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WAMK CH stretch her thin lips She stopped


Keywords: tg/ff, tg/f, oral, anal, ir, exh, pubAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Cajun Heat

Hello, fair fans, and welcome to another one of my
literary orgies of wild, unbridled sex. If you want
to read more of my stuff after reading this, please
visit my website at
I reserve all commercial and all non-electronic rights
to this work. If you are not permitted to read this
work in your legal jurisdiction, please don't read it.
So, without further ado, let's get on with the show.

By Brett Lynn

"Hey, show us your tits!"

"With pleasure boys!" Miss K screamed back as she
yanked up her white baby tee to reveal her silicone-
enhanced F cup mammaries. Sticking out her tongue and
shaking her breasts a bit, she was soon rewarded with
yet another string of fake baubles, which Miss K
placed around her knees. "Come on, Tracy. Show them
what you got, and I'll make it with your while!"

"OK K!" she shouted in reply over the Bourbon Street
din as she pulled in the sides of her wifebeater,
revealing her nice sized breasts. As she was given
her string of baubles, Miss K bent down and lapped at
one of her nipples, making her giggle and the crowd of
men scream out in cheers.

"Hey, you should be enjoying this. You're the one who
loves all the attention men give ya!" Miss K screamed
over the din of the crowd.

"Ah, come on," Tracy screamed as she squeezed Miss K's
breast through her shirt. "I know you just didn't get
these boobs for the chicks! I know you wanted to at
least get some attention for these!"

"Fair enough!" Miss K said as she whipped her shirt
over her breasts again, getting another set of beads
and screams from the crowd. "As long as they look and
don't touch, who gives a damn!"

"Speaking of touching!" Tracy said as she reached up
and palmed Miss K's massive tits in her small hands,
squeezing and pulling at her nipples. After lapping
at each of her friend's nipples, making them harden
under her tongue, she pulled down Miss K's shirt, then
whispered in her ear, "wanna give these guys a show?"
She punctuated that last statement by giving Miss K's
ear a lick.

"Sure," Miss K replied back as she grabbed the back of
Tracy's head and pulled her into a deep tongue kiss,
her eyes scanning the crowd for a reaction. She
separated their heads, keeping their tongues
intertwined as they played with each other. Miss K
made a show of licking down Tracy's neck, then pulled
her wifebeater down, brushed aside her beads and
kissed the top of her breast. She opened her lips
wide and let Tracy's areola pop into her mouth before
twisting her head and letting her open lips slide
around her friend's nipple while she licked at it.
She then switched nipples and did the same thing, idly
pawing at her nipples with one hand and under Tracy's
skirt at her pantiless twat with the other as she felt
their gaze on both of them.

She felt Tracy pull up on her hair, then let it drape
over them as they kissed deeply again, Tracy's hands
mauling the huge breasts that rested on her shoulders.
As she kept kissing, she pinched and pulled on Miss
K's nipples, making her writhe and moan much to the
delight of the growing crowd around them. Tracy
pushed up on her shoulders to get some separation
between her and Miss K, then palmed the huge breasts
in her small hands before lifting up that small shirt
and baring those tits. She voraciously sucked a
nipple into her mouth as she squeezed and mauled those
breasts, biting on it lightly as she made her friend
gasp. She sucked even harder when she felt Miss K's
big hands on her ass, sliding under her skirt as those
fingertips rubbed her asshole and pussy. She rubbed
herself on Miss K's bare thigh, oblivious to
everything around her, before letting one of her hands
drop and squeeze Miss K's tucked up shaft through her
daisy dukes.

Tracy stroked that thick shaft through that thin layer
of denim, snaking out a finger to tease the seam of
the jeans, as she nipped and licked at Miss K's
nipples, making her gasp with pleasure as her beads
bounced off of Tracy's face. She stroked her hand
faster between her friend's legs, then sucked each of
Miss K's nipples hard before pulling off of them with
a loud pop.

"Guess what I'm about to do," Tracy said with a sense
of lust and urgency in her voice, her ass pushing out
to hump against Miss K's hand as she squeezed Miss K's

"What," Miss K replied in a haze of bliss.

"I'm gonna pull your big dick out and suck it just as
hard as I did your nipples," Tracy said in a throaty
whisper before giving one of Miss K's nipples a lick.
"Do you wanna show these men how we I can suck your
big dick? Wouldn't you like to show them how much
your fucking huge shaft chokes my throat?" she
finished, her hand a blur between her friend's legs.

"God, just fucking suck me!" Miss K moaned out in
desperation as she felt Tracy unzip her shorts and
pull out her hard dick.

Miss K closed her eyes, then stiffed up as she felt
Tracy's tongue on her tip, barely letting out a moan.
As the screams of the revelers around her filled her
eyes, she felt strangely quiet and alone as she felt
Tracy's hand milk her dick as she swirled her tongue
around her sensitive head. She felt Tracy kiss her
tip, then slowly part her soft lips to let it slip
inside her mouth. Moaning as she reached up and
pulled at her nipples, trying to release some of the
tension inside of her, she felt Tracy grab onto her
shaft and rotate her dick inside of her mouth, as her
soft lips rubbed against the ridge on her head, while
her tongue swirled inside the seal of her mouth. As
she blindly licked at a nipple she raised up to her
mouth, she felt Tracy begin to bob her head, letting
inch after sweet inch into her throat. Miss K tried
to roll her hips and push her dick into Tracy's mouth,
but Tracy kept a firm grip on her dick, letting her
throat suck on the thick piece of meat in her mouth
while unintentionally stroking her friend off as she
tried to push herself deeper into that sweet throat.

Finally, she just let go, letting her hands drop off
of her breasts and enjoying the smooth, soft grip of
Tracy's lips on her dick. She licked her lips, dying
to taste Tracy's yummy pussy the way she was feasting
on her cock, sucking her into pure pleasure as the
cool, humid night air brushed across her nipples. She
felt Tracy's lips stop just soft of the base of her
dick, making her body quiver in anticipation. After
nearly being brought to her knees a teasing lick and a
few quick hand strokes, she felt Tracy's lips slide
down her shaft, her throat pulling on her dick, until
they kissed the base of her dick, her tongue snaking
out to lick her balls. She simply bit her lip as she
felt Tracy coolly slide her lips back and forth on her
shaft, having the night air tease her slick dick each
time Tracy slid her dick out of her mouth. She
blindly reached down and stroked Tracy's hair, loving
the way she was sucking her thick cock.

"Ah yeah, that feels good," Miss K said with all the
breath she could muster, her mind squarely focused on
the way Tracy was sucking her dick.

She managed to open her eyes to the bright lights of
Bourbon Street as saw the crowd gazing at her pleasure
and her quivering body under the lights. She even
noticed some women in the crowd, staring at her with
lust, and that though got her nipples to harden and
her dick to flex in Tracy's mouth. "God, I wish one
of those women would touch me," she thought to


"Oh my God! Did you see that just now?"

"What honey?"

"Look at that scene over there!" the woman said as she
pointed to the scene of Tracy sucking off Miss K in
the street. "God I wish you had a body just like
that…curvy with a big dick."

"But then, you wouldn't have my soul," the other girl
said as she peered over her wire-framed glasses before
smiling and giving her wife a kiss on the cheek.

"Aww that's sweet, Marie!" the fair, lithe blonde said
as she ruffled her wife's short hair, then leaned on
her as she watched the scene Tracy and Miss K were
making, her panties getting wet.

"Don't tell me that you're getting one of your
occasional cravings for dick, Trish," Marie whined
semi-seriously before gazing into Trish's eyes.

"Hey, you knew I was bi when we married, and besides,"
Trish said before getting a dreamy tone in her voice.
"That's not no ordinary dick, regardless of whether
that's attached to a chick."

"Fair enough. Who took these two off the set of Xena?"
Marie said as her eyes drifted over the bodies of the
two women at the center of the crowd. "Not a bad body
there, dude," she continued with a hint of jealousy.

"Hey!" Trish said as she jumped straight up. "Mind if
I jump in?"

"You mean…"

"Yeah. C'mon! It'll be fun, and I'll make it up to


"I'll eat you out to wake you up every day for a

"A month!"

"Two weeks."

"Deal," Marie said as she hugged Trish. "Enjoy
yourself," she continued as she reached through
Trish's skirt and felt her wet panties. "Something
tells me you already are though."

Trish gave Marie a quick peck on the cheek, then
slithered her way through the crowd to get to Tracy
and Miss K, dodging the gropes of a few men in the
process. She quickly got on her knees in front of
Miss K, then licked her way up Miss K's shaft just as
Tracy was pulling her lips up her friend's dick,
making Miss K gasp in shock, She then planted a kiss
on Tracy's lips, slipping her a bit of tongue.

After pulling away, Trish said excitedly, "mind if I
jump in? I saw that dick and God I wanted a taste!"

"Hmm," Tracy said as she stroked Miss K's slick shaft
before giving it a hard squeeze. "Hey K! Open your

Miss K looked down and saw a cute little White girl
next to Tracy with some wavy blonde hair and some
piercing blue eyes. "I bet my dick would look nice
between those lips," she thought to herself.

"Do you mind if this girl down here joins our show?"
Tracy said.

"Sure," Miss K blurted out, her mind definitely on
what was to come. She then calmed down and said,
"enjoy yourself girl!"

"Don't mind if I do, "Trish giggled, overjoyed as she
stroked Miss K's slick shaft. "This big thing is more
than enough for me!"

Trish took a nice, long lick of Miss K's dick, then
kissed the shaft. She dragged her lips back and forth
down the shaft, slipping out her tongue as Tracy
kissed the other side. Then, she slid her lips up to
her tip and sucked it against her lips, flashing out
her tongue to taste the spongy head. She lifted the
shaft up in her hand, licking her lips thinking about
how that dick would taste between her lips as Tracy
ducked under her hand and started sucking on Miss K's
balls, making the dick twitch in her hands. Then, she
stuck out her tongue and licked from the base of the
cock all the way to the tip, then swallowed the head
into her mouth, sucking it like the mouth-watering
chocolate lollipop it looked like to her. Feeling her
panties get wet, she pushed her skirt up into her
crotch and rubbed her pussy as she sucked on the head,
twisting her tongue around it to make it throb in her
mouth. Gently stroking it in her mouth, she began to
bob her head, letting more and more of the thick shaft
stretch her thin lips. She stopped moving her hand
and started moving her head back and forth as she
sucked that huge shaft as far as she could into her
mouth, loving the way it filled her throat as she
squirmed her tongue around it.

She gently pawed at her wet pussy as she purred with
pure contentment as she sucked on Miss K's dick,
simply dragging her tongue on the underside as she
pulled her stretched lips back and forth on the thick
shaft. Suddenly, Trish felt a hand press her hand
into her pussy, then another bump against her lips,
coming up on her sucking mouth as she went down on the
shaft. Trish pulled the dick out of her mouth with a
loud pop and a string a drool attached to her lips.

"Hey!" Trish said in an annoyed voice. "What gives?"

"Just don't hog the dick," Tracy said before
swallowing Miss K's dick to the hilt, then slowing
pulling her head off the pulsing, spit-glazed cock.
"Don't you just love to suck it?"

"Yeah," Trish breathed before sucking on Miss K's
sensitive head and stroking their shafts. "I might not
like men, but I do like their dicks. Yummy," she
drooled before letting some of her spit drop onto the

"Yeah, they feel so good when they're throbbing and
twitching and they're nice and hard and thick…" Tracy
panted before devolving into a moan, stroking the
shaft in rhythm with Trish. "Wanna play with it some
more and make it cum?"

"Yeah, I'd love to," Trish said, looking up at Miss
K's hard, quivering body, her eyes going from those
bulging tits that half-hid her face, down to her hard
belly and her big piece of meat in her hands. She got
off of her knees, then trailed her fingertips over
Miss K's washboard stomach and her huge tits.

"Nice body you have there," Trish whispered in Miss
K's ear as she stroked the busty shemale's shaft. "Do
you like being treated like the sex object you are?"

Miss K managed to nod her head in response, her head
focused to her soft skin caressing her dick as she
felt another hand caress her belly.

"Can I have some of this cum from your cock?"

Miss K just took in a breath, feeling every inch of
her body twitch in response to the two sets of lips
she felt on her dick. She couldn't tell which one was
which, but she didn't care as they both stimulated her
sensitive skin. Her nipples were had to the point of
being painful, feeling the humid night air and the
beads lightly bounce off her tits as the gaze of the
crowd looking at her as an object of lust. She
thought of all the hot women in the crowd, looking at
her, lusting for her body as they stared at her body
while the two women played with her dick. She wished
she could be touched by all of them, shaking as she
thought of woman after woman lusting for her flesh,
their soft hands pawing at her big tits and ass,
feeling up her curves before toying with her dick like
the two women were right now. She loved feeling the
gaze of the crowd on her tits as the two women
hungrily sucked on her cock, milking her cock ever
more insistently, wanting to cum for them. She just
let go of her control, let them pull her the edge
until she quietly gasped, letting her cum get pulled
out of her cock as it went from one mouth to another.
Finally, she felt some soft skin on her tip, feeling
the last of her cum brushing off on it. She wanted to
collapse, but she tightened up her legs and held her
balance after realizing where she was. She felt a
hand lightly stroking her deflating, sensitive dick,
then and a peck on the cheek as she felt someone shake
her hand.

"Hi! How's it going? My name is Trish! Thank you
for letting me play with your dick."

"You're welcome," Miss K said as she focused her eyes
on the girl, still stuck in a post-orgasmic haze. "My
name is Kayla, and that's Tracy down there," she said
as she nodded in Tracy's direction. "What made you
come over to me?"

"Well, it's not every day that I see a girl hung like
a horse," Trish said as she licked her lips and looked
down at her limp dick. "I mean, I'm a married woman,
but I had to give it a shot." She then turned and
waved hi to Marie, which Miss K did meekly in

"So what made you, um, put on this show Kayla?" Trish
said with a smile.

"Well," Miss K said as she started to recover from her
haze. "I was flashing my boobs for beads with my
friend here when she suggested that we give the people
a show, and I think we did that," she continued as she
noticed the huge crowd that was around her.

Miss K pulled her shirt back down, then bent down and
pulled her shirt back up. "I'm ready to head on back
to the hotel. Besides, I don't wanna get harassed the
rest of the night as the rumor spreads. What about
you Trace?"

"I'm definitely ready for the night-cap," Tracy said
as she got to her feet, pulling her skirt back down
over her ass as much as possible. "And thank you for
jumping it, Trish. You made it fun!" she said as she
hugged Trish.

"Thanks. Maybe I'll see you around," Trish said
awkwardly as she disappeared back into the crowd.

"Well, that was fun," Miss K said to Tracy. "I think
I can relax when we get back to the hotel."

"Oh, you definitely will," Tracy said, smacking her
friend's ass as they made their way through the crowd
on Bourbon Street, struggling to make their way
through the crowd.


The two girls returned to their hotel in the French
Quarter, glowing with sweat from the humid night.
After walking in the front door, Miss K felt Tracy
pawing at her ass.

"Hey, Trace! What's that about?" Miss K said half-

"Nothing, babe. Just thinking about your ass," Tracy
said as she squeezed Miss K's round ass through her
daisy dukes.

"Why do you ask?" Tracy said as the two kept walking,
stopping to press the button for the elevator.

"Well, it's probably the best part of you, but no one
ever notices it."

"Why thank you," Miss K said as she walked into the
now-open elevator, with Tracy following close behind
her, and pressed the button for their floor.

"You know, everyone's constantly talking about that
thick cock of yours," Tracy said as she reached
between Miss K's legs and squeezed her shaft.

"Yeah, and" Miss K said, wondering where this was

"And people notice your big hair…" Tracy continued,
tugging on Miss K's long blonde hair. "…And your
bigger tits," she went on, standing on her toes and
squeezing her friend's tits in her small hands. "But
they never notice your ass!"

"What, are you stealing lines from porno flicks now?"
Miss K dismissively said as the elevator door opened
and they walked to their room. "Do better, man."

"I'm not a man, for your info, and legitimately like
that big, round ass of yours. I think looks nice and
sexy," Tracy continued. She then grabbed Miss K's
booty and squeezed it with her hands, massaging it as
the flesh ran through her fingers.

"Why thank you! I paid enough for it," Miss K said as
she opened her door and walked into their room.
"Maybe I'll let you worship sometime, but right now,
all I wanna do is sleep."

It was then that Tracy squeezed Miss K's ass hard with
one hand, and pulled aside the opening of her shorts
to jam two fingers into her ass, rubbing them hard on
her prostate. She then walked around her shocked
friend, unzipped her shorts with one hand, pulled her
dick out and swallowed it in one stroke, sucking as
hard as she could.

"What the heck is going on?" Miss K gasped, still
shocked by the sudden treatment as she felt her shorts
being pulled down.

Tracy just kept sucking Miss K's dick as hard as she
could, tickling her prostate with one hand while
squeezing and smacking her friend's ass with the
other. She pulled the now-hard dick out of her mouth
and throat, raking her teeth across the tip as she
did, then flicked her tongue hard against it.

"I'm playing with your big ass now," Tracy spat out
as she spanked that ass hard. "I'm gonna play with
it, then fucking make you cum now. Got that slut?"

Miss K stood there in shock as she felt Tracy's
presence behind her, pumping her asshole with her
fingers as her mouth kissed and sucked all over her
ass. She licked each ass cheek all over, making her
squirm against the feel of her spit back there, then
felt those fingers leave her ass as she felt Tracy's
tongue slide down her ass crack, the spit pooling on
her rear opening. She felt her soft hands reach
around and jack her dick, twisting around her tip with
each stroke, while rimming her asshole, her soft
tongue poking it a bit as she flicked her tongue from
time to time. She quickly felt herself being pulled
to an orgasm, her dick throbbing between Tracy's
hands, when suddenly, the stroking stopped.

"God, Tracy, let me cum," Miss K moaned in
frustration, desperate to shoot her cum.

"No, you fucking slut," Tracy said as she raked her
teeth across Miss K's swollen tip, making her friend
wince in pain and pleasure. "You fucking tease me all
the time, and now it's time to pay you back," she said
with a cackle before flicking her tongue over Miss K's
tip, making Miss K's dick twitch.

Tracy looked up at her friend's tits, watching how
they jiggled, as she swallowed her cock again, sucking
on it hard and milking it with her throat. She bobbed
her head back and forth on Miss K's hard shaft,
dragging her lips up and down it as she lashed her
tongue on the underside. She jammed her fingers up
Miss K's ass, starting to get wet as she saw her throw
her head back and gasp as she rubbed her prostate as
sucked harder, feeling the hard dick pulsate in her
mouth. She drooled as she saw her friend's hard
nipples, peeking through her shirt, looking
tantalizing on top of those chocolate hills, those
arms and abs looking so yummy, so strong. She pulled
her mouth off of her friend's dick, stroking the slick
shaft as she twisted her lips and tongue around her
swollen head, feeling it about to cum.

"No, you're not making me cum now," Miss K panted out
as she pulled Tracy's head off of her dick. "It's my
dick and my cum, and I'm gonna give it to you how I

"Oh really, sweet slut," Tracy said as she jacked Miss
K's dick, her hand a blur on her shaft as she rubbed
her prostrate.

"Yeah," Miss K said as she pulled Tracy's hand out of
her ass, then jerked Tracy off of the ground with her
hands. She threw Tracy on the bed, then yanked off
her shirt and beads, chucking them on a nearby table.
"Now I'm gonna show you who's the boss in this room
here!" she screamed out before kicking off her shorts,
jumping on the bed and yanking Tracy's legs apart.

Miss K lapped at Tracy's lips, pressing her tongue
deep inside her friend's pussy and twisting her tongue
around her sugar walls. She then sucked Tracy's clit
into her mouth hard, making her buck against the bed
before pulling her lips away with a loud pop. She
wrapped her strong arms around Tracy's hips and lifted
Tracy's skirt to her waist, making sure it was out of
her away as she pinched and pulled at it with her

"Who's controlling who cums now, huh?" Miss K said
before lapping her tongue as the distended clit.

"You do, bitch," Tracy defiantly spit out.

"You got that right," Miss K said before sucking
Tracy's clit hard again. "And I know the ultimate way
to make you cum!"

Miss K got up on her knees on the bed and jacked her
had dick in her hands before pressing the tip to
Tracy's slick hips. She held on to her dick with one
hand, while holding onto one of Tracy's hips with the
other, and shoved her dick balls deep into Tracy,
making her gasp.

"Do you like the way my dick stretches you?" Miss K
hissed as she pounded Tracy's pussy as hard as she

"Oh yeah."

"Do you like the way I hit your fucking g-spot, and
your stretched-out clit hips my hips?!" Miss K said as
she ground her hips against Tracy, trapping her clit
between their bodies.

"Oooh yeah," Tracy moaned out as she arched her back,
dying to feel more. "Fuck me more!"

"With pleasure, slut!" Miss K spat out as she drove
her hips hard into Tracy, pounding her tight pussy as
she tore open her wifebeater and mauled her tits,
pulling on her nipples.

She bit her lip as she felt Tracy's pussy squeeze and
rub on her thrusting dick, then bent down and sucked
on one of Tracy's nipples, shivering as she felt Tracy
dig her sneakers into her back. Miss K slowed down
her thrusts and took off Tracy's shoes and socks as
she let Tracy's tight pussy pull on her cock. Then
she placed Tracy's bare feet on her tits and pressed
her body down on her feet so that Tracy's thighs just
touched her nipples and began to pound away at Tracy's
wet twat while she rubbed her clit. She licked her
lips and felt her twitch inside of Tracy's pussy as
she looked at her face twisted in lust.

"Oooh, you look so fucking hot now," Miss K panted in
lust as she sawed her thick dick through Tracy's
pussy, rendering her speechless as she moaned and
groaned. "You're gonna fucking cum, huh?"


"Yeah, slut," Miss K said as she pounded Tracy's pussy
as hard as she could, the sound of her balls slapping
on Tracy's ass filling the room. "Are you gonna
fucking cum for me?"

"Yes!" Tracy said as she pushed Miss K's body off of
her with her feet before kicking her in the shoulder.
"But on my terms! Get on the fucking bed so I can
ride that fucking dick of yours."

Miss K rolled her hips and laid down on the bed,
pulling the impaled Tracy over on her dick. She then
gathered her feet under her and slowly started rolling
her hips, pinching Miss K's nipples between her
fingers. She squeezed Miss K's dick in her pussy,
rolling her hips to make her gasp and arch her back.

"You know I got your fucking dick now, don't you,"
Tracy panted out as she rolled her hips, making her
friend twitch under her.

"Uh-huh…yeah baby…" Miss K panted out, loving the way
she milked her dick, struggling to keep control.

Miss K looked up and watched as she saw Tracy's mouth
drop open, her soft tits bouncing as she rolled her
hips on her dick. She felt her pussy caressing her
hard cock, working it to hit all of her spots, her
hot, hard clit pressing into her skin. She felt
Tracy's wetness drip down onto her balls, teasing her
as she felt Tracy's cunt begin to pull at her dick and
her hips press down further on her dick. She bit her
lips, trying to hold back her cum as Tracy's sweet
pussy milked her cock as she came, watching as Tracy
closed her eyes and gasped. She played with her tits
as her cock got coated with more of Tracy's wetness,
loving how hot it felt as Tracy's pussy slipped back
and forth over her hard dick, teasing her to her own
orgasm. Wanting to a tighter grip on her dick, Miss K
lifted Tracy's hips off of her, then pulled out her
dick and got from under her, letting the drained Tracy
lay on her belly.

Tracy looked back over her shoulder with slitted eyes,
wondering what her friend was doing behind her. She
jumped in surprise as she felt her tongue lick all
around her asshole, then mewed in frustration when she
felt that tongue pulled away. She tensed up a bit
when she felt Miss K's fingers brushing on her clit,
then gritted her teeth, eyes bulging, as she felt Miss
K's huge member poke into her ass.

"What the hell are you doing?" Tracy grunted out in
lust and pain, struggling to deal with the huge dick
slowing sliding into her ass.

"Well, you got your cum, Trace!" Miss K said as she
pushed harder into Tracy's ass. "Now, I'm gonna get

"Oh, really," an emboldened Tracy said as she pushed
back at Miss K. "We'll see about that, you fucking
slut! You're gonna get me off with that dick of yours
again, even after you cum!"

Miss K slammed hard into Tracy's ass, driving her
hard, slick cock balls deep. Rubbing Tracy's clit
with her free hand, Miss K pulled Tracy's ass back and
forth on her hard dick, jacking her dick off with that
tight asshole of Tracy's. She shortened her strokes a
bit, letting the head get pulled at with the vice-like
grip of Tracy's ass while feeling her nipples get hard
to the point of being sore. She felt the itch begin
just behind her head and started driving her dick
harder into Tracy, letting her tight anus pull on your
slick dick as she flicked her fingers faster on
Tracy's clit in response. She kept on pumping that
ass, feeling the burn on her tip right until she
exploded into a cum, keeping her hips still and
letting her hot semen coat the insides of Tracy's soft
booty. She rolled her hips against that soft butt as
she felt the last of her load squirt, then pumped her
ass a couple more times, before pulling out her dick
and falling back onto the bed.

She then saw Tracy back her ass up, then straddle her
face, wiping her wet pussy over her lips and feeling a
drop of her cum plop down on the bridge of her nose.

"I told you that you weren't finish yet, but you
didn't believe me, huh!" Tracy said, grinding her
pussy on Miss K's face as she stroked Miss K's slick
dick in her hands. "I'm gonna get you hard again, and
I'm gonna make you cum again, got it slut!"

"Mmhmm," Miss K replied, humming on Tracy's pussy.

Tracy simply ground her ass on her friend's face,
giving a lap dance to it as she felt Miss K slide her
tongue back and forth between her labia. She
concentrated on getting the dick in front of her
harder, jacking it off with one hand and twisting her
other hand around the pussy-and-cum slick head. As
she felt the dick slowly come back to life, she Miss K
under her sucking on her lips hard, the seal breaking
every so often bringing a jolt of electricity from
between her legs. Desperate to get Miss K hard for
her again, she pulled her pussy away from her friend's
face, grinding her clit into Miss K's nipple as she
wrapped her tits around that cock and started
squeezing them up and down, making her friend moan as
the sensitive dick was now rock hard again. She kept
titfucking Miss K, letting her clit grind against Miss
K's other nipple to get that breast nice and slick
before sliding her pussy back over her friend's chin
and onto her lips and taking her tits off of that

Miss K enthusiastically pulled Tracy's ass down to her
and started sucking her pussy lips against, blowing on
her pussy as she felt Tracy working on her dick
against. As she felt Tracy twist her soft lips around
her dick, she alternately licked and blew on her inner
labia, making Tracy moan around her dick. She sucked
a lip into her mouth and let her tongue scrape out the
inside of that sweet nectar, making Tracy shudder and
suck harder on her dick. Pumping her hips up into
Tracy's mouth in response, she spread Tracy's pussy
lips wide and licked out the insides like an ice cream
cone, driving Tracy wild as she screamed on her dick,
making her shake with lust. Then she took Tracy's
hard little pearl of a clit into her mouth and started
humming on it, making Tracy shudder, before letting it
slip between her lips and having her tongue bat it
around. That was enough for Tracy, as she started to
press her pussy down hard onto Tracy, starting to cum
as Miss K kept licking and humming at her clit and
letting out a flood of her juices onto her friend's
lips. She kept shaking as Miss K lapped her juices
off of her sweet cunny, just barely keeping enough
composure to suck at Miss K's cock some more.

Tracy then felt Miss K let go of her twat, then felt
her head being pulled off of her dick. She then was
thrown up against the headboard, then felt as Miss K
grabbed her by her tits and threw her up against the
wall, feeling Miss K's tits press her shoulders on the

"You thought you were gonna make me cum without me
having to do with it, HUH!" Miss K grunted as she
shoved her hard dick balls deep into Tracy with one

"Yeah, you fucking slut!" Tracy moaned back as Miss K,
pushing her ass back at her dick. "I'm gonna fucking
make you cum1"

Miss K grabbed Tracy's head and kissed her hard,
sucking Tracy's tongue in her mouth as her tongue
probed her friend's. She then spread open Tracy's
pussy, making sure her clit was peeing out, before
pressing her body into the stucco wall with her

"No, I'm gonna pound you 'til I cum again, and that's
the way it fucking is! Got it, slut?!" Miss K panted
out before she started pounding her dick into Tracy's
pussy again.

Miss K pulled Tracy into another deep kiss, breathing
hard into her mouth as she drove her dick harder and
harder into her friend's wet, tight pussy. With each
thrust, she rubbed Tracy's nipples and clit into the
wall, making her moan into her mouth and her cunt
squeezed her cock just a bit tighter. As she thought
about how good it felt to drive Tracy into the wall
with her thrusts, their bodies pressed hard together,
she wanted to squeeze one last cum out of her sore,
hard dick. She closed her eyes, licked her lips and
drove her huge shaft as deep as she could inside of
Tracy, trying to puncture her womb with each thrust.

"Do you want me to pump this hot load of fucking cum
deep in your womb?!" Miss K hissed out.

"Fuck ya…cum deep inside of me, you hot fucking slut,"
Tracy hissed back.

"So you wanna get pumped full by this big dick huh?"

"Fill me up with your fucking cum!"

"Yeah, I'm gonna fucking knock you up you fucking
dirty whore! Take this fucking load bitch!!!"

Miss K pressed into Tracy hard as she felt her load
bubble up through her dick, letting her dick release
into Tracy with a loud, deep scream as she felt the
last dribbles of cum into her balls pour into Tracy
and dribble down the sides of her shaft. As she came,
her knees buckled, making her fall down onto the bed
and pulling a writhing Tracy down with her as she was
cumming, loving the way the hot cum burned her
insides. Right after she finished cumming, Miss K
passed for a bit, drained from the release, her lust

She was woken up by Tracy sucking and licking on her
nipples, purring contently.

"That was a fun fuck, huh?" Tracy said as she lay on
Miss K's front, her pussy still impaled on Miss K's
semi-hard dick.

"Yeah. That was cool. Pure, unbridled lust," Miss K
replied, planting a kiss on the top of Tracy's head
before hugging her in her strong arms.

"Whew, that was a workout! That took a lot out of

"I never knew you had it in you to do it like that.
That was…wow," Miss K said in disbelief of what just

"I did. You just brought it out of me," Tracy said
with a smile before kissing her friend's breast.
"This whole trip's been loosening me up, you know?"

"Yeah, definitely," Miss K moaned back, gently pumping
her softening dick inside of Tracy. "You've been a
great fuck, nice and fun, as well as a cool friend.
Who knew that a running buddy could be such a good
fuck without the drama?"

"You got that right!" Tracy said before honking one of
Miss K's boobs with her hand with a giggle.

"Hey! I'm not a car horn!" Miss K shot back.

"But your tits are made out of the same stuff!"

"Bitch!" Miss K said jokingly before pulling hard on
Tracy's nipples.

After some playful slaps and giggles, Miss K rolled
onto her side and held Tracy's hands with one of her
own. "Now that's enough there, missy!"

"You're the missy, Miss K!"

"Enough of that lame joke!" Miss K said with a smile
before lightly bopping Tracy's shoulder with her fist.
"Now let's get some rest."

"Ahh…sleeping with my female friend's dick inside of
me. That's the move, baby!" Tracy giggled. "Good

"Good night."

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