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Vanessa's New Life 07

This is part 7 of my Journal. I started writing it when I made a bold
decision to change my life. I left my dull existence in North Wales and
went to work as a Housekeeper for a man in the East Midlands of
England. It is a decision that I will never regret. I have never been so
happy and never had so much pleasure.

Week commencing October 19
By the Monday morning I was feeling terrible, I had a fever and was all
bunged up. I stayed like that for most of the week. Jon was very good,
he came home each lunchtime to check on me and to try to get me to
eat something. When I hadn't improved by the Thursday Jon arranged
for the Doctor to come and see me. I think that the Doctor was a little
surprised when pulled the quilt back to listen to my chest. The quilt is
quite light and when the Doctor pulled it, it came right off me leaving
him looking at my naked body. He seemed a little surprised but didn't
say anything. The doctor gave me a prescription for some pills that Jon
went and got for me when he got home that evening. They started to
work on me and by the Friday evening I was well enough to go down
stairs and watch television - with a blanket wrapped round me.

Saturday October 24
Didn't get much further than the television all day.

Sunday October 25
Started eating properly but still very weak. Jon's been great this past
week, I don't know what I would have done without him.

Week commencing October 26
Jon wouldn't let me go out, said that I should get 100% before I go out
into the cold. Towards the end of the week I was beginning to feel well
enough to try to catch up with the housework. That made me very tired
and Jon said that I had been pushing myself too hard and not doing as
he had told me. He said that I would get punished for that, but not for a
week or so. He said that he didn't believe in punishing people when they
weren't healthy. He said that if I was bored I should do something less
energetic and he went and got a vibe out of the drawer gave it to me
and said, "If you get bored, use that.'

Vicky rang on the Thursday evening and when I told her that I hadn't
been well she said that she would be over on the Saturday.

Saturday October 31
Jon picked Vicky up from the bus station and when they got home she
rushed up to me, gave me a big hug and asked me how I was. Vicky can
be really bossy at times; she wouldn't let me do a thing all day. I had to
sit watching television with a blanket wrapped round me all day. She
wouldn't even let me have a shower on my own before going to bed,
although I think that she was trying to cheer me up in the shower. We
were in there for about 30 minutes. She massaged me all over,
especially between my legs. She made me cum twice. Vicky slept with
Jon that night.

Sunday November 1
I was feeling much better and got up early and made the breakfast. I
could hear Vicky and Jon having a bit of fun before they finally got up
and we all had breakfast - Vicky naked as well. I could smell the aroma
of sex (male and female) on them before they had a shower. After
breakfast we showed Vicky the new equipment in the punishment room
and I told her about my 'accident.' "You poor thing" she said, "I bet you
really enjoyed it."

She was fascinated with the 'whipping-T' and wanted to try it there and
then but Jon wouldn't let her. He said that we were going to the gym
and that we would come back to the 'T' later. At the gym Jon told me to
take it easy and only do a couple of the exercises so I spent most of the
time watching him and Vicky. Jon had told me to wear my white lycra
shorts and a T-shirt while Vicky wore my baggy green running shorts
and a crop top. It was fun looking at Vicky's pussy and tits as she
bounced and stretched. There was a middle-aged man in there that was
watching her as well. The bulge in his shorts told me that he was
enjoying the view, so was I.

Vicky didn't seem to care, she was concentrating on what she was doing
and at times didn't even talk to me. The best bit was when she was sat
on the machine that had you stretch your legs as wide apart as you can.
I could see the whole of her lovely smooth shaved pussy. I was enjoying
the view and there was a big damp patch on my shorts. I wonder if the
man saw that.

We went for a swim and Jacuzzi after that, Vicky wore my white bikini
and I wore my white one piece - well the bit that covers my bum is one
piece. Well we started off dressed like that but Jon had us take them off
in the Jacuzzi and give them to him. We had to keep low in the water
when a middle-aged couple came and joined us. We had already been in
there for about 15 minutes and had to stay with the bubbles up to our
necks for about another 10 minutes until they got out. I was getting
very hot by the time Jon gave us our costumes back; I ended up with
the bikini and was glad when I could get out.

The swimming was nice and relaxing and went off without incident. We
went to a pub after that for some lunch and Vicky and me had a few
men staring at us wearing just short dresses in the middle of winter.

Back home Vicky couldn't wait to try-out the equipment in the
punishment room. It was the 'T' that she was really interested in, she
had been fascinated when I had told her about me getting stuck on the
'fucking machine' and passing out and wanted to try it. I don't think that
she wanted to go quite that far but she was almost desperate to have a
go. After taking our dresses off Jon explained how it all worked, but he
wouldn't let her have a go straightaway. He said that she had to
'experience' the other end of the 'T' first. Before he could tell her to get
on, she was climbing up and over the top part of the 'T' waiting for Jon
to strap her down. Jon put the padded nylon with velcro wrist fasteners
on her while I did the same with her ankles.

As I got up from doing that I gently ran a finger over her gaping pussy
and said to her "you're going to like this!" Her pussy was quite wet
already and she let out a little moan as I touched her. Jon was in a bit of
a cruel mood and kept Vicky waiting for quite a while before he finally
told me that I had to use the tawse on Vicky. I know what it's like for a
woman to be frustrated and I wanted to get the tawse bit over with so
that she could get up onto the 'fucking machine' as soon as possible so I
gave her 10 gentle stokes quite quickly. Not a sound had come from
Vicky and Jon had obviously realised what I was doing. He told me to
stop and took over. He gave her 5 really hard strokes that made her
scream out, especially the last one which wrapped round her left cheek,
the end of the tawse hitting her open pussy. Vicky was crying by that
time and her butt and left side of her pussy was going bright red. There
was also quite a bit of pussy juices coming out of her.

After those 5 strokes Jon released the spring-loaded dildo which shot up
and into her pussy. She stopped crying and let out a gasp followed by a
long moan. Jon then pulled it out of her and wedged a piece of rope in
the spring so that the end of the dildo was just touching her pussy. Jon
then gave Vicky 5 more strokes carefully placing them so that he didn't
hit the dildo. Vicky was whimpering by the end of that, a mixture of
pain, frustration and some pleasure. Jon appeared to want to play on
the frustration bit and told me that we were going to leave her like that
for 15 minutes while I got us a cup of tea. Poor Vicky, I bet that she
really suffered having the dildo just touching her pussy and being unable
to push back onto it.

When we went back to her she was still whimpering but as soon as she
saw us she said, "do something, PLEASE!" Jon did, he pulled the dildo
right back and fastened the clip so that there was no chance of it going
into her. He stood up, looked at her, smiled and said, "right, this is
where it really starts." As I was unfastening her ankles I saw pussy
juices running down the insides of her thighs and couldn't resist pushing
a finger inside her for a second. Jon saw me and told me that we were
going to have a double session.

At that time I didn't know what he meant but I soon found out. Jon
strapped Vicky wrists together and to the rope through the ceiling ring.
He then told her to climb onto the bottom part of the 'T' and impale
herself on the dildo, which he had already secured in place, facing the
top part of the 'T'. Vicky gave a loud sigh as she lowered herself down
onto the dildo; the expression on her face told me that she was enjoying
it. After removing the chair that Vicky had used to get onto the 'T', Jon
put some tension on the rope and fastened it going round the short side
on the 'egg' disk on the motor. He didn't switch the motor on at that
point; instead he left Vicky and told me to climb on to the top part of
the 'T'. He then fastened my wrists and ankles to the legs of the 'T',
which left me with my head nearly touching Vicky's stomach. Instead of
laying my head on one side I bent my neck back and looked straight at
the front of Vicky's pussy. If I bent my head right back and looked up I
could just see Vicky's face. We smiled as our eyes met.

That done, Jon switched the motor on and Vicky started to slowly go up
and down on the dildo. I was still looking at her face and the expression
told me that she was in heaven. After about 10 seconds Jon turned his
attention back to me. In very quick succession he gave me 3 strokes of
the tawse on my backside. I hardly had time to say the stroke number
followed by "yes Master" before the next one landed. After the third he
stopped and told me that he didn't want to tire me, and that I would get
more at a later date. The 3 were just to warm me up a bit. The next
thing that I knew was that something was entering my pussy. It was
him; he had dropped his trousers and was fucking me. He timed his
pace to match that of the 'fucking machine' which meant that as Vicky
came down on the dildo I was pushed forward ever so slightly, but just
enough for my forehead to touch Vicky's stomach. I can't remember
ever having my face so close to woman's pussy as it was being fucked
and I was being fucked at the same time. That together with the fact
that I was unable to move meant that I wasn't going to last long before
I had an orgasm.

I think that both Vicky and Jon were enjoying the experience as much as
I was because all 3 of us came within about 20 seconds of each other.
Jon stopped pumping me as he shot his load into me but the motor kept
Vicky going up and down. As I came back down to earth I noticed the
amount of Vicky's pussy juices that were starting to spread around the
base of the dildo. They were even spreading along the 'T' towards me
and down the insides of her thighs.

When Jon pulled out of me he reached under the 'T' and released the
clip that was holding the spring-loaded dildo in place. I had heard (and
felt) him moving but just thought that he'd finished with me. I got a
surprise as the spring loaded dildo sprung up and straight into my
pussy. I gasped and looked up at Vicky but she was too far-gone to take
any notice. Jon said, "Vanessa, I'm going to get cleaned-up, give me a
shout if you think that Vicky is going to pass out."

After what seemed like hours of me trying to wiggle my backside and
get some more pleasure out of the dildo that was in me, and listening to
the slurping and sucking noises as Vicky went up and down, I realised
that Vicky was getting a bit quiet. I had heard her moans and gasps as
she had had 3 orgasms but she was starting to get a bit quiet. I shouted
"Master - I think that Vicky needs some help." Jon obviously hadn't been
far away as he was there almost immediately and after taking one look
at Vicky he switched-off the motor.

Vicky was left hanging there by her wrists near the top of the dildo. Jon
lifted her off the dildo and then released the rope from the motor and
lowered her down onto the 'T'. As he lowered her body back into his
arms her open pussy was right in front of my face, it was bright red.

Jon carried Vicky out of the room and put her on my bed then came
back to me and unfastened me. I had to get myself down off the 'T'
which wasn't as easy as it sounds because the spring-loaded dildo was
still pushing into me.

After Jon had unfastened me and told me to get myself down, he had
left me and went back to check on Vicky. This meant that I could take
my time getting off the 'T' and I took advantage of that time to see just
how strong the spring was. Instead of climbing up and off the dildo I
pushed back and tried to slide backwards off the 'T'. With each inch that
I slid back the pressure of the dildo in me increased and by the time
that my feet were on the ground I was starting to think that I would be
able to feel the dildo in my throat. It was hurting but at the same time it
was nice. Once my feet were on the ground I managed to reach under
the 'T' and push the dildo back into its 'home' position. As it came out of
me I had to lean back to get the angle right.

When I got into my room Vicky was either unconscious or just asleep.
Jon had left her naked on top of the quilt with her legs wide open. Jon
wasn't around so I decided to clean myself up, then Vicky. When I got to
cleaning her pussy I couldn't resist bending over and giving it a kiss and
a quick suck of her little clit.

I covered Vicky up and left her and about an hour later she came down
stairs with one hand holding her pussy and looking very tired. After
some food Vicky still didn't wake-up properly so Jon told her to get
dressed and we took her home. She fell asleep in the back of the car
and I had to wake her when we got to her flat. Liz (one of Vicky's
flatmates) asked Vicky if she was all right, said that she looked like
death warmed-up. Vicky didn't answer so Jon said, "If she looks like
death then you could say that she's been fucked to death. I'll leave it to
Vicky to explain."

Back home things seemed a little dull so I started making my new flesh
coloured bikini. It was good having the silicone model of me; it made life
a lot easier. Jon wanted the bikini bottom to be big, but with a narrow
crotch. He said that the colour was to make people look at me and at
first glance think that I was naked. Once they realised that I wasn't then
they wouldn't take much notice of me. That way when I was naked the
people that had seen me before would think that I wasn't naked. Well I
think that that was what he said.

The top had to be fairly big as well, the 2 triangles held together with a
thin strap and fastened in the front. When I had finished making it I
tried it on. I can see what Jon means when he says that a quick glance
it would make people think that I had nothing on.

Week commencing November 2
Had a quiet week, didn't see Bridie when I went to Tesco, and the
paperboy (or girl) didn't call again.

On the Monday night we had been watching a programme on the
television about exercise and Jon had said that I should think about
going to some sort of exercise evening class. On the Wednesday when I
was out shopping I saw a card in the Post Office window about an
aerobics class that was run at the local junior school on a Thursday
evening. When I mentioned it to Jon he told me to go and check it out.
He said that if I didn't like it then I could stop going. So, the next night
I packed my trainers, a T-shirt, my green baggy shorts (Jon's idea) and
a towel into a bag and put on a dress and coat and drove to the school.

A woman about my age called Jenny ran the class. She was very friendly
and after telling me about the set-up she pointed out the girls changing
rooms and I went and got changed. There were about 8 other women of
all ages getting changed in there and when we went into the school gym
to start there were a few more women and 4 men, about 20 in all. Jenny
had us line up in rows before she switched the music on and we started.
I made sure that I got on the back row, I didn't want to look an idiot not
knowing what to do.

We started off doing all the things that I had seen on the television and
by the time we stopped for a break I was knackered. Jenny came over
to see how I was doing and told me that we had been at it for 45
minutes. No wonder I was knackered. As Jenny was talking to me I
noticed that her eyes were looking at my chest, when I looked down I
saw that my T-shirt was wet with sweat and it was clinging to my skin.
It was really showing the shape of my breasts and nipples and I could
see the dark area of my aureole. Jenny told me that the second half was
less strenuous as most of it was floor work.

Before we started again we all had to get a mat to lie on and we all lined
up again. I kept my place on the back row. Jenny had us do all sorts of
stretching and press-up type exercises while she walked in between us
all, telling us what to do and 'encouraging' the ones who weren't trying
that hard.

When she came my way she was quiet for a minute or so before telling
me that she thought that I could get my legs further apart than they
were. At the time we were all on our backs with our feet high in the air
and wide part. I was really concentrating on pushing myself and wasn't
thinking about what I was wearing. It was warm in the school gym and I
was sweating from all the exercises so I wasn't thinking about keeping

It was only when I looked at Jenny and saw where her eyes were
looking that I remembered that I had my short baggy green running
shorts on, with no knickers on underneath. Jenny was looking right at
my pussy through the gaping leg holes. More than that, if Jenny could
see everything that I've got then the people who were laid at my feet
could too. Well it was too late by then, I'd obviously been giving
everyone a good view for quiet a while so another 10 minutes to the end
of the lesson wasn't going to make much of a difference. I just started
taking quick looks at the people in front of me to see who was trying to
see my pussy and trying to think what they were thinking.

When we all stood up at the end of the lesson I noticed that the middle-
aged man that had been directly in front of me had either been having a
good look at me, or he kept a torch in his shorts.

Jenny called me over to her after bring the class to a close. She asked
me if I had enjoyed myself and if I would be going again the next week.
She kept me talking for ages about nothing in particular, until she
suddenly said, "you'll really boost the number of men coming to these
classes if you keep coming dressed in those shorts." I blushed a little
bit and said, "I don't know what you mean, what's wrong with them."
"Absolutely nothing" Jenny replied, "they're just great, just what's
needed" I knew exactly what she meant, and the grin on her face told
me that she knew that I knew.

She started walking towards the changing rooms and we went in as the
other women were starting to come out and go home. By the time that
we had stripped off and got in the showers we were the only ones left in
there. It seemed funny being back in school showers, there's something
about them. As I was showering I was remembering my days at school
when all us little girls were shy about being naked together, how we
used to try to cover ourselves and only have a few seconds under the

Jenny suddenly said something that brought me back to reality and I
looked over at her. She has quite a slim body with shoulder length
brown hair. Her breasts are about the same size as mine but her nipples
are a lot smaller. When she turned to look at me I saw that she hardly
had any pubic hair, it didn't look as if she shaved, she only had a few
and they were all in a tall thin triangle above the front of her pussy.
Jenny saw me looking at her and asked me how often I shaved my
pussy. She seemed fascinated when I told her that I didn't shave any
more, that I had removed them all with a special machine. I could she
her cringing as I was telling her about the depilatory machine so I told
her that it didn't hurt at all, the only problem was that it took so long.
Jenny joked saying "well it wouldn't take long with me with the few that
I've got." I laughed a bit and agreed with her.

As we were getting dressed Jenny noticed that I didn't have a bra or
knickers and said, "got rid of your bras and knickers as well then." She
had said it in a joking way and just said, "Oh!" when I told her that I
had stopped wearing them over 6 months ago.

On the way out Jenny asked me if I'd like to go for a drink with her. I
said, "Thank you for the offer but I've got to get back to my Master."
She looked a bit puzzled as I continued "How about after next weeks
class?" Jenny said, "OK" and I headed for home. Back home Jon asked
me how I had got on and I told him that I had enjoyed it and that I
wanted to go again the next week. I told him all about Jenny and he
said that I would have to watch her, he said that she sounded as if she
was a lesbian and might try to get into my knickers - if I'd been wearing
any. When I told Jon that most of the other women there had been
wearing leotards he said that we would go and have a look in the shops
and see what we could find.

When I got up on the Friday morning I had aches all over. It took until
lunchtime for me to get back to normal.

Saturday November 7 and Sunday November 8
The weekend went off without anything interesting happening, probably
because Jon had a lot of work to do and he had to go into work on the
Sunday - all day. I say without anything interesting happening but that's
not quite true. I broke a cup when I was washing-up on the Saturday
evening and Jon had me 'assume the position' on the kitchen floor for
about 30 minutes before he put me over his knee and gave me 100
slaps with his hand. My bum was bright red and sore by the time I had
said, "100, thank you Master" but I managed to avoid crying.

After he'd finished that Jon had me bend over the kitchen table and he
had me from behind. It hurt my bum each time he slammed into me.
Because I had nearly cum while he had been spanking my bum, I came
twice before he came in me. He had me stay laid over the kitchen table
for 15 minutes after he pulled out and I could feel our juices running
down my legs. I wanted to reach under and make myself cum again but
Jon threatened to restrain me in the frame in the back garden for an
hour. It was bloody cold outside so I managed to wait until he let me go
and take a shower.

Week commencing November 9
Jon took me out for a meal on the Monday night, to a posh restaurant in
Derby. I had to wear my black pencil dress with the remote vibe in me. I
was glad that Jon let me wear my coat as it was a long walk from the
car to the restaurant and I would have been frozen by the time we had
got there. As it was my nipples really stuck out when I took my coat off
and I noticed one man looking at me. He was so engrossed in looking at
my nipples and legs that he didn't notice me staring back at his face.

As soon as we'd sat down Jon told me to shuffle my dress up so that my
bare bum was on the seat. I was glad when Jon told me to put my
napkin on my lap as even I could see my pussy when I looked down.

Jon had got the remote control for the vibe out of his pocket and put it
on the table. He was lightly playing with it (but not switching it on) right
up until the waiter came and gave us the menus and asked us if we
wanted a drink. Jon ordered his and just as I was about to ask for a
lager he switched the vibe on. I'd guessed that Jon would do something
like that but it still caught me by surprise.

I almost jumped as it started throbbing inside me. The waiter asked me
if I was all right as I went a bit red and struggled to get the word lager
out. Jon just sat there expressionless. Jon left the vibe on, on low, for
the 4 or 5 minutes before the waiter came back with the drinks and to
take our order. By the time he arrived I was getting quite fidgety, I was
getting close to an orgasm. Just as the waiter arrived Jon switched the
vibe off. On the one hand I wasn't pleased as I wanted that orgasm, but
on the other hand I didn't want the embarrassment of having an orgasm
while trying to give the waiter my order. Just as I was in the middle of
telling the waiter what I wanted for my main course Jon hit the button. I
almost jumped of the chair. The waiter said, "Is madam alright?" and
Jon replied by saying "Madam is just fine, just a little excited."

It was a struggle but I managed to order and hold off coming until the
waiter walked away. I was squirming in my seat, but I did it. Jon
switched the vibe off straight away and started talking about what we
were going to look for when we went shopping at the weekend. At least
I think that that was what he was saying my mind wasn't quite there.

Eating the main course was relatively uneventful, Jon switched the vibe
onto low a couple of times but only for a few seconds. I guess that he
wanted to keep me 'warmed-up' ready for more quite quickly. By the
time that we finished the main course I was glad that Jon had told me to
pull my dress up over my bum, my juices were making me and the seat
quite wet and I could smell that familiar aroma of my pussy.

Another couple had come in and sat a couple of tables away. The man
had sat with his back to the wall like me and he had started to look at
me. No one else could see but with my dress over my bum, even with
the napkin on my lap, the sides of my legs right up to my waist were
uncovered and that man had noticed. By the time that I noticed that he
had noticed I had had about 3 glasses of wine and the lager to start with
so I didn't care anymore.

When the waiter brought the sweet trolley over Jon had the remote
control in clear sight for the waiter to see. To make matters worse Jon
asked him if he had seen one of those before. Jon said that it was a
remote control for his car alarm and if he pressed the button and tuned
the 'volume' up he might just be able to hear the car alarm responding.
Jon pressed the button a couple of times and asked the waiter if he
could hear it. Guess what? - he couldn't, so Jon gave it to him and told
him to have a go. When the waiter still couldn't hear anything he told
him to turn the 'volume' up and have another go.

Well what could I do? I had to just sit there and take it. I was getting
too close to a second orgasm for comfort - well in the middle of a
restaurant. When Jon told the waiter to turn up the 'volume' I just burst
inside. I let out a quiet moan and sat there physically shaking. The
waiter was concentrating on what he was doing but Jon was watching
me so was the man a couple of tables away. After what seemed like an
eternity Jon said to the waiter "never mind, maybe we're too far away."
He took the remote from the waiter, put it on the table and switched it

When the waiter looked at me and saw the sweat running down my face
he said, "are you sure you're OK?" I managed to say that I was and to
order some chocolate gateaux. Afterwards I thought that I should have
said that 'perhaps I shouldn't have come (cum) tonight'. I think that
that would have made Jon smile, it did me when I thought of it.

That was the end of the vibe being on that night and I managed to clean
myself up a bit before we left. When we got home Jon had me over the
back of the sofa before we went to bed. I asked him if I could make him
cum again with my mouth but he said that he was too tired and we went
to bed.

Thursday - went to the aerobics class and I was changed and in the
school gym before Jenny arrived. I wore my green shorts and largish T-
shirt. One or two of the other class members had said 'hello' to me and
one man in his thirties tried to chat me up. Jenny didn't waste any time
when she arrived and got us lined-up and started straightaway.

The thirty something man was directly in front of me and as we started I
thought about him being able to get a good look at my pussy, but I
didn't care. It wasn't costing me anything and I knew that if I thought
about it I would get a bit of a thrill out of it; and I'm damn sure that he
would be getting a thrill, maybe even a hard-on. About half way through
the first half Jenny started walking round the gym 'encouraging' people
to try harder. When she got to me she gave me a long smile before
moving on. She came and had a quick chat with me at the break before
pushing us hard in the second half.

When we finished Jenny came to me and told me that the man who had
been in front of me had a big bulge in the front of his shorts and a wet
patch where he had been leaking pre-cum juices. She was giggling a bit
as she told me and I started giggling as we both looked over towards
him. I asked her if she had noticed anyone else looking but she said,
"only me." Jenny kept me talking for ages, telling me what she had been
doing all week and about another keep fit evening class that she ran. It
is a sort of circuit training with all sorts of obstacles that you have to
complete a sort of assault course. It sounds fun; I might go and try it -
if Jon agrees.

When we finally got into the changing room all the other women had
gone and it wasn't long before we were both naked in the showers. As
were talking and soaping ourselves Jenny started staring at the wall at
the end. When I asked her what she was looking at she whispered that
she had thought that she had seen a light shinning out of the wall. I
said, "you're loosing it girl" but she was certain and went to get a closer

She picked up her soap and came back and told me that there was a
small hole in the tiles and that she must have seen a light coming right
through the wall. I said, "I wonder if the light had been blocked by
someone looking through?" I squeezed my soap and made sure that it
went flying towards the hole. When I went to pick it up I bent down and
had a quick look through the hole. I nearly jumped back as I saw an eye
staring at me. I stood up and thought for a second before walking back
to Jenny. As I did I said, "it's okay it's just a hole in the tiles," and
carried on with my shower.

When Jenny looked at me I whispered that someone was watching us
through the hole and was a little surprised when she said, "let's give
them something to really get them worked-up." At first I didn't know
what she meant but she stepped towards me and started soaping my
back for me. It didn't take long for me to catch-on and I turned round
and started soaping her front. It wasn't long before we were 'exploring'
all over each other's body. My hand drifted down to the few light brown
pubic hairs that she had and then down to her pussy and our lips met
and we had a long French kiss. Her hands were working on my nipples
which went instantly hard as soon as her fingers touched them. Jenny's
legs opened as my fingers searched for her little clit and then her hole.
There was absolutely no resistance as first one and then two of my
fingers went into her. As they did she broke the kiss and let out a long
slow moan.

We collapsed to the floor and were soon in the '69' position. I managed
to make sure that Jenny was on the floor and me on top of her with my
backside to the hole in the wall. Whoever was there would be getting an
excellent view of my open pussy - when Jenny wasn't 'eating' me. And
eat me she was certainly trying to do. At one point I thought that she
was trying to bite my clit off. The pain made me cum very quickly and I
had to really concentrate to get her to cum. All this time our two
showers were pouring warm water down onto us and when we finally
stood up my hands were all white any wrinkly.

I stood behind Jenny and put my arms around her and down to her
pussy. I whispered to her "let's give him (assuming that it was a him)
one more little show." I turned her to face the hole and pulled her legs
apart and with my left hand caressing her left breast my right hand
stroked the insides of her lower lips and clit. Her head lay back on my
shoulder as I slowly brought her to her second orgasm which had her
shaking and shouting "yes! yes! yes!"

As we got dried I looked over towards the showers - and the hole in the
wall and decided that if I moved a little to the left then the person on
the other side might just be able to see me getting dried and dressed. I
really took my time getting dry and Jenny was dressed and ready for off
whilst I was still naked. "Come on, hurry up, or do you want some
more?" Jenny asked. "Sorry, I was miles away" I said and quickly put
my shoes dress and coat on. As we were walking out of the school Jenny
asked me if I would like to go for that drink with her and we went to the
pub at the end of the road.

Jenny got the drinks and we sat opposite each other in a quiet corner of
the pub. As usual I didn't cross my legs and it wasn't long before Jenny
said, "cross your legs girl, I can see your pussy." I told her all about Jon
and his rules and Jenny listened without saying a word. In the end I
asked her if she was all right and she said, "Oh, yes, that's amazing,
that explains why you said 'your Master' last week, and 'are you happy
with things that way?'" It didn't take long for me to tell her that I was
VERY happy with things the way they were and she then said, "well I
guess that I will have to get used to staring at your beautiful, smooth
pussy every time that I see you." I smiled and said, "complaining are

We were both laughing at that when Jenny noticed that there were 3
men at the bar that kept looking at us. When she pointed this out to me
I noticed that they were looking at a small piece of paper and then up at
us. After a while one of them came over to us and held a photo up for us
both to see. It was of me, naked, spread-eagle, blindfolded, and tied to
a bed.

The man said, "Me and my mates are having a bit of an argument. I say
that this is a photo of you and Joe says that it isn't you. Is it you?" he
said looking at me. I went a bit red, as Jenny said, "No it can't be." The
man said, "Yes it is you isn't it?" Well, what could I say, I couldn't tell a
lie so I said, "Yes it is, but I didn't pose for it, it was taken without my

Where did you get it from?" Before the man could answer Jenny pinched
the photo from him and was having a good look as the man started to
tell us that there were copies being passed all round his works and
mates. He didn't know where they came from but there were plenty
about. As he was telling me this I realised that if played it cool he (and
his mates) might go away and leave us alone.

I decided to pretend that it was a woman that took the pictures and that
I wasn't interested in men. Jon would kill me if I let them try anything
on with me. I said, "they were taken by an ex-lover of mine and I've
finished with her now. This (pointing to Jenny) is my new lover. Do you
like the photos then?" "Yes, you've got a great body but I never
imagined that you were a lesbian." He said looking at Jenny and me with
a disappointed look on his face. As if to confirm what I was saying Jenny
reached out and put her hand on my arm. The man left us and I could
see his mates giving us funny looks as he told them what I had said.

Jenny and me almost burst out laughing and Jenny said, "nice one -
LOVER." Our conversation drifted back to the school showers and Jenny
suggested that we try to find out who had been spying on us. We both
came up with suggestions as to who could have been. It could have
been the man with the hard-on, or someone else in the class, or the
caretaker, or some young boys who knew about the hole and had
sneaked into the school. Who knows, but we decided to turn up early
next week, have a good look round and work out what was on the other
side of that wall.

We left shortly after that as I told Jenny that I had better get back to
Jon. When we parted Jenny gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and
squeezed my bum as she did it. When I got home Jon asked me all
about my evening. He stopped me when I started to tell him about the
session in the showers and then got me to continue as he fucked me in
his bed. Fortunately he had cum just before I told him about the photo
in the pub. I had forgotten that I hadn't told him about them being
taken and he hadn't read this journal for a few weeks. He was a bit mad
and told me that I would be punished for it, but that didn't stop him
getting hard again and we went to sleep with his dick still inside me.

Friday - Woke up with Jon's arm round me all contented and cosy. When
he woke up I got his breakfast while he shaved. My muscles ached from
the previous evening's exercise. Later in the afternoon the paperboy
finally called for his money. It was the boy that had been many times
and he didn't seem at all surprised when I opened the door naked. I
could see him staring at me but he wasn't lost for words at all.

When Jon came home he was in a bad mood and had me 'assume the
position' as soon as he walked in the door. I had to stay like that while
he got his own tea then he took me up to the punishment room and had
me lay face down on the floor while he put the velcro and nylon wrist
and ankle cuffs on me. He attached ropes to them and put a support
strap under my waist and then got the electric motor to pull me up to
what I call 'dick height'.

My arms and legs were stretch-out wide and it was a bit uncomfortable,
but not too bad, which was a good job as he left me there all night. But
that was after he had put the ball gag on me and given me 50 strokes
with his leather belt. I was trying to count them but it was impossible
with the ball gag on. After 25, Jon changed position and started getting
the belt to go down between my legs and onto my pussy. Jon seemed to
be putting more and more effort into each stroke, I suppose he was
trying to get rid of his anger. I don't know who'd upset him, but he was
taking it out on my backside. I was crying quite a lot by the time I got
the 40th stroke and my pussy was really throbbing. At the same time I
could feel my juices flowing and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I
had an orgasm. The last 5 strokes all landed on my clit and by the end it
felt as big as Jon's dick. No sooner than Jon had given me the 50th
stroke he was stood in between me and was pumping into me like a
steam engine. I came again just as he shot his load into me.

Saturday November 14
I didn't see Jon again until he lowered me down in the morning and I
was glad that Jon always left the central heating on over-night. I had
managed to get some sleep but I was aching all over. Not to mention
my bum and clit that was still sore. As he let me down Jon asked me, in
a quiet calm voice, if I was okay and even rubbed some cream into my
sore bum.

His bad mood had obviously gone and he was back to his normal self. I
had a long soak in the bath, then some breakfast before I put on shoes,
dress and a coat and we went to Birmingham shopping for a leotard. We
went into loads of sports shops but could only find big thick ones that
looked as if they were designed for Grannies. In the end Jon told me to
get some more of the thin white lycra and make one myself. He said
that it had to be low cut at the front, back and sides, and high cut at the
sides. In other words it had to be almost side-less. He also said that it
had to have a narrow crotch with only a thin strip going between my
cheeks. As he was describing it I thought that it might as well be a few
lengths of string tied together at the appropriate places.

After we gave-up on the leotard we had some lunch in the cafe of one of
the big department stores. It was in there that Jon decided that we
would go to some car showrooms and have a look at some new cars.
Not that Jon was thinking of buying one, it was just to look - and for Jon
to show-off my ass. The first one that we went to had a big showroom
with lots of cars ranging from small ones to big 4-wheel drive vehicles.
Jon told me to leave my coat in his car, which just left me wearing a
black tight fit short dress and shoes.

One of the salesmen pounced on us as soon as walked through the door
and Jon pretended that we were looking for 2 new cars, one for him and
one for me. His idea was to get the salesman to show us round just
about ever car that they had. The salesman was in his late twenties and
not bad looking. He seemed to be paying as much attention to me as he
was to Jon. As the salesman took us to each model and told us all
about them we pretended to be interested and had a good look at them.
Jon told me get into each one and see if I though they were

To start off with I got in and out in a very lady like manor and kept my
legs together but after the second car Jon whispered to me to start
flashing my pussy to the salesman. That was fine by me as I now enjoy
letting strangers see my body. I started wondering how many cars I
would have to get in and out of before my juices would start to flow and
my lips swell up. The third car was very small and only had 2 doors. Jon
told me to get in the back to see if there was enough legroom and if it
was comfortable.

There was no way that I could get in the back without having to bend
over. To make sure that Jon (and me) got what he wanted. I asked the
salesman if he would hold the door open for me. As expected, when I
bent over and stuck my head into the car the back of my dress rode up
exposing most of my ass and leaving the salesman with a great view of
both my ass and my pussy. I wondered if there were still any red marks
left from Jon using his belt on me the previous night. That thought soon
disappeared when I heard the salesman cough and ask me if I could
manage. I stayed half in and half out for a few seconds more, then got
right in, turned round and sat down. I looked at Jon then the salesman
who had a red face and was staring at my lower body. My dress hadn't
had chance to slide back down to its normal position and even I could
see where my pubic hair used to be. (I'm real glad that I no longer have
to shave every day, I don't know how men put up with it.)

The salesman was still transfixed with my crotch as I pulled the front
seat back into place. It 'clunked' into place and I said, "Ow!" as it hit my
knees. It didn't hurt, but I just wanted to wake the salesman up. "There
isn't much leg room in here" I said, "I've got to keep my legs apart to be
comfortable." The salesman was quick off the mark and he leaned in
and looked over the back of the front seat to see my pussy staring
straight back at him. "Here let me help you" he said, "the seat will slide
forward and give you lots more room." "Thank you" I said, "it's not very
lady-like having to sit like this is it."

The salesman was fumbling with the seat catch and taking his time as
he stared straight at my pussy. I looked at Jon who was just stood there
with a big grin on his face. I could feel the salesman's eyes burning my
pussy as tingling in my lower body radiated out from my pussy. My clit
was starting to throb just having that stranger staring at me from so

The salesman finally managed to move the seat; I pulled my knees
together and said, "not bad in here, there's more room than I thought
there would be." The salesman excused himself and disappeared
leaving Jon and me on our own. I guess that the salesman was going to
relieve the bulge that had appeared in the front of his trousers. Jon told
me to get out of the car and came round to me and said, "Well done,
you've earned a good fucking for that one." We left before the salesman
came back and went to another garage. This one didn't have small cars,
only big expensive ones and lots of big 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Again a salesman came up to us as soon as we walked in the door. This
time it was a middle-aged man and before he had finished saying 'hello'
he was joined by a young woman in a smart 'business' suit. She couldn't
have been much older than me and gave us a nice smile as the older
man introduced himself. Jon said that we were looking for a 4-wheel
drive vehicle for our family (!) and that it needed to have only 2 side
doors because he didn't want the kids to be able to play with thinks that
they shouldn't.

I ignored Jon's little story and went over to a Range Rover. It looked
very nice. The sales people and Jon followed me over and they started
talking about all the bits and pieces that it had. I wasn't really listening
but climbed into the driver's seat. It's a lot higher off the ground than a
normal car and there was no way that I could get in with any dignity so
I just reached up with my left leg and pulled myself up and in. The
inevitable happened with my dress and I heard the salesman stop in mid
sentence and then continue talking to Jon after a couple of seconds
pause. I didn't bother trying to pull my dress down and again I could see
my smooth pubes.

I started fiddling with all the knobs and switches and the sales woman
came over to me and started telling me what they all did. She was stood
next to me with the door open and was leaning over me some of the
time to show me how a particular knob worked. Each time she leaned
over me or pulled back I could see her eyes look down at my crotch.

After a few minutes of details that I wasn't even listening to, she
stopped talking so I shuffled myself about in the seat. This had the
effect of making my dress go a bit higher and my legs opening a couple
of inches. I asked "these seats are quite big and comfortable, do they
recline?" She said, "yes" and pressed a switch at the side of the seat.
My back started going down and it wasn't long before I was laid flat.

My dress had obviously gone with my body and the hem was about an
inch short of covering my pussy. The salesman and woman were looking
straight at my pussy. Jon let them stare at me for quite a few seconds
before he asked for a brochure and a price list. The man 'woke up' and
said, "yes, I'll get one for you sir" and he left us. The woman was still
looking at my pussy so Jon said, "how do you get the seat back
upright?" After about 5 seconds the woman said, "Oh, err yes, you just
press this button." She leaned into the car and watched my body come

I climbed out but Jon said, "how easy is it to get into the back seats?"
The woman told us that we just had to slide the seat forward and climb
in. Jon then said, "Go on Vanessa, have a go and then tell us if it was
easy." So I did. Sliding the seat forward was easy but it was a real climb
to get in and I had to bend over again.

The inevitable happened and my backside and pussy was on full display
at about chest height. I'd seen some girls climbing into the back of
vehicles like this before and noticed that they often gave a glimpse of
knickers but I'd forgotten about it until I realised that my pussy was
about 2 feet away from the face of this saleswoman. As I was struggling
to get in I saw that the salesman was coming back with the brochure. I
bet that he got a good view as well. I don't know if I could have got out
going forwards because I didn't try, I decided to get out the same way
as I got in so everyone got another eyeful.

After that Jon thanked the sales people and we left. As we were walking
towards the door I heard the woman say "well, I haven't had one like
that before, quite a little show-off wasn't she?" I just managed to hear
the man reply "You get quite a few like that these days, there seems to
be more and more as the years go on" as we walked out of the door.
Back in the car Jon and me looked at each other and burst out laughing.
Jon said that he had had fun and that we would definitely have to go
round some more garages, but not then, it was getting late, so we
headed for home.

Back home, Jon gave me the good fucking that he promised. We
watched the television with me impaled on him for about an hour. He
was playing with my clit for most of the time and he would not let me
ride up and down on him. He said that he wanted to last, and he
certainly did. He stretched and squeezed my clit so much that it didn't
take me long to want to have an orgasm, but each time I got close he
stopped and waited for 5 minutes before he started again. I was getting
really desperate to cum before he finally took me over the edge. It was
a really intense orgasm and I couldn't stop my body and pussy muscles
from twitching. This made Jon cum as well and we both sat there with
him still inside me until his dick went soft. We went to bed early that
night and Jon fucked me again before we went to sleep.

Sunday November 15
Got up late - both of us, after another fucking session with me trying to
swallow his dick and Jon trying to swallow my clit. I'd swear that it's
getting bigger, it must be well over half an inch long now and it doesn't
take much for it to really show between my lips. Jon says that I'm
turning into a little boy. With it sticking out so much and not wearing
knickers at any time it gets rubbed accidentally (honest) - quite a lot.

That only goes to make it harder, so it gets rubbed more. That's my
excuse for feeling horny so much these days. When I spoke to Jon about
it he said that we would have to try to get it bigger. That he would tie a
weight to it on a bit of string and as I walked around it would swing back
and forward and hopefully stretch it - as well as getting me more horny.

Jon went into the garage and came back with some nylon fishing line
and what looked like a big heavy washer. It was about an inch and a
half across and about an inch thick. He tied the nylon line to the weight
and then the other end round my clit. When I stood up the weight has
hanging about a half way down to my knees. I could feel the pressure
on my clit, both from the knot round my clit and from the weight. It
didn't hurt, in fact it felt good.

I Then walked into the kitchen with the weight bouncing about and
getting knocked by my legs as I walked. Every time that happened the
nylon cord pulled at my clit. It did feel good. I knew that if I were to
walk a long way then I would be having an orgasm soon. It was nearly
as good as wearing my Ben Wa balls. Jon told me to wear it all the time,
when I was at home, for 2 weeks and that we would see if my clit grew
in that time. I could see that I was going to have a very 'interesting' 2

Round about lunchtime we went to the gym. Jon had me wear a crop
top and baggy green shorts (minus the weight on my clit). He wanted to
see my pussy as I opened my legs during the exercises. A couple of
young(ish) men kept looking at me as they took their exercise. I
enjoyed the exercise cycle and carefully moved the gusset on my shorts
so that my bare pussy was on the saddle. After 10 minutes on that Jon
had to stop me as I was in a bit of a sexual trance and was in danger of
cumming and screaming out. The stretching the legs wide machine was
a bit of a problem as I didn't want to make my pussy flashing too
obvious. I got round that problem by casually letting my hands rest on
my lap. The rest of the hour in the gym went quickly with nothing else
happening worth mentioning.

From the gym we went for a swim. Jon wore his almost see-through
undies and I wore my flesh-coloured bikini. As we walked into the pool
area a few people did a double take of me but there was nothing to see,
I was all covered-up. We jumped in and did a couple of lengths before
Jon decided that we should go into the Jacuzzi. As we got out of the pool
I looked down at myself and could clearly see my dark aureoles and big
nipples pushing the thin material out. As I looked further down the thin
material of the narrow crotch was inside one of my pussy lips. The
teenage girl in the Jacuzzi stared at me with her mouth wide open as we
climbed in. I smiled at her and said, "Hi" but didn't get any response.

After a couple of minutes Jon grabbed hold of me and pulled me onto his
lap. As he did that one of his hands was pulling my bikini bottoms to one
side and I felt his hard dick rest on my pussy lips. I pushed down and in
he went. Not right in, just part ways. I sighed and said, "that's better"
and the girl looked at me in a puzzled way. I wasn't sure if she knew
what we were doing or not. Jon started lifting me up a little bit, then
lowering me down. I knew what he was doing and started helping him a
bit. I think that the girl realised what we were doing because she
suddenly got up and out and left the pool area. We were on our own
then and I kept going up and down on Jon for a few minutes but he
stopped me and lifted me off him saying "not yet V." We went back into
the pool for a few minutes before going up to the Sauna.

There was only a Japanese looking man in the Sauna and he only had a
towel draped over his lap. As I walked in I could see his dick and balls
hanging over the edge of the seat. Jon had seen it as well and took it as
a que for us to strip off as well. He quickly took his undies off and
pointed to my bikini indicating that I had to take it off. I did and sat
down next to Jon, facing the Japanese man. After about a minute Jon
looked at me, then down at my legs, then to my eyes, then to my legs.

I quickly realised that he wanted me to open my legs. So I did, about 6
inches. The man opposite looked over to me then back down to the
floor. Jon obviously didn't get the reaction that he wanted so he lifted
his feet up onto the seat, bending his knees and putting his feet as near
his bum as he could. This meant that his dick and balls were very
prominent. He looked at me indicating that I should do the same, so I
did. My pussy and clit were staring the man in the face. I didn't see him
look at me, but I could see his towel start to make a little tent and after
a couple of minutes he got up and left.

We were alone in the Sauna and Jon immediately lay on his back and
told me to give him a blowjob. It didn't take long to get him hard and he
was ready to cum in seconds. But before he did he told me to sit on him
so that he shot his jism inside me. No sooner than he was in me I felt
his warm liquid flow into me.

I sat there as his dick went soft and he then told me to sit with my legs
up again so that he could see his juices dribble out of me. He was sat
opposite me watching as the girl from the Jacuzzi walked in. She looked
a little startled and said, "I didn't know that it was a nude Sauna." Jon
didn't say anything, so I said, "It depends on who's in here. There have
just been 6 naked Japanese people in here so we thought that we would
do the same. You can join us if you like." "Well I don't know" she said
at first but then said, "well okay then" and she started taking her
costume off.

She looked about 15 and had large breasts. When she got her costume
off I saw that she had a small triangle of pubic hair that was obviously
trimmed. She sat at the other end of the same bench as Jon and put her
legs up (flat and together) so that she was looking towards both of us.
I'm sure that she would have been able to see Jon's cum seeping out of
my pussy and I could certainly see some of it still on Jon's dick. After a
couple of minutes the girl relaxed and let her legs open a bit. I could see
the lips of her pussy but there was no sign of her clitoris. I glanced
down and saw mine really sticking out.

A few minutes later the heat got too much for me and I asked Jon if I
could go for a cold shower. I left my bikini there and went for a shower
half hoping that someone would come into the open area and see me,
but they didn't. When I got back Jon had turned to face the girl and still
had his feet on the bench with his knees bent. He was starting to get
hard (I don't know how he manages that with all that heat). The girl was
laying back against the wall with her knees about a foot apart staring at
Jon. I could see why Jon was getting hard, her lips were swollen and I
knew what both of them were thinking about.

I sat down on the other side of the room and brought my feet up again.
I was desperately trying to think of something to say that would break
the ice when my mouth opened out came "I can see that I'm going to
have to do something about that before long," and I was looking at Jon's
dick which was starting to point to the ceiling. Jon smiled and replied,
"Yes you will, unless our friend here would like to oblige."

The girl obviously lost her bottle because she got up, picked-up her
costume and walked out. Just as she got out one of the staff (male)
walked into the area and stopped dead in his tracks as he saw this
naked 15-year-old girl. She just walked on and into the ladies changing
rooms. The staff man turned round and went back the way he came and
Jon looked at me and said, "come on, let's get dresses and go home,
I'm hungry. We both walked back to the respective changing rooms
carrying our costumes. As I was walking into the ladies a fat old lady
came out and gave me a filthy look. Back home I got us some food and
we had a quiet rest of the weekend.

Week commencing November 16
I did the housework then went into town and go some more of the thin
white lycra to make the leotard. As I was getting dressed to go to town I
remembered that Jon had told me to tie the weight to my clit all week,
so I did. When I stood up the weight was dangling below my dress hem
so I took the liberty of shortening the cord. I hope Jon wouldn't mind. It
felt strange, but nice having the weight pulling on my clit all the time
and as I walked my legs would knock the weight which would tug on my
clit. I had to stand still every hundred yards or so because after the
third orgasm I decided that I had better try to avoid orgasms for a while
otherwise I would end-up totally knackered.

I have to admit that I did slip my hand under my dress on the bus on
the way home and pull on the weight until I had another orgasm. When
I did get home I got out the silicone model of my body and marked it
out with where I thought that Jon wanted it to cover. I managed to
make it without any seams on the crotch so that it would be nice and
smooth when I put my hand on my pussy. By the time I had finished it
and tried it on, the crotch part went instantly wet and nearly see-
through. Guess why! I did look silly with the weight bulging in the
crotch, even when I pushed my clit into the centre of it.

Tuesday - Bumped into Bridie as I walked round Tesco and she asked if
she could come and see me on the Wednesday, it was her only day off
that week. It was difficult walking up and down the isles and there was a
bit of a thumping noise when I bent down or over the freezers as the
weight hit the floor or the side of the freezers. By the time I went to bed
that night my clit was sore and swollen and it was nothing to do with
sexual excitement.

Wednesday - Bridie came round just before lunch. As I was leading her
into the kitchen for a cup of coffee I heard her say, "what's that hanging
between your legs?" After I told her what it was for she said, "You'd
need to tie a couple of bricks to mine to get it even half as big as
yours." In the kitchen Bridie took her coat off revealing that she was
wearing a thin short summer dress. There was no sign of any VKL
(visible knicker line) or a bra; her little nipples were pushing the
material right out. "Does your mother know that you've come out
dressed like that?" I asked. "No" she replied, "I put my coat on in my
bedroom." We both laughed as I remembered the tricks that I used to
get up to when I was at school when mini-skirts were just as popular
but I daren't go out in one as my dad would have thrashed me. Looking
back I wish I'd been a bit braver then, I might have discovered my
exhibitionist tendencies and liking for spankings earlier.

As I was making the coffee Bridie asked if I minded if she took her dress
off, she said that she felt a bit over-dressed. "Be my guest" I said and
watched her pull the thin material over her head in one easy movement.
I stood there enviously looking at her small slim naked body and baby
face, her blond hair just reaching her shoulder. She still had a lovely
bald pussy. It was hard to believe that she was 16, she looked more like
a little 12 or 13 year old.

The kettle clicked as it switched itself off and I 'woke-up'. "Glad to see
that you're still using a razor, does your boyfriend like it like that?" I
asked. "Oh yes, he wants to eat me every time that I see him" she
replied. "I can understand why" I said.

Over coffee and then something to eat we had a long talk mainly about
sex. By the time it was 2 o'clock I was getting very wet between my
legs and it wasn't just from the thin nylon cord round my clit and the
weight hanging from it. I was sure that Bridie was getting turned-on as
well, her little nipples were rock hard and she couldn't keep still on the

When I suggested that we go upstairs she said, "I though you'd never
ask." We never made it to the top of the stairs, as I followed her up the
stairs I put my hand between her legs and onto her pussy. She stopped
and turned round to face me. My face was right in front of her pussy. I
could smell her pussy juices and just leaned forwards and kissed the
front of her slit. She sat down on the stairs, opened her legs and I went
down on her right there. It wasn't long before she was shaking as her
first orgasm hit her, but I wasn't going to let her cum again, well not

I was looking forward to seeing her cum many times on the 'fucking
machine'. But before that I wanted her to use her mouth on me. As she
sat on the stairs coming down from her 'high', I climbed up above her
head, opened me legs and bent down so that my pussy was right in
front of her face. When the weight landed on her chest she opened her
eyes and saw my pussy which she immediately started eating. It didn't
take me long to cum, I guess that we had been both close to cumming
just with the talking that we'd been doing.

After I had 'climbed down' we went to the 'punishment room' and I got
Bridie ready for her pleasure ride. As she lowered herself onto the dildo
ready for the machine to start Bride looked at me and told me that she
was nervous. I just smiled and said, "Don't worry, I won't let it fuck you
to death." As the motor slowly raised her up the first time I moved the
chair that she had been supporting herself on and she said, "Please
don't, I might need that." "Relax and enjoy it" I said, "you're going to
go to limits that you didn't think you had girl." I said.

To start off with Bridie looked a little nervous but it didn't take long for
her to relax and start enjoying it. After a lot of moaning, screaming and
her third orgasm Bridie asked me to stop the motor and get her down,
but every time she said, "please" I just said, "not yet." After her fifth
orgasm she had stopped pleading with me and wasn't even looking at
me. She was looking down towards the ground, shaking and moaning. I
decided that it was time to stop the machine and get her down.

I sat her down with her back to the wall and decided that I needed my
share of the pleasure, switched the motor on and climbed on and
lowered myself onto the dildo that was still covered in lots of Bridie's
pussy juices. I left the chair in place after using it to make minor
adjustments so that I went all the way up and down on the dildo. I just
hoped that the nylon cord wouldn't catch on anything and rip my clit off.

After about 5 minutes Bridie started to get some life back in her and she
gave me a very tired looking smile as I reached my first orgasm. After
my third my clit was hurting so much that I just had to stop and I put
my feet on the chair. I had a bit of trouble supporting myself as my legs
acted as if they were made of jelly. Eventually I got myself down and
sat beside Bridie.

We both sat there for another 15 minutes as we slowly got some energy
back. We must have looked a right sight with sweat all over us and our
legs wide open. After a while we started talking and Bride told me that
she had never experienced anything like it in her life, "but there again,
it's the unexpected that I have come to expect with you and Jon" she
said. "Complaining are you girl?" I asked. She just smiled and shook her

We had a shower (together) but we were too tired to let it be anything
other than a 'get yourself clean' shower and went downstairs for a drink
- something a little stronger than coffee. We sat in silence for a long
time before Bridie suddenly said, "Can I bring my boyfriend next time?"
"There's an idea" I said, "Jon won't let me have full sex with him but
that doesn't mean that we can't have lots of fun. The poor lad will think
that he's died and gone to heaven." We didn't fix up a date but that
didn't stop me thinking about what we could do to the poor boy.

Bridie left before Jon came home and I had a quiet evening apart from
Jon inspecting my clit. He commented on how swollen it was.

Thursday - I went to aerobics early. I had agreed to meet Jenny 45
minutes early so that we could try to find out where from and who was
looking at us through the hole. Jon had agreed to me taking the weight
off my clit for the evening and I was quite glad of the relief from the
pain. My clit had grown but I think that the extra size was just swelling.
When I got there Jenny was waiting for me.

We had a good 'explore' and discovered that at the other side of the wall
with the hole was a little storeroom where the caretaker kept cleaning
equipment. The door was unlocked and we eventually found the hole by
moving a pile of boxes. Looking through I could see the whole of the
shower area. The next problem was to find out who was looking through
it. We decided that we wanted to find out who but didn't want to stop
them as we were enjoying it as much as them.

Back in the changing rooms we got changed and I put my new leotard
on. Jenny looked at me in it and said, "that might cause a riot in there
tonight, the older women will get jealous and the men will not be able to
keep away from you." That made me a little nervous and I said that
maybe I shouldn't wear it. Jenny said that I would be okay but I still
wasn't sure and asked if I could make her one and then we could both
wear them. She thought for a few seconds then said, "yes please, were
about the same size, can I try yours on to see if it fits."

So we both stripped off again and I stood there naked while Jenny
pulled the thin white leotard on. We might be about the same height but
there is more of Jenny than there is of me. The leotard looked good on
her. She filled it very nicely and I told her so. What I didn't tell her was
that I could see her sparse triangle of brown pubic hair through the thin
white lycra. After looking at herself in the mirror, she said, "go on then,
will you make one for me please?" I smiled and said, "of course I will."
She took it off, gave me it back and started putting her own leotard on.
However she didn't put her black lycra shorts on underneath so her butt
cheeks were totally exposed just the same as mine were. "There, that's
2 butts for them to look at" she said.

We left the changing room and went into the main gym. About 5
minutes later the others started arriving and we both got a few raised
eyebrows as the women and men saw our bare butts. I could see that
both Jenny and me were going to cause a couple of the men to get a
hard-on. What I also noticed was that there were 2 new men in the
class, word must be getting round.

Jenny got us started and it wasn't long before I was getting hot and
starting sweating. At the interval Jenny came over to me and whispered
to me to adjust the crotch on my leotard. One side of it had moved
inside my lips and the whole thing was getting just a little see-through
because of my sweat. As we chatted one of the new men came over to
us and asked Jenny something about the class dates and times. She told
him that the class would break for Christmas on December 10th and
resume on January 14th. All the time that they were talking I could see
his eyes looking me up and down. I've got well used to this these days
and it just doesn't bother me any more.

Jenny got us started again and this part of the evening had us bending
over backwards a lot. When I was in what we used to call the 'crab'
position at school (hands and feet only on the floor with my stomach
facing the ceiling and my arms over my head); I remembered that the
crotch of my leotard would be splitting my lips; and nearly see-through
by then. This thought got me excited a little bit as this week there were
2 men in front of me and in the position that we were in they must have
been having a great view. I felt a little rush of pussy juice as I was
thinking about it.

At the end of the session these 2 men started trying to chat me up and
after all the others had gone to get changed Jenny came over and
'rescued' me. We put the equipment away and then headed to the
changing rooms. By that time most of the other women had left leaving
just us 2 to hatch our plan. I was to strip off and start showering, talk to
Jenny who wasn't actually getting ready for a shower but was going
round to the storeroom to surprise whoever was there. When I heard
Jenny shouting I was to grab a towel and run round to the storeroom to
give her some backup.

After a couple of minutes soaping myself I heard Jenny shouting "And
what do you think you're doing?" so I grabbed my towel and ran. I
didn't bother wrapping the towel round me until I got there. I wasn't
expecting anyone other than the voyeur to be there and he'd already
seen me naked so I didn't bother wrapping it round me until I got there.
Quite a surprise as well, the eye belonged to a boy of about 14.

Jenny told me that when she'd opened the door he'd been looking
through the hole with his trousers round his ankles and was pumping
away. His little erection had gone by the time that I got there but his
trousers were still round his ankles. He was trembling with fear as he
pleaded with us not to call the police. I was so surprised that I had
forgotten to wrap my towel round me and I just stood there as Jenny
said, "what do we do now?" We hadn't discussed that and I just said, "I
don't know."

We stood in silence for a few seconds before I said, "I know, you
(Jenny) go and lock the entrance door while I take this boy back to the
changing rooms. We'll work out what were going to do as we get
changed." Jenny went off and I told the boy to pull up his trousers and
follow me.

Back in the girls changing room I told the boy to take his clothes off and
stand and wait while I finished my shower. I told him that he was less
likely to run off if he didn't have any clothes on. When he was naked I
took him to the showers area and told him to stand facing the showers
with his hands on his head. When he'd done that I took my towel off and
got back into the shower.

Just as I did so, Jenny came in and said, "Well, I was going to ask what
you've decided but I can see that you've already got that in hand." "Not
totally" I said, "I'm not sure what to do with him next. But first I'm
going to finish my shower, are you going to join me?"

As Jenny stripped off the boy kept looking from her to me and back.
Apart from his embarrassment at being caught and having to stand
naked in front of us he must have thought he was in heaven. He was
starting to relax a bit and his excitement was beginning to show.

Jenny and me soaped each other before she pounced on me and gave
me a long French kiss. My hands were playing with her nipples and
pussy (and hers with mine) and it wasn't long before we were both
cumming. I had nearly forgotten about the boy when Jenny said, "Go on
then, beat that meat." The lad looked a little puzzled so she said, "get

He knew what that meant and started pumping his little dick. We both
watched as he worked himself up and shot his load over towards us. I
was quite impressed with how far it came. When he was done Jenny
and me started getting dried as the boy still stood there watching us.
Jenny and me talked about what the rest of his punishment would be. In
the end we decided that he would have to join us for the aerobics class
for the next week and help us clean up afterwards. If he was really good
we would let him watch us shower - providing he did the same as he did
that night.

We kept him standing there naked until we were ready to leave and
then made him carry his clothes to the front door. We then kicked him
outside still naked and told him to get dressed and go home. We never
did find out how he got into the school.

In the pub Jenny and me had a good laugh about the whole evening.
The poor boy and the look on the faces of the class when they saw our
naked butts. Jenny seemed a little worried at what it might do to
attendance as she was getting a percentage of the class fees. I
reminded her that we needed to think about what we were going to do
with the boy. We needed some way to embarrass him even more and
Jenny said that it would be a good idea to make him wear some girl's
knickers while he was in the class. I agreed with her that it would be a
good idea but she would have to provide them as I don't possess any.
"Leave it with me" she said. We left after one drink and laughed as we
talked about the boy as we walked out.

Friday - was a quiet day. I had the weight hanging from my clit again
and I was looking forward to a weekend without it. The pain from the
swelling was starting to outweigh the pleasure of the tugging.

Saturday November 21
Again another quiet day, Jon had to go to work in the morning and in
the afternoon I had to wash the car wearing just my coat and shoes.
That was cold. In the evening Jon took me to a pub in the country and
we had a quiet drink and some food. The place was pretty quiet and
nothing exciting happened.

Sunday November 22
Jon took me shopping for some knee high boots. We drove up to the
large shopping centre outside Sheffield and looked in all the shoe shop
windows. Jon (and me) wanted to have a bit of fun with the shop
assistants so we found the shop that had the boots that we liked on
display, then I looked around until a young male assistant became free.
As I started walking towards him 2 things happened. Firstly someone
else grabbed the young man and secondly a young girl asked me if she
could help me. After a quick think I thought 'what the hell' and told her
that I wanted to try on some lace-up knee high boots. I gave her my
size and she told me to take a seat. I picked a seat facing a wall and
waited until she came back with a pair. She gave me one boot and
watched me struggle (deliberately) to get it on then start to lace it up.
It didn't take long for her to offer to help me and she brought over a
little low stool, sat on it and asked me to put my left foot up beside her
right leg.

As she was lacing up the boot I slowly let my knees part. At first she
didn't take any notice, but as she got further up towards my knee I
caught her eyes looking up my dress. I realised then that I was going to
have some fun. I spread my knees a bit more and her expression told
me that she had just seen my naked pussy. She kept looking at it again
and again. It took ages for her to finish lacing the boot and when she
did I got up and went through the routine of walking about and looking
at myself in a mirror.

After that I asked her if I could try on the other one. When she gave me
it I said, "can you do it for me please, I'm not very good with laces."
She sat down on the stool in front of me and lifted my right leg up and
onto the stool. Automatically I moved my left leg to the left giving her a
good view. It was a good job that I was facing a wall and that the girl
was effectively blocking the gap between me and the wall. If anyone
had tried to get through the gap they would have easily been able to see
everything that I've got.

When the girl finally finished I got up and walked over to the mirror. I
wasn't going to stop there so I asked her if she had any different ones.
She said, "yes" and I sat down and started taking them off while she
went for the different ones. I hadn't got the first pair off before she
came back with the second pair. I deliberately kept my knees open while
I finished taking the first pair off. As I was finishing I kept glancing up at
her and I could see that her eyes were looking at my pussy. When I
finished I gave them to her and she put them back in the box before
asking if I wanted help with the second pair as well.

Of course I did, that was the whole point of the exercise. What the girl
didn't know was that while she was in the store room I had moved my
chair back a bit so that I had to slide down the chair a bit to be able to
get the right position on the stool. This meant that more of my pussy
was on show. After looking at the first boot in the mirror I asked her if
she could help me with the other one. As she sat down in front of me
again she sat with her legs open a bit. As the lacing got further towards
my knee I caught a glimpse of her knickers, white cotton ones. When
she finished she moved both her arms to her sides and I got a good
view of her knickers and the wet spot in the expected place. I could also
see some dark pubic hairs sticking out of the sides. I gave her a
knowing smile as our eyes met when she stood up.

Needless to say I wasn't happy with the second pair and asked her if I
could try some others. As I was taking the second pair off and she was
in the storeroom Jon walked passed me smiled and kept walking.

When the third pair arrived I had already got the second pair off and
was waiting for her. She sat down and lifted one of my feet up. As it
went up my knees parted and I watched her eyes go down to my pussy.
As she moved her hands to start lacing the boot up her knees opened
and I realised why she had taken longer to get the third pair. She had
taken her knickers off. There were now 2 naked wet pussies staring at
each other. I could see her juices in her pubic hair and I could certainly
feel mine. Talk about flashing the flasher, I was a bit taken a-back and
didn't know what to do. I just sat there and stared at her pussy as she
slowly laced up the boots and looked at my pussy. When they were both
fastened I got up and looked at them in the mirror. I couldn't make up
my mind which pair I liked most so I decided not to get any of them and
I told the girl as I took them off, being careful to keep my knees
together. The girl looked a bit disappointed as I left the store.

Jon was waiting outside and he asked me if I'd had fun and what was
wrong with the boots. I told him that I quite liked the second pair of
boots and he was quite amused when I told him that the girl had started
flashing me. Jon decided that we would look at other shoe shops and if
we didn't find any others then we would go back to that shop. We
looked round 3 more shoe shops before finding a pair that we liked in
another shop. Jon sent me in to try them on.

This time I got a male assistant, quite young, I guess that he was still at
school or college and only worked there on a weekend. I asked the lad
to lace them up for me then slowly opened my knees. His eyes opened
wide when he realised what he could see. The speed of the lacing
slowed down dramatically and he went red in the face. When he
eventually finished the second boot and stood up I could see that he
was finding his trousers a little restrictive. The boots were comfortable
and I liked them so I told the lad that I would take them but I asked him
to undo them and put them in a box for me. That seemed to take
forever and I really enjoyed the feeling of his eyes burning my pussy.
When I stood up there was a little wet patch on the chair. I was glad
that I had pulled the back of my dress up so that I wasn't sitting on it.

We had a KFC on the way home and Jon sat me so that I was facing the
serving counter with my knees about 6 inches apart, with no one
between me and the counter to restrict the staff's view. I'm sure that a
couple of them noticed because they kept looking over towards me.
Back home Jon spent the rest of the evening in his study and I never
saw him until next morning.

. continued in Part 8 .

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