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Victorian Seduction II by Kitten Cream (c) April, 2001
(FF, MFF, anal, oral, toys)

Don't read this if you are underage or aren't allowed
to wherever you live. Feedback and suggestions are
welcome! Email If you'd like to
post this story elsewhere (what a compliment!) please
only post to non-pay sites. Find all my stories at

Foreword: This story is set in 19th Century England. I
apologize for any historical inaccuracies. My only
research consists of reading hundreds of historical
romance novels. ;-) This will be a multi-part story
about a young woman named Alyssa and her carnal
education in Society.

Alyssa awoke at dawn as was her usual custom. She
moved lethargically, wondering why her body ached so.
Then the memories flooded back, and with them,
mortification. She was ruined! She had allowed Lord
Bryson unbelievable liberties with her person. She
could never look him in the eye again. What if the
others knew? They would tell Aunt Beatrice, and they
would throw her into the streets.

Such despairing thoughts raced madly through her brain
for several minutes. Finally, she dragged herself out
of bed and over to the washbasin to take care of her
morning ablutions. Nothing would be gained by hiding
from the world, so she might as well face the
consequences and get it over with.

Each step reminded her that she had engaged in some
unusual exercise the previous evening. Her thighs,
arms, back and anus ached. The ache was more
pleasurable than painful, though, akin to the feeling
that she gained from a long, arduous day of gardening.

She went down the stairs towards the dining room.
Despite her worries, Alyssa was hungry. Savory smells
greeted her from outside the dining room. Could
someone else be awake in the household? Alyssa had
quickly realized that getting up at dawn was a very
strange custom in the City, but the habits of a
lifetime were impossible to break so quickly.

It was a surprise, therefore, to find Genny sitting at
the table.

"Genny? Wha...what a surprise to find you up at this
hour..." Alyssa's voice trailed away as Genny got up
from the table and came towards her. She was enfolded
in a warm hug in the next moment.

"Oh darling, tell me how you are this morning? How was
it? Did Bryson treat you well? I want to know all the
details, every delicious moment!" The flood of
questions overwhelmed Alyssa. Far from being angry, it
seemed that Genny was inviting her to share all the
particulars of last evening. What mad world had she
stumbled into? As though Genny had not noticed
Alyssa's lack of response, she led her over to the
seat next to hers at the breakfast table and scooped
up a plate to fill at the sideboard.

"Let me get some breakfast for you. You must be
starved. Oh, I'm so happy that you are one of us now.
We shall have such fun! Why, you won't believe what
all we get up to, right under the watchful eyes of our
dear parents." Genny joined Alyssa at the table,
setting the brimming plate in front of the stunned,
openmouthed girl.

Finally, Genny's chatter ground to a halt and she took
note of Alyssa's reaction. "Oh, dear, you still don't
understand, do you? Alyssa, darling, don't worry. What
happened last night with Bryson - everyone was in
their room doing something similar. It's nothing to be
ashamed about. We all have needs and desires, and it
is stupid to have to wait until marriage to fulfill
our desires. We aren't hurting anyone. Oftentimes the
only carnal pleasure we shall ever know is here among
our special group of friends. So many noblemen believe
that it would be unnatural for their wives to
experience pleasure in the marital bed. Tell me that
you understand, Alyssa?"

Alyssa unglued her tongue long enough to gasp out,
"Everyone knows what I d- d- did with Bryson?"

"Well, not the particulars, but we know that he must
have plucked your bottom virginity, as that is what
Bryson most loves to do. Also, although the walls are
very thick, you did scream quite a few times. I hope
with pleasure?" Alyssa felt mortified. They had heard
her? Oh, God, how would she ever be able to face these
people again?

Genny hurried to reassure her. "Alyssa, had you
wandered the halls, you would have heard screams and
cries from many rooms last night, including mine. It
is noting to be ashamed of. Why, I find it quite
erotic to hear people crying out with pleasure."

"But I can see that you are quite uncomfortable with
this subject, so why don't we speak of something else?
If I am not mistaken, you will be too sore to ride a
horse today in the hunt. Shall we find something
better to occupy our time? How about painting? The
solarium has such wonderful light, we could go in
there." At that point, several other guests entered
the dining room, and the conversation became much more
general. To Alyssa's relief, no one seemed to pay the
slightest bit of attention to her. She studiously
ignored Bryson when he made his entrance, which piqued
him considerable. She refused to be drawn into
conversation with him. Finally, he left for the
stables with the majority of the party. Only Justina,
Alyssa and Genny remained behind.

Justina had sat somewhat gingerly in her chair
throughout breakfast, receiving a few smirks from
Eleanora and Genny. When Genny again suggested that
they paint in the solarium, she got up with some
relief and walked ahead of them down the hallway.

"Justina, are you feeling quite well this morning? You
seem to be walking with a bit of a limp." Genny called
out merrily to her. Justina glared over her shoulder
at Genny.

"That damn Buckley! He about stripped the skin off my
ass." Justina griped as they entered the brightly-lit

"Oh, you poor darling!" Genny instantly gushed with
sympathy. "Let me see it. I may have a salve that will

Justina was quite aware what salve Genny meant. Genny
was quite adept at soothing sore muscles and skin with
long licks of her talented tongue. She looked sharply
at Alyssa, wondering how this fresh-faced girl would
react to a little girl-loving. Only one way to find

"Oh Genny you are such a dear. I would love some of
your special salve." Justina began to unbutton her
dress. Genny quickly turned to Alyssa. "Can you please
get the painting supplies while I help Justina? They
are in that cabinet over there." She pointed to the
far corner of the room. Alyssa obediently went to
fetch the supplies. By the time she returned, Justina
had removed her clothing and draped herself face down
over the back of a couch. Genny knelt behind her, her
hands running all over the welted skin of Justina's

"That dreadful man! Why, I believe he may have drawn
blood right here," her hand went in between Justina's
legs, sliding into the wet and welcoming warmth of her
cunny. Justina gasped in pleasure. "Yes, I feel some
moisture, spread your legs further and let me see what
this is." Genny continued to play the game.

Justina spread her legs further apart, feeling
deliciously exposed in the bright sunshine that
streamed in through the windows. Her eyes closed as
Genny's finger explored deeply into the wet lips
between her legs. Alyssa, having finally moved the
various easels and supplies over to where Genny and
Justina were, looked up and fully took in the scene.
She gasped to see Genny's hand between Justina's legs,
and gasped again when she saw all the red marks of the
cane across her naked buttocks. "Genny, what are you
doing?" came out without thought.

"Why, darling, I am soothing Justina. She has been
through a terrible ordeal with Lord Buckley. Do you
see how red her bottom is? When I touch her sweet
little cunny, she can forget about the pain for a
moment. Why don't you come and try it?" Alyssa was
shocked at the suggestion. She had never thought to
touch another woman in such a manner. But Genny acted
as though it were completely natural! She
unconsciously crept a little closer to see in more
detail what the two women were doing.

Genny leaned forward without waiting for a response
and began to sensuously, slowly lick the red marks on
Justina's ass. Her tongue left trails of wetness
behind which gleamed in the sunlight. Her hand
continued to stimulate Justina's hot cunny. By now,
Justina was pantingly beyond speech.

Within moments, Justina cried out her pleasure and
came against Genny's hand. "There, darling, don't you
feel better now?" she breathed with satisfaction.
Genny gave one last rub to the reddened cheek in front
of her, then stood up and turned to face Alyssa. At
first she thought Alyssa had fled the room, but then
she saw her, seated in one of the chairs with her
skirts bunched around her waist, one hand rubbing her
cunny through the gossamer material of her knickers.
Alyssa was so caught up in her own passion that she
failed to realize Genny and Justina were both watching
her as she spent in a wild flurry of tremors that
shook her small frame.

"Umm, that looked delicious, Alyssa." Alyssa opened
her eyes to see Genny and Justina both standing in
front of her, Justina still naked and Genny fully
clothed. Both sets of eyes were locked hotly on the
apex of her legs, where her hand still rested. With a
shamed cry, Alyssa wrested her hand away and tried to
jump up from the chair, only to subside in defeat as
her skirts tangled around her thighs.

Genny knelt next to the chair and put one hand out to
Alyssa's face. "You are so passionate, sweeting, I
love it! Would you like me to touch you as I did
Justina?" Alyssa was tongue-tied with crippling
shyness. "Just nod if you would like me to touch your
sweet cunny, rub all over your clitty and lick your
beautiful buttocks." Genny suggested.

Alyssa nodded once, her cheeks suffused with fiery
red. What had she gotten herself into? Though she had
just spent, the fires in her blood refused to subside.
Even her bottom mouth ached for some form of
penetration, despite how it stung from the previous
night's unaccustomed use.

At her agreement, both Genny and Justina immediately
tugged her to her feet and divested Alyssa of her
clothes. She was naked in moments, trembling from head
to toe. They noted the red marks around her nipples
where Bryson's whiskers had rubbed the skin raw. Genny
led an unprotesting Alyssa over to the couch where
Justina had recently knelt and bent her forward over
the back of the couch. "Spread your legs open,
darling. Let's see what damage my amorous stepbrother
has inflicted," Genny told her.

Alyssa obediently parted her legs, feeling droplets of
moisture already beginning to slide out of her cunny
and down her thighs.

"Justina, hold her cheeks open. Thank you. Ah, yes, I
see he was a little rough. Some redness, and your
rosebud is still slightly relaxed from his use. Why
don't I lick it better, darling?" Genny didn't wait
for a response. She placed one hand on Alyssa's cunny
and began to comb through the damp curls, while the
other hand anchored Alyssa to the couch. She bent
forward and Alyssa suddenly felt something soft and
wet touch her rosebud. Genny's tongue! Oh sweet Jesus,
Genny was licking her where she went to the bathroom.
Surely that could not be right. Alyssa jerked
convulsively, but was easily controlled by the two

"Don't move, there's a good girl," Justina cooed.

" can''s dirty there." Alyssa moaned
somewhat incoherently. Despite her shock, she couldn't
stop the waves of pleasure as Genny's tongue intruded
delicately into her sore rear passage. Indeed, all
pain was miraculously gone!

Genny ignored the protests and continued to tongue and
lick her delightful asshole. She sucked gently,
knowing from her own experience that it would cause a
lovely turmoil in her intestines. Alyssa cried out
immediately, all thought of protest forgotten. Justina
continued to hold her buttocks open, to help Genny's
tongue attain maximum depths in her rectum. Her cunny
wept at the erotic tableau.

Amazingly quickly, Alyssa cried out and spent in a
rush of juices against Genny's teasing fingers. She
knelt there, head drooping off her slender neck, while
Genny slowly withdrew her tongue from the tightly
clasping rosebud.

"Mmmm, delicious, darling. Let's get you dressed,
wouldn't want you to catch a chill. Oh, what pretty
stockings. You must tell me who your modiste is.
Perhaps I shall buy a few pair. Now, what shall we

Genny assisted Justina to dress while Alyssa lay
recovering her breath. Genny judged that Alyssa was
not ready for anything more of a sexual nature that
morning, and the abrupt return to a "normal" topic was
calculated to reduce what had happened into a bizarre,
perhaps even imaginary event in Alyssa's mind. Thus,
Genny could keep her from thinking too much about what
had just happened. She was right. After a dazed look
at both of them, Alyssa took up a palette and brush
without further comment.

The morning was spent in desultory conversation and
idle painting of still life. By lunchtime, Alyssa had
almost convinced herself that none of it had happened,
so removed did it seem from the current behavior of
Genny and Justina. They ate lunch together and then
took a walk about the grounds. Alyssa was feeling
decidedly tired and retired for a nap until the
hunting party returned.

That evening, the men again joined the women in the
drawing room after cigars and brandy.

Bryson had been looking forward to cornering Alyssa
all day. He was quite frustrated to arrive in the
drawing room and find no sign of her. Upon
questioning, a smirking Justina told him that Genny
had taken Alyssa up to her room to "show her
something." Bryson felt quite sure he knew exactly
what the minx would show her. He remembered his words
to her in the theater - she was to leave her alone
until he had bedded her. Now that the deed was done,
Genny would consider Alyssa fair game. He cursed and
went bounding up the stairs.

He paused outside Alyssa's door, then peeked inside.
They weren't there. He followed the corridor to
Genny's room. Before he even reached for the handle,
he could hear Alyssa's throaty cries of pleasure. His
guts clenched in jealousy. By damn, he'd beat Genny to
within an inch of her life! Alyssa was his bedmate for
the weekend, not Genny's, the greedy little bitch.

He thrust open the door with no thought but to wrench
Alyssa away from Genny's embrace. The two lovers
inside were oblivious to his presence, wrapped in a
hot embrace. In an instant, he took in the scene.

Genny was wearing a harness of some kind. A short but
stout dildo swept up in a curve from her pelvis. She
knelt over Alyssa, who lay on her back, legs raised in
the air. Both were naked. Genny's hands were massaging
Alyssa's breasts, tweaking and pinching her nipples.
Her dildo rubbed up and down in the valley between her
thighs, nudging against Alyssa's clitoris on each
stroke. The dildo gleamed with her juices. Bryson
hadn't seen Genny naked before, and was shocked at
what a luscious body his little stepsister possessed.
And reluctantly, he felt himself become aroused as he
took in the Sapphic embrace. He quietly closed the
door and stepped over to the bedside.

"What are you two sluts up to?" he asked in a menacing
growl. Alyssa shrieked in surprise, but Genny just
turned her head and smiled lazily at him. "Hello
brother dear. Come to join the fun?" She spread open
Alyssa's legs suddenly and pushed against her rosebud
with the stout dildo, watching her stepbrother's
reaction. Alyssa cried out, her legs jerking in
Genny's hands.

"No, no, darling, be still. I told you, I need you to
be a good girl and do what I say, or I'll have to
spank you." Genny crooned lovingly down at Alyssa. She
subsided, but her eyes were closed in mortification
and a blush swept her entire body at Bryson finding
her like this. Bryson began to divest himself of
clothing, hands fumbling slightly while he kept his
eyes locked on the two girls. He had participated in
several threesomes, but never with his stepsister. The
thought had never occurred to him. But if she wasn't
bothered by it, neither was he, he resolved.

Alyssa's eyes popped open as she felt the slender head
of the dildo enter her bottom mouth, at the same time
as the bed depressed under Bryson's weight. Her head
arched back at the stinging eroticism of the slow
entry into her bottom. It entered slickly, easily,
greased with the same lubricant kept in all the guest
rooms. Within moments the five inch fake cock was
seated to the hilt, and Genny knelt motionless for a
moment. A quick glance at Bryson's naked, erect form
and she verified that her stepbrother's cock was much
bigger than the replica buried in Alyssa's fundament.
She wasn't worried about hurting Alyssa, but even the
most seasoned of anal enthusiasts needs a moment to
come to terms with an unexpected intrusion.

Alyssa squirmed under her, and Genny took that as a
sign that she was ready to proceed. Still ignoring
Bryson, she began short, stirring thrusts in and out
of Alyssa's rectum. After a few thrusts, she pulled
all the way out, watching the gaping bottom mouth
begin to slowly close, and then plunged all the way
back in. A projection on the inside of the harness
stimulated her own clit each time she pushed her
pelvis against Alyssa's, and Genny quickly built
towards climax. Alyssa beat her to it. Bryson had
placed two fingers around her erect clitoris and two
around her right nipple and begun squeezing both in
time to Genny's thrusts. Alyssa felt the dark wave of
pleasure sweeping over her. She wrapped her legs
tightly around Genny and came loudly and wetly.

They subsided momentarily in a sweaty, panting tangle
of limbs. Bryson was too randy to wait out their post-
orgasmic glow. He quickly pulled Genny off of Alyssa,
hearing a "pop" as the dildo pulled free of her anus.
Dripping oil on his hard cock, he moved over Alyssa,
raised her legs in the air, and thrust against her
pouting rosebud.

The oil and the previous exercise had relaxed her anus
sufficiently that he was able to push the whole head
of his cock in immediately. However, Alyssa stiffened
and cried out with pain at the unexpected dilation of
her aching hole. Genny immediately grabbed hold of
Bryson's cock and pulled it backwards, wrenching him
out of Alyssa's hole.

"What the bloody hell do you thing you are doing?" she
demanded. "She's not ready to take you so quickly yet.
Jesus, Bryson, she's only had you up her ass once, and
my little shaft is hardly preparation for yours." She
leaned over and rubbed Alyssa's buttocks soothingly
for a moment.

"Alyssa, dear, forgive my stepbrother. men are often
controlled by their little heads rather than their big
ones. I know you know how much pleasure he can give
you, though, so let's try that again. Bryson, get the
oil and two gloves. I'm going to open her up a little
bit more for you."

Bryson complied, stinging under her criticism. He
didn't need Genny to tell him how to bugger a tight
little ass. Even if he had hurt Alyssa, she would have
relaxed momentarily. But he decided to bide his time
and allow his bossy stepsister to give the orders for

Genny smoothed gloves over both hands, watched
intently by Alyssa and Bryson. She smiled tenderly at
Alyssa and poured a generous amount of oil onto one
glove, dripping it over three fingers and into the
palm of the glove. Then she rubbed both hands
together, coating them with the oil.

"Bryson, hold her cheeks open for me. Alyssa, darling,
I'm going to open you up very wide, so that his cock
can get into you without a bit of pain. I want you to
push out as though you are going to the bathroom when
you feel my fingers going into you, alright?"

Bryson leaned over and muttered in her ear, "Genny,
for Christ's sake, the girl likes to be told what to
do, not asked for permission. Would you hurry it up?
I'm going to explode all over the goddamned bed in a

Genny smiled at him. "Bryson, dominance may be your
style but it's not mine. I know that she enjoys being
ordered around, but you do enough of that for both of
us. And you can just hold your horses - or your cock,
whichever you prefer. We'll do this at Alyssa's pace,
not yours. Cum, if you need to so badly. I'll just
play with Alyssa while you regain your strength." She
smiled condescendingly at him.

Bryson clenched his teeth on a sharp reply. Generally,
he and Genny got along very well together. But her
tendency to boss him around got on his nerves.
However, she did seem to have a rapport with Alyssa.
He subsided, willing his cock to be patient for a few
more minutes.

Genny leaned closer to Alyssa. "Now, raise your legs
up dear and hold them with your hands. That's it.
Bryson, hold her buttocks open for me."

"It's alright, that's just two fingers," as Alyssa
flinched and moaned. "You can take two fingers, can't
you Alyssa? Yes, that's right. Now, let's try three.
Good girl! Push out. I can feel your bottom mouth
sucking on my fingers. Let me just...move...there."
Alyssa shrieked and bucked into Genny's hand.

"What did you do, Genny?" His curiosity got the better
of his pique. "Oh, just something Stokely showed me."
Her hand continued to move, fingers twisting
mysteriously in Alyssa's fundament, eliciting more
moans from the girl. "You can sometimes press up
against a spot inside a woman's vagina from inside the
anus. It feels bloody marvelous. Ah, yes, that's the
spot, isn't it Alyssa. You like that, don't you?"
Alyssa moaned "yes, yes" over and over again, her eyes
clenched tightly shut as the waves of pleasure built
up into a giant rush of orgasm.

Before the first orgasm could subside, she suddenly
felt her hole dilating wider than it ever had. Genny
had added a fourth finger. She wasn't able to go quite
as deeply into her with the four fingers bunched
together, so she couldn't quite press against that
magic spot inside Alyssa's bottom. However, the
stretch of the fingers was so erotic that Alyssa
peaked again, her legs and arms trembling from the
stress of the orgasms. As she collapsed onto the bed,
Genny's fingers were pushed out of her rectum.

Bryson sat back in amazement. Genny had gotten four,
admittedly slender, fingers into Alyssa's rectum!
Jesus, and she'd liked it. He wondered for a dizzy
moment if the whole hand would have fit inside her.

Genny urged Alyssa over on her stomach, then slid a
pillow underneath her hips. "Alright, Bryson, it's
almost time. I'm going to open her up again, and when
I say, you slide your cock between my fingers and
right on into her." She used two fingers from each
hand, pushing them into Alyssa's relaxed anus and
pulling them outward. A hole appeared between them,
half-inch wide, then one inch, then an inch and a half
as she kept pulling outward.

Alyssa cried out, hollowing her back to push her ass
up into the tormenting ecstasy of Genny's hands. She
felt as though there were a gaping hole between her
buttocks, that the entire world could fit in there.

"Now!" Genny called triumphantly as she attained the
width that would allow Bryson's cock to slide in to
this sweetly gasping young woman.

Bryson wasted no time. He got up on the bed behind
Alyssa, quickly dripping a generous portion of oil on
his randy cock and then pushing between Genny's
fingers into the open rectum. She removed her fingers
as soon as the thick head of his cock entered. He
pushed smoothly in, listening to Alyssa's muffled
screams into the bedding, further, deeper, feeling the
tight channel rippling around him, all the way in to
his pelvis. His ballsack thudded into the pillow
between her thighs as he reached maximum depth.
Genny's restraining hand on his hip reminded him to
hold his position for a moment, although every
screaming nerve in his hard shaft demanded that he
push and thrust and ream out the tight opening below

Alyssa was the first to move, pushing her hips
backwards against him and moaning out entreaties.

"Please, more, please, don't stop. I need it." Her
fractured pleas drove Bryson over the edge, and he
began hammering into the welcoming, clenching rectum.
His hips drove forward, slapping his pelvis into her
rounded buttocks over and over. It couldn't last long,
not after the long build-up of his arousal. Genny
recognized that fact and quickly reached under the
pillow to locate Alyssa's pearl, drubbing the little
bundle of flesh to a hard spend just as Bryson
exploded into her ass with a triumphant yell. He
collapsed on top of Alyssa, too drained to move.

Genny let them lie there for a few minutes, but her
own cunny and asshole were aching for attention.
"Move, brother dear," she advised Bryson finally, when
her patience had run out.

"Wha...why?" he asked somewhat groggily.

"Because I'm in serious need, and Alyssa owes me some
attention," she told him impatiently.

Alyssa raised her head and gazed blearily over her
shoulder at Genny. Genny stared back at her. "Surely
you didn't think you were done, Alyssa? We have all
night ahead of us. It's time you learned how to use a
dildo on me, and how tasty are a woman's juices. I'm
sure you already know what a man tastes like," she
swept her gaze around to Bryson. He grinned guiltily,
remembering the carriage ride after the theater.

For the rest of the night, Alyssa got very little
rest. Bryson and Genny kept her busy, expanding her
education in the carnal arts. She learned how to bring
Genny to orgasm, learned how to deep throat Bryson,
and had her first "taste" of analingus. When it came
time to strap on a harness and pleasure Genny as she
herself had been pleasured, Genny pulled out a much
larger dildo, larger even than Bryson.

"What can I say? I like them large," she informed
Bryson as he stared in surprise at the huge fake cock.
"Who the hell stretched you for that?" he demanded a
little jealously. Although they had not touched each
other except in giving pleasure to Alyssa, he was
admittedly attracted to her erotic body, to her large
breasts and shaven mound, and most especially to her
lusciously rounded derriere. The thought of other men
fucking her both aroused and repelled him.

"*I* did, Bryson. I found that the larger the cock,
the greater my pleasure when I am masturbating. Of
course, nothing compares with a real, hot cock, and a
man who knows how to use it." She smiled flirtatiously
at him.

Alyssa was watching the byplay between Genny and
Bryson. With her new knowledge of men and attraction,
she realized that these two were drawn to each other.
Instead of lubricating the fake cock, as Genny had
instructed her, she reached out with a handful of oil
and grasped Bryson's semi-erect cock.

They both looked at her with a gasp, having briefly
forgotten her presence.

"What are you doing, Alyssa?" Genny asked.

"Well, you did say that a live cock is better than a
fake one, didn't you? And here we have a real man."
Alyssa said. "You aren't related, so there is no
reason why you shouldn't be together."

Bryson and Genny looked at each other, their eyes
burning with carnal heat. Bryson suddenly crushed
Genny to him in a hard kiss. He flipped her onto her
back on the bed, spread her legs open, and shoved his
cock into her ass in one long, hard plunge. She cried
out, coming instantly, her rectum clasping his cock in
powerful muscles.

"Oh, God, Bryson, you feel so good inside me. Yes,
pump me harder. Ooooo, you feel so big in my bottom!"

"Genny, darling, your ass is so hot, so tight.
Aaauggh!" He came within a dozen thrusts. Bryson
collapsed on top of Genny, then curled up behind her,
stroking her hair and tenderly kissing the back of her
neck. Alyssa quietly crept from the bed, removed the
unused harness from her hips, and donned her
nightdress. Her anus twinged pleasurably with each
step as she left the room and sought her own. Those
two would not need her again this night, she thought
with a smile.

As she slid slowly into sleep in her solitary bed,
Alyssa mulled over the events of the weekend. Bryson
and Genny were both wonderful lovers, and she had
gained great pleasure from being with them. One thing
troubled Alyssa, though. She wasn't jealous, not
really, as she hadn't formed an emotional attachment
to Bryson or to Genny. But even after such a short
exposure to carnal pleasures, Alyssa knew that she
wanted a lover to call her own, who would find
satisfaction in her arms alone.

She wondered sleepily whether she would meet her
future husband this Season. Perhaps at the ball where
she would be formally presented to Society? Then her
eyes closed, and she slept deeply until morning.

The trip home was uneventful. After several sheepish
looks from Genny and Bryson in the carriage, Alyssa
finally put their minds at ease.

"It's alright, both of you. I don't mind that you
forgot all about me last night." Then she relented at
Genny's stricken look. "I'm just teasing you. I think
it's wonderful that you found such passion together.
But I have made a decision. I'll not lie with either
of you again." She raised a hand as Bryson and Genny
began to protest. "Not because of what happened last
night. Or not completely, anyway. I have just decided
that I wish to remain chaste until I meet my future

They subsided back on the coach seat, stunned. Alyssa
was putting a halt to their plans for her. She sounded
so completely sure of herself, so calm and serene that
it was impossible to argue with her. Although Genny

"But, Alyssa, you now know what pleasure your body can
bring you. Why would you abstain from such acts? It is
not hurting anyone, and is so deliciously

"Although I have experienced pleasure with you both, I
feel that this is the right thing for me to do." Even
as Alyssa tried to explain, she knew that they didn't
really understand. Finally, she gave up trying. Genny
and Bryson eventually accepted her decision with good
grace and spent the remainder of the trip educating
Alyssa about the various oddities of the wealthy
nobles she would meet this Season.


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