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VRG Trilogy 2C07 09


Virtual Reality Gaming Trilogy - Part 2
From Lust to Love

Copyright (c) 2002, Bingain (M~F+, cons, rom, ScFi, oral)

(Chapters 7-9 of 12)

An HTML version of this story is available at

Chapter 7
Tim was late for his class. He sneaked to the closest
empty seat and struggled to listen to the lecturer.
He was taking Introduction to Sociology, and it wasn't
as boring as the English class he had the previous

He went out to the vending machine for a refreshment
during the break. Someone patted his shoulder while
he was pressing the button. He turned back and saw a
familiar face.

"Hi, Tim," a girl with short auburn hair greeted him.

"Hi... Hi," Tim stuttered, "Pamela!"

Pamela giggled. "Call me Pam," she said. "How're you

"I'm fine, thanks," Tim said. "What class are you

"I'm in your class, silly," Pam said, smiling.

"Oh," Tim said. "I'm sorry, I was late and didn't see
your face."

"It's okay," Pam said. "I was at the rear end."

"I thought you've completed your first year already,"
Tim said.

"Nursing program has a slightly different
arrangement," she said. "We take sociology in the
third semester."

"I see," Tim said. "Oh yeah, are you taking the bus?"
Tim remembered Emma had told him Pam didn't have a car.

"A friend is giving me a ride," she said. "What about

"I'm driving," he said, hesitated for a moment, and
asked, "Have you heard from Emma?"

"No," Pam said. "But she should be in the UK now. I
suppose you know that as well." She had a tiny smile
on her face.

"Yeah," Tim said. "And I suppose we have to get back
into the room." He walked Pam back to the lecture

After class, they walked to the parking lot together.
They stopped at the entrance.

"I'm waiting for a friend I'm giving a ride," Tim

"Your girlfriend?" Pam asked.

"No, she's my buddy's girlfriend," Tim said. "Your

"No, just a friend," Pam said.

Tim saw a tall blond guy coming over. Pam waved
goodbye to him and left with the guy. A little later,
Annie showed up.

"How's your class?" Annie asked.

"Okay," Tim said. "What about yours?"

"Boring," Annie said, giggling.

Tim chuckled and said, "That's normal." He led her to
his car.

Tim got his loan approved the next day. He squeezed a
lunch break to take Deborah to see Bob again, and they
got their cars.

"I hope you guys are free Saturday evening," Bob said.
"Sue said if you're not joining us for dinner on
Saturday, I don't get to sleep with her this month."

Deborah giggled. "I guess we can't let you suffer the
torture," she said.

That evening, when Annie found out Tim had a different
car, she said, "Wow! New car, huh?"

"Yeah," Tim said. "I was buying this car for Deborah,
but she wanted another, and forced me to take this

"You sold your old car?" Annie asked as she got into
the car.

"Yeah, to a friend," Tim said.

"What kind of car did Deb get?" Annie asked.

"A coupe," Tim said.

"Cool," Annie said. "I don't have to take the bus
when I'm in Albany, then." She giggled.

That Saturday evening, Tim and Deborah went to a
restaurant to have dinner with Susan and Bob. Susan
gave Tim a fancy envelope right after he sat down.
Tim opened it while Susan and Bob were smiling.

"Wow!" Tim exclaimed. "Congratulations!" It was
their wedding invitation. He shook hands with Bob,
and went over to hug Susan. Deborah gave them a hug
each, as well. Tim then checked the date. It was
going to be held on Saturday, December 19th.

"Thank you," Susan said with a delightful smile.
"It's a little rushed, but we don't want to wait until
next summer."

"I'm so glad for you, Sue," Tim said. He turned to
Bob, and continued, "Damn, you're just a lucky bastard.
I'm very, very jealous of you." He chuckled.

"Thank you, Tim," Bob's said, smiling. "I'm glad you
said you were jealous. I win the bet. She's going to
blow me tonight."

Susan was still laughing when she said, "Don't believe
him. In fact, he's going to lick my toes tonight."

Tim couldn't straighten up, he was laughing so hard.
He took a couple of deep breaths. "So, where're you
going for your honeymoon?" he asked. "Hey, and
where's the bridal registry?"

"Caribbean cruise," Susan said. "And the bridal
registry is at Macy's. They don't have a store in
town. Let me get you the code." She gave Tim the
registration code. "Listen, Tim," she continued, "I
don't want anything expensive from you. Okay?"

"I can't afford expensive items anyway," Tim said.
"I'll check for the cheapest item and save my money
for the dollar dance."

When Tim got home, he and Deborah went online and
browsed through Susan's bridal registry. After
consultation with Deborah, Tim took up a dinner set.

The following Monday during break, Pam asked Tim if he
could give her a ride after class.

"My friend got tied up and can't come to class this
evening," she explained.

"Sure," Tim said. "Where do you live?"

Pam told him. Tim would have to take another route
and drop her off first. That would take a little more
time, but wasn't a problem.

After class, they waited at the parking lot entrance
for Annie. Tim introduced the girls to each other,
and drove Pam home, then Annie.

"Wow," Annie said after Pam went into her house.
"You're fast."

Tim laughed. "No," he said. "She's a friend. We're
not going out. How is Alan?"

"He's fine," Annie said, smiling. "Oh, he's such a

"So I don't suppose you haven't slept with him."

Annie giggled, and poked him in the arm. "None of
your business!" she said in mock irritation.

"I suppose he's good," Tim said. What Emma told him
about Alan having a big cock came to his mind.

"Stop it!" Annie said. "I'm not telling you. I don't
want to hurt your feelings." She giggled.

Tim was awakened by the buzzing of his cell phone on
Sunday morning. He groaned as he went for his phone.
It was Emma.

"Are you free?" Emma asked.

"Yeah," Tim said. "Why?" He was still half awake.

"Can we have a talk?" Emma said.

"Okay, where and when?" Tim said, wondering what that
was about.

"I'm a few blocks from you now," Emma said. "I'll be
waiting in front of your house."

Tim got off his bed and went to the bathroom. He put
on clothes, and went out into the street. Emma was
waving at him from her car. He got into her car.

"Morning, Emma," Tim said. "What's up? How was your

Emma giggled as she pulled her car off the curb. "Oh
well," she said. "Trip was great. I tried lesbian
sex with my cousin. It was better."

Tim laughed. "So what do you want to talk about?" he

"I'm terribly sorry about that night," Emma said. She
had a little pink on her face.

"I'm sorry about it too," Tim said. "Must be very

Emma giggled again. Her face also got pinker. "Tell
me about it," she said. "Most embarrassing sex I ever
had. Worst one too." She sighed. "I was very
regretful about it. I actually should have screwed
you before going to the game, so I wasn't horny and
wouldn't need any substitution."

"Substitution?" Tim said, laughing.

"Well," Emma said. "We had agreed it was over. I...
You know, I still missed you, so I needed a
substitution fast. I didn't want to... Damn it!" She
giggled, and went on, "I mean, my mind knew I
shouldn't fuck anyone, but my heart, well, or down
below, needed something. Anyway, you know what
happened in the game?"

"Not exactly," Tim said.

"We saw a stream," Emma said. "We walked for about
thirty yards. Then you stopped and murmured to
yourself for a while. I didn't know it wasn't you.
Anyway, we found a hover-bike. We took the bike, and
went deep into the forest, where there was a hut. We
went inside..."

"So you didn't walk along the stream into the forest?"
Tim said. "We followed the footprints for nearly half
an hour."

"No, only about thirty yards," Emma said. "I guess he
created those footprints."

"I see," Tim said. "So what happened next?"

"Well, we made out in the hut," Emma said with a small
blush. "I guess I was out of mind. I should've
noticed the difference. Anyway, it was a torture, you

Tim chuckled. "I know," he said.

Emma turned to him. "You did it to her, didn't you?"
she asked, with a sly smile on her face.

"Yeah," Tim said. "When time was up and we were
taking a rest, waiting for rescue. I thought it was

Emma giggled, and wound her window halfway down. She
pulled out a cigarette and lighted it up. "Is she
with you now?" she asked.

"No," Tim said. "She's with Alan now."

Emma turned to look at him in surprise. "That big
cock chicken?" she asked.

Tim chuckled, and said, "Yeah. Is he really big?"

Emma blushed a little. "Actually," she said, "I don't
know. I'm not a whore, and I don't run around groping
guys. I did touch him by accident, real accident, not
pretense. He wasn't hard, so I couldn't tell if he
was big when hard."


"Anyway," Emma said, "I almost jumped out of my skin
when he pulled his helmet off his head, and I knew it
was him."

"He pulled his helmet off?" Tim said in shock. "I
didn't know... Oh, shit! He was the moderator. He
could do anything."

"Yeah," Emma said. "I was extremely embarrassed. I
told him I wasn't his girlfriend. He seemed to look a
little shocked at first, and then starting telling all
those bullshit lies. You know, something like he
didn't know, he made a mistake. He then told me he
and Annie were over. We talked for a while, and he
groped me again.

"I shouldn't have let him do it. Damn it, it was all
your fault. You didn't screw me before the game. I
swear, I was actually wet after fondling you... oh
well, he did it to me."

Tim chuckled. "Okay," he said. "My fault."

Emma giggled, and went on, "Anyway, I suppose you know
what happened next. He took me out of the game, found
an empty room. And we did it. To tell the truth, I
was disappointed with him. My disappointment became
stunning embarrassment when that damn guard turned on
the light. How is that idiot now?"

"He was fired," Tim said, chuckling. "You want to
find him?"

Emma sighed in relief. "Oh well," she said. "At
least I've done Annie a favor. Alan can't be worse
than Manus."

"What I've heard is that Alan's a thousand times
better than me," Tim said. "Hey, don't even think
about him."

Emma giggled, "Well, I won't," she said, glancing at
Tim. "I learn from mistakes."

She continued, "I actually enjoyed being with you. I
had to cut it off at the time, and I think I did it
too early. I should have waited until after the game,
screwed you all night, and then bid you farewell. But
I was trying to give you a chance with the other girls.
Stupid, huh?"

"No," Tim said. "Actually, it's touching. You made a
mistake; we all make mistakes. But you still impress
me a lot with your non-sexual behavior."

"Oh well," Emma said. "At least there's something
you'll think about me, other than my body." She
smiled at him.

"I do," Tim said.

"Do you have time for a swim?" Emma said. "I promise,
no groping."

"I don't have my swimwear with me."

"I bought you a new one," Emma said. "I knew you
didn't like the one I bought for you."

Tim smiled at her. "Sure," he said. "Remember, no

Emma gave him a pair of dark red swim trunks. "Made
in France," she said. "It has a stainless steel
pocket inside to hide your hard-on, so nobody sees
your embarrassment." She giggled.

Tim almost choked. "Thank you," Tim said. He took
the garment and went into the changing room.

After he had changed into his new swimwear, he went
outside and waited for Emma. She showed up in a black
high-cut bikini, with a butterfly print. She turned
slowly on her toes, then struck a model-like pose,
allowing Tim a better look.

"I've bought myself a new one too," Emma said. "Tell
me you're hard." She winked at him.

Tim laughed. "Almost," he said. "I'm glad the trunk
has this stainless steel pocket."

They stayed at the pool until it was around noon, and
then they went to a caf‚ for lunch. Tim paid the
check, and Emma drove him home. She kissed Tim on the
cheek when they were outside his house.

"Goodbye, Tim," Emma said. "We may not see each other
again. So take good care of yourself."

Tim kissed Emma on the lips. "Goodbye, Emma," he said.
"You take care, too. I'll miss you."

He could see some wetness in her eyes before he got
out of her car. He waved at her car as she pulled off.
He then went into his house.

Deborah went back to Albany that afternoon. She
kissed Tim on his lips, and thanked him for the car
before she left. After dinner, Tim went to the
backyard, and had a few beers, as he went through what
had happened during the past several weeks. Most
everyone he saw during that period had changed somehow.
Situations and relationships had also changed
drastically. He was very impressed by the amazement
life could bring about.

The rest of the summer was rather uneventful. Tim
went to work during the day, went to school in the
evening, talked with Pam during the breaks and during
the walks to the parking lot, gave Annie a ride after
the class, and enjoyed his weekends, usually by

He had decided to take two courses in the fall
semester: Accounting and college Algebra. He also
enrolled in a co-ed Physical Education activity course,
to earn his mandatory credit, while formally learning
to swim. He had his two first year Computer and
Information Technology courses waived, as the college
recognized the courses he took in the business
institution. The fall semester was scheduled to start
on the first day of September.

The summer classes ended on Friday, August 14th. Once
again, Tim took Annie to a dinner afterwards, and
waited for Alan to join them after his work. Tim
didn't asked Pam, as he didn't know how she would like
it. In fact, he tended to believe the tall blond guy
was more than a friend to Pam. He almost never talked
to him, other than a 'hello' when he saw Tim at the
parking lot entrance. Tim didn't even know his name.
Pam always promptly left with the tall guy, as soon as
he got there.

The following Monday at work, Tim's boss asked him to
come into his office.

"Tim," Philip said, "have you ever thought about
getting certified in network systems?"

"Of course," Tim said. "But I don't have the exposure,
so it's not going to help me much at this point."

Philip tossed a training course brochure on his desk
near Tim. In fact, Tim had seen that brochure many
times before. "If you get certified, I'll consider
putting you on the network maintenance team," Philip
said. "Don's leaving us next month."

Tim quickly thought it over. Don was a guy on the
network maintenance team. Those people made more
money than the other technicians. It was a great
opportunity, because few people went into the
networking field with no networking experience,
without substantial experience in other technical
areas, or without a degree, none of which Tim had. He
knew the training would take him a week, and cost
around two thousand dollars, with no guarantee he
would pass the examination for the certification.
However, it seemed worthwhile to take the chance.

Philip continued, "We have an account with the
training center, so you can get a discount, which
helps a little. Are you interested?"

Tim nodded promptly. He picked up the brochure to
check the course schedule. He saw a course at the
local training center had already been highlighted
with a marker. It was a five full day program,
starting the next Monday.

Tim looked up at Philip. "Can I take the week off?"
he asked.

"You bet," Philip said. "Do you have the money?"

"I can use my credit card," Tim said. He had just
spent all his savings on the two cars he bought.

"I'll give you a loan," Philip said. "Interest free,
as long as you're working here."

"Thank you, Philip," Tim said excitedly. "Thank you!"

Tim saw some signs of jealousy in the eyes of another
two technicians when he told the story to his
coworkers. On the way to his job assignment, he
thought it over, and appreciated the kindness of
Philip, giving him the chance. He also wondered
whether the kindness had originated because Tim had
been referred to Philip by Bob.

Before classes began in September, Tim was certified
in a networking curriculum. Philip assigned him to
the network maintenance team on probation, which meant
he would be there to follow other experienced guys for
a while, and he would be taken out of the team if he
couldn't show competency in doing the work. Philip
told him the probation would be three months. He also
gave Tim a small pay raise for the more challenging
job. Tim would get another significant pay increase
if he could pass the probation.

Tim started the school on September First. He went to
evening classes three evenings a week. When he didn't
have classes in the evening, he stayed late at work,
to learn more about networking from his more
experienced coworkers. He went to his swimming class
on Saturday morning, and spent most of his weekends
doing his homework and reading. He couldn't find time
to get to know or date girls. In face, since Annie
had a very different schedule, he hadn't met her on
campus since summer.

When Deborah came home for Thanksgiving, she told Tim
she had signed a lease for a two bedroom apartment,
starting in January. Both Annie and Alan would be
staying with her. It was actually less expensive than
living at the dorm. The siblings went to dinner with
their old friends on the day after Thanksgiving.

Alan reported that he had taken up a position at a VRG
chain in Albany. He would lose his opportunity of
getting promoted, but he didn't care. Chances were
plenty for the years to come, anyway. His new job
would start on the first Monday of January. Spring
term at SUNY Albany started in the third week of
January, and Annie wanted to stay home to work for
another two weeks, to make a little more pocket money.

Since the apartment Deborah rented was not furnished,
Alan and Annie would need to start shopping for
bargain furniture and appliances. Deborah didn't need
much, and she had been looking for a used bed. Alan
would store the items he bought in the basement of his
parents' house, before they moved everything over to

Tim offered to help Alan to do the move. Alan planned
to move over on Saturday, January Second. Deborah
would go over a little earlier to pick up the keys.
Then, they would meet to check and see about
additional sundries they would need for their new home.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, Philip told Tim he had
made it through his probation, and was officially a
member of Philip's network maintenance team. He got
the pay raise. Since Tim was still the least
experienced technician on the team, he was still
usually assigned to help the more senior technicians,
unless the jobs were simple enough for him to handle
alone. Tim knew it was still going to be a long way
to go. He was also told to expect more irregular
working hours and emergency calls.

Tim bought a new black suit after he finished the fall
semester examinations.

The wedding ceremony of Susan and Bob was held at a
church downtown. Susan was wearing a two-piece white
gown, with a boned corset bodice and a pleated skirt
with a shaped edge carriage back, as well as a two-
tier waist-length veil, and a rhinestone crested crown.

Once again, nobody was more beautiful than the bride,
not even her sister Sherry, who was Susan's maid of
honor, nor the bridesmaids. Sherry was wearing a
matte satin dress with chiffon inset. She was
probably the second prettiest woman in the ceremony.
The bridesmaids were all in white two-piece sleeveless
satin dresses.

The groom was also extremely handsome, in his white
classic double breasted peak tuxedo. His best man and
groomsmen were dressed in similar fashions.

Tim stayed at the back of the church. There were only
a handful of people he knew. He didn't see Philip,
who had to be somewhere in the front. Actually, a few
minutes into the ceremony, Tim found it as boring as
one of his lectures at school. He wasn't sure if he
should really attend the wedding reception that
evening, at a hotel's ballroom.

Susan smiled happily at Tim after the ceremony, as the
guests filed out. When Tim gave her a peck on her
cheek, she whispered, "Don't you dare not to come to
the reception."

Tim was still struggling not to choke when he
congratulated Bob, giving him a hug. The handsome
groom whispered to him, "Still jealous? Your face's

Tim had never been to a hotel ballroom before. He had
also never been to a wedding ceremony or reception.
He found that the tables were all pre-set. He didn't
know if it was the hotel ushers, or one of Bob's
groomsmen, who led him to a table. He was, however,
glad to see most of the people at the table were
younger folks, although he was apparently still the

Susan was wearing a sophisticated strapless satin gown
& matching shawl. She was also wearing an enchanting
glass pearl tiara, and an exquisite v-shape pearl
strand. She was just gorgeous. Bob had a high-button
jacket, as well as a black faille vest and tie.

Tim wasn't old enough to legally drink alcohol in
public yet, but someone gave him a cocktail, which he
appreciated very much. He couldn't tell how good the
meal was. In fact, he was rather nervous most of the
time. The activities the folks talked about during
the meal were usually those he had never participated
in before.

Tim waited in the line for a long time, before he got
to do the traditional dollar dance with Susan. He
moved his feet carefully, to make sure he wouldn't
step on Susan's toes. Susan smelled extremely good,
but Tim actually wasn't in a mood to enjoy it. He had
planned to sneak away from the party when he finished
the dance.

He was rather surprised when Susan whispered in his
ear. "Do you think Sherry is beautiful tonight?" she

"Yeah, but you're the prettiest one, as usual," Tim

Susan giggled slightly, and said, "Thank you. You're
not interested in her, are you?"

Tim didn't know why Susan asked it, but he was in such
a bad mood, he would probably not be interested in
Susan, even if she was available. "No," he said.

"Okay," Susan said. "I may need a favor from you in a
while. Don't sneak away, please."

After the dance, Tim remained in his seat, pretty much
wordless, for another half an hour, before Bob showed
up in front of him. He gestured for Tim to follow him,
and led Tim to the part near the dancing floor. Bob
lowered his voice to speak near Tim's ear.

"Sue wants you to escort her sister Sherry," he said.

"Me?" Tim said. "Escort?"

"Sherry doesn't like being in this kind of
environment," Bob said. "She hates the non-stop
invitations to dance with guys she doesn't know.
Since you're one of the few people Sherry knows, and
Sue trusts you, she hopes you can act as Sherry's
shield. She also said if you attempted anything
uncalled for, I'd have to castrate you. Poor man!"
He chuckled.

Tim again nearly choked. "That's a very severe
punishment," he said.

He showed Tim to a table in the front, where a few
people were sitting and chatting. Sherry was the only
person Tim knew at that table. Bob told Tim to take a
seat next to Sherry. He then bent towards Sherry, and
whispered something in her ear before he went back to
the floor.

"Hi, Sherry," Tim said.

Sherry was wearing a silk slip dress with spaghetti
straps, with floral beading. She smiled politely to
Tim and said, "Hi, Tim."

They stayed in a pretty wordless situation. Tim knew
he was there to be a shield, and not to entertain
Sherry. He didn't know how to entertain her, even if
he had to. He knew she was a rather reticent person.

A guy showed up from behind Tim and asked Sherry for a
dance. Sherry didn't even look at the guy. She
leaned toward Tim and said, "Thanks for the car. I
know you made a great offer to Sue."

Tim felt very embarrassed. He glanced at the guy, who
looked equally embarrassed. Tim turned to him and
said, "I'm sorry. We're... are... discussing...

The guy made up a smile, and left for another table.

Tim turned back to Sherry. "I... Well... I think I
sold the car to Sue at a fair price," he said.
"Actually..." He halted. He had cut the price of his
car by a hundred, because Susan was his friend, and
also he felt he should do something after Bob had
waived all the commissions on the two cars he sold the
siblings. He didn't want to get Bob involved, though,
as Sherry would conceive it was a partial favor Bob
did for her, which she had been resisting all the time.

"Actually what?" Sherry asked.

"Actually..." Tim said slowly, while turbo charging
his mind to think faster. "Actually, it wasn't a fair
value. I suspect I had ripped Sue off badly."

Sherry smiled. "You didn't," she said. "Nobody can
rip Sue off when it comes to a car. Bob would have
killed you if you had done it."

Tim took a deep breath. The crisis was over. "How's
school?" he asked.

"School's fine," she said. "What about yours?"

"Fine too," he said. "You still work there?"

"No," she said. "Can't match it with my school

"Oh," Tim said. "So no work?"

"Well," Sherry said. She paused and sighed when she
saw another guy coming over. She leaned toward Tim
again. "Can you put your hand on the back of my
chair?" she whispered.

Tim carefully put his hand on the back of her chair,
making sure he wouldn't touch her by accident. He had
to be careful, as he could sense that Sherry wasn't in
any way expecting anything more than a friendly escort.
The guy moved away.

Sherry straightened her waist a little, apparently to
avoid contact as well. "I'm working part-time at
school now, less money but easier to manage the time,"
she told Tim.

Tim thought of something. "Where's the best man?" he

"I don't know," Sherry said. "Why?"

"I thought the best man usually stays with the maid of
honor," Tim said.

"This is only the second time I met him. He's a
college friend of Bob's. I think he's somewhere
flirting with girls," she said.

"Did he..." Tim said. "Well, never mind."

Sherry smiled again. "No, he didn't flirt with me,"
she said. "Bob had warned him beforehand."

Tim chuckled while Sherry smiled. "So how about your
dog?" he asked. "I didn't see her dog at her house,
so I assume it's still staying with you."

"No," Sherry said. "He died a year or so ago. We
didn't get another dog after that."

Since the topics were used up, the rest of the evening
was rather quiet between Sherry and Tim.

Tim sighed in relief, while waiting in line again to
kiss the bride before he left. Bob hugged him and
patted his shoulder while Tim congratulated him again.

"Thanks," Bob said. "And thanks for the tough job."
He smiled at Tim.

Susan gave Tim a peck on his cheek. "Thanks, Tim,"
she said. "Please finish the job by walking her to
her car. I'll call you when I come back from my

Tim walked Sherry to her car in the chilling wind.
Sherry smiled at him before she got in her car.
"Thanks again," she said. "I really appreciate it."
She bade goodnight to Tim.

On his way back to home, Tim thought about the event
and the people. He didn't enjoy the reception,
because he didn't know the people, and they were
mostly a lot older than him. It was probably the same
reason Sherry didn't enjoy the evening. However, she
did have a lot of chances to get to know guys a little
older, which was common. She didn't show any interest,
didn't even look at them. And why would Bob warn his
best man not to flirt with the maid of honor? It
sounded a little awkward, and also a little amusing.
That guy probably had the same kind of warning:
castration as punishment. He chuckled at the thought.

Chapter 8

Deborah came home for the Christmas school break. The
Brake family drove to New York, and stayed with
Betty's mom for Christmas. When they returned to
Rochester on the 26th, the siblings began spending
time attending farewell parties their friends held for
Annie and Alan.

Deborah drove Tim to a car rental facility early in
the morning on January the Second. Tim had already
reserved a rental truck. He drove the truck to Alan's
home, while Deborah headed toward Albany. Tim helped
Alan to load the furniture and appliances he had
bought, as well as his personal belongings, into the
truck. Alan went back into the house to bid farewell
to his family, before the guys left for Annie's house.
They loaded some of Annie's bulkier stuff into the
truck. Alan kissed Annie for what seemed like an hour
before leaving her reluctantly. He would be missing
Annie for two weeks.

They headed toward Albany, Alan driving his car in the
front, and Tim driving the rental truck following Alan.

Tim's cell phone buzzed a little after he went on the
highway. It was Susan. She had just gotten back from
her honeymoon a couple days prior.

"How was the honeymoon?" Tim said. "Can he still

Susan giggled for a while. "No," she said. "He is
kind of paralyzed."

After chuckling for a while, Tim said, "So, is there
anything I can help you with?"

"Not really," Susan said, giggling. "Bob insists
he'll handle me himself. But I called to thank you."

"Thank me for what?"

"Thank you for guarding Sherry at my wedding party,"
Susan said.

"Oh, that," Tim said. "That was nothing." He
swallowed and didn't tell her his opinion of that
incident: uneasy, boring, and embarrassing.

"Well," Susan said, "it's not a job every guy likes to
do. You didn't get to dance and flirt with other
girls. You had to enjoy watching and talking with a
pretty girl, and couldn't dance with her, couldn't
attempt to put a move on her. I know it's tough."
She giggled.

Tim remembered about the castration punishment for
improper attempts. He chuckled. "I didn't do
anything, didn't even dare to think about it," he said.

"I know that," Susan said, laughing slightly. "She
said you'd been very nice to her, and asked me to
relate her thanks to you."

"No problem," Tim said. "You're very protective of
your little sister. I'm glad she has you as a

"Of course I am," Susan said. "I'm glad to have you
as a friend too."

They talked for a bit and then finished the phone chat.

Alan and Tim arrived at Albany, and found the
apartment building Deborah had rented. They unloaded
the stuff, and moved everything into the apartment.
It was a rather small place. The room Deborah would
be using was tiny. She was busy cleaning the place.

After the move, Tim dropped onto the couch, panting.
It was a used couch Alan picked up in a garage sale.
Deborah's bed was also a used one Alan bought for her
at another garage sale.

Deborah laughed at him. "Look at Alan," she told Tim.
"He's a lot tougher. No wonder he won Annie."

Tim glanced at Alan, who was laughing, while panting,
and sitting on the floor. "He's panting as well," Tim
said. "He's just a lucky bastard."

Deborah giggled. "I guess you guys haven't have lunch
yet," she said. "Or are you guys just frail?"

Tim looked at his watch. It was almost three. "No
wonder I'm limp," he said.

Deborah tugged the two limp guys into her car, and
drove them to a fast food place for lunch.

They saw some girls coming out when they were at the
entrance. Tim held the door open, while Deborah and
Alan stepped aside to let them out first.

"Hey, Tim! What're you doing here?" a girl at the
back of the group shrieked. It was Emma.

"Hi, Emma," Tim said. He was a little surprised to
see Emma here, although he knew Emma lived in Albany.

Emma saw Alan. Her face grew slightly pink. "Hi,
Alan," she said. She came a little closer to Alan as
her friends moved into the parking lot. "I'm sorry
about..." she said, "about that incident."

"Well," Tim said, "I suppose he should thank you for
giving him the damn chance."

Alan and Emma both laughed embarrassingly.

"Hi, Emma," Alan said.

Emma turned to Deborah, and studied her briefly. "You
have to be Deb," she said, smiling. "I'm Emma the

"Hi, Emma," Deborah said, giggling. "Nice to meet

Emma turned to Tim and made up a pout. "Why didn't
you call me, reporting that you're in town?" she said.

"I've just arrived in town," Tim said. "Helping this
lucky bastard move." He pointed to Alan.

"Oh!" Emma said, then turned around and grinned at
Alan. She turned back to Tim, and said, "Well,
since... Well, I wonder if you... you guys, are free
tonight. I... I suppose I can buy you guys a dinner
to celebrate." She turned to smile at them one by one.

"Definitely," Deborah said on behalf of the three.
"I'll make sure Tim's free."

Emma giggled. "No," she said. "I honestly would like
to see you all, all of you. You know, we are
neighbors and we go to the same school." She smiled
at Deborah.

"Okay," Deborah said. "Deal."

"So," Emma said, turning to Tim, "I suppose you don't
have my phone number anymore, do you?"

Tim took out his cell phone and checked. "It's still
here," he said, with a little embarrassed smile.

Emma pecked Tim on the cheek. "Give me a call when
you're done. I'll tell you where and when." She
smiled and waved at them, and went to join her friends.

Deborah smiled slyly at Tim. "I suppose you may want
to extend the truck rental for another day or two,"
she said.

After lunch, they went to the grocery, and to a couple
of other stores, to buy food, drinks and household
supplies, before returning to the apartment. Emma
called Tim right after he finished cleaning the
windows in Deborah's room. She suggested an Italian
restaurant for their dinner.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Emma was already
there. She had changed her clothes, and was wearing a
blouse and denim skirt, instead of the jeans she had
been wearing earlier that day. She smiled and waved
at them. Tim noticed the restaurant was sort of
traditional in style. It also had a tiny dancing
floor. Light recorded music was playing, although
nobody was on the floor.

Emma talked a lot with Deborah during the meal. She
asked Deborah's opinion on some courses that Deborah
had taken, but that she hadn't. She even exchanged
phone numbers with Deborah. She also talked with Alan
in a more relaxed manner.

"When Annie comes to town," Emma told Alan, "I'll buy
you guys another dinner. I'll be wearing a veil so I
won't get that embarrassed." She giggled.

After everyone finished laughing, Emma talked again.
"Has anyone seen that idiotic jerk since then?" she

"No," Alan said. "Not even Annie. I mean, she didn't
see him at school, although he's supposed to be there,
still there."

"Oh well," Emma said. "I had wished someone would
give him a nice good beating for me. He screwed up my
reputation of being a demure lady."

Tim was choking while Deborah and Alan were laughing.

They had finished the meal and were enjoying coffee,
when Emma asked Alan to dance with her.

"Why not him?" Alan said, pointing to Tim.

"Well, I can dance with him next month," Emma said,
smiling, "but I don't think that's a very good idea,
to dance with you when Annie is around." She rose
from her seat and pulled Alan's hand. "Come on,
Mister Chicken," she said playfully.

"She's funny," Deborah said, watching Emma dancing
with Alan. "I like her."

"Yeah," Tim said, "she's funny, but that's not all of
her. She actually has a lot inside." He smiled as he
saw Alan moving like an elephant on the floor. He
knew he was lousy, but apparently Alan was worse.

"Well," Deborah said, "she's pretty, she's nice, she's
funny, she has a lot inside, and she likes you. Why
don't you take her?"

Tim took a deep breath and thought for a moment.
"Well," he said, "I really don't know. I guess the
way we met kind of screwed up something. We'd been
bedmates for a while before we started to know each
other. Also, the distance and difference in social
class sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable." He
remembered his experience at Susan's wedding.

"Social class?" Deborah asked.

"Her dad's an attorney," Tim said. "I suppose he's a
successful one. Her living style is... is kind of
elite, compared to ours. I don't understand why she
comes to Albany and not UR. Besides, I'm not sure
what I am to her. You know, she has no problem
finding lots of qualified guys."

Deborah looked Tim up and down. "You're very
qualified, Timmy," she said. "Don't look down upon

"Well," Tim said, "I don't, usually. But there are
times you naturally will." He briefly told her how he
felt at Susan's wedding reception.

"That's not elite, Timmy," Deborah said. "You may
hold your wedding party there when you get married.
There aren't that many decent hotels in Rochester.
Anyway, you felt uncomfortable because you knew nobody,
and you looked too young compared to the rest of them.
When you get older, these problems will be gone."

"I don't think I'll ever be able to afford holding a
reception there," Tim said.

"Well, buy the lottery," Deborah said, giggling.
"That's not elite."

Tim saw Emma and Alan returning to their table. He
stopped the discussion.

Emma didn't take her seat. She stood in front of Tim.
"I don't suppose you'll refuse a miserable, ugly,
stupid idiot asking you for a dance, will you?" she
said, making up a miserable look.

Tim chuckled and rose from his seat. He held Emma's
hand and went with her to the floor. Emma wrapped her
arms around his neck and danced slowly with him. She
didn't press her body to him.

After a while, Emma leaned her head on his shoulder.
"I still miss you, occasionally," she whispered.

"Haven't you been dating?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. "Actually, I was dumped three times
since you last saw me." She giggled lightly on his

"Dumped or was dumped?" he asked.

"Well," she said, "does it matter?"

"A little," he said. "I think."

"Do you remember what I said about if you come to
Albany?" she said softly, leaning slightly closer to

"Yeah," he said. "But please don't get me hard in
public, not in front of my sister."

Emma giggled again, and moved slightly off his body.
"Poor baby," she said. "You get hard easily, huh?"

"Well," Tim said, "I don't think you have ever failed
in getting guys hard during close contacts. Anyway,
when was the last time?"

"Last time I had sex?" she asked, tilting her head
back a little and looked at him with a tiny smile.

"Well, I didn't mean that," Tim said, "but you can
tell me."

"After the Christmas party here," Emma said, leaning
her head on his shoulder again, "I didn't go home, as
dad had gone to Florida for some business, or whatever
screwing trip it was. He dumped me right afterwards.
I mean he dumped me, not me dumping him."

"I'm sorry," Tim said, patting her back.

"Oh well," Emma said. "It doesn't matter. Sometimes
I dump guys, other times they dump me. It hurts in
both situations, but I've learned to get over it

Tim felt his heart go out to her, just a little. He
held her a little closer to him.

"I've booked a room at the Holiday Inn," she said
softly. "You know, I live in the dorm, sharing a room
with another girl. Please don't tell me you're
leaving tonight."

"I suppose I don't have a choice," he said. "Do I?"

"You do have a choice," Emma said. "I hope you'll
choose the hotel."

"I'll choose the hotel," Tim said, and kissed her hair.

"Thank you," Emma whispered. "You won't believe how
wet I am now."

Tim almost laughed. "You're not suggesting that I
find out now, are you?" he said teasingly.

"You can if you want to," Emma said. "Everyone knows
I'm not a lady."

"You're not a lady outside," Tim said. "But very much
a lady inside."

"Oh, Oh," Emma cooed, "you want to get inside. How
deep do you want?"

"Well, well," Tim said. "We better get back before I
tear a hole in my jeans."

Both Deborah and Alan had sly smiles on their faces
when Tim and Emma got back to their table. Emma paid
the check, and they left the restaurant.

"I've called the truck rental company and extended it
for a day," Alan whispered to Tim when they were
outside the restaurant. "I hope it's enough." He
winked at Tim, and then followed Deborah to her car.

Tim looked at Emma. She smiled at him, held his hand
and led him to her car. She drove to the hotel where
she had booked the room, and checked in.

The moment they locked the door behind them, Emma
threw her arms around Tim's neck, and kissed him
passionately. It was as if she hadn't been with a man
for centuries.

"Oh, my goodness," Emma panted after the lengthy kiss,
still wrapped around Tim. "Get my fucking skirt off!
You're not going to believe it."

Tim reached behind her waist and loosened her denim
skirt, letting it drop to the carpet. He stroked her
silk covered ass cheeks for awhile, and moved a hand
to her front. He slowly moved his fingers toward her
crotch. The fabric was wet. Not damp, but wet. Not
a small spot, but a rather large area of wetness.

"Am I awfully wet?" Emma whispered in his ear. "Gosh,
I couldn't believe it."

"You're very, very wet," Tim said, and started to
tease her wet spot.

"Oh! Oh!" Emma moaned. "Mercy! Mercy! Please stop
this!" She dug her nails into his skin.

Tim paused his teasing. "Stop?" he said.

"Goodness!" Emma panted. "Do it again after you've
fucked me." She moved her hands to his waist, and
struggled with his button and fly.

Tim looked at Emma. Her face was flushed red, and she
was breathing heavily. He tugged her toward the bed,
stripped her, and threw her on the bed. He undressed
himself, almost in one single motion, in front of the
bed. Emma didn't wait for him to get on the bed. She
moved her hips to the edge of the mattress and spread
widely, lifting her legs in the air.

Tim took a tiny step between her thighs, holding his
fully bulged cock in one hand, and led it toward her
swelling lips. Once his cock was between her labia,
he pushed all the way inside. He felt a little goose
skin on him as the thrill hit him. He grunted.

"Oh! Oh!" Emma moaned, watching his cock moving in and
out of her pussy. "My goodness! My goodness!" She
struggled to raise her shivering legs toward his

Tim grabbed her legs and put them on his shoulders.
He moved his hands to the front of her thighs, and
stroked her smooth skin while rocking in and out of
her juicy tunnel.

"Oh, my goodness," Emma groaned. "You're killing me!
Oh, no! Oh, yes!" She dug her nails into the
mattress, and tried to move her hips.

Tim rocked faster and faster. He glided his right
hand toward her bush, and brushed it gently, then
moved his fingers downward, until he felt her hood.

"Oh, no!" Emma raised her voice. "Mercy! Don't do

Tim stayed away from her clit as his finger moved
downward and touched his own cock. He wet his finger
with her lubrications, and moved up again. He touched
the tiny nub that had jutted out of its hood.

"Oh, oh," Emma cried. "Don't! Oh! Oh my!" She
thrust her groin into his crotch, and came. Her
internal muscles rubbed his stroking cock with tiny

Tim kept on pounding into her, while she was being hit
by her orgasm. A little while later, her orgasm began
to subside, and she loosened herself, while panting
heavily. He slowed down a little, giving himself a
small break, and resumed with his strokes.

Emma began to grunt and moan again, shivering while
moving her hips in irregular speed. "Oh! My
goodness," she cried. "Rub me! Rub me now! Oh, oh,
kill me please!"

Tim resumed teasing her clit again. He also moved
faster and harder, slamming into her groin with each
stroke. He slammed even harder when his balls began
delivering convulsive signals. He felt a stream of
liquid moving quickly inside him, toward the tiny exit.
He shot inside her, while his hips were shaking.

She came again, gripping his cock with her internal
muscles, squeezing every drop of his remaining
ejaculation out into her tunnel, clamping his neck
with her shaking legs, and blowing heavily with her
mouth open.

Emma loosened her legs, and let them drop onto the
floor. Tim leaned forward, and put his hands on the
mattress beside her body to support himself. He was
still shaking.

Emma stretched her arms out. "Come down on me," she
said softly.

Tim slowly lowered himself onto her body. Emma
wrapped her arms around him, and held him on top of
her. Tim rolled her on top of himself when he had
gathered the strength. Emma adjusted a little, so she
could rest her head on his shoulder. They stayed in
that position for a while.

Tim felt liquid sliding down his shoulder. He tilted
his head a little, but could see nothing except her
hair. However, he believed he was feeling her tears.
"What's the matter?" he asked softly.

Emma didn't answer, but began to weep on his shoulder.
Tim wrapped his arms around her back, and stroked her
gently. It took her a while to stop weeping.

"I'm sorry," Emma said after a while.

Tim patted her back gently a few times. "What's the
matter?" he asked.

"I don't like this," she said softly.

"Don't like what?"

"Don't like you fucking me. It's too good," she said.

"You don't like me fucking you?"

Emma let out a long sigh. "It's too good," she said
slowly. "Every time you've fucked me, I've wanted
more." She paused for a moment, and continued,
"Actually, I don't just want more, I want you, not
just for the fuck, but for everything. Not for a
night or two, but for every day and every night."

She raised her head to look at his face, supporting
herself with her arms. Her eyes were wet. She went
on slowly, "You're not going to believe how much I
want to stay with you, and how much it hurts because I
know we're going to part one day." She looked at his
eyes for another while and lowered her face down to
his shoulder again.

Tim had a very confused mind. He knew Emma liked him,
but didn't know her emotion toward him was so deep.
"What makes you believe we have to part one day?" he

"I just know it," she said softly. "Believe it or not,
I can tell. You're not going to believe how many guys
I've been with. I could tell the ending even before
the relationship had started."

"Everything has an exception," Tim said.

"Yeah," Emma said. "Every guy I told about my gifted
talent has told me the same thing."

Tim had to hold his laugh. He thought for a moment.
"Why didn't you go to UR?" he asked.

"Oh well," Emma said, "I guess I had fucked half of
the guys in my class at high school. No, no, I think
I had fucked most of them. More than half of the
girls there called me a slut. Everyone I knew who was
going to UR, guys or girls, called me a slut. Do you
think I'd like that?"

"I see," Tim said, patting her back.

"It's also one of the reason why I don't want you to
be with me," she said. "I don't want you to be with a

"You're not a slut," Tim said, lifting her shoulder to
look at her face.

Emma struggled, but gave in after a little while. She
looked in his eyes. "It doesn't matter if I'm really
a slut or not," she said. "I was, and still am, being
called a slut. Once a slut, always a slut." She
paused for a while, thinking, then went on. "Actually,
I am a slut. I've slept with three guys, not
including Manus, after you last screwed me. How many
have you?"

"One," Tim said.

"Oh!" she said, looking at his eyes with a sly smile.
"Bad boy, you fucked Annie that night."

Tim smiled embarrassingly.

"Why would you let her slip away from you, then?" Emma

"Well," Tim said, "there's something around that's
called fucking fate."

Emma giggled. She rolled off Tim and lay in the bed,
looking at the ceiling. "Yeah," she said. "Fucking
fate. I hate it too." She rolled on her side and
stroked his chest. "Do you want to fuck me again?"
she asked.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Tim asked.

"Do it tenderly this time," Emma said. "I haven't
been fucked tenderly for a long time."

By the time Tim closed his eyes after the fervent and
tender sex, bathing together, and cuddling together in
the bed, it was nearly three in the morning.

Chapter 9

Tim was awakened in the morning by Emma pulling on his
arm. She had already gotten up, and was in her
clothes. "Get up, get up," she said. "You lazy pig."

"What time is it now?" Tim grunted, rubbing his eyes
with his free hand.

"Eight thirty-seven," she said. "Get up! Get up!"
She continued pulling his arm.

"Why get up so early?" he rumbled.

Emma stopped pulling his arm. She leaned toward him
and said, "We don't have a lot of time together. Why
waste it sleeping? Can't you just stay up and give me
some better moments to remember?"

Tim felt some wetness in his eyes. He thought briefly
and said, "If I'm coming over again next weekend, do I
get to sleep for another five minutes?"

Emma had a big smile on her face, but it went out fast.
She took a deep breath and looked at his eyes.
"You're sweet, Tim," she said softly, "but please
don't do this to me. The more often you come over,
the more it hurts when we have to part."

"We don't have to do anything," Tim said.

"You're kidding," Emma sighed. "I'm glad I was dumped
before I saw you yesterday. Do you know I would have
fucked you even if I had a boyfriend watching us?"

Tim pulled Emma down to him and kissed her.

Emma wiped her eyes after the kiss, and then pulled
Tim's arm again. "Let's enjoy today first, please,"
she said.

"Where are we going?" Tim asked when he got out of the
bathroom. "What're you doing?" he asked again when he
saw Emma stripping.

She tossed a beige boxer pants to him. "Put on your
underwear," she said. "Then put this on. I borrowed
it from a bigger girl, so it should fit you." She
continued to strip naked, and took some tiny black
garments up from the bed. She put on the black bikini
Tim had seen once before.

Emma turned around, and saw Tim still holding the
boxer pants in his hand, staring at her. He had a
nascent hard-on. "Goodness! Can't you stop thinking
of fucking me for a few minutes?" she said playfully.

Tim smiled embarrassingly. "We're going swimming?" he

"No," she said. "We're going to the swimming pool for
a fuck."

Tim laughed. "When did you get these?" he asked,
waving the boxer pants in his hand.

"Before I came back, blew you a few times, and pulled
your arm," she said, with a tiny smile on her face.

"You went out?" Tim asked.

Emma sighed. "You didn't even know I blew you, how
pitiful!" She giggled when he saw Tim looking down at
his cock.

"I suppose I should do it again now, or should I not?"
She came over to Tim.

"No," Tim said. "I'll put them on."

Emma grabbed two towels from the bathroom, and went to
the indoor pool with Tim. "Don't dive into the water
without pulling the string tight," she reminded him.
"It's not really a swimwear."

Emma saw Tim swimming without help. "Damn," she said.
"When have you learned to swim? How am I supposed to
drown you?"

"I took the co-ed Physical Education course in
swimming," Tim explained.

"Oh well," Emma said. "I suppose I have to blow you
under the water instead of drowning you." She pushed
Tim in the water and submerged her head into the water.

Tim pulled her head out of the water. "Don't," he
said. "The lifeguard's watching."

"Oh," Emma said. "Bad boy! Bad boy! You want him to

"No," Tim said. "Just don't do it here."

"Well," Emma said, "let's do two straight lengths of
the pool. Whoever's faster makes the decision."

"No," Tim said. "This is unfair. You're going to

"Oh! Oh," Emma said. "You big cock chicken! You're
scared of losing?"

"Alright, alright," Tim said. "Let's do it."

Tim had just made his turn and a few strokes when Emma
had finished. She waited until Tim arrived, and dived
into the water.

Tim pulled her head out of the water again.

"What?" she said.

"Don't do it," Tim said. "I'll eat you in the room
until you beg me to stop, instead."

"No," she said. "I want to blow you."

"Blow me in the room until I'm dry, then," Tim said.

"No," Emma said. "Okay, okay. I give in. You choose
a place other than the room, and I'll blow you there.

"The room," Tim said.

"I said except the room," Emma said. "Wait, you mean
your sister's room? That will do. I suppose she can
learn a thing or two from me by watching."

Tim almost choked. "No, no," he said, and thinking,
"Okay, your car... Wait! Let's do it later. I have
the rental truck."

"Yuck!" Emma said. "Rental truck? My car! My car!"

"Okay, okay," Tim said. "But let's go on with the

They went back to the room after the swim. "Let's
change and go for the breakfast," Emma said.

Tim took off the wet garments and stared at his jeans
on the floor. "My underwear is wet," he said.

"Why on earth would you need underwear in your jeans?"
Emma said, while rubbing her naked body with a towel.
"You're not going to shoot in your jeans."

"I guess so," Tim said. He then rubbed himself dry,
and put on his clothes.

They went for their complimentary continental
breakfast. Emma was rather quiet while eating. Tim
knew she was thinking about something. He didn't
disturb her.

Emma looked up at him. "Did you mean it when you said
you're coming again next weekend?" she said. "Or did
you say it to make me happy?"

Tim thought for a moment. "I meant it," he said.
"But you make the decision. I don't want you to feel

"It will hurt," Emma said, dropping her head. "Can
you take it?"

"If you can," Tim said, "why can't I?"

"I have no problem telling you that I love you. Can
you?" she said softly, looking at him. Her eyes were

Tim looked down at his coffee, then looked up into her
eyes. "I can't," he said. "I don't know. I know I
like you, but I don't know how much. I know it
doesn't sound nice, but I can't lie to you. I'll tell
you when I'm certain, but not before."

"Come over next week," Emma said, smiling at him.
"You're not going to be hurt as much."

"Please don't say that," Tim said. "There may be an

Emma smiled at him. "Okay," she said. "Well, at
least you said you didn't love me, not yet, and you
were honest. Most others said they loved me and they
all knew it was bullshit."

Tim laughed. "What about the rest?" he asked

"Well," Emma said, rolling her eyes, "they said 'can I
just have a fuck?' I suppose they were honest as

Tim laughed again. "Where're we going now?" he asked.

"Do you want to have a picnic in the park?" Emma said.

"It's freezing outside," Tim said.

"Can you skate?" Emma said.




"Oh well," Emma said. "There's not much you can do
other than fucking me over and over, then."

"I don't think you should blow me in your car," Tim
said, stroking Emma's shoulder. She was snuggling
against him, licking his chest and stroking his
stomach in the bed.

Emma licked her way up to Tim's face and kissed him.
"What do you prefer?" she asked after the kiss.

"Anything," Tim said. "You're not going to get me
hard enough to blow me anymore. How many times have
we done it today?"

"If you mean your orgasms," she said, "twice. Come on,
you're only twenty years old, you can make it. Do you
want to bet?"

Tim chuckled. "Try it now," Tim said teasingly. He
pressed on Emma's shoulder. He had just come inside
her a few minutes ago. He knew it wasn't going to be

Emma raised her head and looked at Tim and said,
"Okay." She glanced at the clock. "If I can make it
before we check out, what're you going to do?" she

Tim glanced at the clock. It was about twenty minutes
to noon. "Okay, that's about twenty minutes. What do
you want?"

Emma tilted her head and thought for a moment. "Fuck
me in front of your sister?" she said, smiling.

Tim nearly choked. "Gosh, no," he said. "Something

"In front of Annie?"

"Please! Something practical."

Emma giggled. "Hmm," She said. "Have you ever seen
me in a nightgown?"


"Buy me one."


"You've lost, baby," Emma said with a luscious smile.
She kissed Tim briefly and licked her way down.

"No! Please!" Tim grunted, arching his back,
shuddering his hips. "Oh no! I'm coming." He began
shooting deep into Emma's throat.

Emma licked his deflating shaft clean before she
raised her head to check the time. "Still two minutes
left," she announced. "You've lost."

"It's unfair," Tim panted. "You never told me you
could deep throat me."

"Well," Emma said, smiling, "I can't deep throat a
soft dick, can I?"

They checked out of the hotel and went to a small
restaurant for lunch. Tim was still shaking his head
after he ordered his meal.

Emma smiled happily at him. "Told you," she said.
"I've been with guys more often than you've jerked
yourself off."

"What's your record in a day?" Tim asked after

"Six," Emma said. "You want to break the record?"

"I don't think I'm capable," Tim said, chuckling.

"If you have the will," Emma said, smiling, "I can
help. It'll hurt. Don't tell me I haven't warned

"I'll think about it," Tim said.

His cell phone buzzed. It was Deborah. "Am I
interrupting something?" She asked.

Tim covered the mouthpiece and told Emma it was his
sister. "No," he said into the phone, "we're having
lunch. You want to join us?"

"Nah," Deborah said. "I'm still having brunch with
Alan. When are you going back? Do you need me to
return the truck?"

"You're leaving today?" Tim said.

"Yeah," Deborah said. "Nothing to do here. Alan will
start working tomorrow, anyway. I'm going to show him
around this afternoon, and then I'll leave. When are
you going back?"

"Hold on," Tim said into the phone. "Where are we
going this afternoon?" he asked Emma.

"Where are they going?" Emma asked.

"Deb's going to show Alan around," he said.

"We can go together, so I can grope the three of you
all at the same time," Emma said, giggling.

"Okay," Tim said, chuckling. He told his sister he
would meet her at her apartment after his lunch.

"I thought you'd prefer to be alone with me," Tim said,
after the phone call.

"Well," Emma said, "you don't have a place to fuck me,
and you don't want to try breaking my record."

Tim saw the waitress delivering their meals to their
table. "Okay," he said. "Let's do lunch."

Emma was again thinking about something while she ate.
"Do you know I'm an idiot?" she asked Tim.

"No," Tim said, "you are not."

"I am!" Emma said. "You don't have to come over next
weekend. I don't have anything to do here. I can go
back to Rochester today, and you can fuck me in your
office's restroom."

Tim almost spurted his food. "Oh yeah," he said. "I
can fuck you every day until Saturday, then we drive
over here and fuck again. How's that?"

Emma covered her mouth so she wouldn't spurt her food.
She then thought for a moment and said, "When will
your spring classes start?"

"Nineteenth," he said. "Yours?"

"Twentieth," she said. Then she dropped her head in
some thoughts again.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"Have you thought of coming over more than one
weekend?" she said, looking at her plate.

Tim thought briefly, and said. "Yes, I will."

Emma looked up at him, smiling sweetly. "I'll stay at
home until my school starts," she said. "How's that?"

"Sounds good," Tim said. "We'll have eight hours more
every weekend."

Emma giggled. "Let's finish the food fast," she said.
"Then you'll drive, and I'll blow you in my car."

They finished the meal and went to Deborah's apartment.
The four of them got into Alan's car and began their
city tour. Alan's car was the least decent of all
their cars, but his was a four-door sedan, while the
two girls both drove two-door coupes. Deborah sat in
the front, showing the streets and places. Emma
supplemented Deborah from behind, while Tim was pretty
occupied with some thoughts during the tour. After
the tour, they had dinner together again at a small

"What's the matter with you?" Emma said softly to Tim,
who had been rather silent since they started the city

"Nothing," Tim said. He patted her hands. Then he
turned to Alan and asked, "Do you know how much you
have spent on the furniture and appliances?"

"I haven't summed up the figure. Why?" Alan said.
"You're moving out?"

"Of course he is," Deborah said, glancing at Tim and
Emma. "I suppose it's cheaper in the long run. Am I

Tim glanced at Emma. She was blushing, which was a
rare phenomenon for her. He also knew his face had
heated up. "I'm just trying to find out," he said.
"You know, I'll have to move out one day, sooner or

Alan smiled slyly at him. "I'll email you my costs
for your reference. I'll also tell you where I bought
my stuff," he said.

Deborah turned to Emma. "I suppose I can go shopping
with you tomorrow in Rochester. Am I right?" she
said, and winked at her.

Emma giggled. "Oh well," she said. "Annie told me
this big chicken has no taste in lingerie. I think we
should give him a hand in selecting some for his

Alan's face turned red. "I don't need it," he said

"Gosh!" Deborah said in mock shock. "You guys run
around in the house naked?"

"Food's coming, drinks are coming," Alan said. "Let's

They finished the dinner and went to Deborah's
apartment. Tim took the rental truck and Deborah took
her car. They then headed toward Rochester. Emma
took her car and went back to her dorm to pack up
something before heading home. Alan went up to his
apartment to do his math for Tim.

Tim had just hit the highway when his cell phone

"Are you really moving out?" Emma asked in the phone.

"Well, just a thought," Tim said. "You don't like the

"Well," she said, "I can contribute."

"No," Tim said. "I'm moving out, not you. You can't
contribute either, you're spending your dad's money.
I don't suppose you want me to be sponsored by another
man, do you?"

"Oh well," Emma said. "Number one, okay, dad won't
sponsor you. Number two, you just said you're moving
out, not thinking." She giggled.

Tim chuckled. "Damn it," he said. "I've got to be
careful about words I say to you."

Emma chuckled. "Well," She said, "if you know what
and when you want, I do have the time to shop around
for you. I may be able to get you some free, horny,
and sexy maids."

"Some?" Tim said. "You mean you can split?"

"Oh well," she said. "How do you think I could manage
to get six times in a day?"

Tim returned the rental truck and Deborah took him

"When are you moving out?" she asked.

Tim chuckled. "How come girls always ask the same
question?" he said, smiling at her.

Deborah giggled. "Because we're smarter," she said.

"I need to check my financial status first," Tim said.
"And also check how much will it cost."

"I can contribute something," Deborah said. "I have
some savings."

Tim chuckled again. "Know what?" he said. "I believe
you and Emma will become very close friends."

Deborah giggled again. "I think so too," she said.

Tim went to shower as soon as he got home. He then
checked his computer. Alan's email was already in his
inbox. He browsed through the costs Alan gave him.
He then went through some real estate rental
information, and his financial situation. He knew he
could handle it. He decided to talk with his dad the
following day.

Deborah came into his room a while later. She had
already taken her shower. "How's your finding?" she

"Looks okay," he said. He showed her his calculations.

"You're in very good shape, Timmy," Deborah said.
"Damn! You didn't buy me a dinner to celebrate your
pay raise!"

Tim chuckled. "I'll do that," he said. "I had also
planned on taking over the payment of your school
loans, so dad can spare more money to take mom on

"Hmm," Deborah said. "You're still in pretty good
shape after that. You just can't buy Emma a car."
She smiled slyly at him.

"She's driving a much better car than we do," Tim said.

"I know," Deborah said, smiling at him. "Why don't
you tell me what kind of places you prefer, and your
budget. Then I can go with her to check the places
for you. It takes you less time. She and I have
nothing to do during the day, anyway."

"I think I'll talk with dad first," Tim said. "You
know, a kind of faked respect."

"Okay," Deborah said. "She and I will check the
places, then you do your faked respect, then you go
sign the lease, then you go with her to bed, then..."
She fell in his bed, laughing.

Tim rented a one-bedroom apartment in the St. Joseph's
Park area on Wednesday. It was a historic apartment
building in a decent neighborhood. Deborah and Emma
had been buying bargain furniture and appliances for
him. He knew Deborah and Emma spent a lot of time
looking for bargain stuff. He wasn't surprised about
his sister Deborah, because they were brought up in a
middle class family where budget was usually important.
However, he was rather impressed by Emma, as she
didn't seem to be a bargain hunter, and she never used
cheap stuff herself.

Tim didn't move his stuff over until Saturday,
although he already had fucked Emma there on Friday
night. When he went inside his new home, Emma was
already there. She had just finished hanging a blind
at the window. He kissed her briefly, and carried his
clothing into the bedroom. He found some female
garments in his closet. He turned around to look at

"No," Emma said, shaking her head, "I'm not living
here. You can bring other women here to fuck. I just
keep some clothes here, in case you want to fuck me in
some dresses." She giggled.

Deborah was also giggling at the door. She was
carrying another carton for Tim.

"You're not going to use the lower left drawer of the
chest either," Emma said. "Unless you want to try
cross dressing." The girls laughed again.

"Okay," Tim said. "What else should I not use?"

"Everything in the bathroom cabinet that has a 'Fuck-
me' label on it," Emma said. She looked around the
place. "Oh, the night table to the left. I keep some
condoms there, in case Deborah or I need to sneak a
guy in while you're at work," she continued.

"Okay," Tim said. "Is there some place that belongs
solely to me? You know, like some secret places to
hide new girlfriend pictures."

"Sure," Emma said. "Your ass." She hugged Deborah
while both girls were laughing on the other's shoulder.

They finished unloading stuff from Tim's car, and did
another trip to move Tim's personal belongings from
his parents' house to his new home. Emma finished
hanging all the blinds and draperies, and went on to
tidy up the kitchen. They went to a deli for lunch.
Deborah excused herself after lunch.

"So, how do you like your new home?" Emma asked when
they got back to his place.

"Very nice," Tim said. "Small but nice. You girls
know how to pick nice places."

"Oh well," Emma said. "We girls are gifted. We also
blew the landlord over and over, until he agreed to
cut down the rent. How nice it is for you to have a
dear sister, and also a girl you can wave over from
miles away, for just a fuck."

Tim went over to Emma, wrapped his hands around her
waist, looked into her eyes, and said, "You know very
well I'm not just expecting a fuck, don't you?"

"Of course," Emma said, wrapping her arms around Tim's
neck. "You want to fuck me over and over."

"More than that," Tim said.

"Oh! Brave boy!" Emma said, smiling. "You want to
break the record."

Tim nearly choked. "Come on, honey," he said. "You
know what I mean."

"No," Emma said, winking. "What do you mean?"

"Well," Tim said, "let's say, what would you say about
our relationship when we were at Monroe?"

"Relationship?" Emma said, widening her eyes. "There
was no relationship! You fucked me, I fucked you, you
took me to the game and got me fucked by that idiot,
and everything was over."

Tim chuckled, then took a deep breath. "I do want a
relationship with you," he said softly.

"Oh," Emma said, smiling. "What relationship? Master
and slave?"

Tim laughed. "Well," he said, "how about boyfriend
and girlfriend?"

"Oh," Emma said. "That's just a nice synonym for
expressing your desire to keep me on call for non-stop

Tim laughed again. "Do you mind?" he said, looking at
her eyes.

Emma sighed, then leaned her head on his shoulder.
"No, in fact I already am," she whispered. "Whether I
like it or not, and whether I feel comfortable with it
or not."

To be continued...

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