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VANESSA young lady wasand theres nothing


Author=PlanetDweller Title=Vanessa & Rachel Summary=A mother teaches her
teen-age daughter how to properly masturbate, at the daughter's request,
with unintended consequences. Keywords=Ff, inc, mast, mother / daughter
Vanessa & Rachel



(Ff, mother/teen daughter, incest, masturbation, mutual masturbation,
slow beginning, hot end, surprise ending)

Copyright © 2001, PlanetDweller. ALL Rights Reserved

~ Written in honor of my friend Vanessa, who gave me the inspiration for
this story ~


(Grunt...grunt....pant, pant...grunt, grunt...pant....pant...pant,
grunt, pant.......)

Sometimes I just forget that I'm thirty-eight years old, like when I jog
up the hill to our apartment complex's residents' gym do my workouts then
jog back home, yeah, especially that jog back home that's when my legs and
back and other various parts of my body really start telling me their age -
Sigh - .

But for someone getting ready to bump middle age I look damn good and
usually feel much younger. My still-pert 36C's can still pass the "pencil
test" (where you place a pencil under a breast and if it's firm and pert
enough the pencil won't get caught in the folds of flesh but will hit the
ground instead) and what few grey hairs are creeping in are taken care of
care of Loving Care. Still when men know you're racing past
thirty-something and are a single mom and have a teen-age daughter at home
it's damn hard to find anything with three legs worth dating who's
interested in dating you. So to try to burn off energy erotique and energy
in general the gym has become my friend, that and my "little red buddy"

Last week for a couple of reasons was especially hard. First, I
actually went on a date with an apparently single straight guy my age, one
of half a dozen or so my age actually left in this town and things clicked
really well and I was gonna give him some after our date ended at a
respectable two a.m. that Friday night but then he blanched and turned
tail and ran like the little boy he apparently was when I mentioned to him
I was on my period albeit the last day or so and the flow wouldn't be that
messy. Coward. Squeamish coward. Fuck him. Wish I could have but oh
well. Then an incident happened the following day I'm still not sure
about, still not sure if even talking about it is a good idea but I do need
to get it off my chest.

Morning broke early five hours after I staggered in half-drunk and
totally horny and beyond pissed off at my so-called date dumped me at my
doorsteep, with Rachel my fifteen-year-old daughter rinsing and loading the
dirty dishes accumulated in the sink from the past couple of days into the
dishwasher and then cranking it full-blast along with running a load of
clothes in the laundry kiosk sharing a wall adjacent to my bedroom and
running the vacuum cleaner in the foyer outside my bedroom. At least I'm
lucky to have a teen-ager that actually does housework without being asked.

"Rach...Rachel...what are you doing Hon'?"

"Oh sorry Mom, I didn't even think you were here, I thought you'd be out
jogging or up at the gym by now..."


"...Sorry Mom...looks like you had a rough night...can I get you a V8?"

"Yeah, Sweetie, thank you, and put a splash of vodka in it, will ya?,

I had to look a sight my complexion looking like death warmed over and
wearing my usual almost never washed long teeshirt I usually wore as a
nightshirt around the house, my Baby having begun insisting I wear some
sort of clothes around the house a couple of years ago even though it had
been her and me only for the past many years after her dad and I divorced,
mainly in case her friends stopped by the reason given but probably
relating to her teen-ager's rising sense of modesty more than anything.

"Here Mom...I'm going up to the pool beside the gym when housework's
finished in a bit...Jason and Kim and Tony are going to meet Sarah and I up
there in an hour or so...wanna walk with me up there?..."

The cold V8 mixed with the hot tang of the Popov felt good hitting my

"Yeah, Hon'...let me grab a quick shower and change and help you finish
stuff and then we'll go up together..."

Our apartment complex off of The Parkway is very expensive, very nice
and usually very safe but even in broad daylight a budded-out
fifteen-year-old girl in a bikini like I used to wear when I was fifteen
years younger might still be a target of opportunity to some creep and
Rachel is and always be my baby so I was happy to walk up there with her.

"Didn't work out with Scott last night, hu, Mom?"

"Nope...he was afraid of that last little trace of my period last night
and wouldn't even let me give him a...well, sorry Dear...let's just say he
wasn't the man I thought he was..."

"It's okay Mom, I understand..."

"I know you do, Baby..."

She stretched out on one of the lounge chairs at the pool next to her
friend Sarah from school who lived in the same complex with us as I walked
past the pool and on around the management office to the gym in the
basement area underneath. Bill and Tomas, two nice young guys who were
brothers and software engineers recently immigrated from Israel and who
worked out even more than I did so we saw each other frequently were
sharing a weight bench but no one else was in the gym save us. Saturday
mornings are nice that way. I plopped my towel on the seat of one of the
stationary bikes and began to pedal, hard, trying to burn off some of the
pent-up unmet expectations from the night before. Bill got a page and had
to leave for some reason so Tomas asked me to help him finish his reps by
being his spotter, I agreeing if he'd spot me while I did the freeweights
on the bench. Tomas was tall for an Israeli, over six three, and handsome
as the devil but I knew there could never be a chance with us because
during a casual conversation one time they both mentioned they never dated
outside of their faith. That's cool. But the smell of his sweat was
making me hot, so damn hot.

"Thanks for helping me out, Tomas, see you soon!..."

"No, thank you, Vanessa, 'good working out with you!"

I had to get out of the there before I jumped his bones. Still too much
energy left. Jogging through the complex just to burn some more calories
and frustration I couldn't help but notice Bill in the doorway of his
corner apartment in a passionate embrace with some raven-haired fashion
model-thin beauty their tongues wrestling their hands on each other's
buttcheeks. Shit. The last thing I needed to see.

"See you later Mom!" my Rachel waved to me from her recliner as I jogged
past the fence around the pool and down the hill to head back home. I was
so horny I could have fucked a goat. Time for the medicine bag.

Locking the door behind me and turning the blinds more closed so no one
could see in easily, I grabbed a Bud from the fridge and my Dr. Feelgood's
medicine bag which is actually an old Crown Royal pull-string bottle cover
where I keep the "supplies" normally used only when I'm PMS'ing from hell
and prefer to toke up a little as opposed to killing someone at random.

Tap tap tap, tap the old burned ashes out from the solid brass cig-pipe,
tamp tamp tamp the fresh pot in. Stee-rike the lighter the flame hits the
thicker blunt end dee-raw the heat in smeee-oooke full of mother Nature's
miracle healtive releasing tensions and frustrations and fears and cares
and whogivesashits with every puff. Seee-ip, slurp slurp slurp another
couple of hits from the cold Bud while lying down on our old but
comfortable couch then prwwweffff preffff another couple of hits from the
pipe then aaaaaahhhhhhh.

Let's see what's on cable. It's Saturday morning for Chris' sakes,
nothing's going to be on fucking cable, no flesh at least, not even on
Cinemax. Time for another Bud and 'nother refresh of the pipe. Oh yeah,
time for some porn too. Rachel won't be back for hours and I've got the
deadbolt on the door anyway so that'll give me time enough to cut the VCR
off and put my pot up just in case she has friends with her. Let's see
what we wanna watch..."Anal Ecstasy"...nah, seen that too many
times..."Titanic Comes"...nah, too hokey...oh yeah, this'll be good "Coming
In America", just a four hour tape of excerpts from other tapes of nothing
but super-hot sex of all kinds with hot come shots at the end of each. Now
where's "little red"...oh yeah, in the bathroom...I used him the shower
last time he was needed a couple of weeks back.

Aaaahhhhhh. This nice. Nice threesome on the tee-vee too. Damn how
can one guy cover two women in come like that, where on earth does he get
that kind of volume from. A dddeeeeepppppp draw and a lllonnngggg swig.
My sweaty gym shorts are peeled down to my knees and my top peeled up past
my boobs as I shove "little red" inside me and turn him on full blast as my
hands roam to my breasts and squeeze and play with them and pull and tug on
my nipples then one hand stays while one hand roams down flinging my trusty
old plastic friend out of me my fingers replacing him inside me while the
rest of my hand does its thing to my clit. Two couples are going at now on
the tape while the pot really does go to my head and all of a sudden I'm
out of my body looking down at me just working myself over like the horny
slut I am from a new perspective up near the ceiling. Damn, this has never
happened to me before. Grabbing hold of a blade of the ceiling fan to keep
from floating away I just watch myself now totally nude on the couch buckle
my knees up and with both hands begin a furious two-hand frig and
masturbation of myself, my mouth opening in passion's desire as my eyes
close and then fucking "Wham!!!!" my consciousness is slammed back into my
body as my orgasm rises and I fall into a peaceful slumber.

Moments upon moments of restful needed rest and recuperation from my
desires spent now stirred by my hand stirring my still-wet pussy which then
tells my mind to wake a little and my eyes to open enough to be able to
watch and appreciate what my body's going to do to please itself whether I
want it to or not. Eyes cracking upon just a hairslit are meet by the
stare of another pair of eyes as a form comes into shape standing above me.

"Jesus Mom, if you had needed a guy that bad I would have asked Jason if
he'd screw least it would have been a real cock and not your
hands...Jesus, Mom!!!..."

How the fuck did she get in? I knew I had latched the door. I
struggled for words but they had a hard time escaping my lips.


"What Mom?" she replied with scolding face.

"How long have you been there?...I mean here?..."

"...long enough to see you nearly rape yourself with your hands..."

" Rachel...I was just....just....."

"...just what, Mom?...masturbating?..."

"...Why yes young lady I was...and there's nothing wrong with you haven't played with yourself, Missy..." words came
sarcastically scolding back at my one and only precious daughter.

When we had our "facts of life" talk I had tried to talk with her about
masturbation and even had a photo book that showed girls do it but she
freaked on me a little back then and didn't want to see any more of it,
running out of the room and making me promise I wouldn't try to show it to
her again.

"I've never masturbated in my life, you know that, Mother..." came a
tone with the word "mother" stressed that meant she was serious.

"...and why not? I tried to tell you all those years ago..."

"...yeah, yeah I know, masturbation's harmless..."

" is!..."

"...and masturbation is preferable to casual sex and mutual masturbation
is preferable to unprotected sex even with a monogamous partner and yadda
yadda yadda...I remember the drill you gave me when I was ten, Mother..."

" drop your tone of disapproval with me, young lassy!..." my
use of the word "lassy" being equally irritating to her as her use of the
formal term "mother" was to me "...I didn't hurt anyone just doing what I
did including fact, I made myself feel good, very very good

"Yeah, I know, it looked like you were having lots of fun, it really

Knock me over with that cliché feather. My right hand was still between
my open legs and unconsciously rubbing my pussy. Rachel was still standing
next to the back of the couch in the walkway between the couch and the
kitchenette area. My eyes focused now on her left hand which was gently
cupping her right boob.

"It was tons of fun, kiddo..." long pause as our eyes bore in on each
other's "...wanna talk about something?...anything?"

"Yeah, kinda..." replying as she eased around the end of the couch and
sat down beside me as I pulled my legs to me a little tighter to give her
room to sit down next to me "'s just...just..."

"...Just what, Baby?..."

"...I've been having all these feelings, Mom, feelings you told me I'd
start having sooner or later..."


"...and watching you...watching you play with
made me so hot, so damn horny, Mamma!"

"It's okay Baby, it's okay..." pulling her to me in a motherly embrace
as I scooted up a little and she leaned over to me as I continued to lie
half-prone on the couch, her sweet face coming to rest perfectly on my left
breast "...we all, all us girls have these feelings, Hon'..."

"...but Mama, I'm not a lesbian, I swear I'm not!..."

"...I know you're not, Honey...I'm not either...but knowing you watched
me masturbate and then you got hot watching me, that makes ME so hot,

"It does Mama, really?"

"Yes Baby it really does..."

Her soft breath caressing the slightly age-worn flesh of my breast wasn't making me any less hot, either. God what I wanted to do to her.
God help me, the things that raced through my mind wishing we could do


"Yes Dear?"

"Teach me how to you were doing...teach

"Sure Darling...sure" God, I thought she'd never ask "...let's go to my

Pulling her close to my hands reached around and untied the knot that
held her string bikini top on the useless bit of fabric falling to the
floor at our feet. My lips found hers but I deliberately kept my tongue
inside my mouth as much as I wanted to do differently.

"Mama, I'm...not a lesbian..."

"I know Baby...but this is's just us, you and me,
Baby...just relax...just relax and Mama will show you all you want to

Her thumbs found the string sides to her bikini bottom and found the
carpet as well. Her arms wrapped around me and mine hers and then her
tongue slipped between my lips. Fluid leaked from my pussy down my thighs.
Her hand found my pubis and my fingers in turn gently parted her barely
furred patch, her own wetness covering my fingers, my hand going from her
cunny to between our lips, she savoring the aroma and taste of her own
juices as much as I was.

"Mama, show me, show me...please..."

The love of my life, the reason I put up with all the bullshit at work
and all the worries and woes of life and have for some many years took my
hand and lead me the three steps from where we stood at the footboard of my
bed to the edge of it scooting up lying down splaying her legs open for me.

"What would you like to do...eeerrrr...I mean, what would you like me to
show you, Baby?"

"Anything you want, Mama, anything you want..."

I knelt beside her my mouth finding a hardening nipple as my hand found
her slit and my middle finger slipped inside her beginning its slow
rhythmic penetrative frig of my perfect even for a fifteen-year-old
fifteen-year-old. My mouth switched breasts and she gasped as she rotated
her hips to my the force of my hand and now two fingers inside her.

"Mama!...Mama!...Mama!..." she cried as tears of happiness follow the
roundness of her perfect cheeks dripping to my pillows which cradled her

"Yes My Darling?"

"That's wonderful!"

"Yes it is, isn't it, Baby?"

"Mama!" her voice trailing off as the ring finger of the
hand I was frigging her with slipped inside her anal bud while the other
fingers stayed inside her vagina and my mouth now found hers our passions
arisen having burned away all pretense of anything less than the truth of
the moment.

"What would my Honey like to do?" words said between gentle tongue

"Show me how to masturbate, Mama..."

"I thought I was, Hon'..."

"No, really..."


My body gently peeled away from hers as my fingers slid out, we enjoying
a mutual tasting and kiss of them as I did, and flopped down on the pillow
beside her as my legs spread and one hand found my clit while the other
began its usual nipple and breast play. Kneeling beside me she smiled a
happier smile I've never seen before in all those fifteen years before.

"Why do you have one hand on your pussy and the other on your tits?"

"Because it feels good to me..."

"But on the couch earlier, you had two hands on it..."

"...and if you had come in earlier than you did, you would have seen me
start off with just one hand on my pussy and one hand on my tits, which is
normally how I masturbate, did you get in past the deadlatch, by
the way?...c'mon, let's concentrate on lie back down and we'll
find out what makes you feel good..."

My hands roamed her entire body first, giving her a slow and sweet and
methodical massage literally from head to toe. Her eyes closed and her
breathing became deep and regular. My hands massaged her feet and her
smile became an almost grin. Then her calves, then her thighs and up to
her tummy and shoulders and neck and face. Content. For and from both of
us. Loving my Baby. Then her breasts, one breast at a time with both my
hands almost like I was giving her a breast exam checking for lumps except
a bit more sensual. Then letting my breasts hang and trace down from hers
to her triangle where her clit was gently rubbed with my hard and erect
nipples. Aaaahhhhh. Then one hand then two on her pussy.


"Yes Hon'?"

"Please rub on my titties with one hand and play with my clit with the
other like you did earlier, please?"

"Sure Honey..."

She propped her legs up and spread them wide for my motherly touch of
her cunt. My free hand playfully squeezed and molded each breast in turn.
She was enjoying. I wanted her to come.

"Let your hand join mine at your pussy, Darling, and let's let you have
your first come by masturbation..."

"Okay, Mama..."

Her right hand slipped under mine. My fingers atwined atop hers as we
concentrated on rubbing up and down with a bit of sideways action atop her
clit and down her slit some as well. Her pupils began dilating and her
breathing became heavier and deeper.

"Oh...oh Mama!..."

"Yes Darling?"

"That...that...that feels sssooooo good!"

"....yes Baby, I know it does..."


"...can I help you masturbate after you help me?..."

"...yes Baby...sure Honey, I'd like that...after I help you come

With that my fingers dove deep inside her once again as I left her own
fingers millimeters away at her clit and began a furious deep-pumping hard
frig of her. Thirty then sixty second of my tongue cleaning her tonsils
while my fingertips cleaned her cervix and sliding my mouth down cleaned
her nipples and then her rolling orgasm began at the top of her head and
shook her entire body as it moved the entire bed like an earthquake
epicenter tossing and turning any and everything in its wake, her hand
grasping mine as she urged with beyond lustful silence deeper! Harder!
Faster! her eyeballs literally rolling backwards inside her eyesockets
only the white of the underside of them being shown to my own lustful gaze
her orgasm being that strong her body going limp my lips giving her
sweetest kisses all over.

We lay in the cool dim of my, our, bedroom for a few moments our hands
lazily skinning atop the flesh of each other as her eyeballs finally
window-shaded back down to where my gaze could meet hers. We just smiled
and cooed sweet nothings to each other for a while as our lips lightly
kissed as our fingers lightly touched.

"Can I help you masturbate now, Mama?"

"Sure know how much I want you too..."

Truth was I was so spent from passions given my energy level had
anything left for passions to receive. But no way was my Baby going to be

"Is this right, Mama?..." she asked with concerned whisper as her hand
slipped down to my clit and lips and her other one began its vigorous
mauling of my tits.

"Yes Baby, that's perfect..."

"You tell me if you want anything different, okay?..."

"...I will Baby, I will..."

Except for a kissing session with my best girlfriend back in ninth grade
I had never touched another female, ever. Never even really thought about
it even though I'd been propositioned by lesbians a couple of times. But
now the flesh of my flesh, the blood of my blood was touching me in places
and in ways that few men had ever touched or done and I couldn't have been

"Mama, your come is leaking all over my hand!..." she exclaimed with
playful glee as my G-spot come sprung from its well deep inside my vagina saturating her fingers and hand as her masturbation of me continued.

"Yes Baby, that's from my G-spot, I'll show you how to work yours later
or another time, it's a sign that I'm really enjoying myself..."

"You must be Mama, to be coming this much..."

"Yes, Baby, I am...I am..." exhaling deeply with happy sigh as I closed
my eyes and my body became heavy and the touch of my lovely daughter faded
into a light sleep and easy dream.

And then sleep. Perfect sleep. Shit, I could have kicked myself.
Falling asleep on my lover nee' daughter, Rachel. Damn. What a...well,
what a near-middle-age person, what a sign I wasn't a spring chicken
anymore. I just hope she would understand and not be mad at me that
Morpheus had embraced me so unexpectedly and inopportunely.


What the hell?

"Mom, c'mon, let me in, you deadlatched the door again!...let me in Mom,
please!....I know you're in there!" noises came from somewhere, somewhere
not in my conscious realm. Or my unconscious one, either.

My eyes opened fully and the ceiling fan above the couch came into focus
as my hands rubbed my eyes and then found their way down to my crotch where
"little red" was still inside me but silent, his batteries having died.
Typical male. Pulling little-red out from inside me and my shorts up and
top down covering myself just in case she had a friend or two with her and
sliding my plastic-man under the couch I half-stepped the five or so steps
to the front door pulling the hardlatch away from the hotel-style deadlatch
knob and turning the deadbolt to let my daughter in. Sauntering in a
little damp from a last splash in the pool before coming home, she turned
fished a Coke from the fridge and sat down on the couch and patted the spot
next to her bading me to sit down beside her.

"Mom...I'm almost sixteen...will be in two months..."

"Yes Honey?..."

"Can we have that talk about masturbation now, the one you've always
wanted to have with me?"

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