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Archived Sex Stories

VENGEANCE video camera mounted high the


An Entertainment in several parts by James Anderton

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS
ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If
you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you,
do not read any further.

Part 1: Release

The large steel door clanged shut with a bang that
could be heard in the next street. As the sunlight
speared from a clear blue sky into his eyes, the old
man raised a hand to provide shade. Across the street,
a long, sleek limousine gleamed blackly against the
brick wall. The rear door opened, and a tall, elegant
man, fortyish, and dressed in a smart dark blue suit
climbed languidly out of the back. Hi Dad he shouted,
running at a canter across the street to take his
fathers arm. Welcome back to the world.

"Twenty years inside for a crime you didn't commit is
too long Dad! We thought you might like a short break
before you go home, so we have fixed up a little
holiday on our boat first. Now that Mums gone, we
thought you might also appreciate a little company".

"What I really want is to know that the bastard who
framed me has got his just desserts," muttered the old
man, almost to himself. " There's nothing left to live
for now, son. You and your brother are grown up, your
Mother and sister are dead, and I've thought of nothing
but revenge for the last twenty years. You have to
help me pay him back, son, you must help!"

"Don't worry Dad, we haven't been idle whilst you have
been a way, - All in good time. First, a week on the
boat should set you up for what Dan and I have in mind.
I don't think you will be disappointed."

Guiding the old man gently by the arm, Paul Hegarty
opened the rear door and helped him into the back seat.
A young girl, no more than 19 years old, sat quietly on
the seat facing him, a nervous smile playing gently on
her lips. Climbing into the passenger seat beside his
brother, Paul gave him a quiet grin and closed the
blind between the seats.

In the back, the old man fell back into the seat and
sighed in sheer relief. He found it hard to imagine
that at last he was free to pursue his tormentor,
Detective Sergeant Dave Willis. For twenty years he
had harboured a burning hatred for the man who had not
only planted the evidence that had convicted him of a
particularly nasty robbery, but had actually carried
out the crime himself, killing an innocent bystander in
the process. As he wondered to himself where to start,
he felt hands flutter across the front of his trousers,
and opened his eyes to see the young girl, crouched on
the floor of the vehicle between his legs, loosening
his belt.

"What's your name girl?" he demanded.

"Becky, sir" she squeaked, taken by surprise by his
gruff manner. "Well you had better be good!, or I'll
put that belt to better use than holding up my

"Yes sir" she murmured and swiftly drew down his zip.
She expected a wizened object to appear, but was
surprised again by the vigorous way his sizeable tool
leapt out of his trousers and filled her hand. She
dipped forward, and gently ran the tip of her tongue
around the purple head of his dick. A small drop of
precum gave her a taste of what was to come, as she
slowly opened her mouth wider to take the tip inside.
She felt him tighten as he raised his hips, pushing
himself deeper into her throat. Swiftly she sucked him
inside, opening her throat as far as she could, and
began to slide her lips up and down his shaft. Twenty
years of abstinence had obviously taken it's toll. In
no time at all, she felt him stiffen, and his orgasm
squirted a stream of hot, watery liquid into her mouth.
As he came, she spied the belt, and remembering his
earlier words, decided that swallowing would be the
best course of action. He sighed as she licked him
clean, and when she looked up she saw him staring down
at her with a curious, almost sympathetic smile on his

Almost immediately, the car drew to a halt. The tall
man who had recruited her appeared at the door,
wordlessly dragged her onto the sidewalk, and threw a
handful of bills onto her prostrate body. He jumped in
the back, and the car pulled gently away as she pulled
herself together and set off to walk to the houses she
could see in the distance.

Inside the car, Paul gave his Dad a big grin. "Now!"
he announced "Let me tell what plans Dan and I have
made for our friend Sergeant Willis.................

End of Part 1


An Entertainment in several parts by James Anderton

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS
ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If
you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you,
do not read any further.

Part 2: Janey

"GO ON - I ONLY WANT ONE!" The girl in the silver mini-
dress shouted above the booming bass of the dance
music. At only 5ft tall, she was having trouble
keeping the attention of her friend, a statuesque
coffee coloured beauty who towered over her by a foot.


Janey knew this was going to happen eventually. For
months now she had been relying on Sonja to keep her
supplied with the ecstasy tablet she had come to depend
on during her long nights of clubbing. At just turned
18, she had been introduced to the habit by Sonja, an
older girl she had bumped into whilst queuing outside
the club one night. They had both turned up on their
own, and despite the physical disparity in their
appearance had struck up an immediate rapport. Janey
loved the bright lights, loud music, and the atmosphere
of sexual tension which, despite the fact of her
virginity, never ceased to excite her. boys seemed to
find her Pixie-like features and small tight body
attractive enough to keep a constant stream of admirers
vying for her attention. Sonja, on the other hand,
was predatory. She oozed confidence, and rarely would
a male in her sights escape without paying her full
attention for as long as she wanted.



She pushed her way through the crowd, following Janey
as the crowd parted around her. Squeezing through the
part-opened door, she found herself in a corridor
leading to the offices above. Sonja turned to face
her. "Look, E's not what you want. Try this," she said
in a hushed voice, "and don't tell anyone about it!
Understand?" Janey looked down at the small plastic
sachet Sonja had thrust in her hand.

"What is it? Coke?"

"What do you think?" Muttered the dark girl, "Do you
know how to use it?"

"Show me" said Janey, warming to the excitement of it

Sonja took the packet, sprinkled the white crystals on
the back of Janey's hand, and helped her through her
first sniff. The feel of the stuff as the first rush
hit her brain made Janey slump against the wall.

"Jeez!" "I never guessed!" she muttered. "Lets get back
to the dance before it wears off!"

Sonja eased Janey back through the door, glancing slyly
at the small video camera mounted high in the wall as
she did so. Upstairs, Steve Washington, Hood, Coke
dealer, Owner of "Wonderland" the club, and general
all-round Bastard, picked up the phone on his desk.
"Get me Paul Hegarty", he barked.

"Boss?", "Steve!" Thought you'd want to know, Sonja
delivered. Phase 1 is complete". He soaked up the
congratulations, without ever taking his eyes off the
TV monitor and little Janey Jeavons. boy was he going
to enjoy this.

End of part 2


An Entertainment in several parts by James Anderton

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS
ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If
you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you,
do not read any further.

Part 3: The Plan

Billy Hegarty picked up the plastic folder from the
coffee table. He scan read the several documents
inside before looking up at his eldest son beside him.

"Let me summarise", he said. "Dave Willis is now 63,
retired, and untouchable. Is that correct?"

"Not quite Dad, we just think that killing an old man
like that is probably too easy on him".

"I don't care, I just want him dead. That bastard
framed me, killed my wife from worry, and caused Sally
to kill herself from the shame of it all. He deserves
all he has coming and more!"

"That's why we feel killing him is too simple. We
should make the bastard suffer like we have had to.
Attack him through his family, damage the things
closest to his heart, wreck his reputation, In short,
make him WISH he was dead.

Billy sat back in his chair, and an evil smirk slowly
crossed his face as the full impact of his boys plan
dawned on him. He picked up the folder and began to
read the details with a new intensity. When he
finished, he grabbed the towel beside him and strolled
purposefully up on deck. Leaning against the rail, he
wagged a finger at the girl sitting on her own, reading
beside the pool. He couldn't remember her name, but
what the hell did that matter. The boys had organised
his holiday, and he had no idea how they managed to
find such beautiful women to wait on him hand and foot.

The girl stood up and moved across beside him. Without
saying a word, he signalled for her to turn around,
face the sea, and bend over the rail. She smiled and
soundlessly did so. His hand slid down her back,
inside her bikini bottom, and cradled a warm buttock,
marked by the cane seat she had been sitting on, but
smooth as silk to the touch. The girl moved her feet
back, making herself lean lower in the process, and at
the same time obeyed his unspoken command to separate
her legs and make his access easier. His dick strained
in his shorts as his hand glided between her legs and
began to rub gently up and down her crack. To his
surprise, one touch on her clitoris created a gush of
fluid which flowed over his hand and eased his
penetration of her cunt. He could wait no longer.
Dropping his shorts, he slid the bikini down her legs
until it was trapped just above her knees. Then, with
a single thrust he slid the full length of his dong
straight up the girls tube. After the short episode
with the girl in the car, he had rediscovered his
libido, and this, coupled with the pent-up rage he was
feeling about Willis, enabled him to plough up and down
the girls cunt for as long as he wanted. She was taken
completely by surprise by the fury with which she was
being fucked. Any complacency she might have felt at
the prospect of looking after an old man was washed
away as he forced first one, then a second orgasm from
her increasingly limp body. His cry of pain as he
finally ejaculated served merely to heighten her sense
of fulfilment as he spurted long and hard into her
willing body.

Across the pool, Dan and Paul shared a private joke as
they watched the old man rediscover his purpose in
life. It had been Bills energy that had built the
family fortune, and it had been the unscrupulous
determination of the brothers that had grown it, and
extended their influence into almost every aspect of
the Country's life. Now they all knew. This was
payback time.

End of Part 3


An Entertainment in several parts by James Anderton

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS
ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If
you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you,
do not read any further.

Part 4: Politics

".......It is with the greatest regret therefore, that
I have decided to announce my resignation from both the
Government, and my seat in Parliament"

Henry Jeavons switched the television off. He was
having real trouble keeping to himself the sense of
triumph he was feeling. It had been clear for a few
weeks now that his local MP was in trouble. Ever since
the financial scandal broke, Henry had been quietly,
but effectively lobbying for the candidature of his
party in probably the safest seat in the country.
Tonight's meeting would probably confirm that all his
work had not been in vain. All the top people in the
local party, together with a number of important
industrialists and National politicians would be
attending the fund raising event that his beautiful
wife had organised with her usual panache. He was
late, so he had better get a move on.

Henry's car pulled up at the front door of the Grand
Hotel. As he stepped out he was immediately greeted by
his agent Hugh Withenham.

"Come on, dear boy, they are all waiting for you!,
Haven't you heard the news?" Hugh led Henry rapidly
through the noisy throng of people to the committee
room, where the real business of the evening would be
dealt with. As they burst in, Henry could see that a
lively discussion was already under way, and that he
was the subject of it.

As his presence was recognised, the babble died away,
and Charles Stokesley, Constituency Party Chairman rose
to speak.

"Welcome Henry," he intoned in his usual pompous tone.
"You are aware, I'm sure, that the seat has just become
vacant, and that tonight we are meeting to determine a
successor. The committee members you already know, our
guest, Sir Gerald Knebworthy has been sent from head
office to see fair play. We have, at this moment, only
one nomination. That's you, so we would be grateful if
you could make your case". With that, he sat down and
looked expectantly at Henry.

For almost an hour, Henry held court over them,
starting with an impromptu speech (which he had
prepared and memorised days before) and then deftly
handling any question they could throw at him. He had
them in the palm of his hand by the time he sat down.

"Gentlemen". Stokesley was on his feet again. "I
think you will agree with me that tonight we have heard
the strongest possible case, and I therefore propose
that we adopt Henry, post haste, as the prospective
candidate for this seat.

Murmurs of approval sounded round the table, hands
began to be raised, cries of "seconded" were uttered
and Henry began to beam with delight.

"Ahem Gentlemen".

The booming voice of Sir Gerald Knebworthy broke
through the burble.

"As you know, for an important seat like this one, it
is incumbent upon us to find the best possible
candidate, and to that end we normally select them from
the national, vetted, list. I cannot therefore simply
endorse such a candidate as Henry, however good he
might be."

"What does that mean"? demanded Stokesley.

"It means that I have to consult, become familiar with
the local circumstances, and make my final
recommendation to the Party Hierarchy in due course.
If I am not satisfied, another candidate, from the
approved list, must be chosen."

"So the future of Henry and our constituency is
entirely in your hands?"

"In a word, Yes! I will give you my response next week.
In the meantime, I suggest we all enjoy what is left of
the evening". He raised himself from his chair, and
lurched off towards the door. All conversation
stopped, and the members filed out into the hall.

End of Part 4


An Entertainment in several parts by James Anderton

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS
ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If
you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you,
do not read any further.

Part 5: The joys of retirement.

Dave Willis reached for the remote control, and turned
down the sound. On the monitor, his maid, Celeste,
slowly eased her stockings off her slim, brown legs.
Buying this old house had been the ideal move for his
retirement, he mused quietly to himself. As Chief
Inspector, he had gained an inside track when the time
came to retire. Membership of the golf club, Life
membership of the two major business charities, and
continuation of his Masonic activities had ensured a
constant stream of cash that he spent often, but
cautiously on his comfortable life style.

His only concession to extravagance was the video
system. Since his wife died of a stroke, access to
pornography had been a major relief, but it wasn't
enough. He needed more immediate thrills, and it had
not taken long for him to persuade a dependent ex-con
that it was in his best interest to wire up the house
with the most sophisticated surveillance video system
available. When the installer fell foul of the local
road conditions and plunged his car into the local
quarry, only Dave Willis knew of it's existence.

Now, he was reaping the benefit as he watched the
beautiful Filipina slip off her new maid's uniform.
His dick stood to attention with expectation, and he
was not to be disappointed. The girls panties were
next, and to his amazement, she began to stroke herself
absent-mindedly as she sat on the edge of the bed.
Her finger slid gently across her slit, and a look of
studious calm came over her face.

Upstairs in his den, Willis pumped at his dick. "Maybe
this one will do more than the cleaning, he thought as
he spurted onto the carpet.

Taking a couple of deep breaths, he wiped quickly at
the stain, threw the tissue in the waste bin, and
settled back to open his mail. He reached for it,
threw away the several envelopes of Junk mail, put
aside one he didn't recognise, and opened the one
letter he treasured. His only daughter kept in touch.
Every week his beloved Joanna sent him a letter
outlining her latest activities, the progress of her
ambitious husband, and the success of his lovely
granddaughter Janey. Putting it aside he took the
other envelope from the desk. A small plain brown
envelope, there appeared to be nothing in it. The Post
Office stamp was smudged, giving no indication of its
origins so he tore it swiftly in two. As he did so, a
small slip of paper fluttered to the floor. Picking it
up, he found it to be a small press cutting. LOCAL
BANK ROBBER RELEASED. Beneath the headline, in fine
red pen, the simple signature "Mars" stood out. As he
read it, a quizzical look took over his face. Who had
sent it and why?

A knock on the door reminded him that the new maid was
waiting outside.

"Come in!"

The door eased open, and the maid slid into the room.

"Hello, Celeste isn't it?"

"Yes Sir".

"Come in and tell me about yourself"

End of part 5


An Entertainment in several parts by James Anderton

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS
ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If
you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you,
do not read any further.

Part 6: Janey

Janey was struggling. The last eight weeks had been
amazing. Trouble was she was now catching it from
several places. Her constant clubbing was beginning to
take its toll. She was always tired, late night starts
and not getting to bed before dawn was a bad recipe for
Student success. Her only saviour had been the coke
which kept her fuelled each night for the frantic pace
of the club scene. She found it difficult to
concentrate, and her work was suffering. Even more
worrying, she was having to pay 20 pounds a hit to her
friend Sonja just to keep her up for it, and she didn't
want Mum and Dad to know where her grant was going.
"Still", she thought, "one more night won't be a

Dressed in her favourite little Black number (square
neckline showing just enough cleavage, long enough to
look elegant and not like a tart) she climbed out of
her battered old car and headed for Wonderland.
Unusually there was no sign of Sonja. Fifteen minutes
of hanging about at the door did nothing to improve her
humour, so she decided not to wait. The blast of
Lights and Sound hit her and she dived into the crowd
to find her usual mates.

"Two o'clock, and still no sign of Sonja" Janey mused
to herself. The tap on her shoulder attracted her

"Hi!" grinned Mark, Sonja's sometime boyfriend and
general all-round sleazeball. "I've a message from
Sonja. She has had to fly off home to see her Mum.
She's sorry, but her mum is poorly, and her trip
couldn't wait".

"Oh I'm so sorry for her", shouted Janey
sympathetically above the noise, but beneath the caring
exterior, altogether different thoughts were going
through her mind. She was beginning to wilt, and knew
she needed a hit. Sonja had been her only supplier, so
what on earth was she to do. She certainly wasn't
going to share her thoughts with this oily prat. She
never could see what Sonja saw in him. What she also
didn't know was that upstairs, the only other source
she knew was watching her increasing agitation with
growing interest as he congratulated himself on the
impending success of the plan.

Janey walked up to the doorman, a giant of a man
dressed as always incongruously in a full dinner suit,
with the ubiquitous ear piece keeping him in constant
communication with his colleagues. Half an hour of
discreet, and not so discreet enquiries had confirmed
what Janey already knew. Steve Washington was "the
man". No-one else could, or would supply the powder on
his patch.

"I'd like to see Steve please" she shouted up at the

"Not Possible!" he boomed down at her.

"Please, just ask him".

"He never sees anyone without an appointment"

"Then please ask him for one?"

The Giant moved his head towards the wall and muttered
into his chest. Swivelling round he confirmed her
worst fears. "Sorry he won't see you.

"Tell him she's with me!" came the voice over her
shoulder. She swivelled round, following the doorman's
gaze to see Mark standing beside her.

"What are you doing here", she whispered angrily above
the din.

"I know what you want, and thought you might appreciate
some help to get it"

"What can you do?" she sneered. Her distaste for this
man was getting the better of her.

"Be nice to me, and you will see" Mark retorted.

As if by magic, the doorman stood to one side, held
open the door, and ushered both of them through. At
the top of a short staircase they were ushered through
another, altogether more substantial door, by two even
bigger doormen. Sitting behind a large oak desk, sat
the object of her efforts: Steve Washington.

End of part 6.


An Entertainment in several parts by James Anderton

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS
ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If
you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you,
do not read any further.

Part 7: Conditions.

Bye, darling, muttered Henry Jeavons, giving his wife
a swift peck on the cheek. Hugh, Stokesley and I are
meeting tonight over in Beckham to see what we can do
to influence that old sod Knebworthy, so I won't be
back until late. Don't wait up! So saying, he climbed
into his Jag, and headed off into a hot, humid night.

Joanna Jeavons sat pensively on the arm of the sofa,
and tried to get her head around this latest turn of
events. She had married Hugh not because she was in
love with him, although that had grown later. No! her
interest in Hugh was primarily in the opportunity for
social advancement he offered. Now, just when she
thought he had an MPs title in the bag, this duffer
Knebworthy turns up on the scene and threatens to de-
rail the whole process. He must not be allowed to

Her reverie was disrupted by the urgent ringing of the
doorbell. Smoothing down the front of her skirt, she
moved across to the door and opened it. A large, grey
haired man in his late 50s stood smiling before her.

"Good evening" he announced, "Hope you don't mind me
dropping in like this, but I was hoping to catch you
and your husband at home, Gerald's the name, Gerald

"I'm sorry, Sir Gerald, my husband has gone out for the
evening on constituency business, so I'm afraid that
won't be possible".

"Well, since you know who I am, and your husband has
clearly explained my role, I guess I will have to catch
up with him later. In the meantime, why don't you
invite me in, and we can get to know each other

Feeling very unsure of herself, Joanna let him in,
showed him to the couch in the front room, and poured
them both a whisky. Knebworthy gazed appreciatively at
her backside as she poured the drinks. If everything
he had heard about her ambition were true, tonight
would be a very interesting experience. His grin
returned as she moved across the room, and sat in the
armchair across from him, delicately crossing her
ankles as she did so. "Ah well", thought Gerald "might
as well start as we mean to go on".

Why don't you come and sit over here, my dear, he
suggested. "The first test of her willingness" he
thought quietly to himself. He sighed inwardly with
gratitude as she levered herself out of the chair and
came around the coffee table to join him. Perching
herself at the other end of the sofa, she cradled her
whisky in both hands

Gerald glanced down at his watch. He had been here
almost an hour, and was now thinking of making his
move. A much relaxed Joanna sat beside him. Most of
the conversation had been driven by her desire to
impress, but now she was chatting much more informally.
Two more healthy whiskies had helped. She was now
sitting back on the sofa, one arm along the back
pointing towards him, with one leg drawn up under her,
the other pointing elegantly down at the floor. He
moved gently towards her.

"I suppose you know why I was sent here?" he said.

The sudden return to business took Joanna by surprise,
she had fought the battle, and in her mind won it. Why
was he now asking such a question?. She was even more
surprised when he leaned forward, fixed her with his
gaze, and placed his hand firmly on her leg, just above
her knee.

"Please, don't do that!" She said, with perhaps a
little more conviction than she felt. "I don't like

His response was to move his hand slowly up her leg.
Swiftly she lowered her own hand, and trapped his on
her thigh, just below her stocking tops. His gaze
never wavered.

"Joanna", he said softly. "We both know that I have
the power to make your husbands career. I will not,
however do it without your co-operation, and that is
not the sort of co-operation I require. Now! Please
remove your hand, put down your whisky, and put your
arms along the top of the sofa."

Joanna froze. She had no idea that things would take
such a dangerous turn. For the first time in her life
she didn't know what to do. How could she stop him?
Did she want to? Despite herself, the danger of the
situation was having an unexpected effect on her, she
could feel herself responding to his advances.

"Move your hand and do as I tell you", Gerald insisted.
"If you don't I will leave now, and say goodbye if that
is what you want. There will be no second chance, but
you will not be bothered again".

Tears welled up in Joanna's eyes as the humiliation of
the choice before her struck home. She seemed
powerless to do anything. Her hands moved as if of
their own accord, as she suddenly found herself sitting
back on the sofa with her arms horizontal along the
back. His fingers flexed, pushing her thighs apart,
and allowing his hand access to the cool flesh above
her stockings.

"That's better!" he said, "Now, where were we?" His
approach lost all pretence of subtlety and his fingers
pushed her thighs apart, allowing him to rub a digit up
and down her Panty-covered crotch. "Ah yes, I
remember. We were discussing our new relationship.
Co-operation, that's the key. In future, you will do
anything and everything that I deem necessary to
advance the course of your Husbands career. You will
never mention our relationship to him, but you will put
yourself at my disposal 24hrs a day.

As he spoke, his fingers wormed into her knickers, and
began to massage her clitoris. Her breathing became
ragged, as her body responded to the gentle
ministrations of his hand. She was finding it
increasingly difficult to concentrate on what he was

"I will need help with his campaign, and you will fill
the bill nicely. Salary and expenses will be enough to
legitimise the position in your husbands mind, and when
you are called to London, a flat will be placed at your
disposal. Is everything clear?"

"Huhh Huhh she grunted, as she began to lose control.
Spears of sensation flushed through her body, her clit
seemed to be on fire, her legs were now widely, and
willingly splayed, and the orgasm, when it came
rendered her speechless.

"My My, I have got a hot little slut haven't I". He
stood up, loosened his trousers and gloated at her. "I
suppose I had better give you the main course now".
His dick sprang from the confines of his true blue
underpants and almost hit Joanna in the face. Without
any further foreplay he pushed her, not so gently, back
on to the sofa, spread her legs, and without further
ado, plunged himself into her cunt, straight up to the
hilt. He grimaced as her panties cut into the side of
his erection. "Must remember to take your knickers off
next time" he guffawed.

Joanna laid beneath his assault, confused by the mixed
emotions and sensations ripping through her. She knew
this was wrong, but the sex was better than anything
Henry had ever been able to provide, and for the first
time in over twenty years of married life she felt as
though she was enjoying it.

As his breathing quickened, so did hers. As his orgasm
built so did hers, and when he eventually came with a
cry and a gushing of semen, her whole body went into
spasm, her legs gripping him tightly around the waist,
her cunt clenching and unclenching in a rhythmic
pulsation she could not control.

Any illusions were shattered, however, by Gerald's next
action. Pulling off her, he lifted his dick, smelling
as it did of her juices, thrust it against her lips and
instructed her to "Clean me up, Bitch"

End of Part 7


An Entertainment in several parts by James Anderton

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS
ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If
you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you,
do not read any further.

Part 8: In too deep

Janey was in trouble, and she knew it. She stood, just
inside the doorway to Steve Washington's office, trying
to control the icy shivers coursing through her body.
She hoped he couldn't tell she was desperate for a hit,
but she also knew that both he, and that toad Mark were
experts at spotting a user in trouble.

"Well, Mark, what have you brought me tonight"

Janey looked at the floor, feeling the sweat trickle
down her cleavage, wishing the ground would open up and
swallow her, as Steve marched over to her. Standing
in front of her, he placed his finger under her chin,
and raised her face until she made eye contact. His
eyes bored into hers, and she found herself unable to
look away.

"What do you want, little girl?"

"Nothing!, I've changed my mind"

"I don't think so!" he asserted, and as he did so, he
slid his finger down the smooth skin of her throat,
across the neckline of her dress, and smoothly lowered
one strap down her arm. Janey was in no doubt of his

"Leave me alone!, I only want a hit, I can pay"

"You sure can, honey", Steve grinned, "but not with
money". His other hand now busied itself sliding the
other strap over her shoulder, causing the dress to
drop, revealing almost all of her small, but
beautifully formed breasts.

She tried to grab her dress, but as she did so, Mark
grabbed her hands and dragged them behind her. A quick
tug from Steve left her dress nestling in a pool at her
feet, and her standing in just her knickers and hold-up

"Nice" beamed Steve, getting into the swing of things.

"Leave me alone you bastards" screamed Janey, "I don't
want this. I'm a virgin"

Janey never saw the blow coming. Steve's fist caught
her just under the ribcage, forcing the breath from her
body. Only Mark's grip on her prevented her sliding to
the floor. Without ceremony, Mark lifted her off her
feet, and marched her over to the desk. Pushing her on
her back, he grasped both her legs, and bent them back
over her head until her toes touched the desk beside
her ears. She tried to struggle, but her arms,
pinioned beneath her legs were useless, and she could
not even turn her head, trapped as it was between her
ankles. Marks free hand grabbed her breast, kneading
and twisting it, whilst without haste, Steve ran his
finger up and down her exposed crack, pushing her
panties aside, and inserting it roughly into her cunt.
Janey let out a scream, as Steve hooked his fingers
into the flimsy cloth, and pulled her knickers off in
one movement.

"Please" whimpered Janey, "I just want to go home"

"Sure you do" laughed Mark behind her. She tilted her
head back the small amount she could, and was horrified
to find he was naked, his penis jutting out from his
body pointing directly at her face. Before she could
worry about Mark, an horrendous pain speared into her
lower body. Steve had, in one thrust, pushed his
enormous organ straight up her tube, rupturing her
virgin membrane, and causing the most awful pain she
had ever experienced. She was sure he had split her in

"Jesus" yelled Steve at Mark. " you want to try this,
she's as tight as a clam". Without any pretence at
subtlety he began to piston in and out of her raw
flesh. Janeys body ached in places she never knew she
had as the thrusting of his massive tool continued to
rasp against her dry cuntwall. The pain stopped.
Steve withdrew, and Janey began to lower her legs,
thankful it was over. Unfortunately for her, she was
the only thing that was over. A quick flip, and she
found herself face down on the desk, her sore breast
cooled by the wooden surface. Relief was short lived.
The trickle of oil on her arse warned her of horrors to

"No! No! not there!, not my arse!"

"Shut up Bitch, no-one asked you!"

She felt his knees push her legs apart as he settled in
behind her. He reached forward, grabbed a handful of
her hair and pulled. Her head yanked back, and the
surprise caused her to yell out.

"Aaaarghmmmmmm" she yelled as her cry was cut short by
Mark sticking his dick straight into her open mouth.

"Bite me, and I'll kill you!" he threatened.

"mm I won't mm" she tried to say, but it sounded almost
unintelligible as he began to take his pleasure down
her throat. At the same time, she felt Steve push the
tip of his finger into her anus. At least he's being
gentle this time, she thought to herself, unaware that
he was simply ensuring that the oil eased his passage.
She felt his finger withdraw, to be replaced by the
bulbous end of his cock. Again the same quick thrust
caused maximum pain as he forced his way past her
virgin sphincter. For what seemed like hours, Steve
and Mark took turns, pummelling away at mouth, cunt and
arse, before leaving her, drenched in sweat and semen
curled up in a ball on the office floor.

It was morning before the doorman came in to the
office, pulled her dress on, gave her two small packets
of what she came for, and sent her home in a taxi, with
strict instructions to "be on call!".

End of Part 8


An Entertainment in several parts by James Anderton

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS
ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If
you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you,
do not read any further.

Part 9: The list

"How's it going Dan?"

"Fine, Paul, business is good".

"And the plan for Dads revenge?

"Well. I'm going to help myself to a bit tonight".
Should be quite an interesting evening".

An hour later, he and Sir Gerald stood outside a
Mayfair flat, waiting patiently for a response to their
ringing of the doorbell.


The ringing of the front doorbell brought Joanna from
her reverie. For three weeks she had wondered whether
she would ever hear from Sir Gerald again. The brief
letter she had received yesterday dispelled any
illusions she might have had. The message had been
stark. " The flat, Wednesday, 7.30p.m. cocktail dress
code". A curious excitement had permeated her
preparation for the evening. She had no idea what
awaited her, but she remembered the thrill generated by
Sir Gerald's previous treatment of her. The thought of
spending another evening at his beck and call raised
mixed emotions as she dressed herself in stockings,
high heels, and knee length cocktail dress.

At 7.30pm exactly, she had opened the door I response
to the bell, to be met by three young women bearing
boxes. 30 minutes later, when the door bell rang
again, the young women had departed, leaving behind a
simple but exquisite two course meal, complete with
table settings and Wine. The reason for the three
place settings became clear as she opened the door to
greet Sir Gerald, and a tall, good looking stranger,
dressed in a dark suit and wearing an attractive
quizzical smile

"Good evening, my dear", may I introduce Dan Hegarty.
He has an interest in our campaign to elect your
Husband, and I thought it was time you met."

For two hours the three of them made small talk over
over the smoked duck starter and Grilled sea bass.
Several glasses of the most exquisite white wine had
been consumed when Joanna glibly apologised for the
absence of a dessert.

" But Joanna, what do you think you are here for?"
"Dan, here, is the custodian of the Party shortlist,
and this is your opportunity to show him what you are
prepared to do to ensure that Henry is on it". As he
spoke, Dan stood up, moved an armchair into the middle
of the sitting room, and placed it facing the sofa,
upon which he sat down.

To Joanna, the temperature appeared to drop two or
three degrees as icicles of uncertainty ran down her
spine. Dan smiled at her.

"Please", he called through to the dining room. "Come
here, that's a good girl"

Such a patronising address, particularly to a woman of
her maturity left her in no doubt about her position,
and she stood up, walked through to the sitting room,
and sat down in the chair.

"Stand up, I didn't tell you to sit". His voice was
quiet, but menacing, and left no scope for
disobedience. She stood looking at him for

"Joanna here is a bit of a slut, aren't you",
questioned Sir Gerald.

"Yes sir" responded Joanne, falling swiftly into the
role demanded of her.

"A very good looking one though", agreed Dan,
addressing no one in particular. Then, to Joanne "Why
don't you show me a little more of you. Raise your

Joanne reached down and smoothed her palms up her legs,
pulling the hem of her dress above her stocking tops.

"Come on, now", you can do better than that" chuckled
Sir Gerald, " show us your knickers".

She understood full well that Sir Gerald knew she
wasn't wearing any. He had told her what to wear,
after all. She glanced at Dan, noted his amused stare,
and slowly lifted the hem of her dress until it
uncovered her neatly trimmed bush. She was not
surprised when he leaned forward, demanded that she
part her legs, and slowly rubbed his finger along her
slit. Despite herself, she could not help responding
to the slow, lazy stroking of her sex. A mixture of
arousal and shame made the experience all the more
exciting for her, and she could feel the little bulb of
her clit become more prominent, almost as though it was
reaching for stimulus.

"Take off your dress"

"Yes Sir!" She slipped the dress over her head, trying
all the time to maintain contact between her aroused
sex, and her busy fingers. She became almost so
engrossed in the pleasure of it all, that she nearly
missed the instruction to "Sit Down".

Biting her bottom lip in frustration, she moved away
from Dan's probing finger, and settled back into the
armchair, legs together, hands clasped firmly, as if

Dan leaned forward, towards her, hands held loosely on
his knees, that damned smile still playing on his lips.

"Spread your legs for me". She did so, her hands
moving at the same time onto her now separated knees.

"Lift your legs over the arms of the chair". She felt
her cheeks glow with embarrassment at the thought of
exposing herself in such a shameful way.


Totally unexpected, the instruction hit her like a
hammer. Surely he didn't expect her to do such a thing
in front of both of them? She glanced around her,
looking for Sir Gerald, but he appeared to have moved
into another room. Relieved, she slid her right hand
down to her crotch. She felt the familiar warmth
rushing to her genitals as she slowly rubbed the
outside of her labia. He looked across at her, fixing
her with his all-knowing eyes, certain of the pleasure
she was feeling. Her movements quickened, and she felt
a rush of lubrication flood from her vagina. She
slipped first one, then two fingers into herself, and
leaned back, closing her eyes as the waves of pleasure
began to build.

"Look at me!" Another instruction! more difficult to do
this time! She tried to look away, but he placed his
finger on her chin and gently drew her face back to

"Tell me what you want from me he asked her in a

"I want my husbands name on the shortlist" she panted,
her breathing quickening with the ministrations of her


"And I want you to make love to me" she whispered,
almost under her breath as she uttered it."

"No you don't. You want sex! Don't you!"

"Yes! Yes!" She moaned, her pleasure building steadily,
her hand moving quicker, her temperature rising.

As her climax started to build, she again closed her
eyes and leaned back. This time, Dan let her sink into
the folds of the chair, stood up, and slowly began to
remove his clothing. A hand at her head slowly drew
her face to one side. As it did so, she felt the cool
rubbery feel of something brush across her lips. She
opened her eyes to find Sir Gerald, naked, thrusting
his throbbing organ at her face. Slowly opening her
mouth, she slipped his tool inside and began to slide
her tongue up and down it's length. Down below, hands
prised her fingers from her quim. She moaned, grunted
a plea to allow her to continue, felt the flow of air
around her nether parts, then, suddenly his hot tongue
teased the bud of her clitoris. Her climax was
instant, and shattering. All reason gone, she twisted
and turned against his rapier-like thrusts. Her moans
grew louder, her sucking and licking of Sir Geralds
organ grew more frantic, until, as her second orgasm
ripped through her, he also came. thick streams of
spunk splashed against the back of her throat adding to
her feeling of degradation.

She felt Sir Gerald shrink and withdraw. She slid
deeper into the chair, still pushing against his
tongue, winding slowly down from her high. She felt
him pull away.

"Stand up!" He dragged her to her feet. Sliding behind
her, he slipped into the chair she had just vacated.
Spinning her around, he pulled her down, kissed her
full on the mouth, and lifted her bodily onto his
rampant dick. She felt his enormous weapon stretch and
penetrate her so deeply that she was concerned he might
damage her womb. She had never experienced sensations
like this before. She began to lift herself up and
down on his tool. His eyes locked onto hers, willing
her to move faster and faster, deeper and deeper,
unntil yet another orgasm drove her wild with lust.
She lay, exhausted, slumped along hiis body, impaled on
his dick when she felt movement behind her. Spittle
dripped onto her arse, followed by a gentle, but
insistent probing of a finger against her nether

"No!, No!, please, not there."

"I'll put it where I like, slut" whispered Sir Gerald.
His voice was husky, distorted by lust. His dick was
ramrod stiff, and as he penetrated her arsehole she
felt it stretch the membrane between her orifices,
pressing against Dan's dick on the other side. The
feeling was unimaginable. The two men began to move,
slowly, synchronised, rhythmically, speeding up as the
mood developed. Joanna lost all contact with her
feelings. All she could sense was a growing heat,
urgency, No! Desperation!

"Please, Please, Please. PLEASE, PLEEAAASE!!! Her
control left her. Screaming her release she slumped
full length onto Dan's body. Behind her Sir Gerald
spent furiously up her arse, whilst below her, Dan
pumped spastically into her welcoming quim.

She remembered little about the next half hour. The
men dressed, drank a little whisky and discussed her
willingness and performance in the crudest of language.
She lay there, naked, covered in sweat and semen,
wishing she could hate them, but finding she could only
despise herself. She had enjoyed it, loved it even,
wanted more, that was the awful truth , she was truly a

She heard the door open, and looked up. As they left,
Sir Gerald and Dan glanced back and smiled.

"Goodnight Mrs Jeavons, till the next time." Said Dan,
that infuriating sardonic smile back on his lips. "Oh,
and by the way, Henry made the list"

End of Part 9


An Entertainment in several parts by James Anderton

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS
ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If
you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you,
do not read any further.

Part 10: First Payback.

The weather was foul. A howling gale, remnants of a
far distant hurricane lashed rain and hail against the
window of Dave Willis' house. On the screen, his maid,
Celeste lay on her back, fingers hard at work, easing
herself to orgasm. Willis looked on, bored by yet
another repetition of a scene with which he was too
familiar. If he hadn't been so bored he would never
have heard the knock on the door above the noise of the
wind. He opened it, and stepped out onto his porch.
There was no sign of the visitor, and he was already
soaked when he turned around and noticed the package.
Picking it up, he dashed inside to open it. The
package was addressed to him, just his name, no
address. Inside, a videotape, unmarked except for the
inscription MARS 1.

Intrigued, he switched off Celeste, inserted the tape,
and hit the PLAY button. The scene greeting him was of
a young girl wearing a blouse, short(ish) skirt, white
ankle socks, and sneakers. Her short bobbed haircut
and sharp, pointed features gave her an elfin-like
quality that Willis found particularly attractive but
also vaguely familiar. She was sitting in a chair, a
television playing in the corner of a very expensively
decorated room. Although there were no titles, it was
clear to Willis that he was watching a very well made
but amateur home movie.

The girl was clearly uneasy, fidgeting in her seat,
flipping tv channels several times a minute, and
glancing at her watch several times. A ring at the
doorbell had her jumping up out of her seat and dashing
off camera to the hidden doorway.

"Mark, Thank god it's you" he heard her say. "Did you
bring it?"

"No!" The gruff answer only served to increase her

"You promised," she wailed, walking backwards into
camera shot clutching the shirt of an unkempt young man
with a disdainful expression on his face. "I need it,
you know I do."

"Shut up, bitch. Steve's bringing it. He won't be
long." As he spoke, the girl cowered backwards, hopping
from foot to foot.

"No, No!, you know what he does to me, you shouldn't
bring him here."

"Listen bitch, you just make sure you do as you're
told. Understand! Make me happy by making my friend
happy. If you don't like it get your shit from someone
else." As he spoke he moved back to the door, opened
it, and greeted his friend Steve. The girl backed
away, again so far that the camera lost sight of her.
A babble of off-screen voices led to the entrance of
three of the biggest Black men Willis had ever seen
outside a boxing ring. The shortest of the three was
not only more than six feet tall, he was also clearly
the leader. He walked in as though he owned the place,
and without pre-amble walked up to a small bar and
poured himself a drink.

"Where is the bitch? Get her in here!"

Dave Willis sat, hunched forward, staring at the
screen. There was no doubt in his mind about the
nature of the film he was watching. That was also
clear to the girl, judging from the way she was
behaving. He stood up, dropped his trousers, and sat
back down, his dick straining in his shorts.

On screen, Mark reappeared, pulling the girl by her
hair until she stood, quaking, in front of the big
black. "Say hello to Steve" he leered. "Steve has
what you want."

Steve reached out a hand, gently stroked her cheek,
then gripped her chin, pulling her face up until she
was almost on tiptoe. "I've got everything you need,
don't I. The question is, do you know how to get it?"

"I think so" she murmured, eyes fixed on his but her
body trying to pull away. "Meet my friends" he
chuckled, spinning her round to face the others.
"Boney and Clyde" he laughed. "Please excuse the pun."

The girl was certainly not worried about the pun, she
was much more concerned about Steve's hand slowly
unfastening the top two buttons of her blouse. "Say
hello Janey, no need to stand on formality here."

Sitting in the dark, slowly pumping his cock with
anticipation, the name Janey registered in the back of
Willis' mind. No wonder the girl looked familiar, it
was his own beloved granddaughter. What the hell was
going on here. He knew he had no power to stop what
was happening on the screen, but he couldn't bring
himself to switch it off. He sat, transfixed by morbid
anticipation waiting to see how things developed.

Meanwhile, Steve gripped her shoulder with one hand
whilst his other lifted the back of her skirt to reveal
a minuscule pair of white lace knickers. "I thought
you had this bitch trained?" he snarled across to Mark
who stood leaning on the bar, beer in hand, watching
the proceedings with morbid fascination. "She needs to
be taught who's boss around here". So saying, he
grasped her by the hair, and pulled her face up until
she could see him staring down at her. She yelped at
the sudden pain. "Show my brothers some respect. Get
those panties off Bitch."

Boney and Clyde sat down on the sofa to watch the show
that they clearly knew was coming. Dave Willis knew as
well, but the aching boner the film was giving him
stopped him turning it off. Back on the video, little
Janey had raised her skirt, and despite being held up
by the hair, was desperately tying to bend low enough
to pull her panties down below her knees. Steve pulled
her backwards, so that the only way she could stop
herself falling was to part her legs, trapping her
knickers round her knees, and giving the boys a clear
view of her almost hairless slit.

"Shit, Man!, its time we took this bitch in hand
growled Boney. "Send her over here, and lets see what
she can do."

"Sure thing. Janey, what are you here for?"

"To make you happy Sir"

"Then get over there and get started"

He pushed the girl down to her knees, and she shuffled,
knickers still at half mast, across in front of Boney.
Wasting no time, she unzipped him and extracted the
weirdest looking organ from the front of his trousers.
It stood, ramrod stiff, a full ten inches, but was
scarcely an inch across. She sucked it in and tried to
get most of it down her throat. It was like trying to
give a knitting needle a blowjob.

Dave Willis would have found the whole scene funny
under other circumstances, but with Janeys involvement
he was having trouble handling his conflicting
emotions. As she struggled to swallow Boneys dick, her
hand reached out and crabbed Clyde by the balls, slowly
massaging them in time to her rhythmical sucking. When
Steve stepped up behind her and sank his pole into the
youngsters arse, Willis hand started to pump
vigorously. He found it quite impossible to eliminate
the lust from his mind. Excitement built in him as the
tableau in front of him reformed. Steve lifted Janey
by the waist, moved her over, and sat her on Clyde's
tool. She was beginning to respond to all the
attention, now, her breath coming in short gasps, her
pleading "yes! Yes! Yes! - - - becoming more insistent.
Once he had settled her on Clyde, Steve moved around to
her head, making her lick his own tool clean. Willis
could imagine how she must be feeling, knowing where
Steve's tool had just been. Even more was to come,
however. Boney slipped off the sofa, and sank his
megapencil straight up her arse. It seemed to go in
forever, and the muffled scream that Janey let out
confirmed that he was as far in as he could go.

All three of them began to pump in and out of the girls
increasingly compliant body. Her cries became more
insistent, the gasps of the men increasing to keep pace
with their pump rate. All three climaxed at once,
drenching the poor girl with come, and draining her
tormentors until all three slumped against the

Willis felt the stiffness in his own dick subside as he
saw the state of his granddaughter, lying shattered
face down on the floor. At last sympathy overcame lust
as he realised things between them could never be the
same again.

He was reaching for the video controller to stop the
tape, when Mark strolled into shot from the bar.

"Please," whimpered Janey "I need a fix, you promised"

"Don't worry, bitch, It's in the car"

"So is Henry" laughed Steve, "standing guard. Since
the bitch needs a fix, its only right that he should
sample her as well.

"Oh no!, not another one of you," moaned Janey as Mark
dashed out to the car.

Willis sat back in his chair, the first flush of
renewed lust pumping up his dick.

On screen, Steve lowered his face to hers, "Listen,
what are you?"

"I don't know what you mean"

"You're a Bitch, right??"

"Yes Sir"

"And what do Bitches need?"

"A Master? Sir?"

"Wrong!, a DOG. Meet Henry"

She looked over her shoulder to be confronted by the
biggest Great Dane she had ever seen in her short life.
She squealed, leapt to her feet, and ran for the door.
She had almost made it when Mark grabbed a handfull of
her hair, and brutally dragged her backwards to the
coffee table in the middle of the floor. She started to
kick and scream as he forced her across the table,
holding her down be the back of her neck.

"Come on you bastards," he yelled, "give me a hand

Steve and Clyde leaped across the floor, and grabbed a
flailing leg each. Boney, in the meantime, was patting
Henry on the head with one hand, and quietly stroking
his belly with the other. The dogs enormous prick
slowly unsheathed itself in response.

Terror had now taken over. The girl was desperate to
avoid the dog, and even three of them were having a
tough job holding her down. With one hand Mark slipped
his belt from his trousers, and swiftly wrapping it
around her wrists, tied the other end to the leg of the
dining table a couple of feet away.

Mark let go of the girls hands and held her head down
on the table. At the same time he stretched across to
a cushion, which had fallen from the sofa earlier, and
thrust it under her belly, raising her arse in the air,
and making her struggling less effective.

Steve and Clyde felt the struggle grow weaker, as the
inevitability of her fate dawned on her. Her legs were
pulled wide apart as Boney led Henry across to the
constrained victim.

"Christ!" muttered Willis to himself, as he watched the
action unfold. "These bastards have had this dog

Henry clearly knew he was about to enjoy himself. He
began to pant, and his bright pink tongue flopped out
of the side of his mouth. As he reached the backside
of the girl, he leaned forward and ran the full length
of his tongue up her crack. The girl wailed as she
felt the dog at work. It must have felt like
sandpaper, because the girl was in obvious discomfort,
and her furious wriggling simply added to her problem.

"Come on Bitch!" chuckled Clyde, unleashing his dick
once again and waving it in her face"

"Fuck You" screamed Janey, desperate to get away, and
unable to do anything about it.

"No! Fuck YOU!" Laughed Clyde holding her nose, until
her mouth opened to breath. With a fierce push, he
slammed his dick right down her throat. Behind her,
Henry was warming to his task. He started humping,
first of all at fresh air, then, with guidance from
Steve, at the crack of Janeys arse. Her muffled
screams became all the more frantic as finally Steve
guided Henry's dick into her arsehole and his humping
finally achieved its goal. For what seemed like hours,
Henry and Clyde fucked furiously at both ends of the
distraught girl, before finally climaxing in a welter
of sweat and sperm. As Clyde pulled away, and Mark
loosened Janeys hands, she rolled onto the floor, the
dogs penis still knotted inside her.

Tears poured down her face and she sobbed
uncontrollably as the picture faded from the

Dave Willis stared, glassy eyed at the blank screen.
Sobbing with shame, tears of humiliation rolled down
his cheeks onto the floor, where they joined the huge
puddle of sperm. How could he live with himself after
this? That the poor girl, his own flesh and blood had
been so badly abused was bad enough, but what sort of a
man would masturbate over the rape and abuse of his own

He clutched himself, rolled into a foetal ball, and
sobbed himself to sleep on the carpet. Only later did
he begin to wonder who had sent him the video, and why.

End of Part Ten.


An Entertainment in several parts by James Anderton

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS
ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If
you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you,
do not read any further.

Part 11: "Don't you just love it when a plan comes
The glow in the small room from the television screen
was replaced by a flood of light as Paul Hegarty
flipped on the light switch. "Well what do you think?
The tape was delivered yesterday evening, and Celeste
tells me that Willis has been walking around like a
Zombie for most of the day."

"Good! So he fucking well should be". "I want him

"Hey, Dad, take it easy. There's more to come yet.
We've planned this for years, so there really is no
hurry. Cousin Henry's wife is next on the list. If
her downfall doesn't push him over the edge, we still
have Celeste in place to manage the situation.

"It's all right for you two. You're both getting your
kicks with his family. I want some of that as well."

Henry Jeavons rose languidly from his seat and crossed
the room to talk to his Uncle Billy. "Look, you old
goat, if getting your rocks off is such a big deal, why
don't you take a piece of Joanna. We have her where we
want her, so now might be a very appropriate time for
you to join in."

"Are you sure you're alright with this, Henry?" queried
Billy. "After all this is your wife we're talking
about, and I know how I felt about mine."

"That's different Billy, I only married the bitch
because of the plan. If her first husband had stuck
around it might have been more difficult, but when he
left, she fell in to my arms like a plum from a tree.
When she finds out the full score, she and Celeste will
trade places. I will have a new wife, and the family
will have a new maid. Maybe even two if we want to
keep Janey. If not, Stevie and the boys can have one
or both of them. In any case their lifestyles will
change somewhat, don't you think?"

"And I thought I was a bastard" chortled Billy. You
boys make me look like an amateur.

End of Part 11.


An Entertainment in several parts by James Anderton

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS
ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If
you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you,
do not read any further.

Part 12 Payback 2
"Please come in Ma'am. Mr Willis is in his study. Is
he expecting you?"

"No, Celeste, and in any case it's none of your damn

"Yes Ma'am" acknowledged the lithe Philipina, the
silent "not yet, anyway" kept under her breath. The
next few days will see a change in our fortunes, she
thought to herself, and you, my dear, will have to
learn your place.

Joanna was fraught. She was really worried about the
way her attempt to facilitate Henry's entry to
Parliament was going. The way she had to put out to
get Henry's name on the list was one thing, but last
night she had succeeded in ensuring that he was made
sole candidate by taking on the entire selection
committee. She should have been happy, but at the last
gasp, almost literally, she had realised the whole
experience had been videotaped. What would they use it
for? She needed advice, desperately, and her father, an
ex-cop, would no how to deal with blackmail. She
started to walk towards the staircase when from above
she heard what sounded like a single pistol shot.

"My God!" she shrieked and rushed upstairs. The door
to his study was closed, but not locked. As she pushed
it open, her eyes had to adjust to the gloom within.
The only source of light was the television, glowing in
the corner of the room. In front of it, his semen
stained trousers around his ankles, sat her father, a
glazed expression on his face, and half the back of his
head blown away. Horrified she screamed, casting her
eyes around the room in blind panic, not knowing what
to do.

Her eyes were drawn to the video remote control stuffed
between his leg and the chair arm. She reached for it
and started to rewind the tape he had been watching.

She ran the tape back some way, and pushed the “PLAY”
button. At first, she had some difficulty recognising
what was going on. Slowly it dawned on her that what
she was watching was a very close-up of a penis,
pumping in and out of a pair of bright pink lips. She
felt almost embarrassed by her presence. It didn’t
seem right to be watching the same porn film that her
dad had been watching just minutes before. She glanced
sideways to look at her father then back at the screen
ass she turned it off. As she began to press the
button, the camera pulled back from the action,
revealing a full view of the woman’s face. HERS!!.
She stopped and stared at the screen. The camera
panned down her body, following a mans hand. It slid
gently down her back, cupped her buttocks, slid
smoothly along the crack of her arse, and pushed one
finger gently into the nether rosebud. She stood
stock-still, she had no idea that the film would find
its way so swiftly to her father. She had even less
idea that it would provoke him into masturbating over
his own Daughter. In shot, she saw the grin on Paul
Hegarty’s face as he gently withdrew his finger and
replaced it by his huge prick. The bulbous head seemed
to be unable to make progress, then, all seemed to give
way, and it slid in, in one long slide, right up to the
hilt. On the soundtrack she heard her own, disembodied
voice cry out.

“Oooh YESSSSsss”.

As she watched, entranced, she felt her own heat
building. Her right hand dropped the remote control,
and found her way to her crotch, where her thumb
pressed through the folds of her dress to apply
pressure to her own clit. Her left hand moved north,
squeezing her breast, then up to her mouth, where she
bit gently on the knuckle of her thumb. She stood, as
if frozen watching Paul pull himself from her body. He
sat down on the floor and pulled her across on top of
him, sinking his shaft as far as it would go up her
dripping quim.

“Come on, slut, Dance on that!”

On Screen she began to wriggle, grinding her arse
willingly around the invading pole. Her movements were
limited only by the grip Paul had on her waist and the
fact that brother Dan had not withdrawn from her mouth
and still had a grip of her hair as he too pumped in
and out of her orifice.

Her thumb was beginning to hurt now, as she gnawed
furiously at the knuckle. Her other hand was now
adding to the pressure on her clit by not so gently
sawing up and down her slit. Her breathing had
quickened now, and she was leaning against the side of
the sofa, relying on it for the support she needed to
stay upright. She knew she should stop and switch it
off, but events on the screen had their own momentum
that transmitted itself, through her busy fingers to
her building, off-screen orgasm.

The camera moved again, capturing the details as Sir
Gerald joined Dan at her head, both of them being
serviced in turn by her darting tongue and sucking
cheeks. She could remember how she had lost control at
that point. She knew she would let them do anything
they wanted, and could feel the thrill she gave her all
to their pleasure. The last piece of the jigsaw was
taking place. As the two men fucked her face, and Paul
urged her on with her fucking, the old man, whose name
she couldn’t remember, took his place behind her.
Already lubricated from Paul’s earlier efforts, she
took his prick easily, and could remember the way that
friction across her anal membrane caused her orgasm to
break over her like waves at the ocean.

As she gasped for breath on screen, her orgasm off it
was quite different. She could hardly breathe at all.
She gripped her knuckle with her teeth, drawing blood
in the process, and collapsed, soundlessly onto the
floor. Her body twitched spastically as she slumped
against the sofa, watching the finale develop in front
of her. The camera moved round above her head,
focussing in close-up on the old man’s dick, pumping
his organ vigorously up her arse. As he orgasmed, he
withdrew, spattering great gobs of semen up her back
and on to the lens of the camera. The sound of his
victorious cry echoed around the room as the camera
focussed on his grinning face.

“Up Yours! Willis. I’ve owed you this one for years”

She heard a slight sound behind her and turned her
head. Henry stood in the doorway, leaning casually
against the doorpost. His arm was draped loosely over
the shoulder of Celeste the maid, hand inside her
blouse, cupping her breast.

“So this is how you pay me back for all the wealth and
kindness I’ve showed you? I think things will have to
be a little different in future ……………………”

End of Part 12.



Henry Jeavons, MP, Overseas Development Minister, sat
in deep conversation with Sir Gerald as they sipped
their after-dinner port. Strategy for the next debate
may have been uppermost in their minds, but not in the
minds of all their guests. Uncle Billy and two African
businessmen sat side-by side across the room. On the
carpet in front of them two naked women lay nose-to-
tail licking furiously at each others cunts as they
brought themselves to orgasm.

Henry looked up. “I’m sorry, Gentlemen, but I have to
return to London later this evening, so we had better
turn our attention to business.”

The two women slipped soundlessly away, and the
Africans shuffled uncomfortably as they rearranged
their underwear.

“Of course, my absence should not inhibit you. You are
welcome to stay for the weekend. My wife Joanna and
her daughter Janey will, I am sure, offer you all home
comforts. Should any aspect of your stay prove
unsatisfactory, please let me know so I can take
appropriate action.……………………..”

The End

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