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Vanessa's New Life 11


This is part 11 of my Journal. I started writing it when I made a bold
decision to change my life. I left my dull existence in North Wales and
went to work as a Housekeeper for a man in the East Midlands of
England. It is a decision that I will never regret. I have never been so
happy and never had so much pleasure.

Week commencing July 5
Monday July 5 - It had been a bad night. There were people returning to
the hotel all the time right up until we were getting up at 7 o'clock, and
the majority of them were drunk and shouting and slamming doors. Jon
said that it was to be expected in a place like that but that we'd get our
own back on them by slamming doors from when we got up until we
went out each day. He said, "If they're going to disturb our sleep then
I'm going to disturb theirs."

The hotel was 'Bed & breakfast' but the breakfast only consisted of Tea
and Toast so on our way to the beach we stopped at a café and got
something to eat. Jon wore just one of his vests and I had to wear just
the new non see-though sarong and to just tuck it in. As we were
walking along it kept feeling like it was about to fall down so I had to
keep tucking it in again (Jon had said I could - unless he told me not

Jon had decided that we were going to Ses Salines which meant that we
had to get a bus to Ibiza Town and then another to Ses Salines. Jon
followed me onto the first bus and as we walked down the aisle my
sarong suddenly disappeared leaving me totally naked on a bus with
quite a few people on it. All of them seemed to be looking at me. Even
though I like being naked I still felt embarrassed, even after Jon picked
it up, gave it to me and I'd put it back on.

After we'd got a seat and the bus was moving I realised that I'd enjoyed
the excitement and that my pussy was wet and tingling. When I told Jon
he said, "I'm sure that I can arrange for it to happen again." He then
told me that he'd grabbed a bit of the sarong and held it against one of
the seat backs so that as I moved back along the bus I just walked
straight out of it. He told me to try it as we got onto the next bus.

I did, and it worked. I was left naked on a bus in the middle of Ibiza
Town with quite a few people looking at me. This time the excitement
was greater than the embarrassment and I could really feel my juices.
On the beach I discussed this with Jon and we decided that I should do
it more often. See what reactions I can get from people.

We spent anther quiet day on the beach with not a lot happening. I'm
sure that the people walking up and down the beach stared at me a lot
longer because of my lack of pubic hair, pussy lips rings and chain. The
man who came to collect the money for the hire of the sun loungers
seemed to 'hover' at the bottom of my sun lounger for quite a while as
well. At one point we both went for a long naked (apart from shoes)
walk in the dunes and pine trees that are behind the beach. I've got to
the stage where the chain doesn't get me excited unless I'm already
thinking about sex.

As we waiting for the bus to go back to Ibiza Town we both sat on the
step outside the café eating an ice cream. Anyone who looked would
have been able to see both my pussy and Jon's dick and balls, though
we never saw anyone staring at us. We had to stand up on that bus
because of the number of people on it and at one point my sarong came
un-done and started to fall down on its own. I let it get down to my
waist before pulling it back up. The bus to San Antonio was better; I did
what Jon suggested and down went the sarong onto the floor. Two
hunks of men looked at me but when one of them started talking to the
other one I decided that my efforts had been wasted, they sounded as if
they were gay.

On the walk through San Antonio back to the hotel I decided to try it
again when a group of English youths were walking towards us. I
'caught' the sarong on the side of a van and down it went when I was
right in front of them. What a cheer I got. It was great. I didn't rush to
pick-up the sarong and even bent over at the waist to pick it up. What a
wonderful feeling.

While we were in a shop getting some more water Jon accidentally (yes
it was!) dropped his wallet and squatted down to pick it up. He did this
with his knees wide open (like men do). Because he wasn't wearing
anything under his vest his dick and balls were clearly visible.

Right in front of him were 2 teenage girls waiting to be served and one
of them looked down to see what was going on. Her jaw dropped when
she realised what she was looking at and when Jon stood up I could see
the girl whispering to her mate. I couldn't hear what she was saying but
her mate turned and looked at Jon. When we left the shop I asked Jon if
he'd dropped his wallet on purpose. He said, "Don't be so silly!" so I told
him about the girl. I guess that he hadn't realised because he said, "I
didn't think about that, I'll have to try it again."

Back in the hotel the 2 Scottish girls were in their room with the
shutters open. They were getting changed and walking around in their
bras and knickers. One of them stared at us as we stripped off and
walked around naked but in general they just ignored us. We sat out on
the balcony watching the world go by for a while before taking a nap
before we went out for the evening. While we were on the balcony I saw
the head of one of the girls in the room above us lean out and look
down at us a couple of times.

When we went out I just wore my bikini skirt (the one that only has the
thin fastening cord on one side making it obvious (to anyone who
bothered to look) that I have nothing on underneath) and my white
lycra bikini top. With all the young girls wearing see-through dresses on
skimpy skirts no one took any notice of me at all, but it was nice walking
around amongst all those people feeling quite naked.

After getting some food Jon took me into a couple of the very noisy,
lively bars. The music was good, but way too loud. We stood in a corner
drinking and watching the kids dancing and falling over. I was stood in
front of Jon laying back on him. His hand was in the side of my skirt and
he was playing with my clit as we stood there. He brought me to an
orgasm quite quickly and I could have screamed my head off and no one
would have taken a blind bit of notice.

Back in our hotel room Jon had me ride him. We left the window open
(as usual) and I could hear a few people talking but I don't know if any
of them saw us. The Scottish girls room light went on and then off after
a few seconds but I couldn't see them looking towards us.

Tuesday July 6 - Another night when we kept getting woken up. When
we did get up Jon slammed our bathroom door lots of times.

Jon decided that we were going to Ses Salines again but he decided that
it best not to try the sarong 'falling off' trick again so soon. He told me
to wear my short sarong skirt and crop top. I tied the skirt at the side
but Jon pulled the knot round so that it was right in front of my pussy. It
was only the ends dangling down that were stopping people from seeing
everything I'd got. In the café having breakfast the waiter kept looking
at my lap. I don't think that he could see my pussy even though I could
see the top of my bald pubic bone with just a hint of the top of my slit.

Both bus trips were un-eventful and as we were walking through the
long car park to the beach we stopped for a drink and Jon told me to
take my top off and we walked the rest of the way with me topless. No
one seemed to notice.

We had another very relaxing day soaking up the sun and cooling down
in the lovely sea. In the middle of the afternoon Jon put a pair of his
mesh undies on and I put just the short sarong skirt on and we went to
a beach bar for something to eat. As we were queuing to be served we
were stood in front of a table with a youngish couple on it. The woman
was staring at Jon's dick and the man was staring at my crotch. When I
looked down I saw that the knot in my sarong was a little off-centre and
the man must have had a great view of my pussy, rings and chain. I got
all damp just thinking about it. That sounds a bit strange cos I'd just
spent a couple of hours laying on a sun lounger with my legs wide open
and not got wet. It must have been the excitement of it not being

We went for another long naked walk in the woods. This time we ended-
up near the part of the beach that has a lot of gays on it. As we walked
through the sand dunes we say 2 gay couples having sex. Jon wouldn't
let me stop and watch them. He said that he felt like throwing-up. Back
near our 'base' we saw a 'normal' couple with the woman riding the
man. That sight gave Jon a hard-on and he pulled me deeper into the
woods and fucked me doggy style. I'm sure I saw someone watching us
at one point but the odd voyeur was the last thing on my mind as Jon
shot his load into me. I didn't cum.

Back on the sun lounger both our juices were slowly running out of me
as I lay on my back with my feet on the sand on either side of the sun

Early evening we went for a long swim before heading back through the
long car park to the bus stop. Jon only had his vest on and me my short
sarong skirt (with knot on my pubic bone) right until we got to the bus
stop. Then while we were right in the middle of the crowd waiting for the
bus Jon told me to put my top back on.

The bus driver gave me a funny look as we gave him our return tickets.
On the journey into Ibiza Town we couldn't get any seats and we had to
stand holding a strap hanging down from the roof. I was using my right
hand and my top had ridden right up over my right breast. There was a
young(ish) woman stood in front of me (facing me) and she spent most
of the journey with her face just inches from my breast. When it had
first 'popped' out I noticed a smile appear on her face. When she kept
staring at it my nipples went all hard.

The rest of the journey back to the hotel was uneventful until about half
way through San Antonio when Jon told me to slip into a doorway and
take my top off. I had to walk the rest of the way back to the hotel
topless. You should have seen the faces of the youths in the hotel
reception area. I felt nervous, but proud.

Didn't see anything of the Scottish girls but I did see a head looking
down on us as we watched the world go by on our balcony (naked)
before going out later. Before we did go out that evening Jon used the
body paint to give me some knickers. Two little triangles, one at the top
of my bum cheeks and the other at the top of my slit. He also painted
some knicker elastic on me in the form of a 1-inch band joining the
triangles. It was then on with the see-through sarong, tied in a knot just
to the side of my right breast.

I didn't feel at all nervous as we went out but I thought I was going to
get arrested at one point as 2 unpleasant looking policewomen walked
towards us. One looked me up and down but then ignored me. My little
heart was pounding. Having said all that, there were loads of girls with
see-through dresses with very small thongs showing so I guess that I
looked as if I was wearing no less than them. To be truthful I never
noticed anyone looking at me and no one seemed to realise that I was
virtually naked. In one noisy, dark bar, Jon finger fucked me until I
came. I was stood facing the bar and Jon had his back to the bar on my
right so it was easy for him to go in the side of my sarong and get at my

Wednesday July 7 - Somehow we managed to sleep late and it was 9
o'clock before we went to a café for some breakfast. We were both
wearing just our vests and Jon had his wallet with him. After breakfast
Jon decided that we would go for a long walk around the streets and
have a bit of fun 'dropping' his wallet. He flashed 3 lots of girls and I
flashed 2 lots of lads before Jon decided that we should go and get our
stuff and go to the beach. The reactions from the 'victims' was quite
mixed. Jon said that one of the lads that I flashed even looked

Jon wore just his vest and I had to wear my see-through sarong with
bikini bottoms to beach. I felt a bit strange having something cover my
pussy. The sarong was just tucked in and Jon helped it fall off as we
walked to the boat to Cala Conte. As we were getting onto the boat I'm
sure that a woman got a glimpse of Jon's dick because I saw her eyes
open wide and her jaw drop.

It was a bit difficult keeping my sarong covering me as we sat next to
each other on the boat. The breeze kept trying to blow it to one side. I
did notice one teenage girl, sat opposite us, staring at Jon's lap. As Jon
was lounging back on the bench, his knees not together, I guess that
she would have been looking at everything that he'd got. As soon as we
got off the boat Jon told me to remove the sarong and walk to the car
park topless. When we got to the car park my bikini bottoms came off as
well (and so did Jon's vest) and we walked through the car park and
down the cliff to the nuddies beach naked.

Had another very quiet day on the beach and in the sea until it came to
time to go. Jon told me to wear only the see-through sarong. He told me
to follow him onto the boat and to hold my bag in front of me until I sat
down. When we got back to San Antonio I did the same trick getting off
the boat, but this time Jon followed me. It was nice walking through
town virtually naked with no one taking any notice of me. In fact people
were taking more notice of a couple of girls that were wearing bikinis
with T-back bottoms.

As we were walking passed a café one girl in a group of 'happy' girls and
youths shouted at Jon, "Hey mate - you should tuck your vest into your
shorts." Jon stopped, turned and we walked back to the girls. Before any
of them could say anything Jon said, "I would if I was wearing any." The
same girl said (in a very dis-believing tone), "Oh yeah, prove it!" Jon
looked round then with one hand he pulled the bottom of his vest up to
his waist. With his other hand he pulled my sarong off me. There were
screams and laughter as all the girls turned and saw Jon's shaved dick
and balls and a naked me. He waited about 20 seconds before dropping
the bottom of his vest and giving me my sarong that I quickly put back
round me. There were all sorts of comments coming from the girls,
ranging from, "dirty bastard" through to, "nice one mate." One lad said,
"what the hell's that on her pussy?" Jon had a big grin on his face right
until we got back to the hotel.

When we got back to the hotel we saw that 2 English girls had replaced
the 2 Scottish girls. Also, in the room below them, were a young boy
and girl (18 ish). John reckoned that it was their first holiday away from
home. They'd moved their beds under the window and we could see
them making love, naked, on the beds. The girl was kneeling either side
of the boy and riding him quite quickly.

Something made her look out and see someone (may have been me or
Jon (although we were being quiet), or it could have been someone in
the room below us); because she decided to close the curtains in their
room. Still impaled on the boy's dick, she reached up and pulled the
curtains closed. When the show ended Jon said, "There's nothing quite
like seeing a girl naked and on her knees with them spread wide and her
arms stretched up." Perhaps that's why the position that I have to get
into when Jon says, "assume the position" is very much like that. I
guess that turned Jon on a bit because he joined me in the shower and
fucked me till be both came.

When one of the English girls first saw us walking around our room
naked she dodged behind a curtain and I could hear her saying, "Hey
Becky, come and have a look at this." The next thing I heard was,
"What you on about?" and then a gasp. We both ignored them but I
kept getting quick views of both of them trying to look at us without it
being obvious. In the end Jon stood at our window and said, "It's alright
you 2, if you want to look then do so, it doesn't bother us." A few
seconds later Becky came to the window and said, "Hi, I didn't think that
you'd want to know that someone could see you." Jon replied, "We don't
care, we're both naturists and it doesn't bother us in the least."

Becky's mate (Sam) slowly emerged and we had a long chat about the
weather, the beaches and where to find the nightlife. By the time we'd
finished talking I think that they were quite relaxed about our nudity,
and later on, as they were getting ready to 'hit the town', I saw Becky
walking around their room naked as well.

When we went out I just wore my lacy net dress, my collar and Ben. I
guess that my lack of pubic hair helped cos no one seemed to realise
that I was naked under my lacy see-through dress, although Jon did
change our direction when we were walking down one street and we saw
a couple of policemen coming the other way.

Ben made it difficult for us to go far and I came twice before we'd even
found somewhere to eat. While we were looking for somewhere to have
a drink we saw this bar that was on the first floor and it has a balcony.
There were quite a number of people on it and I lost count of the
number of girls with short shirts who may or may not have realised that
everyone on the street below could see either their knickers or their
pussies. With it being dark it wasn't too easy to tell, but both Jon and
me reckoned that at least 2 of the girls weren't wearing knickers or

San Antonio really is like Ibiza Town when it comes to 'anything goes' as
far as clothes are concerned. We saw people in all sorts of weird outfits
and a couple of men that looked almost reasonable dressed as girls. On
the way back to our hotel we saw one couple having sex in a doorway.
She was up against the wall and his trousers were round his ankles. He
had a nice tight butt.

I really did enjoy going out that night. I was naked apart from a see-
through dress and no one appeared to take a blind bit of notice. Okay, I
got the odd person looking at me who was obviously thinking 'Is she,
isn't she?' but in general no one realised. I suppose that fact that I have
no pubic hair helped a bit and I'm sure that my Ben Wa balls had
something to do with it; but I felt daring and excited all the time that we
were out. I came about 6 times before we eventually got back to the
hotel. I was knackered but that didn't stop Jon wanting to fuck me as I
leaned over the balcony. It's a nice feeling being fucked only a few feet
from people who just might look up and see what you're doing. In a way
I was surprised that no one did as I was moaning and grunting a bit as
Jon thrust into me.

Thursday July 8 - That morning Jon put some shorts on (first time
during the day since we arrived there) and left me while he went and
hired a car. As soon as he got back we both put just our vests on,
packed out stuff for the day and went out. When we got into the car Jon
took his vest off and told me to take mine off. He said that we were
going to be naked in the car all the time and would only pull our vests
onto our laps when a policeman or some oldies looked as if they were
looking in. We were sat in a parked car, naked, in the middle of a busy
town. I could see that things were going to get interesting.

We drove to the outskirts of San Antonio and to be honest no one even
seemed to look inside the car. People seemed to see the car but never
looked inside. By the time that we parked outside a café and put our
vests back on I was starting to get relaxed about driving round naked.
In the café the waitress got a bit of a surprise when she brought our
food, Jon had turned round and was looking at something and his vest
had ridden-up displaying all his dick and balls. I'd realised but didn't say
anything to Jon (maybe he knew). Instead I just watched the waitress'
face which was a picture. First shock then a smile.

She took ages lifting things of her tray and onto the table and all the
time her eyes kept looking back to Jon. When Jon turned back she
stopped looking at Jon and went a bit red. She looked at me and I
smiled and licked my lips as I looked straight at her. She hurried off but
I could see her talking to another waitress and the other girl kept
looking over to us.

When it came to time to pay it was girl number 2 that gave us the bill
and her eyes were firmly focused on Jon's lap. When I told him he said
that she'd get a surprise when she brought the change. Her eyes really
opened wide when she saw his knees open and a semi laying down his

As we walked back to the car his dick was having real trouble staying
under his vest and by the time we got into the car he had a full erection
sticking out of the front of his vest. I don't thing that anyone saw it. As
soon as we took our vests off and started moving Jon told me to do
something about it with my mouth.

We drove round the island for most of the day only stopping twice. The
first time was for Jon to take some photographs of me, naked, on top of
the car, with a nice view of the sea and an island in the background. It
was a bit painful on the car because of the heat of the metal and I was
glad when we'd finished.

The second time that we stopped was at a little café in the middle of
nowhere for some lunch. Jon just put his long vest on and he told me to
put just my bikini skirt on. The locals took me being topless in their
stride but there were some other holidaymakers in there that couldn't
stop looking at us. Some of them left at the same time as us and Jon
told me to make a big show of taking my little skirt off and showing that
that I was climbing into the car naked. Jon did the same. They all
watched us as we drove off waving at them.

At one point late afternoon we ended up in Ibiza Town. I was nervous at
us driving through it naked but Jon just said, "keep cool, and keep your
eyes open for policemen." We drove all round the town naked, even
stopping at traffic lights in busy streets and no one appeared to notice
us. That was until we stopped at a street corner where a gang of young
teenagers (boys and girls) were hanging out. One of them spotted us
and told all their mates. They came up to the car and had a real good
look before the traffic let us out. I was tempted to try to cover-up but
Jon said, "No, just keep your cool and we'll be ok" and we were.

Back at the hotel we showered and eventually sat on the balcony. As we
were moving around our room I saw Becky and Sam and said "Hi." Sam
was only wearing a thong and a bra but Becky had only a thong on. At
one point when I looked over and saw 2 lads in there with them. Becky
was still topless and one of the lads was looking over at me and Jon
(naked as usual). I have to admit standing and giving a full frontal with
my legs about a foot apart as I pretended to read a little piece of paper.
I don't know if it did anything for him but I went a little damp. We had
a quiet night in a bar just round the corner from the hotel. I wore just
my bikini skirt and a bikini top. Jon fastened it for me and deliberately
fastened it loosely so that it kept slipping of my boobs. Jon just wore a

Friday July 9 - Got up at 4 o'clock and drove to the beach. It was still
dark and when we got there, there was a whole bunch of 'happy'
teenagers going skinny-dipping. Jon decided that we'd join them and we
took our T-shirts off and went in near them. Most of them didn't last
long before they got out and disappeared, but 2 girls were still in the
sea when we got out. It was just starting to get light and Jon decided to
have a bit of fun. After we'd got dried and dressed Jon picked up their
clothes and put them in the boot of our car and we drove off round the
corner and parked the car off the road. We then walked back and hid so
that we'd be able to see their reaction when they got out and couldn't
find their clothes.

The sun was coming up when they finally got out and went to where
their clothes had been. We couldn't hear what they were saying but it
was funny watching them search all over. After 2 or 3 minutes a local
arrived on a tractor and started cleaning the beach. The 2 girls didn't
take much notice of him apart from when he drove near them and they
tried to hide behind a stack of sun loungers. After about 10 minutes
they started walking towards the road. We let them pass us then put our
T-shirts in the car boot and then got in. When the girls were out of sight
we drove down towards them.

When they saw us coming they waved at us to stop us. It was quite
funny really. They were waving to stop us and at the same time trying
to cover their boobs and pubes. They both had boobs a lot bigger than
mine (that wouldn't be difficult) and one of them was shaved as well.
You should have seen their faces when we stopped and got out - naked.

Jon asked them what they wanted and with their hands strategically
placed they told us what had happened. Jon asked them where they
were going and they said San Antonio. I don't know how they were
expecting to get there at that time of the morning, even if they'd had
their clothes.

Jon said that we were going there and offered to give them a lift. One of
them said, "dressed like that!" Jon ignored her and told them to get in.
Jon drove them back to their hotel but he took a very round about route
through everywhere that had people out and about. Both the girls sat
there with one hand covering their boobs and the other on their laps.
Both Jon and myself tried to get them talking but neither of them would
say much.

When we finally got to their hotel Jon parked round the corner and one
of the girls said, "Right, now we've got to get a key from reception and
up to our room. Jon got out to let them get out and said, "I'd offer to
help, but look at me, I'm sure that I'd get arrested, but no one's going
to arrest you 2 lovelies." As they got out I could see them looking at
Jon's dick and at the same time I was getting a good look at their
pussies as they bent over to get out of Jon's side of the car.

Just as they started walking towards their hotel Jon opened the boot and
called them back. By the time they got back Jon had put their clothes on
the road and was back in the car. As we were driving off I could see
them putting their dresses on. When I was putting our bags into the car
later I found 2 pairs of knickers. I left them there and guessed that Jon
would leave them there as well. Perhaps someone at the car hire
company will have a use for them. When we parked outside our hotel
we put our long T-shirts on and went to our room and got ready to go
out for the day.

That day we walked to a café nearby for breakfast before going to the
beach. Jon decided that I was only taking my see-through sarong with
me that day and I'd tied it on the outside of my right breast. As we were
walking into the café I accidentally (honest) caught it on one of the
wooden chairs. It didn't come off but it certainly pulled it wide-open
revealing everything but my left breast. Jon burst out laughing and I
swore but all that did was draw people's attention to me. There were a
few customers and a couple of waiters that all got a great view of my
body. I couldn't have done a better job if I'd planned it.

I'd taken the sarong off and Jon had taken his vest off as soon as we got
back into the car and when we arrived at Ses Salines Jon said that we
were leaving ALL our clothes (except shoes) in the car. Just to make
things worse, Jon parked the car at the back of the car park so we had
to walk, naked, right through the car park before we got into the cover
of the trees. On the beach we got some sun loungers and settled in for
long beautiful day of soaking up the sun. As usual, when I lay on my
back I want to get the insides of my legs tanned so I lie with my legs
wide open and my feet on the sand. It was a different younger man who
came asking for money for hire of sun loungers and he squatted down at
the bottom of my sun lounger when he asked for the money. I had my
sunglasses on and as Jon was getting the money out I could see the
man staring at my pussy. His staring turned me on a bit and I'm sure
that he would have been able to see my juices coming out cos they
certainly felt like they were flowing fast.

Early afternoon Jon decided that he wanted us to go for a walk, but this
time he wanted to go along the water's edge right along where the
unfortunate people who keep some clothes on were. This worried me a
bit as I'd seen a policeman walking up and down the beach and I for one
didn't want to get arrested. When I asked Jon about the policeman he
told me not to worry, he'd seen him and all we had to do was to time it
so that we set off just after he'd passed us going the opposite way. Jon
said that if we saw him coming towards us when we were coming back
then we'd just have to suddenly go for a swim.

We waited until the right moment then set off. Once we were in the
middle of the 'clothed' part we got lots of people staring at us and I saw
a few people nudge other people and tell them to look. One teenage lad
even got up and came to the water's edge to look at me (presumably)
close up. It felt good and I could feel my juices leaking out of me. About
half way back Jon suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me into the sea
and down on my back.

When I looked up I saw the policeman but I guess that he hadn't seen
us cos he just kept walking. When he'd gone we got out and continued
back to our sun loungers.
Later on I was getting very hot and asked Jon if he was going for a
swim. He said he wasn't but told me to go. I was in the sea for ages
really enjoying myself. Some of the time I was laying half in and half out
of the water watching the people who were walking up and down the
water's edge right next to me. Needless to say my legs were wide-open
most of the time and I even saw the policeman having a good look at
me. I wasn't worried about that as just about all of the people around
me were naked.

When I finally decided that I'd had enough I got up and went back to
the sun loungers. Jon had gone. All I could find was my shoes and a
note saying 'meet me at the car.' I was going to have to walk through
the woods and the car park, naked, all on my own. I wasn't worried
when I was with Jon but I was nervous about doing it on my own.

After a couple of minutes thinking about it and probably making things
worse, I put my shoes on and set off. No problem on the beach but
when I went up the back into the dunes and trees I felt like I was being
watched. I was glad when I got to a path and saw a couple (man and
woman) walking towards me. Putting a brave face on I walked straight
passed them, only to see a group of men following them. They stopped
talking when they saw me and stopped and stared at me as I went
passed them. Round the next corner was the car park but there were
lots of people there. Thinking that it was probably worse to stay in the
woods, I walked out and into the car park. To keep to the most direct
route I had to climb over a wire fence and when I got one leg over the
wire went straight up into my pussy. That made the feeling of nervous
excitement worse and when I'd got my other leg over I looked back and
saw my juices on the wire.

Straight on, through the mopeds and motorcycles and then the cars I
went. People were really staring at me. When I got to where I thought
the car was there was no sign of it or Jon. All those little white cars
looked the same to me. I searched round for what seemed like a
lifetime, all the time people were staring at me. I was starting to get
worried with visions of having to walk back to San Antonio. That
wouldn't have bothered me too much, so long as Jon had been with me,
but on my own ..

All of a sudden I turned round and there was Jon, naked as well. I was
so relieved that I ran to him and gave him a big hug. "Careful," he said,
"you'll give me a hard-on." I reached down and gave his dick a gentle
squeeze. The response was immediate, his dick was pointing to the sky.
He grabbed my arm and pulled me to our car which was only a few
yards away, opened the passenger door, sat down and said, "On that!" I
climbed in and knelt either side of his thighs (facing him) and lowered
myself down onto his dick. It wasn't long before I came and then a
couple of minutes later I came again, just as Jon came. As we were
coming back down a couple of men walked down the side of the car and
looked in. They must have realised what we were doing.

As we were driving back to San Antonio Jon told me that he'd been
watching me all the time that I'd been walking back from the beach. He
hadn't really expected me to come to any harm, but he'd kept an eye on
me just in case.

I put my sarong on and Jon put his vest on after we'd parked the car.
Jon told me to just tuck the sarong in, not to tie a knot. When I got out
of the car I saw a big wet patch on my seat where our juices had been
leaking out of me. As we walked towards the hotel Jon told me to 'catch'
my sarong on the hotel doorframe. I was a bit nervous cos I'd no idea
who would be in the reception area. It worked perfectly and I was left
standing there, naked, in front of a group of 2 youths and a group of 3
girls as well as an old man on reception.

The girls all saw me and at least 1 of them gasped. One of the youth
saw me and I saw him nudging his mate as they all watched me slowly
squat down to pick the sarong up, then take my time putting it back on.
The man on reception never even looked up from his desk.
As we were going up the stairs to our room Jon pulled the sarong off
and said, "Not much point in having that on." Becky and Sam were
walking along the corridor as we turned on to it. When we got close
Becky said, "Walk like that outside as well do you?" Jon replied, "As
often as possible, you want to try it." There was no reply.

We had a shower and a nap on our beds because we were going to Ibiza
Town that night. I wore just my lacy see-through dress and shoes when
we went out, but as usual Jon had me take it off before we got into the
car for the drive to he other side of the island. When we got there we
parked, then got dressed, then walked down to the harbour area. It was
very much the same as it was when we went there last year with
everything from smartly dressed people to transvestites, from people
wearing less than me to people who looked like they were ready to go to
the North Pole, from cheap junk shops to bloody expensive shops, from
cheap fast food joints to expensive restaurants. An amazing place! We
wandered around for a while before getting some food and then looking
for a bar.

We came across Gropers Bar again and went in. It was crowded and it
wasn't long before it lived up to its name, a hand was sliding up my leg
as we stood at the bar waiting to get served. It stopped when it
encountered my chain and rings but then continued and a finger went in
me just as Jon passed me my drink and motioned for us to move to a
corner. When I walked away the hand caught my chain and hurt me a

The corner was crowded with a group of girls as well as some men. We
ended up near the girls and I thought that that was the end of my fun,
but I was wrong. It wasn't long before another hand was on my bum -
under my dress and slowly moving towards my pussy. I looked around
and although it was dark in there, the hand could only have belonged to
a woman. I opened my legs a bit and enjoyed the experience as I tried
to talk to Jon. It was difficult because of the noise but from the way he
was leaning down I guessed that he was doing a bit of groping as well.

The hand was very skilled at handling pussies and it wasn't long before I
was cumming. I think that the fact that I didn't know whose hand it was
made it even more exciting. After I came I decided that I was going to
have a piece of the action and I let my hand wander onto the chest of a
woman that was sat close by. At first she tensed-up then had a look at
me. I smiled at her and felt her body relax. She wasn't wearing a bra
and it wasn't long before I was squeezing and pulling one of her nipples.
It was quite hard and I was just getting her breathing heavily when Jon
pulled me away. I was a bit disappointed when Jon pulled me out onto
the street.

We wandered around some more and even went to look at the big cruise
ship and some sort of navy ship that was there. Jon seemed to find in
interesting. After that Jon decided that he'd had enough and we walked
back towards the car. It was about 2 in the morning and the place was
still very lively. At the end of the street where our car was Jon told me
to take my dress off and I had to walk back to it naked. Fortunately we
only saw one young couple (a male and a female) and they were more
interested in themselves than what was going on around them.

San Antonio was still heaving as we drove through and back to our
hotel. Jon had threatened to not let me put my dress on when we got
out of the car but he didn't say anything as I put it on so it stayed on
until we got to our room. Not that the see-through dress was covering
much, but at first glance I looked quite normal.

Saturday July 10 - Usual noise overnight but I did manage to get
enough sleep. This was our last day and Jon wanted to get as much sun
as possible. We put just our vests on and went and had some breakfast
at a café down the road. The waiter was a young man and Jon told me
to make sure that he could see lots of my body so when I sat down I
pulled the vest up at the back and down at the front. This meant that
the 1-inch straps were over my nipples. I wouldn't take much for them
to 'pop out' if I turned to one side. It also meant that the vest was
bunched-up on my lap so I grabbed as much as I could and pulled it to
either side. My bald pubes were now showing but in pulling the vest my
right nipple popped out. I pretended not to notice as the waiter took our
order. I looked at him as I gave him my order and it was obvious where
he was looking.

We were still watching the world go by with my right nipple getting
plenty of fresh air as the waiter served our breakfast. Poor man nearly
tipped our tea all over the floor. When he came back to get his money I
was laying back in the chair, I'd covered my nipple but with my legs
slightly apart the waiter was eyeing the bits of gold between my legs. He
had a bulge in his trousers so I said, "You should really wear something
more comfortable." I don't know if he understood what I'd said, or what
I meant, but he didn't say anything.

We took our vests of just before getting into the car and the 2 girls that
were passing just stopped and stared as we drove off. There were hardly
any cars at Ses Salines when we got there so we were able to park
under the trees nearest the beach. Again we left all our clothes in the
car and walked naked to the beach. We got a couple of sun-loungers
and settled in for a beautiful long day soaking up the rays. The
difference that day was that we'd settled on sun loungers just inside the
clothed area and it wasn't long before we were surrounded by
unfortunate people who wanted to go home with some white bits. There
was one couple who stripped off when they saw us. I was half expecting
the policeman who walks up and down the beach to move us on but we
never saw him.

Three times during the day Jon sent me back to the car for something.
By the time it came to us leaving the beach I thought nothing about
walking to the car park naked. I had been nervous being on my own
with people staring at me the first time but that wore off as the day
went on. I was feeling a bit sad when we finally drove away from there I
hope Jon takes me back there one day.

We put our vests back on again and drove back to San Antonio. Just on
the outskirts Jon told me to put my vest on and we drove to the car hire
place. Jon gave them the keys and we walked back to the hotel. As we
turned the corner after reception Jon said, "Right off with the vests,
we're going to risk it." As we walked up onto the second floor there was
a couple of girls and youths coming down. We got a few of the usual
comments from them but the best was as we walked along our corridor
when a nice hunk of a man asked if I wanted to go to his room with him.
Jon just said, "Cheeky sod."

Becky and Sam were in their room when we got into ours, they were
leaning out of their window and talking to some blokes in the room
below us. They said "Hi" when they saw us and just carried on talking. I
saw that they were both topless and their big tits were hanging over the
edge of the window as they talked. The blokes below must have been
able to look up and see 4 boobs staring down at them.

After a shower Jon was feeling randy and I had to ride him on my bed
near the window. I was going up and down on him when I saw a couple
looking down on us from the room above Becky and Sam's. I waved at
them but and the man smiled but they didn't look away. After we had
both cum I got off Jon and cleaned his dick and balls with my tongue. I
did this with my backside facing the window and my knees apart.

When I'd finished I lay on my back with my legs open and looked out of
the window. Not only were the couple still looking at us but I saw Becky
as well. Our eyes met and she smiled and said, "Hard work was that?"
"No, he's gone soft now but it was great while it lasted" I said. Jon
looked up and saw Becky and said, "You can sample it if you want."
Beck just smiled and turned and walked. It was then that I saw that she
was naked as well.

When we finally got up I looked over to Becky and Sam's room and saw
them both at it in the 69 position with each other. You just never can
tell whose bi these days.

We sat on the balcony until about 11 o'clock and then went out for some
food and a drink. Jon told me to wear my bikini skirt and white bikini
top. He told me to fasten it so lose that it wouldn't take much for it to
slide off my boobs. He went out wearing just a T-shirt and shoes.

We ate in the KFC - upstairs. Two 'happy' youths followed us up the
stairs and I heard one of them say to his mate, "She isn't wearing any
fucking knickers. I've just seen her pussy and she's got a chain hanging
from her cunt." Halfway though our chicken and chips one of them came
over to us and said (in a very slurred voice), "Excuse me mate, my mate
reckons that your woman has a chain hanging from her cunt. Is that
right!" Jon looked at me, smiled, looked back at the youth and said, "Go
get your mate, I'll show you."

When they both got back Jon told me to get off the stool, take my skirt
off and get back on the stool with my knees wide apart. My bikini top
slipped off my right boob as I got back on but I didn't do anything about
it. The youths unsteadily bent over and had a long stare at my pussy
and its jewellery. As they were doing that I could feel their eyes burning
into my pussy and my juices started to flow. I could feel my lips swell
and part and my clit get harder. I'd swear that if they'd stayed there
that close for much longer then I'd have cum and squirted one on them
in the face.

Jon had been enjoying it all and so had the young couple at the other
side of the room. I could see a bulge appearing in his shorts. As Jon told
me to get down and put my skirt back on I realised that the windows
went right down to the floor. I haven't a clue how many people out on
the street saw me.

As the youth stumbled down the stairs I heard one of them say,
"Fucking told you." And then, "That's nearest you'll get to a pussy
tonight." We went into the bar that has a first floor balcony (can't
remember its name) and Jon took me upstairs onto that balcony. We
both leaned on the railings and watched the hoards of youngsters
stagger by. At one point I heard a lot of giggling below us and looked
down to see a group of about 4 or 5 girls looking up at us. They'd
obviously seen either Jon's dick, or my pussy, or both.

Jon took me for a walk down by the harbour and we sat on one of those
concrete seats and watched all the people in the cafés and the square.
I've never seen a place that's so busy at that time in a morning.

We walked back to the hotel the long quiet way and Jon took my bikini
top and skirt off me as soon as we were alone in the street. I'd walked
about 300 yards naked before a car came the opposite way. Jon said,
"Just keep walking." When the car got close its horn started sounding
and some youth started shouting at me. "Ignore them." Jon said and we
went round the corner to our hotel.

As we walked in the old man on reception stared at us. Jon just said,
"someone stole her clothes." The man didn't say anything and we went
up to our room. In the room I saw that Becky and Sam were in and
they had a couple of men with them. Becky and Sam were wearing just
bras and knickers and the lads what looked like boxer shorts. Jon said
that he wondered if they'd just had, or were just about to have, an orgy.
He said that he didn't care (good luck to them were his actual words)
and he put the light off and we went to sleep.

Sunday July 11 - The day we came home. We didn't have to be at the
airport until 9 o'clock and we'd got up early. We put our vests on and
went to a café for some breakfast. We went to the same one that we'd
been to the previous day and the same waiter was there. Jon told me
that as we wouldn't be going back there I was to sit with my knees open
and to slide forward in the chair. Jon also told me to slide the straps of
my vest over so that a nipple was just showing. When the waiter came
over to take our order he just couldn't take his eyes off me.

We finally made it through breakfast and then Jon told me that we were
going for a walk to see how many people we could 'accidentally' flash
using the dropping the wallet trick. In about 30 minutes we got 2
groups of youths and 3 groups of girls just going back to their hotel
after their night out and 3 Spanish teenage girls. The reaction of one of
the Spanish girls was good, when she saw Jon's dick she stopped
walking and after a gasp, she just stood there staring and licking her
lips. One of the lads said, "Let's have a look at your tits as well," so Jon
lifted my vest right up to my neck for a few seconds. I got a little tingle
in my pussy as he did that.

We went to the airport on 2 different buses and Jon told me to wear my
non see-through sarong and to just tuck it in so that I could get it
'caught' as I walked down the bus. He wore just a T-shirt. As it turned
out we had to run to catch the bus in San Antonio and the sarong came
off on its own. When it did I shouted to Jon who was in front of me. He
looked round and said, "keep going." The sarong was wrapped round my
left arm and the bag that I was carrying in my left hand. I had another
bag in my right hand so I couldn't do anything about it. I must have run
about a hundred yards like that with lots of people looking at me. I
finally managed to put the sarong back on just before I got onto the
bus. As I walked down the aisle in the bus a man said, "Very nice love."
We sat at the back of the bus and got our breath back. Jon followed me
onto the bus from Ibiza Town to the airport and he trapped my sarong
against a seat back. The inevitable happened and I walked the last half
of the bus in the nude. There were only a couple of teenage Spanish
girls in the back half of the bus and they just stared and giggled.

We checked-in and then went to the toilets to get changed. Jon told me
to wear Ben and my denim dungarees dress with nothing under it. As
the bib of the dress only just covers the front of my boobs I could see
that a few people were going to catch a glimpse of them. When we went
though to the departure lounge we had to go through a security check.
When I walked through the archway the alarm sounded (Ben and / or
my jewellery). The man looked at me and motioned for me to go
through it again. This time when the alarm went off the man came over
to me and indicated that he wanted me to fold my arms out from my
body. As he was running his 'magnifying glass' over me Jon said
something. Because Jon was behind me I turned my body to face him.
As I was turning I suddenly remembered what I was wearing. My right
boob came out of the dungarees bib and when I turned back the
security man had stopped moving and was staring at my boob. Silly
man was going red in the face and when I pulled my dress straight he
just waved me on.

In the departure lounge the only chairs that we could find that were free
were some very low down ones. As I sat down I realised that I was in
the perfect position for anyone passing to look up (or should I say
down) my dress and see my pussy and jewellery. I have to admit that a
couple of times when a smart looking man came passed I opened my
knees a bit. Ben was making me feel randy.

Eventually we got on the plane and away, and it wasn't long before I
was regretting wearing Ben. I'd forgotten about the effects that the
constant vibrations of the aeroplane have and it wasn't long before I
started to cum. Jon told me to lift the back of the dress up so that it
wasn't under my pussy. He said that he didn't want me showing a wet
patch on the back of my dress to everyone as we got off. I came twice
more before we landed 2 hours later. Each time it had been a slow
build-up to the orgasm which I tried to hide. The first one was just as
the flight attendant was serving the breakfasts. My face was all red and
I was straining and biting my lip so that I didn't let out a moan or
scream. The woman asked me if I was okay but I was in no fit state to
answer so Jon told her that I was.

When I came the second time the woman on the other side of me to Jon
asked me if there was anything that she could do to help me. When we
got up to get of the plane the woman noticed the wet patch on my seat
and gave me a very sympathetic look and said, "You'll soon be home."
I'm sure that she thought I was ill and had peed on the seat.

Going through customs and collecting our luggage was a bit of an ordeal
as well. I had to take it very slowly. We got a taxi home and no sooner
than I'd taken our bags upstairs and taken my dress off Jon told me that
I'd screwed-up the video recording and that it hadn't been recording the
British Grand Prix from Silverstone. He was mad and he took it out of
my backside. I had to lean over the arm of the sofa while he gave me
50 slaps with his hand. I'm sure that hurt his hand because it certainly
hurt me. He then took me outside and strapped me face up on to the
scaffolding frame.

Trevor arrived late afternoon to cut the grass and you should have seen
his face when he saw me. He turned the corner and was stood at my
feet. I pretended not to see him but I was sneaking a look with half
closed eyes. I was thinking about the last time that I'd been tied onto
the scaffolding frame and the grass was being cut. Jon still won't tell me
if it was him or Trevor that used the remote vibe on me but the look on
Trevor's face when he saw me then made me think that it was Jon
before. As I was thinking about that I felt my pussy tingle and get wet.

Trevor stood there for a few seconds then moved closer and bent down
to have a closer look at my pussy. I let him have a good look then said,
"Hi, just topping-up my sun tan, just ignore me and get on with the
grass will you." The poor lad jumped and went all bright red before
finally saying, "Err yes, OK" and he went off towards the garage.

When he came back with the lawn mower he came over and asked me if
I was OK. I told him that I was and that it was quite comfortable lying
there. I could see his eyes moving from my breasts to my pussy and I
could feel that tingling and my juices starting to flow. Just to keep him
looking at me I asked him if he could get me a drink of water from the
kitchen. He went off and when he came back he stood next to me and
held it out for me. I looked at him and then at the glass and said, "Slight
technical problem Trevor, can you hold it to my mouth please." He
looked at my face then said, "Oh yes, sorry" and put the glass to my
mouth. When I stopped drinking I said, "Trevor, do you think that you
could do me another favour please, could you get the sun tan lotion off
the kitchen table and rub some on me please?" He didn't answer but
went away and came back with the lotion and just stood beside me

"Can you start with my arms and legs please," I said. He started with
my arms then went to my legs. As he was slowly moving up my legs I
was enjoying the feelings and I know my pussy lips were swollen and
gaping open. I was thinking, 'what must this 15 year old lad be thinking.
He was rubbing sun tan lotion onto a naked woman who was spread-
eagle and tied down to a big frame.' The bulge in his shorts told me part
of what he was thinking but I would like to have known the rest.

Trevor had stopped well short of my pussy, so I said, "Can you do right
up to the top of my legs then my body please?" He stared again and
slowly and gently moved up to the tops of my legs. He didn't touch my
pussy but he got close enough to touch one of my rings. When that
happened I shuddered a bit and moaned a bit. I wanted him to know
that I was enjoying it, but not too much.

All of a sudden he stopped working on my legs and moved up to my
shoulders then down the sides of my body to my stomach. When I
decided that he probably wasn't intending doing my breasts I said, "Can
you do my breasts as well please, they get sun-burned as well." There
was a little hesitation then his hands gently moved back up and onto my
right breast first. As his fingers touched my nipple it went even harder. I
let out another little moan and said, "That's nice, keep doing that." My
nipples were so hard that they were hurting. A nice hurt that was
running all the way down to my pussy.

The lad was good and after a while he started pulling on my nipples a
bit. That sent bolts of pleasure right down to my pussy and I moaned
even loader. When he eventually moved down my body to my stomach I
said, "That was nice, can you do the rest of my body please?" When he
started doing round my pussy I said, "Can you do ALL round there
please?" There was no way that I wanted him to miss massaging my
pussy. I could feel an orgasm building inside me.

As he was rubbing lotion on my stomach I could feel Ben moving slightly
inside me. He was stood between my legs and he stopped for a few
seconds before starting rubbing the lotion onto my bald pubes. His hand
started going lower until I gasped as he touched my clit. It was already
making its presence known and when Trevor touched it, it started
throbbing. Trevor's hand started rubbing all over all of my pussy. It
didn't take him long to get a finger inside me and I started cumming. As
I started Trevor stopped but I didn't want him to stop and I told him so.
As I started to come down from my high I looked up to the bedroom
window and saw Jon looking down at us with a smile on his face. My
moans and gasps must have been loud enough to disturb him.

Trevor made me cum again before he stopped and just stared at me.
When I looked at him he said, "Why have you got those rings and that
chain in your cunt?" I smiled and said, "Why not? Why do people wear
earrings and studs in other parts of their bodies? I've seen men with
rings in their foreskin. No seriously, I like them, they make me
'different' and I like people looking at them." For a while Trevor didn't
say anything, then he said, "I like them too." Just then there was a
noise as Jon opened a window. Trevor said, "I'd better get the grass
cut." And he walked off. As he came past me with the lawn mower I saw
a bit wet patch on his shorts. It was 7 o'clock when Jon came and
released and told me to go and take Ben out and have a shower. After
that he told me to get this journal up to date. He also threatened to
publish it on the Internet. I thought about that in bed that night. When
Jon had said it my initial reaction was, 'Oh my god, everyone in the
world will know what I've been doing, the shame, the embarrassment if
someone recognises me.' In the end I finally decided that it would
probably be my one and only chance for a little bit of fame. Who cares, I
decided I'm happy with my life and why should I be ashamed about it.
When I finally went to sleep I was quite happy with the idea.

Week commencing July 12
Not a very exciting week. The only interesting bit was that I saw an ad
for a part-time hairdressing job. When I first started working for Jon I
swore that I wouldn't go back to that, but for some reason the ad
seemed to jump out at me. When I told Jon about it he said, "go for it!"
The salon was in the middle of Derby and I went there on the Thursday.
I was a bit nervous when the manager told me do a woman's hair for

I think that I managed to do a reasonable job and the manager seemed
pleased. He then told me that the salon cut men's hair and did waxing -
legs, armpits, bikini line etc. and he asked me if I had any problems
with doing that. We didn't do any of those in that salon in Wales but I've
been cutting Jon's hair for over a year now and he's been waxing more
than my bikini line. The manager told me that they had a private room
upstairs for doing the waxings and then asked me if I would be able to
work on Fridays and Saturdays. I'd already discussed the possibility of
this with Jon so I said okay. The manager then gave me on of their
'uniform' dresses and told me to be there at 9 o'clock the next morning.

The uniform was a white cotton dress that fastened all down the front
with press-studs. I'd noticed that the ones that the other girls wore were
slightly see-through as I'd been able to see the shapes and colours of
bras and knickers. Wouldn't have that problem with me but it was a bit
tight and a bit long. I couldn't do anything about it being tight but I
shortened it (not as short as my own dresses - only to half way between
my knees and my pussy) that evening. When I put it on my nipples
were just visible when they were soft, I could see that I would get a few
people staring at them when they got hard.

Friday - My first day cutting hair again was interesting but not really
exciting. One of the young girls is quite cheeky with the other staff and
she asked me why I wasn't wearing a bra. I said that my tits weren't big
enough, that I didn't need one and that I never wore underwear. That
seemed to shut her up but she kept looking at me. I think she was
trying to see an outline of some knickers (VKL - visible knicker line as
Jon calls it). I've noticed that with the uniform dress being so tight there
is often a gap between some of the fasteners and that people can
sometimes see some of my flesh.

Jon took me to the local pub for a drink that night. I had to wear my
tight white lycra dress that shows my dark nipples through it even when
they're soft. Before we went out Jon got 3 small rubber bands and put
them on my nipples and clit. Not only did that mean that my nipples
(more like bullets) were very visible but I was constantly being
reminded that they were there. I definitely had to lift the back part of
my dress up so that my pussy left the wet patch on the seat on not on
my dress.

When we got home Jon wouldn't let me take the rubber bands off and
after he'd fucked me and sent me to bed, I had dreams about big rubber
dildos and rubber dresses.

Saturday July 17
Woke up with extremely wet legs and a big wet patch on the bed. The
rubber bands were hurting and I was glad when Jon told me I could take
them off.
Jon drove me to work and as I was getting out of the car the bottom 2
press-studs of the uniform dress popped open. There was no one around
to see me but I made a mental note to be careful to not let it happen
when I didn't want it to.

Late morning I had to cut a man's hair, he was about my age, very
talkative and he obviously fancied himself and his chances. At one point
when I was stood in front of him he put a hand on the inside of my leg
and moved it up. He couldn't get far because of the tightness of the
dress and the fact that I pulled away from him. Later I asked one of the
girls if we got a lot in there like that. She said, "a few."

The rest of the day was busy, but not exciting and I was tired when Jon
picked me up.
It was a warm evening and we both sat outside in the back garden,
naked, eating our tea. Later we put some clothes on, walked to the pub
and had a couple of drinks in the beer garden before walking home. Jon
was feeling randy and he took me the long way home through where
they are still building houses. He took me into one half built house and
fucked me on the bare staircase. As I was getting up I caught my chain
on something and I screamed. It really hurt, but didn't draw blood
fortunately. My pussy was still sore when I went to bed.

Sunday July 18
We went jogging in the morning and I was knackered. I don't know what
got into Jon because he was off like a marathon runner. I had trouble
keeping up with him. He'd told me to wear my tennis dress but I never
got the chance to give anyone a pleasant surprise. The rest of the day
was spent in the garden sunbathing and gardening. Trevor had been and
cut the grass the day before and Jon hadn't told him where I was when
he asked.

Week commencing July 19
Before he went to work on the Monday, Jon put the rubber bands on my
nipples and clit again. He told me to leave them there all day and by
the time I got to Tesco in the afternoon both my nipples and clit were
throbbing. The pain and pleasure made my juices run and I'm sure that
if anyone had looked at me closely then they'd have seen my juices
down the insides of my thighs.

Walking around made it worse and in the end I came as I was coming
home. I thought about using the fucking machine but it was too close to
when Jon was due home. After tea he made me frig myself while lying
spread-eagle on the back lawn. After he watched me cum he fucked me
over the side of the scaffolding frame.

Friday - Got to work a bit early and so did the cheeky young girl. Her
name's Debbie and we got talking. She's okay once you get to know her
and as we both had our lunch breaks at the same time we went to the
coffee house down the street together. The conversation got onto men
and sex and she asked me if I was wearing any knickers (it was obvious
that I wasn't wearing a bra). When I said that I wasn't she said that she
thought not and that she wasn't either. I'd worked out that she wasn't
wearing a bra but her uniform dress wasn't as tight as mine, nor was
the material as thin and it was difficult to tell.

Debbie started telling me about what she called 'pussy power'. She'd
only just got started when one of the other girls from the salon came in
and joined us. We didn't get chance to talk about 'pussy power' again
until just as we were leaving. She suggested that we get together for a
good chat.

Nothing else exciting happened that day, other than that Jon took me to
bed with him that night. He fucked me from behind before he went to
sleep still inside me.

Saturday July 24
A busy day. Hardly got a chance to breathe but I did manage to have a
quick chat with Debbie. We arranged for her to come round on the
Monday for a chat.
Late in the afternoon I got told to wax a man's legs. I'd never heard of a
man waxing his legs before and had to ask if I'd heard it right. When I
saw the man it didn't surprise me, he looked and acted more like a
woman that a lot of women do - very sweet.

When I took him upstairs and he took his trousers off I got a little
shock. He was wearing some see-through women's knickers. I had
trouble keeping a straight face because he looked so stupid. I did
though, and it was even funnier when I ripped the wax strips off. The
little effeminate whimpering was amazing and he got a little hard-on. I
say little because it was, Jon's thumb is as big as his dick. Poor man.

That night Jon took me to country pub for a meal. We sat outside and
didn't get a chance to have any fun. The food was good though.

Sunday July 25
A quiet day, nothing exciting happened, but Jon tried to explain the ins
and outs of formula one racing which was coming from Austria. I just
liked the crashes.

Week commencing July 26
Monday - Debbie came round at about 11:00 o'clock and she looked
surprised to see me naked when I opened the door. I put the kettle on
but she wanted something stronger. Over a few martinis in the
conservatory we told each other all about ourselves. I did most of the
talking to start off with, explaining all about my change of life and Jon.
She seemed very interested in some aspects, but she said that she liked
to be in control, she didn't like men telling her what to do.

I asked Debbie about 'pussy power' and she told me that she discovered
it when she was about 15. She's been trying to persuade her father (one
parent family) to let her stay late at a party and wasn't being too
successful. She'd been getting ready to go out, and in the shower she'd
decided to have one more go at him. She'd gone downstairs in just a
towelling robe and sat on his lap trying to be nice to him when she
realised that he was getting a hard-on. It was then that she realised
that he was looking at her tits down the top of the robe.

Deciding that she might just be able to use that to persuade him she'd
started twisting round and moving around on his lap. By the time he'd
finally agreed his dick was pushing up between her legs (still with his
trousers and her robe on) and the top of the robe was gaping open.
Debbie had realised that she now had a means of getting her father to
agree to whatever she wanted. She used to leave the bathroom door
open while she was in the shower or while getting dressed in her
bedroom, bend over wearing only a short T-shirt and things like that.
She said that it worked every time. I wish that I'd thought of that and
had the nerve to try it when I was a kid, but everything at my parents
home was so 'old fashioned' and kids back home just weren't like that.

Once Debbie had started using 'pussy power' on her father she realised
that she had something that would work on other men as well. She'd
used it at school to get better grades. She said that there was one
teacher who taught history which she wasn't very good at and wasn't
very interested in, but she ended up getting an A+.

The teacher was an arrogant man who fancied himself. One day Debbie
had sat at the front of the class and let her legs open a bit. She'd kept
watching the teacher's eyes and spotted that he'd been looking at her
legs so she'd opened them a bit more.

At the end of the lesson she'd stayed back and asked him what she
could do to improve her grades. The teacher had said something like;
"It's amazing how a student sitting at the front of the class can SHOW
their full potential, even if no one else can see it. Debbie, you sit at the
front of the class and be more OPEN about the subject, SHOW me what
you've got UNDERNEATH that exterior of yours. I like to SEE MORE of
my students hidden talents. Do you hear what I'm saying Debbie?" As
he was saying all that his eyes were looking down at her thighs.

What he'd said could have been taken either way but Debbie knew
which way he meant it and decided to use her 'pussy power'. Just to
make sure that he knew that she knew what he meant Debbie said
something like, "Let me see if I've understood you right. If I SHOW you
a different part of me, one that I've kept hidden UNDERNEATH, then I
could get top marks in your class and it doesn't matter if ANYONE ELSE
sees it too. Is that right?" The teacher had replied saying, "I think we
understand each other now Debbie, you sit in that desk next lesson and
let's see how you get on. Okay?"

For the next history lesson she wore a short skirt, sat at the front and
flashed her knickers to him a few times. Because she was on the front
row, none of the other students could see what was going on. At the end
of the lesson Debbie stayed back and asked the teacher how she was
getting on. He'd replied something like, "Debbie, if you continue
improving as you did today, then I'm sure that your grades will improve.
Remember, the MORE effort that you SHOW me, the better the grade
will be."

Her next homework got a C+. The following week she kept her legs
open for most of the lesson and her homework got a B. The week after
that she decided to leave her knickers off and flashed him her hairy
puss, not for long, just enough to let him know what she wasn't
wearing. Just for good measure she'd put her hand under her skirt and
scratched her pussy one time that he was looking.

This went on for a few weeks and got to the stage where Debbie was
sitting there with her legs quite open with no knickers on. Some times
she'd have a little play with herself while he was watching. Debbie said
that she was enjoying it and the teacher must have been able to see her
juices seeping out. All that time Debbie's grades were getting better, but
never got better than an A. Debbie wanted an A+ and decided to do
something special to get it.

The next week when she opened her legs for the teacher to see her
pussy he nearly choked. He coughed and spluttered for ages before
regaining his composure. Debbie had shaved her pussy and every wet
fold and hole was staring him in the face as she smiled at him. She got
her A+.

Debbie discovered that she got pleasure from showing her body to girls
as well. In the girls gym changing rooms all the girls used to quickly
wrap a towel round themselves when they went to and from the
showers. Debbie stopped doing that and slowly walked to the showers.

When she'd shaved her pussy some of the girls had started whispering
and giggling when they saw her. They'd obviously talked about it to the
other kids and one day Debbie had been a little surprised to over-hear
one boy telling his mates in the corridor, "That's the girl that shaves her
cunt." At first she'd been a bit shocked but it hadn't taken long for her
to realise that it had made her pussy wet and she'd gone to the toilets
to masturbate.

I think it was at about that point in the conversation that Debbie
stopped talking about her past and asked me about my rings and chain.
She said that she had never even considered doing anything like that
and wanted to know what it was like. While Debbie had been telling me
about her 'pussy power' discovery at school her legs had relaxed and
opened. I'd been so interested in what she was saying that I hadn't
noticed, that was until she'd asked about my rings. As I was telling her
about how I got them I noticed that I could see her pubic hair.

When I mentioned that I could see that she wasn't wearing knickers she
said that it was warm in there (conservatories and hot days!) so we
went outside and lay on the grass. Debbie asked if I was worried about
being outside naked and when I told her that no one could see she
decided to strip off as well. She used the excuse about not wanting any
white lines.

Debbie has a nice slim body, her breasts are a bit bigger than mine are,
but not too big. Her hair is dark brown and she keeps her pubic hair
trimmed very short. She said that she often shaved it all off but she just
couldn't be bothered to shave every day. I told her that I hadn't shaved
for months after I used the Sonique depilatory machine on my pubes. I
topped-up our glasses and Debbie continued with her story.

Her teasing wasn't just confined to her father at home and at school,
she'd started stopping in the park that she had to go through to get to
school. She used to sit either on the grass or a bench if the grass was
wet and let her legs open up. She said that she was amazed at the
number of men who would stop and stare, or go up to her and start

She told me about one party that she'd gone to wearing just baggy
shorts and a tie front blouse. Everyone had been sitting round on the
floor and she'd noticed the number of boys that came over to her and
asked if they could get her a drink. After a while she realised that they
were looking up her shorts and seeing her naked shaved pussy. Once
she'd realised she opened her legs more, giving them a view of a wet

It was an end of term party at one of her schoolmates' house and the
booze was really flowing. One of her girl friends was really knocking it
back and it didn't take that long for her to pass out. Two of the lads took
her upstairs to sleep it off on one of the beds. Debbie said that about 20
minutes later she'd had to go upstairs for a pee and she looked through
a partially closed door into one of bedrooms. She'd got quite a shock
when she'd seen her friend (out cold) with her skirt up round her waist,
her knickers round one ankle and her top up round her neck. One of the
lads was wanking and shooting his load all over her face. The other lad
was bent over her licking her pussy.

Debbie had stared for a minute before moving away. She's never
thought much about oral sex before and watching what the lads were
doing had got her excited. She wanted a slice of that and as she was
going back downstairs she devised a plan to get some.

Back downstairs she sat down where she'd been and waited until the 2
lads came downstairs and came to talk to her. When they did she
pretended to have drunk too much, slurring her speech and swaying
about. After a while she pretended to pass out. As with her mate, the 2
lads carried her upstairs and plonked her down next to her mate who
they'd partially dressed again. She lay there with her eyes shut
pretending to have passed out, listening and waiting to see what

One of the lads grabbed her arm and shook her then gently slapped her
face. When they got no response one of them said, "She's right out of it,
what shall we do with her?" The other lad said, "For starters we'll get
those shorts off and open that blouse, I want to see if her cunt is really
completely bald." With that she felt her shorts and blouse being opened
and her shorts being pulled down.

As her bald pussy was exposed she heard one of them say, "Wow, look
at that!" Her shorts were pulled right off and then her legs were opened
wide. Debbie said that she was getting very aroused by all that and that
her pussy felt like it was about to explode. There was a short pause at
that point as the 2 lads were obviously enjoying the view, then one of
them said, "I really fancy fucking her but I suppose that we'd better not,
I don't know if she's still a virgin and I don't want to risk getting blood
all over Katrina's parents bed. She'd have trouble explaining that."

Debbie told me that she was virgin (technically) at that time and that
she'd been a bit disappointed at that point, but things looked up very
soon. The other lad said, "Yeah, best not, but we can still have fun like
we did with Gemma. You take her face and I'll eat her cunt then we can
swap." The next think that Debbie knew was that she felt one of them
breathing all over her pussy, then she felt a tongue touch her clit. She
couldn't help herself; she let out a little moan. That caused the lads to
stop for a second but when she didn't 'wake up', they continued.

The lad eating her was really getting her going when all of a sudden she
felt something touch her head lips. Natural reaction took over and she
opened her mouth and a dick went slightly in. Debbie said that she
automatically started sucking on it which caused the lad to say, "Christ,
she's sucking me." And suck she did. She said that he came within a
couple of minutes. Debbie said that she didn't have time to think about
whether or not to swallow his cum, before she realised it, it was in her
throat and going down. She said that she'd gagged a bit but then
calmed down and continued sucking until he'd gone soft and pulled out.
All that time the lad had been 'mauling' her tits quite roughly.

Meanwhile the lad who was eating her was getting her very close to
cumming herself. Before she did cum the lad stopped and she heard one
of them say, "Bloody hell, that was good, much better than Gemma. It's
much better when they don't have any hair on their cunts." Then there
was silence for a minute or so before she felt another mouth start on her
pussy and another dick touch her mouth lips.

Automatically her mouth opened. The second dick was different, it
wasn't as thick, but it was longer and it wasn't long before it was
pushing at the back of the throat as she sucked away at it. At first the
length had been a problem and she felt like she was choking but she
just relaxed and down it went until it felt like she had a broom handle
down her throat. When the lad started to cum Debbie swallowed all of it
without really tasting it.

Meanwhile the other lad was sucking at her clit and pushing his tongue
into her hole. She just couldn't help moaning as much as she could with
a dick down her throat and it wasn't long before she could feel her body
shuddering as she started to cum. Both lads backed-off as she was
shuddering and when she stopped she heard one of them say, "That was
amazing, I didn't know that a woman could cum when she was out
cold." The other one said, "Well you do now. What shall we do with her
now?" They decided to pull her shorts back on and to tie her blouse and
then they left her laid on the bed next to her mate.

The next term at school was Debbie's last, she didn't want to go to
university so she decided that to get a reasonable job she needed to get
some good results. When she first went to the history class the teacher
had spoken to her as all the kids were walking in. He's said that he
hoped that she would be DISPLAYING all her hidden talents again that
term. Straight away Debbie realised what he meant and decided to get
more A+ grades.

Debbie had worn knickers to school that day but that didn't stop her
letting the history teacher see what colour they were, or the damp spot
as it appeared over the next 30 minutes or so. At the end of the lesson
the teacher stopped her from leaving and told her that she had made a
good start to the term but he was sure that she could SHOW him MORE
of her hidden talents. He also told her that she would be able to get
better graded in English, French and Geography if she sat at the front of
those classes and SHOWED her hidden talents to those teachers.

At first Debbie had been a little shocked to realise that the history
teacher had been telling other teachers their little secret. She didn't
want to flash everything she'd got straight away to those teachers so
she decided to reveal a bit at a time to them. Over the next few weeks
she showed a bit more each time, but in the end she lost track of which
teachers had seen her bald pussy and which ones hadn't. She'd also get
fed-up with trying to keep track of when she had to go and take her
knickers off and when she had to put them on, so in the end she just
didn't bother putting any on in a morning and went to school without
any every day.

The English teacher had been a bit more demanding than the rest and
had told her to be more imaginative in her efforts to SHOW him her
HIDDEN talents. He had told her to let her 'FINGERS DO THE TALKING'
with her solutions to wanting to improve her grades. It had taken
Debbie a while to realise that the English teacher had wanted her to frig
herself as well as showing him everything that she'd got.

It took a couple of English lessons for Debbie to progress from a quick
fingering to full-blown masturbation in the middle of the English lesson.
When she finally did it she had been worried that everyone else in the
class would realise what she was doing, but she'd managed to keep still
and quiet even though she'd wanted to scream her head off. The other
kids had known that something was going on but it was the teacher
talking garbage and getting a bit flustered that they commented on
later, nothing to do with her.

By the end of her last year at school Debbie was getting A+ grades
without any effort whatsoever.

PE lessons proved to be a bit interesting sometimes. They played tennis
sometimes and some of the boys had realised that Debbie wasn't
wearing knickers. They often used to hang around trying to get a
glimpse up her little sports skirt but she used to ignore them so that she
didn't get into any trouble with the gym teacher.

While all this had been going on at school Debbie had been having fun
at home as well. Her 'accidental' showing of her body to her father had
been put into reverse and he'd been doing the same to her. A few times
she'd seen him naked in the shower or getting dressed and one time
she'd seen him with a hard-on and she'd really stared at him until he'd
seen her and turned away.

One time she'd wanted to go to a concert with a few friends but her
father wouldn't let her so after she'd had a shower and was walking
back to her room from the bathroom with just a towel round her she'd
seen him in his room in bed reading. She decided to have another go at
persuading him so she'd gone in and lay on the bed next to him and
asked him again.

This time when he said 'no' she cuddled up to him and pleaded with him.
They'd started horse playing about (all innocent like) but Debbie had
made sure that she 'lost' the towel and the quilt ended-up on the floor
as well. Like Debbie, her father slept naked and they ended-up with him
on his back and her knelt either side of him tickling him. When they both
realised the position they were in they just stared at each other.

Debbie started to feel his dick poking in her back so she'd slowly eased
herself down so that his dick was touching her pussy. As he was quietly
saying that it shouldn't be happening, Debbie lowered herself onto him.
She'd been a virgin until then and it hurt like hell but she lost her cherry
to her father that night. Her father had kept saying that they shouldn't
but at the same time neither of them could stop themselves. They had
sex together for about a month before her father finally made her stop
going to his bed.

Oh, she went to the concert.

Another exciting story that Debbie told me was about the end of school
party. The one at school had been a bit boring so a group of them (boys
and girls) had gone to one of their parents houses, one where the
parents were away. Anyway they'd raided the booze cabinet and most of
them (including Debbie) had had too much to drink. Someone suggested
a game of strip spin the bottle. At first there were a few who didn't want
to know but eventually they all sat on the floor in a circle. The rules
were that when it was your turn you had to put a blindfold on then spin
the bottle. The person of the opposite sex who was nearest where the
bottle stopped had then to remove one article of clothing from the
person who had spun the bottle.

Because it was summer Debbie hadn't been wearing much (just shoes,
skirt and top) and it wasn't long before she was the first one naked.
After most of them were either naked or nearly naked, a couple of the
girls lost their nerve and the whole game stopped. Someone put some
music on and Debbie started dancing without getting dressed.

Debbie can't remember much after that as the alcohol took over and she
just about passed out. The next thing she remembers is waking-up on
the lounge floor next morning, still naked and with a very sore pussy.
She doesn't know what made her sore and she doesn't think she was
fucked, well not without a condom on, and she didn't get pregnant.
None of the other kids there could remember much either - or wouldn't
tell her.

It was at about that point in the conversation that Jon suddenly
appeared. Debbie and me were still laid on the grass, naked, and getting
quite happy on the martini's when Debbie saw Jon. She jumped up, tried
to cover herself and said, "I thought you said no one would see us." I
laughed and introduced Jon who told her to stop being so shy and relax.

After the introductions Jon told me to go and get some food for us all
and I left them talking. When I took the food out Jon had stripped off
and was enjoying the sun as well. I'm sure that he was enjoying looking
a Debbie as well because his dick was well on the way to a big hard-on.
Debbie appeared to be enjoying herself as well. She was sitting on the
grass with her knees under her chin showing Jon everything that she's
got. I said to her, "I don't think your pussy power will work with Jon,
he's too used to seeing naked pussy." Debbie replied, "Yeah, after what
you've told me I didn't really think it would work, but I'm having fun
trying." A bit later Debbie decided that it was time that she went home
and got dressed. As we were walking her to the front Jon asked if I'd
shown her all round the house. When she said "no," Jon told her that
she must come and see out punishment room. He guaranteed that she'd
enjoy it. Looking a little intrigued Debbie said, "Okay, I will, and can I
borrow that hair remover machine," as she walked to the bus stop.

The rest of the week wasn't very exciting apart from when I went to
Tesco on the Thursday afternoon. There was this young lad that was
looking at me as I bent over the freezers. I was wearing a very lose,
low-cut top and as I bent over I could feel it dropping off my breasts.
The lad was the other side of the freezers and staring straight down my
top to my breasts. Every time that I moved to another freezer he would
quickly go to the other side of it and have another look. Stupid boy, if
he'd got himself behind me then he'd have see a lot more than my

Friday at work wasn't very interesting, at lunchtime I cut the hair of one
man who insisted in pushing his elbows into my pussy as I tried to reach
to his head. Don't know if he realised that I was actually enjoying it. At
break time I managed to have a chat with Debbie as we drank our
coffee. She asked if she could visit me again on the Monday. I told her
to make it early as removing all her pubic hair would take a long time.

That night Jon took me for a long pleasant evening stroll out over the
nearby fields. He took my dress off and fucked me in the middle of a
field full of cows. I was a bit scared that one of them might come and
trample on me or something, but Jon told me to stop worrying. After
that we called in at the pub at the end of the road for a drink. We sat on
the tables outside and I could feel all our cum dribbling out of me. When
I got up to leave I saw a couple of drops that had escaped and dripped
through the gaps in the bench.

. continued in Part 12 .


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