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WAMK NW sucked Tracys earlobe she


Here's another piece of literature brought to you by
the underwear manufacturers of the world, because I
hope you ruin them while reading this hot, sexy thing.
If it illegal in your jurisdiction to read erotic
materials such as this, please don't read this. I
reserve all non-electronic and all commercial rights
to this work. If you wish to read some of my other
work, please visit my website at The name 'Brett
Lynn' is a pen name, and I am not connected in any
form with anyone with the above name. Now that the
legalese is done, let's get going.

By Brett Lynn

Miss K shivered a bit as the air from the open windows
of her SUV whipped across her, tickling her nipples
through her red sports bra. Tracy sat there, looking
out across the prairie for the day spa she managed to
set up an appointment with as her loose t-shirt
rippled in the breeze.

"Hey Trace!" Miss K said as the vehicle motored along.


"Did you notice something about the sneakers I'm
wearing today?"

"They're black!" Tracy said as she tugged up on her
jeans. "So what?"

"So what?!" Miss K said as she shifted in her blue
track pants and lifted her left foot up to the seat.
"These here are Ewings, dammit!"

"So?" Tracy giggled. "Want me to get a polka-dot
shirt and some door knocker earrings?"

"I see that the end of Big Pat's career has warped
your view of the greatest center to put on a Knick
uniform!" Miss K beamed. "Back in the day, these were
all that and then some. Besides, I was lucky to find
another pair like these. I had to scramble through
half the city, and it seems all the hands of dirty old
men to get these again. Note to self: Never dress
like a hooker when I go to a sneaker spot again."

"OK, you fogey," Tracy said as she pointed out a
complex coming out on the left side of the road. "The
place is coming up right there."

"OK, OK. Let's get in there so you stop talking about
my Ewings," Miss K said as she slowed down to turn
into the parking lot. "I miss Patrick Ewing
patrolling the middle," Miss K wistfully said.

Miss K pulled the SUV into the gravel parking lot and
found a space a bit far from the adobe ranch house
that housed the day spa. Then, Tracy and Miss K got
out the SUV and walked towards the building.

"I see the SUV is getting a bit dirty there from all
the traveling," Tracy said.

"Maybe we need to wash it," Miss K said before
nodding and breaking out into a wide grin.

"Oh come on!" Tracy giggled. "Is everything about sex
with you?"

"Yes," Miss K said as she opened the door. "Why are
you gonna act shocked now?"

"Oh brother. That's what I get for hanging with the
one transsexual with more testosterone than most men,"
Tracy said before shaking her head and breaking into a
wide grin.

"You didn't mind last night!" Miss K said in a lisp
before both of them broke out in laughter, almost
running into the reception desk in the process.

"Hi ladies! Welcome," the greeter said as she began
to flip through her book. "Do you have an appointment
with us?"

"Yes," Tracy said as she straightened up. "It's under
LaRue and, um…"

"Stanford," Miss K chimed in. "Thanks for remembering
my last name Trace," Miss K said as she stuck her
tongue out and smiled.

"We do have an appointment for you two," the woman at
the desk said. "Come, step behind the desk. We can
get you ladies started."

The two ladies were led by the woman to a room with
shelves of bathrobes and towels.
"Go ahead and get changed. All you need to have on
are one of those robes, a towel around your hair and
some panties if you feel more comfortable that way,"
she said as she motioned to the shelves. "And MISS
Stanford, I'll remind you that we can accommodate your
special needs in any way possible. I hope you enjoy
your stay!"

"Gee thanks," Miss K said, glaring at Tracy as she
started taking off her clothes.

"Aww, relax," Tracy said as she gave Miss K a hug.
"I'm sorry. Then again, maybe the massage therapist
will be attracted to that snake charmer between your
legs," she finished punctuating her remarks with a
lick of Miss K's ear and one of her nipples.

"Hey!" Miss K said as she playfully pushed Tracy away.
"I know we have had lots of sex, but stuff like that
only happens in Internet sex stories. It ain't gonna
happen to us."

"Spoken from experience I see," Tracy snickered.

Just then, a tanned man who filled out his white polo
shirt with bulging muscles showed up in the doorway.
"Hi, my name is Rico, and I'm here to take you tow
ladies around," he said in a slight but noticeable
Spanish accent. "Come with me, and I shall lead you
ladies to the sauna."

"Oooo," Tracy said with a smile as she pranced over to
Rico and wrapped her arms around his hooked arm. "Why
thank you, Rico!"

Miss K gritted out a smile as she noticed Rico
checking out her cleavage, a bit jealous of the Latin
standing in front of her.

"Relax, my dear," Rico said as he gestured to Miss K.
"You have nothing to fear from me, except that
chocolate complexion that makes you look so
delicious," she said with a giggle. "Besides, you
have a lovely body."

"Well, I guess you're right," Miss K said, dropping
her guard a bit. "After all, I did pay a lot of money
for it." She then walked over and took Rico's other

"OK, let's get started."

Rico led the two ladies out into the hall and let them
through the adobe walls, with one wall interrupted
ceiling to floor with a window showing off a sun-
drenched Spanish-style courtyard replete with a
garden. Miss K was busy checking out the flowers, and
Tracy was busy checking out Rico's arm, when Rico
stopped in front of a row of small saunas.

"First, ladies, we shall start with a few minutes in
the sauna," Rico said as he gestured over to them.
"Choose which one you want."

"You mean we don't the same room?" Miss K said.

"Chill out, K," Tracy said as she playfully punched
her friend. "Besides, we're here to relax, right?"
she continued suggestively.

Rico walked up one of the saunas and gestured for Miss
K to walk in. "You first, madam. You seem really

"OK," Miss K said as she smiled at Rico, then took a
seat in the small room. After Rico closed the door,
Miss K closed her eyes and relaxed, feeling the steam
envelop her body and plaster her auburn hair to her
scalp. "Mmm, this feels nice," she muttered to
herself as she drifted off into a small nap.


After sweating a bit in the sauna, Tracy and Miss K
began to get pampered at the hands of the staff of the
day spa. The two ladies took a nice mud bath,
followed up by a relaxing shower. After drying off,
the two ladies were then led over to the skin care
staff, where their skin was coated from head to toes
with different lotions, leaving their skin with a
glossy sheen. After that, a mask was applied to both
of their faces while they were both given pedicures
and manicures. Their nails were sanded down and
painted to match their hair, with Tracy's nails being
gold and Miss K's a deep burgundy.

Just as the attendants had finished pulling off the
masks off of their faces and wiping away any residue,
Rico showed up again.

"I see that you two ladies are enjoying the treatment
of our staff," Rico said as she checked both of them
out. "You two look simply marvelous."

"Why thank you Rico!" Miss K said, playing along as
they removed the smock from her body. "Seriously,
Tracy, I gotta hand it to you. This whole day has
felt nice!"

"Why thank you Kayla!" Tracy said with a giggle. "I
told you this would be fun."

"OK, ladies," Rico said as she helped Tracy and Miss K
to their feet. "Let's take you to the massage rooms.
I assure you that it will be a relaxing experience."

Rico led the two ladies into another adobe hallway,
this one barely lit with scented candles. He stopped
in front of a room, then let go of Miss K's hand and
gestured for her to enter.

"Just take off your robe and underwear, wrap the towel
in there around you and lay down. Consuela should be
with you shortly."

Miss K waved off Tracy and Rico and stepped into the
room. The walls were covered with tan-painted stucco,
and lit by a set of scented candles in each corner.
She spotted a row of pegs, then pulled off her robe
and thong and placed one on each. Then, she saw the
massage table in front of her with the towel laid
across it. Not wanting the masseuse to notice her
dick, she held her limp dick flat to her belly, then
picked up the towel and wrapped it around her body.
She then laid down on her stomach on the massage
table, be careful to make sure her limbs didn't hit
the brass sink or the small table covered with what
looked like massage oils. She took a deep breath and
relaxed on the table when she heard footsteps
approaching the door. When she looked up, she saw a
woman with ink-black hair and weather-beaten brown
skin wearing a flowing white dress.

"Hello, my name is Consuela, and I believe your name
is Kayla, right?" she said in a measured, soothing
voice as she gently caressed Miss K's skin.

"Yes I am" was the throaty reply.

"Good," Consuela said as she closed the door to the
room, then made her way to the other side of the
massage table.

The woman quickly rinsed off her hands in the sink,
then reached under Miss K and pulled the towel out
from under her. "I see that you're a big girl up top,
very fertile I suppose," she said as she let her
fingertips linger on her areolas.

"Why thank you," Miss K sleepily replied.

Consuela folded the towel back over Miss K's butt,
then set to work with oiling up her hands. Then, she
took Miss K's left hand and started massaging it with
her fingers, rubbing the palm with her thumbs and
working her fingers in with Miss K's as she looked at
how big the hand was. Slowly, she worked her hand up
Miss K's arm, massaging it from her wrist and forearm
up to her big, strong, toned bicep and triceps, making
Miss K coo softly into the table.

"You have such big, tight muscles, Kayla," Consuela
said in almost a motherly tone as she added more oil
to her hands. "You're such a strong girl."

Consuela then brushed aside Miss K's long, auburn
hair, wrapped her hands around her neck and started
kneaded the flesh up there, massaging those muscles
until they felt loose in her hands. Then, she walked
to the other side of the table and repeated what she
with one arm on the other, slowly loosening up her arm
until she felt it relax in between her fingers. She
washed her hands clean and massaged Miss K's scalp,
making Miss K gasp and coo as she felt the tension
leave her head.

"Such a tense girl," Consuela said as she kept rubbing
the scalp. "You need to learn to relax."

Consuela worked her hands down over Miss K's
shoulders, then started kneading her back. She move
painfully slow over each inc, making Miss K shake at
the soft touch, feeling her hands creep to the sides
of her breasts. As the masseuse worked her magic on
her back, Miss K managed to relax deeply, letting
those fingers loosen her up all around her spine and
her skin awaken, with the slightest touch and breeze
making her nipples press into the table. When the
masseuse got down to her waist, she felt those fingers
snake around the sides of her body, loosening up those
abs she had worked so hard to tighten and making her
press her body into Consuela's strong, soft hands.

"That feels so incredible," Miss K whispered.

"Thank you, señora. It's my pleasure," Consuela said
as she worked her thumbs on Miss K's back.

Miss K bit her lip as she felt the masseuse work on
her lower back, those fingers hitting her nerves just
right to make her dick twitch under her as she felt
her back feel better than it had in years. The gentle
tease didn't end as Consuela added more oil to her
hands, slid her hands underneath the sides of the
towel and started working her fingers along the her
hips, massaging the side of her ass and relaxing her
just enough that she didn't flinch from the
inadvertent stimulation.

"Your muscles are so tight," Consuela remarked. "Do
you work out a lot?"


"You definitely need to have these muscles loosened
up," Consuela said as she pressed her fingers into the
top of one thigh, kneading the flesh in between her
gentle yet strong fingers.

Inch by agonizing inch, Miss K felt her hamstring,
then calf loosen up under Consuela's touch. Then, she
felt her pick up one foot and start massaging it,
rubbing along the arch of her foot with her thumbs and
making Miss K gasp with a hint of arousal. After
that, she worked her fingers in between her toes,
relaxing them and playing her nerves like a skilled
musician. After adding more oil to her hands,
Consuela worked her magic on Miss K's other leg,
working from the tips of her toes to the top of her
thigh. Finally, Consuela added just a bit more oil to
her hands and folded the towel on Miss K's butt down
so that the top half of it was exposed.

Consuela then started kneading Miss K's ass between
her fingers, the tips of which were feathering along
in the crack. Slowly, she worked her fingers down
Miss K's butt, sliding the under the towel to relax
every single inch of that flesh. Very gently, Miss K
felt the tip of Consuela's thumb brush over her rear
entry. However, with each kneading of her fingers,
the thumb lingered more and more on Miss K's asshole
until it was obvious that she was rubbing it. She let
her slick thumb loosen up the back passage until she
slowly and smoothly slid it inside of her customer,
then slowly rotated it around inside of her until it
hit a bump and felt Miss K tighten up and gasp in

The masseuse pulled her thumb out of Miss K's butt and
pulled the towel from Miss K, leaving her completely
naked on the table. "So what the receptionist said
was true," she said in a gentle voice as she looked
between Miss K's legs, seeing her scrotum pinned
underneath her.

As Miss K began to get up and explain, Consuela
quieted her with a finger to her lips, then brushed
her fingertips up and down her spine to calm her down.
"It's OK, mamacita," Consuela said in a soothing voice
as she continued to caress Miss K's back. "I
understand. You are a beautiful woman. After all,
you made yourself so, and the artist who carved your
body did a wonderful job. Do you mind if I see the
rest so I can finish your massage?"

"Uh-uh," Miss K said as she rolled over and laid on
her back on the massage table, letting her strong and
curvaceous body be cast in the golden light of the

Consuela walked over to the small sink to rinse off
her hands, then added some new oils to her hand and
started rubbing Miss K's neck. "Relax, she calmly
commanded before planting a kiss on Miss K's forehead.
"All will be well."

Consuela worked her hands over Miss K's neck and
shoulders before working her hands down along Miss K's
collar bone. Slowly, she crept her hands down onto
the top of Miss K's breasts and started working her
hands around them, the side of her hands barely
touching the areolas as she massaged the side of Miss
K's chest. Eventually, Consuela's hands crept up Miss
K's chocolate pillows, her thumbs gradually teasing
her customer's nipples to the point of maximum
hardness as Miss K arched her chest into Consuela's

"Relax, dear," Consuela said as she pressed her hands
into Miss K's chest, her fingers twitching and toying
over those nipples. "Just let the feeling take over
and you will feel so much better."

Consuela used her strong hands to knead Miss K's
chest, trying to loosen up the chest muscles that lay
beneath as her fingers raked over Miss K's nipples and
her slick thumbs across the areolas. Slowly, she drew
her hands to massage the underside of those very same
tits as she let her hand skim over them as she
massaged the muscle before sliding her hands down to
massage her stomach. Slowly, she worked those slick
velvet-covered hands of hers down Miss K's stomach,
loosening up those muscles as best as she worked her
way down just before her wrists brushed up again Miss
K's semi-hard dick.

Consuela purred as she petted Miss K's dick with her
fingers. "You have a rather big muscle down there for
a girl such as yourself," Consuela coyly said. "Don't
you worry. I have a technique that I use on my male
customers that will surely work for you."

Miss K closed her eyes as she felt Consuela's hand
slide under her dick, accidentally getting the tip of
her dick stimulated by Consuela's knuckles as she
massaged her lower abdomen. As more of her muscles
loosened up, she felt Consuela's forearm brush against
her tip as her hands slid past her groin and started
massaging the front of one leg. As her hands crept to
her knee, she felt Consuela's braless breasts press on
her dick through her dress, rubbing her tip as she
felt her hands on her leg. She then felt her other
leg get the attention the first one dick, her dick now
fully hard and aching for attention as she felt her
other leg loosen up under Consuela's touch.

She then felt some oil being poured onto her dick,
making a line from just under her tip down over her
shaft to her balls. Consuela took her sac into her
hands and started rubbing it, the cool oil being
spread over them with her touch. "Don't you worry,"
she calmly said. "We shall make sure that you leave
here completely relaxed."

With that, Consuela wrapped her hands around the base
of Miss K's cock and slowly pulled up, twisting her
hands around that shaft to get it slick. As she
reached the tip, she squeezed her hands around the tip
and pulled back down, flicking her fingers on the
ridge on top of her cock. Slowly, she caressed the
dick within her slick hands, pulling and rubbing the
smooth skin of the shaft back and forth as she twisted
her hands around it. Then, she started shortening her
strokes little by little from the tip, concentrating
more and more on Miss K's swollen tip until her
fingers were simply rubbing along the tip, making Miss
K buck up her hips and moan in response. Her fingers
were flicking the ridge while one thumb dug into the
gap on the underside and the other made Miss K howl by
scratching the nerve endings on the tip while rubbing
it. She had one hand gently brushing the underside of
Miss K's dick while the one twisted around the tip as
Miss K cooed wordlessly in response.

"Don't you worry," Consuela said as she switched hands
on Miss K's dick while she let the fingers of her
other hand brush her nipples. "It's OK. Just let it

Miss K twitched under the masseuse's touch as she felt
every nerve in her body fire off with the slightest
provocation. The touch on her tip was almost
blinding, overwhelming the rest of her senses as laid
there as serenely as possible. She felt her hands
jack on the top half of her dick, the nails scratching
the itch in her tip to perfection. Then she felt one
hand drift down her shaft, stroking lower and lower
until she felt it cup her balls. She felt them rolled
around in one hand as she felt her tip almost burning
from the stimulation, her groin tightening up as she
approached the point of no return. She felt each of
her balls being squeezed firmly before she felt a
finger slide into her ass and rub her prostate just as
it felt as if a feather was tickling her tip all over,
leaving her a writhing, panting, sweating mess on the

"Come for me, mamasita," Miss K vaguely heard before
she felt a breath blow on her tip and blow her lights

For a minute, everything went black and quiet for Miss
K, her body tightened like a coil. Slowly, she came
back to consciousness, her body writhing out of
control as she felt a bliss was over her. As she came
back some more, she felt Consuela's warm hands gently
caress her sensitive shaft, her cum cooling off in a
pool in and around her navel.. She finally felt the
last bit of cum squirt out of her tip before the rest
ooze out of her, quickly rubbed off by the masseuse's
hands. She then felt her take a towel and wipe off
the cum from her stomach and genitalia, rubbing
whatever remained into Miss K's skin. Finally,
Consuela brushed a hand from the base of her softening
dick up her body to her face, where she finished by
caressing her face and giving her a light kiss on the

"I hope you enjoyed your relaxing massage, mamasita,"
Consuela gently said.

"Oh God yeah," Miss K whispered from her lust-addled
body. "I feel incredible right now."

"I see that you're nice and relaxed. Just rest here
for a moment. When you're ready, you can slip on your
robe and get someone to help you back to change,"
Consuela said as she washed her hands. She then
quietly slipped out the door and closed it behind her,
leaving a relaxed, tapped Miss K lying prostrate on
the massage table.


"Wow. That was incredible," Miss K said with a vacant
stare, her mind still clouded with sexual energy as
she sat in the SUV.

"Damn, K!" Tracy said as she brushed a stray hair out
of her face. "That's like the tenth time you've said
that since we met back up to change. That masseuse
was something, huh?"

"God, yeah. She loosened me up so much, and that
handjob she gave me…ooowee!"

"Yeah, missy," Tracy giggled as she pulled onto the
interstate. "I had a good time at my massage too,
especially when the masseuse pulled out his, um, back

Miss K and Tracy both broke out laughing at that
remark. "What? You mean those vibrators that
supposedly aren't?"

"Yeah, and he was good, too!"

Miss K smiled, then said, "to paraphrase the immortal
words of the great singer of Yonkers…I can fuck you
better than he can!!!"

"OK, Mary J. You can stop now. For a chick, you can
act way too much of a dude at times."

"Not when my dude part stretches your chick part so
wide that you're sore in the morning. Plus, I'm cuter
than you. You saw how Rico was checking me out"

Tracy stuck her tongue out at her friend and giggled,
then laid her hand on Miss K's shoulder, "whatever you
say dear."

Miss K giggled, then looked out into the distance off
the interstate into the prairie. Then, an idea popped
in her head, and she suddenly pulled off her bra,
exposing her 42DDDs in the car.

"What are you up to, K?" Tracy wondered as she struck
a sidelong glance at her friend.

"You know, I was just relaxing when I had an idea,"
Miss K said as she pulled off her sneakers and socks.

"What is it?"

"Well, I was thinking we could go fuck in that pasture
over there like wild animals. No pretense, no limits,
just pure animalistic sex. Whatcha think? Wanna try

Tracy thought for a second, then pulled the car to the
shoulder, stopped the car and pulled her shirt off,
letting her breasts be bared. "Let me get naked
first, and we can do this."

The two women quickly stripped off all their clothes
in the car, then walked out barefoot on the hot Texas
soil. "OK, here's the deal. We walk out side by side
onto that pasture over there until I count to 10, then
what happens, happens. Got it?"

"Cool," Tracy said as she beamed a smile up at Miss K.
"Start counting!"

The two started walking away from the highway as Miss
K started counting to ten, the tip of Miss K's limp
dick bouncing along her athletic thighs.

"…Eight…Nine…Ten!" Miss K counted as she turned to

Quickly, Tracy jumped up and wrapped her arms around
Miss K's neck and kissed her friend. As the two
kissed, Tracy reached down and grabbed Miss K's dick
with a hand, jacking the tip as hardly as she could.
She stood up on her toes and pulled Miss K down so
that their nipples brushed across each other as she
pulled on Miss K's dick and rubbed her thumb across
the quickly-swelling tip. She then bent over a tip
and swirled her tongue around the head right until it
was the desired hardness.

Tracy then jumped up, wrapping her lithe frame around
Miss K's as she kissed her again, then with one hand
aimed the hard dick at her pussy and let her weight
drop her down onto it, making her groan into her
friend's mouth a bit as she was kissing her. Then,
she used the strength of her legs to pull herself up
and down on her friend's dick, licking Miss K's ear in
the process and pressing her chest again her friend's,
making the static shoot through their nipples.

Miss K sucked on Tracy's earlobe as she felt Tracy's
pussy milk her cock, then tossed her auburn hair back
out of her face and grabbed her friend's ass, driving
her dick into the moistening pussy. Holding up her
friend with one arm, she reached down and rubbed
Tracy's clit, using the strength of her legs and hips
to drive her dick deeper and deeper into Tracy. As
they kept fucking, Miss K kissed Tracy hard again,
grunting as she fucked her friend and feeling the sun
beating down on both of them.

She dropped Tracy to the ground, then grabbed a hip
and started driving her dick as hard as she could,
feeling Tracy's feet bounce on her tits as she pounded
into her friend. She then picked up Tracy's foot off
of her tits as suck the toes into her mouth, lapping
at her toes as she slid her hand off of her friend's
hips to toy with her clit, feeling her pussy pull at
her tip as she fucked her. Suddenly, she raised up
and pulled her dick out of Tracy, making sure to drag
the glans along the top of her pussy and then batting
her swollen clit with her tip.

Miss K dove in between Tracy's legs and sucked her
clit into her mouth, flicking her tongue over it while
her lips caressed it. With one hand, she brushed her
finger tips over her labia majora while slipping the
fingers from the other hand, twitching her fingers
inside her while using the nail of her thumb to
lightly scratch her inner lips. She felt Tracy press
her pussy right into her face as she felt her fingers
flood with her juices. She licked Tracy's clit with
the flat of her tongue and kept lapping at it as she
kept toying with her pussy with her fingers, trying to
hit every nerve in her pussy. She was dead to the
world, feeling the grass rub her nipples raw and tease
her dick as she felt Tracy's fingers being to squeeze
on her dick, milking her fingers as she bucked against
her face and flicked on tongue on Tracy's clit.

Feeling her come down from her cum, she spread her
fingers inside of Tracy and pulled them out, rubbing
against Tracy's inner lips. Then, she slipped two
fingers of her left hand inside of Tracy, twitching
them inside of her while her other tow fingers flicked
against her outer lips As she sucked on Tracy's clit,
humming on it as she batted her tongue on it, she
slipped two fingers inside of Tracy's ass, pumping it
with her fingers as she felt her ass felt back and her
hand. She hummed on each of Tracy's inner labia
before sucking on her clit as hard as she could,
looking up to see her friend's body writhe under her
ministrations. Miss K saw Tracy's tits bouncing on
her chest, her nipples looking almost white in the
sunlight as she kept moving her hands and sucking that
clit, thinking about how good those hard nipples would
feel in her mouth. She started sucking Miss K's clit
like another nipple, circling her tongue around it as
she sucked it hard, letting her fingers pump inside of
Tracy as fast as she could, letting what resistance
Tracy gave rub her hard nipples and sensitive tip
across the grass. Quickly, she felt Tracy's ass and
pussy tighten, then clench as she began to come again
as Miss K used her hands and mouth to ride through
another orgasm before pulling her hands and mouth

"Oh," Tracy whimpered. "I didn't want you to stop!"

Miss K didn't say anything, but simply straddled
Tracy's face and pressed her asshole to her lips, then
used both hands to squeeze her friend's tits around
her dick. Then, she felt Tracy begin to tongue her
asshole as she stroked her dick through those firm
tits, the warm flesh pulling on her swollen tip. Miss
K bent down and made a long lick at Tracy's clit, her
face being hidden by her hair as she thrust herself
between her friend's tits before grabbing her breasts
and f Then, she felt Tracy begin to tongue her
asshole as she stroked her dick through those firm
tits, the warm flesh pulling on her swollen tip. Miss
K bent down and made a long lick at Tracy's clit, her
face being hidden by her hair as she thrust herself
between her friend's tits before grabbing her breasts
and rubbing a hard nipple across Tracy's clit. As she
felt the sun on her back and Tracy's warm spit on her
ass, she thrust her ass back and forth on top of her
friend, sliding her dick between those tits as her
pre-cum coating the furrow made by them.

Tracy kept rimming her friend, occasionally slipping
her tongue up her ass, as she held her tits together
around Miss K's dick, squeezing them just so to pull
on her tip. Her body was tingling as her friend
teased her body, with her clit being played on with
Miss K's nipples, her own nipples being stimulated by
Miss K's hip bones. She sucked on her friend's
asshole, then flicked her tongue across it as she
squeezed her breasts tighter around Miss K's dick,
feeling it twitch on her skin. She then pushed Miss
K's ass up from her face and got from between her
legs, laying in front of her kneeling friend as she
licked her lips and rubbed her clit.

"Come on you big-dicked wannabe bitch!" Tracy hissed
as her hand was a blur between her legs. "Jack that
fucking dick of yours, and shoot your cum on your

Miss K looked down at Tracy's lust-clouded face and
started jerking her hard dick, lifting up a nipple to
her mouth for her to lick on.

"Yeah, motherfucker! Do you want me?" Tracy moaned

"Yeah," Miss K hissed out.

"Then cum on my fucking face then!" Tracy groaned as
she rode her hand, almost ready to cum. "Show me how
much you got there, slut!" she said before sitting up
and licking Miss K's tip. As Tracy laid back down,
Miss K jacked her dick as fast as she could, pulling
on a nipple with a free hand before feeling her load
climb up her shaft.

"God, I'm cumming!" Miss K groaned out before shooting
out a couple loads of cum right on the bridge of
Tracy's nose. Tracy felt another shot of cum drip
down onto her cheek, then sat up and licked the last
bits of cum from Miss K's tip to dribble out, getting
it nice and clean and making sure not to be too rough
on it. She then got up on her knees and kissed her
friend, sharing the cum in her mouth between them as
the cum on her face wiped off on Miss K's.

"Goddamn, you're such a slut," Miss K said as she
wiped the cum off of her face, watching as Tracy
rubbed the cum into hers. "Only someone like you
would want me to cum on your face."

"You're a weak one yourself, missy. You only came
once, and not that much," Tracy said in mock anger as
she pinched her friend's nipple before giving her a
peck on the lips.

"Whatever man," Miss K said as she got to her feet,
then helped Tracy to hers. "Let's get back to the


"You know what I mean, silly," Miss K said as they
walked back to the SUV. "By the way, did you cum when
I came on your face?"

"Maybe," Tracy coyly replied with a giggle.

"Well, there's one way to find out," Miss K said as
she rubbed Tracy's clit only to see her wince from the
sensitivity. "Yeah, you did," she said with a laugh.

Just then, a car driving down the interstate had a
window rolled down and a guy hanging halfway out the
window. He locked eyes on Miss K and screamed
"Fucking fagot!"

"Who fucked your mama last night!" Miss K screamed
back at the guy as the car sped away. "Silly rabbit,"
Miss K said as she turned to Tracy. "This dick is for

"Part of a complete balanced breakfast," Tracy shot
back with a giggle.

"Only for a dirty slut like you."

"And only a ho would give it to me."

"Fuck you," Miss K said with a smiled before hugging
her friend and hungrily kissing her. "Now let's get
back in the car and get dressed. While they won't
mind you naked, I'm not crazy about these rednecks
screaming at me."


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