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Archived Sex Stories

Veronica Doll AKA Barbie Conclusion


Definitely NOT for anyone younger than 18 years of age.

Author's Note: Veronica Doll is a real life sub. The story is purely
fictional (for the most part anyway). Enjoy this fantasy for the adult
entertainment it is... nothing more - nothing less.

Veronica Doll... AKA Barbie, Part Two (The Conclusion) by JR Parz

"Unnnggggghhhhhh." Veronica cried out while she rode a tidal wave of

She blushed when she recovered and then quickly withdrew her sticky
fingers from her cum filled pussy. She couldn't recall ever coming this
much and was too exhausted to move from the wet spot that formed beneath

If it weren't for her larger boobs she'd swear it was all a dream. She
remembered the time she spent in VR and still found it hard to swallow.
She remembered the man that ran the VR booth and blushed to think that he
was now her Master. She remembered talking to him on the phone last night.
He called her Barbie... she called him 'Master'. The thought made her
horny again, prompting her to masturbate again.

Veronica leisurely fingered herself while her other hand massaged her
new boobs... they appeared to be a full cup size bigger now...maybe
more...and they felt incredible. She also noticed how tighter and
shapelier her ass looked. Definitely more curvaceous... Harder and harder
she fingered herself... So close to coming... whimpering with every
thrust of her fingers. It amazed her that VR had done this to her.

"Ohhhhhh GGGGGGooooooddddddddddd." She cried at the top of her lungs...
while she came again. Never had she been loud before... and then she
heard her roommate scream. "Rachel".

Veronica quickly swung her legs around to get up but fell back down
giggling when she found how wobbly her legs felt. Evidently, Rachel had
woken up the same way she had... this elicited a new heat... a new
desire... and a new vivid image of her roommate naked and spread eagle
before her.

Veronica recalled how much they wanted to make love last night... but
didn't. Their Master had instructed them to read their Manual and then go
directly to sleep... now, however, they weren't under this constraint and
free to indulge. She hesitated outside Rachel's bedroom in anticipation.
Hard to believe she stood here, stark naked, sporting new boobs and needing
a fuck from her... all because of a VR program. When she opened the door,
she saw Rachel on the bed playing with her self. Her new tits were as
large as hers were and she looked sexy...not to mention smelled delicious.

"Good Morning Bambi... want some company?" Veronica asked in a sweet
sexy voice... noting how much sexier her voice sounded... then it 'hit'
her that she called Rachel, 'Bambi'. Veronica then made a conscious effort
to call Rachel by her name again but all that came out was 'Bambi'.

"Barbie! Oh God, this really happened!" Rachel responded with a mixture
of fear and excitement.

'Barbie?' Veronica thought with a blush... Master had called her this
name last night and it looked like it was her new name. Just like it
looked like Rachel's new name was 'Bambi'.

Veronica quickly joined her naked friend on the bed, quickly going down
on her. "You smell heavenly." She said in a muffled voice...and then
giggled while her face was buried deep in pussy. It didn't take but a few
seconds before Rachel was screaming out and bucking her pelvis up against
her mouth... and then she came, gushing, quickly filling her mouth.

"Oh God... That was incredible." Rachel whispered while recovering.
Veronica was busily lapping up the overflow... cum dripped off of her
chin. "You're not kidding!" she exclaimed.

Rachel quickly twisted around on the bed to return the favor... and it
wasn't too long before Veronica felt herself on the verge of an orgasm...
thrashing and squirming around until she her self cried out in climax.

Then they fell asleep, exhausted... both smiling... both spent...
both satisfied. Rachel's head nestled comfortably between Veronica's


When they woke again, they began discussing their new lives... the
first discussion was about their new names. They both made efforts at
calling each other by their real names but again failed. It was as if
their mind said one thing but their tongues said another.

"I still can't believe this is for real." Rachel whispered.

"I know what you mean Bambi... our new names, new bodies... even our
new... cravings. We even have a Master now! It's like we're still in

"We have to stop him... we have to break this hold he has on us."
Rachel declared in a defiant tone.

"I don't know if it's possible... we have to call him at Noon, which
gives us three hours to come up with a plan." Veronica replied.

Rachel stared at her... then smiled.

"What?" Veronica asked.

"Nothing... I just can't get over how much I love you." Rachel

"It's part of the program... I love you too... we don't have a
choice." Veronica replied.

"It feels so real... maybe it is... maybe I really did fall in love
with you."

"It's artificial. But it does feel real." Veronica replied.

"This whole thing is so weird... it seems that the only time we can
think about things is when we haven't been given a specific task." Rachel

"Yeah... and when we are told what to do, it's like we're compelled to
do it. It's the strangest feeling. Have you noticed that rush of pleasure
every time you complete a task?" Veronica asked.

"Oh God... how do we fight something that feels so good? What are we
going to do? We need to stop acting this way or we're going to become
addicted to it." Rachel whined.

Veronica looked Rachel in the eyes and could see her tears forming. Why
didn't she feel as sad about this as Rachel? She remembered how 'hot'
she'd become at the thought of being someone's sex slave. Did she really
want this? "We'll figure something out."

"He's going to fuck us today... remember? Remember what he told us in
VR? Why fuck us in VR when he could have us in real life. That's what he
said. Barbie... I wanted to wait until I was married before... before
losing my virginity."

Veronica leaned over and kissed Rachel's forehead. "I'm sorry Bambi...
maybe if you tell him you're a virgin he'll be easy on you."

"He'll probably make me love it." Rachel replied, starting to cry.

Veronica wrapped her arms around Rachel and they hugged... "We'll fight
this... you'll see. We'll fight this and win." Veronica declared, but
deep down she didn't believe it... nor felt any real desire to resist.


They sat quietly in the Limousine... they were dressed in their most
provocative clothes. The driver was a girl who looked about their age.
She introduced herself as Arial and then focused back to her task on hand.

"We're nothing more than bimbos now." Rachel commented, breaking the

Veronica remembered how they acted around the two Security Guards last
night at the Fair. She remembered how they couldn't stop giggling and
twirling their hair. She still felt the tingling of pleasure from the

"I couldn't believe how much I wanted to fuck those guys last night... I
was so 'hot' for them that by the time we got back to our apartment my
panties were soaked. I felt strange... so weak and helpless." Rachel
again commented.

"I know what you mean." Veronica responded. "Intellectually, I know
this isn't me but it doesn't matter. Knowing doesn't seem to have any
affect on changing it. I get so damn aroused every time I'm made to
comply... have you noticed that?"

"Yes...but I'm suppressing it. At least trying to anyway." Rachel
replied. Then her face lit up in alarm. "What are we going to do about

"I'm not sure... he didn't mention this in that Instruction Manual we

"That damn instruction booklet... I knew when I was reading it that I'd
have to do everything it said, but I couldn't stop reading it." Rachel

"I know." Veronica responded.

"That's why we... you know... why we had to..." Rachel replied.

"I know." Veronica responded, reflecting on what Rachel was having
trouble saying. The way they acted in the bathroom was the most
embarrassing thing she'd ever done in the real word. Rachel had turned
beat red... obviously she couldn't stop thinking about it.

It happened in the bathroom after their lovemaking. Veronica had just
turned the shower on when Rachel walked in... they smiled at one another
and then Veronica went back to fiddling around with the water temperature.
Then the next thing she knew, Rachel had moved up behind her and slipped
three fingers inside of her very wet pussy. Veronica groaned while Rachel
moved her fingers in and out of her and then cried out with an orgasm.
Rachel had to hold her up so she wouldn't collapse and when Veronica
finally did recover, Rachel went over to the toilet and sat down...then
giggled while she licked her fingers dry.

That was when she felt one of those automatic compulsions and walked
over to her, then kneeled down in front of her. Veronica blushed at the
realization of what she was about to do. "I... I need to clean you."

Rachel blushed too; somehow understanding...and then slowly opened her
legs to allow her access. Veronica licked and licked and licked and made
sure she did a thorough job of cleaning her...but instead of stopping when
she was clean, she continued to lick and this time nibbled at her clit.
Soon Rachel was groaning from her ministrations and then like a damn
breaking, she felt incredible pleasure flooding her mouth.

Veronica swallowed every last drop of cum and didn't stop licking until
she thoroughly cleaned her.

"How did it taste?" Rachel asked, blushing.

"I... I enjoyed it." Veronica blushed in response... knowing that
Rachel was referring to her initial cleaning and not her cum.

"Do you have to pee?" Rachel asked.

"Yes." Veronica replied.

"I love you." Rachel whispered as they switched places.

"I love you, too." Veronica replied... squirting. When she was done,
she opened her legs. Rachel was beat red as she descended down on her.


Albert Edwards sat on the edge of his desk grinning. He looked down at
his two new slaves with pleasure. Barbie, formerly known as Veronica Doll,
and Bambi, formerly known as Rachel Stevens, kneeled submissively in their
subservient position before him. "So, how do you feel?" he asked.

"Very good Master... I never felt happier in my life." Bambi replied
with a beaming smile.

"That's so true Master... We're here to please and to pleasure you."
Barbie added.

Albert smiled at the girls... they not only looked incredibly sexy, but
they sounded incredibly sexy, too. "You're still in slave mode... let me
turn that little part of you off in order to talk to the real you... now,
how do you truly feel?"

"You bastard!" Bambi cried.

Barbie turned to Bambi with alarm.

Albert grinned in response...then stated. "Now, I'm allowing you
freedom of speech because I really care as to how you're truly coping."

"It's more difficult when we're idle... we start thinking for
ourselves... much easier when we're automatically compelled to do
something." Barbie responded with a quiet submissive voice.

"Thank you Barbie." Albert responded... then turned to Bambi. "And you

"I hate you! I hate everything about you! I... I don't want this
life." Bambi stated with venom.

"Hmmm. I can see that you are having more of a difficult time with this
than Barbie... maybe I should make it easier for you where you'll never
have to think for yourself again... would you like that?" Albert asked.

"No!" Bambi fearfully responded.

Albert smiled at her. "Okay... I'll leave you alone... at least for
the time being anyway. Do you have any questions?"

"Why the new names, Master?" Barbie asked.

"Are you saying you don't like being called Barbie Doll?"

Barbie blushed.

"Of course you do." Albert beamed. "I think it's kind of cute." He

"Why do we have to call you Master, Master." Bambi asked, blushing
despite her anger.

"Until I choose a different life for you, you're my slaves... and with
that being the case, what does that make me?" Albert asked with a smile.

"Master." Barbie replied, looking down at the floor. Bambi remained

"Stand-up." Albert commanded. He could see that the girls were in a
high state of arousal. He loved fucking his girls when they were in this

The girls stood up and came to attention.

Albert smiled when he noted that they were dripping down the insides of
their thighs... even the rebellious Bambi. He loved the pitching of their
heavy breasts and their labored breathing. "Now girls, would you like to

Barbie blushed and shook her head 'yes'.

Despite Bambi's arousal, she maintained defiance, fighting his control,
so she remained quiet.

"I'm in the mood for a 'menage a trios'." Albert declared.

Barbie squealed out with joy.

"Then after we fuck, I need to send you two out for some new clothes.
I'll have Arial take you to the Mall."

The girls remained silent. Barbie smiled... Bambi looked angry.

"Are you sure there isn't any questions?"

"What about college?" Bambi asked.

"What about it?" Albert responded.

"Our classes start in a few days." Bambi replied.

"Drop out... you won't be needing college anymore."

"But we have scholarships." Bambi whined.

"Let me give you a demonstration... it'll help you understand. Tell me
Bambi, what's ten multiplied by ten?"

Albert watched the strain appear on Bambi's face... "Is the question
too hard?" he asked.

"What did you do to me?" Bambi asked, sounding defeated.

"And you Barbie... Do you know the answer?"

"No Master." Barbie replied, embarrassed.

"What I've done is taken away your ability to write and do math. I'll
partially restore it someday down the road but even then it'll be dampened
down to that of a child. This means college is no longer an option."

"But Master... what will we do?" Barbie asked in a fearful tone.

"Once you drop out of college, you'll come live with me..."

"But my best friend is coming out in a few months." Barbie replied.


"Yes Master." Barbie replied.

"Well... if you're real good I'll give her to you as a present...
would you like that?"

"No Master... please don't." Barbie replied.

Albert laughed. "Don't be concerned about it... now, Arial will escort
you to my bedroom... where you'll assume my favorite position.

"Yes Master." Both girls replied in unison, responding to the command.


Veronica couldn't get over how incredibly hungry she was for him... she
quickly assumed his favorite position, remembering the training she
received in VR and when he entered the room, she was suddenly overcome with
a need so powerful she could feel herself leaking. Her Master took his
time and inspected them... gliding his hand up along their flanks, lightly
caressing every crevice. She wanted to beg him to fuck her but couldn't in
her subservience.

When he finally did enter her, she cried out... and then he proceeded
to ram himself in and out of her. She whimpered and groaned while he
alternated between a fast and slow rhythm, plummeting in and out of her
like a jackhammer... she, in the meantime, screamed out with one orgasm
after another. Never in her life had she cum so hard and for so long and
when he finally shot his load deep down into her womb, she passed out
totally spent.

Veronica opened her eyes when she heard Rachel groaning beside her...
apparently, she was undergoing the same sexual experience as she had just
received. If Rachel had been feeling bad about losing her virginity, she
certainly didn't sound like it now. "Harder... harder." She heard her
roommate whimper.

*** (Three months later)

The banquet hall was packed... men and women... all rich. Barbie and
Bambi were dressed identical in their French Maid outfits... as like every
other pleasure slave in attendance... and given many of the guests
possessed their own slave, there sure were plenty in attendance.

Although Barbie knew that Bambi didn't like wearing this outfit, she
blushed at her own realization that she did. Just the thought of being
seen like this had elicited a dampness inside her thong pink panties and
she wondered if anyone could smell her.

They all wore pink velvet French maid outfits... with big pink bows
tied in the back. Normally, their hair would hang down loose and wild but
tonight they wore it up and off their shoulders. The reason their hair was
up was due to the pink chokers they all wore around their necks... and the
single gold charm that hung down from it. The charm had their names
inscribed... hers read 'Barbie Doll'.

In addition they all wore pink garters and ballet-style 7" heeled
stilettos. Some of the slaves were assigned domestic chores and those
slaves wore pink lace trimmed aprons while Barbie and Bambi were assigned
pleasure chores, and wore plugs in each of their holes. One dildo plug
completely filled their wet juicy pussy... another dildo plugged fit
snuggly inside their twitching backsides and they sucked on 'binky' gags
preventing them from talking.

Barbie felt slightly saddened at the way Bambi was being used as the
moment. A man had her kneeled down in front of him and used her like a
footstool. She wondered how she was coping. This whole experience was
really taking a toll on her. 'Why can't Bambi be more like me?' she asked

Initially, Barbie thought her pleasure was derived from her conditioning
but the more she witnessed Bambi struggle, the more she realized that these
subservient feelings came from deep within. Bambi, on the other hand, told
her the pleasure she received was temporary, but when she regained her
faculties later on, she would cry. The only time she truly loved what she
was being forced to do was when they were allowed to make love. Simply
put, Bambi hated every aspect of her slavery while Barbie basked in it.

It seemed that with every passing day, Barbie was becoming more and more
enmeshed in her new role... old memories no longer interested her and she
felt absolutely no desire to access them. Barbie remembered the morning
she started to refer to herself as Barbie and not Veronica... the
transition was not only painless, but also pleasurable.

Barbie could feel she was about to explode with another orgasm... she
was presently down on all fours while an older gentleman thrust his thick cock in and out of her from behind... Then he grunted and came... Barbie
had cum several times.

Barbie would have preferred basking in the afterglow of their sex but
prescribed directives dictated she clean the man up... When she finished,
the man re-inserted the dildo back into her pussy, smiled at her and then
walked away.

Then Barbie spotted her Master and she rushed over to him, prostrating
before him.

"Stand-up Barbie."

Barbie responded as quickly as she could... feeling especially proud
that she was receiving attention from him.

"Barbie... I'm loaning you to Mr and Mrs. Cruizer. They're inside the
guest bedroom next to your bedroom. You may leave the Banquet early to
join them. Arial will take you home."

Barbie beamed but was unable to talk... her 'binky' still gagged her
from speaking.

"Make sure you change... but keep your choker on... I kind of like the
look. Have Arial take out your plugs before you shower."

Barbie nodded her head and immediately went to find Arial.

When she found Arial, she was naked and in the middle of going down on a
beautiful redhead. She kneeled down beside them and waited.

"Hi Barbie... did Master send you?" Arial asked her, in-between licks.

Barbie shook her head 'yes' with excitement... then Arial reached over
to take out her 'binky'.

"Master wants you to take me back home." Barbie stated with a smile.

Arial smiled back, brought the redhead to an orgasm, and then quickly
put her clothes on.


Arial made Barbie lick her two dildos clean before she released her...
then she quickly showered and got dressed. Now, she knocked on the door of
the guest-bedroom.

"Come in." answered a man's voice.

Barbie opened the door and then stopped dead in her tracks. "Rose!" She
cried out in excitement... then felt a slight chill... why was her friend

"Hi Barbie... and yes, your best friend is now my lovely wife." The man stated with a grin.

"Hi Barbie." Rose smiled. She looked so sophisticated...
so 'HOT'.

"You see... Rose flew over from 'down under' in hopes of surprising you
last week."

"Last week?" Barbie replied in confusion.

"Yes... last week. She certainly was upset to find that you'd become a

Barbie looked at Rose, who blushed in response.

"Timing really is everything you know... She was so determined to see
you that she interrupted a meeting I was in with your Master."

"What did you do to her?" Barbie whispered. Rose just stood there
quietly. She wasn't dressed like a slave... did she really marry him?

"You see Barbie... it was love at first sight... at least for me
anyway. I was truly smitten with your lovely friend and when I heard her
talk all Australian-like, I had to have her. I proposed to her on the
spot... and you should have seen how angry she became. Isn't that right,

"That was before I realized how much I love you... Please forgive me."
Rose answered in a sweet submissive voice.

"I do sweetie... I do." Mr. Cruizer responded, while moving his hand
up underneath Rose's dress. Seconds later she could see Rose shudder,
knowing that her friend had just experienced an orgasm. "Anyway, your
Master was kind enough to allow me to have Rose and within an hour she
feeling about ten times more stronger for me than I feel for her. Now she
stands here as my loyal, loving wife... completely docile... constantly
horny... just like every wife should be."

"Oh God." Barbie whispered in shock. They had captured her best friend.

"Let me tell you Barbie, your Rose put up a fight...and it took three VR
sessions before the program would hold...but now that it has, it's

"I'm sorry." Rose pouted.

"Its all right Rose, I told you I forgive you." Mr. Cruizer replied...
then turned his attention back to Barbie. "Your Master told me that he'd
never seen anyone put up a fight like that. I guess its much easier
rendering one a subservient slave than a subservient wife."

"I'm sorry." Barbie whispered while looking directly at her best friend.

"No need to be... Rose is perfectly happy as my wife... aren't you,
Rose?" Mr. Cruizer asked Rose.

"God yessssss. I love you so much." Rose responded, beaming.

"We were married in Las Vegas a few nights ago."

"Congratulations." Barbie replied, not really meaning it.

"Look... I'm sure you two have a lot of catching up to do and I'm sure
Rose wants to tell you how her honeymoon went, so I'll leave you two alone.
I'll be with Arial should you feel compelled to talk to me."

Barbie didn't know whether to cry or be happy.


"It's strange... I know that what has happened to me is totally
artificial but these feelings feel so real to me... I can't help it. I'm
really in love with that man." Rose stated. "And when I'm in his presence,
I'm so incredibly submissive it's unbelievable."

"At least he's good looking." Barbie replied, knowing that her friend's
sexual desire could have been directed towards anyone.

"So, how does it feel to be a real life Barbie Doll... and look at the
size of your tits!" Rose smirked.

"I... that's my new name... I love it...and I... I don't think its
part of the programming. I love the way I look, act, everything. I love
wearing latex tube tops...especially with my new boobies and I'm always
wearing matching pleat skirts. I'm made to feel like a real like Barbie
Doll and I'm constantly 'wet'." Barbie blushed.

"I real life HORNY Barbie Doll." Rose corrected with a smile.

"What about you?"

"I'm Jack's trophy wife and been programmed to love it. He's good to me
though... I think he truly does love me." Rose stated.

"If he loved you he wouldn't have torn you from your real life and
forced you into becoming his wife."

"I resisted... it was right that he do this to me. I shouldn't have
been so selfish."

"Do you realize what you just said?"

"Its part of the program... I can't help saying it... nor can I help
feeling it."

"You should be pissed."

"I know I should be angry but I'm not. He's taken away all my
aggression and anger... I feel so fragile without him."

"And you don't mind this?"

"Strange huh... I can talk about it but not get angry about it. I'm
his wife and never been happier before in my life. He's allowing me to
write home and let my family know."

"At least he didn't take away your IQ... but so much for our
independence." Barbie whispered.

You want to make love?" Rose asked, smiling.

"Oh God... I was hoping you'd want to... I just wasn't sure if you'd
be allowed. My Master doesn't allow me to ask but he does allow me to as
long as I'm not the initiator."

"You seem so natural calling Mr. Edwards your Master." Rose grinned.

"Like I said... I think this is my true calling." Barbie responded with
a smile.

Rose started to take off her dress... she was naked underneath and
Barbie followed suit by slipping out of her skirt. Both were wearing thong
panties. Rose's panties were black... Barbie's pink. They giggled as
they climbed on the bed.

"Did he make you more into girls?" Barbie asked.

"Yes... and I'm glad. I never thought I'd enjoy eating pussy as much
as I do... now, I can't get enough of it." Rose smiled as they '69'd'.


"Master, please convert me." Bambi asked.

Albert Edwards had taken Bambi to bed with him and allowed her to
worship his cock for the last hour... now that she had swallowed every
drop of his cum, he allowed her to talk freely. "Are you sure? I mean...
this is a major step and irrevocable."

"Yes Master... I've thought about it." Bambi pouted.

"How come?"

"I... I cry when I'm alone. I hate what you did to me and no matter
how much you make me enjoy it while it is happening, I hate my new life."

"Too bad you aren't more like Barbie... she's a true 'sub' in every
sense of the word." Albert replied.

"So, can you convert me, Master?"

"There's a new program that I've been tinkering with... it may prove
more beneficial. I don't like going to the extreme of a conversion unless
it's absolutely necessary."

"Oh." Bambi replied while sounding a bit disappointed.

"Don't worry... it'll be all right."

"Thank you Master." Bambi whispered while she snuggled up close to him.
For a mere moment he felt guilty, but only for a moment.


Bambi stretched out on the bed... fitted with a VR helmet. Then the
next thing she knew she was flying through VR space and landing on a
strange new Planet.

"Where am I?" Bambi asked herself in confusion... then she looked down
and saw that she was naked except for... diapers? She blushed at being
dressed like this... and then like magic she found herself age regressing
back to her teenage years... then to that of a little girl... then a
toddler... and finally stopped when she was a baby. Her diapers now felt
loose on her...and then wet. The next thing she knew she was sitting down
inside a playpen crying... she needed to be changed.


Albert closely watched the television monitor while Bambi went from a
baby... to a toddler... to a teenager... and then back to her true age.
All over the course of twenty hours of VR time... twenty minutes of real

This specific program allowed him to give her new memories while he
dampened others. He maximized multiple pleasurable experiences while
deadening the turmoil she felt. He made sure she was comfortable in her
nudity and loved to masturbate openly... he made sure she experienced true
love with both genders. He incorporated slight modifications to his
initial programming by adding synthetic scenarios that she could look back
at as her own memories.

Later, when he brought her out of it... she looked up at him with a
smile. "Did you enjoy that Bambi?"

"Yes Master." She beamed.

"I'm horny... how about we..."

"Yesssss Master." She squealed while spreading her legs wide.

Albert quickly stripped and climbed on the bed... then in one swift
motion he rammed into her... she was ever so passionate.

Later on, Albert monitored Bambi while she was alone. Closely, he
watched the expression on her face. She looked slightly confused but only
for a moment before her face broke into a smile... the program worked.


"What did you do to me?" Bambi asked... trying to 'feel' a hint of the
turmoil she had felt before.

"The new program works miracles... doesn't it?" her Master replied.

"I honestly feel's as if I've always wanted this." Bambi

"Yep. The new program allows us to render memories distant... plus add
new memories. That is why we had you regressed back to when you were a
baby. We had to have you grow up all over again. This is a breakthrough

"I can remember when I was a kid feeling all lovingly whenever someone
wanted me to do something for them."

"Yep... your need to serve is crucial during your childhood."

"Then horny during my teenage years." She commented and saw her Master
smile. "Thank you Master." She beamed.

"You're welcome... now for some news. A dear friend of mine... a
woman by the name of Theresa Drake asked me for a pleasure slave."

"She's a lesbian?"

"No... bi."


"No buts allowed... I'll be transferring your focus from me to her in
the morning. Trust me... you'll feel differently about it in the

"What about Barbie?"

"You'll always feel a closeness for her but it won't hurt being

"But I'll miss her... won't I?" Bambi whispered.

"It won't hurt and you'll be happy that she's here with me."

"You're keeping her."

"Yes. I think I've fallen for her."

"She's lucky."

"We both are... and so are you. Ms. Drake is a fine woman."

*** Epilogue. (Three years later)

Barbie Doll kneeled submissively in front of her Master's desk. Her
Master couldn't tell but she was smiling. He had put her on a diet... an
all cum diet, which meant that every time she was hungry she had to go to
her Master for a 'helping'.

"You little pig... didn't you just eat an hour ago?" Master commented
with a chuckle. He was busy surfing on the Internet.

"Yes Master... but my appetite is especially big today." Barbie
replied, while keeping her head down in subservience.

"Yes... it appears it is. Well, I'm kinda busy at the moment...but
feel free to crawl underneath the desk and help your self."

"Thank you Master." Barbie giggled and then crawled underneath the
desk... quickly she unzipped her Master's zipper and pulled out his
'growing' member. Barbie giggled again while descending down towards her
target. It took about three minutes before he came...and she made sure to
swallow every drop.

Barbie licked her lips then joined her Master by sitting on his lap.
"Barbie, there's a writer on the Net that I'd like you to read. His name
is JR Parz and he pretty much writes what you've become. If he only knew
how close he was to the real thing. Anyway, I'm going to restore some of
your writing ability in order for you to reply to him. I think you're
going to find his stories rather arousing..."

"Can I see a story of his now, Master?"

"Sure... let's see. Here's one that you might like."

Barbie read the title and giggled. 'Beach Bimbos'. "I like the title,

"Yeah... I thought you would."


Barbie found that all her typing skills were long gone...and she had to
type with two fingers. Nor was she able to spell all that good. She
smiled... she was happy... and her Master was allowing her to communicate
with the outside world.

She was now typing as best as she could. Hard to do with one inch nails
but she managed.

hi Sir,

my name is Barbie Doll and i am a life-sized Barbie Doll. you may here
that a lot from girls but its true. i am 22 years old and have been a real
time slave/sub under my Master for over 3 years now. i was born in
Melbourne Australia but moved here when i was 19.

my Master has a fetish for Barbie Doll looking women so he has spent
much of his time and money (and mine) transforming me these past few years.
here are my measurments if you dont beleve me: 112lbs 5.6 height vanilla
blonde, mid-back length hair blue eyes 34DD-19-35 22 years old no body hair
below my eyes.

trust me, i LIVE the life of a blonde bimbo. when i read your stories i
get soooo wet. my Master reads them too and it gives him ideas. why do
you think i went up from a D cup to a DD cup this past year. and if he
keeps reading your stories, i'll go up even more <giggle> . not that i
would mind. its not like a stay home all day and suck his cock. Oh maybe
i do but he makes me work too. (but i hate it :) working that is.

but i know what my real position in life is. i am his fuck doll. his
sex toy. and i love it! anyway you are probably wondering why i emailed

first i want to thank you! living my life is very pleasurble but it is
not easy. you ever try typing with inch long pink nails? or sleeping in a
corset? maybe showeing in 6 inch heels b/c 5 inch heels hurt your calfs.
if i wear anything less then that, i think i would scream in pain. its
been too long that ive been wearing such high heels that anythign short
just wont do. and my hair! i have to get up two hours early just to get
ready for work. you should see my wardrobe too. i am soooo proud of it!
God now i really sound like a ditz. anyway, im not all bimbo. i do read
you know. i read your stories that is. <giggle> you have so many though.
its hard and i get lost sometimes. but i keep reading!

so i just wanted to ask you which ones are the best for a girl like me.
I love reading about smart woman who are turned into airheads. My breasts are huge but I wish they were EE (but dont tell Master). so i like stories that have more fashion. more clothing. i am a clothes freak! anythign
pink and feminine i would wear. all my skirts are cut high on the hem. i
have all sorts of costumes (french maid, milk maid, nurse, school girl,
baby girl, baby doll, pony girl ((i even went to a pony girl camp for one
week)) and lots more). i have about 34 pairs of high heeled shoes and
boots. i even have baby doll dresses from Lullaby that we had to order
from England and Germany. some of them say Fuck Doll on them. (i love
that outfit that the girl wears in your story that says TITS). my Master
calls me that alot because of that.

anyway, the keywords here are: bimbo, airhead, pink clothing, feminine,
long nails, high heels, and BARBIE DOLLS!!!! have more stories where smart
woman are turned into Barbie Dolls! not real dolls that are too small.
But lifesized Barbie Dolls! I would orgasm just from reading those. its
my life story <giggle>

thank you thank you thank you! i love you and your stories. email me
back if you can. ta ta Barbie Doll

This concludes "Veronica Doll aka Barbie"... I trust you enjoyed it.

This closing e-mail is in fact the real e-mail Veronica Doll sent to me
which inspired me to write this story. I hope you found pleasure from
reading her arousing fictional adventure and I'd love to know what you
think. You may e-mail me at 1



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