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VANILLA sucked me My hand tightened around


This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to
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like you wouldn't believe. How come you haven't written already?

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By Shon Richards

When her eyes opened again and her moan of bliss had subsided, I
gave her another command.

"Turn around," I said.

Holly smiled at me and turned. It wasn't easy for her to turn.
Her hands were cuffed to leather bands around her thighs and she was
still kneeling. She turned around on her knees tills her round
buttocks were facing me.

I took my flogger and leaned forward from my chair.

WHISH! WHISH! WHISH! The multiple tails of the flogger impacted
beautifully against her ass and left stinging red welts on her curves.

"Now lean back," I commanded and Holly leaned back till her
shoulders rested on my knees. The front of her body sloped down in
front of me and I brought the flogger lightly down on her belly. For a
long tortuous minute, I trailed the ends of the flogger up her body.
Holly shivered as some parts of the flogger tickled her flesh while
other ends simply stimulated.

"Now turn around," I said after I pushed her back up to a
kneeling position.

Holly turned around again on her knees with eager excitement.
When she was facing me, I ran my fingers over her pale nipples. They
were still flushed red from last time. I took each hard nub in my hand
and twisted suddenly.

"Ow!" Holly whimpered but her cheeks also flared with desire.
Sometimes I think the whimpering is part of the fun for her.

I released her nipples and leaned back in my chair.

"Now suck," I told her.

Holly's smile was predatory as she leaned forward. My cock was
still as hard and rigid from last time and she happily used her tongue
to guide me into her lips. She slammed me down her throat hard and I
instinctively wrapped my hand around her long braid.

Up and down, desperately, passionately and quite nosily, Holly
sucked me. My hand tightened around her braid as her tongue flickered
over me. Just as I was about to shoot my seed into her lovely mouth, I
pulled her off. My body was still shuddering as she looked up at me,

"Now beg," I gasped.

"Oh please, Sir," Holly said. That was all she said and it was
all she needed to say. I could hear the yearning in her voice.

"Open your tongue," I commanded.

I took another Vanilla Crème candy from the box beside me. I
placed it on her long tongue and watched as she sucked it into her
mouth. Holly moaned as the flavor rolled around in her mouth and her
eyes closed in satisfied bliss.

That's why I liked Vanilla more than any other flavor. Chocolate
is a single, intense flavor while Vanilla is a wide spectrum of subtle
sensations. Give me Vanilla any day.

When her eyes opened again and her moan of bliss had subsided, I
gave her another command.

"Turn around," I said.


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