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VIALS girls who farther just


"Vials" {Pendragon} (MF mc)

IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to
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This material is Copyright, 1996, Uther Pendragon. All
rights reserved. I specifically grant the right of downloading
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All persons here depicted, except public figures depicted as
public figures in the background, are figments of my imagination
and any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly
# # # #

By Uther Pendragon

"You're not angry with me then?" Sarah asked.

"If you aren't angry with *me*." Jason answered.

"No. Not at all. I know that you are older. You are used to
girls who go farther. I just get angry at that, 'You do or you
don't,' business. We've had two dates. Maybe our relationship
will deepen, or maybe we'll end up as friends. I wouldn't mind
that. I don't have any friends with your experience and
understanding. I like you. I respect you. I'd be a fake to say
that I love you. You'd be a fake to say it, as well.

"I just got carried away."

"I understand," she said.

"You'll come to the play tomorrow?"

"Maybe you'd be smarter to take me out for a movie and a burger."

"That's not fair," he said. "I don't take you out to hit on you.
I like to see the way you respond to fine things."

"Then I'll be glad to come to the play. Sorry I can't invite you
in to the residence."

"You wouldn't be willing to dine at my place again? As a sign of

"As a sign of acceptance of where we are now. On both our

"You are sweet. Six at the residence?"

"Fine," she said. He paid the bill and took her arm out to the
street. There, they parted with an arm squeeze and an air kiss.
Jason had another appointment with another woman, considerably
older than Sarah.

"It sounds like magic," he said. "I've heard that there aren't
any real aphrodisiacs."

"It isn't anywhere near magic. I could drink a vial and you
wouldn't get a kiss from me. This is a mixture. The man who
made it works where the materials are reasonably available. It
increases suggestibility, lowers the moral resistance threshold,
and increases the female libido. Except for the last, you can
get stronger drugs to do any of these things. The hard part is
getting all of them to work on the same time scale and not
interfere with one another.

"The mixture, though, transforms a date."

"And I need twenty vials?" he asked.

"I don't know how many you'll need. I personally don't think
that the drugs have any cumulative effect. If you have twenty
hot dates with the same girl over ten weeks, she knows what a
date with you entails, and she enjoys it, or has enjoyed it. You
might do it in ten date or five. Or you can have twenty hot
dates with twenty different women.

"If you establish a regular relationship with one woman with five
vials, you have the other vials. If you keep them sealed, they
will last for years. Who you give the mixture to is your
business, except it should be adult women. men or little girls
might get hurt. You understand that nobody has really conducted
scientific trials on this."

"Five thousand dollars is a lot of money."

"Five hundred a week. You are a prosperous man. I bet that you
spend that amount on dating already. This gives you twice the
satisfaction for twice the money.

"I'll admit that I want to sell to you," she continued, "since
each person that I approach is a risk. On the other hand, there
won't be many more sets like this, so I'm not going to lower the
price. My partner who makes the stuff gets half, and I get half
because he doesn't want to take the risk of approaching people.
He knows I am absolutely safe, but every time he gets more
nervous. If you don't want it, tell me and I'll look for another
man with money and reasonable presence who has no active

"Thank's for the vote of confidence."

"This won't seduce a nun. It won't make a woman want someone she
finds repulsive. It lowers thresholds."

"And you will let me try one sample?" he asked.

"If you agree to the price. Five thousand for the remaining
nineteen if the first one works."

"How do I know that you won't switch materials?"

"Did you bring the large envelope as I asked? I'll put all the
vials on the table. You take one from the table, whichever you
wish. You put the others in the envelope. You seal it and write
what you want over the flaps. The envelope costs you five
thousand dollars, cash, if the first one works."

"I have pressed the envelope with an old-fashioned notary
seal," he said. "You won't be able to switch it."

"If I don't get the money, I have the vials. That's all that I
Sarah came out the door of the YWCA residence at 6:02. Jason
appreciated some of her old-fashioned virtues as much as he
deprecated others.

They had a light meal at a restaurant, and Jason was able to pour
his vial into her wine glass. She drank it all down.

There was no visible effect at the restaurant nor in the cab
later. During the play, however, she began to laugh harder than
the rest of the audience and to hug his arm more.

Afterward, he served her a fine cold meal and another glass of
wine. This disappeared faster than the first one had. He knew
that she was a one-glass girl; she was stretching her rules by
having a second at a second meal. He did, however, offer her

"Well, I'm certainly not driving, since I haven't had a car since
I came to the city. I drank that one too fast, but it tastes so
good. Don't let me have a third, though."

"Here you go."

"The whole evening has been so fine," she said. "The play was
funnier than I expected, and this food! You certainly put an
effort to entertain a girl who said 'no' to you."

"Partially in apology."

She sipped the wine, leaving a little at the end of the meal.
She was finding him funnier than she had in the past, as well.

When they got up, she kissed him in thanks. He extended the kiss
and deepened it. She made no objection to his hand on her
derriere. She had allowed his petting of her covered breasts
before. It was the attempt to unbutton her blouse, and then the
unwillingness to stop, that had caused their quarrel.

The caresses that had aroused her anger now simply aroused her.
He led her to the couch, and she resisted nothing. When he
kissed her bare breasts she said, "We shouldn't." When she was
finally raising herself so he could remove her skirt she said, "I
shouldn't." She never said, "You shouldn't."

When he started to remove his own clothes she asked, "Please, not
out here." He led her to his bedroom, and she helped remove his
shirt. She wanted to stand there kissing, and he indulged her.
She removed her pantyhose while he removed his shoes and
trousers. He petted her breasts and teased her nipples while
they kissed. She didn't resist when he removed her panties, but
she immediately ducked under the covers and hid there.

"Do you have any protection," he asked.

"No." She sounded frightened.

"I do." He got it and slid under the covers next to her.

They kissed again, and she shivered. Her mouth, however, was hot
on his and her tongue was playful. Soon she was pressed up
against him in the kiss. He finally touched her center and found
her wet.

"This isn't me. I don't act like this."

"I don't want to force you," he answered, unsure he could stop
at that point.

"This isn't me, but I can't stop now."

"Have you done this before?"

"It isn't my first time," she admitted, "but it was never like


"Please. Yes, please."

He got between her legs, and found her tight entrance. "Are you
sure this isn't your first?"

"It isn't. Just be gentle with me, and slow."

He was slow and as gentle as he could be while still moving
forward. Slowly, he eased that portal open. Slowly, he pressed
into that tight warmth. Slowly, he filled her to her depths.

She opened her legs as he sank between them. She raised her
knees a little and the motion helped carry him in. Finally, his
pelvis pressed against hers.

"So big," she groaned.

"Are you okay?"

"Need to move."

He started moving. She was still during the first withdrawal but
met his advance. Soon she was forcing the pace. All his control
disappeared and he pounded into her. She was whimpering hut
driving against him. He came in grunts and geysers. She
stiffened against him and dug her nails into his shoulder a
moment later.

"Oh," she called, "Oh. Yes. OOOOH! God! God! AAHHH!" The
last nearly deafened him and they both collapsed.

Minutes later, she was in tears.

He comforted her with his hands. Then he asked again, "You said
that this wasn't your first time."

"It was my first like that. I never felt like that. I never
made love when we hadn't said 'love.' I suppose that I never
made love with a real adult."

"Now, now. You know that I care for you. This isn't a one-night

"But it never *felt* like that. Love is supposed to make it
special. But this was the one which was special."

"Maybe you feel more for me in your heart than your head

"Look, can I go?" she asked suddenly.

"Not like this."

"I'll put myself together. Can I use your bathroom? Can you not

"Sweet girl. I'll get you a robe. Use anything you want."

He got robes for both of them and cleared out. When he heard
water run in his bath he brought her clothes from the living room
and laid them n the bed.

He used the half bath and was dressed when she emerged.

"Look," he began. "I'm sorry if I pushed things too far..."

"No. You didn't. I didn't say 'no.' Not once. I didn't even
want to. I think I would have forced you if you hadn't been

"You are exaggerating."

"You are more desirable than you realize," she said, "more than I
had realized."

"I'll take you back."

"Please, no. I don't have any quarrel with you. I'm very fond
of you. I have a quarrel with *me*. I have to work it out.
Just have them call a cab, please."

"I have fare."

"No. If we'd only eaten, I would. Look, I'll call you. I
really will."

He got her the cab, and she left.
The next evening, she did call. "I still have things to sort
out. I think you were right, though. I must be fonder of you
than I realized. I certainly have liked and respected you. But
that wasn't respect that I was feeling.

"The next date, though.... And that is presuming a whole lot.
You probably have doubts yourself after how I behaved."

"Not in the slightest."

"Well, if you do ask me out, let's not include your apartment."

"Fine," he said. "How about something light, like the zoo."

"Let me get back to you. I'm not playing hard to get. I still
have thinking to do. Let's say the zoo sounds fun, but sometime.
I called this time didn't I?"

"You always keep your promises. I just wish that I had more than
a pager for you."

"You don't know the phones back there. I go out to make calls."
Another sort of call came to his office the next day.

"Did my mixture work for you?"

"I'd have to say 'yes.'"

"Nineteen vials. $5,000. This noon."


"The drug store a block north of your office."


They traded. He was very suspicious of the envelope, but it
hadn't been touched. She counted the money very carefully.

He left for a power lunch.

She walked a few blocks and called her partner.

"We made the sale."

"You insist on fifty-fifty, of course."

"It's a fifty-fifty effort."

"No," said Sarah, "I do most of the work."

Uther Pendragon

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