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VIXEN split like melon when Iona


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Revolt of the Vixens

His ugly bald head split like a melon when Iona brought down the
steel bar. None of the women troubled over his injuries. They streamed
over his crumpled body like a swarm of ants.
Petr had been the last obstacle to their freedom. He had guarded
the last door to the yard and, beyond, the complex where their captors
lived in luxury.
A nameless man in gray garb went down under a flood of female
flesh as he tried to reach the alarm. The scene was too brutal for
words. Iona led her group straight to the control room in the center of
the compound.
Hubris, that sin of smug pride, by their captors had given them
the knowledge to quickly seal the camp. A few guards might have slipped
into the corridors, but they would be found and dealt with in short
The women controlled the gates. They controlled the doors. By
that, they controlled the weapons and the men. With these under their
control, they also controlled their own fates.
"Can't we kill them all now?" Deidre asked fiercely.
"You know the plan," Iona said sharply, "Your proposal had little
support. We will use them for our own purposes. Even you admitted they
would provide protection in case there was an offensive to re-take the
"Can we kill some of them?" Deidre asked hopefully.
"Deidre, don't you know there are things worse than death?" Iona
grinned at the dark, fierce one.
"I just wanted to kill a couple," Deidre pouted.
"Then take a couple of the girls down to the armory, arm
yourselves and go on patrol," Iona said to appease Deidre. "You can kill
the ones that don't surrender fast enough."
There were three of them. Deidre only got to kill one herself, but
she seemed pleased with the day's hunting. While they had searched out
the guards that had managed to get inside the gates before they slammed
closed, Iona had organized a team to disarm any of the ones left outside
who would rather surrender than bake in the deadly desert sun.
Iona swiveled the control chair around and looked up the rise.
She had some powerful and influential people trapped in the
building on the hill. If she had read the insignia correctly, pro-counsel
Dennem had entered the compound earlier this morning. Pro-counsels
were always attacked by a swarm of supervisors wherever they
went, so it was easy to assume she had a couple of them trapped as well.
They had prime hostages.
It was something else that brought a slow, happy smile to Iona's
face. The pro-counsel had brought a boy, presumably his own, along with
him. He was of just that age that interested Iona. Her smile broadened
as she thought what she might do.
"The sooner you stop this madness, the better it will go for you,"
the commandant said predictably.
"I'm suicidal, warden. The best thing I can think of is being dead
and I'm nice enough to let you come along for the ride," Iona answered
him grimly. "If we go, you go. If you're so sure we're going down, you
better start writing your will."
"You know they're not going to let you escape," Dennem said.
"I know I've got you all right now and I've got better things to
think about than what tomorrow may bring," Iona answered him.
They were grouped in the center of a ring of armed women. The
commandant and Gruber, his second in command, sat on an eyesore of an
overstuffed leather chair to one side. Dennem and his son sat between
supervisors Gleen and Obetz on the long sofa. A confused looking driver
sat on the other side of the room.
"Tie 'em up girls," Iona directed the others.
Seven men against 15 armed women was more than any of them
wanted to brave. The commandant in particular scalded them with hateful
looks as they bound him, but they all sat as they were put in the ropes.
"No, not him," Iona called out as Genie reached for the Dennem
boy, "We'll take him with us for safekeeping."
"You're despicable, taking your anger out on an innocent boy,"
Dennem snarled in his ropes.
"Hey, I like the kid. I'm not going to hurt him," Iona said,
"Maybe I'm thinking he would be better off not seeing what's going to
happen in here."
That thinly veiled threat quieted Dennem's snarl to a gulp.
It was going to be fun while it lasted, Iona thought. They all
were so obvious in their prides. They'd break like pottery when the
proper pressure was applied.
But at the moment, Iona had smaller fish to fry.
"What's your first name?" Iona asked the lad.
"You're not going to hurt my dad, are you," he said.
"That's an awful long name. Got a nickname?" Iona asked.
"My name is Stefan. Are you going to hurt my dad?" he said.
"Well, Stefanareyougoingtohurtmydad, I'll call you Stefan, okay,"
Iona went on lightly.
"What's going to happen to us?" Stefan asked.
"Now, now, I'm the nice lady rebel. The bad lady rebel is named
Deidre," Iona said as Deidre walked in. "You should like me and be very
afraid of her."
"What's this now?" Deidre broke in.
"I'm warning him about you," Iona said and then turned back to
Stefan. "She wants to kill everyone because she is very angry at being
caged up."
"I'm not five," Stefan was suddenly fierce, "I know all about this
place. And I know she's a big bull dyke."
"Oooooooooo!" Deidre threw up her hands in mock astonishment.
"How do you know that?" Iona asked.
"My dad said that you're all big bull dykes that they keep in here,"
Stefan said.
"What about me? I thought I was the nice lady rebel. Am I a big
bull dyke too?" Iona asked Stefan.
"Well..." Stefan looked Iona over carefully, "You're awful pretty,
so I don't know."
Deidre giggled as Stefan made his assessment. He had it bad for
Iona and it stuck out like a neon billboard. She knew Iona's evil mind
and guessed what she had in store for Stefan.
"I think you're awful pretty too," Iona returned the compliment,
"So you don't have to worry about any one hurting you while I'm around."
It was child's play, but he was a child. He didn't need much
threatening to be afraid and he still believed in his heart that
beautiful people had to be good. Cover that with sexual urges he didn't
understand and Iona was quickly forging a bond of trust.
Stefan wanted her to be his protector even without much
threatening from Deidre. He wanted her for other things that were not
clear in his pubescent mind. He eagerly believed in her pledge of
Deidre knew Stefan's dreamy look at Iona was her cue to check on
the confinement of the prisoners. There about twenty men confined in
the women's old building and Deidre wanted to make sure the forty or
so women running loose in the compound didn't reduce that number.
If anyone was going to get to kill a prisoner, Deidre wanted it
to be her.
"You're not afraid to come over here and sit by me, are you?"
Iona pricked Stefan's vanity.
He came slowly, more questioning where he would sit than her
motive for summoning him. Iona patted a strong right thigh and he
"You're not too old to sit on the lap of a pretty woman, are you?"
Iona pricked another urge in Stefan.
He perched awkwardly on that thigh, confused for a moment where to
put his legs. Iona pulled him to her and he found his feet nestled behind the
shapely calf of her left leg as if that space was reserved for him. The move
had pulled Iona's prison dress more than halfway
up her thigh and the greater expanse of leg was causing a natural
reaction in Stefan.
"Uh oh," Iona commented embarrassingly for Stefan, "I think I'm in
trouble. Maybe you are too old to sit on my lap."
Stefan turned a deep red as Iona put her hand right on the sharp
peak in his pants. She still held him with her right arm around his
shoulders as her left teased his hard-on. He grew even more confused
when his nervous shifting made his arm bump deliciously into one of
Iona's unfettered breasts.
Stefan had been exploring sex like it was a dark family secret
since he turned 13. His explorations had left him with few details
and a large body of questionable rumors. He had seen pictures of naked
women and knew- generally- what he was sitting on and what he was
bumping into. He also knew what would happen if Iona kept touching his
dick and he was terrified at embarrassing himself by his natural
It was all Iona could do not to take a bite out of him, he was so
sweet in his vulnerability. She pulled him back with her so he settled
against the generous curve of her breast and let her hand trail off
down his thigh. It would be too easy to jerk him off into his pants.
"You're a lot more man than I thought at first," Iona stroked him
with her words instead, "Maybe I should be sitting on your lap."
The image was too much for Stefan. Surrounding by her overwhelming
femininity anf thinking about her female rear pressing his crotch loosed
a wet torrent in his pants. His look was one of panic as he came in his
"Oh my! What are we going to do with you?" Iona gasped to feed his
shame and embarrassment. "Well, we can't leave you in those messed
Stefan was neither in a position nor emotional state to protest as
Iona picked him up and got to her feet. He stood unresisting as she
unbuckled and then unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. He
squirmed a bit when she lowered his underpants and his still erect
penis popped out for her inspection.
Quickly naked from the waist down, Stefan had another crisis of
colliding impulses as Iona used his underwear to wipe the dripping
jizm from his cock. It made him feel like a child in front of a woman
that he wanted to impress, but it also sent daggers of pleasure through
his groin as she touched him.
"I suppose we'll have to find something to cover you to stop the
other girls from attacking you," Iona said as she surveyed her work.
She artfully pinned a towel around Setfan's waist like a kilt,
carefully arranging the part so that further seismic activity below his
belt would push his cock out in the open like a ready flag.
Stefan was thoroughly subdued by the time she finished. He felt
like a child.
"Don't be so glum," Iona said to perk him up, "These things
happen to men. I'm flattered that you like me that much. It was a very
nice compliment."
Stefan suspected she was just saying that to cheer him up, but he
wanted to believe her. He wanted to believe that he hadn't ruined his
reputation with this blond amazon.
Iona left him to his thoughts for a moment and went to the window
to look down on the yard. All was in order. The rest of the women
seemed to be carrying out their tasks as she was carrying out hers. She
turned back to her small charge, who was still standing where she had
left him.
"I'll tell you a secret," Iona said as she placed him in the chair
she had recently occupied. "I'm glad I'm in here with you and not out
with those other women. Your dad is right about most of them."
She knew she would awake his concern for his father, but that
would have come anyway. Her timing gave her the chance to insinuate
herself into the picture on their side against the other prisoners.
"Do you think they'll hurt him?" Stefan was back to his first
"They'll talk tough, but your father is much more valuable alive,"
Iona explained. "You know about hostages, don't you?"
"Am I a hostage too?" he asked with innocent eyes.
"Yes," Iona said, knowing better than to tell such an obvious lie,
"But I meant it when I said I won't let them hurt you."
"Why are you being so nice to me?" he was suspicious.
"Because I know it's not your fault that your dad decided to bring
you along on this trip," Iona said. "You're not involved in this and I
don't think it's fair for the women to use you to get back at your dad.
I know what it's like to be an innocent victim."
Stefan was nearly teary faced in relief. That was everything he
wanted her to say to him. Iona struggled to keep her smile at his
innocence off her face and moved smoothly to step two.
"There's another reason, too, but I'm ashamed to tell you," Iona
hung her head.
"What?" Stefan was curious.
"No- I can't, you're just a boy and I'm evil for having those kind
of thoughts," Iona teased with a convincing somberness.
She got up abruptly and moved away to establish some psychological
as well as physical distance from Stefan. She didn't want him awed by
her proximity as she led him into temptation.
"I'm not a boy anymore," said the proud- what? 13? 14? 15-year-
old, "You can tell me."
"I know you're old enough to give me the thoughts," Iona began
and then let the implication hang, "But it wouldn't be any different
from what those women want to do to the others and I said I'd protect
She had done everything but explain it to him. Iona felt he had
to have picked up on the sexual tension. She'd let his fantasies steep
awhile and his confidence grow. Let him be full of imagined power when
I finally break down, Iona thought.
She was careful to be modest in her short prison dress as she put
on a show of walking nervously around the room before settling on the
bed. Surely that was an innocent resting place. She wouldn't have
picked it for any reason...
"So, what do you like to do for fun?" she asked in a voice that
showed her strain.
"Just usual stuff, sports, outdoors stuff- what's the matter?"
Stefan began and then reacted to the sad face that came over Iona.
Fish on! He was a small one, but Iona hadn't had the chance to
play one in a long time. It was good to know she hadn't lost the touch.
"It's just been so hard..." Iona started before breaking into a
He was up like she had pulled a string. Iona crumpled down
sideways onto the bed and he came and sat beside her to comfort her. He
put his hand on her upper arm.
"What is it? What can I do?" he asked.
Cha-ching! Iona rolled more face down on the bed and Stefan had to
lean over her to still reach her. She turned back quickly and he was
close enough to feel the need in her look down to his toenails. She
grabbed him before he could react and drew him down as she rolled onto
her back.
She kissed him hard, forcing his mouth open with her tongue and
leaving him breathless when she pushed him away and turned her face to
the covers again.
"No! I'm sorry. I can't," she mumbled into the bed, "I didn't mean
to do that. I couldn't help myself."
"Please, stop crying," Stefan pleaded as he stroked her back.
There was less hesitation in his touch this time. Iona pushed
herself up, turning eyes made red by rubbing at him while she sneaked
a glance at his lap. The proud soldier was peeking out of the part in
the towel.
"Could you just hold me?" Iona asked pathetically and gathered
him into her arms.
He was so small he nearly fit between her breasts. His head was
lost under her chin and his arms were thrown wide to reach around Iona's
healthy body. Even so, she could tell by the ferocity of his clutching
that he thought he was the one holding her.
She allowed herself a smile before she pulled the distressed face
back over her features and pulled away from the embrace. She came away
with her head bowed facing his crotch and then looked quickly away.
"I deserve to be here," she said dramatically. "I'm a disgusting
woman. I shouldn't look, but I couldn't stop myself."
"It's all right. It was an accident," he clumsily tried to soothe
Stefan still had one hand on her back and the other had dropped low on
her belly. He tried to pull her back and his hand went through a
series of nervous jumps from thigh to breast before it found her arm to
pull her back.
"It's so wrong! I shouldn't have thoughts like that!" Iona mocked
sobs with her head on his shoulder.
She was going to have to help him if he was going to find a way
to overcome these objections, but for the moment she was enjoying his
indecision. He would 'seduce' her, she would make sure of that, but
she was enjoying his novice attentions.
Somehow in the back and forth, Iona's leg had been thrown over
Stefan's and her thigh lay close enough to his prick that he could feel
it's warmth. The wheels were beginning to turn in the boy's mind.
"It's only natural. You can't help it," he parroted her words to
him. "Don't be ashamed. Tell me what I can do to help you."
Iona knew she could have pulled him between her legs and he would
have fucked merrily away without a second thought. The second thought
would come later as he remembered the sudden shift in her attitude. No,
he'd have to work a little harder for it.
"No, then I'd be no better than the other women," Iona protested.
"I want to. I want to help you. You've been nice to me and I don't
think it's wrong if I'm nice back," Stefan said.
Iona noticed his arm was not as careful to avoid her breasts as it
had been. He was pressing against her breast, smashing the two together
into a cleavage. She imagined he was taking advantage of her loose
neckline to look down at them inside her prison dress.
It was time to let him take advantage of her. She fell back with
her hand dramatically to her forehead and the hem of her dress nearly
up to her crotch.
"I can't trust myself to think," she lamented. "I know I'd give in
too easily."
There was the logistical matter of her near leg for Stefan to
conquer, but he was too driven by his desires to let that be an
obstacle. He rolled over it as he crawled over her.
Ostensibly, he was holding her in his arms again, but Iona could
feel his cock searching between her legs for a safe haven. He was
trying to make it seem accidental, but his idea of where her cunt opened
and where it really did were widely different. Iona gave him his
final clue.
"Oh goodness! What are you trying to do?" she mocked a protest.
"Isn't this what you want? Isn't this what you were afraid to
ask for?" Stefan said in a mixture of true panic and hopeful seduction.
"But it's wrong to make you do that," Iona uttered her last ban.
"You're not making me. I want to. God, I want to," Stefan said
with a final surrender to his lusts.
Iona had to lift her hips high to move him down to the proper
place, but Stefan in his eagerness didn't seem to notice. He slid
inside her and all other thought fled his young mind.
It was warm in there. It felt really good. He was fucking a woman
like he had bragged he had done many times before. Now he really knew
what it felt like. It was better than anything he had imagined.
And then it was over. Iona had all she could do to stop her
laughter at the face of horror and disappointment on Stefan's face as
he came inside her. She had to wrestle with her control quickly because
Stefan's instant question was even more humorous.
"Did you cum?" he asked.
"Oh yes, you were fantastic!" Iona lied like a pro. "I needed it
so bad I came when you put it inside me."
"Do we do something else now?" Stefan asked.
"Let's just lie here and let me catch my breath," Iona suggested
as a way to regain her composure and dippy 'woman in love' face.
If Stefan's chest had swelled any larger he might have lifted off
and floated away. He was a man now. He'd got himself some pussy! Iona
let him have his moment of unearned pride as she calculated her next move.
Everything was clicking along according to plan. The boy felt that
he had seduced her and he obviously had lost his fear of her. Now they
had the tricky task of turning his loyalties toward the gratification
they could offer him and against his father's discipline.
It would take more than one fuck- even his first fuck- to do that.
Deidre was on time, but it was a bit early for her to burst into
the room. Deidre made the best of it.
"The animals are all alike," she screeched as she saw Stefan still
laying on top of Iona. "I'll kill him for what he did to you!"
Stefan sprung away and was cowering at the back of the bed. It
made it easy for Iona to jump up and get in Deidre's way.
"No. I wanted it," Iona said.
A look of disbelief came over Deidre's face and she argued,
"You're just trying to protect him. He's a rapist like all of them.
Can't you see that?"
"No," Iona shook her head sadly, "I'm weak. I needed a man and I
let those feelings get the best of me. I took this child's innocence
because of that."
"You are hopeless," Deidre snarled at Iona. "When will you learn
that they are all animals and stop feeling sorry for them."
"He's just a boy. I'm the one that did wrong," Iona said.
"Then let me take care of him and we can bury the evidence in the
desert," Deidre said fiercely. "No witnesses, no crime."
"No. I gave him my word," Iona said firmly.
"You don't have to keep your word to men," Deidre sneered, "It
will take a second and it will be over."
Deidre made a lunge and Iona intercepted her. They put on a very
real looking mock struggle before Iona threw Deidre down and landed
heavily on her stomach with both knees.
"I see there's no reasoning with you, bitch!" Iona sneered at her
downed opponent. "I know what you need to remind you who is in charge."
Iona made a show of putting Deidre in an elaborate hold as she
brought her up off the floor to her knees.
"She won't hurt you now," Iona said to Stefan, who still cowered
by the wall, "Come over here. She's going to apologize to you."
Stefan tried to hide the tremble, but when Iona pulled the towel
from around his waist, his cock betrayed it with its shaking.
"There's the animal's cock. You're going to suck it until it
squirts in your mouth," Iona told Deidre.
"Never!" Deidre argued.
Iona moved sharply and Deidre feigned great pain.
"Then I'll break both your arms and you'll suck it anyway," Iona
threatened. "Show him you're sorry."
Stefan was no less frightened as Deidre's head was pushed toward
his crotch. He only stood still because he was too scared to run.
She took his cock in her mouth and sucked. Stefan gradually
relaxed as the warm, wet tightness made him think of carnal things and
his dick responded.
Deidre shook off the faint echo of a man sitting on her chest and
forcing his foul prod into her mouth in the days before the insurrection.
She was doing something important this time. Anyway, the
boy's organ was smaller and sweeter than the other horrible thing that
had been forced on her.
Her reticence still showed, Iona noted. That was what made her the
best choice. Deidre didn't have to act to seem forced as she took the
boy's cock in her mouth and sucked it. It gave the edge of realism to
the belief they were trying to instill in Stefan.
Not only was Iona his protector, she was a strong protector, the
best protector around. She was willing to face her own kind in his
favor. And she was the giver of great joy.
They were well on their way to forging Stefan's loyalty to Iona.
He was lost in the wonder of a woman's mouth on his prong as he was
drawn in. He only knew the incredible excitement of a blow job as they
planted the seeds in his mind.
Deidre's vehemence at spitting out his cum when Iona let her pull
back masked the fact that she had sucked and sucked well as he had shot
out his seed into her mouth. He was none the wiser to their deception.
"We know whose side you are on!" Deidre growled as she continued
to try and rid herself of the taste of semen.
"You won't find much support this time either," Iona said calmly.
"I am the leader and I say the boy stays safe. You know what side I'm
The commandant wouldn't give them the satisfaction of an outcry.
He ground his teeth together harder as the crop circled lightly
on his buttock, waiting for the inevitable lash of pain.
There were things worse than death and the women were planning to
introduce their prisoners to them all. They would break the commandant's
control, but they were enjoying the slow process of watching him crack.
Gruber had revealed the sturdy backbone of a jellyfish when they
had first pulled down his pants. He had pleaded innocence, pledged
fealty and blamed everything on the orders of the commandant. They had
tied him to the chair anyway and sent him blubbering into tears with
only threats.
He was watching in tear-stained horror- for himself, no doubt-
as the commandant was whipped.
Gleen and Obetz had been mawkishly obliging, each offering deals
at the expense of the other as they obeyed each command impeccably. They
were in no position to watch the commandant's beating. Each had his face
under a squatting woman as others lined up to 'ride their mustaches'
in turn.
Iona's orders for pro-counsel Dennem were precise. He was to be a
spectator at all the festivities. They could undress him as they liked,
but he was not to be harmed or touched in any way beyond controlling
him. His treat was being saved for later.
The driver's only crime was being a man. They punished him for
that accordingly. He was left largely undamaged. His trial was to endure
the feathery caresses of many hands as they teased him into raging
readiness and then denied him the stimulation to climax. Over and over
they raised his hopes and his erection, only to stop just short of
completion and leave him writhing in unfulfilled desire. His eyes were
bloodshot with the strain.
"Please, just two strokes more- just two strokes," he was begging
when Genie halted her whipping of the commandant and walked over.
"Two strokes?" she asked with a raised whip.
The prospect of the pain shriveled the driver's hard-on and he
fell back unfulfilled again. Genie stalked back to her position behind
the commandant and began stroking his cut-laced rear with the crop
"I bet this hurts," Genie said as she tried to bring the crop
down into the cleft between the commandant's buttocks.
It raised a reaction, but did not penetrate as deeply as Genie
had hoped. They would have to prop him up higher for her to reach that
flesh. Perhaps she would start aiming an occasional blow at his
testicles now instead.
"I still feel so guilty," Iona lamented to Stefan. "It was wrong
to let my needs gain control."
"It's okay, really," Stefan tried to comfort her, "I was glad to-
ahh, make you feel better. Really. I was."
"I didn't make you feel uncomfortable?" Iona looked up quickly,
"No, I liked it a lot," Stefan admitted.
"It's just that I'm in charge and I didn't want it to seem I was,
you know, pressuring you to do anything," Iona said in her best innocent
voice. "I made a promise to myself that no one would do anything to make
you feel bad."
"You made me feel good, really," Stefan said eagerly, "I liked it
a lot."
"I hope you're telling me the truth, because I would feel awful if
I asked you something and you were lying," Iona laid it on thick.
"It's the truth, I swear it," Stefan said.
"Then could you.. would you mind if.." Iona toyed with the boy before she made her 'shy' admission, "Can I take off this dress and will
you touch my body?"
Iona thought of Deidre roaming through the captured guards as she
allowed Stefan to paw and kiss her. He was amusing. She got some
pleasure from watching him proudly think he was pleasing her. He was
easy prey, but it pleased her that she still had the touch.
Deidre was indeed enjoying her rounds through the captured men.
She had convinced the more blood-thirsty of her sisters that there was
more fun to have with a man than to kill him right off. They listened
because they knew Deidre was not speaking from any shyness about
It was an interesting collection. There were those nearly unscathed
crawling about kissing, licking and fawning over whatever was
presented them. A few bloody ones still resisted even as they were
bent to their knees and held in place.
Deidre paused to allow two of the former to crawl up like reptiles
and lick her boots. When she had reveled enough in their worm-like
slavishness, she bent down and grabbed a handful of hair in each hand.
She pulled them up to their knees and insinuated herself between them.
They knew where to lick. The one in front was doing his best to
flick his tongue at her clit and make her gasp. The one in the rear was
forcing his tongue up her ass as far as it would reach.
Deidre felt a warm glow in her heart on top of the pleasure their
tongues were bringing her. They were so eager to please. She pulled the
head in front of her closer so he could join his friend in putting his
tongue inside her. She squirmed on the two limber muscles assaulting her
holes front and rear.
Oh yes, they were very eager to please. They weren't going to stop
plunging their tongues into her until they made her cum. Deidre grabbed
the head in front of her and pulled it up until the nose hit her on just
the right spot. She ground on that nose as they wormed inside her with their
tongues until she gave them the shuddering spasm they were waiting
Given the fact they were men, they had been slightly amusing,
Deidre decided as she dismounted their faces. She sent them off with a
little kick at each white rear.
There were many more pleasures offered in the old cell block.
Deidre looked at the clock. She had time to sample several more before
Iona was expecting her back on top of the hill.
Stefan was again sporting a raging erection as he discovered the
wonders of Iona's stunning body. Her breasts had held his attention for
a long session of touching and sucking before she had pushed him down to
discover the bald beauty of her cunt. He took to even licking it with a
minimum of fuss.
He had again crawled on top of her and was suckling on her breasts.
She could feel the wetness of his excitement leaking out of the head of
his hard little cock as it rested just above the gates of paradise.
Iona was deciding how best to give the boy his orgasm. This was the
'cum of truth' for cementing the boy's loyalty. She wanted him to be
unable to think past the pleasure she was about to give him.
There was only one option. She would have to get on top of the boy so she could control the action. He could continue his fascination with
her tits that way and she could make sure he didn't come off prematurely
and not receive her full effort.
"Now just lie there for a moment," Iona told him when he tried to
buck up at her as soon as she climbed over him, "I want to take this one
slow so I can always remember it."
"Giddy-up, big fellow!" Deidre was taunting one of the unrepentant men.
He was tied on his knees with his arms out to the sides and Deidre
had her legs straddling the back of his neck. She had her riding crop
forced into his mouth and was pulling his head back to grind her cunt on
it. He growled his displeasure and struggled against the ropes, but he
was helpless to prevent Deidre from taking her pleasure with him.
Little Stefan was doing a yeoman's job of holding back his orgasm.
At least it felt like sweet torture as Iona raised and fell on his cock.
He toyed with the full breasts that fascinated him to distract his attention.
Iona could sense his labor was over-stated. His body was arching
and trembling as if he was about to explode, but his cock hadn't swelled
or rumbled inside her with imminent eruption. That was the best she could
hope for. He was dangling on his supposed climax and that should impress
him mightily when she did make him cum inside her.
He was tortured enough, she finally decided. She reached back to
tickle his balls and kept him deep inside her as she ground on him.
"Oh Christ! My insides are coming out!" Stefan shouted as Iona
prompted his climax.
Iona worked very hard to make this an unforgettable orgasm for
the boy. She cupped his balls to her as she moved on his spouting cock
and was rewarded with yips like a spanked puppy.
She cleaned the boy off carefully and then tucked him into bed for
a good night's sleep.
The commandant had vomit dribbling down his chin and he was very
haggard, but he hadn't yielded to them yet. He had, perhaps made a sound
or two as he retched his guts out, and maybe one or two a moment before
when she brought the tip of the crop down on his balls.
But he was still determined. There was no question of him yielding.
He would take whatever they gave him. It was a matter of control.
The supervisors were like silly putty adapting to whatever the
women demanded of them. They couldn't find anything either of them would
hesitate to do and they strongly suspected bathroom games might actually
turn them on. Their first, best use was licking pussy and the women kept
them at it in hopes they would develop painful cramps in their tongues.
Gruber was presently a flower vase. One of the women tired of his
sniveling and turned him upside down over the back of the chair. Comments
about pimply, little skinny ass prompted someone to plant a single
geranium in his ass. He still sniveled, but it was muffled by the leather.
The driver had found his angel. One of the girls decided he had
suffered enough and let him put it inside her long enough to reach his
long-sought orgasm.
It was still, overall, probably for the best, but he had not anticipated how
his poor, swollen, too long denied jewels were going to
feel as his scrotum squeezed down on them and they tensed as he came. His
scream of anguish alerted everyone else to how it felt. It was similar to
the feeling the commandant had when the crop came down on his balls.
Dennem was watching the whole scene as Iona walked in. Deidre came
in from the outside a few minutes later. Hopeless or not, it had been
damn fun so far. They looked forward to a little more fun before they had
to think about their other troubles.
Iona walked over to where Genie was still tormenting the commandant.
"You've whipped this poor boy near to death," Iona observed as she
looked at the mound of bloody flesh that was the commandant's ass. "Did
it occur to you that whipping might not be the thing that bothers him
"I don't care," Genie said easily, "I like to whip him."
"You don't mind if I try something else, do you?" Iona asked.
"Oh no, I got to whip him for a real long time," Genie said happily.
Iona had always known what would rip to the very foundation of
the commandant's mindset, but there was no point in doing him quick.
Genie obviously enjoyed whipping him and Iona didn't mind that he was a
little tired from the ordeal. It made it harder for him to think of something to say
when she pushed the gloved finger up his ass.
"Like that?" she asked him, "It's to protect one of us against
He still wasn't answering.
"It would be a good thing if you liked the feel of rubber, because
I think you're going to be introduced to a whole bunch of it," Iona
taunted him and she greased her fingers again and slid two into his ass.
He still didn't answer, but Iona saw beads of sweat pop out on him.
He had figured out at least the direction of her intention.
"Yes, my good woman, I am going to have carnal knowledge of you,"
Iona cleared up any questions lingering in his mind.
He could stay as soundless as he wished to. Iona was not going to
force his public admission of defeat. She was going to destroy his
standing in his own eyes. She didn't care if the world respected him
when she was done. She knew he would never again respect himself.
She could watch the effect on him as she knelt behind him and
fucked his ass with her dildo. He was still trying to keep himself
together as the fake dick first forced his asshole open. As it slid in,
it was like he swelled with the additional mass entering his body.
Then she reached the end and jerked against him and it was as if she
had pricked the balloon. He shriveled down and became a very small man tied across an ottoman with a woman fucking him in the ass with a dildo.
She knew she had battered down his defenses. She had taken every
lie he could tell himself away from him when his prisoner bumped up
against him as she fucked his ass.
How can you say you have control when the ones you supposedly
control are able to shove strap-ons up your asshole if they want? There
was no lie that would give him back his manhood.
While pathetic, Deidre's corresponding use of Gruber was much more
lively than Iona's.
There was no bravery involved when Deidre pulled the geranium out
of Gruber's ass and pushed in her finger. He inquired what she was doing
and asked her to stop. He begged her not to hurt him and then pleaded for
mercy the entire time she greased his rear.
"Oh no! Please, oh no! You can really hurt me doing that," he squealed
as she pushed her dildo into his ass.
Iona was the better choice to fuck the commandant because of her subtle
understanding. Deidre was the better choice to fuck Gruber
because the rest had become tired of him and wanted to see him suffer
"NO! I mean damage mEEEE! You could kill me!" Gruber wailed as
Deidre rammed the rubber cock into his ass.
"And what's the downside?" Deidre asked evenly as she settled
against the blubbering captain.
At least he was loquacious in his offers, pleas and prayers as
Deidre reamed him. Mysteriously, he was a bit less distressed by her hard use
of him than they thought would be normal. In any case, breaking
Gruber had been as difficult as breaking a soap bubble.
"I think Stefan is better spared this sight," Iona said to the pro-
counsel as she stood in front of him with the brown-streaked dildo
bouncing in front of her in its harness.
"You better not hurt him," Dennem said fiercely, "I'll see that you
die slow if you have as much as made him cry."
"I'll remember that threat in case anyone makes him cry," Iona
answered with the same intensity and then eased her manner, "It won't be
me. I told you I like the kid."
The only surprise was that it took them until morning to arrive.
The helicopters rolled in like morning, blaring threats and demands as
they filled the skies over the compound.
Stefan was a terrified as a young man can be without wetting his
pants as he came wide awake cuddled in Iona's arms. Iona drew him tight
against her, trying to muffle his trembling with the flesh of her warm
"I wish I could say it is going to be all right, but I'm afraid
they mean to kill us all," Iona said and then after a short pause added,
"Only the women, I'll defend you until they kill me. They won't mean to
hurt you either."
Her assurance was doing little to calm Stefan. It wasn't really
supposed to. It was good to have him scared out of his young wits. It
would make him blurt out things he might be afraid to say normally.
Iona gave him one more pressure to influence his actions as she
leaned down and kissed him deeply and slowly.
"I wish we could have one more time together, Stefan," she said
sincerely, "But right now I think you'll be safer with your father."
Dennem looked fearful and the others looked deeply uncomfortable as
Stefan was led back into the main room.
"Stefan! Did they hurt you son?" Dennem asked at his first sight of
his son.
"Iona said she'd protect me and she did," Stefan said.
"Come over here away from her and tell me what they did to you,"
Dennem ordered.
"They didn't do nothin'," Stefan said with guilty knowledge, "Why
can't you believe them?"
"You don't understand, son," Dennem lectured, "You're too young to
know what kind of dangerous people these women are."
Iona couldn't have written the script any better herself. She had
set Stefan up, but Dennem was doing his part by jumping right into the
father-son confrontation.
It wasn't time for that to climax. She needed the argument to be
hot and bubbling as the women negotiated with the forces blanketing the
skies over the compound.
"If we're that dangerous, you better be real careful while we're
talking to those guys in the 'copters," Iona broke up the reunion.
Everyone was crowded into the communications center in the house
on the hill. The troops had not waited for them to open negotiations.
Below they could see the choppers descending to dispense soldiers to
re-take the compound.
Men were falling off rappelling ropes as they were shot from the ground.
Soldiers were dying on the ground as they dropped into the
deadly cross-fire from the guard towers. As Iona keyed the radio, one
helicopter burst into a smoky ball of flame and fell like a rock to the
"Attacking forces, attacking forces, this is the compound," Iona
called to them, "We have some interesting people that want to talk to
She held the handset in front of Dennem and he just scowled at her.
"Pro-counsel Dennem doesn't want to talk to you. Perhaps he is
pissed you are shooting at him," Iona said instead. "I wonder what the
capitol troops will think if you get him killed?"
It had not been the most stable government and it was possible,
even likely that the modern version of the Praetorian guard, the capitol
troops, would interpret this as an attack to overthrow the Pro-counsel
and take revenge. That wasn't even the trump. The trump was the pro-counsel
If Iona had to count on internal revenge, she wouldn't have been as
confident as she talked to the attacking forces. The radio crackled.
"Compound, identify yourself," the radio ordered.
They were trying to maintain the authoritarian position, but Iona
saw that the copters had stopped trying to descend and had pulled back
into a high hover over their heads.
She motioned to Deidre to have Dennem pulled out of his chair and
taken to the window.
"Look in the window," Iona instructed. "We have the pro-counsel and
we have demands."
She cast a side-long glance at Stefan to catch his reaction to her
suddenly effective status. He seemed proud of her. She might be able to
trust his loyalty.
"We see him," came the word over the radio. "What do you want?"
"Should I ask for ice cream?" Iona covered the hand piece and asked
the room.
After the appropriate pause, Iona keyed the microphone and began.
"A transport for 60 or so, safe passage and clear skies," Iona
said evenly. "We will leave the pro-counsel and the others in the craft
and they can notify you of their position."
"I don't have the authority to do that," came the automatic reply.
"Then you'll be in real big trouble for letting the pro-counsel
get killed," Iona replied just as automatically.
"Just a moment," he stalled.
"Don't take too long. The girls liked watching the last one fall
out of the sky," Iona said. "I don't know how long they'll wait before
they want to see that again."
They were indeed in a bit of a stand-off. No doubt the troops could
re-take the compound by the force of sheer numbers, but the compound had
defenses itself and casualties of 60 or even 80 percent were probable.
The women had already shown they were not a headless mob and it had been
a single rocket from the ground to air battery that had brought down the
Without the hostages, the troops were in for a hell of a fight. The
hostages gave them an excuse not to engage in that bloody battle.
"Any change in your opinion of their options now?" Iona asked
Dennem to help break the tension of waiting.
"You won't get away. Whatever they do, you can be sure of that,"
Dennem said.
He was conceding that they might escape the compound. Iona glanced
at Stefan. He was grim.
"Don't worry, Stefan, I'll make sure you stay safe," she comforted
"I'm not afraid," Stefan said fiercely, "I just wish those men would go away."
"I think they will," Iona told him, "Then we all will take a ride
away from here. They don't want to hurt your daddy."
It wasn't going to work to sugar-coat anything for him. Iona had to
rely on his immature crush to keep him bonded to her.
The radio interrupted them.
"One transport is being readied for your use. I want your pledge of
safe passage for its crew," the voice said.
"Tell them to come out with their hands empty and high when they
land. We will kill them if they resist," Iona countered the offer.
The negotiations had been the easy part. The tension had been thick in the communications room, but Iona knew the tricky part was yet to
come. She opened the line to the compound address system and briefed the
"You better get down and make sure we don't have any accidents,"
Iona told Deidre.
Despite, or perhaps because of being vicious and blood-thirsty,
Deidre was the best combat leader among them. Not only did she have the
temperament; she had the training to go with it.
Iona took charge of the captives. Her group began a slow descent
down the hill to the prison command center. Iona kept Stefan by her side.
"You're not going to gain anything by this," Dennem was still
trying to erode their confidence. "You can't hide and you can't run far
enough that they won't track you down."
Iona was tempted to let him talk. She could see that his words were
upsetting Stefan more than any of the women. Despite his protest, the boy was seeing the reality of war and he was scared to death.
"Just walk where you're told and shut your mouth," Iona snapped.
She knew they were allowing them to leave largely because the
compound offered better defense than they would have in a lone
helicopter. It was a smart move by their commander. She had counted on
good military decisions more than loyalty to Dennem. The only loyalty
she was leaning heavily on was Stefan's.
The helicopter crew was disturbed by their treatment as they stood
by their craft. They wanted to protest as they were herded to the block
building, but they didn't know what to say.
Another trick may have been averted by locking them with the other
prisoners. The women didn't need their crew. Iona shivered as she saw
Genie don the headset, but Deidre had assured her the odd girl was the
best in an eggbeater.
"You're going to kill us all!" Dennem protested when he saw the
all-female crew. "At least leave Stefan behind. He shouldn't be a victim
of your incompetence."
That was a sign of something brewing. Iona didn't have a clue what
it might be, but she saw an opportunity.
"Do you want to stay behind and let the soldiers take you home?"
Iona asked Stefan.
She was giving him her best sincere look and trying to be very
vanilla with her question. She wanted him to feel it was all up to him.
His father might think he was a coward, but Iona thought he could make
up his own mind. That was the intended message.
"I'm not afraid. I trust you Iona," Stefan said firmly.
Iona was as sure as she could be that they were home free. The kid
was in love with her for sure.
Not all the rest shared Iona's optimism. The sharp smell of fear
pervaded the close quarters in the chopper as Genie went through a
pre-flight check.
Their spirits took off with the helicopter. It seemed they left
most of their worry on the ground as they lifted into the sky. There
were premature shouts of victory.
"Hey, look, they're not following us at all," someone said as the
chopper turned to the south.
"If they don't have a homing device on us, which I am sure pro-
counsel Dennem would have them shot for omitting, they'd be able to
track us," Iona reminded them. "Being alone in the sky only makes it
"Feeling a little more vulnerable now that reality has set in?"
Dennem tried to shake them.
"I was betrayed by a trusted friend. You have never out-thought me
yet," Iona returned the barb.
They set the chopper down in a high valley in the mountains. That
would delay the recovery attempt as much as possible. They could count
on only moments before the pursuit would arrive.
"Yes, quite a plan. Run around like quail while the soldiers hunt
you down," Dennem snorted. "You are a fine leader."
Iona had a better way to silence Dennem than a quick retort. She
turned to Stefan instead.
"You take care of yourself and don't get hurt," she told the boy.
"What do you mean?" Stefan was distraught. "You're not going to
leave are you?"
"Your daddy's troops want to kill me. I have to leave," Iona told
"Then take me with you," Stefan pleaded.
"No! You can't go!" Dennem exploded and then fiercely stared at Iona,
"You pledged his safety. You can't take him into danger with you."
"I don't want to stay with you!" Stefan snarled at his father, "I
hate you! You just want to step on everybody and crush the life out of
Iona was impressed with the boy's vehemence. Tapping his resentment
had to be punishing Dennem. Now she wanted to break his heart.
"He's right that the road ahead is dangerous," Iona said. "You will
be safer if you stay with him."
"I don't want to stay with him. I hate him. I want to go with you,"
Stefan said, stopping short of pledging his love.
"Even if it means living with a lot of big bull dykes?" Iona asked.
"I want to stay with you. You make me feel safer than he does,"
Stefan said.
"No, Stefan, you belong with me," Dennem was pleading now.
"We don't have time," Iona said, "Are you sure you won't miss him
and change your mind? Will you obey orders instantly like a good soldier?
We can't have any children with us. We've got a tough road and we can't
waste time."
"I never want to see him again. I want to go with you," Stefan said.
"No Stefan, I'm your father," Dennem pleaded.
"He made up his mind," Iona said. "I don't have time to argue. Too
bad for your luck."
The little shit had been more full of teen angst than Iona had
hoped. It had been a fine display of stabbing his father in the heart.
Dennem had the look of a broken man as they ran off with his son.
There was a tactical advantage as well. The pro-counsel might be a
little slow to send the pursuit since it would put his son at risk.
Stefan himself was calmer than he had been all day. His chance to
finally win an argument with his father made him feel very adult. And he
had great confidence in the strong leader that was his lover.
They made the caves in ten minutes. By Iona's reckoning, they had
at least five more to get deep into the tunnels before they took their bearings
and looked for the passage to Liar's cave. It was a risk to
bring the army this close, but Iona was confident this expedition would
find no more than the others.
They had made the break. There was only one detail to take care of.

Iona shifted restlessly and sighed as the tongue found the flower's
bud and tickled it. She wasn't ready to make love again, but the tongue
was slowly changing her mind.
She had only wanted to rest in her own bed after the tension of the
last two days, but she was weak in the face of such aggressive affection.
Her clit was sucked into the mouth and she groaned as she knew she
couldn't pretend indifference any longer.
She grabbed the head between her legs by the hair and pulled it up
to her face. If she was going to do this, she was going to be the
"All right, all right, I'll fuck you again," she said in mock
resignation, "But I'm going to make you beg for mercy before we're
Deirdre laughed and Iona cut it off by crushing her mouth to her
own. Their kisses were always savage as the two strived for dominance in
the arena of their joined mouths.
Deidre took her revenge by grabbing Iona's breasts roughly and
squeezing. That was the cue that started them wrestling. Iona put her
hand in the small of Deidre's back and yanked her hair to roll on top
of her. Their mounds rubbed together and became the true focal point
of their struggles across the covers.
Their legs wound and unwound, they trapped arms and mauled breasts,
and through it all their sexes collided bringing them to a point of
"You're the warrior," Iona finally gasped and relaxed her grip in
defeat, "Claim your victory."
Deirdre clambered quickly over Iona and pushed her dark-framed
pinkness in her face. There was no losing in their battles. As Iona
worshipped the juicy fig with her mouth, Deidre dove down to lick over
the hood covering her clit. The little pearl did not stay reclusive long.
Deidre sucked it as she pressed two fingers inside Iona.
"There. Is that about as big as the boy?" Deidre taunted Iona.
"No. And he was a much better lover than you," Iona taunted back.
"You'll pay for that, bitch!" Deidre threatened and her fingers
rammed viciously into her lover.
Iona trembled with the attack and then buried her face in the
haven between Deidre's thighs to exact a like price from her lover. They
performed as much from instinct as any plan as they were distracted by
the body-shaking waves of lust the other caused.
Deidre won again as Iona froze in a cathartic orgasm prompted by
the feral tongue and plunging fingers of her dark lover.
"I should finish you," Iona offered weakly as she collapsed back
on the bed.
"I get off on watching you cum. I'm not exactly unfulfilled, you
know," Deirdre replied.
They were laying in each other's arms when Deidre brought up
Stefan. She still was a little jealous of the boy.
"You know, you made me believe you were sweet on the kid," Deidre
"Oh, my fragile little flower," Iona snorted derisively at the
powerful woman in her arms, "You're not going to cry now, are you?"
"I'm just saying I was worried you had gone soft," Deidre said
sharply, "You made it look like you craved that dick."
"Just because it doesn't make ME puke to fuck a man, doesn't mean
I'm a risk to convert," Iona replied. "You've got to conquer this
confidence problem."
Deidre knew the irony her lover was calling on, but even she could
feel vulnerable in matters of the heart.
"I know you're teasing, but I love you and it would hurt me very
much if you ever left me," Deidre said.
"And you'd hurt me very much more," Iona joked once more before
soothing her lover, "I'm taking this as a compliment that I could worry
even the one that knows how much I love her. It was important that the
illusion was seamless. I had to fool everybody."
Deidre relaxed a little at Iona's profession of love. Even though
she had no reason to doubt Iona, the knowledge that she could scam even
her did not make her rest easy. Iona was too smart and too guarded for
Deidre to ever really know what she was thinking and trust didn't come
easy to the warrior.
"No regrets?" Deirdre asked.
Iona turned to Deidre and stroked her face. Their eyes locked.
"I have to trust you to understand this," Iona prepared her. "You
have to know because I don't want to keep secrets from you. You have to
understand because I'm telling you me deepest feelings."
Iona and Deidre took deep breaths almost in unison.
"I didn't hate the kid. There's something in me that thinks you can
fix a man if you get him early enough." Iona said. "He was amusing. I
liked the way he was in love with me. Yes, I have a little regret."
"You wish we had kept him? For what? What could he do?" Deidre
was defensive again.
Iona shushed her with a finger on her lips.
"I love you. I didn't love him. I was sad that he was a man and
such a waste. But I pushed him off the rock didn't I?" Iona reminded her.
"If you're being honest with me right now, tell me what you
thought as he fell," Deidre probed.
"I was glad he'd never know it was me," Iona said.


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