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Voodoo at the Fair


DISCLAIMER: Due to the sexual content in this story, you must be eighteen
years of age or older in order to read it. Furthermore, any similarities
between characters in my story and real people is purely coincidental.
This story is a total figment of my imagination!

Author's Note: This story is more of a comedy than erotica. For the
readers that much rather prefer I stick with erotica, don't fret, I prefer
it myself - and only get an urge to write a story like this every blue

"Voodoo At the Fair" by JR Parz


Dean left the office frustrated and confused. Never in his life before,
has a girl been able to totally wrap herself around his emotions like Lisa
has...First, Lisa says she can't become involved with him because of David,
but in the very same breath she tells him this, she's crying when he tries
to severe the ties. He vividly remembered her tears and her voice, when
she said; 'I don't want to hurt David.' Dean wanted to say; 'What about
me?', but he couldn't bare to see her cry, so, he hugged her and told her
that he'd wait. "Yep, just call me the fool." he muttered to himself while
leaving the office.

Upon getting into his car, Dean slammed his fist down hard on the
dashboard; "She has me twisted around her little finger!" he screamed, to
no one in particular. Dean shot out of the parking lot and within seconds,
he was flying up the highway towards the Tri-County Fair.

At twenty-eight, Dean Smash kept himself in excellent physical
condition. He played hockey twice a week and still boasted the prestige of
being one of the better players in the league. Dean would often reflect on
his glory years, smiling at the memory of his superstar status. He was a
household name back then, when he led his high school hockey team to a
State Championship. As of late, he was bragging how one of his team's had
a twenty-four game winning streak, but nobody seemed to care these days.
Time had a nasty habit of forgetting the past.

Now Dean held a Personnel Manager position at a large manufacturing
company. He still interacted with a bevy of beauties, and although his
opportunities would never attain his legendary status during his high
school days, when, he could quite literally bed any girl in his school, he
still possessed the charm to seduce most of the girls he pursued. Not any
more, though. At least not with the girl he wanted the most. His mind was
consumed with one girl specifically. Lisa Sterling. "Damn her!" screamed
Dean, and again he slammed the dashboard.

While Dean drove, his mind constantly asked the question; 'Why did I
have to go to bed with her?' It was going on a year now. A whole year. At
the time, he honestly thought that he was the one doing the seducing. Now,
of course, he knew better. Lisa allowed him to have sex with her that
night, but made sure to use that one night of ecstacy to torment him from
that point on. He remembered her exact words; 'It was a mistake. I'm
sorry. I was feeling vulnerable and you were there.' Dean thought back to
all the one night stands he had with various woman and now he knew how if
felt to be used.

Why can't I just forget her? Dean kept on asking himself. Then he
replied out loud; "Because she's so fucking gorgeous! That's why!" Dean's
eyes glazed over as his mind brought up the memory of Lisa in all her naked
spender. She stood about 5'2", and possessed an hour glass figure that
Aphrodite herself would have been jealous of. Dean felt himself getting
hard as he recalled her soft rounded curves and a pair of full creamy
breasts. He would later find her to be a 34C cup. Sure, he's made love to
a bigger set of knockers, recalling Dawn's 36D's from his college years,
but Lisa's made his mouth water, not to mention what it did to his dick.
Dean recalled how he lightly slid the palms of his hands across her
nipples. Dean's mind now viewed her breath-taking ass, which she displayed
quite brazenly for him that night. Dean squeezed her ass cheeks with every
thrust forward. God, she was sexy! Sexuality personified! Every time
Dean looked into Lisa's big brown eyes, his mind played out every touch,
every caress and every kiss. Lisa's dark brown hair framed her model-like
face, which softly draped along her shoulders. He remembered how he
touched his lips with her wet lips. They kissed long, hard, and with an
intensity that almost forced them in bed again. If Dean knew then, what he
knew now, he would have taken her again, and again and again. He would
have taken her as many times as it would have taken to conquer her. Of
course, the tables turned, and now Dean was the one who was totally
enraptured with her, and he knew that he was quite powerless to resist her
- anything.

Dean remembered how heart broken he felt when Lisa rejected his further
advances. He even took some ill fated advise and tried romancing her the
old fashion way. She still refused. Lisa told him that she didn't want to
allow herself to become immersed in another relationship until she called
it off with David. 'When' he asked, she just shrugged her shoulder, batted
her eyes, and walked away. A large part of Dean wanted to believe her and
give her more time. Another part of him felt that she was simply taking
advantage of him. Yep, just call me a fool!

As Dean drove on and thought back to his relationship with Michelle.
They had been together for eight years, and never once, during their entire
time together, did he feel this frustrating agony. What was it about this
girl that he allowed himself to be pulled along like a whimpering puppy on
a leash?

As Dean was about to get off Exit 19, he was caught dazing, and quickly
he swerved!...


Dean was looking forward to working the Fair this year. Despite the
Fair reducing from its twelve day stretch to a much shortened down version
of five days, Ed promised that there would still be loads of fun. Dean
remembered Ed's exact words; "I hired some real winners this year." Dean
also chuckled because this would undoubtedly frustrate Jay to no end, given
he was the one that usually got stuck figuring out where to hide the
incompetence. Dean didn't care, all he cared about was having fun. He
certainly didn't do it for the money.

Ed Garr and Jay Austin headed the Fair Security. When they weren't
working the Fair, Ed was a small town deputy sheriff, while Jay worked for
the federal government. Ed's Father, John, also held the position as one
of the supervisors. Ed felt his job stopped when he provided the puzzle
pieces. He left the rest up to Jay and his father to keep the puzzles
pieces together. The real test was when circumstances beyond their control
would result in a firing. John handled the north side of the Fair, and for
the most part was off in his own little world. Jay made sure to schedule
the strongest of the floats with John, to ensure he was taken care of.
Unlike Ed and Jay, John loved the horse racing, and he would be met most
every day by his Pop, and the both of them would a great deal of time
betting the horses. When John wasn't losing his money, he was usually
hanging around gate two with his wife, Claire. Claire was a legend at this
gate and proved to be the back bone of this family Business. Claire also
allowed free passage for all of Ed and Jay's friends.

As the Director of Security, Ed received a $1,000.00 a day. Ed told
Dean that he loved to turn over the reigns to Jay once the Fair started.
This way, Ed could simply kick back and laugh. Despite Jay's hard work, he
only received a quarter of the money Ed did. Jay would rationalize to
himself that if it weren't for Ed's brainstorm eleven years prior, they
would never have worked the Fair in the first place. Jay always gave Ed a
lot of credit for pulling this off. Ed's proposal saved the Fair over
$15,000 dollars in the first year, but it also generated some of the
greatest stories. Seventy percent of the personnel Ed hired to be guards
that year had criminal records. The local police had themselves a lot of
laughs. In fact, one time Ed convinced a Fair Official to bail out one of
them...yes, those were strange days and Dean could listen to those stories repeatedly.

Jay handled the scheduling, the extra duty details, the break schedules,
and the role of number one asshole - a role he performed exceptionally
well. Dean remembered one of the security personal thinking that Unit 2
(Jay's handle on the walkie-talkie) was the one in charge. He based this
on the fact that Jay answered the majority of the radio calls and made a
lot of the decisions. Dean tried maintaining a straight face when the
guard said this because Ed was sitting on the other side of the desk
reading a newspaper. Ed simply looked up from the paper and replied;
"Yeah, he's in charge, and you go ahead and make sure that all your calls
go to Unit 2...all of them." The guard not knowing any better nodded his
head and walked out of the office. Dean busted out laughing the second the
guard left. Ed didn't care what they thought, as long as he didn't have to
do anything other than sit on the golf cart and collected four times more
money than Unit 2.

Dean managed the office during the evening shift, and responded to all
the radio (walkie-talkie) calls from various security and Fair officials on
the grounds. Most of the people hired by Ed to work the Fair came right
out of this very liberal and controversial town. Dean worked the Fair for
eight out of the eleven years, and it was usually something happening every
year. Ed had been his hockey coach during his youth days and felt
fortunate to experience an opportunity of this nature. Ed really took care
of him, creating a new position for him the first year he worked called
'Super Float'. Of course Dean didn't care, he simply worked the Fair for
the good time.

Dean met Jay on the softball field, but really got to know him at the
Fair. Jay went around like he was a hard ass, which gave Dean and Ed a lot
of laughs, but Dean knew that it wasn't that Jay was such a hard ass, it
was that he just had a low tolerance level for incompetence and ignorance.
The way Jay would get frustrated over little non issues made him an easy
target to pick on. Ed told him once that if they didn't do anything else
for the duration of the Fair, as long as they relentlessly made fun of
everything Jay did, that would be enough. Actually, Ed told Dean that this
was his favorite pastime at the Fair...that and eating donuts.

Unfortunately for Dean, both Ed and Jay knew all about Lisa...she was
the conversation piece that monopolized most of the idle conversations last
year. It was last year that Jay gave him advise to go after Lisa with full
force. It backfired. Yeah, Jay had all the answers alright.

One of the biggest things Dean disliked about the Fair was when Ed and
Jay went to go have a cold one or two or three. This left Dean alone to
pretty much handle the Security issues. He knew damn well when someone
called either Ed or Jay on the radio, and asked them to meet somewhere,
that they had no intentions of doing so. There were several times when
they would say that they were on their way, and instead, they'd be opening
up another beer. It wasn't that Dean had a problem with them going off
having a beer, it was that - when they did - it left him alone, and bored
out of his skull!

As Dean pulled up to Gate 6, the main vehicle gate, he noted the
security guard was new. Dean came to a stop, wondering if the guy would
challenge him. The guy just stood there wearing a goofy smile on his face,
Dean couldn't resist.

"Ah...excuse me."

The guy walked over to his driver's side of the car.

"Do you know who I am?" asked Dean.

"No Sir." The guy's smile vanished, and he now looked worried.

Dean looked down to his stomach, which was protruding far over his...was
that a utility belt? Anyway, Ed had a habit of hiring guards with big
bellies. Jay told him that Ed did this for his own benefit. One time,
while Jay and Dean where sitting in a cart, Ed was talking to one of the
guards named George. George would wear his own security uniforms because
Ed didn't have any XXXXLarge. Jay pointed at the two of them and stated;
" please observe. Take a look at George's's
humongous, isn't it?, look at Ed's doesn't seem all that
big anymore, does it?...that's the only reason he hires these people." Dean
laughed his ass off for a good hour. Ed never knew what he was laughing
at. Dean's memory faded and now he looked at this new guard, and smiled;
"Well, I want to park here, where should I park my car?"

The guy mumbled something and Dean could have sworn it was something to
the affect that he wasn't supposed to park inside the gate, but when Dean
asked again; "Well, where should I park?" the guy just motioned inside the
gate to the right. As Dean started to pull away, he saw the guy pull out a
strange looking silver object. He appeared to be talking into it. 'What
the hell is that?' Dean wondered to himself but the thought was forgotten.
Dean knew the guy failed to do the right thing, and it would be a matter of
time before Jay would pick up on the guy's uselessness. Maybe this was one
of Ed's "winners"? Dean parked his car and entered the office.

The second Dean entered, Karen, the day time Office Manager, started
filling him in on the admin duties. Jay and Ed were out probably cruising
around in their golf cart. If either of them walked more than a few steps
on these grounds, it would be a record. Dean thought that Ed's ass was
glued to the seat one year. Just as Karen was leaving, Dean heard a loud
voice coming from outside the office. Vic was back and he entered the
office like he usually he owned it.

"Damn! My ribs are killing me!" complained the rather pathetic looking
Tony Curtis look'a'like.

"What happened, Vic?"

"Fell off a huge deck at the 'Taste of Frampton'...cracked three ribs!"

"Oh...sorry to hear that."

"That asshole better not have me floating this year...if he even brings
it up, I'm gonna tell him to kiss my ass!" Vic proclaimed in a loud voice.

Dean knew that Vic was full of it. After being fired one year from the
Security here, Vic made it a point to keep quiet. Yep, nothing like the
Tri-County Fair to help him forget about all the miseries with Lisa.

At around six, Jay entered the office.

"'s it going?" asked Jay with the usual serious look he wore
on his face.

Where Jay was, Ed was usually nearby. Dean smiled at Jay and extended
his hand for a handshake. Jay immediately started talking about the
various lists he was working on and how they needed this and that. Dean
saw Ed come in behind Jay smirking. Dean knew that Ed was chuckling about
Jay's lists. Both of them discussed Jay's administrative obsession one
night a long time ago, and Ed simply told him to act like he was listening,
but do what he wanted. Dean never acted on a single thing that Jay told
him. Jay used to make break schedules that would have him going to gate 9
at 3:28 and twenty-nine seconds. Jay used to take it even further by
calling on the radio to ask his location. It took a few times before Dean
realized how to play this game. Dean would quickly look at his schedule to
see where he should be and answer according to the schedule. Dean and Ed
would laugh endlessly at this practice. He got away with it for three
straight days before Jay caught on. Strangely enough, Jay didn't get
angry...he just stopped making schedules. As Jay rambled on about the new
lists for this and that, Ed would stick three fingers in the air which
indicated the amount of days it would take before Jay blew up in
frustration. While Jay had his back turned, Dean smirked back at Ed and
indicated two days with two fingers. Ed told him a long time ago that it
made Jay feel important when he made all these lists. Ed would say; "It
keeps him busy, so, just humor him."

Later on that evening, the three of them were in the office alone. Dean
looked forward to these times because it meant that they would review the
new people, pick on the old people and basically pick apart everybody on
the staff.

"Did Jay tell you about Bimbo Girl" asked Ed with a huge grin.

Dean shook his head 'no' while Jay shook his head in amazement. Ed
added "Yeah, you wouldn't have believed it unless you were there, but this
girl is definitely in contention for this year's top award."

" didn't meet her yet because she gets off before you get in,
but this weekend I'm sure you'll see her." Jay commented.

"Why do you call her Bimbo Girl?" asked Dean

"Well, you know that ole' expression; A picture can tell a thousand look at her and you'd know why." stated Ed.

"Anyway, she's part of the grandstand detail, so, here we are, trying to
get her out there by noon and Karen hands her a Security shirt and tells
her to go put it on. Well, instead of her going to the bathroom to change,
she starts pulling her t-shirt over her head. Karen starts to clear her
throat, trying desperately to get my attention, and when she finally does,
I realize Karen wants me to look in back of me. I turn around and the girl is completely naked from the waist up. Now, the girl is nice to look at,
but lets face it, wrong place and wrong time. I start to worry that any
second a Fair Official will walk through that door and see this, so, I try
to regain control of the situation by pointing to the bathroom. The girl looks at the bathroom, and then looks back at me with a look of confusion.
Finally, Karen speaks up and tells her to use the bathroom, and the girl replies; "I don't have to pee." By this time, the girl is already buttoning
up the security shirt. Mind you, she isn't wearing a bra. I think I was
too stunned to react, so, I told her when she was done buttoning up her
shirt, to meet me out in front of the arena. Well, I call Ed on the radio
to have him swing by and when he does, I hop in the passenger's side, and
we sit there waiting for the girl to come out. When five minutes elapse
and no girl, I wonder what is taking so long. I run back into the office,
and Karen can see the frustration in my look. Karen tells me that after I
left, she went to the bathroom to put make-up on. Karen said that she told
the girl to go out front, but the girl kept on giggling and saying that
males preferred her to look good rather than be on time. Karen just rolled
her eyes as I walked back to the cart. Finally, the girl comes out looking
very, well, non security like. She is nice to look at, although not too
big on top. Not even the security shirt helps her look official. As Ed is
driving through the midway, we start hearing a "Weeeeeee Weeeeeeeee
Weeeeeee." Understand, we know it is coming from the new security girl on
the back of our cart, and I mumble to Ed that he needs to improve some of
his hiring practices. Now, Ed and I wish we could be as far as possible
away from this girl. Ed pulls up beside his father, and normally I would
get out with the new employee and run down the guidelines, but instead, Ed,
knowing what was going through my mind, says to his father; 'Here you go
Unit 3, your new grandstand employee.' We drive off barely containing our
laughter. We hear the girl yell out to us as we're driving off that she
wants to go for another ride. Now we crack up!"

Dean laughs along with Ed and Jay as they touch on a few other guards.
Dean thought for a moment that maybe he'd be able to get away without
talking about Lisa, but that didn't happen.

"So Dean, how's you and that knock out you were obsessed about last year
getting along?"

Dean knew that Ed was already aware that he was striking out with her,
so, he wasn't surprised to see Ed smile at him. Dean wondered how he was
going to answer when Jay said; "Didn't you do what I told you to do?"

Dean snapped in frustration; "Yeah...I did what you said, and it totally
back fired, alright!"

Jay looked surprised, and then mumbled; "I never said it was fail-safe."

Ed interjected with a grin; "If you had taken my advise, then you
would've been able to avoid all these headaches."

Dean replied; "She doesn't give me headaches...what are you talking

Ed responded back; "I'm not talking about the head on your shoulders!"

With that Jay and Ed cracked up in a fit of laughter. Dean rolled his


The next day, Dean arrived from his real job frustrated again. Lisa had
made it a point to make her presence known throughout the entire day,
showcasing her lovely tail back and forth in front of Dean's office. She
knew damn well that he couldn't resist watching the sway of her ass
underneath her tight skirt, and it took all his will power not to call her
into his office.

Well, at least with tonight's Demolition Derby, he wouldn't have time to
dwell on it. Jay, as always, put together a detail, hand selecting what he
considered enough competence in order for him and Ed not to be concerned.
Dean knew this was the number one reason Jay had a problem with
incompetence. If someone didn't produce, it meant more work for him. Ed
laughed his ass off as Jay scrambled to make his job easier. It didn't
matter to Ed, he would simply go in the trailer himself and have a cold

Dean told Jay that he'd be available for the day shift over the weekend.
Dean knew that his former status as one of Ed's hockey players, provided
him the clout to basically work when he wanted, and entitle him to special
treatment. Jay usually didn't have a problem with this and made sure that
Ed's hand selected hockey players were taken care of. But if anyone of
them screwed up, Jay didn't care who they were, and he'd come down hard on
them the same way he came down hard on everybody else. Ed would laugh his
ass off when someone complained, saying that scheduling was Jay's area, not

Dean expected the radios to be blaring all throughout the night, which
should add something to the evening. Every time someone called Unit One
(Ed) or Unit Two (Jay), and told them that they were in pursuit of a jumper
and needed assistance, he would always hear them reply that they were on
their way. Dean of course broke up with laughter, because he knew damn
well that they weren't budging from their chairs inside the trailer.


Dean took a floater position on Saturday morning. This would allow him
the flexibility to walk around the grounds instead of being stuck in the
office. Jay wasn't pressed for a break person when he arrived, so, he told
Dean go make everybody happy. This meant 'Don't bother him and stay busy'.
Floater meant giving breaks, but it also meant taking breaks. The only
person that didn't receive a break was the office, unless Jay provided one.
At around two, just as he was heading back to the office, Dean noticed a
small tent that simply said; 'ESP...Fortune Told'. Dean remembered a few
years back when the Fair had one of these stands. It was a rip off then
and it was a rip off now.

"Unit Two to Float Five" the voice sounded off from the radio.

Dean knew that it was Jay checking on him. Sometimes he acted worse
than his Mother.

"This is Float Five." Dean replied. "Location?" asked Jay

"Ah..." Dean quickly looked around. Many times Jay would call him
asking for his location and he'd be sitting in his golf cart, right behind
him. " the Arena."

Just then out of no where, Jay and Ed pulled up in their golf cart. Of
course Dean was no where near the Arena.

"What's this at the arena bullshit!?!" asked Ed with a smile.

Jay seemed preoccupied, looking at the small little tent. The sign
glowed; 'ESP...Fortune Told'.

"You wouldn't believe what happened at Gate 4 today." stated Ed, looking
at Jay, waiting for him to tell the story.

"Yeah, I heard it over the radio...Was Orr actually attacked?" Dean
replied while referring to the incident earlier in the day. "What happened
out there?"

Jay tore his eyes off the sign and started laughing along with Ed. Jay
just loved to tell these stories and Ed gave way to the great orator.
"Yeah, he got attacked alright...and Ed and I witnessed the whole damn
thing. You see, we were sitting in our cart by Gate 2 (Ed's mother works
Gate 2) and all of a sudden, we hear 'Gate 4 to Unit 3...Gate 4 to Unit 3.'
(Unit 3 is Ed's Father, John, who is the other Supervisor).

Dean interrupted to confirm that the guard they were talking about was
the little guy, Robert.

"Yeah, the little guy. Anyway, Ed and I can both tell something is
really wrong hearing the panic in his voice. So, we have a clear view of
his gate given it's early and not crowded. Ed and I look down and see him
struggling with this huge lady...she had to be three hundred pounds! By
this time, he's yelling on the radio; 'I'm being attacked...she's going to
attack me...I'm trying to hold my! Help! Help!' Now, mind
you, Ed and I are witnessing the whole thing, but we're obviously too far
to do anything to help him, but in a way that's good, because we're both
laughing so hard that we're actually crying."

Jay is laughing as he tells the story. Ed is cracking up, and Dean
can't help but laugh too. Jay continues the story; "Here we are, watching
this big lady who completely towers over poor Robert, shoving her body up
against him. We can see he's about mouth level with the lady's huge tits,
and poor Robert is getting tit whipped by the things. As all this is going
on, Clair (Ed's Mother) is telling me and Ed that we should be ashamed of
ourselves, but we're laughing so hard it's contagious, and Clair starts to
laugh, also. When Robert comes back on the radio requesting emergency
assistance, his voice sounds muffled and we know why." Dean can't help
laughing as Jay and Ed relive the story.

" didn't help could you let him get beat up?!?"
Laughed Dean who tried catching his breath.

"Nah...we didn't let him get beat up. John (Ed's Father) sounded off on
the radio that he was on his way...of course Claire didn't like this,
because she thought that John would be next!"

After they all had a good laugh, Jay pointed towards the tent; "Hey
Dean, why don't you go in there and see if that fortune teller can help
you." Referring to his ordeal with Lisa.

As Dean glanced back towards the tent, he noticed a dark haired teen
girl going inside. Dean was baffled; 'Was this the fortune teller?...she
looked like she was sixteen!'

Obviously Jay nor Ed saw the girl as Ed stated; "Give it a
isn't as if it could get any worse." They both laughed.

Dean headed inside the tent while Jay and Ed stayed outside. As he
entered the tent, he saw the girl sitting down with her hands pushed up
against her chin, as if to say; 'Well?...I don't have all day'. The girl looked so young. She was very pretty, but so very young.

The girl introduced herself as Kun Sunee, a Voodoo Priestess from
Thailand. Dean had some trouble maintaining a straight face when he heard
this; 'Yeah, right.' is what he wanted to reply but he took a seat and
played along. She was pretty and he figured he might as well play this

"I see you have girl trouble, yes." Stated the girl.

At first Dean was surprised to hear this from a girl this age...not only
that, she sounded funny, taking on a foreign accent. Dean supposed his
girl problems was the standard reason why males entered this tent.

"I will give you your heart's see." softly spoke Kun Sunee.

Dean thought that this was getting to ridiculous and replied;
"Ah...Maybe another time. I really have to get back to work." As he stood
up attempting to leave. The girl simply looked up at him with a goofy
innocent look. As he was just about to exit, the girl said something that
stopped him dead in his tracks.

"You want Lisa...yes.?"

Dean turned to the girl with suspicion.

The girl continued. "Pretty name for pretty you have

"No." Dean mumbled.

"Have you had relations?"

Dean felt himself turning red, and the girl asked again; "Did you
penetrate her being?" Dean found himself amazed how a young girl like this
could ask such a question without feeling a bit self conscience about it.
Before he realized what was going on, he suddenly found himself sitting
back down at the table and answering her. "Yes, once."

The girl smiled. "That is, what you possess of hers?"

Dean almost saw a flicker of maturity in the girl when she asked
this...almost as if she was much older than the young girl he was looking
at. Dean thought for a few seconds, and couldn't come up with anything.
"Ah...I don't have anything of hers."

The girl peered into his eyes, as if studying his pupils. Slowly she
smiled. "She make something for you, yes."

This was getting stranger by the second. "How? How did you know?"

The girl smiled but said nothing.

Dean stammered; "Yes, she made me a Christmas ornament."

The girl replied; "Bring to love girl Lisa, yes."

Dean wasn't sure if it really was love or lust, but he knew that he
wanted her like no other girl in his life. "I think so...yes."

The girl smile again, looking almost evil. "Voodoo spell is relentless.
She be yours for rest of her life. Important you love her."

Dean's mind flashed a vivid picture of Lisa. She was kneeling down
naked and it looked like he was...petting her? Yes, he was petting her as
if she were a pet! Dean felt himself responding to the image. The
vividness was almost life like! To actually be able to make love to Lisa
again would be a dream come true...but to actually own Lisa outright, body
and soul, blew his mind.

The girl's voice snapped him out of his fantasy; "500.00 dollar"


"You pay $500.00...then Lisa yours."

'It's just a con!' Dean thought to himself. This girl was conning her.
"Are you saying that you won't do this until I give you five hundred

"Yes. You pay, and then you possess Lisa."

Dean looked closely at the girl. This was ridiculous!

"You need proof of voodoo...sample my powers, yes." Stated the girl with
a smile.

"Well, yeah...I mean that is a lot of money and I really don't know
whether or not you're telling me the truth." Replied Dean.

The girl again peered into his eyes, and smiled. "You shall have you find me beautiful?"

Dean was surprised by this question, and found it stranger to be
answering her; " look very pretty but also very young."

" body only fifteen."

Dean thought possibly sixteen...but yeah, he didn't doubt the
girl...WAIT!; "What do you mean, physically?"

The girl smiled, looking anything but innocent. She pulled her chair
out and started to take off a black skirt she was wearing. Dean wanted to
get up and leave, knowing that this was leading to something he didn't want
any part of, but found instead, without any violation on his part, that he
was going around the table to kneel in front of her. Just then, the most
important thing in the world to him was to make love to her young pussy.
The girl pulled her lovely tush up off the chair and slid down her panties.
Then she stretched her legs, exposing her glistening pussy. Dean found
himself going forward until his nose and mouth were buried inside her
crotch. He took in the aroma of the girl's sex while tasting her juices.
Both were delicious and he couldn't get enough of her...

Then Dean opened his eyes. Huh! He was back in his seat. Did he just
imagine this? He looked over to the girl and she appeared to have a sated
look in her, it couldn't be! His mouth tasted funny and he
licked his lips...he did do it! The girl smiled while nodding her head.

"Alright...I'll br...bring"

"Bring money and item and she be yours next sunrise."

Dean nodded his head and left. When he opened the flap of the tent, he
had to shield his eyes from the glare of the sun. Ed and Jay were still
both outside the tent, and he wondered why they waited all this time...then
he wondered if they could hear anything in there?

"What's the matter?...the Voodoo lady can't help you?" Jay asked with a

"I..." Dean was about to tell them she wasn't a lady but a girl, but
decided why bother. "never mind...Why are you two still here?" asked Dean.
"What do you mean?" asked Ed, as Jay added; "You were only in there for
a few seconds."

Dean felt confused. He looked back at the tent and saw the girl at the
entrance. "I would say it was more like twenty minutes..."

Just then the radio blared, cutting Dean's comment off; "Unit One, this
is to my trailer ASAP. Bring Unit Two with you."

Dean watched as Jay and Ed took off in the cart while he walked back to
the Arena Office.


Throughout the day, Dean kept on thinking about the Voodoo Lady. By the
end of the night, he was beat. When Jay asked him if he could pull another
float schedule tomorrow, Dean agreed and said he'd come in around 10:00.
Jay gave him one of those 'only Ed's hockey players get special treatment
like this' looks.

Later on the evening and into the morning hours, Dean searched through
his closet for the Christmas decorations. When he finally got to the last
box, he found his ornament. How could something this simple turn a
manipulative little minx into a compliant sex toy? 'He smiled', thinking
to himself he must be crazy for doing this, but, the slight chance that
this stuff actually worked was to tempting to ignore...his mind flickered
to the Voodoo Girl. The vividness of the girl's wide spread legs and
glistening pussy flooded his mind...and his dick responded.


When Dean arrived the next morning, Jay added a few more gates to his
schedule due to a no show. "Just cut down the amount of time you give
them" stated Jay, referring to the guards. Jay's philosophy was, if the
staff has their breaks and a decent amount of time for lunch, then they'll
be happy. If the staff is happy, then he won't hear complaints and the
morale will be high. If there are no complaints and the morale is high,
Jay felt he did a good job. Dean always agreed that this philosophy was
good, but not necessarily fail safe. The Tri-County Fair bred a different
species. Dean knew that Vic, for example, made his own rules and told
everybody to 'fuck Jay and Ed'. Vic made sure he intimidated the younger
guards and went as far as to tell the new staff that he was doing them a
favor by giving them a quick five minute break. When Jay asked the new
staff if everything was going fine, and if they were receiving their
breaks, they had no idea that their lack of breaks was abnormal. Vic would
use the extra time to discreetly bet on the horses. Dean used to wonder
how this guy could be rehired back year after year when Ed and Jay knew all
this was going on. Ed explained to him that Vic brought them so much
laughter, that he really had to screw-up big time not to be hired back.
One year, Vic was banned from working the Fair, and they were so bored
without stories that year, that they hired him back just to spark some more

Dean was tempted to go straight over to the Voodoo Girl, but felt he'd
better make sure everybody was really happy with their breaks before
stopping in.


Just before Dean entered the tent, he looked at his watch. Then he
entered. Sitting behind the table with a crystal ball in the middle was
NOT the girl he talked to yesterday, but instead a different girl. In
fact, much different. This girl had very long blond hair that went all the
way down to her ass, and a pair of huge tits that almost looked out of
place on her rather slim form. The girl smiled and told him to sit down.

"Wh...where's the other girl?"

"My name is Kun Sunee, Voodoo Priestess from Thailand, same girl you
speak with day ago."

"That's impossible!"

The girl smiled and replied; "You doubt my powers? Maybe you need new
demonstration, Yes?"

Dean quickly shook his head 'no' and handed her five one hundred dollar
bills, plus the Christmas ornament Lisa made him.

The blond Voodoo girl smiled, putting the money away into a box. Dean
felt apprehensive as he watched the girl take the ornament and place it
inside a jar. The jar appeared to be filled with some sort of sparkling
blue liquid. As soon as the ornament touched the liquid, it burst into
flames, and dissolved.

The girl chanted;

Slowly, as the chanting continued, the blue liquid turned crystal clear.
The girl then took the jar and poured the contents into a drinking glass.
"Drink this and girl be yours."

"Just like that????" Dean took the glass and gazed at the liquid. It
looked like water to him. "What is it? What does it taste like?"

The girl smiled; "You drink spell. Spell then work while Lisa sleep.
When Lisa wake, she be yours."

Dean drank the contents not only looked like water, it tasted
like water! He felt for sure he was being 'had'. Flashes of Ed and Jay
outside laughing their ass off right now made him doubt the whole thing.
Dean nodded his head and turned to leave. When he exited the tent and was
outside, he looked at his watch. Dean felt a sudden fear when his watch
reflected only a few seconds after the time he entered. Dean didn't have
time to question this as he heard the radio blare; "Unit Two to Float Five,

When Jay caught up with Dean he asked him if he could work the entire
day and night shift on Labor Day. Dean wasn't to keen on the idea. He was
hoping to test the spell out on Lisa before the end of the Fair, just in
case the Voodoo girl was a fake. He agreed anyway.


Later on that evening, Dean was in the office with Ed's wife, Mary Kaye,
who was waiting for her husband to take her to the demo derby. The new guy
from Gate 6, who Dean played a little mind game with the very first day,
came into the office to use the rest room. The guy took off his long
police looking overcoat, and he appeared to be wearing a utility belt of
some sorts around his rather large waist, but it was hard to tell due to
his EVEN LARGER belly.

Dean couldn't resist asking; "So, what's with the belt?"

The guy almost looked happy that Dean noticed it. He then unsnapped it
and placed it on the desk in front of Dean. "Here, take a look. I'll be
back in a minute."

Mary Kaye, who stayed quiet during this exchange, just smiled at Dean.
Mary Kaye was well aware of the legendary stories this Fair produced...she
thought herself extremely lucky that she was going to witness one first

Dean's eye was caught by a flashing object coming from one of the
pouches on the belt. When he looked closer, with Mary Kaye leaning over
the desk to inspect, also, they saw how the gadget was half sitting in and
half out of a cloth pouch. The object had a silvery glow to it and looked
to be some sort of sphere. In addition, Dean saw a line of seven silver
bullets on the back of the belt. A few more pouches and then what appeared
to be a huge sheath for a survival knife.

Mary Kaye's eyes lit up with amazement...even after all these years
here, she still couldn't believe some of these people.

"This guy is right out of the 'X Files." she whispered to Dean.

Dean was about to make a comment but heard the flush of the toilet and
they both quicky put the belt back on the desk. The guy came out of the
restroom and walked over to the desk. Grabbing it, he placed it back
around his waist. "What do you think?" the guy proudly asked.

" certainly look like you're the way, you lose
something?" Dean pointed to the empty sheath.

The guy almost pouted; "Ed said I couldn't wear a, its
sitting in my glove compartment inside my truck...I told him I had a permit
to carry one, but he told me I couldn't."

Mary Kaye spoke up; "I didn't know that they gave out permits to carry

The guy turned to Mary Kaye for the first time. "Well, they don't...but
I have one just in case." Then the guys face lit up with a proud smile
again. "A friend told me how I should have one in case, so, he was able to
contact a friend he has out in California and get me cost me
$500.00 but it was well worth it."

Mary Kaye looked stunned and was speechless. Dean spoke up; "You mean
you have a permit to carry a knife that cost you $500.00, but it isn't
actually a permit, because there are no such things for carrying knives."
The second Dean finished this statement, he thought of the $500.00 he spent
today, and wondered how much different this was to what he did?

"Just never know...see this?" The guy pulls out a compass.

Dean looks at it and nods.

The guy then shows it to Mary Kaye.

"This looks like a compass to you two, right?"

They both nod their heads.

"Well..." The guy takes a look around, then in back of him, to make sure
no one is looking and adds; "This is really an alien tracking device...if
we get one here while at the Fair, I will be ready."

Dean and Mary Kaye's eyes lit up with alarm! They had themselves a
bonafide quack! It took them every ounce of willpower not to bust out
laughing. Although, that sphere looking contraption now peaked his
curiosity. "What about that?" pointing to the gadget inside one of the
other pouches.

The guy smiled, and took it out; "This is a ray know, a
fazer...its harmless to us, but to the aliens, it would be lethal."

"How did you get it?" asked Mary Kaye, unable to resist what direction
this dialog was going in.

"Same friend! Real cheap, too. He gave it to me for a couple of

Dean butted into the conversation, not wanting Mary Kaye to have all the
fun; "Do you expect any? know, alien's."

"Well...I don't like to alarm people, but I think they're monitoring
me...waiting for a breach to their security. As long as I'm on to them,
they should maintain their distance." replied the guy.

Dean noted that it was close to ten minutes since the guy came into the
office, so, he took advantage of the opportunity to tell him to go back to
Gate 6. "Maybe you'd better get back out there and re-establish"

The guy looked pleased with this suggestion. "You're right! Off to the
Bat Cave!!!" he shouted to no one in particular and with that, the guy
starts singing; "Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
na BatMan!" (the Batman theme from the campy television show from the 60s)
as he ran out the door.

Dean and Mary Kaye were utterly speechless. This just didn't happen
they thought to themselves. Dean went over to the radio and called; "Base
to Unit 1 or Unit 2...Base to Unit 1 or Unit 2, come in."

"This is Unit 2." replied Jay.

"Mary Kaye is still here waiting and we both need to see both of you at
the earliest possible time."


Mary Kaye mumbled; "You realize that if we didn't have each other to
back up this story, nobody would believe us."

Dean mumbled back; "Nobody will believe us anyway."


The next morning in the small town of A very
beautiful girl wakes up feeling stranger than she ever felt before.

"What's the matter with me?" murmured Lisa Thorn, as she slowly climbed
out of bed and away from David. Lisa's teddy was soaked around her collar
and chest area. When she looked down she could see her nipples poking
against the wet cotton material. When she started walking, she felt a
dampness inside her panties. Perspiration wasn't the only reason for this
condition. Lisa tried to recall her dream, but it only came in bits and
pieces. The few parts she could bring up made her blush. She knew that
she couldn't classify her dream as a nightmare, given the intense sexual
feeling she received from it, but it rattled her nonetheless. As Lisa
stripped down to take her shower, she took inventory of her body. Other
than her height (she would have preferred being taller), she was very
thankful to be blessed with her beauty. Her breasts were ample and
worshiped by her fiance. When she brought her hands up to cup them, her
mind flashed to her dream. Dean! The image of him standing with her
shocked her. What was going on? Lisa closed her eyes and could see Dean
standing there naked behind her. He circled his arms around her, cupping
his own hands over her hands. Both of them played with her nipples. While
she relished the feeling, he pushed his hard member from behind and slid it
up against the crevice of her wet slit. Lisa moaned, then allowed him
entrance, strategically positioning her body for him. Just at the feeling
of penetration, her eyes flew wide open! What was happening to her!?!
Lisa reached down with her right hand, inserting two fingers inside of
herself. The mere moment her fingers brushed up against her clit, she
climaxed! "Unnnggghhhhhhh."

Lisa was stunned when she calmed down. She shook off the feeling as
best as she could and climbed into the shower. Instead of a hot shower,
she felt a cool one was in order. Why was she thinking of Dean? She
couldn't for the life of her understand why he would all of a sudden be
popping up in her dream...then she blushed when she realized her pun.

While Lisa sat down at the kitchen table and ate her bagel, her mind
kept on flickering images of Dean. David was going out today with his
friends which basically left her alone to herself for the day. Maybe she
should call Dean? Why was she so horny? Lisa then thought about David,
but the second her thoughts settled on him, she felt a shudder. A cold
shudder. Her mind went back to Dean and she felt a warmth centering again
in her lower region. Lisa's mind went back to her memory of the one night
they had together. Dean was cute and that made her seduction all the more
easier, but the reason she slept with him was so she could have the upper
hand with him. Lisa would hear some of the older girls rave about him and
wish they could get him into bed. Lisa merely wiggled her pretty behind in
his face one day and that was all it took. Lisa knew that her beauty was a
few steps above the usual pretty girls. She simply played the vulnerable
confused girl with him, and they ended making love. Actually, she made
sure to give him that impression. She chose to look at it as fucking. A
pure simple fuck. She liked Dean, but he wasn't what she was looking for.
She also liked David, again the shudder. Lisa only agreed to their
engagement because she wanted to get out of her house at the time. David
was a way to make this happen. Lisa knew she could string him a long and
put off a wedding date for another couple of years, and by that time she
would be ready to leave him.

Lisa was dazing when the phone rang.


"Hi...Lisa...this is Dean."

Lisa felt a flush of emotions...and arousal...intense arousal; "Hi
Dean!...I...I was just thinking about you!"

"Hopefully nice thoughts...I was would you like to come
to the Tri-County Fair today."

Lisa didn't understand her body's reaction, but there was no denying it.
"That would be great!"


When Dean drove up the highway towards the Fair on Labor Day morning, he
did so with a smile. Lisa was his, wasn't she? He was nervous when he
called her, but the second she responded so enthusiastically at the sound
of his voice, and then to his suggestion to come up to the Fair, he was
convinced that the spell had worked. Lisa would not be doing these things
if she wasn't influenced by some outside source. Lisa responded that she
would be right up, but he had to stop her and tell her to be up around ten.
Dean smiled when he thought he heard a pout come from her.

When Dean walked into the Security Office, the first thing he saw was
the Bimbo girl sitting there doing her nails. Karen was sitting behind the
desk reading a magazine. Ed, nor Jay were anywhere in sight. Dean gave
the strange girl a glance, making sure as not to send the wrong signal.
The girl was cute, but paled in comparison to Lisa.


"Hi...your Dean, right?"

"Yeah...what do you need?"

"Oh goodie...That guy that runs things...what's his name again???"


"No silly...the boss...Jay."

Dean turned to Karen and saw her smirk.

"What about Jay?"

"He said that you would, like, take me for a ride on the golf cart."

Dean rolled his eyes, knowing fully well what was going on. "Ah...I'm
not really sure why he said this to you...he must have forgotten that I
don't have a golf cart."

The Bimbo girl's smile disappeared. "You mean I can't go for a ride?"

Dean, seeing the girl was about to cry quickly replied; "Sorry...maybe
Ed can take you?"

The girl's face lit up with a smile again; "Oh goodie! He was driving
the last time I went for a ride...wwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeee...I remember going
so fast!"

Dean was genuinely startled, responding; " know...I bet you
Karen here could contact him."

Karen looked at Dean with a smile and replied; "They're with the State
Police." referring to the LT's trailer.

Dean looked back at the Bimbo girl. The girl apparently didn't register
what that meant. Having to spell it out, Dean stated; "Sorry, they're on
the other side of the grounds...guess you'll have to walk."

The Bimbo girl replied; "The nerve!..." While storming out of the

Dean just shook his head in amazement.

Karen busted out laughing.


Dean made arrangements with Gate 6 to let Lisa in when she arrived.

"She'll be asking for me and driving a red sports car...I expect her
around ten." stated Dean.

Chet, the day time guard smiled while replying; "Sure...not a
problem...I'll radio you when she arrives."


Later on that morning, Ed and Jay caught up with Dean by Gate 8. They
all had a laugh regarding the Bimbo girl. Then Ed told Dean about Norm,
who Jay had detailed to guard the first turn mutual (building where people
bet on the horse racing) during the demo derby.

Dean was confused and wondered why. "Did the Fair want the infield
mutual covered?" asked Dean, who added; "I mean...its empty at night, isn't

"Yep...tell us Jay...why did you detail the poor soul there?" Ed
responded with a smile.

Jay started laughing and commented; "You should have seen the guy!
There wasn't a soul over there and it was pitch black out. The building's
doors is wide open, and there was Norm, in the dark, standing by the

"What was he doing?...Did he know what he was supposed to do?"

"I told him that we had a tip that someone was going to steal one of the
televisions in there, and that we needed him to just stand there."

Dean remembered how Jay wanted to fire Norm last year because of the
complaints lodged against him. It was one of the few times that Jay and Ed
argued over a Fair issue. Most of the time they agreed on things. He
remembered Jay's exact words; 'The guy is out there scaring little
kids...he's already made two girls and a boy cry.' Ed had argued back; 'But
he didn't do anything!' Jay shouted back; 'He looked at them!'...the bottom
line was that Norm kept his job, but ever since that time, Jay always made
sure to schedule him in an area away from family people. For the rest of
Fair last year, he scheduled Norm to the dreaded parking lot detail, and
now he was on the Night Shift. He remembered Jay's statement; 'Hopefully
it will be too dark for anybody to see his face.'

Dean couldn't restrain himself any longer. "Guess who's coming up to
pay me a visit today."

Jay looked at him suspiciously while Dean wore the biggest of smiles and
finally said; "Lisa."

Dean shook his head in acknowledgment.

"No're so full of it." replied Ed.

"Nope...not full of it...Yep...I'm meeting her at ten." replied Dean.
It was nine-thirty.

"Why the sudden change?" asked Jay, looking a little perplexed.

"I don't know...but I'm not complaining." Dean had no intention of
telling him about the Voodoo Girl...both Voodoo Girls.

"What...did that Voodoo lady do, cast a spell for you?"

Dean merely smiled...and then wondered why they always referred to the
girl as a lady.


Lisa was standing outside by her car when she saw a golf cart drive up.
It took her a few moments to realize Dean was on the back. The realization
that it was Dean and the sight of him struck her like lightning! It was as
if a switch for all her sexual feelings was suddenly turned on! Lisa stood
speechless as her body cried out with desire! Intense sexual desire! Lisa
felt her body pitch forward and more than anything she wanted him! The
arousal licked at her every where and she could feel herself lubricating
where she stood. Lisa couldn't understand just didn't make
sense! With every inhale and exhale, her breasts jiggled up and down
sexily. Strangely, Lisa felt pleased with this knowledge. Anything to look
sexy for Dean! Lisa could see that Dean was smiling as he approached, and
again she felt a feeling of pleasure.

"Hi are you this morning?" asked Dean, looking at her as if
studying her.

"Hi...(catching her breath)...Hi...Dean...I...I'm..." stammered Lisa,
unable to control the arousal she was feeling. It was hard for her to

"This is Ed, and Jay, they run Security here at the Fair...this is Lisa

Lisa could only take her eyes off of Dean for a second, as she nodded
and said; "Hi".

Dean told Jay that he was going on break for awhile. Jay just nodded
with his mouth agape. Ed couldn't believe it either. They drove away
leaving Dean alone with Lisa.

Lisa's eyes wore a desperate expression, as she hoped and prayed that
Dean would kiss her, or at least touch her.

"Lisa...why are you here?"

Lisa continued to stand still as her arousal continued to build;
" invited me, remember?"

Dean smiled at her and again asked; "But why did you come?"

Lisa felt a little frightened that Dean would send her away, and
answered; ""

"What about David?"

'David'...Lisa hadn't even considered him. Lisa tried for a second to
think about him, but neither his image or the emotion surfaced. Not even
the cold shudder...just nothing. Only Dean mattered. What was going on?
"Can...we be someplace private?"

"Sure...I know a place." replied Dean.


On the car ride across the bridge and into another little town, Dean
couldn't help smile at Lisa's new demeanor. She smiled back, blushed, and
he could tell with the pitching of her breasts, and ragged breathing, she
was squirming in her seat for him.

Dean was curious just how far out of control she was, and asked;
"Lisa...have you ever went down on someone?"

"no." Lisa replied, blushing even a darker shade of red. Then added;
"but...but...if you wanted me too, I you want me too?"

Dean smiled, feeling his erection strain against the fabric of his
jeans. He nodded 'yes'.

Lisa leaned over the seat, and proceeded to unzip the zipper of his
pants, then pulled out his member. Lisa's eyes lit up at the sight. Dean
watched in fascination as she lowered her head and started licking along
each side of his shaft while her hands caressed his base. The sensation
when Lisa placed her whole mouth over him sent a flush of pleasure
throughout him! Dean found driving extremely difficult as Lisa slowly
provided him pleasure. Dean couldn't help but notice a few people from
other cars glancing at them during traffic stops. A group of teenagers in
an RV could see right in while Lisa's head was bobbing up and down on him.
This didn't stop him, though, she was his now, and there would be a lot of
things she was going to be performing that she wouldn't have dreamed about
doing before. Just as Dean pulled into the apartment complex, he could
feel he was going to shoot his wad.

"Lisa...would you swallow for me?"


When they entered the apartment, Dean walked over to the couch and sat
down. Lisa, not sure what to do, was about to sit down herself, but Dean
stopped her; "No Lisa, first I want you naked...okay."

Lisa again blushed. She still found herself in a grip of passion she
could neither understand, nor resist. Lisa brought her hands immediately
up to her blouse, and began unbuttoning the buttons. Her tight designer
jeans followed the blouse. Now she stood before him in her panties and
bra. She wasn't sure why she dressed this way when she put on her sexy silk
underwear this morning, but now she was glad she did. When Lisa sprung
free her beautiful tits by unsnapping her bra and then slid down her crotch
soaked panties, she made a stunning sight. She saw Dean's eyes study her
nudity, and despite knowing that she looked quite erotic, taking on her
most sexiest pose, she still feared that she may not meet Dean's standards.
Lisa just hoped she looked as good to Dean as she thought she looked to

Dean looked at her with a grin. Lisa was not only naked, but she could
feel herself dripping her arousal down the insides of her thighs. Dean
lifted himself up off the couch and slid down his own jeans. His own
underwear followed his jeans, along with his shirt. Lisa smiled bashfully
when she saw that he was hard again.

Dean moved Lisa over to the couch, slowly moving his palms over the
contours of her lovely ass. He then caressed her sexy curves along her
slim waist line and finally moved around her to cup her full beautiful
breasts. Lisa's nipples were erect, and when he pinched them both, she
moaned while rubbing her buttocks up against his erection. Dean bent Lisa
down on the arm of the couch, and quite easily slid into her very wet
sheath. "Uuuunnnnhhhh. Plllleeeaaaassssssssse." she moaned, as her body
cried out for more.

Dean slowly started a pumping motion, burying his member deep into her
wet pussy and then moving it back out - only to ram back into her. Dean,
never felt sex this intense before, and with every thrust he gave her, Lisa
screamed her passion out louder. Lisa's eyes glazed over after her third
orgasm and then passed out after her fourth.


Dean and Lisa did nothing but fuck the rest of the morning and into the
afternoon. Both were insatiable, feeling like they couldn't get enough of
each other. Dean didn't get back to the Fair until after two. As much as
he wanted Lisa to be with him, he instructed her to go home and rejoin him
later on at the pizza party the security force always partook in.

Dean had only dreamed that this voodoo shit worked. But now that he had
living proof, and Lisa was his, he felt like seeing the Voodoo girl one
more time. He had to thank her! His mind recaptured the last few hours
and he smiled. Lisa was as breath-taking as they get. Add her constant
state of arousal, and he pictured a little minx squirming with pleasure.


Lisa, for the life of her, couldn't understand why her body was
responding in this manner. Further more, why was she responding like this?
Never did she imagine that sexual desire could be this powerful. The
constant hunger she felt for Dean's touch defied logic but there was no
denying the orgasms that occurred when he did touch her. Lisa smiled with
the memory of the last few hours. Dean instructed her to come back up to
the Fair around 8:00 p.m. and the thought that she was going to be with
him tonight, was making her horny all over again. Still, as her mind
lightly touched on her actions this morning, she was surprised that she was
behaving in this type of manner. Her mind rationalized one way, but her
body screamed another...and Lisa's body now overruled her mind. Lisa
thought that maybe he somehow hypnotized her, or was using some other form
of mind control. This wasn't like her at all. Still, she couldn't do
anything about feeling this way and the further away she drove, the harder
it was becoming.


"Where the hell have you been?" asked Ed. Although figuring the

"Sorry...couldn't pass it up." Replied a smiling Dean.

Jay smiled as Dean handed him back the apartment key. The place
belonged to Jay's brother. "You did clean up any potential stains, right?"

Dean smiled in reply; "Lisa took care of everything...she licked up
every one of them."

"Where is she?" asked Ed, amazed at these developments.

"Back home...she'll be back up later...I invited her to the pizza

Jay looked amazed and finally mumbled; "You know...we went back over to
that Voodoo Lady and she and the tent were long gone...something really
weird has happened, huh."

Dean smiled; "The spell or whatever that Voodoo girl did, worked...Lisa
is like a sex slave to me."

Ed hung his mouth open and muttered; "I don't believe it...and why did
you call her a girl. She must have been one hundred years old!"

Dean looked confused. Did he lick an old lady's pussy? "The person I
talked to was a girl, but anyway, all the powers they have work...I have
first hand proof, and I'll prove it to you later."


Lisa soaked in the bath when she got home. All day she did little
things to make herself pretty. She wore her sexiest black dress and as she
gazed at her image in the mirror, she knew she looked great. For the first
time, Lisa noticed her eyes. Same color, brown, but there was a look to
them that she had never seen before. Almost a hungry pained look. A look
of animal desire. The thought aroused her. God! I need Dean! On the way
out, she spotted David returning. As she passed him, she casually stated
that she would be moving out and moving back in with her Mom. David looked
at her speechless, not sure what was going on. Lisa merely got in her car
without saying another word and drove off. Lisa tried again to analyze her
feelings. She found she no longer felt any emotion for David.


When Lisa arrived, every head within proximity turned around to gape at
her beauty. Dean looked up at his Lisa when she walked in. He got an
instant erection. The thought that this beauty was his to do with what he
wanted was powerfully arousing. Dean smiled at Lisa and nodded when her
eyes asked permission for a hug. The two of them hugged and kissed, while
the few that were in the office looked on. Just before Dean moved back
from his kiss, he snuck a hand up inside her dress. She wasn't wearing
panties, just like he instructed, he cupped her lovely rounded ass while
inserting a couple of fingers inside her very wet pussy. Lisa moaned while
twitching her ass up further against his penetration, begging for his
fingers to go deeper. Steve J., an old timer who had been working for Ed
and Jay since they took over the Fair eleven years ago, stood watching the
scene. Dean noted the old timer and chuckled, thinking, 'I hope he doesn't
have a heart attack.'

"Alright...Lisa. You take your foxy looking ass and sit down over
there. I have work to do." Lisa pouted as she licked Dean's fingers clean
before doing as asked.

As Dean took in the uniforms from everybody and annotated the paper
work, Lisa sat in the chair opposite him with her hands on her lap. It was
a strange feeling, having someone gaze at you like that, all the time,
thought Dean...but, he decided he could get used to it.

When Ed and Jay got in the office, it was hard for them not to stare at
Lisa. She epitomized beauty and sexiness, and she looked like a cross
between a high class model and a high charging call girl. When Jay caught
Dean far enough away from Lisa's hearing range, he asked if she was wearing
a bra. Dean laughed and replied; "Lisa, Jay wants to know if you're
wearing a bra?"

Jay turned red in embarrassment for the girl. Lisa turned red in
embarrassment for herself, but while she blushed, she nodded 'no' replying;
"Dean told me I can't wear bras or panties anymore..."

Dean turned back to Jay and grinned. Jay looked at Dean in
astonishment. Lisa just gazed at Dean expectantly.


"Dean...Dean...Dean" He heard someone familiar calling his name. Slowly
he opened his eyes. Where was the office? Where was Lisa?

"Huh...what...(it was hard to talk)...what happened?"

Dean's mother was sitting beside him. He was laying on a
looked like. The hospital? Dean tried to lift himself up when he felt a
painful throbbing shoot straight to his head (the one on his shoulders).

"Take it slow...You were in an accident."


"On your way to the Fair, you somehow lost control of your car. Good
thing you were wearing your seat belt."

"How long...where's Lisa?!?"



"Oh, you mean that girl from work...well, Lisa wasn't with you..."

Dean felt confused; "What day is it?"

"Still Thursday...I called Ed Garr and said that you were in an
accident. He should be here any minute."

Just then Ed entered the room; "You'll do anything to get out of working
the Fair this year, won't you."

Dean started to slowly realize that his most memorable and pleasurable
time at the Fair was only a dream. While Ed droned on about how he
expected him to be at the Fair tomorrow, he reached his hand down
underneath the hospital sheet and inside his gown. He flushed red embarrassed. Dean realized that his dream wasn't just a dream. It was a
wet dream. 'Now, that's something I haven't experienced in a long time.'
he thought. He moved his hand away from his sticky groin area.

The End


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