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Victorian Seduction I by Kitten Cream (c) April, 2001
(MF, anal, oral, bond)

Don't read this if you are underage or aren't allowed
to wherever you live. Feedback and suggestions are
welcome! Email If you'd like to
post this story elsewhere (what a compliment!) please
only post to non-pay sites. Find all my stories at

Foreword: This story is set in 19th Century England. I
apologize for any historical inaccuracies. My only
research consists of reading hundreds of historical
romance novels. ;-) This will be a multi-part story
about a young woman named Alyssa and her carnal
education in Society.

When she was twelve, Alyssa Grenville's parents died
in an influenza epidemic that swept London. Alyssa was
at their country estate at the time, too young for a
trip to Town. Her father's sister Lady Beatrice, and
her husband, the Earl of Waverly, became her
guardians. Alyssa saw little of them, as they resided
in London.

A few months after her seventeenth birthday, Alyssa
received word from her aunt and uncle that she was to
prepare for her coming-out Season in London. They sent
a carriage for her three months later, and so Alyssa
went to London for the first time, excited and nervous
about this new adventure. Growing up in the country
had ill-equipped her to deal with Society, especially
men, around whom she was generally tongue-tied and
shy. But Alyssa would soon overcome her shyness and
blossom into a gloriously sensual woman.

The carriage pulled up in front of Lady Beatrice's
stately two-story residence in a quietly elegant
London neighborhood. Alyssa alighted from the
carriage, clutching her reticule and shawl. She
mounted the stairs and raised her hand. Before she
could knock, it was swung open by a butler as stately
as the house who ushered her silently to the drawing
room, where she was hugged and kissed in a cloud of
perfume and chatter by her aunt.

Her uncle smoothly inserted his own welcome into the
stream of words. "Hello, Alyssa, welcome to our home."
He was a man of few words, which was good, as his wife
talked enough for both of them

"Oh, laa, child, do come over by the fire, sit down,
sit down. Let's talk about what we shall be doing over
the next few months. We have such a busy schedule! We
must get you ready for the ball, a whole wardrobe to
purchase, fittings, introductions, why, I do declare,
we shall be hard-pressed to find time for sleep! Quite
exciting, though, yes it is. With my own dear
daughters already married and out of the house, it has
been quite some time since I had the opportunity to
introduce a young lady into Society. But I can already
see that you shall be the Toast of the Season. That
hair, those eyes! Why, the young dandies shall be
swarming 'round at every fete.

Alyssa blushed under these effusive words of praise,
to the delight of her Aunt. "And such modesty! Child,
this shall be such fun, wait and see. But now, you
must be exhausted, I'll have the maid show you up to
your room for a rest before dinner." Lady Beatrice
finally paused for a breath. Alyssa found herself
bundled up the stairs by a young maid shortly
thereafter, shown into a daintily feminine guest

The first few days were consumed with fittings for
ball gowns, day gowns, evening dresses, gloves, hats,
and shoes. It seemed that none of her clothes were
fashionable enough for London. After a long day of
shopping, Lady Beatrice and Alyssa arrived back at
Waverly House late in the afternoon. The butler
announced that there were two visitors waiting in the
drawing room. As Alyssa and Lady Beatrice entered the
drawing room, Alyssa was immediately stricken with
shyness when she realized that one of them was a tall,
well-favored young man, dressed to the nines in tight-
fitting trousers and waistcoat..

Lady Beatrice called out, "Ah, Genevieve, we wondered
who could be here. So good of you to come and meet my
niece Alyssa so soon! Alyssa, this is the Honorable
Miss Genevieve Hutton, and her rapscallion of a
stepbrother, William Montrose, Lord Bryson." She
rapped the tall, leanly muscled young man smartly on
the arm with her fan, smiling coyly.

"So pleased to make your acquaintance, Lady Hutton,
Lord Bryson." Alyssa murmured, staring down at the
marble floor but peeking up shyly through her lashes
at both of them.

"Likewise, I'm sure, darling. Do call me Genevieve, or
Genny if you prefer, and I do hope that I may call you
Alyssa?" Genny studied the shy young lady in front of
her, feeling a pleasant tingle in her nipples as she
took in the deliciously innocent eyes, the luscious
lips, pure complexion. Definite possibilities in this
one, she thought to herself with a small secret smile.

Her stepbrother's thoughts were running along the same
paths. Difficult to tell much about her figure from
the waist down, but the bodice of her gown conformed
faithfully to a set of large breasts, more than a
handful to his experienced eyes. As current fashion
dictated, the bodice dipped almost to the beginning of
her aureolae. As he stared at where her nipples were
hidden under the fabric of her gown, Bryson grinned at
the flush sweeping up Alyssa's chest under his

"Will you and your brother stay for tea, my dear?"
asked Lady Beatrice, oblivious to their randy
thoughts. "Jasper should be ready to serve it in just
a few moments."

"Thank you, Lady Beatrice, that is most kind of you. I
would love to stay for tea." accepted Genny. Bryson,
however, demurred, saying that he had a prior
engagement. Genny smirked, as she knew very well what
"engagement" he was talking about. Lady Beatrice
walked Bryson to the door, then left Genny and Alyssa
alone for a few moments while she informed Jasper of
the addition to afternoon tea.

Genny took a seat on the sofa in front of the fire,
patting the seat next to her in invitation to Alyssa.
Alyssa shyly sat down, fussing with her gown for a
moment, fiddling with her gloves. Finally, she ran out
of fidgets and looked sideways at Genny, only to find
her quietly, intensely studying Alyssa.

Genny broke the silence. "I understand that you were
raised in the countryside. What do you think of London
so far?" They conversed quietly for a few moments,
while Genny determined how best to approach the topic
of interest to her, the extent of Alyssa's sexual
experience. Finally, she asked, "So, Alyssa, did you
leave a boyfriend or a special friend back home?"

Alyssa blushed and shook her head, "Oh, no, I was not
allowed to socialize. There were no suitable young men
in the area."

Genny watched carefully as she asked the next
question. "Hmmm, no suitable families, I see. Perhaps,
though, there was a stable lad or farmer's son that
you had a bit of a crush on? Anyone that caused
butterflies in your nether regions, darling?"

She answered the question a little weakly. "Oh, no,
no..." her voice trailed off. Genny, sensing
something, pressed her a little.

"Surely, darling, there was some boy that caught your
eye in all those years? After all, a girl as pretty as
you, I'm sure many boys flirted with you." She smiled
a cat's smile at Alyssa.

Alyssa didn't understand why Genny was being so
persistent, but a childhood memory had surfaced at the
questions. "Well, actually..." she stopped for a

"Go on, tell me about it, darling," urged Genny,
leaning forward.

"Well, my dance tutor, he was so nice and kind to me,
and I think maybe I had a little crush on him." Alyssa
admitted finally.

Genny leaned close and hugged Alyssa. "See darling,
that wasn't so difficult, was it?" Alyssa was too
stunned by the embrace to react. Genny pulled back
from the hug and took Alyssa's hand in one of hers,
using the other to tip Alyssa's head up so that she
was looking into her eyes. "Don't be so bashful,
Alyssa, having a crush is perfectly normal. Why, if
you didn't have crushes, I'd worry more. Everyone
forms affections in Society, it is what you do about
them that matters." Her eyes gleamed at Alyssa
mischievously, inviting her to laugh along. Lady
Beatrice found them giggling together a moment later.

"Oh, my dears, I'm so glad you are getting along! I
had hoped that you and Genny would be the best of
friends." Beatrice beamed at them. "Perhaps you will
be able to attend some events with Genny and her
stepbrother, although he's not a suitable companion
for you alone, of course, Alyssa, but really, with
Genny there too, you might attend the theater or a
musical. You know your uncle and I will be glad to
take you, but we are getting along in years and those
events are usually such crushes! We really like to
stay quietly at home for the most part, and Genny is
perfect to introduce you into a group of suitable
young ladies. So nice that you are getting along!" she
concluded brightly.

Alyssa was embarrassed that her aunt would make so
many assumptions based on her short acquaintance with
Lady Hutton, and blushed a fiery red. She was grateful
for Genny's assurances that, of course, she'd be
delighted to show Alyssa 'round Society, introduce her
to some of her friends. And she assured Lady Beatrice,
without cracking a smile, that Bryson would be
delighted to chaperone them to various events. She
knew very well that Bryson would be straining at his
trousers to "introduce" Alyssa to their select group
of friends.

"I'd actually come over to invite Alyssa to a garden
party tomorrow. We've set it up in the conservatory at
my house, as it looks like the weather will continue
dismal and dreary," she informed Lady Beatrice.

"Oh, lovely, my dear, I'm sure Alyssa would be
delighted to attend. What time shall she come over?"
Lady Beatrice inquired. Alyssa, noted Genny, did not
seem upset that her aunt was accepting invitations on
her behalf. She took her leave after providing all the
pertinent details about the party - or at least, the
details suitable for Lady Beatrice's ears!

Six young ladies sat around a table in the
conservatory, sipping tea and daintily nibbling on
finger sandwiches as they gossiped about the latest
scandals and fashions. Alyssa sat almost paralyzed
with shyness next to Genny for the first half hour.
Finally, after the tea and cakes had been served, all
the servants departed save one, a handsome, strongly
muscled young footman. He stood impassively along the
wall behind the table, seemingly oblivious as the talk
at the table grew more and more risque'. If Alyssa was
tongue-tied sitting amongst strangers, the next few
minutes would tie her entire body in knots!

Genny kept one eye on Alyssa, gauging her reaction as
the girls began to talk about the men whom they
considered eminently tasty this Season. "Oo, laa, that
Viscount Stokely, I do declare he makes me pant and
squirm!" declared Justina Harcourt. A murmur of
agreement went up from the others.

"And of course, Genny, your stepbrother is QUITE
luscious. Don't you agree, Justina?" inquired
Catherine Wyndham with a smirk.

The lady in question smiled knowingly and leaned back
in her seat, closing her eyes briefly as though she
were transported to heaven. "Aahh, yes, Bryson is
quite a strong young man. A lot of stamina. And quite
a," she cleared her throat delicately, "handful," she
murmured to giggles from several of the girls. Alyssa
wondered what was so amusing.

"Ah, but the most exciting one would have to be Duke
Lyndhurst," said Genny with a delicious smile.

"Oh you mean Dominant, I mean Dominic," Justina
snorted. The others laughed uproariously at this
statement, all except Alyssa. "That man exudes manly
heat, but he counts himself too good to dally with the
likes of us!"

Genny had encouraged the girls to speak openly in
front of Alyssa, to see if she would be a good
addition to their intimate circle. She deemed her too
shy to object no matter how...delicious...the subject
became. And she was right. Over the next hour, Alyssa
listened with increasingly fiery blushes as the girls
discussed the various attributes and skills of the
gentlemen in Society. Much of it was beyond her
comprehension, as they alluded to practices that
Alyssa had no knowledge of. Finally, the talk turned
to dancing and the merits of a waltz.

"I do declare, I have to change my pantalettes every
time I dance with Viscount Stokely," Genny admitted,
to a shocked gasp from Alyssa. "The man is lethal.
Why, he can put his leg between mine on the dance
floor and ride me to a finish before the dance is
done." The others listened avidly to this confession,
Justina fanning herself rapidly.

"I know what you mean, Genny. Lord Barkley almost had
my skirts up out on the balcony last week. For a man
of such short stature, he is singularly well equipped.
I vow I couldn't sit down for three days after the
last weekend rout!" Catherine admitted sheepishly.

Alyssa didn't know what sitting down had to do with
anything, or what equipment she spoke of. But she was
very sensitive to the increasing sensual tension in
the atmosphere. She squirmed, feeling a tingling in
her nipples.

Genny discreetly signaled the footman. He approached
the table immediately. "Ah, Adam, just the man I
needed to see," she sighed seductively. "Would you be
a darling and ask Cook for some more of these lovely
cakes?" sliding her hand gently up his arm, from wrist
to elbow. Alyssa was spellbound by the sensuous
caress, but no one else seemed to find it odd. Perhaps
they do things very differently here in London, she
thought in confusion.

As soon as he left the room, Justina leaned over and
said, "I swear, Genny, you are such a hussy. Every
time I come over you've got one who's bigger and
younger!" The others giggled at this remark, but Genny
just smiled like a cat who'd got the cream. Soon
enough, Adam was back, followed shortly by Cook with
the pastries. After a few moments, the lascivious
conversation resumed, but stepped up a notch.

"Justina, give us some details! How was Bryson, dear?
Is he as good as I've heard?" inquired Catherine.

"Oh, lordy, that man had me screaming from one end of
the room to the other. I swear, he taught me a few
things." Justina disclosed. The girls leaned forward
with bated breath, even Alyssa. She realized that
these girls were talking about things they shouldn't
be doing or discussing in polite Society, but the
conversation was too fascinating to miss.

"He pumped me so long I came three times, and had to
nearly bite through my hand so I wouldn't scream the
house down." She showed them the red mark on the
inside of her hand. "Lord, if I had, wouldn't mother
have been shocked to find out what I was doing!" she

"He's like a stallion! After his first finish, I
thought we were done for the night. I was certainly
feeling a little tender. But then he "persuaded" me
that I wasn't quite as done as I thought. He put me on
top and kept flicking my pearl. I was positively
*begging* him to finish at the end, I couldn't have
survived one more spend. I ruined a perfectly
wonderful set of linens, too, I can tell you," she
finished up with a sigh, rolling her eyes heavenward
in remembered ecstasy. "That man is very talented.
Must run in the family, hmm, Genny? I'm a little
tender today, though. I could use your special
treatment to make it all better," she winked at her.

Alyssa couldn't stand it another moment. With a
mumbled excuse, she jumped up from the table and went
in search of the powder room. Her cheeks felt as
though they would spontaneously combust, her pebble-
hard nipples pressed against the material of her
chemise, and her knickers were drenched. Alyssa had
seen animals mate while living in the countryside. But
she had never expected that people behaved in the same
manner! For heaven's sake, these young ladies were
indulging in this behavior outside marriage! Why, they
would all be ruined if anyone found out. She wasn't
quite sure what everything they said meant, but from
the looks on their faces and the sighing breaths, it
seemed there must be a lot of pleasure involved.

In her headlong dash up the stairs, Alyssa didn't
notice that Bryson stood at the top of the stairs,
watching her rapid ascent. She barreled into him, and
only his strong arms kept her from tumbling down the
stairs. Alyssa looked up at him, stunned. Good Lord,
this was the man that Justina had been sighing about!
And he was staring down at her with hot eyes, his eyes
lingering over her pebbled nipples.

"What have those naughty girls been talking about,
Alyssa, to have you hurrying up the stairs like this?"
he asked her knowingly.

Without thought, she blurted out, "You!" then ducked
her head immediately, hiding her face in his cravat.
One eyebrow arched, Bryson considered how to proceed
for a moment. He knew very well what she meant, he had
ridden Justina's hot, tight rectum hard last night and
that young lady could never keep her good fortune to
herself when she found a good rider.

"Ah, I see. Why don't you come in here with me and
we'll get everything sorted out," he murmured
soothingly. Alyssa allowed him to lead her trembling
form into a room at the top of the stairs. Her nether
regions had suddenly acquired an entire flock of
butterflies. She looked around dazedly, seeing a
settee along one wall, and several chairs grouped
cozily in front of a fireplace.

"Let me get you a brandy. You look like you could use
it." Bryson smiled down at her, seating her gently on
the settee. Discretely, he made sure that the door was
locked. No need to be disturbed. He intended to seize
this opportunity to explore Alyssa's gorgeous, ripe
young charms for a while.

Alyssa wasn't even paying attention as she gulped down
the finger of brandy. She spluttered as it burned a
hole down her throat. "There, there," Bryson patted
her back, even reaching around to gently rub her
tummy, as though he could take away the sting of the
potent alcohol. With a gasp, Alyssa jerked away a
little bit, but his hands caged her in.

"It's alright, Alyssa, I'm not going to hurt you. What
did they say about me that has you so distressed?"
Bryson did his best impression of a benign uncle, all
the while feeling his cock stirring at proximity with
such a fresh young beauty.

Alyssa couldn't even conceive of repeating the things
they'd said downstairs. She turned big, liquid eyes up
to him. "Oh, Lord Bryson, I can't possibly tell you
what they said. It was so, so..." she searched for
words, "...improper," she finished on a little gasp as
Bryson's hands began sweeping in widening circles on
her back and tummy.

"There, there," he repeated soothingly, as though his
actions were completely normal. "Lean back just a
little, darling. I can tell you've had quite a shock.
You'll feel better if you talk about it," he assured
Alyssa, while his hands now swept in such broad
circles that the edge of his palm just brushed the
underside of her breasts. At the same time, the hand
on her back would sweep down to her lower back in
counterpoint. Alyssa arched her back slightly in
automatic response to the drugging pleasure of his
warm hands. She could feel the heat of the massage
even through several layers of clothing. Unbidden, she
wondered what it feel like on her naked flesh, then
was immediately shocked at her wanton thoughts.

Bryson continued to massage her back, but brought the
other hand up to cover her bodice. "Now, Alyssa, I
want you to tell me what they said. What has caused
these pretty little nipples to press so hard against
your dress?" Bryson ran his warm palm slowly back and
forth over her right breast, pressing the center of
his palm into her sensitive nipple. The blaze of
sensation arched Alyssa's back, wringing a whimpering
sigh from her luscious bee-stung lips.

"Oo, Lord Bryson, I'm sure we shouldn't, you
shouldn't..." she was unable to complete the thought
as he began to gently pluck at her nipple. She knew
that she should stop him immediately, slap his face
for daring such disrespect. But truly, she felt unable
to resist the way that Lord Bryson had just taken
command of the situation and of her.

"Alyssa, look at me," she obediently opened heavy eyes
to look at him, "tell me what they said," he insisted.

The note of command in his voice compelled her
obedience, where no amount of cajoling would have.
Thus, Bryson learned of Alyssa's penchant for
submission, and noted the thought for future

Haltingly, she murmured, "She said...she said that you
were like a stallion, that she ruined a set of linens,
that...that..." she faltered again, but a commanding
pinch to her nipple from Bryson got her started again,
"that she begged you to finish flicking her pearl,"
the recollection came out a little jumbled. Bryson had
reached into her bodice and lifted her breast into the
slightly cool air of the room. Alyssa's head fell back
over his left arm, as his hand at her back provided
some support. She knew she shouldn't allow this to
continue, but the sheer erotic pleasure of the moment,
and the gusset-drenching feel of his hand pinching her
nipple, swayed all reason. "I don't even know what a
pearl is, but I'm sure it's naughty," she finished the
explanation with a groan.

"Oh, my poor darling, you don't know what your pearl
is? Every woman has one, sweetheart, and it exists
purely for your pleasure. Let me show you, darling.
Tilt back for me a bit, that's it, spread your legs
for me just a little bit more, ah yes, perfect." He
eased her down sideways on the settee, observing her
gasping breaths, small shuddering moans escaping with
every pinch of her nipple. He made a mental note to
see if she could climax just from having her lovely
breasts played with.

He was amazed that she hadn't called a halt yet. Most
of the young ladies he had helped to induct into their
world put up at least a token resistance. She must be
absolutely ripe for plucking, he chuckled to himself.

Bryson's hand gathered up her skirts and petticoats,
pulling them upwards. "Alyssa, darling, hold this for
me. Hold tight, darling," Bryson crooned softly. He
saw a shiver sweep over her even as she grasped the
bulky knot of material in her hands obediently. Her
legs tried to squeeze together briefly, but Bryson had
expected such a reaction and quickly placed one of his
legs between hers, ensuring his access to the sweet
valley between her thighs.

"Darling, keep your eyes closed for me now. Hold on
tightly." He settled his hand at her ankles and sent a
hand questing up her calf, over the thin material of
her petticoats, to her upper thigh, on up to the
secret place between her thighs that not even Alyssa
touched except to bathe. Alyssa's body jerked
convulsively as his hand reached the place that wept
with pleasure between her upper thighs. Through the
gossamer fine material of her knickers, Bryson felt a
slick of moisture. He smiled wolfishly. Oh, yes,
little Alyssa would be a fine addition to the club.

Gently, one long aristocratic finger swept over the
spot at the apex of her thighs. At the same time, his
other hand, which had been pinching her nipple
constantly, clamped over her mouth. Just in time, as
Alyssa screamed against his palm, her hips thrusting
madly upwards.

"That's it, darling, that's it. Let me pleasure you.
Oh, Alyssa, you are so wet darling, mmm, I bet you
taste delicious. What a sweet little cunny. Darling,
part your legs a little more for me. No, no, don't
scream, try to be quiet. Good girl, open just a little

He pushed the loose, drenched material into her slit.
"Does that feel good? I think that it does, Alyssa. I
can feel you dripping all over my fingers." Alyssa
moaned in embarrassed pleasure as his knowledgeable
fingers sought and found the opening in her knickers,
designed to allow visits to the water closet. He slid
two fingers inside her knickers and tugged gently on
the fine hairs in her delta. Then, he slipped one
finger into her wet little slit and rubbed gently up
to the top.

"This is your pearl, darling, also called a clitoris.
What a large clitoris you have. Mmmm, you like that,
don't you? That's it," he urged her, "move your hips.
Is this how you like to be touched? Can you peak for
me, Alyssa? I know you can. Let me
little bit..." he trailed off, sliding both fingers
firmly down her slit towards the mouth of her little
sex. The lips unfurled easily, drenched with her
body's lubricant. Then, while both fingers pressed on
her slit, he pushed his knuckles against her pearl and
rotated his hand against her, applying pressure.

Alyssa's breath stopped, her hips arched up off the
settee, and she came with small spurts of love juice
against his hand. The pleasure seemed to go on and on,
as she stared unseeingly up at the ceiling, her legs
now clamped on his hand. Bryson held his hand still,
waiting for the muscle spasms to stop, feeling the
tiny mouth of her sex suckling on his fingertips. His
cock ached so much he could easily spill into his
pants with the slightest provocation, but this time
was for Alyssa only. He couldn't take the time to coax
her into using her hot mouth on him, nor would he
attempt her tightly-grasping little rectum until they
had more salubrious surroundings. Of course, he hadn't
expected to get so far this afternoon, certainly not
to the point where two fingers were buried between the
soaking lips of her nether mouth. But he had one more
thing he wanted to do, a final test if you will, to
verify that she was really perfect for his select
circle of friends.

While Alyssa lay back, dazed from her first orgasm,
muscles relaxed, he moved up the settee and settled
his mouth over hers, thrusting his tongue between her
moistly parted lips. At the same time, his middle
finger slid through the groove of her sex, down,
towards her rosebud. Bryson could feel her small,
tight anus fluttering slightly in reaction to her
first orgasm. He circled it gently with his drenched
finger, using her own juices to lubricate the tightly
clasping entrance. Alyssa's leg trembled as though
they would close, but slowly she subsided, responding
to Bryson's passionate kiss. He placed his fingertip
against the little rosebud and began to slowly exert
pressure, riding the contractions from her orgasm into
her rectum.

As Alyssa felt the fingertip begin to push inside, she
gasped and cried out into Bryson's mouth. Not in
protest, but in pleasure. The naughty sensation was
electric. Bryson pushed deeper, and his long finger
was swallowed to the first knuckle. He could feel the
mouth of her anus suckling on his finger, and the
sensation delighted him. Oh, yes, this young lady
would be an excellent addition to their circle! he

"You've done very well Alyssa, what a good girl you
are," Bryson softly praised her, keeping his finger in
place, but not venturing any further. Alyssa opened
passion-glazed green eyes and stared at him, not
really seeing him, her lips slick from his kisses,
cheeks flushed. His cock kicked against his trousers,
demanding attention. Bryson ignored it for the moment.

"You...your, your finger..." she moaned weakly. "Yes,
Alyssa, my finger is in your bottom. Can you feel how
your rosebud is suckling on it? I think you like this,
don't you, sweet girl? Hmm?" Bryson watched the impact
of his words.

Alyssa's eyes fluttered closed, then opened. "Hmmm..."
she agreed without actually saying yes.

At this point, Bryson judged that he should not go any
further. He removed the finger from her bottom,
feeling her flinch slightly at the odd sensation as it
withdrew. Then he removed his hand from under her
thigh, and took the limp bunch of material from
Alyssa's hands, which had remained tightly clasped
throughout the encounter. He smoothed her skirts,
brought her upright, and kissed her mouth gently. She
was still somewhat in a daze.

"Alyssa, it's time to rejoin the others downstairs. We
don't want to get you in any trouble. Alyssa? Did you
hear me?" he inquired gently.

"MMmm, oh yes, al...alright." Alyssa murmured with
effort. Her limbs were almost without strength, and it
was an effort to keep her eyes open. She felt wet
between her legs, her knickers clinging clammily to
her skin. Bryson helped her to stand, steadying her as
her knees briefly wobbled.

"Darling, you have such passion in you. What a delight
you are!" Bryson praised her. "Now, before you go
downstairs, why don't you splash a little cold water
on your face? There is a powder room through those
doors." He led her in the direction of the water
closet, then gave her a little nudge through the
doorway. While she splashed water on her face, Bryson
unlocked the other door. Alyssa would have blushed
fifteen shades of red had she seen him raise the two
fingers of his right hand to his mouth and smell them
deeply, then slide them slowly, sensuously into his
mouth and suck off all of her love juices.

Bryson led her solicitously down the stairs, keeping
one hand under her elbow. Genny was waiting at the
bottom of the stairs, her eyebrow lifted as she saw
how Alyssa was supported down the stairs.

"Alyssa was feeling a little off-color, so I had her
rest a moment upstairs," Bryon told Genny with a
straight face.

"Oh, poor Alyssa!" Genny exclaimed. "Well, the other
girls just left, they said to tell you good-bye. They
are all looking forward to our next meeting."

Alyssa's smile was a little wobbly, but she managed to
look Genny in the eye as she thanked her for the
invitation to attend the party.

"No, no, darling, the pleasure was ours," Genny
lingered a little over the word pleasure, "and we do
hope you'll agree to attend another event with us. We
have plans to attend the theater on Saturday, our
family has an absolutely fabulous box, very private
but with a delicious view of the audience and the
stage. Would you like to attend? We can pick you up at
8 o'clock. I've spoken with Lady Beatrice already."

Alyssa agreed that it would be wonderful to attend the
theater, and thankfully took her escape, walking the
three houses down the road to her aunt and uncle's
house, her thoughts wildly spinning as she absorbed
all that had happened today. Behind her, the door had
barely closed before Genny was demanding Bryson tell
all the details of their little triste.

Saturday night, Alyssa was ensconced in the plush
carriage seated next to Genny. Bryson's hot eyes
licked over every inch of the exposed skin at her
bodice, watching blush after blush sweep over Alyssa's
fair complexion. Genny sat back smugly in her corner.
She and Bryson had formed a plan to allow him some
private time with Alyssa later that evening. In
return, Bryson had arranged for Viscount Stokely to
transport Genny home in his carriage.

Waiting for the play to start, Alyssa observed that
theater patrons were watching each other as avidly as
they would the stage. She was burningly conscious of
Bryson, seated close enough to touch her skirt with
his warm, strong thigh. However, as soon as
Shakespeare's As You Like It began, Alyssa became lost
in the scene onstage. The spell remained unbroken
until the curtain came down at intermission. Then she
blinked owlishly around at the almost deserted box.
Where was Genny? And Viscount Stokely? She reluctantly
raised her eyes to meet Bryson's intense blue stare.

"Alyssa, darling, you can't avoid me all night," he
told her. "Tell me that you don't hate me?" His eyes
beseeched her, while his hand covered her upper thigh,
squeezing gently.

"Oh, no, of course not!" Alyssa gasped. Why, how could
he think such a thing? It was she who had been
inexcusably wanton! He must think her the loosest of
women. "I, I, I'm so sorry for the way that I
behaved," she told him in a whisper.

"But darling, you have nothing to apologize for,"
Bryson told her. He rubbed his hand up and down her
upper thigh, each time sweeping closer to the sweet
hidden delta. "It was pure pleasure, no need to feel
guilt or blame. I certainly feel none! Why, you are
still innocent as the day you were born. Compared to
me, indeed, you are an angel, a lovely soft angel
whose eyes lead men to heaven." Alyssa blushed at the
effusive praise, at the same time a shy smile tugged
at her mouth. He did indeed have a sweet tongue, she
thought naughtily.

The tips of Bryson's fingertips finally brushed into
the vee of her thighs, and Alyssa jerked upright,
drawing in a sharp gasp of air. "What is it, darling?"
Bryson asked innocently, knowing exactly what prompted
the reaction. His fingers had delved into her delta,
nudging firmly into the top of her slit for a moment.
Alyssa's hands grasped his wrist, but didn't actually
tug him away.

"Bryson, you can't! Not here! Everyone will see."
Alyssa protested faintly. Bryson grinned triumphantly.
She feared discovery, but not his touch. Alyssa's
seduction would be swift and delicious. "They can't
see us, darling. The balcony wall hides us from
others. Don't worry, your reputation is quite safe
with me," he assured her.

Partially reassured, Alyssa sank back into the seat,
her thighs almost involuntarily parting to allow his
magical hand access. Then, as though waking from a
dream, Alyssa slammed her legs closed. "Wait! I
cannot...we cannot, must not do this. I shall be
ruined! It is not right to allow such intimacy between
two unmarried people." The words tumbled end over end,
breathlessly. "And, and what if I am no longer a
maiden?" she asked somewhat incoherently.

"Shsh, darling Alyssa. I told you to trust me. We
shall both feel great pleasure this night, and your
maidenhead shall be unchallenged, I promise you,
darling." His honeyed words relaxed Alyssa and her
legs parted. Bryson smiled. He would indeed leave her
maidenhead untouched. His intentions resided in a
different location, one that would betray no hint of
his trespass to Society.

Alyssa's nipples erected painfully quickly at the
feeling of vulnerability and openness when her thighs
parted. Bryson noted the hard nubs immediately, but
knew he dared not touch above her waist, as those in
boxes directly across might notice. He leaned closer
and whispered to Alyssa. "You must help me, Alyssa. No
matter what I do, or how good it feels, I want you to
remain expressionless. Do not cry out, but if the
pleasure becomes too keen, clutch my arm tightly.
Alright, darling?"

Alyssa nodded jerkily, her breathing already hurried.
His hand slid deeper into the valley between her
thighs. "I am going to put my hand underneath your
skirt when the lights go back down, darling. Noone
will be able to see what we are doing." He rubbed
slowly, deeply into her slit, feeling the heat
increase as the blade of his hand rubbed slowly
against her cloth-covered clitoris, over and over. He
watched her closely, his own breathing involuntarily
quickening. "Now darling, remember what I said. Look
at me as though we are conversing normally. Tell me of
your day. What did you do this morning?"

Alyssa looked at him, struggling to hold her eyes
open. "I..." she drew in a quick breath, "I went for a
ride in the park with my Aunt. Oohh..." she trailed

"And then what, darling? Hmmm, what did you do? Did
you go up to your room for a nap, and play with your
sweet little cunny? Did you make yourself spend all
over your fingers? You come so wetly, Alyssa, I can't
wait to drink from your sweet nether lips." His words
sent shafts of intense pleasure-pain into her stomach
and lower.

Just then, the oil lamps were turned down and the
orchestra played a few bars to warn patrons the 2nd act
was starting. Loud voices and laughter announced the
return of Viscount Stokely and Genny. Bryson
unhurriedly withdrew his hand, tugged the wrinkles
from her skirt, and straightened up just as the
curtains at the box entrance parted. "Hello you two!
Hope you are thirsty, as we have brought the most
divine lemonade for you. Here, Alyssa!" Genny smiled
brightly at Alyssa, acting as though she didn't notice
the flushed face, peaked nipples, and trembling hand
that accepted the lemonade. Bryson stood up and placed
his hand on Alyssa's shoulder. "Genny, we are going to
move back a little bit, let you and Stokely have the
best seats for the second half. Stokely, change
places, there's a good man!" Stokey and Genny didn't
turn a hair at this change in plans.

The second half of the show, Alyssa paid not a
moment's attention to the actors on stage. The instant
the lights went down, Bryson's hand slid up her inner
thigh, deftly gathering her skirts out of the way. His
other hand swiftly covered her mouth, stopping the
squeal of surprise. Of course, Genny and Stokely knew
very well what he was doing, and so would not turn
around even if she screamed. The noise of the players
and audience would mask any sounds to those outside
their box.

Bryson slid his clever hand all the way up her inner
thigh, feeling the goose bumps rise along the way. Her
breathing had quickened to pants, although she
obediently remained silent. Her eyes drifted closed as
his hand reached the slit in her knickers, then two of
his fingers were inside and sliding directly into her
hot, wet groove. His fingers stopped briefly to scoop
up some of the plentiful moisture, then slid up to her
clitoris. He used her honey to wet her pearl, then
began to gently pluck and pinch. When he had roused
her to a fever pitch, his fingers slid downward, one
fingertip pushing gently at the opening to her sex,
feeling a gush of liquid at the touch. Then back up
again, a hard pinch, then back down. This time, he
used both fingertips to part the inner labia, holding
her open just slightly. Alyssa's back arched and her
eyes fluttered rapidly, almost melting at the
sensation of openness and vulnerability this caused.
"Oohh, Bryson, I can't stand it," she whispered
frantically. He grinned in the darkness but said

His other hand urged her to lift up slightly to allow
his hand to cup her buttock through the material of
her gown. He left that hand there through the
remainder of the play, allowing her to get used to
such a touch, albeit over several layers of clothes.
His sensitive fingertips continued to play in her
knickers, bringing her almost to peak over and over.
By the time the play ended, Alyssa could no longer
control her whimpers and pleas for satisfaction - nor
did she care if the others heard.

Bryson removed his hand from her skirts and
straightened up in his seat, acting as though nothing
had happened when the lights brightened. Genny turned
her head, smiling hotly as her eyes swept over
Alyssa's tense, feverish expression. As they gathered
their things and made their way into the crush,
heading towards the carriages, Bryson murmured into
her ear: "Genny, I recognize that hot look. Alyssa is
mine for now. You are not to seduce her until I say,

"Of course I understand, Bryson dear. But I'll only be
patient so long. Remember to invite her to the party
next weekend. If you haven't had her by then, it's my
turn. She's too ripe to languish alone any longer."
Genny warned him discreetly. His eyes flashed one last
warning, then he caught up with Alyssa and placed his
hand solicitously under her elbow. Bending, he
murmured something quietly in her ear. Genny couldn't
hear, but she saw Alyssa's face flush, and her eyes
flutter briefly. She guessed that Bryson had put the
second part of their plan in motion. She played her
part beautifully as they waited for the carriages.

"Alyssa, darling, let's go to a party! There will be a
delicious musical this evening at the Banburys. Their
two daughters will play pianaforte and sing," Genny
urged her.

Bryson spoke up. "Actually, Genny, Alyssa has just
told me that she is feeling a little tired and would
like to go home. Why don't you and Stokely go on, and
I'll join you there later? I'll just give Alyssa a
ride home." Alyssa opened her mouth as though to
protest, but shut it before saying anything. The
burning, melting sensation between her legs controlled
her right then, and Bryson had told her to go along
with whatever he said if she wanted relief. She
climbed obediently into the carriage, ignoring her
conscience's reminder that Aunt Beatrice had told her
not to be alone with Bryson.

As soon as the door of the carriage closed behind him,
Bryson twitched the curtains securely closed and
gathered her onto his lap. He had told the coachman to
take the long way to Waverly House, ensuring at least
an hour of privacy. It would have to be enough.

Alyssa gasped as he pulled her firmly onto his lap.
Something hard poked into her, pressing into the
overheated vee between her legs. He settled her
astride his hips, then reached down and grasped her
skirts, pulling them up and again ordering her, "Hold
these darling. Hold them tight," as he put them into
her hands. The reminder of the scene at the garden
party caused a quick spasm in her cunny.

With her skirts out of the way, Bryson pulled her down
and nestled his hard cock into her slit. Alyssa cried
out, trying to push away from the frighteningly
intense pleasure. Bryson wouldn't allow it. He easily
held her down on him, pushing his hips upwards into
her mound slowly and rhythmically. Alyssa cried out
again, moaned and collapsed forward onto him, hiding
her face in his cravat.

"Oh God, Bryson, oh God you have to stop. That feels
too, too..." she couldn't complete the sentence.

"Too good?" Bryson suggested. ", too...wet,
too...deliciously sexy?" he continued, pushing up
against her with each descriptive word. His cock
seemed to sink deeper with each thrust, until it
slipped between the slit in her pantalettes and only
his own clothes prevented skin from touching skin. For
a few moments, the only sounds were rustling clothes
and heavy breathing.

Alyssa cried out, her mouth open against his throat,
pushing down, pumping her sensitive nub as hard as she
could against the material of his pants. Over-excited
from the long build-up during the play, she quickly
drew near to orgasm. Bryson slid both hands down her
back, cupped her buttocks for a moment then slid under
the evening gown to cup her nearly naked bottom. He
slid one hand down to find the opening in her
pantalettes and pulled hard, ripping them open along
her crotch. Alyssa didn't even notice as she continued
to rub against his cock. Her moans were low, throaty,
maddening to his self control. Somehow, Bryson
maintained that control. He had no intention of
cumming anywhere but her mouth. However, he wanted to
take Alyssa to the next level. His fingers were soaked
with the dew from her slit. He slid them to her
rosebud, rubbing three fingers into the small crease.
Then, as Alyssa cried out once again and began sucking
on the skin of his throat, his middle finger pushed
strongly into her fundament, pushing halfway in
without pause. Alyssa jerked at the unexpected entry
into her rectum, moaning fiercely but continuing to
move on his cock. After a few seconds, when he felt
the spasms ease around his embedded finger, Bryson
slid the rest of his long finger into her rectum. He
began to piston it in and out, keeping pace with
Alyssa's suddenly rapid thrusting movements. Alyssa
screamed and exploded into orgasm, her teeth biting
into his neck and nearly causing Bryson to explode
himself. Alyssa finally shuddered into silence,
occasional tremors running through her. Bryson kept
his finger immersed in her rectum, running the other
hand soothingly up and down her back.

After a few moments, Alyssa raised her head to look
into Bryson's eyes. "Your finger is inside my bottom,"
she informed him in amazement. Bryson laughed huskily.

"Yes, darling, it is. That's not all I'd like to put
inside your bottom, but this is neither the time nor
the place. You liked it, didn't you? Come on, you can
tell me. Or was that someone else screaming for me not
to stop?" he teased her gently, delighting in her

He slowly eased his finger from her bottom, watching
the expressions that crossed her face as the ticklish,
pleasurable feeling was replaced by a brief sense of
emptiness. It seemed that Alyssa was quite anal-
erotic. Of course, she had no idea what else he wanted
to put in her bottom. That would not be so painless,
but there was much pleasure to be found in that
delicious pain.

Alyssa pulled away slightly. "I feel," she paused a
moment, wrinkling up her nose, "sticky!" she
announced. Bryson smiled sympathetically at her, but
most of his attention was focused on his bone-hard
erection. "Darling , there's something I'd like you to
do for me. That hard thing you were rubbing your cunny
against is called a "cock". When a man is aroused, his
cock gets hard. Right now, I'm so hard that it hurts.
I'd like you to help me find satisfaction, just as I
helped you."

Alyssa looked up at him for a puzzled moment. "You
want me to rub against you and put my finger in your
bottom?" she asked him innocently.

Bryson snorted. "No, not this time. Maybe another.
Alyssa, there are many ways to bring your partner
pleasure. The pinnacle of pleasure is the orgasm,
which you have twice experienced. Would you like to
make me orgasm?" Alyssa nodded shyly, her curiosity
and remnants of arousal wiping away any reservations.

At her nod, Bryson moved her over to the seat next to
him, then began to unfasten his pants under Alyssa's
fascinated stare. "I want you to take my cock into
your mouth and suck on it. Lick it with your tongue."
From the folds of his pants, Bryson pulled out a long,
hard shaft, the tip swollen almost to the size of a
plum. The thick shaft pulsed in his hand. Bryson slid
his hand slowly, mesmerizingly up the underside,
cupping the large head in his palm. Alyssa watched
hypnotized, her eyes all over the large member, seeing
a single pearly drop of fluid well up from the open
slit in the top and then hang trembling on the plum-
like top. Dreamily, Alyssa reached out and caught it
on her fingertip, brought it to her mouth and tasted
his essence. She was oblivious to the gasp and lurch
of Bryson's body as her nailtip gently scraped his
urethral slit. He watched her savor the salty taste of
his precum, her eyes closed as she concentrated. When
she opened them again, she blushed to find him
watching her. Bryson's eyes were hot, predatory, the
planes and angles of his face clenched with the effort
to restrain himself.

"Alyssa," he growled. The tone raised chills on her
back. "Get your sweet ass over here and suck my cock."
For some reason, the demanding way that he spoke was
oddly...erotic to her. Without thought, she leaned
forward and kissed the tip of his hard shaft, feeling
drops of pearly fluid escaping from the slit in the
top as she kissed him.

"Take it in your mouth," he ordered. Obediently, her
eyes closing, Alyssa opened her mouth widely to
engulfed the thick tip of his cock in her heated
mouth. "Watch your teeth, darling," Bryson warned
tensely. "A man's cock is very..." he hissed at the
feel of her tongue licking all around the tip inside
her mouth, "sensitive." He finished somewhat raggedly.

Alyssa seemed to have a natural affinity for
cocksucking. Within moments, half of his cock was
swallowed into her mouth, laved with saliva as she
swept her tongue around it. Even the occasional
touches of teeth were erotic rather than painful.
Alyssa listened happily to his groans and hisses of
pleasure. Bryson raised both hands to her head,
guiding her mouth into a rhythm that would lead to a
swift conclusion. By his calculations, they had less
than ten minutes to reach her home. But at some future
point he would have her take at least an hour just to
suck his cock into her talented throat.

"Alyssa, I'm about to orgasm." Bryson struggled to
keep his voice steady. "When I do, a lot of juice is
going to shoot out of my cock and into your mouth. I
want you to swallow it all darling." His muscles were
tensing, preparing for an intense orgasm. Alyssa
hummed her agreement over his cock, bobbing her head a
little bit faster. For some reason the idea of
swallowing his essence caused an intense shaft of
pleasure to tighten up the muscles in her cunny. Fluid
leaked out onto her knickers and Alyssa rubbed her
thighs together as she sucked even harder. Moments
later, Bryson grunted, arched his head back and began
to shoot into her eager, receptive mouth. Although
startled by the force of his ejaculation, Alyssa
struggled to swallow everything that came into her
mouth. He was deep enough in her throat that she
couldn't actually taste anything, but she could feel
the fluid flowing through the underside of his cock,
pulsing in time with his spurts.

Finally, Bryson collapsed back into the squabs of the
carriage, drained and sweating. Alyssa collapsed onto
a seat beside him. Unexpectedly, Bryson grabbed her
and pulled her into a quick, hard kiss, thrusting his
tongue into her mouth voraciously. Alyssa responded
helplessly, feeling the arousal flare up again. She
had the sudden thought that he might be able to taste
his own juices in her mouth. It didn't seem to bother
Bryson, so she dismissed it as normal behavior.

The kiss ended as the carriage turned into her street
and slowed. Bryson pulled back reluctantly. "Alyssa,
I'd like to see you again. There is a hunting party
next weekend at Stokely's family pile. If you'd like,
Genny will ask Lady Beatrice if you may attend. Genny
can provide a chaperone, in case your aunt would
prefer." Alyssa agreed quickly, flushed with pleasure
that this handsome, experienced man wanted to see her

It was a small but merry group of people that gathered
at Stokely's country mansion that weekend. Alyssa
already knew Catherine, Justina and a beautiful young
lady with the unlikely name of Sweetie from Genny's
party. Alyssa blushed at the sight of Justina, feeling
guilty over her dalliance with Bryson. After all,
Justina had told them that she and Bryson were
intimate. However, she was quickly relieved of the
need for guilt by Justina's amorous attentions to one
Lord Buckley, an older, still handsome but stern-faced

As tradition dictated, after dinner the men sat in the
dining room drinking port and smoking cigars, while
the women gathered for a good gossip in the drawing
room. In addition to Genny, Bryson, Stokely and the
girls from Genny's party, there were two other ladies
and six other men. The chaperones, two eccentric
elderly women that were distant cousins of Stokely's,
had retired to their rooms when dinner ended. The
conversation in the drawing room quickly grew so randy
that Alyssa had to fight the urge to cover her ears.
It seemed that all of these people explored the
pleasures of the flesh, regardless of marital status.
One of the two guests she hadn't previously met, a
widow with bedroom eyes and somewhat lush charms, was
commenting on the stern-faced Lord Buckley.

"Be careful, sweet Justina. Buckley likes to
discipline his fillies before riding them. If you like
the crop, it can be quite invigorating. However, he is
quite...vigorous," concluded Eleanora.

"I was unable to sit down for quite three days,"
agreed Catherine. Alyssa's eyes widened. Had they all
had intimate relations with all the men? It certainly
seemed that way, as Catherine, Justina and Eleanora
began to compare notes about performances and
preferences of the gathered men. Genny sat next to her
and watched Alyssa quietly, seeing her eyes widen,
breath catch, and blushes sweep irregularly over her
pretty features as she listened to the shocking talk.

Genny knew from Bryson that Alyssa was quite
susceptible to naughty talk. She leaned forward and
put one hand on the back of Alyssa's slender neck,
playing delicately with the wispy curls along her

"Alyssa, do you know what they are talking about?" she
murmured quietly into her ear. The moist, hot breath
in her ear, and the tingles from having her hair
played with, wrung a gasp from Alyssa. She shook her
head slightly.

"Lord Buckley likes to cane a girl's bottom before he
makes love to her," Genny breathed into her ear. "Many
men are excited by the thought of punishing a girl's
bare bottom," she continued, twirling small, wispy
ringlets around one finger and then gently tugging.
Alyssa's head tilted backward slightly, her eyelids
fluttering at the exciting imagery of a bare-bottomed
girl laying over Lord Buckley's lap, waiting for the
cane to fall. She had never been spanked, had never
even thought about it before now, but the mental image
had slid deeply into her mind and would not let her

Genny noted the rise of fine hairs on Alyssa's arms
and felt a moment of jealousy that her stepbrother
would be fucking this delicious morsel tonight.

Just then the men came into the drawing room, bringing
the pungent aroma of cigars and brandy. They sought
out their weekend paramours. Lord Buckley tugged
Justina from the couch, pulling her out of the room in
front of Alyssa's stunned eyes. Justina went
willingly, smirking backwards at the room. Another
gentleman, the short Lord Barkely that Catherine had
mentioned at Genny's party, went over and sat on the
velvet settee between Catherine and the widow. He put
one arm around Catherine's waste and began to nuzzle
her neck, talking in a low voice to her. Stokely stood
behind Genny and began to caress the nape of her neck,
while Genny did the same to Alyssa. And Bryson came to
stand silently in front of Alyssa, not moving or
speaking until she raised her eyes from the Persian
rug to his face.

"Alyssa, would you like to take a nighttime stroll
around the gardens? They are quite delightfully
scented at this time of year." He coaxed her gently.
Alyssa nodded somewhat dazedly and took his
outstretched hand. As they exited through the French
doors, Alyssa heard Catherine giggle and call out, "Be
careful not to get "pricked" out there!"

Her burning cheeks were cooled by the night air. The
strolled hand-in-hand along well-tended garden paths,
the heady aroma of flowers all around them. When they
had passed out of sight of curious eyes, Bryson
stopped and suddenly pulled Alyssa into his arms,
crushing her mouth in a powerful kiss. His tongue
thrust aggressively into her mouth. Alyssa hung in his
arms, submitting to and then becoming caught up in his
passion. She began to duel shyly with his tongue. As
their tongues thrust and parried, it reminded her of
how she had sat atop his lap, pushing her cunny
against his cock...The thought made her moan. Then she
remembered also how he had thrust his cock into her
mouth, just as he was now doing with his tongue, and
she groaned loudly.

Bryson raised his head, his lips shining wetly from
their passion as he smiled down at Alyssa. "Something
wrong, darling?" he asked her knowingly.

Alyssa ducked her head, resting her burning face
against his cravat. "Just...what we were
you...kiss me..." she paused, then continued bravely,
"I just thought how it was similar to when I took
your, your...cock...into my mouth in the carriage,"
she finished in such a low whisper he had to bend
close to her lips to hear.

Bryson went instantly into a full erection at her
words. His arms crushed her briefly in an involuntary
spasm, then he again took possession of her mouth,
exploring her with erotic skill. A moment later, his
hot lips and nibbling teeth began to explore her neck
and then moved to her shell-like ear, thrusting his
tongue inside. At the same time, he slid one leg
between hers and pressed firmly against her mound,
thrusting rhythmically against her. Alyssa cried out,
the sound quickly stifled by Bryson's mouth. Then he
used that leg to spread hers apart, putting both hands
under her bottom and pulling her into his hard,
throbbing cock, settling it as deeply into her mound
as he could. The firm thrusting motions ignited
Alyssa. Her head fell back, her eyes gazed blindly at
the star-studded night sky, and she creamed her
pantalettes. "Oh God," she panted. "Bryson, please
stop. We mustn't," she pleaded unconvincingly, as her
hips thrust back against him. Bryson smiled down into
her unseeing eyes, then parted her buttocks with his
hands and settled more deeply against her wet, hot

"Darling, this is only a taste of the pleasure I can
give you. Let us continue this in your room. I promise
that you will be moaning, nay, screaming with pleasure
all night." His hot breath tickled her ear, followed
by nibbling on her earlobe. Then he nipped her
sharply, soothing the stinging pain with gentle laps
of his wet tongue.

One last moment of caution stopped Alyssa from blindly
accepting. "Lord Bryson," her voice was hesitant,
husky with passion, "I must not be compromised. I
cannot let my aunt and uncle down by causing any sort
of scandal." She looked up at him, hoping he would

Bryson chuckled, his teeth gleaming whitely in the
darkness. "Alyssa, my sweet, I have already promised
you that I shall not take your maidenhead. None but
your husband will have that honour." His eyes were
intent on hers, willing her to believe him. "There are
many, many ways to give and receive pleasure," he
assured her huskily. "The ways that I teach you will
leave Society ignorant of our actions. You will not
lose your virginity, nor will you become pregnant."
Alyssa wanted so much to believe him that she allowed
herself to be swayed by his words, though she had no
idea what ways of pleasure he meant. Her education
would be greatly expanded before the night was over.

Bryson led her up the path and back into the house
through a different entrance. They made it to Alyssa's
rooms without being seen. Once inside, Bryson again
took Alyssa into his arms. He kissed her hotly while
skillfully loosening the ties, tapes and fastenings to
her dress and petticoats. When the kiss ended, he
leaned back a little and watched with satisfaction as
the front of Alyssa's outfit fell forward, completely
exposing her succulent breasts to his view. Before she
could be overcome by modesty, Bryson swept her up into
his arms and carried her to the bed, laying her down
on top of the covers. He stood back for a moment,
admiring the beautiful sight of Alyssa spread before
him, breasts heaving with her quickened breaths, skin
a fiery red with shyness. He removed his cravat,
wrenching at it with impatient fingers, then swiftly
undid the fastenings to his waistcoat and vest.
Dropping them carelessly on the floor, Bryson joined
Alyssa on the bed, bending immediately to take the
hardened, sensitive tip of one succulent breast into
his mouth.

She was unprepared for the shafts of delight that went
directly from her breast to her already moist cunny.
The thought that he would suckle her like a babe was
too delicious to bear. Alyssa arched her back,
offering herself more fully to whatever he would do
with her. For long, breathless moments Bryson suckled
and pulled at her nipples, bringing them to such a
state of erection that they protruded nearly an inch
from her breasts. He ran one hand over the other
breast, teasing her nipple without actually touching
it. The other hand grasped both Alyssa's hands holding
them above her head. The bombardment of erotic
feelings caused her love juice to trickle wetly
between her nether lips.

Alyssa lay with her head arched back, neck
submissively bared to him. Bryson felt several spurts
of precum drench the front of his trousers. His cock
pushed forward against his trousers and threatened to
burst from the friction of the cloth rubbing over its
head. He absolutely loved the first taking of a new
girl, and Alyssa was one of the most responsive,
passionate women he had ever met.

Bryson discretely shifted his bone-hard cock, trying
to find a more comfortable position. He wanted Alyssa
naked and writhing on the bed before he removed the
rest of his clothing. The sensation of vulnerability
she would feel, naked while he was clothed, would
arouse her almost as much as his caresses. Bryson
began to remove articles of her clothing, stopping
frequently to suckle her breasts whenever he felt her
flinch with maidenly shyness.

Finally, she lay completely naked save for garters.
Bryson stood beside the bed a moment, one hand
pinching and twisting her sensitive nipple while his
eyes roamed over her body. Alyssa's mound was covered
sparsely by soft curls the same color as her auburn
hair. Droplets of moisture had dampened the curls
slightly. The sweet, musky odor of her arousal hung in
the air. Bryson breathed it in, his eyes closed to
savour the heady aroma of virgin cunt. Alyssa's soft
moans grew louder, and Bryson realized he was savagely
pinching her nipple. But far from a moan of pain,
Bryson observed with some amazement that this tender
young virgin had actually grown more aroused at his
unwittingly cruel grip. Her thighs rubbed together,
and her head twisted on the coverlet.

"Alyssa," Bryson spoke commandingly, "open your legs
for me." He nodded as she slowly opened her eyes to
look at him, shaking her head half-heartedly. "Yes,
Alyssa. Obey me. Open your legs."

Slowly, her legs inched apart.

"More, Alyssa. Open them all the way. Until your legs
cannot open any further. Do it! Or I will do it for
you." Alyssa shuddered at the commanding words,
another rush of wetness sliding down to make her
nether lips rub wetly together. She spread her legs
open, crying out as Bryson rewarded her with another
hard pinch to her nipple.

"Now, reach down and open your cunny for me. I want to
see inside that virgin cunny. Do it, Alyssa. You know
you want to. I can see how wet you are from here."
Blushing hotly, Alyssa complied. She had never touched
herself in such a way, and couldn't believe the
naughty sensations. Her eyes were closed tightly,
bright sparkling lights on the inside of her eyelids
as she used one finger from both hands and parted the
lips of her cunny.

"That's it, darling. I knew that you would be
obedient. That luscious cunt of yours is just aching
to be filled and reamed by a hard cock, isn't it?
Isn't it?" he insisted more loudly.

"Oooh, yes," Alyssa moaned, not really understanding
the implications of his question, responding instead
to his tone of voice.

"Well, that's too bad. You will have to wait for your
future husband to tear through your hymen. I'm after a
different virginity, darling." This last was drawled
between firm pinches to both nipples. Then, moving one
hand down to the vee of her thighs, "That doesn't mean
that I won't play with your sweet pearl, darling. I
see that it needs some attention. Why, it is swollen
almost as large as your nipples. Open your eyes and
look, Alyssa. Watch as I massage your tender bud." He
suited action to his words, firmly massaging, rubbing
and finally pinching her swollen, aching pearl.. Then,
as with Justina, he flicked it. Alyssa's hips arched
up off the bed and she gave a small scream. Bryson
watched fascinated as a small spray of her wetness
covered his hand and her inner thighs. Alyssa's hips
hung in the air for long moments, and Bryson was able
to see the mouth of her virgin cunny pulsing, sucking
hungrily at the air. Finally she collapsed back onto
the bed, covered in a fine layer of sweat, panting.

"We are not finished, sweeting," Bryson informed her
imperturbably as he began to remove the remainder of
his clothes.

Alyssa's eyes felt weighted by lead, but she slowly
managed to look at him. What she saw shocked her
awake. Bryson stood there naked and proudly erect. His
shaft was larger than she remembered, pulsing an angry
red, rising up from a bush of honey-colored hair that
clustered thickly around the base. Alyssa didn't even
realize that she was studying him so intently until
Bryson cleared his throat politely. "Will I do?" he
asked her semi-seriously. He didn't see any fear in
her eyes. Then again, she didn't know where his cock
was going to go, so she had no cause for fear - yet.

"What more will we do? Would you like me to take you
in my mouth again?" her voice was little more than a
whisper of sound.

He smiled. "No, darling, there is no need for you to
take me in your mouth right now. Although, we will
need quite a bit of moisture for this," he announced
cryptically. Briefly turning away from Alyssa, he went
to the small bedside table and opened a drawer, making
a satisfied sound at what he found.

"Dear Stokely, one can count on him to keeps the guest
rooms well-supplied," he grinned down at Alyssa,
enjoying her mystification. Bryson brought out a small
glass flask with a cork in it, filled with an almost
clear liquid. He set that on top of the table, and
next removed several other items. There were gloves,
several cloths and some strips of black velvet, about
3 inches wide and several feet long. Alyssa watched
with wide, wondering eyes as all of these items were
laid out neatly on the tabletop. Bryson's demeanor had
changed with the advent of these mysterious items. No
longer the teasing, urbane lover of moments before,
his features had hardened and become fiercer, more

Alyssa had no idea what had caused this change in
Bryson, but it sent a thrill through her nonetheless.
At his command, she rolled over on the bed and lifted
herself up to allow Bryson to place several cloths on
the bedspread beneath her pelvis, wondering what they
were for.

It was time for the final act, the taking of her
bottom's virginity. This would require some patience,
some force, and a certain disregard for protests once
the insertion began. The first few moments were often
uncomfortable, but the unguent in the flask would
assure entry for even the tightest of bottom-mouths
and the stoutest of weapons.

"Turn over on your belly," Bryson commanded.

She obeyed.

"Raise your hands above your head, and raise up your
bottom half, bringing your knees up closer to your
chest." Alyssa hesitated for a moment, but complied
with a small squeak when Bryson smacked her naked
bottom cheek. Taking two of the velvet strips, he tied
one around each wrist and fastened the other ends to
the bedposts above her head. He took another velvet
strip and tied it around Alyssa's head to blindfold
her. A fourth strip unexpectedly came around her head
and was settled firmly in her mouth. She gave a
muffled protest, feeling some trepidation about why he
would want to prevent her from speaking.

"Alyssa, this will increase your pleasure. It will
also help you to relax and comply with my commands, as
I have removed your ability to make decisions about
what will happen. However, if you find that you are
unable to bear the pain or the pleasure of my
caresses, raise the index finger of both hands and I
will unbind you." The explanation was growled hotly
into her ear, raising goosebumps along her back.
Alyssa moaned deeply, unsure whether to be scared or
excited at the mention of pain and pleasure together,
settling herself into the position he had demanded.
"Raise your fingers to show that you understand."

After confirming that she understood the signal,
Bryson took additional strips and tied them just
behind her knees, pulling the long strips up and
binding them both behind her neck, thus trussing her
securely in position. He donned one of the gloves and
uncorked the flask, held it above the taut split of
her buttocks, and tipped it over two outstretched
gloved fingers. He watched as the oil slid over his
gloved fingers, some dripping down to land in the
valley between her ass cheeks and sliding down over
Alyssa's tightly clenched amber rosebud. She flinched
at the touch of the liquid on so sensitive a place,
then flinched again when his drenched fingers touched
her bum, smearing the liquid sensuously. Bryson set
the flask down for a moment, and used that hand to
further spread her cheeks, allowing better access. He
began to rub the two fingers more firmly against her
clenched anus, sensuously spreading the unguent in
ever-decreasing circles until his fingers were
centered on the small bud. He watched with
fascination, his hard cock dripping precum on the

Alyssa was gasping for breath, eager to feel the
strange pleasure of his finger entering her behind,
and hugely aroused by the helpless position. She was
unable to move, to avoid his caresses. Why the oil,
she wondered innocently? He hadn't needed it before.
Such thoughts were stopped as one finger slid deeply
into her bottom mouth, involuntary contractions trying
to push him back out but only drawing him in more

"That's it, my hot little cunt, that's it. Suck on my
finger. Feel how it spreads you open, tickles your
rectum. God, you are so tight!" Bryson's voice was
fractured with lust as his eyes hotly devoured the
sight of his finger thrusting in and out of Alyssa's
tightly grasping anus. He continued so for a few
moments, feeling the ease with which he pushed in and
out as the oil did its work. Almost before she had
become accustomed to the sensation Bryson removed that
finger. Alyssa moaned a protest at the loss of
sensation, but suddenly his finger was back. Only this
time, it was accompanied by another finger, and both
slid smoothly inside her tight bottom.

Alyssa's back arched at the incredible sense of
fullness in her passage. She thrust her ass
involuntarily up into the air. The liberal application
of oil had eased the entrance so that even the
stretching of her rosebud was pleasurable. Moans and
cries escaped the velvet gag, and a spurt of wetness
trickled down her inner thighs, dripping onto the
covers. He smiled painfully at the sight. Rarely had
he come across a woman as passionate as this one. The
carnal sensations of his fingers steadily,
rhythmically spearing in and out of her bottom mouth
consumed the young miss. Her head tossed back and
forth, moans steadily growing louder. Bryson removed
the hand that had been spreading open her bottom
cheeks, and reached around to caress her neglected

Through the gag, he could hear Alyssa moaning. Even
through the velvet gag, he understood her muffled
request to "flick my pearl, Oh God, yes, flick my
pearl." He complied, and she came immediately, rectum
clenching and rippling around his embedded fingers.
Bryson breathed in hard, preventing his own climax
with effort. He kept his fingers inserted deeply in
her rectum, beginning to spear them gently open and
closed inside her even before the orgasmic tremors had
died away. He needed to stretch her anus as much as
possible. He also admitted to himself how much he
liked to watch her rosebud wink open and closed as his
fingers scissored inside her.

Alyssa had barely caught her breath from the
incredible orgasm before he began to arouse her again.
She was moaning weakly into her gag, the velvet soaked
with her saliva. She bent her head down, resting it on
the bed. The movement caused her knees to pull forward
even more, further opening her to Bryson's lustful
gaze and erotic caresses.

Bryson again took up the flask, but this time he
stripped off the soiled glove and dripped the fluid
instead onto his heavily engorged cock. Alyssa would
have cried out in alarm had she been able to see his
thick, pulsing cock, the head a deep red, drooling
precum almost continuously as it approached her still
extremely tight bottom mouth. His two fingers were no
match for the thickness of his cockhead.

His hot, hugely swollen cockhead nudged against her
rosebud, sending shivers down Bryson's back. He could
feel small flutterings from her bottom mouth, almost
mouthing the tip of his shaft. His oiled shaft slid
pleasurably through his fingers as he positioned
himself firmly against her. He braced himself, holding
one of her hips with his free hand, crouched on his
knees behind her upturned ass, and took a deep breath.
Then he thrust forward.

The first thrust opened up her anus and slid the head
of his cock inside. Alyssa's head jerked up, her mouth
open in a soundless scream as her bottom mouth snapped
closed on the thinner portion of his cock behind the
head. Bryson was two inches inside her rectum. He
stared down in awe at the sight of his cock, extending
out from her hugely stretched anus. The light amber
ring around her rosebud had been stretched into a thin
band. He threw his head back, taking deep breaths to
control the urge to thrust fully inside her. Bryson
knew that he must wait for her to grow accustomed to
the invasion of her bottom before entering any
further. He wanted her to enjoy sodomy, though the
beginning part might be somewhat painful.

Alyssa finally was able to voice a muffled scream at
the sensation of something large stretching open her
bottom. It was much larger than his fingers. She felt
a burning pain! She finally realized what Bryson had
meant, when he said in the carriage that he wanted to
put other things besides a finger in her bottom. As
Bryson remained unmoving inside her, though, the first
stinging pain was transformed into a strange achy
pleasure. It felt so odd, having something go in where
things had only come out in the past. She panicked for
a moment, feeling the urge to expel his cock and
afraid that she would lose control of her bowels. In
the midst of this panic, Bryson leaned forward,
carefully holding his cock steady, and breathed into
her ear, "Relax, darling Alyssa, relax your bottom
mouth. Push out as though you are going to the

Alyssa tried to follow his directions. The thought of
calling a halt by their prearranged signal never
entered her mind, she would later realize. The
sensations, while somewhat painful, were also too
pleasurable to give up. She felt an itching inside her
bottom, and suddenly desired him to push inside her
more deeply. Remembering how long and thick he was,
she wondered if he would try to push the whole shaft
into her. She also wondered how she would survive such
a thing.

Bryson felt the slight relaxing of her bottom's tense
grip, and pushed forward immediately. He gained
another inch, then stopped and waited again, murmuring
soothingly to her all the while. Again, he pushed
forward and watched as another inch of his cock
entered into her tight, hot rectum. Then another. At
that point, Alyssa cried out in protest, and he
instantly stilled, waiting for her to grow accustomed
to something this deeply inside her. He was past the
point where his fingers had touched previously. Bryson
pulled out slightly, hearing a sharp gasp from Alyssa,
then pushed forward again to his previous position. He
repeated that motion, but when he pushed back in, he
kept going and slid another inch into her rectum. Only
two inches remained outside her tightly-packed ass,
and he was determined to feed them to her before he
exploded. His balls had long since drawn up tightly in
his scrotum, and Bryson could tell that he would
positively flood her ass when he finally allowed
himself to cum. But not just yet. He slowly stroked in
and out, assuring Alyssa in a husky voice that the
discomfort would pass, that soon she would feel
nothing but pleasure. He constantly reminded her to
push out with her muscles.

Alyssa knelt on the bed in a welter of pleasurable
pain. Her mouth hung open around the gag, and she took
huge breaths through her flaring nostrils. With her
eyes covered, she was completely focused on the
sensations of feel and smell. The musky scent of sex
in the room; her wet cunny dripping her juices on the
bed; the herbal odor from the unguent; Bryson's sweat
dripping onto her gleaming back - all were far more
intense without sight. Her stretched-open rectum, full
of thick, hard cock, burned and throbbed as muscles
involuntarily spasmed around his embedded shaft. She
felt the head flex deep inside her, growing larger for
a moment and dragging a gasping moan from Alyssa.
Bryson heard her and did it again.

"Oh, God, Alyssa, your ass is so tight! It feels so
incredible, almost like your rectum is sucking on my
cock. God, you are so hot. Do you like this? I think
you must, the way your cunny is dripping all over the
bed. How does this feel?" He pushed forward slightly,
sliding an additional half inch inside her. "How about
this?" He slid his hips in very small circles,
stretching her bottom mouth even more. "And this?" He
pulled back, sliding his cock out until the head began
to emerge, watching as her rectum clung to his flesh
on the outstroke. Then, he pushed all the way back in
one long thrust. This time only an inch remained
outside her aching bottom.

"Yes, darling, moan for me. I'm going to open up this
sweet ass until you scream with the pleasure! When I'm
done, you'll be begging me to fuck you every day just
to feel your asshole stretched open." As his arousal
increased, his speech grew more crude. "I'm going to
ream you until you scream, my sweet bitch. Oh, God,
yes, that's it! Clench on my cock. That's it, aaahhh,"
he panted for a moment, regaining control, "you aren't
going to make me come yet. I still have plans for this
tight ass. Feel that? I'm going to pull all the way
out now. I want to see how open your little rosebud is

Alyssa squealed as the cockhead was removed with an
audible "pop". A moment of silence followed, where she
was hotly aware of the air moving over and into her
open ass, and could almost feel his hot eyes devouring
the sight of her slightly gaping rectum.

"Oh, Jesus, look at that hole. It's not such a little
rosebud anymore." Three fingers were suddenly thrust
into her rectum without warning. Alyssa huffed out a
breath, stunned at the sudden fullness and burning
stretch. His three fingers were a little thicker than
his cockhead, but still they entered with ease. Alyssa
moaned with mortification at his laugh.

"God's blood, girl, that ass of yours may be the death
of me. Feel how it's sucking on my three fingers. You
like that, don't you? Like to be told what a slut you
are, made to do things. Don't you!" Bryson suddenly
growled at her.

"Yes!" Alyssa moaned unthinkingly through the gag,
then stopped as the truth slammed into her. She DID
like to be ordered around, made to do things, firmly
handled. It made her cunny even wetter than the
naughty talk and carnal caresses!

The three fingers were suddenly removed, and Bryson's
cock took their place. He had dripped a little more
oil on it, concentrating on the base of his shaft.

"I'm going to give you all of my cock this time,
darling, the whole eight inches. Ready?" He didn't
wait for an answer, but slid smoothly into her hot
rectum, deep inside, four inches, five inches,, and then, with one strong push and a
sharp cry from Alyssa, his pelvis rested against her
heaving ass. Bryson rested there a moment, stunned
that he'd conquered her virgin ass so quickly. But his
aching balls reminded him how long he'd been waiting
to cum, and he began to slowly withdraw and push back
in, in and out slowly, steadily, until Alyssa was once
again responding, pushing back against him and making
moaning, gasping grunts into her gag. Bryson reached
around and slid one finger into her dripping slit. He
began to flick against her pearl, quickly,
rhythmically. Within seconds, Alyssa screamed out in a
hip-shaking, head-tossing orgasm, her hot, tight
rectal sheath rippling and clenching around his cock.
The pleasure was unbelievable! Even though her ass
still twinged each time he pushed all the way in, it
still felt better than anything she'd ever felt

Just as Alyssa was coming down from her peak, Bryson
began his. No longer concerned with her pleasure, he
began thrusting faster and harder, pounding her ass as
he sought his own long-delayed orgasm.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, here it comes. Take it, take
it. Deep in your ass, aaaahhhh." Even though she was
exhausted from several orgasms, and aching from the
unaccustomed activity in her rectum, Alyssa still
thrilled as his obvious excitement increased. Then he
jammed himself all the way into her, pelvis flush with
her bottom, and became still. Alyssa felt several
pulses of warmth inside her plugged anus, and realized
he must be spurting his juice into her. She remained
obediently still, accepting his juice deep into her
rectum. He had built up so much come that it began to
back up in her passage, oozing out around his deeply
embedded cock and trickling down her ass. Alyssa
moaned at the naughty sensation. Finally, she felt his
cock softening and growing smaller inside her, and it
plopped wetly out of her anus, leaving her hole
dilated almost half an inch. It slowly shrank back to
its normal tightly clenched pucker. The skin around
her rosebud gleamed wetly, reddened from the rough
treatment of the last few minutes. Bryson lay behind
her, watching as her rosebud recovered from his
pounding. Dribbles of oil, his spend, and ass juice
began to ease out of the tightly clenched hole. He
tiredly took one of the cloths and wiped her ass
carefully, then did the same for his soiled cock. No
need to distress her with the more distasteful parts
of anal sex, Bryson thought to himself. He preferred
his partners to cleanse with enemas before they made
love, but there had been no way to suggest that to
Alyssa tonight. Now that she understood what
possibility for pleasure existed between her pert ass
cheeks, perhaps next time...

Alyssa almost wept with gratitude when she felt the
ties around her arms and legs being loosened and then
removed. She ached from being in one position for so
long, and from the unaccustomed activity in her anal
passage. She wanted nothing more than to curl up under
the covers and sleep for days. Bryson lifted her up
and pulled the covers down, then placed her in the bed
and tucked her in. In the midst of his ministrations,
she dropped off into a deep, dreamless sleep of
physical satiation.

Bryson went to his own bed for the rest of the night.
Although it was accepted by everyone that these
weekends were orgiastic in nature, and the household
staff was trained not to gossip about the goings-on of
the wealthy who attended Stokely's parties, he didn't
think that Alyssa would be comfortable if the maid
found them entwined together in the morning.

In the corridor on the way to his room, Bryson heard
moans and groans coming from several chambers. He
smiled tiredly, imagining that some of the activities
going on in those rooms would make the last few hours
with Alyssa seem tame. As he passed Justina's room, he
heard the whistle of a cane followed by a whimpering
cry and doubted if that young lady would be sitting a
horse anytime over this weekend. Then again, he much
doubted that Alyssa would be riding a horse either, he
found himself thinking with a self-satisfied grin.

In his stepsister's room, unbeknownst to Bryson,
Stokely was slamming into Genny's opened asshole. His
hands held her ass cheeks widely open, allowing him to
slide in and out at high speed. His organ was encased
in hotly gripping rectal walls. Genny knelt in her
favorite position, open mouth pressed into the
bedclothes, ass thrust up in the air, hands clenching
the covers. She had already come twice, and was going
for a third. She reached back with one hand and began
to play with her dripping slit, sliding two fingers
through her sopping groove, as Stokely began the
short, rapid thrusts that would quickly end in a
massive spend. She moaned encouragingly, thrusting
back in time with his movements, working to take his
tool into her all the way to his pubic hair on each
thrust. Finally, he groaned loudly and began spurting
into her ass. Genny came with him, fingers slipping
and sliding around her sensitive clit. She wondered,
just as she dropped off to sleep, how Alyssa had fared
in Bryson's loving embrace.

End Part I


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