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VIRGIN1 hurt him they didnt finish


Please,... leave me a virgin
Sally was a virgin on her wedding day. Mark was glad to see
that she had waited, not that it would have made any difference. He
knew the shy, quiet girl was the one for him. He wouldn't have been
surprised to find he was not the first, but he was glad that she had
waited for him.
And what a load of romantic rubbish that is. It should go more
like- if you knew Sally like --- well, you probably know Sally. It was a
strange paradox about Mark. He was the first to go where no man had
been before, but he was probably the only guy in town that hadn't been
everywhere else.
It started with Mr. Harris, the choir teacher. All the girls had a
crush on him and he plucked a few flowers from every class. For Sally,
it was a double edged sword. There was tremendous status in landing
the man all the girls wanted, but her show and tell barter tricks weren't
likely to stall a real man. She had no idea what it would be like. She
had been pretty successful in keeping boys from even touching it by
letting them look as much as they wanted. But she knew look but don't
touch wouldn't be enough for Mr. Harris.
And she was right. Only let me stick it in your mouth and ram it
down your throat was good enough for Mr. Harris. In truth he was very
gentle and patient with Sally, but all the issues of putting her mouth an
a man's - down there- for the first time made it an overpowering
gathering of sensations. The merest push with his dick propping her jaw
wide open seemed overwhelming. There was the fullness and the smell-
and the flavor for her to absorb as she lay on the couch in Mr Harris'
office with her blouse pulled up around her chin and Mr. Harris
straddling her tiny tits with his cock in her mouth.
But even as she was struggling with the execution, she was
learning the lesson. Mr. Harris was giving her step by step instruction
on giving a blow job. She might have trouble doing it, but at least she
was learning how it was done right. From the rise and fall of Mr.
Harris' voice and moments when it sounded like he spoke in pain, Sally
knew she wasn't doing it very well. And that made it easier for Mr.
Harris to take the next step.
"Sally, honey, I know you're trying, but you'll have to practice
keeping it in your mouth for a longer time," he said gently, "This
starting and stopping is real hard on a guy. I don't think I can take it
much more. We'll have to try something else because my balls are
beginning to hurt."
Sally felt obligated now. She had started something and it was
going to hurt him if they didn't finish it. And she knew it would get
around. She just didn't want what would come next. She had been
willing, if hesitant, to let him shoot his gallons and gallons of sperm in
her mouth, but she was panic stricken at the thought of him ejaculating
in her pussy. Pregnancy, pain and infamy all swirled in her head as he
slid down her body with that dangerous poker nearing her cunt.
"Isn't there something else-" she whimpered, "I mean... I want
you to be satisfied, but... Oh Mr. Harris, please leave me a virgin!"
She didn't understand Mr. Harris' smile. But then he put on his
teacher face and said, "Well, there is a way, but you'll have to be a very
brave girl and do just what I tell you."
She agreed, even more frightened by his suddenly serious
demeanor. She felt trapped as if she had dropped a portcullis on her
escape route with the nod of her head. Then he rolled her over.
"We'll have to get these out of the way," he said and pulled her
skirt and panties down her legs and off.
Now she was really, really naked with a man for the first time
in her life. And he was pulling her legs apart so she felt obscenely
displayed to his gaze. Then she died. He touched her in the brown potty
place. It made the fact that her newly-haired chink was spread open
shrink into insignificance. He not only could see, but he was touching
her asshole. And he was touching it with something cold and slippery.
"Now you be a brave girl and I promise it will get better after
we start," Mr Harris said as he slipped his finger slowly into her ass.
Sally felt like a trapped girl, but she was determined to make
Mr. Harris proud of her. The finger felt weird, but it was sliding in and
out of her ass easily enough. Whatever he had smeared on her ass made
it seem powerless to resist the intrusion. Even when he slipped a second
finger in beside the first, her asshole accepted it.
Sally couldn't believe she hadn't seen it coming, but at the time
she was busy with the sensations of his fingers stretching the sphincter
and the self-awareness of her naked and openly displayed position. She
made a little whuffing sound when the fingers vacated her ass. And then
there was a yip as the fingers were replaced by something bigger.
It all became clear to her then. There were two roads and he
was going to take the one less traveled by. Her mind was still reeling
as he made the first attempt so the blunt intrusion didn't carry its full
impact. But when he pushed again she was overwhelmed by the size of
the thing he was trying to stuff up her ass. It felt twice a large as it had
when he pushed it in her mouth. It was big, hot and throbbing as he
pressed the back door open just a little way.
"This will be easier on us both if you help," Mr Harris said.
"But I don't know how!" wailed Sally.
"Just push down like you're going to the bathroom," he
She pushed and he pushed and there was a 'pop' as the head of
his cock slipped inside her asshole. Her virginity was a technicality now.
He was inside her. The gasp when his dick popped into her back door
was cut short when he pushed again.
Push hard and retreat a little, push hard and retreat a little, he
kept making the little stabs as if waiting for something. As he fell into
the rhythm, Sally's panic faded and her asshole loosed its grip on his
dick a little. That was obviously what he was waiting for because he
immediately shoved half his prick into her with a mighty heave.
"Geeze!" Sally protested as the rude and sudden intrusion
brought back the panic and slammed her asshole tight again.
"Don't let it worry you, it'll get better, I promise," Mr. Harris
The reassurance was nice, but Sally was going to go on
anyway. She had to do this. She hoped it would get better, but she was
going to persevere whatever the cost. And the cost came as he pushed
forward again.
Now the sensation deep up inside her was rivaling the pain of
his dick stretching her ass open too wide. It was a - go to the bathroom-
feeling like she had never felt before. He ass was full and the fullness
was moving. She had barely begun to process this new sensation when
she felt the heat of his thighs nearing her bottom. He had it almost all
the way in!
Mr. Harris had an idea what he was putting her through. He
toyed with her then, moving a little in and out as she waited for the final
lunge to bury his cock full length in her ass. This one was a keeper. He
was aware of his largely undeserved legend, but only he knew how
much it was exaggerated. Sure, there were always several girls willing
to throw themselves at him, but most of them came with reservations.
I'll do this, but I won't do that. And more of them than anybody would
suspect thought he would be happy with a hand job.
Fortunately there were always a couple that were willing to give
it up. Or, as in Sally's case, were willing to make up for their
reservations in a truly satisfying way.
He'd teased her enough. His belly met her upturned ass with a
solid thwack. He heard it knock the breath out of her. God! She was hot
and tight and squirmy.
She had it now. She had it all. And Mr. Harris was right. While
he was waiting to put it in all the way, she had gotten used to that thing
in her ass. Really, it still hurt, but it wasn't a terrible pain. It was a kind
of gentle pain and it made her cunt feel all itchy. When he started to
fuck her, she couldn't help herself. He fingers found their way to her
cunt and started to rub.
He took it nice, long and easy to start with. It was easily the
most exciting thing that had ever happened to her. She timed her fingers
to his thrusts and lazily rubbed her hungry pussy. She was moaning and
groaning and panting with passion as he slowly increased the speed and
fervor of his fucking. Her fingers were centered on her clit now. She
had rubbed herself to a frenzy and then he really started.
She felt like a leaf in the wind as he beat against her butt. She
was knocked off balance every time he slammed into her ass and drove
his cock deep into her vitals. And he *was going for the gold. He
slammed into her fast enough to make her feel like a cork in the ocean
and somehow that lack of control became the most monster orgasm of
her young life.
Sally didn't know how much she squirmed as she came. Mr.
Harris felt every nuance. And along with the squirming came the
tremors of orgasm, making her cunt and ass spasm as he drove his cock
deep in the brown. It put him right over the top. He knew the need and
he knew there was no return. He slammed against the twitching girl,
ramming his swollen cock into the spasms of her anus as fast as he
could while he held back the flood. She was mewling and shaking all
over as he gave the final deep burying thrust and flooded her bowels
with his jizm. He held her against him, using her lightness to move her
on his spewing cock as he froze and pumped out gout after gout of his
sticky seed.
Then it was quiet. Mr. Harris was done in. He stayed frozen in
the last pose and let the afterglow flow over him as he savored the feel
of her asshole sheathing his cock. Sally was busy convincing herself
that it wasn't a dream no matter how dream-like the sensations that were
washing over her. The feel of his come dripping down from her asshole
convinced her it was real.
Yes, she was a keeper. She and Mr. Harris went at it like dogs
for the rest of the year. But he wasn't the only winner from her new-
found knowledge. All these things to do and remain a virgin was like
candy to Sally. And since she was a nice girl, she was willing to share
her candy with the whole class.
(Look for Virgin - Pt. 2)


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