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VIRGIN2 camera the the


Please, leave me a virgin... (contd.)
Knowing what liars boys are, it is hard to tell how many of
them tried Sally's alternate routes. A hundred if you believe them, but at
least 25 or 30 using a conservative estimate. All I know is that by the
time she got to me, she was very practiced and just full of surprises.
We met in a coffee shop- not one of those artsy-fartsy ones with
poetry readings and crap like that- just your average greasy spoon diner
kind of place. I make the distinction because Sally was coming on like
biker bitch from Sluttown and her choice of place was part of that.
I knew her slightly from school- I graduated the year she got
together with Mr. Harris- but I don't think she remembered me. It
certainly wasn't important to her mission that night. Her mission was to
get fucked- hard, hot and nasty and generally be treated like a piece of
I was hardly the Alpha male in the place that night, but a couple
of winks cleared the way for me to pretend. I think the other guys
hoped to be amused by watching me play the swagger and pick up. I
had a couple of moves I thought would make them proud of me.
I stalked over and grabbed me a handful of her denimed butt.
"That's real prime," I said as I squeezed her ass, "I'd like to slice
me off a pound of that filet."
She didn't protest. She just turned slowly to face me and said,
"Some people are careful about who's their butcher. You think you can
handle the job?"
I stepped up close, put my other hand on her other cheek and
said, "Babe, I've got it covered."
I had stepped between her legs to keep her from kicking me in
the nuts if that was her plan, but she had better ideas. She wrapped her
legs around my hips, reached up for my shoulders and pulled herself up
against me.
"Hope I'm not too much for you," she taunted as she hung on
my body.
When she had taken the little hop off the stool, my hands had
instinctively given her butt a boost and now I was holding her crotch
against my crotch as she twined around me. It was a different kind of
pick up. Hoping to continue my smooth cover and give the guys a real
show, I turned her toward the door and started to carry her out.
"I think that will take some testing. I better take you to my
shop," I told her as I headed for the door.
She only giggled as I struggled to make her weight seem
nothing as I carried her out. I was stuck a little since I didn't have a
place I wanted to take her, but a pleading glance over her shoulder to a
friend took care of that. He knew I didn't have a place to take her, so he
clipped the keys to his truck to my wallet chain as I carried her by.
It was a Peterbilt. Great place for a truck fuck. I had set her
down after I had pinned her against the doorframe and ground my now
hard dick against the crotch of her jeans for a while. Now I led her to
the back of the cab and gave her a two-handed squeeze as she climbed
up in front of me. We didn't have to act quite so tough now that we
were alone and she giggled as I goosed her.
When I followed her into the back, I had one little thing to take
care of to pay back my friend. I had to find his PC and get it turned on.
He drove too much and made too much and had nothing to spend the
money on but hi-tech toys. I once told him he should get a job in
computers, but he said he couldn't take the pay cut. But his PC was like
a biker's full-dressed hog, bells, chimes, whistles, fog-horns and all. All
I had to do was flip the switch and I knew he could remote from the
Newton in his pocket.
I clicked it on along with the lights in the back of the cab and
my thoughts quickly turned to other things. Sally hadn't been wasting
the four or five seconds it had taken me to deal with the switches.
She had gotten her tank top off and had her jeans down over her butt.
As I watched, she peeled them off and then lay back naked on the bed.
She didn't stay there long. As soon as I got busy with the
buttons on my shirt, she popped up and started opening my pants.
Together, we had me naked in a minute and then she was pushing me
down on my back. It wasn't the kind of control you resented, because
she was just trying to clear the path to my cock, which she promptly
put in her mouth.
I could only think of three possibilities as her lips slid down my
swollen stem. A. she was the best natural cocksucker ever, B. she had
picked up a lot with practice, C. both A and B apply. And every bob of
her head was making me think C was the right answer.
She didn't waste me. I think her sucking was just a way of
teasing me with things to come. All too quickly she sat up and grinned
"Are you ready to show me what you can do with a rump roast?
I want you inside me," she simpered.
I was expecting her to roll over on her hands and knees, but she
just rolled back and pulled her legs up and apart. I wondered how a
position like that was going to keep her a virgin, but I decided it would
be more fun to find out than to puzzle about it.
Well, it wasn't like she was leaving anything to chance. She just
knew her body better than I did and she was practiced in her art of
deception. When I climbed over her and tried to put my dick in her
pussy, she pulled her knees back a little farther and I slipped down
between her asscheeks.
She must have wanted me to try again because the second time
she pulled her pussy up out of my way pulled her asshole directly in
line with my cock and I nudged in a millimeter or two before I pulled
"What's the matter? You know you want it." she chided as I
held my position poised above her.
It was a deadly combination of art and craft as she artfully
aroused my testosterone with her teasing and then showed her seductive
craft by wetting her forefinger and running it around her asshole. The
saliva made the brown pucker shine and then she slowly slipped the tip
of her finger inside and made little fuck motions. Then she laid back
and left it to me to ram her full of cock.
At least that's how she made me feel. The actual sticking of my
cock in her ass was less showy. It started in real good, but the lack of
any real lubrication brought me up short. I was going to have to fight
for it. I wasn't in the fight alone. She fought right back at me by pushing
her ass at my advancing hardon. It was slow but it was a good fight.
By the time I had settled against her ass, we were both
sweating pretty good and I felt like king of the jungle. We had pushed
the pink canoe upstream against stubborn resistance and now I was
deep in the heart of the headwaters. We strained against each other a
while to push the last millimeters inside her asshole and then she pulled
back and pushed at me.
"That was great, but I don't want to have to go through that all
night. Take it out for a second," she said.
I was disappointed. I pulled out of her and she went scavenging
in her pants. When she came up with a small tube of K-Y, I knew what
kind of an animal she was. She could have made it easy, but she
wanted me to fight to drill her dry. Now she squirted a little jelly on my
dick and a lot into her asshole and resumed her position.
It was good when it went in easy, too. She let me hit bottom
again and then she tried to straighten out her legs.
"Lean back, I'll show you something," she said.
I dropped back on my heels and she laid her legs over my legs
and proceeded to pull her ass up onto my cock. It was a lot different
than bending over a babe and drilling it up the back door. I got to
participate, but I wasn't in charge. I was limited to ramming my cock
up her ass with sharp tilts of my pelvis, since lifting up only pushed her
farther away because of the way her thighs lay over mine.
But that's not to say she didn't do her share of slamming her ass
into me, grabbing my cock with her ass rather than just taking what I
gave her. We worked at that for a little while and then she pulled her
legs back up.
"I want it hard and I want it now," she demanded and put her
legs over my shoulders.
God! Me too! I grabbed her legs just below the knees and
started to plow her asshole with long, hard strokes. After all the
preliminaries, it felt just that much better to be finally sliding my aching
cock in and out of the tight grip of her rectum. But she still wasn't done
with her tricks.
"Tell me when you're going to cum," she burbled as I bounced
the words with my pounding against her butt.
Thirty seconds later and the request would have been too late. It
certainly didn't give me time to think about her motives. I heaved
against her a few more times and then told her I was cumming.
She pulled her legs away from me and her asshole off my cock
in the most surprising thing she had done to date. I was about to protest,
but I couldn't get out a sound before she was back- this time mouth end
first on my ready to burst prick.
I hadn't lied. I was so ready to cum that she hardly had time
enough to slide her mouth down my cock before I let it fly. That didn't
seem to worry her. I came and she kept on sucking. I came some more
and her head kept bobbing in perfect time. She sucked me while I
emptied my balls down her throat and then just held me in her mouth,
running her tongue around my dick. It made me twitch it felt so good.
When I finally thought I could speak without my voice
breaking, I said, "Well, I was right about the quality of that rump."
"Then I guess I've got to say that you handled it pretty well,"
she answered.
That was it for the small talk. We got dressed and went our
ways. The next thing was an ovation when I went back in the coffee
shop to give my friend his keys back.
"I just wished I could have taped it," he grinned and then
explained that he had been able to hook a feed from his computer's
camera to the tv in the cafe.
I guess I was famous now.


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