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VACATION camera and the stuff the


Carrie's Vacation Adventure

By: Archiving permitted;
Reposting is permitted if you notify me by e-mail. No one is permitted
to sell this story.

Introduction: Hi my name is Carrie and I'm a 21 year old college
student and this is my story about some misadventures I had on a trip I
took with a couple of my college friends when the airline lost my
Some of the sites may be familiar to you if you have vacationed in the
Caribbean, however I've avoided mentioning any by name. If you've
recognize some of the spots or have had the airlines loose your
luggage, I image you have some good stories to tell also. I would like
to hear about your adventures because in the end I realized I had a
little more material that I couldn't merge in without ruining the flow.
Depending on the reception and your ideas I may write a follow up
trip. I don't want anything to perverted because it wouldn't be me or fit
in. Please email me any similar experiences so I can consider how to
fit them into mine. Only ones that have some bases in reality though.
Email your experiences and comments to This is my first cut and I haven't had any
outside editing except for my boyfriend, so please excuse the typos
and misspellings. I'm not a literature major. I am still editing days 3
through 8 and will release them as I finish.
Carrie's Vacation Adventure Day 1

Hi my name is Carrie and this is a mostly true story about a trip I took
with 3 of my friends from college a while back. My one friend Lisa is
my roommate and the other two, Barbara and Jane, are actually more
her friends than mine. Lisa and I were only invited when two of
Barbara's friends bailed out at the last minute. I don't think Barbara
actually wanted me to come since she seems to view me as a rival. I
don't know why since she is quite good looking and never has any
trouble with the guys. She has dirty blond hair and is about 5, 5 and
probably weighs about 130 to 135. She has an average chest and nice
figure. Let me describe the others while I'm at it. Jane is a little shorter
with dark hair. She probably weighs around 120 pound but has a
much smaller chest than Barbara. Lisa, my roommate, is 5, 5 with
long dark hair. She weighs 130 with a 32, 26, 32 figure, very athletic
like myself. I have blonde hair and am on the tall side at 5 9. I weigh
125 and have a 36c 24, 34 figure.
Lisa and I met freshman year on the swim team. Don't get me wrong, I
love Lisa. We do everything together, but she's always getting me in
trouble. Some times on purpose I think. She always gets me started
and like a fool I carry through and do something I shouldn't. Well
back to the trip. Because Lisa and I made our plans at the last minute
we were on a different plane than Barbara and Jane. Their flight was
first thing in the morning while Lisa and I were on a late morning
flight with a change in Miami. Everything went well until we arrived
and I couldn't find my bag. Well after an hour or so the airline put a
trace on it and told me they'd deliver it when it arrived. Barbara and
Jane had already left for the resort so we grabbed a cab when we were
done. boy was it hot. Usually you have a nice breeze, but not that
day. By the time we got to the resort we were both soaked thanks to
our un-air conditioned cab. We ran into Barbara and Jane just as they
were headed down to the beach to look around. The room had one
bedroom that Barbara and Jane had already moved into and a nice eat-
in kitchen. It looked like Lisa and I were living on the pull out bed in
the living room area. Not that bad though compared to some
arrangements I've had.
Lisa and I needed a shower before heading out thanks to our cab ride.
Lisa showered first and had already changed into her shorts and tee
shirt when I finished and came out with a towel wrapped around me.
Now for the first of what would turn out to be a continuing problem.
What to wear? With the airline loosing my bag, the only clothes I had
were my jeans and long sleeve shirt, which were soaked. Lisa offered
one of her tee shirts but being a little larger up top I couldn't fit it over
my breasts. I tied several of her shirts including her bikini top with
the same results. Lisa said, "Why don't we just head down to the
beach. You don't need anything there". "Ha ha" I said. I was going to
try one of Barbara's shirts but I didn't want to get on her bad side. I
decided to call the airline to see if my bag had come in on the next
flight. Standing there in only a towel, Barbara and Jane walked in
with these two guys they had just met. I explained what had happened
and Barbara and Jane just laughed. The guys didn't seem to mind.
They echoed Lisa's earlier comments saying you can go nude down
here. There I am on the phone trying to communicate with this guy
from the airline that I can barely understand me dressed only in a
towel with a room full of people telling me that I don't need any cloths
down here. "Lots of women go topless and naked", they said. While
waiting on hold, Barbara offered me one of her dresses saying, " I
hope it fits", as the gang walked out the door. Eventually I gave up
and hung up the phone. Lisa said that the others were heading out to a
night club and for us to meet them there later.
I tried on the dress Barbara had left me. It was a nice black mini dress
that fit pretty well except for two problems. Remember I'm a couple
inches taller than Barbara so the dress didn't quite make it to mid thigh
on me. That wasn't that bad, I had worn really short skirts before. The
real problem was that the dress was suppose to have those optional
clip-on shoulder straps, but they were nowhere to be found. Lucky
my breasts are a little bigger than Barbara's and it looked liked like the
dress would stay up without the straps. At least that's what Lisa kept
telling me. There she goes again getting me into trouble. Lisa loaned
me a set of her thong panties, which I wore under the dress. A bra
wasn't possible with this outfit. By now it was dark and Lisa had
changed into a nicer shorts outfit for going out later. Well we decided
to walk around and see the place before getting something to eat.
After walking down to the beach area I decided that walking wasn't
what this outfit was made for. Well my breasts were holding the dress
up but just barely. I had to keep pulling it up to keep it in place. I
couldn't pull it up too far through; there wasn't much covering my
butt. Lisa made some comment that the towel probably covered more.
I responded by saying that it probably would stay on better as well.
We wondered around for a little more until we came across this nice
restaurant in the resort. We had a nice dinner and several drinks. By
the time we finished we weren't feeling much pain. I didn't really
want to go to the nightclub but Lisa insisted; so we took a cab to the
place. Turns out it was only about a mile away. Probably could have
walked it. We went inside and found Barbara and Jane at a table in
the back. When Barbara saw me in her dress her mouth dropped. She
said, "I know you have bigger boobs than me but you still could have
worn the straps. You don't need to flaunt them at me". I said, "If I
could have found them I would have put them on". Then Barbara
said, "Well, I hope it stays on". We had all had a drink and talked
about what we should do tomorrow. Lisa suggested the beach saying
that "unless the airline finds her bag that's the only place Carrie will
be able to go." I said, " Not that I have anything against nudity, I just
don't want to be the only one". Everyone said, "There will be plenty
of naked people at the beach". I said, "I was referring to you guys".
Barbara said, "we don't have to, we all have bathing suites". Lisa said
" don't worry, think of the tan you'll get." After a while those same
guys that Barbara and Lisa had met earlier came by and asked us to
dance. Barbara and Jane joined them; I was still concerned about my
dress falling down. Lisa ordered me another drink for us, saying,
"have a couple more and you won't care".
Then these other two guys came by and asked Lisa and I to dance. I
said no, but they insisted, almost dragging me up to the dance floor.
The guys were really nice. The guy I was dancing with was Bob and
the guy dancing with Lisa was Mike. It was fun but I had to keep
adjusting the dress every time it slipped down. Somehow it stayed on
however. Then the band started to play a really fast song and I knew I
couldn't dance to that without risking exposing myself to everyone
there. A couple of times Lisa looked over to see how I was making
out. I just kept pulling it back up when it started to show too much. I
know Bob saw the problems I was having but I'm sure he was hoping
it would fall. The song was just about to end and I started to relax a
little. I must have reached a little to high. Out sprang my breasts for
everyone to see. I almost fell over trying to catch the dress before it
went over my hips. I pulled it up as quickly as I could but not before
the crowd got an eye full. We went back to the table and Lisa just
started laughing. Well that was it for dancing for a while. Barbara,
Jane and the guys left for a walk on the beach. We said we'd get a
ride back or take a cab. After a while Bob and Steve had to leave
saying they had to be up early for a dive trip they had signed up for.
They said they'd look for us on the beach in the afternoon. Lisa
shouted "We shouldn't be hard to find that Carrie will be the naked
one", telling them and everyone around us that I had lost my bag and
didn't have a bikini to wear". The guys hearing that stayed around for
a little longer saying maybe they'd skip the diving. Eventually they
left and Lisa and I danced together. This time a little more cautiously
When we left we ran into these two girls that were on the flight down
with us. They said if you cut though on this trail, it was only a 15-
minute walk. I protested saying that, " the dress I had wasn't made for
hiking". The girls convinced us despite my better judgment. It
seemed I was holding everyone up since I couldn't walk very fast and
not have the dress fall off. I complained that they should slow down.
Luckily I had on some low cut shoes so my feet were ok. The girls
were telling us all about their place and that we had to come down and
see the view. I wasn't really paying attention. I had holding the dress
up on my mind. They complemented me on how nice I looked,
saying they admired how daring I was to wear a dress like that. Lisa
went on to tell than that the airline lost my bag and that I had
borrowed the dress. I told them that I don't know what I'm going to
do tomorrow since I didn't even have a bikini to wear. They offered
to help but they could see that neither of them had anything that
would fit me either. After what seem like a half an hour I said
"shouldn't we be there by now". The girls said it shouldn't be much
further, saying they had walked to the club this same way. I asked to
stop for a bit saying, "My arm was getting tired holding this dress up".
Saying that the dress was a real pain. We started walking again when
Lisa said, "If the dress is that much of a problem why don't you just
take it off. There's no one out here but us girls." I thought about it
and after a while reached for the hem and pulled it up over my head.
The girls we were walking with just stopped dead in their tracks. I
apologized for shocking them but said, "I couldn't stand this dress any
more." Well there I was standing there in just my thong bikini panties
holding the dress. They said, "What happens if someone comes
along"? I said, "Well we haven't seen anyone so far and besides its
legal down here anyway". We started walking again and I had to
admit it felt better. The cool air felt good, there weren't any bugs, and
besides I didn't have to worry about that dress any more. The girls
said something about my tan and lack of tan lines, but I tried to ignore
it. Then Lisa started to comment on my breast and stomach. I tried to
change the subject but Lisa was the troublemaker. I said, "don't we
have anything else we could talk about besides my body"? Lisa said,
"under the circumstances it's an obvious topic" and just continued the
conversation. Then it happened. Around the corner came a guy and a
girl walking towards us. At that point there wasn't anything I could
do. They had both seen me and obviously noticed that except for my
bikini panties, I was naked. The girl was first to comment asking if I
was hot. When I explained she seemed to be more sympathetic. Her
boyfriend just stared at my breasts. I was going to put the dress back
on when she asked where we were going. They said we had passed
the turn and we had to go back about a half a mile. They said they'd
show us. I figured what the heck they had seen all there was to see by
then and I really hated to have to put that dress back on. They showed
us where we should have turned and we parted ways. I caught the guy
turning around as we left. She said something to him but I couldn't
make it out. We walked on a little further talking about what we
should see while we're here and I guess I got caught up in the
conversation because I had totally forgotten that I was still carrying
the dress in my arm. We had come to the small road that separated
the hotel from the trail when one of the girls said, "aren't you at least
going to put the dress back on to go through the hotel or are you going
to just walk in there naked".
I said to her "so what if I do". She said, "I dare you". Well I may
have still been a little tipsy despite the walk but I wasn't about to walk
through the hotel naked. I pulled the dress over my head just as the
lights from a cab came around the driveway. The girls asked us if we
wanted to walk down to the beach with them but I had had enough of
walking in that dress. We headed up to see if my bags had come.
Lisa asked me what I was going to do if they still hadn't arrived by
tomorrow. I joked and said, "Maybe just grin and bare it". I said,
"Someone has to have something I can wear".
We had no sooner gotten back to the room than Barbara and Jane
walked in. They said the walk on the beach was nice but the guys
were jerks. We told them that we had walked back and got lost. I left
out the part about walking most of the way topless. Needless to say
my bag wasn't there. Everyone was tired so we got ready for bed.
Barbara and Jane had the lone bedroom so Lisa and I pulled pull the
bed out from the couch. Lisa was already in bed when I returned from
the bathroom. I don't normally sleep in the raw, but under the
circumstances I didn't have much choice. I slipped the dress and
panties off hanging the dress over the back of the chair. I told Lisa
she shouldn't get any ideas. We talked for a while when Jane came
out asking if anyone was hungry. She had on a tee shirt and light
sleep shorts. Lisa said she was thirsty and asked Jane for a soda. Jane
brought us both sodas and we talked for while she made a sandwich.
Barbara came out a minute later in a tee shirt and panties. She and
Jane both had a beer and sat down on the chair next to our bed. I sat
up holding the sheet to my chest to hide my breast. I guess Barbara
didn't realize I was naked under the sheets based on her shocked
expression when I sat up. We talked for about a half an hour on what
we were going to do the next day. It seemed like a beach day on all
accounts. Jane then offered me the use of an old bikini she used to
use for tanning. She explained that it was kind of small but it was a
string bikini so I could adjust it any way I needed. I couldn't help but
think that if it was small on her what was it going to be like on me.
Again Lisa said, "what do you need a suit for down here". All I could
hope for was that my bags arrived in the morning, otherwise it was
going to be an interesting day.

End of Day 1 To be continued
Carrie's Vacation Adventure Day II

The next day we woke to the phone ringing. Lisa jumped up to
answer it saying it was the airline. Thank God, I thought. Now I can
get my stuff back. I walked over to the phone forgetting that I was
naked. I was just excited that they had found my bag. After a couple
of minutes trying to understand the guy's broken English, he seemed
to be saying he wasn't sure if it was my bag since it didn't have any
name tag on it. As I stood there naked Jane walked into the kitchen
and started to make a cup of coffee. She gave me the once over and I
wasn't sure what to make of it but was too engaged in the conversation
on the phone to care. I asked Lisa to get me something to put on. She
brought me over my pair of sneakers. "Ha ha" I said. "How about a
towel or something"? Eventually, she brought me a towel from the
bathroom. After what seemed like forever the guy from the airline
opened the bag and described what was inside. It obviously wasn't
mine. I started to get mad asking what was I supposed to do and what
about my camera and the stuff in the bag. They said they'd keep
looking and let me know as soon as they found it. By then everyone
was up. Barbara and Lisa had showered and sat down at the table
starting to munch on the food they had bought last night. I was really
hungry especially after the dancing and hike so I offered to cook
scrambled eggs. Barbara and Lisa had changed into their bikinis and
were all ready for the beach. Lisa's bikini was her favorite red and
pink one. It was a nice suit, not too daring and fit her really well.
Barbara's was also a nice suit; a little smaller than Lisa's, drawn high
up her hips. The top showed a lot of her breasts but nothing you
wouldn't expect. When Jane came out of the shower she already had
her suit on. It was one of those bikinis with the short's style pants. It
was kind of neon in color. It looked good but kind of boyish. There I
was cooking eggs trying to keep the towel on.
I served the eggs and sat down at the table to eat when Jane brought
out the string bikini she had mentioned last night. String was the right
word. It was all string and a couple of patches. All together it wasn't
much bigger than a napkin. What a contrast to the shorts suit she had
on now. I was shocked. I said, "You actually wear this thing"? She
said, "only for tanning in private." Lisa said, "even if you do wear it,
it probably won't stay on for long". Barbara said, "It should be
interesting for you to go swimming in that". I just ate my eggs
wondering what to do. I thought I'd just have to go down to the resort
store and just buy a bikini. Lisa said, "Remember those prices we saw
last night". The cheapest suit we saw was $89. And I didn't even like
it. After we finished I decided to at least give Jane's bikini a try. I let
the towel drop and went to pick it up when Barbara commented about
my lack of tan lines. She said, "Looks like you used to not wearing a
I was no stranger to nude sun bathing but in this case it was the
tanning booth that I owed my tan to. Lisa said, "It would be a shame
to ruin that great tan with tan lines". I said, "I had nothing against
nudity, I had done my share of skinny dipping and nude sun bathing
but it was usually in private." I said, " I'd give it a try if one of you
would join me". Apparently no one was up to it. The bikini bottom
was one of those Brazilian styles. Not quite a thong but not one that
covered much either. I joked that if I wore it backward it would
probably cover enough to be respectable at least in the front. The
problem was that there simply wasn't enough material from the top of
the front to the back. When I pulled the back up my bush would
show. When I pulled the front the crack in my butt would show. I
said, "If I'm going to wear this I'll have to shave a little more; and off
to the bathroom I went. I borrowed Lisa's razor and trimmed my bush
a little more. It wasn't like I had a lot when I started but by the time I
was done I was really trimmed. If I pulled it up all the way and tied
the sides really tight, I think it may actually stay on. The real problem
with the bottom was that the ties stings were only about a quarter inch
in diameter and they didn't provide much elasticity. When I tied it as
tight as I did there was hardly any stretch left in it. I walked back into
the living room and showed the others. Lisa and Jane really like it.
Barbara said, "Why bother"? The top was the real problem. I knew it
wasn't going to work but I tried it anyway. I pulled it up to my breasts
and asked Lisa to tie it in back. She just laughed saying that the string
wasn't long enough to reach. That didn't surprise me since I had to use
every last bit of string on the bottom just to tie a small bow. "Well, I
guess you'll just have to go topless", Lisa said. Well I had gone
topless before but never at a public beach resort and never with a
bottom like this one. I might as well be naked, I thought. Everyone
was getting impatient having to wait for me. Well, could I do this I
thought? I certainly wasn't going to stay in the room, but did I have
the nerve to go down to the beach practically naked. Again I asked if
anyone else would join me. They said, "What are you kidding?
What's it going to be? We're missing the Sun" Lisa said.
I grabbed my towel and sunglasses and said, "here goes, just bring lots
of lotion, I'm going to need it". I wrapped the towel around me
making sure it was good and tight. Everyone else already had their
tee shirt and shorts on. As we walked to the elevator Lisa said, "I
can't believe your actually doing this". I said "what the heck after last
night I guess I can do anything." Referring to the hike with/without
the dress. As I walked though the lobby it seemed that everyone was
looking at me. I think I was just imaging it but I was sure everybody
knew I was all but naked under the towel. There were other women in
beach cover-ups but I was the only one wrapped in a towel. Barbara
wanted to check out the activities board and sign up for a day trip. I
said, "how about we check out the beach first". We walked out past
the pools to the beach. There weren't that many people at the pool yet.
I guess it was still a little early. The beach was really nice with the
nicest white sand and blue water. I forgot to mention that all the
activities at the resort were included in the extraordinary price tag.
That was ok; I hate it when all you do is sit around because you can't
afford to do anything. Especially on a college girl's budget. We
walked over to the activities hut and asked them what we could do.
They had sailing, wind surfing, snorkeling, water skiing and scuba
diving if you're certified. Lisa and I were both certified and asked
what was involved. They said that all you had to do was pass the little
checkout that they give in the pool. The next one was scheduled for
4:00 that afternoon. I told Lisa, how about we just lay on the beach
for now. I still wasn't ready to go prancing around topless. We found
a spot off to the side of the resort. I looked around to see how many
women were going topless and don't see many. Only a couple down
the beach a ways. I didn't see anyone totally naked. I asked if we
could move down a bit further but no one wanted to be too far from
the little beach bar. Everyone pulled down chases and started to make
themselves comfortable. Lisa asked, "Aren't you going to join us?" I
said, "I was still getting used to the idea. I thought you said there
would be lots of naked people". Lisa said, "It's still early, show us
what you've got, time to work on that tan". I looked around to see if
anyone was looking and held my breath.
We'll here goes. I dropped the towel and lay down on my stomach.
"Not ready for the whole show yet" Lisa said. I really felt naked
there. The bikini bottom didn't cover enough to be worth mentioning
and that was the only thing I had. Jane said "you had better put some
lotion on, the sun is really strong down here". After Lisa finished her
self she did my back and legs. It felt good being out in the warm sun
after a winter of cold back home. After a while I started to relax when
everyone decided they were hot and went down to the water. "Aren't
you coming?" they said. Well now was the real test. Could I roll over
and show my breasts to the world. Lisa kept yelling saying the water
was great. I hesitated for a bit then said what the heck. No one down
here knows me and I can't get arrested or anything. I looked around to
see if anyone was staring and as calmly as I could sat up and got up. I
remembered what someone once told me that when you're
embarrassed or scared never look down. Always look straight ahead
and smile. Don't let them know how you really feel. I slowly walked
down to the water always looking at my friends and acted like I had
done this all my life. Inside however my heart was beating a mile a
minute and my nipples started to get hard. What a show I must have
been putting on. There I was almost naked in a public place. What a
When I got to the water's edge I started to run and dove through the
first wave. That was a mistake. When I went to stand up my bikini
bottom was hanging on to one ankle. One more inch and that would
have been it. I quickly grabbed it and pulled it back in place. I swam
over to my friend and everyone started splashing and playing around.
Barbara said. "Looks like you're getting used to going naked." I said.
"Not naked just topless". I told Lisa what had happened when I dove
through the wave. She said, "Want to try some body surfing"? Well
the horseplay only lasted a couple of minutes before everyone headed
back to the chases. Now I had to walk up the beach towards all the
people. A few more had gathered since we arrived. Still no one else
was topless near where we were set up. I was starting to get used to it
now and it wasn't as bad despite the feeling that everyone was looking
at me. I know these guys over at the bar were. They even pointed me
out to some of their friends. This time I just sat down and toweled
myself off. Let them stare. At that point they had already seem just
about everything. After I dried off I spread the sun tan lotion on my
front. I tried to be cool about doing my breasts but couldn't help
thinking that this isn't something that you do in public. I was getting
braver and laid back on my back when I noticed that between the cut
of the suit and where the strings sat on my hips it left about an inch
gap between my lower stomach and the top edge of the suit. You see
the suit sat lower on my hips that it should and I had a really flat
stomach almost concave. The bottom resembled one of those older
style hip-hugging suits than the newer styles that sit above your hips.
I wasn't winning any fashion awards, that's for sure. I looked behind
me to see if anyone was directly behind me. Luckily there wasn't
because they would have been able to see quite a bit of what was left
of my bush. Probably should have shaved even more.
I was just about to fall asleep when Barbara suggested a walk. I was
just getting used to being topless and wasn't ready to flaunt it yet.
Then Barbara said "what's a mater chicken". If there's one think I
can't stand is being challenged. I don't think she expected me to take
here up on it. She was starting to get on my nerves so I said, "sure,
I'm getting tired of just sitting around". Luckily we started walking
away from the resort and not right past the front. We walked passed
the topless girls. They were still the only ones topless besides me.
There was a long stretch of beach with hardly any people so I started
to fell more comfortable. Then we came to a bend and a more
populated section in front of one of the hotels. Well here I go
practically naked and not a single naked or topless person in site. We
chatted all the time but I couldn't help but think everyone was looking
at me. I saw one girl hit her boyfriend for looking at me. That kind of
made me giggle. All this attention was starting to get me excited. My
nipples were already rock hard when Lisa commented on my arousal
pointing out my nipples to the others. I said, "You walk down a
public beach topless and see if you're not affected". On the way back
it didn't bother me as much. I just hoped no one was taking any
pictures. When we got back to our chases we sat down for a while. It
was time to re apply the lotion. For me it wasn't a problem trying to
avoid getting it on my suit. I just spread it everywhere. It was then
that the guys Barbara and Jane had met yesterday stopped by. Their
names were Todd and Jim. All the time they were talking to Barbara
they're staring at me. I was starting to get uncomfortable when
Barbara and Jane got up and walked over to the bar with the guys. It
was fine with me.
Then Lisa suggested we check out to jet skis at the activities hut. It
sounded like fun but there were a lot more people back there than
where we were laying out. Again, what the heck, you only live once.
Off we went, Lisa in her fairly modest bikini and me practically
naked. Lisa asked about the jet skis and also signed us up for the
scuba check out. After the guy gave us some instructions and checked
us out, Lisa chickened out and didn't want to go by herself. They said
it would carry two if we wanted to go together. Checked us out was
an appropriate term. All the time he was telling us how to ride the Jet
Ski he was checking me out. I thought these guys saw enough naked
girls to keep them happy. He gave us these waist belt floatation
devices. I was hoping for the regular vest types so I could hide my
boobs. Lisa wanted me to drive so I jumped on the front and Lisa
jumped on behind me. Lisa wrapped her arms around my stomach so
she wouldn't fall off. I jokingly told here "no cheap feels. Keep those
hands where they belong. Off we went. I had ridden one of these
before so I knew what to expect but this was Lisa's first time. All she
did was scream in my ear. I threatened to throw her off if she didn't
stop screaming. It was a blast. I had totally forgotten about my
nakedness until we hit a wave and Lisa's hand slid up my stomach to
my breasts. She said she was sorry that it's just hard holding on when
we go over the waves. She said that was fun (the waves), Let's do it
again. This time she grabbed my stomach really tight as we went over
a series of waves. She tried to hold on but almost flew of the back as
once again her hands slid up to my breasts. I joked and said. "I didn't
think you were that kind of girl". She said, "She needed something to
hold on to". I said, "My breasts aren't the right thing. Maybe if you
were a guy". We rode around for another a half and hour before
heading in. After a while it seemed like Lisa's hands spent more time
on my breasts that on my stomach. I guess there wasn't much she
could do though. We thanked the attendant and he said come again
any time.
We walked back to the chases looking where Barbara and Jane were
lying. I asked were the guys were. Barbara said they had told them to
get lost. Everyone was hungry so we decided to get lunch at the cafe
by the pool. Everyone put on they're tee shirts and I wrapped myself
in a towel. Barbara said, "What's the matter a touch of modesty?" She
was really starting to annoy me. We ordered burgers and drinks and
talked about a lot of nothing. The waiter kept looking down at me to
see if I had anything on under the towel. I guess he hadn't seen me at
the beach. I got up to go to the ladies room and the towel opened up.
I quickly tied it around me again but not before the waiter knew I was
After lunch we just soaked up the sun until Lisa asked if anyone
wanted to go snorkeling. Both Barbara and Jane were interested and I
figured I could use some practice if we were going to have to pass the
scuba checkout this afternoon. The activities hut had a small boat that
took you out to the reef just off shore. We all grab our mask and fins
and waded out to the boat. Besides the four of us and the two dive
masters, there were six other people on board. Four guys and two
girls. The guys were cool. They just stared. It was the girls that
where cold. The one said "don't you have anything to cover up with".
I said, "as a matter of fact no, the airline lost my bags and I had to
borrow this else I'd be completely naked". They were the prissy type
that you loved to get mad. Lisa said to them, "you wish you had as
much" referring to my breasts I think. That really pissed them off.
They moved to the front of the boat and started talking to the captain.
The guys were quiet. I guess they just enjoyed the view. I was too
mad at the girls to be concerned. I figured they had seen breasts
before. When we got to the reef the mate threw the anchor in and
gave us the safety drill. He told us that it was between 5 and 20 feet
deep depending on how far from the reef you were. We got our
equipment. We told Barbara and Jane they had to spit in their masks
to keep them from fogging. That grossed them out but they did it
anyway. We were the last ones in since we were helping Barbara and
Jane. We jumped in and started swimming towards the reef. Barbara
had some trouble so I helped her a bit. Jane took to it like she had
done it before. It came back to me pretty quickly too. I pulled my
bikini bottom back in place as best I could. Under water it just slid
around a lot more than on land. Talk about feeling naked. With the
water magnifying everything I could only imagine the show I was
putting on. Not much I could do about it so I just made the best of it
all the time adjusting the bikini back in place. After a while of that I
thought about just taking it off completely but thought the better of it.
I didn't need any of the guys swimming up behind me when I was
completely naked. We circled back to the boat and climbed aboard.
Jane had a little trouble so I help her with her mask and fins as she
climbed up the ladder. With both hands full I climbed up the ladder
as a big wave got me. I held on and made it on board. I dropped my
stuff down and again pulled my bikini back in place. The girl who
mouthed off on the way out said something like, "Why even wear the
bikini it doesn't cover anything anyway". I was ready to say
something when Lisa stepped in and calmed things down.
Once we got back to the resort it was almost time for our check out.
We kept our gear and checked in at the dive pool. The instructor was
busy talking to someone else when he caught a glimpse of me. He did
a double take and asked if we needed any help. Well we certainly did
get the VIP treatment. Talk about felling under dressed though.
There were about 14 of us. 8 man and 6 women. All ages. About
half had shorty wet suits and of the women only Lisa had a bikini.
And then there was me. We had about a half-hour of briefing and
then grabbed out tanks to get ready to get in the pool. We had to jump
in and do the standard stuff like clearing out mask and buddy
breathing. Not too bad, neither Lisa nor I drowned. We both passed
and could now go on any of the resort's dives. By the time the check
out ended it was getting late we walked back to the beach to see if
Barbara and Lisa were still there.
They weren't there and neither was any of our stuff, including my
towel. My only other article of clothing. Luckily both Barbara and
Jane were over at the bar having a drink with some new guys they
met. They were laughing saying they just wanted to see my reaction.
"Ha ha" I said. The guys, Fred and Andy I think wouldn't give me my
towel though. I said, "If your not going to let me cover up at least get
me a drink". We sat there at the bar for about an hour. It started to
cool off so the others had put on their tee shirts and shorts but no one
would give me the towel. There we were sitting at the table and I was
nearly naked while everyone else was pretty reasonably dressed.
After a couple of drinks I really didn't care any more. It was kind of
exciting. An older couple stopped by and sad down next to us. They
were dressed for dinner and that's when I realized it was time to go.
The guys still wouldn't give my towel back. They dared me to walk
back to the room topless. I said, "I've done some crazy things but I
wasn't ready for that". So we sat down again and had another drink.
At that point everyone wanted to go and change for dinner. They still
wouldn't give me my towel back and when I asked Lisa for some help.
She said, " you don't need the towel, let's just go".
I must have had a few drinks because I didn't care who saw me. I got
up and grabbed my sunglasses and started towards to room. Barbara
said, "You can't be serious". I said "watch me" I walked right passed
to activities hut passed the two pools and into the lobby topless. I've
never been what you'd call an exhibitionist but I was really excited by
the idea of going through such a public place nearly naked. I got a
number of stars but at that point there was no turning back. Lisa had
caught up to me at that point and said, " boy do you have guts". I
don't think it was guts. It was alcohol-induced stupidity. I just hoped
we didn't have to wait for the elevator. As long as I was walking I
was ok. If I had to stop and think about what I as doing I would have
freaked. Just as we got to the elevator the door opened. A couple got
out and the guy almost tripped when he saw me. I didn't react I just
got in and pushed button 6. Everyone piled in behind me. I slid to the
back to sort of hide so I wouldn't quite as big a spectacle if someone
got on. Sure enough as we passed the lobby the door opened and two
couples that had apparently just arrived stepped in. The look on their
faces. Now I felt it. Was I glad when we reached our floor. I ran
down the hall hoping no one else would see me. Of course I had to
stand there out side the door until the others arrived since I didn't have
a key. Once inside it dawned on me what a stupid thing that was.
We all took turns showering and cleaning up. Once inside the room
lights you could see that we had all gotten a lot of color. Mine was
obvious. Luckily I hadn't burned. I had dark skin to start with but I
still wasn't used to so much of it being exposed. Barbara and Lisa
weren't as lucky. Lisa has a little burn but Barbara has a pretty good
burn going. I finally showered and wrapped up in a towel. We were
deciding what to do when I thought about calling the airline again.
Still no bag. I was thinking if they haven't found it by now the
changes of seeing my stuff was pretty slim. Now what do I wear.
That dress was a pain and besides we were all thinking about going to
someplace casual. I didn't feel like wearing my jeans and shirt since
they looked so out of place down here. I tried on several of Barbara's
shirts but none of then fit. Lisa said, "Why don't we turn you jeans
into shorts. Sounded like a good idea but no one had scissors. Lisa
ran down to the lobby and borrowed a pair from the front desk. I
started to cut but it was tough since the scissors were made for paper
and not jeans. I managed to get through them but when I held them
up they were all lopsided. One leg was longer than the other. So I
tried again. A little better this time but still not right. I adjusted the
towel again and tried a third time. This time they looked pretty good
but by then they were really short. I dropped the towel and tried them
on. Not bad. A little short but I was covered. There wasn't really any
legs left to them but at least my cheeks were covered. First time I
could say that in a while. Now for a top. I knew none of Jane's stuff
would fit and I had tried Lisa and Barbara's when she suggested her
bikini top. "At least then you'd be decent and we could go out." I
tried it on. It showed more than my normal top would but it was the
first time I was covered top and bottom all day. The only problem
was this top didn't tie it clipped together behind my back and don't
quire reach. There was a tie in the front between the cups so I untied
it and let Lisa clip it behind me. I then tied the front together adjusting
the cups a bit. This gave me the appearance of even more cleavage
than I actually had. I was concerned that I was going to pop out since
my nipples were just barely covered by the inside edge of the cup. I
then retied the string behind my neck and it stayed in place pretty
well. I still felt underdressed since everyone else had on t-tops and I
only had a bikini top and short shorts. I though this is what I need
earlier not now.
Looking at my self in the mirror really got me thinking. I'm going out
to dinner in probably less than Jane had on at the beach. Oh well.
Here we go. I forgot to tell you while Lisa an I were at the scuba
check out Barbara had rented a car. A small jeep actually but now we
had wheels. Lisa and I jumped in the back and Barbara drove. We
dove down towards the other hotel were there was the beach
nightclub. We had to cross this unbelievable hill and I though
Barbara was going to kill us but we made it. When we got there it
looked more like a shack than a nightclub. It looked like it was made
of beach debris. Probably one of the few places that a hurricane
would improve the looks of. There were people dancing under the
street light and someone with a grill had set up a make shift restaurant
next door. We decided we wanted more of a real meal so we jumped
in the jeep and headed up back the mountain to the small little place in
a marina at the end of the island. It must have been good because
there were a lot of people there. We had to park down the street a
ways and walked back. The hostess sort of gave me a funny look as I
walked in. Probably my bikini top. It was a causal place so I didn't
think I stood out that much. The food was really good. We all ate
more than we should have. When we got up to leave it started
pouring down rain. We waited a bit but it didn't let up. Usually these
island storms move through pretty fast but after a couple of minutes
Barbara suggested that I make a run for it and bring the car around so
they don't have to get wet. She said that I was the most drip dry the
way I was dressed. She had a point but I still didn't want to get
soaked. Lisa pulled a baseball cap out of her purse and said this
would keep my hair dry. What the heck no sense all of us getting
soaked, so I made a run for it. I only got about a hundred feet when
Barbara said, "don't forget the keys". I ran back and grabbed the keys.
By then I was already completely soaked. I ran all the way to the car
but had to slow up twice to tuck myself back into my top. I got to the
car and brought it around and picked the others up. Now I was
completely drenched and they were dry as a bone. I straightened out
my hair but decided to put the hat back on. We got to the beach
club/shack and I dropped them at the door so they didn't get wet. I
parked to jeep and ran into the club holding my chest this time so I
didn't pop out again. The guy at the door said, " the bikini contest
isn't until Saturday". I said, "I wasn't here for the contest". He said,
"That's a shame. You'd have a good chance and it pays 250 bucks.
The place was really cool. It had several bars and was literally right
on the beach. It had a sand floor for the most part. We grabbed a
table and ordered a couple of drinks. By then my skin had dried off
completely but the bikini top and shorts were still wet. Especially the
shorts. A few more people had come in by then. There were a lot of
people in beach clothes but I was the only one in a bikini top and
shorts. It wasn't long before someone came over to me and said they
had a custom there where the women donate their bras and they tack
them up to the ceiling. I said but that's all I have and wasn't about to
talk it off here. After a while a tall guy named Chris asked me to
dance so off we went. Chris was a really good dancer. We danced at
least 5 songs before we went back to the table. Chris bought me
another drink while we got to know each other better. Then it was
back out dancing again. I had to be a little careful since my bikini top
wasn't that secure. I had to keep adjusting it like the dress the night
before. Every time we went back to the table Chris would buy me
another drink. Drink and dance, dance and drink. After a while and
about 4 drinks we sat down with the others for a bit. I was feeling no
pain when Chris's friend Barry asked me to dance. We danced
another 4 or 5 songs and went back to the others. Then it was back to
Chris. The others were dancing but every time I sat down someone
else asked me to dance. It was getting a little cool with the wind
blowing right through the place but I was drenched, Lisa was hot too
from the all the dancing but I was literally dripping. Time to sit down
and cool off. Apparently the girls had told the guys all about my lost
luggage and my show at the beach. They were staying at the place we
had walked to in the morning but hadn't seen me. "I was hard
missing," I said. They said they would surely walk down to our place
tomorrow saying they did want to miss anything. Lisa and I were
signed up for the morning dive trip so we said we wouldn't be back
until around noon. Chris and Barry were big surfers and wanted to
check out the waves up at the point, which was in the other direction
past our place. It was getting late and everyone was tired so we
decided to head back. The guy said they'd look for us on the beach
tomorrow. Lisa said. " Just look for the one with the all over tan".
"Ha ha" I said as we left.
We got back to the resort and went straight to the room. I took a
quick shower since I was pretty grungy. I came out of the bathroom
minus my towel thinking everyone was already in bed. Jane must
have this thing about midnight snacks, because there she was talking
to Lisa eating a sandwich again. I grabbed a soda when Barbara
walked out and grabbed a soda as well. I was tempted to go back and
get the towel but thought the hell with it. After today nothing could
faze me. Buy now Barbara's burn was really noticeable. I offered to
rub some lotion on her back but she said Jane already had. I thanked
her for her bikini top and said it was drying in the bathroom. I was
hoping she would let me keep it for tomorrow since I was wouldn't be
any better off tomorrow than I was today. Lisa and Jane commented
about the fact that I hadn't burned since there wasn't much that wasn't
exposed. I joked and said, "the trick it plenty of lotion" adding "and a
dark complexion." Lisa said it was shame my only white spot was
where the bikini bottom was. I said, "wasn't topless enough, besides
where were all the topless and naked girls that you said would be out
there"? The only ones I saw were the four or five up the beach from
us and they where only topless". Lisa said, "it's just a shame to waste
a perfect tan with a couple of white spots". "What white? The only
white in front was the blond hair of my bush, which was all that the
suite covered. There were some small strap marks but they hardly
mattered. I walked over to the mirror and said, " and the only way to
tan back there was to go completely naked. Lisa reminded me that if
we were going to go scuba diving tomorrow we had to be down at the
dock by 8. Before turning in I asked Barbara if I could borrow the
bikini for the scuba diving. She laughed and said I didn't think you
wanted to ruin that perfect tan. I took that as a no. Maybe someone
on the boat would have an extra wet suit. I called down for a wake up
call and went to bed.

End of Day II

It seemed like we no sooner fell asleep that the phone rang. I slowly
woke up and Lisa jumped in the shower. I got up and started to make
breakfast. I asked Barbara and Jane if they wanted anything and they
just said "go away we're not getting this early." Lisa came out of the
shower about the same time the toast popped. I was just about to go
take my shower when the phone rang again. It was the airline calling
to say they still hadn't found my bag. I went to take my shower when
Lisa said, "eat the eggs before they get cold". I guess I was getting
use to being naked because I just sat there and ate breakfast in the
nude. It was getting close to eight when Lisa started to gather our
stuff together. All I had was the bikini bottom Jane had lent me and
the towel from the bathroom. Lisa said, "Better hurry up or they'll
leave with out us". So I grabbed the bikini and wrapped the towel
around me. Lisa said' "aren't you at least going to but it on". I slid it
up my legs and off we went. Lisa holding our stuff and me clutching
the towel. We got down to the activity center and picked out our
mask and fins. Everything else was already on the boat. We had to
wade out to the boat so I took the towel off and held it over my head
as we made it out to the boat. Here I go again. There were only six of
us on the boat besides the captain and mate. Two couples, Lisa and I.
Once back on the boat I wrapped the towel around me again. I asked
the other two if they had a spare wet suit I could borrow but both
shook their head no.
The captain said we were going to a spot call the aquarium. It was
about 80 feet and had lots of fish. The mate remembered me from the
check out the day before. Hard to forget a nearly naked girl scuba
diving. It was about an hour to the dive site so Lisa and I when up to
the upper deck. I don't think the two girls wanted me around their
men. We applied lotion all over and worked on our tan until we go to
the dive site. I told Lisa that she needed to be careful. Even though
her burn wasn't as bad as Barbara's, it wouldn't take much more sun
for it to really hurt. When we got to the dive site, the captain and
mate gave us the drill. They asked if anyone needed a guide and
despite wanting one, I said no. I didn't need anyone gawking at me
the whole dive. Lisa seemed a bit nervous but settled down. We got
our equipment ready and it was time to go. I dropped to towel again
and this time everyone just stopped and looked at me. I tried to act
like I didn't notice or care but how could I not. Again my nipples
started to harden even before we got in the water. I tried to act cool
but I have to admit I was a little distracted so I asked Lisa to check
that everything was on correctly. At least the vest covered my nipples
so I felt a little better. It still felt funny being nearly naked with all
that equipment. Usually I have some sort of wet suit or something but
now it was just the equipment and me. After jumping in I had to pull
my bottoms back in place but overall was fine. We signaled that
everything was ok and headed to the anchor line were we headed to
the bottom. I checked our depth gage and mine read 84 feet. We
swam around for a bit looking at all the fish. After a while we started
to get a little cold so we headed up to a shallower area that was a bit
warmer. That bikini was really driving me nuts. I signaled Lisa to
stop while I re-tied one of the strings a bit tighter. She looked at me
like I was crazy. I think she though I was going to take it off. The
thought crossed my mind but that wasn't what I was doing. After a
while we checked our gages and headed to the surface. We swam to
the dive ladder and handed up our tanks.
Remembering the last time I exited the water I pulled the bikini
bottom up before ascending the ladder. We headed up to the top deck
to warm up in the sun waiting for the other two couples to come up.
Lisa said "I thought you were going to take your bikini off when we
were down there". I said, "It would have been easier being naked than
constantly playing with that dammed thing". She said "why didn't you
then, it was just the fish and us" "What about the other people". She
said, "We didn't see them the whole time we were down there." We
warmed up in the sun while the boat pulled anchor and headed to the
second dive site. When we got there Lisa and I came down and
started to get our gear ready again.
Again. The stares. I should have been use to it by now but I wasn't.
We jumped in and after the mandatory suit adjustment descended the
anchor line. We saw the other couple ahead of us and headed in the
opposite direction. 65 feet this time and a little warmer. I saw a
lobster in a hole and pointed it out to Lisa. She swam over acting like
she was interested in the lobster but just when she came close to me,
she grabbed the ties to my bikini and untied them both. She had both
sides untied and off before I knew what had happened. She backed
off a bit and just held my bikini there smiling through her mask the
whole time. I was pissed and relieved at the same time. I was pissed
that she had my bikini and I was naked but relieved at how good it felt
not to have to worry about it. Now I was completely naked except for
my dive gear. I gestured for her to give it back but she just backed off
more. We had about a half-hour of air left so we just swam around. I
assumed she was going to give it back before we got back on the boat.
We checked our air out and it was time to find the boat. I motioned
for Lisa to give me my suit back but she kept teasing and shaking her
head. Eventually we headed to the surface and spotted the boat about
a hundred feet away. I begged Lisa give the suit back but she said,
"don't grab or I may drop it". I did have a little air left but didn't want
to go for a scavenger hunting for my bikini. Lisa was closer to the
boat than I and stared swimming for it. At that point I wasn't sure she
was going to give it back.
We got to the dive ladder and Lisa handed up her equipment while I
tried to get her to give me back my bikini without the crew knowing
what I was doing. They then asked for my tank I slid it off and
handed it along with my weight belt and fins up to the mate. I stayed
in the water though. The mate than asked we what's wrong. I said,
"Ask Lisa". She held up my bikini and immediately the captain and
mate knew why I didn't want to come out. Everyone was getting a
kick out of it at my expense. Then I saw the other two couples surface
about 200 feet in front of the boat. With that I climbed up the ladder
completely naked. I don't think Lisa was expecting that. I guess she
thought she'd get a little more teasing out of it. She offered me the
bikini but I just ignored her. I said if it's a show you want it's a show
you'll get. I don't think Lisa wanted it to go quite this far but she had
started it. After the last two days not having to worry about a suit
slipping out of place was a relief. She said "what about the other
couples". "I think they've seen everything before. Besides the captain
and mate didn't seem to mind". As the other divers made their way
around the boat Lisa and I headed back up to the upper deck. At least
there they wouldn't see us and so far they hadn't bothered to come up.
Now I had done it all completely naked. My heart was in my throat
the whole time but I did a good job of not showing it. I know Lisa
didn't expect this but I reminded her that she had started it.
She said. "Well might as well take advantage of this and tan that butt
of yours. So we lubed up and rolled over. After everyone was aboard
and we where on our way the mate stuck his head up and asked if we
wanted a drink. He brought us up some fruity drink that really hit the
spot. He managed to hang around and chitchat for most of the trip
back in until he had to go back to work. When we got close to the
resort I realized that Lisa had left my bikini with the equipment. I was
sure that the other couple must have seen it and realized I was up here
naked. We were now right off the beach in front of the resort. I knew
if I went down for it everyone including the folks on the beach would
see me naked. Now I know I spent most of yesterday nearly naked in
front of most of these people but there's a difference between naked
and topless. I asked Lisa to grab it for me. At first she refused teasing
me again.
Payback time for my brazen show earlier I guess. After a couple of
minutes she decided she didn't want any more shows so she slid down
the ladder and grabbed my bikini. Some one had draped it over my
tank. She handed it up and gathered our stuff together. There I was
completely naked forty feet off a populated beach trying to tie my
bikini back together and get it on. I did the best I could but I know
some people knew what has going on. I came down the ladder still
trying to get it back in place. There wasn't much margin for error with
this bikini. I grabbed my towel but didn't put it on knowing that we
had to wade back to the beach. The couples were already getting off
the boat when I came down. We waded back to shore but I got the
towel pretty wet so I didn't put it on. There was Barbara and Jane
waiting for us. Jane had a small disposable camera with her and
seemed to have just finished taking some pictures. "You weren't
taking any of me were you" I asked. She just smiled and said
"maybe". Barbara said, "Just some blackmail pictures for when we get
back". I though oh great that's all I need some topless pictures of me
floating around the school or the Internet. I said, "I want all the
pictures and negatives when you're done". They said they went into
town to look around. I asked if they had though to buy me some stuff
like a shirt or bikini. They said "no".
We rinsed off all our stuff and headed down the beach to the outdoor
bar for some lunch. I guess after yesterday's display going to the bar
topless wasn't that big a deal. The hostess kind of gave me a
challenging look when we asked for a table of four. I asked is it ok to
come in like this or do I have to put something on. She said
"normally we don't even like people coming in bathing suits because it
gets everything wet and sandy". She said, "I can put you out on the
deck". Sitting on the deck I didn't feel that out of place. At least I
could see the people on the beach in their suits. I was the only one in
the place that didn't have some sort of cover up of something on. Hell
I barely had anything on for that matter. It felt really strange eating in
a public restaurant topless. At least we were at the beach. We
ordered and the waitress kind of stared at me when she took my order.
Wonder why. She bought us some side salads on this huge tray. She
started to serve the table but leaned over a bit to far and two of the
salads went flying. One landed on the floor and the other right on me.
I would have been mad but it was just so funny. She apologized
saying someone had bumped her. I think she did it deliberately
though. She grabbed a napkin and went to help clean up and stopped
just short of my left breast when she realized what she was doing. I
took the napkin from her and proceeded to clean myself up. Everyone
at the table burst out laughing. I couldn't help but laugh myself. I was
getting a lot more attention than I wanted considering my dress. I
tried to sneak off to the ladies room with the napkin covering so I
wouldn't attract any more attention.
When I got back every one just started laughing again. I said, "at least
it wasn't hot stuff. That would have hurt". We finished our meal and
headed back to our favorite spot to soak up some sun. There were
actually a couple more girls topless today. That made me feel better
as I lotioned up. Not long after that Chris and his friend (the guys we
met at the beach club) showed up. Chris said he was glad he hadn't
missed the show. I said, " I wasn't considering it a show and acted
mad. He apologized and commented on my tan. I sat up on my
elbows so he didn't have as good a view down my suit. They said
they drove over because they had their surfboards and wanted to
check out the waves at the point. Surfing sounded cool. I had surfed
a couple of times but was fairly good but wasn't that keen in surfing
the way I was dressed. Lisa suggested we grab some snorkeling gear
and meet them down there a bit latter. I was a little surprised they
left, thinking of the view they had of me. I thought I should have
been hurt but I got over it.
We picked up our some gear and decided to walk down to the point. I
was hesitant because this meant I had to walk past the front of the
resort. After walking through the lobby last night and eating topless it
didn't seem like that big a deal besides I was starting to get use to it.
So I tucked my bottle of lotion under the strap of my suit and off we
went. We left most our other stuff on the chases since we already had
a lot to carry. On the way past the resort we ran into the two girls we
had walked back from the club with the first night. I guess they
weren't that surprised to see me topless after my exhibition the other
night. I told them they still hadn't found my bag and this was all that
fit. "Good thing this place is topless", they said. They complemented
me on my tan saying, "They wish they had the nerve". Lynn the taller
one said stop by later and she'd see if she had anything that would fit."
Now we're talking. We headed down the beach and came across these
ladies selling gifts and stuff. I looked at the tee shirt and then realized
none of us had any money on us. A little further down the beach we
saw these two women lying out naked. Lisa said, "I told you you
didn't need a suit." I said, "if we were way down here", meaning
away from the people, "maybe I strip too". I said, "still waiting for
you to join me". That stopped her. I was starting to get into this
topless thing. It didn't bother me that much but going naked, even
though there wasn't much difference considering what I had on, but
that was more than I wanted to do.
We finally got to the point but didn't see the guys. There were more
people than I expected down there since there was no hotel or
anything near by. It was mostly surfer and most of them were guys.
The surf was much rougher here but we set up in a sheltered area and
waited for the guys. We spread our towels and re applied our lotion.
A couple of minutes latter the guys showed up with their surfboards.
We said we were comfortable and let them go off and surf. Not long
after they came back, saying the waves weren't that good. They
looked fine to me. I guess they were some heavy-duty surfers. They
asked us if we wanted to try. Barbara said she wanted to and
eventually we all made our way over the to the surfing side. Well let
me tell you that bikini of mine was not meant for that surf. Lisa
hesitated as well thinking she might loose her suit as well. I said,
"What do you have to worry about with that suit and told her she
could use some exposure". I shouldn't have shot off my mouth
because I had no intention of going in when Lisa and Jane dragged me
into the water. I was already getting enough attention from the guys
on shore. Now I knew they were waiting for me to loose the rest of
the suit. We swam out a little past the surf and I still had my bikini on
so I started to relax again. It was deep out there and we had to tread
water. Barbara was already on a board with Barry when Chris asked
me. John offered his board. I figured it beat trading water so I
climbed aboard and paddled out further with Chris.
Straddling that board in my bikini wasn't exactly to most lady like
position to be in. I could see Chris's attention on my crotch. He gave
me some pointers but I was afraid to get started. I saw that Barbara
get up right away and did really good until she wiped out. She
paddled back out to where we were and screamed about how exciting
it was. She told me I had to try it. I told her I was afraid of loosing
my suit when I fell. She said, "that'll just make it more exciting the
risk factor." I just sat there for a bit and then saw Lisa and Barbara
waving for me to go for it. I knew if I fell in one of those big waves,
my bikini would be history. I just hoped I could grab it before it came
off completely and wouldn't be able to find it. Well I mustered up
enough nerve and paddled for then next big swell. I got up but fell
almost immediately. My bikini stayed on despite needing a little
adjustment. I paddled back out and waited for another one. This time
I got up and lasted a little longer but still wiped out. This time my
bikini slid down but I was able to grab it and pull it back in place.
Boy I must have been crazy but I paddled back out and tried it a third
time. This time I made it all the way through the surf almost to the
shore. After the required suit adjustment I paddled back out again.
This was getting to be fun and I hadn't lost my suit yet. With Chris's
and Barbara's encouragement I tried it again. This time I crashed
pretty hard and the bikini came completely down and off my legs. Oh
no now I'd done it. I swam around a little panicked when Chris and
Barbara paddled up. I said, "I lost my bikini now what should I do"?
Barbara said, "When you tempt fate this is what happens". I swam
around a bit more towards the shallower water and there it was.
Thank God. I wasn't ready for a complete show.
That was it. I waded in to shore and told Lisa and Jane what had
happened. Jane said that would have been interesting. Enough of
that, we sat on the towel and talked until we started to get hot. We all
went in the water in the calmer area but even that wasn't that calm.
There were still some pretty good waves. The guys started body
surfing and trying to get me to join them. I said, "What are you
kidding". We started a game of chicken fight after a while. It was me
on Chris's shoulders and Jane on Barry's. I shouldn't have been doing
that but is sure was fun. I must have been showing an awful lot
because every time I got knocked off I had to do some major adjusting
of my bikini, Chris got more that his share of feels. One time when I
started to fall off his shoulders he tried to catch me but ended up
sliding his hand completely down my front. He got a feel of
everything including my pussy as his hand slid down inside my suit
almost ripping it off in the process. It seemed innocent enough trying
to break my fall but still. The others got into it and it got a little out of
hand. One time I fell into Barry and he got a face full of my breasts.
He came up asking if I was trying to poke his eye out or something.
I don't think he minded one little bit from the smile on his face. With
that much skin exposed and the physical contact; it was impossible to
keep anyone who wanted to from feeling me up. Then it happened.
This one extra large wave knocked down Chris and me. I got push
under and off came my bikini. Chris came up with it in his hand and
held it up for everyone to see. I begged him to give it back but all he
did was toss it to Barry over my head. It turned into a big game of
keep away from Carrie. Eventually someone made a mistake and
threw it short. That was my opportunity. Barbara swam to it and
grabbed it just before I did. I tried to wrestle it away from her when
another large wave got both of us. I continued when it passed but she
screamed that she didn't have it. She had apparently dropped it when
the wave knocked her down. Oh great, from bad to worse at least
before I thought they'd eventually give it back. Now it was lost. We
looked around for a bit. At least I did. I don't think the others had the
same motivation as I did. After a while one by one they got tired and
walked back to the towels. Lisa asked me what I was going to do.
She seemed to have some actual concern. She didn't seem to mind me
being topless. She seemed to encourage it I thought. Chris kind of
thought the whole thing was funny I guess he hadn't seen enough of
After a couple of minutes I thought about it and the difference
between me now and with the bikini on really wasn't that much. I
guess it was just the idea of being the only one naked that bothered
me. I asked Lisa to bare it with me but she was having no part of it.
Eventually I figured I had no choice. I started to walk to the
shallower water and remembered to never look down and don't forget
to smile. As I walked out of the water it was like every eye on the
beach was on me; and why not most of the people on the beach were
guys and I was completely naked. As I got close to the towel, I said,
"well here's the rest of me, nothing left to your imagination now. I lay
down on my stomach to hide my front from the stares. It felt weird
being there naked when no one else was. Once again I tried to make
to best of it and said, "It's not too bad, you should try it". Chris
offered to rub some lotion on my back before I burned. How
thoughtful of him. Speaking of burns, Barbara had gotten more sun
that se should have. Everyone lotioned up with Chris doing me. I
could tell he was enjoying it from the bulge in his suit. He did my
back then my legs and hesitated. I said, "go ahead I know you want
to". He did my ass extra well. He commented on my tan and how the
only thing not tan was this little spot in the middle. He offered to do
the front but I said no thanks. All at once the conversation turned to
my tan and how I should work on that last little spot and then it would
be the perfect tan. I said it looks like I'm doing that right now. Chris
said something about how nice my ass was and asked me if I worked
out a lot. I said I'm on the swim team and work out a couple of times
a week back home.
Again after a while everyone got hot and when back in the water.
Chris asked me if I wanted to try surfing again. Nothing to worry
about now I was already naked. When everybody came back from
their quick dip and started talking about me again, I decided to take
him up on it. boy was I getting brazen. We grabbed our boards and
walked over to the surfing side of the beach. What a show. Me
carrying a surfboard across the beach completely naked. My heart
was in my throat again but I kept walking. Someone yield something
to me but I just kept walking right into the water. Now to paddle out.
If it looked bad before with the bikini on you should have seen me
then. I bet Chris though he was in heaven surfing with the only naked
chick on the beach. Once we got out there away from some of the
people it didn't seem that bad. My heart started to settle down and I
jumped on the next wave before I could think about what I was doing.
I did pretty well. I was a little nervous since I knew everyone was
looking at me. I paddled back out and did it again. By then it didn't
matter. After about a half and hour I was starting to get good at it. It
was actually a relief not to have to worry about that dammed bikini
falling off. We started to get tired and headed back in.
Back across the beach to where the others were. This time I was
walking pretty much towards most of the people though. They'd have
and un-obstructed view of my front. I decided to carry the board on
my outside hip and let them look. I think I was starting to become an
exhibitionist. I lay down on my stomach again and let Chris apply
some more lotion once I dried a little. Everyone was talking about my
nude surfing and how daring I was. I told them after getting over my
fear it was actually a relief not to have to worry about my bikini
sliding around. I eventually flipped onto my stomach figuring they
already seen everything. Chris offered to do my front but I declined.
I just lay back, not believing I was completely naked in front of all
those people. I guess I must have been getting use to it because I fell
asleep right there on the beach naked. It wasn't until Lisa came
running up screaming that she had found my bikini that I woke up. I
guess it had washed up on the beach. That was a relief. At least I
didn't have walk back naked. It started to get late and we decided to
head back. The guys offered to give us a lift but there wasn't enough
room for all of us.
We gathered up our stuff and started walking back. Barbara said,
"Aren't you at least going to put you suit back on". I said. "Not yet".
We had walked almost all the way back to the resort when I decide
this had gone far enough. I said, "I need a couple of drinks like last
night to muster enough courage to walk through the resort completely
naked". Adding, " I don't thing there's enough alcohol here to get me
to walk all the way up to the room naked. We returned our unused
gear to the activities hut and headed back to the room.
Then I remembered that Lynne had said to stop by, that she might
have something for me to wear. Their room was a cottage at ground
level with their own entrance so we didn't have to walk through the
lobby. Lisa and I headed over while Barbara and Jane went back to
the room. I didn't bother to cover up. boy I was really getting use to
being topless. We knocked on the door and they invited us in. They
had already showered and changed. Again I was under dressed. So
what's new? They offered us a beer and asked what it was like up by
the point. Lisa went on about my naked surfing and all. I was a little
embarrassed. Lynn went into her room and came out with two shirts
for me to try. She said they were big for here so they should fit me.
The one was a t top that actually fit. It looked a little smaller on me
but it fit. There were a lot of my boobs showing but what was new
about that. The bottom came to just above my navel. Not something
I'd wear to church but the best thing I came across since we'd gotten
there. She commented about the how much of my breasts were
showing but I said "better that all of them showing". I took that off
and tried the other shirt. That was a button up shirt but I couldn't quite
button the ones in the middle. Lisa said, "try trying it around your
breasts. That worked but there wasn't enough to tie a knot, just a loop.
I pulled it a little tighter and spun around. It looked like as long as it
was tight enough it would stay. We finished our beer and thanked
them for the beers and headed back to our room. I decided to keep the
shirt on. It looked a little funny a button up shirt (tied actually) and a
tiny bikini bottom. I told Lisa it looked a lot better than the towel.
On the way through the lobby we ran into Barbara and Jane. They
were changed and were at the indoor activity desk and were signing
up for one of those day trip tours. It sounded kind of interesting.
They take you by bus to around the island and over to these caves on
the other side of the island where you spend the afternoon swimming
through the caves. I sounded pretty good so we signed up. There was
also this Rambo tour on Friday. I had heard some people talking
about it and how tough it was. The guy behind the desk told us it
wasn't that bad if you were in shape. He said they take you to the end
of the island and make your way up this river with waterfalls and all
and then climb to the top of the mountain. He said, " you can see
almost the whole island from up there on a clear day. It sounded
expensive considering we just signed up for the other trip. I told Lisa
I still had some cloths to buy if I didn't want be prancing around
topless all week. That's when the guy behind the desk checked out my
strange outfit. Lisa said, "you only live once and besides you've done
pretty good so far so" we signed up. Barbara and Jane need a little
more convincing. We headed up to the room to shower and change
and told Barbara and Jane we'd see them by the bar in an hour and
decide what to do about dinner.
I decide not to wear the t-top since after a closer look it seemed a bit
sheer. In the light you could my nipples and areola pretty clearly. I
pulled on my short and tied the top nice and tight and head
downstairs. It was actually the best dressed I'd been since arriving but
Barbara still made me uncomfortable by saying. "Hope you have that
thing safety pined on. It will never stay tied when you start dancing".
I asked if anyone had a safety pin as well as the front desk and no one
did. I kind of felt like I was still topless despite the shirt since it really
didn't provide any support. I bounced around pretty good under the
shirt. Dinner was nothing to talk about. Latter we went to this club
someone had told up about but it was nice but kind of dead. I actually
wanted to go back to the beach club but thought I'd never be able to
keep covered and dancing the way I had the night before. Eventually
these guys came up and asked us to dance. Barbara did but Lisa, Jane,
and I just stayed and talked to the guys. After a couple of beers they
convinced me to get up and dance. I really like to dance so it was
hard for me to just sit there and drink. Barbara was right though, the
more I danced the looser the top became. I had to tighten it up after
every song. It was starting to remind me of the bikini. I managed to
keep it tied the whole night but I know when it loosened up people got
a pretty good view. The place never did pick up so after a while we
headed back.
When we go back to the room Lisa said something about checking out
how my tan was coming. When we got ready for bed I did the twirl
and said, "what do you think"? "Almost gone" referring to my white
ass. That nude sunbathing had given me some color where I usually
don't get any. I must have been getting vain because I had to check it
out for myself in the mirror. She was right. Except for a faint spot
right in the middle of my butt and a few barely noticeable strap marks
I had the perfect tan. Not a mark on me anywhere. I was starting to
think about what the girls on the swim team would think when I took
my cloths off and they saw this tan. Lisa must have been having the
same thought because she said, "wait till Sue sees that tan. Will she
be jealous". Sue is this girl on the team that is always in the tanning
booth and always flaunting her body in the locker room and
elsewhere. Here goal is to achieve the perfect tan and thanks to the
tanning booth does pretty well. Every time she comes back from the
beach it's tan lines though. I though it would be nice to show her this
tan and just leave her hanging with how I got it. Anyway. Off to bed.

End of Day III

Carrie's Adventure Vacation Day IV
Background: For those that missed the first couple of days, let me
give you a little background. This is a story about a vacation I went
on a while back with a couple of college friends of mine. Actually
one was my college roommate who is the instigator and the others
were her friends. This whole trip got a little wild when the airline lost
my luggage. I didn't have anything to wear and none of my friend's
clothes fit. It was in the Caribbean and all I had was a borrowed
bikini. Well that's what led to my exhibitionist adventure.

My Adventure Vacation
Day IV

Today Jane and Barbara woke us up. They really were excited about
this tour we were taking so we quickly ate and started to get ready. I
wasn't too keen on that shirt after last nights experience. It reminded
me too much of the bikini. I didn't want to have to worry about it
coming un-tied so I opted for the tank top. I pulled it on and checked
it in the mirror to see if it was as bad as I thought. Not quite but you
could see my nipples and the outline of my areola through it if the
light hit it right. Oh well I'd been topless most of the week so far so
this didn't seem that bad. Everyone else had their suits on under their
clothes but I just stuffed my bikini bottom in my shorts pocket. It
wasn't like it was that big anyway. I figured there would be a place to
change somewhere. It looked like another day of going topless unless
I found something in one of the stores. We grabbed our towels and
other stuff and headed down to the lobby.
By now I had given up on ever seeing my bags so I brought some
money so I could buy something decent to wear. I didn't have that
much money left though after the trips and dinners. Down in the
lobby we ran into Lynn and her friend Janet. I said, "you didn't tell
me how sheer this thing was last night". She said, " I thought you at
least had a bra to put on under it. Guess not from the looks of it". I
guess it was obvious that I was braless. We loaded up on this open
tour truck and off we went. It was nice to get out and see something.
I always try to get to know something about the place I'm vacationing.
It makes it seem more real. Well we bounced around the island for
the better part of the morning stopping at every tourist spot there was.
Every time we got out to look around these two guys started talking to
us. They were trying to act cool but all they were doing was trying to
look down my shirt. It was kind of exciting which just made my
nipples more noticeable under the thin shirt. Eventually we stopped in
this small town but it seemed that today was some local holiday and
most of the shops were closed. The whole town was pretty quiet.
Just my luck. I go shopping and the stores are closed. There were a
few open though. Lisa and I walked into this one. It looked a little
too expensive for my college budget but we walked around any way.
I saw some nice bikini but like the hotel the prices were outrageous.
We decided to meet up with Lynne and janet and get something to
eat. We got talking and almost missed the bus when it was ready to
leave. A couple of more tourist spots and off to the caves. When we
got there it was pretty crowded. I guess with the holiday all the locals
decided to go to the beach. The driver took us a little further down the
road to a spot that wasn't quite as busy. It was a beautiful beach with
a rocky cliff off to either side. I guess that's where the caves were.
Everyone ran down to the beach and started stripping to their suits. I
guess I was wrong about a place to change. There was nothing here I
mean nothing. Barbara had changed to a black and red one-piece suit.
I guess with her burn it made more sense. I said, "If you where
wearing that why couldn't you let me wear you bikini"? She said,
"you never asked". Thanks a lot. I pulled my bikini out of my shorts
pocket and wondered how I was going to change into it. I decided to
go back to the bus and change on the other side of it. Not exactly
private but not as open as in the middle of the beach. When I came
back, there I was topless again with that poor excuse for a bikini
bottom. The tour guide kind of did a double take. Checking me out.
I guess did stand out a bit. Everyone else had reasonable suits on and
there I was. He gathered us all around and told us that we had until
3:00. We could do anything we wanted and that the caves were in the
cliffs to either side of the beach. Before going in we lotioned up
Lisa said, " Are you going to keep the bottom on? I thought you were
going to continue on that tan". A couple of people hearing that kind
of stopped and waited for my response. I teased them and said,
"Maybe later, I want to explore first". The two guys from the bus
came over and started to strike up a conversation all the time staring at
my breasts. They were being so obvious it was disgusting. I said I
thought I'd make it easier on you before you strained your necks. We
laid down on out towels for a bit to let the lotion soak in before going
in the water. The two jerks spread their towels out directly behind us.
I was laying on my back so I knew they had a pretty good view down
the front of my bikini bottom. I should have shaved a little more after
seeing how much was showing but forgot. I pulled the suit up but it
didn't do any good I still had about an inch gap showing. Eventually
we got up and went down to the water. Luckily the jerks didn't
follow. They just watched. Lynne and janet joined us. janet also had
a one-piece suit on today. A rash of modesty today. Before going
into the water I though I should tighten up my bikini. Being careful
not to drop it right there in front of the whole beach I retied the string
holding my only covering. It was exciting to see the look on the two
guys face. Most of the people went off to explore the caves to the left
so we went to the right. We swam around the point to where the
caves started. Despite tightening it, it kept slipping down. There just
wasn't enough elastic in it to keep it in place. I tried to straighten it
while treading water and go a mouth full. Everyone asked me if I was
all right. I said just pulling my bikini up again. Quit, Jane said, "Why
don't you just take it off then. It's just us". Not discounting option I
said, "let me see how much swimming we have to do on this
adventure". Lynn seemed surprised that I even consider it.
We swan into the shallows of the first cave and admired its beauty.
There was a bit of a ledge just out of the water that led up to some
light above. The trick was getting up to the ledge without getting
banged against the rocks. Lisa and Jane made it up ok along with
Janet. I had to be extra careful since I had some rather sensitive
glands hanging out there rather unprotected. I made it up and helped
Lynn and Janet. I wish we had thought to bring Jane's camera. We
looked around for a bit then jumped back in the water. We swan
around to the next cave and swam in. This cave was really small.
Barbara and Lynn didn't want to go in and swam around to the next
one. The rest of us followed Lisa. You could walk but it was only
wide enough to just get through. We had to be extra careful we didn't
get banged against the side. It turns out this cave connected to the one
Barbara and Lynn had left us for. We made it through but not before
Jane scraped her arm. I was extra careful not wanting to get any
scrapes on the sharp rocks. The water was deeper in this cave and we
had to tread water. It was beautiful but we didn't like treading water
the whole time. I pulled my suit back up once again and swam out of
the entrance. It looked like 4 or five more entrances before a small
beach. As we swan in to the next one I decided enough was enough.
I held my breath and as I sank down pulled my bikini off. When I
came up, I yelled over to janet who had a little wet dry bag she'd be
dragging around. I held up my bikini and asked her if she could put it
in her bag. A little dismayed by my action she took my tiny bikini
and stuffed it in her bag. The others just kind of looked at me like I
was crazy. I said I'd put it back on before we got back to the others.
We swam through the next two caves and skipped the last two and
headed to the beach. Lynn and janet waited to see what I was going
to do. janet asked if I wanted my bikini back . I said, "Hold onto it
for now, we still need to swim back".
It was a nice beach and we thought it was deserted but on the one side
were about a dozen locals having a picnic. We exited the water a little
further down. Everyone looked as I exited. I just walked up the
beach. I had gotten over my nervousness yesterday. The sun felt
good after the chill of the water. None of us had any lotion so we
didn't want to stay out too long. We climbed up on the rocks to check
out the view. It was one thing being naked in or near the water but
climbing up the rocks in the nude felt weird. We decided to head
back since we didn't know the exact time. We made our way back to
the original beach back to all the people. As we go into the shallower
water we saw the two jerks that couldn't leave me alone earlier. They
swam out to meet us and asked how the caves were. I guess they
weren't that good of swimmers. We kind of hung around in the water
for a bit. I don't think they realized I was completely naked. After a
couple of minutes Janet, Lynn and Barbara all walked back to the
towels. I hadn't noticed until they were out of earshot. They had left
me out there naked. I expected that from Barbara but not Lynne and
Janet. There must have been a hundred people up there including
everyone from the bus. I asked Lisa to go up and retrieve my bikini.
She waked up the beach but just sat down next to the others. Nice I
thought. They must have planned this. I just shook my head and gave
them the finger. After a bit I started to get cold and the guys knew it.
They still hadn't figured out why I was staying in the water. After a
couple a more minutes I told Jane. I'll show them. I started to walk
towards the shallow water when one of the guys figured out that I
didn't have the bikini bottom that I had left with. I could hear him
telling his friend.
I walked straight up the beach naked. I bet the guys wished they were
in font of me instead of behind. By the time I go to the towels
everyone else had figure it out as well. I just stood there and said, "If
you want my suit that much just keep it". I know janet never thought
I'd walk right up there naked. Lynn locked equally shocked. I just
flopped down on my stomach and let the sun dry me off. Apparently
it was only about two o clock so we still had and hour before we had
to leave. I just lay there and pretended not to hear any of what was
being said. I could see out of my eyelids that the two guys had taken
up their spots again. I just lay there. I don't know what was with
these guys there isn't much to see except my naked ass. I had a nice
ass but still what was it with these guys. Then we heard the tour guide
rounding up all the people. I had forgotten that when I changed I had
left my cloths on the seat of the bus. Not a problem I just wrapped the
towel around me and walked over to the bus but not before giving the
guys the view they had been waiting for. I though the one guy was
going to cum in his pants when he saw me.
Anyway I walked over to the bus and slipped the shorts on under my
towel. I just threw the towel up on the bus seat an pulled the top over
my head and climbed up on the bus. Nothing much else to happened.
We got back to the resort and everyone wanted to head back to the
beach. There was a volleyball game going on in the one pool. Lisa
said, "We'll take on the winner". I said, "you'll take on the winner, I'm
going to get a drink." Since they were still playing we all went over
and got drinks. Both teams had six people. One had 4 guys and 2
girls and the other 2 guys and 4 girls. It seemed like the one with the
girls was winning. Go girls. I told Lisa that there was no way I was
playing volleyball topless. She said, "Then keep the top on, go have
another drink". Apparently janet and Lynne had played volleyball
before. They seemed excited about playing. I did have another drink
fearing what was going to happen. When the game finally ended the
team dominated by the girls won. They hollered over "are you guys
ready to get whipped. Well I didn't like that but I still wasn't going to
play. Everyone else jumped in including Barbara who never seemed
very athletic. Then they started harassing me. I said "I just didn't
want to play, that I didn't have my bikini with me" which was the
They could probably tell by the way I was showing through the top.
They said, "No need just strip and jump in unless your chicken that
is". Well there were those challenging words again. I was going to
ask janet if she still had my bikini in here bag but I didn't see her bag.
I asked her what she did with it and she said "she dropped it in the
room on way over her". Then they did it again, "What's the matter
afraid to get you hair wet"? That got me mad; and Lisa said, "come
on Carrie let's show them." I wasn't sure what show she was referring
to beating them or me. Even Barbara said, "you're the tallest one, we
need you". I didn't expect encouragement from her of all people. I
said to myself, this is crazy but here goes. I reached down for the
bottom of my shirt and pull it over my head and dropped it on the
table. The girls got a little quieter when they saw my tanned breasts.
"Nice tan " one of them yelled out "but can she play volleyball". I
know they though I had a bikini bottom on under my shorts because
they all shut up when I unzipped my shorts and pulled them down. I
heard one of the guys say "nice bod". I couldn't believe I was going to
play naked but there I was.
I didn't hear any mouthing off then. I think the other team was a little
shock that I'd had gone that far. At least I didn't have to worry about
the bikini slipping around. I don't think I could have played with it
anyway. The water came up to just about my breasts so most of me
was covered, but I still knew I was naked and so did everyone else.
Yesterday at the beach and this afternoon was one thing but here in
the hotel pool was another. I kind of hid in the back but it was hard to
deny the attention I was drawing from the other team and from the
people around the pool. After what seemed like forever we started
playing. Well women that have played volley ball especially if you
have any kind of chest know that a good bra is in order. Even though
my breasts are really firm there was no doubt they were bouncing
around. I could feel it myself and didn't play very aggressively at all
and Lisa knew it. We were down 4 to 1 when Lisa said, "I've seen
you play. You're a lot better than this". I said, "I've never played
naked before". Lynn who apparently played on their school's team
with janet said, "If we had you playing dressed like that, we'd be
playing to a full house for sure".
After a while I loosened up and got into it a little more especially after
the other team started mouthing off again. We played 2 and 2, and
once I got the front line it was hard to be modest and still play the
game. The net wasn't that high and being the tallest one there I did
pretty good up there. Of course it meant jumping and exposing pretty
much all of me. I noticed that we were starting to draw some
spectators. Oh great just what I need. Eventually we tied the game up
at ten. That surprised the other team. Then they started to get mad. I
was back on the front line and their tallest girl was against me. She
spiked the ball and I went to block it and missed. It came down and
got me right in the right breast. That would have hurt with a top on
but it really hurt topless. I ducked under the water and turned away as
I tried to massage out some of the pain. That looked indecent so I
stopped and yelled some obscenity back at the girl who did it. She
took exception to if and started yelling back. Now I was mad. Naked
or not I wanted to win and win we did. They wanted a rematch but
we all had enough by then.
But now I had to get out of the pool. It was bad enough playing but
by now we had gathered a sizable crowd. Several guys offered to help
but I climbed the ladder myself showing them what they had waited
for. Lisa followed me out and started yelling something at one of the
girl from the other team. The girl then pushed Lisa back into the pool.
I couldn't let that go so I started pushing the girl and we both ended up
in the pool. We pushed and shoved a little when someone knocked
me down. There was a pile of tangled bodies when a couple of guys
that had been watching jumped in. The guys gave the impression of
coming to my aid but all they wanted was a cheap feel. In the middle
of the mayhem I felt a hand come up between my legs and grab me.
After a bit, things settled down and we got out again. Some guys
started yelling some crude stuff so I just ran over and gather my stuff
and wrapped a towel around me and headed back to the room. It was
getting a little creepy around the pool and I was starting to get
concerned for my safety.
We all cleaned up and dressed to go out. All my stuff was a little
grubby so I asked Barbara to borrow her bikini top again. I was
getting use to wearing it now. I kind of like the way it showed off my
tan and besides it stayed on better than the tie together shirt. We
decided to go to this street fair they where having in celebration of
their holiday. We walked around the booths and shops. Again I felt a
little under dressed but it was a hot night and the air felt good. After
the pool experience I was getting tired of exposing myself like that
especially if no on else was going to so we checked out a couple of
shops. Lisa and I started looking at bikinis for me while I was looking
for something a little more practical.
I know, you probably think the funs over but its not. This crazy trip
continues to be crazy. Like the other shop, all the suits were
outrageously expensive. I was looking through the rack when Lisa
brought over this nice off white suit. It was only a little bigger than
the one I had been wearing. This one was a thong though. Lisa said,
"This suit will let you tan that ass and let you finish that tan. The top
was one of the beau tops that you just strap onto your boobs with the
single strap around you back. It seemed big enough to do the job
though. Lisa said, "Here try it on". I said "what do you want me to do
try it on right here" "why not" she said. It wouldn't have been that
hard all I had on was Barbara's borrowed bikini top and shorts.
I though the better of it though and headed to the changing area. I
looked at the price tag on the way over. $35. Not that bad I thought. I
tried it on. There wasn't much to the bottom. The front wasn't much
bigger that the other one and this one had no back at all. I didn't think
this was an improvement. I mean no back what so ever. I have a
thong at home but at least on mine there something where all the
stings come together. This was just tiny string that actually
disappeared in my ass. The stings tied right to the front piece, which
was really sexy. The way the stings sat around my checks actually
helped it stay in place better that the other. There really wasn't much
to the front though, probably three or four inches wide at the most. I
bent over to see if anything was showing underneath and somehow it
wasn't. I slid the top on. The top fit really nice. It was weird not
having a string around my neck. I'd never had a suit like that. There
was enough of the top to do a good job though. It would feel good to
have a little support again. I walked out and showed Lisa. She loved
it of course. The sales lady came over and commented on my tan. To
make a long story short I bought it after getting the sales lady down to
$25. Lisa wanted me to keep the top on but I changed back to the
other top and my shorts.
We met Barbara and Jane and showed them what I had bought right
there in the middle of all the people. Jane blurted out, "what no more
going topless." Some guys behind her turned around to see what she
was talking about. One checked me out pretty good. We walked off
before they could come over. We wandered around and grabbed
something to eat and headed back to the resort early. We noticed that
both Lisa and Barbara were starting to peel. I said, "I hope this
doesn't all peel on me". "Better put some lotion on it then". We
turned on the tv for the first time while Lisa did my back. After
doing the front, I got up asked if anyone wanted a beer. I should have
put something on but I didn't. After a couple of minutes someone
knocked on the door. Barbara looked at me and said, "You get it". I
know I shouldn't have but I got up and looked through the peep
whole. It was Janet. She said she had stopped by to return my bikini.
She had already seem me naked twice so once more wasn't going to
hurt, so I opened the door and left her in. "What are you a nudist", she
said. I hadn't though about it but I was certainly acting like one. At
that I went in and got a towel. We watched tv for a bit then got
ready for bed.

End of Day IV

Carrie's Adventure Vacation Day V

Archiving permitted; reposting is permitted if you notify me by e-
mail. No one is permitted to sell this story.

Background: For those who missed the first half of the week, let me
give you a little background. This is a story about a vacation I went
on a while back with a couple of college friends of mine. Actually
one was my college roommate who is the instigator of most of my
troubles and the others were her friends. T his whole trip got a little
wild when the airline lost my luggage. I didn't have anything to wear
and none of my friend's clothes fit. It was in the Caribbean and all I
had was a borrowed bikini. Well that's what led to my exhibitionist

My Adventure Vacation
Day V

The next day we all felt nice and rested and got ready to go down to
the beach. I tried my new bikini on. It felt nice to have a little
support for a change but it felt a lot smaller today for some reason. I
washed it along with the rest of our stuff last night but I didn't think it
shrank. I though about wearing the other bikini but since it didn't
have a top and didn't stay on very well I decided to stay with the one I
just bought. For those just tuning in it was a really nice suit despite
being small. The top was one of those tops with just the single strap
around your back. It seemed big enough to do the job though. There
wasn't much to the thong bottom. The front wasn't much bigger that
the other one, maybe three or four inches across and no back what so
ever. The stings tied right to the front piece, which was really sexy. I
pulled the top on and tied the strap tight knowing that there was only
one thing holding it on. Followed by the bottom. I took a look in the
mirror when Barbara came around and commented about my bottom.
She said, "I looked sexier with the suit on than when I was naked". I
said, "at least I have a top now". We headed down the hall to the
elevator. I didn't even bother putting on the towel; I just carried it
along with my other stuff. After the last couple of days, I felt pretty
dressed for a change.
On the way through the lobby Lisa stopped by the activities desk to
see what we could do today. They had this trip to the other side of the
island in the afternoon. We heard some people talking about it the
other day. It wasn't one of those tours like we had done yesterday.
On this one they have you play these silly games and basically just get
you drunk. Lisa wanted to try it and signed us all up. Then Barbara
and Jane wanted to go to this spot down the beach past the point
where we went surfing. She said let's drive and off we went.
On the way they wanted to stop and get some food and make a picnic
of it. We stopped at what the island considered a super market (not
really). We all jumped out when I said, "I can't go in dressed like
this". Everyone said "sure why not. It's the islands, you look fine".
Compared to being topless I looked dressed but compared to them in
their tee shirts and shorts I looked naked. From the back I really was.
Someone asked who has money? I counted and we had $23 and they
told me to hold on to it. I didn't have any pockets so I curled it up and
tucked it in my bikini bottom. When we went inside I took my
sunglasses off and tucked them in as well. What a site. That caused
the money to slide down a bit further. I wasn't about to reach down
and pull it out right there in the middle the store. The cool air kind of
made my nipples a little(lot) more noticeable. I got a number of looks
but ignored them. We picked our stuff out and headed to the register.
The people in front of us kept turning around and checking me out.
After being naked I didn't care and let them look. If that's what turns
them on fine. But then it didn't bother me. boy was I becoming an
exhibitionist. The guy behind the register just stared and said "nice
tan". I don't think he ever took his eyes off me until he had to look
down to see what the total was. I could see a little budge under his
apron so obviously I was doing something for him. $16.22 he said.
Now I had to gracefully extract the money from my bikini. Probably
should have done it before coming to the register. Looking him right
in the eye I reached down and pulled the money out. His jaw
dropped. I didn't look, but I think he saw a lot. Then I looked
towards at Lisa. She just shook her head. When I walked out I
realized he had given me my change plus the 20 I had given him. Not
a bad deal. I guess he was distracted.
We went off and had our picnic. Nothing much happened. I worked
on my tan a bit. We went in the water and I was amazed that that little
bottom stayed in place pretty well. This was probably the place to go
naked since there were only a couple of people but I kept the bottom
on. It was a great picnic but since we wanted to go on that trip, we
had to hurry back. We had just enough time to run up to the room and
grab the rest of our stuff. I grabbed my button shirt that I had to tie
and shorts and headed down with the others. I had heard some wild
stories about people having sex on the beach and everyone running
around naked but couldn't believe it was true. I thought maybe I could
get Lisa and the others naked for a change. It was about time some
else provided some entertainment. We didn't see Lynn and janet so it
was just the 4 of us. We did however see the 2 guys that wouldn't
leave me alone at the caves the other day and 2 of the girls from the
volley ball game. We boarded the bus anyway staying in the back
hoping they'd not see us.
They took us to this remote section of beach on the other side of the
island. There wasn't anything at this beach that except these tables
and a trapeze type thing. We no sooner got there than they handed us
glasses of punch. You could tell it was some strong punch. I don't
know what was in it but you knew it was there. But boy did it taste
good. As soon as we got off the bus they saw us. The girl yelled,
"Hey that's that naked chick that beat us at volley ball." As soon as
she said that all the others turned around. Especially to two jerks from
the other day. I bet they were sorry they missed that game. She said
something like, "decided to wear a suit today hu". There were twenty
of us in total. 8 girls and 12 guys. They got us playing this game of
keep away saying that whoever dropped the ball had to strip. We
weren't drunk enough for that so there were no takers.
After another drink they matched us up guy and girl and had the guy's
carry/race with us on their backs. The guy carrying me planted his
hand right on my ass and ran off with me in tow. Not bad though, I
just rode. The guys did all the work. Another drink later they formed
two teams and had a do this goofy relay where everyone stood behind
each other. The first person ran to the back and had to crawl through
all the others legs and then run to a table at the other end, chug a glass
of punch and ran back and tagged the first person in line. Lisa and I
were on the same team with both the girls from the volleyball game
and the jerks. Barbara and Jane were on the other team. I was the
third person and Lisa was right behind me. After the first person went
through it became obvious that the objective of the game was to tickle
the person trying to get through the legs and try to pull their suit off. I
feared the worse. With a string bikini, I didn't think mine would be
that hard to get off. I was going to tie another knot in the bottom but
the game had already started. Luckily with the ties in the front it
would be harder to get to them. The first two guys had these long
trunks and there was no way you could pull them off the way they had
tied the drawstring. It was my turn and again my heart was beating
like a drum even before I started. The guy tagged me and I ran to the
back of the line and tried to wiggle though the legs. About half way
through someone tried to pull my bottom off but they had a hard time
getting their hands under the small stings. I got a couple of nice
scratches out of it as I found out later. They didn't have any trouble at
all with the top though. Someone pulled the lone string and off it came
just before got through. I started to reach to cover my breasts but just
ran towards the table my boobs bounce everywhere. I could hear the
cheers from both teams.
What a site. I chugged the punch spilling a lot of it down my front
and ran back to tagged Lisa. They almost got Lisa's top off but she
managed to keep it on. In the end one guy lost his trunks but manage
to pull them back before we could see anything. Barbara and Jane
both had one-piece suites on today so they managed to keep theirs on.
I was the only girl to have lost her top. I looked for it but didn't see it.
They were already organizing the next game. Topless and in a thong
was just about as good as naked. The only thing I had covered was
my patch in the front. My ass was completely exposed. With all the
drinks I had already had I really didn't care though. Everyone was
getting pretty loose from all the alcohol.
The next game was this thing where to pass a ball from one to the
other but you could not use your hands. The organizer grabbed me to
demonstrate. I wonder why. He placed to ball on his neck clenching
it between his chin and shoulder. He faced me and pressed up against
me and tried to pass it over to me. I wasn't that anxious to trust by
bare boobs into his chest so I held back and the ball slid down into my
breast. He moved down to pull it out with his neck. His face was
literally right there in my boobs. He gave my left nipple a kiss as he
struggled to pass the ball over to me. Eventually he did and I was a
little embarrassed. My nipples were giving away my excitement,
being as hard as a rock. Lisa notices them saying "exciting wasn't it".
I needed to cool down and find my top but we started the game right
away. All the guys wanted to be next to me. Lucky me ended up with
the two jerks from the other day on either side of me. They were
practically drooling. It appeared that you could do just about anything
we wanted except use our hands. It was comical to watch people
trying to be discreet and pass the ball along. I was the second from
the end with the ball being passed from the left. I didn't think I could
be discreet being topless. The closer the ball got the more aroused I
got. By the time the jerk on my left got the ball my nipples were at
full attention. My nipples are extra sensitive when they get hard and
they were as hard as they get. I had this evil thought go through my
head to really give these two guys a turn on. I bet if I did it right
they'd cum right in their trunks. I thought better of it and then said to
myself why not. That punch really had its effect. The guy, Jim was
his name, moved over to me and kind of stood there. I moved up to
him and rubbed my nipples against his chest trying to get the ball
from him. I don't know what it was doing for him but it was fun for
me. As we moved closer I could feel the budge in his suit bump me in
the stomach. As he passed the ball over to me, it slid down my chest
like the last time. I saved it between my boobs before it fell. I leaned
back even more giving him giving him an evil grin. He tried to get
the ball with his neck. His face was right in my boobs. He brushed
my left breast a couple of times trying to get the ball back to my neck.
It kind of sent chills up my spine. Here I was on a public beach
practically naked almost having sex with this guy. After a couple
more failed attempts I said, "Wait a minute. Just back up slowly. He
did and I arched my back even more and balance the ball between my
breasts. My beasts were acting as a shelf holding the ball. I turned
around to look at the other guy, Fred I think his name was. With my
back arched like that I was sure he was looking down the bottom of
my suite because that's were his eyes were. By then I didn't care
where he looked. He tried to pull the ball free from between my
breasts but didn't know exactly how to do it. I pretty much pushed the
ball up his chest with my breasts until the ball made it to his neck. As
I did it my nipple rubbed along his chest. When it finally got there the
budge in his suit bumped me right in the crotch. That definitely got
him because he jumped back. He pulled back with the ball in his neck
and just fell over. I think he came right there on the beach. That
turned me on even more just knowing I had that kind of effect on
someone. Lisa ran over saying "that was quite a display". I said,
"Yea I really need to cool off now".
Barbara and Jane came over and commented as well. Saying. "Looks
like you're a little turned on there". The next game was a kind of a
tickling torture. It became free game on Carrie. The general idea was
to tickle your counterpart until they couldn't take it any longer. It was
divided up so the winner of each set moved on until only one was left.
I am generally not ticklish so I though I'd do pretty well but then again
I was practically naked and already extremely turned on. Everyone
immediately went after my nipples. I started to break out in sweat and
was breathing heavy when I had to pull out. I thought I was going
have an orgasm right there on the beach. I didn't win but oh my god
what a trip. Eventually we played this game were everyone had this
indecent exercise type thing to do. Each member of the team picked
the thing they had to do from a hat. The team that accumulated the
most points combined won. I ended up with this sit up like thing were
you lie on you back and sit up picking a ball out of the waste band of
you team mates trunks. It was as bad as it sounded. I have great abs
but this was more than just doing sit ups. I had a little time before I
was up which was great because I needed to cool down. I tried to find
my top but didn't. By the time I gave up, it was near the end and I
couldn't avoid my part. We were only a couple points ahead so it
came down to me against this guy who was doing the same with
Barbara holding the ball. I complained saying she's just holding the
ball there so we got to do the same. A little better but it looked like
this guy could do a lot more than me. We both took our spots and off
we went. The guy went at it fast while I tried to pace myself a little.
He soon passed our overall score but had slowed down a lot. I didn't
help that I had missed a bunch by dropping them. He finally stopped
after doing 105, which meant I had to do 88 to win. I was already
hurting at 60. I didn't think I was going to make it and was ready to
quit at 70 but everyone kept cheering me on. My abs were really
burning and literally shaking. I got to 80 and this guy started
massaging my abs. It felt good but was turning me on again. The
guys were fighting over helping me. One guy was working on my
lower abs and I warned him not to get cute. I think they were getting
more out of it than I was. It helped relax my abs and give me a boost
and somehow I made it to 88 before collapsing. Two guys helped me
up. I was spent and sore.
They had a couple more games planed but I was through. A couple of
guys helped down to the water to cool off and rinse off. I had several
invitations to dinner and one guy massaging my stomach the whole
time asked me to marry him. At one point right there on the beach he
slipped his hand down inside my bottom until I stopped him.
Anymore stimulation and that would have been it. When the guys
drifted off to the next game I pulled my bottom off and rinsed the sand
out. I didn't bother putting it back on as I walk up to where we threw
our towel earlier, I just collapsed onto my stomach and rested. Lisa,
Barbara and Jane came over as well. They were talking about my
performance but I ignored them. I reached under and felt my abs.
Were they sore. I rolled over and massaged them a little and
eventually fell asleep on the beach naked. I didn't care who saw what
at that point. When Lisa woke me up it was time to head back. I
slipped on my shorts and carried the rest up to the bus. It was then
that I remembered that I still hadn't found my top. I quickly ran
around looking for it until everyone started yelling that it was time to
go so I reluctantly walked back to the bus. While I was gone someone
had taken my shirt and towel. Lisa loaned me her towel, which I
wrapped around me for the trip back. We were all pretty drunk so it
was a loud trip back. The organizer said we'd have the pictures up
later tonight by the activity center. I said, "Pictures! I didn't see
anyone taking pictures". Oh my god I was ruined for life I thought.
All I could hear when we go back to the resort was, you should have
seen this wild chick.
The four of us went around the side of the main building to the beach.
This time avoiding the pool. Barbara had this great idea about playing
tennis. She suggested her and Jane against Lisa and I. I reminded her
that I didn't have a top any more. "Not like you haven't done it before.
Bet we beat you", she said. I guess it was those competitive juices
again or the fact that I just didn't care at that point. Lisa said, "What
do you want to bet"? "How about dinner tonight". We grabbed some
rackets and walked over to the court. There wasn't anyone there
because it was so hot. Everyone threw their stuff on the table and
started to warm up. I was still a little buzzed because I just dropped
the towel down and walked out there in just my shorts. The attendant
came over and told me that that wasn't proper tennis attire. No
kidding I thought. I said, "Do you want the shorts to come off too"?
Afraid I might do it, he backed off and let us play. My abs were still
sore; I could really feel it when I stretched to serve. Running made
my boobs bound pretty good so it wasn't one of my better games. Not
that I'm very good anyway. Another thing you shouldn't do with out a
bra. We stopped for a break and got a drink at the stand next to the
court. I was dripping sweat it was so hot. A young couple walked in
and started playing in the court next to us. I don't think the girl
appreciated me dressed like I was. We laid for about a half an hour
more when the heat got the better of us. Barbara and Jane were
hopelessly ahead so we owed them dinner. They reminded us of the
bet. "Nothing fancy we have limits you know" Lisa said.
We gathered out stuff, turned in the rackets and walked down to the
beach. I was too hot to cover up. I got a few funny looks. I guess
you don't see to many people topless in shorts. Topless in a bikini
probably wouldn't have drawn as much attention. Lisa marched us
right down to the middle of the resort's beaches. Surprisingly there
were about a half a dozen women topless. Seeing some others topless
made me feel more at home so I unzipped and pulled my shorts off.
Forget the bottom I thought. We swam out and cooled off before
coming back to our chases and lotioned up. I said, "I don't think I'm
up to that Rambo tour". My abs were killing me. I started to nod off.
Lisa said "sleepy"? "Yea must be the alcohol". Eventually we got up
and gathered our stuff. I was tempted to walk back to the room
completely naked and see if anyone stopped me but thought better of
it and pulled my shorts on. I wrapped the towel around my top as
well. We went back to the room and showered up and got ready to go
out. We decided to go back to the beach club so I borrowed Barbara's
bikini top and put on my shorts for the night. Not exactly dressed up
but it worked the other night. We met Bob and Mike from the first
night. They commented on my attire saying they loved it. I spent
most of the night dancing again. All the dancing kind of worked off
the alcohol because I didn't even feel buzzed when we left. Bob said
he had rented a boat and would take Lisa and I out diving if we
wanted. It was getting near the end of the trip and we couldn't dive on
Saturday because we had to catch a flight on Sunday so we decided to
go Friday after we got back from the Rambo tour. We invited them
but since they weren't staying at the resort they couldn't go. They
asked if we were entering the big bikini contest in Saturday. I said I
hadn't planned to but all I heard was that I'd be a shoe in. Back at the
resort we checked out about that Rambo tour again. The poster at the
activities center said dress light, bring a bathing suit and good hiking
shoes that you don't mind getting wet and be prepared for some
hiking. We discussed whether we really wanted to do it. Lisa and
Jane were all for it and Barbara passed saying don't wake me when
you leave. I'm going to sleep in. Sleeping in sounded like a good
ideal but Lisa wouldn't let me off.

My Adventure Vacation Day VI
We woke up late and had to rush to get ready. As soon as I moved to
get up I could feel my abs were really sore from the day before. I
slowly got out a bed and tried to massage my stomach muscles back
to life. Lisa ran into the bathroom leaving me to suffer. I couldn't
decide on which bikini I wanted. Since I didn't have a top for either it
looked like I was going topless regardless. The thong stayed on better
but I didn't want it ridding up my ass while we hiked. The other was
hard to keep in place but felt better when waking. I grabbed the
second one and stuffed it in my pocked. Then I thought, if we have a
lot of walking to do I had better put something on under these shorts.
Denim shorts are a little rough down there if you know what I mean
so I slipped them off and pulled the bikini on. I then put the shorts
back on and grabbed my T-top. I should have asked Barbara to
borrow here Bikini top but I figured she'd be wearing it today.
We ran down and jumped on the bus right as it was ready to leave.
We drove for at least an hour to get to this place. I didn't think these
islands were that big that you could drive for and hour in one
direction. Then again with all the turns it may have only been 10
miles is so as the crow flies. When we got there everyone got out to
stretch his or her legs. Our leader gave us the run down of the day.
We were leaving the bus here and hiking up to this lake about a half-
hour up the hill. Hill nothing; it looked like mountain. We would
drop most of out stuff there and those that wanted to could hike up to
the peak otherwise we could hang out at the lake.
After lunch we were going to hike up the gorge to the falls. We could
hike up to the monument from there if we wanted to. There were
about 25 people again in total, mostly guys and seven girls. There
was Lisa, Jane and I, The two from the volleyball game (didn't need to
see them again) and two girls I hadn't seen before. The leader said
leave everything you don't need here it's a tough walk. Jane said to
me "are you leaving your clothes"? A sharp "no" was my answer.
Everyone slimed down to the essentials for the walk. For once I
wasn't the least dressed. It was a tough walk so we decided to
conserve our energy. We were all starting to sweat so I was starting
to show pretty good through my light top. The two new girls were
right up at the front. There looked like the jock types in their shorts
and one-piece suits. Lisa said she though they were lesbians. I said
"no way".
When we got to the lake everyone stripped down to their suits and
jumped in to cool off. Being topless was no big deal now so I took off
my shorts and top. Everyone stop to check me out as I walked down
to the water. boy was that water cold. It must have been spring fed.
It was chilling but it felt good. Almost immediately 4 guys came over
and tried to start up a conversation. Amazing how you attract guys
when you're topless. The leader yelled down that he was heading up
to the peak and anyone that wanted to go could join him. Everyone
else could hang out here. Lisa and Jane wanted to go. I thought
hanging out here sounded pretty good but I did want to see the view. I
walked out of the water again to the stares of everyone there. It was
kind of exciting so when we gathered up our stuff I decide to leave my
top behind and just put on my shorts and shoes. The excitement of
being topless kind of perked me up (those too) and gave me a little
more energy. I did notice the two new girls checking me out though.
Maybe they were lesbians after all. The two girls from the volley ball
game and a couple of the guys stayed behind. I thought the girls were
tougher than that. We stopped at a rest area and got a drink from the
bottled water the leader had brought. Everyone was ringing wet by
then from the heat.
We started up and the two new girls stayed to walk with us. From the
tone of the conversation and the way they were looking at me I was
staring to be convinced that they were lesbians. The one kept
complementing me on my boobs saying mine bounced less
unsupported than hers do in a bra. The other one kept talking about
my beautiful tan and how great it looked without tan lines. Lisa
elbowed me and said, "I told you". Now I was used to the guys
checking me out; I was kind of expected that but the girls were
making me a little uncomfortable. It seemed like everyone there with
the exception of Lisa and Jane had and interest in me and I wasn't that
sure about Jane after a couple of her remarks. After a while we made
it to the top. My whole upper body was covered by sweat by the time
we got there. Sweat was literally dripping off my breasts it was so
hot. What a view though.
We walked around and you could see almost the whole island. Jane
was off snapping pictures with the camera she had brought. She came
over to Lisa and I and said lets get a picture of you two. I said I
wasn't really dressed for it but she took one anyway. I said,
"remember, I want that film when you done." Seeing that, some of
the guys invited me into their picture. I said, "no way". I did
eventually pose for one though but I hid behind one of the guys so you
couldn't see my boobs. At least I hope they couldn't see them.
We cooled down and had another drink before heading back down. It
was just as hard going down as it was going up. You really had to
watch you step so you didn't fall. On the way down we ran into a
family on their way up. I wanted to cover up but I almost slipped so I
tried to be cool and just ignore them. As they left I heard their
teenage daughter say. "Why can't I go topless? She is". I couldn't
hear the answer.
Back at the lake we went for another dip in the cold water before
having lunch. After lunch we went for another swim to check out the
lake. Everyone was getting ready for part two, the trip up the gorge.
Our leader said you might want to wear a tee shirt for warmth. I didn't
have anything else with me so I just trailed along in bikini. Both Lisa
and Jane threw on shirts so I was starting to regret my choice. A
couple of people stayed behind, 2 guys had hurt themselves on the
hike to the peak. The first part wasn't bad at all. We walked along
the path along side of the creek that fed the lake. It led up hill but was
pretty flat compared to where we'd been. It started to get smaller and
soon we had to wade through the water. With the rushing water I was
afraid of getting knocked down. If I lost my bikini there, I'd never see
it again. Again it was a constant job to keep that bikini on. I stopped
by the side and tied the strings tighter.
We had come to our first waterfall. Everyone hurried up the falls
except one of the new girls and me. You had to kind of swim and pull
yourself up the oncoming water. I was concerned that the water
would pull my suit off as I climbed up. There was a ledge about half
way so I stopped to make adjustments. It was still on me thank god. I
could see the other girl was having difficulty so I tried to give her a
hand. I helped her up pulled her past me and as she did she slid her
hand all the way down my front attempting to reach a rock. I almost
slipped as her upper arm came to rest across my breasts. I couldn't let
go, else I would have slipped off the ledge. She had me pinned with
my back against a rock and my front against her. I couldn't move
until she did. I don't think anyone could see us but it must have been
quite a site. I said something like "do you mind?" as she rubbed over
me throwing her boobs right in my face. Afterwards Lisa said. "I told
A little further up there was a calm spot with a rope swing hanging
from a tree. Everyone took turns then a couple of people tried it
together. The branch holding the rope didn't break. It really looked
like fun so I had to give it a try. The first time I did it I forgot to hang
onto my bikini as I hit the water. Despite jumping, by the time I came
up it was down around my ankles. It was a blast but each time I had
to hold my bikini to keep it from falling off. I probably would have
been better off just taking it off but was reluctant to do it with so
many guys there. Eventually Lisa wanted to do it as a threesome.
There were a couple of knots so one person could stand and the others
just hang on. I jumped on and Lisa and Jane just jump on hanging on
to me. We swung out and back a couple of times. Lisa had her hands
around my waist and Jane had her's on my shoulders but as we swung
out Jane's slid down to my breasts. I don't know if it was intended but
she go two handfuls as we swung there. I was so taken back that I
forgot to hold my bikini as we hit the water. I got a mouth full as I
went in and came up gagging. One of the guys came to my rescue,
groping me as he held me up. I don't know if he realized it but all the
time I was trying to hang onto my bikini as it hung by one foot
underwater. I was trying to tell them I was all right as another guy
came to my rescue. This guy bumped his leg into my exposed bush.
He knew immediately what had happened. I still had the bikini
around my one leg as they helped me into the shallower water. If I
had lost it there it probably would have been washed away but the
water. Once I could stand I bent down and pulled it back on.
We did it for about a half and hour more. The guys all wanted to go
with me to cop a feel. One guy even had the nerve to pull one of the
stings holding my bottom on as we swung out over the water. I let out
a yell and fell off. Luckily I held onto the suit as we hit the water. It
was pointless to try to stop the feels so after a bit I just asked them to
be gentle and went with it. We headed back up stream and after a
couple more small waterfalls came to a big waterfall that you could
not climb. We sat under it out of the water and sipped from a bottle of
wine that our guide had brought in his backpack. The wine was nice.
I was so cold though I was shivering when we climbed out. Most
people just hung out in the sun and warmed up but several of us
including Jane, Lisa myself started heading up to the monument at the
Everyone kind of went their own way but I kind of drew a crowd of
helpers. After just a couple of minutes I went from shivering to
sweating. We came to a tricky spot that we didn't think we could
make it across. There was about a rope across about a 20-foot drop.
There was just water at the bottom but still you had to use your arms
and climb across like it was a jungle gym. Lisa didn't think she could
make it so she waited. Jane made it across with difficulty. I wasn't
going to do it with all the guys there watching so I told them I was
going back. The guys all offered to help but I said go ahead. They
waited anyway waiting to see if I changed my mind. After a couple of
minutes they didn't think we were coming so they left. Lisa and I and
walked on. Lisa wasn't coming, I called her a chicken, which usually
gets her going, but she didn't budge. Jane was about to leave before
the rest got too far ahead when I decided to give it a try. Without
thinking about what I looked like, I made my way out onto the rope. I
could really feel my abs in that position. It was really tough with all
my weight hanging from my arms. I got about half way and Jane
pulled out her camera and started taking pictures. I could feel the
bikini slipping a but hanging there like that there wasn't much I could
do without letting go. Stretched out like that there wasn't as much of
me to hold it on. I could feel the perspiration running down my body.
Finally I made it across and pulled my bikini back in place. After
trying to convince Lisa to give it a try we decided to continue without
It was down to just Jane and I at that point. We came to a spot that
was not very well traveled and I though we may have gone the wrong
way. We could hear voices of the left and Jane led that way as we cut
through a dense section. This was no place to be in just a bathing suit.
I was taking my time trying not to get scraped by the branches. Being
topless at the beach was one thing but it felt weird being out in the
woods nearly naked. Talk about an adventure. I told Jane I thought
she had gotten us lost but we could still hear some voices up ahead
and to the left so Jane led us in that direction. It was extra slow since
I was trying to minimize the branches that hit me. Then all at once
Jane let out a scream and disappeared. She had fallen about 20 feed
down an embankment. She wasn't hurt but it was going to be hard for
her to make it back up without help. I was afraid I was going to slide
down as well so I help back hanging onto this tree by the edge.
This was turning into a real Rambo tour. I asked her if there was
another way out and she didn't think so without going further down. I
didn't want her getting lost so I told her to stay there while I figured
something out. If we had a rope it would have been easier but we
since we didn't I had to get to a point where she could reach me. I
carefully made my way down the embankment as far as I could
without falling myself; getting a couple of good scrapes along the
way. One nice one across my stomach and another up further.
Hanging onto a tree, I gave Jane my arm. I was being extra careful
since it was only my bare flesh between the tree and me. From there
she grabbed my waist as we made our way back up to the top of the
embankment. S he slipped off and almost ended up sliding down
again since it was hard for her to hold onto my sweaty body like that.
Eventually we made it to the top and cleaned the dirt and grim off.
When we found the others, one of the guys said, "What happened"
referring to our dirt and scratches. It looked worse than it was thanks
thank God. My scratches didn't really hurt but since my stomach
already hurt it felt like we had been through more than we had. I
climbed up on the monument to get a look at the view. I jumped
down quickly as this guy pulled out his camera. We rested a bit
before heading back to the river with the others. A guy showed us a
way that didn't take us back to that rope bridge thing. When we got
back Lisa saw us and asked what happened. I said "Just Jane's back
country tour". Lisa said "she thought one of the guys may have
attacked us". I didn't think about it before but I guess it was a little
risky being out in the woods dressed the way I was. Lisa had hurt her
ankle on the way back to the group. We probably shouldn't have left
her by herself. If it was any more serious she could have been in real
trouble and we would have been responsible. Another not so bright
Everyone started packing up and heading back down stream. I felt
bad for Lisa so I offered to help. She joked, "Saying go rinse your
sweaty body off before we do this". Most of the people where off
ahead of us. I was surprised no one was offering to help me even
though I wasn't the one that was hurt. We tried again and as she put
her arm around me she grabbed my left breast and held on. I said, "I
guess it doesn't hurt that bad. Maybe you want to do this yourself".
She let go. She said, " If she were a guy she'd be all over me right
now. I said, "How much wine did you have while we were gone"?
Between her, Jane and the guys I had been felt up by most of the
people there. I told her what Jane and other girl had done as we got in
the water. It was shallow so we half swam half walked for a bit. Lisa
said, "What do you expect dressed the way you are? Your practically
naked". I said, "I would expect it from the guys but not the gals.
She was getting silly and we started to play around a little as we
stumbled down the creek. I told her to just hold my shoulders and
float along as I guided her. I was half swimming half floating
sometimes walking through the shallower parts. At first she put her
hands on my shoulders like I had asked. Then she moved them down
and grabbed both my breast with her hands. I didn't react. She
seemed disappointed. She said I bet "I can turn you on"? I said, "how
much wine did you have again"? With that she started squeezing and
playing with my nipples. I told her to stop before someone sees us.
She said, "Not if you stay underwater". She squeezed harder when I
tried to lift up. I said, "This is too kinky, stop it." She just started to
work my nipple in her fingers. She continued all the way down until
we caught up to the group in front. We made it back to the lake again
and I helped Lisa out. We were both shivering by the time we got out.
After drying off, I put my clothes back on and we headed back. Two
guys helped Lisa on this part since it was a little tougher. They
offered to help me but I said I wasn't the one that was hurt. We
boarded the bus started the long trip back. Once back we went down
to the beach to look for Barbara. We saw her where we had been set
up the other day. We pulled up some chases and proceeded to strip
down to out bathing suits. That is except for me. I was feeling
spunky and took everything off including my bikini bottom. We put
some lotion on and told Barbara about our adventure and Lisa told her
about how she got hurt. She saw my scratches and said, "I guess it
really was a Rambo tour".
Everyone was tired so we just lay there and talked. I had just closed
my eyes when Mike and Bob walked up. Mike said "Oh La La" when
he saw me lying there completely naked. I said, "Feel free to join
me"? They had brought their boat around and had it up on the beach
about a hundred yards down the beach off to the side of the resort.
Bob asked if we were ready to go diving while he stared at me. Lisa
said she couldn't since she had hurt her ankle, but said I could if I
wanted. They asked if Barbara or Jane wanted to try snorkeling.
They said there was a nice spot on the other side of the island where
you could dive and snorkel in the same area. Jane said she was too
tired and Barbara said she was fine right where she was. Bob said, "It
looks like its just you if you still want to go." I was tired and a little
sore but I still wanted to go since it was out last chance. I said I
would, and ran over the activities hut to grab some gear, not bothering
to put my bikini back on. I grabbed a set of fins and a mask and
walked over towards the boat. Bob said, "aren't you forgetting
something", referring to my bikini. I was ready to walk off
completely naked. Lisa threw it to me. I joked with Bob saying, "I
though you wouldn't mind diving with me naked." He said, that was
fine with him but that I had to come back eventually. "Its not like it
covers that much" I said. Barbara said there was a nightclub on a boat
that she heard was really good and wanted to check out tonight. It left
the dock at 7:00. Bob said, "We'd be back by then".
Throwing all my stuff in the boat, we pushed it out and were off. It
was about a half and hour to the dive site. They kept complementing
me on my tan so I didn't bother putting my bikini on to the delight of
the guys. When we got there they both started pulled on their wet
suits when I said this isn't fair. You guys both have full wet suits and
all I have is this, holding up my miniscule bikini. Bob said, "That'll
gives us something to look at if there aren't any fish". I was going to
put it back on but with that comment decided I'd give them a show.
"If it scenery you want I wouldn't want to disappoint you", I said.
Tossing the bikini aside, I got my gear on and rolled over the side. I
could see both Mike and Bob duck their heads under to check me out.
I don't think I disappointed them from the smiles they had on under
their mask as we went to the bottom. I thought this isn't fair, they're
both completely covered and I'm completely un-covered. We looked
around the reef but didn't see that many fish. And that's when I started
thinking about Bob's earlier comment. After a while I stated to get
cold. We moved up to some shallower water but it was still pretty
cold. They signaled, asking if I wanted to go back but I shuck my
head no. I though I'd show them how tough I was. When we got to
the surface I was so cold I couldn't stop shivering. I climbed into the
boat first not caring what they saw. The sun felt great as I dried off. I
was still shivering wrapped in the towel. Bob said, "I know how we
can warm you up". I said no thanks.
We pulled anchor and headed back. Bob looked at his watch and it
was already 6:00. I guess we were out longer than we had thought.
He said we wouldn't get back to the beach in time for me to hook up
with my friends. At first I thought it was just part of their plan but
then he handed me his cell phone and said why don't you call them
and ask them to pick you up at the marina where we keep the boat. I
was thinking that this guy wasn't that bad. I wished he didn't live a
thousand mile away from me. I called and got a hold of Jane in the
room. Bob gave her directions and I got back on and said don't forget
to bring my stuff, telling her I could change at the marina. She said
they would when I hear Barbara yell that they would have to leave by
6:45 with or without me.
As we pulled into the marina I looked at down at Bob's watch and it
was a little past 6:30. It was then that Bob said you had better cover
up. I put my bottom on but was still topless. By the time we got to
the slip it was 6:40 and everyone was there waiting. I ran down the
dock giving a pretty good show to the folks on their boats. I asked if
they had my stuff and Lisa held up the black dress from the other
night. I said, "I can't wear that. You remember the last time". I
grabbed it anyway since I didn't have much of a choice and ran off to
find the shower and change. I couldn't find them and ran back to ask
someone when Barbara said were leaving in two minutes. Right there
at the end of the dock was this outdoors shower for cleaning gear and
stuff. I handed Barbara the dress and kept the soap and shampoo. I
turned the water on and it worked. The water was freezing cold but I
jump under it anyway and lathered up my hair. Then I pulled my
bikini bottom off and tossed it to Lisa and finished up as quickly as I
could. There I was completely naked taking shower right in the
middle of the marina. Barbara said, "Time to go" and everyone
started to get in the car. I took one last rinse, turned the water off and
ran to the car.
As I got there Barbara pulled up a little acting like she was leaving me
there. If they had taken off then I would have been completely
screwed. I didn't even have a towel. They stopped and Lisa through
me a towel saying, "don't get in here like that". I quickly towed off
and jumped in the front seat as Barbara pulled out. Lisa said, "you
had better hurry up and get something on or your be running down the
dock naked". I didn't have the luxury of a hair drier so I stuck my
head out the window and let the wind dry my hair. Then I combed it
as best I could looking in the mirror. Considering the time I had it
looked pretty good. Lisa handed me some deodorant over the seat as
we pulled into the parking lot right at 7:00. You could hear the guy
from the boat yelling, "hurry it up", as Barbara parked the car. I asked
Lisa for the dress and she handed it too me as I got out of the car still
wrapped in the towel. I threw the towel back in the front seat and
stood there completely naked in the parking lot pulling the dress over
my head. I was blocked by the car from the boat, but not from the
street. I was still straightening the dress when Lisa slammed the door
and limped off to the boat. I asked her for my panties and she said
they were on the back seat. I tried to open the door but it was locked.
Barbara was halfway up the gangplank when I yelled to her. She
didn't hear and just continued onto the boat. Lisa said, "Its now or
never" as the crew started yelling again. She kind of limped over to
the boat which drew some attention away from me.
For those that missed the first part, I had borrowed this same dress
from Barbara the first night. It was a really nice strapless black dress.
The kind that needed your boobs to stay up. It was kind of loose on
me and had already spilled down once before. It was really short on
me since I'm about 4 inches taller than Barbara. All and all it
probably didn't cover as much as a good towel and didn't stay up
much better. Oh well. Back to the boat. Now what was I going to
do? I thought I could catch up with Barbara and get the crew to wait
so I ran over to Lisa holding the dress as I went. I no sooner got on
the boat than they started pulling in the gangplank. Now I had no
choice. I asked Lisa if she had any money since all I had was the
dress, literally. I said I needed a drink. By then I had started to calm
down and told Lisa about the dive. Immediately two guys came up to
us. The one complemented me on how nice I looked. If he only
knew. What a come on I thought. It was just then that Chris and
Barry came up and we excused ourselves from the first two leaches.
It was really a nice boat.
They took us around to the other side of the island and past the some
hotels. It was a beautiful night a little breezy though. The alcohol
went right to my head since I hadn't eaten since our picnic lunch. I
was starving so I pigged out on what ever I could. Chris wanted to
dance but I was reluctant. The dress was barely staying on as it was.
We danced a little but not like the other nights. We danced a couple
of slow dances and sat and talked a lot more this time. Thank God. I
was just concentrating on not putting a show for everyone. I made it
though the night with out the dress falling down and I don't think
anyone saw my ass or anything. Not that I was aware of anyway.
After the boat tied up, Barbara and Barry wanted some time alone.
Lisa and Jane were talking to these two guys that promised to take
them back to the resort.
Chris seemed to want some time with me so I walked with him after
he promised to drive me back. He was staying just around the corner
from the marina so we walked with along the docks. Well to make a
long story short I ended up in his room. He seemed like a really nice
guy and after all the drinking I was felling pretty loose. They had a
really nice room, a lot nicer than ours, kind of a suite. He opened a
bottle of wine and put some music on. After a couple of minute we
got up and started slow dancing you know really close. He had is
hands all over me. I think I scarred him off a bit when I took his
hands off my ass and place then on my shoulder. I kept my hands on
his so he couldn't move then. He kind of moaned in discuss when I
pushed him back a bit. Seeing his reaction I sucked in my breath and
planted this monstrous face-sucking kiss on him as we dance. I mean
tongue, everything. We dance on for what seemed at least a minute
when we disengaged lips. When we did I took my hands from his, he
carefully placed his hand on the small of my back. He jumped a bit as
they hit my bare flesh. The dress was gone. He looked surprised and
just smiled as he ran his hand down my back to my ass. If he didn't
already know I wasn't wearing panties he did now. He stood back
taking in all of me for a second and just smiled. That made me blush.
I'll stop right there and let your imagination fill in the details for a
while. I'm not going into my sex life in this story. Sorry. Your
imagination is probably better than my description anyway. Well
anyway, when I got back to my room, Lisa and Jane were already
there luckily. I kissed Chris good night and said, "Thanks for a
wonderful night". Lisa just said 'well"? With her I shared the details
as we lay in bed. Then came a knock on the door. I asked Lisa to get
it but she complained that her leg hurt too much. I grabbed the dress
but just held it up to my chest and looked through the peephole. It
was Barbara as I had thought. I opened the door but alongside the
door was Barry. He wanted to invite himself in but I said it's time to
go home and he reluctantly left. We talked for about a half an hour
(girl talk) and went to bed. What a day. I was exhausted.

End of Day VI

My Adventure Vacation Day VII

Everyone was tired so we slept in today. Nothing lost since it was
raining outside. Everyone was being lazy not wanting to get started.
We just sat around the table and talked. Eventually I said, "This is
boring we need to find something to do". Everyone elected me to go
down and check the weather out. I wrapped the towel around me and
walked down to the elevator taking it downstairs to see what was
going on. It wasn't raining very hard so I walked down to the
activities hut to ask if they knew how long the rain was going to last.
They said, "It was just a passing shower", which turned out to be a lie.
They said everything was still open and that the rain shouldn't dampen
my enthusiasms. Their enthusiasm perked up after they caught on that
I was wasn't wearing anything under the towel. As I walked back the
rain picked up a little. By the time I got back to the lobby entrance I
was pretty soaked. The lady at the towel desk offered me a fresh
towel as I walked in. I handed her mine in exchange for a nice dry
one. She did a double take when she realized I wasn't wearing
anything under it. I just walked on wrapping it around me as I
I asked at the front desk to see if knew the forecast. They also said
the rain should stop soon. While there I checked to make sure there
was a shuttle to take us to the airport the next day. They asked where
I was headed and told me there was a pretty good snowstorm back
home. I was starting the think that I should have a little more on for
the lobby so I headed to the elevator. I was met by Lisa as I went to
get on the elevator. She was wearing a poncho thing to keep her dry
and was twirling my bikini bottom around her finger saying, "I though
you could use this". I showed her my towel and told her that the rain
has stopped. We walked though a couple of shops on our way to the
beach when I got interested in this one necklace. When I tried it on I
almost lost the towel.
I wasn't exactly dressed for shopping so we continued down to the
beach. I suggested windsurfing saying that we'd being getting wet
anyway. Lisa said she didn't have her suit on. I threw the towel on
the table and said. "So, neither do I". I though I had her but she ran
off towards the hotel. I started to chase her but stopped when she ran
inside. I put my bikini bottom on and walked down to ask the
attendant if I could take out one of the windsurfers. The guy sighed
and said why did you have to go and put on your bottoms. I said,
"What's the matter not enough showing this way". He asked me if I
knew how to windsurf and showed me a few things, in great detail I
might add. It was kid of windy so I spent a lot of time in the water.
Still it was a blast and I was glad I did it. After a while I started to get
tired so I sailed it back to the beach. The guys at the hut quickly came
to help me.
It was still raining when Lisa and Jane came down to see if I wanted
to go shopping with them. I figured I could shop anytime I told them
I wanted to stay at the beach. I never was much of a shopper anyway.
I took out one of the Hobbie cats. It was a blast. Eventually the rain
stopped and the sun started to come out so everyone came back down
to the beach. Jane wanted to take some pictures to finish up her roll of
film so she gathered us all together for a group photo. I didn't really
want to get in the shot dressed the way I was so I tried to hide in the
back. Chris said he had and idea and dragged me around in front of
him lining me up like the other girls were. I started to cover my boobs
with my hands but he said he had a better idea. He pulled my hands
down to my sides and slid his hands over my boobs. He said, "See no
problem you're covered".
I told him that that wasn't what I had in mind. With that he slowly
rubbed his hands up and down my front as sexily as he could asking it
that was more like what I had in mind. He was even swirling his hand
around the front and inside my bikini bottom. Lisa said, "Why don't
you guys get a room." All the caressing got me excited and my
nipples showed it. He then moved his hands back to my boobs
pinching my nipples between his fingers as Jane took the picture. It
was really starting to turn me on so I told Jane to hurry up and take the
picture before Chris goes any further. From the poking I was getting
in the back I'd say it was turning him on as well.
We hung out at the beach for the rest of the day thinking about the
fact that it was our last full day on the island. Everyone was a little
quieter that we had been. We wandered over to the beach bar where
the guys bought us drinks. Eventually we had enough and headed
back to the room to clean up for dinner. When I came out of the
shower, Lisa handed me new bikini. When I asked where she got it,
She said, "its for you, for the bikini contest tonight". I said I'd do it
only if they joined me. Lisa said sure. I wasn't sure I believed her as I
started to look over the bikini. It was a really nice white string bikini
like the one I bought the other day but it wasn't quite a thong. And the
top was a conventional type. Lisa said she bought it for me when she
was out shopping this morning. When I was playing in the rain. I
tried it on and it looked really nice especially with my tan. You could
just make out my dark nipples through the top but wasn't really that
bad. By then I was really into showing off my tan. Before we even
left Barbara and Jane had chickened out. Lisa was a sport and put on
her favorite bikini.
The club had this deal where girls got in free if you wore a bikini. I
convinced then to let us all in free, which was great since we didn't
have that much cash left by then. At first it felt strange walking
around the place in nothing but a bikini. Not that my prior attire was
that much different from the other nights where I wore the bikini top
and shorts but the shorts gave me more of a sense of security than a
skimpy string bikini did. Everyone was complementing me on my
tan. At one point these guys came up and started talking to us about
how they had seen me naked at the beach the other day. They kept
saying how great a body I had and how great my tan was. At first it
made me uncomfortable being the subject of the conversation but then
again I was starting to get into showing off my tan. After all, this was
the best tan I had ever had. And the suit really complemented it
nicely. We drank and danced, danced and danced. Every time I sat
down someone else would ask me to dance. Eventually they started
the contest. There were about a dozen girls in it and the winner got
$200. That would come in handy right about then. All the girls
looked really nice. I still though I had a good chance. There were
three rounds and unfortunately Lisa got eliminated in the first. I don't
think she was that upset though she really wasn't into it. She moved
down front with Barbara and Jane and became my cheerleaders. I
made it to the final round against this girl who was a real bitch. She
was pretty and she knew it and she let everyone else know it
especially me. She danced like a stripper or go-go dancer or
something and really got the guys going. I was figuring I didn't have
a chance but my personal cheering section kept cheering me on.
Everyone kept everything on through the first two rounds but then
someone started yelling skin to win and everyone picked up on it. I
really had no intention of stripping in front of all those people but then
the other girl took of her top. I decided, what the hell nobody knows
me here except my friends and they had already seem me naked so
right there on the stage I reached behind my back and untied my top.
I held it against my chest for a couple of seconds before letting I it
drop. Everybody went nuts. My friends were down front and started
yelling too. Lisa was yelling, "show that girl the rest of you tan." Her
boobs were really pale compared to the rest of her and mine were as
tan as the rest of me. I was really getting turned on by then and my
nipples were letting everyone else know. All the guys shouting my
name and my friends yelling didn't hurt. Then right there in front of
all those people I untied the bottom real sexy like. I twirled it around
as I dance and then threw it into the crowd. That was a mistake and I
knew it as soon as I had done it. I though, oh shit, how do I get it
back from these guys? Well the damage was already done and there
was nothing I could do about it now. When everyone saw that I didn't
have any tan lines at all they start cheering even more for me. That
really pissed the other girl off. I ended up winning and that made her
really mad. She started yelling at me and ended up pushing me
backwards off the stage into the crowd. Not fun at all. I ended up
with a scrape down my entire right side and some scratches on my
breasts from the groping. For a minute I though I was in some real
trouble since it seemed like every guy in the place was grabbing me.
Someone even started fingering me and had two fingers in me before I
got enough room to knee him in the balls. My judo and kickboxing
came in handy. It could have been a bad scene but the bouncer
calmed things down really quickly when people saw the size of him.
He was big and mean looking thank God.
Things had calmed down considerably by the time my friends reached
me. There I was completely naked in this crowded club with all these
guys just wanting to get their hands on me. A couple of guys tried
grabbing my arm tying to get me to dance with them. At least that
way they said they wanted to do. I think they had something else in
mind. After a couple of minutes some girl was nice enough to loan
me a windbreaker. It didn't cover much but was a lot better than being
naked. Anyway that was enough for me so we tried to squeeze
through the crowd to leave. In the process a couple of more guys
started to grab and grope me again. As we left I threw the
windbreaker back to the girl back her ran for the car naked. I never
even got my $200. I heard a couple of shouts as we ran across the
parking lot but ignored then as we jumped into the car. In the car I
slipped on my shorts and top. Lisa kept saying how big a thrill it was
to see me up there on stage. Barbara wasn't quite as pleased by the
display but said I really had guts to do it. It was only about 1 am and
it was our last night so everyone wanted to go the hotel bar for a
couple more drinks. I was still pretty wound up so we all went to the
bar for about an hour. Eventually we all got tired and headed back to
the room. I was felling pretty grubby from all the dancing not to
mention all the hands all over me so I jumped in the shower for a
quick rinse. When I came out everyone had settled in to finish the
last of our beer. We talked about how sad it was to go while we
finished the last of our beers before turned in.

End of Day VII

To be continued with Day VIII the last day

My Adventure Vacation Day VIII

Time to go home

Lisa and I woke up first since we had an 11:00 flight. We just lay in
bed and talked for a while about how sad it was to be leaving. We
talked about the bikini contest the night before and how neither of us
would soon forget it. When I rolled out of bed I felt the bruise on my
side from the fall off the stage. You really couldn't see it because of
my tan but I knew it was there. It hurt a bit but I'd live. I also had a
couple of small scrapes on my boobs and arm from where the guys
had groped me.
Lisa got up and was about to get in the shower when I asked her if she
wanted to go down to the beach for one last swim. She complained of
a little hangover and told me to go ahead. I decided to call the airline
to make sure our flight was leaving on time and to find out what I
needed to do to file a claim for my bag. I figured if they hadn't found
it by now, it was gone forever. After finding out that the flight was
still on time I was connected to someone about how to make a claim
for my bag. I then called our friend Sandy back home and reminded
her that she had agreed to pick us up. She told us about all the snow.
That really made me feel good about going home. I reminded her to
bring our coats since we had left them with her when she dropped us
off. I briefly told her about parts of the trip and my lost bags. All she
kept saying was, "Oh my God and I don't believe it." We said we'd
tell her all about it when we got there. She said she couldn't wait.
While I was standing there naked, Barbara and Jane came out and
started looking through the refrigerator for something to make
breakfast. We didn't have much left so we decided to go down to the
cafe for a final island breakfast. I threw on my shorts and top and off
we went to the cafe for breakfast. Everyone was sad that we had to
go. After breakfast we had some time so we walked around the resort
one last time. Everyone else needed to go back to the room and finish
packing. I said I really didn't have anything to pack so I told them to
go ahead and that I was going to walk down the beach a bit.
I still wanted to go for one last swim but hadn't brought my suit or
towel down with me. After a bit I decided to take a dip anyway.
After everything else taking my clothes off one last time wasn't that
big a deal. I placed my shirt and shorts on one of the chases and ran
down to the water. There weren't many people there yet so it wasn't
like the other times anyway. I swam for a bit but since I wasn't
exactly sure what time it was I thought I had better head back.
I didn't want to get my clothes wet since I was probably going to have
to wear them home so I just carried them as I walked back towards the
resort. As I approached the resort I asked the towel lady for a towel. I
wrapped it around me and made my way back to the room one last
time. When I got there everyone was just about finished with their
packing. Lisa told me I had better hurry up so I jumped in the shower
to get cleaned up. When I came out of the shower I asked Lisa where
my long sleeve shirt was. It was time to face the reality of going
home. I looked around but couldn't find it. Lisa thought she had
packed it along with the bra I had worn down. She said we'd find
them when we got home. I complained that the shorts and top were
fine down here but I'd freeze when I got home. Everyone else had
long sleeve shirts and jeans on and looked over dressed for the island.
All I had was my T-top, which left my belly exposed, and my shorts
that I had made from my jeans earlier; and my sneakers. I didn't even
have a bra or panties on.
Talk about traveling light. Well I guess it was a fitting way to end this
trip. Might as well enjoy it as long as I could. Lisa put her bags
outside the door for the bell staff to pick up and we headed down to
the lobby. The four of us just sat there waiting for the shuttle to take
Lisa and I to the airport. When it was ready to go we said good-bye to
Barbara and Jane telling them we'd call later tonight to make sure they
made it back. It was sad to leave.
It was about a half hour ride to the airport and luckily the shuttle was
air conditioned, unlike the cab we had arrived in. The gate agent at
the airport kind of did a double take when he looked up at me. I guess
I was showing through the top a little more than I thought. I asked
about filing a claim for my luggage. I ended up talking to the same
guy that I spoke with over the phone, the guy I could hardly
understand. I filled out some more paperwork and he said I'd receive
a check in about 2 weeks if my bag didn't show up first. I complained
that it had ruined my vacation and eventually he gave me a voucher
for a future flight. That was pretty cool and kind of made up for the
aggravation. Lisa asked me if she could get one so we could come
The flight to Miami was uneventful. We had a planned hour and a
half layover so we just hung out and waited for our next flight. We
weren't in a hurry to get back to the snow anyway. The snow back
home was causing a lot of problems and our flight ended up being
delayed more like 4 hours. Now that we weren't in the islands any
more, I was a little more conscious of how I was dressed. I just sat
there and talked to Lisa trying not to be seen. We were just hanging
around by the gate when a couple of guys who had been staring at us
for a while came over and started talking to us. They were younger
than Lisa and I but we had nothing else to do so we sat and talked
while we waited. They commented on my tan and I thought Lisa was
going to blab about my antics on the trip but I stopped her and
changed the subject. The only problem was that they kept starting at
me. Actually they were staring at my boobs. It's a little
uncomfortable when you're trying to have a normal conversation and
the person you're talking to isn't making eye contact. After a while it
got stupid it was so obvious. I felt like just pulling the shirt over my
head and saying does this help your view, but being in a public airport
I thought better of it. I decided just teasing would be more fun. I
pretended to be getting stiff stretched my arms out over my head
which pulled the bottom of the shirt up to just below my boobs. The
guy that was talking stuttered mid sentence and forgot what he was
saying. That got a giggle out of Lisa. After a little while I was getting
sick of them and suggested to Lisa that we get something to eat.
Before I got up though I had to put my sneakers back on since I had
taken them off to get more comfortable. As I bent over to tie them
everyone stopped talking. I didn't look up but was sure they were all
looking down the front of my shirt. Bent over the way I was and
without a bra I was certain they saw everything.
Lisa and I walked around and got something to eat before getting back
on the plane. I got a couple of stares as I got on the plane since it was
obvious I didn't have a bra on. We settled into our seats and the next
stop was home and the snow. When we arrived we felt the cold right
away as we walked up the jet way. My nipples hardened up as soon
as they hit the cold air. Now they really stood out in the thin top. As I
walked down to the baggage claim I really felt like every eye was on
me. Luckily Sandy was there waiting with our coats. I only wish I
had remembered to tell here to bring me a pair of long pants. We
waited for Lisa's bag and started to tell Sandy about the trip. She
couldn't believe I went the whole week without buying more clothes.
We grabbed Lisa's bag and headed to Sandy's car and that's when the
cold air hit us. Oh my God was it cold. It was about 26 degrees and
windy. The wind was blowing the snow around which made it even
worse. I couldn't believe I was out in that cold in a pair for shorts. I
tried the old mind over mater and it worked to some extent but it was
still freezing. Once we got back to the dorm we still had to walk
about a block and a half from were we had parked. Back in the dorm
Sandy and her roommate Nichole came over and we started to tell
them about the trip. They couldn't believe I actually went naked so
Lisa told me to go ahead and show them my tan. So right there in the
room, I took off my top and shorts and gave them a spin. They
couldn't believe it, not a tan line anywhere. I finished with the details
as Sandy invited a couple of the other girls from the floor over so I
stayed naked a little longer. Not that big a deal anymore after a week
of it. Lisa said she couldn't wait to see the expression on Sue's face
when we compared tans.
The next day I wore a really light colored outfit to class to show off
my tan. I couldn't believe the number of complements I got even from
people I didn't know that well. Lisa embarrassed me a couple of times
by telling people to ask me about my tan lines. Before long people
that weren't even in the original conversation came up to me asking
"what's the story about your tan lines?" Each time forcing me to tell a
little more about the trip.
Swim team practice was the most fun. Lisa wanted me to just walk
out to the pool without my suite so no one would miss it but there was
no way I was doing that around people I knew. I changed where no
one could see me and walked out to the pool like normal. Everyone
on the team noticed my tan right away. You could see the white
stripes on Sue and the other girls. They just stared at me trying to get
a glimpse of mine. For once Lisa kept her mouth shut and we kept
them guessing. Again a couple of girls complemented me on my tan.
I avoided any comments about tan lines though. I saved my surprise
till after we finished and went to change. Sue's jaw dropped when she
saw me in the shower. I didn't event bother with the towel as we
walked back to our lockers and told everyone about the trip.

The end
Well as they say, That's all folks. Hoped you enjoyed it as much as I
did. It brought back lots of memories.


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