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Video Night


This contains sexual words, themes, and actions. If
you are under 21, this is not meant for you. If you
don't like this sort of stuff, go away. If you DO
like this... keep reading at your own risk.
This is a short scenario I concocted for a friend.
Video Night by Pami ( (M/F, rom)
I can envision it now.

You and I are relaxing on the big sofa in my
apartment, watching a video that we rented. Some
light comedy or action-adventure movie, maybe. We
laugh and joke and even ridicule some of the more
absurd aspects of the flick, but we both feel the
tension between us. Finally, I can't stand it
anymore, and as the credits roll by, I look over at
you and smile, and you smile back. I take your hand
and pull it up to my lips and kiss it. I wonder if
that is the signal you were waiting for, as your eyes
suddenly grow serious, and you reach out with your
other hand and pull my face to yours. The first kiss
is soft and gentle. Kind of like we are tasting each
other. Feeling the softness of our lips together,
and, after all, how DO you know where the noses go?!

After a couple of light kisses, your tongue darts out
and flicks my lips. I immediately open my mouth and
caress your tongue with mine. I softly moan into your
mouth. (Did I mention how much I like kissing?! What
a coincidence!) We pull closer and I wrap my arms
around you and our kisses deepen. I like the way you
taste...I thought I would, but it is nice to be right
about that! We kiss for what seems like HOURS,
although it probably isn't even ten minutes, and when
you take my lower lip between your teeth and pull
gently on it, I think I am going to melt because I
feel so good. You gently wrap your hand through my
long hair and pull back on it, exposing my throat to
your lips and tongue. (How did you KNOW that is one
of my most erogenous zones? If you lick my neck just
right, you can convince me to do anything.) You hit
all of the right spots, from the collarbone to right
underneath my ear. When your tongue flicks back and
forth over my skin, you hear my moans escalate into
whimpers of pleasure and I squirm in your arms.

I can feel how aroused I am, and as I run my hands
over your shoulders and back, I only hope that you are
as well. I want to reach down and check, but I must
confess, I am a little shy to go quite that far just
yet. You whisper and tell me how good I taste, and
your tongue gently traces around the edge of my ear.
I try to pull myself together and give you a flippant
answer, but when you suddenly move down and lightly
bite the juncture between my neck and shoulder, I give
up thinking and just enjoy it. You pull away and look
into my eyes. I know that my face is flushed and my
eyes are dilated. I can feel my breathing as I inhale
slowly, trying to calm myself down. I just look at
you and the devilish grin on your face and say one
word. "More". You laugh out loud and lean forward to
kiss my parted lips again.


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