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Archived Sex Stories

Veronica Doll AKA Barbie


Disclaimer: No one under the age of eighteen is allowed to read this...

Author's Note: An actual email... "Hi, my name is Barbie...and I'm a
life sized Barbie Doll. I'm 22...but I still look in my teens. A lot has
happened to me in these past four years, and my Master is allowing me to
share my story." So, here's her story... written by me.

This is a 'jdw' proofing.

Veronica Doll... AKA Barbie by JR Parz

Veronica Doll gazed up at the entrance of Smith college in Northampton,
Massachusetts and smiled. It was quite a sight, given that she had been
born and raised in Wellington Harbor, located in Melbourne, Australia. She
was here in the United States on a full academic scholarship.

When Veronica first learned of Smith College, she couldn't stop
laughing. Not only was Smith considered one of the finest centers of higher
learning in the United States, but it was also a breeding ground for
something all together different. Something she had already indulged in
and wasn't at all against indulging in again.

As Veronica walked up the steps towards the Admissions Building, she
thought about her home. The summer was just beginning there, but as much
as she would have loved to be swimming and tanning right now, she felt a
sense of achievement at being here on a full academic scholarship.

Veronica also found herself reflecting back at her youth with
fondness... remembering the summer when she suddenly developed. She
giggled at her Mother's remark that she was giving new meaning to words
'early growth spurt. She had been thirteen and sporting a full, healthy
set of breasts that sat high and firm on her chest. In addition to her
34'D' cups, she also possessed a nicely rounded ass, long blonde hair and
entrancing blue eyes. It didn't take long for her to draw a flock of older boys, but when they saw she hadn't matured mentally, as fast as she had
physically, they quickly labeled her a 'tease'.

Veronica simply wasn't aware of her stunning beauty until she met and
became friends with Rose Thornton. Rose had been a transfer student from
Springwood in Sydney. She was very beautiful, possessing a sleek sexy
body, small apple-sized breasts and a face that belonged on the cover of
Teen Vogue. So, while Veronica was blonde and voluptuous, Rose was dark
and slim.

In no time at all they became best friends and learned every intimate
detail about one another. School rumors circulated that the two of them
were much more than just 'friends', news they got a big kick out of...but
it also sparked their curious nature. One night they let a kiss grow to
some heavy petting and eventually some licking. It wasn't that they felt
an overwhelming sexual attraction for one another; because they didn'
was just their need to express their love. As time went on, they wouldn't
think twice about openly masturbating in front of each other and when they
experimented with kinky toys, they often used them on each other.

When Veronica was a senior, two significant things happened. The first
came the night she lost her virginity. She had met a cute, but very
nervous boy down at the beach. Unfortunately, she had to fake her orgasm
because after all her self-pleasuring, there was no way he could ever
compare. It wouldn't be until a few months later when a college guy made
her cum, but only after she had prodded him to call her a 'slut' and spank

The second significant thing to happen was why she was here now...Smith
College had offered her a full academic scholarship. It would be one of
the rare times that she could actually 'top' her sisters, who had already
graduated from prestigious universities in Australia.

On the night before Veronica had left for the States, Rose took her to a
pub in Melbourne. They had gone shopping earlier and were dressed nearly
identically. They wore matching black thongs, really tight blue jeans and
a 'see through' white shirt. Rose didn't wear a bra, so everyone that
looked closely enough received an eye full. They had agreed that if the
opportunity presented itself, they were going to invite some lucky bloke
home for a threesome.

During the evening, Veronica and Rose had been arguing about what guys preferred more - was it a pretty face, or a huge set of tits. One guy in
particular captured their attention and they thought... what better way to
bring him into their conversation then to ask him what he preferred.
Veronica, who was blessed with both, felt that all guys were tit guys.

When they walked over to the guy, he didn't hesitate in replying.
"Pretty face." Rose burst out laughing, but it was short lived as to why he
answered the way he did. Veronica had unbuttoned her shirt and cupped her
tits presenting them to him. "Are you saying that you don't like my tits?"
The guy merely grinned, shrugged his shoulders and then responded. "The
pretty faces I prefer don't have tits."


Veronica moved to America a month before her first semester was to
start...and that was when she met Rachel, her new roommate. Other than the
fact that they were both attractive, they didn't really have a lot in
common. Veronica could tell that Rachel was conservative - sexually
speaking that is. It was obvious by the way she downplayed her looks. She
guessed that Rachel was a virgin. She reminded Veronica of her older sisters.

On the Friday of a three-day weekend before their second semester would
begin, they decided to attend the Tri-County Fair.


"Come on Veronica, I want to get there before the place closes." Rachel
complained through the door.

"Just a sec." Veronica replied. She really wasn't much into Fairs, but
where there were fairs...there were boys.

Smith was an all-girl college, but it was located near three other major
colleges and if there happened to be a cute guy at the fair, then Veronica
wanted them looking at her. She did another quick scan of her sexy body,
turning slightly to take another glance at her butt and thought she was as
ready as she could get. She loved how hot she looked in her skintight
black jeans and favorite pink turtleneck sweater, which accentuated every
curve of her full plump breast. Veronica made sure to be subtle in her
makeup, except for her eyeliner, and wore her long vanilla blonde hair down
past her shoulders. She stepped out of the bathroom. "How do I look?" she
asked with a smile.

"You know how you look!" Rachel responded with a smirk. "If you don't
melt them with your looks, just start talking. I hear that guys love girl with your accent. do you say it down under? Oh look simply smashing."

"You look 'hot' yourself, Rachel." Veronica giggled while admiring the
way Rachel's tight blue jeans hugged her butt and how she filled out her
black tee shirt in front.

"Why thank you dear." Rachel replied and then they headed off to the


The Fair was bigger than Veronica had imagined it would be and there
were rows of booths with a variety of different attractions. One booth in
particular, just past the arena, caught their was a state of
the art VR booth. When they approached, they were surprised to see it
empty...until a middle-aged man, looking very fit and trim, came out from a
back room.

"How are you girls? Enjoying the Fair I trust?" The man asked in a
pleasant tone.

"Yes." Rachel responded. Veronica nodded her head and picked up a
brochure that was sitting on a table. The title of it read. "Escape
Reality & Experience a Virtual Planet Beyond Belief."

"Is this for real?" Veronica asked...wondering how far VR had progressed
in America.

"Actually, it's virtual reality but it will feel very real. I couldn't
help notice your accent...are you from Great Britain?" The man asked with a

"Australia." Veronica answered...noticing how everyone mistook her
accent as someone being from the Wild Kingdom.

"Would you two girls like to have a try at it?"

Veronica looked up at the cost...$20.00 for a twenty-minute session.
Sure, she came from money, but she wasn't sure if Rachel did. "Kind a
steep...don't you think?" Rachel asked. Veronica decided if Rachel wanted
to try it, she would.

"I'll tell you is rather slow at the moment and I need
to draw some customers in. What better way than to have two very pretty
girls model my product for me."

"You mean you're willing to let us try it for free!?!" Rachel asked with
surprise. Veronica had been told that beauty went a long way in America...
something that wasn't true back home.

"Yep...I see where we both can benefit." The man replied.

Veronica was excited and could see that Rachel was too. There were two
chairs and in seconds they were both comfortably reclining in them. The
man then attached wires to the visors they wore and inserted the other end
into a huge computer. Veronica was about to ask him what type of world
they'd be traveling to when Rachel started giggling. "You look like a
female version of Cyclops from the 'X-Man' movie. Veronica hadn't seen the
movie...but given that Rachel was wearing the same contraption, she told
Rachel to look in the mirror.

"Okay girls...just relax and enjoy the trip. Once you arrive on the new
planet, everything is going to feel very real to you...don't fight it or
try to resist, otherwise you won't benefit from the full affects." The man stated.

"Wait! What kind of planet is it that we're going to?" Veronica asked.

The man laughed and then pressed the 'ENTER' button on the keyboard...


It was the weirdest feeling in the world. One moment she was sitting in
the chair feeling slightly embarrassed and the next moment she was flying
through VR space and then "WHAM!" When she opened her eyes, she saw that
she was lying down on a bed and completely naked! 'This isn't real' she
thought to herself, but it didn't stop her from wanting to cover herself

She slipped out of bed and stood up. A quick glance told her that there
wasn't anything to put on. Just then a girl walked into the room...but not
just any girl. "ROSE!"

"Hi best friend...aren't we looking hot." Rose replied.

"What are you doing here? Your tits! They're huge! Did you get a boob
job?" Veronica replied with stunned excitement. "Wait! This isn't real!
This is virtual reality!"

"You'd be surprised what is real and what isn't." Rose responded.

Veronica suddenly felt self-conscious about being naked...something she
normally wouldn't feel around Rose. Without trying to look too obvious,
she brought her hands down to cover her groin area. "Who are you?"

"I'm Rose."

"No! Rose doesn't have tits as big as yours...and she's in Melbourne
right now. You aren't Rose...this can't be real."

"Come to me." Rose replied and with that said, Veronica found herself
rushing into Rose's arms and hugging her. The strangeness of Rose's huge
breasts, which were much bigger than her own, felt incredibly pleasant and
then she heard Rose whisper. "Welcome to Planet Servitude."

Despite knowing it wasn't Rose she was hugging, she still felt comforted
in her arms...and no matter how many times she told herself it wasn't real,
she couldn't seem to stop hugging her. Then Rose did something very
characteristic, she kissed her full on the lips, but her response was
unlike anything she'd ever felt the kiss elicited more passion
than ever before! Veronica tried to break the kiss and step back, but
Rose's hands cupped her ass cheeks, which eliciting a new level in her

It was then that Rose suddenly stopped the kiss and stepped
back...leaving Veronica stunned. "There will be time for love
later...first I must take you to see your friend. Then to your new

"Master?" Veronica replied, not understanding. She wanted to ask Rose
what she was talking about when it hit her again! This wasn't Rose! It
couldn't be! This wasn't real! This was Virtual Reality! Had they been
duped into some VR sex world?

"Come." Rose told her and Veronica found herself following Rose out the
door. The fact that they were both naked didn't seem to matter as they
made their way down a long corridor...and into another room.

"Rachel!" she screamed with excitement. Just like her, Rachel was naked
and there was another naked girl with her. Just like Rose, she was huge in
the breasts department.

"Veronica...Oh my fucking you believe this?"

They immediately hugged, needing the comfort of one another...and then
they kissed...and then something happened to them that they never ever
expected. Forgotten was the fact that there were two other naked girls in
the room with them. Forgotten was the fact that they weren't lesbians or
bisexual. They kissed and pawed at one another with a desperate hunger. A
small part of Veronica knew that if they didn't stop that they'd soon be
more than just kissing, so she tried pulling back, but Rachel must have
sensed her withdrawal because she pulled her back for more!

"Time for that later girls." The other girl stated and the two of them
suddenly stopped to face her. Veronica was frightened at how easy it was
for these girls to control her. "Who...who is she, Rachel?"

"Dawn Baker...she was my best friend in high school. Although, I don't
remember her looking quite that big." Rachel mumbled.

Both Dawn and Rose moved up to stand in front of them, but Rose did the
speaking. "You are on Planet by our Master. Here you will
learn the true meaning of being female. You will learn the art of
lovemaking... and pleasuring. Here you will learn that females exist only
to please and serve their master or mistress. By the time you leave this
planet, you will have learned everything you need to function in your new

Veronica was was Rachel. It was so hard to think of this
as Virtual Reality when everything looked and felt so real. It was as if
they'd been abducted and whisked away to some alien sex planet. Veronica
wanted to turn to Rachel and remind her that this wasn't real, but
something held her in place and she could only stand there like a statue.

"Follow me." Dawn stated and the four of them marched out of the room.
Again, they walked down a long corridor...past a lot of rooms. This time
they passed a slue of naked girls and every one of them possessed big
beautiful breasts that jiggled and bounced up and down. For the first time
in her life, Veronica felt inadequate with her 'D' cups...and could only
imagine how Rachel must have felt with her much smaller tits.

They entered a huge chamber and that was when they saw him...the same
guy that had been in the VR booth! He was sitting down on a throne...with
a robe on. Rose whispered into her ear for her to approach him and
prostate before him...and without even the slightest hint of hesitating,
she did just that...along with Rachel, who must have received the same
instructions from Dawn.

"Stand up." The man commanded. Veronica glanced at Rachel and could see
that she was just as embarrassed as she was...and now they stood at
attention, unable to move.

"So, how are you two enjoying yourselves?" The man asked with a grin.

Veronica was momentarily stunned when she heard Rachel. "You have us
naked and acting like sex slaves! Do you seriously think we're enjoying
ourselves you son of a bitch!?!"

"You'd be surprised Rachel...some girls actually get a rush from being a
slave. In fact, don't be too shocked when I tell you that there's a little
docility in every female." he replied. Veronica felt herself blushing,
recalling her own deeply seeded fantasies of being dominated.

"Let us out of here!" Rachel responded angrily.

The man smiled at Rachel and then turned his attention to Veronica.
"Kind of cool, isn't it?"

"How is this possible? Everything feels so did you know
about Rose?" Veronica asked, wishing she could move her arms to cover

"The device I've invented links directly to your brain. The VR headset
transfers your brain patterns directly into my program. Everyone with the
exception of you, Rachel and I are computerized images. As far as Rose and
Dawn are concerned, they were picked right from your mind. Like I said,
kind of cool, isn't it?"

"For you maybe...but now that you've had your fun, let us out of here."
Rachel replied.

The man chuckled. "Not until your time has elapsed."

"It has to be close to twenty minutes since we've been here." Rachel

"Actually it has been over an hour... but one minute of real time is
equivalent to one hour of VR time...which means you have over eighteen
hours to go."

"This is a nightmare!" Rachel exclaimed.

"No nightmare...just a VR World and my trusty device. The device allows
me to tap into the unused portion of your mind. Trust me when I tell you
that a mere tweak can have some mighty powerful affects."

"But how?" Veronica whispered.

"Let me explain it in this way. Have you ever notice how positive one
is when they are giving a motivational speech? By believing in yourself,
you can create small-scale miracles. I say small because humans only
utilize 10% of their brain. So, the most avid positive thinker only has
that much to draw from. I on the other hand, have access to the entire

"And you are doing silly childish games like this with something that
could help the world!" Rachel cried out.

"Deplorable, huh?" The man stated with a smirk. "Anyway, what I was
about to tell you before I was so rudely interrupted was that I found a way
to trigger a release of chemicals. These chemicals dictate feelings. But
that wasn't all it could can also alter the human body."

"You're crazy!" Veronica snapped, thinking that this was completely
ludicrous. Did he actually expect them to believe this?

"Aren't all geniuses a tad bit mad?"

"How can you possibly change someone physically?" Veronica responded.

"By altering you inside my VR world, I trigger a release of chemicals
from the previous dormant side of your brain. These chemicals immediately
work towards altering your hormonal makeup, metabolism, and a slue of other
long boring medical terms resulting in the transformation of your body.
They aren't instantaneous, but the results are very much the same."

"I don't believe you." Rachel stated.

"Then let me explain it better. What is one of the reasons some people
are skinny and some are fat? The answer, of course, is their metabolism.
Let's say I transported a fat woman inside my world...and while here, I
altered her to look slim and curvaceous. What would happen in the real
world is that a chain of events would occur and thanks to a redistribution
of chemicals, her metabolism would increase... reducing her weight.
Within 24 hours, she would shed the excess weight and look exactly as she
did in VR."

"This is incredible." Veronica whispered.

"The same holds true mentally. By altering your chemistry, I can
condition you to respond any way I so choose. In this world I can compel
obedience as you've already noticed, and part of the conditioning sets
parameters.'re forced to obey, but every time you do, you are
rewarded with a jolt of extreme pleasure. Let's, for example, say that you
were naturally aggressive and I wanted you to be naturally passive. I
could make you feel terrible every time you became aggressive in my world
and this would automatically release the necessary chemicals inside of you
for a like result in the real world. I could then sexually stimulate you
every time you responded passively and docilely...and through these
manufactured feelings and the repetition of them, you'd soon become
addicted to them. Bottom line...I establish the rules in VR while the
chemicals enforce them in the real world."

"I can manipulate your emotions, desires and passions in any way I see
fit...but I can't alter your memories or true beliefs. This means that
once you leave my world, you'll remember everything about yourself and what
happened to you while you were here. But this knowledge won't help fact; all it does is frustrate you. My recommendation is to
simply go with the flow. The overall changes will take anywhere between 24
to 72 hours...unless I've tapped into a latent desire of some sort. If
that is the case, it'll become almost instantaneous the second you exit the
VR World."

"I can't manipulate your memories or earlier values, but I can trigger
desired responses. Eventually what happens is a Pavlovian response...and
the pleasure your body derives from the conditioned responses simply start
overruling your mind."

"I know at first that this is hard to believe, but given you'll be
experiencing it firsthand, you'll soon be converts. It really is
remarkable. The story I like to tell is the day one of my clients asked me
to turn one of his young female associates into a giggling, horny bimbo.
The fact that she was due to get married in a month had no bearing at all
on the process. Part of the conditioning I set up for her was a class on
giggling...triggers to make her feel stress and anxiety whenever she
attempted an independent thought and of course, a boob job. I enlarged her
tits to the size of grapefruits! As an added treat, I made her orgasm
every time my client patted her on the 'tush'. I ran into him not too long
ago, and he told me she still blushes every time he makes her cum this

"Incidentally, did you notice how turned on you have been getting with
your own sex? As we all know, sexual arousal dictates whether a girl is
lesbian, heterosexual or bisexual. Through the course of your training,
your sexual attraction for females in general will trigger the necessary
chemicals inside your body, which in turn will flood your pleasure centers
with the necessary signals. You will also find yourself quite literally in
need for me."

"If you don't tamper with our memory...we'll know you've made us
artificially feel this way." Veronica stated.

"'s true you'll remember why you feel the way you do. You'll
remember that my VR world and device sexually turned you on but, just like
any girl discovering her sexuality for the first time, you won't be able to
do a damn thing about it. Simply put, your body will adapt accordingly and
the lesbian feelings you will soon have will seem as natural as drinking a
glass of water."

"What stops me from going to the police?" Rachel asked with a touch of

" of the classes you will attend touches on these types of
scenarios. By the time you leave here, the very thought of sharing this
with anyone will make you ill...not to mention a few other interesting
symptoms. But I'd rather not spoil the surprise and let you find out for all do."

"What going to fuck us?" Veronica sighed.

"In VR...hell no! Why have VR sex when I can have the real thing."

"I'll never let you touch me!" Rachel snapped.

"I think on that note...time for a little fun." the man replied.

Suddenly, Veronica felt extremely horny. Right now, more than anything
in the world, she wanted to fuck! She looked up at the man and wished he'd
come down off his throne and take her...and the need grew greater with
every passing second. She turned to see Rachel and could see that she was
in the same state. Rachel was panting and moaning beside her...and the
sight elicited a desire to go down on her roommate.

Veronica could tell from her leaking that she was sopping wet and
quickly slipped three fingers inside herself. Quickly she found her clit
and used her left hand to knead her tits. Her desire to cum drove her to
go faster and harder, but regardless how hard and fast she moved in and out
of herself, she couldn't cum. Desperately, she turned to Rachel and saw
that she was working her pussy just as hard...and yet it appeared she
couldn't cum either! Both of them couldn't get off? Why?!?

"You could finger yourself forever and it won't help." The man stated
with a grin.

"Wha...aaaaaatttt." Veronica whimpered, forgetting momentarily that she
was on display.

"While here...only I can make you cum or if I am inclined, I can appoint
someone else this privilege."

"Pleeeaasssseeeee." Rachel whined.

The man laughed. "Okay...I pass the privilege onto the both of you can make each other cum." the man replied.

Veronica turned around only to be knocked down by Rachel. "Please
Veronica... please fuck me!" cried Rachel.

Veronica repositioned her body so they could '69' each other'...and with
their tongues, they pleasured each other...lapping at each others pussy like there was no tomorrow. In seconds they were both crying out from
massive orgasms!

Veronica and Rachel rode the orgasm with their mouths still firmly
planted on each other's pussy until embarrassment set in...and when they
broke apart and looked at each other, they blushed.

"Why are you doing this?" Veronica whispered up at the man as she wiped
cum off her lips with the back of her hand.

"Are you kidding...power like this is the greatest aphrodisiac in the

"But it's not real." Rachel murmured.

"It will be." he replied.

"Were we..." Veronica blushed. "Were we making these movements in the
real world?"

" mean were you masturbating?"

Veronica blushed and nodded her head.

"Well, other than the smiles on your physical movements

They both felt relieved and then Rachel turned angry. "You won't get
away with this, you sick bastard!."

"Get real...I have 18 hours to train and condition you any way I so
choose. You are mine...and there isn't a damn thing you or anyone else can
do to prevent it. Remember the spiels your VR Mistresses gave you?" "Yes."
Veronica and Rachel responded in unison. They were shocked when they
realized they were made to answer in unison.

"Good! As Rose and Dawn said, you're being thoroughly conditioned and
by the time you leave Planet Servitude, you'll both possess brand new
behavior patterns...and brand new desires. The next time you wake up
you'll be much more pleasant."

"You can't do this!" Rachel exclaimed.

The man looked at Rachel and sighed...and then snapped his fingers.
Quite instantly, Rachel's body morphed down into a small bitch French
poodle. Veronica looked on in stunned amazement. The poodle looked down
at itself and yelped, realizing what had happened. Then the dog began
barking...then suddenly stopped barking and sat down...all the while
wagging its tail. The man then turned to Veronica. "Now, if I chose to
keep her in this state for the duration of her stay here, she'd literally
wake up with the mannerism and habits of a French poodle. She'd be stuck
walking the rest of her life on all fours! Trust don't want to
fuck with me." The man stated. And this is a mere fraction of what I can
do to you while you're on my planet. Remember that any physical changes I
make to you are immediately replicating themselves in real world. So, it
would behoove you to behave yourselves!"

Veronica was too stunned to react.

"I'm not sure if she'd grow a tail, but I know that she'd lose her
ability to communicate like a human. You know...bark instead of talk.
She'd still know what to say, but just not be able to say it. Sounds
horrific, doesn't it?"

"Please...we'll behave." Veronica replied in shocked fear.

The man snapped his finger again and just as quick as before, the dog morphed back into Rachel. Her first words were "Oh my god."

"I prefer Master." The man said with a grin. "Now, for a few rules
during your stay here. Your training and conditioning are gradual. Like I
said, some of your conditioning is already in progress. I've also made it
where every time you respond in the proper way without being forced by
compulsion, your body will be rewarded. Your mind registers the pleasure
and puts the experience inside your memory. The VR Mistresses assigned to
you are here to ensure your stay is pleasant and that you undergo the
appropriate training."

"This can't be happening." Veronica mumbled.

"The first half-hour you two were here, I kept you asleep in order to
interview your subconscious. I have your complete sexual history, with all
of your fantasies and your deepest darkest secrets all filed away in my
computer...and I will take advantage of this information during your
conditioning process."

"Why are you doing this?" Veronica asked...again.

"Because I can dear...because you two are very pretty girls and the only
reason I paid to have a booth at the Fair was for the purpose of adding to
my collection."

"Wha...what do you do with everybody else?" Rachel asked...finding the
nerve to speak.

"I keep you for awhile and then give you away to my associates."

"That's slavery!" Veronica snapped, angry at how easy it was for him to
ruin people's lives.

"Oh don't be too upset. Trust me...when the time comes, you're more
than happy pleasing your new master or mistress. You'd be surprised at how
much loyalty I buy when I give people real life pleasure slaves."

"You're a monster." Veronica whispered.

"Would you like me to snap my fingers and then have you tell me who the
monster is?" he asked with an amused expression."

"No. I'm sorry." Veronica replied, bowing her head.

"No. I'm sorry, what?"

Veronica was confused for a second...then understood. "No. I'm sorry,
Master." and the second she said it, she felt a pleasant tingling inside
her groin. It wasn't sexual arousal to frustrate was a mini

"Good girl..." the man said and Veronica felt another rush of pleasure
from the compliment.

"As you can tell, I gain pleasure from seeing you naked, so no clothes
during your stay here. I do this not only for my perverted sense of
enjoyment, but also to condition you so you won't be modest back to the
real world. Trust me...after the conditioning you undertake, you no longer
feel modest about showcasing your beautiful bodies. In fact, being naked
will feel more natural to you than having clothes on. This makes it easier
for you to wear your new wardrobe. Now, before I go I need to make a few
minor adjustments."

"Is this how you get your kicks? Turning us into sex toys?" Rachel

Rachel, you are certainly a feisty one. Don't'll find
yourself changing soon enough. Anyway, did you notice how every girl you've seen is rather well endowed?"

" you like girls with big tits." Rachel replied.

"I couldn't have said it better." He responded.

"Wait a second...are you implying that you're going to make us bigger on

"You're quick for a college girl."

"But I...I don't want big tits. If you like them so much, you grow them
on yourself!" Rachel mouthed off...and then brought her hand up to cover
her mouth. Veronica wondered if she had crossed over that line of
disrespect again. She thought that Rachel would have learned her lesson
the first time. Before Veronica could say anything in her defense, the man snapped his fingers. Veronica turned to Rachel and saw that she was
grabbing her tits...and right before her eyes, they began to grow! Bigger
and bigger and it didn't look like they were stopping! From an 'B' to a
'C' to a 'D'. "Stop!" Rachel screamed, but they kept growing and getting
larger and larger. By the time they stopped they looked like basketballs
in size! Veronica gasped as she watched Rachel clasp her palms over her
hardened nipples! "Why?!?" Rachel cried out.

"You needed to be taught a lesson, so the lesson is this...carry them
around for awhile and note that I've made them especially sensitive to
arousal. That way you'll find yourself not only carrying them around, but
also having a desire to play with them along the way. If you want me to
stop them growing before they get this size in the real world, behave
yourself. If not, you'll wake up with tits that size!"

Veronica couldn't help but stare at them... until she realized the man had turned his attention to her.

"You already have a nice pair, but given I'm partial to 'DD's', lets add
a cup size." He stated.

Veronica suddenly felt a pleasurable heat grow within her breasts and
couldn't help herself as she cupped them. Her nice plump 'D' cups began to
grow, and in a mere second she grew an extra cup size! She looked down at
herself. "Oh my..."

"And to make sure you don't feel left out, I've blessed them with the
same erotic sensitivity as your friend's. And as you can see, she's
already under the influence of them." The man added...and then he snapped
his finger and disappeared.

Veronica looked over and saw Rachel on her knees panting. "Please
Veronica, help me." She pleaded. Veronica quickly went to help her and saw
that even a few steps set her new boobs to bouncing. She was surprised
that one extra cup size would make them do this.

Veronica knew what Rachel wanted, but she found herself slightly
embarrassed at accommodating her. It was one thing to be overcome with
desire, and another altogether to initiate something she didn't already
want. Just then Rose and Dawn came into the room. "Can you help her?"
Veronica asked Dawn.

"What do you wish me to do?"

"Give her an orgasm." Veronica stated.

"Only our master and you can make her cum." the girl replied.

Veronica moved down on the floor between her legs. The first sniff of
Rachel's pussy made it much easier.


After Rachel came, they both lay on the floor trying to catch their
breath. They again felt embarrassed. "I can't believe he's turned us into
lesbians." Rachel stated with a blush.

"We'll be fine once we're out of here...he's just fucking with our
heads." Veronica replied...although not really believing what she was

"What do we do now? It doesn't appear that Dawn and Rose hung around."
Rachel asked.

"Lets see what this world has to offer..." Veronica replied. She
figured if they didn't get their minds on something other than the obvious,
that they'd probably end up '69'ing again. "I wouldn't mind a bath or
shower. I'll help you get up...remember, don't touch yourself."

Veronica helped Rachel to her feet. Despite her 'DD's', she felt small
compared to Rachel's new tits...and strangely she felt a bit envious that
Rachel now had the bigger set. "Do they hurt?"

"No. They feel heavy and full...but strangely they don't seem to be
putting any pressure on my back." Rachel replied. It's just hard to
balance myself.

"Yeah...I noticed that myself." Veronica replied.

They passed a lot more girls in the hallway and saw plenty more in
different rooms. Veronica compared her tits with them and saw that she
appeared to be the smallest, while on the other hand Rachel was huge in
comparison. After about five minutes of not finding a bath or shower room,
they stopped a girl in the hallway. "Hi...can you tell us where we can
find a shower or bath?"

"No showering or bathing during your training."

"You're kidding...right?" Rachel answered.

"You must go to your mistress...her tongue is specially coated with a
natural cleaning saliva that assists you with your hygiene. Much like a
cat when they lick themselves."

"This is absolutely out of this world." Veronica whispered and saw that
Rachel wasn't any happier about this.

"Well...where did they go?" Rachel asked sarcastically.

"Dawn is through this door and Rose through the last door on the left."
the girl responded.

"Thank you." Veronica whispered.


The second Veronica stepped inside the room she felt her world shift
once again...and the next thing she knew she was sitting down. Her legs
were straddling the side of a high chair and although the top half of her
was still totally naked, she was wearing diapers! She tried to move, but
discovered that she was strapped in tight and every time she wiggled, her
boobs jiggled in front of her.

She looked up when she heard a gasp. Rachel was sitting directly across
from her in the same 'get up'! Her huge tits rested on the highchair table
in front of her! Her hair was done up with two pigtails and when Veronica
shook her own head, she confirmed that she was made up the same way. "Oh
my god." She whispered.

"Veronica...why are we like this?" Rachel stammered.

"I...I don't know." Veronica whispered back. She didn't want to admit
it but VR must have tapped into one of her darkest and deepest fantasies.

"Oh come on know what's going on. Tell your friend."
Rose said as she suddenly materialized beside her. Rose was no longer
naked, but instead dressed in a skintight black latex outfit. She looked
like a dominatrix.

Veronica turned back to look at Rachel, who looked very confused. She
also noticed that Dawn was standing beside Rachel...dressed very much like
Rose. "It looks like we're playing out a secret fantasy of mine." Veronica
finally managed to mumble.

"Hey! This isn't my fantasy...why am I like this!?!" Rachel asked with

"Because The Master wishes you to share in each others fantasies. "It
helps you grow closer to one another. We're starting with Veronica's...but
don't wet your diapers, we'll be getting to yours soon enough." Dawn

Then Rose stepped in front of Veronica...her tits bouncing up and down
for a second before Rose slipped her hand through the opening of her
diapers. It was then that Veronica realized that something was stuck deep
inside her pussy and when Rose withdrew it...pulling it out, the act
elicited a deep moan from Veronica. Rose let Veronica see that it was a
huge pacifier, and it now was coated with Veronica's creamy love juices.
Rose walked over to Dawn and they exchanged pacifiers. Dawn had must have
done the same thing with Rachel. As Rose brought the pacifier close to
Veronica's nose, she could smell Rachel's musky odor as her cum coated the
entire stem. The next thing she knew she was opening her mouth wide to
receive it and immediately began sucking on the pacifier like a baby...she
couldn't stop herself...nor did she want to. As she sucked on her
pacifier, she looked over at Rachel and could see that she was doing the

"When you'll wake you'll find that you crave this..." Rose stated with a


For what seemed like hours, Veronica and Rachel experienced one dark
fantasy after another. Veronica found that being strapped inside a high
chair was tame compared to some of the other fantasies. They experienced
everything from being gang banged by a motorcycle gang to being fucked in
the ass by their favorite high school teacher to giving a blow job
underneath a restaurant table and the final fantasy had them both being
eaten out by a pair of German shepherd dogs. If it wasn't one of her
fantasies, it was one of Rachel's and despite the humiliation of the acts,
every second of these experiences were arousing, shocking Veronica like
never before! Veronica, who had thought she had kinky fantasies, had never
in her life thought about bestiality - and here the quiet, conservative
Rachel could only blush in defense.

When their fantasy session ended, Veronica and Rachel, stark naked, were
stretched out on a King sized bed and then licked clean by their VR
Mistresses, Rose and Dawn.


Throughout their training, which included classes in love making,
giggling, makeup, clothing, slave etiquette, and a slue of other ordeals,
their time in VR went by quicker than they ever could imagined. When they
were escorted into the Master's chamber, they didn't have to be told to go
prostrate themselves before him.

"Look at me." The man stated.

Veronica looked up...drinking in the sight of her Master, but still
having enough rebellion in her to think. 'Have your sick fun now because
we won't be your puppets outside this world'

"Certainly you will." Their Master stated, which shocked Veronica.
"Every bit of training you received was accompanied with a pleasure jolt.
Trust me, your body will crave this feeling and your mind will remember how
to obtain it." he added.

"Master...permission to speak freely." Rachel requested.

"Much more respectful...what is it?"

"What about my tits?" Rachel asked.


Veronica felt the VR helmet being lifted off her head, as she lay there
unmoving for a few seconds. A young woman, maybe mid twenties, smiled down
at her. Veronica then looked over at Rachel and saw a girl helping her,

"Take your time getting up." The girl stated.

"What time is it? Why is it so dark?" Rachel asked.

"You've been under for twenty minutes...we closed the laps of the tent
so you wouldn't be disturbed.

"Where's Mast...ah...where's the man that was here?" Veronica asked,
shocked that she almost called the man her master. It did feel right,
though, and she wondered.

"Our Master had to leave, but he has a briefcase for each of you which
explains everything you need to know."

"Look...he may be your Master, but there is no way that I'm buying into
this shit." Veronica stated. She would take the was the
evidence she needed to go directly to the police!

She looked over at Rachel again and thought that she was
uncharacteristically quiet...then she noticed that Rachel was slowly moving
her hands up to cup her boobs. Then it HIT her! "Oh god!" she cried. She
looked down at her own tits and wondered why she hadn't noticed it before?
They were bigger...but how? She looked back at Rachel and saw that her
breasts were much bigger, especially given that she was only a 'B' cup
before. "We must still be in VR." Rachel softly whispered. "Nope...your
VR is over. They are very much real...feel them." The girl next to Rachel

Veronica lifted herself up off the couch and giggled when she saw her
tits jiggle up and down. She also realized that she wasn't wearing her bra
any more and blushed. This meant that the girl must have taken it off. At
least her pink turtleneck sweater was big enough that it hid her new
attributes. "Where's my bra?"

"You're not allow to wear bras anymore...I threw it away." The girl replied.

Veronica wanted to reply with anger, but for some strange reason she
didn't. She knew the girl was telling the truth. It wouldn't mean that
she would comply with this new rule, but there was no sense in arguing
about it.

She looked back at Rachel, whose black shirt did a terrible job of
hiding her tits. The material now only covered the top portion of her
boobs...and the more she looked at them, the more she realized they were
arousing her.

Both girls stepped outside of the tent with their briefcase in hand.
They looked incredible and as they started for the exit of the Fair
Grounds, they were getting their share of stares. Just then, around the
corner of a building that looked like an arena, two guys on a golf cart
approached. They came to a stop in front of them.

"Can we give you two ladies a lift?" the passenger asked with a smirk.

"Do you offer this ride to all fair goers?" Veronica replied...and then
giggled, twirling her hair. She knew that she had giggled and that she was
twirling her hair like some bimbo, but she couldn't seem to stop herself.

"Only to girls that look like you." The driver replied.


When the two girls got back to their dorm room, they quickly went
through the contents of their briefcases. Veronica still couldn't believe
how she had acted in front of those two guys...but they certainly didn't
seem to mind when Rachel told them they were lesbian lovers. In fact, they
asked if they could watch.

Veronica could only imagine what Rachel was thinking. How could this be
real? They had only been in VR for twenty minutes, but here they were,
transformed now into giggling, big titted bimbos, with an obvious desire
for one another. Veronica wasn't sure how much longer she could hold out
before she attacked the wet spot between Rachel's legs.

Suddenly, a cell phone inside Veronica's briefcase rang. Veronica
picked it up and pressed the pretty pink button. "Hi."

"Hi are you feeling?"

Veronica giggled, but then grew silent in confusion. Why did she
respond to her Master calling her Barbie? Why did she refer to him as her

"Is Bambi there with you?" he asked.

"Yes Master." she beamed. Bambi? Rachel...Bambi?

"Read the instructions in your briefcases and I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yes Master." Veronica replied.

End of Part One.

This story was inspired by several emails I have received from Veronica
Doll, a real life Barbie Doll and a submissive. This story is dedicated to
her and her happiness. If you enjoy the story you may contact me at and let me know.


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