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WAMK LIV video arcade with the taped moans


Keywords: tg/ff, tg/f, oral, pub, exh, mast, toysAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Loving, Innocent and Virginal

Welcome to the next installment of my wonderful
adventures. I hope you enjoy reading this one as much
as I enjoy writing it. After all, I sure did. ? As
always, you can read the previous installment or read
any of my other works at I reserve all non-
electronic and commercial rights to this work. If it
is illegal in your jurisdiction to read this work,
please do not read this story.

By Brett Lynn

"Wake up! Wake up!"

Miss K thought she was dreaming that someone said that
until she felt a sharp elbow stick her right in her
breast through the Calgary Flames jersey she used as a

"Wha? Wassup?"

"Can I borrow your cell phone? I need to make a

"OK," Miss K groggily said before rolling out the
spoon position with Tracy, reaching over to the
nightstand to grab the phone and handing it over to

"Whatcha need with the phone?"

"I'll tell you in a minute after I make this call, OK
Miss K?"

"Alright, Trace."

Miss K laid there on the bed, looking over Tracy's
shoulder as she made her phone call and waiting

"Hello, this is Tracy Smith, may I speak to the
doctor? Sure, I just want to know what those results
were. All clear? Great! Thanks."

"What was that about?" Miss K asked curiously,
wondering about the conversation.

"Well, a couple weeks before I decided to run away
with your ass, I had a regular check-up, with the
requisite STD testing, and I just checked in for the
results. I'm completely clean."

"Congrats," Miss K said before giving Tracy a peck on
the cheek. She paused to think for a second, then
asked Tracy, "Are you…"

"Before you ask, yes, I'm on the pill. What's up?"

"Oh, nothing, nothing at all. Just thinking about a
surprise I might give you for your results."

"What is it?"

"You'll see later today," Miss K said with a bit of a
cackle. She rolled out of her bed, then walked over
to her dresser to pick up her purse. She fished out a
$10 bill, the keys to her SUV and the registration.

"Feel like going out and getting breakfast for us?"

"Sure," Tracy said as she got out of the bed and stood
up. "What you want?"

"There's a Burger King across the road and down just a
bit. Could you get me some French Toast sticks?" Miss
K said as she held out the money and the keys to
Tracy. "You can get what you want."

"OK. But how come I gotta go?"

"'Cause I did all the work last night with that girl,
remember?" Miss K then smelled herself and said, "I
need to jump in the shower."

"Oh, alright."

Tracy hunted around the room for her jeans, then
pulled them up over her hips and zipped up her jeans.
She threw on her jacket, then brushed her hair out of
her face before slipping on her sneakers and walking
out the door. Miss K walked up to the motel window to
watch her walk down to her SUV, then fire it up for
the short trip up the road. She then gazed out the
window as her plan was fomenting in her head.


Miss K turned away from the window and pulled her
nightshirt over her head, leaving her toned, curvy
body completely naked in the motel bedroom. She then
walked over to the towel rack by the sink, picking up
a set of towels and a bar of soap before entering the
bathroom. As she turned on the shower, Miss K started
to tease herself, toying with her nipples and giving
her limp dick a wake-up call with a few firm strokes.
She jumped in the shower and began to wash her. After
she got her face and arms clean, she rubbed her soapy
washcloth over her breasts, shivering from the
roughness of the terry cloth across her nipples. She
took the time to scrub each nipple good, holding each
breast still as she rubbed the washcloth across her
sensitive nipples. She felt up her soft firm waist,
loving the way the hard muscle felt under her soft
skin, before scrubbing down her legs, not wanting to
forget to wash them. She then rubbed up her inner
thighs and scrubbed between her legs, cleaning out the
crack of her ass before feeling up her balls. She got
the soap off the ledge, then lathered up her washcloth
to stroke her dick. She pulled it back and forth,
feeling the heat of her blood flooding the hardening
dick and filling up her nipples as well. She made
sure to scrub under the head of her dick, making it
flare and overwhelming her mind so much that she fell
against the shower wall.

She steeled herself enough to keep stroking her hard
dick with the soapy washcloth as she heard Tracy open
the door, returning from getting breakfast. She
turned the washcloth around her swollen tip, then
quietly turned off the shower, stepped out the
bathroom and peeked around the wall to see what Tracy
was doing. She saw Tracy set the food out the bag
before taking off her coat and sitting down to eat.
That's when Miss K decided to spring her surprise,
running out to Tracy, picking her up and throwing her
on the bed on all fours, then pulling down her jeans
down to her knees. She then quickly climbed on the
bed, lined up her hard dick and shoved it balls deep
into Tracy's tight pussy.

Tracy screamed as she felt her friend's dick impale
her, half in pain and half in shock at what happened.
She felt the friction build against her lips and she
felt Miss K's dick pull on her insides and those hands
squeeze on her hips. She suddenly felt Miss K
breathing on her neck, her now-exposed breasts being
squeezed roughly and that huge shaft rubbed on her
sweet pussy, getting her hotter and wetter with each
quick stroke. While she felt Miss K's balls slap
against her bare lips and her nipples run up and down
her back, Tracy felt Miss K tongue the ridges of her
ear, making her pussy cream on Miss K's cock. Once
she felt Miss K's hand lightly spank her clit, the
stimulation drove her over the edge, making her thrash
in orgasm back against Miss K. milking the huge shaft
inside of her with her sugar walls as she felt her
soft ass rub against Miss K's body.

Loving the way Tracy felt as she came on her cock,
Miss K slowed down and grabbed Tracy's hips, turning
her around and leaning her against the headboard. As
she spread her knees apart for better leverage, she
let her long hair drag along Tracy's hard nipples and
the bottom of her now pulled-up shirt. She looked up
into Tracy's eyes and swirled her tongue around one of
her nipples, teasing her a bit as she ground her hips
against her dick. She then suddenly grabbed Tracy's
hips and started pounding into her pussy again,
banging the headboard against the wall with each
thrust. She buried her head in Tracy's chest and
closed her eyes, letting her hard breathing make Tracy
press her hips into each hard thrust She loved the
way Tracy's tight pussy pulled on her hard cock,
especially the way she squeezed on her inflamed tip at
the top of each thrust. Finally feeling Tracy's baby
soft and smooth skin against hers, she felt Tracy
begin to cum again, her head being pressed down by one
of her breasts. When she felt Tracy's pussy milk her
dick as she came hard, Miss K couldn't take anymore.
She pounded Tracy's pussy even harder, then blindly
kissed her way up Tracy's chest and neck, ending up
almost swallowing Tracy's tongue and she kissed her
hard. Then she thrust hard in Tracy's pussy and came
hard, grunting into Tracy's mouth as her dick shot her
hot sperm deep into Tracy's body, coating both her and
Tracy's inflamed flesh.

As she let her orgasm flowed out through her dick,
Miss K collapsed down against Tracy, roughly rubbing
their tits together in the process. She slowly caught
her breath, then gave Tracy a soft, lingering kiss
before raising up and looking at Tracy. It was then
she realized that they were both covered in sweat,
with some strands of hair matted to both of their
faces. She then eased her softening dick out of
Tracy's pussy, loving the way the wet, soft flesh
pulled on it, then laid down next to Tracy.

"So how did you love your surprise?"

"Wow. That was fucking incredible. That's a pounding
if I've ever had one." Slowly, Tracy eased her hand
down and felt her now-sore pussy lips ooze out a bit
of cum. Wincing at the touch, she pulled up a strand
of cum with her lips and rubbed into across her lips
for her tongue to taste. "I see you cum lots too."


"One thing though…be gentle! Remember, you're like
over a foot taller, and how much do you weigh?"

"I dunno. 220, 230, something like that. Why?"

"You're like twice my size! And remember, I am a
human being. I don't mind being fucked hard, but
yeesh! I'm flesh and blood, not a blow up doll, OK?"
Tracy said with a chuckle.

"Would a blow-up doll feel better if I did this?" Miss
K said before bending down and licking a long, slow
circle around Tracy's breast.

"OK. Wanna go jump in the shower now? I'll wait for

"Sure," Tracy said. "Aren't you gonna get dressed?"

"Sweating like this? I need another shower."

"Not with me, I hope!" Tracy said, chuckling as she
pulled her shirt off and picked up a set of towels
from the towel rack.

"Nah. I don't wanna hurt you too much, you little
weakling," responded Miss K, falling back onto the bed
with laughter.

"Forget you! I'm taking a shower!"



After Tracy took her shower, Miss K took another
shower, making sure she cleaned herself up from that
morning's romp. After making sure that her body was
nice and clean, she dried herself off, then wrapped a
towel around her hips, another around her chest and
walked out to the bedroom. That's where she saw Tracy
looking into the mirror putting on her make-up for the
finishing touch on her outfit. She was wearing a baby
blue headband and a white belly t-shirt with a lacy
white bra showing opaquely underneath. She wore a
blue plaid schoolgirl skirt with navy blue knee-high
socks and a pair of black high-heeled Mary Janes. The
vision caused Miss K to tent her towel a bit, her dick
stirring at the sight of her traveling buddy.

Finally, Tracy turned to Miss K, her soft lips coated
with gloss, and smiled, especially when she noticed
her reaction.

"Hi there, Miss K! I can tell you like my look."

"Thank you for making it hard for me to dress," Miss K
said as she pulled off the towel from around her hips.
"You know I gotta tuck this back, you know."

"With pleasure."

"So what the deal," Miss K said as she reached for one
of her suitcases. "Jailbait chic?"

"Exactly, my fair friend."

"Alright. I know what I got to do."

Ten minutes later, Tracy got to see what Miss K had to
do in a big way. Her breasts were bulging out the
candy-red baby t-shirt that seemed molded to her tits
and what was so low cut that it just missed exposing
her areolas. She had on a tight red PVC skirt whose
hem stopped an inch below her crotch – and only went
that far because she was standing straight up. Her
dick was her up by a matching red thong, and she had
on a pair of 6 inch platform stilettos. She had put
on a pair of red, dangling earrings, and she had on
some glossy red lipstick, making her lips look as
delicious as possible.

"Like what you see?"

"Well there, K," Tracy said before lifting up her
skirt, spreading her legs and spreading out her bare,
wet lips. "If you like what you see, then I like what
I see. Got me?"

"Oh, definitely," Miss K said before picking up her
red nail polish. "Wanna feed me those French toast
sticks while I do my nails?"


After Miss K sat down and began to do her nails, Tracy
pulled out one of the French toast sticks, dipped it
in syrup and fed it to Miss K, teasing her nails
across her lips.


Finishing up their food, the two women hit the road
again, looking for yet another adventure. However,
once they hit the road, they soon realized what many a
native New Yorker realizes one they leave the
city…that America is filled with open space and not
much else. They were well into the boondocks of
Pennsylvania when Tracy finally looked up from out the

"I'm bored. Is America this empty?"

"Unfortunately, yes. Though I am surprised that we've
seen nothing but truckers on the interstate. Maybe if
I could help ya turn tricks, we could have some fun,"
Miss K joked, laughing at Tracy's reaction.

"There has to be something to do. I can't be this

Miss K tapped her fingers against the steering wheel
as she tried to think of something. "Hmm…you have a
dildo in your purse, right?"

Tracy flushed, then giggled nervously. "I-I don't
know what you're talking about. I'm not like that,
you know?"

"Let's get this straight. You're a one-time stripper
who decided out of nowhere to follow a transsexual
with more money then they know what to do with on a
road trip for no apparent reason, then decided to
introduce a virgin that you met 15 minutes prior…"

"Alright, alright, I get the point." Tracy reached
down to get her purse, then pulled out an electric
pink dildo and held it out for Miss K. "Here ya go.
Yeesh. A girl has needs, you know?"

Miss K took the dildo from Tracy's hand, then placed
it in the cup-holder and said, "I know what you mean,
and if it's up to me, you'll have more sex than you'll
know what to do with." She gestured to Tracy and
said, "could you lean up against the door for me? And
spread your legs while you're at it."

Tracy did as asked, lifting her left leg up slightly
and she pressed her right flush to the door, revealing
her bare, shaven pussy. She bit her lower lips, then
let it pop back out wet as ever. She left Miss K
looking at her out of the corner of her eyes, her
nipples popping out of her tight t-shirt and her pussy
beginning to cream at the thought of what could
happen. She felt Miss K's nail drag back and forth
along her inner thigh, caressing her flesh back and
forth, then saw her wrist push the hem of her skirt up
to her waist. She sat there helplessly as she felt a
nail drag just inside her inner lips, making her
squirm in the seatbelt before finally drawing Miss K's

"You have such a pretty pussy there, Tracy," Miss K
said as she dragged two of her fingernails up and down
Tracy's outer labia. "So nice and tight. Don't you
think so?"

"Mmhmm…yeah, I've been told that," Tracy said in a
whisper. "God, don't stop that!"

"I'm not planning on it. You have one of those tight
pussies there, not a puffy one. Such tight lips. And
your clit just stands out perfectly. Don't you think


Miss K pulled her hand away from Tracy's pussy just
long enough to squeeze a breast, flicking a nail
across her hard nipple. Then she reached back over
and caressed Tracy's swelling lips with her

"You're looking so hot there. Do you see how my
nipples are hard?" Miss K said as she pulled herself
up off the seat by the steering wheel and grinding her
body into the air. "You know you're making it very
uncomfortable for me to sit here. Or maybe you just
wanna see my big dick. Do you wanna see my dick?"

"Yeah, I'd love it," Tracy replied, squeezing her hips
and pressing her hot pussy into Miss K's hand.
"You're getting me so hot. I'd love to feel those
lips of yours on my pussy."

"In due time." Picking up the dildo, she pressed it
to Tracy's pussy lips and slipped it inside, letting
her slick cunt swallow the pink sex toy. Keeping her
eyes on the road, Miss K twisted the dildo around
inside Tracy, making her moan and writhe in her seat,
then pulled it out slick with juices. She took a look
at the slick dildo, then took a whiff of the womanly
scent and made a small lick.

"Wanna taste yourself? You taste nice here."


Miss K blindly pointed the dildo at Tracy's mouth and,
after smearing some of Tracy's juices over her lips,
slid the dildo into her mouth, then pumped it into her
throat. She fucked Tracy's mouth with the dildo,
squirming as she got turned on by the slurping noises
Tracy was making. "Damn, I wish that was my dick,"
Miss K thought to herself as she struggled to keep her
attention on the road. "She's sucking that thing so
good! Plus, sitting on a hard dick ain't exact

"So do you like how you taste, Tracy?"


"Do you like swallowing that big dick?"


Miss K pulled the dildo out of Tracy's mouth, then
looked up in her rear view mirror to Tracy the tip of
it along her panting lips. "So how big is this

"Oh, about 8 inches or so. It might be a little bit
shorter though."

"Really," Miss K said, pulling the dildo away from
Tracy's lips. "That's interesting. Maybe I should
get you a dildo about my size. That way, you could
learn to deep throat my entire dick. You'd like that,

Tracy purred and grabbed at her breasts, pulling at
her nipples through her shirt. "Yeah, I'd love to
swallow that big thing of yours."

"Yeah, you'd be such a good li'l slut if you could
swallow me and work that throat on my dick," Miss K
said with a giggle as she felt out the dildo.
Suddenly, she felt out a switch. "Hey, Trace! Does
this little toy of yours vibrate?"

"Mmhmm," Tracy purred as she nodded her head in the
affirmative, humping up against her seat belt.

"Hey, I have an idea here," Miss K said. She made
sure it was safe enough to keep her eyes off the road,
then quickly slid the dildo halfway into Tracy's
pussy. She then fiddled with the switch at the base
of the dildo, resulting in a low hum filling the car.

"Now, you're going to sit there, with that thing
inside your cunt, and you aren't going to touch it.
You can touch whatever else you want, but your aren't
pulling that dildo outside of your pussy, got it?"

Tracy, already close to an orgasm, rocked her hips up
against the dildo and through the wet spot on her
seat, squeezed the armrest on the door, then finally
screamed out, "Oh GOD yes!!"

"Good. Maybe if you're a good girl, I'll even stroke
my dick for you. Would you like that?"

"Uh-huh," Tracy said as the vibrator tortured her
sensitive folds. She felt the sensations shooting out
from her crotch to every nerve in her body. She
pinched at her nipples through her shirt, trying to
pull herself into an orgasm, when she finally half-
tore her shirt up above her firm, soft tits and
started squeezing them wildly, desperate to cum. She
reached for her inner thigh just above her knee when
she remembered Miss K's order. Just when she
remembered that, the car hit a slight bump in the
road, just enough to trigger her cum. Suddenly, the
blue sky ahead of her turned black, and she felt she
was falling through the seat, twitching her way
through a hard orgasm, which rolled into another as
the dildo hit her clit right. She screamed as loud as
she could, until the force of her orgasms robbed her
voice, forcing her to stay as still as possible as the
nerves in her body seemed to be on fire. As she began
to calm down, she felt her body coated with sweat, the
moisture beginning to cool and turn her on even more.
As she slowly came to, she collapsed her tired body
against the seat, her chest heaving her softly hanging
boobs off her chest. She looked to her left and saw
her friend driving the car, rocking her hips back and
forth against her seat and scratching her nails around
a breast that was pulled out of her shirt. She was
breathing heavily, and her breath was heavy with lust.

"Nice show there, Tracy. I love how you looked when
you came."

"T-thank you. Could you turn this down now?"

"Not quite. But I do have a surprise for you."

Miss K lifted her ass off the seat, then pulled aside
her thong and pulled her hard dick out from under her,
making it spring up against the bottom of the steering
wheel. She stroked her dick with one hand while
looking at Tracy's eyes through the rear view mirror.
"Do you realize how uncomfortable you've made me
here?," Miss K panted out. "Making my dick all hard
with your cumming? Damn, I wish I could fuck you
right now, but right now, I'm gonna give you a nice
show. Would you like that?"


Miss K reached over to pull out the dildo from Tracy's
pussy, then coated her hand with the juices. She then
grabbed her dick and pull on it from base to tip,
playing her fingers around the swollen head.

"Do you like what you see? Do you like how hard I am
for you? You know I'm close to cumming. Do you wanna
see me cum?"


Miss K then began to stroke her hard cock in earnest,
struggling to make sure her sensations didn't pull her
eyes off the road. She loved the way the circulating
air blew across her nipples, the way her hot, slick
dick felt in her hand as she kept pulling on it. She
looked up into the rear view mirror again, looking up
to see Tracy fucking herself with the dildo, twisting
it around inside of her as she fucked it in and out.

"So you wanna cum with me, do you?"


"Come on! I fucking dare you," Miss K said with a
throaty voice. "I'm so fucking close. Wanna cum with

"Oh yeah!" Tracy said as she pumped her pussy as hard
as she could, raising her hips up as the dildo began a
blur flashing in and out of her pussy.

"Oh GOD!" Miss K said as she pumped her cock harder,
concentrating her hand just below her tip, running her
fingers just above the ridge in her tip when she felt
that familiar sensation, and squeezed out just one
last pump before exploding, squeezing our a moan
through her throat and the cum squeezed out of her
cock and onto the steering wheel. She felt her orgasm
shoot on as she struggled to keep the car straight and
heard the splat of the cum on the wheel and dashboard
before having it finally run down over her dick and
onto her hand. When she finished shooting, she
steeled herself by gripping the steering wheel and
looking over at Tracy, just coming down from another
orgasm herself. Her eyes were glazed over, as was her
hot little body as she slowly pumped out the remains
of her orgasm with her dildo. Finally, she pulled the
dildo out of her and collapsed back against her seat.

"Did you enjoy cumming with me, Tracy? I know I sure
did," Miss K said as she felt her cum congealing on
the steering wheel.

"I can see that, based on the load on the steering
wheel and dashboard. Plus, that groan you let out got
me to cum, too?"

"Thank you," Miss K said with a smile. "Pleasure to
be of service. I know you've cum plenty."

"Oooh, yeah," Tracy panted out with exhaustion. "What
are you trying to do? Kill me with orgasms?"

"What a lovely to die, would it?"

"Oh yeah."

"Tell ya what, before you pass out. When I find the
next rest stop, I'll boot up my laptop, get on the Net
with my cell, and I can find a sex shop where I can
get ya that dildo. Got me?"

"OK," Tracy said as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

"I bet this sure livened up your morning, huh Trace?"


Miss K continued down the interstate while Tracy was
sound asleep with sexual exhaustion. Within 15
minutes, she managed to find a roadside rest stop.
After going into the ladies' room to take care of her
personal comfort and to clean herself up, she pulled
out her laptop and cell phone and got to work.
Guessing where she was at based on the exit sings, she
was able to find a sex shop about an hour away, right
by the Pennsylvania/Ohio border. Pleased with the
info, she jotted down the directions on a spare sheet
of paper she had on hand and made her way to the

About an hour later, the two had pulled up in front of
a store somewhat hidden in the maze of strip malls
that dominated the highway-side landscape. After
making a quick check of her hair and her panties, Miss
K shook Tracy awaked from her slumber.

"Where are we?" Tracy asked groggily.

"We're at a sex shop. Remember, I promised that I'd
get you that dildo to practice deep throating on?"

Tracy looked back at Miss K with a look of disbelief,
being overwhelmed by the level and amount of sex that
had invaded her life. "Wow!" Tracy said. "Do you
realize how much sex there is for me? I thought I was
sexual, but damn! Don't you think it's a bit much?"

"Too much is never enough, my dear," Miss K said.
"Besides, I thought you were enjoying yourself."

"I am. My head has never been swimming in so many
endorphins. But still, you could have gone a bit
slower on me. I mean, no one is supposed to feel this
good, are they?"

"Ah, I see you've bought into the puritanical logic of
our nation's leadership," Miss K said with a cackle
and a smile. "There's never a thing as too much
pleasure…unless you want to be controlled by someone.
Now let's go."

The two stepped out of the SUV, Miss K carrying her
purse, then locked the doors and walked into the squat
stucco building. Inside, they found a well-lit layout
of the usual porn videos, with the sex toys arrayed on
the back wall. Off of one wall was an opening to a
video arcade, with the taped moans and groans seeping
out from the saloon-style doors. The aisles of the
video store were filled with single men, looking for
their cure for loneliness, or at least their next sex

Miss K and Tracy made their way quietly over to the
dildos, looking for the right size to match Miss K's
length and girth. After scanning the rack, Miss K
caught the glance of a few to match her size. She
bent down to the bottom rack to scan the actual size
of the plastic phalluses, and started to look for a
particular color.

"Hey, Trace?"


"What particular color are you…oops, sorry there. Are
you O…"

When Miss K stood back up, she was surprised at the
sight she saw – a single woman walking through a porn
show. Actually, when she took a longer glance at her,
she looked very young and very fresh, punctuating that
impression when she stuck out her pierced tongue at
Miss K in a playful gesture. Contrary to her initial
impression, the girl was much shorter that she
thought, shorter than even Tracy, but she seemed to
make every inch count. The girl's face was made up in
pastels, framed by her brown shoulder length hair, and
despite looking taller than 5 feet, had a pair of
breasts that seemed to match her own squeezed into a
tight baby blue t-shirt, a nice, small waist, and a
big round soft ass and that practically poured into
her jeans.

"Kayla's got a girlfriend! Kayla's got a girlfriend!"
Tracy teased, forcing her to break her stare from the

"Gee thanks, there, dear friend," Miss K spat back in
mock anger. "And who may I owe this lovely presence

"The name's Ciara. I take it you're looking for
something…super sized?"

"Yep. I'm trying to get something big f-for my friend
here. I'm not personally interested in something that
big myself."

"Alright. May I recommend something?"


Ciara bent down, leaving that big ass up to tempt Miss
K and giving it a teasing wiggle, then picked out a
big, chocolate brown model. "Here you go," Ciara
said. "Does this model look good to you, um…"

"My name's Tracy, Ciara. How are you?"

"I'm alright."

"And thanks for the dildo. This one does look right."

"You kids, these days," Miss K chimed in, slowly
starting to notice the stares in their general
direction. "So what brings a little, and I do mean
little, girl to a place like this?"

"Shut up!" Ciara said with a giggle. "I'm just a
horny little girl that's interested in sex. However,
I don't want the reputation as a slut around the town,
so I head down here every now and again to check out
the merchandise and, you know, relax in the video

"Oh really?" Miss K said, looking down at the girl

"Yeah, really! And besides, usually some lucky person
gets to relax with me," Ciara said, punctuated with a
coquettish caress.

"Will you willing to take the company of a couple of

"Sure! I'll just make sure to tell the manager."


"See, I have this little deal with him that I get to
play with the men here, just as long as I give him the
occasional blowjob. Besides, it's good for business.
Do you realize that half the store is checking out
both of your asses right now?"

In unison, Tracy and Miss K looked back behind them
and found no fewer than 5 sets of eyes undressing
them, with Miss K struggling to keep her cool.

"5 minutes, OK Tracy and Kayla?" Ciara said, running a
single finger first over Miss K's nipples, then over
Tracy's before disappearing off.

Miss K bent down and whispered in Tracy's ear, "Damn,
I wanna fuck her!"

"No shit Sherlock! I saw the way you looked at her
ass. I'm surprised your secret did POP out," Tracy
whispered back with a giggle.

"Besides, with that thick body of hers, she could take
a fuck without whining."

"Hush, weird woman!"

"OK, OK. So are you down?"

"Of course, silly tranny. I did come along for the
sexcapades, after all."

"Good. Let's pay for this dildo and see what
happened, OK?"


After standing in the cash register line to purchase
the dildo, Miss K and Tracy made their way through the
saloon-style doors, and into the video arcade. The
only color in the dimly-lit hallway, was the red
booths arrayed on either side. Unsure of where Ciara
was, Miss K guided Tracy into a booth and sat down,
with Tracy settling in her lap. Digging in her purse,
she dug out a 5-spot , reached around Tracy and fed
the money into the video machine. Once the machine
came to life, Miss K quickly went through the channels
until she found something she liked – a movie filled
with bottle blondes with bolt-on boobs frolicking on
an oil-covered plastic tarp. They were just focusing
on the girl on the screen having a strap-on fed into
her when she heard someone call their attention across
the hallway. What the two saw shocked them into
instant arousal.

Ciara was across the hallway from them, watching one
of the other porn movies in the booth, her gaze fixed
on the screen. The rest of her body, though, cast a
lusty vision, with one hand grabbing at a breast
through her shirt while her other hand rubbed her
vulva before slapping her fingers at her clit, her
jeans pulled down below her knees. She caught the
gaze of Tracy and Miss K and slowly turned her head
towards them, coating her one pair of lips with her
tongue to match the slickness of the other pair, then
clawing at one, then the other breast with her
fingers, letting her nipples swell against her t-

"Hi, guys. Nice to see you," Ciara said with a
practiced ease. "I'm not used to looking for women
when I come back here, so it took me a while to
register that you two were here. So do you like what
you see?"

"Definitely," Tracy said. "That pussy of yours looks
delicious! I can't wait to eat it."

"Oh, really," Ciara said, letting the fingers of one
hand drift through the heart shaped above the pussy
before rubbing her wet lips. "What do you think

"I have to agree with my friend here. I can't wait to
flick that clit with my tongue myself."

"OK. It's going to be fun messing with you two girls.
I'm glad that you two are my first. Now come over to
me, Tracy."

Tracy bounded off of Miss K's lap and took a step over
to Ciara when she said, "Stop. I want you to crawl
over to me. I wanna see how that looks."

"Alright, missy," Tracy said before she got down on
all fours. She crawled over to Ciara, her schoolgirl
skirt covered ass wiggling up in the air, then she
rubbed her face along the inside of Ciara's thigh
before beaming up a big smile at her.

"So you wanna act like a kitten, huh," Ciara said as
she ran her hands through Tracy's hair. "Well,
there's some milk between my legs…if you can lick it

Ciara pressed Tracy's face in between her legs, and
Tracy set her mouth to work on the girl's sweet cunny.
She started out by licking along the smooth outer
lips, resulting in Ciara flexing her hips up against
that tongue. Then, she grabbed onto her hips as she
licked between one set of inner and outer labia,
circling her tongue around her clit a few times before
lightly licking her way between the lips on the other
side. She planted a firm, wet kiss on the bottom of
her pussy, then blew it dry.

"Are you enjoying this, Ciara?"

"Oooo yeah, lick my fucking pussy!" Ciara said before
grabbing onto Tracy's head with both hands and
pressing Tracy's lips to hers. As she felt Tracy's
tongue slide over the edge of her lips, Miss K looked
with lust at the scene in front of her, her fingers
playing with the nipples that popped out of her tight
top. She heaved her tits into her hands while rocking
her hips back and forth on the seat, desperate to have
her thong match the effect of the sweet friction that
Tracy's tongue was clearly having on Ciara's pussy.
She scratched her nails along her inner thigh,
stopping just short of her encased dick to keep her
secret under wraps. When she shifted her gaze back
across the hallway, she saw Ciara humping her hips on
Tracy's face, her eyes squeezed shut and squirming
like mad when Tracy was able to get just a bit of
separation for her lips.

"Oooh, God! I'm gonna cum! Oooo, oh no! Don't tease
me like that! Lick my clit! Right there, right
there, right-uh! UH! UH! You're making me cummmm!
Oh yeah! Don't stop! Ahhhhh! Yeah! That feels so
good! Mmmmm…."

As Ciara rode out her orgasm, with her letting go of
Tracy's head and Tracy licking the honey that was
gushing from her pot, she looked up to see Miss K
looked at her, her big tits heaving as if to get out
of her shirt and her fingers teasing her inner thigh.
She licked her lips, still being teased by Tracy's
talented tongue, then smiled and beckoned the girl to
come over to her.

"Come here, you big Amazon, you," Ciara said as she
motioned for her to come over. "I wanna see if you're
as good as your friend is."

"Oh, definitely, Miss Thang," Miss K said as she stood
up and walked over to Ciara with as much sway as she
could put in her hips. "I'll show you."

Miss K squeezed Ciara's breasts with both of her
hands, then roughly pulled the shirt over one of her
boobs before taking one whole nipple into her mouth,
areola and all. She made a vacuum with her mouth,
swabbing the whole nipple with her spit while exposing
the other breast with her free hand and pinching and
pulling on it. She pulled on the nipple in her mouth
with her lips before licking it like the hot fudge on
an ice cream scoop it resembled and sliding her hand
down over Ciara's soft belly and running her nails
through her downy pubic hair. She carefully split her
fingers around Tracy's lips and lightly scratched her
nails over Ciara's outer lips, teasing her as Tracy
worked her tongue inside her pussy and her tongue
licked all around Ciara's nipple. She was almost
swallowed by Ciara's breasts when she heaved it into
her face, her body responding to the tongue lashing
Tracy was now wrapping around her friend's fingers and
landing on her clip. Almost out of reflex, Miss K
deeply tongue kissed Ciara's nipple, letting her teeth
graze the areolas while her tongue pushed back against
her hard nipple. While Ciara was thrashing against
the sensual torture being put on her body, Miss K
passionately kissed her way up over her breast,
digging her tongue into the hollow made by Ciara's
collar bone. She sucked her way up Ciara's neck
before engulfing her mouth in a long, deep kiss, her
tongue sliding over the insides of the cheeks with
Ciara moaned in shock and lust.

She pulled away from Ciara's mouth, sucking on her
tongue as she moved away. Then, she tongued her ear
before whispering, "do you want to see a surprise?"


"Well, close your eyes and open your mouth."

After Ciara did as asked, Miss K pulled her head away
from Ciara's and stood straight up. While she brushed
Ciara's soft folds with her fingertips, her free hand
stuffed the hem of her short skirt into the waist and
pulled aside her thong, letting loose her semi-hard
dick. She hefted the thick shaft in her free hand and
guided the tip in between Ciara's soft lips, shivering
as her dick hit the stud in Ciara's tongue.

"Open your eyes!"

When Ciara opened her eyes, she was in shock as to
what she saw and felt. What had to be the biggest
dick she'd ever come across was in her mouth – and it
was attached to a beautiful, curvy, big titted girl
with curly blonde hair.

The thought triggered a small climax on the spot,
flooding Miss K's fingers and Tracy's mouth with her

Struggling to catch her breath, Ciara reached up and
pulled the dick out of her mouth, fisting it as she
felt how big is was, even in its semi-hard state.
"Damn, girl!," she said breathily. "How come you
didn't tell me about this big surprise?"

"I didn't know how you were going to react," Miss K
shot back. "Do you like?"

"I thought all of those guys like you were into men
and weren't that big in the first place," she said as
she continued to jerk the dick in her hand into
hardness, giving the lip a long lick. "Shows how much
I know."

"Well, show me what you know about sucking dick," Miss
K said while running a hand through Ciara's hair.

"With pleasure!"

With that, Ciara inhaled half of Miss K's dick,
letting the piercing on her tongue drag up the
underside of her dick before bringing her lips back up
and twisting it and her tongue around the swollen
head. She pumped the huge, hard dick in and out of
her mouth, sucking and swallowing more of Miss K's
massive manhood into her mouth, twisting that stud on
her tongue around the shaft to make Miss K hotter.
She pulled her mouth off of the dick, then nuzzled up
to the base of the hard, thick dick, licking from the
bottom to the top to coat the cock with spit. Then
Ciara opened her mouth and pressed Miss K's member
through her mouth, over her twitching tongue and into
her throat until her lips were wrapped around the
base. She then looked up into Miss K's eyes and
sucked, making that dick slick with her mouth and
throat while Miss K pushed her tits up and halfway out
of her top, her tongue licking her hard nipples.

Ciara finally pulled up off of Miss K's dick and
pulled it out of her mouth. She then stroked the
slick shaft with both of her hands, smiling up at Miss

"Would you like to fuck me with that big surprise of
yours, little Miss Kayla, or should I say BIG Miss

"Definitely. Just let me get my condoms. Safe sex is
the best sex, and all that good stuff."


Tracy stopped licking Ciara and looked up at Miss K
while she walked over to her purse to get out a
condom. "One question before I pound your ass out,"
Miss K said as she unwrapped the condom and rolled it
down her dick. "How the hell were you able to swallow

"How do you think I was able to pick out that dildo?"
Ciara said, lazily petting her pussy. "You pick up a
lot of things hanging around here, you know."

Miss K thought about it for a second, then said, "Oh,
I see." She then walked over in front of Ciara and
got on her knees. "Now slide down on that seat there.
I wanna fuck that pussy of yours."

Ciara slid down on the seat so that she was laying
down flat, with her ass sticking out over the seat and
her legs spread to open up her pussy. Miss K slid
between Ciara's legs and lined up her hard dick with
Ciara's pussy, ready to slip it between her lips. She
pushed her large head inside her pussy, then shoved it
firmly inside balls deep. She began to see-saw her
wood in and out of Ciara, making her moan and her
thick body jiggle in respond to the fucking. Miss K
rocked her hips as she kept fucking away at Ciara,
loving the way her body shook as her inner lips
caressed her cock through the thin latex. She looked
to her side to see Tracy leaning against the booth's
TV screen, rubbing her clit and squeezing a breast
while looking at the hot scene in front of her. Miss
K settled into a rhythm, pumping her meat through
Ciara's velvet vise, her soft voice and soft skin
reverberating through her senses.

Suddenly, Miss K saw Ciara's hand dart between Tracy's
legs, squeezing her pussy as her thumb rubbed her
clit. She then pulled her hand away and licked the
moisture off of it, smacking her lips in the process.

"Mmm…your little friend is pretty tasty there! Mind
if I eat her?"

"Ask her! I'm not her daddy."

"Yeah, you can eat my pussy, baby!"

Ciara reached up, grabbed Tracy by the hips and began
to eat her pussy, moaning into it as Miss K continued
to fuck her nice and steady. She loved the way Miss
K's girth pulled and tugged at her lips, and she
decided to try that on Tracy, sucking and licking on
her inner lips with abandon. She dug her fingers into
Tracy's soft ass and licked her quim as fast as she
could, wanting to make her as turned on as she was
being impaled on Miss K's huge shaft. She sucked
Tracy's pussy hard, trying to lick the sweet honey
from being Tracy's sugar walls while she rubbed her
chocolate stuffed belly. She dug her tongue deeper
into Tracy, twisting and dipping her tongue into
Tracy's pussy, and rubbed her fingers across Tracy's
ass, making the girl squirm. Taking in her scent,
Ciara pulled her tongue out of Tracy's pussy and began
licking it long and hard, running her tongue across
her clit. She quickly focused in on her clit, then
began licking it as fast as she could. When she felt
Tracy shake, beginning to roll into an orgasm, she
took the clit between her lips and sucked it hard,
flicking her tongue at the tip of it and making Tracy
cum hard. She almost came herself, enjoying the
sounds of another woman's climax while she felt that
huge dick pound inside of her. She let Tracy's hips
go, then pushed at Miss K's hips, trying to get that
huge dick out of her.

Miss K pulled out of Ciara with an audible pop,
wondering what was going on.

"What's up? Is everything OK?"

"Sure, babe! No problem! I just want you to get down
so I can cum on that cock of yours. I wanna ride you
so bad!"

"Why didn't ya say so, hun?" Miss K said with a
chuckle. "Get up, and I can take care of ya."

Ciara did as commanded, getting off the bench and
waiting for Miss K to get settled. Once Miss K got
settled, her tits still half out of her top, she held
her dick up for Ciara to it down on, rubbing her
latex-covered tip over her clit before slipping her
tip inside her pussy again. She impaled on the huge
shaft, loving the way her sugar walls got stretched as
her pussy got stuffed to her limits. She looked down
over her huge tits to check out Miss K's own bountiful
pair and her pretty face framed by that curly blonde
hair. She reached inside of Miss K's top and squeezed
those breasts, then bent down to kiss her on the lips.
She sat back up and began to thrust herself up and
down on Miss K's dick, bracing herself on those big
fake tits of hers. As the friction built up in her
pussy, and her thrusts put more and more stimulation
on her clit, she closed her eyes and bit her lip,
trying to keep control of herself. She rubbed her
finger across Miss K's nipples while trying to hold on
to them, and enjoyed the way she was filled, screaming
uncontrollably, overwhelmed by what she was riding.
She felt her cum begin to roll out of her pussy,
shooting through her clit and down her legs, then up
her chest and through her nipples. Suddenly, she lost
her balance a bit, bending her clit just so against
Miss K's cock, and she came hard, blacking out as her
pussy squeezed and contracted against the huge shaft.
She felt down onto Miss K's chest, burying her head
against the firm, soft mouths as mewing her way
through the last throes of her cum, Miss K's hand
caressing her hair.

"Did you enjoy looking at that Tracy?" Miss K asked,
still running her hands through Ciara's hair.

"Damn, this is too much! I never thought there would
be a thing as too much sex, but I think I'm starting
to approach it. I'm afraid to cum much more. I feel
too good! " Tracy said, gently but reluctantly petting
her wet pussy. "I don't think I can take much more.
That girl, what's her name…Ciara? She does know how
to cum!"

"Tell ya what, Trace," Miss K said. "Let me take care
of you right quick, then I'll let you two share my

"You didn't cum yet?"

"Self control, my dear. Plus, cumming twice today
kind of helps. Now come to me."

Tracy walked over to Miss K, then leaned over her
head, bracing herself against the wall. Miss K
reached up from behind, rubbing her asshole with a
couple of fingers before slipping them inside of her
pussy, feeling out for her g-spot. When she found it,
she twisted her fingers back and forth against each
other, pumping her fingers in and out and driving
Tracy wild. She reached up with her lips and took
Tracy's clit between her lips, sucking on it hard
while humming on it, Within seconds, Tracy exploded
in a soft cum, letting her wetness drip down onto Miss
K's hand. She let her fingers be squeezed by Tracy's
hot cunt, loving how she shivered through an orgasm,
then gently eased her fingers out of Tracy's honey

"Did you enjoy that?"

"Yeah," Tracy replied breathily as she stood back up.
"I needed that."

"Good. Now let me wake up Ciara."

Miss K bent down and planted a kiss on her forehead,
running her tongue along the skin and causing Ciara to

"What happened?" Ciara said, still a bit disoriented
from her orgasm. Then she felt Miss K's hard dick
still embedded in her pussy and remember what
happened. "Did you cum yet, Kayla?"

"Nope. I was just waking you up so I could cum for
you. I was kinda hoping you'd suck my tits too, since
you seemed to like them so much."

"Yeah, you do have a nice pair here," Ciara said,
kissing her way up to Miss K's nipple and lightly
sucking it into her mouth. "Tasty nipples too."

Miss K pulled her hips away from Ciara's, pulling out
her dick in the process. Ciara got the idea and eased
Miss K's still hard shaft out of her body, then slid
off to the side and nursed on one breasts, rubbing the
other with a hand. Tracy walked around to Miss K's
dick and rolled the condom off of her shaft, stroking
the taught, inflamed skin. When the condom was
completely off, she tossed the condom to one side and
stroked the hard dick, with Miss K humping the dick
into her hands. Miss K looked into Ciara's eyes,
loving how she used her tongue stud across her nipple,
the warm steel tickling her nipple. She saw Ciara
reach back blindly for her tip, twisting the palm of
her hand around the helmet as she licked and sucked on
her nipples. She felt something wet under the base of
her head and saw Tracy licking around on it, making it
wet and driving her closer to cumming. Finally, as
Tracy stroked her shaft and rubbed her balls, she felt
Ciara rub her thumb back and forth over the ridge of
her tip, panting, "come on baby…cum for me! I'd love
to lick the cum off your tits."

That did it for Miss K, humping her dick into those
soft hands and letting her dick release its hot cum
into the air. As she grunted through her sweet
orgasm, she felt the first few sots land wetly on one
of her nipples, making her shake a bit. More of her
cum speckled her belly and the rest came down in
rivulets along her shaft. Tracy made sure that even
last drop got out, slipping her tongue inside Miss K's
pisshole to lick and suck out the last bits.
Meanwhile, Ciara licked her nipple like an ice cream
cone, lapping up the cum that felt on her breasts
before taking the whole areola into her mouth and
sucking off the remnants. Tracy licked the thick
cream from her fingers, then Miss K's shaft before
snaking her tongue down to her firm belly. Ciara and
Tracy traced a path from one cum spot to another,
until their tongues circled each other on the last
spot, resulting in a lingering tongue kiss from the

"So I take it you don't want me to be able to fit into
my panties, right?"

"Of course, silly," Ciara said, punctuating it with a
pinch of Miss K's nipples.

"Hey!" Miss K said, sitting up in reaction. "That

"Don't wanna hide such a big tool from the good
heterosexual women of America, you know?" Ciara said
as she stroked Miss K's softening shaft. "I'd be
performing a public service."

"Alright, ladies. Get off of me. We need to clean
up, you know?"

"OK, fair enough," Ciara said before getting up on her
feet. The three women straightened out their minimal
clothing and wiped up any stray bodily fluids that
remained on their skin. Then, once Miss K
straightened herself out, she went over to her purse,
pulled out a pen, and seductively bent at the waist to
pick up her used condom, exposing her plump ass and
the thong that barely managed to cover her dick.
After she picked it up, she laid it out on one of the
booth walls and wrote out her name and cell phone
number. She hugged Ciara to her, then shoved her
condom into Ciara's back jean pocket.

"If you ever feel the need to get dicked down by me
again, or just talk, call me, OK?"

"Thanks," Ciara said, licking Miss K's cleavage in

After Miss K picked up her purse and the dildo from
under the booth bench, the three walked out of the
video arcade to the gaze of the customers in the
store. One of them walked up to Ciara, waving hi to

"So, Ciara, you do girls, too?"

"Well," Ciara said, looking over at Tracy and Miss K,
"I do now."

"Cool. Maybe next time I'm here I'll bring along my
wife for some fun."

"I can't wait for it."

"I know. You did say I'm the biggest man you've ever

"You could say that," Ciara said with a giggle and a
knowing wink in Miss K's direction.

"Look, Ciara, we gotta hit the road. You got the
number, OK?"

"Alright, hun! See you later!"

"Bye!" Miss K said looking over her shoulder, as Miss
K and Tracy walked through the tape racks and out the


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