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Unicorns Virgin Lap Dance


The Unicorn's Virgin Lap Dance (death, best, 1st, oral, vag, Uf)
by DemonBound

Warning: My stories are for adults, of sound mind and interested
in sex stories. If you aren't, don't read them. I'm not
advocating or promoting anything and no real people are
represented. My stories may contain sexual situations you will
find offensive, I try to include content information in the
parenthesis after the titles, check those codes before reading,
they are pretty self explanatory. You've been warned about the
content, so if you read my stories the consequences are chosen and
borne by you. With that in mind, please take a walk on my
Darkside and cum.
begin story
Odette hesitantly touched the hard golden ivory of the Unicorn's
swirling horn.

<<Go ahead>> said the Unicorn's voice in her head <<It is allowed
for you to touch it. You'll like it>>

Odette ran her small hand along the hard length, liking the whorls
and ridges, liking the solidity and smoothness too. Her hand
neared the sharp tip, almost as sharp as a needle, and appearing a
little darker. She fancied that it was stained with blood.

"This looks like you could hurt someone with it. Have you ever
stabbed anyone?"

<<Yes>> answered the Unicorn with a shake of his head <<many
enemies have felt my wrath. But you are safe, I give you my word.
I do not want to hurt you, but I could give you pleasure with it
if you like.>>

Odette shivered at the thought. She knew how it was with a man
and a woman, peasant girls usually did since a small hut had
little in the way of privacy, but she was a virgin still. She
knew that was why the Unicorn had come to her. She shivered again
at the thought of losing that virginity to the beautiful but
deadly sharp horn, toying with the idea of the point passing
through her pussy lips and on into her body until she came and
then died. She was almost tempted, but only almost. She liked
the danger, but also liked the idea of living through it. She
reluctantly took her hand from the beautiful horn.

"Nah, Sir Unicorn. Though it and you are very beautiful, I think
that it would pleasure me to my death, were I to do as you

The Unicorn danced in impatience and amusement, <<You
misunderstand, I would not harm you, only give you pleasure.
Though my horn is a weapon, it can also do many other things, for
I am magical, and so it is as well.>>

Odette considered as she fondled the hard ivory, "What would you
have me do?"

The equine beast snorted, <<All that is required is for you to
kiss my horn, and it shall transform from deadly weapon to
instrument of joy. Then may you and I frolic to both our
delights, and you will know the pleasure of a unicorn's head in
your lap.>>

That was indeed why Odette had come into the old Forest in the
first place. She had heard the legends of Unicorns who, while
untamable and uncatchable and nearly unkillable, would lay their
heads in the lap of a virgin girl. She hadn't known the beasts
could speak, or that the process was much like the attempts other
peasant boys had made to relieve her of her virginity, filled with
flirting eyes, fleeting physical contact with her intimate
anatomy, and sweet, cajoling words and attempts to impress. She
liked this sweet game, though her purpose was more than just a
dalliance with a magical beast. Still she had to at least appear

As she pondered, she ran her hands along the golden length,
caressing the hard shaft, causing the Unicorn to tremble and shift
his hooves, though he didn't pull away.

<<That's it, stroke it girl. Ah. That feels good. There is no
rush, just continue. Do not neglect the base now. Ah, there is a
good girl.>>

Odette felt a tingling in her hands as she stroked the long shaft
that was more than just the pleasure of touching an interesting
texture. Sensation seemed to rush up her arms and fill her whole
body, but it seemed to concentrate on her lips, her budding
breasts, and finally between her legs. These were similar to the
feelings she got when she let the village boys kiss her or fondle
her new charms or even when she fondled them, though she had never
gone farther than touching, and these feelings were much stronger.
She thought perhaps as she brought pleasure to the Unicorn, he was
sending it back into her own body as well. Odette pressed her
thinly clad body against the very horse like creature and felt the
sensations increase in power.

<<Stand back for a moment, girl.>> commanded the Unicorn.

When Odette obeyed, the Unicorn tossed his head, reared and
brought the razor sharp tip of its horn slashing across her body,
brushing skin, but not breaking it, but slashing through the thin
shift that was her only garment until in only a few strokes, the
shift fell in tatters from her nubile young body. The Unicorn
eyed her with a possessive self satisfaction, as she blushed and
tried to cover herself with her arms.

<<No, please girl, you are very beautiful and I want to see you.
Do not cover yourself.>>

Odette hesitantly complied, a flush bringing a hint of rose to her
tanned and well muscled peasant body. She had done her share of
work in the fields and huts of agrarian peasants, but was still
young enough that it had only resulted in well sculpted muscles
and tanned skin. She'd kept her hands soft by wearing leather
gloves when she could and using a special unguent the wise woman
of the village made up for her. Her hair was long and brown and
flowed like silk to caress and highlight her upper body and frame
her oval face. Her brown eyes and full pale red lips glistened as
she fought to keep her hands at her sides. Her newly full breasts
were nearly a perfect pendant pear shape with long, pointed pale
red nipples. Her stomach was flat and smooth, with the
indentation of her navel as an accent to draw the eye even lower.
Her pubic hair was untrimmed but still the small patch of a newly
formed woman's body, her slit still tight and closed, though a
sharp eye could just see a hint of her inner fold peeking out and
the slightest hint of moistness along the barely visible ridges of
flesh. Her legs were long and shapely. Her feet were perhaps
just a bit over large and the bottoms were hard, for peasants
rarely could afford shoes and they were only worn for special
reasons. But the Unicorn hardly cared about that since his own
feet were hooves hard as rock. To him she was young and lovely,
graceful as only a physical person can be. No one except perhaps
the Unicorns knew why they were attracted to human women, but they
were, and the Unicorn found young Odette entirely to his taste.

Odette looked back at the Unicorn. His white equine body rippled
with muscle though he was only the size of a pony. The white of
his hide was accented by a black mane and tufts on each leg. His
horn and hooves were a deep color of old ivory that looked more
metallic gold than the normal shine of say of a bull's horn or
horse's hoof. Odette looked down under the barrel of his body,
trying not to be obvious about it, looking for what she would
expect from a stallion or bull, or any male farm animal, but she
saw only smoothness. Still, she was somehow sure the Unicorn was
male. His voice in her head felt male. And the long golden ivory
length of his razor tipped horn was certainly dangerously phallic
enough for any girl. Just looking at him brought a liquid heat to
her belly.

They moved back together, and now her naked body rubbed against
the silky smoothness of his white furred bulk. Odette loved the
horsy scent of the Unicorn's mane, and buried her face in its dark
length. The Unicorn stroked along her back and bottom with the
side of his horn, as if a soldier caressed a woman with the flat
of a sword. Odette shivered in pleasure. She impulsively kissed
the creatures neck, running little lines of kisses along the
muscular length.

She went back to her earlier task of stroking the ridges of the
long bone-hard shaft that sprang from the heavy ridges of the
Unicorn's forehead.

<<It is time. You must kiss it to begin the transformation. You
may lick at it a bit too, to help the magic along.>> The last was
conveyed with a sense of amusement, as if it were making a joke.
Odette didn't miss the reference, she'd already figured out the
phallic equivalence of the horn, and she'd seen her older sister
use her mouth to make her betrothed, Andre, cum. She wondered if
the Unicorn would spray his jism on her face and body like Andre
had sprayed her sister.

Odette slowly brought her face near the horn, studying the
twisting ridges along its length. She wet her lips with the tip
of her tongue, hesitated a second, then pressed the glistening
pink flesh to the hard golden horn. There was a sudden sound of
tinkling music in the air, and the horn began to glow, yellow
radiance lighting Odette's startled face and playing over her hair
and neck and bosom. The pleasure she'd felt before intensified,
her lips tingled, and she thought she smelled oranges. Under
Odette's hands and mouth the horn began to change.

<<L-lick, girl!>> The Unicorn stutteringly commanded.

After a startled moment, Odette did as she was told. As her
tongue tickled the bony surface, the music and the glow
intensified, and the tingling in her body became more intense.
Slowly, before Odette's widening eyes, the horn's razor tip seemed
to melt away, though none of it dripped off as a burning candle
might, instead the melting substance seemed to add it self back in
the to ivory shaft, thickening it into a blunt shaft of roughly
even diameter with a slightly larger diameter ovoid tip. Both
Odette and the Unicorn were breath in gasps as a building pressure
grew in both bodies. At the Unicorn's urging, Odette slipped her
full, warm lips over the glowing ovoid tip and let the shaft slid
past as her lips played along the whorls of hard ivory. The
inexperienced Odette choked a bit as the large tip neared the back
of her throat, and the considerate Unicorn backed off a bit to
allow her to recover.

Odette let the now bulbous tip escape her lips with a slight slurp
as the well saliva covered shaft trailed a dangling thread of
viscous fluid to the full redness of her young mouth. She laughed
a bit and coughed once or twice, though she retained her hold on
the ridged shaft.

"Sir Unicorn, I think I have much to learn about pleasing males
such as yourself."

<<You already please me. The touch of your mouth is both magical
and thrilling. And time will improve your skill if you chose to
pledge yourself to me. We will learn to give each other ever
greater pleasure.>>

Odette was pleased by the Unicorns courtly 'words', and smiled,
pulling his horn back to her lips. She kissed and nibbled at the
hard horn as it it were the soft flesh of a man, and got much the
same reaction of pleasure a man would have demonstrated. Under
the Unicorns patient instruction, the girl learned the art of oral
love, running her lips in pleasing patterns over its whorled
surface, using her tongue to tickle and lick, and taking the head
of the horn back into her mouth to suckle and slurp. Finally
after a long bout of experimentation, she learned to let the
considerable mass of the horn-tip slid past the back of her mouth
and into her throat without choking. Odette soon found that she
could let 6 or 7 inches slid down her throat if she were careful
about how she held her head, before she had to stop for fear of
suffocation. The Unicorn seemed very pleased.

<<Now girl, take just the tip in your mouth, for I am about to
give you a gift, and you must taste it for best effect! Hurry,
now and pull back a bit.>>

Odette thought she knew what was about to happen, since her
sister's betrothed, Andre, liked to let loose his spunk into her
sister's opened mouth, then move to spurt more on her face and
body. Andre had once insisted that Odette taste his seed, and she
had, by kissing her sister in an open mouthed kiss in which the
two girls had swapped a considerable volume of the white spunk.
Odette had found it mostly bland and slimy, with a slightly sour
taste, but not too objectionable, and the risqué sperm filled kiss
had been quite exciting. Andre had liked it too. Odette's sister
had to suck him off again before anyone could get any sleep.

So as Odette let the hard inches slide back out of her slender
throat, she tried to imagine what the Unicorn's 'gift' was going
to taste like. Maybe it would be sharp and sour like she imagined
a horse's spunk would be, or maybe it would taste like the
sweetest thing Odette had ever actually tasted, which was honey.
Odette had never had cherries soaked in brandy and dipped in
chocolate, so the taste of the thick, warm fluid the golden horn
suddenly poured into her willing mouth was completely baffling to
her. That didn't stop her from gulping it down as fast as the
jerking knob in her mouth spewed it out, or at least almost as
fast. There was such a stream of the stuff that some leaked
around her tight clamped lips, and dripped down her chin and onto
her breasts. It burned pleasantly as the main part of the thick
stuff ran down her throat and into her stomach, kindling a warm
glow that seemed to light between her legs and spread throughout
her body.

Odette of course could not see it, but later she found out that
the Unicorn had pulled its horn from her lips and stood watching
her as she shuddered in pleasure with her eyes closed so that she
could concentrate on the sensations aroused by the creature's
magical jism. It seemed to enjoy the sight of the young nude girl
kneeling before it (since the Unicorn was smaller than a horse,
about pony sized, Odette had performed her task kneeling as the
Unicorn bowed its head to angle the horn down her throat). The
spunk that had trickled down her chin and breasts was in glowing
golden lines across her lightly tanned body. Odette was
unconsciously stroking her slit, which was no longer tight and
closed, but opened wide, in full flower of layered pinks, dripping
with her own love juices, which ran in their own small rivers over
her smooth young thigh. Her long fingers ran slickly over the
dewy folds, and even from a distance it was obvious that her young
love tunnel, untried as it was, still gasped open as if already
filled by some small invisible prick. The Unicorn sniffed the
air, enjoying the scent of her passion, content to watch her bring
on what was her third and strongest orgasm so far with her own
sweet hands. Odette cried out in passion, head thrown back, hair
tossing, body straining, until she collapsed, spent, before the
Unicorn's appreciative eyes.

<<That was beautiful, girl, as are you.>>

Odette blushed wanting to cover herself in embarrassment, but to
tired for the moment to move, and also wanting her lover's eyes to
be able to roam her body still, modesty fighting vanity and

"I..I didn't think it would be like this." Odette whispered. "It
felt so good."

<<Rest a moment girl, but there is one more pleasure for you to
have, far greater than any up to now. My elixir has wrought
changes in your body that will allow you to experience the
ultimate pleasure with only the tiniest of pains and soon we shall
rise together to the peaks of passion.>>

Odette lay quietly for a few minutes, but the Unicorn's spunk in
her stomach was a powerful aphrodisiac, as well as a healing and
strengthening agent, and Odette's arousal easily overcame the
slight fatigue she felt from her exertions from before. In fact,
she once more spread wide her thighs as she knelt before the
Unicorn, and wantonly caressed her sex, still dripping and open.
Odette pulled the lips of her more than ready slit apart, the
better to display herself to the Unicorn.

"Oh sir, please, I...I am ready. Please, sir Unicorn, do whatever
you want to me, but...I think I need....I think I need something
in here." Odette put a finger inside her love tunnel to
demonstrate just where she wanted to be filled.
"I...I...please...fuck me!"

The Unicorn snorted and shook his head in an equine show of
pleasure. That was exactly his own desire and intention. This
beautiful human virgin would soon be moaning and crying out with
his horn buried as far into her dripping cunt as he could thrust
it. Only this could tempt a Unicorn, usually the wariest of
beasts, to the edge of the forest. Only this was worth the risk
of the Human's wanton aggression and violence, and only now was
the great killing tool of the razor sharp Unicorn's horn blunted,
so that his only defense was his natural speed, strength, and
grace. But it was well worth it. His horn was as hard as stone,
but as sensitive as a maiden's lips, and the sensations he would
feel as its length sliding along the slick pink folds of a
virgin's well aroused vagina were beyond compare or description,
as he had told the girl, the Ultimate in pleasure.

And he had the girl begging for it, squirming and writhing, eyes
half lidded, legs spread as she played with herself as eagerly as
a dockside whore on the day the fleet comes to port. He obviously
loved the idea of the wanton virgin, and deliberately delayed what
was to come.

The Unicorn's natural desire was to ram his horn right up between
Odette's pussy lips and as deep into her as it would go. But
Unicorns can always tell when a girl is a virgin, and Odette was
indeed a virgin, though obviously soon to loose that condition.
If he had just rammed into her, it would have hurt her terribly.
So instead of his horn, the unicorn parted Odette's labia with its
tongue. The fat, slick length slithered nimbly up and down the
girl's slit bringing a cry of pleasure from her full lips.

<<Lie back, Odette>>

The limber young girl leaned back until her head rested on the
leafy ground, her back arched, breasts thrust up in defiance of
gravity, her bottom resting on her heels, her knees bent double,
her thighs spread. In this pose, her young mound of Venus was
exposed fully, stretched open and thrust upward. Her lips pouted
open revealing the glistening inner folds, her erect clitoris
peeked out of a small hood of sensitive flesh, and her untried
tunnel of love gaped open eagerly, allowing a glimpse of her
maidenhead. If a Unicorn could have smiled, it would have, as it
took in the sight of this newest Alter of Venus.

He proceeded to worship at this alter buy licking not just
Odette's pussy, but also her thighs and belly. He nibbled
delicately at her erect nipples. He rubbed his now roughly prick
shaped, ridged horn all over her body. Then he went back to her
sweet slit with his tongue again. He thrust in his tongue and
stirred with vigor until her strained hymen was bathed in his

Odette writhed and strained under this pleasant torture for at
least an hour or more, cumming again and again under the Unicorn's
tongue and horn. Though she didn't know it, this was mainly to
give the cum she had swallowed before time to work. Like nearly
every part of a Unicorn's body, its cum had magical properties.
It gave energy and stamina, eased aches and pains (which was why
she was able to hold her back straining pose for so long without
noticing any discomfort), and in a virgin girl, thinned that
barrier to love called the hymen. Every time she came, she was a
little closer to being truly ready to receive the Unicorn's big

Almost ready for the sacrifice to Venus, the Unicorn maneuvered
back to kneel between Odette's thighs, his horn pointing toward
her breasts. Odette's thighs ran with her own love juices from
the many orgasms she'd already had, her light crop of pubic hair
was matted to her mound with sweat and the Unicorn's saliva. Her
pear-shaped breasts, flattened by gravity in this pose, still had
engorged and jutting nipples. Her full lips, oval face and flowing
brown hair still gave evidence of the Unicorn's first orgasm, and
her brown eye's were closed, her full lower lip clenched lightly
between pearl white teeth as Odette eagerly awaited her

The Unicorn finally brought its horn down to Odette's inviting
pussy. In leisurely fashion, it ran the long length of it between
the girl's nether lips, its dips and swirls, ridges and valleys
all stimulating Odette's already overheated clit. By simply
rubbing its smooth gnurled length up and down along the length of
Odette's slit several time, it brought her over several times.
Then getting down to the main event, the Unicorn brought the
bulbous tip of its transformed horn to the opening of Odette's
gasping tunnel of love and teased at the entrance, pushing in just
enough to spread her a bit, then pulling out to stroke along her
dripping sex, then back to pushing just enough to make her feel
the impending penetration without getting fully into her.

When Odette was reduced to almost pitiful cries that she needed
him in her, that he please, please, fuck her, then the Unicorn
hunched his head in just the right way so as to get the best
angle, and with the power of the small horse-like body behind it,
he pushed strongly into Odette's quim, making her groan in
pleasure at the stretching of her untried tunnel. But when he
felt the tip touch the thin membrane blocking his way, he stopped.
With exquisite control, he stroked out and in several times to
allow Odette to get used to the large presence in her.

Then the magnificent beast, all white and gold and black, lay his
fine equine head in the lap of the naked virgin girl, and -pushed-
into her body wring a loud cry from Odette's lips as the unicorn
broke through her maidenhead. Odette's cry was not of pain,
though, only pleasure, for though her hymen was indeed torn
asunder under the assault of the golden horn, the magic of the
beast had already thinned that by now unwanted flap of tissue, and
though it ruptured and bled, the magic of the horn instantly
healed that small hurt, and it was as if she had never had a hymen
to lose. With a second lunge, the Unicorn was in her to the root
of his horn, nearly 12 inches filled Odette from labia to cervix,
and stretching well back to keep the last portal closed the was
never intended for man or beast to breach except for from the
inside out.

Odette lay still, impaled completely, breathing in little gasps,
stunned by her new fullness.

Then the beast began to fuck in earnest, pulling out and plunging
in again in the age old rhythm.

Odette gave one long stuttering exclamation as the Unicorn plunged
away at her overwhelmed but welcoming form.


For many long minutes, the forest was filled only with the small
sounds of Odette's drawn out exhalation, the vigorous slap of
thighs against the hard surface of the Unicorn's brow, and the
liquid sloshing sound of a hard shaft pumping into a very wet
tunnel of flesh. But slowly the sounds of Odette's passion grew,
and the Unicorn added to them with horse like vocalizations. Then
as startled birds rose into the sky, Odette's full throated cry of
pleasure joined the Unicorn's equine scream of release, and
literally quarts of thick white jism poured into Odette's depths,
and flowed freely back out to coat her body with clearly glowing

And as the great beast shuddered and bucked, his golden horn
buried to the root in Odette's spasming cunt, cum blasting into
every hidden place in the gasping womb, and forced under great
pressure back out of Odette's body to fountain over her thighs and
belly, an arrow suddenly flew out of the nearby bushes an buried
itself in the Unicorn's chest.

Wounded, his blood spraying out over Odette's quivering body, the
beast tried to pull away from the orgasming girl, but his horn was
firmly buried in her body even to the depths of her womb, and as
he tried to pull out a human with a spear ran up to him and thrust
the cruel barbed tip into the Unicorn's belly. And as Odette had
the most intense orgasm of her life, a third man ran up a cut the
Unicorn's throat with a gleaming sword, covering everyone around
in hot blood. As Odette's orgasm died, so did the Unicorn.

Odette screamed, "Oh my God!" as she realized that the beautiful
Unicorn was dead, was dead and she was covered in its blood and
gore, and that the dead Unicorn's horn was still inside her.
Still screaming, she scrambled along the ground until the horn was
out of her now cum and blood covered cunt. The three men laughed
at her hysterics, though they viewed the newly revealed horn with
sounds awe as it slid out of her, and with sounds of amazement as
the glowing horn flared a last time and transformed back into the
razor tipped weapon of legend.

Odette's screams and attempts to conceal her bloody nude cum
splattered body with her hands from the three villainous looking
armed men only drew their attention to her. They walked over to
stand above her in a rough circle.

The swordsman, apparently the leader, said, "Well done, Odette.
That went just as planned."

Odette ignored this, just crying in shock, though she seemed more
concerned by the blood on her body than anything else, as she
started scrubbing at herself with handfuls of leaves.

"Yeah," said the bowman, "He couldn't get enough of that hot
little cunt of yours, Odette."

"Gave me a real cockstand to see them going at it." said the

"Yeah, me too"

As the leader hacked at the head of the unicorn until he'd freed
the precious horn, "Well, Odette here just serviced a beast, I
suppose she isn't above taking care of three good honest soldiers
o the king."

And as Odette screamed her denials, the three men laughingly
closed in on the girl. She screamed until they mostly silenced
her with a cock in her mouth and a couple of slaps. In the next
hour she took care of the carnal needs of each soldier, not
neglecting their need to try the hole the Unicorn missed.

"Maybe we should just finish her off." said the spearman looking
down at the exhausted, well fucked, and gore covered girl, who
could only whimper a bit and curl into a ball.

"Nauh there, George, she done what we asked of her. As King's
Soldiers, it's our job ta protect the peasants, at least unless we
need their food, livestock, or women. Besides, do yer really want
ta kill such a sweet mouth, fine ass, and tight little cunt? She
earned her share, and she'll get it."

So it was. Odette got her quarter of the bounty paid by the King
for a unicorn's horn, which was enough to get her a small tavern.
But the girl was never quite right in the head afterwards. She
became known for a good brew with some head because she would suck
the cock of any man that asked and had coin, right then and there
in front of wives or priests, but usually just for a tavern full
of horny men. She became obsessed with orgasm but she never again
reached the heights the Unicorn had given her, though she tried
with many men, alone and in groups, with other women, even with
dogs and horses. She became famous and even rich, but never more
was happy or fulfilled, even though her every orifice was often
filled. But she is not worthy of pity, for she betrayed to death
the one who loved her best.

end story


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