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Vanessa's New Life 02


This is part 2 of my Journal. I started writing it when I made a bold
decision to change my life. I left my dull existence in North Wales and
went to work as a Housekeeper for a man in the East Midlands of England.
It is a decision that I will never regret. I have never been so happy and
never had so much pleasure. Vanessa

Week commencing May 11 Had an accident on Wednesday while I was doing
the washing-up and broke a plate. Jon immediately put me over his knee and
gave me 10 smacks with his hand. It was all over before I really realised
what was happening. But not quick enough for me to miss the lump in his
trousers that was pressing into my stomach. When it was over. I thanked
him for giving me what I deserved, and asked him if could show him how
sorry I was by giving him relief to the bulge in his trousers. No sooner
that he had said, "yes," I unzipped him and took him in my mouth. He has
good staying power because it took me nearly 10 minutes to get him to cum.
I kept sucking until he had gone soft.

The good weather didn't hold, and by Thursday we were getting
thunderstorms. Half way through the Thursday night, I went into Jon's
room, and ask if I could get into bed with him. As usual for the middle of
the night he just grunted and went back to sleep. I woke up next morning,
with Jon on top of me, holding my wrists above my head, and pumping in and
out of me. It's a brilliant way to wake up.

Saturday May 16 It was now 3 weeks since I started my new job, and after
breakfast Jon sat me down and asked me what my feelings were. He said that
I should speak freely and that nothing I said would be the cause of any
punishment. I told him all about the thought that I had had the previous
Saturday morning. He seemed pleased but said that I should get out more on
my days off and meet a few people. He also suggested that I start looking
for a part-time job and asked me what I would like to do. I said that I
wouldn't mind working in a pub for a couple of nights or in a clothes shop
for a couple of days a week. Jon said that we would go to the little dress
shop where we had had some fun in and ask the girl there if she knew of any
jobs going.

Jon told me that he was pleased with the progress that I was making with
my new life style but was a little disappointed in the lack of mistakes
that I was making. I then told him that I was his to do as he pleased and
if that meant punishing me for no reason then I would not complain. He
could use me as and when he wanted, for anything he wanted. I told him
that my only concern was that he would allow other men to abuse my body and
that I wanted to keep it for him alone. I was then told that I had no need
to worry on that count, there were too many unpleasant diseases around for
him to risk getting one. Jon also told me that he was going to be away on
business a few times over the next few months and that we might even go on
holiday abroad in the summer. I am really looking forward to that as I've
never been abroad before and now understood why Jon had me send in a
passport application form.

After the talk I cleaned up, put a dress on and we went into town. When
we got to the centre of the Shopping Centre Jon told me to go to the little
dress shop where Kelly worked and ask her if she knew of any jobs going. I
was then to go to the market and get some material and a pattern for a
Tennis dress. I was the to meet him back where we were in two hours. I
was pleased to see that Kelly was on her own in the clothes shop. She told
me that she didn't know about any jobs, but would ask around. We started
chatting and before I knew it I was telling her all about Jon and my job.
As I was telling her I happened to notice that her nipples were pushing out
the front of her cotton dress. After about 15 minutes she said that she
had come across a dress that made her think of me and had put it to one
side, in case I came in again. She asked me if I had time to try it on,
and when I said okay she told me to go into the changing cubicle and that
she would bring it into me. As I went into the cubicle I saw her turn the
'open' sign on the door, and lock it.

I took my dress and shoes off and waited for her. After a couple of
minutes she came round the corner with this white dress, well the front and
back of a dress, the sides consisted of what I can only describe as 'shoe
laces', all the way up. As she was helping lace it up, she said that she
really liked the dress and thought about buying it herself. I said that
she would look good in it and asked if she had tried it on. She hadn't so
I said she should, and why not try it after me. She said okay and
continued lacing. When she had finished I said that I liked it, but would
have to let Jon see it first. With that, Kelly started unlacing me. After
the dress was off, she hung it up and then asked me to help her out of her

This surprised me a little but I started un-doing the buttons down her
front. When I was near her breasts she suddenly turned, brushing her left
breast on my hand. She wasn't wearing a bra. When it was all undone Kelly
just let it drop to the floor, revealing that she too had no knickers on.
There were now 2 naked women stood inched apart. We both just stood there
looking up and down each other. She didn't have any pubic hair either, and
there was something between her legs, but I couldn't see what.

Kelly broke the silence by giving my right breast a quick squeeze and
saying "come on, I can't keep the shop closed for long." Helping her pull
the dress on I had to bend down and with her legs being slightly apart I
could see that the 'something' between her legs were in fact 2 gold rings
about the size of wedding rings. One in each lip. I asked her about them,
and she said that she had had them done last year and that they added more
possibilities to her sexual pleasure. She spread her legs wider to give me
a better look. "What do you think?" she asked me. "Nice idea" I said,
"but I bet that it hurt like hell." "It was worth it" she said. All this
time my face was right in front of her shaved pussy, and I could smell her,
see her lips getting bigger, and the juices appearing.

I just couldn't help myself, I just kissed her mons and slid my hand up
her leg. She pulled the dress off, pulled me to my feet, and gave me a
long French kiss. My right hand had never left her pussy and was probing
deep into her with absolutely no resistance. The kissing and groping went
on for a while before there was a knocking on the shop door. That shook
us, and Kelly said, "not the time or the place" and started putting her
dress on.

As we walked from the changing rooms I told her that I would talk to Jon
about the dress and she said that she would let me know if she found-out
anything about a job. With that, Kelly opened the door and I was off.

In the market, I found what I was looking for and went back to where I
was meeting Jon. He wasn't there yet so I say on a bench and waited. Not
wanting to have crossed legs when he returned I put the shopping bags on my
knees. When he finally arrived he just said, "come on," grabbed my hand
and pulled me up. From there, we went to the kids department in C&A, and I
had to pick the right size school blouse, tie, pleated skirt, and white
ankle socks. These were in the colours of a big school in town. On the
way out, Jon reminded me that all my dresses and skirts had to be no longer
than 5" below my pussy. He also told me to wash the blouse a lot of times
to get rid of the 'starchiness' and make it thinner.

Nothing else of any real interest happened that day, we didn't even go
out that evening.

Sunday May 17 Went to the Gym again, and I had to wear my white lycra
shorts and top. I felt funny wearing something over my pussy. Jon made me
work real hard and I got quite a sweat on. The leg stretch wide machine
was interesting and I'm sure that a couple of men that were looking could
see my lips creeping out from the 2" crotch. I enjoyed the exercise cycle
again and by the time that I got off the 2" of crotch was deep in between
my lips, the short, shorts were revealing the bottoms of my cheeks, and
both shorts and top were wet with sweat.

A couple of the men and a teenage girl were all staring at me when we
went out. I'm sure that there would have been more men looking at me, if
they hadn't been so engrossed in their own workouts. We went swimming
after that and Jon told me to go like I was. The pool was reasonable quiet
with only a few young teenagers in there. After we had done a couple of
lengths Jon lifted me out and sat me on the side.

I looked down and my white lycra clothes were virtually transparent. I
jumped back in and told Jon. He said that in that case I might as well
take the shorts off. Not wanting to hesitate, I took them off and gave
them to Jon. He then made me swim another couple of lengths. I got some
funny looks from the teenagers but I don't think that they were sure of
what they were seeing. After all, I was under water. The 'bubble' machine
was nice, all those bubbles erupting from the bottom of the pool. I'm sure
that if I had stayed longer, I would have cum.

Jon gave me my shorts, and told me to meet him in the spa. Good, I
thought, more bubbles. When I got in he asked me for my shorts again.
When I gave them to him he put them on the side behind his head and then
put his costume on top of them. It was a good job that there was no one
else there as I then had to sit in his lap while he fucked me. It was a
bit painful to start off with, but once he got in it was good. We managed
to look 'innocent' for quite a while, even when two of the teenage girls joined us. If only they had known, and how they missed seeing our shorts I
will never know. I didn't manage to cum, but Jon did.

All this time, the girls were busy chatting and just ignored us. I got
'off' Jon and sat beside him with my chest out of the water. When one of
the boys came and joined the girls he couldn't take his eyes off my
breasts. I may as well have been completely naked. Jon slid our shorts
back into the water and we put them on. When we got out I stepped from the
bottom to the top so that I had to take a big step. This really made the
boys eyes open. I think I had made his day. I bet he didn't get anything
like that sight from either if the girls he was with.

We went into the steam room and lay on the bench. I ended up with my
feet facing a man that was in there. If there hadn't been so much steam he
would have got a right eye full, but that didn't stop me getting excited
thinking about it.

Week commencing May 18 On the Monday Kelly rang. I was her day off and
she had some news for me. She asked if she could come round. Remembering
that Jon had said that it was okay to have friends round I said yes. I was
doing the vacuum cleaning in the nude when the doorbell rang. Without even
thinking I opened the front door to see Kelly. "It's a good job it was me
at the door and not the Postman" she said. It was only then that I
remembered my state of dress. "Jon likes me to be in the nude as much as
possible, even when he's not around" I said, "besides, I've got used to
being like this and I even get a bit of a thrill doing all the housework
without any clothes on." "Well, that's just fine by me" Kelly replied.

As we were drinking coffee, Kelly told me her news, a Shoe Shop just
round the corner from her shop was looking for a part-time assistant,
Thursdays and Fridays, but I needed to go and see them as soon as possible.
I said that I would talk to Jon, and if he was agreeable I would go there
in the morning.

After the coffee, Kelly asked me if she could have a look around the
house. I had shown her every room but the 'punishment' room and started
back down stairs. Kelly said, "what's in this room?" I blushed a little
and told her what I called the room. She said that she MUST see inside and
opened the door. Inside she asked me what Jon used to tie me to all the
rings that were all over the ceiling and walls. I opened a draw and let
her look. She picked up a the handcuffs and then the tawse and said, "I
bet you have a lot of fun with these, can I try them?"

Before I could reply she grabbed my wrists and put the cuffs on me and
pushed me onto the bed. I just lay there as she pulled her dress off. She
was then as naked as me. She climbed onto the bed and holding my arms
above my head, climbed on top of me, one knee on either side of my chest. I
wasn't struggling so she let go of my arms, held my head and kissed me.

We tried to swallow each other's tongues for a few minutes before
turning round and spreading my legs. She looked down and said, "Wow, what
a clit, I'm going to enjoy this as much as you are". With that she was
sucking my clit and pushing her tongue into my hole.

This was the first time that a woman had done that to me and I have to
say that I was enjoying it. So much so that when I opened my eyes and saw
her shaved pussy and those rings, right in front of my face, I reached up
and started licking her pussy. Her clit wasn't as big as mine but her lips
seemed to be bigger.

Maybe it was something to do with the rings or maybe she was just VERY
aroused. She was certainly wet enough. I came first and had trouble
concentrating on what I was doing with my mouth. A couple of minutes later
she came too. I have never heard another woman have an orgasm before and
was a little surprised at how much she screamed and moaned. She collapsed
beside me and we both lay there for a few minutes. I didn't know what to
say, I had enjoyed it but it wasn't as intense as when Jon punished me then
fucked me.

Kelly got up first, put her dress on, and started walking towards the
door. As she reached the door she turned and said, "That was good, must do
it again sometime." With that she was gone. I just had time to get the
cuffs of and take a shower before Jon came home.

That evening, I told Jon about the job and he agreed to me taking it, if
offered. There was only one condition, and that was that I was to stick to
his rules about dress code. I told him that that was just fine with me.

Tuesday morning, I put my least revealing dress on and went to the Shoe
Shop. I got the job and was given a skirt and blouse to wear and told to
be back there on Thursday morning. I also bought a pattern and some
material for a Tennis Dress that Jon had told me to get. He also told me
about some 'alterations' that I had to make to the style.

When I got home the sun was out so I decided to spend the rest of the
day starting an all-over tan in the back garden. At the bottom of the
garden there was a 3 rung open fence and then open fields. There is only
one small part of the back garden that is over-looked, and that is by a
house that Jon tells me has only an old man living in it. Apparently his
wife had died a couple of years ago.

I was still laid out on the patio when Jon got back from work. "Like
sun-bathing Vanessa?" he asked. "Yes Master" I replied. "Well then, after
you have got me some food, you can spend another couple of hours laid on
the grass further down the garden."

Half an hour later I was laid spread-eagle on a sheet of polythene while
Jon was tying my wrists and ankles to fence posts, bushes and trees.
Anything he could find to keep me spread wide. He then got the garden
hose, disconnected the sprinkler and proceeded to play with my clit until I
was wet enough for him to push the hose into my hole. It didn't take long.
He moved it in and out until I was close to cumming, then stopped and then
went and turned the tap on a little.

Wow, what a feeling. As the water trickled in to me the pressure
building up made me cum. As I started to calm down the pressure kept going
up and I felt like I was going to burst and started struggling. Jon
propped something under my head so that I could see my swollen belly then
quickly pulled the hose out. If I hadn't of seen it for myself I wouldn't
have believe it, the water shot out of me and went about 15 feet. Jon said
that we were going to do that again but the next time I had to try to hold
the water in and then squirt it out a bit at a time on command. By the
third time I had got the hang of it. Jon untied me and I stood up and
tried again. I had really got the hang of it and could direct it by
leaning my body. Jon said that it was a nice little 'party trick'.

Thursday saw me going into the Shoe Shop at 11 o'clock. I had shortened
the skirt to Jon's 'approved' length and I got a look of disapproval from
the Manager but she didn't say anything. I was shown the ropes and it
wasn't long before I served my first customer. As I was squatting down to
help this woman I suddenly realised that I was in the ideal position to
flash my pussy to the customers. I would have to be very selective but
this could be fun. I was a little disappointed to find that I hadn't found
one suitable person before the end of the day.

In fact it was the Friday afternoon before a young man asked me to help
him. Instead of squatting down with my knees facing sideways I let them
face him and kept them a few inches apart. At first he didn't notice, but
then I knew he had because a bulge started to appear in his trousers.
After I had finished fastening the shoes I asked him if they were all
right. He said that they were too tight and could he try a size larger. I
nearly asked him if he meant shoes or trousers. When I got back with the
larger size I kept my knees even further apart and gave him a better look.
He really took his time deciding if the shoes fitted. Fortunately, or
unfortunately, he decided that the second pair fitted, bought them and

Saturday May 23 Nothing special happened today, Jon had to go to work,
so I was on my own until early evening. When he did get back he was so
tired that he fell asleep in front of the TV. I spent part of the day
making the Tennis dress from the material that I bought earlier in the

Sunday May 24 We went to a different Sports Centre in the morning and
Jon taught me to play Badminton and Squash. The squash was hard work and
no one saw me when I had to stretch up for a high shot, but the Badminton
was different, the court was one of many in a big hall. I don't know which
was more embarrassing, bending at the knees and risking someone seeing
between them or bending at the waist and risking someone seeing my bottom
or my breasts.

Jon's 'alterations' were to make the front lower and the arm holes a lot
bigger. The worst came when I slipped going for a shot and went
full-length face down on the floor. I didn't hurt myself but I'm sure the
view from behind must have been 'interesting'. In the afternoon, we went
for a walk in a local park. I had to wear Ben and the progress was slow.
When we were in a wooded part Jon told me to take my dress off and he had
me up against a tree. I didn't need any encouragement because of the
effects of Ben and I didn't even take them out when he fucked me. I was a
bit worried when he pulled me down onto the ground and we went into what
Jon told me was the '69' position. I didn't want him to swallow one of my
balls. His mouth and teeth sucked and dug into my clit and hole as I
sucked him clean. I think we both came at about the same time.

Week commencing May 25 At work on the Thursday I had 'flashed' 2 men and
one young woman. older women just don't do anything for me at all.

Friday was a bad day and a good day. I got sacked at the end of the
day. The manager said that she didn't think I was suitable for the job. I
think that she was jealous of the attention that I got from some of the
customers. The good thing was that I had worn Ben all day and it wouldn't
surprise me if I had been dripping my juices when I squatted-down in front
of the only 2 customers (1 twice) that I served that day. One woman about
my age and a middle aged man. The woman didn't buy any shoes but came back
about an hour later and tried-on about 6 pairs. I kept getting glimpses of
her knickers and each time the wet patch was getting bigger. The man didn't know where to look. I got the impression that he wanted to look but
felt as though he shouldn't. Poor man. Jon wasn't worried that I had been
sacked and I'd certainly had some fun.

Saturday May 30 The most memorable event of that Saturday was in the
Evening. Jon had me put on just a T- shirt and shoes and took me to a
swimming pool up the Motorway. All the way there I was thinking that I was
sure that I hadn't seen him pack any swim suites, just towels. As we
walked into the entrance I knew I was right and why we didn't need them.
Everyone was naked.

There must have been over a hundred naked people, all of different ages,
men and women, boys and girls. I saw quite a number of people who had also
shaved their pubic hair off and one woman with metal rings in her labia,
just like Kelly. There were some really gross looking people. It was then
that I realised that clothes were not just to keep us warm and look
'pretty', they were there to cover the fat ugly lumps. I had to admire
some of those people, if I had a body like some of those, I could NEVER
take my clothes off. Anyway, that apart, I found it a very relaxing,
natural evening. There was almost nothing sexual about it at all. Well,
there wouldn't have been except that I was wearing Ben and that had caused
my lips to be swollen and open. I couldn't stop looking at the hundreds of
dicks. I've never seen so many, of every different shape and size.

It was so natural swimming in the nude and being able to relax doing it.
The last time Jon made me swim with no bottoms on I was so nervous and
excited, but I suppose that that was the chance of being caught. The
water-slides were fun, all that water being forced, at speed against my

On the way home I told Jon that I had really enjoyed myself and asked if
we could go again. Jon told me that we would, and that we would also go on
other Naturist events like walking, camping and holidays to warm places.
This made me really happy and to show it I asked him if I could, then I
leaned over, unzipped him and gave him a blowjob.

Sunday May 31 This day was very quiet, that was because I was tied-up
(literally) for most of the day. After breakfast, Jon told me not to
bother to put a dress on because I wouldn't need it. He told me to 'assume
the position' and I had to wait like that for ages. When he did let me get
up my legs were so numb that I could hardly stand. I had to follow him up
to the 'punishment room', and lay spread-eagle on the bed. I was then tied
to each corner using thick cotton rope. After that Jon put the ball-gag
and blind-fold on me. At the time I didn't know what he was doing next all
I could feel was the bed bouncing up and down as if he was walking on it.
Then I started to feel something touching my pussy, it was touching me,
then stopped, then again. I had no idea what it was until it stopped
moving, then rested just touching me.

The bouncing on the bed stopped, then I realised what it was, just as
soon as Jon switched it on. It was a vibe. Jon had suspended it from the
ceiling and it was just touching my pussy AND vibrating. The next things
that I heard were the bedroom door closing, then Jon's car engine start, so
I presumed that he had gone out and left me.

After about 10 minutes I started to get a bit excited and wet. As I
started to get higher I was getting really frustrated, I could feel the
vibe but it was outside me. I wanted it in me and there was nothing I
could do. I tried to shuffle my body as much as I could but with it being
suspended it just moved as I did. I was getting desperate for it and I
could do nothing.

This was worse than getting spanked or even the cane. Eventually I
came, and came again. The next thing I remember was Jon opening the door
and untying me. I just grabbed the vibe and pushed it right in. The
relief was fantastic. As I got off the bed I noticed a big wet patch on
the bed where my butt had been. I guess my juices really had been flowing.
That night Jon took me to a quiet country pub and bought me too many
drinks. By the time it was getting to closing time I was a little drunk
and Jon had to help me walk out. I haven't a clue if any of the other
customers saw my bum or pussy, I just wasn't thinking and I can't remember.
Week commencing June 1 A quiet week, starting with a headache. Nothing
special happened, and I spent a fair bit of time on Jon's PC bringing this
journal up to date.

Saturday June 6 Jon seems determined to get me fit and Jon took me for
another bike ride. This time though, I had to use the other bike, the one
with a hole in the saddle. I didn't know what the hole was for - until
then, but knowing Jon as I have learned to, I should have guessed. Just
before we set off Jon got the butt plug and pushed it up through the hole.
Jon then told me to make sure that it was in my vagina when I got on. We
set off and I just hoped that I didn't have to get off in a hurry.

We cycled out of the suburbs and into the country. The saddle was a bit
painful to start with but after a while (and my juices had stated to flow),
I started to enjoy it and really started peddling fast. Jon told me to
slow down before I got too tired to ride home. We stopped at a pub for
some lunch before cycling home.

There was quite a 'plop' as I got off the bike and I got a few funny
looks and smiles from the locals while we were having lunch on a table
outside. By the time I got home I was really desperate for it and pleaded
with Jon to fuck me while we were still in the garage. He did, then told
me to go and sit on the fence at the bottom of the garden for 30 minutes as
a punishment for being so persistent with my pleading. Oh, forgot to say
that I took my dress off in the garage before he fucked me so I was in the
nude. I got a splinter in my butt while sat on the fence, and had to ask
Jon to remove it. You should have seen him laugh.

Sunday June 7 Jon thought that we would go to a swimming pool somewhere
different today so we drove to a small town towards Birmingham. We went to
the sauna first, and that had separate changing rooms. Jon told me to wear
just a towel and meet him out the other end of the changing rooms. When I
got there, there was a big room with a relaxation area at one end and a
small workout area at the other end. When Jon came out we went into the
large sauna and sat on one of the benches.

There was one other couple in there to start off with but shortly
afterwards a group of 5 teenagers (3 boys and 2 girls) came in. The
teenagers all wore swimming costumes but the other couple looked as if they
just had towels on. Everyone sat in silence until I whispered to Jon that
my feet were cold. As I was sat at one end of a bench and there was still
lots of room Jon told me to lift my legs up, turn sideways, and put my feet
on the bench. This left me with my knees bent and my feet near my butt. I
thought about what I might be showing, but Jon was the next person along
the bench so someone would have to lean over him if they wanted to look
between my legs.

The teenagers started talking about their previous night in the pub and
I stopped listening. I was looking at Jon and thinking that this was
different to our previous weekends swimming, when I realised that one of
the teenage boys on the bench opposite was whispering to one of his mates.
He in turn whispered to the other boy and they kept glancing over towards
me. At first I didn't take any notice of them, but then I realised that
they were diagonally opposite me, and although they couldn't see my pussy by looking between my legs, they could see it by looking between my thigh
and ankle.

I decided not to notice and whispered to Jon to tell him what was going
on. He whispered that he knew and that the teenage girls, who were
opposite him, were trying to look up his towel. With that, he turned his
head towards me and opened his knees. I was looking at one of the girls and her eyes opened wide. I wanted to get a better reaction from the boys so I 'shuffled down' a bit, giving them a better view. After a few more
minutes the heat was getting too much for me and I asked Jon if we could
get out.

We went round the back of the sauna where there are a couple of showers
facing each other, both with tatty old curtains. We both had a shower and
I noticed that Jon had a semi erection. Just as I was about to turn the
shower off the other couple that had been in the sauna came round the
corner and could clearly see both of us. I smiled at them, turned the
shower off, and put my towel round me, and then looked at Jon. He had just
turned his shower off and pulled what was left of the curtain back to be
confronted by the woman who was looking down at his semi. No one said
anything and Jon wrapped his towel round his waist and we went into the
relaxation area.

We got a drink of water, and went and lay on 2 of the 'sun' loungers.
There was no one else there but there were some newspapers so Jon threw one
to me. We were both laid there with papers on our bent up knees that
weren't together when the teenagers came in and sat on the other beds
talking. I could see from the corner of my eye that they were all quickly
glancing over to us, then back, but none of them said anything to, or about
us, so I didn't move. I looked up at Jon once, his knees were about a foot
apart so he must have been showing as much as me.

After about 5 minutes Jon put his paper down and said, "come on, we're
going for a swim." "Grab your clothes and meet me at the entrance to the
changing rooms." As I went into the Ladies changing room I stopped after
going through the door, and held it open a bit. I could hear the teenagers
saying things like "did you see that?" "They didn't have any pubic hair"
and "he had an erection". One of the boys said, "did you see the size of
her clit?" This made me pleased and I let go of the door, collected my
things from the locker and went to meet Jon.

Back in the corridor I noticed a door that had a sign on it 'Swimmers
Changing Room'. We both went in, it was one big room with about a dozen
changing cubicles and 3 small rooms off the main room. These 3 rooms were
communal changing rooms that were presumably for school groups during the
week. There were a couple of young girls in one of them and Jon told me to
follow him into that one. Just as we went in the girls closed their
lockers and went out.

Jon told me to put my white bikini on while he put his brief costume on.
We went into the pool and swam around and used the little slide a few
times. There weren't many people there and no one took any notice of the
fact that my bikini was virtually transparent, and that my pussy lips were
having trouble staying covered. Jon did pin me against the side once and
finger- fucked me for a while. I didn't quite have an orgasm, but I was
close. While Jon was doing that I was wanking him and I managed to get him
to cum. There was a young pool attendant wandering around keeping an eye
on the swimmers, but he never even glanced at me when I walked passed him
to use the slide. I think he might have been gay.

When we went to get changed there were 3 boys of about 12 or 13 there
just starting to get dressed. Jon whispered to me to give them a show so
took my bikini off, faced them and slowly stated drying myself, taking my
time drying my hair. All this time they were really taking their time
packing their bags and looking at me. When I had finished my hair I looked
at them and said, "what are you looking at, haven't you seen a naked woman

Only one of them managed to open his mouth and say "Nnnnnoooooo." With
that I walked up to them, put one leg on the bench and said, "go on then,
have a good look." They looked at each other then moved closer to me. They
even bent down to have a close look at my pussy. All this time Jon was
stood at the door to make sure that no one else came into the room. I said
to the boys "go on, you can touch me there" so they did. One of them was
even brave enough to push his finger in me. After a minute or so Jon said
that there was someone coming and the boys hurriedly picked up their bags
and left.

Jon had just said that to get rid of the boys and then told me to go and
take a shower. Not wishing to argue that I had just dried myself, I
grabbed my towel and went to the showers. These were cubicles with doors
on. I shut the door but didn't lock it, hung my towel on the back of the
door and turned the shower on. After a couple of minutes the door suddenly
opened and a middle-aged man started to come in. I turned to look what the
noise was and we both stood there facing each other. I didn't attempt to
cover myself and the man looked me up and down, said he was sorry, and
left. When I got back to the changing room Jon was there waiting.

As I was drying my hair the 2 teenage girls from the sauna came in and
saw me. I don't think they saw Jon because they started taking their
swimsuit off and drying themselves. One of them kept glancing at me as I
faced them naked, drying my hair. Jon must have moved slightly or
something, because one of them suddenly jumped and grabbed for her towel
and said to her friend "there's a man over there." The second towel came
out quickly. Jon then told me that he would wait for me outside, and left.
I finished drying myself with the 2 girls watching me as they got
dressed. Once dry I got my Ben Wa balls from my bag, rolled them in my
hands to warm them, then put one leg on the bench and put them in me. The
look on the girl's faces was a picture. It didn't change when I put just
my dress on and walked out.

Week commencing June 8 Nothing much happened early in the week but Jon
came home from work at lunchtime on the Friday and said that we were going
camping for the weekend. I had never been camping before and had never
been in the girl Guides so I had no idea what was involved. We packed the
car and set off. We drove to a campsite just outside Blackpool and we put
the tent up and unloaded the car.

After that, we walked to the nearest pub for a drink. This was full of
teenagers and I felt a bit 'old' being there. No one seemed to notice my
short dress and un-crossed legs. I suppose that was because there were
dozens of young girls there, most of them with skirts just as short or even
shorter than mine. Back at the campsite I made some coffee and we went to
bed. There was only one sleeping bag, a double, so I climbed in with Jon
and snuggled-up to keep us warm. Jon's hands started wandering, and it
wasn't long before we were fucking.

Saturday June 13 I woke up early, probably the hard ground and started
licking and sucking Jon's dick. I wanted him to wake up feeling good. It
didn't take long for him to get a hard-on but I couldn't get him to cum. I
had to climb on top and 'ride' him for ages before he would cum and then
open his eyes. I think that he had been awake for a while but he didn't
say anything.

When it came to getting up Jon sent me to the Shower Block wearing just
a towel. A group of lads whistled at me, and said a few things like "Can I
dry my hands on your towel please?" and "She can share my sleeping bag
anytime," but I didn't respond.

In the Shower Block the showers weren't working and I had to have a good
wash in a sink. To do that I took the towel off and stood there in the
nude whilst washing with a face cloth. While doing that 3 women came in to
get washed, 1 of them totally ignored me, but the other 2 took every
opportunity to stare at me, so I made a big deal of washing my breasts and
pussy. I put one leg on the sink, spreading my pussy as I did so, and
slowly washed every nook and cranny. The 2 women had a really good look
and only left when I wrapped the towel round me.

Back at the tent I put a dress on and started cooking breakfast while
Jon went and got washed. I was a bit jealous when he told me the men's
showers were working and thought about using them that night. I hadn't
thought about it before but when you're camping, all the cooking is done
near the ground so I was squatting down most of the time. The young lads
in the next tent took a long time to get ready to leave for the day. I
have to say that I didn't do anything to discourage them, on the contrary,
I kept doing things between my legs when I was squatted down.

After breakfast Jon decided that we would go to the Fun Fair for the
day. I had a great time, especially the rides where we went fast through
the air. My dress kept flying up in the air and I was enjoying every
minute of it. There was a place there which was full of mirrors that made
you look funny shapes, and one with that picture of Marilyn Monroe with the
wind blowing her white dress up next to it. I didn't see the relevance of
that till I stood in front of it and a fan suddenly started. My dress was
a relatively lose full one, and before I knew it, it was up round my
armpits. I just reacted and pulled it down and held it to my sides. Jon
told me that that action would cost me.

He told me that I had to walk back in front of the mirror when the next
2 groups of people came round the corner. I wasn't to do anything with my
arms, but count to 5, and then walk off the fan and let my dress fall down
on its own. Well, the first group was couple in their late teens. The boy just stopped and smiled and the girl gasped and then stared. The second
group was a middle-aged couple with 2 sons about 12 or 13. When the boys saw me they sniggered and pointed to me. The parents didn't see me until
it was nearly too late and I don't think it had time to register with them.
Well there wasn't any reaction at all.

When we got back to the campsite I cooked us some food and then told Jon
I was going for a shower. This time I wasn't going to miss out and went to
the men's showers. There was no one in there when I went in so I went into
the shower cubicle and started my shower. The cubicles were very small and
the coat hooks were outside so I had to leave my towel out there. To make
sure that anyone who came in knew that I was there I started singing. When
the water stopped I just opened the door and stepped out not knowing if
there was anyone there or not. There was, 2 of the young men that had been
making silly remarks that morning. I just ignored them, slowly drying
myself. That didn't stop them watching my every move, and making a few
more remarks.

We walked to the pub at the end of the road that night, and we both had
a 4 pints of lager. I had a few people give me looks of either disapproval
or delight as I sat there with short skirt and un-crossed legs. We had one
game of Pool near closing time and I know that 2 or 3 people got a good
look at my butt. I didn't care because Pool is one game that I was good
at. Back in Wales we played a lot in the pubs, there was nothing else to
do. I was leading for most of the game, but decided that I had better let
Jon win so I deliberately missed a ball.

Back in the tent I took the initiative and climbed on Jon as soon as he
got into the sleeping bag.

Sometime in the middle of the night I needed a pee and climbed out of
the tent without putting a dress on. I just went behind the tent, squatted
down, and let rip. As I was about to get up I noticed a youth get out of
the next tent, go round the back and have a pee. He had no clothes on
either. I waited until he was in full flow then got up and walked round
the front. He didn't hear me until I was next to him and I said, "nice out
tonight isn't it?" I didn't wait for an answer and didn't get one, I think
he was too embarrassed.

Sunday June 14 Next morning I had similar fun with the shower, only
there were more men in there. As I came out of the cubicle there were 2
men having a pee and another getting washed. That one said that I should
be in the ladies next door. I just said that the showers in there were not
working and carried on getting dried. I think that one of the men having a
pee was a bit flustered because when he turned round he had a wet patch on
his trousers, he'd peed on himself.

After breakfast we went for a walk, I think that it was for Jon to
walk-off his hangover. After that, we packed the car and headed for home.
On the way, we pulled off the Motorway and had a pub Sunday Lunch at a posh

Week commencing June 15 Nothing special except for one of the young lads
in Tesco staring at me as I leaned over the freezers, and followed me
around the rest of the store.

Saturday June 20 We went into town in the morning, and Jon bought a new
suit, but nothing for me. In the afternoon Jon told me to pack my white
bikini, a pair of his briefs and a couple of towels. We drove North to a
sports centre in a large village somewhere or other.

There was a small swimming pool, a sauna and spa, a football pitch, and
a cricket pitch. We went to the sauna and spa. It was quite small and
grotty with only one changing room with no door. One side of the changing
room was an outside wall made of wood. The whole place looked at least 30
years old and it looked as if it hadn't had any repairs or decorating for
10 years. The wooden ouside wall was going rotten and had a couple of
holes about the size of my fist through the rotten wood at the bottom.

I took my dress off, and was about to put my bikini on, when Jon said,
"don't bother with that, there's no one else here and not likely to be." We
both walked nude into the sauna and lay on the benches. After about 10
minutes a couple of girls about 14 came into the room. They had their
swimsuits on and had obviously come from the swimming pool to have a look.
They saw us and then went round the back. I could hear them talking to
each other. One was saying that she had been in a sauna on holiday in
Spain where people didn't wear anything and she asked the other girl if
they should take their costumes off and come in. After a bit of debate
they chickened-out and left.

After a while, we went out and into the spa. Just as we had
settled-down up to our necks in bubbles, 2 women about my age came in and
went and got changed. They came out of the changing room wearing bikinis
which was a disappointment. They climbed into the spa which meant that it
was full. After a while, the bubbles stopped and the water cleared. I
could see Jon's dick, so I assume that the women could as well, but neither
of them reacted. The bubbles started again, and when they stopped again
Jon told me that we were going back into the sauna. We both got out and
walked into the sauna. I could hear one of the women say that she didn't
know that the place was a clothing optional place. The other woman said
that she didn't either and that they should come into the sauna to have
another look.

Jon smiled and I could see his dick swell a little. We were laid on the
bottom bench when they came in and sat on the top bench. They kept looking
at us, particularly Jon who by then had a semi and when Jon caught their
eye they smiled back, but said nothing. After a while we went back into
the spa and I sat on Jon's lap while he fucked me. Fortunately, or
unfortunately, the 2 women didn't come out of the sauna until after he had
cum and I had climbed off. They joined us in the spa for one more session
of bubbles before leaving carrying their clothes. I presumed that they
were going for a swim.

When we went to get changed we could hear voices and Jon looked out of
one of the holes in the wall. There was a game of cricket going on and
there were a few kids just on the other side of the wall. As I was drying
myself I noticed that the beam of sunlight through one of the holes had
gone. I looked over to the hole and saw an eye looking in. We were both
still naked at that point and when I whispered to Jon he told me to sit
opposite the hole with my legs open and to play with myself. Jon carefully
looked out of another one of the holes and saw a boy and a girl of about 11
or 12 taking it in turns to look in. Jon came and sat next to me, opened
his legs and got me to use my other hand to wank him. I kept this up until
I came, he had already cum and I finished myself off with 2 hands. All the
time I kept looking at the hole and kept seeing the eyes change. As soon
as I had finished Jon told me to get dressed, we were leaving.

Sunday June 21 I dropped a plate when I was doing the washing-up after
breakfast and Jon immediately put me over his knee, and gave me 20 slaps.
Again, after each slap I had to count them and then say "Thank you Master."
After that we went to the Gym and I wore my white shorts and top. There
was one young man there who obviously wasn't taking his workout too
seriously as he kept looking at me. That made my nipples very hard which
made him look even more. The exercise bike was enjoyable again. After the
Gym we went into the swimming pool, me in my white bikini and Jon in a semi
see-through pair of briefs. We only did a couple of lengths before Jon
said it was time to go. Jon didn't even want me to try to excite any of
the men there, which was a bit of a disappointment. As soon as we got home
Jon said he had to go out and didn't return until late that evening.

Week commencing June 22 On the Wednesday a lorry reversed into out
driveway and a man unloaded some scaffolding. I thought that I had better
not answer the door without any clothes on and put a dress on before
signing for the delivery. Jon hadn't told me that that they were coming
and I had no idea what they were for. That night Jon had me carry them
round the back of the house.

Saturday June 27 After breakfast, Jon told me to help him with the
scaffolding poles. We built what was a bit like a big bed but about 10
foot long and six foot wide; but there were only 2 cross members and one
missing from one of the ends. Jon then put some padding that looked a bit
like some of the insulation that plumbers put on pipes, but bigger, on the
2 cross members. He then finished-off by adding some straps that looked
like car seat belts, from side to side, across the top.

At the time, I had no idea what it was for, but I found-out later.
After lunch Jon told me to go and cover my whole body with sun protection
cream and then come outside, minus the dress that I was wearing. He then
told me to walk to the middle of the 'bed' and bend over the middle bar and
grab the top bar. He then proceeded to tie my wrists to the top corners
and put one of the straps under my forehead and another under my chest,
just below my breasts. I then had to lift my legs one at a time while he
tied my ankles to each of the bottom corners.

This left me looking as if I was laying face down on a bed about 3 feet
above the ground. The only problem was that the only things between me and
the ground were a bar under my waist and 2 straps under my chest and my
forehead. This left my pussy easily available for him to just walk in from
the bottom of the 'bed' and do whatever he liked. In a way, it was quite

Jon did take advantage of my position and gave me a right good humping;
and I couldn't even see him. Later that day he released me and then tied
me back on, but facing the sky and humped me again. As soon as he had
finished he put a butt plug in my hole and told me to keep it in until I
went to bed that night. This left me full of his sperm. We went to the
pub that night and it was quite uncomfortable; and I'm sure that one or two
people caught a glimpse of the plug.

Sunday June 28 As it was a warm day Jon decided that we would go for a
walk in this large park. Quite a nice place really, with hills, wooded
area, a small lake, acres of grass, and a golf course. I had to wear the
dungaree dress which, when I was just stood there, felt as if I had nothing
on. The straps were on my shoulders and the front rested on the tops of my
breasts, but apart from that there was no other body contact and when I
looked down at the sides of my waist I could see right down the inside to
the ground.

We walked for ages, enjoying the warm weather and ended-up in the wooded
area. This had some open areas in it with grass and picnic tables. There
was an out of the way little grassed area and Jon decided that we could
improve our all-over tan. After we had been laying there for awhile I fell
asleep and the next thing I knew there was a couple of teenage boys riding
their bikes straight at me. They managed to miss me and disappeared into
the trees. I stood up and looked for Jon, but couldn't see him. I put my
dress on and went and sat at the picnic table and waited. I didn't have to
wait long before he came out of the trees fastening his zip.

We went home, covered ourselves with sun tan lotion and spent the
afternoon sunbathing in the back garden. Jon told me to keep my legs wide
open so that the insides of my legs didn't stay white.

Week commencing June 29 Jon went away on the Tuesday morning, and didn't
come home until the Friday evening. Nothing interesting happened that
week, even the trip to the supermarket was boring.

Saturday July 4 I didn't see much of Jon all that day, he was working on
his PC most of the time. When I asked him what he was doing, he said that
he was 'Surfing the Net.' I hadn't a clue what he was talking about and
asked him to explain. He wouldn't, saying that he was too busy at the
moment, and that he would some other time.

Sunday July 5 Jon added an extra bit to the scaffolding frame today.
This was to the 'open' end, and consisted of 2 uprights with a bar across
the top. After he had finished he told me to get the wrist and ankle
straps, some rope and a stool from the kitchen for him. I had to put the
wrist and ankle straps on then stand on the stool. Jon then tied my wrist
to each corner of the top bar, but left enough slack for me to hold the top
bar. He then removed the stool which left me hanging there, and then he
tied my ankles to the bottom corners. This left me spread-eagle hanging

I didn't know how long I could hang on, especially when Jon started
flicking my clit. After a while my strength gave and I slipped off so I
was hanging by my wrists. I thought that it would be agony but it wasn't
too bad. I survived for ages before pleading with Jon to let me down. I
think that the time I was hanging like that was extended by the fact that
Jon was playing with me with a vibrator and his fingers and tongue. A good
orgasm or two takes your mind off pain.

Jon really made me plead for a long time before he let me down and
during that time he took some photographs of me. When he started with the
camera I said that he would have trouble finding someone to develop the
pictures but he said that that wouldn't be a problem. When I was released
he showed my why.

He plugged a lead into the camera and the other end into his PC. In no
time at all there was me, naked on his PC Monitor. That was new for me and
I asked him to explain how it all worked. Jon is very good at explaining
things about computers in simple every day words and I think I understood
what he was saying. He also explained what the Internet is and some of the
things that you can do on it. He connected the PC to the Internet and
connected to one of the 'chat' lines. I asked him if I could use the
Internet while he was at work but he said that it was very addictive and
that long telephone calls during the weekdays are expensive. He also
reminded me that he got itemised telephone bills. Other than that I could
experiment with it and teach myself as much as I liked. I stayed playing
with the PC for a while and before I knew it, it was time for bed.

Week commencing July 6 I took a few photos of myself and loaded them
into the PC on the Monday and Tuesday. It was strange zooming in on
pictures of my own pussy, especially the ones where I held my lips open. I
frigged myself to an orgasm just looking at the photos. The rest of the
week was quite boring, I didn't even manage to get anyone watching me lean
over the freezers in Tesco.

Saturday July 11 While in town that day, Jon and me searched all over
for a theatrical shop. He didn't tell me why until we found one and Jon
bought a large tin of black body paint. We then went all round the clothes
shops (except the one that Kelly worked in - for some strange reason) and
eventually found the dress that Jon was looking for. It was made out of a
black sort of lacy net and was very see-through. I then realised what the
body paint was for.

We went to a pub in town that night (wearing my white lycra dress, not
the new lacy net one) and while we were there Jon saw an advert for bar
staff on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and asked me if I fancied
the job. I thought about it for a minute and said that it could be okay,
especially as the girls didn't wear uniforms and were all quite young.

I didn't get anyone looking at me or trying to grope me when I went to
the toilet that night. It was a bit disappointing in a way, but I suppose
it was because most of the women in the pub were a lot younger than me, and
the all wore skirts just as short, if not shorter than mine.

Sunday July 12 Just to prove that Jon isn't always predictable, after
breakfast, Jon painted a pair of shorts and a top on me, wrapped some
polythene round me and we went to the university sports field. The
students had left for the summer and the place was deserted. We parked
right at one end of the car park which was close to the running track, got
out and started jogging round the running circuit.

Jon was all right in his shorts and vest but I felt very exposed. Jon
said that you couldn't tell the difference from a distance of about 20 foot
away, but any closer than that and you could start to see that there were
no joins in the material and you could see my crack. We did about 5
circuits and then another car came into the car park and a couple of men got out. They did some warming-up exercises well a way from the track then
started jogging towards us.

My heart was pounding to start with but when they came towards the track
it went into over- drive. I thought that I might get away with it, just so
long as they didn't come up behind us, or go the opposite way round. When
they did start jogging round the opposite way to us I said to Jon "that's
it, they are going to notice." Jon just told me to keep my cool and act as
if they weren't there. Fortunately they were running in the outside lane
and we were on the inside, and when they went passed the first time they
just glanced at us and said, "good morning."

The second time round, one of them looked at me for a long time, and I'm
sure that he was trying to decide on what he had seen. Before the third
time, we pulled off the track, and stopped near the car. Jon told me to do
some stretching exercises on the grass, and 'supervised' while I did all
sorts of aerobic type exercises.

Other people started arriving and one carload even parked close to Jon's
car. The 3 girls in it got out, took their track suites off and walked
passed us within 6 feet; but didn't even look at me. I was both relieved
and disappointed, I don't know what I would have done if they had said
anything. We kept the 'aerobics' up for about 5 more minutes then headed
for home.

Being naked in a place like that with all those people being so close
had really turned me on. On the way back home I pleaded with Jon to give
me some relief,but he refused saying that he didn't want to risk getting
black paint all over him and that I mustn't do anything myself until we got
home and I'd had a shower.

Once I'd done that, he restrained (that's the word that Jon says I have
to use) me on the scaffolding in the back garden. He strapped me in and
fingered me until I was about to cum then left me for about 30 minutes.
Then he did the same again and again. By the time I eventually came I was
so desperate for it that the neighbours must have wondered if there was a
noisy party going on or someone was getting attacked.

I asked Jon to show me how to get onto the Internet again and we spent
about an hour 'talking' to someone called Emma16 all about exhibitionism
and dares. She gave Jon a few ideas and I think that we gave her some.
She couldn't make up her mind about having a 'Master' and said that she
would have to think about it. We exchanged e-mail addresses so I might
write to her.

Week commencing July 13 I had a quiet week, with nothing really
happening, except that I genuinely forgot to cover-up when I answered the
door to the postman on the Thursday morning. You should have seen his

Saturday July 18 At breakfast I talked to Jon about me having to shave
every day. I explained to him that I wanted to be smooth for him and that
I knew about other ways of getting that way. Electrolysis was the obvious
way because it was permanent, but those machines cost a lot of money and
you need to have a needle stuck on each hair follicle at least once,
sometimes 6 or 7 times. It would take weeks and you had to let the hair
grow before you could start.

Another way, I explained, was wax strips. These also required a few
days growth of hair but were very quick. The only problem was that I
didn't know if I could stand the pain of having it done to my labia. Jon
said that I should make enquiries about electrolysis machines but not to
shave until Wednesday and to get a supply of wax strips. He also told me
that I was going to get my head haircut that morning, and that it was going
to be short. In fact I was to get a 'short back and sides', just like a

When we went to the hairdressers it brought back lots of memories. Some
were good but they were all very dull compared with my new life. As I sat
there watching the girl cut off my long almost blond hair, I thought about
the last couple of months how I had changed from a boring, dull person, to
someone with confidence. Someone who now liked her body and wasn't ashamed
to show it. I had to give Jon the credit for that, his dominance was what
I needed. The girl brought me back to reality asking me how short I wanted
it. I looked round and saw a man whose hair was no longer than an inch,
and I said, "like him." As we left the hairdressers Jon smiled at me and
said that with the right clothes and walk I could get away with pretending
to be a boy. I didn't 't know whether to take that as a compliment or not.
Sunday July 19 A quiet day really, Jon took me to the chinese restaurant
for lunch, and I had to wear my white lycra dress. Jon decided that he
thought that I had had enough exercise for the weekend, and that we
wouldn't be going to the Gym. Beginning to get used to my new hairstyle.

. continued in Part 3 .


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