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Unholy Desire Part Two


Disclaimer: The Usual one... Under 18 not permitted - thanks to the law.

Note: I'm dedicating this story to 'jdw'... Simply because I had
promised him that I would complete this story ages ago. To further enhance
his enjoyment of this particular story, he won't have to proof read it!

"Unholy Desire" by JR Parz

(Sunday, 1:20 p.m., inside Jessica Thorn's apartment)

"Her tits were no bigger than mine are and now she's a 'D' cup...maybe
bigger! Her hair comes down to her ass and she looks like a creature from
some boy's wet dream!" Maria exclaimed.

"Calm down Maria... I'm going over there... All right?" Jessica
replied, never seeing her cousin this rattled before.

"Hurry... Because Tracy gave me the impression that I'm next... and I
don't think I could stomach being Jason's sex toy."

"All right Maria... but a lot of this 'love' is simply a power of

"Jess... Her new body has nothing to do with the power of suggestion!"

"All right... I'm not sure how he did that... but first things first.
I'll go pay Jason a visit and try to get him to stop these games."

"Thanks Jess... Thanks."

(Sunday, 1:20 p.m., inside Jason's bedroom.)

"Are you sure she is the only one that uses this hairbrush?"

"Her hair is long and dark. I'm a blonde and Jessica's blonde. I
couldn't see her lending her brush to anyone else."

"Jessica? Who's Jessica?"

"She's her cousin."

"What's her last name?"

"Thorn... Her name is Jessica Thorn."

"Oh my god... I know her!" Jason exclaimed. "Jessica and Katrina
Saturn were best friends last year."

"Yeah... Until they had their fight."

"You saw them have a fight?"

"No. But everybody assumes they did. You don't just all of a sudden
stop hanging out with one another unless there was a fight."

"What did Maria say happened?"

"When I asked her about it she said she didn't know anything and it was
personal between Katrina and her cousin."

"All right... I have a lot of work to do... so I got to kick you out
of here for now... I'll call you tonight."

"Jason... can I ask you a question?" Tracy asked almost timidly.

"Sure Tracy... what's your question?"

"Maria says you're using witchcraft and cast a spell on me... Are you?"

"Does it matter?"

"I... I guess... no. I guess it doesn't."

"I didn't think so... remember Tracy, regardless why you love me...
you do. Now, can I ask you a question?"

"Of course Jason! You can ask me anything... you know that."

"Good... Are you happy?"

"Oh God Jason...More than any time ever before. Could we... could
we... you know. Could we have a quickie before I leave?" Tracy asked,

"Come here and give me a kiss."

Tracy quickly went to Jason and they kissed. While they tongued each
other passionately, Jason reached between the area of the crack of her ass
and her groin and squeezed. Tracy hadn't expected it and jumped but then
squeezed her thighs together trapping his hand. Jason didn't disappoint
her and rubbed all along her groin area eliciting a moan. "Oh godddddd
Jason... I'm gonna cum!" then seconds later she cried out in orgasm.

Jason held her steady for a second and whispered. "Now go home Tracy
and think of me."

(Sunday afternoon, 2:10 p.m., at Jason's house)

Jason was on the Net when he heard a knock on the door. He didn't
expect Tracy, and he wondered who it could be. When he opened the door he
was pleasantly surprised. Jessica Thorn, looking splendidly beautiful, but
very angry. "Are you Jason Majors?"

Jason could certainly see why Kat had fallen for her... she was
gorgeous... not to mention incredibly sexy in her black jumpsuit set off
by her long blonde hair.


"I'm Jessica Thorn... I want to talk to you."

"I know who you are... I'm a friend of Kat's. Come in." Jason enjoyed
the sudden surprise look in her eyes when he told her he was friend's with
Kat. Jason escorted Jessica into the living room. "So, what's up?"

"Are your parents home?"

"Nope... just me and you... What's up?"

"You've done something to Tracy and I want you to reverse it."

Jason smirked at Jessica, stunning, smart and very confident of herself.
Again he could see Kat's attraction to her.

"And what exactly do you think I did to her?"

"Stop playing games... I'm a practicing witch and I know black magic
when I see it... only black magic can cast a love spell that powerful."

"If I'm using black magic... then why aren't you afraid I'll use it on

"You don't want to fuck with me Jason... now reverse it."

Jason looked at the girl and wondered: did she really have the same type
of powers he did?

"Hmmm. All right... I'll tell you what... I'll make a deal with you.
I'll lift the spell Tracy is under if you agree to replace her."

"Fuck you."

"Yeah... we'd be doing that a lot."

Jason watched Jessica's eyes light up with fire... then she recovered
and visibly calmed down.

"I can see being nice about this isn't working... so I'll leave for
now, but you'll be hearing from me later." Jessica turned towards the door
to let herself out.

"Oh... Before you go. Were you planning on seeing Maria this

"What business is that of yours?"

"Well... I think you should check in on her... She may need to talk to
you... and feel free to come see me anytime."

(Sunday afternoon, 2:45 p.m., inside Maria's bedroom)

"This can't be real!" Maria exclaimed while she stood stark naked in
front of her full-length mirror. Maria wondered if perhaps she was losing
her mind. Slowly, she moved her hands up to cup them and used her thumbs
to lightly caress her hardened nipples: the sensation sent a signal
straight to her groin. It took every ounce of will power to refrain from
touching herself.

Maria knew it was Jason that did this and although she was scared out of
her wits that someone had this kind of power, deep down she was fascinated
by it. Maria again brought her hands up and cupped her tits. Their
fullness and weight assured her they were real. Just then she heard a

"Who's there?"

"Maria... It's me... Jessica."

Maria quickly threw on her teddy and opened the door.

"Jess... he's done it! He's cast a spell on my tits!"

"Oh god Maria... I'm sorry. This is all my fault." Jessica replied,
staring at Maria's protruding breasts.

"They're as big as melons! I'm huge! And they're really sensitive,

"They hurt?"

"No Jess... they feel fucking great... too great! I can't stop
touching them and every time I do I get so fucking horny that I want to

"Oh god."

"Please... you got to help me."

"Do you feel anything towards Jason?"

"No! But the way I feel right now I'd do him!"

"Maria... this is way out of hand. I have to go see him again."

"Hurry Jessica... please hurry... I'm afraid I'm getting more horny
with every minute."

"I will Maria... I will. Stay in your room!"

"Are you kidding! I'm not going anywhere looking like this!"

"Okay... I'll be right back."

"Be careful Jess... I'm really scared."

(Sunday afternoon, 3:35 p.m., inside Jason's living room.)

"Maria's tits are only the beginning." Jason stated to Jessica, who had

"Why are you doing this? How can you go around changing people like

Jason just smiled.

"Why Jason... Why?"

"Because Maria was a threat to my relationship with Tracy...and I want
her to know first hand what could happen if she were to piss me off."

"Change her back... You made your point."

"Far from it... In fact I recommend you check on Maria again. She's
undergoing another phase of her awakening and she may need your help."

Jessica was visibly scared and stormed out the door. Jason chuckled and
wished he could join her. By now Maria had to be pretty damn horny and he
had no doubt she looked pretty damn 'hot'.

The added bonus of the nymphomaniac spell that he cast on Maria was that
she wouldn't be able to sate herself unless another female went down on
her. She'd crave sex from everyone...male and female, but only a females
tongue would bring her satisfaction. She'd still be able to cum through
masturbation or sex with guys but the ever-burning desire for more would
lick at her until another girl serviced her...then the cycle would begin
again the next day. Another great thing about the spell was that Maria
would be totally aware of everything as it was happening...but knowing
would do very little in resisting the cravings of her lust filled body.

Jason didn't want Maria to be totally defenseless. He made it where
every time she 'came' she would release sweet smelling pheromones that
would act as an aphrodisiac to females around her. As time went on Maria
would realize this and eventually use it to seduce heterosexual girls. He
wondered if Jessica might get caught under Maria's spell and end up going
down on her cousin.

(Sunday afternoon, 3:50 p.m., inside Maria's bedroom.)

Maria reeked of sex as she jiggled her boobs down to the bathroom.
Maria turned the water as cold as she could handle and hopped in the shower
in hopes of cooling herself off. Yet while the cold water splashed hard
against her horny body, she still couldn't resist touching herself.

Maria's need to fuck was unbearable and regardless how many times she
masturbated and 'came', she knew that her self-pleasuring wouldn't be
enough. When Maria came out of the shower she at least felt good about not
smelling like a hooker and wrapped a towel around her to go back to her
bedroom. Just as she was opening the door her father appeared. Quite
vividly, an image of her father bending her over and fucking her filled her
mind and Maria gasped. She had never looked at he father like this but
right now she couldn't stop the downward movement of her eyes as she stared
at the bulge in her father's crotch. Maria looked up at her father and
blushed, then mumbled a "Hi" and quickly continued down the hallway back to
her bedroom.

Maria closed the door and sighed. Although her towel covered her boobs there was no way he couldn't have noticed how much bigger they were. Maria
locked her bedroom door, dropped her towel and once again climbed on top of
her bed. Again her right hand went down to her hungry lips and again
fingered her wet pussy.

Just then a knock startled her. "Maria... Is everything all right?"
her father asked from the other side of the door.

"Yes Daddy... I'm fine." Maria replied, wishing he would either leave
her alone or barge inside and fuck her.

"Jessica's here to see you... She say's its pretty important."

"Okay... Tell her to come up."

"Okay honey."

Maria thought about putting something on but figured what was the use.
Slowly she got off her bed and when she heard Jessica outside her door
whispering. "Maria... Let me in."

Maria opened the door and watched Jessica turn a deep shade of red. It
wasn't that she was just naked but her body with visibly aroused and
sweaty. Maria wanted to hug Jessica but given her condition, she didn't.
Instead she walked around her cousin and re-locked the door.

"He's turned me into a nympho." Maria softly stated.

"God Maria... I'm so sorry. I never expected anything like this"

Maria cupped her huge tits and began to play with them again, right in
front of Jessica. "I need to be fucked real bad Jessica... I can't hold
out much longer." Maria slipped a couple of fingers deep inside her wet
slit and almost laughed like a mad woman. "Imagine, a hot horny bod like
mine and still a virgin."

(Sunday afternoon, 3:55 p.m. inside Maria's bedroom.)

Jessica was beyond stunned. If she weren't seeing it with her own eyes,
she never would have believed it. Maria looked like some sort of sex
creature and if that wasn't enough... she was in heat! Jessica watched
Maria sit down on the edge of her bed and start masturbating... Right in
front of her like she wasn't even there.

"Please tell me Jason's going to stop this... Please." Maria panted
between groans.

"He will Maria... I promise." Jessica stammered, wishing there were
some way she could help her cousin.

Maria slid her legs open and murmured. "Jess... Do you notice my

Jessica blushed again and had detected the sweet smelling had
been playing on her senses the moment she entered the room. Jessica
watched Maria climb back on the bed and spread her legs again... When they
made eye contact Maria whispered. "Lick me Jess... Please lick me... I
need it so fucking bad... Please."

The very idea of this repulsed her but the same time aroused
her. Jessica knew that Maria was acting this way because of a spell. "I
can't do that Maria... I'm sorry... you'll thank me later for me."

"I... I'm gonna cum. Aaahhhhhhhh... unnggghghhhhh." Maria cried out,
having fingered herself to a climax.

Jessica turned away to save Maria the embarrassment but meanwhile the
intoxicating aroma from Maria's sex filled the air around her. "Maria...
that smell."

"My sweet smelling pussy... yes... don't you just love it?"

"It smells so... so nice." Jessica whispered as she turned towards
Maria, who hadn't bothered closing her legs. Jessica's eyes were drawn to
Maria's sex and gasped when she saw her pussy juice leaking down her
thighs. Jessica felt an overwhelming urge to go lick Maria's juices before
it hit the bedspread. Never in her life had she thought about wanting
another girl... and the thought of Katrina popped inside her head, but now
she was feeling so incredibly horny that she wanting so very much to bury
her face inside her cousin's pussy. Just then there was a knock at the
door shattering her trance-like stupor.

"Is everything all right in there?" asked her Uncle Johnny.

Jessica realized right then that she had to get out of the room. The
aroma coming off of Maria's sex was apparently giving off some sort of
aphrodisiac... obviously a by-product of the black magic. Jessica went to
the door and yelled back to Maria. "I'll be back Maria... and I'll make
everything all right... I promise."

Jessica opened and shut the door quickly behind her... making sure her
uncle didn't get in.

"Don't go inside here Uncle Johnny... Maria is going through some
female things and she needs to be alone. I'll be back later to help her."

Jessica rushed out of the house and back towards Jason's house. She had
no choice: she had to convince him to stop what he was doing.

(Sunday afternoon, 4:20 p.m., at Jason's house.)

When Jessica returned she looked visibly shaken. Jason wondered if she
had gone down on her cousin. "Well, did you give your cousin a good

"Fuck you!"


"You have to stop this... You have to..."

"I told you I would... Eventually... but for now I'm having too much

"Please Jason... I'll do anything if you stop this."

"Oh really? Now we're getting somewhere. Hmmm... Maybe you can start
by stripping out of that jumpsuit you're wearing."

"Is that what you want from me? You want to see me naked?"

"At the moment, yeah."

"You want to fuck me...right? Well, I'll let you fuck me but it'll cost
you. You have to release Tracy and Maria from the spell you have them

"Well... You're right on one hand... I do want to fuck you."

"First release Tracy and Maria asshole!"

"Come now Jess...don't get your panties all in a bunch. Eventually I'll
release your cousin and Tracy...maybe...but at the moment its you that I'm
more interested in."

"Me? What about me?"

"Do you remember Kat?"

"Katrina! What's Katrina have to do with this?"

"Follow me."

Jessica followed Jason up the stairs to his bedroom and upon entering
there was Tracy, stark naked and kneeling like a slave on his bed. Jason
grinned at Jessica, who retorted. "How can you do this to a human being?"

Jason smiled in response and then turned to Tracy. "Tracy... Are you

"God yes Jason... Happier than ever before in my life."

Then Jason turned back to Jessica with a grin. "She's happy... What's
the problem?"

"You're a monster! Look what you did to her... She looks like some
creature out of a sex fantasy!"

"Yeah... Isn't she HOT! Now strip!"

Jason watched Jessica blush and then she turned to Tracy and back to
him. "Make her leave... I won't do this in front of her."

Jason sighed. "Tracy honey... Get your clothes on and go pay Maria a
visit... She's real horny at the moment and I bet she'd love to see you."

Tracy's eyes lit up in shock. "But Jason... I don't like Maria in that

"Trust me... Once you get a whiff of her you won't be able to help

Tracy pouted but did as she was told. Jason then turned his attention
back to Jessica. "Now get your fucking clothes off!"

Jessica struggled with the jump suit but finally managed to get it off
and strip down to her black bra and matching panties. Jason smiled.
"You're quite beautiful Jessica... If Kat wasn't such a dear friend, I'd
be keeping you for myself."

"What are you talking about?"

"Jessica... I'm surprised at you... I would have thought you would
have figured this out by now."

"I'd prefer you spell it out."

"First, lose the bra and bring me your panties."

Jason watched as Jessica unsnapped her bra, letting it drop to the floor
and then slid out of her panties, picked them up and handed them to him.
"Wait... Let me see your finger."

Jason smiled when Jessica flipped him the bird before offering her hand
to him. Jason used a needle to prick her fingertip and then squeezed out a
few drops of her blood. Then he took her panties to wipe the blood up...
Then he picked up a camera and snapped off a couple of pictures. "That
should do it."

"That's it?"

"Not completely." Jason responded. Slowly, he took a good look at her
and concluded she looked a lot like Tracy. Except Tracy's tits were about
three-cup sizes bigger these days. Jessica's long blonde hair came down to
the small of her back and she stood about 5'5"... Tracy was closer to

"I...I can get dressed now?"

"No... Not yet...go sit on the bed." Jason stated waiting until Jessica
was seated. "I bet you didn't know that Katrina and I were good friends
too, did you?"

"She mentioned that she talked a lot to a boy but her friendship was
purely platonic. She didn't tell me it was you."

"Well it was and she told me all about you rejecting her last year...and
I want to assure you that this year it'll be different."

"I'm not gay... I'm not into girls. I don't love her like that."

"I can easily turn you on for your old friend and make that lovely pussy of yours throb with desire for her."

"No... No you can't. This is some form of hypnotism you have going
here and I'm not so easy where I'll allow it to happen."

"Hypnotism? Is that what you think I'm doing. Well... We'll see how
different you feel when you have this incredible urge to masturbate to
Kat's image."

"You're an asshole."

"Yes... sometimes I can be... Now get dressed and get the hell out of

(Sunday afternoon, 4:46 p.m., inside Maria's bedroom.)

Maria could see Tracy was turned on by the look in her friend's
eyes...not to mention the pitching of her huge tits and heavy breathing.
Maria knew now that it was the aroma her sex gave off that was making
everyone horny. Maria was really feeling a 'need' to orgasm again and she
wanted Tracy to help her. The fact that neither one of them was a lesbian mattered none...just 'getting off' did. Maria wondered idly whether or not
her pheromones worked on guys while she leaned back on her bed. "Tracy...
Come lick me... Okay honey."

"I... I never thought I would want this." Tammy stammered as she
climbed on the bed.

"I'm so horny... Please hurry." Maria replied while pointing to her
glistening wet lips between her legs.

Maria saw Tracy blush before she moved her head down and when she felt
her lips touch her wet pussy she screamed out in ecstasy. Maria quickly
wrapped her legs around Tracy's back like scissors and didn't ever want to
let her go. Tracy's tongue was soft and shy to start with but in seconds
she became hungry and demanding. "Don't... ah... um... stop, Tracy...
Please... please don't ever... ungghhh... ever stop."

(Monday afternoon, 1:45 p.m. at Katrina's apartment.)

Jason brought Tracy with him for a demo and knocked on the door. He
hadn't seen Kat since she moved and although they talked on the phone a few
times, it seemed strange to be visiting her. Kat opened the door.

"Hi Katrina."

"Jason! Tracy! are you?"

"Great! My girlfriend and I were up in the area and I thought we'd drop
by and see how you're doing." Jason responded, while Tracy smiled and
nodded. The look on Kat's face was utter shock.

"Sure...come in." She finally managed to say while leading them into the
living room.

"You look so different...both of you. Wow...amazing what a year will
do... really amazing."

Jason and Tracy laughed and they all took a seat on the couch. "So
Tracy... when did you get the boob job?" Katrina asked.

"Do you like them Kat... because if you do, I can arrange a set of new
ones for you." Jason responded with a grin.

Katrina looked at him, puzzled. "No. Mine are fine the size they
are...and I don't need you buying me a boob job... and when is it exactly
that you went from that shy innocent Jason that I used to like and become
this Mr. Smooth... and why in the hell is Tracy with you?"

"Tracy's with me because she loves me."

"What's going on Jason?"

Jason always loved how Kat could read through him...and he really wanted
to place a spell on her. He wanted her... he wanted to fuck her and he
wanted her to love him. No, that's not why I'm here he thought with
conviction. I'm here for her...not me. "I have a story that I'd like to
share with you... ah... tell me Kat, do you believe in witchcraft?"


"You know... casting spells, magic potions... shit like that."

"Come on Jason... What's going on here."

Jason told Kat about his discovery on the Internet...and how he used his
newfound powers to cast a love spell on Tracy. "Tracy loves me
unconditionally. She knows it's a spell that has made her feel this way
but the fact is, once the spell is in place, she's quite powerless against
it. She'd give her life for me: she loves me that much."

"Jason... you talk about her like she's not even a person. She's
sitting right here inside this room." Katrina turned to Tracy.
"Tracy...say something. Is this true?"

"I love Jason so much it hurts. I can't stand not being in the same
room with him. What else do you want me to say?" Tracy stated in a matter
of fact manner.

"But why?" Katrina asked.

"The spell I doesn't matter. All that matters is that I love
him and I feel honored that he treats me nice."

"He treats you"

"He fucks me... He lets me give him head... And look what he's done to
my body... and my tits!"

Katrina turned back to Jason. "I don't believe in witchcraft but I
believe in hypnotism. You hypnotized her, didn't you? And you made her go
out and get a boob job."

He didn't expect Katrina to believe him but he was really getting pissed
off with all this hypnotism shit. What he had was a billion times more
powerful. "No Kat, she's not hypnotized... She's in love with me."

"This is too weird."

"How about a demo." Jason turned to Tracy. "Tracy honey... I'd like
you to take all your clothes off and play with that pussy of yours... make
it all hot and juicy for me... okay honey?"

Tracy quickly stripped naked, not paying Kat any mind and then settled
back on the couch and started to masturbate. Katrina yelled. "Stop! Are
you two crazy!?!"

Jason just smiled and when Tracy brought herself to orgasm, he then had
her pick up her clothes and go to the bathroom. Then Jason turned to Kat
again. "She's constantly in heat for me."

"Yes...I can see that." Kat blushed. "And you say a spell did this?"

"Yes and I'd like to cast a spell on a certain someone for you."

"Jason... I have a girlfriend now. Her name is Sandra and I'm
perfectly happy with her."

"I bet she's no Jessica, but hell... I can arrange it where you have
both of them. Would you like that?"

"Jason... It took me a long time to get over Jessica, please stop
talking about her."

"Sweet, heterosexual Jessica Thorn, your best friend and the girl that
broke your heart."

"Why are you doing this to me!?!"

"Because... I want to give you Jessica as a gift. She'd be your
lover...she'd be your submissive docile sex pet or anything you want her to
be. She'd be everything you want... I promise."

"Jason... you're scaring me."


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