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Title: View From My Window
Keywords: mc, mF, fF, inc, teen, brother, sister, mom, son, daughter, mdom, cousin, aunt, nephew
Author: Caesar

View From My Window

by Caesar, copyright 2001-2002

$Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:29 $

"Turn your light off and get some sleep young man!" Gregory's mother had her head stuck in her son's bedroom doorway, and though she spoke
harshly, she had a familiar gentle smile on her lips. It was the
'game' she played as a 'mom'.

"OK mom." Gregory put down his book and reached for the bedside
light. It had been a good book.

"Good night honey. Get some rest, its the first day of school for you
tomorrow." He knew, how could he forget.

"Night." She closed his door softly just as Gregory turned off his

His father had been transferred to this city and they had just moved
into their new home two days ago. Much of the house had piles of
boxes that needed to be attended too. But Gregory's bedroom was
nearly finished, especially his books and computer, his clothing was
still in the packing boxes.

Time passed slowly, as it always seems to if you can't sleep. There
was a little amount of light coming through the single bedroom window,
from the quiet streets outside, enough to see much of his room.
Though Gregory was trying to get to sleep, he really did not want too
- dreading his first day at the new school.

The neighbourhood Gregory and his family had moved into, was much
different than they had been used too. Previously they had shared a
three bedroom apartment in the middle of downtown - the new house was
in suburbia and had a huge lot with a five bedroom house. The
neighbourhood had huge oak trees lining the roads and it was always
very quiet.

One thing had not changed though, his father still travelled a lot for
work. Possibly more so now that he had to work in his old location,
for a few months, till a replacement could be found. Gregory doubted
he'll see his father a total of one week in the next twelve.

Car lights illuminated Gregory's room for a second, before the squeal
of a car turning was heard.

The fifteen year old boy sat up in his bed. and if he leaned over the
edge, he would be able to just see over the sill of the ledge.

It was his neighbours - or at least it as an old four door car pulling
into the side driveway of his neighbours home. His family had not
seen anyone on that side of their home yet, it was noticeable as three
other neighbours had already come to pay their respects - one bearing
a freshly backed apple pie. The mediocrity nauseated the teenager

A skinny teen climbed out of the car and stood looking around - as if
checking to see if anyone was coming. The driver turned the lights of
the car off but left it running, the glow from a cigarette could be

Gregory began to wonder if these guys were, in fact, not his new
neighbours but someone thinking of breaking into their home.

Then the neighbours garage opened, and the tall teen began to slowly
walk toward it. There was movement in the dim corners of the open
door then three people started to come out.

Gregory sat bolt up and practically pressed his nose against the glass
of the window when he saw that the skinny teen was joined by another,
dumpier teenager, and they were carrying someone.

It had to be a woman, as her long hair was dragging in the driveway,
and she was bound. The white rope could just barely be viewed, about
her ankles and wrists. Her head was whipping about and her hips
thrashing - as if trying to get away.

What was going on, Gregory thought near panic?

The trunk of the large old car popped open and the two teenagers
half-carried, half-dragged the woman to the boot and swung her in.
Without a glance, the tall skinny teen slammed the trunk door closed.

The two teens stood chatting for a few minutes, before the short
chubby boy returned back to the garage. The wide steel door started
to shut.

The driver turned the headlights of his car on and began to ease his
big old vehicle out of the driveway.

All the while the tall teenager, stood waiting, his eyes scanning the

The teenager went over to the car, now waiting in the middle of the
quiet road, opened the door and lifted one foot into its dark interior
when he looked up and right into Gregory's eyes.


No one believed it - his mother, nor his sister. Said it was a
product of his active imagination, too many books his sister added.

In fact, a week after that night, Gregory started to doubted what he
had seen as well - when the neighbour, a Mrs. Simon, came over to
introduce herself. Behind her stood her son, a short dumpy pimply
teenager whom she introduced as Paul.

Then Gregory noticed Mrs. Simon's long hair, straight and nearly to
her waist.

The teenagers shook hands, "Hi."


"You boys go out back will you?"

Paul replied, "Sure mom."

The two mothers were animatedly chatting - Gregory's asking about the
best places to chop in the neighbourhood, or some other mindless

"I was told to talk with you." Paul seemed embarrassed.

The leaves were falling, and the boys kicked through ankle deep piles
- heading to a bench in Greg's backyard.

Greg's heart was pounding rapidly as he asked, "About last week?"
Somehow he knew that his voyeur tendencies of last week were known by
this older boy.

Paul sat down on the old bench, brushing leaves from its surface
first. He barely mumbled, "Yes."

There - he knew it. He had not been dreaming, Gregory realized,

"What the hell was going on?"

The older teenager just shrugged and kicked at the multi-coloured
leaves at his feet.

Greg sat down next to him, feeling the tension between the two.

If he hadn't been dreaming last week, then he had seen Paul and
another guy take out a bound woman from Paul's house. A woman that
had the same shape and long hair as Paul's mother.

"I wanted to call the cops after what I saw."

Paul started to huff, as only chubby boys can, and turned sideways to
glare at the young teen.

Gregory continued, "I didn't of course. mom thought it was only a

Paul visibly calmed and sat back, but now kept his eyes on the
teenager next to him.

"I'm glad you didn't." The chubby boy added after calming himself.

"Why?" Gregory just had to know what was going on - it was like a
mystery in one of his books.

The chubby boy shrugged and again seemed embarrassed.

Then after a few minutes of embarrassed silence, he rushed, "Your new
around here - and your too young."

What did either of those have to do with what he saw.

Greg asked, "Whatever you were doing, was it something illegal?"

Paul suddenly stood up and started to walk slowly, as if in thought,
back to the Himes house. Greg rushed to catch up.

"I'll talk with him OK, just promise not to say anything to anyone

Greg still had no idea what the boy was talking about but figured he
would find out soon enough, if he did as was asked, "Sure."


"Yea, Paul here. Can you come over this afternoon at two o'clock?"
It was a Saturday.

"Sure." This was it, he was finally going to find out what he had
seen - it was probably nothing surely. Some prank most probably.

Paul mumbled something then hung up the phone.


The tall thin teenager that shook his hand could only be the boy that
helped Paul carry that bound woman. Paul stood to the side looking
nervous and staying mute.

"Hi, I'm Paul." He did his own introduction. More certain than ever,
his imagination had built up the events he had witnessed.

"Call me Cray." He was older than Greg or Paul, nineteen the young man guessed.

Cray looked calm and relaxed as he ignored Paul and lead Greg into the
large clean living room. A tray was set, with soft drinks and chips.
Paul stood in the doorway nervous and silent.

"Paul told me about your chat earlier this week."

Greg shrugged and smiled, "It was dark and I had no idea what was
going on."

"Of course. I'm here to clear up any concerns you have."

"Thanks." Greg took a chip and munched loudly on it.

"Do you have any questions?"

"Uh... yes, who was the girl I saw you guys carrying?" He half
expected Cray to say a girlfriend or a cousin, all a harmless prank.

"Paul's mom."

Gregory's hand froze half ways to the chip bowl. The young teen
starred up at the chubby boy and saw that he was staring at the
hardwood floor before him - obviously not willing to join into the
conversation. In fact, Paul looked very embarrassed.

As before, Greg's heart began to pound and he started to think this
wasn't all an exaggeration of his imagination.

A large clock in the corner started to chime, startling Greg.

"Would you boys like anything else?" Paul's mom came silently around
the corner, from another entrance to check on her sons friends.

Cray spoke up with a voice Gregory had never heard a teenager use with
an adult before, "Just stand right there and don't say a word." Greg
looked to Paul to see his reaction at the instruction, but the boy just stood mute - as now did the mother.

"How old are you Greg?"

The question startled him, but he answered quickly, "Fifteen."

"Hum... a little young... but I suppose there are outside factors to
consider." What 'factors' thought the boy?

Cray seemed to think for several minutes, the only sound was of the
clock as it ticked to the passing seconds.

Finally, "Do you have any bonds or savings that you can get?"

"What does that have anything to do...?"

Cray interrupted impatiently, "Just answer the question and take it
easy, you'll understand everything soon enough."

"Yea, sure. My parents have been putting money into a bond for college for years. Of course I don't have access to it."

"Your mother does?"

For some reason, it made Greg nervous to include his mother in this
conversation, "Sure."

"What do you think about Paul here?" Cray looked humorously at the
chubby boy still standing in the foyer entrance.

Greg shrugged, "I barely know him."

"What are you initial impressions - what do you think about him?"

"A little overweight, shy... nervous." Greg wasn't sure how honest he
could be with the teenager only feet away.

"Fat and stupid would be closer to the mark."

Greg shrugged.

"Paul - what do you think about Greg here?"

It was the first time he had spoken since the visit - "A nerd."

Cray laughed when he saw Gregory's red face.

After he calmed down the older teenager finally continued, "One of the
prerequisites of joining our little group is that your an outsider of
'normal' society. A 'nerd' fits that profile. And since you saw our
little transaction the other night, I'll forget that your a year too

What the fuck was going on here, thought Gregory, getting angry.

"Another prerequisite is that you have to afford our service." The
skinny teen reached out and took a can of pop - probably thirsty from
doing all the talking thought Greg.

"Now, would you like our help?"

Cray sat staring at the young teen as if he seriously expected an

Greg finally lost it, he stood up abruptly and shouted, "I have no
idea what the fuck you are talking about!"

Calmly, "Sit down Greg." He did, with reservation. "Did you not
wonder how Tilly here", he nodded to Mrs. Simon smiling standing form,
"could be seen kicking and bound from her own home and then appear the
next week as if nothing happened?"

Of course he had, "Yes."

"Paul here had his mother programmed to be his slave."

Paul screamed out in his normally hoarse voice, "Cray!"

Greg looked from Paul to Tilly Simon to Cray slowly, incredibly. Not
one of them looked like they were about to break out laughing - as if
this was all a joke.

"Oh, calm down Paul. Nearly ever guy who hires us has their mom, aunt
or sister programmed. Its perfectly natural."

What? Greg stood again and felt like his heart was about to pound out
of his chest, before walking on unsteady legs out of the large
expensive home.


His mother's name was Sara. Sara Himes. She brought the last bowl
for supper to the table, mashed potatoes, before sitting at the end of
the table.

They sat in the kitchen, as they only ate in the dining room when
Gregory's father was home - which was very rare.

"Honey you OK?"

"Why did we have to move here mom?"

She looked at her youngest child with sympathy, when Yvonne
interrupted, "I think this place is great!"

Greg cursed her silently, she always thought everything was great.
She was also so damn perky, thought her brother.

The mother of two reached over and took her son's hand in both her
hers, and met his eye firmly. "Please give it a chance Gregory, for
your fathers sake?" She was almost pleading with him.

They moved to a different city, to the fucking burbs, for his father -
now Greg was propositioned by some weird fucking perverts. He stared
into his mothers green eyes, the same colour as his, and then moved
down to her lips - full, red and moist.

She must have thought she was loosing her son's focus, and stood up to
stand before him. Before Greg realized it, his head was pressed
between the valley of his mothers breasts as she hugged him fiercely.

"Darling, I love you so much, you know you can talk to me about
anything right?"

The rear of his skull was pressing into the curve of right boob - the
clean smell of her sweater and of the subtle perfume she used filled
his nostrils - before him he imagined he saw the press of her nipple
pressing outwards.

God, realizing these new thoughts must have originated by the crude
introduction to that alter world Cray thought he lived in, and they
were wrong.

"I'm fine mom." He firmly pushed her away from him, fearing that
twitching between his legs.

"OK honey." She bent down and kissed the top of his head, thus
allowing the vee neck of her sweater to drop away from her. "Love

Greg looked down to his mothers white bra and the swell of her


Yvonne was driving Gregory nuts - why did she not hate this place as
much as he did? It was her last year of high school and seemed
genuinely excited about the possibility of completing it here, in the
burbs. Already planning on where to go to University with an ecstatic
excitement that drove her brother nuts.

Paul was phoning nearly every day and Gregory's mom was asking her son
why he didn't want to talk or make friends with the boy next door.

In fact the only thing Gregory wanted to do, was sit in his room and
read. It was the escape he craved, from the crazy notions that Cray
had presented him. And when he sat at the table with his sister and
mother, he could not help but notice that his mom was indeed a woman.
It was driving him crazy with guilt and a new foreign lust that he had
never felt before. His mom only had to lean away from him and his
eyes will immediately look to her bottom. If she licked her lips
clean, he would see it in slow motion - her red glistening touch
rolling over her full red lips.

To make matters worse, when Gregory would not return Paul's phone
calls or answer the door when he came over, Paul's mom Tilly started
to hang out with Greg's mom, Sara. They gossipped about the
neighbours, talked about books or movies, sometimes about their
husbands, and even about their son's. It was another reason for
Gregory to hid in his room, he would often find Mrs. Simon in the
living room for a visit.

It disgusted the reclusive fifteen year old.

The phone rang, and Mrs. Simon yelled up the stairs, "Your mom is
outside talking to the milkman Gregory... can you get that?"

No, he immediately thought, it may be your moronic son!

He picked it up regardless. "Don't hang up Greg." It was Cray. "I'm
a little worried about you son?" Gregory simply stood there, not
uttering a word. "To prove our worth to you, as well as to keep you
from telling anyone our secret, I'm going to do you a favour."

Favour, Gregory did not want any favours from Cray, Paul or any other
disgusting pig.

"Did you notice your sister wasn't home yet? Well, she will be a
little late tonight. And if you are happy with our adjustments, you
can pay us later...".

Gregory slammed the phone down on the hook. "Prick."

Suddenly Gregory felt his veins turn to ice, what did Cray mean by
'adjustments' he wondered. They wouldn't dare drag his sister,
kicking and screaming, to shove her into some car trunk would they?

Oh god, what have I gotten Yvonne into, the teenager wondered!


Though he tried to say awake as late as possible, Yvonne was not home
when he fell asleep. His mother reassured him, "These graduation
clubs can take hours Gregory - don't worry." Of course Mrs. Simon had
been sipping tea at the table across from his mother, reassuring her.

Maybe it was a little draft from his bedroom door being opened but
consciousness returned to Gregory. "Yvonne?"

"Yes." Her voice was huskier than normal, near whispering, but must
have been somewhere between his door and his bed. The night was a
dark one, no moon, so that his bedroom was pitch black.

She was breathing deeply as well, he realized.

"Where have you been?" He sat up in bed, rubbing the sleep from his
eyes. He wanted to ask if she was OK, but the words could not come
out for fear of the answer.

"With your friends." That made his heart nearly stop, since he
understood what she meant. What was the strange thing, was that she
was not irrational with anger. What had they done to her, he wondered
not for the first time?


"Yes." Something rustled but Gregory could not place the sound, it
had been near his sister. Had she tied her bathrobe maybe?

"Does mom know you got home?" She had gone to bed before Gregory had
fallen asleep, though his mom didn't appear worried in the least.
Yvonne had always been given a looser reign by their mother while
Greg's father was the opposite.

"She is still asleep." Why was she talking with such a deep voice?

Yvonne stepped closer to his bed, the sound of her bare feet almost
loud upon the hard-wood floor.

Finally, the dark silence drove him to ask, "Are you OK Yvonne?"

"Oh yes." She sounded very sure of her answer.

Another step closer and another strange rustle from her area, till it
was obvious she was standing directly next to his bed. From this
distance, Gregory could hear her heavy anxious breathing, deafening in
his small room.


"I want you Gregory." She almost hissed this statement out, in a
hushed whisper. It was deafening to the teenage boy, the sound of
those words ringing in his ears.

She had to be joking, some type of sick joke at his expense! Gregory
knew this could not be true - his sister was a distant flighty older girl and they had nothing but their name in common.

His body shivered as if cold and he asked, "Want me how Yvonne?"
Gregory felt stupid simply asking.

She didn't hesitate though, in her hoarse voice, "I want you in me."

Outside the wind blew through the big old oak trees, whistling at this
insane moment. Before him, in the dark of his room, his sister stood
breathing heavily - showing more patience than he head ever seen
within her before.

Then she moved, toward the curtained window - pulling it aside with a
deafening rasp. The distant streetlights slipped into the dark room,
illuminating it barely. There standing before the window was his
sister, completely bare. Her smooth skin the brightest object in the
room - so much so that her brother's eyes could not take his eyes away
from her.

Looking out the window, "Gregory, Cray is still outside."

The teenage boy jumped up and stood next to his naked sister and
looked down. Outside leaning against his car was Cray. He was
smoking, and the glowing tobacco like a firefly in the night, as he
looked up right into Gregory's eyes.

The two shared a long look, Gregory too stunned to move or say a word.
Then Cray smiled, like a triumphant viper may, and slipped into the
passenger side of the car. It began to leave, with not a light turned

Soon Cray and the car was gone.

When Gregory finally turned his eyes from the view from his window, he
saw that his sister was upon his bed, beneath the covers with only
above her firm breasts perky exposed as she was sitting as if waiting
for him.

"I want you Gregory." She looked very calm, a rare look in his
sister, as if this was her sole reason for living.

"He did this to you Yvonne?"

"Cray said it was what you wanted?" Her brow furled, and it looked
alien upon her angelic face in some way.

A dream, this had to be some fucking strange dream thought Gregory.

A warm strong hand took his and pulled it. Gregory found his thin
hand suddenly holding a large firm teenage breast, the first he had
ever touched. Yvonne was smiling gently at him, and he knew this was
no joke.

What had Cray done to her, this was not the sister he had always

"I am yours Gregory and I want nothing else in life but to make you
happy!" She was smiling broader now, her tiny hard nipple starting to
harden and point into his palm.

Gregory understood the madness, even if it appeared nothing more than
a dream. Cray had 'adjusted' his sister for him, had turned Yvonne
into his 'slave'. It was impossible but the indescribable feel of
that perky breast oh so very exciting.

What had he said, if he was 'happy with the adjustments', then he
could pay latter.

Yvonne gently lay back onto his bed, and kicked the covers down to her
feet. There laying before him was the first naked woman he had ever
seen, the most beautiful creature that he had ever laid eyes upon.

Gregory realized his hand still held her breast, her nipple like a
diamond point pressing into his palm, and she was smiling and gently
rubbing her feet together in expectant pleasure.

Cray had done something to her, made Yvonne want her own brother -
turned her into his 'slave'. Gregory sat down awkwardly, next to his
naked sister.

"I...?" He wanted to tell her that this was lunacy, that she would
hate even being naked with him the next morning - but he could not
find the words. She looked lovely and all other thoughts left him
like a leaf on the wind.

Then all he wanted to warn her about was his inadequacy with girls,
his virginity a barrier to his happiness.

It didn't matter.

Yvonne's hand slipped along his cotton covered thigh and grasped his
hard penis. It was the first female touch to do so, thought Gregory.
His sister sighed with barely contained pleasure and slowly rolled
over toward him.

Fishing out his erect member, his pale shaft thrusting comically from
between the folds of his pyjamas bottoms, Yvonne gently leaned in and
took him into her mouth.

Then she moaned... loudly... and Gregory started to ejaculate within
his sister's mouth.


"About time you came down honey. Did you have a good meeting last
night Yvonne?" The seventeen year old sat down heavily at the kitchen
chair, across from her younger brother.

"It was a wonderful 'meeting' mother." She smiled knowingly at
Gregory while he blushed a bright red. Their mother never noticed a

It hadn't been a dream but the most incredible reality of his young life. Gregory had come in his sisters hungry mouth and she had not
missed a drop. Then, after she eased him into his own bed, she had
crawled into his arms and began to pump her crotch into his thigh -
bringing herself to orgasm within minutes. Then the two siblings had
fallen asleep, the smell of her pleasure obvious in the room, her head
upon his chest and her hand encircling his soft cock.

Gregory had woke with a hard dick and nothing but a memory. A part of
him wished it had been a dream, another part hoped it was true - but
until Yvonne had smiled at him just now, he wasn't sure what had truly
happened last night.

It being Saturday, everyone was surprised when the doorbell ran and
Mrs. Simon stood in the rear door window smiling and waving comically.
Yvonne and Gregory groaned hugely and then quickly disappeared from
the table. Their mom gave them a dirty look as they rushed to escape,
then turned on her smile and moved toward the door.

Just as Gregory was entering his room, his sister rushed past him and
jumped onto his bed. After he closed the door she knelt upon his
messy covers and reached out to wrap her arms around her brother and
lay a passionate kiss upon his lips. "Morning my brother dearest."

Gregory, feeling like he was weightless and even the simplest
movements were foreign, lay his open palm upon his sisters covered
ass. Her strong round buttock clenched and then relaxed as Yvonne
sighed and gave him another kiss.

"Tonight dearest?" Her eyes were like a child's, he noticed,
anxiously awaiting his agreement for the rendezvous.


Gregory was happier than he ever remembered, his sister had promised
to come to his room late that night - and though he knew it was wrong,
there was nothing more important in the teenagers life at that moment.

He was remembering the sounds of his sisters moaning as she humped
into his thigh when the shower door opened.

There stood Tilly Simon staring at him as if he was a juicy steak.

"What...!" He reached for the handle to close it again but Mrs. Simon
moved in the way and his hand pressed into her soft stomach.

"Oh... you naughty boy!" She was smiling deliciously toward the teen.

"Get... get out of here Mrs. Simon!" He actually covered his crotch
with both his hands.

She ignored his plea, "Cray asked me if you liked what he did for

"What...?" It seemed incredible that she should be talking to him
like this, about this. Does everyone know about Yvonne and him, he
thought with something bordering on panic?

"Yvonne silly. She being 'conditioned' to be your slave?"

Gregory noticed that her nipples were poking out of her dowdy flower
pattered dress.

She continued, though he was sure she caught him looking at her chest,
"He was not sure if you wanted your mom or sister - but told me to
tell you that there is nothing against you having both." She laughed
knowingly and it disgusted the teenager.

"Get out!"

Mrs. Simon stepped back two feet and with a deftness that astonished
the fifteen year old, unbuttoned her dress and allowed it to land
about her feet. She was fully naked beneath.

The first thing the boy noticed was that this woman had a much
different body that the only other that he had experience with. Much
more mature, plain even. Her breasts smaller and hung low upon her
chest, her stomach, though nearly flat was soft and had small blue
stretch marks.

Another couple of steps forwards and he found her cool-skinned
middle-aged body pressing against his beneath the pressure wash.

"Fuck me Gregory!" She was hissing at him, while lewdly pushing her
person against his.

His head moved side to side and her managed to reply, "No!"

She pried his hands from his crotch and pulled them about her, laying
them upon her soft flat ass. Again she asked, a note of desperation
in her voice, "Fuck me please Gregory!"

"I can not!" He felt his dick hardening and pressing into his
neighbours thighs.

Tilly felt it as well, "You can!" Being a couple of inches taller
than him, she squatted down and began to rub her hairy pubes against
his hard shaft. "Put it in Gregory!"

"Stop it!" She didn't until he pushed her away from him by her
shoulders. Then she only stood with a confused expression upon her
brow, uncertain of how to proceed. "I said stop it Mrs. Simon."

Tilly just stood there staring at him strangely. "Are you gay Gregory?"

That took him by surprise, "No."

"Then fuck me." She sounded like she was negotiating for a better
price for cheese down at the store. "In my ass if you don't want my

It was so strange but Gregory suddenly thought of Paul, "What about

She shrugged then finally answered, "He chose for Cray to have control
of me and Cray sent me here to you."

"You are Cray's ... ?"

She filled in the blank, "Slave, yes."

"I thought you were Paul's?"

She nodded sadly and hung her head as if humiliated, "Paul gave me
back to Cray," and she added with a small sob, "he wanted to use the
money for something else."

She was speaking as if she were a commodity, thought the teenager.

"We have too fuck or Cray will punish me."

That startled the boy, "He'll what!"

"He likes hurting me."

Again, Gregory found himself in that crazy dream world that terrified
and angered him. "Tell him we had sex but just leave."

"I can not lie to him, he is my master." She just stood there looking
both at his softening cock an up to his face, her aged naked wet body
quivering for some reason every few seconds.

In truth Gregory found little about her that he liked, but there was
some masculine drive that wanted to possess even this irritating plain
looking woman. Contrary to that desire was his romantic notion of the
promise of sharing his virginity that very night with his sister.

Somehow, simply because he saw something he should not have from his
bedroom window, he was being drawn into this warped world. A small
part of him wanted more from it, wanted to enjoyed every demented
fantasy that this world could give him.

"Come here." His own voice surprised even him and he already felt
himself hardening.

Tilly skipped back into the shower, her two hands encircling his
half-mast prick softly.

Again his voice spoke the unspeakable, "In your ass." Hadn't she told
him that her front or rear was available for his use? Is not that the
first part of a woman that Gregory would notice - the area upon even
his own mother that he admired so frequently lately?

She half groaned with pleasure and half sighed her agreement before
turned away from him, her soft ageing body sliding smoothly along his.

Tilly reached for the soap and lathered up her two hands generously.
Then she applied the first to his now-hard cock, rolling her
lubricated hand up and down repeatedly to much enjoyment of the
teenage boy. Her other hand slipped between her own thighs, and
leaning forwards, began to lubricate her own bottom. Gregory strained
to see, but other than a shadowed movement of your fingers, nothing
could be seen.

Then, very soon, she began to aim him toward her backside, while
looking over her shoulder at the virginal teen.

Only that very morning Gregory had hated the sight of his neighbour
when she came to his door, and here he was naked in the shower with

The head of his cock pressed against something hard and warm - while
Tilly pressed back with her hips. It squeezed the head of his cock
like a vise before it seemed to pop past a tight ring. The
experienced woman left him seated with the head of his dick past her
sphincter, groaning with pleasure and pain as she tried to relax her
body to accommodate him.

"Push darling." She hissed as Gregory felt his shaft force itself
into the tight opening of the dumpy middle-aged woman.

"Your in!" He felt his stomach press against her woman's pale

"Oh god." He grabbed her soft hips for balance and simply enjoyed
this moment of his first ass-fuck.

"Now fuck me Gregory...!" Slowly, because it was so tight to be
nearly painful, the fifteen year old teenager drew out his manhood
from the woman before pressing it back in. Tilly hissed, "Harder!"

The boy tightened his grip on her hips and tried to ignore the pain of
his cock being squeezed and stretched, as he sped up. Soon his
stomach was slamming into the neighbours ass, banging her head against
the tiled wall of the shower. Neither seemed to care.

This was what this 'world' promised, unhindered passion without
bounds. His sister could be here with him now... or his mother.

Gregory felt his shaft suddenly swell and his balls tighten, before he
began to spurt out shot after shot of ejaculate into Mrs. Simon's

It triggered something in her own pleasure and she began to spasm
between him and the tiled wall, her ass hole milked him without
conscious thought. Her long hair, now wet, hung down her back nearly
to her waist, and Greg grasped it with two hands as if he were riding
a horse.


All that day Gregory walked about as if in a dream - his life was a
haze of the unreal. Every few minutes he remembered the sound of his
sister moaning with pleasure into his ear in the dark and then the
memory of that tight sphincter milking his hard cock as his older neighbour shoved herself back and forth upon his hungry pole.


His mother stood in the doorway to his room, wearing a queer frown.
"You OK?"

"Uh huh... sure."

The frown disappeared and she noticed that some discarded clothing was
upon the hard wood floor, so Sara came into her sons room and bent
down. It was a hazard after all - someone may trip and hurt themselves.

"Honey - Mrs. Simon and I are going grocery shopping do you want

Gregory watched nervously, at first, when he realized his mother was
picking up one of his sisters tee-shirts, obviously discarded last
night. Then he immediately forgot that when he saw the shape of her
hips and ass in the cotton pants she wore and he remembered what Tilly
Simon had said only a couple of hours before - that he could have both
his mother and sister if he wanted.

Sara realized her son was again zoning out, she stood up and put the
flat of her hand upon his forehead, "No temperature." She bent down
and pressed her moist red lips against his skin. She stood up
perplexed, "You sure your OK honey, your acting out of sorts today?"

Gregory looked up, taking a deep breath of his mothers vanilla scented
skin, and smiled softly. "I'm perfect mom... really."

"Well... OK! I've the cell if you want to get a hold of me?"

"OK mom." She was always overprotective.

Her curvy round ass moved deliciously as she strode from her sons
room, his eyes missing nothing.


Alone for the first time that eventful day, Greg was not surprised
when the doorbell rang and when he answered it Cray stood there
smiling knowingly.

"Well? Do I get a 'thank you'?"

Gregory stood there surprised at the bluntness, but the basis of the
question obvious, "Thank you."

Cray slipped past the fifteen year old and looked about the home,
"Nice pad."

"Thanks." Gregory closed the door and followed the older teenager
into his living room.

"Did you enjoy Paul's mom?"

Gregory's mouth opened in a surprised but wordless reply.

The tall teenager sat down and lifted his booted feet to cross them
upon the expensive glass table before him. He just sat there smiling
at the Gregory until the younger boy dropped down in the couch across
from Cray, nervous and just a little scared.

"I'm here to collect."


"Of course - it was not a free service Greg." Cray laughed as if his
statement was a joke.

"I don't have any money."

"Your parents have bonds...?"

"Sure... but I don't have access to them." Greg was feeling
flabbergasted just a little embarrassed. This older boy knew all the
private things that had gone on to him in the last day - he even
orchestrated most of them.

"Your sister does." He smiled triumphantly.

Yvonne had the savings and bonds their parents had put away for her
University education. Something that Yvonne had been looking very
anxiously toward.

"I guess."

"She is yours Greg... order her to hand them over to you."

But...! "That money is for her college tuition!"

Cray looked disgusted, "Slaves do not need to go to college lad. Besides", he added, "if you do not pay I get her for myself -
just like Paul's mom."

The dream that Gregory had been living had suddenly changed - and he
knew it was not only having his older sibling slip into his bed at
night, he had total control of her whole future. He suddenly felt
sick - it was all too much for the boy.

He was trapped - ruin his sisters future else she become the plaything
for this perverted teen.

"Cool isn't it?"

Gregory didn't feel like it was very 'cool'. He was barely able to
manage his own life - how would he control another?

The silence was heavy until Cray spoke matter a factly, "Tilly has the
hots for your mom."

Greg jerked his eyes back to the older teen, surprised at the comment.

"She even asked me permission to seduce her." Greg opened his mouth
to angrily interject when Cray continued, "Of course I denied her the
request - as I thought I should ask you what you thought of the idea?"

That stalled the young man's anger - but his surprise was complete.

He continued, "Tilly thinks your mom is so lonely that all it will
take is a few drinks, a back rub and a little attention."

Gregory felt numb, it was all too much for him. "Mrs. Simon likes my

Cray spoke matter a factly, "Yup, she would probably be a full time
lesbian if not for my little programming." He snickered to himself,
another private joke, but Greg did not see the basis of his humour.
Suddenly he stopped and seemed to feel the need to explain himself, "I
could have changed that part of her of course, but I kind of like my
slaves to have varied interests." He cracked up laughing with the
younger teenager simply staring open mouth.


Yvonne came as planned, just after midnight. The moon still hidden and even with the curtains open it was black in Gregory's room.

She was breathing heavy as he listed to her quickly disrobe at the
foot of his bed.

His sister whispered even as she slipped beneath her brothers blanket,
"I need you inside me brother darling."

Their lips met even as their bodies pressed against the other.
Gregory wore his pyjamas bottoms, not even thinking to change anything
from his normal nightly routine. Yvonne was completely naked, her
trimmed loins already pressing into her brothers thigh.

"I need you...!"

Her hands rushed to her brothers elastic waistband and she practically
tore at it to get to the hard penis within. It popped out of his
pyjamas and pressed against her diaphragm.

She groaned deep into his mouth at the proof of his passion.


She arched her back upwards and moved her hips anxiously, her thighs
straddling her brothers waist.

Even as she aimed her pelvis directly over his aimed missile, Gregory
could not help but remember Cray's passion comment about Yvonne
earlier in the day. "Yvonne isn't a virgin you know?"

It wasn't the first surprise the older teenager had thrown at him and
after asking who his sister had sex with, jealously rising fast within
him, Cray laughing replied, "She is your slave ask her."

Then she lowered herself rapidly downwards and suddenly Gregory's cock
was immersed in a liquid clenching fire of delight.

Yvonne's body tensed as she froze every muscle in her body, her mouth
frozen open above her brothers as her orgasm ragged through her.

Even inside her, Gregory could feel the hidden muscles clenching and
vibrating uncontrollably.

Then, almost a minute later, she collapsed upon him, exhausted.

She was a athletic girl, and her strong frame and muscles were heavy
to the geeky younger boy. So he rolled her onto her back, both
thankful that they stayed engaged erotically.

Yvonne was no virgin, Gregory remembered, she has had a cock, or
several, in this magnificent sheath. He was not the first to ride
this filly - and he was surprised that it did not sadden him, but
filled him with an angry lust. He wanted to posses his sister, make
her beg for him, make her remember her former lovers as a minute
mirror of the passion her own brother could give her.

Greg sat up with his hands on either side of his sisters chest, his
knees between her long coltish thighs spread upon his bed.

Then the fifteen year old began to drive himself in and out of her
tight channel. In seconds she began to return to a sexual
consciousness, and began to drive her hips up to meet her brothers
down thrust. She dug her ankles into the soft bed while her hands
squeezed his tiny hard ass outside his cotton pyjamas bottoms.

If not for his earlier pleasure with the neighbour, Gregory could
never have lasted as long as he did. As it was, it seemed far too
short a time for such a momentous occasion.

Greg felt his balls tighten and his shaft thicken the couple of
seconds before his blast of sperm shot into the depths of his sister.

Yvonne, on the other hand, suddenly felt the warm thick liquid filling
her intimate cavity and with that knowledge it pushed her over the
edge for another fantastic orgasm.


Gregory, his cotton bottoms long gone, toyed with Yvonne's wide nipple
between his finger and thumb.

The silence had been long and pleasant after their simultaneous
release. The siblings had stayed interlocked for nearly half an hour,
their sweaty bodies sticking delightfully with the other, until
Gregory rolled off his sister to lay next to her. His body tired, his
mind wide awake.

It had been a very eventful day.

Then his voice broke the silence, "Did you and Cray have sex?"

If it had not been so dark, he would have seen her sadness - "No, of
course not."

"Who else have you been with?"

She was silent long enough for Gregory to become impatient, so he
squeezed her nipple as a form of a reminder. Yvonne gasped at the
sharp pain then finally replied, "John." He had been his sisters
boyfriend before they moved out here to the burbs.

"Anyone else?" Gregory leaned in and took the hard nipple into his
mouth sucking it roughly.

Yvonne gasped yet again, but with pleasure, then she named off four
guys and one girl, her best friend before the move.

It took him by surprise, "Sheryl and you?"

"Yes." Her voice sounded embarrassed to him.

"How long?"

"Since we were thirteen."

Sheryl was a studious looking thing from the old neighbourhood,
opposite to the outgoing and athletic Yvonne. Apart they both were
very attractive and turned heads, together they were an odd couple.
Greg could not help but imagine the short shapely girl naked with his
tall thin sister.

"Do you like girls more than guys?"

Greg could feel his sister shrug, "Sometimes."

The silence returned like a blanket.

Gregory felt the innocent, his sister had so much more experience than
he. So he spoke out about his afternoon tryst to brag, "I fucked
Mrs. Simon in the shower this morning."

Yvonne sounded genuinely shocked, "You didn't?"

"Well... actually we only had anal sex...!"

A tremble rolled through his sisters body and she sighed. "Could we
do that sometime Greg?"

That took him for a surprise, "You would do that?" His sisters ass
was so small and hard, and though he preferred something with a little
more definition, he never imagined his sister wanting to do that.

"I would do anything you want!" She pressed her naked body against
him for effect, her lips kissing the top of his head where he was
orally toying with either of her nipples.

It surprised the teenager that his sister did not show the least bit
of jealously or even disgust at the disclosed knowledge that he had
sex with the old woman neither of the could stand to be in the same
room with.

"Anything?" He was testing her.

She sounded very genuine, "Oh yes darling, anything. I am yours and
will enjoy anything you tell me to do!" Yvonne sounded anxious for
her brother to tell her to do something right at the moment actually.

Still testing her, but his cock again rising to the occasion, he
ordered with his smile hidden in the dark, "I want you to come again,
but you only have a minute to do it in!"

An impossibility he imagined.

She giggled like a little girl and then slipped both her hands between
her legs.

Yvonne made the time frame, with seconds to spare.


Both siblings were hiding upstairs as Mrs. Simon and their mom had
broken out a bottle of wine and were getting louder by the minute.

"I really don't like her." Hissed Yvonne, moving the game piece four
places upon the board.

Greg had to agree with her, their neighbour was one of those
irritating personalities that just got under your skin. It was a
wonder why his mother never noticed. Was it because she was lonely
and needed someone to talk too as Cray had disclosed.

He took a card from the top of the pile and read its instructions.

For the last three weeks the brother and sister had coupled nightly.
She anxious to please. He anxious to learn the boundaries of their
relationship. So far, nothing was forbidden and so they had gotten
into a comfortable pattern when together.

For her part, Yvonne attempted to be around her brother as much as
possible - helping him with homework and housework, or just sitting
near him as he watched television. At first it was an irritant for
the young man, but he soon came to enjoy her at his beck and call.

"I think she even has the hots for mom!" She was trying to shock her
brother - needing to feel his eyes upon her yet again.

Instead of being surprised, Greg asked, "Do you think mom feels the
same way?"

Yvonne had to consider before answering, "I don't think so... but she
rarely sleeps with dad." She didn't mean 'sleep' as in slumber. She
would know, thought Gregory, as her wall was adjacent to their

"She asked me, through Cray, if she could seduce mom."

"No!" Yvonne was genuinely shocked. "What did you say?"

He grunted, "I told him 'no' of course."

She nodded for a few seconds agreeing with her brother and master
silently, before nervously adding, "Its too bad really - she is so
lonely." Yvonne couldn't meet her brothers eyes but assumed he would
be disgusted at the idea of the two middle-aged women together.

Gregory imagined it was his mother in the shower with him, rather than
Tilly Simon, pressing her wonderful round ass and wide hips back
against him - his cock in the rear passage of her body. Then the
press of her body in the darkness of his room, naked her body sweaty
and exhausted from their joining.

Suddenly the thought of his mother being naked, if not for him, at
least at his discretion - her panting with pleasure filled his
imagination. Gregory stood up and slowly went down the stairs, his
sister watching her brother disappear silently, wondering what he was
about to do.


Tilly slipped into the bathroom with her neighbours son and turned on
her erotic smile, "Hi Gregory."

She attempted to wrap her arms about him but he held her back by
holding her shoulders arms length away.

"Cray told me you think you can seduce mom?"

She turned off her smile, fake as it was, and stopped advancing on him
- suddenly realized what his nod to follow him had meant. She simply

"Do you still want to try?"

A smile radiated from her, a genuine one this time. "Oh yes!"

"Then you have tonight to succeed. And only tonight." She nodded,
already thinking about how she would accomplish her task. "If it
doesn't happen, then you make yourself scarce around my home." Again
she nodded, a small frown of annoyance upon her face. "And if you
succeed then you can only be with her if you ask me first?"

Tilly smiled knowingly, "You want to be your mothers pimp huh?"

Her statement did not amuse the teenager.


"Stop moving!" Hissed Greg, his hand roughly holding his sisters thin
hip steady.

They were both naked in his bed, his hard cock inside Yvonne's very
wet hot tight pussy from the rear. She was almost delirious with lust
- the sounds from down the hall was empowering both erotic souls with
wild images. Yvonne could not simply sit still when her brother was
inside her but her Master had ordered it.

It had been going on for almost two hours already.

Within an hour of his instructions, Yvonne and Greg heard the voices
disappear but soon replaced by distant moans and undecipherable
whispers from the main floor of the house - from the living room..

Twenty minutes later, the two middle aged ladies had stumbled up the
stairs to Sara's room. The two teenagers silently sat in the darkened
room of Yvonne's, listening to their mother slur her words. "What
about the kids?"

And Tilly's retort, "They are asleep darling - it is only us tonight."

The irritating lesbian neighbour pressed their mother against the
wall, by the thud echoing within Yvonne's room, and they could hear
the sloppy wet sounds of kissing and the heavy pants of their mother.

Eventually they slipped into the master bedroom but Tilly left the
door open enough so the sound easily carried.

Gregory became an animal then - listening to his mother climb toward a
climax, obviously due to Tilly's tongue on her clitoris by the words
spouted randomly from his parent - throwing his sister on her back on
her carpeted floor before the door and fucking her wildly.

Yvonne loved it.

When their mother gasped and moaned out in obvious orgasm, her son and
daughter orgasmed coupled together, their lips locked together to
stifle the noise of passion.

A short recess then Mrs. Simon's slow instructions to the kids mom,
the detailed instructions on how to eat pussy. Gregory listened
amazed, knowing that his mom was doing each and every instruction that
was ordered - Tilly soon moaning and sighing with pleasure. Tilly
even had his mom spend a long time rimming her ass hole - the same
hole he had fucked only a few short weeks before he remembered with
stark amusement.

That incensed him, and he pulled his sister onto her bed and they
began to eat each other out in the classic '69'. With Greg on the
bottom, so as give him better access to his sister tight little
bottom. Yvonne had a difficult time in stifling her passion, even
with the dick in her mouth, as her orgasm built with her brothers
tongue moving in and out of her bottom hole. A few feet away, their
mother was doing the same thing to Mrs. Simon.

"Oh god... its so big!" Tilly had stumbled down the stairs earlier
returning minutes later to the giggles of their mom.

Greg held his sisters hip in place, wanting to hold back this release
of sperm until his mother did the same. His balls actually aching by
the pent up pain of holding back.

Down the hall, Sara Himes, started to actually scream out in wild
passion - whatever Tilly was using was filling their mothers sex and
moving in an obvious delicious way.


Sara Himes came down the stairs to the kitchen, shuffling her feet and
moaning as if in pain. She obviously had a wicked hangover.

Her two children stared over their bagels and orange juice at their
mother. Noticing their looks, the older woman blushed several shades
of red. She turned herself toward the kettle and tried to focus on
being 'normal'.

Yvonne saw her brothers challenging look and kicked him lightly under
the table. When he turned his attention at her, a little annoyed, she
slipped her bare foot up between his legs and directly against his
cotton covered groin. His annoyance soon disappeared at the intimate

The teenager slipped his hand down and massaged the smooth warm skin
at the top of his sisters foot as she wiggled her toes in an attempt
to fondle his cock. The boy realized he may need a blowjob from his
sister before he could start his day. Just the memory of his mothers
passion last night was enough to excite him.


"I want you to cash all your bonds and transfer your savings to me
Yvonne." He was feeling very tentative at the request.

This last while, Gregory has learn to enjoy the domination
relationship he had with his older sister. It enabled him to raise
his self worth and to feel less out of control in his world.

Greg knew she would accept, but he hated to ask - it felt like
betrayal. As if he was cheating or stealing something that was his

Well he was, was he not?

She frowned but did not turn her head to look at her younger brother,
but instead kept driving. Instead of an answer Yvonne responded with
a question, "What about college?"

"You won't be going to college." There it was said - the future of
her life now lay in his hands. The breadth of that softly spoken
statement was enough to fill both teenage minds with thoughts of what
lay ahead of them.

"I will do it this afternoon, on the way home from school." The worst
part, thought Greg, was that she sounded not the least put out by this
total shift in her life.

He didn't answer - there was simply nothing to say.


"No Mrs. Simon."

Tilly sighed deeply, possibly wondering how to change the young man's

Greg actually thought his mother would not be so easily seduced this
time - she seemed genuinely embarrassed and perhaps humiliated at her
loss of self control that night two weeks before. Of course her
children did not let on that they knew about the lesbian coupling that
evening, claiming to have slept soundly when she mumbled her

Hell, Tilly Simon had not even come around that first week afterwards
and Greg overheard his mom lying to their neighbour, while on the
phone, about being busy and not having time to be together.

Yet, by the second week Mrs. Simon was again a familiar face in the
Hime's household, though never in the evenings and there was very
little alcohol involved for these visits.

Then she tried her ploy, "What about if I come over to visit you

It was a predictable attempt from the plain faced next door neighbour.

"What about Cray?" He was her master after all.

A lengthy silence before, "I am my own woman when my Master does not
require me." She sounded embarrassed.

"So he doesn't mind if you have sex with other people?" It was an
incredible statement to the middle teenager.

Another pause, "He does not mind... but I must report all my
'escapades' to him immediately."


"I deposited the amount... this morning." It has been four weeks
since Cray told him about the bill for 'altering' his sister Yvonne.
Nearly the limit to the agreed amount of time.

"Cool." It sounded like the older teen was eating.


"What's up Greg?" A gulp, as Cray took a large drink of something.

"I want... well, how much to 'alter' my mother?"


"Yvonne, go to your room and do not come out till I tell you." The
firm eye in her brothers eye warned her not to dispute this order.
Her 'conditioning' would not allow her to disobey her Master.

The athletic seventeen year old stood up and simply made her way
upstairs to her room. Gregory waited till he heard her bedroom door
close before he turned his attention back to Paul and Cray.

The two stood in the living room, dressed warmly and in big boots.
The elder checked his watch for the fourth time.

Gregory noticed, "Mrs. Simon said they should be back from the movie by eleven." It was two minutes too, now.

"Uh... maybe we should do this another day."

Cray was about to grumble when Gregory, to everyone amazement grunted,
"Shut up Paul!" Cray looked at the young teen with amusement and a
little pride.

The short dumpy Paul Simon shut his mouth immediately - he was used to
being bullied. And then there was the domineering Cray, who seemed to
back Gregory up.

The back door opened, since his mother probably parked in the garage,
and the two middle-aged ladies could be heard chatting as they came
into the large house.

"Show time." Cray said without emotion.

Paul was smiling like a demented idiot.

Greg felt himself start to quiver. His part in this was over - but he
felt it necessary to be here when Cray took his mom. He also wondered
where Cray took them - what made them into the submissive slaves that
would return from their car trip.

The two ladies could be heard in the kitchen, removing boots and
jackets - putting water in a kettle - then Tilly Simon suggesting they
sit and talk in the living room.

Yvonne Himes came leading her friend and neighbour, Tilly Simon and
stopped when she saw the three boys standing silently in the middle of
her living room. "Oh... hello honey... Paul." She didn't know Cray's
name - and from her look, did not like the look of him.

Cray and Paul stepped slowly, threateningly, toward Sara Himes. Sara
opened her eyes wide in surprise and a little fear before stepping
back. She only took one step, as Paul's mom was right there, holding
her shoulders and stopping her from retreating any further.

Sara's green eyes looked over her shoulder quickly at her friend, and
all she saw was betrayal. "Tilly...?"

"I'm sorry Sara."

Paul was the first one before the attractive middle aged mother of two
and reached out to grasp the nearest arm.

Cray saw his less than adequate grasp and pushed the boy out of the
way. One of his large strong hands slipped over Sara's mouth before
she even thought about screaming while the other went around her waist
to hold her still. He pulled her roughly against him.

Greg watched a few feet away, fear and anguish freezing his limbs. He
saw his mothers horrified eyes swing to look at her son - they pleaded
with him to help.

Paul fumbled with the tie-straps that he had in his jacket pocket, but
after some hissing from Cray the dumpy teenager tied Sara Hime's
ankles and wrists together. Then he pulled a roll of gun tape from
his jacket and quickly placed it over the middle aged woman's mouth
just as Cray pulled his hand away.

His part done, Paul stood back to survey his handiwork and then broke
into a demented laugh.

"Shut the fuck up Paul." Cray looked less than amused with his
partner in crime.

"Yes, show some respect Paul." Tilly looked disgusted at her son's
actions this strange evening.

Cray dragged the horrified mother into the living room and stood her
before her son. She simply looked into the eyes of Greg and saw the
sorrow but also the hunger - a look the older teen has seen before.
It was a look he was familiar with himself.

"We will be back in about two hours."

Greg nodded, not able to take his eyes from his mother's. The
situation overwhelming him. "Can I come?" He finally asked.

Cray frowned with amusement, "Sorry Greg - no visitors."

"Will she be OK?"

The tall older boy laughed at the question, "When she gets back she
will be better than 'OK'."

Paul came over and leaned down to grasp his neighbours bound ankles,
while Cray held Sara's shoulders. The two of them lifted her curvy
small frame easily.

With practised ease, thought the sickened Greg.

They began to make their way through the Hime's home leaving Greg and
Tilly standing silent.

Tilly Simon had strode into the living room, slipping both her arms
about the young man's shoulders as if to comfort him. "It was the
right thing to do Gregory, you did what you had to do."

Greg shuffled his next door neighbours hands from him and started to
trot up to his room - ignoring Tilly Simon completely. He believed
his mother's friend wanted Sara to be turned into a slave, if only to
give her more access to her lesbian interest.


The view from his window was as expected, a large old boat of a car
sat in his neighbours drive way with its motor running. A unseen
large man was in the drivers seat, waiting for Cray.

Within a minute Paul came out shuffling awkwardly backwards while
holding something. Then, as they came into the dim yellow light, Cray
and Paul could be seen carrying what looked like a long bag.

It was, of course, the blanket covered bound Sara Himes.

Greg watched as the trunk opened as if on its own and the two teens
rushed to get their 'package' into the boot of the car.

For the first time this evening Greg felt excitement mingled with the
horror. It had been difficult emotionally, but very easy otherwise.

Having his mother taken in her own home so that she could be 'altered'
by whatever technique Cray did to make her into his slave. It was all
so incredible that it amazed the young man - it also filled him with a
strong sense of power.

The trunk was closed and Greg could hear Paul's relieved laugh even as
he looked around to see if there were any prying eyes.

Cray simply looked up to Greg's window and waved.

Then Paul strode off to his own home and Cray slipped to the passenger
side of the large car and slipped in. It then slowly, silently slide
backwards out of the drive way and into the night.


Yvonne sat silently on her bed, wearing cotton panties and a short
well-worn tee-shirt, listening to her brother.

"Cray said they will be back in a couple of hours."

Greg looked carefully at his sisters face, attempting to see some
spark of a reaction but got none.

She simply leaned forwards and kissed her brother's lips softly,
seemingly knowing his pain and expectant pleasure.

After the one kiss she slipped her arms around his neck and held him
against her lovingly.


From his bedroom window, Greg saw the darkened car glide back into the
drive way, two and a half hours from the last time he saw it.

The back door on the passenger side opened and Sara Himes slipped out
of the car. She stood in the opened door, leaning down as if
listening to someone still inside, nodding.

Then she looked up to her son's window and the two locked eyes.

With majesty filling his soul, Gregory saw his mother smile softly for
her only son.

Everything would be alright Greg knew! Better than 'alright' he
chastised himself.


The knock came several minutes later, but long enough for the teenager
to become overly anxious.

He had watched as his mother closed the car door and watched as it
rolled backwards again into the darkness. Then she looked again up to
her son's window and waved. Sara Himes stepped toward their home and
Gregory lost sight of her from his window.

"Come in mother."

The door opened and Sara strode into her son's room, wearing the same
jeans and sweater she had worn over two hours before. She wore a
small shy smile, and looked very nervous.


"Close the door mom." She quickly turned and shut it carefully, not
wanting to make a sound.

Greg sat on his window sill facing his doorway and his mother.

It was done, she had been changed like Yvonne had been changed.
Gregory now had her life in his hands, to do with as he wished.
Suddenly this did not put fear into him, but only happiness and joy -
the prospect of controlling another was only positive now.

She undergone her son's silent scrutiny, with her hands held together
before her, head down. Greg thought she looked nervous but excited.

With only a small reading light near the bed, the shadows made her
look older than she truly was - it also seemed to heighten the already
strong emotions running through the small room.

"What are you mother?"

Without hesitation, "I am your slave honey."

Gregory let the silence hang for a few minutes, enjoying the moment.
She had truly changed he thought with a small smile. "And what are
you willing to do for me?"

"Anything you wish honey." Sara shuffled her sock covered feet,
nervous and anxious at the same time. Greg saw that her white socks
were dirty, with bits of leaves and twigs still attached - he
wondered, not for the first time where Cray took his mother and sister to change them.

Cray had spent nearly an hour with Greg two nights before, working out
just what type of 'programming' was to go into the new slave. So Greg
understood exactly what his mother was now.

"Take your clothing off mother."

Looking pleased to actually be doing something, Sara moved with fluid
movements as she slowly and carefully removed every stitch of her

Her son watched her every movement with hunger, that she did not miss.

She had smallish breasts but they held a perky shape with nipples
upturned delightfully. Sara also had wide sexy hips and a small waist
that Gregory found exciting. Her sex looked rather hairy, even in
this light, its abundant growth thrusting out from her loins. And her
legs were shapely, with soft looking thighs and well shaped calves and
small ankles.

"Step into the centre of the room mom." The light was better in the
new position.

"Hands behind her head." She did as told, and Greg could see her
embarrassment written upon her face. "What is it mother - what is

She sighed nervously and spoke softly, "I am worried you will not find
me acceptable." She meant her naked body, of course.

Her son laughed gently and ordered, "Turn slowly and face the door."

She did, showing her round sexy ass - the one part of her that Greg
had thought most about. It was true that Yvonne's tall slim build was
more attractive but it was also true that Sara's mature frame held a
mature sexiness that did not bypass her son's gaze.

If truth be told, Greg was quivering with need for this woman, this
new slave. It held more excitement and prospect than any coupling
with his sister ever had - and he knew what it was, of course. It was
a taste of the forbidden, the illegal, immoral and the taboo.

This was his mother standing naked before him, for god's sake, thought
the fifteen year old.

"Turn around and drop you arms mom." She did and he saw that she was
quivering as well. "Are you wet mother?"

Both knew what he meant, "Yes", she stuttered. It had been part of
her 'programming', the valve to her vagina's moisture was directly
related to the attention of her son and Master.

Greg slipped off the window sill and strode to his naked panting
mother. He looked directly into her eyes from a couple of centimetres
away, "Spread your legs mom." She quickly complied, feet shoulder
width apart.

Gregory's hand slipped between her wide soft thighs and immediately
felt the rough curls of her pussy but also the hot wetness beneath the

Two fingers angled upwards and easily slipped into her grotto of love.

Sara gasped at the invasion and then tensed as a little orgasm rocked
through her body. Another 'instruction' to her new person, that her
sexual outlet had a hair trigger when it was her own son pulling that
same trigger.

And another 'instruction', she loved it - it filled her with love,
compassion and lust like no other time in her life. She opened her
eyes after that small orgasm knowing there would be others, many more
actually, and that her new Master, her son loved and lusted after her.
Gregory saw all this, as predicted, in the look she gave him. She was
his, there was no doubt in his heart now. Nothing was forbidden.

With his free hand Greg pushed down on one of his mothers shoulders,
and she gulped loudly at the anticipated pleasure even as she knelt
before him.

Gregory made a point of unzipping his jeans very slowly as his mothers
eyes watched every movement minutely. Just when he was about to draw
out his half hard dick Greg ordered, "Open wide mother!"

She wore a half smile as her mouth opened in a large oval - her eyes
boring into the open hole of his pants. Her son quickly dug in and
pulled out his circumcised cock.

With a quick thrust Greg suddenly found himself inside his mothers
warm wet mouth.

Sara immediately closed her lips over the hardening teen-meat and
savoured it like a fine wine.

"Don't move mother!" She looked up to see her son staring down at
her, both sets of blue eyes shared a look of pure lust.

Then Greg started to move himself in and out of his own parent's mouth
- moving slowly so as to savour every second. Sara had closed her
eyes and simply experienced this moment - like her son wanting to
remember this first for the rest of their days.

Yet it was only a preview of what was to come.

"On the bed mom, on your knees facing away from me."

She smiled hugely, after her son's saliva covered cock slip from her
lips, anticipating what was coming and practically jumped into a
kneeling position her lover had requested.

With her knees spread and her shoulders and face pressed into his bed,
her large round ass was raised and facing her son. Greg saw the puff
of hair between her thighs and even the dark shadow valley between her
buttocks. It impassioned him like no other moment, and he was glad
she could not see how violently he trembled for her.

Slowly he disrobed. "What was it that Mrs. Simon's used on you before
you guys feel asleep?"

The question surprised her, and she stumbled over the words but spoke,
"A cucumber."

He could not see his smile, "I think you should go shopping tomorrow
for another cucumber mom."

"Yes honey... god yes!" She wanted it, since he did.

"Yvonne will use it on you." She didn't seem to hear the words so
Greg asked, "What will you do for her mom?"

Barely able to talk, so impassioned was she, that it was difficult to
understand her words, "I will properly thank her."

"How will you thank her mother?"

Without hesitation, "With my mouth."

Just then Greg moved forwards and his cock slipped into his mothers
body with ease. Sara screamed out as a strong orgasm hit her like a

Her son simply grasped his mothers soft hips and started to rapidly
fuck in and out of her soft sexy body. While his mind could not stop
from comparing the feeling of his mother's sex to his sister - how
different they both were. His mothers was not simply wet but flowing
with juices, sloppier, raunchier. His sister had a tighter sex, and
very hot, with muscles hidden deep inside her.

Already Greg felt his balls tighten for the inevitable.


Tilly and Cray sat on the couch across from Gregory, with Cray smiling
knowingly and Tilly looking uncomfortable. That morning Greg had
transferred the agreed upon money, for their second transaction, into
the older boy's bank account.

Sara strode in carrying a tray with crackers and cheese. Tilly
Simon's eyes followed her with hunger while Cray did not even seem to
notice her.

Yvonne sat forwards to help clear off the coffee table for the tray,
"Thanks mom." The older woman gave her daughter a warm smile before
retreating again toward the kitchen.

"Things are going good then?" The smile Cray wore was enough to tell
Greg that he need not even answer.

Sara came back in with a tray with various soft drinks, tea kettle and
cups. This she set down next to the first tray.

Greg saw her nervousness, how she stood as far away from Cray as
possible and as near to her son as she could. It amused him.

"Its been a pleasure doing business with you Greg." Cray leaned
forwards and took a root beer from the table. The younger man simply
laughed at the 'business' comment.

Money was no longer a problem, as his mom got half the cash and this
house in the divorce settlement, let alone a bunch of stocks, bonds
and other assets Greg did not know even existed - all Greg's now of

Cray continued, "No aunts or cousins you wish to add?" He took a long
drink from the can.

Greg laughed and nodded negatively, but then he remembered his
mother's sister was not bad looking - larger tits than his mother had.
He immediately shook his head to clear that image out - he was tired
enough keeping this sister and mother satisfied. But he answered
rather non committal, "I'll let yea know."

The two teenagers shared a knowing laugh.


Sara wore white thigh high stockings.

Her daughter wore a white lace body stocking, with a strategically
placed hole from her sex to her anus.

Gregory sat naked, between his aunt and his cousin, watching as his
two slaves, his mother and sister kissed passionately. They have had
a lot of practise over the last year and kissed as lovers do -
intimately and with knowledge of the other.

Yvonne, normally the aggressor, slipped her hand down behind her mom to grasp the wide round ass delightfully. Gregory, her Master,
delighted in this part of their mother, therefore Yvonne found
pleasure in it as well. The fingers slipped into the valley between
the soft globes and everyone understood they had found and fondled the
sensitive anus as Sara began to pant with pleasure suddenly.

Greg had a hand on either of his relatives laps, squeezing firmly.
His aunt could not decide if she should look at her nephew or her
sister and niece so her eyes and head went back and forth. While
Greg's cousin simply watched her aunt and cousin with wide attentive

Sara slipped a hand between the two scantily clad bodies, and onto the
naked wet loins of her daughter. Yvonne gasped as her body was
invaded by the familiar fingers.

The two slaves rode the others hands by rotating and wiggling their
hips, their lips attached and their tongues duelling.

It was an erotic and exciting show to Greg, whom had ordered this
sight many times in the past.

But tonight it was more exciting as his aunt and cousin would soon be
joining his little private family. And he was looking forwards to
that - watching four sexy slaves making love instead of two. All
ready for any request from him.

Sara's sister tried to speak up in horror at the sight, but the tape
over her mouth hindered any speech. The teenage boy laughed at her
helplessness and looked over at her torn blouse, her full round
breasts hanging out obscenely.

Greg slid his hand up both laps and into the crotch of his cousin and
aunt. He had forgotten how exciting and scary this moment can be -
before a woman was turned into a slave. He had been there when Cray
took his mother and though he remembered the fear of the time, he
would not have missed that moment for anything.

This time, with the invited visit of his mothers sister and her
daughter, he would do the snatch and Cray would come later to do the
'conversion', as agreed. Sleeping the two unsuspecting ladies, did
not realize when Greg and Sara slipped into each guest room and bound
and gagged them. Then Greg had dragged each helpless woman into the
living room and sat between to watch the show that his own mother and
sister put on - foreshadowing what his aunt and cousin would be doing
for him in a very short time.

Greg found his cousin's crotch to be damp, her sex wet enough to
dampen her cotton panty. While his aunt's was warm it certainly was
not yet wet.

Sara and Yvonne slipped from each others grasp with the younger slave
falling onto her back with legs and arms wide. Sara expertly
straddled her daughters head and then lowered herself so that both had
a hairless cunt before them. Then they began to earnestly lick and
pleasure the other.

Sara's sister gasped with disgust while her daughter sighed with

Then a loud sound blurred Gregory's pleasure...


"Gregory... get up, your going to be late for school!" Greg opened
his eyes a crack to see his mom pulling apart the curtains in his room
- the bright sunlight streaming in.

She came over and yanked off her son's blanket, laughing as he rolled
up into a ball at the sudden chill. "Get up sleepy."

She disappeared from his room with a soft laugh.

Yvonne screamed from her room down the hallway, "Mom, where is my

From downstairs, probably the kitchen, Sara answered her daughter with
a bellow, "On the floor next to the garage door, where you left it!"

"Thanks mom!"

Greg closed his eyes in a vain attempt to get the dream back. His
book that he had been reading the night before sat next to him on the


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