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VIRBRID cum his wifes mouth


Sexually Explicit Material - Not Intended for

Title Virgin Bride
Part 1

by the Drifter

"Oh Dan yes... harder... please... I'm going to
do it... oh yes baby yes....." She strained against
him as she shuddered and shook and came for the third
time as Dan drove his cock into her deeper and harder
with each thrust and she hunched her wet pussy up to
take his cock each time. Finally as she stiffened her
body and arched her back lifting both of them off of
the bed she felt him cum spurt after spurt inside her
until they both collapsed.

Later when she could breath regularly again she
said, "Dan I can't believe how fabulous that felt!!!
God, honey, If I had known how good sex was no way I
would have been a virgin for so long. Why didn't you
tell me before we got married?"

"Don't give me that Joni, I did everything I could
think of to get you in bed ever since we met. All you
could say was, ' Not until after the wedding'. OK so
we waited until after the wedding. But it wasn't my
fault sweetheart."

"I know baby... I should have listened to you."
She cuddled closer and wrapped her slim fingers around
his limp manhood. Squeezing it she said, "How long
before we can do it again?"

"Not too long my horny fucking wife. Especially
if you want to encourage things with your hot mouth

"Hmmm I loved that too. Can I suck my new toy
again?" And without waiting for an answer she dropped
her lips around his cock as it began to struggle back
to life.

It had been like that every night since the
wedding. Joni had taken to sex like a starved woman.
Dan was delighted with his sexy and perpetually horny
wife. She loved sex as much, if not more, than he did.
She had been willing to try everything including anal.
Anal wasn't her favorite though she was happy to give
Dan her tight ass anytime he wanted it. She prreferred
oral sex, giving and getting, and fucking... lots of
fucking. And she had realized she loved the earthy
words and used them every chance she had. Just saying
fuck or cunt or any of those rich words thrilled her
and made her want sex.

The honey moon had been wild and for a solid
week they hardly left the room for food. Just enough
to keep their strength up.

They had moved back to their home town after
college, the wedding and the honeymoon. It seemed
strange to be back in the town they had both grown up
in. They had both started their new jobs and Joni had
found it tough to wait all day until she could get Dan
in bed again each night. Slowly she learned to control
her appetite to four or five times during the week but
when the week end came it was the honeymoon all over.
The two of them would screw over and over all week end.

Then Dan accidentally started a new adventure for
them when they lay cuddling after more great sex and
Dan said, "God honey, you are unbelievable. You are
the best fuck I have ever had."

Joni smiled at him and thanked him and then said,
"I'm glad I'm a great fuck for you but tell me about
your other girlfriends, the ones you fucked."

"Your kidding?"

"No I want to hear who else you fucked and how you
fucked them."


"Yes really... tell me, who was your first piece?"

Dan and Joni had gone to the same High School
together but had never gotten together until their
senior year in college. In high school Joni had the
reputation of being nosex. Dan was a little leary of
telling Joni about his sexual experiences cause she
knew all of his exgirlfriends too.

Dan started by telling her about Mary Lou Johnson.
Mary Lou had been a very popular girl that every one
thought was so pure and straight laced, but Dan had
found her hot and receptive. They had dated and fucked
regularly their Sophomore year in High School. Joni
pulled every detail out of Dan including how Mary Lou
had loved to suck cock just like she did. He told her
about the drive in movie dates where neither of them
even looked at the screen, at the lake, in her bedroom
with her parents downstairs, in her basement, in the
park. It had been a great year. They had broke up
when Mary Lou had caught him at a party feeling up
Betty Raines.

It hadn't been so bad breaking up with Mary Lou
cause Betty Raines quickly spread her legs for Dan on
their first date the night after that party. He had
learned a lot from Betty including that she wouldn't go
steady and she even told him she was not only fucking
him but a couple of other guys he knew.

Joni gasped as Dan revealed that. "She was
fucking three guys at the same time."

"Well not exactly at the same time but close."

"And you didn't mind that you were sharing her
pussy with these other guys?"

"No not really, I didn't figure it was going to
last forever so I enjoyed her when she was with me,
which was plenty to keep me happy back then. Besides,
I have never been the jealous type."

Joni had this far away look in her eyes and Dan
said, "Where are you my love?"

They had agreed to always tell the truth about
everything so Joni said softly with a blush, "I was
wondering what that would be like.... to be with other
guys, to feel what other cocks were like."

Dan kissed her and said, "You are a naughty, sexy

She grinned and replied, "I am... and you love

"I do." and he dropped his mouth to her wet pussy that he had filled a couple of times already that
Saturday morning with his cum. He had lost track of
how many times he had eaten his cum out of her well
used cunt since their honeymoon. He had gotten to like
the flavor of their blended juices and Joni loved to
have him eat her "Nasty cunt" as she called it. She
groaned and moaned as he expertly brought her to
climax after climax with his tongue and fingers and

Later he slid up and Joni guided his hard cock
back inside her eager cunt. As he buried it deep she
gasped as he stretched her pussy once again and she
said, "And to think I missed this all through High
School and College. What a fucking dummy I was. All
the different guys that tried to fuck me and I said

Later Dan said, "OK your turn, what did you
do with your dates?"

She smiled sadly and said, "Not much hon. I sure
don't have stories like yours I'm sad to say."

"What's the furtherest you let a guy go?"

"She blushed and sighed as she said, "I let Bobby
Walker finger fuck me till I came several times. He
played with my naked boobs and sucked on them while he
fingered my pussy. That was the closest to sex.... if
I had known how good a cock felt, Bobby would have
gotten my pussy before you did honey."

Dan laughed and realized the stories turned him
on. He said, "It turns me on to hear you talk about
Bobby with his finger in your cunt."

"Me too Dan, and you with your girls. That is all
so hot. Would you have still loved me if I had fucked
Bobby in High School?"

"Of course. You still love me after my fun don't

"Of course.... I like thinking about you with
Mary Lou and Betty. I want to hear more of your
conquests. I just wish I had some stories to share
with you."

"Didn't you ever do anything for Bobby?"

"I jacked him off a few times. I liked doing that
and so did he."

"What would you do if you were alone with Bobby
and he came on to you now?"

"No fair Danny, I would answer different right
now when I am so turned on. I admit I wonder what it
would be like to fuck him. Right now I would want him
to fuck me but it would never really happen."

* * *

Two weeks later the fourth of July picnic and
dance was coming up. Everyone went to this affair.
People came back from where ever they had moved like a
reunion and everyone enjoyed seeing each other and
catching up. Dan and Joni had been to the picnic and
had come home to change for the dance that night.

They had showered and played in the shower until
Dan had bent her over and fucked her dog style as she
screamed her pleasure. As they dried each other later
Dan said, "I saw you talking to Bobby this afternoon.
How is he doing?"

Joni blushed when he mentioned Bobby and Dan
wondered what they had been talking about to cause her
to blush. She smiled at him with a guilty look on her
face and said, "He is doing fine, he is divorced, said
his wife caught him with her sister. .... then he asked
me if I had learned to love sex. I told him I had
learned to adore sex with you. He told me if I ever
wanted to try it with someone besides my husband to
just let him know. That he felt we had a lot of
unfinished business to take care of."

. "Wow Joni... way to go.... and what did you tell

"I told him if I did I would let him know but that
I didn't think I ever would."

Dan noticed her bare nipples were swollen hard.
He smiled and said, "It excited you didn't it?"

"Yes... I'm sorry honey, I guess I shouldn't have
let it but it made me hot talking to him like that.
Does it bother you?"

"No, it's natural sweetheart. Hell who said we
could get turned on only by our spouses?".

"Oh and who did you see that turned you on?"

"No one but I heard Mary Lou was going to be at
the dance tonight with her husband."

"Hmmm and thinking about how you used to fuck her
made you all hot and bothered?"

"Yeah, sorta....thinking about Mary Lou helped."

"What do you mean sorta, did something else turn
you on?"

"Yeah, it's weird but watching you with Bobby,
thinking about his cock in your hand as you jacked him
off, thinking about him sucking on your big tits as he
fingerfucked you... that really had me going. Then I
wondered what it would be like to watch him fuck you..
I almost came in my pants over that."

Joni just looked at her husband for several
seconds and she shivered and said, "Oh my, that would
be hot, Bobby fucking me while you watched."

There was along silence then Joni said, "Oh we
better get dressed and go or we won't see anyone."

They got up and Joni pulled her lingerie drawer
open as Dan slipped on a pair of slacks. He spoke,
"Honey, what would you think about going without
panties or bra?"

She smiled at him with a teasing smile and said,
"Are you sure you want me dancing with Bobby without
any underwear on?"

Dan smiled and Joni saw his cock grow in his pants
as he said, "Yeah I think that might be interesting."

"OK my horny husband but remember it was your

She slipped on a low cut blouse that displayed a
lot of her full breasts, just barely covering the
nipples. That and a very small mini-skirt that was so
short she would have to be careful at bending over for
anything, specially without her panties.

They looked hot as they walked out the door of
their home. They drove in silence until they parked
the car outside the pavilion where the dance was held.
As Dan helped her out the door he had a full view of
her tits down her blouse and then her bare muff as she
stepped out of the car. Dan chuckled, "All the men are
going to want you tonight baby. You look so hot."

She stood and ran her hand over his semihard cock
through his pants and said, "Hmmm you too my husband.
Maybe we will have an exciting night."

They found a table and sat down. It was a large
table for six in one of the darker corners. They
hadn't been there long when some other good friends
joined them. Friends that sort of intruded cause Dan
had hoped Mary Lou and her husband would join them and
Joni had hoped Bobby and his date, if he had one, would
join them.

Then Dan noticed Joni brighten and looking at the
door he saw Bobby walk in alone. The music was playing
and soon Bobby saw her and headed in her direction.
Dan saw him coming and smiled as he thought, man he
does want to score with my sexy wife.... maybe he
will. And he felt his cock jump.

Bobby walked up to the table and said to Dan,
"Would you mind if I asked your wife to dance Dan?"

"Not at all Bob, that is if she wants to."

The guys looked at Joni as she stood up and
shortly Dan watched as they moved across the dimly lit
floor dancing closely. He lost sight of them and
started looking for Mary Lou. Then he saw her dancing
close by, dancing with someone other than her husband.
The others at their table had moved to the dance floor
and Dan walked over and cut in on Mary Lou.

She smiled up at him warmly and they chatted like
old comfortable lovers. After a few mimutes he was
surprised when he heard her say, "I was a fool to break
up with you over Betty that time. We had something
very special. Not even my husband makes me as happy as
you did."

He hugged her close and his hard cock pressed
against her. She smiled and said, "It feels as big and
as hard as it used to. But I bet you have had lots of
practice with it with Joni. She did turn out to be a
sexy little thing."

"I sure can't complain Mary Lou, but you were
about as good as it got."

"Thank you darling." The music ended and she
said, "Maybe you can dance with me some more. I would
like that. Richard isn't much of a dancer. He may go
home early. If I stayed would you dance with me?"

He still held her in his arms and he let his hands
drop on her cute ass and squeezed her as he said, "I
would like that a lot... bet on it."

She pulled away and said, "I will send Richard
home as soon as I can."

Dan walked her to her table and chatted with an
obviously bored Richard and then headed back to his
table. As he neared it he could make out Joni and
Bobby sitting pretty close, alone at the table. Dan
saw Bobby's hand under the table obviously on Joni's
leg. He couldn't tell how high but he knew it was
pretty high and his cock throbbed again. As he got
closer he coughed and the two of them sat up quickly.
Dan chuckled to himself and thought, "Busted."

As Dan sat down Bobby excused himself and left
after asking for another dance later. Joni winked at
Dan and smiled up at Bobby saying, "I would like
several Bobby."

Dan spoke when he was out of range, "Have fun

"Oh yes.... you won't believe what he did out
there as we danced."

"Did he squeeze you tight?"


"Did he get his hands on your lovely breasts?"

She blushed and said softly, "Yes.... it was like
we were still dating in High School. He played with my
titties through my blouse. I didn't stop him Dan...
I wanted him to play with me. In fact I wanted
him to do more..... and he did."

"Tell me?".

"You aren't mad are you.... you sort of hinted it
would be fun to play around."

"I'm not mad. It's kind of exciting to think
about him playing with my wife's tits out there on the
dance floor."

"What about if he played with your wife's bare
pussy here at the table before you came over? Don't
forget you were the one who wanted me to not wear

"I thought he had his hand under the table.. how
far did he get?"

"He slid his hand up under my dress onto my bare
wet pussy. After we danced and I felt his cock against
me I was getting hot and very
wet. When we sat down he looked at me and his hand
covered my pussy. I spread my legs and let him explore
Dan. I just didn't want to stop him. Are you OK with
that. I hope you aren't upset. I just went a little
crazy after we had talked so much about it. I wanted to
feel it again."

"I'm fine baby. I want you to enjoy yourself."

"Thank you sweety, I did but you may want to take
me home now."


"Bobby asked me to go out to his Van with him. He
said he was dying to fuck me."

"And what did you say?"

"I told him I had thought about doing that with
him after you taught me how much fun fucking and
sucking could be."

"So do you want to go out to his Van with him?"

"Part of me does. Your's is the only cock that
has ever been in my pussy. I do wonder what another
would feel like. What it would be like to fuck someone
other than you. Another part says I have the greatest
already why take a chance on messing that up."

"I will leave it up to you Joni, when you dance
with Bobby again, if you want to go outside with him it
is OK with me. I just danced with Mary Lou. She is
almost as hot as you. She said she was going to send
her non-dancing husband home soon without her. I could
get lucky if I pushed a little."

Joni had a look of lust in her eyes. Then she
said, "Maybe we both could get lucky. Maybe we could
take Bobby and Mary Lou home with us later for a night

"I would like that, I think I would like to watch
Bobby fuck you."

Joni shivered and kissed Dan passionately. As she
straightened up Bobby was approaching the table. Joni
smiled and stood and blew Dan a kiss and whispered,
"Thank you" and walked to meet Bobby. Once again Dan
saw them disappear into the crowd.

He looked around for Mary Lou and saw her sitting
alone at their table nearby. He quickly had Mary Lou
in his arms. As they danced she french kissed his ear
and whispered, "Almost like old times huh honey?"

Dan's hard cock was pressing into her as she
returned the pressure. Dan looked at the door to the
parking lot just in time to see Bobby leading Joni out
the door. He smiled and his cock jumped.

He looked at Mary Lou and asked, "Are you as good
a fuck as you used to be?"

She hugged him and said, "Guess you will have to
try me to know for sure."

He led her out the door to the dark porch. This
was familiar grounds to both of them and soon they were
in a secluded corner that they had fucked in during
high school a number of times. It took only seconds
and Dan found Mary Lou had on no panties. She
explained she had removed them after dancing with him
earlier. She leaned back on the ledge and spread her
legs as she guided Dan's hard cock home. It had been a
long time but it was wonderful.

As he plunged his cock in repeatedly he said,
"Baby you are still so tight, doesn't Richard ever fuck

""He does Dan but his cock is much smaller than
yours. You feel so good. I hope maybe you will come
see me after tonight. I miss your wonderful cock.
Richard is gone a lot."

Later Dan kissed her and they straightened their
clothes. Dan said he would be back for more before the
night was over.

She smiled and said, "You can have me anytime you
want me Dan."

Mary Lou went in first and Dan headed back to his
table. He sat there alone watching the door. When he
saw Joni walk back in alone he smiled and waited for
her. She strutted across the floor like the sexy
thing she was. As she approached Dan they both smiled
broadly. She sat down and slid her arms around his neck
and they kissed. Dan tasted the unmistakeable flavor
of cum in his wife's mouth as he tongued her deeply.
He broke the kiss and looked at his darling wife who
radiated joy.

"Did you?"

She smiled teasingly, "Did I what?"

"Did you suck his cock?"

"Yes" she said with a gush of air as she had been
holding her breath.

"Did you let him fuck you?"

She just looked up at him and nodded her head yes.

"How was it?"

"I loved it. It was so forbidden. cheating on my
husband made me hotter than hell. His cock tasted and
felt very nice but mostly it was the idea that I was
with another man. Are you OK?"

"Very OK honey, I'm glad you had fun... so did I."

"Mary Lou?"

"You fucked her?"



"Out on the balcony."

"Are you going to fuck her again?"

"Probably, she is eager."

"So am I."

"To fuck Bobby again?"

"Honey try to understand this. I don't care if
it's Bobby or someone else. I am dying to fuck other
men as well as you. It is so much fun and so hot.
Could we do this maybe regularly?"

"I think so, we can talk tomorrow."

"Do you want Mary Lou again?"

"Yes. Do you want Bobby again?"

"Well there is something I would like to do if you
wouldn't mind. Bobby drove here with Carl, remember he
was the hot shot quarterback in high school. He works
in the law office with Bobby now. Bobby asked me if I
would like to fuck them both at the same time. One in
my mouth and one in my cunt."

"What did you tell him?"

"That I would think about it, that I liked the
idea and had never done anything like that. I told him
that if I decided yes I would come to the bar and get
them. Would you mind?"

"Go for it hon."

Her eyes twinkled and she stood up. She was
standing between my legs and I slid my hand up onto her
wet pussy. Her lips were swollen and I could feel
Bobby's cum seeping out of her. She smiled down at
me and said, "I will be a lot fuller soon."

I looked around the room and satisfying myself no
one could see what I was doing, I raised her skirt and
licked my tongue between the parted lips of her freshly
fucked cunt. She gasped and hunched into my face as
she came quickly. She leaned down and kissed me and
said, "You like Bobby's cum in my cunt. I will bring
you some of Carl's too soon."

I released her and said, "Meet Mary Lou and I at
the car when you are through. I promised her a ride

I watched as she headed for the bar and soon
walked out the door with Bobby and Carl. I walked to
Mary Lou's table and held out my hand and said, "Bring
your stuff honey, we can go to my car this time and
wait on my wife."

She looked disappointed but not for long as I soon
went down on her in the back seat of my car. After
she had cum several times loudly we sat up and cuddled.
She sat up and said, "I better get dressed Joni could
be back anytime."

I smiled as I pulled my hard cock free and
directed her mouth to it. She happily sucked me as I
told her about Joni's fun evening. When we went to my
car it was the only one close so we felt pretty free.
Mary lou was naked as was I and she was astraddle me as
she pumped up and down on my cock as the front door
opened and closed quickly. I heard my wife's tired
voice say, "I'm sorry about the light, don't stop I
want to watch."

Mary Lou smiled and said "Hi Joni, have fun with
Bobby and Carl?"

"Oh yeah, I will tell you all about it later.
Actually I got more than I bargained for but I loved it
all. I will tell you later."

The idea of the entire night flooded my head and I
came hard as my wife watched me fuck my old high school

* * *

Later the three of us drove toward Joni and my
home. Mary Lou had agreed to join us at home. Joni
had suggested that maybe we could call Carl and Bobby
at their motel and have them come over for an all

And we did, but that's another story.


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