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Title: Vampire Slave
Keywords: mf, ff, gothic
Author: Caesar
"An impotent Scot named MacDougall
Had to husband his sperm and be frugal.
He was gathering semen
To gender a he-man,
By screwing his wife through a bugle."
-author unknown

The average housewife is a slave to a seducing and sexy vampire.

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment <g> of my over-active
imagination. Constructive e-mail is welcome.

Vampire Slave

by Caesar, copyright(c) 1992-2002

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Jane entered the large quiet house. The stillness and overbearing
silence hung upon her shoulders like a large weight. The sun had just
gone down leaving the house in darkness. It was a huge, expensive
house with old and venerable furnishings. Every time the housewife
came here she felt like eyes were following her every movement! She
sensed and felt the eyes upon every curve of her body, painful as a
sharp knife.

With determination and familiarity, Jane rounded the foyer and
immediately began to descend the massive staircase. The century- old floorboards groaned and squeaked with the beat of her footsteps.
Using only her left hand, the thirty-two-year-old woman guided herself
to the basement. It smelled of dust, dingy water, and age.

The door handle was there a foot before her and opened up to her touch
effortlessly. A flickering light bathed her in a reddish glow. As
quietly as the woman could, she entered the large cavernous room and
closed the door behind her.

A scream sounded from some dingy corner where she saw a four-foot
cubed cage with a naked child within. Its eyes were open wide with
fear and bewilderment. The child was reaching for Jane with one hand
through the tight bars. Multitudes of small stringy black mammals
hung upside down, still. On the opposite wall a cocoon-like
egg-shaped five-foot-long container hung. Inside the egg an eerie
shadow of a human could be seen in the fetal position. The cobwebs in
every corner gave the basement the appearance of an attic. A rat tore
at a slab of meat that resembled a grayish hand. An old man knelt
next to the door, his body covered in slash marks and welts. He wore
nothing except rags and he was trembling at the sight of Jane.

The average-looking housewife trembled in barely controlled fear and
disgust. She hated this place!

An old metal staircase spiralled downward into the depths. Taking a
candle from the tarnished silver holder, Jane descended into what she
considered hell.

The flickering flame only showed about ten feet in radius and she knew
the room below her was very large, in fact larger than the floor space
of the house. She stood on the well-tread gravel path. In the
darkness she could hear the sound of flowing water, metal scraping
against rock, a moan of pain or delight, and a concealed chuckle.

This was her destination!

"Hello? Is the mistress in?" She called out with fear sounding in
every word. Her voice echoed several times until the silence overtook
the sound.

It only took seconds for her to see a person materialize from the
darkness. It was a woman, a tall female with black hair and grey
eyes, a divinely beautiful woman who was the ideal of the perfect
female. She wore a circlet of gold about her waist and another around
her ankle. In her right hand she held a shiny leather whip.

Jane dropped to her knees in fright and stammered out, "Mistress,
please...I need to speak to you!" The mistress stood above the
housewife, smiling. Jane continued, "I can't do it! What about my
life, and my family's?"

The mistress played the whip's tail about the clothed shoulders of the
housewife, causing her to tremble. Slowly the tail travelled across
the upturned face, then began over the mounds of her breasts. Jane
opened her mouth to speak again, but the mistress effortlessly slapped
her cheek. Jane sprawled several feet away, the candle dropping to
the ground but stayed lit.

The naked beauty motioned to the stunned woman. Seconds later a grey
figure approached Jane. The six-foot creature had small bat wings, a
wide mouth full of long sharp teeth, a muscular torso but small thin
legs and arms, and claws on both hands and feet. A gargoyle! The
beast grabbed the mature woman in one hand and reached for her clothes
with the other. It laughed a gruesome and terrible sound as it
preceded to tear off Jane's clothing. The thing left several claw
marks upon her pale smooth skin.

Jane screamed out in horror, realizing that she was in total control
of the woman she called mistress. The brute was a creature who only
lived for the distorted sense of pleasure was to cause pain. It was a
creature the housewife had the terror of meeting one other time.

The mistress looked on, not even stopping the beast when Jane's
clothes were finally off, but watched with an almost indifferent

The beast pulled Jane up into the air effortlessly, her feet not even
touching the ground. Naked as she was, she was determined to get
through this horror somehow. Both her fists were hitting its
rock-hard chest again and again to no avail. With a grunt the grey
man-thing shoved Jane onto his huge foot long phallus.

Jane screamed out in pain. Then the mammal began to brutally fuck
her, holding onto her hips and moving her up and down very fast. The
two-inch-wide cock ripped and tore her sensitive vagina, causing her
excruciating pain. The housewife could take it no longer, and begun
to pass out from the brutal fuck. Spots appeared in front of her eyes
before she saw nothing but only felt the pain, much of which she would
mercifully not remember.

Jane awoke laying upon the cold gravel floor an unknown time later.
Above her the mistress stood, her legs straddling the housewife's
face. Even as she first opened her eyes, she saw the perfectly-formed
vagina above her bulge up and red pee rained down onto her face.

The housewife opened her mouth and took the long wide stream, tasting
blood. The thicker-than-piss shot onto her face and into her mouth
where she attempted to swallow as much as possible, and though most
did end up on her face and in her hair, she still swallowed a large
percentage of the thick, salty liquid.

When it was over, Jane got onto her knees after the mistress stood off
to the side. The mistress motioned with her whip for the middle-aged
woman to come closer. When she knelt only a few inches from the
beautiful woman, the mistress grabbed the back of her slaves hair and
tugged it towards her. Jane opened her mouth dutifully and tried to
capture as much of the pretty woman's slit as possible.

Her tongue slid into the slim groove to flick the clitoris, feeling it
grow under her tongue. Jane was reminded of the first time she met
her mistress, at a bar late one night when her husband was out of town
on a business conference. Little did she know, but that chance
encounter would forever change her.

Jane loved her mistress more than ever. At that moment she couldn't
understand why she questioned her orders. Her mistress told her to do
something and she did it - at least after she gave her mistress


A few hours later, Jane stood next to her bed and her sleeping
husband. Everything was serene and quiet. She now wore lingerie that
her hubby had bought for her. Quiet as a cat, Jane crawled under the
blankets over the sleeping male. Working herself up from his feet to
his mid-section, the woman bent over and immediately took his deflated
penis into her mouth.

Few times in their ten years of marriage had the housewife taken his
cock in her mouth. Maybe that was why she had agreed to follow that
beautiful woman home from the bar that fateful night. She knew the
pleasure points on the familiar cock, and used her tongue to press
them. The man's penis grew very rapidly in her mouth, responding to
her gentle sucking. When he was hard, she began to swish her tongue
around the crown of the penis, working her tongue into every curve and
crevice, while at the same time began to rhythmically stroke the base
of his cock with her hand. The other hand squeezed his balls and
fingered his anus.

What man could sleep for long with that attention? The husband was no
different. A groan preceded his forced wakefulness. He immediately
knew what was happening and cried out with pleasure. A hand held the
back of his wife's bobbing head and held her there, making sure his
pleasure would not be interrupted.

When he felt that an orgasm was only seconds away she stopped. The
husband let out a huge groan of despair, perhaps thinking she did not
want to continue. But to his surprise and enjoyment, Jane began to
kiss her way up his body. Soon she held his rock-hard cock straight
up in the air while she aimed her bottom.

Jane let out squeal of delight and pain from sensations of her ripped
and aching cunt. She wanted to pleasure her partner, to give him
everything, so she began a slow gentle glide up and down his hard
pole. Jane brought her breasts down to her husband's face, letting
the hard nipples slide across his moist lips. He was bringing his
cock up to meet her cunt, and the sloppy sounds echoed about the room.

The smell of sex and something else drifted about the room. Hubby only
noticed the strange, yet familiar, scent for a brief second before his
pleasure was too much for him. Jane groaned out, echoing her husband's

Hubby growled out loudly, his sperm shooting out the head of his cock
to drench his wife's vagina. The warm come caused Jane to finally
reach her own orgasm, her vagina muscles uncontrollably milking the
cock inside her.

Soon they lay exhausted and spent, both very happy.

Hubby rubbed his hand along his wife's back and buttocks, feeling the
wonderful warmth and smoothness. He felt down to her thighs and
calves, surprised and delighted that she wore stockings. In fact it
excited him again, and a familiar stirring could be felt within both
sex organs.

Yet that scent again caught his attention when he noticed his wife was
crying gently to herself. He was about to ask her what was wrong when
he saw her left arm and then noticed much of the bed covers. They
were drenched in blood. The first thing he did was jump, throwing his
wife to the side; he assumed she was hurt. Jane again clenched him in
her arms, looking into his eyes with pity and sadness. Hubby saw a
glint of ivory as his wife opened her mouth only slightly. Two long
pointy teeth were sticking out of her mouth!

He tried to jump backwards but Jane's hands held him in a steel grip,
and long nails were breaking skin, the blood dripping down to his
hands. She again rolled him onto his back and placed both knees on
either side of his hips and held him. Jane slowly bent forward, with
mouth open, a spiked tongue slithering out to lick and moisten her

Hubby got off one word before his wife placed her mouth around his
wind pipe and squeezed: "Jane...!" The two teeth broke the skin and
she began to suck.

Just as she had done earlier with her two children, the housewife
sucked the life juice from her husband. And when it was all over she
lay in a heap above the man she loved.

Jane cried!




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