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VRG Trilogy 2C10 12


Virtual Reality Gaming Trilogy - Part 2
From Lust to Love

Copyright © 2002, Bingain (M~F+, cons, rom, ScFi, oral)


Chapter 10
Tim woke up from his nap, after his passionate sex
with Emma in his bed. Emma wasn't in his bed. He put
on his underwear, and went to look for her. He found
her, busy in the kitchen, wearing a big tee shirt.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Learning how to fuck in the kitchen," Emma said.

Tim laughed. He went in to the kitchen. The counter
top was filled up with meat, vegetables, seasonings,
bowls, gadgets, and a recipe book. "You're cooking?"
Tim asked.

"No, I'm fucking with these damn things," Emma said,
while measuring some seasonings.

"Have you ever cooked before?" Tim said, standing
behind her, watching in amusement.

"Yes," Emma said. "I was a chef in my previous life."

Tim chuckled. "Do you want me to help?" he asked.

"No," Emma said. "But promise you'll eat anything I

"I promise," Tim said.

"Now, please get me that vinegar bottle," Emma said,
after browsing through recipe book on the counter top.

"Where is it?" Tim said, and began searching.

"It's a big bottle," Emma said. "Must be in the

"This one?" Tim said, holding a gallon bottle of
distilled vinegar in his hand.

"Yep, can you open it, please?" Emma said, after a
glace at the bottle.

"This is five-percent distilled, it's for cleaning,"
Tim said, smiling. "What kind of vinegar does the
cookbook say?"

"Fuck!" Emma said, looking at the bottle Tim was
holding. "Deb doesn't cook, does she?"

"No," Tim said, holding his laugh.

"Damn it," she said, and took a look at the book.
"Gourmet garlic wine! My goodness! How many kinds of
vinegar are there?"

"Perhaps a dozen or so," Tim said. "I'm going to buy
it now." He kissed the upset girl, went to the
bedroom to put on his clothes, and went to the nearest


Tim had a little hard time swallowing the food Emma
cooked. He made up an endorsing expression every time
he chewed or swallowed.

"I'm very sorry," Emma said, after spitting a piece of
chewed steak into the dish.

"Don't worry, baby," Tim said. "You'll get better."

"Let's go," Emma said. "I'll buy you a dinner."

"No," Tim said. "They don't taste good, but are
edible," Tim said. "If you don't like it, eat me
after I finish my meal."

Emma giggled. "That I certainly will," she said.
"I'll try to be better."

"Who cooks at home?" he asked.

"We have a part-time maid at home," Emma said. "But,
actually, dad and I seldom eat at home. Do you cook?"

"Only breakfast and sandwiches," Tim said. "I'm not
much better than you or Deb."

Emma smiled, and said, "Okay. That makes me feel a
little better." She took a deep breath, and put
another piece of her steak into her mouth.


They finished cleaning the dishes, cookware, and
gadgets before going to the couch and turning on the

"I love this," Emma said, snuggling against Tim in the
couch. "If I had known it would make me feel so good,
I'd have rented an apartment for myself a long, long
time ago."

Tim lowered his head to kiss her. "Are you staying
tonight?" he asked after the kiss.

"Do you want me to?" she asked. "Do you have my

"Why do you need sleepwear with me?" Tim asked, trying
to look as innocent as possible.

"Because that's the bet you lost," Emma said, giggling.

"Well, well," Tim said. "Well, well."

"Well, well," Emma said, giggling. "Okay, just
remember you still owe me the bet."

Tim smiled, and kissed her on the forehead. "Will
your dad be concerned if you stay out at night a lot?"
he asked.

"No," she said. "He stays out a lot himself. Hmm, I
have an idea." She lifted her face to look at Tim.
"Would you mind if I move more stuff over? I know it
will be a little tedious when you kick me out."

"You want to stay here whenever you're in town?" Tim

"Well," Emma said, "then my dad can bring his women
home without having to feel embarrassed."

"Oh," Tim said. "So it's not what you really want."

"No," Emma said. "You really believe you're a super

"I thought so," Tim said. "How bad am I?"

"Oh well," Emma said. "Let's just say... You're
unable to make me come more than half a dozen times
before you come."

Tim laughed so hard he almost fell. "And that's bad?"
he said, stroking her shoulder.

"Actually," Emma said softly, "you're super. So far
you're the only guy who can make me come every time."

"And that's why you like me?" he said.

"No, wrong!" she said. "I don't like you; I love you.
And it's not because you can make me come. That I can
do myself. It's your evil eyes, evil face, evil heart,
and, of course, evil dick." She giggled.

They talked, watched TV, and listened to music for
another couple hours. Then Tim went for his shower
first, followed by Emma.

Tim knocked on the bathroom door while Emma was
showering. "Can I come in?" he shouted.

"It's not locked. I knew you would want to fuck me in
the shower."

Tim chuckled and went inside. He dropped a piece of
garment on the rack. "My lost bet is on the rack," he
said, and went out of the bathroom. He went into the
bedroom, stripped himself, and got into the bed.

A while later, Emma showed up at the door, wearing a
turquoise silk chemise with string straps, which
meagerly covered the matching panties. She stuck a
post with an arm on the doorframe, leered at him, and
smiled lewdly.

"Bad boy, bad boy," she said. "I was expecting a
sleeping dress, and you bought me a fuck dress."

"Well," Tim said, smiling lasciviously at her, "if you
don't like it, you can take it off."

"Oh!" Emma said, and crept into the bed. "You don't
even want to do the dirty work. Oh, oh! You don't
even want to tease me. How miserable!"

Tim pulled her to him, and kissed her vigorously.
"How deep do you want me inside? How much do you want
from my big cock?" he whispered into her ear after the

"Oh, oh!" she whispered, panting. "As deep as you can
make it; as much as your big cock can fill me up."
She began teasing him all over.


Alan came back on the Saturday before Annie's school
started. The old friends gathered at Tim's apartment.
They ordered some pizza for their dinner.

Annie was a little nervous to be with Emma at the
beginning, but she eased off a while later, and began
sharing girlish talks with the hostess.

"How come I haven't seen Cyn for ages?" Tim asked

"I don't know," Deborah said. "She hasn't talked with
me for a few months."

"She's been busy with her extremely possessive
boyfriend," Annie said with a sigh. "I saw her a
couple of times and had talked with her briefly."

Jared, Julie's boyfriend, asked Tim, "How much is the
apartment and how much did it cost you to furnish it?"

Except Julie, everyone bent in their seat laughing.
Tim said to Alan, "I think we should set up a guide on
the web." He gave Jared the information while the
girls were teasing Julie.

Alan drove Annie to Albany that night. They left
behind some packages which Alan's car couldn't
accommodate, for Deborah and Emma to carry in their
cars. Emma and Deborah left on Sunday.


Tim's first class started on the following Tuesday.
He took Applied Calculus and the second Accounting
Principles course, leaving Economics, his last first
year course, for the coming summer. He went to school
three evenings a week.

He got home late on Friday evening, after spending a
long time at a client with his partner, diagnosing and
fixing their hardware problems. He saw the dining
table was already set, and Emma was on the couch,
reading her textbooks.

"I thought you were coming over on Saturday," he said
after kissing her.

"I've rearranged my class schedule so I have the
Friday afternoon free," Emma said. "Then you can fuck
me a couple more times a week."

Tim chuckled. "Did you mean it for yourself?" he said

"Oh well," Emma said, smiling. "Does it matter?"

"Before or after dinner?" he asked.

Emma thought for a moment. "Both," she said, and
started reaching for his manhood. She gave him a blow
job as an appetizer.


"How's school?" Tim asked during the dinner.

"Very tough," Emma said. "I've never taken so many
classes before."

"How many are you taking?" he asked.

"Twenty two credits," she said. "I've just declared
my major in Business Administration, and I need to
catch up dearly. You know, I've been fooling around
in the previous semesters."

"That's going to be pretty tough," Tim said. "Why
don't you do it a little slower?"

"Oh well," Emma said. "The thought of you fucking
other girls here during the week is just unbearable.
If I can finish school faster, I can fuck you instead
of them doing it."

Tim almost dropped his fork laughing. He looked at
Emma. "Have you thought about transferring to UR?" he

"Yes," Emma said, "but I won't. I'll never graduate
with you fucking me five times a night. When the hell
will I find time to study?"

"Goodness," Tim said. "Have I ever been able to
accomplish that?"

"You will soon," Emma said, giggling.

"How come I don't see an ashtray here?" he switched

"I've quit," she said.


"You don't smoke."

"You can smoke."

"No," she said. "The thought of other girls sucking
your cock makes me feel so badly, I can't smoke." She

"What about the thought of you sucking my cock?"

"Makes me so horny I can't smoke," she said, smiling
and licking her lips.

"You look like you're in your first love," he said,

"It is," Emma said slowly. "I've had more guys in the
past than I can count, but I've actually never fallen
in love before. I don't feel all right, you know.
I'm scared."

"I'm pretty convinced that I love you," Tim said

"Well," Emma said, trying to hide her smile, "you're
not saying it in a natural way, so you are not
convinced yet. Say it again when you're absolutely

"Can you feel it?"

"Feel what?"

"Feel my love, or whatever you want to call it."

Emma thought for a moment. "No," she said. "I know
you like me, I know you probably love me a little, I
know I'm your girlfriend, but I can't tell how much
I'm in your heart. Can you?"

Tim thought for a while, "No," he said. "But my
feelings toward you grow day by day, hour by hour. I
don't know how big a heart I'll need if this keeps

"Well," Emma said, giggling, "keep them in your big
cock instead."


"You seem to be doing a lot better in the kitchen
now," Tim said, while they were relaxing on the couch
after dinner.

"Well," Emma said lazily, "I'm gifted, and Annie also
showed me a thing or two."

"I see. So, how's Annie getting along with you
girls?" Tim said.

"Not very well," Emma said. "She can't stand Deb and
me talking about sex all the time. The more she can't
stand it, the more we talk about it." She laughed.

Tim fell off the couch laughing.

"Well," Emma said, "we even pretended to do the
lesbian thing in front of them, you know, at their
apartment. I think that big chicken was very turned
on. He tugged Annie into their room very fast. Wait,
maybe it was Annie tugging the big chicken."

Tim laughed for a long while before he could talk.
"You girls weren't actually doing it, were you?" he

"Nah," Emma said. She turned to look at Tim, and
continued, "Forget about the threesome, you dirty


Emma's face was a little pink. "She told me you'd
fucked her in the past," she said.

Tim gaped. He couldn't say a word.

"Come on," Emma said, giggling. "She's not going to
do it with you again."

Tim gave her an embarrassed smile.

"Oh well," Emma said. "If my brother were as sweet as
you are, I probably would've let him fuck me, as
well." She giggled.

"Your brother?"

"Yeah," Emma said. "Too bad he's just a slob who
thinks he's a big gun."

"He tried?"

"Well," Emma said, with a little disgusting look on
her face, "I told him I would tell everyone at school
if he even tried touching me. We went to the same
school. He was two years older and a grade higher. I
think he shit in his pants every time he thought about

Tim laughed for a while before he asked again, "So he
never touched you again?"

"No," Emma said. "But he tried something even worse.
He persuaded his friends to fuck me instead."

"Goodness," Tim gaped. "Did they?"

"Of course not," Emma giggled. "Everyone he tried had
fucked me before. Why would they have to do it for

Tim laughed so hard he almost fell onto the floor.
"So what happened afterwards?" he asked.

"Oh well," Emma said. "He finally learned how to fuck
other people's sisters, so he left me alone. But he
got beaten badly by one of his friends when he
attempted his little sister." She paused for a while
as she laughed. "Okay, okay, enough about my fag
brother. Let's talk about your big cock."

"What about my big cock?"

"Deb told me about her relationship with you," Emma
said. "Don't be shy! Don't be shy, big boy." She
laughed as she saw his facial expression. "You know,
we talk about everything. I told her which guy was a
good fuck and which one could be a potentially nice
guy. She's very careful about picking guys, good for

"She's actually always careful about picking guys, but
everyone makes mistakes once in a while," Tim said.

"I'll watch out for her as well," Emma said. "She's
my friend and my boyfriend's beloved sis." She smiled
at him, then thought for a while. "Will you feel bad
if you don't get to fuck me tonight?"

"No," Tim said. "I love it with you, but it's not the
only thing I love. Are you having your period?"

"Oh!" Emma said. "Smart boy you are. Don't worry,
big boy, I can still make you come like there's no
tomorrow. Just tell me how many times you want it."
She giggled.


The next morning when Tim woke up, Emma was already up.
He went to the kitchen, but didn't see her. Then the
front door opened and she came in.

He went over and gave her a kiss. "Morning, babe," he
said. "Where have you gone?"

"Laundry. Where else?" Emma said. "I couldn't find
the super for a bloody fuck."

He held her in his arms and looked into her eyes.
"Emma," he said. "Do you know..."

Emma stopped him from continuing by cutting in. "No,"
she said, smiling slyly.

Tim pinched her ass, and said while she was giggling,
"You don't look like my girlfriend; you look like my

"Where's the ring?"

"What ring?"

"Wedding ring."

"I don't have it."

"Then stop bullshitting," Emma said, smiling. "You
don't need it for fucking me. Oh, my goodness, you
really want to fuck me. You're hard!"


Tim ran into Pam one evening at school. He was going
to his class, while she was leaving the building.

"Hey, Tim," Pam said. "Long time no see! How're you

"Hi, Pam," Tim said. "I'm fine. How about you?"

"I'm fine," Pam said, smiling. "I've heard that
Emma's busy traveling between Albany and here for

Tim smiled. "So how's your designated driver friend?"
he asked.

Pam giggled. "Well, I take the bus now," she said.


"Well, Tim," Pam said, "I've got to go. Don't want to
miss the bus. Tell Emma to call me, and give her a
chance to see us." She smiled slyly and waved at Tim
while stepping away.

That night, Emma called Tim. She was giggling as she
talked. "Pam called me," she said, "complaining about
me monopolizing all the big cock guys."

Tim choked. "You do know how to get to me, don't
you?" he said.

"No," Emma said, giggling, "I only know how to get you
to come. Anyway, do you mind hosting a gathering at
your apartment on Friday evening?"

"Of course I don't mind," Tim said. "But I may likely
be late. I tend to get more jobs on Thursday and
Friday when I don't have classes."

"Too bad," Emma said. "The orgy will likely be over
by the time you come home."

Of course there was no orgy, not even any lap-dances,
nor strip poker. When Tim got home at around eight on
Friday evening, he found noisy girl talks overwhelming
everything. The few guys there were quietly drinking
beer most of the time. A couple guys were old enough
to buy liquor, and Emma had forced them to buy a huge
supply for the party and beyond.


The next morning, Tim took Emma to swim at a nearby
health club he had joined earlier that week. It was
far less classy than the one Emma had taken him to
before, but he felt more comfortable paying for her
guest pass, instead of having her pay for him as a
guest at her dad's club. Tim, however, couldn't
understand why he felt uneasy when the other swimmers
kept on staring at his girlfriend all the time.

"You don't like me in this sexy swimwear, huh?" Emma
asked Tim.

"No," Tim said.

"Oh! I get it now!" Emma said, glancing him. "You'd
rather I skinny-dip."

Tim smiled uneasily. "Not here," he said.

"Oh! I see," Emma said. "You don't like them watching
me, huh? You want it for your eyes only, huh? You're
jealous, huh?"

"No, no, no."

"Oh!" Emma said. "Why don't you just say you're
jealous to make me happy?"

"Okay," Tim said. "I am."

"Emma smiled at him. "Thank you for your generosity,"
she said. "Should I reward you by blowing you now?"

"No," Tim said. "Not here."

"Oh!" Emma said teasingly. "You don't want to get
them jealous?"

"No," Tim said. "And stop it now. You're getting me

Emma laughed happily. "Well," she said, "why don't we
bet again?"

"No," Tim said. "Tell me what you want, and I'll buy
it. No more betting."

"Are you sure?"

"Sure," Tim said. "What do you want?"

"What about swimwear with leg coverings? You can then
keep my nice figure for your eyes only," she said,

"No," Tim said. "I may like to see them drooling."

Emma giggled. "Maybe they'll drool more if I blow you
now," she said.

"Okay," Tim said, smiling.

Emma's face got pink. "You're a dirty pig," she said
in mock disgust. "Do you know that?"

"You started it first," Tim said, holding his laugh.

"Oh!" Emma said. "Tell you what, big boy. Next time,
I'll do it." She looked sternly into his eyes. "I


Chapter 11
February 14th was a Sunday. Tim made dinner
reservations at a small restaurant for five thirty
that evening. He made it early, because he didn't
want Emma to get back to Albany late at night. He
went to his dad's home in the afternoon for a while.
He rushed back at around five.

Emma was waiting at his apartment, in a black dress
with draped neckline and asymmetrical hem. "Oh,
goodness! Oh, no, my goodness," Emma cried with a
bright smile and shining eyes when Tim gave her the
roses. She threw herself at Tim, and kissed him

"I'll get dressed very fast," Tim said after the kiss.

Emma was still staring at the roses in her hand. "Oh!
Goodness," she said. "I'm giving you a blow job
before we go."

"I don't think we have time for that," Tim said,
smiling. "Why don't you give me a double when we come

They had their Valentine's dinner at a fancy bistro.
A jazz combo was playing softly in the background. It
was a delightful dinner. The food was elegant and
tasty, and the service was friendly and excellent.

"I've never been here before," Emma said, while
sipping her coffee. "But I just love it. I think I'd
like to come here often. How do you know of this

"I asked some coworkers," Tim said. "I love it here,
too. They don't have a dance floor, though."

"That's not important," Emma said. "I'll do a
striptease dance for you when we get home. Don't tell
me you're going to reject it."

"I may," Tim said, "unless I get to participate."

"No, no," Emma said, shaking her head while smiling.
"That's called a floor show. You cannot participate
when it comes to strip dancing."

Tim chuckled. "I guess I have to follow your line,"
he said.


As soon as they got home, Emma threw her arms around
Tim's neck and leaned to kiss him. Tim pushed her
gently to stop her.

"I've got something to tell you first," Tim said to
the eye-widened Emma.

"Good or bad?" Emma asked, looking nervously at Tim.

"I'm not sure if it's good or bad," Tim said. He took
a deep breath together with Emma, and then declared,
"I love you, Emma."

"Oh, my goodness!" Emma cried. She wrapped tightly
around Tim and started weeping on his shoulder. She
stopped after a while and tilted her head back to look
at him, her eyes were wet. "I love you, Timmy.
You're not going to believe how much I love you." She
wept again.

Tim held her tightly while she wept, and kissed her
passionately when she had stopped weeping.

"Timmy," Emma cooed, "please make love to me before I
do the strip dance. I've never wanted you more than I
do now. I'm at the happiest moment of my life, and I
just need a little more."

"Me too," Tim said. "Happy, that is." He carried
Emma into the bedroom.


Deborah's birthday was on April 20th. Since it was on
a Tuesday, Deborah had moved her birthday party
forward to the preceding Saturday. Tim told Emma not
to travel to Rochester that weekend, and he would go
there instead.

Tim took his parents' birthday gifts for Deborah, and
went to Albany on Saturday. He was a little surprised
to find out Deborah had a new boyfriend, called Fred.
He wasn't very nice looking, but he seemed to care for
Deborah. He was in his first year of graduate study
in computer science. Tim talked a lot with him on
technical things, until the girls stopped the guys,
and insisted they join in on their conversations.

They had the party at Deborah's apartment that evening.
Alan couldn't attend, because he couldn't find a
substitute for that shift. Once again, there were
many more girls than guys. Tim wondered where all the
guys had gone, or whether there were fewer guys going
to college than girls.


Emma decided to stay at Albany during the summer, to
speed up her duration of study. Deborah did the same

Emma continued her arrangement of staying with Tim
every weekend, and went crazy on her studies during
the week. Tim knew she studied very hard, so she
could graduate as soon as possible. Tim also knew
that she made almost every decision, and did most
things, for him. Emma looked like she had changed
into an entirely different person since she had been
with Tim. He, however, knew that Emma hadn't changed
much; she had simply removed her camouflage, and
showed him her real self.


Emma's birthday was on December 10th, which was a
Friday. She didn't want a birthday party, not a big
one. Deborah used her place to hold a small party for
her and a few close friends. Tim took a couple of
hours off his work that day, so he could get there
early enough.

Everyone Tim knew that lived in Albany were there:
Alan, Annie, Fred, and, of course, Emma as well as
Deborah. Two other girls who were close friends of
Emma's were also there. They talked, ate, and drank.
They also celebrated Alan's recent promotion to shift

After a while Fred suggested they play some game. He
suggested strip poker. Of course, he was immediately
voted down, with pokes from Deborah and the other
girls. They agreed on regular poker game, betting a
quarter for a chip. Deborah said she happened to have
two decks of cards Fred bought her some time ago,
during his other failed attempt for a strip poker game.
She got the cards out, and they started playing the

Since they bet on nothing material nor exciting, they
talked and flirted more than paying attention to the

"Why don't we have a side bet?" Tim asked Emma.

"Sure," Emma said. "Let's bet your underwear."

"What are you offering?" Tim asked.

"Of course, my panties," Emma said, smiling.

"Nah," Tim said. "That's only going to benefit Fred
and Alan."

"Oh, that's true," Emma said, giggling. "What do you
want then?"

"You're going to buy me anything I want, agreed?" Tim

"Sure," Emma said. "I know what you want, some
intimate sleepwear for me."

"And," Tim said, while the people were laughing, "you
don't want me to take off my underwear in front of my
sister and Annie, do you?"

"Why not?" Emma said. "And my dear friends may want
to check you out, as well."

"No, no," Tim said, as they roared in laughter again.
"Not while you're here."

"Okay," Emma said. "You're going to buy me anything,
as well. I won't want sexy attire. I want you to be
aware of that."

"Deal!" Tim said to Emma. He looked at Fred. "It's
your turn to deal the cards."

Tim checked his cards, exchanged four of them, and
folded his cards with a long sigh. He looked at Emma,
who was smiling happily. "Not yet," Tim said. "You
may have to fold as well, then we'll compare."

Emma lost that game, and lost two dollars, but she had
a pair.

"I lost," Tim sighed. "What do you want?"

"Hmm," Emma said, tilting her head to think what
souvenir she wanted.

"Hey, Emma," Deborah said. "I've got an idea." She
went over to Emma and whispered in her ear. They
giggled together.

"Okay," Emma said. "You're going to buy me an
engagement ring."

"I can't," Tim said.

"Oh well," Emma said, smiling slyly, "you had agreed
to buy me anything I wanted."

"I can't," Tim repeated. He took out an engagement
ring, and said, "because I've already got it here."

Emma froze. She looked at Tim, then looked at Deborah.
"Damn, you guys set me up!" she shrieked, while the
others were laughing.

"Oh!" Deborah said, acting innocently, "so I guess you
don't want it, then."

"My goodness!" Emma cried out. "Oh, oh! My goodness!
Hell, don't throw it away!" She darted to Tim and
grabbed the ring. "Oh, my!" she said, and gave it
back to Tim. "Put it on for me, you dirty pig!"

"Why am I going to put it on for you?" Tim said with a
sly smile.

"Damn, my goodness!" Emma cried. "Put it on for me,
because you want to marry me and... Oh, my! Do it now.
Don't play with me! I don't have the heart for it."

"Well," Tim said, smiling, "will you marry me?"

"Do I look like I'm going to refuse?" Emma said,
staring at Tim, stomping her feet. "Of course I

Tim put the ring on her finger, and held her tightly
for a kiss.

"Let's go now," Emma pulled Tim's hand and said, after
the kiss.

"You're the birthday girl, you can't go now," Tim said.
He then whispered in her ear, "I've booked a room but
can't check in until midnight."

Emma sat down reluctantly. The poker game was over.
Everyone knew Emma wasn't in a mood for casual talks.
They talked for another while, mostly teasing Emma
about her behavior and manner. Then Alan declared the
party was over. They kissed Emma in turn, then pushed
her and Tim out.

"You're a deceitful dirty pig!" Emma said, staring at
Tim, once they were outside.

"Then why would you take the ring?" Tim said, wrapping
an arm around her waist while walking down.

"Oh, my!" Emma said, wrapping around him. "Don't play
with my heart! Play with my body instead, please."

"That I will," Tim said, kissing her hair.

"You're not going to sleep tonight, I assure you,"
Emma said, gripping his ass.

Although Tim had been eating very high cholesterol
foods and consuming a lot of vitamins during that week,
he still couldn't make it. After his third
ejaculation, his balls began hurting more and more
when he came. He was snoring when Emma was trying to
get his dick to work for the sixth time that night.


It was a torture for the newly engaged couple to part
for two weeks, but Tim insisted Emma should use her
time to study for her examinations. He knew his
studies were easier, as he didn't take that many
courses. Tim saw Emma naked in his apartment when he
came home on the Friday after her examinations.

"Come," Emma said, pulling Tim's hands. "Pizza is in
your bed."

Tim kissed her hair as he went into the bedroom with
her. "How was your exam?" he said.

"Oh, goodness! Exam?" Emma breathed. "Let's talk
about exams tomorrow. There are six slices of pizza
for you. You come once, you get a slice." She pushed
Tim into the bed and began stripping him.

When Tim passed out in the bed, the pizza box was
empty, but he still couldn't make it.


"Let's start today's effort," Emma said. They had
just finished their breakfast and were sipping their
coffee at the dining table on Saturday morning.

"No," Tim said. "Give me some time for rest. I'm
sore and... you know... it's still hurting."

Emma giggled. "One hour break. How's that?" she said.
"And do you want pizza again for tonight, or chinese

"You're coming to my parents' house this evening," Tim
said. "Deb will be there as well."

"Your parents?" Emma said, staring at his eyes.

"Yes," Tim said. "They want to see you."

"But..." Emma said. "I haven't got my hair permed

"You never had your hair permed, have you?" Tim said.

"I..." Emma stuttered. "I don't have a decent dress."

"You don't need a decent dress," Tim said. "They
don't mind seeing you naked."

Emma chuckled, and said, "I... I haven't bought a gift

"Are you scared?" Tim said, holding her hand, and
smiling at her.

Emma took a breath. "Yes," she said slowly, "I'm

"You're worried that they may not like you?"

Emma nodded her head slowly.

"They will like you," Tim said. "Believe me. Deb's
also selling you to them."

"Please don't ask me to give you back the ring if they
don't like me," Emma said slowly.

"I won't," Tim said, pulling her over and holding her
close. "It's yours, and I'm yours."

"Please ask Deb not to tell them I used to fuck like a
whore," Emma said.

"She won't," Tim said. "You know her. She's your

"Please tell them you love me," Emma said.

"I love you," Tim said. "Don't you know it?"

Emma had a contented smile on her face. "I know it,"
she said. "I love you, Timmy. Oh, oh, my goodness!
I love you, Timmy!"

Tim went over and kissed her. "Let's get dressed for
the shopping," he said after kissing her.


Even a dog could tell Emma was very nervous the moment
she went into the house of Tim's parents. Apparently,
Deborah had already told her parents quite a lot about
Emma, as they didn't ask her questions like 'Where're
you from', 'What do your parents do', and other easy
to answer questions.

Actually, it was worse, as they couldn't find much to
talk about. Eventually, Tim's dad threw out his
favorite question.

"So, what're you going to do after school?" he asked
Emma during the dinner.

"Well," Emma said in her most demure manner, "I think
I will find a job here, a job in a company. Actually
any job, doesn't have to be a company."

Emma saw nobody was responding, so she continued, "I
think I'll marry Tim, if he will take me." She smiled
at them. Tim's dad was nodding, but no response other
than that. Emma went on, keeping her decorous smile,
"I will give birth to Tim's kids." She turned to
Tim's dad. "Do you like boys or girls more?"

Deborah giggled. Everyone turned to look at her. She
had a little pink on her face, then said to Emma, "You
don't ask dad. Wrong person. You should ask your

The Brake family burst out in laughter. Emma's face
was red. She smiled embarrassingly, after a brief
glare at Deborah. Tim reached his hand under the
table to hold Emma's hand. Her hand was cold.

Tim's mom smiled at Emma. "I'll love either a boy or
a girl," she said. "And you don't have to rush it.
Just take your time."

Tim's dad turned to his wife. "Well, isn't a boy a
little better? You know, Tim doesn't like baseball.
If we have a grandson, I can talk baseball with him."

"I can talk baseball with you, Mr. Brake," Emma said.
"I don't just... just... I mean, I don't just do other
sports, I watch baseball as well. My dad used to
watch a lot of baseball, until... well, until he got
hooked to other sports."

Tim's dad leaned forward into the table and looked at
Emma's eyes nervously. "Please tell me you're a

"I'm a Yankee fan," Emma said, smiling. "I haven't
watched them much lately, but Thomas O'Muchacho is
still my all time favorite pitcher."

"He's the best ever!" Tim's dad said excitedly,
gripping his fist.

"No more baseball talk at the table," Tim's mom said,
glaring at her husband. She turned to smile at Emma,
and said, "I hope you don't mind. I have to stop him
from talking baseball at the table, or we're not going
to finish the meal until next year."

They finished the dinner in a much more casual manner
and relaxing atmosphere. They talked for a while in
the sitting room before Tim and Emma left.

Emma heaved a sigh of relief when she was inside Tim's

Tim kissed her on the cheek. "They like you," he said,
and started the engine.

"Oh," Emma said weakly, "I hope so."

Tim pulled the car into the street and headed home.
"They do," he said. "I didn't know you watched

"I don't," Emma said. "One of the guys I used to fuck
was a big fan. I learned all the names from him."
She giggled at Tim.

Tim chuckled. "What about your dad?" he asked.

"Well," Emma said, "he used to watch baseball, until a
couple of years before my mom divorced him. He found
out having various women playing with his balls was
more fulfilling than watching guys playing with those
flying balls."

Tim almost choked. "Well," he said. "Outstanding

"What reward do I get?" Emma leaned against the
headrest and said weakly.

"Do you want a fuck right now?" Tim said, putting his
right hand over her skirt and stroking her thigh.

"No," Emma said slowly. "Rub my back and... Okay, rub
me all over when we get home, then you can do whatever
you like."

"I'll rub you over and over," Tim said. "I still
don't understand what makes you so nervous. You can
get along with most everyone very well."

Emma turned to look at Tim. "I didn't have to worry
or care about how others think of me," she said slowly,
"but I do with your parents."

"You're going to marry me," Tim said. "Not them."

"They are your parents," Emma said. "I think I've got
to read more about baseball from now on."


Both of them were having their school break during
Christmas, but there was no break for Tim's work,
although he had taken a couple of days off following
Christmas. He was going to take Emma to Lake Placid
for a little out of town getaway.

Tim had a bad day on Monday. He was late for work,
due to the slow traffic; he had more than the usual
number of jobs to handle; most of his jobs were
troublesome and tedious; and he had a tire puncture on
his way home, which took him quite a while to replace,
using the spare tire. He didn't feel well when he got
back to his apartment.

"You don't look all right," Emma said after the kiss.
"What happened to you?"

Tim told her the story.

"Why don't you go take a hot shower first," she said.
"Then we'll have dinner, and no sex for tonight."

"Okay," Tim said. "Except for the no sex part."

He went for the bathroom while Emma was giggling.
"Shit!" he grunted, after checking the cabinet in the

"What?" Emma said. "You shit in your pants?"

"No," Tim said. "Can't find the painkiller."

"Do you have a headache?"

"Yeah," Tim said. "Damn it, no sex for tonight."

"Just a second," Emma said, giggling. She gave Tim a
couple of her pain killing pills a minute latter.

"Where did you find them?" Tim asked.

"In my handbag," Emma said.

"Why are you carrying painkiller, and not birth
control pills?"

Emma giggled, and said, "Well, that too."

Tim looked at Emma. "You have headaches as well?" he

"Well," Emma said, "you just don't know how much
pressure and how tough studying for those damn exams
can be, without you fucking me."

Tim laughed, then looked at Emma. "Do you mean you've
been taking them for a while?" he asked.

"Yeah," Emma said. "Well, not exactly. I don't need
them when you're fucking me, or intend to fuck me, or
show any interest in fucking me, or after fucking me."

Tim almost choked laughing. "Okay," he said. "Have
you seen the doctor?"

"Of course," Emma said. "I had to blow him a couple
of times before he would prescribe me with those damn
painkillers, which I could simply buy from the drug
store myself."

It took a while for Tim to recover from laughing. "I
think my headache is gone now," he said.

"Oh, oh," Emma said, smiling, "I know what you mean.
Okay, since it's your bad day, I'll help you improve
it. I'll let you fuck me in the bathtub. Remember,
for only five times."


"I'm very disappointed," Emma said when they were
having dinner. "Just once? I gave you five chances."

"I'm saving them up for tonight in bed," Tim said.

"Oh, oh," Emma said. "Six times for the target, plus
four times I owe you, that's eighteen times. Are you
sure you can handle it?"

"That's eleven," Tim said. "Not eighteen."

"Does it matter?" Emma said, winking. "Can you handle

Tim switched topics. "So how's your day?" he asked.

"Bad, unless I'll get an eleven tonight," Emma said.
"Why don't you ask about tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow?" Tim said. "What about tomorrow?"

"Well," Emma said, "if today is bad for you, tomorrow
is going to be worse."


"Because it's your turn tomorrow," Emma said lazily.
"You're having dinner with my dad tomorrow. Do you
need to have your hair permed?"

"No," Tim said. "I'm not scared."


"Really," he said.

"Oh well," Emma said. "We'll see."

"Okay," he said. "A little bit nervous, that's it."

It wasn't as easy as Tim had expected. Mr. Jeff
Watson, Emma's dad, didn't talk with him very much.
Mr. Watson talked with his daughter most of the time,
and explained to Tim that was because he hadn't seen
her in quite a while. They had dinner at a classy
restaurant. There were only the three of them at the
table. Emma's older brother wasn't there. In fact,
the only time when Mr. Watson displayed uneasiness was
when Tim asked about his son. He hadn't seen his son
in almost a year, although they lived in the same city,
and the son had been living on the dad's money.

Right after the main dishes were served, Mr. Watson
started answering phone call after phone call. Tim
knew he counted for nothing in Mr. Watson's heart.
Ten minutes after coffee was served, Mr. Watson
excused himself for the evening, claiming he had some
rather important matter to handle.

"I'm sorry," Emma said with a sorrowful voice, the
moment her dad was out of their sight, "but at least
you get to know how my family works."

Tim patted her hand on the table. "No matter what,"
he said, "your dad occupies some space in my heart."

"Don't reserve too much space for him," Emma said. "I
need more than you can allow for."

"Honey," Tim said softly, "you're not going to believe
how much I love you."

"It's easy to say it," Emma said, smiling slyly at him.
"How can you show it? You can't even fuck me six
times in a row. You couldn't even use up the four
times I owed you last night."

"I promise you I'll be able to show it to you," Tim
said. "Six times or otherwise."


Chapter 12
Deborah would graduate after the spring semester. She
considered it a tiny achievement, completing the four
year school in three years. She considered it a much
bigger achievement to have found a job with the
hometown newspapers at Rochester, even though her
first choice had been the New York Times, which didn't
hire her. She had decided to stay with her parents
for a year before considering moving out. It was
primarily a financial decision.

Although Emma had been working very hard, she still
would need to complete another two courses during the
summer to graduate. She had, however, been promised a
job at a local bank. She wasn't worried about living
arrangements, as she knew she had a home waiting for

Tim still had six courses after the spring semester to
finish for his AAS degree, which would take him
another year. It wasn't urgent for him, anyway. He
could take the time. In fact, he suspected how much
time he could spare for study when Emma moved to live
with him after the summer. He joked about this with
Emma, and got severe punishment in return.

Annie would stay at Albany for both summer classes and
a summer job. She would, however, leave Alan behind,
and come to stay with her family in Rochester for a
week. Deborah would be giving her a ride. In fact
the three girls would be coming together back to
Rochester in two cars on Thursday afternoon, after
Annie finished her last examination.

Tim would be having his last examination that evening,
so he couldn't be home until rather late. He told the
girls he would take them to dinner on Friday evening.


Tim finished his examination and stepped out of the
classroom, feeling very relaxed. He took out his cell
phone and switched it on to check if he had any
messages. He noticed Deborah had called him about
ninety minutes ago. He knew the girls were already in
town, probably gathering in his apartment for some
girl talks. He returned the call.

"Timmy!" Deborah cried into the phone. "She had an
accident! We're at the Strong Memorial Emergency

Tim froze. He knew it was Emma whom Deborah was
referring. "What happened!" he breathed into the
phone. "Is she all right?"

"She's all right," Deborah said. Her voice had calmed
down a little. She continued, "They said she only
sustained minor injuries. Strong Memorial Hospital."

"I'm coming over now," Tim said, as he started running
toward the parking lot. Strong Memorial Hospital was
part of the University of Rochester Medical Center.
It provided a full range of medical health care
services, and had a trauma center.

During his run to the parking lot and his drive to the
hospital, Deborah had furnished Tim with what had

When the two cars went into Rochester, the girls
discussed, using their phones, and decided to buy some
food to eat at Tim's apartment before they parted.
Emma's car was hit from the side by a pickup truck,
jumping a red light at an intersection. Deborah was
right behind Emma's car, and saw the accident. She
stopped her car and went to check Emma out, while
Annie called in the emergency. Emma was stuck inside
her car by the airbags and seatbelt, but she was
conscious and didn't seem to be hurt seriously. The
cops came to investigate the accident, and an
ambulance took Emma to the emergency facility.

Deborah believed the truck driver was speeding, in
addition to driving through the red light. She also
believed the superb construction of Emma's fine
European car had helped reduce the injury she had
taken, as the left side fender of Emma's car bent
almost into the engine. Deborah and Annie gave the
investigating cops their statements, and then rushed
to the hospital.

"Where's Emma now?" Tim asked Deborah when he saw them
in the lounge outside the Emergency Department. He
was panting and sweating, partly due to the weather,
his rush, and partly due to his anxiety.

"They took her to the upper floors to do some
testing," Deborah said. She and Annie both looked
anxious and tired.

"The doctor in the Emergency told us she was pretty
fine, only some fractures and minor internal
bleeding," Annie said. "They said they were taking
her up for MRI and CT."

"How long has she been up there?" Tim asked, and
glanced at his watch. It was around a quarter to nine.

"About thirty minutes," Annie said.

Tim knew there was nothing he could do at the moment.
He rubbed his hands and looked through the glass panel
of the ER door.

"Do you have her dad's number?" Deborah asked after a

Tim almost forgot about him. "I don't know," he said,
and began searching his pockets and his bag. He
remembered that Mr. Watson had given him his business
card when they met.

Tim couldn't find the business card. He called up the
directory services for the home phone number of Emma's
dad. He then called the number, and sure enough,
nobody answered the phone. He left a voice message.

"I'll go get some food," Annie said. It was apparent
all three of them didn't have anything in their
stomach for quite a while. She gathered coins from
them, and went looking for some light food.

Just as Annie returned, Deborah pointed at a guy
coming out of the Emergency Department door and said,
"It's him." He looked like he was in his late
thirties, wearing a green scrub uniform and a
stethoscope hanging around his neck. He saw Deborah
and approached them.

"Miss Watson is staying overnight for observation and
analysis of her examination results," he said to
Deborah. "Are there any family members of hers

"He's her fiancé," Deborah said, pointing at Tim.

"Hi," the doctor shook hands with Tim. "I'm Doctor

"Hi," Tim said. "I'm Tim Brake. How's she now?"

"She's fine and is resting in her room," Dr. McCoy
said, then glanced at the two girls, lowered her voice,
and said to Tim, "Can we talk?"

"How is she?" Tim asked. His heart was throbbing
wildly as he stepped away with Dr. McCoy.

"Well," Dr. McCoy said, "she only has some fractures
and minor internal bleeding, nothing serious. She had
said that she had some bad headaches and double
visions, which could be a result of the impact in the
accident. So we took her to do some neurological
examinations, that's physical examination evaluating
brain and spinal cord functions."

"And what are the results?" Tim asked nervously.

"Well," Dr. McCoy said, "we are having a neurosurgeon
perform a more detailed examination tomorrow." He
paused for a while, and continued, "She has a tumor in
her brain, but we're not sure what type until the
neurosurgeon has finished his examination."

"Oh my goodness," Tim murmured. He felt so limp he
almost fell onto the floor. "Is it serious? Will she
die?" Tim asked weakly.

"I don't know," Dr. McCoy said. "It can be benign.
But honestly, I can't give you more information at
this point. Mr. Brake, do you live with her?"

"Yeah, kind of," Tim said. "She goes to SUNY Albany,
but she comes back every weekend."

"Okay," Dr. McCoy said. "We've scheduled the
examinations for tomorrow morning at eight. I believe
our neurosurgeon would like to talk with you,
regarding any signs or symptoms she has displayed."

"I'll be here," Tim said.

Dr. McCoy patted Tim's shoulder. "Don't get worried
now," he said. "As I said, it can be benign. She's
on the second floor now." He checked the time, and
told Tim, "I'll give you special permission to see

"Does she know it?" Tim asked.

"Yes," Dr. McCoy said. "And she knows that it can be


When Tim opened the door and stepped into her room on
the second floor, Emma was looking at the window. She
didn't turn to see the visitors.

Tim and the two girls went over to her bed. There
were tears on Emma's pale face as she slowly turned to
look at them. They kissed her on the cheek.

"I'm sorry," Emma said to Tim. "I told you I knew it
would happen."

"Emma," Tim said, "you'll be fine." He caressed her

They stayed for a while, before the nurse came into
the room and suggested they let the patient have some
rest, as she was going to go through a serious of
extensive examinations the next morning.

It was after midnight when Emma's dad returned Tim's
phone call. Her dad was panicky. Tim told him what
had happened, and what would be going on the next
morning. Mr. Watson told Tim he would be there in the


Tim and Mr. Watson showed up early at the hospital the
next morning. Tim had called in for a day off. A
doctor by the name of Dr. Schrichten said he was the
neurosurgeon who was going to take care of Emma. He
asked about Mr. Watson's family medical history, and
any symptoms Emma had shown in the past.

"For example," Dr. Schrichten said, "stroke, headache,
nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, seizures, vision or
hearing problems, numbness or weakness, things like

"She's been working very hard at school," Tim said.
"She had headaches whenever she spent too much time in
studying, but her doctor said that was due to the
pressure. She got tired more lately, as her final
examinations were drawing near. But she doesn't seem
to have the other symptoms you talked about."

"I'll see," Dr. Schrichten said. "It may take quite a
while. As a matter of fact, it's going to take at
least a whole day, as the schedule of using the
equipment is rather tight, and she will have to wait
for her turn. I'm going to run a complete medical
history of her and your family." He looked at Mr.

"Okay," the dad said.

"I've arranged for chest x-rays, that's to find out if
the tumor cells have spread into other parts of her
body. She'll also have CT, MRI, magnetic resonance
spectroscopy, and PET scan. We may also do
angiography and biopsy to determine her condition."

"Will she... Will she be okay?" Mr. Watson said. He
looked like he was very tired.

"I really can't tell, Mr. Watson," the doctor said.
"Not until I have the results." He paused for a
little, and continued, "We'll see. In fact, you can
go home for now. She's going to have a busy day today,
and there's probably not much you can do at this

"Okay," the dad said. He seemed to be getting older
by the minute.

"I'm staying," Tim said. He turned to Mr. Watson and
said, "I'll call you if anything happens."

"Thanks, Tim," Mr. Watson said. He patted Tim's
shoulder. Tim saw wetness in his eyes. Before the
dad left the hospital, he gave Tim all his contacts:
his cell phone number, his office phone number, his
secretary's phone number, and even his partners' phone

Tim didn't get to see Emma much that day. She was
being moved to different locations all the time.
Later that day, the neurosurgeon told Tim he was going
to perform a stereotactic biopsy, which was to remove
a small piece of tissue in Emma's brain with a thin
needle. He told Tim to go home, as Emma would be
anesthetized for the biopsy, and she would be asleep
afterwards, until the next morning.


The next morning, Tim found Dr. Schrichten coming out
of Emma's room when he got there. He grabbed the
doctor and asked him about the test results.

"She is diagnosed to have Glioblastoma Multiforme,"
the doctor said slowly. "That's a type of brain tumor
that forms from glial tissue of the brain. It grows
very quickly. Unfortunately, it cannot be cured by
surgery, because cells from the tumor infiltrate too
far into the normal surrounding brain tissue. In fact,
prognosis is poor, especially since she's at a rather
late stage."

Tim's heart began to sink, and he felt his eyes

Dr. Schrichten continued, "However, we can reduce the
amount of tumor by surgery, and then treat her with
radiation and chemotherapy."

"Is she going to live?" Tim asked. He could barely
hear his own voice.

The neurosurgeon looked away for a few seconds, then
turned back and looked at Tim. "There are always
cases where patients survive through malignant cancer.
There's always hope. We'll do our best," he said,
then paused and continued slowly, "The average is
three months for her condition."

Tim pressed his arm on the wall to support himself.
His legs were shaking so badly he could barely stand.
He knew tears were flowing down his face, because his
vision was blurred.

"I'm sorry," Dr. Schrichten said softly, "but don't
give up. There's always hope. I personally give you
my word I'll do my best."

"Thank... Thank... you," Tim struggled to get the
words out of his mouth.

"I'll be doing a surgery on Monday afternoon to remove
as much tumor as I can," the doctor said, "to reduce
her pain as well as for the other treatments. It may
also prolong life, even though not all the tumor can
be removed."

"The... The surgery is... is going to... I mean, it's
safe?" Tim asked slowly.

"Mr. Brake," Dr. Schrichten said. "This is one of the
best cancer centers in the nation, and we have some of
the best surgeons in the world. No surgery can
guarantee survival, but I have confidence."

The doctor paused for a while and went on slowly, "Of
course, you may want to call her family in."

Tim sat on the floor for a few minutes after the
doctor left him. He then wiped his face and went into
Emma's room. She was staring at the ceiling. The
moment she saw Tim, her eyes and face were flooded
with tears.

"I'm sorry," Emma said slowly. "I know it hurts."

Tim went over, held Emma in his arms, and kissed tears
off her face. "You'll survive, Emma," he said softly,
"because I love you."

"I love you too," Emma whispered, "and it hurts to
know you love me. It hurts to see you in pain."

"I'm not in pain," Tim whispered. "You're in pain,
and I... I'd rather I had the pain."

"Pain is nothing to me," she whimpered.

"It's nothing to me either," he said. "Let's go
through this together. We'll live, for a long, long
time together."

Emma started to sob in his arms.


Tim called up Mr. Watson, and told him about the sad
news. When he saw the dad later that morning, he
could hardly believe his eyes. The dad looked like he
had grown older by a couple of decades. The old man
told his daughter he had called her mom, who was
living in Michigan, and the mom was rushing over.
After a while Tim excused himself to leave some family
time for the dad and daughter. He went outside and
sat on the floor.

A while later, Mr. Watson came out. Tears were all
over his face. He dropped and sat on the floor beside

"Mr. Watson?" Tim said after a brief silence.

The old man wiped his face and turned to look at Tim.

"Will I have your blessing?" Tim said slowly. "I want
to marry your daughter."

Mr. Watson stared at Tim. His eyes were bulged and
his mouth gaped. "Are you serious?" he asked after a

"I'm serious, Mr. Watson," Tim said slowly. "She
loves me, and I love her. I want her to live happily
as Mrs. Brake and... If she goes, I believe she'll
want to die as Mrs. Brake."

The old man continued to stare at Tim for another
while. "You have my blessing, son," he said. "Call
me dad from now on."

"Thanks, dad," Tim said, as Mr. Watson hugged him. He
then got up and went into Emma's room. He told his
fiancée he was going to marry her.

Once again, Emma's eyes and face were flooded with
tears. "No," Emma said as she wept, "I can't marry

Tim held her in his arms and kissed her tears. "Do
you know how much I love you?" he whispered. "You're
not going to believe it."

Emma didn't respond for a while. Then she pushed his
head up and looked into his tearful eyes. "Do you
know how much I love you?" she said. "You can't
believe it." Tears began flowing down from the
corners of her eyes again.

"I do," Tim said. "As much as I love you." He wiped
the newly formed tears off her eyes and face, and
continued, "And I love you as much as you love me.
That's why we're getting married."

Emma looked at his eyes for a long time. She wiped
the tears off his eyes. "I'll marry you," she said

They heard a knock on the door, then her dad came into
the room. He was holding his cell phone in his hand.
"What's your full name, son?" he asked.

"Timothy Gabriel Brake," Tim said.

"Timothy Gabriel Brake," Mr. Watson said into the
phone. "How old are you? And what's your birth date?"
he asked Tim.

"Twenty one," Tim said, and told him his birth date.

Mr. Watson repeated into the phone, then gestured at
them and went out. He came back inside a little later.
"The judge is sending a clerk over first thing Monday
morning," he said. "He's waiving the waiting period.
The hospital has a chapel and a chaplain."

Emma smiled at her dad. "Thanks, dad," she said.

"Do you need a dress?" Mr. Watson said.

Emma let out a sigh and smiled at Tim. "I've never
imagined me getting married in a hospital," she said.

"I'll call a bridal dress shop to send someone in," Mr.
Watson said. "I'll call up a photographer." He went
outside again.

"Your dad loves you a lot, a lot," Tim said, stroking
Emma's hair.

Emma thought for a while. "Yes," she said, "he does."

They saw Deborah and Annie coming into the room,
followed by Tim's dad and step-mom. Tim gestured for
his parents to go outside with him.

"I'm marrying her," Tim said, and told them the story.

His parents stared at him for what seemed like ages.
"Are you sure about what you're doing?" his dad asked

"Yes," Tim said.

"Dad..." Deborah said from behind Tim. He didn't know
when she had come out of the room. "Dad," Deborah
continued, "if you and mom weren't married yet, and
mom was inside this room, would you marry her?"

The dad looked at his wife's eyes. He thought for a
while and said, "Yes, I would."

Tim had never seen his step-mom smiling so sweetly
before. She wrapped her arms around her husband, and
wept on his chest.

Tim then saw Mr. Watson coming toward him. He
introduced his family to his father-in-law-to-be.

"Bridal shop is sending someone over now," Mr. Watson
reported. "The ceremony will be at ten on Monday in
the chapel. Photographer will be there. What else do
I need to arrange?"

"I'll be her maid of honor," Deborah said to Tim.
"Alan will be your best man. He's coming over

"What's her ring size?" Tim's mom said. "We'll buy
the wedding rings for you."

Tim knew a guy shouldn't shed tears in the public, but
he couldn't help himself.


Tim had never seen Emma more beautiful than when she
was smiling at him in the hospital chapel. Compared
to his bride, Susan was just like a kid when Tim
attended his friend's wedding.

After officiating their marriage, the chaplain said to
the newly wedded couple, "You have the best of my
blessing." He paused for a moment and continued with
a smile, "It's not a formality, as it usually is.
It's from here, and here." He pointed at his chest,
and then at the ceiling.

Of course, they weren't going to have their honeymoon
after the wedding. Emma was sent to the surgery room
in the afternoon. Tim and the company waited at the
lounge, and occasionally wandered to the corridor
outside the surgery room.

Tim called his boss while waiting. He asked if he
could get a three month unpaid leave, and told his
boss the brief version of the story.

It took a long while for Tim to hear Philip's voice
after his request. "You know I can't keep a position
open for that long, we're pretty tight on manpower.
You know it."

"I know it," Tim said. "I understand your situation,
and I'm sorry about it. I'll quit."

Philip talked after another long while. "Tim," he
said, "tell you what. Call me when you can work again.
If I have the vacancy for you, I'll work it back as if
you had taken a no-pay leave."

Emma's operation lasted until late in the evening.
Tim and his company sighed in relief when they saw Dr.
Schrichten smiling at them in the corridor. He told
them to go home, as his patient wouldn't wake up for
another eight hours or more.


Emma was discharged from the hospital three weeks
later. She would still have to go to the hospital
regularly for radiation and chemotherapy. Tim and his
father-in-law had a rather heated discussion earlier
that day. Mr. Watson insisted he would arrange for
visiting nurse services for his daughter at his
apartment, but Tim preferred to take care of his wife
himself. Eventually, they settled that a visiting
nurse would go there a couple of hours a day, to give
some professional care to Emma.

Tim didn't have a reclining bed, but Deborah had
bought him pillows and cushions of various sizes and

"Timmy?" Emma said to her husband that night in the


"Why don't you fuck me now?" she said, smiling at him.
"We haven't done the husband and wife thing yet."

"No," Tim said. "We're not going to do it. You're
still in pain. Don't tell me that you aren't."



"Do you think the pain matters?" she said, still
smiling. "We probably don't have a lot of time left."

Tim thought for a moment. "Wrong," he said. "We
probably have a long time to go. And we're very
husband and wife, with or without sex."



"You said you knew how much you loved me?"

"Yes, and yes I know."

"No, you don't," Emma said, smiling, "or you'd have
known I wanted it. I need it, and I want you to do it

"Emma," Tim said, "let's wait for a day or two, okay?"

"Oh well," Emma said, smiling. "Maybe you don't love
me as much as you think you do."

Tim smiled at his wife. "Raise a finger if it hurts,
okay?" he said.


Emma had been getting weaker and weaker. But she had
also become more and more beautiful to Tim. He
couldn't understand why the fewer hairs she had on her
head, the more attractive she appeared to him. He
couldn't understand why the more they stayed together,
the more joyful he felt inside. He prayed every hour
for a miracle for his wife to live longer.

"It hurts," Emma said softly, snuggling against Tim in
the couch, raising a long-stem red rose to her nose
and sniffing. It was the flower she loved the most,
so whenever Tim went to the street, he always bought
her one.

"Do you need the pill now?" Tim asked.

"No," Emma said slowly, "not that. It hurts to know I
can't be with you for longer. It hurts to know you'll
have the pain in your heart for a long time."



"Do you know how joyful I've been?" Tim said. "Do you
know how blissful I am when I see you smile? Do you
know how much I enjoy being with you? Do you know
this is the happiest moment in my life?"

"I know," Emma said. "Because you're stealing my

Tim chuckled. He kissed her on the forehead. "Do you
know how much I love you?" he said. "You're not going
to believe it."

"I know," Emma said, looking at his eyes, smiling.
"As much as I love you. You're stealing my line

"That's because we share the same mind," Tim said,
stroking her shoulder. "Tell me you're not happy."

"You know I can't," Emma said, smiling. "Actually, I
have never been happier than I am now. Oh, my
goodness! Oh, mine! You're not going to believe how
happy I am."

"I can," Tim said, after kissing her on the lips,
"because I'm as happy as you are."

Emma passed away that night in his arms, during her
sleep. Tim had never seen a more peaceful and
contented smile on her face.


It had been more than an hour since the guests and
families had left the cemetery. Tim was watching the
workers closing the grave of his beloved wife. It was
the 110th day since their marriage, and five days
after Emma passed away. Tim had never had more mixed
feelings in his heart. He felt grief, sadness,
loneliness, pain, and, incredibly, joy, as well as
peace inside him. He knew his wife in the soil had
the same feelings.

"I know she's still at the happiest moment of her
life," Deborah said from behind Tim. She was the only
other person attending the funeral who was still there
after the ceremony.

"I know," Tim said slowly. "Thanks, Deb."

"Very few women have the privilege to live as happily
as she did, and be loved so deeply. I'm very glad for
her," Deborah said. "I'm also glad for you, Timmy.
Very few men have a chance to feel the kind of huge
love you received from her."

Tim turned around and smiled at his step-sister.

- End -


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