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M/f/f, voy,mast,exh,cons,first time.
By Typoman
Edited by Mrs.Typo
Do not repost this story without my header.
Do not remove my name from this story.

This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual
encounters between an adult and two minor siblings 12 ad 16
years of age.
It is totally fictitious, but derived from an actual person
and place, it's his tale that he revealed to me.
If you are offended by stories like this, or you are under
the legal age to view material such as this, do not read any

Most of my stories have internal thoughts by the main
Do aid in reading, I have put these thoughts in all capitals
and italics


I suppose I'd better tell you about myself. My name is
This story is about a time in my life when I gave it all up
to live off the land in a little known river valley in
northern Arizona.
During the early 70's , I went on a camping trip for the
first time at the Verde hot springs. This place was
fantastic. During the prohibition, someone built a hotel and
bathhouse at the Hot Springs by Childs power plant. The
hotel burned down a long time ago, but the bathhouses and
walkways are still there. I was amazed at how everyone that
camped there just stripped off their clothes and went nude.
At the time, only the locals and the hippies knew about the
place. The forest service left everyone alone because there
was no trouble from the people that converged there on
weekends. I had been out of high school for about three
years and had a good job as a mechanic in the valley. The
people there were so free and mellow, pot and food was
shared by whomever turned up there to camp. There wasn't a
road to the springs themselves, to get there you had to wade
across the Verde River, then hike about of a mile to get
there. That made it nice because the springs were fairly
private. Occasionally, a family with young children would
show up and quietly freak when the first nude person would
meander by. They would leave quickly. I was fairly straight
laced the first time I was there, until I got my first taste
of pot and got laid by a stranger I met at the spring. I
started to go there every weekend, then finally quit my job
and drove my beat up old truck up there to stay. I came to
know two people that were living there and growing pot
upstream. They clued me in on what provisions I would need,
which wasn't much. Tents were uncool because they could be
spotted from the air. I brought two pairs of boots, several
changes of clothes, dry food like flower and beans, cooking
stuff. No sense going into details about that stuff, this is
a sex story, not a survival story.
My blonde hair grew long, I got a beautiful tan, wore out
the first pair of boots, then went barefoot. After about a
year of living up there, I lost my hairbrush and stopped
brushing my hair after a futile attempt to get the knots out
a week later.
I stand about 6 foot 2 inches and didn't have an ounce
of fat on my body from the simple life. My feet are size 13.
People started to call me "Wild Man". My hair frizzed
out, then down to my shoulders. My feet were very callused.
I wore a leather loincloth if I wore anything at all. I
guess I fit that name really well. One time a really cute
college girl came to interview me. She had to keep at me for
the interview and finally screw me before I'd tell her my
story. No, screwing me was not payment for the interview. My
real name and picture was put on the front page of the
college paper. The title of the article was "WILD man OF THE
VERDE HOT SPRINGS" Several college girls came up there just
to meet me and I screwed every single one of them. Word had
gotten around about the size of my prick, and how good I was
to make love to. pussy was so easy to get up there.
Especially for me because of the way I looked and acted. I
never did act like my "Wild Man" namesake. I never even had
to push myself off on people. All I had to do was to walk by
someone's camp and they would call me over. Drugs, pussy,
beer, were all offered to me regularly. I enjoyed talking to
people and they could tell that I was not dangerous. During
the week, the place would be deserted and I would have to
rely on my own provisions.
I ended up giving my truck to a family that really needed
it. To get to town for more provisions, I just needed to
mention that I needed to go to town to someone and always
got a ride.
Enough of the introduction, I'm anxious to tell my
first story.
It was a Sunday and getting late in the afternoon. I
was talking to some people that were regular weekend
visitors. They were packing and getting ready to leave. I
had my loincloth on and they were dressed, for the trip back
to he valley. This older pickup with a camper came into the
camp area and stopped. A black middle aged man, his two
daughters and very large friendly dog climbed out. The
pretty girls looked like they were about 16 and 13 years
old, the oldest was eyeing my loincloth appreciably. We
greeted them as they walked by and told them where the hot
springs were when the man inquired. The man hadn't heard
that the springs were across a river and a small hike away
and was disappointed that they didn't have the time to go
see it. They had been camping somewhere close by and heard
about the place, they decided to come and see the place as
it was just a short trip out of their way home. We talked
for about an hour, the two girls were wading and having a
great time in the shallow river when the man decided that
they had better leave.
He called out "VERA! CONNIE! C'mon girls time to
They all loaded up in the truck and then came this
grinding noise as they tried to start it. The man climbed
out and opened the hood, scratching his head. He told his
daughter to try it again and got the same noise. I decided
to help them and walked up to the man, his head under the
"Sounds like the starter. Better not grind it too much
more or it'll ruin your flywheel."
"Shit! Just what I need! Is there a phone anywhere
"Yeah, there's one in Childs, They'll let you use it
probably, but they get awfully tired of folks making calls."
"I gotta call a mechanic! I'm no good with tools."
"Do you have any tools?"
"Yeah, but I'm no good .."
"Tell you what, I'll take off your starter and I'm
pretty sure the people over there will give you and your
kids a ride into Payson to get another starter. You'll have
to find a ride back in the morning. Besides, having a
mechanic come here from Payson will cost you a bundle. This
way you'll only be out maybe $30.00 for that starter."
"What will you charge me for doing the work?"
"How does a 10 pound bag of pinto beans and 5 pounds of
flour sound?"
"Darn cheap! You got a deal! I really appreciate it.By
the way, My name's Bob."
"I'm Terry, or wild man is you prefer."
"Well I can certainly see where you got that name! You
live out here?"
"Yeah, I got a camp about 3 miles downstream. Don't let
my looks fool ya, I'm just living free while I'm young."
"I understand, I done a lotta livin and traveling when
I was about your age."
I walked over to my friends and got bob's ride squared
away, then removed his starter.
There wasn't enough room for bob's family and dog in
the Volkswagen ride and after some discussion and
reassurances about his kids being safe overnight Bob left
the two girls and the dog to guard the truck. They had a .38
for protection and knew how to use it. I told bob that I was
heading nervous but tried not to show it.
Just then, the couple that had promised to watch the
girls came up and asked the girls if they wanted to go to
the Hot Springs. They were delighted and jumped at the
chance until the four of them reached the river and the
couple shed their clothes.
I watched from the camp with an amused grin. Apparently
they didn't know about the going nude custom at the springs.
The girls were assured that they didn't have to go there
nude, but there might be other nude people there.
Vera wanted to go see the nudies really bad, but Connie
was scared and had to be threatened by promises of leaving
her alone before she agreed. I watched them cross the river,
then disappear down the trail.
I decided to get a beer from the supply that was always
given to me by people leaving for home. After I kicked back
and had a couple, I wanted a soak in the springs myself.
I shucked my loincloth and crossed. When I was almost there,
I spied the two girls peeking through some bushes, looking
in the direction of the springs.
"Look Vera! That white girl is sucking that man's
I stopped and quietly watched them.
"WOW! Connie, I never seen anything like that! One
Tommy asked me to suck his cock and I told him NO WAY! He
could fuck me and that was all!
"OOOO! White folk's sure do some nasty stuff! I bet
that feels really great, don't you think so Connie?"
Vera pulled her little sister onto her lap and put her
hand down through the side of her overalls. Diddling her
little pussy. This was too much for me, I got hard and had
to put my loincloth back on to cover up.
"Let's go back to the camper and try it Connie! I'm so
hot right now!"
"Okay, but let's wait to see what else they do!"
"And you thought being here alone was gonna be scary!"
What did you think of that wild man guy, What's his
"Terry! Yeah he's so hot. And he's got big feet too. I
bet his cock is huge!"
"You'd let a white man fuck you Vera?"
"Hell, right now I'd even let him lick me like those
two are doing right now!"
"Go faster, I think I'm gonna cum!"
"Already? This is so cool!"
I decided to make just enough noise they could stop and
think I didn't see them, but with a slight suspicion that I
caught the two girls in the act. I snuck back a little way,
then walked up. Just as I saw the two, the older still
masturbating the younger, I made a noise and looked the
other way. I heard a scrambling and turned my head to see
them getting up.
"Oh hi girls, Whatcha doin?"
"We ain't doin nutthin mister!"
"Okay, I'll just come see what nothing you're so intent
on not doing. OH!" I quickly squatted beside them. "Beth and
John are making love huh?"
"We weren't meaning to mister! Honest!" Connie
"Heck Connie it's okay with me if you want to watch. I
like to watch too."
"You won't tell?"
"Why the heck should I tell? By the name my name is
"I'm Connie and this is Vera."
"Glad to meet you two lovely girls. I was going to the
springs to have a beer and soak. Want to join me?"
"I'm not gonna go naked in front of white folks!"
"You don't have to Connie, Just swim in your bra and
panties. Or hell fully clothed if you want to. I would
suggest you at least take off your shoes and socks though."
"We can't go down there while they're screwing!"
"Sure we can, we'll just make a bunch of noise and
they'll stop screwing and pretend nothing happened just like
I did when I came up on the two of you."
They both looked embarrassed as hell, Connie pulled her
over sister and whispered in her ear. They looked at each
other, then at me. Like two little deer in the headlights.
"I'm sorry girls, I didn't mean to embarrass you. I
guess I shoulda kept my mouth shut. What you were doing is
perfectly natural between sisters. I shoulda made my
presence known sooner, but it was such a erotic sight seeing
Vera with her hand down your coveralls and you about ready
to come Connie."
"Daddy's gonna tan our hides Vera! How are we gonna
face him?"
"Wait now! I won't tell, I just want you two hot ladies
to come and soak in the springs."
"Do we have to take off our clothes? What do we have to
do if you won't tell Daddy?"
"Look, I don't force anyone to do anything against
their will. I won't tell your father no matter what you do,
but I'd at least you show a little appreciation and come
soak with me. Maybe just leave your bra and panties on."
Vera spoke up first. "Okay Terry, you got a deal!"
"Besides, they're in the lower springs, we'll be in the
upper part."
We walked to the springs making plenty of noise, I took
the liberty of putting my arms around both girls. After all,
they had to show their gratitude, right?"
Sure enough, Beth and John, the couple that were
supposed to look after my new girls had stopped their
screwing and nonchalantly waved as we passed.
There are two bathhouses, which are really fairly small
10 by 10 feet square each. Also there are a couple of places
deep enough to stand in that are built into the side of the
bank between the sidewalk and the bathhouses. The river
directly below is an offshoot of the main river. Not much
water flows through that branch of the river, Rocks have
been piled into little walls, trapping the hot water into
pools. The pools below were where screwing. They were paying
more attention to each other than to the three of us. I
could tell the girls were understandably nervous when we
arrived. I was nervous myself because I had the start of a
raging hardon, just waiting for me to release the binds of
my loincloth to continue it's growth to its full 7 1/2
"Uh, Maybe I better warn you girls that I have a hardon
and if I take this loincloth off, I can just leave it on."
"Are you scared to show us Terry?" Vera asked.
"Yeah, we dare you!"
"What do I get if I take them off then?"
"We'll strip to our undies for you. Connie don't have a
bra yet and she's got small ones so that don't count."
"That sure does count Vera! I like them small or big!"
"Okay deal then!"
I untied the side string and took off my loincloth
right in front of their cute little dark brown faces, then
slid into the deep water by the sidewalk. The girls giggled
and whispered to each other, then shed their clothes down to
their panties as promised.
"My what a pretty sight you two are! Come on in! It's
really warm in here!"
They first sat on the edge before slipping into the
water, giving me a nice view of white panties and chocolate
legs. They were looking at me with a little suspicion, so I
just turned and went to the other side. As if I wasn't
interested in trying anything funny.
I turned and put my arms on the edge and just stared at
the beautiful sight of green trees and foliage.
"It's so pretty out there huh girls?"
"Where Terry?"
"The whole sight! Green tall trees! Water! Look there's
a cardinal!"
I grabbed my opportunity and moved behind Vera, the
oldest. My stiff prick moving against one leg, then the
other. She jumped just a little but smiled at me.
"See? The red bird in that tree!"
I moved in closer, now my cock was pressed against the
inside of her upper leg. "See? Over in that tree." I thrust
my arm out beside her, pointing to the bird.
"Ahhh There it is!"
Vera pushed herself back to me, enjoying the contact.
Connie, being a smart little girl, knew what was going down,
and got brave enough to play the game.
"I don't see it terry, show me!
She was a little young for me, but I knew it would have
to be both, or none. I moved over to the little 13-year-old
with the same maneuver, a brush and slide sorta like a stiff
card in a bicycle's spokes. She was even bolder and clamped
her legs together, playfully pinning my cock between them. I
put one arm around her chest, feeling her developing breast and pointed the bird out to her also. Her little breasts were about the size of a two-stack of dollar sized pancakes
with a blueberry on top. She allowed my advance for about a
minute before she broke away and went to her sister,
giggling and whispering. Vera realized that she had been
outdone by her sister and called me over.
"What type of bird is that Terry?"
Obligingly, I started to move to Vera's side, but in a
flash of brilliance, I settled in between the two.
"Where Vera? Over there?" My arms went around both
girls, a breast in each hand. One small, but bare, the other
much larger but clothed. "Why I believe that's a dickey
"She blushed, her arm clamped against her side in
unconscious defense of her breast. My hand was already on
the prize, she didn't pull away though.
"Yeah and a pretty good sized dickey bird too Terry!"
Vera still had my arm pinned, so I made the next move
on little Connie. Knowing how ticklish ribs can be, I gave a
gentle squeeze to the less shy girl, then a light nipple
tweak. Then I realized I could at least move my fingers on
Vera's breast so I squeezed her titty for good measure. The
result was a little bit tighter arm lock.
My hand came away from Connie so I wouldn't get her
tickle response, then moved down to her little panty-clad
butt. The little vixen surprised me by gently exploring my
hard crank.
She celebrated outdoing her older sister by saying
"Those dickey birds are big Vera, and long too!"
Vera turned and glared at her sister, so the released my
locked arm and then turned her back to me.
"It isn't fair that I have more clothes on, Terry could
you undo my bra for me?"
I gladly obliged her by undoing her bra and slipping
the straps off her shoulders. Then I placed it on the
concrete in front of us. She turned to face me. Using my
shoulders for leverage, she rose out of the water enough to
allow her beautiful brown breasts to be exposed for my
appreciative eyes.
I realized that a catfight might soon erupt between the
jealous siblings, so I pulled the two together in front of
me, one hand on each butt.
"Girls, We have a very small problem, there's only one
of me, and two of you! Now don't get me wrong, each of you
has something very special to me, We don't want to spoil
this with hard feelings do we?"
"NO!" they both replied simultaneously.
"This is the very first time I've ever been with any
black ladies, let alone two at once! We gotta be patient
with each other, I'll be glad to go as far as either of you
are comfortable with. Don't let jealousy or competition make
you go farther than either of you want to, okay?
"Okay." Replied Connie.
"You're right Terry." Vera answered.
"I don't suppose you girls saw Beth and John leave did
"No" Vera replied sinking her breasts below the water.
"Have they gone?"
"Yes, But I'll go make sure. Hang on."
I pulled myself out of the water and looked over the
edge. We were all alone.
"Yup! We're all alone!"
I sat on the edge of the pool letting the girls feast
their eyes on hard white meat. Getting bold, I grabbed my
cock with one hand and slowly worked up and down.
"It's gonna be dark pretty soon, Anything you girls want to see or feel on a white man before the light fades?"
Connie's hand went to me first, then Vera. I lay back
on the concrete, legs dangling in the hot water of the pool
and spread my legs wide. In this position, I couldn't see
what they were doing, only feel their hands as they squeezed
and explored.
"Mmmm that feels nice ladies!"
I sat up and slid into the water between them. Reaching
for both panties at the same time, I pulled them slowly
"Time to get rid of these things."
I placed both pair in the sidewalk. Then with an arm
around each, I pulled them to me.
"I've never even kissed a black girl before, Can I kiss
you two?"
They both nodded their ascent. As I kissed one, my hand
explored the others pussy. First a kiss from Vera and a bald
pussy feel from Connie, then a kiss from Connie and a
harrier feel from Vera.
"Mmmm that was nice, What do you girls think, have you
ever kissed a white man?"
"No" came a mutual reply.
"I want to see all of you two while it's still light,
will either of you do that for me?"
They both climbed out of the pool, Vera looked around
to be sure nobody was in sight.
"WOW! You two are knockouts! Can you lay down like I
did for you?"
They did as I asked. I slid little Connie closer to the
edge her pre-pubescent folds were in my face. I gathered up
the courage to lick it, remembering my promise to myself
that I had to at least try it. After all, it's still pink on
the inside right?
I spread her legs open a little more and placed my hand
on Vera's closed-legged pussy, but put my mouth on Connie's
cunny. Her body shivered in response and moaned as I
continued gently licking her hairless chocolate snatch. Vera
sat up, wondering what I was doing and gave out a slight
gasp. I was now committed to Connie and licked her crotch
from taint to clit as she moaned and bucked her hips. After
only a minute, the 14 year old had her first oral orgasm,
and by a white man to boot. I slowed down my linguistic
application while the girl's orgasm increased to a fever
pitch. When I decided that the girl had enough, I removed my
mouth and she went limp. Vera's mouth was open with
amazement and maybe slight revulsion, but I grabbed her
anyway and pulled her resisting legs open. Her hands went to
my head to block me, and I shook them off and dived in. she
tried to scoot away but to no avail, she pressed her legs
together as I was already in place. Her hands went back to
my head, then the feeling overcame her anxiety. Feeling her
give in to me, I gave her my best, slowest gentlest
attention. It took her longer to come because I wanted her
to feel the full pleasure I remembered to reach for Connie
and pressed my palm against her pussy and pressed on her,
then worked back and forth with renewed pressure. Although I
couldn't see how she was reacting, I could feel her hips
moving in pre-orgasmic waves. Vera was on the edge of orgasm
herself now and as the finally broke the barrier, I gently
suckled her large clit like a baby on a breast. Not having
two hands to hold her into place she bucked away from my
mouth, so I used the palm press on her just like her sister.
FOR ME! THAT'S IT! Gawd you two make me so hot!"
They both went limp with sensation overload when I
relented from my assault to their tender flesh. I climbed
from the water and picked Vera's limp body up. Carrying her
away enough for me to have legroom, I gently laid her down.
As I positioned my body over hers and pressed my rigid cock
at her opening, I whispered in her ear.
"Vera, can you hear me?"
"Yes." came a weak reply."
"Can you feel where my cock is?"
"I'm gonna fuck you now. Tell me no if you don't want
it, otherwise."
I pushed into her about an inch, Her arms went around
me and pulled me into her with a gasp. I gently stroked in
and out, gauging her depth, she could take all of me so I
slipped my hands under her shoulders and pressed my cock in
as far as it would go. My hairy pad above my cock pressed on
her clit making her move against me. She came again as I
held myself in place against her, I stayed in place until
the poor girl's orgasm drifted away. Then I looked over to
her little sister.
She was looking at us, arousal and a little fear
showed. She was still a virgin, confirmed by my finger
"Connie, I know you're still cherry. That's perfectly
fine to stay that way if you want to. But I'm here if you
want to try. I'll be really gentle." She gave no reply so I
started seriously putting the meat to her sister. Vera
wrapped her legs around my back and lost herself in
pleasure. I withdrew from her, then rolled her on her side.
Bending her upper leg at the knee, I straddled her other leg
and gently entered her from the side. She moaned loudly when
I pulled her onto my engorged cock, using her shoulder as a
holding point. Vera was writhing in orgasm.
I looked over to Connie. The little girl was fingering
herself as she watched her impaled sister. Our eyes met, she
smiled and lay back. Waiting.
Vera moaned then went limp when I withdrew from her and
went to sister. She shivered in fear and anticipation. I
laid next to her and embraced her, kissing her deeply. And
gently fondling her erotic zones. She was wet and ready, I
was still slick and ready from her sisters juices.
"It'll be all right in a little while honey, I know
what I'm doing. Gently, from on top of her, I positioned
myself, then made a few shallow probes to test lubrication.
The time was as good as it ever would be. I kissed her, then
nibbled her earlobe, then bit hard enough to cause her to
cry out in surprise and pain. Now that her attention was
diverted away from what was about to happen, I thrust into
her, tearing her hymen. I withdrew and thrust again to
renewed cries Most of the way there now. I needed to come
badly my hormones took over and I lost control. She took me
with gritted teeth and whimpers until my loins emptied
themselves in one last hard thrust. She was crying, holding
me tight, as I felt gush after gush of my splooge empty into
her ravaged pussy. I relaxed and rolled to the side then
into my back, not want to crush the poor girl. She stayed
with me till I was lying on my back, then she pulled her
violated flesh from my slowly deflating cock and sobbed, wet
cheeks on my chest. I felt bad for losing control and going
too hard and kissed her cheeks, holding her body as it
convulsed with her quiet sobs.
"Connie.I'm sorry.I didn't mean to go that hard.I lost
control.I was so excited."
She didn't respond for a few minutes, waiting for her
tears to subside.
"I'll never forget this Terry! I'm a woman now!
Just.please hold me."
"I won't forget it either baby, will you please forgive
"There's nothing to forgive, I don't think anyone is
ever gonna compare to you, black or white."
Eventually, the three of us made it back to their
camper. Vera and I had another romp in their sleeping bag
early the next morning.
That afternoon, I helped their father put the new
starter in their old truck and watched the family leave.
It was a full two years later when I was surprised to
see the girls again. Vera was married and brought her
husband. He was a good-looking white man. Connie was now
older and more experienced. I was so glad to be able to make
that night up to her. She had turned into a first class head
giver, mentioning something to me about an oral addiction
from her first time with a man.
The End

Author's note:

The person Terry the Wild man is an actual person, including
the hair, feet, and leather loincloth. He once told me that
he did seduce a 16-year-old girl. His Friendly ways made him
a friend to almost everyone that partied at the Hot Springs.
Now the little town of Childs has a gate and people can't
get to the closer campgrounds. You need to cross the river
and walk about two miles go get to the bath houses at The

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