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Vanessa's New Life 05


This is part 5 of my Journal. I started writing it when I made a bold
decision to change my life. I left my dull existence in North Wales and
went to work as a Housekeeper for a man in the East Midlands of
England. It is a decision that I will never regret. I have never been so
happy and never had so much pleasure.

Saturday August 8
I woke up a couple of hours later to the smell of bacon cooking and the
pleasure of Vicky playing with my clit. I opened my legs a bit wider and
Vicky said just "make the most of it girl." I didn't get much chance to
because Jon came in and told us that breakfast was ready. Thank god
for freezers.

We eat breakfast on the patio, still naked and enjoying the unusual
British sunshine. It was nearly as warm as it had been in Ibiza. Vicky
said that it seemed strange being naked outside in England, that she
had never even thought about doing it, but that she was getting to
enjoy being naked anyway.

After a few minutes she said that she was puzzled by the scaffolding,
and asked what it was. Jon said that he would show her after we had
finished breakfast. I cleared up and Jon told me to get the ropes. It
wasn't long before Vicky realised what it was and remembered that I
had told her about it. Jon asked her if she wanted to try it and when she
said, "yes please," he helped her get onto it laying face up while I got
the ropes. As we tied her on she said that she was a bit nervous about
being so helplessly tied up, but it was me that re-assured her by saying
that Jon wouldn't let us come to any harm. Pleasure yes, but no harm.
After tying her firmly in place, Jon told me to get a stool and proceeded
to attach my wrists to the top bar facing Vicky. He then moved the stool
and tied my ankles to each upright. I looked at Vicky who was straining
to see what was happening to me.

Jon took his belt off and gave me 5 strokes on my butt. The first I knew
of what was happening was when the first one landed. Automatically I
said, "One - thank you Master" and wondered what I was being
punished for. It was only afterward that Jon told me it was because it
wasn't me that had cooked breakfast, Saturday wasn't my day off so it
should have been me.

Jon asked Vicky if she wanted to try being spanked. She told us that she
was worried that she couldn't take the pain but the idea did excite her a
little. Jon told her that he would spank her, but wasn't sure when. And
just to 'help' matters he put a blindfold on her and started cracking his
belt on the scaffolding poles. Each time one landed Vicky jumped a little
(not that she could move far). I could tell that the anticipation was
turning her on because I could see her pussy lips swelling and opening a
little. I could also see her juices starting to sparkle in the sunlight. Jon
was obviously having a bit of fun with us because he then untied us and
told me to go inside and up to the punishment room. He also asked
Vicky if she would like to join us. I guess that she did because she ran
upstairs long before Jon and me.

Jon restrained her by tying her wrists to the top corners of the bed then
bent her body double and tied her ankles to the same top corners. Her
butt was up in the air with her legs apart and her still hairy pussy
smiling at us. Jon told me to sit on a chair in the corner so that Vicky
could see me and I was to masturbate when he started caning Vicky.

After flexing the cane and swishing it through the air a couple of times,
he landed the first stroke. Vicky screamed loudly and I started. I did the
counting for Jon. After the second and another loud scream, Jon decided
that he has better gag Vicky and he put the ball gag on her. She
struggled a bit as he put it on but it didn't stop him. After the third I
could see tears running down the side of her face and the red wheals on
her ass.

Jon moved so that he could get her from a different angle. I recognised
the position; he was going to see that the end of the cane caught her
pussy and maybe her clit. The fingers of my right hand were working
hard and it wouldn't be long before I was cumming. Jon's a good shot
with the cane and the expression on Vicky's face told me that the fourth
stroke was on, if not very close to his target. When the fifth stroke
landed her orgasm was unmistakable. Her entire body spasmed, her
widespread legs quivered uncontrollably and her hips undulated up and
down as wave after wave of agony and joy coursed through her ravaged
body. It took her the best part of ten minutes to come down from her
pain-induced high. She remained almost motionless throughout the
orgasm, save for an occasional "twitch" of her thighs or abdomen as the
after-shocks diminished in intensity.

I had cum just as the fourth stroke landed and after the fifth both Jon
and me just watched her. It was amazing, I don't think I have ever cum
with an intensity like that. I stood up and went over to her. She was
covered in sweat. The skin on her butt wasn't broken but the red marks
were glowing, and you should have seen her pussy. The lips were
swollen to about three times their normal size and her clit was twice as
big as normal. Her juices were running both over her ass hole and down
her back and down onto her belly. Jon untied the ball gag and she let
out a big sigh.

When Jon untied her ankles and wrists her legs came down onto the bed
and she gasped, but didn't move. It was a good 5 minutes before she
got onto her feet and finally said, "Wow, that was amazing, I've NEVER
had an orgasm like that. It was fantastic. My ass hurts like hell and I
need some cold water but the pain was / is nothing when you think
about the pleasure it brought."

"You want some more then?" Jon said. "Not right now." Vicky replied.
After a long, slow, cool bath, Vicky joined us downstairs. She didn't want
to sit down but kept pacing up and down. Finally she said, "I don't
understand what just happened. On the one hand I wanted to
experience some bondage and corporal punishment and I never
expected it to hurt so much. On the other hand I was a little 'excited' at
the thought but I never expected to find it such a turn-on. I have never
ever had such a strong and deep orgasm. It was amazing. I just don't
understand why, what's the link between the pain and pleasure?" Jon
told her that he also couldn't explain it, but it's there and well

Then he asked me what I thought. Well what could I say, I don't
understand a lot of things so I just said, "Who needs to understand it, it
works for me, though I've never had an orgasm like you did." Then I
asked Jon if he thought that some more pain would make me cum like
that. "Well try that some time," he said before turning to Vicky and
asking her what she was thinking. She said, "I can't explain it, and it's
not logical, but I want you to give me more.

I will do anything just as long as you promise to do that to me again." It
was getting late in the afternoon and Jon decided that he was hungry.
He sent Vicky and me to the chinese for a take-away. We each put just
a dress on and took Jon's car, Vicky getting in very carefully. The
Chinese had long benches for customers to wait on and they were
covered in plastic. Vicky kept standing up, moving along, lifting her
dress up a little and sitting down again so that her bare bum sat on cold
plastic. "Still on fire?" I asked her. I haven't a clue what the young
Chinese girl behind the counter was thinking. Jon decided to take us to
a quiet country pub that evening and nothing interesting happened. I
think that we were all a little tired and when we got home we went
straight to bed.

Sunday August 9
I woke up next to Vicky in the 'spoon' position with my right hand
cupping one of her breasts.
I could hear Jon moving around so I thought that I had better get up
and get breakfast ready.

As I walked to the bathroom Jon walked out of his bedroom and grabbed
my pubes. "Think you had better have a shave today girl" he said. Just
as he started to go down stairs he turned and said, "I've got a better
idea, wake Vicky up and get the shaving things into the punishment
room. You can shave me, then yourself, then Vicky." "Yes Master" I

I didn't tell Vicky that she was going to be shaved. She sat silently as I
started on Jon. It wasn't long before he got an erection and
unfortunately I nicked the skin on his balls. "Twenty strokes with the
tawse for that later" he said. I finished off and cleaned the shaving
cream off with a damp cloth. The bleeding had nearly stopped and he
told me to get on with myself.
Vicky still sat silently as I got into every little nook and cranny and made
sure that I had got every little hair. I was getting a little moist by the
time I had finished.

When I turned to Vicky and told her that it was her turn she said, "but
I've never shaved before, and what will my flat mates say when they
see me?" Jon told her that there's a first time for everything and so
what if her flat mates do see her, she could tell them that it's the 'new'
Vicky and that they should try it. "In fact" he said, "make sure that they
do see you, and walk around naked whenever you can."

"I'll have to think about that one" she said, but she didn't object when I
asked her to lay on the bed with her legs wide open. I did a little but of
trimming with the scissors and then started with the razor. Vicky kept
telling me to be careful but it wasn't a problem, I've had plenty of
practice shaving my pussy so I knew where I had to be extra careful.
What was a problem was the fact that Jon still had his erection and he
was stood behind me as I was bending over the bed to get at Vicky.

The inevitable happened and just after I had told Vicky that she was in
safe hands those hands were bouncing about as Jon thrust in and out of
me. I managed to avoid cutting her and I have to admit that my finger
did 'slip' inside her at one point. Jon didn't last long before he came with
one final hard thrust that nearly sent me across the bed on top of Vicky.
After that he went and had a shower while I finished Vicky off - in more
ways than one.

I got breakfast ready while Vicky was in the shower. After breakfast
Vicky asked Jon if he would take her home as she had a few things to
take care of before going back to work. On the way Vicky said that it felt
strange without pubic hair, then immediately asked if she could come
and visit us again soon. Jon said, "OK, but there are 2 conditions, firstly
you arrive with no clothes, other than short dresses and shoes (unless
otherwise directed), and secondly when here you will obey my every
command without question, you will follow the same rules as Vanessa.
Is that understood and agreed?" After a pregnant pause Vicky said, "OK,
I agree."

We dropped Vicky off outside her flat which was in a big terraced house
in the centre of Nottingham. She had to climb up about a dozen steps to
get to the front door and I could see her butt up her short dress. As we
drove back Jon told me to stick my feet up on the dashboard with my
legs apart and to play with myself but to stop before cumming.

Back home Jon told me that it was time for me to receive my
punishment and told me to strip then go and bend over the scaffolding
frame. It must have been 30 minutes before he came out to me by
which time I was starting to get aroused with the anticipation. My legs
were already apart waiting in the position that Jon liked and although I
could hear him come outside I wasn't expecting the first stroke so soon
and I involuntarily jumped up - just natural reactions.

Jon wasn't amused and told me that it would cost me another 5 strokes.
We started again and I counted them in the usual way. By the time we
got to 20 I was crying and only just managed to stop myself from
screaming as the last one landed. The tawse maybe about 3 inches
across, but it can hurt nearly as much as the cane. Jon left me out there
still bent over the scaffolding, and as he went in he told me to get
cleaned up when I was ready. In the shower I gave myself the relief that
I needed.

After that, Jon spent the rest of the day going through the mountain of
mail that he had received, both physical and electronic and I hardly saw
much of him.

Week commencing August 10
Monday and Tuesday may have been my days off but I had a lot to do,
so I just got on with it. The weather was very warm all week so I only
wore clothes when I had to go out to the supermarket. I wanted to
show-off my tan so I only wore my short wrap-round skirt and a baggy
crop top. This caused a couple of lads in the supermarket to follow me
around. At the freezer section. I just had to show them how far up my
legs my tan went. After that I decided to wear my Ben Wa balls for the
rest of the day. In fact I kept them in until the Tuesday morning when
my period started.

Thursday evening Vicky rang to ask if she could come over for the
weekend and asked if we could meet her at the bus station on the Friday
evening. Jon said okay but remember the condition that she was to wear
only a dress and shoes and bring nothing with her other than her purse.
By Friday lunchtime I had finally managed to get this journal up to date.
I just hope that I've remembered everything as it happened. Jon tells
me that my keyboard skills have improved tremendously this week.
Since I typed that song on Wednesday I haven't been able to stop
singing it. I just can't get it out of my head.

Friday evening we met Vicky at the bus station and it brought memories
back to me of the first time that I met Jon there, only I think I was a lot
more nervous than Vicky was when we met her.

We went straight to this big pub that used to be a bank. It was still early
and we were able to get a table and some food. Jon asked her how her
week had been and what she had up to. Vicky said that the week had
been very quiet and dull compared to the last few days in Ibiza and then
at our place. Work had been a right drag but it had been a little livelier
on the Thursday, after she had decided to go to work at the building
society without underwear. She said that it had been strange talking to
people and wondering what they would say if they knew what she
wasn't wearing. I then told her all about my short job at the shoe shop
which made us all laugh.

Just as I was finishing the girl arrived with the food and as she was
putting it on the table Jon asked Vicky if she had been shaving every
day, walking around in the nude, and what her flat mates had said
about her shaved pubes. Vicky blushed, I smiled, and the poor girl
serving the food nearly tipped Jon's food on his lap. Vicky waited until
she had gone before saying that it had taken until the Wednesday for
her to pluck up the courage and she had walked from her room through
the lounge to the bathroom when both her flatmates had been there.
Kelly (one of the flatmates) had noticed the lack of pubic hair and asked
what was going on. Apparently, Vicky had then told both Kelly and Liz a
little bit about us and a little bit about the fun that she had had on
holiday with us. She had told them a little bit about her holiday on the
Sunday night, but had not mentioned us until the Wednesday night.
Both had been interested in what she had said and neither of them had
tried to criticise her.

After we had finished the food and had a few more drinks, Jon asked her
to prove that she had nothing on under her dress. When she asked
"How," Jon told us to go to the toilet and swap dresses. "Vanessa would
not lie to me," he said. "Nor would I" said Vicky, and just as we were
about to go, Jon added that we had to do it in the open area near the
sinks, not in a cubicle, and we had to do it as soon as we got in there
and not wait until the place was empty.

When we got in there, there were 2 teenage girls talking and touching
up their makeup. I looked at Vicky and said, "OK let's do it" and we just
lifted our dresses over our heads. The 2 girls just couldn't believe their
eyes and stopped talking and stared at us. I decided to give them
something else to think about and said to them "Our Master just ordered
us to do it." With that Vicky and me swapped dresses, put them on and
walked out. As we were walking back Vicky said, "that told them."

When we got back to Jon I told him what had happened and he said,
"So, Vicky isn't wearing any knickers then." "No Master." I replied.
After that we had another couple of drinks (Jon was on cokes - driving),
before heading for home where Jon asked Vicky if she was ready for
some pleasure. I think that both Vicky and myself were a little drunk
because we both giggled a bit as we took our dresses and shoes off.

Jon told us to "assume the position" and then made us wait like that
while he stripped off and then went and got the tawse. First he told me
to put Vicky over the back of the sofa and give her 20 strokes and then
Vicky had to give me 20. I actually gave Vicky 23 because she didn't
count the first 2 so they didn't count then she jumped up after the 19th
so that didn't count as well.

We both had red bums but there were no wheals like you get when the
cane has been used. After that Jon took us up to the 'punishment' room
and 'restrained' us together. It was certainly different first our own
ankles were tied together then we had to lay facing each other but with
our faces in front of each others pussy. Next we had to bend our knees
and open our legs so that the others head could get between our legs
and our mouths were on the others pussy.

The next bit was more interesting because Jon then tied our hands
behind the others back then tied our thighs together behind the others
head. This meant that we were locked together and couldn't get our
faces far from the others pussy. Neither of us needed any
encouragement for what Jon said next, which was "the one that makes
the other cum first can sleep with me tonight." Well, we both started
licking and sucking. I was glad that Vicky had shaved, I hate getting a
pubic hair in between my teeth or stuck in the back of my throat and
tickling me.

We were both doing our best and I'm sure that we were close. I had
Vicky's juices all over my face and even started gently biting her clit.
Trouble was, the more I went for Vicky the more she went for me. I was
trying to resist cumming by concentrating on giving Vicky everything I
could and trying to ignore the pleasure that Vicky was giving me but you
can only ignore that sort of pleasure for so long and in the end I think
that we came within seconds of each other. Jon decided that it was so
close that he would call it a draw. We were both going to sleep in his
bed. The question was, 'which one of us was he going to fuck?' Jon
untied me and told me to untie Vicky and then follow him into his

As it turned out he didn't fuck either of us, well not with his dick. He had
us get into the bed on either side of him but with our heads at his feet.
He wanted to use his hands on us. He told us not to move while he
started working on me with his right hand. I could see the bed quilt
moving over where Vicky's pussy would be so I presume that she was
getting the same treatment. It was only minutes since Vicky had made
me cum and Jon wouldn't let us clean up before getting into his bed so I
was still very relaxed and wet, in fact my juices were all down the inside
of my legs and I'm sure that I was getting the bed wet as well.

It wasn't long before his fingers were inside me. Gradually he put more
and more fingers into me until it felt like he had all 10 of his fingers in
me but he couldn't have because I could still see the quilt moving over
Vicky's pussy and judging by the expression on her face she was getting
the same treatment as me. I was pleased that I had had the drinks
earlier and was quite relaxed otherwise I'm sure that it would have been
painful. It was a bit, but that pleasurable pain.

After a few very nice minutes Jon said, "Vanessa, you win, I managed to
get my whole fist in you a full 30 seconds before I could get my other
fist into Vicky. Now I want you to wank me until I cum and catch it your
other hand. Then I want you to let it drip into Vicky's mouth before
licking your own hand clean." It didn't take long, presumably because he
had had a hard-on since tying us up and watching us and then playing
with us must have made him close to cumming before I started.
Anyway, I caught just about all his cum and let it drip into Vicky's
mouth. She didn't seem keen at first but as soon as she tasted it she
opened her mouth even wider. I wasn't going to miss out and as soon as
it stated to stop dripping I licked my hand clean.
I went to sleep with Jon's hand still inside me.

Saturday August 15
When I woke up Jon's hand had gone but I was still soaking wet, it
couldn't have been gone for long. I turned and looked at Vicky and then
Jon, they were both still asleep. I lifted the quilt and looked down to see
that Jon had a morning erection and that his left hand was still inside
Vicky. I though that I would take advantage of his erection and slowly
lifted the quilt off us, got up, and slowly squatted down onto him with
one foot in between his legs and the other on his right side.

I held his dick upright and eased myself down on him. I didn't intend to
disturb him but I guess that I should have known that I would because
his right hand suddenly came round my right side and pulled me down
very quickly. The shock and pain of him suddenly being into me 'right up
to the hilt' made me gasp loudly and Vicky woke up. She tried to sit up
but was stopped by Jon's left hand that was still inside her and she
shouted "Ow." "OK Vanessa" Jon said, "now that you've started that
you may as well finish, and I'll punish you later for taking advantage of

As I was going up and down on him I heard a big 'plop' as his left hand
came out of Vicky. She stood up and looked down at her pussy. She
couldn't see that her hole was still gaping wide open and I told her to go
and look in a mirror quick. A few seconds later I heard Vicky say
"Fucking Hell!" She came running back into the bedroom and said, "look
at my pussy, my hole's never been that big before," but Jon and me had
other things on our minds and within seconds Jon was cumming in me.
When he stopped jerking he told me to get off him. I hadn't managed to

I went downstairs and started breakfast while Jon had a shower and got
dressed. After that,Vicky and me had a shower together (and a shave).
While we were there Vicky gave me the relief that I needed. After
breakfast I dressed in Vicky's black leather skirt and a baggy cropped
top while Vicky put on a thin cotton dress but left all the buttons below
her pussy undone. As she walked along I could just make out her bald

Jon decided that we would go shopping in Birmingham. We drove there,
got parked and went to a pub for a drink. Unusually, the warm weather
had lasted reasonably well and it was a warm day. We wandered round
a few shops before deciding to try on a couple of dresses in a little dress
shop a bit off the main shopping area. The shop sold mainly cheesecloth
clothes and I picked a dress that was even baggier than my existing
cheesecloth dress. Vicky chose a short baggy skirt and tank top.

We went into he changing room and within seconds we were naked and
putting the clothes on. When we went out to show Jon the girl assistant
came over and said that we both looked good. Jon wasn't so sure and
told us to try the others clothes on. Vicky turned to go back to the
changing room but Jon stopped her by saying, "get changed here." The
girl looked a little surprised as I lifted my dress over my head, leaving
me naked in the open shop and right in front of her. She stated to say
something but Jon cut her short by saying "It's alright, they're both used
to it." "But what if someone comes in?" the girl said. "So what!" was
Jon's only reply. By that time Vicky was naked too and we were
swapping clothes. Fortunately or unfortunately, no one came into the
shop while we were changing and trying the clothes on and we left
without buying anything. We did however leave the girl assistant
something to thing about as she seemed a little flustered by our antics.

Just down the street was a 'love aids' shop and Jon took us in. It was
the first time that Vicky had been in such a shop, and she was amazed
at what she saw. She kept saying "come and look at this!" or "what are
you supposed to do with this?" Jon bought 2 things, a set of Ben Wa
balls for Vicky and something else that he wouldn't show us, but he
promised to show us later. In the end Jon had to drag Vicky out of
there and she wanted to put Ben to work as soon as she could, but Jon
told her to wait. From there we walked back to the main shopping area
and went into a big department store. Jon wanted to go up all the
escalators and insisted that he went up in front of us. By the time we
had gone up most of them I was sure that we had a little group of men
following us around.

On the way home we stopped at a country pub for some food. With it
still being so warm we sat outside and enjoyed the evening sun. Jon told
me to sit facing the way that everyone came it and with me not being
able to cross my legs I was sure that one or two men going into the pub
saw what I wasn't wearing, but no one said anything or came back for a
second look.

After a couple of drinks Jon went onto soft drinks but Vicky and me
stayed on the white wine. By the time it got dark and we left, us 2 girls
were getting quite happy and Vicky didn't say a word when Jon told us
to take our clothes off before we got into the car. I wouldn't have cared
a bit even if there had been anyone else in the car park at the time, but
there wasn't so we got in and drove home. Fortunately or unfortunately,
we didn't have to stop at any traffic lights or roundabouts so the journey
was uneventful.

When we got home we were sent straight up to the 'punishment' room
and had to lie on the bed one at each end. First of all we had to play
with each other's clit until we were both wet. That didn't take long.
Then Vicky was tied spread-eagle to all four corners. After that things
got a bit more interesting. Jon passed me the package that he bought
that afternoon and told me to open it. It was a double-ended dildo and I
had to work it into Vicky. After that I had to put my left leg under
Vicky's right leg and my right leg over her left leg and then ease myself
onto the dildo.

Once it was in as far as it would go and our pussies were just touching,
Jon tied my ankles to the same posts that Vicky's wrists were tied and
my wrists to the same posts that Vicky's ankles were. This left us with
our legs interlocked and pussies just touching with the double-ended
dildo half in me and half in Vicky.

Jon then switched the light off and said, "see you in the morning." We
managed to shuffle round a bit so that neither of us had much weight on
the other but each time that one of us moved the other 'suffered' as
well. I quite enjoyed trying to push my pussy against Vicky's.

For quite a while we were both trying to fuck each other but in the end I
think that I got the better of Vicky because she came first. I think that
my pussy muscles must be stronger than hers. I kept fucking Vicky until
I came as well and I guess that my jerking as I came must have pushed
Vicky over the edge as well because she came again. I imaging it was
quite a spectacle, the 2 of us cumming like that, the more we came the
more we jerked, which meant that we were both getting fucked more
and more. It seemed like it took hours for us to calm down. Vicky and
me spent ages talking about everything and nothing before finally falling

I have to admit that it I enjoyed being restrained with Vicky like that
although it wasn't much was fun waking up in the middle of the night
and being unable to move without disturbing both Vicky and me.

Sunday August 16
We were both still asleep when Jon came in that morning and he
decided to take a photograph of us like that before releasing us. We got
up to see that there was a big wet patch on the bed where our pussies
had been. I went down stairs to get breakfast ready while Jon and Vicky
got showered and dressed.

While I was down there there was a knock on the front door and without
thinking I answered the door to find the paperboy with a bill for the
papers. Apparently Jon had forgotten to pay for them so the newsagent
had sent the boy to collect the money. I don't know which of us got
more of a shock.

It was the look on his face that made me remember that I was naked
but by that time it was too late so I invited him in while I went for some
money. Just to try to tease the boy a bit more I took my time and made
sure that he could see me while I was getting the money out of my bag.
The poor lad just didn't know where to look, his eyes were jumping from
my breasts to my pussy. The bulge in his shorts told me that he was old
enough to understand what he was seeing.

When I gave him the money he had real problems saying 'thank you'
and he just stood there staring. In the end I had to tell him to go. Just
as the door shut Jon came down stairs and asked who was there. When
I told him he said, "you realise that he'll be back every week now don't
you?" Before I had time to answer Vicky came downstairs and asked
what was for breakfast. Vicky finished getting it ready while I showered
and shaved then we all ate breakfast with me still nude. After Jon
finished reading the papers he decided that we would go to the gym for
a quick workout.

Vicky didn't have any gear with her so Jon leant her mine and I had to
wear my green shorts and my white baggy crop top. The only piece of
equipment that I had to worry about was the leg stretcher. As it turned
out Vicky got more attention than I did, the white lycra was stretched a
bit more on her than me and I could see it cutting in between her pussy
lips quite a bit.

Vicky wanted to do a bit of weight lifting and lay on a bench with her
head at one end. She had the weight bar on her chest and was lifting it
up to arms length. When she started struggling a bit Jon told me to
'spot' her. Well I think that's what he said. I had to stand at her head
and hold the bar lightly so that if she was going to drop it I could catch
it. It wasn't long before her arms gave way and I had to try to hold the
weight. The problem was that it was going towards her stomach and the
angle was all wrong. We ended up with the weights bar on her stomach
and me laying on top of her with my legs either side of her face. The
weights were obviously not hurting her because she suddenly gave my
clit a quick lick which was easily accessible to her because of the baggy
legs in the shorts. This caught me off guard a bit and I rolled off her
onto the floor. Only problem was that when I landed my legs were wide
open leaving my pussy clearly visible. This poor old man looked as if he
was having a heart attack. After I had got up and helped Vicky get the
weights off her I looked at Jon; he was laughing quite a bit.

From there we went for a swim, me in my white bikini and Vicky still in
the shorts and top. We messed about in the water for about 30 minutes
and both of them kept pulling my top off my tits. In the end I didn't
bother pulling it back down until we got out. There weren't many other
people there and I think that nearly all of them must have been either
blind or gay. Only one boy, about 12, noticed me and he kept swimming
as close to me as he dare.

After the swim we went into the sauna for about 15 minutes. We were
the only ones there and Vicky and me lay on the benches. While we
were talking I noticed how pronounced Vicky's pubic bone is. When
she's laid on her back it sticks up higher than her hips and with the thin
white lycra I could easily see every detail of her pussy. When I told her
about it she told me that I should look at my self. Apparently the narrow
crotch of my bikini bottom had been off centre ever since I had put it on
and all one side of my pussy and my clit had been uncovered, and when
I was laying on my back it was clearly visible. Jon said that he had
noticed as well but he wasn't going to tell me, and when I went to
adjust it he wouldn't let me and I had to stay like that.

After a while a middle aged man that had been in the gym came in and
spent the rest of the time that we were in there looking from Vicky's
crotch to mine. His staring was so obvious that I started to feel
uncomfortable and I was glad when Jon said that we were leaving.

On the way home Vicky was asking me if I would do absolutely anything
that Jon told me. When I said, "yes" Jon said that he would prove it and
when we got home he told me to go in and get a blindfold while he and
Vicky waited in the car. When I got back in he put the blindfold on me
and we drove off. We drove for about 30 minutes before the car stopped
and we got out.

Jon told Vicky to say absolutely nothing while I was led up some steps
and then onto some grass. I could hear cars and people talking but I
had no idea where I was. When we stopped Jon said, "right, now you
will see just how obedient Vanessa is" and then to me he said, "take
your dress off, assume the position, and masturbate."

There I was naked, on my knees, and frigging myself with my right hand
for all I was worth. I couldn't see a thing but I could hear people talking.
I could even make out what they were saying. I just had to trust Jon
and hope that non-of the people could see me. It didn't take long for me
to cum, I think that it was the excitement of where we were (where ever
that was) and the fact that I knew that Vicky and Jon would be watching

After I came Jon told me to get up and he gave me my dress back. I put
it on and I was led back to the car. I had to stay blindfolded for the first
10 minutes of the journey. On the way I asked where they had taken
me, but neither of them would tell me.

On the way home we stopped at a pub and had some lunch. The pub
was one that had a beer garden and some equipment for the kids to
play on. After the food Jon told me and Vicky to go and have a go on the
swings. She was pushing me quite hard and I was going quite high. It
was fun, but every time that I went forward my dress would blow up
and my belly was exposed. It was a good job that I was sat down
otherwise my pussy would have been on display and I wouldn't have
been too happy about that as there were too many young kids around.

After the swing we had a go on a wooden see-saw and I got a good view
of Vicky's pussy each time her end of the see-saw went to the ground,
leaving her with her bum virtually on the floor, her feet flat on the floor
and her knees up in the air and wide apart. I suppose that I must have
been showing as much as her but I wasn't thinking at the time. "Leaving
your snail's trail again" Jon said as we got off. I looked back and saw the
wet patches that our pussies had left on the wooden seesaw. I was
really in 'big kid mode' and wanted to have a play on the climbing frame
but Jon wouldn't let me, said that my lack of underwear would be too
much for that place. But he did say that it gave him some ideas.

When we got home. Jon told us to take our dresses off and then to put
our Ben Wa balls in. He told us that we both had to wear them for 3
days without letting them come out even once. Vicky said that she
might have a few problems at work, especially when Jon told her that
she wasn't to wear knickers as well. I knew that I could manage for 3
days, but I remembered when I had first started wearing them for a
long time when I wasn't concentrating on keeping them in. I had had to
push one of them back in a couple of times and could just imagine the
embarrassment if one dropped onto the floor in the middle of a place
like a building society. The problem I had found was that if I
concentrated on keeping them in by gripping them with my muscles I
get turned on and it can be really difficult not to have an orgasm. If I
just relax and try to forget them they can drop out. I guessed that Vicky
was going to look a bit strange to the people she worked with.

We all sat in the lounge with a glass of wine and started talking about
nothing special. The subject of orgasms came up and Vicky talked about
the incredible one that she had had the previous weekend when Jon had
caned her. I had never had one so intense and I looked at Jon and said,
"Master, I want to have an orgasm as intense as the one Vicky had last
weekend, please beat me until that happens."

Jon reminded me that he had caned Vicky quite hard and that he
thought that my pain threshold was a lot higher than Vicky's. He said
that it would take a lot more pain for me to go 'over the top', and even
then I might not react in the same way as Vicky. I told him that I was
willing to try it so he told me to frig myself up to the starting point of an
orgasm and then stop and wait for 5 minutes then start again.

While I started this Vicky was saying that she didn't know if she could
manage the full 3 days with Ben in. She didn't think that not wearing
knickers would be a problem though. Jon told her to try and see how
she got on. The subject of the conversation changed away from sex but
even so it didn't take long before I had to stop frigging myself.

After the third time Jon told me to bend over the back of the sofa and
spread my legs. Vicky went for the cane and the tawse. They took it in
turns to give me 6 strokes each. Vicky had the tawse and she didn't put
the same conviction into it as Jon. I was starting to get worked up again
and managed to avoid screaming out. I was crying by then but I still
wanted more. J

Jon told me to get off the sofa and get on the floor on my hands and
knees with my knees as wide apart as I could. He then had Vicky lay on
the floor in such a position that I could suck her pussy while he started
caning me again. Because I had to suck Vicky Jon let me off counting
the strokes. This time Jon was stood by my side and when the next
stroke landed the end of the cane flicked round my ass and hit my
pussy. That did make me scream. After 3 of them I was starting to cum
and I started shaking but Jon didn't stop.

If anything he went faster. My pussy was throbbing to such an extent
that I thought it must have swollen to the size of my ass cheeks. Well it
felt like it. After 2 more strokes which both found my clit, the pain didn't
seem to matter any more. I was still screaming but with pleasure.
Before the next stoke Jon put one leg either side of Vicky's waist and I
could see his body move as the cane came down.

It hit me in the crack of my ass and went right down the length of my
pussy. It's one thing the end of the cane getting just one part of my
pussy but this one seemed to get every bit of it at once. The entrance to
my ass as well. Well, it hurt so much that I bit Vicky's little clit and the
shaking that I had been doing erupted into a violent shake. I fell over on
my side and shuddered as I came. It seemed to go on for hours but Jon
said it was less than 2 minutes. As I calmed down I realised that I was
sodden with sweat. After a while Jon told me to go and take a shower
before we took Vicky to the bus station. We both put just a dress and
shoes on and left.

On the way Jon told Vicky to telephone every evening to let us know
how she was getting on with Ben and no knickers. It was real painful
sitting in the car and when we had dropped Vicky off I asked Jon if I
could get in the back and lay on my side. Back home Jon went to work
on his PC, and I watched tv lying on my stomach on the floor.

Week commencing August 17
In a way I was glad when Wednesday came round. I had lost count of
the times that I had had to stop doing whatever, either to delay an
orgasm or to have one. I got some real funny looks in Tesco and as I
was getting on the bus. Fortunately the weather wasn't too bad and it
was still warm enough for me to wear just a thin dress and shoes. As
usual there were a few young shelf stackers following me round Tesco.
One was even a young girl and after I realised that she was deliberately
watching me I decided to go to the toilet to see if she followed me in
there. She did, and I had to do a quick bit of thinking to see what I
could do to expose more flesh to her.

After a sudden burst of inspiration I turned both taps on at full blast and
the water came flying out of the sink and all over me. I pretended to be
surprised and 'slowly' rushed to turn them off. By the time they were off
all down my front was wet. I swore and said out load "what the hell am I
going to do now?" The girl took the bait and said that she would help me
dry my dress, so before she had chance to do anything else I reached
down, grabbed the hem and pulled it off over my head.

She just stared at my now naked body as I held the dress out towards
her and said, "thanks love." After a few seconds she woke-up and
started to say something about holding it in front of the hand dryer.
"Haven't you got a bigger dryer somewhere out the back" I asked, and
she started to say something about me being left without any clothes.
"Don't worry about me" I said, "this is the ladies room." With that she
walked out looking a bit puzzled and back at me.

So, there I was naked apart from my shoes in a supermarket toilet.
After a minute I started thinking about who could walk in, would the girl
come back, what would I do if she didn't come back and would anyone
pinch my trolley while I was in there. I started getting bored and
excited. After a while a girl of about 10 came in, stared at me and went
into a stall. When she came out she had trouble washing her hands as
she kept looking at me. As she went out I could hear her telling her
mother that "there was a women in there with no clothes on." As they
moved away I could just hear her mother say "Don't be silly."

Just after that another couple of teenage staff girls came in and were
giggling as they both went into the same stall. I could hear then
whispering about me but couldn't quite make out what they were
saying. When they came out they both kept looking at me but didn't
say anything. Shortly after they left the original girl came back in and
gave me my dress back. Nice and dry too. As I was putting it back on
she asked me if we could meet for a drink sometime. I quickly wrote
Jon's number on the back of her hand (her pen) and left her standing

My trolley was still there when I got out and I finished my shopping.
When I got to the checkouts there the girl was on one of the Tills. I went
and joined the queue at her Till and as I got closer to being I could see
her getting red in the face. As I paid I smiled at her and said, "you've
got my number" and left.

On the Thursday evening Jon came home a bit early and said that we
were going jogging before tea. He told me to put my tennis dress and
trainers on, and off we went. I had a bit of trouble keeping up with him
and the wind was causing me a bit of concern. There were too many
people around and my dress was threatening to do a 'Marilyn Monroe'.

We headed off down this path across a few fields and I was able to
forget about my dress, which ended up around my waist a couple of
times. Fortunately there was no one around to see anything. Out in the
middle of nowhere Jon decided that we would stop and have a rest, but
it wasn't much of a rest for me and Jon decided that he wanted to watch
me do some cartwheels. I hadn't done any of those since I was a kid
and it took a few attempts to get it right again.

He also had me doing handstands against a big tree and got me to stay
upside-down for as long as I could. Because of the dress I was wearing I
couldn't see a thing when I was upside-down, and when I collapsed after
my last attempt there was an old man walking his dog stood right next
to Jon and only a few feet from me.

My dress was still up round my waist when I landed and I was so
shocked to see him that I just froze in a heap with my legs wide open
and my pussy staring at him. He must have though he had died and
gone to heaven. After what seemed like hours he smiled and walked on.
Jon just said, "get-up" and "let's go," and we were off heading home.
When we got back to the road I had to keep turning every time I though
that the wind was going to 'flash me' to try to avoid it happening. I
didn't want to risk Jon seeing me hold my dress down as I knew only too
well what that would result in.

I'm sure that I nearly cause at least one accident as I heard the
screeching of car tyres behind me at one point. When we got home Jon
told me to take my dress off and tied me to the scaffolding frame for
half an hour "to cool down" he said, but with him stood between my legs
and giving "a good seeing to" I didn't cool down much until he got the
hose pipe out afterwards.

He gave me a good soaking outside and inside (pussy and arse). With
the practice that Jon has been giving me I can now squirt the water
back out 'on demand' front and back, providing that I don't get too full.
The problem this time was that it had been a while since I had been to
the toilet and some brown lumps came out as well. I was getting a bit
cold by the time Jon finally untied me but I still had to use the hosepipe
to wash away the brown bits before he would let me go inside and dry
myself before getting tea ready.

Saturday August 22
Vicky didn't ring this weekend and I was a little disappointed. I wanted
to find out how she had got on with her 3 days wearing Ben. Never
mind, I had a good weekend anyway. Jon dragged me out of bed at
7:00 am and told me that we were going away for the rest of the
weekend and we packed the car and drove to Skegness, that wonderful
(!) little seaside resort.

When we got there we drove round until we found a Bed and Breakfast
place, it was a little Hotel with its own little bar. Jon had me wear one of
my cut-of tops with a flared skirt (no underwear of course). Fine until I
start reaching up or bending down, or it gets windy. I'd forgotten all
about these problems until it came to me getting the bags out of the car
and taking them up to our room, a group of teenage boys whistled at
me showing them my ass. I was dead pleased that Jon got us a double
room even if it was the cheapest in the Hotel and didn't have its own
bathroom, but it did have a window that covered most of the outside
wall. The view out was onto a bigger Hotel.

We left the car at the Hotel and walked into 'town.' Skegness is a typical
English seaside town, geared-up for tourists who want to enjoy
themselves and drink too much. We went into the amusement arcades
and had a go on the fruit machines. Jon saw some 'bumper' cars and we
got one each. It was only after about 5 minutes of what seemed like
every male driver bumping into me that I realised that with all the
bumping and me being very active with the steering wheel, that my top
had risen up and both my nipples were showing. No wonder all the men
were trying to bump into me. I pulled my top down when Jon wasn't
looking but it wasn't long before they were out again. After the second
time I gave up and just ignored it. What the hell!

Further down towards the sea we came across a fun fair. Jon wanted to
go on one of those machines that is like a cage with giant elastic bands
on it. You get in and then the ends of the bands are extended high into
the air. When a lever is released the cage (with you in it) catapults you
high in the air. That made me scream like hell. As we were coming down
each time my skirt was blown up round my waist but I guess that no
one saw anything because I was sat firmly in the chair.

I say no one saw anything but that's not true, when you get into the
cage you're strapped in with a belt round your waist and one that
comes-up between your legs. The young man that strapped me in must
have had a right eyeful. I don't know if he was supposed to, but he
didn't pull the strap between my legs tight. I think that that was why my
skirt blew up. As the cage was settling down I noticed the video camera
that was fastened to the front of the cage. It was pointing directly down
at us and had a little flashing red light on it. When I told Jon about it he
just said, "I guess that they're recording people's expressions." "And the
girl's skirts going up round their waists" I thought to myself.

When it came to get off I had a little trouble getting my balance and the
attendant grabbed hold of me to steady me. It was only after I got my
balance that I realised that his arm was about a foot higher than my
waist and that his hand was on my left tit. He let go of me when he saw
Jon looking at him. Silly man, he should have realised that as Jon wasn't
going to say anything.

From there we went into a cafe and had some 'traditional English Fish
and Chips.' They tasted good to me and Jon said that they "weren't
bad." After that we went down onto the beach and walked a fair way
south. We came to a relatively quiet stretch and Jon decided that we
would soak up some sun for a while. It wasn't that hot, but it was warm
enough to lay out in our swimming costumes. Jon stripped-off to his
undies and lay on a towel. He was wearing one of his pairs of fine net
mesh undies and because I was close to him I could clearly see his dick
through the thin material.

He told me to pu on just the bottoms from my white cotton bikini. I had
to strip naked, then put them on, then lie (on my stomach), on my
towel. I'm sure that none of the few people who were there noticed that
I was naked for a minute or so. After a while I got tired of lying on my
stomach and turned over onto my back. Don't know if it was the
distance that we were from other people, or my short hair, or my small
tits, but no one seemed to notice, not even when I propped myself up
on my elbows.

Shortly after that Jon decided that we were going to go into the sea for
a swim. boy was it cold. My nipples were like thumb ends and they
ached with the cold. We were messing about and Jon pinched my bikini
bottoms and then decided that we were getting out. He only picked a
time when a group of teenagers were walking by. I had to walk out of
the water and up to our towels stark naked. There were a few
comments from both boys and girls but I'm getting used to that and I
just smiled at them and kept walking.

When we had got dried and dressed we walked back to the Hotel where
Jon decided that we should relax in the room before getting ready to go
out for the evening. We stripped-off and lay on the bed and it wasn't
long before I was fast asleep. When I woke up Jon was lying there
looking out of the big window.

We could see into the windows of rooms in the other Hotel about 50
yards away. Apart from 2 young women in one room walking about in
just their knickers. There was nothing else of any interest. Jon told me
to go and take a shower before getting dressed. I wrapped one of the
Hotels towels round me but it wasn't very big and I had to hold the two
ends together as I didn't have much confidence that it would stay in-
place on its own.

When I found the bathroom it wasn't locked so I went in. It looked as if
it had been a bedroom at one time and was quite big. There was a bath,
two showers, and a toilet, all with curtains round them. It was then that
I discovered that the door wasn't locked because the lock was broken.
I'd taken my towel off and was just about to get into one of the showers
when the door opened and in walked a middle-aged man.

He just stopped and starred at me. I just said, "hello" and got into one
of the showers. After a minute or so I heard the curtains for the other
shower open and close, but as they closed the curtain between the two
showers opened about two feet. I don't think that he realised at first
because I was watching him have his shower. He had masses of black
pubic hair and a tiny little dick peeking out of it. I stopped looking when
he turned my way, but from the corner of my eye I could see that he
was looking at me. I pretended to ignore him but made sure that I gave
him a real good show. I even washed the inside of my pussy lips in full
view. I noticed that his dick had grown and was now an almost
reasonable erection. When I was finished I dried myself and then just
before wrapping the towel round me I pretended to 'just' notice him. I
looked at his face then down at his erection and then said, "naughty,
naughty!" and walked out.

When I got back to our room Jon was still laid on the bed looking out. It
was starting to get dark by then and there were lights on in some of the
rooms in the Hotel out the back. When I got into the room Jon turned on
our light which meant that anyone from any of the rooms in the other
Hotel would be able to see us if they looked. Jon told me to drop the
towel and get myself ready to go out but not to put a dress on. He
wanted me to give anyone looking a good display.

I walked back and forth getting things out of our bags and then taking
them over to the dressing table, rubbing moisturising cream all over me
and various other things to keep me active. All this time Jon was stood
at the side of the window trying to see if anyone was watching me. He
said not but I suspect that he wasn't telling me the truth because he
told me to lay on the bed with my legs wide open facing the window and
to masturbate until I had cum. Just before I got there he climbed on the
bed and had me ride him until we both came. I actually came twice
before he came, not sure if it was the excitement of knowing
(suspecting) that some strangers were watching us.

After Jon had calmed down he wrapped a towel round his waist and
went for a shower. He told me not to get dressed until he came back.
After he left I lay on the bed looking out of the window. All I could see
was the rooms that had lights on and one or two people moving around,
but it wasn't very clear because the light was on in our room. I decided
to turn the light off and have another look. I wasn't really surprised to
see 2 rooms in almost darkness with people looking over our way. I
couldn't see enough to work out any ages or sexes but I decided 'what
the hell' put the light back on and brought myself to a third orgasm.

Jon had me wear my lacy net mesh dress that night, and after a good
meal in a chinese restaurant we went to a pub down on the sea front
that was a real fun pub called Idols. It had a dance floor, DJ (who was a
real nutcase) and a little stage; and the bar staff (men and women)
were all scantily dressed. There wasn't anything actually showing but it
wouldn't have taken much for them to be really exposing themselves.
One hunk of a young man was only wearing a pair of cut-off denims with
lots of cuts in them. It was obvious that he had nothing on underneath

I didn't feel at all out of place with only a thin dress that was full of little
holes. The place was crowded and the DJ was making the night go with
a swing. He was cracking some really crude jokes and everyone was
really enjoying it. When I mentioned to Jon about the crude jokes he
told me that he would take me to see someone called Chubby Brown
who was even worse that the DJ.

We were both drinking beer and I was getting happy. Some of the bar
staff were putting on little 'suggestive' shows that were going down well,
and the DJ was getting a few people onto the stage to dance at times.
He asked if anyone was celebrating a birthday and Jon told me to go
and tell him that it was mine. I didn't really want to but I did. The DJ
told me to go onto the stage,and have a little dance with some of the
bar staff.

When I got on there two of the male staff came onto the stage with me.
One of them was only wearing this rubber chicken (guess where) and he
got lots of cheers from the girls in the audience. The other one (who was
just wearing a pair of CK boxer shorts told me to stand between them
like the jam in a sandwich. He told me to 'thrust' back and forward with
them in time with the music. When the record started it was the one
that has the words 'we're having a gang-bang, we're having a ball' etc.
and we were going backwards and forwards. I guess that the rubber
chicken was bouncing up and down as I could see the girls in the
audience pointing at the man in the front part of the sandwich.

When the record finished, the man in front turned to face me and said
that we were going to do it again, but this time with us clapping our
hands above our heads. We started again, annd after about a minute I
noticed that I couldn't feel the man behind me. Then all of a sudden,
with me with my hands high in the air, the man behind me grabbed the
hem of my dress and whipped it up and off. Before I could do anything
the man behind put his arms round my waist and lifted me off the
ground. My feet had hardly left the floor before the man in front turned
round, bent down, opened my legs and pulled them round his waist. I
grabbed for his neck to stop me from falling over, but we both went

We ended up with him on his back with me laid on top of him. But with
my legs bent double under his shoulders. I couldn't move because he
was holding firmly onto me. When I think back I must have been giving
some of the people at the front of the stage a real eyeful. All I could do
was listen to the cheering and the DJ saying something about 'that was
the best one yet.'

When I finally managed to get up the man in the CKs gave me a bottle
of champagne and a T-shirt and thanked me for being such a good
sport. To hold those I had to stop trying to cover myself and I started to
hear comments from the audience. My dress had been given to the DJ
and I had to go and get it. There were lots of roaming hands as I tried
to squeeze my way through the crowd to get to the DJ and I'm sure that
some of those hands were female ones.

When I got to the DJ he asked me if I usually didn't wear knickers. It
was only after I said, "never" and there was a big cheer from the
audience that I realised that the question and answer were both going
out over the PA system.

I grabbed my dress and ran back to Jon who took ages to stop laughing.
But he wasn't laughing enough to not stop me from putting my dress
back on for about five minutes. A couple of drinks later Jon decided that
we would have a dance and we went onto the floor. It really was
crowded and we could hardly move. There were a couple of times when
I felt a hand groping my bum as people squeezed past me. One cheeky
youth managed to get a finger in my pussy and when he got past me
and Jon he turned and looked at me. When he knew I was looking he
stuck a finger in the air and made a big deal of licking it. Guess where
that finger had been.

When we went back to our seats someone was sitting there Jon had
been so he stood in front of where I had been with his back ready to sit
down. He turned me so that I could sit on his lap but before he actually
sat down I could feel his hands doing something near my bum. As we
sat down I got one hell of a shock. As I was bending down my dress
rode up and I could feel his dick touching my pussy. It was a good job
that I was still very wet otherwise it would have been painful as he went
up to the hilt in the one movement. If anyone had been looking, the
gasp and look on my face would have told them that I was being fucked,
right there, in public, with people sat either side of us.

The excitement was incredible, I wanted to move up and down but Jon
was holding me firm. With my back to him my legs were open a bout six
inches, but it was probably too dark for anyone to have seen up my
dress. But anyway, they had all seen me naked a short while before. It
was a good job that his trousers had a button fly as I guess that a zip
could have been a little painful for either of us. We stayed like that for
about twenty minutes with me passing Jon his drink at times. I did
manage to rock back and forwards a bit and I could really feel the juices
flowing. In the end I suddenly felt Jon tense up and then he came inside

After another ten minutes or so he started to go soft an then he told me
to stand up, but stay in front of him as he fastened his trousers. When
we got outside I could see the big wet patch on his trousers where both
our juices had leaked out of me.

We staggered back to the Hotel, me more pissed than him and stripped
off and collapsed on the bed. Before I knew it, it was next morning and
the sun was shinning in through the window. We hadn't bothered to
close the curtains and the lights were still on. Us two naked people
asleep on top of the bed would have been easily visible to anyone in the
other Hotel who cared to look.

Sunday August 23
When Jon woke up he decided that we should do some exercises before
breakfast. Jon stood me right in front of the window looking out and he
told me what exercises to do. I really had trouble with my co-ordination
as I moved my arms and legs. In the end Jon gave up and put me
across his knee and gave me 50 spanks with his hand. When I got up
(with tears in my eyes - Jon is getting too good with his right hand) I
looked out of the window and saw a young couple staring at us. When
they saw that I had seen them they clapped their hands and
disappeared from view.

After that we went to have a shower and we didn't bother to close the
curtains. With the door lock still not working the inevitable happened. As
I was shaving my pubes (still in the shower), a teenage girl came in on
us. We all stared at each other (I could see her eyes going up and down
both our naked bodies) for what seemed like ages until Jon said, "don't
mind us, just carry on doing what ever you came to do" but she declined
and left. We looked at each other and laughed.

Jon told me to wear a cheesecloth dress that day and when we went for
breakfast. I saw both the man from the shower the previous evening
and the girl from the morning shower. I could see the man looking at
me, but whenever I looked at him he turned away. The girl ignored us,
but I could see her pointing to us and telling her mate something. When
we booked out of the Hotel we drove round until we found a big leisure
complex. Jon decided that we would 'give it a whirl' and we went in.

It was clearly designed for holidaymakers who were suffering from the
poor English weather. It had just about everything that anyone could
want. We (Jon) decided to have a game of squash first and we went to
the 'dry' changing rooms. I put on just my tennis dress and trainers and
went to wait for Jon. The court they gave us had a glass rear wall so
that an audience could watch you play. In a way I was glad that no one
was watching any of the courts. I never was any good at squash and it
wasn't long before Jon had me running all around the court and he even
gave me a bollocking for not trying hard enough.

He is very good at giving me shots that I have to either bend down or
stretch high to get at and my dress was riding-up to show my bum, or
my left shoulder strap was going down my arm quite a bit and my left tit
was hanging out. It was only after we had been playing for about 30
minutes that I noticed that we had gained an audience of about four
teenagers. I had to ignore them and concentrate on my game otherwise
Jon would have thrashed me in more ways than one, although there was
one time when I went flying and ended up on my stomach with my legs
wide open giving the little audience a great view. Once Jon had well and
truly beaten me he decided that we should go for a swim.

It wasn't any old swimming pool, it had about four different flumes, one
that ended in a big tank with glass sides, two slides, a rapids, a wave
machine and lots of things for young kids. Another thing that it had was
a mixed changing room with lots of little cubicles. As I walked in I soon
realised that Jon would be having some fun there. We went into a
'family' changing cubicle and Jon left the door open.

Needles to say it was only seconds before Jon had my dress off me and I
was naked for everyone who passed to see. He didn't tell me what to
wear until he had stripped off his squash gear and put his undies on. I
reckoned that he was relying on me been the centre of attraction and no
one noticing how see-through his undies are. I had to wear my white
one-piece lycra costume, the one with the deep 'V' that goes all the way
down the front and under to my arse hole. Whilst we were getting
changed we got a couple of funny looks from people passing by and 2
teenage girls even came back for a second look. I presumed that it was
Jon that they were looking at, not me, but who knows these days.

On the way into the pool I had one of the male attendants staring at me
and I don't think that my clit was poking out between the 2 halves of
the costume. We had a swim in the main pool first before having a go on
the flumes. Going down the flumes tended to pull my costume up into
the cracks of my ass and pussy (a wedgie as Jon calls it), so I had to
adjust them quickly when I got to the bottom of each one before Jon got
down. The biggest flume was the best and the worst. Just as I was
getting onto it Jon (unbeknown to me at the time) untied the cord that
held my costume together. It didn't matter when I was stood up
because it was wet and was clinging to me, but as soon as I started to
go down the flume the extra water pulled it away from my body and it
was only the neck strap that kept me from losing it completely.

At the bottom of this flume there is a big tank of water with glass sides,
but above it there is this big 'donut' feature that you slide round and
round before losing momentum and falling through the 'donut' into the
big tank. There I was going round and round this 'donut' with my
costume trailing from my neck, thinking about how I was going to get it
back on and how many people were looking through the glass sides of
the tank. There was absolutely nothing I could do and down through the
hole I went. It took me a couple of minutes to put my costume back on
because the tank was deep and I had to tread water all the time. When I
finally got out, one cheeky young lad said, "very nice - can you do that
again please." So I guess that at least one person saw me. Never mind,
I got a little excitement out of it.

Jon had noticed a big bubbling spa and sauna and steam room so we
went into the spa next. It was lovely and warm and the bubbles didn't
stop. It wasn't long before Jon untied my costume again and somehow
managed to get it over my head without anyone seeing. I was up to my
neck in the bubbles so none of the dozen or so people could see that I
was naked. More people came in and it wasn't long before I was
squashed between Jon and a teenage boy. I couldn't tell if it was Jon's
or the boy's hands that were exploring the front of my body, but it was
nice and I put my head back, closed my eyes and dreamed. I came back
to reality when a young woman who was trying to get out tripped and
landed on top of me. Her hands were all over me as she tried to get
back onto her feet. She gave me a puzzled look as she apologised
before moving away. Jon gave me back my costume and I had to duck
under the bubbles to get it over my head and back on. When we got out
and went down the steps I noticed that my clit was clearly visible
between the 2 sides of my costume. I kept close to Jon as we went to
the steam room.

It was big, circular, and with 2 floor levels. The upper level had a railing
between it and the lower level. There were a few people on both levels.
As we were moving round the upper level looking for a seat I saw that
there was a young couple both in the nude. The steam was so thick that
you had to be close up to them to realise. Jon took that as a que and
when we found some seats Jon motioned to me to get my costume off
(again). He took his off and we relaxed back in the chairs and put our
feet up on the railings.

Although the steam was dense it wasn't that hot in there and it wasn't
long before I was dozing off. When I came round there was this big man
stood on the level below looking right at my pussy (my feet were about
a foot apart). Fortunately I wasn't startled and he didn't notice that I
was back in the land of the living. I could just see Jon out of the corner
of my eye and his eyes were shut so I thought that I might have a bit of
fun. I slowly slid my legs further apart and moved one hand from my
stomach down to the top of my pussy.

When he didn't move I though 'go for it' and slowly started playing with
my clit. This big fat man just kept staring at my pussy. He didn't even
look at my face, just my pussy. I was just beginning to get worked-up
when Jon moved and the man turned away. Jon whispered to me "enjoy
that did you slave?" he knew I had. We stayed there for a few more
minutes before putting our costumes on and going for a shower.

After we had cooled down we went into the sauna. It was a big one with
lots of benches. Jon told me to sit at the end of one bench with my feet
on the bench. He sat at my feet so I couldn't put my legs out straight. I
was bent over a bit so my costume looked a bit baggy and the 2 front
bits didn't meet at all. My clit and a bit of my right lip was clearly visible
to me, so I can only imagine what Jon and the other people could see.

A couple of teenage girls were looking at us, giggling and whispering but
I don't know if that was Jon or me. It wasn't long before the heat was
getting too much for me and I asked Jon if we could leave. Back in the
changing rooms we got another 'family cubicle' and stripped off, again
with the door open. Jon gave me a towel and told me to go and take a
shower. I walked out of the cubicle wrapping the towel round me and
straight into an old man who seemed most embarrassed about seeing
me pulling the towel round me.

The showers there are individual cubicles, each with their own door. Jon
had told me not to lock the one I was to use, but I couldn't anyway, the
lock was broken. There were also small holes in the partition walls so
that people in the cubicles either side could spy on you. This could be
fun I thought as I took the towel off and turned the water on. It wasn't
long before someone started coming into my cubicle.

It was a boy of about 14 who looked stunned when he saw me. I turned
to face him and said 'this one's occupied - unless you want to join me" I
think that the shock of seeing me confused him and he muttered
something and left. A short time later the same thing happened again,
but this time it was a girl of about 17. She seemed more confused than
shocked, but took her time apologising whilst she stared at my bald
pubes. A short while after she left I noticed some feet under one of the
sidewalls. Their position made me wonder if someone was looking
through the hole. I decided to find out by bending over to wash my feet
and having a quick look through the hole.

There was any eye there looking at me. The feet didn't move so I guess
that they hadn't seen me looking at them (or didn't care), so I decided
to give them something to look at. I bent down again, but this time with
my back to the hole. I guess that my pussy would be only a couple of
inches from the hole. I reached between my legs and gave my pussy a
good soaping and letting 1 finger slip inside. I then stood up, faced the
hole and did the same again. Just as I was fingering myself the door
opened again and a woman about my age walked in. She just smiled,
said sorry and left. By the time that I looked for the feet again they had
gone. I never did find out who the feet and the eye belonged to. It could
have been the boy, the girl, or someone completely different.

I rinsed off, put the towel round me and went back to Jon. He asked me
what had taken so long. After I had told him he said that he was going
for a shower and that I was to spend all the time he was away drying
myself with the door open. I was very disappointed that no one had
seen me by the time he got back. I did have time to think a bit and
realised that I am turning into a right exhibitionist. I now WANT people
to see me naked. What a change from the me of 6 months ago. I've got
a lot to thank Jon for.

When Jon got back he gave my clit a quick tug which made the cry-out
a bit then told me to put my dress on.

We left and headed for home, stopping at a country pub for some food.
Non-eventful apart from a few 'country bumpkins' staring at me. You'd
think that they'd never seen a woman in a short dress before. If only
they'd known what I didn't have on underneath - maybe they did,
maybe the sunlight had been in the right direction and they had been
able to see through my dress. Who cares, I don't.

When we got home there was a message on the answer-phone from
Vicky. She said that she had missed us and asked if she could come
over the next weekend. Jon told me to ring her and say OK. He went to
work on his PC.

Week commencing August 24
Quite a boring week really. The only exciting time was when the
paperboy came for his money. He was the same one as the previous
few weeks and he was getting used to me answering the door naked.
Didn't stop him having a good look and the bulge in his trousers told me
that he liked what he saw. Oh, nearly forgot, I surprised the postman on
the Thursday, he was delivering a Sonique depilatory machine. Jon had
agreed to get me one. I'm having to let some of my pubic hair grow long
enough for it to work. Jon told me to start with a small patch just at the
top of my slit, where it grows the thickest.

Friday night we collected Vicky from the bus station. Jon had her take all
her clothes off in the car and to put on just my black pencil dress. It
only just covered her bum and pussy - which I was glad to see was still
bald. We went to pub in town for a drink before collecting a chinese
take-away and going home. Everyone was so tired that we all went to
bed quite early. Vicky slept with Jon, but she later told me that he was
asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Saturday August 29
Jon woke up bright and early and had to wake us. He put an aerobics
video on and had us do some exercises on the patio. Whenever he
thought that we weren't trying hard enough he slapped our backsides
with the tawse. After 30 minutes of that I was shattered.

I got us breakfast while he and Vicky went for the 3 S's. I guess that I
was a bit jealous, but not much. Over breakfast Vicky told us about her
fun when she had worn Ben for the 3 days. She told us that she had
been very 'unproductive' at work and that she had had to tell them that
she wasn't well. They'd noticed her 'hot flushes' and told her that she
should go to see a doctor. She'd had to work hard to keep Ben in.

One of the women had got really worried at one point when she'd had
an orgasm and had tried to hide it by saying that she'd had this stabbing
pain in her stomach. We were killing ourselves laughing, and I must
admit that I was getting a little wet thinking about it. She told us that
she had thrown away all her underwear to make sure that she couldn't
wear any. She has also stopped wearing clothes in their flat and her
flatmates had just about got used to it, but it still caused little problems
when their boyfriends went round.

Jon asked us what we would like to do for the day and Vicky suggested
that we went to Birmingham shopping. We got dressed (me in my
leather mini skirt and denim jacket and Vicky in a white low cut mini
dress) and left. We wandered around the shops before finding ourselves
in a quiet part of town (lost again).

It was an older part of the city and we found ourselves stood outside an
old pub on a sort of metal grating. Jon said that it was the way that the
barrels of beer used to get delivered to the pub cellars. We looked down
through the grating and could see some of those metal beer kegs. Vicky
also saw a couple of men down there having a cigarette. It was then
that Jon had an idea and told us both to stand on the grid with our feet
about a foot apart. Jon then dropped a couple of coins down to attract
the attention of the men. It wasn't long before they were right below us
having a real good look. Jon asked Vicky to tell us again what had
happened at work with Ben and we spent a good 10 minutes talking
with the men quietly having a good view. I even started to talk to Vicky
about not wearing underwear any more, just to tease them a little more.

In the end I think that Jon got a little bored and we moved on. Back in
the shopping centre we found a little clothes shop that looked as if it
wasn't one of the 'run of the mill' dress shops and went in. There was
only one young female assistant and some quite nice dresses. I chose a
couple to try on and so did Vicky, and we went to the changing rooms.
They weren't very good by big store standards, but 2 curtained cubicles
were good enough for us, especially as we opened the curtains instead
of closing them.

The poor girl didn't know what to say when she saw 2 naked women in
the back part of the shop. She came over and started to say something
about us shouldn't be doing that and she didn't know what to say when
Jon asked her why not. In the end, she just stood there watching us as
we tried all 4 dresses on.

There was 1 that I really liked, a short sleeveless one that was made of
2 parts, front and back, the sides were laced together with thin rope.
Vicky liked a thin cotton summer dress that was tight and low cut, but
with a flared skirt. Jon said that he liked that one and Vicky suddenly
said, "why don't you try it on then?" meaning him put the dress on.

Well, I knew that Jon was game for a laugh but I didn't expect him to
strip off right there and put it on. He looked a right plonker and he was
the first to say so. After he had given us all a 'twirl' I could see that the
dress was starting to stick out in the wrong place and when he took it
off he had right boner. The poor shop assistant was bright red and she
obviously didn't know where to look, but she wasn't going to miss
having a good look at Jon's erection. Jon noticed and asked her if she
had never seen one before. "Not like that" she said. "What's so different
about mine?" Jon asked. "You're bald and you have no skin over the
end." "He's been circumcised" I said. Thinking about it, I suppose that
circumcision isn't as popular these days so maybe she hadn't seen one.

Jon then told her that she could have a closer look if she wanted. She
went right up to him and bent down but then chickened-out and moved
away. Jon said, "it doesn't bite," but she had lost her bottle. But she still
kept looking at him.

"Who else wants to touch it then?" Jon asked, and before I could react
Vicky had it in her mouth. Jon wasn't happy about that and pulled her
off him. "Who said anything about mouth's?" he said. "you'll get
punished for that" he said and told us to get dressed. He bought both
the dresses that we liked and we left the poor assistant wondering if
she'd been dreaming or what?

Jon was getting a little hungry so we went to a Burger King restaurant.
It was the middle of the afternoon and the place was reasonably quiet.
Jon sent me to get our order and when I got back to him and Vicky the
seat that they indicated for me to use was facing one end of the serving
counter where there was a youth waiting to serve whoever came in. Jon
told me to sit with my knees about a foot apart and to get on with
eating my burger. We were busy talking when I heard someone say
"Peter, what's wrong with you?" When I looked up I knew exactly what
was wrong with Peter. His eyes had discovered my pussy and he was
mesmerised. The 'voice' said something else and Peter came back to
reality. I told Jon and Vicky what was happening and Jon said, "Good,
now swap places with Vicky and let her try to catch his attention." I'm
sure that she must have, because when I next looked, not only was
Peter looking at Vicky, but there was someone else there with him who
was also looking. I looked down at Vicky's lap and saw that she was
giving them a real eyeful, her dress was right up above her pussy. Vicky
is really getting into this exhibitionism as much as me now. I can see
that we're going to have a lot of fun together.

After the Burger, we (Jon) decided to head for home where Jon decided
that it was time for Vicky to have her punishment for trying to give him
the blowjob in the dress shop. I didn't want to miss out on the fun so I
spilt a cup of coffee on Jon's lap just to make sure. He was furious and
as he was taking his trousers off he told me to get my skirt and jacket
off 'immediately.' We were both taken up to the 'punishment room' and
after I had got to "Three - thank you Master" he had calmed down a bit
and decided on a change of plan.

Vicky and I were to have a competition to see who could make the
other cum first. The loser was the one who came first the winner got to
sleep in Jon's bed that night. Just to even things up Jon told Vicky to
take her dress off and he gave her 3 strokes with the cane. I thought
that that was fair, cos I was already a little wet after my 3 stokes.

Anyway, as Vicky was getting her 3 strokes I was thinking about how I
could get some sort of advantage and decided to sneak the handcuffs
out of the drawer and try to get them on her before she realised. I hid
them under the pillow on the bed hoping to be able to catch Vicky by
surprise. When Jon told us to start we just stood and looked at each
other until Vicky grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the bed. We
started a bit of a fight I suppose, but neither of us wanted to hurt the
other, just give too much pleasure, too quick. We started nipple and clit
squeezing but Vicky had the advantage there, my clit is a lot bigger than
hers and she had no trouble getting hold of it.

We were rolling about on the bed pinching and grabbing until I found
myself knelt between her legs holding her wrists at either side of her
head. To let her think that she had the advantage I climbed up her so
that my knees were over her shoulders and my pussy was right above
her face. I let her start eating me to lull her into relaxing before
reaching for the handcuffs. They were on her before she realised and I
had got her. I climbed off her but she said that she wasn't beaten yet,
got up and tried to put her arms over me. Somehow I managed to
avoid that and to grab a piece of rope that Jon usually used to 'restrain'
me with. We rolled on the bed again and (with difficulty) I looped the
rope through her arms and round one of the bed's corner posts.

When Vicky realised what I had done she admitted defeat and just lay
there. I was glad of the rest as well, both our bodies were wet with
perspiration. I knew then that I was going to be able to be with Jon that
night, but that didn't mean that I couldn't have some fun (and pleasure)
getting Vicky to cum. All this time Jon was stood in the doorway
watching us with a grin on his face. The bulge in his trousers told me
that he had enjoyed watching 2 girls 'fight.'

I got into the 69 position above Vicky and we started eating each other.
Every minute or so I lifted my pussy out of reach of her mouth so that I
could calm down but I didn't stop working on her. I think that she tried
to fight the orgasm a bit, but when she came she really came. I stopped
and looked at Jon who told me that I was the winner. He told me that he
wanted some food in about an hour, which left me time to have another
go at Vicky. This time I kept my pussy firmly on her face. I timed it right
so that we both came at the same time by lifting up when I got too
close. It was a good deep full body orgasm when I came.

After that I untied Vicky and we had a shower before we both got tea

We went to a quiet country pub that night and didn't get up to much.
There was one young man that we distracted by opening our legs
whenever he looked at us. I think that his girlfriend was getting a bit
mad at him towards the end, but that just made me want to show more.
Not sure if Jon realised what we were doing. Vicky fell asleep in the car
on the way home so we went to bed straight away.

I enjoyed my prize of sleeping in Jon's bed. I rode him until he came,
then used my mouth to get him hard again before he fucked me doggy

. continued in Part 6 .


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