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WAMK QOTR stretch around and grab her hard


Keywords: tg/f, oral, pub, light bondage, foodAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Queen of the Road

This is yet another installment of the pure
pornography that I love to call "The Wonderful
Adventures of Miss K." So far, people have been
loving my over the top sex romps, and I hope you fair
fans love this one too. If you are not legally
permitted to read this work in your legal
jurisdiction, please do not read this. Also, I retain
all commercial and non-electronic rights to this work.
If you want to use this work, just ask. If you wanna
see more, visit So,
without further ado, let's get on with the show.

By Brett Lynn

Miss K drove the car through the Midwestern
countryside, enjoying the early spring breeze that
leaked through the SUV's window as it blew through her
platinum blonde hair. Her tits were held up by the
tight, white, midriff-baring top she wore that stopped
just below the lower curve of her tits, her nipples
hardening against the top as her firm stomach subtly
twitched. Her face was barely of makeup, save for the
metallic pink lipstick on her lips, and there was
nothing between the world and her round ass and big
dick except for a baggy pair of jeans. Looking away
from the monotony of the open road, she glanced up in
her rear view mirror, seeing Tracy feed that huge
dildo of hers into her mouth while her fingernails
scratched at her inner thigh just below the hem of her
short light pink skirt. She wore a form-fitting, if
not particularly tight, white t-shirt and a cute pair
of white sneakers with white socks. Miss K felt her
dick stir against the rough denim as she saw Tracy
pull that dildo in and out her mouth, coating it with
her saliva. She was to the point where she could
almost swallow it all, her lips stopping just short of
the fake balls at the bottom, and Miss K tried to
adjust her hard dick as she got turned on from the

"Damn, I wish that was me," Miss K muttered under her

Tracy pulled the dildo out of her mouth and giggled,
"It will be soon, my little big dicked bitch!" She
then reached over and honked Miss K's boob through her
top, letting her thumb linger over the nipple to give
it a rub. "I'll just show off my new skill whenever I
get the chance. So what are we doing today, my fair

"Hmm…" Miss K thought as she rested her hand on her
chin, thinking about what to do next. "The
countryside of Indiana isn't exactly my definition of
excitement." She drove along for a moment, then her
eyes lit up as she thought of something.

"I got it."

"What? What is it?" Tracy asked.

"Nothing, Tracy," Miss K said as she raked her
fingertips along Tracy's smooth inner thigh and under
her skirt, stopping a bit short of her bare pussy.
"Nothing at all."

"What is it?!" Tracy asked out of frustration.

"You'll see," Miss K said with a cackle, her boobies
jiggling as she laughed.


45 minutes later, Miss K and Tracy pulled up to a
service station just off the highway that seemed
isolated in the fields around it, save for the
highways and the Hardee's across the way. Almost
going into the gas station on instinct, purse in hand,
Miss K remembered where she was in the country and
went over to the gas pump to fill the SUV up with gas.
Looking into the car, she saw Tracy practicing with
that dildo of hers again, coating that fake thick dick
with her saliva and rolling her tongue around it as
she pulled it in and out. The sucking noises mad her
nipples harden instantly and her dick stretch out
against her jeans, torturing her senses just a bit.
While she kept pumping the gas in her car, Miss K
reached up with her free hand and squeezed her breast,
rolling the hard nipple around with her thumb as she
felt the feeling shoot straight down her spine to her
crotch and felt a breath shoot back up. She was just
about to expose her nipple to the cool spring air to
get a better grip on it before she felt the gas pump
click, signaling that the tank was full. After
putting the nozzle back in the gas pump and brushing
back her hair, Miss K knocked on the passenger's side
door to get Tracy's attention.

"Come on, Trace. I want you to come with me to pay
for the gas. I wanna get some junk food for the road
while we're in there too."

Tracy pulled out the dildo with an audible pop before
placing it in the glove compartment and breathlessly
replying, "I'm coming!" As she stepped out the car,
her sexual arousal was obvious, from the flush on her
skin to her heavy breathing to her bullet hard

"I take it you were enjoying sucking that big dildo
pretending it me, huh?" Miss K said with a lecherous

"No comment," Tracy giggled. "Since you wanna keep
surprised from me, Missy, I'll keep them from you.
And besides, I saw how turned on YOU were." Walking
ahead of Miss K towards the convenience store, she
continued, "I know how hot you are for me baby!" She
punctuated this by placing both hands on her hips and
coquettishly rocking them from side to side before
bending over and showing off her nude quim.

"I'm gonna get you!" Miss K said before running up
behind Tracy and giving her a bear hug. She let go
before walking into the store, then opened the door
for Tracy.

The store seemed simple enough, with the usual car
supplies and junk food lining the aisles and the
glass-door refrigerators painting a rainbow with the
various kinds of soda and beer. Miss K walked over to
the clerk at the counter, purse in hand, and was
surprised at what she saw. The tall, wiry girl there
had long hair dyed fuchsia, wearing a washed out pink
t-shirt and stopped just short of her pierced belly
button and pair of faded low-riding blue jeans. The
girl looked up at Miss K, taken a back a bit by Miss
K's big fake boobies, then went to work.

"So you're the one who just pumped that gas, right?"


"Big boobs you got there, girl!"

"Worth every penny too!" Miss K said as she bounced
her boobs for the girl. "Like that, there?"

"Yeah," the girl said, gazing enviously at those hard
nipped big tits of Miss K while Miss K soaked up the

After suppressing a laugh, the girl at the counter
rang up the gas tab and asked for the money. Not
really paying attention to what the girl said, Miss K
reached in her purse and handed the girl a couple of
$20 bills. She took the change from the girl, then
began to walk through the aisles, not noticing that
the girl said "Thank you!"

Miss K walked over to the fridges with Tracy
following, looking for her favorite kind of Snapple
ice tea. After scanning the upper shelves, she asked
Tracy, "could you look down on those lower shelves and
see if they have some peach ice tea?"

"Sure," Tracy said as she bent over and scanned the
shelves for it. As Tracy was looking, Miss K took a
couple steps back and stared at Tracy's shaved pussy,
thinking about whether to make her move. Then she
glanced behind her, noticing that the aisle behind her
had whipped cream in stock, and thought better of it.

"Well, Mi…um, Kayla, they don't have any," Tracy said
after she stood up, flashing a knowing wink at her

"OK, OK. Let's get some Mountain Dew then," Miss K
said, quickly spotting some and pulling a few bottles
out the fridge. "Now, let's go get some chips," she
continued, gesturing to the aisle behind her.

Tracy led the way down the aisle, checking out the
various chips and pretzels and other assorted junk
food in the aisle.

"Hey Trace!"


"Could you get that can of sour cream and onion
Pringles down there on the bottom shelf? I have a
taste for them," Miss K said. "And I have a taste for
your pussy," she thought to herself.

"OK," Tracy said as she bent down to the shelf where
they had the Pringles. As she looked for the chips,
Miss K made her move. She placed the bottles of
Mountain Dew on the floor, then kneeled slightly
before sticking out her tongue and licking Tracy's
shaved pussy from her clit to her ass. Before Tracy
could stand up in shock, she held on to her hips and
licked a few more stroked with her tongue, teasing the
hot pussy before making Tracy moan as she sucked
Tracy's inner lips, humming on them as she slid the
tip of her tongue in between them.

"Mmm, that feels pretty nice there, licking me like
that," Tracy said as she looked between her legs at
Miss K.

"Well," Miss K said as she stood up, "you haven't felt
nothing yet!" She lifted Tracy onto her shoulder,
then tossed aside some bags of pretzels before
planting Tracy's ass on the shelf. She reached over
to the whipped cream on the next shelf over and shook
a can as she lifted up Tracy's skirt and stuck her
tongue into that moistening pussy. She gave a long
lick across her clit.

"Oh, I just love your honey, honey!" Miss K said, with
Tracy flashing a bright smile and giggling in
response. Miss K blindly opened up the can of whipped
cream, then sprayed a line from Tracy's clit to the
bottom of her lips. Dropping the can, she held onto
Tracy's hips and sucked on her clit, licking the
whipped cream off in the process.


"Huh?" Miss K said, looking at the counter clerk's
general direction. "Did you say that?"

"Yeah. Nice as that looks, you can't do that here."

"Why not?" Miss K said before turning back to Tracy
and licking a bit of the whipped cream from one of
Tracy's outer labia. "I'm just having some fun here
with a friend."

"Technically, it's indecent exposure," the pink-haired
girl said. "Plus, nice as that looks, the cops don't
take to kindly to your kind around here. You know,
gay people?"

"I don't see how that's the case," Miss K said,
looking at the girl closely.

"I'm mean, she's a girl, and you're a girl, so I
mean…you know?"

Miss K suddenly unbuckled her belt, then undid her
jeans and let them drop, letting her limp, twitching
dick hang in the breeze. The pink-haired girl gazed
with lust at Miss K's big dick, licking her lips as
she shifted on her feet, almost unconsciously pushing
her narrow hips up at the air. Then she reacted,
picking up the keys to the front door and locking it
before drawing the shades on the windows in the store.
She then walked up to Miss K and stuck out her hand.

"Sorry about that. My name's Chasity. Would you like
to give me a demonstration of your, um skills and…"
looked down at Miss K dick before saying "…talent in
the back room, please?"

"Sure," Miss K said. "I'd love to show off," she
continued before helping Tracy down off the shelf.

"Follow me," Chasity said as she walked to a door in
the corner of the store. After unlocking it, she
revealed the small storage room, filled with boxes of
various goods for the store. She turned on the light
and, after Miss K and Tracy walked in, locked the door
behind them. Then, she grabbed Miss K's ass and
licked her lips as she stood in front of her, her gaze
directed squarely on Miss K's crotch.

"So," Chasity said. "Are you gonna show me how BIG a
girl you really are?" she said as she roughly squeezed
Miss K's limp dick through the jeans.

"Not yet, little girl," Miss K said, grabbing
Chasity's wrist and firmly pulling it away. "I know
you want me, but I gotta take care of my friend first.
Besides, I have plenty of time to, um, take care of
you, and I bet you'll enjoy the show. OK?"

Looking a bit disappointed, Chasity stepped back from
Miss K and said, "Alright. I wanna see what you got."

Miss K quickly walked over to Tracy, grabbed her
around her waist, picked her up and placed her on top
of a stack of boxes, her pussy at mouth level for Miss

"Hey!" Tracy giggled as her ass got pulled to the edge
of the box. "Be a little careful there. This
cardboard is a bit rough, you know? But thanks for
remembering little old me. I only have blonde hair!"

"Don't worry," Miss K said as she brushed aside her
long blonde hair and lifted the hem of Tracy's skirt
to her belly. She then licked a long, wet streak from
just above the top of Tracy's knee along her inner
thigh to the juncture of her legs, cleaning out a bit
of whipped cream that got caught there. She then used
her tongue to clean out the rest of the whipped cream
that got caught between Tracy's pussy and her inner
thigh, collecting it on her tongue before looking up
into her eyes and swallowing it all. Tracy moaned in
frustration as she felt her friend's spit feel wet on
her pussy, her hands pulling her t-shirt over her
titties for the stimulation. Miss K kept her eyes
fixed on Tracy's as she blew that juncture dry, then
repeated the same technique on the other meeting of
her thighs, watching Tracy tear at her shirt in
frustration as she was teasing to overstimulation on
Miss K's tongue.

"Want me to tear that shirt open, Tracy?"

"Mmhmm!!!" Tracy moaned with smile. "Free my fucking
tits!" she said as she thrust her chest up, her ass
rubbing against the cardboard.

"With pleasure!" Miss K said as she stood up on her
toes and tore open the shirt, rendering it to rags.
She then took Tracy's breasts in her hands and tongued
one, then the other nipple.

"You know, I like hard cherries like what you have
here," Miss K said before sucking Tracy's nipple into
her mouth. "And there's one more I wanna taste."

Miss K licked off the remaining whipped cream on
Tracy's inner labia, occasionally taking one of them
into her mouth to suck off the cream. After checking
to make sure that each lip was clean of cream with her
tongue, she wrapped her arms around Tracy's thighs and
snaked her tongue into her pussy, swirling around her
tongue as Tracy pressed her cunny against her face.
As Miss K worked her tongue deep inside Tracy's pussy,
she hooked the tip of her tongue and dragged it
against the top, making Tracy strain more against Miss
K's arms as she kept licking her. Behind her, she
heard the slapping of flesh on flesh, so she looked
over her shoulder to see Chasity's pants down around
her ankles as she leaned against a box, fingers
pounding hard into her wet box as she robbed her hands
over her hard nipples.

"I take it you're enjoying the show, huh Babe?" Miss K
moaned lustily.

"Yeah, I wish I could have my pussy eaten like that!"

Giving Tracy's pussy and teasing lick, Miss K looked
back over her shoulder and said, "I thought you wanted
my dick!"

"I want that too, but…." Chasity said as she voice
trailed off, the thought of Miss K eating her out and
fucking her with that big dick driving her into a
furious orgasm, thrashing hard against the boxes she
used to brace herself. Feeling her dick lengthen from
the scenes and scents around her, Miss K steeled
herself and went back to licking Tracy's pussy,
pressing her tongue flat on Tracy's pussy as she
licked it, passing it over her hard clit in the

Kissing her clit, Miss K looked into Tracy's eyes and
asked her, "Do you want me to suck this cherry?"
Before hearing an answer, Miss K sucked Tracy's clit
into her mouth, sucking as hard as she could, feeling
Tracy's wetness drip down onto her chin. As she was
sucking, she very quickly swiped her tongue over the
tip of Tracy's clit, setting off a wild orgasm as
Tracy rode her face. As she came, Tracy fell back,
leaning over the boxes as her legs and hips bucked
against Miss K's restraint, letting herself ride out
that wave of orgasm. When Miss K stopped using her
mouth on Tracy, she felt her et the cum run through
her system, then loosen the grip on her legs with her
arms before grabbing her by the hips and gently
setting her down on floor.

Looking down on her glowing face and glazed eyes, Miss
K looked down at Tracy and asked, "Wasn't that fun?"

Tracy looked up at her friend and weakly nodded her
head. Miss K then heard Chasity behind her say,
"yeah, that was sure fun to watch!"

"Oh really," Miss K said as she turned sideways away
from Tracy, letting Chasity get a good look at the
Black girl's spent frame on the floor. She unbuckled
and unzipped her pants, letting her ¾ hard dick spring
out for all to see, then grabbed it with one of her
hands to stroke.

"I know you want this dick baby, right?"

"Yeah, you big dicked slut. You know I love how it
feels in my pussy!" Tracy replied as she came down
from her cum, her hands now idly playing with her

"Well, I'm gonna let someone else play with it today.
Chasity, you got any magnum condoms I stock?"

"Sure thing!" Chasity said as she looked for her keys.
"I never thought a guy could need something that long
until I saw you." Finding her keys, she unlocked the
stock room door and went into the store with her pants
around her ankles exposing her tight, narrow ass. In
a few short moments, she returned with a box of
condoms and tore it open to remove one. Gently down
on her knees, she unwrapped the condom and placed it
on the tip of Miss K's hard dick. Once the tip was
covered, Chasity nursed on the tip through the latex
while her hands rolled the condom down the thick,
veiny shaft. With the rubber securely on, Chasity
looked at the shaft as she felt it up with her hands,
liking the way it twitched when she lightly licked at
the swollen head.

"I can't wait to feel this big boy inside of me,"
Chasity said as she held onto the shaft with one hand
and stroked it with her other hand.

"Yeah," Miss K said as she pulled her t-shirt over her
tits and rubbed her now-exposed nipples in the palms
of her hands. "I can't wait to fuck your skinny ass."

Chasity looked up to see Miss K caress her tits, then
looked back down at the hard shaft pulsing in her
hands. "Wow. I know what's up with you, but it is a
shock seeing it up close."

"Hey, what can I say?" Miss K said breathily as she
felt her dick being slowly caressed.

Looking back down at the dick in her hands and
snapping out of her trance, Chasity said, "So…how do
you wanna get this big thing fucking me good?"

Miss K, scouting the room for possibilities, found a
stack of boxes that was to her liking. "Go and lean
against that stack of boxes right there," she said,
pointing at a stack of boxes that went up to about
Chasity's shoulders.


Chasity got up off her knees and walked over to the
boxes, with Miss K following behind her. When Chasity
braced herself against the boxes, Miss K lifted up
Chasity's t-shirt and pressed her body firmly against
the cardboard. Grinding her body against Chasity's,
Miss K brushed aside the girl's long pink hair and
sucked on the nape of her neck, letting her tongue
trail up to her ear.

"Are you ready to get fucked?" Miss K whispered into
her ear before letting her hard nipples trail up and
down Chasity's bare back.


Miss K grabbed her dick in her hand and ran the tip
through Chasity's ass crack, sliding the tip down
before rubbing the shaft along her slick pussy. Then
she whispered again in Chasity's ear, "I said DO you
want this big dick in your pussy?!"

"Yeah! Shove it in!"

Miss K grabbed one of Chasity's hips with her free
hand and shoved her huge dick halfway into Chasity,
making her scream in pain and pleasure. Miss K pushed
the rest of her dick into Chasity, then leaned down
over Chasity's body, pressing her body into her
impaled frame. She closed her eyes and shoved her
dick as hard as she could into Chasity's body, rubbing
the girl's nipples against the cardboard and breathing
hard against the girl's hot flesh as she pounded away
at Chasity. The girl's tight pussy allowed pulled at
her cock, the fit was so tight. As she felt the
girl's hot, thin body through her nipples and her
thighs, Miss K fucked the girl harder and harder,
being turned out by the girl's loud screams and the
pulling on her tip with each pump. In no time, she
was getting very close to cumming, and sensed that
from the girl's screams that she was about to cum too.
She slowed down just enough to spread Chasity's legs a
bit and grind her hips into Chasity's ass as firmly as
she could, making the girl rub her clit against the
rough cardboard as she was impaled over and over on
her huge shaft. With each thrust, she felt Chasity
lose control until she stiffened up and her pussy
started to squeeze her cock even tighter, almost
crying through the waves of her cum. Miss K couldn't
take any more, driving her hips as fast as she could
into that milking machine of a pussy before groaning
into her own orgasm, feeling her condom fill her slick
cum before collapsing her frame on top of Chasity's.

When Miss K came down, she realized that she'd dropped
her weight on Chasity and stood up as fast as she

"Are you OK there? Sorry about falling on you."

"OK?" Chasity said as she brushed her long pink hair
and turned up to face Miss K. "I feel like my insides
have been hit by a battering ram! Do it again!" she
said with a wide smile.

"I take it you like being fucked hard by a big dick,
huh," Miss K said haughtily, lifting each of her
nipples to her tongue for a quick lick before
beginning to take off her condom.

"Yeah, I've never cum so hard in my life! Between the
friction and stretching on my pussy and my clit
rubbing on the cardboard…" Chasity said before
shivering in sexual stimulation. Managing to barely
contain herself, she continued, "can I have the cum
from your condom? I just love the taste."

"With pleasure," Miss K said, taking off the condom
with as much care to keep the thick semen inside, then
handing it down to Chasity. Chasity, in turn,
squeezed a few drops onto her before making a big show
of swallowing it, finishing off by licking her lips
and smiling widely.

"Thanks, you big dick chick!"

"You're welcome, babe," Miss K coolly said as she
tucked herself back into her jeans and pulled her t-
shirt back over her breasts. "Are you ready Trace?"

"Sure," Tracy said as she scrambled to her feet, her
face flushed and her hand darting from between her
legs as she smoothed her skirt back down.

Miss K reached down and offered a hand up to Chasity,
then asked, "what about that food I have sitting out

"Oh, it's on me, and so is the gas. You've earned it
with the fuck you gave me! Let me let you two girls
out of here, OK?"

Chasity stumbled around for her keys and opened up the
storeroom door for Miss K and Tracy. After Miss K
collected up the food left behind in the aisle,
Chasity opened up the front door for Miss K and Tracy,
then watched through the blinds as they opened their
SUV back up. Taking the time to see the two girls
playfully fondle each other while Tracy looked for
another shirt, and enjoying an appreciative honk from
a passing trucker, Chasity saw the girls pull off from
her gas station, noting that their SUV has New York
license plates.

As she was drawing the blinds up and getting ready to
re-open, Chasity had a sudden need to call her state
trooper buddy. Quickly, she ran to the phone behind
the counter and gave her friend a ring.

"Yeah! It's Chas… You won't believe what I just
saw…Two girls making out in my store…Yeah really! Two
Black girls with blonde hair. But that's not the
shocking part…One of them had a dick, and she was hung
like a horse!…Yeah, like those Springer people…Well,
of course I did! She fucked me good too…"


Trooper Daniels sat at her customary speed trap,
brushing her crew-cut brown hair with her fingers as
she watched what little traffic on the interstate and
listened to Ty Herndon on her favorite country
station. Her solid frame was exhausted from the
boredom of the afternoon, her firm breasts sitting low
in her utilitarian bra. Her mind was trying to wrap
around the weird phone call she got from her friend a
while back. What she heard was at once arousing and

"Who'd think someone like that would come along these
parts anyway," Trooper Daniels thought to herself.
"If that boy gets around those rednecks, they'll tear
her hide. But she did say that the boy looked pretty
big, and personally, I'd love to try a baloney pony
that big. Oh well."

Looking at on-coming traffic, she spotted a black car
off in the distance with what looked like New York
plates. "Well, it's time to make some cash off the
out of towners," Trooper Daniels thought to herself as
she sat up in her seat, her eyes checking the radar
gun. As she came closer, she noticed that the car was
really a black SUV. "Maybe…nah, can't be," Trooper
Daniels thought to herself as the SUV approached.
Then, as the SUV got close enough, she saw a short
Black girl sitting next to a tall Black girl driving,
and she heard the radar gun beep and flash a speed of
82. Trooper Daniels got the car in gear, turned on
the lights and trailed the SUV in a hurry. In a short
period of time, she saw the black SUV pull over on the
shoulder, then come to a complete stop.

"Oh great," Miss K said to herself as she smacked the
steering wheel and rolled down the driver's side
window. "I'm a Black person in the white boonies with
out-of-state license plates. Not good. Ready for a
rousing rendition of 'Fuck the Police' by those
melodious West Coast bards Niggaz with Attitudes?"

Pulling her dildo out of her mouth and tossing it on
the floor, Tracy said with a comic propriety, "No
thanks, my fair Miss K. I'm not feeling like annoying
cops today! But that NWA song is a classic."

The nervous conversation between the two girls was
interrupted by the crackle of a police radio. The
trooper walked to the side window, looked at both
Tracy and Miss K, and then stared off into the

"What's the problem officer?" Miss K said in as
measured a tone she could manage.

"Going 82 in a 65 zone, ma'am. License and
registration please."

"OK," Miss K said, fishing out what the officer needs
out of her purse and handing it over.

The officer looked at the documents, then looked back
up at Miss K. While the face seemed to match, those
big breasts of hers definitely didn't match up with
the M on the driver's license. "Maybe this really is
that girl Chas was talking about," Trooper Daniels
thought to herself.

"Could you step out the car?"

"Why? I was only speeding," Miss K with an enforced

"Could you step out the car, sir?!"

"Sir? What are you talking about?"

"I believe you fit the description of a suspect of a
petty theft at a gas station not too far away, and I
need to search you sir."

Breathing a deep sigh, Miss K unlocked her driver's
side door and unbuckled her seat belt. "It's OK,
Kayla," Tracy said, keeping her eyes on the officer
out of fear. "I'll make it up to you if you get out
of this OK, alright?" she said before giving a squeeze
to Miss K's right breast. Miss K then brushed off
Tracy's hand and stepped out the SUV, looking warily
at the officer, committing her name and badge number
to memory.

"Could you please place your hands on the vehicle,
SIR?" Trooper Daniels continued, toying with Miss K.

Miss K quietly compiled, placing her hands on the side
of the vehicle and awaiting the officer's frisking.
She closed her eyes and felt the trooper pat down the
sides of her body. Surprisingly though, she felt the
officer's hand pat around her breasts, feeling around
and between them before trying to maul them in her
small hands, apparently checking if they were real,
and incidentally rubbing her nipples, making her dick
stir. After feeling her hands pat down her firm
stomach, she felt the officer's hands pat down one
leg, then the other, before feeling her hands pat up
the insides of her legs, moving closer and closer to
her dick, tucked down her left leg. She felt herself
harden with anticipation before the officer patted her
dick through her jeans, making her dick harden even
more and her nipples harden into bullets. She felt
the officer squeeze on it, then run her hand back and
forth on it, her hands rubbing the denim along her
tip. She felt the other hand lightly squeeze her
balls through her jeans in the other hand, then felt
the officer's breath on the back of her neck, making
her shiver a bit.

"I think I found something here," Trooper Daniels
said, punctuating her remark by squeezing Miss K's
dick. "Do you wish to explain to me what this is?"

"Well, um…"

"Put your hands behind your back!" Trooper Daniels
commanded. Miss K compiled as smoothly as possible,
not wanting to make any sudden moves.

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you

Miss K stopped listening after that, knowing the rest
from a steady diet of cop shows. In no time, the
trooper tugged her upright by her handcuffs and was
led to the cruiser by the trooper. It was then she
realized who the officer was: a small, if powerfully
built, woman that was leading her around and looking
very intently at her.

"GOD I can't wait to get that dick inside of me!"
Trooper Daniels thought to herself as she left the
tall, busty shemale to the car, then led her down into
the back seat, her panties clinging to her with
wetness. "That felt bigger that any other guy I've
felt, and it wasn't even fully hard! Chas wasn't
playing, I see. Well I gotta get a piece of that

She slammed the door of the cruiser, then walked
around to the front, watching Miss K's body jiggle
under your restraint. "You know," Trooper Daniels
said as she walked to the other side of the cruiser,
"you look like a nice beautiful girl, and besides, the
crime doesn't seem to major, so I might be willing to
let you off on one condition." She looked down into
the back seat of the car, looking for Miss K's

"What is it, officer?" Miss K said, a bit bewildered
at her predicament.

Trooper Daniels opened the back passenger side door of
the cruiser, then unbuckled her belt. She then slid
into the car's back seat on her knees, pulled down her
pants and panties in one motion, revealing her puffy,
trimmed pussy, and pushed her ass into Miss K's face.

"Eat my pussy."

Miss K, turned on by her predicament, looked down at
her hard nipples and thought about what to do next as
her boobs heaved under her t-shirt. Then, she tossed
her hair back, getting it out of her face, turned to
the officer's ass and stuck her tongue out, licking
along the groove from by the woman's outer lips and
her ass. She licked up to her asshole with the tip of
her tongue, then traced a couple of circles around it
before dragging it back down to her pussy lips again.
She licked the outer lips, getting them as wet as she
could with some long strokes of her tongue. She then
pressed her face down to the officer's pussy, rubbing
her lips and nose across the soft folds before she
felt her head pressed harder onto the pussy, those
soft lips rubbing across her folds.

"Man, that feels good! You're pretty good at this
pussy eating thing, huh freak!" Trooper Daniels moaned
as she the girl, or was it guy, hum on her pussy.
With her free hand, she quickly unbuttoned a couple
buttons on her shirt, desperate to grab at a breast as
she felt that tongue snake into her pussy, seemingly
knowing exactly where to go. She tugged on Miss K's
long hair harder, desperate to feel that tongue buried
deeper in her pussy as her hat flew off of her head.
She began to hump her face on that penetrating tongue,
loving the way it caressed her walls before it
accidentally brushed just the right spot, making her
stiffen up and gasp from that oral assault. She felt
Miss K's tongue home in on that spot, pressing on her
sugar walls and it rubbed over that spot more and
more, her hard clit glistening with her juices and
Miss K's spit as the air flowed over it and the
assault continued on her nether regions. Suddenly,
she felt herself stiffen, closed her eyes and felt an
explosion shoot out her pussy, her sugar walls
clamping down on the tongue inside of her as she felt
out on the seat, her body gasping in pure pleasure.

Tracy looked out of car, rubbing her nipples against
the edge of the open window and lightly caressing her
cunny as she saw the officer's face twisted in orgasm.
"Damn, don't I know what that feels like," she hissed
to no one in particular, clawing at a nipple with her
free hand when she saw the officer slide into the back
seat, unzip her friend and slide that almost hard
shaft out. She looked with lust and envy as the woman
slapped Miss K's dick against the bottom of her
bulging breasts, then stretched her mouth open to take
the tip into her mouth, her eyes bulging in surprised
at how full her mouth was. "God, I wanna swallow that
big chocolate dick!" Tracy moaned out before reaching
down for her dildo and feeding it into her mouth with
one hand, her fingertips caressing her soft folds.

Trooper Daniels pulled her mouth off of Miss K's hard
tip, stroking it with her right hand, using her spit
as lube. "You're a REALLY big girl there, huh?"

"Yes I am," Miss K replied, her fear melting into lust
inflamed by the woman's touch.

"I can't wait to cram this big log inside of me. It
feels like I'm holding a baseball bat here!" the
trooper said, saliva dripping on her lips, before
licking the tip like an ice cream cone. "Do you want
me to get it nice and hard and slick for you so I can
ride it?" She punctuated that by taking the ridge on
Miss K's tip and sucking on it, running her tongue
along the edge.

Miss K just moaned as she felt the officer's lips and
tongue slip and slide all over her dick, making it
nice and wet. She humped her thick shaft at the
woman's lips, desperate to feel more of them on her
dick, though she was powerless with her hands cuffed
behind her back. She just sat there, twitching
against the torture the cop was putting on her cock
before a hard suck on her pulsing head got her heart
going and her eyes bulging out in surprise.

"OK, mister, or should I say missy with all those
heaving tits and that blonde hair going every which
way," the officer said with a smile before planting a
kiss on the pulsing head. "I'm gonna take you for a
ride," she continued, pulling her shoes off before
pushing her pants over her feet. "Are you ready?"

"OK," Miss K said as she saw the officer straddle her
body, bracing herself on the backseat then hold her
dick upright before using the tip to part her lips.

As the head disappeared inside of her cunt, she felt
her lips stretch, pulling on her clit. She looked up
to see the officer bite her lip, then felt that tight
pussy stretch around and grab her hard dick in her
soft walls as she lowered herself, making the woman
let out a long wail until she felt her soft pussy lips
rub on her balls. Then, she felt the officer grab
onto her breasts and begin to raise herself up and
down on her hard cock, her pussy lips caressing her
ebony shaft. She couldn't help but watch as she felt
her tits being mauled and the trooper ride up and down
on her dick faster and faster, her pussy pulling on
her with the friction. Miss K felt she was having an
out of body experience, watching this woman go crazy
running her pussy up and down her cock, her body
moving more and more out of control. When the officer
laid down against her to get better leverage, she
shivered as she felt her nipples rub against the
officer's shirt, feeling the woman breathe on her

Suddenly, she felt her scream loudly then get heard
her mouth get quiet as her hips thrust quickly up and
down her cock and her pussy milked the shaft inside of
her. Miss K closed her eyes and loved the way her
hard dick was being massaged by that climaxing cop.
As she felt the pulling on her cock subside, she felt
the officer's lips caress hers, getting sucked into a
deep tongue kiss as the cop's tongue ran across her
cheeks and her lips. Finally, she sat up, ran a hand
through her short hair and smiled.

"Hello, I'm Trooper Daniels. Pleasure to meet ya,"
she said in her country twang.

"Hi, Trooper Daniels," said Miss K, still very awake
of the pussy around her still-hard cock. "Pleasure to
be of service. Can I leave now?"

"Are you sure? You haven't cum yet, and I'd love to
feel your cum."

"No thanks."

"Well, OK," Trooper Daniels said, reaching around for
her pants so she could get her keys. Once she
retrieved them, she reached around Miss K, burying her
face in her tits, and unlocked the handcuffs, allowing
Miss K to move her arms and hands around. She brought
one of them to the base of her dick and held onto to
one of Trooper Daniels' hips with the other.

"Can I get out of you now?" Miss K asked as she began
to lift Trooper Daniels off of her dick.

"Sure, I guess," Trooper Daniels says as she lifts her
hips up to help out Miss K in her extraction.
However, in the process, she feels her lips being
tugged on by the friction created by her hard shaft,
forcing her to breathe sharply, stop, brace herself
and look into Miss K's eyes.

"Please don't take that dick out of me! It feels so
good," Trooper Daniels pleaded, looking into Miss K's

"Nah, man. I gotta go," Miss K said, pulling the rest
of her dick out of her with a loud plop. She laid the
cop in the back seat next to her, then opened the door
and slid out, her dick hanging out of jeans.

"Thank you for visiting our county!" Trooper Daniels
screamed as Miss K walked back to her SUV. She then
slumped back in her seat, closed her eyes and rubbed
her sore cooch, thinking about how good that fuck was.

Miss K slid back into the driver's seat of her SUV and
slumped back in her seat, wondering what just
happened. Talking to no one in particular, she
muttered, "I just fucked my way out of a speeding
ticket. Wow."

"Yeah," Tracy said, catching Miss K's attention. It
was then that Miss K realized that Tracy's skin was
coated with a thin layer of sheen, and the scent of
her pussy filled the SUV. "I definitely enjoyed
looking at what that cop did to your big dick. After
all, I've experience enough fuckings at the end of
this big log of yours," she said, reaching over to
grab Miss K's still-hard dick.

"Thanks," Miss K said, hissing through her teeth as
Tracy stroked her dick.

"Speaking of which, I told you that if you made it
through that encounter with that cop, I was going to
make it worth your while, so in that regard…"

Tracy leaned over in her seat over Miss K's lap, then
looked up into her eyes as she took the spongy tip,
her eyes popping out in a bit of surprise when she
tasted another woman on that thick dick in her mouth.
She slid her tongue around the spongy tip, making her
friend shake as she tried to hit all those nerve
endings. Pulling on the tip with the vacuum she made
with her lips, Tracy separated herself from Miss K's

"That trooper sure tastes nice. I'm surprise you
didn't use a condom, though I'm not complaining about
the surprise," Tracy said with a smile.

"Let's see now. I was handcuffed by a cop with a gun.
Not exactly a time to talk about safe sex."

"Fair enough," Tracy said, licking Miss K's tip. "I
like this surprise."

"Speaking of which," Miss K said as she beat her tip
across Tracy's lips, "where's mine?"

Tracy simply parted her lips and slipped the huge
shaft into her mouth, stopping about halfway down Miss
K's shaft. Miss K adjusted her seat back down a bit
and ran her hand down Tracy's side, reaching under her
skirt to rub her lips. She felt Tracy's lips slide up
and down her shaft, creeping lower and lower down her
shaft, as always. She tapped her fingertips on
Tracy's juicy pussy lips, making her suck her dick
harder in response. Just then, she felt Tracy caress
her lips back and forth on the shaft, feeling herself
go deeper and deeper into her throat until she felt
her soft lips kiss the base of her dick. In surprise,
she stiffened up, feeling like she was ready to
release her cum down into Tracy's belly.

Miss K opened her eyes to see Tracy smiling as much as
she could with her cheeks bulging with her cock. She
moaned, breathing hard in response to those soft lips
on her bare skin, quickly sliding a finger back and
forth through Tracy's inner labia and tapping her
clit. She felt Tracy snake out her tongue and lick
her balls before sucking hard on her dick down her
throat, overwhelming Miss K so much that she squeezed
Tracy's pussy in response. Finally, she saw Tracy
lifting her head off of her shaft, then give her tip a
light peck.

"Like that surprise, my big dicked slut!" Tracy moaned
in lust!

"Fuck yeah! Do that again, I might be forced to pour
cum into your little belly!"

Licking Miss K's pulsing head as she held it in one
hand, she continued, "if you keep playing with my
pussy like you are, I might cum when your cum flows
down my throat."

Tapping her fingers quickly on Tracy's clit, Miss K
responded, "Well, let's cum then!"

Tracy slipped the tip into her mouth, giving it a
powerful suck before sliding the huge shaft all the
way into her throat, her lips being met the thrusting
of Miss K's hips. She sucked up and down a few inches
on Miss K's shaft, caressing it with her lips and
milking it with her throat. Just then, she felt Miss
K's dick stiffen up even more in her throat just as
those fingers tapping on her clit seemed to hit a
fever pitch, driving her nuts. She felt a blast of
cum coat her esophagus before exploding into an
orgasm, turned on by her friend's touch as her throat
was coated with a thick layer of cum. The fact that
she was able to conquer such a big cock with her mouth
and throat gave her another thrill, stretching out her
cum even more.

She opened her eyes to see her friend's tits heaving
and her skin covered in sweat, plastering her long
blonde hair to her face. Her friend's lips were
dropped open and shaking from the hot breath that ran
over them. Steeling herself just a bit, she took a
deep breath through her nose and drew her lips up Miss
K's softening dick, letting her tongue trail up with
her lips. Then, smiling up exhaustedly at Miss K, she
sat back up and plopped herself back in her own seat,
still breathing hard from her horniness, feeling her
nipples rub against her t-shirt in a bit of sensory



"Thanks for the deep throat. I really appreciated

"No, thank you, Miss K," Tracy said exhaustedly.
"Besides, with all the fun and pleasure you've given
me, I figure I'd return the favor."

Miss K leaned over gave Tracy a peck on the cheek,
then smiled as she settled back down in her seat.
Then, she said, "I knew you'd be a fun travel buddy
when I first thought of this road trip, as well as a
pretty hot fuck. However, you've exceeded my
expectations not only on the sex, but on the buddy
part, too. Thanks."

"Awww," Tracy sat before giving Miss K a hug across
the shoulders. "That's sweet of ya, you big lug you."

"Don't these tits mean anything? I'm a big lug? I
paid good money for these tits you know," Miss K said
in mock anger as she held up her breasts in Tracy's
direction. She then flashed her a smile as she tucked
her dick back into her jeans. "Let's go find some
more fun and some more sex. Ready Trace?"

"Sure, babe!"

Miss K turned on the ignition, put on her seatbelt,
then put the car into gear, pulling onto the
interstate and speeding off.


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