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WAMK SU stretch out and relax Tracys body


Keywords: tg/f, oral, anal, mast, exh, pub, irAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Starting Up

Welcome to my latest adventure. This series of
stories is going to be wild and crazy and a lot of
fun. Hopefully, you'll enjoy this one. If you're new
to my stuff, please check out my site at So without further
ado, let's get on with it. All non-commercial and
electronic rights to this story are reserved. If it's
not legal for you to read erotic material in your
legal jurisdiction, please do not read this story.

By Brett Lynn

Miss K sat near her bedroom window in her pink silk
robe, staring off into the late morning skyline in the
distance while she held a cup of hot chocolate in one
hand and ran the other through her waist length
bleached blonde permed hair. The indirect sunlight
lent the dark chocolate skin on her silicon enhanced
cleavage a glow, and the long shaft of her surgically
enhanced reminder of her birth sex laid lazily across
her crossed thighs, barely obscured by the length of
the robe. Looking downtown from the perch of her
Manhattan penthouse apartment, she tried to block out
the absence of what she saw and enjoyed the greatest
gift she ever gave to herself: her body. It cost a
lot of money, and a good deal of pain at first, but in
the long run, making her body into a caricature of a
shemale porn goddess seemed to be worth all the fun.
Between all the curious and lusting women looking at
what she endowed herself with and all those sexual
frustrated men looking at her body and lusting for
what they couldn't have, it gave her an unmatched
rush. As she shifted in her chair and felt her
nipples rub against the silk, Miss K couldn't help but
shiver, remembering the way her body feels against
another warm, curvy, soft woman.

"Miss K?"


"Do you need to be serviced?"

Never turning from the window, Miss K replied to her
maid, "Sure. Come here. And kneel facing the window.
I want to play with your ass a bit."

While Miss K finished up her cup of hot chocolate and
placed it at one side of her chair, her maid Deb
kneeled down at the other side of her chair, pulling
open her boss' robe open and caressing her thighs with
her long flaming red hair as Miss K uncrossed and
slightly spread her thighs. Deb then took Miss K's
shaft in her porcelain white hand and slipped the huge
mushroom head between her red lips, sticking her ass
up in the air in the process. Miss K cooed softly at
the familiar feel of her maid's lips while she reached
under her robe to cup one of her huge mammaries, her
thumb toying with the nipple.

As her thick shaft began to get hard, and those red
lips squeezed harder around her cock, making Miss K
shake and scream with lust. Miss K idly reached down
to her maid's ass and lifted up her skirt, happy that
she didn't bother to put on any panties. With the
throbbing head of her cock being toyed with by Deb's
tongue and making her squirm, she decided to repay the
favor and play with her maid, teasing her asshole with
her fingernails and making her squirm. Concentrating
her gaze at the color contrast between her dark cock
and the almost pure white of her maid's skin, Miss K
pulled aside her robe to reveal one of her DDD cup
breasts and hefted it up to her lips with her free
hand, snaking her tongue around her areola and bucking
her hips in pleasure. Her other hand slipped down
between her maid's labia, lightly scratching the
insides of them with one of her nails and making Deb
moan around the hard cock in her mouth.

Gazing down in her maid's crystal blue eyes, Miss K
gripped her hair, pulled her head a bit sideways and
pushed her hips up into her mouth, sliding some of
that thick, smooth shaft into her throat. She played
her nails on the outer lips, making her maid moan
louder around her and putting a nice vibration on her
tip. She started pumping more and more of her thick,
hard dick into Deb's throat with each stroke, letting
those soft lips pull the cum out of her, matching the
timing of her thrusts with the caressing of her
fingers on Deb's pussy. When she felt her maid's soft
lips pressed to her smooth skin at the base of her
dick, she let go of her maid's hair, letting her
expert mouth and throat milk her cock slowly and that
long tongue caress her cock. Miss K licked her lips,
purring in lust while she let one hand roam her
smooth, curvy, firm body, playing all over her soft
skin. Meanwhile, she rubbed her thumb against her
maid's asshole, rubbing it in slow circle while her
fingers kept stroking her vulva, moving tantalizingly
close to her clit.

Miss K slid her ass forward a bit in her chair, then
pulled her robe open and off her shoulders, exposing
her naked body to her maid's gaze. While her maid
carefully did her best to throat her cock, and the
gloss of Deb's spit made her cock look white with the
reflected light, Miss K bit her lip, quieting her
moans. Purring as she idly tweaked one of her
nipples, she ran her fingernails up and down her
maid's uniform, making her squirm and moan loudly.

"Yeah…do more of that for me," Miss K said, humping
her cock up into Deb's moan in response to the
moaning. "Do that while you suck on my cock harder."

As she squeezed one of her breasts between her
fingers, she turned her free hand sideways and stuck
her middle and ring fingers into her maid's pussy,
jumping at the harder suck she just felt. While she
slid her fingers against each other inside her maid,
she let the nail of her pinky tickle her maid's clit,
making her moan loudly and flushing her skin. Miss K
felt her maid pull her tip into her mouth, then suck
on it hard while she flicked her tongue against the
ridge in her head. Miss K twitched her fingers faster
on her maid's pussy, shaking with the beginnings of an
orgasm. She blew on her nipple, loving the way her
breath played on the nerves, and tried not to cum
before she finished off her maid. She pulled her hand
away from Deb's pussy, then licked her thumb, making
it dripping with saliva, then placed in on her clit
rubbing it hard.

Within seconds, Deb's eyes got big, making her open
her mouth to scream in orgasm. As she came, her legs
buckled, making her drop and slip her boss' did out of
her mouth. Mercifully, Miss K took her hand away from
her maid while she stroked her spit slick cock with
her other hand. She pulled her maid's head, forcing
her mouth to take the member back in her mouth, and
Deb got the message, sucking strongly again as she
finished out her cum. Feeling her rough tongue and
that sucking on her cock proved too much for Miss K,
as she felt herself begin to cum. While her maid
swallowed her shaft as her load squirted into her
stomach, her nails pinched at her nipples, making her
shoot a bit harder. Then, Miss K gently milked her
breasts with her hands as she finished her orgasm,
enjoying the feeling of release as the endorphins
flooded her brain as usual. When she finished, she
looked down and saw her maid slowly ease her mouth off
her dick, getting turned on by the way their skin
color contrasted and giving one last shot of cum for
her maid's mouth.

Once her mouth was off of her boss' dick, Deb looked
up into Miss K's eyes and smiled.

"That was nice Miss K."

"Thanks. I needed that release."

"Do you need me for anything else, ma'am."

"No that's it. I think I'm good. No wait. Bringing
the newspaper, please? And get me some OJ and a bowl
of cereal."

"Sure thing, ma'am," Deb replied as she got on her
feet and turned to leave the room, picking up Miss K's
mug on the way out. Once her maid left room, Miss K
thought about putting her robe back on, but decided
against it, getting up naked and plopping down on top
of her disshelved satin sheets. Pulling a section of
her blonde hair onto her breasts and playing with it
with her fingers, she decided to look down and check
herself out. She gazed at her physical form lustily,
with her huge boobs that seemed to defy gravity, the
blonde hair, the narrow waist, the wide hips and, in
between them, her large spent cock coated with a thin
film of spit and cum. "I love having a sex toy for a
body," Miss K said to no one in particular. "It's so
damn fun!"


After her maid brought her newspaper and breakfast to
her, her daily routine began in earnest. Miss K
quietly ate her breakfast, then sat up on the bed and
perused through the New York Times, as usual. She
then walked over to her home gym and worked out in the
nude, enjoying the way her body felt when it was
dripping with sweat. After lifting her weights and
spending a half-hour on the bike, Miss K jumped in the
shower and cleaned herself up, shampooing her hair and
letting the detachable shower head linger on the tip
of her cock. After brushing her teeth, she took her
robe from the bathroom door and slipped it on, getting
ready for another lazy day as a multi-millionaire.

Miss K began her ritual by pulling out a short, tight
baby blue mini-skirt with a matching spaghetti strap
tank top with the word 'slut' written in script in
glitter across the front and a pair of platform
sandals. Then, she sat down at her vanity to get
herself ready to go out. First, she dried her long
hair, then combed it out and sprayed it to go for that
big hair look. After that, she worked on her face,
putting on some metallic light blue lipstick and some
light blue eye shadow. Next, she removed the polish
on her fingernails and toenails and replaced it with
two coats of baby blue polish on each nail. Once that
polish dried, she went to her lingerie draw and picked
out a cotton baby blue thong to hold her manhood under
control under her skirt. Tucking her limp member
between her asscheeks, she pulled the thong over her
legs, then slipped on the shoes, skirt and top.
Picking up her purse, she walked out to her living
room closet, where she picked out her baby blue fur
coat and slipped it on. Miss K checked her purse for
her car keys, went over to her CD collection to pull
out Ghostface Killah's "Supreme Clientele" and calmly
walked out the door.

"Hmm…what to do today?" Miss K thought to herself as
she walked towards the elevator. "Well, I could hit
up that strip club today and have a couple drinks.
Yeah, that's what I'll do." Fishing out her cell
phone and checking the time while she was riding the
elevator, she said to herself, "besides, it's early.
It shouldn't be too wild in there." She patiently
waited for her elevator to reach the garage, then
ducked her head as she left the elevator and walked to
her black SUV. She opened it up, stepped inside,
started it up and popped her CD in the stereo. As she
pulled out the parking space and drove out the garage,
she let a smile creep across her face as the sounds of
"Nutmeg" blasted out of her stereo.


When Miss K made it up to the club, she calmly pulled
into the parking lot, then got out of her SUV, locking
the door behind her. As she calmly walked around the
side of the building to the entrance, she took notice
the neon sign shining against the low winter sunlight,
then turned to enter the club. As her eyes got
adjusted to the darkness and the stage lights, she
noticed the doorman calling to her.

"Hey, Kayla! How's it going?"

"Fine, fine," Miss K replied as she fished out a 5
spot from her purse.

Trying to avoid conversation, she quickly walked away
on her heels, made her way to a table near one of the
runways and sat down. As the girl on the runway did
her routine, Miss K sat back and soaked in the
surroundings, ordering a beer from one of the
waitresses that passed by. Nursing her beer, she let
her eyes adjust to the lighting scheme and surveyed
the club around her. Businessmen sat the various
tables around her, quietly making deals and buying
table dances for clients, while others sat around
looking at the girls on the runways in the club,
glaring lustily at the silicone-enhanced babes
listlessly bumping and grinding to the hip-pop
soundtrack. Quickly bored by the girls on stage, she
scanned the club for the girls walking around, looking
for customers for table and private dances. While the
dresses they wore were falsely glamorous, the women
often weren't.

Since this was one of the more upscale clubs, the
girls who worked the club were more the model type,
with faces that could fit in as well on a magazine
cover as in a club. They were generally tall and
beautiful, and their bodies seemed perfect, even if
some of them got help from a good plastic surgeon.
Miss K checked out each of the ladies, finding one
that wouldn't mind giving a girl a dance and fit her
fancy, when she saw the girl she wanted. She had
long, straight black hair hanging to her waist, held
back by a head band and framing her long, petite,
curvy body. She glided through the room in white
ankle-length spaghetti-strap dress, slit up to her hip
to reveal one long leg and clingy enough to show off
her natural-large breasts, wide hips and tiny waist.
When she finally made it to within 5 feet of her, Miss
K made her move.

"Hey! Um, could you come here?"

"Yeah," the girl replied. "What do you want?"

"Are you available for a private dance?"

The girl seemed taken back a bit by Miss K's request,
then bent down and answered, "Sure. I don't mind.
Dancing for girls isn't something I do everyday, but I
don't mind." She then made eye contact with Miss K,
chucking a bit at her suggestion.

Miss K on the other hand, was reaching for her purse,
her eyes fixed on the girl's hanging cleavage and the
dark nipples that showed through the dress. Fishing
out a $100 bill, she asked, "would 100 bucks make it
worth your while?"

"Sure," the girl replied, standing back up, as she
gathered her cleavage back under her dress and gave a
seductive wink to Miss K. "Follow me."

Miss K got to her feet and looked down at the girl's
face as she looked surprised at your height. "I got
myself a good one," Miss K thought to herself. "Such
a nice, innocent smile too."

"Wow! You're tall. Are you related to one of those
basketball players or something?"

"Nah. I'm not," Miss K replied as they walked over to
the private dance room.

"How tall are you?"

"6 foot 6. Plus I'm wearing 6 inch platform heels
myself. You're pretty tall, too. How tall are you?"
Miss K asked as she ducked her head under the doorway
and into the hallway lined with private booths.

"Or I'm just 5 foot 2 without these heels," the girl
said as she pulled open the curtain to the private
room. It was plush, with red velvet walls and a soft
red velour couch against one wall. "Come on in and
sit. Besides with your height I need to," she
continued, playfully smacking Miss K's ass as she
walked past her.

The girl then came in and closed the curtain behind
her. "So hey, baby, what's your name?"

"Kayla…but I prefer to be called Miss K. What's

"Alright Miss K!" the girl giggled as she seductively
rolled her hips and made the two steps over to the
couch. "My name's Tracy, and I'll be your
entertainment, you Amazon," she said as she planted
her hands on the wall on either side of Miss K,
looking down at her in the soft light with a smile and
letting her cleavage dangle in front of Miss K's face.

"Let's get started."

Tracy stood up and rocked her hips from side to side,
slowly sliding her hands up her body and sliding her
thumbs under the straps of her dress as her fingers
trailed over her breasts. She slid her hands back
down and up the front of her body again, cupping and
squeezing her breasts as she bent over Miss K's face.
Then, Tracy climbed up onto the couch, straddling Miss
K's lap and grinding her ass onto Miss K's thigh as
she felt her hands running along her hips. She
coquettishly gave her customer a peek down her dress
at her breasts before sliding down Miss K's body,
pushing her ass in her hands, and rubbing her tits
back and for against her pleased customer's bosom.
This made both of their nipples pop out, and making
the seating a bit uncomfortable for Miss K as her tip
slid out against her thong. Tracy let her nipples
lead the way up Miss K's body and let her hands rub
Miss K's soft fur coat while she ground her ass harder
onto her customer's lap, pushing Miss K's skirt up as
she in turn kneaded Tracy's ass with her fingers.
Pulling her breasts away from Miss K's face, Tracy
pulled on the straps of her dress and unveiled her
breasts to Miss K's delighted eyes. They hung in a
perfect teardrop firm and big, covered by her milk
chocolate complexion and peaked by Hershey's Kisses-
sized nipples. Miss K could do nothing but lick her
lips in hunger, her shaft thickening and her eyes
glazed over with lust.

"Mmm…you got some delicious breasts there."

"Thanks, honey," Tracy replied, grinding her crotch up
into Miss K's partially exposed stomach. "You don't
have such ones yourself."

"But these," Miss K said as she hefted her breasts
with her fingers, "are courtesy of Dow Corning. Yours
looks all natural. Am I right?"

"Mmmhmm!" Tracy replied, purring a bit before she
flashed a bright smile. "And I can show you how much
of me is natural too?"

"Will you, doll?" Miss K asked as she lightly squeezed
Tracy's breasts. "I'd love to see the rest of you."

"With pleasure!"

Tracy slid down onto her knees on the floor, and Miss
K stroked her hands through Tracy's hair in
appreciation, looking into her pretty face. She then
grabbed onto Miss K's smooth thighs and slid herself
back and forth, working her body up inch by inch,
rubbing her hard nipples against the hem of Miss K's

"You wish I could eat out that li'l pussy of yours,

"Oh, yeah, definitely," Miss K said with a
disingenuous smile. "Now show me that lot little body
of yours."

Miss K sat back as she felt the stripper's warm, soft
body rub against her legs and her naked body peeked
out of her skirt. First, she saw those wonderful
breasts, along with those slender arms contrasting
beautifully against her fur coat. When Tracy's
breasts completed showed up over her skirt, she felt
Tracy's nipples press against her toned tummy, feeling
her own nipples strain against her top while her nails
grazed the bottom of the stripper's breasts, making
her coo. She shivered as she felt the curve of
Tracy's body against her thighs, enjoying the feel of
the soft skin as it slowly revealed itself to her gaze
and enjoyed the warm breath on her mammary flesh.
Miss K looked down and smiled as Tracy snaked out her
tongue between her lips and teasingly licked just
above her top. Then she drank in the sight of Tracy's
torso as she leaned back, with her tiny little waist
and flat little tummy, playfully poking her with a

"Hey! That wasn't nice!" Tracy smiled back at Miss K.
She then pressed the fingernail to her nipple and
checked out the nail. "Nice touch with the baby blue
nails, there!"

"Thanks," Miss K replied. "Now lemme see the rest of
that body of yours!"

Tracy didn't say anything, but just slid her body
between Miss K's legs and stealthily rolled her dress
down the rest of her body and stood up, wearing
nothing but a tiny white thong, showing off her hips
and serving as the perfect cap to her long, slinky

"Do you like how I look?"

"Mmm…definitely," Miss K replied. "I wish I could
have that body for myself."

"You will in a second, honey," Tracy said as she
straddled Miss K's body, letting her knees rest in
Miss K's fur coat. She placed her hands on Miss K's
shoulders and whispered in her ear "ready for me?"

"Yeah, I'm ready."

Miss K sat there as she felt Tracy slide up and down
her body, their tits rubbing against each other
through her top and their nipples bumping against each
other while Tracy's ass pressed on her lap,
tantalizing close to her semi-hard cock. She placed
her hands on Tracy's back and let them feel the
softness of her body as her nails lightly scratched
her back. When Miss K let her hands drift up
Tracy's body, Tracy began to rock her hips up and down
on her body, pressing her pussy through her thong onto
her belly. Slowly, she felt the stripper get hotter
and hotter, moaning in her ear as she felt her rubbing
her pussy against her.

Tracy turned around on the couch and again straddled
Miss K's frame, sticking her big, round ass in her
frame. After wiggling it around in her face, her nose
being able to smell her wetness in her pussy, she felt
Tracy's ass on her tits, her nipples digging into the
soft flesh through her top. Miss K moaned as bit as
she felt Tracy's bare ass contact her skin, her ass
working up and down until it slid down above her
crotch. She looked down at the fleshy round globes,
moving seductively over her crotch, when she had an

"Could you step off of me for a second? I wanna take
off my coat. And make sure I can still look at that
ass of yours."

"Sure! No problem, honey."

As Tracy stepped forward off of her and stood up, Miss
K stood up as well, sliding her fur coat off her
shoulders down to her forearms. Then, through her
coat, she raised up the hem of her skirt just enough
at the sides so she could grab onto her thong, then
pulled them off as she pulled off her coat. She
stepped out of her thong as she stepped out of her
coat, then made sure her legs were right next to each
other as she put her coat to her side.

Just then, Tracy looked over at her shoulder to see
how she looked without her fur coat. "You look nice
there, honey! Maybe you should get a job here."

"No thanks. I'm doing OK for myself," Miss K replied
as she sat down. Reaching out for the striper's hip,
she finished "now bring that fat ass here."

"With pleasure!"

With that, Tracy backed her ass back into Miss K's
body, then pushed down on her lap with her ass,
getting her customer to spread her legs. As she
worked her ass down onto Miss K's crotch, she felt
something bulging down there. "I wonder what this
is," Tracy thought to herself as she felt the now-
familiar touch of Miss K on her back. "Nah it can't
be? Can it? Let me ask."

Tracy leaned back, pressing her back into Miss K's
firm breasts, then asked softly, "um, do you have a
surprise for me?"

"Well, why don't you work that ass and find out my
dear. It will be worth your while, trust me."

Miss K relaxed as Tracy laid back, placed her head
next to her ear and blew in it as she circled and
ground her hips on her dick. As she felt Tracy work
her hips faster and harder, forcing her ass on her
dick, she idly tweaked Tracy's nipples with her
fingernails. She moaned a bit as she felt Tracy reach
back and tug on her top, rubbing her nipples roughly
with the cotton cloth and making her dick twitch up
against her skirt.

Pinching Miss K's nipple through her top, Tracy
whispered to Miss K, "So Miss K is really a Mister K,

"More like a Miss K with a Mister K thing. Wanna
check it out?"

"I guess," Tracy replied as she slid off of Miss K's
body, kneeled between her legs and pushed the hem of
Miss K's skirt up to her waist. What she saw was a
shock, even despite what she felt. She looked at Miss
K's fully hard cock, larger and thicker than any she'd
seen before, twitching in the air with her heartbeat.
When she focused past the huge member, Tracy got a
bigger visual shock, realizing how what she saw
initially compared to the big hard dick in front of
her. She saw some wide hips, a hint at an ass as nice
as hers, a tight little stomach with a femininely
small waist and huge boobs bulging out of her top.
She saw the long blonde mane framing the face made up
in blue, and her mouth could do nothing but drop in

"Any questions?" Miss K smoothly asked, looking at
Tracy's shocked face.


"Well, I have a million dollar body…literally. I was
a very wealthy man who decided to use his money to
transform himself into a very beautiful non-operative
transsexual," Miss K answered in a very seductive

"You mean a shemale?"

"Thanks for your exceeding political correctness, hun,
but yeah, I'm a trannie," she answered while idly
stroking her cock.

"How did you hide that thing?"

"When I took off my fur coat, I also slipped off my
little thong," Miss K replied, fishing her panties out
from the mass of her fur coat.

"Oh. OK," Tracy replied, while standing up on her
knees to get closer to Miss K's cock. "Wow, it's
bigger than anyone I've ever messed with too. So
big…and thick as a Coke can! May I…"

Miss K nodded her head in approval as Tracy moved her
lips closer to her cock. Just she was spreading her
lips, about to slip her lips on the tip, she stopped
moving suddenly.


"What?" miss K asked, opening the eyes she closed in
anticipation of the blowjob.

"I can't suck you off here. I'd lose my job."
Thinking for a second, Tracy continued, "Well, I'm
about to go off in like 15 minutes anyway. Maybe we
could take this back to your place."

"But I can't fit this thing back in between my legs
when it's hard like this. Besides, everyone would
know my secret," Miss K said with a wink, playfully
slapping her cock on Tracy's cheek. "Tell ya what.
Stroke this thing off here, and we can go back to my
place and have a lot of fun."

"OK," Tracy replied, folding her soft hands around
Miss K's cock and pulling them up and down. As she
twisted her hands around miss K's tip, she asked her,
"do you like that?"

"Mmhmm," Miss K replied as reached under her top and
pulled at her nipples.

"Yeah, you like my hands pumping my cock, huh," Tracy
continued as she pulled a bit harder on Miss K's cock.

"Yeah, keep pumping that cock."

"Don't you wanna cover my pretty face in cum?" Tracy
continued as she pulled harder and faster on Miss K's
dick. Licking her lips, she continued, "I'd love to
taste your cum on my lips. I just want a taste of
what I'm gonna get later, right?"

"Oh, yeah!" Miss K moaned as she pulled on her tits
under her shirt. "You're gonna taste my cum."

"Oooh! I see the trannie is getting hot for little
Tracy, huh?" Tracy leered as she kept stroking Miss
K's big hard cock. "Pulling on her tits while I pull
on her dick! I bet I'm gonna see a lot of that later,

Working her thumbs around Miss K's flaring head and
concentrating her strokes below the head, Tracy looked
up into Miss K's slitted eyes and tried to get her to

"Oh well…you like the way my hands feel, huh? I'd
love to feel your cum on my face! All that gooey cum
on my face…I'd love to eat it all off! Give it to me
baby! Gimme your fucking cum!!!"

As she twitched her nails over the ridge of Miss K's
head, she felt Miss K's shaft twitch, getting ready to
cum. Miss K simply closed her eyes and pumped her
cock through Tracy's hands, shooting her cum out of
her cock and releasing, grunting between closed lips
to keep down the noise. She calmly herself down
quick, her chest heaving as she felt the last bit of
her semen squirting out of her cock, coating Tracy's
fingers. She looked down to see Tracy licking some
cum off of her lips, then flash her a smile while
scrapping the rest of her cum off of her pretty face.

"Mmm..that was nice! Do you love the taste of my

"Mmhmm," Tracy replied, popping her fingers and
slurping the cum off of them.

Standing up, Miss K gingerly tucked her slightly sore
cock between her cheeks, then dug out her thong and
pulled it back on. "How soon will you get ready?"

"Gimme a few minutes to get my stuff. I'll be ready
in 5."

"OK," Miss K replied, fishing out a $100 bill from her
purse. "Here's the money for the dance."

"Alright," Tracy replied as she tucked the money into
her g-string.

"My car is the black SUV with the tinted windows in
the parking lot next to here. I'll have the lights
on, OK?"


"Pulling on her fur coat and stepping to leave the
room, she said to Tracy, "see ya in a few!"


Miss K's black SUV weaved its way through the sluggish
rush hour traffic, and Hot 97 was quietly playing on
the stereo. Tracy sat back again the door, her jean
clad legs open in her friend's direction.

"So, Miss K, um, you seem kinda cocky there! And I'm
not referring to your dick, you know," Tracy cracked.

"Thanks, Miss Martin Lawrence! But seriously, I went
for that named because if I'm gonna live as a girl, I
mind as well be the best, right?" Miss K shot back,
her right hand lightly scratching Tracy's thigh.

"I'd say that. You have a pretty nice body for
someone who was born as a guy."

"Thanks. And I'd say that you have a pretty nice body
for someone who was born as a girl."

Tracy chuckled at that line, smiling as she playfully
punched Miss K's arm. "I hope I can check it out

"And you shall."

"So, um, do you like, I mean, um…"

"Guys. Nope. I'm very much a lover of women, though
whether that means I'm straight or lesbian, I'm not
sure. I just lost a girlfriend due to a move, have my
maid suck me off every morning and have gone through
many women since I debuted the new me. Feel me?"

Scratching her nail's up Tracy's thigh through her
jeans, Miss K continued, "And trust me, you'll feel
what I can do very soon." As Miss K pulled to a stop
at a traffic light, she scratched Tracy's pussy
through her jeans, putting pressure on the seam to rub
her clit and making her moan.

"Ooh, that felt nice there! I can't hardly wait!"

"Well, you won't have to wait much more. We're almost
at my apartment," Miss K said, her gaze looking up the
street to her building. She cupped and squeezed
Tracy's pussy through her jeans, rolling around her
fingers and holding on until they made the turn into
the parking garage. Miss K coolly pulled into a
parking space into the garage, then got out of the SUV
to help Tracy down. She led the way to the
elevator, which took them up to Miss K's penthouse
apartment. After stepping off of the elevator, Miss K
and Tracy walked to the end of the hallway, where Miss
K opened the door to her apartment. She walked in and
chucked her fur coat onto the couch, while Tracy
remained at the door, surveying the cool white
contemporary styling in the living room bathed in
twilight before focusing on the large ass behind
hidden under her friend's skirt.

"Enjoying the view Tracy?" Miss K asked, looking over
her shoulder back at Miss K.

"Not bad here. Not bad behind you either. You have
one hell of an ass back there. How did you pull that

"I said I had a million body, babe, and that includes
my ass," Miss K replied before she shook her ass a bit
for Tracy's pleasure and sticking out her ass a bit,
just enough to show the g-string holding up her balls.

Miss K then stood up and turned sideways, beckoning
Tracy to her. "Come on, babe! Let's get this party

"OK," Tracy replied, closing the door behind her
before walking up to Miss K and following her lead
into the bedroom. When she got into the bedroom, she
took her coat off and put it down by the door, showing
off her white baby tee what covered her bulging
breasts and showed off her belly. Miss K had walked
over to the bed, waiting for Tracy to say something.

"So, do you want me to take care of you first?" Tracy
said, walking to Miss K and reaching under skirt. "I
can't wait to try this out," she continued, smiling as
she felt out Miss K's cock under her g-string.

Miss K smiled back at Tracy, then pushed her away
before taking a seat on the corner of the bed. "Not
yet. First, I wanna take care of you. Take off your
clothes, and don't strip. I paid for your show at
work. Once you're finished, lay down on the bed face
down, OK?"


Tracy took off her shirt, showing her large breasts
being held up beautifully by a white satin demi-bra.
After kicking off her sneakers, she took off her jeans
to reveal the white thong she had on before. With
practiced ease, she took off her bra before pulling
down and taking off her panties. When she was
finished, she stood up and looked at Miss K for
approval, with her big firm tits quivering with nerves
and her nude slit peeking from in between her legs.

"What do you think?"

"Nice. Very nice," Miss K replied, her mouth watering
at the sight of her body. "Now lay down on your
stomach, and don't move."

Miss K got up off the bed as Tracy hopped on, her
breasts bouncing on her chest. She smiled over her
shoulder back at Miss K before laying down on the bed,
her head hidden by the pillows and the halo of hair
that laid out on top of it.

"So what are you gonna do?"

"You'll see," Miss K quietly replied. "You'll see."

Miss K pulled off her top and tossed it behind her,
letting her big breasts be exposed to the cool air in
the room. She climbed onto the bed, letting her
nipples graze up from Tracy's ass to her shoulder
blades. She then sat back on her knees and straddled
Tracy's thighs, getting ready to rub Tracy's back and
licking her lips at the curves she saw.

She started by grazing her nails up and down Tracy's
back, moving them back and forth slowly to get her
accustomed to the touch. She then placed her hands on
Tracy's left arm, kneading the flesh upwards trying to
relax her flesh. As she rubbed up her arms, Miss K
felt Tracy's skin against her thighs as she wiggled in
response to her touch, making her dick stir in her
thong. Tracy switched to Tracy's other arm and worked
her hands up that before working her fingers through
Tracy's thin shoulders, kneading and rubbing the
flesh. Teasingly, she grazed her nails along the
sides of Tracy's breasts before pressing the heel of
her hands in the middle of her back, using her fingers
to stretch out and relax Tracy's body and mind.

"That feels nice there, babe, but is that how you're
going to rock my world?" Tracy said, slightly muffled
by the pillow.

"Trust me. I'm just setting you up!" Miss K replied,
kneading the heel of her hands right into Tracy's


Miss K kneaded her hands down Tracy's back, squeezing
her fingers around the flesh and feeling it loosen up.
As her fingers moved down below Tracy's ribcage, Miss
K found that her fingernails easily reached the side
of Tracy's wrist while the heels of her hands were
right by the spine. She kneaded her hands outward
from her spine, almost holding her waist in her hands,
then worked her hands back in, subtly grinding her
crotch against Tracy's ass. While she lowered her
hands down Tracy's back, Miss K rocked her hips and
ground her crotch against her ass harder and harder,
teasing her fingernails across Tracy's skin. She slid
her hands down onto Tracy's plump ass with the heel
first, pressing her cheeks into them with her crotch.

"Ooh, so that's whatcha gonna do, huh?" Tracy said,
raising her head off the pillows.

"Nah," Miss K replied, digging her nails into Tracy's
ass and squeezing the globes between her fingers. She
used her hands and hips to feel up Tracy's round,
fleshy globes, enjoying the silky, soft feel of them
against her skin. "You'll see what I'm gonna do."


Sliding down over Tracy's thighs, she kept rubbing her
ass, letting a nail graze over her asshole and barely
nipping Tracy's labia. Miss K then reached behind
her, lifted up the back of her skirt with one hand and
teased the swollen head of her hard cock with the
other. She tucked the hem of her skirt into the
waistband and slid her hips forward enough until her
hips were just touching Tracy's ass. Then, she pulled
aside her g-string with both hands, letting her hard
cock slap up against Tracy's bare pussy, and forcing
Tracy's to wiggle her pussy against it in response.

"So you're gonna fuck me now?"

"Nu-uh. I'm going to tease you like you've never been
teased before, babe. Just lay still and enjoy," Miss
K replied, squeezing her nipples and humming to
herself as Tracy's soft lips wiggled against her cock.

"God, this is too much! Fuck me, dammit!"


Miss K slid her hard dick up Tracy's ass crack, her
tip brushing against first Tracy's lips and parting
them and then running over her asshole. As she slid
forward, through her ass crack and onto her spine, she
held the tip of her dick down against the skin by
pressing her dick down at the base, flicking one
nipple with the fingernails of the other hand. She
ran it up Tracy's spine, making her squirm as she felt
the heat radiated out from her swollen head.
Teasingly sliding it back and forth as Tracy tried to
raise her back up to feel more of Miss K's huge hard
cock, she slid her tip up against Tracy's long hair,
shaking from the way the hair end teased her cock.
Miss K grabbed a strand of Tracy's hair, then wrapped
it our her cock and slid her dick forward, pressing
her tip into the back of Tracy's head and pumping her
hips back and forth to enjoy the feel of Tracy's hair.

"Don't you wish you could have your lips on my tip?"


"Not yet my dear…not yet," Miss K said with a chuckle,
sliding her hard dick out of Tracy's hair.

Miss K stroked her cock in her hand a bit, making it
flex a bit with its hardness, then placed her tip on
Tracy's shoulder, sliding it back and forth slowly
down Tracy's arm. Tracy looked over her shoulder,
licking her lips and her mouth watering at the sight
of Miss K's hard dick as it burrowed into the hollow
of her elbow, making both of them shake and coo with
lust. Miss K traced her tip down over Tracy's forearm
and wrist, stopping to rest her tip in the palm of
Tracy's hand only to snatch it away when Tracy tried
to grab on.

"Nah-uh-uh Tracy girl!" Miss K ordered, lightly
slapping away Tracy's hand. "You'll get your hand on
my dick soon enough." Tracy moaned in frustrated
lust, rubbing her body against the bed sheets,
desperate for relief.

She pressed the tip of her dick to Tracy's wrist
again, letting it drag along Tracy's arm and enjoying
the way her super-soft skin felt against it. Miss K
then put the tip in Tracy's underarms and squeezed her
bicep against her tip, moaning softly as she rubbed
her tip so close to Tracy's tit. After a short stay,
Miss K pulled her swollen head out of there and across
Tracy's back, batting the tip against her spine. She
then slid her tip across to Tracy's other shoulder,
pulling it away from Tracy's attempt to lick it before
running it down that arm. As she ran it down Tracy's
other arm, Tracy moaned with lust, being driven crazy
with the heat of Miss K's dick on her.

"Please fuck me NOW!" Tracy screamed into the pillow.
"I need a dick inside of me so bad!"

"No. You have to want my dick first."


"Hush. I'm not done with you yet. Not even close."

Tracy whimpered hopelessly as Miss K rubbed her tip
against the palm of Tracy's hand before smoothly
tracing the head of her dick up her wrist and forearm,
then across to the small of her back. She leaned
forward, putting more weight on the tip of her dick,
as she slowly slid her dick back and forth, with her
tip digging into Tracy's pliant flesh. Then, she
pulled her tip down over Tracy's ass, pulling up a
nipple to lick for the added stimulation as she ran
her tip to a stop at the top of her thigh, mere inches
from Tracy's pussy. Tracy tried to wiggle her ass to
force Miss K's tip onto her pussy, desperate for her
sugar walls to be stretch.

"Are you gonna fuck me now? Please GOD I need your

Miss K bent down to press her breasts into the top of
Tracy's back, feeling her hair tease her nipples. She
ran her nipples up over Tracy's shoulders, then
whispered softly into Tracy's ear, "no way."

She lightly scratched her nails down Tracy's back,
making her scream at the contact with her skin as they
ran down to her butt. She then dug her nails into
Tracy's booty as she raised up off of Tracy's body and
stroked herself a bit to keep her dick hard, teasing
her head with her nails. Miss K pressed the tip of
her dick into the top of Tracy's thigh, lazily tracing
down it in a series of s curves, making Tracy flex her
ass back every time the spongy head came to her inner
thigh. She let it graze out to the back of her knee,
a trail of pre-cum left behind, then lifted up Tracy's
foot as she slid the base of her cock to the knee.
Miss K pressed her foot to her ass, then pulled her
dick through, Making Tracy scream from the heat and
keeping herself nice and hot.

After straightening her leg back out and laying it on
the bed, she laid out her hard dick along Tracy's
calf, then pulled her long, thick shaft along her
rounded calf, then down over her ankle and heel before
rubbing her tip up and down the sole of Tracy's foot,
making her moan and giggle a bit.

"Mmm…that feels so nice! I can't wait to feel that
thing inside of me," Tracy said as she pressed her
foot back against Miss K's dick, stroking her sole up
and down her thick shaft.

"Well, maybe I'll give you a little taste. You've
been good enough, right?"

"Mmhmm," Tracy replied, grinding her hips side to side
on the bed and giving her butt a delicious wiggle.

"OK, my dear. Gimme one moment."

Miss K reached over and pulled Tracy's feet together,
putting them in the perfect position of what she was
going to do next. She traced the tip of her dick back
and forth across the soles of both feet, making Tracy
squirm and giggle as pre-cum laced the bottom of her
feet like icing. Then, she spread Tracy's feet a bit
and placed them on either side of the base of her
dick. Slowly, she slid her dick in between her feet,
twisting her hips a bit from side to side to get
herself hot and to feel every inch of her dick between
the soles of Tracy's feet. Then she dropped the feet,
laid her body over Tracy's and slid her body up and
down on her back, blowing in her ear below snaking her
tongue through her hair and licking it.

Miss K whispered into Tracy's ear, "You like what I'm
doing so far?"


"Are you gonna wait for what else I've got in store
for you before you get to suck my dick?"

"MmmHMMM," Tracy replied, arching her back up against
Miss K and slightly pushing her off her back. "Do it
to me baby."

Miss K picked up one of Tracy's feet and brought her
toes to her mouth. She gave each of her toes a long,
lingering suck, letting her tongue swirl around it in
her mouth. Then, she licked the sole of her foot like
a Popsicle, faintly tasting her own pre-cum on her
tongue as Tracy bucked up on the bed, sticking up ass
and looking back at her foot. Miss K took a glance at
the big round ass Tracy was sticking up in the air,
along with the dripping wet pussy below it, making her
mouth water with lust. Her lips were swollen with
lust and her clit peeked out from under its hood, just
ripe for to be sucked on.

"I see you're hungry for my pussy, Miss K."

"You got that right honey," Miss K replied, licking
over her ankle as punctuation.

"Don't you just wanna eat it uh-u-up," Tracy leered,
her voice getting ragged as she briefly rubbed her
palm on her clit, almost triggering an orgasm.

"Don't you worry," Miss K replied as she planted a wet
kiss on Tracy's ankle. "I'll get there soon enough."

With that, Miss K began to wetly kiss her way up
Tracy's small calf, pressing the saliva around with
her metallic blue lips. She enjoyed the way that
Tracy tasted, flicking out her tongue and spreading
out her spit much to Tracy's delight, shivering in the
coolness the moisture provided. She herself got hot
looking at Tracy's lust, slowly stroking her dick as
she thought about how good that pussy would feel on
her. When she got to the back of Tracy's knee with
her lips, Miss K licked all around the skin, hitting
every single nerve she could find and driving Tracy
crazy, pushing her ass back against Miss K's head and
pulling at the sheets.

Miss K grabbed Tracy's ass, spread apart her cheeks
and blew a line up her crack, triggering a slight
orgasm from Tracy. She then pulled away from Tracy's
ass and planted her lips on her thigh, doing the same
thing she was doing on her calf. Grabbing onto her
wait to keep Tracy from rocking back into her mouth,
she pulled up her foot and planted it on her shaft,
letting Tracy stroke her cock while she licked her way
up Tracy's thigh. As she licked closer and closer to
Tracy's honey pot, she could smell how wet she was,
her juices dripping down onto her thighs. She made a
bunch of kitten licks up to the bottom of Tracy's ass,
then licked back and forth across her thigh, moving
her tongue very close to Tracy's pussy before pulling

She scratched her nails along the outer labia of
Tracy's gushing pussy, making Tracy's moan and scream,
close to an orgasm. She then slid her foot off her
dick, moved up to Tracy's ear and whispered to her,
"do you want me to eat your pussy now?" After saying
that, she stuck one of her nails in between her lips
and pulled it in between them, raking over her clit
and making Tracy scream and collapse in orgasm.


"I take that as a 'Yes' then."

Miss K slid down Tracy's body, then planted the tip of
her tongue at the bottom of one of Tracy's ass cheeks,
licking her way over the sensitive skin and making
Tracy shake with pure lust. She then slid her tongue
backwards down Tracy's ass crack, making her shake,
and then reamed her asshole with her tongue. Exciting
by the strong scent of Tracy's cunt, she dribbled a
big wad of spit onto her asshole, then painted it all
around with her tongue, with Tracy's pressing her ass
into her mouth. Holding onto her hips, Miss K licked
down to the outer lips of her pussy, licking around
the lubricant-glazed juicy lips as Tracy pulled her
hips against her friend's restraint. Then, she took
one of Tracy's inner lips between her lips and hummed
on it as she sucked, making her cum again and
releasing more of her fluids on Miss K's waiting lips.

Holding Tracy's body down by pressing on her chest,
Miss K went to work on her pussy, sucking on each of
her lips and running her tongue along the edge, making
her start to shudder in a continuous orgasm. After
giving her lips a long, wet goodbye lick from her clit
up, she shoved her tongue inside Tracy's pussy,
wiggling around and fucking her tongue in and out.

"I know you want my fucking cock, huh!" Miss K
screamed over Tracy's moans, raking one of her nails
over her clit.


"You'll get it soon enough, baby. You'll just have to
cum some more for me."

Tracy whispered in lust, barely knowing what planet
she was on as Miss K shoved her tongue back inside her
pussy, rubbing and raking her clit with her thumb and
she twisted her tongue around, stabbing her pussy as
deep within those sugar walls as possible. As she
tasted the depths of her friend's pussy, Miss K rubbed
Tracy's slick clit between her thumb and forefinger,
rendering Tracy speechless and motionless as yet
another cum racked her body. Finally, Miss K took her
clit between her teeth and lightly pressed them to it
as a vice, flicking her tongue across her clit and
making Tracy shake uncontrollably. After raking her
teeth back and forth over Tracy's clit, Miss K took
Tracy's clit between her fingers and sucked on it
hard, pulling it away from her body with the vacuum
formed in her mouth. Miss K flicked her tongue over
Tracy's clit a few more times, her ears ringing
Tracy's incoherent moans and grunts before she finally
pulled her mouth away from Tracy's pussy, giving her
ass a final slap and grab.

Miss K brushed Tracy's hair away from her ear, giving
it a brief lick, before giving her a kiss on the

"So what did you think of that?"

Barely able to catch her breath, Tracy replied, "wow!
That was incredible! I guess you did rock my world."
She then collapsed down onto the bed, her glassy-eyed
gaze directed up at Miss K.

Stepping off of the bed and pulling the hem of her
skirt out of her waist, Miss K asked Tracy, "do you
wanna still check out my body?"


Miss K unzipped her skirt and pulled her skirt down to
her knees, letting it fall to the floor from there.
She turned on the lamp on her nightstand, stood up
tall and peered over her huge breasts at Tracy.

"Do you like what you see?"

Tracy rubbed her eyes in shock, thinking that the
orgasmic haze had messed with her vision. This was
the best female body that she had ever saw, except for
that massive staff sticking outward and somewhat
upward from her body. Miss K's athletic thighs and
soft, curvy hips framed her vaguely masculine dick and
balls, covered in soft skin and completely hairless.
Though Tracy couldn't see Miss K's belly button from
the angle she was looking up at, she could see at
slight six-pack of her abs over a very thin waist and
between her long, curly blonde hair. She saw her
massive breasts just floating in space, their size
casting a slight shadow below them, and Miss K's
pretty face smiling down above them, with her golden
halo of hair glowing with the light and framing a
toothy smile.

"Impressive! Wow! Can I turn around and see your ass

"Yes you may," Miss K replied as she turned around in
front of Tracy and stuck her ass out and up, her hand
bending down her hard dick and stroking it between her
thighs. She looked back over her shoulder at Tracy
while her long hair hid her waist, making her ass look
even more delicious.

"Yummy! How did you get your ass like that? And your
tits for that matter? I didn't see even a hint of a

"Well," Miss K started as she turned back around to
face Tracy, "for the ass, I got some silicone
injections for that. I know that ain't common, but I
did what I had to do. As for my scar free fake triple
D's, well, I got that surgery when they inserted them
through my belly button. If you're nice enough, you
may even get to see that scar."

"Thanks," Tracy replied, beaming her innocent smile up
to Miss K.

Getting back onto the bed, Miss K slid over on her
knees and lightly bopped Tracy's lips with the head of
her cock. "Now, you'll finally get the chance to suck
my dick. Are you ready?"


Tracy propped herself up on her side, bracing herself
with her forearm, then moistened her lips with her
tongue and gave the head of Miss K's cock a kiss. She
opened her mouth a bit and snaked her tongue out,
making Miss K shake and hold onto her head for
balance. She stretched her mouth open and took a few
inches of the shaft into her mouth, sucking on it as
she slid the shaft out of her. Looking up into Miss
K's eyes, she inhaled half of her cock into her
throat, stretching her soft lips over her shaft and
caressing the silky skin as she went up and down the
shaft. After swirling her tongue around Miss K's tip,
she closed her eyes and tried to take all over Miss
K's throat, making Miss K groan in pleasure. Suddenly
Tracy choked and gagged, forcing her to open her eyes
and see that about a third of Miss K's cock remained
outside of the grasp of her lips. She pulled her
mouth and throat off of her dick, she looked up into
Miss K's eyes, stroking her cock lightly with one of
her hands as she tried to catch her breath.

"Oh GOD! You're so big. How long are you?"

"12 inches long," Miss K replied, stroking Tracy's
hair to try and calm her down. "And it's pretty thick
to, like about 9 inches around."

"Oh my God! I knew this was the biggest dick I've
ever seen, but this is unreal," Tracy said as she
continued to slowly stroke Miss K's cock, her fingers
lingering to rub the ridge of the tip. "I've deep
throated 8, 9 inch dicks before, but no one as big as

"Yet another thing I've paid for, my dear," Miss K
said as she tweaked her nipples with her fingers a
bit. "I was about 8 inches before. Maybe I'll
explain it to you sometime, but first work on that
dick like you are now."

Miss K brushed her hair back out of her face with her
hand while brushed Tracy's lips with her tip,
breathing hard as she felt Tracy's breath on it.
Tracy took hold of her cock with one hand and ran her
lips around her head, flicking her tongue out at the
ridge, then ran her lips up and down the shaft, making
Miss K groan in pleasure and brace herself with one
arm on the headboard. Tracy then began to lick the
huge dick like a Popsicle, coating every inch of the
shaft with her spit and running the sensitive head
with each pass. After tasting ever inch of Miss K's
chocolate skin, Tracy stroked off Miss K's slick dick
while taking each of her balls into her mouth and
sucking it hard, rolling it around in her mouth with
her tongue as Miss K tried to them deeper into her
mouth with her hips. Finally, she licked all the way
up the long shaft and took the large head into her
mouth, nursing on it as her tongue ran all around the
tip and idly stroking it in her small, soft hands.

Miss K grabbed her tits and pulled them apart, moaning
and pushing around Tracy's head with her hips as she
sucked hard on her tip. "Man, that feels so good,"
she panted out as Tracy worked on her dick. "You suck
cock so good."

Tracy opened up her mouth and slipped half of Miss K's
hard dick into her mouth as Miss K stroked her hair in
appreciation. She sucked the shaft hard and ran her
tongue along the bottom before slowly easing her mouth
completely off the dick, stroking it with her hand
before planting a light kiss on the her piss slit.

"Thanks," Tracy responded. "I appreciate the
compliment." She slowly placed a series of butterfly
kisses on Miss K's tip, making her moan in pleasure,
"I take pride in my work, you know."

"I can tell," Miss K said before flashing a wide smile
and giggling, looking down in lust.

Tracy took the head of Miss K's dick into her mouth
again, sucking on it hard and twisting her lips on her
head as she worked her tongue in the opposite
direction, making Miss K collapse over her head with
the stimulation. Miss K reached under her and pulled
Tracy's head off of her dick, crawling off the bed on
her knees.

"God damn, that was too much," Miss K said, huffing
and puffing. Steadying herself on the nightstand to
get back onto her feet, she pulled out a condom and
tore the wrapper.

"What are you gonna do now?"

"Well," Miss K said as she climbed back onto the bed.
"I'm gonna put on this condom, I'm gonna slip this big
dick inside of you, I'm gonna let you feel up my body
and I'm gonna fuck you silly until I fill this condom
with cum. Got it?"

Tracy thought about what Miss K said for a second,
then rolled her eyes back, let her mouth drop open and
grabbed at her nipples as she arched body in lust.
"You're gonna fuck me with that?"

"Mmhmm," Miss K replied as she took the condom out the
wrapper and rolled it onto her dick.

"Oh GOD!" Tracy moaned as she rolled over onto her
back and reached under her thigh with her hand to
tease her lips, hot with desire.

Miss K perched herself over Tracy's body on all fours,
with her hair brushing Tracy's sides, her tits
dangling over Tracy's and their nipples rubbing over
each other, getting both of them hot. Miss K then
bent her dick down slightly to aim it at Tracy's pussy
and pushed in her tip slowly, eased by how wet Tracy's
pussy was. Tracy wailed as she felt the member invade
her body, stretching open her pussy like never before
and forcing her lips to tug on her clit. Inch by
inch, Miss K stretched Tracy out until she felt her
balls press against Tracy's labia, then laid her large
frame over Tracy's petite body before kissing her
hard, tasting Tracy's wet mouth.

Raising up off of Tracy's face, Miss K told her, "Go
ahead. Feel me up."

Tracy wrapped her hands around Miss K's back and ran
her fingers through the long, curly, silky hair,
enjoying the feel of the strong back under it. She
traced her fingertips along the long, strong arms
bulging her strength, then pushed her hands between
their bodies to feel up Miss K's breasts, loving how
soft and firm and heavy they were in her hands. She
pinched and pulled at Miss K's nipples, feeling her
dick flex in her pussy as a result of her caresses.
She felt up that firm, flat belly and traced her
fingers around her waist, surprised that it felt so
small in comparison to the rest of her body. Then,
she moved her hands down to Miss K's ass, running over
her big, round ass and squeezing her fingers into the
soft, firm flesh.

"Mmm…you have a nice ass. Feels better in my hands
then anything I've ever seen."

"I take it you're experience with girls goes beyond
the club, I take it."

"Umm…well, I did try a few things back in high school.
Didn't think I'd go back though."

"And I bet you didn't think you'd ever me anyone like
me, huh?"


Miss K raised up off of Tracy's body, then bent
Tracy's knees back to her breasts and placed Tracy's
feet on her breasts. Rubbing the sole of her foot
against one of her nipples and making her shiver some
more, Miss K smiled and then bragged, "now you're
going to get the fuck of your life."

She grabbed Tracy's hips and pulled her hips back,
rubbing her tits against Tracy's feet in the process.
Slowly, she started to pump Tracy's velvet vise,
loving how tight and slick her pussy was, squeezing
Tracy's breasts with one hand while rubbing her clit
with the other. She held on tight to that breasts
while increasing the force of her thrusts, pounding
her pussy harder and harder as she twisted around her
dick inside of Tracy.

"You like the way my cock feels?"

"Uh-huh!" Tracy breathlessly moaned, shaking at she
felt her pussy being stretched to the limit.

"Now you're really gonna get it!"

She pounded Tracy's pussy as hard as she could, making
Tracy freeze in shock as she rubbed the inside of her
pussy raw. She slapped her hips hard into Tracy's
ass, making Tracy's breasts wobble across her chest.
Thrusting with all she could, she drilled her cock as
deep as she could as fast as she could as hard as she
could. Miss K got lost in the hypnotic rhythm,
enjoying the friction on her inflamed head and loving
the way the soles of Tracy's feet rubbed against her
nipples and her balls slapped against Tracy's soft
lips. She grinded her crotch hard against Tracy's
clit, driving her lover wild, making her shake and rub
her feet against her tits. She took one foot to her
mouth and sucked on the toes while she ground her hips
against Tracy's sweet honey pot, making her cum and
pulling on her cock through the latex. Miss K let
Tracy's body go limp and fall to the bed, letting her
shake through yet another cum and struggling to hold
off against hers, slowly fucking her huge shaft in and
out. Trying not to cum, she eased her dick out of
Tracy's tight grip, moaning as her lips squeezed her
dick before releasing them with a large plop.

"Did you cum?" Tracy asked.

"Not yet. I wanna stick my dick up your ass."


"And relax. I'll be gentle. Just get on all fours."

While Tracy unsteadily got herself to all fours, Miss
K slid over on her knees to her nightstand and pulled
out a tube of lubricant. Getting behind Tracy's ass,
she squirted some lube on her own dick, lightly
stroking it to cover the whole condom. She then
squirted some lube on one finger, inserting it inside
Tracy's asshole and wiggling it around while at the
same time gently stroking Tracy's clit.

"Does that feel comfortable?"


"Now brace yourself. It's gonna be painful when I
stick this inside of you, but I'll take it nice and

"OK, Miss K," Tracy said, smiling back over her
shoulder at Miss K. "Hey, I think I came up with a

"Hush," Miss K interrupted, punctuating it with a
slap. She then covered all of her fingers in lube and
inserted two of her fingers inside Tracy's ass. She
slowly rotated her fingers around, spreading the lube
and rubbing Tracy's clit to keep her calm. After
slipping a third finger inside of Tracy's ass, Miss K
lined up her dick with Tracy's back passage, pressing
her tip to the entrance against getting ready to push
it in.

"Are you ready?"

"OK. Be gentle there."

Miss K pushed her tip inside of Tracy's ass, loving
hot tight and warm it felt around it. Gently rubbing
Tracy's clit, she made a series of thrusts inside of
Tracy's ass, easing her dick inside inch by tight
inch, until she felt that big ass on her crotch. She
ran her hands up Tracy's sides, then squeezed her
breasts, pulling her up by them and pressing her back
against her tits.

She licked Tracy's ear, then whispered, "Do you like
how I feel inside of you?"


"Do you like how I'm filling you?"


"Do you like how I'm a part of you?"


"Now stick out that tongue for me."

Tracy did as asked, and Miss K stuck her tongue out,
wrapping her tongue against Tracy's and getting the
favor returned to her. Miss K then squeezed her
nipples between her fingers and pulled away her tongue
from Tracy's.

"Now, I'm going to cum inside of you. Are you ready?"

Tracy nodded her head in response, and Miss K pulled
her cock out a bit before slamming it in. She stuck a
hand between Tracy's legs to rub her lips and clit as
she ground her cock through Tracy's tight ass, loving
how tight her ass was around her dick. She rubbed her
body against Tracy's, dying to feel that petite body
against hers as that friction in Tracy's ass drove her
wild. When she pulled her dick almost completely out
of that soft ass and back in, Miss K decided to let
go, holding onto Tracy tight and screaming loudly in
her ear as she pushed her dick as deep as she could
inside of her, flooding her condom with cum and
flooding Tracy's ear with her breath.

When she finished cumming, Miss K let go of Tracy and
eased her ass out of Tracy's ass, exiting with a large
pop. Carefully, she took off her condom, trying to
leave as much cum on her cock as possible, while Tracy
idly rubbed her pussy and felt out her now gaping
asshole. Miss K brought her softening dick to Tracy's
face and offered it to her.

"Wanna lick the cum off my cock?"

Tracy did reply, but simply stuck out her tongue and
swirled it around Miss K's tip, swallowing what she
licked off. She licked the cum off of the shaft, not
swallowing until she looked up into her friend's eyes,
mouth open, and swallowed the cum in her mouth.
Gazing out of the window into the early night, Miss K
gently stroked Tracy's hair before pulling her dick
away and bending down to give her a kiss on the

"Do you mind if I look out the window a bit, Tracy? I
like to do that sometimes."

"Sure. Let me just lay here. You can join me when
you can."

Miss K climbed off the bed naked and walked over to
the window, gazing at the Manhattan skyline from her
perch. Blankly staring off into the distance, she
stood there thinking. Eventually, her gaze focused on
that flood lit spot in the distance, out by the edge
of Manhattan.

"Hey Tracy."

"Yeah," Tracy replied, rolling over onto her other
side so she could look at her friend.

"I have an idea," Miss K continued, turning from the
window to face Tracy. "But first, I wanna know


"How soon can you get your stuff taken care off?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like your possessions and such."

Thinking for a second, Tracy replied, "well, I live
with a bunch of girls I get along with in the club,
plus I got my fam nearby, so they could get my stuff.
What's up?"

"Well, you know how I told you I'm rich, right?"

"Yeah." Sitting herself up on her side, Tracy asked,
"what does this mean to me and my stuff?"

"Well, anyway, I'm a multi-millionaire. Not Bill
Gates money, but my net worth is in the 9 figures. In
short, I have more money than I know what to do with,
and it's nice and secure, too. I'm sick of this city.
Aren't you?"

Bringing her hand to her chin, Tracy thought about her
response, then said, "well, I've always wanted to see
the world, you know. Paris, London, Tokyo, all that
good stuff. What does this mean to me?"

"Well, I'm thinking about going on a road trip. A
very long road trip, something like cross-country.
Anyway, I figured that I'd need a traveling buddy, and
I'm wondering if you could come along."

"Me? Well, I dunno…"

"Think about it. I seem like a nice guy, right?"

"Yeah, I guess…"

"Plus, we could go around, visiting lots of states,
have lots of fun sex. What do ya think?"

"Hmm…well, all I have is the stripping job. I have no
real reason to hang around. Besides, I've lived in
New York all my life. I'm sick of this place. I'll
roll with you."

"Thanks," Miss K replied, bending down to plant
another kiss on Tracy's forehead. "Tell ya what. Go
home right now and pack yourself a suitcase. Get on
the horn with your family and get all your goods
accounted for tomorrow." Walking over to her vanity
to pick up a pen and a slip of paper, Miss K scribbled
down her cell phone number and handed it to Tracy.
"When you're ready to go tomorrow, call me. I'll pick
you up, and we'll have the time of our lives."


"Sure. No problem. And trust me…I'm not a serial
killer or anything."

Taking the piece of paper, Tracy got off the bed and
slipped it into her coat. "I suppose so. If you were
going to kill me, I'd be dead by now."

"OK," Miss K replied, sneaking down to her knees and
giving Tracy's pussy a long lick.

"Hey!" Tracy screamed in shock. "That was a

"And there's more of that where that came from."

"OK. Now leave me to get dressed!"

"Alright, Tracy," Miss K replied, hopping onto her bed
and laying down, staring at nothing in particular. "I
hope to hear from you tomorrow."

"You will!" Tracy said as she slipped on her panties
and jeans. She put on the rest of her clothes and her
coat, then waved as she walked out the door.

"See you tomorrow, my freaky friend!"

"See ya later, Tracy. You need a ride home?"

"No, I'm fine. Bye!" Tracy said as she waved goodbye
to Miss K. Miss K collapsed back on the bed as Tracy
closed the door, smiling as she thought about the
adventure to come.


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