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VTOWN movie many times before and knew


Tired of the normal "fuck-suck" stories I read, I decided to write
some my own way. They are much longer than most, and have (I feel)
more character development than most other adult stories.

This story is intended only to be enjoyed by consenting adults. It
is based on both real life experiences and fantasy. Any
similarities to anybody, living or dead, is intentional. Only the
names have been changed to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in more like these, my E-Mail address is All of my stories and more are now available
at my web site, "Adventures In Erotica". This is a free site, and
the address is

I welcome any input, or comments, or your own stories. Since I
distribute it for free, please do not place it in any "pay for
access" sites. Other than that, as long as nothing is cut out
(including these comments) distribution is unlimited.

Thank you, and enjoy.

By Mushroom

Back in '92, I had a lifestyle that most computer nerds dreamed
of. I was 28 years old, active duty in the Military, and stationed in
Vallejo, California. I had been up there for over 2 years, and enjoyed
it immensely.

My wife had left me the year before, so I was forced to move back
into the barracks. However, I was not comfortable there. I had grown
used to my privacy, and I was also running a BBS from my apartment.
However, I had made many friends in the local BBS community, and moved
into a small "Apartment" behind a friend's computer store.

Now I worked at this store part time. I never was payed money,
but did it both to help out my friend, and because he let me keep some
of the old parts he had in the back room. My apartment was basically 2
connected rooms, with a closed off toilet. The shower was actually in
the main room itself. The landlord used to rent it out, before he was
found in violation of city health codes.

There was no heat in the place, but I did not care. It gave me a
place to sleep away from the barracks, and let me run my BBS. Plus it
was free of charge. That way, the city could not bitch about it being
used. I was not "living there", since there was no rent payed, and I
had living quarters on base (which my roommate liked, since he never
saw me).

So I lived in the back of a computer store, and ran a BBS. I had
one of the largest BBS' in the area at the time. A 486, with a 700 meg
hard drive and a CD-ROM. It was my baby, and took up most of my free
time. I had dated very little since my wife left me. I basically
turned into myself, spending time talking to faceless people in the
other end of my computer.

I had many friends there however. In fact, 2 of them were very
attractive ladies. Both Ceeje and Dianne were good looking ladies, and
I would have made a play for either of them in a heartbeat if not for
one thing. They were both married.

One of my monthly Military duties was working as security at the
club on base. I pulled this once a month, and normally enjoyed it.
Now I was never much of a partier, but I did enjoy looking at the young
ladies that hung out there. Most of them were from 18-24 years old,
and looking for some Marine or Sailor to screw them for the night.

However, I had made friends of some of these ladies. The year
before, I had worked as a bartender there for about 3 months. The
hours were to long, and I spent to much time away from my family
however, so I quit the job (the month before my wife left).

One of the girls I knew there was Nichelle (pronounced KNEE-
shell, accent on the first syllable). Nichelle was a thin, tall girl.
I am 5'8", but she towered over me, being 6'1". She is also thin as a
rail, weighing only 100 lbs. I was surprised to discover that this
beautiful 19 year old girl was attracted to me. We used to talk a lot
when I worked at the club, and she would tell me about her guy
troubles. It was not until almost a year later that I asked her out.

Nichelle had never had lobster before, so I took her to a Seafood
place I knew of about 10 miles north of town. We were both dressed
casually, but still created a minor stir when we entered the
restaurant. I am fairly stocky, weighing 185 lbs. Broad of chest from
being in the Marines, I was tanned (from working outside and my
American Indian background) and had brown eyes and short brown hair.

Nichelle has jet black hair, which hung just below her shoulders.
She also has friendly brown eyes. She was wearing a fashionable
"street urchin" look, which was popular at the time. However, what
probably got us the most attention was her jet black skin.

I don't think I had ever seen anybody as black as Nichelle. Her
complexion was dark beyond words. I was also incredibly turned on by
her. Watching her dance must have been like watching a Nubian Princess
dancing 2,000 years ago. She was lithe, graceful, and erotic.

Nichelle was from Oakland. She grew up with a single mother, and
had never been treated to any of the finer things. She later told me
that one thing that attracted her to me was that I did not expect
anything from her. I would take her to dinner, or a movie, or just for
a drive around town, and expect nothing in return.

In fact, the next week we went to a drive-in movie. After that,
I once again dropped her off and drove home. She did not have a car,
and appreciated my acting as a taxi driver. I would also take her
home, to visit her mom and little sister. I would get hostile looks
from other people in her neighborhood, but seeing her, nobody would
give me any problems.

One thing I noticed was the gang tattoos on her hands.
Apparently, she was one of the local "homegirls", so would be left
alone if she showed up with a white guy. Her mom liked me, and I
always treated her mom and sister with courtesy.

One night, I had just gone to sleep when there was a knocking on
my door. Throwing on a pair of pants, I answered it to find Nichelle
there. It seems that she had fallen behind in her rent, and had been
thrown out of her apartment. So we climbed into my truck (I had bought
it 2 weeks before), and left to get her stuff. I offered to let her
stay with me until she decided what to do. I figured that she would
move back in with her mother.

2 hours later, we had all of her stuff (what little there was) in
my place, and were having a late dinner. She thanked me for letting
her stay with me, and told me that she would try to stay out of my way,
and not touch anything. I showed her around, and even showed her how
to use the BBS.

She got a real thrill out of that, looking around on-line, and
reading some of the public messages. My board had a large "Adult
Oriented" area, and she giggled when she brought up a game, and
realized that it was an "Adult Theme-Park".

She spent 2 hours happily playing around there, finally stopping
when it was time for bed. I started to lay out a sleeping bag for
myself, but she stopped me. She would not let me sleep on the floor in
my own place, and said that we could both sleep in my bed.

I left the room, and she took a shower and changed into a
nightgown. She let me know she was changed, and I came back in and
went to bed. Nichelle gave me a quick kiss goodnight, and we both
rolled over and went to sleep.

I got up as normal at 5am, got dressed, and left for work. I
told Nichelle that she was free to use the computer, watch a movie (I
had a tv and VCR, but no cable), or whatever she wanted. I left for
work, leaving her all alone.

When I got home later on, I found her in the computer room. It
seems that she had discovered my graphics files, and was looking
through them.

Now I had graphics of almost any subject. Japanese Animation,
Military Vehicles, Dogs, Album Covers, and adult subjects. When I got
there, she seemed a little flustered, so I went to look what was up.

My adult library was split up into several topics. I had text
stories (like this one), games, and pictures. The pictures were then
broken up into more sub-topics. I had nude women, lesbian sex, oral
sex, straight sex, and inter-racial sex.

She had been looking at a graphic picture, showing a large penis
spurting cum on a girl's face. She was not shocked, but was surprised
that you could see pictures like that on a computer. She had never
really used a computer before, and was not aware of the capabilities.

While I looked over her shoulder, she went through several more
pictures, all showing hard core sex action. Finishing that directory,
she moved to my inter-racial section. The first several showed
Oriental women, and she quickly breezed through those. Then she got to
the ones with black women and white men. The first one brought her to
a stop. It showed a dark skinned black woman who was giving head to a
white man.

She spent almost a minute looking at that picture. I saw her
licking her lips a few times, then she moved to another picture. The
first was actually a series of 5 pictures of the same couple. The
next was of the man sucking on the tits of the girl. The next 2 showed
them having sex, one with him on top, the next with her on top. The
final one showed her on her hands and knees, with him crouched behind
her. He had his cock in between her ass-cheeks, and sperm covering her
ass and back.

Nichelle spent almost 10 minutes going through these pictures.
She said very little, but was obviously excited by them. I saw her
squirming around in her seat, and her nipples were poking out through
her t-shirt. The sexual tension was so thick, I could see it.

She moved to the next picture, and it showed a white man playing
with the tits of a black woman. Her mouth was open, and she had both
hands in the front of her pants. Nichelle made a small gasp when that
one came on. I glanced down, and saw that she had one hand in her
crotch, outside of her jeans.

Deciding that it was now or never, I moved behind her, and moved
my hands to her front. She made a soft moan as I grasped a breast in
each hand. I could tell that she was not wearing a bra (she rarely
did), and her nipples were hard as rocks.

Nichelle's breasts were small, but looked good on her thin body.

She was a 34C, and they were very firm. I moved my head down, and
started to kiss the side of her neck. This brought another moan from
her, and she tilted her head to the other side to give me easier access.

I gently lifted her t-shirt, and placed my hands on her bare
breasts. Nichelle had the breasts that I had wet-dreams about. She
was small, each breast not even filling the hand that held it. But her
nipples were things of beauty.

Both breasts were conical, and very firm. However, her nipples
were the type to cause me to have wet dreams. About the size of a half
dollar, the areola protruded almost 1/2" from the rest of her breast.
The nipples poked an additional 1/2" from there.

I lightly grasped one nipple between each of my thumbs and
forefingers, and started to lightly tease it. Nichelle moaned, and
pressed her chest more firmly against my hands. I bent down over her,
and took her right breast into my mouth. I could not have gotten a
bigger reaction if I had shocked her with a cattle prod.

I moved around to her front, and sank to my knees, keeping her
breast in my mouth the entire time. Nichelle held me tightly to her
breast, like she would never let me go. After a few minutes, I lifted
up so I could move to her other breast. She moaned as I suckled on the
other breast. I looked up, and saw her eyes closed, and a dreamy
expression on her face.

She was still wiggling around on the seat. I inhaled deeply, and
could smell her excitement. I glanced down, and saw that she was
playing with herself!

Tearing myself away, I stood up, and then picked her up from the
chair. She latched herself onto my neck, kissing, licking, and lightly
biting my neck as I carried her from the computer room to the main

I set her on the bed, but she had other ideas. Standing up, she
had me sit on the bed as she removed my boots, and then my camouflage
uniform. When I was nude, she stripped herself.

She was an ebony goddess. She was so thin, I could see the
outline of her ribs through the skin. But she still had a nice amount
of padding around her hips and ass. Her nipples were almost as dark as
her breast, and was only visible because the skin was smoother, and
shone in the light coming from the other room. Her pussy was trimmed,
with only a little hair covering the mound. All of this had me as hard
as a rock.

We kissed some more, each of our hands roaming along the body of
the other. I was amazed when I got to her pussy. She was soaking wet.
I teased her clit momentarily, causing her to gasp, and arch her back.
She started grinding her pelvis against my hand, covering it with her
juices. She was jerking my cock at the same time, holding it tightly
in one hand, while the other was stroking my short hair.

She rolled me over onto my back, and started kissing her way down
my body. When she got to my belly, she lifted her head, and told me to
watch the TV. She pointed the remote control to the VCR, and took my
cock into her mouth.

Apparently, she had found and looked through my X-Rated tape
collection. The scene on the tv was one of my favorites. It was of a
thin, black girl sucking a white guy. The girl in the movie was Angel
Kelly, and was one of my favorites. I would watch her for a few
seconds, then look at Nichelle. But Nichelle was by far the best of
the two, and I was groaning as she tweaked my nipples as she sucked me

I was wondering if she was going to follow the course set by the
movie. Obviously she was, as she moved her hips over me, and we
settled into a 69 at the same time as the couple on the TV.

I slipped my tongue into a very tight, wet pussy. She groaned
around me, causing a delicious thrill in my cock. I then moved down,
strumming her clit with my tongue. I must have been better than the
guy in the movie, because I was able to cause Nichelle to have an
orgasm in less than 3 minutes. After she came down, it was time for
the next position.

With the corny music playing in the background, Nichelle moved
around, and squatted over my cock. It was amazing, watching her dark
body engulf my cock. Now having sex with a black girl had long been a
fantasy of mine, but I never thought it would really happen.

I looked up into her eyes, swimming in the dark brown colour.
Neither one of us spoke for a minute, the couple in the movie were
doing enough of that for both of us. The girl was yelling at the guy
that she was cumming, and she wanted him to cum also.

It was taking all of my willpower to hold off my orgasm. She had
the tightest pussy that I had ever been in. And she had a way of using
her inner muscles to squeeze me as she moved up and down.

Nichelle bent down, rubbing her breasts against my lips as she
pumped her hips up and down. I reached down, and held her ass as she
moved. Nichelle then started talking dirty to me, telling me how she
wanted to make me cum, how she wanted my sperm inside her.

I heard Nichelle moaning over me, and felt her inner muscles
spasm against me. Unable to hold out any longer, I bucked and held
myself deep inside her, filling her with my sperm.

The couple on the tv finished right after we did, and we laughed
at their phony sounding passion. Our genuine passion was much better.
We continued to kiss, slipping under the covers to cuddle, as we
watched the next scene unfold on the TV.

I had 2 fingers inside her pussy while the couple went through
their actions. This was also an inter-racial couple. I admitted that
I had wanted to make love to her for some time, and that I had bought
the tape with thoughts of her in mind. We watched 3 more scenes before
the tape ended. The last one was a guy fucking a thick black gal

Nichelle had me ready again, so she got onto her knees, with her
chest against the bed and her ass waving in the air. I kneeled behind
her, and gently pushed into her from behind. I rubbed her back and
caressed her breasts as I slipped into and out of her.

However, I had seen this movie many times before, and knew what
was comming up next. We were both facing the TV, and Nichelle was
watching the scene with interest. She gasped and moaned when the
couple made a slight change in position.

The guy had pulled his cock out of the woman, and was sliding it
up her ass. Nichelle was watching, fascinated. I could feel her pussy
getting wetter, and little quivering contractions running up and down
it's length. I licked one of my fingers, then reached out and gently
slipped it up her ass.

Nichelle moaned, and pushed back against my finger. Encouraged,
I reached behind me and picked up a bottle of baby oil (I used it
occasionally to masturbate). I squirted some on my fingers, and gently
rubbed them along the rim of her ass, then slipped 2 fingers inside,
making sure she was well lubed. I then squirted a little along my
cock, getting both my cock and her pussy more lubed.

I slipped out, then gently pressed against her asshole. She
moaned that I should be gentle, because she had never done that before.
I slowly slipped into her tight ass. It took me almost a minute until
I was all the way inside. She was incredibly tight, and she gasped as
I started to pump slowly and gently.

As I pumped into and out of her, Nichelle reached down and
started playing with her clit. Within 2 minutes, she was having an
explosive climax. I tried to hold off, but was unable to hold off any
longer. With a loud moan, I came inside her tight ass.

After I rested for a minute, I slowly pulled out of her. We both
collapsed on our bellies on the bed. Within minutes we were both
asleep like that, holding each other tightly.


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