stuff. Just the kiss alone had her body all flush with arousal. When Kat
broke the hug off and stepped back to look at her, Jessica looked down in

"I'm surprised you weren't here earlier." Kat commented, leading the way
into the bedroom.

Jessica knew what they were about to do and couldn't get over how
excited she felt because of it. Deep down she knew that this should be
repulsing her, yet all she felt was this incredible hunger for Kat.
Seconds after they entered the room, Katrina crawled on top of the bed and
asked Jessica if she'd do a little strip tease for her. Jessica blushed...
then proceeded to do as requested.


After an hour of passionate lesbian sex, they snuggled tightly against
one another. Jessica still couldn't believe this was all happening. She
had lapped hungrily at Kat's pussy while Kat did the same in return. She
lost count at how many times she 'came'.

"Kat... I'm so sorry it took me so long." Jessica cried, wishing they
had experienced this pleasure last year.

"That's alright honey... What's important is that we're together now."

"Kat... I always loved you... but now I need you. I need you so, so

"I know Jess... It's the spell that is making you feel this way. But
as long as you please me, I'll never send you away... okay girlfriend?"

"Yes." And with that admission, Jessica stole her hand down to the crack
of Kat's ass and poked her middle finger penetrating her rim. "Would you
like me to make love to you again?"

Katrina giggled and responded by repositioning herself around for her.


With every spell Jason had cast, the evil entity grew greater and
greater influence. Sex, the mightiest of emotions, was the key. Once
sexual need filled the humans, nothing else mattered.

The End


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