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By Fatherodelli (
A middle-aged guy's niece spends part of her summer
vacation with him. What he learns about her sexuality
during that time is the subject of this story. If you
are offended by that theme, please exit. If not,
please read on .
First of all, let me stress that I am a fairly typical
35-year-old bachelor that likes his life. I live in a
large West Coast city in a modest apartment. I have a
good job with an information systems firm and I guess
you could say I am one of those tech-educated people
that's on his way up the corporate ladder. I date
some pretty impressive women from time to time, but so
far, haven't fallen totally in love with anyone in my
adult life.

I was really looking forward to a two-week vacation
that was coming up in a few days. Finally, I could
forget about the office for a while, spend some
quality time with a beautiful woman I had been dating
and, in general, kick back and relax. But then,
totally unexpected, I received a call from my sister
asking if her ten-year-old daughter could fly out to
"spend a couple of weeks with you since you don't see
her very often and it would do her good to see a
different part of the country." She was right. Since
I moved out here over two years ago, I had only been
back to South Dakota once to see my immediate family,
most of which lived in that area. But, having my
niece staying with me for two weeks? That seemed like
an awfully long time to entertain a ten-year-old girl
whom I hadn't seen in over a year. Trying to cancel
her idea in some way, I explained to her that I had
only a one-bedroom apartment. Actually, it had one
other small room that I used for my computer room and
also a living room. But, my point was that my niece,
Vada, would really not have the privacy of her own
bedroom while she was here. What if I was too noisy
and woke her up in the mornings? But, she explained
that Vada could "sleep anywhere" and "slept so soundly
that an earthquake wouldn't wake her up". "She can
bring her sleeping bag along and sleep in your little
computer room", she suggested. In the end, we finally
agreed to ONE week. Even though I still had
reservations, I felt at least somewhat comfortable
seeing our compromise as a significant victory.

I was pretty discouraged for the next several days
before Vada arrived. I had made so many tentative
plans for my vacation time and now it was messed up by
having to entertain a little girl. What especially
pissed me off was for one whole week, I would not be
able to have my new girlfriend over for the night.
How discouraging!

After my initial frustration, I started to think of
ways to make the best of it. For starters, what would
she and I do for a whole week? OK, there was the
apartment pool. Kids always like swimming pools.
And, I could take her horseback riding in the hills.
Surely the time would go pretty fast. Maybe it
wouldn't be such a bad thing, after all.

The day she arrived finally came. I was waiting at
her gate at the airport. I really didn't know what to
expect, since I had not been put in a parenting role
very often. As I watched down the jetway for Vada, I
was at least a little relieved knowing that she was
intelligent, full of energy and usually acted pretty
adult-like. I'd make the best of this and maybe I
could do my part as her uncle to shape her growing up
years. After all, her Dad and mom were separated. I
had always thought her Dad was an ass, anyway. Maybe
this was my proper role, as the nurturing uncle.

And, before I knew it, there she was! She was even
prettier than I remember her, with that easy smile,
soft cheeks and silky hair. She had great style, too,
in her red capri pants, white tank top that tied
around the back of her neck and white sandals. She
literally jumped into my arms as we hugged! I even
learned something new; I didn't know there was a
special provision for "unaccompanied minors" on
airplanes until that day. So, I signed the form that
she was now in my care and we were on our way. As we
headed for baggage claim, we walked hand-in-hand. She
had never flown this far before and, of course, she
excitedly told many stories of her flight halfway
across the country. She kept talking and looking up
at me with that pretty little face. I immediately
took to her and rather liked holding her hand and
acknowledging her stories. When she stepped in front
of me a few steps to retrieve her bag, I noticed what
a cute little round butt she had. She would be
someone's prize someday!

We soon made it back to my apartment and I showed her
around. Just as her mother had promised, she brought
her sleeping bag along. We unzipped it and spread it
out on the floor in my computer room. That room has a
hardwood floor, but the area rug in there covers most
of it. The sleeping bag would make it a little softer
and more comfortable for her. Since it was summer and
pretty warm outside, I spread a sheet on top of her
unfolded sleeping bag, so she would have a light cover
in the night. She seemed almost anxious to try out
her new "bedroom" and was in bed by about 10.

The next morning I thought I would enjoy sleeping in,
but I awoke about 6am, just like I do on a work
morning. I tried to go back to sleep, but to no
avail. So, I rolled out and sleepily headed to the
computer room to check my emails, like I habitually do
every morning. As I opened the door to go in, I
suddenly remembered I wasn't alone and saw Vada sound
asleep on the floor.

It was so different to have someone else in my
apartment that it took me a few seconds in my half-
asleep state to put it into perspective. She appeared
to be sound asleep, mostly covered by the sheet I gave
her. She looked so peaceful and content. I stood
there and just looked at her for a minute or so,
admiring her natural beauty. Then, I noticed a
peculiar sight that I couldn't explain. There was a
continual movement under the sheet below her waist.
Her left arm was behind her head, but her right arm
and hand were under the sheets. She appeared to be
making some kind of movement under the sheet with her
right hand. Upon looking closer, I could see her
mouth making sort of a sucking motion; her lips barely
moving, but with some definite sucking action going on
in her mouth. I was apprehensive as I pondered how to
find out what was really going on, but my curiosity
was piqued and I had to explore further. I kneeled
down and slowly pulled back the sheet a little at a
time, being careful not to make a sound or otherwise
disturb the sleeping beauty.

My mouth suddenly got dry as I discovered what was
going on beneath the sheets! My little ten-year-old
niece had her nightshirt pulled up above her waist,
her panties off, and was methodically sliding her
middle finger in and out of her pussy. I stood there
in amazement for a while and then kneeled beside her
to get a closer look. I never thought I would see a
little girl masturbating, especially my little niece
Vada! It was such a captivating sight! I just never
thought a girl this age had any sexual thoughts or
feelings. But, the more I watched her, the more
obvious it was that she had done this for some time.
Even in her sleep, she knew exactly how to do it. One
knee was up slightly and her legs were parted as she
contentedly slid her middle finger in and out, in and
out, about to her middle knuckle. Occasionally, she
would slide her fingers up to her clit and rub it
slightly before expertly sliding her middle finger
back to her little hole; in and out, in and out. It
was really quite a big girl/little girl sight to
behold. It was so sexual, yet when her finger came
out of her pussy, I could see her fingernail was only
half polished red, more like a little girl. And, her
young pussy didn't have a single pubic hair; it was
completely bald.

The most amazing sight was her pussy itself! Now, in
my adult life, I had seen lots of pussy. True, most
of them were adult, but I do remember some
experimentation with two of my girl cousins when they
were about Vada's age and I'd seen my younger sister's
pussy when she was prepubescent. So, I had my own
perception of what a prepubescent pussy should look
like. But, Vada's was different. It wasn't just flat
and hairless like I had seen before; her outside lips
were full, open and slightly red while her inside lips
appeared to be almost sharp and flared out. It gave
her pussy such an inviting presence, like it was fully
ready for sex. Frankly, she looked very womanly. The
best way I could describe it is that it looked like a
flowering rose, opening up more and more as she
continued to fuck herself with her finger.

I just watched and watched for what seemed like a long
time. As her finger (apparently substituting for a
little cock) slid in and out of that delectable little
cunt, she continued to perform that little sucking
motion with her mouth almost as if she had a pacifier
in her mouth like when she was a baby. I reasoned
that apparently the two motions went together as she
continued her little masturbatory routine of self-
satisfaction. But there was more to this than just
watching. From my squatting position, I could also
begin to smell the fragrance of her little vagina as
she secreted more and more of her little girl juices.
Also, when I listened intently, I could her little
smacking noises as her sucking motion with her mouth
increased with the same intensity as the pleasure in
her little pussy. Of course, her pussy was making
sexual sounds of its own!

I was so totally overcome by what I was seeing and
smelling and hearing! Because of my extremely close
proximity to her, my rock-hard dick quickly extended
nearly out of the waistband of my boxer shorts.
Realizing the sexual frenzy Vada had put me in I
started to rise to my feet. I decided I had better
cut and run to diminish my losses if she should
suddenly wake up. My palms were sweaty and my legs
were unsteady from excitement as I started to step
back from her. I thought I had been fully exposed for
what I was watching when my elbow knocked off an
aluminum mug that I had left on my computer desk. Of
course, it didn't hit the area rug and make a
reasonably soft landing; instead, it bounced on the
hardwood floor up and down about three times and made
an incredibly loud "BOING, BOING, BOING" sound echoing
throughout my scarcely furnished computer room. There
was nothing I could do, except retreat out of the room
quicker. Only a couple of seconds elapsed before I
got to the door to make a hasty exit. As I turned to
see if the sound of the mug was waking her, I had
another big surprise! In spite of the loud sound, she
didn't miss a beat or should I say a plunge! She just
continued her rhythmic little motions, lost in the
world of little girl sex.

I quickly found the privacy of my own bedroom and sat
down on the edge of the bed, still shaking, but
enthralled with what I had just experienced. My first
order of business was giving my rock hard cock a few
pumps to purge myself of an immense build-up of cum,
while thinking of the little beauty in the next room
rubbing that tiny pussy of hers. When I regained part
of my sanity and my analytical skills, it suddenly
occurred to me that there were plenty of possibilities
over the next few days with Vada here. Or, was I just
being a creep and a pervert? I finally decided I
couldn't let the opportunity pass me by. The trick
was going to be how to get the most satisfaction out
of this horny little lolita, yet not get caught in the
process. I tried to put it all in perspective. Yes,
she was my niece; yes, she was only ten-years-old and
yes, she was entrusted to my care for a week.
However, she had demonstrated her sexual side to me
and, for sure, I could have a little fun this week
with her. For one thing, I remembered her mother
saying; "she can sleep through an earthquake". That
fact in itself, proven by the aluminum mug bouncing on
the hardwood floor just a few feet from her ears,
opened the door to all kinds of possibilities.

Surely this wasn't a one-time occurrence! My God,
what if I never caught her at it again? Then, I
decided I couldn't worry about that, since it was
totally out of my control. For sure, I would check in
on her frequently under the guise of just being a good
caretaker. I might not even touch her, but later
dismissed that ludicrous idea. I could do all sorts
of things in her presence. I could watch her
masturbate, smell her pussy juices, get within an inch
of her tight little cunt lips; the possibilities
seemed almost endless. It sure gave me a lot to think
about waiting for the next time to see her little sex
show. So, I developed a plan to get a little more
satisfaction from her activities if I would be lucky
enough to see her masturbating in her sleep again.

I hardly slept that night thinking about Vada. I set
my alarm a half-hour earlier than when I had gone to
her room the day before. I wanted to be sure I didn't
miss any of her early morning action. When it went
off, I wasn't sleeping very soundly, eagerly
anticipating the sunrise. I couldn't get to the
computer room fast enough, anxious for what I might
find there. My cock was so hard I could hardly walk!
What was she doing to me? In a matter of less than 24
hours, I had turned from polite indifference about her
stay with me to complete obsession with this little

The rays of the early morning sun had just started to
filter through the mini-blinds as I opened the door to
the computer room. Just as I had hoped, she was
playing with herself again! Covered only with the
sheet, there was the familiar, unmistakable movement
around her vaginal area. I smiled at myself when I
realized how quiet I was being. Really, this much
concern about tiptoeing around the room wasn't
necessary. She was such a sound sleeper!

Carefully, I eased the sheet off of her to get a
better look. The same beautiful sight that had
greeted me the day before greeted me again today. It
was all repeating itself, just as I had hoped. The
smacking sounds of her little pussy as her middle
finger rhythmically slid in and out, the sucking
sounds of her pouty lips and the unforgettable
fragrance of little girl juices. It must have been
feeling real good to her because today she was making
barely audible moaning sounds as the intensity
increased. The only difference was that today she
also had her nightshirt off! I hadn't realized that
she was developing little tits. The breast part was
no bigger than a golf ball, but her little nipples
were clearly puffy and swelling as she neared puberty.
So cute, so cute!

Now, it was time to carry out my plan! Since her
typical position was to have one knee bent and raised
as she plunged her finger in and out, I simply raised
up the other leg in a similar position. This tipped
up her cunt a little, making it more accessible, and
also spread out her pussy lips a little more. She
didn't flinch. Carefully, I positioned myself between
her legs and slid the leg of my jockey shorts up to
free my cock from underneath. The next part of my
plan caused me my greatest concern, but I decided it
was worth the risk. I knew that by easing her middle
finger away from her vagina, I would break her
routine. But, I was prepared. I squeezed a little KY
jelly on the palm of my left hand, which would
substitute for her tight little cunt and hopefully
enable her to keep up her rhythm. As I carefully took
her right hand by the palm with my right hand and
moved her toward my greasy left hand, she caught her
breath and sighed a couple of times. There was an
incredibly anxious moment as I grabbed her middle
finger with my greasy left hand. But, then she
started working her finger in and out of my grip, just
like she did in her pussy. As she was making that
transition, I was quickly substituting my hard cock
for her middle finger between her little lips. I had
so much pre-cum smeared over the tip of my cock by now
that the tip readily slipped between her petal-like
pussy lips. I knew better than to push too hard. I
was going to have to be satisfied just to feel the
warmth, wetness and tightness of her swollen little
lips. She would surely wake up if I was to push too
hard into her vagina and I certainly didn't want to
hurt her either.

OHHHH! The feeling was exquisite to say the least!
What a team we were! Her little mouth was still
making that sucking sound, her middle finger was
sliding in and out of my gripping left hand and I was
firmly stroking my cock with my right hand while
tenderly fucking those delicious little pussy lips! I
knew, based on my past experiences, that the hardest
part would be not to push into her when I came. And,
I was right! It took all of my will power and then
some more will power to just continue to only probe
her external lips. On occasion, I would bump up
against her cunt hole and it was all I could do not to
force in an inch or two of my mature cock. Of course,
it only took about a minute to cum as fired up as I
was. When I did cum, I made sure I shot every last
drop into that tiny hole!

With the last drop squeezed into her hot, little
pussy, I immediately started to figure out how to make
a hasty exit. It wasn't that difficult really; I
replaced my cock with her finger in her cunt and she
simply kept up her familiar rhythm, her experienced
little finger sliding in and out even easier now with
her little pussy full of my cum. I got up slowly,
covered her with the sheet and left the room.

With a triumphant feeling, I took a long, hot shower
and had settled into my morning routine of coffee and
bagels when Vada came out of the computer room. She
looked so soft and delicious, apparently oblivious to
the sex play in which she had been a passive partner.
She smiled, gave me a hug and headed for the shower.
When she was finished, she helped herself to the
bagels and orange juice as I explained what I had in
store for us today. I had two things planned; first,
take her horseback riding at a nearby stable while it
was cool outside and then come back to the apartment
pool and swim in the heat of the day. She seemed
excited at both prospects.

The day turned out to be very fun and a definite
bonding experience for us. She had never ridden
horses before, so that was an excellent experience for
Vada. The swimming was especially fun. I had a whole
new perspective on her little body now. Seeing her in
that little black and white polka dot two-piece was a
sight to behold! Those puffy little tits, the soft
bottoms clutching those now familiar little pussy lips
when she got wet. I carried her around in the water,
her arms around my neck, teased her, dunked her and
generally had a great time. Of course, I got to touch
that soft little body pretty much at will.

The next few nights went basically like that first
glorious night. The only differences were that I had
started to nudge the head of my cock just a tiny bit
further, only a little bit past those delectable
little lips and still, she never seemed to wake up.
Also, I had a great time licking her pussy and working
my tongue inside her. I was spending a lot of my
vacation time obsessing about Vada; tasting, smelling
and stimulating her and shooting lots of cum inside
her little pussy.

After her shower on about the fifth morning, she said
she had some questions she would like to ask me. She
seemed unusually hesitant and nervous. Of course, my
overriding hope was that it had nothing to do with my
activities with her during her sleep.

Standing there wrapped only in the huge bath towel I
had given her, she started to speak nervously, "What I
want to ask you is . well, this is really hard . you
see, if I was home, I think I could probably ask my
Mom this ."

"Go ahead, ask me," I replied her, attempting to sound
as fatherly as possible, disguising the anxiety I was

She took a deep breath. "OK, since I've been here,
pretty much every morning, when I get up, I feel
sorta, well . wet down here," as she pointed below her
waist, "and there's this, I don't know whatcha call
it, sorta like stuff that . like, comes out of me."

OH NO! Was I busted? I knew exactly what she was
talking about. I hadn't considered that in my plan,
that my cum would run out of her when she stood up. I
scrambled for an answer and then as calmly as possible
said, "well honey, you are already ten-years-old and,
as your mother has probably told you, you are almost
to the age where you will be changing quite a bit, you
know, as you grow up and become a woman. Probably
that is what's happening to you and the wetness you
are feeling is just a part of that."

I held my breath to see if that would satisfy her.
After a brief pause, she looked up and smiled her
little, innocent smile and said, "thanks, I wondered
if maybe that's what it is. OK, now I won't worry as

Whew! I breathed a sigh of relief. She seemed
satisfied with my answer and totally unaware of the
real cause of her secretions.

"I have one more question," she continued. I
swallowed hard because I thought this was question and
answer session was already over. "Sure sweetie, go
ahead," I said as I jerked myself back into the
counselor role.

"OK," she stammered, "for some reason, I seem to be a
little sore in my muscles between my legs, up here (as
she pointed to the insides of her thighs) and even,
wel-l-l-l, a little higher than that. She turned
away, obviously embarrassed.

I knew what was probably causing her discomfort. I
had been nudging Mr. Happy a little too hard between
her vaginal muscles, but, once again, I rallied to the

I reached out, put my arm around her waist to ease her
uneasiness, sat her on my lap and answered her
question. "That's an easy one, honey. You've never
ridden horses before and that will make you very sore
in that area. Believe me, I'm sore there, too. Don't
worry, it will go away in a few days." Thank God we
went horseback riding!

Again, she seemed pleased with my answer. As she
spread her legs a little and rubbed the area just
below her crotch, she continued, "well, will you rub
me a little there? I really hurt!"

I couldn't believe my good fortune and I quickly
agreed to a little massage. She lay down on the floor
on her stomach, being careful to keep the towel
wrapped around her little body from her armpits to
just above her knees. I could feel the hardness
developing in my shorts as I smelled this fresh,
right-out-of-the shower girl and came to the full
realization that all that was covering her was a bath

"Where exactly do you want me to rub, Vada?" I tried
to sound as professional as possible as I gently
pushed her legs apart a little and began to massage
the inside of her upper legs. "Higher," came the
reply. Slowly, I worked my way up the insides of her
thighs, using my thumbs to go a little bit further up
with each movement. After a few minutes, my fingers
enveloped the soft, shapely cheeks of her butt and the
top of my thumbs were softly contacting her pussy lips
as I massaged the insides of her pretty legs. We were
almost to reach a point where she would surely
encourage me to stop. I had a lot to lose here.
After all, this was my little niece. But, she only
said, "Oh-h-h-h, that feels SO good!" "Am I massaging
the right muscles," I asked? There was a very silent
pause and then she totally surprised me by saying, "I
think the worst is a little bit higher, almost above
my legs. Would you mind trying a little bit higher?"
OK, there was no more leg left to massage. Now, I
would be rubbing the muscles surrounding her pussy. I
had to make a quick decision. There were all kinds of
little voices going through my head. Some were urging
me to stop while I was safe AND some were saying to
seize the moment and rub this little vixen exactly
where she needed it. My sexually charged side won

I slowly slid my hands up higher, so they were
actually holding the bottom of her soft, round butt
cheeks. Then, I softly placed my thumbs on her pussy
lips and massaged around and around, very gently. Her
breathing changed; I don't really remember if it got
deeper or shallower, but it changed. I knew she was
loving this very much. "I don't think I've ever had
anything feel so good!" she said between sighs. For a
moment, I wondered if it was the sexual stimulation or
rubbing the sore muscles that she was talking about,
but actually, it didn't really make any difference.
The important thing was that she was feeling good,
very good. During the entire massage, I didn't
actually stick my thumbs inside her, but they were
sure wet from her pussy juice as I finished.

Pulling the towel down over her butt and legs, I
asked, "how was that? "Wonderful!" she exclaimed.
"Do you think you can do that again for me sometime?"
"Of course I will, Vada. If it makes you feel THAT
good." I replied. As she stood up, the red flush to
her face was clearly evident. She looked very much
like a mature woman that had just had sex. Was she
just blushing as she fully realized where my thumbs
had just been? Or, was she red from being sexually
stimulated? It probably didn't matter and maybe in
her little world, she didn't have the maturity or
ability to categorize her feelings. Best of all, we
did repeat these little massages several times over
the rest of her time with me.

It was probably a good thing that her one-week
vacation at my place ended in the next couple of days.
I probably would have been tempted to do more and,
frankly, all that had happened in those few days she
was here was probably enough for one trip.

The day finally came for her to fly back home. On the
way to the airport, she asked me if she could come
back over Christmas break. I couldn't agree fast
enough! I grinned to myself at my willing attitude.
Things were sure different than when her mom had asked
for her to stay with me only a few weeks ago.

As she boarded the plane, she gave me one last hug;
told me she loved me and thanked me for such a
wonderful time. I told her the pleasure was all mine
and that she was welcome anytime. Then, she whispered
something in my ear that I'll never forget and have
never quite figured out the exact meaning. She said,
"and don't worry, I won't tell mom about the

For sure, she knew that those little massages probably
crossed the line of what was proper and of what anyone
else should know. But, it also made me wonder if she
knew about the morning rituals. Probably not, I
surmised. Because if the massage sessions crossed the
line, how much more would inserting my dick inside her
cunt lips have counted in her mind?

As Vada handed the flight attendant her ticket, she
blew me a kiss, waved and smiled one last time. I
took one last look at that wonderful, little piece of
girl flesh and knew my life would not be the same
without her. She disappeared down the jetway and I
turned to walk back to my car. All of a sudden it hit
me; looking around I saw all kinds of beautiful women
of all ages. But, I'll bet there was not one that had
had more cum shot inside their pussies in the last
week than Vada. And, she was only ten-years-old!
Sometimes life is just crazy!

I could hardly wait for Christmas that year . but
that's another story .

I welcome your thoughts. Send an email to


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