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Video Knights In Kathmandu



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1999,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


The man's buttocks tremble in tension. They are round and taut and
firm, and the cleft between them is deep and shadowed. They relax, lobe
open, revealing the puckered flesh of the anus, the sagging scrotal
sac. The buttocks quiver. Slowly, they flex together, deep hollows
appearing in their sides. They move forward, flexing taut. A woman
gasps sharply, loudly. A man chuckles, groans. The buttocks swing back,
unflexing, parting. They pause fractionally, and slowly squeeze taut
again, moving forward. The woman cries again, her voice deeper and more
guttural. Pause, unflex, withdraw, pause.

Abruptly, the buttocks snap together and rush forward. A choking cry
breaks from the woman. The buttocks jerk back, opening up and the
thighs spread to expose the anus. They clap together again and plunge
into their forward motion, drawing another ululating cry. Faster and
faster, in a demonic rhythm, squeezing taut, flexing, driving forward,
unflexing, relaxing, sliding back, opening up, exposing the anus, again
and again. There is a thundering, ramming, demanding rhythm to the
action. The thrusts are accompanied by staccato cries from the woman.

Just as suddenly, they slow to a long, skewering action, pushing
relentlessly forward, squeezing taut, pausing, grinding, writhing, then
retreating with a slow, relaxed action. They open fully now as they
relax and the anus winks open, revealing the darkness within. Then it
is gone, engulfed by the two globes pressing together again.

Slowly, the camera dips downward, almost caressing in its motion. Now
the huge testicles fill the flickering television screen, bobbing and
swinging in their scrotal sac. The hip movements steady into a rhythm
and now the immensity of the penis comes into view, thick, long, dark,
vein-ridged, scrunching and squelching into a cunt through distended
vulva rimmed with short, dark hair. The balls press against the
cunt-lips as the glistening cock slides inward; the cunt is visibly
wet. In and out, in and out in a mesmerising rhythm.

Smoothly, the camera swivels around the side and, still at hip level,
shows in grotesque detail the huge penis plunging in and out between
the creamy curves of the woman's buttocks, piercing her cunt repeatedly. The penis is monstrous, over nine inches long, nearly two
inches thick. It pistons rhythmically in and out, appearing and
disappearing between her buttocks against which the man's thighs slap
loudly. The camera lingers for a movement on the rocking bodies and
then trickles slowly upward.

The woman's breasts come into view, large and succulent, dangling
pendulous like ripe fruit. She wears a gold necklace and it, too, hangs
free, swinging as she rocks back and forth on all fours. Her nipples
are long and erect and her bright aureoles are puckered. The camera lingers on the swollen breasts and she caresses one in excitement,
crushing the heavy mound in her hand. Now the soundtrack rises,
overlaying the throbbing music in the background.

Gently, the camera pans to a frontal close-up of the woman's face. She
is stunningly beautiful, her loveliness accentuated by the radiance of
lust-heat. She has large, dark, lustrous eyes, lined with *kajal*, a
fine nose, a full, sensual mouth with perfect teeth, high cheekbones
and a long, graceful neck. Her hair is thick and dark and twined in a
plait that hangs over her naked shoulder. Her lips are parted, her eyes
hooded, her long neck arched, her face flung back, her nostrils flared.
She moans loudly, lewdly.

"Yes ... Ohhhhhh yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me lover! Ohhhh yes!" she

Deep hollows appear in her shoulders as, on her forearms and knees, she
rocks and swings deliriously under the man's thrusts. The camera draws
back and shows him, a fine specimen of manhood, dark and tall with a
handsome, aquiline face and a superbly sculpted, smooth-skinned body,
hairless torso with flat belly and deep, muscular, cleaved chest, on
his knees behind her, fucking her steadily. His head is flung back and,
holding her waist, he pumps his hips back and forth at her buttocks,
his cock sawing in and out of her cunt.

"Ohmaohmaohmaoh! Ohhhh! Unhhh yes ohhh yes-yes-yes! Ohhh god yes that's
so good yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Ohhhh yes!" the girl cries.

"Yeh! Ohfuckyes! Ohh yes! Take it! Take it whore!" he gasps.

Suddenly, another man drops between the camera and the woman's face.
The shot cuts to one from the side, shows the second man, like the
first, well-built and handsome with a long, thick, erect penis. He
pushes it to her mouth. The girl whimpers and, still on her forearms
and knees, takes it in her mouth and starts sucking it ardently. The
man grins. Holding her head, he rocks it back and forth, pumping his
hips at her face. The young girl's body bridges theirs, her mouth and
cunt impaled by the two distended organs. After several minutes, they
pause and exchange places. The man who has just fucked her mouth mounts
her now, astride her hips, quickly jamming his cock into her cunt. She
cries out as the huge cock plunges into her cunt and lurches forward as
the other man forces his penis to her lips. She groans and starts
sucking it. The men fuck her methodically and unhurriedly, gasping and

"Yeh ... take it! Take my cock, whore!" the man behind her gasps.

"C'mon bitch ... suck my prick ... suck it harder!" his companion

The shot cuts after several long minutes. The first man is preparing to
sodomise her. Her body is bent steeply forward, her shoulders on the
bed, her hips raised high, her thighs spread apart, her buttocks wide
open. The camera dwells lovingly in a close-up of her puckered, taut
anus. The enormous penis is shown squeezing into the cleft between her
buttocks, pressing to her anus. The shot cuts to the girl's face, her
eyes closed, her chest heaving with excitement and tension.

"Do it," she moans. "Fuck my ass ... come on ... shove it in!"

The man grunts, flexes his buttocks and pushes his hips forward. His
cock-head pops into her anus. The girl screams thinly, her face
contorting, her mouth jerking open, her eyes screwed shut, her lips
drawn back and teeth bared in a rictus of pain and pleasure. The shot
cuts to her rear, shows the enormous penis sliding deeper and deeper
into her anal channel, invading and penetrating her flesh. The girl's
cries are sharp, choking, broken. The man gasps his pleasure and swirls
his hips heavily, mashing her anus with his cock. Slowly, he starts
fucking her ass, swinging his hips back and forth. His penis slides in
and out of her anus, appearing and disappearing between the curved
lobes of her buttocks, pistoning slowly and heavily in and out.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhh unhhhh Ohhhhhh ... Ohhhh yes! Yes!" the girl pants.

His cock scrapes and grinds in and out of her anus. The girl's face is
contorted in an agony of lust. The other man sucks on her swollen
breasts, tugging her nipples with his large white teeth. The girl whimpers in excitement.

"Oh god yes! Ohhh yes! Do it, baby! Fuck my ass! Ohhhhh yes! Yes! Ohhh
yes uhhh yes ... Oh ma uh *hanh* uhh ohhhh uhh ohhh uhh OHH!" she

Again the two men exchange places and now she is sucking the cock that
has recently invaded her anus. The camera dwells on their rocking
bodies. The girl is sweating with exertion now, and her body glistens
in the hard light.

Another cut, and now the camera shows her buttocks opening and closing,
flexing and unflexing, rising and falling, her cunt sliding up and down
the length of an enormous penis beneath her. Her buttocks split open
like melons as her hips rise and her puckered, dainty anus is exposed.
The huge cock fills her belly, stretching her cunt-lips wide open, the
heavy balls pressing to her cunt-lips as they swallow the enormous erection. The camera pans up her body, shows her bouncing, tossing
breasts, shows her squeezing and crushing them in excitement, kneading
them hard. Her face is arched, suffused with pleasure. She stretches an
arm behind her and squeezes the man's balls.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me lover ... do it to me!" she groans.

The second man kneels behind her and shuffles forward, cupping and
fondling her breasts. She understands his desire and obediently,
immediately, without hesitation, leans forward and slows, offering him
her anus again. The second man kneels behind her and presses his cock
between the lobes of her buttocks. The girl tenses, freezes, then
yields, moaning, bent forward. The man behind her exults and flexes his
buttocks and swings his hips forward. His penis surges into her anus.
He flings his head back and gasps in joy.

"Oh baby yeh! Take it!" he shouts.


The girl's cry is loud and high and shrill. Her face contorts with
agony and lust as the two huge penises fill her body, separated now by
the merest membrane of flesh. She writhes and twists in agony between
them. The two men laugh and start fucking her heavily, their huge
penises bursting into her cunt. They hit a rhythm, their cocks sawing
in and out of her cunt and ass, so that each thrust into her anus
forces her cunt deeper onto the second cock.

"Oh-unh-oh-unh-oh- unh-oh-unh ..." The girl's voice is ragged and

The men move in time to the music, their hips bucking at her body. They
stop and fuck her again, on her side, in her cunt and ass, changing
positions, the men's faces flushed with heat, their hips bucking at the
slender, lissome body of the girl who writhes and thrashes
uncontrollably between them, panting and gasping and moaning in
passion. One of them sucks on her breasts, the other crushes them in
his hands. She moans thickly and begs them to fuck her harder. They
oblige immediately and now their hips crash into her thighs and
buttocks. As the two huge penis run in and out of her cunt in an
incessant driving rhythm, the girl shrieks in joy.

"Ohhh god yes yes Ohhh yes yes that's it fuck me fuck me Ohhh yes yes

They fuck her once more, on her back, taking turns to ram-fuck her
cunt, her body bent in half under theirs, their hips pounding savagely
at her flesh. In and out their cocks thunder, ramming and reaming
furiously into her flesh, plundering her at will. Her body rocks and
snaps under theirs. Then, while one of them fucks her cunt, the other
sits on her face and makes her suck his cock, distending her lovely
face with his erection.

Finally, the men are satisfied. One jerks out of her cunt and explodes,
spattering her cunt and thighs and belly with his spoot. Seconds later,
the other comes in her mouth and she smiles radiantly as the thick jizz spurts into her open, eager lips and dribbles over her cheeks and
splashes on her breasts.

The shot dissolves slowly to one of her lying on a narrow pallet,
naked, on her back, her thighs split. The camera lingers on her
lust-ridden face, then pans lasciviously down her jerking, writhing
body. She is with a third man and he is fucking her heavily and slowly,
his cock grinding deeply into her cunt. She kisses him hungrily,
pulling his head down to hers. He squeezes her swollen breasts. His
buttocks bob and buck over her heaving, pumping hips and his penis
appears and disappears into her cunt. She caresses his strong, smooth,
broad-shouldered back gently, squeezing and fondling his buttocks,
clenching them in evident excitement.

"Fuck me!" she gasps. "Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me!"

"Oh yeh ... take it! C'mon ... take it, bitch! Take my prick!" her
lover calls.

The girl whimpers and gasps, her face flipping languorously from side
to side, a vision of lust. The man groans and pushes deep into her
cunt, arching his handsome head. The girl gasps and arches under him,
her fingers digging into his shoulders, her hips heaving and bucking
eagerly under his. Her legs spread wider and coil around the backs of
his thighs.

"C'mon! Fuck me harder! Shove it in, baby! Shove it all in ... ohhhhh
yes ... that's it ... oh fuck yes ... ohhhh yes ... fuck me baby ...
fuck me hard!" she calls.

"Take it! Ohh fuck yes take it, bitch, take my cock! Oh fuck oh fuck oh
fuck yes! Ohhhhh uhhh yes!" The man calls.

He moves faster, plunging deeply and rapidly in and out of her body,
his hips bucking and bobbing over hers, his buttocks flexing and
unflexing, his hips swinging and snapping. The girl arches and gasps
and cries out, her body lurching and jerking under the man's thrusts.
Her breasts jiggle and bounce as he drives into her with deep, ramming
thrusts. She hisses in pleasure and lifts and squeezes her breasts erotically, pinching and tweaking her erect nipples.

On and on they go. The camera cuts to a shot of their loins, showing in
graphic detail the thick long cock plunging and pistoning up and down,
his buttocks plummeting downward, rising, falling, her streaming wet
cunt heaving up and down.

A cut, and she is on her knees, sucking the man's penis languorously,
moaning and whimpering audibly. Her head is tilted to one side, her
eyes half-closed, her lips parted wide, and her tongue moves in wanton
arcs around the bulging, sticky, glistening cock-head as she holds it
delicately in her fingers, jerking it back and forth, masturbating her
lover. Groaning, she opens her mouth wide and takes his cock deep in
her mouth and starts sucking it hungrily, her head rocking to and fro
between his thighs. The man gasps, arching his head and, moves her back
and forth in his hands to suit his pleasure.

"Yeh ... c'mon ... suck it ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon, bitch, suck my
cock!" The man groans.

The girl sucks his cock faster and harder and deeper, her head rocking
swiftly back and forth, her mouth filled and face distended by the size
of his erection. The man gasps and pushes her head back.

Another cut, and they continue fucking. The man lies on his back. The
girl drops astride his hips in a deep squat, holding his cock, her cunt hovering over his upright penis. With a shuddering moan, she lowers her
cunt onto the erect penis, her head arching back her belly sucking inward, her breasts thrust out.

"Oh ma uhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh uhhh yes!" she gasps eagerly.

She hisses in pleasure, and the camera lingers in a shot of her face,
soft and radiant with lust, her lips parted, her tongue arching
wantonly over her upper lip. The man groans and arches slowly under
her, making her gasp as his penis surges into her flesh. He grunts and,
reaching up, squeezes her breasts hard in his hands. She moans and,
arching her head, drops lower and lower onto his cock, engulfing it in
her cunt. The shot cuts to the rear and shows her bucking and rocking
up and down on his penis, her cunt sliding up and down the length of
his inflamed tumescence. Her cunt is wet and his cock glistens as her
slit opens and closes, convulsing visibly in the graphic close-up. The
delicate curls of her pubic hair framing her slit are clearing visible.
Her fingers enter the frame, curling lovingly around the heavy balls
that crush against her buttocks as she rocks up and down on the thick shaft.

"Fuck me! Ohhhhhh yes fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard!" Her voice calls.

The man's hips buck and rock heavily up and down under her. The shot
cuts to one from the front, showing her tossing and bouncing on his
lap, her breasts, hot and swollen, jiggling and bouncing heavily. She
lifts and squeezes them, hissing in pleasure, and grinds her hips round
and round in tight, erotic circles.

The music grows in volume and tempo and slowly, lingering on their
writhing bodies, the camera begins to climb towards the ceiling. It
pauses above the slowly whirring fan and shows the room in wide-angle,
the two bodies writhing on the bed. It pauses. The girl gets off her
lover's penis and turns on her forearms and knees on the bed. The man drops astride her hips in a deep squat and slowly pushes his cock into
her cunt. They rock slowly back and forth, back and forth, back and
forth. The camera swoops down to a loving close-up of her face, radiant
with excitement, the nostrils flared, the eyes half-closed, the mouth
open, her tongue pressed to her upper lip, and, beneath, her swollen
breasts swinging pendulous. The soundtrack echoes with her loud,
obscene moans and whimpers. The shot fades.

= oOo =


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