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Vanessa's New Life 06

This is part 6 of my Journal. I started writing it when I made a bold
decision to change my life. I left my dull existence in North Wales and
went to work as a Housekeeper for a man in the East Midlands of
England. It is a decision that I will never regret. I have never been so
happy and never had so much pleasure.

Sunday August 30
When I got up Vicky was already in the shower so I joined her and we
soaped each other. She asked me why I had a little tuft of hair at the
top of my pussy so I told her about the hair-removing machine that Jon
had bought. She wants to know how we get on as she says that she still
has to make the effort each morning to shave hers and sometimes
doesn't do it when she gets up late. She said that like me, the 'itching'
had long gone and she now hated it when she had a bit of stubble.

We all had breakfast together, reading the papers, all 3 of us in the
nude. Jon got to one article in the 'News of the World' about women
wrestlers and said that the 3 of us should set-up a little 'Women's Nude
Wrestling' business. He thought about it for a few minutes then said,
"No, it should be a 'School girls cat Fight' with you both starting out
dressed as school girls then ripping each others clothes off as you fight,
and ending up naked and trying to force each other to orgasm. That
should get a few boners and bring in the money." He said that with our
liking of pain as long as we kept our cool we should have a good time.
Vicky didn't sound too keen, but I rather fancy the idea.

After breakfast Jon decided that we would be doing something different
that day. I discovered a side of Jon that I had never seen before, we
went looking round museums - all day. Not exactly what I enjoy, but! At
least the evening was more interesting, we went into town to a lively
American style eating house cum pub. Even though Vicky and me were
only wearing short dresses we didn't attract much attention as just
about all the young girls in there were wearing outfits just as short.
When we got home I made us some coffee and Jon fell asleep on the
sofa, so Vicky and me went to bed together and went to sleep after a
pleasurable 69.

Vicky hadn't gone home on the Sunday evening because the Monday
was a National Holiday.

Week commencing August 31
Monday - Jon asked us that we would like to do and as it was a sunny
day we decided to go on a bike ride. We loaded Jon's 3 bikes onto the
roof rack of the car and went up into the Dales. Vicky didn't know about
the bike with the hole in the saddle and I was glad that Jon remembered
to bring the butt plug with him. Vicky wanted to wear my white shorts
but I wouldn't let her. She didn't understand why not and I wouldn't tell
her, other than to say that she would understand later. In the end she
wore a light cotton short dress and I wore my tennis dress.

We drove up into the dales and parked the car in a little village. Jon had
remembered to bring a spanner to adjust the seat height for Vicky. She
thought that it was a bit high for her so I said, "just you wait." We set
off at a slow pace with Vicky and me having the backs of our dresses
hanging over the back of, and pussies bare to the saddles. It wasn't long
before Vicky was happy that she was having to slide from side to side on
the saddle. Jon hadn't put the butt plug in the hole in the saddle in my
bike so when we stopped for a rest I asked him if he would put it in.
Vicky's only comment was "now I understand." It took me a couple of
minutes to get back on the bike and ready to move off, but once we got
going it was good.

After we stopped for lunch at a pub Jon told us to swap bikes. I suppose
it was fair but I was a little disappointed. We'd noticed a couple of men
looking at the bikes (well the one with the butt plug sticking through the
saddle) and as it was a man's bike I guess they were looking for a man
that belonged to it; and you should have seen their faces when Vicky
slowly lowered herself onto it.

We rode for about another 5 miles back to the car before heading for
home and then taking Vicky home. I think that Vicky was ready for the
rest when we got to the car, she said that she had had 3 orgasms on
that saddle. When we got to her flat she invited us in for a coffee. No
sooner than we had got in Vicky excused herself and came back a
couple of minutes later without her clothes on. It seemed a little strange
having Vicky as the only one without clothes on.

Back home Jon sent me to bed before going to work on his PC.

Tuesday - Jon went away on a training course for the rest of the week
which meant that it was a boring few days, except that the Tesco girl
rang for a chat on the Wednesday afternoon and asked if we could meet
up. I invited her (Bridie) to Jon's house on the Friday afternoon which
was her day off.

Friday - When she arrived Bridie seemed a little surprised to have me
answer the door naked and she was nervous as she explained (over a
cup of tea) that she had never been with another woman before. She
seemed pleased when I told her that until a few months before I had
never even thought about it and the thought of being naked in a
supermarket toilet would have had me crawling into a corner and
wanting to die. Bridie admitted that she was 'bi-curious' but didn't know
how to take it any further. She relaxed a bit when I told her that I don't
consider myself to be a lesbian but I like sex with certain other women.

I got her to tell me all about her other 'experiences' while we progressed
to vodka and orange drinks. She's only 16 and only left school a few
months ago. She doesn't have a boyfriend at the moment and still lives
with her parents. It wasn't long before she was asking me what it was
like to be naked most of the time and I suggested that she tried it. She
stripped to her bra and knickers which were a lovely red lacy set but she
didn't want to go further. When I got another drink I stood behind her
and massaged her neck for a while before moving down to her small
pert, cone shaped young breasts. She has lovely nipples in the centre of
small dark brown aureoles. As I lightly let my finger drift over her
nipples they jumped to attention and she gasped. She asked me to undo
her little bra then she stood up and asked if we could go somewhere
more comfortable.

I led her up to Jon's room and motioned for her to lie on the bed. I
started kissing her all-over as she moaned and rolled her head from side
to side. When I got down to her stomach she seemed to tense a little as
my hand gently drifted over her still knicker-clad pussy. She surprised
me when I stopped and looked at her and she said that she had followed
my example. When I asked her what she meant she asked me to take
her knickers off.

She has this beautifully smooth bald pussy, not a hair anywhere, but her
lips were very swollen and her juices were over-flowing. I started kissing
her stomach and thighs before really eating her. She certainly had been
anticipating that moment because it didn't take very long for her to have
an orgasm accompanied by screams of 'yes', 'yes.' I lay next to her up
on one elbow looking at her lovely 16 year old body. I can't remember
mine looking that good 6 years ago. Very slim, very blonde and with a
smooth medium tan coloured skin.

All of a sudden Bridie brought my day-dream to an end by saying that
that was the first time that anyone had ever done that to her and she
asked if she could try to do it to me. After asking if any of her boyfriends
had ever eaten her (no was the answer) I told her that she could only
do it to me if she knelt either side of me and we did a proper 69. She
was a real natural even down to the pulling of my clit with her teeth and
pushing her tongue into my hole. I took my time and had a good look
at her young pussy. Her clit isn't as big as mine but she smelt and
tasted really good.

Bridie came before me and the intensity made her bite my clit quite
hard. That triggered me and I came shortly after her. We both collapsed
and lay there for a few minutes before talking for hours. I told her all
about Jon and me and she told me that she was a late developer and
had only really reached puberty about 2 years ago; and that she was
still a virgin.

She has quite an imagination but says that she is too shy to let any boys
get further that a snog and a grope. Besides, her parents are very strict
and she always has to be in quite early. I was just thinking about how I
could help her when the bedroom door flew open and Jon walked in. He
was furious and demanded to know what was going on. Bridie was
frightened, and was trying to cover herself. Jon told her to keep quiet
and keep still and that no harm would come to her. She seemed to
relax when I told her that it was true, Jon would not hurt her, he's not
like that.

I explained everything to Jon and he calmed down. He asked Bridie if
she was all right and told her to relax and stop being so shy. I put my
arm round her and asked her and Jon if they would like a drink which I
then went and got. When I got back Bridie was laughing so Jon must
have said something to make her feel comfortable. She had even
stopped trying to cover her nakedness.

We all went down to the lounge and I left them talking while I went and
put dinner on. While we were eating (us 2 girls still naked) Jon told me
that I was going to be punished for using his bed without asking him. He
asked Bridie if she wanted to watch and after we had finished we all
went up to the 'punishment' room. Bridie looked a little stunned by all
the equipment there and just stood in silence as Jon restrained me
spread-eagle face down on the bed.

Jon then told Bridie that he frequently administered punishment in the
nude and would she mind if he took his clothes off. She didn't say
anything but I could see her shake her head indicating 'no' she didn't
mind. He took his clothes off and I watched Bridie's eyes follow his soft
dick as he got the tawse from where it was hanging on the wall and
gave me the first stroke.

I could tell when it was going to land on my backside by the expression
on Bridie's face. As usual I said, "One - thank you master" and waited
for the next one. By the time I had got to "Ten - thank you Master"
Bridie was relaxing and even enjoying it. She was licking her lips and
one of her hands was stroking her stomach and the front of her pussy.
There was a pause after the first 10 as Jon moved to get a better
position and then the 11th one landed partially on my right cheek and
partially on my pussy. The second and last 10 all hit my pussy and by
the time I had said, "Twenty - thank you Master" the tears were rolling
down my cheeks and I was quite well lubricated.

Jon untied me and as I was getting up I could see Bridie really going at
herself. Jon had sat on a chair and his erection was pointing to the
ceiling, Bridie still staring at it. Jon motioned for me to go over to him
and he pulled me down onto his lap, my back to his front, my legs
outside of his and his dick lost inside me. He told me to finish myself off
as Bridie continued to stare at us.

Needles to say all 3 of us came - can't remember in what order. When
Jon finally lifted me off him he looked at Bridie and asked her if she
would like a go at either the punishment, or the fucking. I guess that
she wasn't ready for it because she said, "no". Jon replied with "maybe
next time." Jon and Bridie got dressed and we drove her home, me still
in the nude in the back of the car. It was a good job that it was dark by
then. As she got out of the car Jon asked her if she would like to go out
with us the following night. She said yes and we agreed to pick her up at
8:00 p.m.

Saturday September 5
I woke up with a sore backside and pussy. Late morning someone came
to the door and Jon told me to wait upstairs until he called me. It was a
conservatory salesman and Jon had done a deal with him to build one at
the back of the house.

When Jon called me into the room the man didn't look as surprised as I
would expect him to be when a naked young woman walked into the
room. It turned out that Jon had told him that his housekeeper usually
walked around the house naked and that it was to be part of the
contract that the workmen could look but not touch. If this condition
were broken then they would not get paid for the job. The poor man
could not take his eyes off me and Jon used that fact to get an extra
discount. The job was to start the week after next.

That afternoon we went shopping in town. Jon had me wear my long
wrap-around skirt and short baggy crop top. We went to the nice dress
shop where Kelly worked but the girl assistant told us that Kelly had left
and gone to work in Nottingham. The new assistant was nice but didn't
seem that friendly, just polite. We had a look at a few dresses and skirts
but Jon didn't like any of them so we moved on.

We went into a shoe shop and Jon bought himself a pair of shoes. While
he was doing that he told me to try a few pairs on. Needless to say he
told me to get a male assistant and to make sure that he got an eyeful
of my pussy. It was quiet easy in the wrap-around skirt, just a case of
letting it fall open.

Poor lad, he just didn't know where to look. It was obvious where he
wanted to look but he was just too shy to have a good look and he just
kept having quick looks. I made eye contact with him and smiled and
said, "it's okay to look" but he still kept on with the quick looks then
looking away.

From there we went to the 'Private' shop and had a good look at
everything. Jon bought a vibrating egg and some leather straps that he
wouldn't let me look at, said they were going to be a surprise. After that
we went home and had some tea. Later Jon told me to put a short
cotton dress on and we went and collected Bridie. I went to the door
while Jon waited in the car.

As Bridie got into the car Jon complimented her on her outfit. She
looked great in a smart red dress with stockings and suspenders (as I
found out later). Bridie asked Jon where we were going but he would
only tell us that it was a surprise and one that would make her nervous
to start off with, but she was to trust us.

We drove to a Leisure Centre in Mansfield called Water Meadows. Bridie
said that she hadn't planned on going swimming and hadn't brought a
costume. By that time I had realised what was going on, but didn't say
anything. Jon told Bridie not to worry and that everything was taken
care of. After Jon had paid our money and we entered the changing area
Bridie just stopped dead in her tracks. After a few seconds she said,
"They've got no clothes on, what's going on?" Jon told her that it was a
'naturist swim' and no one wore clothes at those. It took a couple of
minutes to persuade Bridie to strip off with us and she looked great as
she slowly took her clothes off. Needles to say Jon and me were naked
within seconds. Bridie came out with statements like "Everyone's looking
at me" and "Everyone can see that I've shaved my pussy." She said
that she'd only ever seen naked people on the television (apart from Jon
and me the previous day) and that no one had seen her naked since she
was a little kid, not even her parents.

She started to relax a bit when she realised that everyone was just
getting on with getting out of their clothes and into the pool. She also
commented on the fact that there were other people with no pubic hair
and that no one seemed to be taking any notice of them. Jon told her
that they were just there to have good relaxing natural swim enjoying
the lack of restrictions and inhibitions of clothes.

As we walked out into the swimming area Bridie was trying to cover
herself and she just stood there for a couple of minutes watching all the
naked people of all ages from babies to pensioners just doing what
people normally do in a swimming pool. There's not a lot at that Leisure
Centre but we had a good time. Bridie managed to relax and enjoy
herself apart from the times that men were following her up the stairs to
the water slide. With their heads at her pussy level she was still self-
conscious. In the end I sat on the side of the pool with my legs open
wide and no one took a blind bit of notice so I managed to get her to do
the same, but only for a few seconds.

We went up into the sauna and steam room suite and spent a bit of time
there. Bridie had never been into a sauna, a steam room, nor a spa
before. In there I whispered in Bridie's ear that it was good having sex
in a spa and she whispered back 'chance'. I then told her that I was sure
that I could arrange something, but not there as there were too many
people. It was great being able to walk around and swim in the nude
with lots of other people doing the same. So relaxing and natural. Non
of the sexual excitement of being naked or semi-naked when everyone
else has clothes on and people are trying to catch a glimpse of my
breasts or pussy. I like both situations really, it depends upon the mood
I'm in.

As we were getting dressed to leave we watched Bridie put her clothes
on. Jon suggested that she leave her underwear off but after a few
seconds thought she said, "maybe next time, I've got a lot of thinking to
do." When we dropped her off at home she gave us both a quick kiss,
full on the lips. Jon invited her to go out with us the next Saturday. We
arranged to pick her up at 8:00 p.m. again.

Back home Jon told me that the sight of Bridie getting dressed had
turned him on a bit and he was going to 'vent his lust' on my body. I
spent the night in his bed and went to sleep in the 'spoon' position with
him deep inside me.

Sunday September 6
Jon took me to the gym and I had to wear my white lycra shorts and a
baggy crop top. By the time we had finished I had a big damp patch in
the crotch which made the thin lycra virtually transparent. Good job that
I don't have any pubic hair as that would have been clearly visible.

From there we went into the sauna and Jon had me wearing one of the
Leisure Centre's towels that is only just big enough to cover my breasts
and bum. Jon had me sit with my legs up bent at the knee so that my
pussy was on display. A couple of teenage girls came in and one of them
had a good look, but nothing else.

No swimming or spa, we went home after that. In the afternoon Jon got
a bucket and some bags of white powder out of the garage. When I
asked him what they were for he told me that he was going to take a
plaster of Paris mould of the lower part of my torso. When I asked him
what it was for he said he wasn't sure, but it seemed like a good idea
and could be fun. He had me stand (with my feet about a foot apart) in
the kitchen while he first covered me from below my tits to my knees
with Vaseline. Then he got a dildo and pushed it half into me. He said
that he wanted to be able to know exactly where my hole was and the
best angle to get into it. He then put 3 strips of clink-film up each side of
me and just behind the dildo so that the mould would be easier to get
off me once it was dry.

After that he wrapped some tea towels soaked in the plaster of Paris
mixture round me. As the mixture dried he pasted more and more of it
onto me until it was about half an inch thick. All this time I had to hold
my stomach in so that my little podge wouldn't be showing.

When he had finished we made me stay still for another 15 minutes to
let it harden. It felt funny being encased like that. Sort of sexually
exciting. Difficult to explain. When it came to get the mould off me we
had difficult time. At one point I was beginning to think that I was stuck
in it for life but Jon wasn't giving up and in the end it came off. It looks
good when the 2 halves are put together. You could even see the shape
of my pussy lips as they gripped the dildo.

When the 2 halves are together the hole for the dildo makes me look as
if I have a giant hole. Jon says that we will go for the top half next time,
but I don't know what position he will do it in as he says that he wants
my tits to be 'proud'. While I was getting cleaned-up Jon went to check
his email, and apart from taking him some food, I never say him again
until breakfast next morning.

Week commencing September 7
On the Monday I used Sonique depilatory machine on the pubic hair that
I had been growing just above my slit. It took hours, but it was quite
painless and just gave me a very slight tingle. On face value it seems to
be doing the trick but the real test will be to see if it grows again. That
night Jon told me to grow all the hair around my lips and then remove
it. He also told me that he was going to grow all of his and that I would
be removing all his for him. That will take all day and I bet that it won't
happen without him getting a solid boner or two. Didn't see Bridie when
I went to Tesco on the Wednesday.

Thursday night the paperboy came to collect the money but it wasn't a
boy, it was a girl. After she got over the shock of me being naked she
couldn't stop giggling but she still took her time counting the money
while looking at me. When I said, "see you next week" she said,

Friday I went to the Job Centre to see what part-time jobs they had
going. A couple of bar work jobs but that was about it. Will have to talk
to Jon.

Saturday September 12
We went to Nottingham to look round the shops. Jon told me to wear
Ben which slowed us down quite a bit. Jon just laughed every time I had
to stop moving to either slow down, or have an orgasm. I really was
feeling horny and desperate for Jon to give me a good fucking, but I had
to wait until we got back to the car park. I'm sure that the CCTV
cameras were pointed at Jon's car. We probably gave the men watching
the screens a good cheap thrill.

I was wearing my cheesecloth dress that day and Jon bought me a
smart burgundy jacket with matching short skirt. No fun in the changing
cubicle. When I got home Jon told me to move the buttons out as far as
I could. It was low cut as it was and it would be obvious that I didn't
have a bra on so after I had moved the buttons it didn't take much for
anyone to see my breast even when I twisted a bit, never mind when I
leaned forward.

I wore my new outfit (with 1 addition) when we took Bridie out. The
addition was the vibrating egg. We went to a nice old style country pub
in a village called Tatenhill. Bridie looked great in a pink dress with
spaghetti straps. Her nipples told everyone that she wasn't wearing a

She had a cardigan on when I went to the door for her but it came off as
soon as she got in the car. Over a great meal she told us that she had
decided not to wear any underwear that night and that it was stockings
not tights that we could see on her legs. Jon had decided that he would
do the driving and between us Bridie and me polished off 2 full bottles of
white wine.

By the time that we moved into the main part of the pub we were both
quite happy. Jon and me sat with our backs to an outside wall with
Bridie facing me. The table was small and Jon was hogging it. A few
minutes after we had sat down Bridie said that she could see right up
my skirt to my stomach and suggested that I should cross my legs
before someone else noticed.

I told her that not crossing my legs was one of the conditions of my
employment and that I would get punished if I did. She asked Jon if that
was right and she giggled when he said, "yes." "OK" she said, "if you
can't, then I won't" and she uncrossed hers. I slid down a bit in my seat
and looked up her dress and could see her stomach. She giggled a bit
more and after having a quick look to see if anyone was looking she
opened her legs so that I could see her pussy. She was obviously
getting a bit turned-on as her lips were swollen and glistening with her
juices. There was just a hint of her clit sticking out between her lips.

The problem with sliding down in your seat is that your skirt doesn't go
with you and it had virtually disappeared beneath my jacket. This meant
that Bridie could now see more of the tops of my legs and stomach. She
asked me if it was a wire was that was coming up between my pussy
lips and up my stomach. Jon told her what it was and told me to open
my jacket and show her the control hanging out of the top of my skirt.
Jon caught me looking round to see if anyone was looking before
opening my jacket and told me that I had just earned a punishment. I
opened my jacket on the left side to reveal the control. Only problem
was that my left breast was on display as well. I don't think that anyone
saw it before Jon said that I could fasten my jacket. He then reached
over and switched the egg on to a slow speed so that it would take a
while for me to get worked up.

Jon sent me to the bar to get some more drinks. It's one of those split-
level buildings and the bar is quite low down with the bar staff even
lower so I had to bend down to make myself heard over the music and
general noise. I'm sure that the young barman was pretending not to
hear me just so that he could keep looking down my jacket and when I
stood up straight waiting for him to get the drinks I could hear 3 men
behind me discussing whether or not I had any knickers on. Just to get
them wondering a bit more when the barman asked me for the money I
bent as far as I could over the bar. As I picked-up the drinks and walked
back to Jon and Bridie I heard one of the men saying that he had seen
my pussy lips so I couldn't have been wearing any.

Back at the table Jon told me that half the pub had seen my backside.
Jon and Bridie had been talking when I had been at the bar and Bridie
had asked Jon if she could stay with us that night. Jon had agreed on
one condition, that she telephoned her mother and told her. When Bridie
got back from the phone she asked me how the egg was doing.
"Simmering nicely" was my reply. We finished our drinks and left. As I
got near to the car I had to slow down and came just as I bent down to
get in. "Was that what I think it was?" Bridie asked. Before we moved
off Jon told me to take the egg out and asked Bridie if she wanted to try
it. She declined "for the time being."

As soon as we got home Jon told me to strip off and 'assume the
position'. Bridie seemed a little mystified until Jon explained and she just
stood watching as Jon reminded me that I was to be punished for
hesitating when he told me to open my jacket. He explained to Bridie
that I had to do whatever he told me, immediately. He then told me to
explain to Bridie that I was happy with the arrangement. He went
upstairs to get the tawse leaving me and Bridie to talk. It took me a
minute or two to convince Bridie that I was happy, very happy, and
wouldn't change the situation for anything.

When Jon came back he was naked and carrying the tawse. He told me
to get up and lean over the back of the sofa with my legs wide apart
before giving me 10 strokes. After I had said, "Ten - thank you Master"
he told me to 'assume the position' again and he gave me 5 more. One
over the tops of my thighs, one on each breast, and for the other two he
stood over my head with his dick directly over my face and landed both
strokes on my pussy.

Needless to say I was crying by then but when Jon told me to get up I
went over to Bridie and told her that I was alright and to prove that I
had enjoyed it as well I asked her to see how wet I was. It hurt a bit as
her hand first touched my pussy but as she moved a finger in between
my lips I gave a shudder and said, "go right in." Her finger did - for a
second, then she took her hand away.

Jon told me to go and get some coffee ready and when I got back Jon
and Bridie were sat on the sofa talking. It looked a bit silly in a way, Jon
was naked (with a semi) and Bridie still had her dress on. When I told
them what I was laughing at Bridie said that she could soon sort that
one out and stood up and lifted her dress off. Jon told her that she
looked good with her small pert cones sticking out of her chest and her
lovely smooth pubes. She still had her stockings and suspender belt on,
but not for long. She lifted each leg in-turn, put her foot on the coffee
table and took them off. Jon must have enjoyed the display as his semi
became a full erection.

As we drank our coffee Bridie kept looking at Jon's dick which had some
pre-cum coming out of the tip. Finally she suddenly said, "I want to lose
my virginity tonight." Jon's only reply was "maybe" but I knew that he
would enjoy taking it later - after getting her really worked-up and
begging him to fuck her. He's a bit of a tease really.

When we went to bed (all 3 in Jon's) Jon told me to make love to Bridie
first. It was soon a 2-way thing with Bridie being as eager as I was. Jon
was just watching to start off with but it wasn't long before he joined in
and Bridie was wanking him. I guess that he was getting close to
coming cos he stopped her and told her to put a condom on him and to
get on top of him.

She slowly lowered herself down onto him and at one point she stopped,
then pushed and screamed. I guess that that was her virginity gone.
She just sat there on top of him for ages with a vacant look on her face.
Jon brought her back to earth, he came inside her. His jerking gave it
away. Bridie started to rise up and down and fuck him. It was a good
job that it didn't take long as Jon usually goes soft after a couple of
minutes. When they uncoupled I could see little spots of blood on Jon.

After that we went to sleep, Bridie on one side of Jon and me on the
other. When I woke up in the morning Jon was on top of Bridie fucking
her 'missionary' style.

Sunday September 13
We had the usual ritual of reading the papers over breakfast in the
nude, but this time there were 3 of us. A cramped shower followed with
Jon fucking me from behind and me finger-fucking Bridie while I tried to
push my tongue down her throat. After that we had to take Bridie home
as she had to go to work.

As it was a sunny day we went to a quiet part of the coast and parked in
a car park at the edge of some little village. We walked along the coast
for a bit and settled in amongst some sand dunes. As it was quiet we
both sunbathed nude. We stayed there for about an hour and hardly
saw anyone apart from 2 men who kept walking up and down the path
through the dunes. I think that they must me part of the dirty old men
brigade who need to spy on women. Jon says that it doesn't bother us
and I quite enjoyed making sure that they got a really good view of me.
One time when one of them passed Jon started finger fucking me and I
started playing with him. After the man went I was disappointed when
Jon stopped.

We went for a nude swim but didn't stay in for long. The North Sea is
bloody cold at the best of times and the middle of September isn't one
of those. After that we wrapped towels round ourselves and walked back
to the car park. There was an ice-cream van at the other end of the little
car park and Jon gave me some money and told me to get a couple of
ice-creams before I got changed. He also told me to make sure that the
towel 'accidentally' dropped off me on the way back.

As I walked up to the van I loosened the towel so that it felt very
insecure. I got the ice creams one in each hand and started walking
back. It only took about 10 feet before I could feel the towel starting to
slide down and another couple of steps and it fell right open. I managed
to grip it with one elbow but apart from that side I was naked. There
were a few people sat in their cars and they all stared at me as I walked
by them.

When I was about 20 feet from Jon's car a couple of lads about 14
stopped their bikes right in front of me and asked if I wanted any help.
When I said, "yes please" they got off their bikes and stood in front of
me looking at the obvious places. One said, "what would you like us to
do?" The other (a real cheeky sod) said, "play with your little tits." I
wasn't going to miss that opportunity and said, "you can play with my
tits as you put my towel back round me please." So they did, no
hesitation, straight grab and grope. After about a minute of nipple
pulling and tit squeezing one of them started going for my pussy. All this
was happening in the middle of a public car park in the middle of the
afternoon. It was getting a bit too risky so I said, "the towel please."
That stopped them, but not before a finger was in my pussy. The cheeky
one pulled my towel round me and tucked an end in to keep it in-place
and I left them watching me walk away.

Jon told me that he was pleased with the way that I had handled it,
which made me happy. We sat in the car and eat the ice cream before
Jon told me to get out and get changed as a 'new' car drove into the car
park. It doesn't take long to take a towel off and put a dress on, but Jon
had timed it right and I was naked as the car drove passed us. There
was a young couple in it and the lad nearly crashed as he stared at me.
They had the windows open and I could hear the girl shout at him to
watch where he was going.

Back home Jon did his usual trick of disappearing into his study.

Week commencing September 14
Monday - The weather was cold that morning and I decided to put my
dungaree dress on. I had forgotten that the workmen would be arriving
to do the conservatory and they arrived just after Jon had left. They
(one about 45 and the other about 30) both came to the door to say
that they were here and looked a little disappointed when I opened the
door with some clothes on. I took them round the back and showed
them where everything was. One asked me what the scaffold frame was
for and I couldn't think of anything better to say than "It's for me to
sunbathe on." They both looked at me with a puzzled look so I said,
"who's for a cup of tea then?"

I left them to it and went and put the kettle on. I still had the dress on
when I took them the tea but took it off when I got back inside as the
sun was starting to shine and the house was warming up because I had
put the heating on. I was doing the ironing in the kitchen when one of
the men brought their cups back. His face lit up as I opened the back
door and he saw me naked. "It's true then" he said. "What is?" I replied.
"That you walk around the house naked, the boss said you did but we
didn't believe him." "Well I do, the garden as well. Is that a problem?"
I asked. "Not with us, you can be naked as much as you like for us we're
not bothered. Can we have another brew in about an hour please?"

I took them their next 'brew' and they kept me talking for ages. We
talked about everything and nothing before I told them that I had to go.
I suppose that I was enjoying the attention, and judging by the bulges
in their trousers they were enjoying the view. It went on like that for
most of the day and they hadn't finished digging the trench when the
concrete wagon arrived. It had to wait out the front while they hurriedly
finished the digging. I stayed inside, out of the way and when Jon got
home he said it was my fault for teasing the men. Jon said that he
wasn't going to punish me because the job got done, even if they didn't
finish until 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday - 2 different men arrive to do the brick work. Again it was one
older man and a young man. I thought that it was best that I kept a
dress on when I took the tea to them, but the young man did catch me
naked when he brought the cups into the kitchen without knocking. You
should have seen his face light-up.

Went to Tesco and saw Bridie. She was very busy but she said that she
would ring me.

Wednesday - Yet more different men came. This time it was 2 men
about my age. I had got fed-up with taking tea out to them so I told
them to come and make their own in the kitchen. I kept a dress on until
after they got started then removed it to start on the job of removing
the hair round my pussy lips with the Sonique depilatory machine. That
was a laborious task and my back ached having to bend-over so much,
but it will have been worth while if it doesn't grow again. The signs are
good, the hair at the top of my pussy haven't started growing again.

One of the men walked into the kitchen as I was getting myself some
lunch and didn't seem at all surprised by the fact that I was naked. We
got chatting and it turned out that he and his wife were naturists and he
would have preferred to be naked as well. He was a nice man and I
quite enjoyed the chat. He came back in later on and we continued the
talks. The other man didn't come in at all and it turns out that he's gay.

Thursday - When Jon went to work he left me restrained, spread-eagle
to the punishment bed with a blindfold on. Before he had done that he
had attached a big lump of ice from the freezer to the cord of the roller
blind on the window. He put a bucket under it to catch all the drips and
told me that it would take about 3 hours for it to melt sufficiently
enough for the blind to roll up so that anyone could see into the room.

That meant that in 3 hours and for the rest of the day any and all of the
workmen who were working on the roof of the conservatory would be
able to see me tied to the bed naked with my legs spread wide; and I
wouldn't be able to see them.

Those 3 hours were a killer. On the one hand I was so helpless and was
frightened what the men might do when they saw me and on the other
hand the excitement was tremendous, my juices were soaking the bed.

I had been listening to the men outside and come to the conclusion that
they were again 2 different men. They sounded youngish but it was
difficult to tell. I heard the blind go up when the ice melted and waited
for some indication that I had been spotted. It took what seemed like
hours before I heard one of them say "Here Ben, come and have a look
at this." My heart was pounding, I felt frightened but excited. It's one
thing walking around naked and talking to strange men, but it's certainly
another thing being tied-up and have absolutely no defence against
them if they decided to do something to me.

"Bloody hell!" was Ben's reply. And then "remember what the boss said,
we'll get sacked if we touch her." His mate then said, "but he didn't say
anything about photographs did he and I've got a camera in the van." A
short while later I heard a camera clicking and winding on. After about 3
shots Ben's mate said, "let's go inside and take some more." A couple of
minutes later I heard the bedroom door open and heavy breathing
before 3 more photos were taken. Then the film rewound. Ben's mate
said, "I'm off to buy another film" then I heard the van's engine start.

Was Ben still in the room with me or not? there was silence for a couple
of minutes then I heard the zip on a pair of jeans being opened. 'Oh no I
thought, he's going to fuck me,' but he didn't, I felt his breath on my
very wet pussy but he didn't touch me. Then I heard the rhythmic
movement of clothes. He was wanking. Was he going to shoot his load
over me, perhaps onto my pussy? I was laying there rigid with my pussy
getting wetter and wetter listening to him wanking wondering what he
was going to do and wishing that I could see what he was doing. In the
end he moaned a couple of times and that was it. When his mate came
back they took a lot more photographs and just before it all went quiet I
heard Ben's mate say "that'll give the lads down at the pub something
to talk about." Photos of me naked, spread-eagle tied to a bed were
going to be passed round a pub in Derby. The thought excited me, but I
was wondering if any of the people who saw them would recognise me
and say something.

I really wanted to cum, but there was nothing that I could do. I also
wanted to go for a pee but ....

Jon came home early that night and released me. He wouldn't let me go
for a pee until I had told him what had happened. I told him about the
men when they first saw me but didn't say anything about the camera
or them coming into the bedroom. I said that I didn't hear anything
else. That was a bit daft, cos I know that Jon will read this sometime,
and I'll get punished for not telling him the truth, but I really needed to
relieve myself, in more ways than one. When I sat on the loo I didn't
know which to do first, pee or masturbate. The pee came second.

Saturday September 19
Another 2 workmen came to finish off the job. There were the electrics
and the plumbing to sort out which meant that the men had to be in the
house for a lot of the time. After the first couple of times looking at me
the men just ignored me and got on with the job. I felt totally safe being
naked with Jon being there. They finished mid afternoon and Jon then
took me into town. He wanted to get some more plaster of Paris to
make a model of my torso.

I don't know what he would want that for, but it would help me when I
was in my dress making mode. While we were out he took me to
Debenhams and bought me a thick coat. It comes down to about half
way between my knees and pussy and doesn't have any buttons. It
relies on the belt being tied to keep it together. Jon said that it would be
easier for me to 'flash' people that way.

When we got home I went into the conservatory. It was lovely and
warm and I could see that I was going to enjoy being able to relax in
there looking out over the garden and fields with it being lovely and
warm in there, but freezing outside.

Jon took me out for dinner to a posh restaurant and I had to wear the
remote controlled vibrator and my dress that just has a front and a back
and laces up the sides. Jon would only let me lace it up from my hips to
the top. The front and back don't meet and they leave a gap of about 3
inched up each side. With the thin rope lacing it is obvious that I'm not
wearing anything underneath. Jon left the remote control on the table
and turned it up each time a waiter came to the table. It was most
embarrassing when I had an orgasm as the waiter was explaining what
was on the sweet trolley to me. He asked me if I was okay and even
apologised for if the food was causing my distress.

It was a good job that Jon had told me to lift the back part of the dress
up so that my bum was directly onto the seat. If it hadn't been then my
dress would have had the big wet patch instead of the seat covers. As it
was the wet patch was very visible when I did get up.

Sunday September 20
After breakfast Jon took me to the Hotel Gym - Jon made me work really
hard on all the machines and I was soaked in sweat when we finished. I
had put only my tennis dress on and it made it easier for working harder
as it automatically fell over my pussy whenever I was doing any of the
exercises. I was glad that Jon didn't ask me to do some exercises
standing on my head as there were quite a few people there, including
some of the staff.

After the Gym we went for a swim. I had taken my over-sized orange
bikini with me and had a bit of trouble keeping the bottoms up. As it
was the crotch of it was way below my pussy and gaping open for
anyone to see whenever my legs weren't closed. Jon had me swimming
breaststroke, a lot of it on my back so even I could see my pussy a lot
of the time. As it was there was only one girl and one boy (both about
15) that seemed to notice.

The Jacuzzi was nice, we stayed in there for ages and Jon told me to
take the bottoms off and put them on the side for everyone to see. I got
a puzzled look from one middle-aged couple when they saw them and
one old man came and sat on the side right next to me. He was looking
down my top onto my breasts and nipples which were showing from that
angle. I saw him catch Jon's eye at one point but that didn't stop him
looking because Jon said, "nice out today isn't it?"

From there it was the steam room and Jon told me to sit with my knees
about 18 inches apart. That meant that anyone sitting on the other
opposite side would be able to see my pussy. The girl and boy followed
us in and were looking but the steam must have made it difficult for
them to see anything. After a long session in there I was beginning to
feel a little dizzy so Jon told me to go and take a shower then take my
bikini off and wrap a towel round me and he would meet me in the rest
area. When I got there Jon was on one of the loungers with his feet up
and his knees bent. He had a towel on as well and I could easily see his
dick and balls. He told me to lie on the longer next to him in the same
position. I guess that he wanted anyone who came in to be able to see
either of our private parts, dependant upon which type they were

We started reading some magazines that were in there and after about
10 minutes the same boy and girl came in and sat opposite us. They
kept looking at us and whispering to each other and after a few minutes
the girl got up and went. This left the boy who has having a real good
look at me. Not wanting to deprive him of a good education I slowly
opened my legs a bit more so that he could get the best possible view.

Then the door opened again and the girl came back in. I think that she
must have been braver than the boy because she now had a towel
round her and it looked like she had taken her costume off because she
no longer had any straps over her shoulders. She lay down on the same
longer and after a minute and some more whispering she lifted her
knees. Sneaking quick looks round the magazine I could just make out
some black pubic hairs. From the angle I thought that Jon would be able
to see better and when I talked to him later, yes he had. He'd been able
to see everything she'd got. He said that he was impressed that she'd
had the courage to do it but disappointed that she hadn't removed her
pubic hair. The boy and the girl were still whispering and then the boy
got up and slowly walked out. He had a real good look at both me and
the girl as he went.

He came back in almost straight away but hadn't got changed. He still
had his swimming costume on but it was bulging at the front. Poor lad
looked a bit embarrassed, especially when the girl giggled at him when
she saw it. Jon got up and came and sat next to me with his back to
them. He put an arm round my leg that was nearest to him and slowly
opened my legs even more. So much so that my lips were parting. After
about a minute of that we got up and went into the sauna which was
empty, so Jon told me to take my towel off and lay on it - on my back
with my knees up and open. Jon took his towel off and sat on it. Five
minutes later the girl and boy came in, I guess that they wanted another
look. Jon had sat in a place that he could see who was coming in and
had not told me to cover up so I didn't move when they came in. The
boy had gone and got his towel but I could still see the bulge.

They stopped when they saw us both naked, but Jon said, "Come on in,
don't let us stop you. We've gone European, hope you don't mind." The
girl muttered a "no" and they both came in and sat down. After a minute
or so the girl stood up and said, "I think we'll join you" and took her
towel off. She then said, "come on Peter." Peter was a little reluctant,
possibly because of his hard-on that was embarrassing him but they
both sat down. His dick was about the same size as Jon's (when it's
hard), but I was thinking that it wouldn't stay like that for long in that
heat. The girl had quite big tits for her age and a hairy beaver (as Jon
sometimes calls it). I was right, after about 5 minutes the boy's hard-
on had gone. After 10, they had both had enough and they went,
leaving just Jon and me. I have to admit that I was getting quite hot by
then, and we both went out a couple of minutes later. Jon told me to
use one of the showers just outside the sauna, and to only half close the
curtain, but no one came in. After I had cooled down, Jon told me to go
and get changed, and to meet him in the reception. When I got there he
was waiting for me with a couple of drinks in his hands. As we were sat
there drinking, the girl and then the boy came out of the changing
rooms. She smiled and said, "hi" in response to Jon smiling at her, but
they both left.
By that time it was early afternoon and Jon took me to a chinese for
some lunch. I had put on my denim dungarees dress that day with a
short crop top underneath, and when we were moving round the table
getting food I noticed one man standing next to me quite a lot and
trying to look down my skirt. I guess that he'd noticed that he could see
right down to the floor and my body all that way.

I think that we both eat too much, cos when we got home neither of us
could be bothered to do anything other than watch TV.

Week commencing September 21
Quite a boring week really, nothing special happened at all, other than
Vicky rang and asked us if we would like to go to a newish club in
Nottingham with her on the Saturday night. Apparently it's a lively
place that she thinks we will enjoy. Had a good chat with Bridie at
Tesco, she has promised to give me a ring to see about coming round

Saturday September 26
Jon had to go to work so it was a quiet day until the evening. As we
were driving over to Vicky's flat Jon told me that there would be a joiner
arriving on the following Tuesday to do some 'modifications' in the
punishment room. He told me to co-operate with him and do everything
that he asked. The 'everything' bit had me intrigued and I wondered if I
he would be telling me to have sex with him. Well, Jon did say 'do
everything' so if that's what Jon wants, then that's what I will do. Hope
he's a hunk.

When we got to Vicky's flat she wasn't ready and one of her flat-mates
(Liz) invited us in. While we were waiting we were talking to Liz and
Kelly (the other flat-mate) about where we were going. Liz said that we
should be careful as she had heard stories of drugs and orgies. Just as
she mentioned 'orgies' Vicky walked through the living room to her
bedroom, naked. She said 'hello' and kept going. "just about ready
then" Jon said. Kelly said, "yeah, she doesn't wear much these days."
Jon asked if that bothered her and Liz. Liz jumped-in and said, "it's done
wonders for our love lives, men just keep wanting to come back here
once they've discovered that there's a naked woman in the flat." Jon
was right, within seconds Vicky was with us wearing a lovely tight black
dress (Jon had told me to wear a low cut thin cotton dress with a flared
short skirt that night).

When we got to the club Jon paid and we went in and got a drink. It's a
big nice place with different levels. The music was good and it wasn't
long before we were having a good time. Vicky and me kept going for a
dance together and men kept butting-in and asking if they could dance
with us. When we told Jon he said we could dance with them if we liked.

A bit later Jon was dancing with me and Vicky was with a man when the
DJ suddenly started playing some rock and roll music. Jon amazed me
the way he could do it, just like you see on the TV. He had me spinning
all over the place, it was great fun, but hard work. I was knackered
when we went to sit down.

When Vicky came back she told me that we had had a little audience
and that with Jon spinning me round so much I had been displaying
what I wasn't wearing. The bloke that Vicky had been dancing with had
stopped dancing and just stared at me. Just then the pace slowed down
and Jon took me for a slow dance. We were dancing slow with our arms
round each other. What I didn't notice at the time (Vicky told me later)
was that Jon had his hands on the top of my bum, under my skirt. Most
of my bum had been on display for about 4 or 5 minutes and I hadn't
even noticed.

When the pace increased Vicky and me were up again. We'd just started
dancing with 2 men when the floor started filling with foam. It didn't
take long before it was waist high and people were scooping it up and
putting it on people's heads. Within minutes everyone was covered and
all you could see was lumps of foam moving around. I think that the
men took it as a chance to start groping the girls because there were a
lot of screams and shouting. A hand grabbed at me and when I didn't
move away it started exploring under my dress. I backed off when a
finger went inside me. I made it back to Jon and saw Vicky sat next to
him trying to brush the foam off herself.

I don't know what the foam was made of but it didn't take long for it to
disappear and for things to get back to normal. After a few more drinks
Vicky asked if we knew what was through a door that was in a corner of
the room near the bar. She'd seen a few people go though it but no one
come back. We watched a couple go through before Jon said, "come on,
we're going to have a look."

The door took us down a staircase to another big room that had a little
swimming pool and a bar in it. There were people at the bar and around
the pool. There was also a couple splashing around in the pool. It looked
like they only had their knickers on, the girl was definitely topless and
her big boobs were bouncing about like a couple of balloons. We got
another drink and sat by the pool watching those balloons as the couple
were trying to duck each other. A couple of girls came down the stairs
and after a quick drink (down in one) they stripped their dresses over
their heads and jumped in. They were both wearing thong knickers that
hardly covered their pussies. That must have been some sort of signal
because about 4 couples got up and stripped to their undies and jumped
in. Only one girl had a bra on and that come off before she jumped in.

Vicky turned to Jon and asked if we could go in. Before he could answer
our shoes and dresses were off and we were in. Jon told me that a
bouncer that was near the bar had pointed at us and started to say
something but stopped after saying "you can't", shrugged his shoulders
and carried-on talking to the woman next to him. When I surfaced the
man next to me said, "nice bod" to me which made me feel good. I said,
"thank you" and turned to try to duck Vicky under the water. We spent
about 5 minutes splashing about but it was getting a bit crowded. I
bumped into a few people and twice I backed into someone who put
their hands round me and started groping my breasts and pussy. When
I turned round there were so many people that I couldn't make out who
had done it. There was also one man who was groping me from under
the water, I felt his hand slide up from my ankle right onto my pussy.

Shortly after that Jon called us out. We hadn't thought about how we
would get dry and we had to try and brush as much water off us with
our hands before putting our dresses on. As I pulled mine on I noticed
that most of the people in the room had stopped and were watching
Vicky and me get dressed. That made me feel good, proud that I had
something that people wanted to look at. I decided to give then a good
look at my ass and pussy as I bent over to put my shoes on. I got a bit
excited doing that.

We went back upstairs after that and had another drink. I was glad that
Jon gave us a chance to dry-off before we went home, it was cold
outside when we came. While we were having that drink Vicky told us
about the groping that she had had. She'd been as lucky as me, but
she'd gone one further and groped a man as he groped her. She said
that he had had a hard-on which wasn't very big. After that we got a
taxi back to Vicky's flat and we spent a crowded night in her small bed.
Jon fucked us both before falling asleep but Vicky and me managed to
'pleasure' each other before I went to sleep.

Sunday September 27
I woke up as Vicky was getting out of the bed and followed her into the
bathroom. It was mid morning by then and Liz and Kelly were both in
the living room as we walked through. My head was hurting and the
best I could do was to mutter "morning." It took a shower with Vicky to
wake me up. Not sure if it was the water that woke me up or Vicky hand
playing with my pussy. I had just orgasmed when Jon walked in, naked
with a morning erection. He hadn't noticed Liz and Kelly but they told
me later that they had certainly seen him.

I got out and went and put the kettle on while Vicky did something
about Jon's hard-on. They came out of the bathroom just as I was
making the coffee and I heard Jon apologise to Liz and Kelly for his state
of dress then Kelly said that they weren't bothered and that he had a
nice dick. I wasn't going to argue with that.

We got our coffee and went and sat in the living room and we all got
talking. The subject of shaved pubes came up and Kelly asked me if I
had changed my mind and was growing mine again. Jon told me to show
everyone that there was only hair on the front of my pussy and non
underneath. He told her about the machine to remove it permanently
and told her that I was growing the last bit ready for permanent

Liz asked me if it was embarrassing for me when I went to the doctors
so I told her that neither the doctor or the nurses had batted an eyelid
when they saw me, nor when they realised that I didn't wear any
knickers. Kelly said that she was thinking of trying shaving and Vicky
said that we would help her if she liked. Just as Kelly said, "yes please,"
Liz said that there was no way that she was going to shave hers. Vicky
whispered to me "we'll see about that."

It wasn't long before Vicky's razor and other 'tools' came out and Kelly
was stripping off. She wasn't at all hesitant which I thought she might
be because Jon was there. Kelly has bigger tits than me and her aureole
are a lot bigger but her nipples are a lot smaller. She's not a natural
blond either. After Vicky and me trimmed as much as we could with the
scissors Kelly lathered herself and lay on the floor waiting for Vicky to
start with the razor. It was Jon who picked the razor up and said, "right
let's get started." Kelly said that she thought that Vicky would be doing
it so I said that Jon had had years of practice using a razor and that he
had shaved me dozens of times. With that she said, "okay" and Jon

I could see that Kelly was enjoying the experience and she let out a
quiet moan when Jon (deliberately I suspect) flicked her little clit. By the
time he had finished there were more of her juices than of the shaving
cream. Jon finished off by holding a warm damp cloth over all her pussy
and she gave out another louder moan. I suspect that Jon had pushed
part of it up her hole.

When she stood up she covered her pussy with her hand and started
rubbing her hand all over her pubic area. "Nice and smooth and I feel
very naked" she said. Vicky said, "wait until you get your leg over, it
add a whole new world to your feelings." The only person left in the
room that still had some pubic hair and some clothes on was Liz. Vicky
looked at her and said, "your turn Liz." Liz wasn't happy and said, "no
way" but Vicky was determined and said, "come on girls, let's get her
clothes off."

Liz put up quite a struggle but she was out-numbered and it didn't take
long for us to get her naked. Liz is a bit over-weight but has a nice pair
of breasts, a lot bigger than mine with small nipples. Her hips are quite
big and she has (had) a lot of black pubic hair. I think that the sight of 3
girls stripping a fourth was a bit of a turn-on for Jon because he'd got a
bit of a hard-on. It was getting harder the more Liz struggled and the
more we had to hold her down. Jon had to do the trimming with the
scissors before he started with the razor.

By the time Jon had shaved the lot off I was getting a bit out of breath.
Liz was still struggling as Jon was wiping the last of the shaving cream
off. Fortunately Liz hadn't been screaming, but she was getting excited.
It was the swelling pussy lips and juices that gave it away. When Jon
stood up his erection stood up like a flagpole. As Liz was getting up she
got onto her knees and was directly in front of Jon. Her face was within
inches of his dick. "Oh! I think that I should take that as a compliment
but I'm still not happy about what you lot have done to me." "You'll get
used to it and you might even get to like it" Kelly said.

After that we all sat down again while Vicky went to get us some more
coffee. Liz was sulking a bit and had put her dressing gown back on but
Kelly was still naked. Jon and me were telling Kelly about the fun that I
was having going without knickers and pubic hair. Everyone seemed to
be ignoring Jon's hard-on until Vicky came back into the room with the
coffee. After she had handed them out she asked Jon if she could sit on
his lap as there were no chairs left.

Before Jon had finished saying 'yes' she was on his lap. I didn't actually
she if she positioned herself so that his dick slid into her, or actually see
it go into her but the expression on her face told me that he was in her.
Liz had noticed as well and her eyes and mouth opened wide. Kelly
looked a bit surprised as well but Jon and me kept telling Kelly about
some of our little 'incidents.' Vicky was joining in as well and after about
5 minutes we were all (including Liz) having a good laugh. I guess that
all the stories and laughing had cooled Vicky and Jon down as I saw
Vicky shuffle about on Jon's lap and I saw his limp dick as she adjusted
her position.

About lunchtime Jon decided that we should be heading for home and
we got dressed and left. We stopped at a McDonald's on the way home
and got a take-away. Jon had told me to slide forward in my seat and
then lay back with my dress pulled up a bit so that my pussy was just
showing. The lad who took our money couldn't take his eyes off me. He
gave Jon the right change but I couldn't understand what he was saying.
At the hatch where we got the take-away the girl really took her time
getting it ready and it was obvious that she was staring at me as much
as she could.

Back home we had the take-away and then spent most of the afternoon
reading the papers and watching television. We both went to bed early
(separately) that night.

Week commencing September 28
Monday - Spent most of the day removing the hair from the front of my
pussy. With a bit of luck it has all gone for good and I will just have to
use the razor on my legs and armpits from now on. I might try the
machine on my armpits but the hair there is a lot finer so I don't know
how I will get on.

Tuesday - The joiner arrived. I greeted him wearing my usual apparel -
nothing, but he just said, "show me to the room and I'll get on with it."
Apparently Jon had asked him to move everything out of the
'punishment' room and into the back bedroom. Once he'd done that he
started bring tools and pieces of wood and other things in from his van.
He didn't seem at all surprised by me being naked and virtually ignored
it. When I took him a cup of tea he told me that he specialised in
making unusual items and that he had made a few things like what he
was going to make before, and that he would need my help to get things
made to the right measurements. But he wouldn't tell me what the
'things' were at that stage. He told me to wait and see. What he did do
was to measure the height of my waist to the floor and from the tips of
my outstretched hands to my waist.

By late afternoon he had the frame of something built. It looked a bit
like one of those vaulting horses that you find in school gyms, I think
you call them pommel horses. When I mentioned this to him he said
that that was where the idea came from but it certainly wasn't one of
those. He said that he called it a 'whipping-T'. It was slightly higher
than my waist level with 2 inverted 'V's supporting a horizontal beam.
He didn't get much further with it that day, and left shortly after Jon got
home. Jon wouldn't tell me about it either.

Wednesday - The man was back early and got straight down to his
work. When I took him some tea mid morning the 'whipping-T' had
sprouted a horizontal 'T' piece out the back of it. This was supported by
another inverted 'V' down to the floor. He had stated making some
padding for the horizontal bars and when I went in he said that my
timing was quite good and that he wanted me to lay on the 'whipping-T'
in a couple of positions so that he could take some more measurements.

Firstly he told me walk up to the original horizontal bar and lay over it
with my stomach right up to it. I had to jump up a bit to do this and my
toes only just managed to touch the floor. He then told me to open my
legs as far as I could and he measured the distance from my ankles to
nearest uprights (ankle straps I guessed). With me in that position I
would be in the perfect position for Jon to 'whip' me so I guess that's
where the name 'whipping-T' came from. The man also measured the
distance from my wrists to the back uprights. He didn't seem at all
interested in the fact that like that my pussy was wide open for him to

After that he took me round the back and got me to lie on my stomach
along the back horizontal bar. The bar wasn't very wide and it meant
that I was being supported by the bar that started right on my pubic
bone. Fortunately my head was on the junction of the 'T'. As I was
getting on I couldn't help noticing the pressure that it was putting on my
pubic bone and I started to get a bit wet. The man then asked me open
my legs again and he took similar measurements before asking me to lie
on my back and do it again. Again he didn't seem to take any notice of
my now wet pussy. I couldn't help thinking that laid in any of those
positions I would be in the ideal position for Jon to either punish me or
fuck me. The man left just before Jon got home. Jon asked me if I liked
the 'whipping-T'. What could I say other that "yes."

Thursday - The 'whipping-T' was finished. It had padded nylon with
velcro wrist and ankle fasteners attached to the bottom of the legs with
shortish chains. The padding was covered with a purple velvet like
material. At the bottom end of the 'T' the padding got a lot thinner and I
saw something that I hadn't noticed before. There was a hole about 2
inches in diameter and about a foot from the end. When I asked what it
was for I was told that it was for a dildo and the man showed me how it
was held in place by a bracket underneath. I suppose it would be a bit
like that bike of Jon's that has a hole in the saddle for a dildo although
just being astride the 'T' with a dildo in me didn't seem quite as much
fun as cycling around in public with one in me.

The man got on with the other things and he put quite a few rings in the
ceiling and into one of the walls. Jon was going to be able to restrain me
in lots of different positions. The man also installed an electric motor so
that I could be raised and lowered easily by attaching ropes through
different rings and pulleys. That thought sounded interesting but a little
frightening and I had thoughts of being restrained through wrong rings
and the motor going mad and trying to pull me apart.

The motor has an attachments to it so that the ropes can be wound
round it as I'm being pulled up into the air. There is another attachment
that I couldn't work out what it was for. It is an egg shaped plate about
2 feet from end to end and is only wide enough to have the rope go
round it once.

What I hadn't worked out was that there is a way of fastening the rope
underneath the 'egg' and when the egg slowly turns it will push the rope
away then let it back. The effect of that would be that the tension of the
rope would increase and decrease therefore raising and lowering what
ever (or whoever) was on the other end. It was then that I realised how
much fun the dildo through the hole in the bottom of the 'T' could be. If
I was sat astride the 'T' with a dildo in and my wrists tied high with the
rope going through a ceiling ring and back to the 'egg' the slow turning
of the motor would mean that I would be raised and lowered onto the

In other words it was an electric 'fucking' machine. I was looking
forward to trying that but I suddenly started thinking about what would
happen if Jon set it going and then left me for hours. I would die from a
mixture of pain and pleasure.

I left the man to it and when I went in later in the day I worked out
what 2 other things were that the man had been working on. One was a
big circle of wood like a solid wheel, but it was vertical and off the
ground. It was in some sort of frame that would allow it to spin and it
was big enough for me to be restrained spread-eagle onto it. I had
visions of getting dizzy as I was spinning naked on some sort of 'wheel
of fortune' television program.

The other thing that had had me puzzled was something between the
legs of the top of the 'whipping-T'. It was spring loaded and looked like
it would spring up and hit my pussy if it was let lose. It all made sense
when the man attached a rubbery dildo to it. I reckoned that with me in
the spanking position it would be in just about the right position to give
me a lot of pleasure. I hoped that it could have a rope attached so that I
could control its movement somehow.

The man finished just after Jon got home, and after inspecting
everything Jon paid him and he left. Jon told me that he was looking
forward to me needing my next punishment. Later that evening the
papergirl came again. It had been 3 weeks since she had been and she
still couldn't stop staring at my nakedness. I thought that I would see if
I could get her to relax a bit and to talk a bit. I invited her to come into
the kitchen for a coke or something. She seemed a little reluctant but
finally came in.

We sat there drinking and talking for about 10 minutes. She was asking
me if it felt weird not having any clothes on all the time and talking to
strangers like that. I told her that having no clothes on didn't feel any
different to when I used to wear clothes. I told her that I didn't have to
worry about what to wear or have anywhere as much washing to do.
She asked about my lack of pubic hair and got a little defensive when I
said that it couldn't have been long ago when she didn't have any.

Apparently hers had started growing when she was 11. I was just about
to suggest that she try my way of life (well parts of it) when Jon came in
and she decided that she had better leave. Jon decided to leave the
new equipment until the weekend, which disappointed me a bit.

Friday - Was Tesco day and I went in the morning and had a long chat
with Bridie. I also had a couple of the young lads in there follow me
around, they got real close when I was bending over in the freezer
section so I took my time and let them have a good look. It didn't cost
me anything, it gave them a cheap thrill and it did me too. The thought
of a couple of red blooded young men staring at my pussy got me a bit
excited as well.

In the afternoon I went into the punishment room and experimented to
get the best positions on the 'whipping-T'. It was quite comfortable
really. When I was over the top part of the 'T' I tried to reach the
fastener to release the spring-loaded dildo but I couldn't. I
experimented with the motor and the 'egg' and I managed to get it to
do what the man had described. I got a bit adventurous then and
though that I would try this 'fucking' machine. I set the motor going
with going over the 'egg' and hanging above the bottom part of the 'T'. I
was already wet just thinking about it so I locked the dildo in place and
climbed onto the 'T'.

I sat astride it behind the dildo and managed to attach the velcro wrist
cuffs to me and then to the rope. I had to really stretch up to do that.
So far so good, I was going up and down at about a slow fuck speed but
the next problem was to get onto the dildo. I managed that by swinging
my legs up and putting my feet on the 'T'. Then by pushing on my feet I
could raise my body enough to get my pussy to the top on the dildo. As
I was lowering myself onto the dildo one of my feet slipped and I got the
rest of the dildo into me a lot quicker than I had wanted. It felt as if it
was going come right through me and out of my mouth. I had no choice
other than to let the other foot down and let the rope and the 'T' take
my weight.

Of course the motor didn't stop and I was going up and down just as the
machine was supposed to do. It didn't take long before my juices were
really flowing and I was on my way to an orgasm. The man had
measured everything just right, my feet didn't touch the floor and the
'egg' took me up and down the full length of the dildo. It was brilliant.

After the third orgasm I decided that I'd had enough for the first session
and wanted to stop the machine and get off. It was then that I realised
that I was too exhausted to even get my feet up onto the 'T'. I'd
screwed-up. I'd been to eager to try it out and hadn't planned a way
out. I was stuck there and my fourth orgasm was building up. At first I
started to panic but managed to pull myself together and started
thinking, but I just couldn't think of any way to stop the motor or to
climb off. If only I'd put a chair on either side so that I could stand on

It was only about 4 o'clock and I wasn't expecting Jon home for another
hour and the orgasms kept coming quicker and quicker. I though I was
going to die. In the end I must have passed-out as the next thing I
remember was Jon lifting me off the 'T' and carrying me to my bed.
After that it was next morning and I had the sorest pussy that I have
ever had. It felt like I had been fucked by an elephant (guess work I'm
glad to say). I could hardly walk but I didn't think that there was any
permanent damage.

Saturday October 3
Jon had guessed what I had done and told me that I would get punished
for not waiting as he had told me. He let me stay in bed for the day and
I slept for most of it. When I did get up I just watched television for the
rest of the day. Wow! what an experience, I want try it again but I don't
want to suffer the after effects. I will plan it better next time.

Sunday October 4
I was still quite sore when I got up so Jon agreed to delaying the
'official' inauguration of the new punishment room until later in the
week. After the usual Sunday morning reading the papers we went to
the cinema in the afternoon. We saw some action film or other, I didn't
think that it was that good. We sat right at the back in the middle and
after about half an hour Jon told me to slowly slip out of my dress.

I was wearing my new (ish - not my favourite) cheesecloth dress so it
was quite easy. There was no one within about 6 seats in any direction
so I wasn't that worried about being seen. It's amazing, I sat there
naked for going on for an hour and no one noticed a thing. They
obviously thought more of the film than I did.

As it was coming to an end Jon told me to put my dress on again. I
reckon that the only people that knew I was naked were Jon and me. In
a way I was a little disappointed.

Back home Jon decided that I was fit enough to take my punishment for
using the 'fucking' machine before I was supposed to. I had to climb
over the top of the 'whipping-T' for a spanking. It was quite comfortable,
even when Jon put the velcro wrist and ankle cuffs on so that I couldn't
move. If it hadn't been Jon there I could have got embarrassed as my
wide-open pussy was on full view to anyone who was behind me; but at
least I wouldn't have been able to see their faces.

Jon gave me 10 stokes with the tawse with me doing the usual counting.
Needless to say I was quite wet by the time I had said, "Ten - thank
you Master." After that Jon slowly released the spring that was holding
the dildo in place and it came up and straight into me. The joiner had
got his measuring right again. The pressure of the spring wasn't that
great and I think that I might just have been able to tense my muscles
and keep it out - if I had wanted to. I was a little surprised at only
getting 10 strokes but at the same time I knew that there was more (of
one sort or another) to come.

Jon played with the lever for a minute or two, inspecting the mechanics
and pressure and pulled it out a couple of times and let it spring back
into me. He unfastened the restrains after that and told me to lay back
against the 'wheel of fortune' he strapped first one ankle in place, then
lifted me up so that the seconds strap could be fastened on my other

That was the hardest bit and it wasn't long before I was spread-eagle on
the wheel. When he released the wheel and started to turn it round I felt
a bit funny. If Jon was going to spin the wheel fast I was going to get
dizzy. I think that Jon wasn't too sure about the fastenings and what
would happen to them (and me - I hope) when I was on my side and
upside down because he turned the wheel only slowly and stopped it in
various places to see what happened.

After one full revolution he decided (and I'm glad he did) that I needed
to be strapped on over my waist. I was all right when I was upside-
down but when I was on my side I was sliding down a bit and it hurt my
wrists and ankles. Fortunately the joiner had anticipated that and had
left various holes in the wheel and some padded nylon straps with velcro
fasteners. Jon put a strap over my waist and turned the wheel again.

When I was upside-down Jon stopped the wheel and asked me how I
was. When I said, "OK" he said, "I thought that you were, the signs are
there." It was then that I realised that my spread pussy was at his head
height and that the juices that had started to flow when I was on the
'whipping-T' were still there. If anything they were increasing, there's
something about having my spread pussy right in front of a man's face
(even one that I know well) that just gets me excited. I don't know if it's
the vulnerability or the exhibitionist in me or what. I've recently
realised that I am a bit of an exhibitionist. I must have been all along
but it took Jon to bring it out in me.

Jon then decided to spin the wheel right round a few times and then let
go. It kept turning another 3 times before stopping with me upside-
down. While I was going round I had some strange feelings. Apart from
getting a bit dizzy I was starting to get excited, but I don't know why
(not that I'm complaining).

Jon left me upside-down for about 5 minutes before coming back with
the remote controlled vibrator and easily pushing it into me. When he
switched it on it felt like it was sliding further into me and the pleasure
that I was getting from it seemed to be increased. I don't know if it was
because I was upside-down and my blood was rushing to my head, or
what, but I was coming to an orgasm fast. Jon spotted this and switched
the vibe off. He wasn't ready for me to come yet. He decided to get the
vibe out of me but he couldn't manage to get it and his poking around in
me was just what I needed to make me cum.

Jon was a bit disappointed by that and decided to un-strap me and let
me down. Because I had cum before he wanted me to he decided to
punish me again. This time I had to lay face down on the bottom part of
the 'whipping-T' (Jon took the dildo out first). He then fastened my wrist
over the top part of the 'T' and my ankles to the legs of the bottom part
of the 'T'.

This left me in an 'L' shape with my pubic bone pressing against the 'T'
and my ass and pussy in a very vulnerable position. This time Jon
decided to use the cane, fortunately he only gave me 5 strokes, the last
one got my pussy with the tip of the cane and I screamed before saying
"5 - thank you Master."

He left me restrained there for what seemed like hours before sending
me to bed. I'd been pressing my pubic bone onto the 'T' trying to get
some relief from the desires that had been started earlier and then been
inflamed when the cane got my pussy with the last stroke, but relief was
not to come and when Jon sent me to bed he cuffed my wrists behind
my back so that I couldn't finish myself off. That was very frustrating
and I'm sure that Jon knew what he was doing.

Week commencing October 5
Quite a boring week really, Jon worked late most nights and I didn't see
him much. Even my trip to Tesco was boring, I didn't see anyone trying
to see up my short skirt or see Bridie. I guess that I'd picked her day

Saturday October 10
We went into town in the morning. Jon had me wear just my shoes and
my coat. While we were in town he bought me a suspender belt and
some stockings. It's going to be nice to have something to keep me a bit
warmer when I go out over the next 6 months or so. I just hope that I
can wear the suspender belt without it showing below my short dresses.

In the afternoon Jon decided that he wanted the plaster of Paris mould
of the top part of my body but he wanted my breasts to be pointing out
at 90 degrees and my nipples to be as hard as they ever get. The
breasts pointing out was easy to work out, Jon said that he would use
the ropes, rings and the motor to suspend me from the ceiling face
down but the nipples were a bit more difficult. Easy to get them hard
when we started was easy but keeping then that was while the Plaster
of Paris set hard was something else.

In the end Jon decided that it was a question of keeping me cold and
aroused. So we worked out which rings and ropes we would use and
then he covered my body from neck to waste in vaseline. That alone got
my nipples hard but he then sent me outside for 30 minutes, naked.
England in October is never warm but this autumn is a lot colder than
the average and it was freezing. My nipples were so hard that they hurt.

When Jon finally let me in it was straight upstairs and on with the ropes
and up in the air. When I was about 4 feet in the air Jon put some cling-
film down my sides to get a joint in the mould, and then started putting
the tea towels soaked in the plaster of Paris on me. I just hoped that the
goose bumps that were all over my body wouldn't show in the mould.
When he had done, it was just a question of waiting for it to dry. To
make sure that my nipples stayed hard Jon got a vibrator, switched it on
and worked it into me. He also left the window open so that I would still
be cold. Then he left me while the stuff dried. I'm sure that it dried long
before Jon came back to me because I was having trouble being able to
breath deeply as the vibe did its work.

When Jon lowered me to the ground he told me to be careful that I
didn't do the mould any damage as I got onto my feet. Jon had real
trouble getting the mould off in 2 pieces as the clink-film had
disappeared down my right side. In the end he had to prise it off me and
it broke. Fortunately only into 2 pieces that could easily be joined. As I
went for a shower Jon joined the 2 pieces together with more plaster of

Later he started to trim the bottom off it so that it matched the mould of
my lower body. He then joined the 2 moulds together with yet more
plaster of Paris and he spent ages making the inside of the join all
smooth. He told me that we would fill it with silicone later.

That night Jon took me to a pub in a village by a canal. I had to wear
shoes, suspender belt, stockings and my coat. Nothing else. They had
an open fire in the pub and it was quite warm. I felt a bit out of place
being the only one who was wearing a coat but I would have looked
even more out of place if I'd taken it off. I also had trouble with not
being able to cross my legs and the fact that my coat doesn't have any
buttons. It kept wanting to lay in an inverted 'V' from the belt down.
This left a clear view right up my legs. I'm sure that if (when) anyone
looked they would be able to see my bare pubes. I didn't notice anyone
looking but I'm sure that some of the men in there must have had a

On the way home Jon decided that he wanted me to give him a blowjob.
He told me to take my coat off, unzip him and get to work whilst he was
still driving. There wasn't much room between him and the steering
wheel but I managed it and had just finished licking him clean when we
arrived home. There were a couple of times when Jon had to swerve a
bit and I couldn't see if it was something on the road or the effect that I
was having on him. Hope it was me. I always enjoy the taste of Jon's
cum. He made me carry my coat into the house and wait by the car
while he unlocked the door - it was cold.

Sunday October 11
I woke-up with a soaking pussy and 2 of my fingers inside me. I must
have been having what Jon calls a 'wet dream.' I wasn't going to waste
my sleeping efforts and finished the job before getting up.

After reading the papers Jon went to B&Q and came back with buckets
of some sort of white silicone. He then got me to cover the entire inside
on the mould with Vaseline before he blocked-off the arm and leg holes,
and pushed a dildo in the pussy hole. Next he tipped the buckets of
silicone in through the neck hole and we left it to set. John reckoned
that we should leave it for about a week to make sure that it had gone

That evening Jon took me for a meal at a pub in town. Nothing special,
and we didn't stay long. I was wearing just my black pencil dress and
shoes and because of the cold and the fact that Jon sat us near the
door, my nipples were hard for most of the evening. That got me a bit of
attention but not much. We were sat behind a big low(ish) table so no
one would have been able to see up my dress - unless they got down
onto their knees.

On the way home the car started making funny noises as Jon put brakes
on. He told me that he would get a lift to work in the morning, and that
I had to take the car into the garage to get it seen to.

Week commencing October 12
Monday - About mid morning I put my newish cheesecloth dress on (the
sun was shining and it looked warm) and took the car to Kwik-fit. I had
to wait ages for someone to talk to me but I could see the mechanics
looking at me. I had been wandering round the workshop to fill-in the
time and hadn't realised that there was a pit underneath one of the cars.
It was only when I heard a mechanic wolf-whistle and looked for where
the noise had come for that I noticed it, and him - looking right up my
dress. Not wanting to spoil his fun, nor mine, I pretended not to notice
him and stayed where I was. I was feeling brave and lifted one foot onto
the wheel of the parked car pretending to adjust the fastening on my
shoe. That must have given him a right eyeful. It got me a little excited
and I felt a little rush of juices.

One of the other mechanics came up to me and asked me what he could
do for me. He was a bit of a hunk and I was tempted to tell him, but
after a couple of seconds I told him about the noise that the car was
making. He said that he thought he knew what it would be and asked
me to bring it into a vacant slot. When I brought it in he opened the
driver's door for me to get out.

Not thinking (or maybe I was) I swung one leg out, it was only as I
swung the other leg out that I saw his face and where his eyes were
looking - right at my bare pussy. When I stood up he asked me if I had
put the hand brake on. When I said, "yes" he asked me to take it off as
he couldn't work on the brakes with it on. He opened the door for me
and I leaned in over the seat to the hand brake. I could feel the back of
my dress riding up over my butt and nearly to my waist. I pretended to
be having difficulty with the hand brake and stayed like that for what
seemed like 10 minutes, but in reality it was probably only a few
seconds. I heard the wolf-whistle again and remembered that the
mechanic in the pit was right behind me as well. That was at least two
of them that were getting a great view of my ass and pussy. The juices
were flowing again.

When I stood up my mechanic had a big grin on his face, but very
professionally told me that I could wait until the job was done in the
waiting room at the end of the workshop. I thanked him and walked
towards the waiting room. As I was walking along the side of the
workshop I passed a hole in the wall as a young mechanic was walking
out of it carrying an open bottle of something. I didn't see him straight
away and he wasn't concentrating on where he was going and we
collided. Part of the contents of the bottle splashed right down the front
of my dress. As the lad backed away from me I could see that most of
the liquid had splashed down him. "That's acid" the lad said and shouted
"Pete, I've spilt some acid on a customer."
Pete was quick off the mark and was there in seconds. He took one look
at us and said, "quick, clothes off and into the shower, that acid will
burn your skin." It was then that I started to feel a tingling round the
wet area of my stomach. I guessed that he wasn't joking. What else
could I do, not wanting to pull the dress over my head I pulled it off my
shoulders and wriggled out of it. There I was naked in the middle of a
garage full of mechanics and a couple of customers, but I wasn't really
worried about that, it was the tingling on my stomach that was getting
to be a slight burning feeling.

Meanwhile the young mechanic had just about got his overalls off and
was in the process of dropping his trousers. At the same time Pete was
pulling his sweatshirt off. Within seconds he was down to his boxers and
Pete was leading us to the shower which was in the toilet area at the
other end of the workshop. As we were running down the workshop I
noticed that everyone had stopped whatever they were doing and were
watching us. Before I knew it we were both in the shower getting a real
good soaking. Pete said, "stay in there for 10 full minutes, both of you,
and let the water wash over the area that got the acid on." Pete left us
to stand there facing each other. After I had collected my thoughts I
asked the lad what his name was. It was Darren. I said, "Darren, you
should really take those off (pointing to the boxers), you should let the
water get straight onto your skin."

At first Darren didn't seem too keen to take his boxer shorts off but then
he did saying "yes, I suppose you're right." We both stood there, two
total strangers, naked and inches apart with the shower pouring water
down our fronts. After a couple of minutes I was feeling okay and I
guess that Darren was too because he was starting to get an erection. I
saw it as we both looked each other up and down. I then felt it as it
started to rise and touch my right thigh just below my pussy. Darren
backed-off a bit and apologised. It wasn't his fault, I suppose that any
red-blooded male in that situation would get a hard-on, so I said, "that's
okay, I'll take it as a compliment." He said, "well yes, you do have a
gorgeous body." "Yours isn't so bad either" I replied. Just then Pete
came back with a couple of towels for us. I turned the shower off and
turned towards Pete who said, "I can see why Darren's happy. Get dried
and put these on. Then come into the office - both of you."

As we were towelling down I asked Darren if he was okay and he said,
"yes." He asked me the same and then apologised for the accident.
"These things happen" I said, then "at least I got to see a handsome
young man naked" as I looked at his still erect dick. Darren replied
saying "In a way I'm glad it happened too, its not every day that we get
a naked lady in the workshop, you'll have made the lads day and I've
never had a shower with a gorgeous naked lady." "Try it, it can be lots
of fun" I said. Darren then said that we had better put on the paper
overalls that Pete had left for us and go to the office. He said that he
was expecting to get into a lot of trouble for what had happened.

Back in the office Pete asked us if we were both okay and apologised for
everything. He told me that there were a number of accident forms that
had to be filled-in and got us both a cup of coffee while we answered his
questions. He started to give Darren a bollocking but I stopped him by
saying that it was probably just as much my fault as Darren's. When
we'd finished Pete gave me my dress - in a polythene bag. He said that
if I got it out of the bag it would probably look okay, just wet but he
guaranteed that within a few hours there would be big holes in it. The
best place for it, he said, was in the rubbish bin. I said, "OK" and he
then asked me how much it cost. I told him that it cost about 60 so he
went to the sales counter till, came back and gave me 100 and said, "I
hope the difference makes-up for all the trouble that you've had."

I was just about to say something when another mechanic came in and
told us that my car was fixed. Pete said that the repairs were on them
as well and apologised again. Darren said that he was really sorry as
well but I noticed a slight smile on his face. As I was walking to Jon's
car I couldn't help noticing that all the mechanics were looking at me. I
smiled at the nearest one, got in, and drove off. I was quite pleased
with the way thing had worked out, I'd made a nice profit and had lots
of men look at my naked body. A good day.

That night when I was telling Jon all about my day he had a real good
look at all the front of my body he said that battery acid can be really
dangerous and that I had been quite lucky. He said that it was a shame
about the dress as he liked that one but that we would go and get
another one at the weekend. He asked me if I'd enjoyed my time in the
shower with Darren and asked me if Darren had tried to touch me. I
think (hope) that Jon was being protective of me.

The rest of the week was nowhere near as exciting as the Monday. Saw
Bridie when I went to Tesco and she asked if she could come round to
see me on the Friday which was her day off.

Friday - Bridie arrived mid morning and we had a real good chat over a
coffee. At one point she said that she felt a little over-dressed with her
wearing a skirt and top and me wearing nothing. I told her that she
could easily remedy that. She smiled, stood up and took first her woolly
top revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra, then her skirt. She wasn't
wearing knickers either. Nor tights or stockings.

Apparently her mother had told her off saying that without tights she
would catch her death of cold. If only she'd known. Bridie said that she
often didn't wear underwear now. She said that her luck with boys had
improved over the month or so since she'd been round and that she'd
been out with 2 boys. The first one had been a bit of 'a boring bugger'
(her words) and she had finished with him when he showed more
interest in drinking with his mates than with her.

She was still seeing the second boy and he had cum in his pants when
he found out that she wasn't wearing any knickers. They were in a pub
at the time and he'd been a bit embarrassed. They were going out the
next night and she was hoping that he would try something. She said
that if he didn't she would keep flashing her pussy at him until he did.

Bridie told me that she'd even gone to work with no underwear a few
times and had felt a little excited all day, especially when she'd been
serving men. She said that she'd been tempted to say to some of them
"there's your change, and did you know that I'm not wearing any
knickers." We both had a good laugh over that.

When we'd finished the coffee I showed her the new conservatory. Even
though it was cold and wet outside it was warm in the conservatory.
Bridie said that with all that glass she felt as if she were standing
outside. I said that we could go for a run round the garden if she liked,
but she declined the offer - I wonder why?

We had some lunch then I took her upstairs to the new punishment
room. She was amazed when she saw what was in there. I had to
explain how some of it worked, even showing her some of the positions
that I had to get into. I asked her to climb onto the top part of the
'whipping-T' and I strapped her wrists down before she realised what I
was doing.

I then managed to strap her ankles down and asked her what she felt
like. "Vulnerable and exposed" she said. I asked her if she would like me
to use the cane on her back-side (only gentle) but she wasn't at all keen
and said that she couldn't stand pain. But I did take advantage of her
being in that position with her pussy wide open. She kept saying that it
wasn't fair as I first played with her with my fingers then my mouth. I
kissed, licked and sucked that lovely young pussy as she moaned and
pleaded for me to make her cum but each time she got near I backed
off, I wanted to make it last as long as I could. I know the pleasure that
that brings me.

All that time she was laid on the 'T' looking at the dildo that was at the
end of the bottom part of the 'T'. I just knew by the look on her face
that she was wanting to be sitting on that dildo. I was as well, giving her
that pleasure had made me get excited and my pussy was quite wet. I
was really making her suffer and she was so desperate to cum that
when I suggested that she climb onto the 'T' and impale herself, she
couldn't wait to do it but I made her promise to eat me out afterwards. I
think that she would have promised to run naked through Derby city
centre at lunchtime on a Saturday at that moment.

I wasn't going to let her make the same mistake as me and I got a chair
for her to be able to put her weight on and after a slow start she was
riding that dildo for all she was worth. It didn't take long for her to cum
and after a lot of moaning and a bit of screaming she started again.
After the second orgasm I switched the motor off and she just sat there
for ages before climbing off saying that it was brilliant. I told her what
had happened to me and she said that she would 'kiss me better'. I
asked her if she knew which part of me suffered and she put her hand
on my pubic bone and pussy and smiled. We looked at each other for an
intense moment before she bent her knees and started kissing my
stomach and pussy. I grabbed her hand and led her into my bedroom.
We spent the next couple of hours making love to each other before I
went downstairs to get a drink.

While I was in the kitchen there was a quiet knock on the front door. It
was about the time that the papergirl calls for her money so I opened
the door and was inviting her in when I realised that it was a boy, the
one that had seen me naked many times before. After the initial shock I
invited him into the kitchen while I got his money out of my purse.
While he was having a good look at me he was telling me about them
changing rounds. As he was talking I heard Bridie come downstairs
asking why I was taking so long. As she walked into the kitchen she just
froze and after a few seconds she tried to cover herself with her hands,
went bright red, then she said, "Hello Tom."

Bridie was looking round for something to cover herself as I said, "I take
it that you two know each other. It's pointless trying to cover yourself,
he's already seen everything, and anyway he's been looking at my body
for months." I got them talking and it turned out that he was the son of
a neighbour of Bridie. She was still shocked as I said that it was only fair
that we saw him naked.

He was with 2 naked women and he still had his clothes on. When I said
that if it had been him and one of his mates that were naked and that
there had been a young girl there with her clothes on he would have
wanted to even things up. He agreed with that but wasn't rushing to
strip. Bridie agreed with me and said that it was only right that things
were evened-up. He had something on her and it was only right that he
did something to even things up. After a few silent seconds he stood up
and took his jacket off. He took his shirt and jeans off but wasn't going
to drop his jocks until I lifted a foot onto a chair and let him have a good
look at my pussy.

The poor lad's dick sprung out of his pants as he pulled the waistband
out and down. It wasn't a bad size for his age, but not as big as Jon's
though. "I suppose that I'll have to do something about that" I said and
grabbed hold of it as he stared at Bridie. It wasn't long before he was
shooting his cum across the kitchen floor. He got embarrassed by that,
grabbed his pants and pulled them on. "That wasn't so bad was it" I
said, "and now you won't say anything about Bridie, will you?" "No" he
said as he put the rest of his clothes on and went towards the door. I
told him that he could tell his mates what had happened, but nor where,
or who with. He left with a grin on his face. I looked at Bridie and we
both burst out laughing. We went back upstairs and had a pleasant
shower together before she got dressed and left just as Jon arrived
home. She promised to let us know when she wanted to go out for a
drink with us. I hope it won't be too long.

Jon wasn't happy that his tea wasn't ready and told me to 'assume the
position' while he decided what punishment to give me. I was kept on
my knees with my hands on the floor behind me and my knees wide
open for about 5 minutes before he had me bend over the kitchen table
with my feet wide apart. He gave my backside 50 hard slaps with his
hand as I counted each one. I think that he must have been tired as I
was expecting more. I didn't even cry, but my backside was quite warm
and I was getting a little wet between my legs.

Saturday October 17
Jon kept his promise and took me to the big shopping centre just
outside Sheffield. As it was another cold day Jon let me wear my coat,
but nothing else other than a pair of high-heels. We wandered round
lots of shops, not just looking for a dress but looking at things for Jon,
the house and for me. I tried a couple of dresses on in different shops
but I didn't have any opportunities for any fun. The nearest I got to that
was when it only took me seconds to take my coat off, put the dress on
and get back out to show Jon. The girl at the entrance to the changing
cubicles gave me a funny look and said, "that was quick." "It doesn't
take long when you're only wearing a coat" I replied but she didn't say
anything else. The look on her face told me that she wasn't sure
whether to believe me or not.

Down by the food hall we found an area that looked a bit like an indoor
market. As we were walking past a shop that sold materials, Jon
suddenly dragged me in and told me to look for some thin flesh coloured
material. I eventually found some and then Jon told me to get enough
for me to make a bikini for myself. That doesn't take much so I only got
a meter of it.

Going up the escalator Jon whispered that there was a man behind me
that looked like he needed cheering-up and he told me to turn round
and open my coat and give him a quick flash. I did but hadn't bargained
on the 2 youths behind him. One of them got just as good a look at my
body as the then happy man. I pulled my coat sides together and turned
round hearing one youth say to the other "did you see that? that bird
just flashed her tits and cunt at me." I didn't hear what the other one
said as we were by then walking off the top of the escalator. I did catch
a glimpse of the unhappy man though, he had a big grin on his face. I
was glad that Jon told me to do that, I got a bit of a thrill from it.

It was late afternoon before we found a shop that sold dresses like the
cheesecloth one that had got acid on it. In the same baggy style that
Jon wanted, they had cheesecloth and cotton ones and ones that nearly
came down to my knees and ones that were so short that they were
really just long tops. Some of them never even covered my ass.

Jon selected 4 from the racks and sent me to try them on. I had to
come out of the cubicle to show him each one and the 2 youngish sales
women watched my every move. When I came out wearing one that
didn't cover my ass (or pussy) and Jon told me to give him a 'twirl', the
2 women got a real good view of my pussy and ass. They were talking
to each other as well as looking and when I was changing into the next
dress one of them came over and asked if everything was all right. I
hadn't closed the curtain and I was naked when she turned the corner
and saw me. She looked at me, then Jon, then back to me. Jon said that
we were looking for a dress that was very baggy and when I bent over
the top would hang down giving anyone in front a good view of my
breasts and anyone behind a good view of my bottom.

The sales woman said that they had lots like that and that I should
come out into the main shop area and try then on near the racks. There
was no one else in the shop, the other sales woman wouldn't mind and
it would save time as they were about to close she said. As she was
telling me this I looked out and saw the other sales woman locking the

The 4 of us were alone and I was being invited to walk around the shop
naked. That didn't worry me, quite the reverse, it made me get a little
excited. I knew that Jon wouldn't mind, and I guess that the 2 sales
women liked the idea, maybe they were lesbians. It wasn't long before
Jon and the 2 sales women were all picking dresses off the racks and
telling me to try them on. It ended up as a little fashion show with me
as the only model. The women gave me some pairs of shoes to try on
with the different dresses. I think that they just wanted me to bend over
in front of them. This was okay with me, I didn't fancy either of them
(one was fat and ugly), but I knew that Jon would look after me.

I made a big deal of flashing my wet pussy to them and Jon as I bent
over to fasten the shoes. It was fun and I was getting lots of attention.
In the end Jon stopped everything by say that he had decided which one
we would buy. It was a thin cotton one that hardly touched my body
apart from my shoulder and breasts. As I bent forwards it rode up my
backside and hung way down in front of me. I could look down my front
and see all my bare body, right past my pussy. Jon told me to take it off
again and get dressed. The 2 women looked a little surprised when I put
just a coat on.

As Jon paid for the dress one of the women told us that we were
welcome back anytime, with a big emphasis on the anytime. She said
that they were proud of their 'individual attention'. I don't think that I
shall worry too much if we don't go back. That night Jon took me for a
drink at a pub somewhere out in the country. I wore my burgundy
jacket with matching short skirt. The place was crowded and we only
just managed to get a seat. Just before we left Jon told me that because
of the way I was sat,my jacket was bunched up a bit and that he had
been looking at my right breast for most of the evening. He said that if
he could see it then anyone walking passed would have been able to see
it as well. I'd noticed one or two men walking passed and looking at me
but I'd assumed that it was my short skirt.

Sunday October 18
After the usual newspaper reading ritual we set to work on taking the
plaster of Paris off the silicone mould. Jon told me to take it easy as the
silicone would be very 'rubbery' and easy to damage with the sharp
knife that I was using. It took us about an hour and when we had
finished I felt a little strange looking at something that was an identical
shape to me. 'My' pussy looked very strange with the big hole where the
dildo had been. It even had all the folds of my pussy lips. Rubbing my
hand over it made me get a little excited. The breasts looked better than
mine did. They were more cone shaped, more like mine were when they
were just developing, but the nipples were definitely not like mine were
when I was a kid. They are just like they are now (well not this minute).
Jon making me stay out in the cold before the plaster of Paris was put
on really had been worthwhile. In Jon's words "just like chapel hat
pegs." After lunch I realised that wasn't feeling well and Jon told me to
go to bed.

. continued in Part 7 .

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