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VRG Trilogy 2C01 03


Virtual Reality Gaming Trilogy - Part 2
From Lust to Love

Copyright (c) 2002, Bingain (M~F+, cons, rom, ScFi, oral)

(Chapters 1-3 of 12)

An HTML version of this story is available at


This story is a fiction. It does not relate to any real incidences
or real persons. This work contains explicit descriptions of sexual
activity. Anyone who may be offended by such contents, or persons
forbidden by law or any regulations, should not read or download this story.
Re-distribution, posting, and anything other than for personal enjoyment
are subject to explicit authorization by the author.


This is the second part of a trilogy about Timothy Brake's adventures
in Virtual Reality Gaming and his real life romance as well as
experience and growth.

Chapter 1
Timothy Brake was starved and worn-out when he opened the
door and stepped into the kitchen in his parents' house.
He had a loaded day at work, and after that, he went to his
first evening class at Monroe Community College. He opened
the fridge, took out some bologna and lettuce, made himself
a sandwich, and scoffed his dinner. He glanced briefly at
headlines on the newspapers left on the table by his dad.
He noticed the date was Tuesday, May 26th, 2009, five more
days until his next pay date.

Tim had been working as a field technician at a computer
service company for three months, following his completion
of his training program at a business school and obtaining
the technician certification. He had also enrolled in a
part-time Associate Degree program at the community college.
He thought the first day of school would be just
introduction stuff and he would be released after a few
minutes. He didn't know the Summer courses were so packed
that the English class's lecturer didn't even waste a

He checked the kitchen clock before going upstairs to his
room. It was almost half past ten already. He still had
to take his shower, do his assigned readings, and write an
article for the next day's class. He wondered how long he
could keep up before dropping out of the school.

He loved his job and he worked hard. It was a good job,
considering his qualifications and experience. He knew he
earned even more than what his step-mom made. Tim was
staying with his parents. He had used the money saved from
paying rent for an apartment to pay off his dad's loan for
his business school tuition, and paid back the money his
step-mom lent him to buy the crappy used car he was now

He still was not convinced that a community college
education was useful to him. If not because his beloved
step-sister kept on pushing him, he simply wouldn't have
enrolled. His step-sis, Deborah, had just finished her
freshman year at SUNY Albany. She had also just returned
to college for her summer courses two days ago, after
spending a week at home following her spring semester final

It had been almost a year since Deborah and Tim had closed
the gap for aberrant sibling relationship, and they both
hadn't looked back. They had both started new chapters in
their lives. Deborah had a boyfriend who was a year ahead
of her in college. Tim hadn't had any steady relationships,
other than some casual dates, in a long while. The
siblings, however, still maintained a very close
relationship, and they talked about everything.

The day before Deborah went back to college, she had a
gathering with her closest high school friends, and she
took Tim with her. Tim actually knew them and had been in
gatherings with them before, although he never paid much
attention to them in the past. Cynthia went to SUNY
Brockport, Julie was a customer service representative at a
department store, and Annie was going to Monroe Community
College on a transfer program, preparing to be a teacher
after college. Julie took her boyfriend, Jared, to the
gathering, but the other two girls were by themselves.
Cynthia's boyfriend had gone out of town, and Annie's
boyfriend was at work.

When Annie found out Tim was going to the community college
during summer, she instantly asked him was he driving. Her
behavior drew a roar of laughter from the gang. Annie
explained with embarrassment that she was also taking
evening classes, which dismissed at around nine-thirty, and
she didn't have a car. It would take a lot longer to
travel by bus at night, given the time needed for
transferring buses, not to mention the less frequent
schedule at night. Since Annie didn't live very far away
from their house, Tim agreed to give her rides after the
evening classes.

Tim wasn't a fast reader, especially when it came to
literate pieces. He could read computer technical papers
pretty fast, as he knew what he should skip and what to pay
attention to. By the time he finished his assigned
readings, and completing writing his review, it was already
one in the morning. He hit the sack, and the moment his
eyes were closed, he fell asleep.


The following day was also a busy day for Tim, and he was
almost late for his class. The lecturer tried to make her
class a little more enjoyable by talking about amusing
literate articles. Only a few students found them amusing,
some were dozing, while others were staring with dull eyes
at the blackboard.

Tim found Annie outside the student parking lot after class.
They went to his car and headed home.

"So your boyfriend isn't taking any summer classes?" he
asked his passenger during the drive. He knew Annie had
met her date at the community college.

"No, he wants to take a break from school and make some
money during the summer," Annie said.

"Are you working?" he asked. The girls bantered so much
during their gathering a few days ago that he had trouble
remembering what was said. He actually spent most of the
time talking with Julie's boyfriend.

"Yeah, I'm working at a bookstore during the day. That's
why I'm taking evening classes," Annie said.

"Why are you working and taking classes? It's so wearisome.
I've probably made a mistake starting in the summer. I
don't know how long I can last," Tim said.

"I've been trying to speed up," Annie said. "I've been
taking more credits than usual. With two courses in the
summer, I should be able to graduate after the fall
semester. Then I can transfer to Albany in the spring."

"I see," Tim said. "What about him?"

"He's taking it slowly," Annie said. "I guess I'll be a
teacher by the time he's a senior." Tim could observe from
the corner of his eye that she was smiling at him as she

"Where's he working, anyway?" he asked.

"At VRG," she said. Then she turned to Tim and continued,
"No, he's not Alan." She giggled.

Tim laughed. Alan was his best friend at high school. He
didn't pursue his post-high-school education, but had
instead taken up a full time job at VRG, a nation-wide
virtual reality game center network. Both Alan and Tim had
been fans of the expensive virtual reality games when they
were in high school.

Tim had practically quit playing virtual reality games,
ever since he began engaging in an intimate relationship
with his step-sister. He hadn't played any virtual reality
games since then, except a couple of times, when Alan
invited him to some 'after-hour' private games played by
some of the staff of VRG. He hadn't seen Alan for a couple
months by now. Alan had been busy lately with a girl at
VRG, who had eventually agreed to go out with him.

When Tim got home, his parents were already in bed.
However, his step-mom left a note on the table telling him
she had made him some food and left it in the fridge. Tim
took out the food, reheated it in the microwave oven, and
finished eating before he went to his room to study.


Tim had a tough time the next day at a client's office
diagnosing some problems, and he was a little late for his
class in the evening. He found his usual seat was taken by
another guy. He looked around briefly, and headed over
toward the rear corner to take up an empty seat there.

The lecturer said she would like to discuss an article
which the students were assigned to read the night before.
She asked for volunteers for the discussion.

As the first student began to talk, a girl sitting behind
Tim tapped his shoulder. He turned around. The blonde
girl asked him which article they were discussing. She
said she hadn't come to the class on the previous evening.
Tim told her.

Tim didn't participate in the discussion, but he was
thirsty, so he went to the vending machine during the break.
He saw the blonde girl there.

"Hi," the blonde greeted him with a smile.

"Hi," Tim said, before he inserted his coins into the
vending machine.

"You want a smoke?" the blonde said, when Tim popped open
his soft drink.

"No, thanks," Tim said. "I don't smoke."

"Okay," she said. She paused briefly, and continued, "Do
you want to go out for some fresh air?"

Tim shrugged. "Sure," he said. He went outside the
building with the blonde.

"By the way, I'm Emma," the blonde said. She lighted up a
cigarette and inhaled deeply.

"I'm Tim," he said, stretching out a hand. "You're a

Emma shook hands with Tim. "Well, not exactly," she said,
with a little embarrassed expression in her face. "I've
already finished my freshman year at Albany. I dropped the
course there, as I was doing pretty bad... You know,
spending too much time dating." She paused momentarily and
giggled, then continued, "I'm taking it here while I'm at
home for the summer, so I can take on English II the next
semester. They said this course can be transferred from
here with no problem."

Tim studied Emma briefly as he chuckled. She was about
four inches shorter than him, her long blonde hair was
fairly light and flowed smoothly down her back, her blue
eyes were pretty deep in color, and she had nice figure in
her halter. She reminded him of the Barbie dolls. "So
what's your major there?" he asked, while wondering if she
would know his step-sis.

"I haven't made up my mind yet," Emma said. "Most likely

"Oh, my sister goes to Albany as well," Tim said. "She
wants to be a journalist."

"What's her name and what year?" Emma said, tuning her face
slightly to blow out another stream of smoke.

"Her name is Deborah, and she's just finished her freshman
year as well," Tim said.

"I don't think I know her," Emma said. "So what about

"Actually, I'm working full time. I'm a computer
technician," Tim said. "I just started here, but because
of the workload I just might stay a bachelor until my

Emma giggled. "Must be tough doing both at the same time,"
she said.

"It is," Tim said. "So if I disappear after a while, don't
be surprised."

"Oh, I'll be surprised," she said, a little teasingly. "I
may wonder if you're too busy with your girl." She dropped
the cigarette butt on the ground and put it out with her

"I wish I had time and a girl," Tim said, as they started
walking back to the lecture room.


Tim had another brief talk with Emma on their way to the
parking lot after class. He didn't see Annie there yet.
He stopped at the entrance and bade goodnight to his
classmate. He saw Emma drive away in a white European
sports coupe.

About ten minutes later, Annie showed up, scuttling towards
Tim. "I'm sorry," she panted, "I saw a friend and we
talked for a while."

"It's okay," Tim said playfully. "At least you didn't go
to a coffee shop and come back."

Annie chuckled. "Well, I'm not supposed to see you still
waiting here if I had gone to a coffee shop and come back,
am I?" she said.

"No," Tim said. "More likely I'd be lying on the ground,
begging for a merciful donut." He started walking toward
his car.

Annie giggled as she caught up with him.


Rain poured down like a waterfall on Friday morning. Tim
was a little late when he arrived at his workplace. He saw
the manager in the pantry when he went there for his coffee.

"Good morning, Philip," he greeted the manager. Philip
owned the franchised service center, a branch of a chain
serving a number of states.

"Good morning, Tim," Philip said. "How's the class?"

"Like hell," Tim said. "I'd rather take up classes in

Philip chuckled. "Do you mind putting in a few hours
tomorrow?" he asked.

Tim thought for a moment as he filled up his cup. "No
problem," he said. He could postpone his lawn mowing task
to Sunday, and he didn't have any schedule for his weekend

"Okay, see me in the workshop after you've got your
coffee," Philip said, and left the pantry with his coffee.

Tim saw Philip standing beside a huge carton box in the
workshop. From the markings on the box, he knew it was a
thirty-six inch multimedia plasma screen.

"Bob asked me to order this for him," Philip said. Tim
knew Bob through his former coworker, Susan, when he worked
at a cinema during his high school years. Bob was Philip's
cousin, and it was Bob who referred Tim to Philip. Tim
knew Susan and Bob were now living together.

Tim grinned at Philip. "His taste in computer equipment is
as good as his taste in women," he said jokingly.

Philip beamed. "Sure, he's got good taste in everything.
They were engaged last week." He then pointed at another
worker and continued, "John will deliver it over to him
tomorrow morning. Bob had asked if you would mind taking
care of the installation. Susan will be at home tomorrow

"Okay," Tim said.

"If you don't mind, you can set up the equipment John's
delivering tomorrow," Philip said.

"No problem at all," Tim said. At long as he got paid
overtime, he didn't mind what kind of job: diagnosis,
installation, or repair.


That evening after class, Tim, like what he did the
previous two evenings, walked to the parking lot with Emma.

"How much does your company charge?" Emma asked Tim.

"Depends," Tim said. "On site or bring in, warranty and
brands. Why?"

"Well, my computer at home has no sound," Emma said. "It
used to have sound before I left for college. I don't know
what's wrong. The only friend I knew..." She paused
briefly and continued, "Well, not a friend anymore. Anyway,
my ex-boyfriend was the only person I knew who was familiar
with computers."

"Desktop or notebook?" Tim asked.

"I guess it's a desktop computer," Emma said. "But it's
sitting on the floor."

Tim chuckled. He then thought for a moment. "Where do you
live?" he said. "I can take a look if it's okay with you."

"Wouldn't it be a lot of trouble for you?" Emma said, as
she turned to look at Tim.

"I hope it's just some minor problems," Tim said. "Then
it's no biggie."

"Gosh, you're so sweet," Emma said, smiling. She then told
him where she lived. "When?" she asked, "Are you going
home now?"

"I can't do it now," Tim said. "I don't have any spare
sound cards with me, in case your computer needs a
replacement. I also need to give a ride to a friend."

"Oh, sorry," Emma said. "Girlfriend?" She smiled at Tim
with a wink.

"No," Tim said. "A friend from high school. What about
tomorrow? I'll have a few jobs to handle in the morning,
but I should be free in the afternoon." He stopped when
they were at the entrance of the parking lot.

Emma stopped and thought briefly. "I'm going to the
swimming pool tomorrow morning. I should be free in the
afternoon, too. When do you think you can come?" she said.

"I'm not sure," Tim said. "Can I call you when I'm done
with my job?"

"Sure," Emma said. She got her pen and notepad out, wrote
down her address and cell phone number, peeled the sheet
from the notepad, and gave it to Tim. "What's your phone
number?" she asked.

Tim told Emma his cell phone number and she wrote it down.
"What's the brand of your computer?" he asked.

Emma told him the brand. "Thanks again, Tim," she said.
"Good night!" she called as she got to her car. She waved
at him before she got into her car.

Annie showed up a little later. "Sorry again," she said.
"I know I'm late again. I've been counting. For every
hour of your wait, I'll buy you a lunch, okay?" She smiled
at Tim.

"Sure," Tim said, chuckling, "but if I saved up the lunches,
would I get something better?"

"You mean dinner?" Annie said, glancing at Tim as they
walked toward his car.

"That's fine," Tim said jokingly, "although a cruise
vacation sounds better."

Annie giggled. "For that, you'll have to wait for a long,
long time. I'll have to save up for years and years for
that, you know," she said.

"I was just kidding," Tim said. "You're not going to buy
me lunches. We're friends, and friends don't wait for
friends and expect a reward."

"I was also kidding," Annie said, giggling. "You'd think I
would buy a guy a meal just for waiting for a girl?"

Tim laughed. "I almost forgot that," he said. He studied
Annie briefly. Although Tim had known Annie for more than
three years, he had never paid close attention to her
appearance. Annie was about four inches shorter than him,
had long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and was a little slim.
She wasn't a very pretty girl, but she was sweet.

"Actually," Annie said, as Tim's car moved out of the
campus, "I'll pay for your part if you join us on Sunday
morning for breakfast. Similar gathering like the one we
had last week, but of course Deb can't come. My boyfriend
will also be there, so you guys can talk about those
virtual reality games."

Tim thought for a moment, and said, "I think so. Is Alan

"Oh yeah!" Annie exclaimed. "I almost forgot. Can I
borrow your phone?"

"Sure," Tim said. He then passed his cell phone to Annie.

Annie called her boyfriend. She hung up after a brief talk
with her boyfriend. "Alan's off now," she asked. "Do you
have his phone number?"

"Speed dial O-seven," Tim said.

Annie called Alan. She talked excitedly with Alan for a
while and then asked if he could go to the Sunday breakfast.
She hung up the phone a while later and said. "He'll come.
Gosh, I miss him. I haven't seen him for so long. Hmm,
wait, I'll have to put on Wonder-bra on Sunday so he won't
tease me about my lack of female characteristics again."
She giggled.

Tim burst out laughing. He glanced at Annie, and said.
"You're very female." He continued, teasingly, "You only
need a Wonder-bra if you're going to wear a low-cut evening

Annie laughed, then blushed a little. "I'll need a magical
bra to have the guts to wear one of those," she said, then

They continued to talk about the upcoming breakfast during
the drive. Annie told him the time and place of the


Susan was definitely the prettiest girl Tim had ever seen
in his life, and she was undoubtedly at her most beautiful
moment when she opened the door and greeted Tim on Saturday
morning. She and Bob lived in a nice big house in the

"Hi, Sue," Tim said. "Congratulations!"

Susan had a joyful smile on her face, and reflexively ran
her fingers over the sparkling diamond on the ring she was
wearing. "Thank you, Tim. I've never felt happier than I
am now," she said. "I'm glad you could come. We haven't
seen each other for a long time. Bob said he had asked if
you could come so you could adore me and envy him. Isn't
he mean?" She giggled.

Tim chuckled. "Well, no doubt he's a damn lucky guy," he
said. "But I'm not envious of him. He's such a nice guy."

Susan blushed a little, and said. "Yeah, you're right.
He's just so sweet. Hey, come on in. Would you and your
friend like a drink?" She waved at John, who was standing
beside the truck.

"No, thanks. Let's get the screen set up first," Tim said.
"Where's it going?"

Susan showed Tim and John where the screen was going to be
set up. The guys heaved the heavy appliance to its place,
and set it up. It was a tough job for Tim. John was a big
fellow who handled the deliveries and physical duties, but
Tim was rather slim, and seldom exercised. He was still
panting slightly when he finished testing the installation.

Susan offered the guys a drink, and they talked a little
before the guys packed their tools to leave. When Tim
opened the door, a girl outside who was about to press the
door bell nearly jumped. Tim knew she had to be Susan's
sister. Like Susan, the girl had long, shining and silky
black hair, bright green eyes, and a delicate face. She
also looked a little younger. The pretty girl looked at
Tim with a slightly startled expression on her face.

"Sherry!" Susan screeched from behind John. The guys
turned around and saw Susan waving her arms. They moved
aside to let her get through. Susan dashed out and hugged
the girl.

"Tim, this is my sister Sherry," Susan said after her
excited greeting. "We're going to shopping in a while."
She then told her sister who Tim was.

Tim greeted Susan's sister, before he left with John to
finish with their other deliveries and installations.
Chapter 2

It was almost three o'clock when the guys had finished
their deliveries. Tim had lunch with John at a fast food
restaurant before going back to their workplace. Tim
called up Emma and found out she was at home, expecting him.
He borrowed some sound cards from the store, and drove over
to Emma's house. She lived in a big Colonial style house
in a prestigious area at the lake front.

Emma had a gleeful smile on her face when she opened the
door and saw him. "Hi, Tim," she said. "Thanks for coming.
Do you want a drink?"

"Hi, Emma," Tim said. "No, thanks. I had one not long

Emma led him inside. She was wearing a halter and tight
denim shorts. She had a nice butt and tender legs. It was
a very nice view for Tim as he followed her in to her house.

"Where's your computer?" Tim asked.

"It's in my room, upstairs," Emma said, as she led him
toward the stairs. She paused, and turned back to Tim.
"Why don't I get you a soft drink first?" she said. "I
need to tidy up my room. I... I'm always disorganized,"
she said, with a little pink on her face.

"Okay," Tim said, smiling.

Emma got Tim a soft drink, told him to take a seat in the
sitting room, and went upstairs. She came down a few
moments later and asked Tim to go up the stairs.

Emma's room was still pretty disorganized when Tim went
inside. Her bed was not made; books were laying in piles,
instead of standing, on her bookshelf; and her dressing
table was like a tiny junkyard. Tim had to hold his
laughter as he envisioned her dresses and underwear all
over the floor before she tidied up her room. He went over
to her computer, sitting on the floor beside her desk, and
started inspecting it.

"I believe your soundcard driver is screwed up," he said.


"It's a piece of software enabling the functions and
features of the sound card," Tim said. He took out a CD-
ROM from his briefcase and started to update the system
devices in her computer.

"So I don't need to buy a new soundcard, right?" Emma asked.
She was standing behind Tim, watching him at work.

"I don't think so," Tim said. "Your soundcard is still
very compatible with most of the latest software." He
updated the driver, tested the sound, and it worked.

"Thanks a million," Emma said. "I went to a computer store
the other day and asked the guys there. They said the
easiest thing to do was to buy a new soundcard. I'd have
done it if I knew how to install it." She giggled.

"Store guys always want you to buy their goods," Tim said.
"Unless you go there in your current outfit, then they may
offer to come to your house and check it for you for free."

Emma laughed as she poked his shoulder. "You're bad, Tim,"
she said playfully.

"Do you want me to check your other devices and software as
well?" Tim asked.

"Yeah, if you don't mind," Emma said. "Gosh, you're so

"No problem," Tim said. He began going through her other
device drivers and software installed. He updated all her
software. It took him quite a while to finish the work.
It would be easier and faster if he could use the
manufacturer's CD-ROM, but that would wipe out everything
on her computer, which wasn't an appropriate approach, as
he found a lot of music files and other non-preinstalled
software in her computer. "Everything's fine now," he
finally declared.

"Thanks again," Emma said. She checked the time. "Well,
you've been here for more than an hour. I guess I owe you
so much, the least I can offer is to buy you a dinner," she

"Nah, it's nothing," Tim said. "I'm free, anyway."

Emma went over to her desk, leaned her rear against her
desk, and looked at Tim. "Well, my dad's gone fishing for
the weekend. I'm alone at home. I can't cook, and nobody
is taking me out for dinner. Do I look miserable?" she
said, rolling her eyes.

Tim laughed. "Well, I guess, a little," he said.

"So, I guess you're not going to decline my offer, are
you?" Emma said, smiling at Tim.

Tim thought for a moment. He didn't have any engagement
for the rest of the day. "Well, I guess so," he said.
"I'll buy you the dinner."

"Uh-uh," Emma shook her head. "I told you I was paying for
it. But it's a bit early for dinner, isn't it?"

Tim glanced at the clock on the computer screen. It was
not even five. "So, what do you have in mind?" he said.

"There's a movie I'd like to watch, but nobody's taking me
there," Emma said, smiling slyly at Tim.

Tim laughed again. "Okay," he said. "May I have the

"Sure," Emma said, smiling. She looked at her attire. "Do
you think I should change?" she asked.

Tim shrugged. "I guess you're fine," he said.

Emma thought for a moment. "I guess I'll change," she said.
"Do you want to wait downstairs, or help me choose what to
wear?" She smiled mischievously at him.

"I'll wait downstairs," Tim said. He left her room, and
went downstairs to finish his soft drink. He also called
his step-mom, telling her he wasn't coming home for dinner.

Emma appeared about fifteen minutes later. She was still
wearing that tiny halter, but had put on a mid-thigh length
frayed denim miniskirt. She had also put on light makeup.
She smiled at Tim. "I hope I look decent," she said.

"You're not decent," Tim said. "You're gorgeous."

"Wow, I knew you were sweet," Emma said, smiling brightly.
"I didn't know you were sooooooo sweet." She went over to

Tim rose from the couch, and led Emma out to his car. He
asked which movie she wanted to see, and drove to the


Tim didn't enjoy the movie. However, he did enjoy feeling
Emma leaning her head on his shoulder, smelling her
fragrance, and feeling her hand on his knee toward the
latter part of the movie.

They went to a seafood chain restaurant for dinner. They
both picked the lobster meal, which was on promotion. They
also selected their drinks from the summer fantasy
promotion list.

"So it's only you and your dad in the family?" Tim asked
while sipping his drink.

"Yes and no," she said. "My older brother goes to UR, but
he's moved out since he started college. mom divorced dad
a few years ago, and had moved to Michigan with my two
younger sisters."

Tim leaned forward and patted her hand. "I'm sorry to know
about the divorce," Tim said. "So what does your dad do?"

"He's an attorney," she said. "What about your family?"

"Well, my dad works at the bus depot; mom works at a
nursing home; my only sister goes to Albany," he said.
"Typical family."

Emma giggled. "Are you staying with your folks or by
yourself?" she asked.

"With them," he said. "I don't make a lot of money. And
I've been paying off debts from the government, the banks,
and my folks."

"Well," Emma said, "seems you're doing pretty good. Don't
you date?"

"No," Tim said. "Haven't been for quite a while. I bet
you date a lot."

"What makes you think so?" Emma asked.

"Well, you're pretty," Tim said. "It's the law that pretty
girls have to date."

Emma laughed and almost banged her face on the table.
"You're funny," she said.

"In fact," Tim said, "you told me that excessive dating
made you drop your English course at Albany."

"Oh yeah," Emma said. "I nearly forgot that."

"So, do you have a boyfriend?" Tim asked.

"Do you think I'd be dining with you now if I had a
boyfriend?" Emma said, looking at his face and smiling.

"He could be busy, or away," Tim said.

"He could be in bed with another girl two thousand miles
away," Emma said, and giggled.

It was a little past nine when they finished the meal. "I
haven't been dancing for a while," Emma said. "I'm
starting to gain weight."

"I don't think you are," Tim said, "or you'd have been in
loose tee shirts instead of a halter."

Emma giggled. "But lobsters are high cholesterol food,"
she said, winking. "Where should we go?"


Emma swayed her upper body like she was dancing. "Where
should we go?" she asked again.

"I don't know," Tim said. "I very rarely go to pubs and

Emma leaned forward, and asked in a low voice, "Do you want
to go or not?"

Tim would actually prefer a walk to a dance, but he
followed Emma's track. "Sure," he said. "Do you know a

"Well, what about 'Jo-Jo's Place'?" Emma suggested.

"Sure," Tim said. "Where's it?"

Emma waved the waiter over and paid the check. "I'll show
you," she said as she rose from her seat. They went out.

"Do you mind if I smoke?" Emma asked when Tim started the

"No," Tim said. "Help yourself. But the ash tray is my
sundry compartment."

Emma wound down her window, took out a cigarette, and
lighted it up. "Oh," she said. "Like condoms?"

Tim almost choked. "No," he said. "You can take a look."

"Okay," Emma said, as she pulled the ash tray out and took
a brief glance. She then listed her findings. "Ball pen,
post-it notes, and dollar bills... Where do you keep your

"At the drug store," Tim said.

Emma laughed. "Poor baby," she said teasingly.


It was rather crowded at Jo-Jo's Place. They couldn't get
a table with seats, so they occupied a small bar table.
Tim paid for the cover charge and the drinks. After her
first sip of her drink, Emma patted Tim's hand. "Let's go
to the floor," she said.

They went to the dancing floor and swayed to the music.
Tim knew he was a lousy dancer, not much better than a
robotic puppet. He also knew, from Emma's form, that she
danced a lot. The way she moved her arms, twisted her
waist, and swayed her hips in her tiny garments, made her
look very sexy. They had a few dances before they took a
break. They returned to their table, and sipped their
drinks. The DJ switched to slow music.

Emma took Tim to the floor again. She wrapped her arms
around his neck and danced closely to him. Before long,
Emma was leaning against Tim and breathing at his neck.
Tim started developing a nascent bulge as he felt Emma's
breasts against his chest, and her thighs against his jeans.

"You're bad," Emma whispered in his ear, while sticking
closer to his body.

Tim felt his face heating up. He very rarely had a hard-on
in public places. But how was he going to control his
involuntary physical reaction in such situation? He
struggled to respond to Emma's comment. Or was it a tease?

Tim knew it was a tease when she rubbed her body against
his bulge. He intuitively held her closer by moving his
hands from her waist to her back. His hands started
sliding up and down her back. It was the most stimulating
dance he ever had. Nearly all of Tim's previous intimate
experiences happened in very private places.

"Do you feel tired?" Emma whispered in his ear after a few
more songs.

"Do you?" Tim asked.

"Let's go," Emma said. Then she held his hand and started
walking out of the pub.

They kissed fervently in his car. Tim was breathing pretty
heavily as he took his car out of the parking lot.


"I suppose you'll want a drink?" Emma asked Tim when his
car was near her house.

"Yeah," Tim croaked. His mouth was dry, and his bulge was
obvious, especially with Emma's hand on his thigh.

The moment Emma closed the door behind them, she threw her
arms around him and kissed him passionately again. Their
tongues danced together as she rubbed her body against his.
Tim began groaning into her mouth.

Emma broke the kiss. "My goodness," she said, breathing
rapidly. "You're prodding me very hard." She smiled and
leered at him, running her fingers over his bulge.

Tim smiled at her. He knew he had lustful eyes.

"Let me see just how bad you are," Emma said teasingly, as
she unbuckled his jeans and unzipped his fly. She reached
inside his underwear to retrieve his hard rod. She took a
brief visual examination of his manhood and looked at his
eyes. "You're very, very bad," she whispered.

Before Tim could respond, Emma dropped to her knees and
started licking his shaft. She held the base of his cock
in one hand, and pinched his balls with her other hand, all
the while licking from the tip of his cock down on the
underside. She slowly moved her lips to his tip again, and
gently engulfed it with her soft lips. She began sucking
his glans while licking his tip. Tim began grunting. She
slowly took his shaft deeper into her mouth, and began
bobbing her head, taking him deeper with every move.

Tim couldn't last long. He didn't know whether it was
because he hadn't been inside a female for quite a while,
or he was too nervous, or she was too good. He spurted in
her mouth as she massaged his throbbing cock with her lips
and tongue. She kept on, until nothing could come out from
his deflating manhood. She stood and went into the
bathroom. He slowly put his softened tool back into its
confinement, and moved to the couch to sit down.

Emma came out of the bathroom a few minutes later. She sat
beside Tim. "Are you leaving?" she asked him.

"Do you want me to leave?" Tim asked.

"Oh," Emma said, smiling, "Okay. I thought you were,
because you were supposed to have stripped yourself,
instead of putting it back." She giggled.

Tim smiled at her a little embarrassingly. "I thought you
were taking your clothes off in there," he said.

"Oh," Emma said, smiling playfully. "Should I? Or should

Tim leaned towards her, put a hand on her exposed thigh,
stroked gently, and asked, "Which would you prefer?"

Emma leaned toward him, kept her lips a few inches from him,
and said, "What if I don't want to take off my clothes?"

Tim kissed her softly, then sucked her tongue, stroked her
thigh with one hand, and fondled her breast with another
hand. "I guess I'll have to persuade you, am I right?" he
said after the kiss.

Emma parted her thighs a little so his hand could move
inside her skirt. "I don't suppose you're going to
persuade with your lips, are you?"

"No, not unless you want me to," Tim said, as he started
moving his hand inside her rather tight skirt.

"You're at the wrong place if you're going to pull my damn
skirt off me," Emma said. "Oh, but it feels good. Oh, oh!
Damn, you're a good persuader. I guess... Oh, I have to
comply and do... Oh, it myself." She reached her hands to
her back and unzipped her skirt. She raised her hips a
little and continued, "Please give me a hand, will you?"

Tim moved his hand out from inside her denim skirt and
slowly lowered it down to her feet.

"I'm getting a little tired with this position," Emma said.
"So don't enjoy looking at my panties for too long."

Tim slowly slid her white lacy panties down her legs, while
gulping. He then held her ass as she lowered herself into
the couch, and glided his hands up her thighs. He moved
his head toward the brown bush between her thighs, and
lapped her coarse hair and smooth skin with his tongue.

"Oh, oh," Emma said. "Oh, you're not... Oh, not... Oh,
supposed... Oh, oh, go on. Oh, yes." She spread her legs
wider to accommodate his face.

Tim moved his lips and tongue around her labia for a while
before probing into her slit. He teased her sensitive
parts, and then replaced his tongue with his finger, and
started licking another sensitive spot. Emma responded by
moaning, shivering, and jolting her hips. She went wilder
as he stimulated her from both inside and outside,
engulfing her clit in his lips, fingering her tunnel, and
stroking her thighs near her crotch. She eventually gave
in by slamming her crotch in his face as she came
vigorously, arching her back, pushing his head at her groin,
as he massaged his fingers inside her, stimulating her
ecstatic convulsions.

Tim licked and sucked her wetness as she began to calm down.
He then got up to look at her face. Emma was leaning
against the back of the couch, panting and looking at him
weakly. Tim sat beside her and began stroking her face and

"Oh, Tim," Emma said weakly. "Nothing in the house has
sound, not the radio, not the TV, not my stereo, not the
talking Barbie doll. What should I do?"

"I only know how to fix computers," Tim said, smiling.

"I guess I'm a computer," Emma said slowly. "Actually, I'm
a computerized robot. I suppose you know how to fix me,
don't you?"

Tim smiled. He bent to kiss Emma while playing with her
boobs. He pulled her halter off her head when the kiss was
over. He adored her bra for a little, and then removed it.
He adored her firm and tasty-looking breasts, while playing
with them. "How's that?" he asked.

Emma was breathing as fast as Tim was. "No good," she said.
"And it's unfair, you're still in your casual wear, instead
of your working dress."

Tim smiled and paused his teasing. He got up and slowly
stripped himself in front of her, showing her his once
again rigid manhood.

Emma smiled at him. She straightened a little, and reached
her hand out to play with his hot rod. "Do you want it
again?" she said teasingly.

Tim slowly knelt between her thighs. He looked at the
pretty face in front of him. "Do I need to run to the drug
store now?" he asked.

"I hope you don't carry any diseases," she said. "I forgot
to put a condom in my mouth."

Tim chuckled. "I didn't know it was possible," he said.

Emma giggled. "Actually, I forgot to put one on for you,"
she said. "I don't usually do without it, although I'm on
pills. I guess I made a big mistake trusting you, or was I
too horny?"

"I suppose both," Tim said, while slowly moving himself
toward her feet. "I had my checkup for school not long ago,
and I haven't had sex for quite a while."

"I could see that," Emma said, leering at him. "But
apparently you still remember how to fix a robot very
well." She then looked into his eyes, and instructed him,
"Fuck me now."

Tim slowly moved his tip against her wet labia, rubbed them
a little, and started pushing into her slit. Emma slowly
raised her hips to welcome the intrusion, and they sighed
when their groins met. They locked their eyes on each
other while moving their hips together, feeling the
sensations brought to them from the friction.

Tim found her hips a little out of sync with his, and knew
she was starting to look for a faster pace. He caught up
with her speed and groaned with her together. A while
later, he adjusted his speed to cope with hers again. Not
long later, they were slamming their groins at each other,
grunting and moaning loudly.

Tim thrust harder and harder, and went into a frenzy as his
balls told him it was about time. He made a few last deep
thrusts, and exploded inside her, just in time to feel her
convulsions inside. He looked at her face as he panted,
and found her looking at him as well. Her breasts were
heaving as she breathed heavily.

After a long while of looking at each other, Emma asked, "I
hope you won't mind washing a robot."

Tim smiled. "Where should I wash the robot?" he said.

Emma smiled at him. "Take me in your arms and I'll show
you," she said.

Tim carried her in his arms and took her into her bathroom,
inside her bedroom. They shared a shower.

"Will you stay here tonight?" Emma asked Tim as they dried
themselves with the bath towels.

Tim thought for a moment. He was going to have breakfast
with his friends the next morning. He didn't know if she
would want another round of exercise with him in the
morning. "I have to get up early tomorrow morning," he

Emma smiled at him. "Okay," she said. "I hope you didn't
mind me asking."

"No, not at all," Tim said. "In fact, I'm regretting." He
chuckled at himself.

Emma took a couple of deep breaths, and said. "I broke up
with my last boyfriend a few months ago. Of course, I
still get to have sex with other guys once in a while, but
I never sleep overnight with them after the casual sex.
Sometime I miss that, you know, not for the sex, but for
the feeling."

"Okay," Tim said, smiling. "I'll lend you a huggable teddy
bear. Do you have an alarm clock?"

"You bet," Emma said, smiling. "What time do you need to
get up? I promise I won't harass you."

"Eight," Tim said, as Emma went for her alarm clock.

Tim climbed into her bed, and Emma snuggled up against him.
They talked for a while in the darkness, and soon Tim felt


Emma woke Tim up the next morning, right before the alarm
clock buzzed. She pressed the button to stop the alarm.
"I'm a good alarm clock myself too," she said, smiling at
him. "Do you need something to eat before you go?"

"No, thanks," Tim said. "You can stay in the bed. I'll
close the door when I go out."

"Okay, thanks," she said. She paused and said, "I hope I
get to see you again. I mean, outside the school."

"Sure," Tim said. He kissed Emma before going to the
bathroom. He kissed her again after using the bathroom,
and left her house.

On his way to breakfast, Tim called his dad, telling him he
would do the lawn later that day.

Jennie and her boyfriend, Jared, were already there when
Tim arrived at the restaurant. A minute later, Alan showed
up. He greeted Jennie, punched Tim on the shoulder, and
was introduced to Jared. They talked while waiting for the
others. A few minutes later, they saw Annie come in with
a red-haired guy.

"Hey, man," Alan greeted the guy, then turned to Annie.
"Hey, Annie. Long time no see! Damn, no Wonder-bra?" he
said teasingly.

Annie had a little blush on her face, she poked Alan's
shoulder. "You're always a dirty pig," she said in mock
disgust. She greeted the other people at the table.

"This is Manus," Annie told them. Apparently, Alan was the
only person who knew her boyfriend. They greeted each

They began eating breakfast. After a while, the group was
split into two: Annie, Jennie and Jared were talking and
laughing, while Alan, Tim, and Manus were talking about
computers and games.

"Look, Tim," Manus said, "we're having a new game installed
next week for public beta testing. You interested?"

"I haven't signed up for any beta," Tim said.

"Alan's been assigned as the game coordinator at our
center," Manus said. "He can sign anyone in."

"What game?" Tim asked.

"Well, it's a mix of team strategy and adventure," Alan
said. "It's not the type of VR games you had played. It's
actually a game designed for testing the personal VR
equipment prototypes."

"Oh," Tim said. "That equipment won't hit the market in at
least a year or so, right?" He had read of hardware
manufacturers joining hands with game developers to make
personal virtual reality equipment, so people can play less
complicated virtual reality games at home with their
personal computers. It looked like the game they were
talking about was less complicated than those he had played
before, as well.

"You're right, Tim," Alan said. "They're in testing phase.
That's why they made this game for public testing.
Nevertheless, it's still a fun game. I've seen the

"So," Manus said, "are you interested?"

"Sure," Tim said. "The only problem is I don't have time."

"We can play during the staff hours in late nights," Manus

"I can only spare Friday or Saturday nights," Tim said.

"That'll be fine," Manus said. He turned to the rest of
the group. "Hey, are you folks interested?" he asked.
Then he told them the details.

Jennie and Jared didn't seem interested at all. In fact,
they were preparing to leave, as their working hour was
coming up. They worked at the same department store. They
left their money on the table and left.

Annie wasn't very eager, but Manus managed to talk her into
trying it.

Alan checked his time. "I've got to go now," he said. He
tossed his money on the table. "I'll call you up about the
game," he told Tim.

Magus checked his time as well. "Holy crap," he said.
"Time always passes fast whenever I've got nice chats.
I..." He paused, looking at his girlfriend. "Annie, I'm
getting late, I..." he stuttered.

"Don't worry," Annie said, with a little sullen expression
on her face. "You go to work. I'll find my way home."

Magus had a very uneasy look on his face. "I'm sorry,
Annie," he said, and patted her hand.

"I'll give her a ride," Tim offered. "Don't worry."

"Thanks, Tim," Manus said. "See you later." He rose and
went over to Annie. "I'll call you later today," he said,
then kissed her on the lips, and left with Alan.

"Guys always forget the time when it comes to computer
games," Tim tried to sooth the upset girl.

"I know," Annie said. "Don't worry." She made up a smile.
She gathered the money on the table and took the check.
She stopped Tim when she saw him pulling his wallet out.
"I told you I was going to pay for your part," she said,
staring at Tim.

Annie paid the check at the cashier, and went out with Tim.
She took a deep breath, stretching her arms in the sunshine.
"Hmm, nice day," she said. She turned to Tim, and said.
"Where're you going?"

"Taking you home," Tim said, and took a refreshing breath
as well.

Annie thought for a moment. "You know, I haven't been in a
park in the morning for years," she said. "I miss the old

Tim snickered. "Me too," he said. "Let's go."

Annie smiled at him. "Thanks," she said.

"Nah," Tim said. "I really miss the old days."


Tim drove to a park near their high school, where in the
old days they had sometimes gathered, for talks and ball
games. They walked along the path.

"I thought you were working today," Tim said.

"Not this week," Annie said, watching the kids romping in
the playground. She indicated the children playing.
"They're just gorgeous."

"Well, stop your pills," Tim teased her.

Annie chuckled. She glared at Tim and pretended to poke
him. "You're no better than Alan," she said.

"We're from the same planet," Tim said. "What do you

Annie giggled. "Well, you know how many siblings I have,
don't you?" she said.

"Five," Tim said.

"I'm the youngest," Annie said. "My mom had my eldest
brother when she was my age. Two years later, she was
pregnant again when she divorced their lush father. It was
a hell of a tough time for her, and for my brothers, to
live through those years..." Her voice trailed off.

"I can imagine," Tim said. "It had to be tough."

"Anyway," Annie continued, "I'm the only kid in my family
who has the privilege of going to college. I treasure this.
I'm not going to screw up the life of myself and my kids.
I'm not going to have kids until I'm sure I'm doing fine,
and have a responsible dad for my kids."

"You're on the right track," Tim said. "I was just teasing

"I know that," Annie smiled at him. "You're sweet. Few
guys will walk me in the park, much fewer if they know I
have a boyfriend."

"Well, we're old friends," Tim said. "Why do you think few
guys will walk with you?"

"Well," Annie said. "Don't tease me again. You know I'm
far from being a pretty girl. I need a fancy veil, besides
a Wonder-bra."

Tim laughed. "Don't be silly," he said. "You're not a
very pretty girl, but you're sweet, and very, very female."

Annie gave him a bittersweet smile. "You're damn sweet,
Tim," she said. "You know how to make my day, even by
saying I'm not pretty."

Tim laughed again. "Prettiness isn't everything," he said.

"It's not, but..." Annie said, and her face turned slightly
pink. "It gets you more chances."

"Probably," Tim said. Visions of Emma came to his mind.
She was pretty, and apparently she had tons of chances.
She probably had grabbed nearly all her chances, or tried
them out.

The children they were watching had left the playground.
It was momentarily empty. Annie looked at Tim. "I haven't
been on a swing for ages," she said. "You mind acting as
my dad for a moment?"

"Sure," Tim said. "Let's play, kid." He went behind the
frame and pushed Annie as she swung in the air.

Annie played like a kid for a while. When she saw some
other kids coming over, she told Tim to catch her. They
stepped out of the playground and watched the kids playing.
They had some talks and walks before they went home.
Chapter 3
Although it had become hot and the sunlight was bright, Tim
decided to mow the lawn instead of waiting until the
evening. He was sweating like a pig when the job was done.
He took a shower before joining his parents for lunch. It
was the first meal he had with them the entire week.

A little after lunch, Emma called Tim on his cell phone.
They talked for a while before Emma asked if he had
anything to do. Tim didn't, so he accepted her suggestion,
and went over to her house for a chat.

Tim chatted with Emma for a while after some hot sex in her
bed. They then went out for dinner. They took a walk
along the river after the dinner. Emma was wearing a white
camisole tank, and a skirt with a side seam slit.

"It's beautiful here," Emma said, watching at the river and
the Main Street Bridge. She turned to Tim. "Do you come
here often?"

"No," Tim said. "As a matter of fact, it's been a long
while since I was here last time. Like two to three

"I've never been here," Emma said. "Well, actually I had,
when I was a kid, running and biking around. But I've
never walked here in the evening, enjoying the weather and
the scenery."

"I guess it's because you're too pretty," Tim teased her.
"Guys would prefer watching you."

Emma giggled. "Oh yeah," she cooed, wrapping her hands
around Tim's waist and pressing her breasts against his
chest. "And to show me how bad they are. Like what you
did. Like what you're doing. Am I right?" She leered at
him while pressing a leg in between his legs.

"Emma, we're in the public place," Tim whispered, as he
struggled to control his instinctive bulge.

"But isn't it thrilling?" Emma whispered in his ear, while
rubbing her hip against his bulge. "Does it feel good? Do
you feel bad?"

"I... I don't know... I..." Tim stuttered. His fingers on
her back were gripping into her skin.

"Tell me what you want," Emma cooed. "Do you want me to
get on my knees, or would you prefer to throw me onto the
ground, or would you rather just lift my skirt up?"

Tim started breathing heavily. "You're going to make me
explode, if you keep on talking like this," he panted.

"Oh," Emma said. She licked his neck and continued.
"Isn't it a torture? You don't want to come in your pants,
do you? Why don't you simply tell me to get your baby out?
Wouldn't you enjoy watching me bobbing my head in front of
you? Or are you so shy you'd rather I slip my hand
inside?" She lowered a hand down and ran her fingers along
the outside of his thigh.

"Please, Emma," Tim pleaded while panting, "I like it, but
you're killing me doing it here. You know, the cops will
send me to jail if they see what I'll do in a minute, if
you keep on."

"Oh," Emma breathed, "what're you going to do in a minute?
Or should I just wait to find out?"

"Emma, please, can we just leave here?" Tim panted. He
knew his face was red, and his cock was almost sticking out
of his jeans.

"Well," Emma whispered, "you brought me here. Do you think
it's my fault? And where are you taking me to?"

Tim took her hand and pulled her toward his car. "Is your
dad home?" he asked.

"Oh," Emma said, smiling at him. "My home! Bad boy!
What're you going to do to me at my home?"

Tim opened the passenger side door of his car and pushed
Emma inside. He went over to the driver's side, got inside,
and started the engine. He looked at Emma.

Emma smiled slyly at him. "I don't know, but he told me
he'd be back Sunday evening. Is it Sunday today?" she
said slowly.

"Damn it!" Tim thought to himself. He didn't know where he
could take her.

Emma giggled when she saw his expression. "Do you know
Maplewood Park?" she asked.

Tim raced his car over to the park. Emma told him where to
park the car, and led him through the darkness into the
scarce woods. She turned around to look at him. "Isn't it
beautiful and silent here?"

"Undoubtedly," Tim said.

Emma stepped closer to him. "Hmm, I'm not sure if you're
still bad, or if you've turned into a good boy," she said,
and ran her fingers over his groin. "My goodness, you're
still very, very bad," she said in mock disbelief.

Tim held her in his arms and started kissing her, sucking
her lips, licking her lips, and rubbing her ass. Emma
returned the kiss passionately, pressing her body against
him, and stroking his back.

"I don't understand," Emma whispered when they broke the
long kiss, "how come you're getting worse the longer you
kiss me?"

"Heck," Tim said. "I'd be bad with you even if I was

"Oh, really?" Emma whispered. "Should I try it? Or should
I try something more rewarding first?" She started
stroking his hardness through the denim. She continued,
"Seriously, would you prefer to fuck me, or would you
prefer me to blow you?"

Before Tim could answer, Emma was talking again. "Oh, no,
no, no! No way, I'm not going to blow you, Tim. Isn't it
a waste for you to come in my mouth? Do you know how wet I
am? Oh, baby! Get your damn hand in my skirt and feel

Tim probed his hand inside her skirt through the side slit,
and glided it over her groin. Her panties were damp. He
knew he had a smaller damp spot on his own underwear.

"Oh, baby, don't just feel the dampness," Emma sighed.
"Tell me what you want. Tell me and do it. Do you want to
fuck me?"

"Yes," Tim breathed. "I want to fuck you."

"Oh my goodness," Emma moaned, "then what the hell are you
doing? Why aren't you fucking me?"

Tim was glad he was in the park now. If Emma had talked
like this when they were at the river bank, he might
actually have done it, out in the open. He took Emma to a
tree, so she could stand against it. He reached his hands
inside her skirt and pulled her panties down. She stepped
out of them, and as soon as Tim straightened up, she was
unzipping him and taking his cock out.

Emma's eyes were sparkling. "Oh goodness," she sighed,
"it's big! It's hot! It's so fucking hard! Tell me, Tim,
are you going to use it to fuck me?"

Tim didn't answer. Instead, he lifted her skirt up and
allowed her to guide him toward her pussy. Emma put a hand
on his shoulder, raising a leg to his hip, and brought his
manhood up to her wet pussy. They groaned together as he
began pushing inside her. She held herself to him by
wrapping both arms around his neck. She raised her other
leg, and wrapped both legs above his hips.

Tim kept on pounding his hips into hers, thrusting with
brute force inside her wet pussy. "Oh no! Oh yeah! Oh
goodness! Pound me!" Emma moaned, as she moved to his pace.
"Deeper! Harder! Hard..."

Tim lowered his hands, grabbing and cupping her ass cheeks
while holding her in place. He shuffled faster and harder.
His eyes were lustful, and so were his groans. "I want to
fuck you harder," he groaned. "I'm going to fuck your
brains out! I'm going to... Fuck... I... Fuck!"

Emma was also moving fervently and slamming her groin into
his. "Yeah! Fuck my... Oh! Fuck my brains out!" she
moaned, "Fuck! Yeah! Fuck harder! Oh mine! Fuck! Fuck...
Me... Ah! Come... Hard... Oh!"

"Yeah, I'm... I... Gonna... Oh," Tim groaned, breathing
faster and faster as he thrust harder and harder. "Fuck...
You... Come..."

"Yeah! Baby, make... Make, Oh, no! Make... Oh yeah! Make
me... Oh... Come..." Emma moaned through her gnashing teeth,
panting more and more rapidly. "Come! Baby! One more! Oh!
One more! Ack!" Her body started shuddering; her pussy
began gripping his cock in random and rapid pulses.

Tim pounded harder, thrust deeper in her pulsating pussy,
and tugged his fingers deeper into her ass. His balls were
tightening. He moved his hips faster, shoveling as deep as
he could inside her, and shot his load into her.

They stayed motionless for a long time after their orgasms.
His hands were painfully sore from trying to hold her up.

"Wow! What a fuck!" Emma finally said, still wrapped
around him. "Holy Timmy! You're such a fuck!"

"Yeah, what a fuck!" Tim said, still panting.

They got back into Tim's car when they had recovered. Tim
drove her home, kissed her goodnight, and went home.

"What a fuck!" he muttered to himself while taking his

He went to bed right after the shower. He was pretty much
wasted, with all the sex with Emma over the weekend. He
hadn't had that much sex in such a short period for a long
time. He also knew the sex he had with Emma so far was
lust, not love, for both sides. In fact, he still didn't
know her last name. He didn't know if he could consider
her as his girlfriend. He knew when the course was over,
she would very likely disappear. He didn't know what else,
other than sex, that he could offer her. Nevertheless, it
was a good thing to have sex before bed. He fell asleep
very fast.


Tim's jobs on Monday were slightly better. He was a little
early for his class, the first time since school started.
He saw Emma coming into the lecture room as soon as he was
seated. She blew him a kiss as she passed him, and took
her seat behind him. She then tapped his shoulder.

"Hi, Tim," Emma said with a naughty smile. "How bad are
you today?"

"Hi, Emma," Tim said in a low voice. "I guess I have to be
good in class."

Emma giggled, and stopped teasing Tim when she saw the
lecturer coming in.

After class, they walked to the parking lot together. "So,
are you still behaving?" Emma asked.

"I guess so," Tim said. "It'll be almost one in the
morning when I finish the readings. I don't understand why
we have to read those damn articles, and not sex stories."

Emma laughed. "Well," she said as she glanced at Tim, "I
suppose, better yet, having sex. Am I correct?"

Tim laughed too. "That's for sure," he said.

"So, you're waiting for your non-girlfriend passenger
again?" Emma asked when they were at the parking lot

"Yeah," Tim said.

"Okay," Emma said, then wrapped her arms around Tim and
kissed him.

They broke their kiss when they heard footsteps. Tim
turned around and saw Annie stopped about ten feet from
them. She was apparently considering if she should come

"Hi, Annie," Tim said embarrassingly. "This is Emma." He
turned to Emma and said, "This is Annie."

"Hello, Annie," Emma greeted Annie, who was coming over.

"Hi, Emma," Annie said. "Nice meeting you." She looked a
little uneasy.

"Let's go," Tim suggested.

The three of them walked into the parking lot. Tim saw
Emma's sports coupe across the driveway from his car. Emma
gave Tim another passionate kiss before waving goodnight to
them, and got into her car.

Tim and Annie got into his car, and followed Emma's car out
of the parking lot.

"Wow," Annie said, giggling, "you're fast. I don't suppose
you're going to tell me she's just a classmate, are you?"

"Well," Tim said, chuckling, "would you believe it if I
told you so?"

"Yeah," Annie said, smiling, "like if I were a three year
old kid."

Tim smiled at her and continued with the drive.

"She's pretty," Annie said. "Like a Barbie doll."

"Yeah," Tim said. He didn't know what else to say.

"Told you," Annie said. "Girls have got to be pretty."

"No," Tim said. "Girls have to be female."

"Would you have been with her if she weren't so pretty?"
Annie said.

"I don't know," Tim said. "It was pure chance."

Annie giggled. "Pure chance, huh?" she said. "Why can't
guys talk and act the same way?"

"I do," Tim said. "It was pure chance."

"You like her, don't you?" Annie asked. "You're drawn to
her, aren't you?"

Tim thought for a moment. "I honestly don't know," Tim
said. "I think I'll know when the class is over."

"When you're getting tired of her?"

"No," Tim said. "Time will tell."

"Oh well," Annie said, smiling. "Whatever."

They remained silent for a while. Then Annie spoke up

"I think it will be better if I take the bus," She said.
"I don't want to get in between she and you. I mean, girls
are always possessive, and she may want to have more time
with you after classes."

"No," Tim said. "We are friends. Giving you a ride is
nothing. If this can jeopardize a relationship, it's not
going to last anyway. Also, I can't afford the time after
class. By the time I finish the readings, it's too late
for anything besides a good night's sleep."

Annie thought for a while. "All right," she said. "But
since we're friends, let me know if you need the time after
class. I won't get hurt. Okay?"

"Okay," Tim said.


Tim's work on the next day was mostly with business clients.
The last job he had for the day was to fix a computer at a
local medical supplies distributor. The computer was still
under warranty, and they were handling the service for the
manufacturer. When he arrived there, it was already a
little after five. He hoped the job wasn't going to take a
lot of time, or he would be late for his class.

There was only a few staff members still in the office. A
woman on her way out told Tim which computer it was. He
was surprised to see Susan's sister there.

"Hi, Sharon," he greeted her, and went over to the
problematic computer, which was unmanned at the moment.

"Hi," Susan's sister said in a plain tone, as she packed
some samples in a box.

Another woman had just shut down her computer, took her
handbag out, and prepared to leave. "Sherry, can you stay
behind until the computer is fixed?" she asked the young

"Okay," Sherry said. "Bye, Palmira." She waved to the
woman as she walked out.

Tim turned to Sherry. "I'm sorry, Sherry," he said. "I
have some problems with names."

"It's okay," Sherry said, as she continued with her work.

Tim worked on the computer for a while and found the
problem. "The hard disk is dead," he announced. "I hope
there's nothing important stored in it."

Sherry turned around and looked at him. "What should we
do?" she asked.

"I've got a new hard disk in my car," he said. "I can
replace it, but you have to sign a paper saying it's done
at your request. It's some kind of formality, protecting
us from being sued for data lost." He smiled at Sherry.

"I've to check with my boss," Sherry said. She went into a
room on the other side of the office. She came out in a
few moments. "Okay. My boss will sign it," she said.
"Our data is stored in another computer dedicated as

"I'll go get the replacement hard disk," Tim said. "I'll
be right back."

When Tim returned with his replacement hard disk, Sherry
was the only person in the office. She took the indemnity
disclaimer form, and had it signed by her boss. Tim
installed the hardware, and used the manufacturer's CD-ROM
to backup factory installed software into the computer.

A middle-aged man came out of the boss's room. He watched
Tim work for a minute, then talked to the girl. "Sherry,
I've got to go now. You're staying until the computer is
fixed, aren't you?"

"Yes, Mr. Méficado," Sherry said. "I'm staying."

"Okay. Bye, Sherry," the boss said, and left.

Tim watched the screen and checked the time occasionally.
He was still doing fine with his time.

"How long will it take?" Sherry asked. It seemed she had
already finished her work.

"Hard to tell. About fifteen minutes if everything's
smooth," Tim said. "But the network software could be
tricky. Are you in a hurry?" He had been in this office
before, and knew they used a simple peer-to-peer network
system. His company wouldn't send him to an office with a
more sophisticated network system, unless the clients had
system administrators.

"No," Sherry said. "Just wondering."

"Are you new here?" Tim said. "I've been here before, and
didn't see you."

"Summer job," Sherry said.

"Oh," Tim said. "Are you in high school or college?"

"I'm going to UR in September," she said.

"Scholarship or loans?" Tim asked. University of Rochester
was a private university, and tuition alone was more than
$28,000 a year. Tim knew Sherry's family couldn't afford
the costs. Susan was going there, but she was financially
supported by her fiancé.

"Scholarships, grants, student loans, and part-time work,"
Sherry said. She looked at Tim, and it seemed she could
read his mind. "Nothing from Bob," she added.

Tim laughed lightly. "You read my mind?" he said.

Sherry smiled at him but didn't answer. It was the first
time Tim saw her smile since their acquaintance. She was
unlike her sister Susan in this respect. Susan was an
affable person, and very easy to talk to, but Sherry seemed
to be a lot more reticent.

Tim thought for a moment. "I wouldn't ask Bob either, if I
were you," he said.

"What if he offered?" Sherry said.

Tim thought it over again. "No," he said.

Sherry smiled at him again.

Tim heard a beep from the computer. The software copying
was completed. He replaced the CD-ROM and began working on
the network configuration.

Sherry came over and watched from behind Tim.

Tim was glad the configuration went smoothly. He did some
testing, and then put the computer casing back. He turned
to Sherry. "Is there any additional software you want me
to install?"

Sherry hesitated briefly. "I actually don't know what they
use on this computer. If something goes wrong, can we call
you in again?" she said.

"Of course," Tim said. "In fact, if you tell Sue you have
a problem, all our technicians will be here right away. Do
you know Bob's the cousin of our boss?"

Sherry giggled. "No," she said. "I know Philip operates a
service center, but didn't know he serviced this company."
She paused briefly, and continued, "Even if I knew, I
wouldn't. It's not my job, and I shouldn't trespass."

Tim got his service report out and handed it to Sherry.
"You will sign this thing, won't you?" he said.

"I'll sign but will deny all responsibilities," Sherry said
with a tiny smile, as she signed the report and returned it
to Tim.

"Are you going home?" Tim asked as he was packing his stuff.

"Yeah," Sherry said as she went to her desk and got her bag.
"Are you going back to your workplace?"

"No, I'm going to school," Tim said. He glanced at his
watch. It wasn't too bad. He shouldn't be late for class.

"Which school are you going to?" she asked.

"Monroe Community College," Tim said.

Sherry locked the door when they were outside the office.
"Bye, Tim," she said, waving her hand to him, and headed
towards the front entrance.

Tim was halfway to the parking lot exit. "You're not
driving?" he asked.

"No," Sherry said. "I'm taking the bus."

Tim searched in his mind for a moment before he could
remember where Susan used to live. It wouldn't take him
much time if he gave Sherry a ride. "I can give you a
ride," he offered. "If I remember correctly, your home
should be kind of on my way."

Sherry thought for a while. "Thanks. I'll take the bus,"
she said.

"I don't bite," Tim said.

"I know you don't," Sherry said.


Sherry thought for another moment. "Okay, thanks," she
accepted Tim's offer.

"What are you going to study?" Tim asked on the way.

"Pre-Med," she said. "And you?"

"General stuff," Tim said. "I've just started. It's tough
working full time and go to school. I'm not sure if I can
make it through."

"You will, if you have the determination," Sherry said.
"You just have to devote."

Tim mulled over her words for a moment. "How old are you?"
he asked.

"Seventeen," she said. "And you?"

"Nineteen," Tim said. "Med school is going to be tough."

"Life is tough," Sherry said.

Tim turned around to look at Sherry. She was looking
straight ahead. "You don't talk like other girls your
age," he said.

Sherry didn't answer. She turned to smile at Tim briefly,
and returned to watch the traffic.

They didn't talk much during the rest of the drive. Sherry
gave Tim another smile as she thanked him for the drive.
She then bade him goodbye, and went into her house.


At school, during the break, Emma asked Tim about his
passenger. Tim told her the story.

"She has a boyfriend," Tim said. "He works at a gaming
center during the summer, and can't pick her up."

"Oh, I see," Emma said. "Well, does it matter if she has a
boyfriend or not?" She gave him a naughty look.

Tim thought briefly. "I don't have a lot of friends," he
said. "I don't like the idea of screwing up a friendship."

"I was just kidding," Emma said, smiling at Tim. "I don't
have a lot of friends, either. All of mine are female
friends. I'm glad I'm not gay." She giggled.

Tim laughed with Emma as they went back to the lecture room.

After class, Emma waited until Annie showed up, and talked
briefly with her, before giving Tim a hot kiss and leaving.

"I really think you should give her more time," Annie said
in Tim's car on the way back.

"I can't afford it," Tim said.

"What about you guys do the readings together?" Annie said.

"Reading together?" Tim said. "You've got to be kidding."

"Why not?"

"Well," Tim said, a little hesitantly. "It gets hot

Annie giggled. "I see," she said. "I don't suppose you'll
be doing the second summer term, then."

"I will," Tim said. "She goes to Albany, and comes home
for the summer and takes one course here."

Annie thought for a moment. "Now I understand why you said
you'll see when the course ends," she said. "I wouldn't
feel comfortable in your situation."

"I don't want to screw up the course for her and myself,"
Tim said. "I know she understands it, too."

"Whatever," Annie said. "Just remember, I can take the bus
with no problem."


The week went by in similar fashion. Tim worked on his job
assignments during the day; went to his class in the
evening; talked and flirted with Emma; got a passionate
kiss from Emma as Annie watched; drove Annie back home; ate
his meal; and finished his readings.

Tim got a call from Alan on Thursday, asking if he could
make the game at one o'clock on Sunday morning. Tim agreed,
but considered himself insane afterward. Playing games
from night to dawn wasn't his style anymore.

That evening, Emma asked Tim what was he going to do on
Saturday. Tim had no plans yet.

"Why don't you show me how good you swim?" she said.

"I can't swim," Tim said.

"Oh," Emma said. "A bad boy who can't swim. How about if
I teach you how to swim, and you buy me dinner as a

"Sounds good," Tim said. "I'll go buy a swimsuit

Emma glanced at his crotch. "Oh," she said. "A bad boy
without a swimming suit. Why don't I buy you one?"

"No," Tim said. "I'll buy it."

Emma giggled. "You don't trust my taste, huh?" she asked.

"I trust your taste," Tim said. "But I suppose you'd
prefer seeing my bad boy in private, instead of sticking
out in the pool."

Emma giggled again. "Actually," she said. "I'd love to
see it in public. I'm buying it for you. No argument is

Tim sighed. "Okay," he said. "Should I give you the money

"I'm not sure how much I'm going to spend yet," she said.
"As long as you'll pay me back."

"Of course I will," Tim said. He hoped swimwear wasn't
something that could be very expensive.


Tim picked Emma up at eight on Saturday morning. She
hadn't given him his swimwear yet. She passed him a small
bag and a receipt. He took a brief look. It was a tiny
garment, which was what he had expected. He knew she was
going to buy something tiny, like most of the clothes she
wore herself.

Emma told him to drive to a country club not far away from
her home. Her dad was a member, and she had a family
membership card. She paid for the guest pass, and they
went inside.

Tim almost had to use some tape to prevent his pubic hair
from peeking out of his new black swimming brief. He'd
rather wear a different style, like some trunk type
swimwear, as he was neither a muscular kind of guy, nor a
proficient swimmer.

On the other hand, Emma looked very attractive in her
bathing suit. She was wearing a light pink python triangle
top, and a Brazilian bottom bikini. Although Tim had seen
her naked body a few times before, he still felt a little
uneasy inside his swimwear. Emma turned slowly in front of
him to let him see better.

"How do I look?" she asked softly, while eying him in his
new outfit.

"You're very pretty and attractive," Tim said.

"Are you being honest?" she said, with a sly smile.

"Yeah, honest," he said.

"If I look attractive to you," she said, teasingly, "why
aren't you being bad?"

"I can't," Tim said, trying to look elsewhere. "It will
stick out."

"Oh," Emma said. "And I don't get to see it?"

"I promise I'll be bad for you," Tim said. "Just not here,

"Oh well," Emma said. "Will you promise I'll get whatever
I want?"

"Yeah, please," Tim said.

"All right," Emma said, with sparks in her eyes. "Step
over here. Yeah, at the edge. I need to show you..."

As Tim stepped closer to the pool, Emma pushed him into the
water. His semi-hardness immediately turned into limpness.
He waved his limbs in the water, struggling as he began
inhaling water while trying to breathe.

He was grabbed by Emma in the water, and pulled over to the
edge. He saw naughty sparkles in her eyes. "How's that?"
she said, giggling. "Still sticking out?"

"Hell," Tim panted, "I think it's gone, like neutered."

Emma giggled again. "Okay, before we get caught by the
guards, let's get back to the shallow side," she said.
"Just hang on to the edge and move."

Tim struggled to the shallow end of the pool, with Emma
following behind him. She then started showing him the
basics of swimming, playing in the water with him, and
teasing him. Tim couldn't decide whether it was fun,
tormenting, or intimidating. He had to wait a while in the
water for his bulge to subside, before he could get into
the changing room after the swim.

Tim paid her back for the swimwear when they came out of
the changing room and were back in their street clothes.
"So what now?" Emma asked.

"What do you have in mind?" Tim said.

"Well," Emma said. "Lunch is a little early; dinner is too
early; and dancing is too early. Why don't you show me
your computer?"

Tim couldn't remember if his parents were working. Both of
them had rotating days off. He called his home phone and
nobody answered. He took Emma home.

Naturally, Emma wasn't interested in his computer. She
fucked Tim in his bed, and fucked him again in the kitchen
after eating sandwiches he made from stuff in the fridge.

"We can still make it again before dinner," Emma said after
the passion.

"I may need a nap," Tim said. "I have to stay up tonight."

"Who're you going to fuck tonight?" Emma teased him.

"No," Tim said. "How the heck can I function after being
bad with you?" He told her the story.

"Oh," Emma said. "Virtual reality. How virtual and how
real are these games? Do you come in the game?"

Tim laughed. He recalled his accidental incident he had
with his step-sister two years before. He didn't know if
anything similar still happened. Alan told him he had not
heard of any intimate stories, but who would tell if it
wasn't supposed to be normal. "It's kind of real, but of
course not really real," he said. "Actually, I have no
clue about the game I'm going to play tonight."

Emma thought for a while. "Do you think I can join?" she
asked. "You know, thinking of you screwing other girls, or
even worse, other guys, in a game makes me feel bad."

Tim called Alan, who said it wouldn't be a problem. In
fact, they were worrying about it, as both his date and
Annie couldn't come for that session, and they needed an
even number of participants for a game. They concluded
that Alan would team up with Manus, against Tim's pair.

Tim and Emma left his house after a short nap. They then
went out for dinner. After that they went to a coffee shop
and chatted until it was time for their game.
{ASSM} Virtual Reality Gaming Trilogy - Part Two: From Lust to Love 1/4 {Bingain} (MF, cons, rom, ScFi, oral)


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